Moonlight Lostroom OVA

Announcement: Announcement to all Chaldea staff.

Announcement: The workday ends at 5:00 p.m.

Announcement: A special arrangement thanks to our Acting Director.

Announcement: This isn't due to Christmas holiday, but be sure to get a good rest.

Announcement: Also, the Inspection Committee seems to be delayed, but they will be here once the weather allows it.

Announcement: Their ETA is tomorrow at 12 o'clock.

Announcement: We expect all of Chaldea's staff to receive them with modesty and pride.

Announcement: Our functions are to be handled by the new staff once 2017 ends, but keep doing your job diligently as possible until then.

Duston: The inspection will begin soon.

Duston: What about you guys, will you leave for Clock Tower?

Male Chaldea staff: I'll be going back to London.

Male Chaldea staff: It's not like I really want to go back, but the situation here isn't any better.

Male Chaldea staff: This organization has ties to the UN after all.

Female Chaldea staff: I'd like to stay here.

Female Chaldea staff: We have high-end equipment, and I've grown fond of this place after protecting it for over a year.

Female Chaldea staff: And I don't really think the new staff will be able to handle Chaldea that well.

Mash: Excuse me for a moment.

Mash: Mr. Duston, can I ask you something.

Duston: No problem.

Duston: Is something wrong, miss Kyrielight?

Mash: I had a transmission from Senpa– from Fujimaru Ritsuka, but I can't find him.

Mash: And now the communication has been cut off.

Duston: Fujimaru?

Duston: Now that you say it, I couldn't see him in the cafeteria.

Male Chaldea staff: He wasn't in the medical room nor in the simulator either.

Male Chaldea staff: I locked the entry myself.

Female Chaldea staff: Then I wasn't seeing things...

Female Chaldea staff: There's a warehouse behind the Control Room, right?

Female Chaldea staff: It was a break room before remodeling.

Female Chaldea staff: If I'm not mistaken, Ritsuka was around there.

Mash: Thank you for your help. But...

Mash: Is there something wrong with that warehouse?

Duston: Nothing, it's just weird to see people around there.

Duston: The Lost Room is there, after all.

Mash: Lost Room...?

Duston: It'll sound like a ghost story.

Duston: They say people disappear when they enter at midnight.

Duston: And this isn't an isolated incident, there are many reports about it.

Duston: Now it's no more than a warehouse, a forgotten relic from the previous Director's era.

Olga: You want to reorganize humanity based in the caste system?

Olga: I won't allow a society where my destiny is set in stone from the moment I was born!

Olga: Go, Berserker!

Fujimaru: Director!

Olga: What did you expect?

Olga: Who do you think I am?

Olga: I'm Chaldea's Director and owner of the Celestial Body Department in Clock Tower!

Olga: I'm Olga Marie Animusphere!

Olga: If we talk about Master potential, you of all people shouldn't be that surprised!

Fujimaru: Director, above!

Fujimaru: Look above!

Olga: Heroic Spirits from the Age of Gods aren't needed anymore.

Olga: This planet now belongs to humanity.

Olga: It's too late for gods to claim ownership over it!

Olga: Archer! Caster!

Olga: Good grief, at this rate I'll have to take care of everything.

Olga: Mashu...? Fujimaru...?

Olga: Where did you go?

Olga: Perhaps I didn't do well as a Master?

Olga: Tell me! What does this mean!?

Olga: Was I asleep...?

Olga: It feels like I had a weird dream.

Lev: Can we continue now, Olga?

Olga: Lev...?

Olga: Y-Yeah... Go on.

Olga: What is it?

Mash: It's about the unknown location observed by CHALDEAS the other day, Director.

Olga: That was it.

Olga: It's an alarming situation indeed.

Olga: At this rate, it will become a Singularity disturbing human history.

Olga: I wonder if I should report this to the Association and the UN...

Lev: I believe it's too soon for that.

Lev: Maybe CHALDEAS isn't working properly.

Lev: It's been eleven years since it began operations in 2004.

Lev: How about trying a maintenance?

Olga: That won't do.

Olga: CHALDEAS is a pseudo-celestial body copying the Earth's soul.

Olga: Stopping CHALDEAS is the same as killing it.

Olga: To begin with, my CHALDEAS lacks any imperfection.

Olga: If it has a problem, the reason must be an external factor.

Mash: An external factor...

Mash: Then, if CHALDEAS isn't at fault, the issue must be in the Observation Lens SHEBA.

Lev: Oh? It would be my fault if that's the case.

Lev: It's true that my SHEBA has been working for 10 years.

Lev: Perhaps its theory isn't up to date.

Olga: I never said I had complaints towards you, Lev!

Olga: There's the possibility of the staff in the Control Room overlooking something...

Olga: ...due to the Association harassing them all the time.

Romani: The staff is completely healthy.

Romani: If you ask me, the one who should take a day off is you, Director.

Lev: I agree.

Lev: You haven't been sleeping properly since we discovered this anomaly one week ago.

Lev: Let the doctors check your condition.

Mash: Aside from Leyshift experiment report, the report for the selection of Masters candidates is also finished.

Mash: So, please use the next twelve hours to rest as much as you can.

Mash: We don't have a replacemente for you, Director.

Olga: Alright, I'll take your advice.

Mash: Speaking of rest, proffesor Lev must be sleeping well.

Mash: I've heard that going to bed and waking up early it's healthy.

Lev: That? Because my work was very exhausting before coming to Chaldea.

Lev: Once I completed SHEBA, I stopped seeing dreams.

Lev: That's why I can sleep soundly at night now.

Lev: What about you, Romani?

Romani: It's the opposite for me.

Romani: Since I came here, all I see are dreams.

Romani: But the dreams are always different.

Olga: The Organization for the Preservation of Human Order, Chaldea.

Olga: An organization established by my father in order to ensure the future.

Olga: The Animuspheres are a magi family that have studied the celestial bodies from long ago.

Olga: The mission of this family, of the Animuspheres, is to establish the thesis of the Grand Order.

Olga: That is, to guarantee the human history on this planet.

Olga: We see into the future to ensure that human history will continue beyond the present.

Olga: We don't aim for something big like "creating the future."

Olga: Our mission is to guarantee that "there is a future," and pass that onto other magi.

Olga: For that reason, the Animusphere created this Mystic Code.

Olga: Pseudo-Celestial Body, CHALDEAS.

Olga: Assuming the planet had a soul, we copied that soul and put it inside this model of the Earth.

Olga: But, we can't interfere with this second Earth.

Olga: That's because its phase it's different.

Olga: Still, it's possible to analyze it.

Olga: My father configured CHALDEAS one hundred years into the future.

Olga: As long as the light of civilization shines in CHALDEAS, we can assure the survival of humanity for the next one hundred years.

Olga: At the same time, CHALDEAS works as a library of Earth.

Olga: We can't observe in detail the future one hundred years ahead.

Olga: Because the future is always changing.

Olga: However, details of the confirmed past can be extracted.

Olga: It's a compass pointing towards the past of humanity, so to speak.

Olga: The success rate of sending someone to the past via Leyshifting after quantum decomposition...

Olga: ...raises dramatically thanks to CHALDEAS.

Olga: My father founded Chaldea in order to observe and operate CHALDEAS.

Olga: He was a great researcher and a great magus.

Olga: That was my father... he left me alone after passing away three years ago.

Olga: His dead body was found in his office, back in 2012.

Olga: I don't even know if he had an accidental death or if he had an illness.

Olga: I was just a little girl who took over Chaldea after his death.

Olga: My father didn't leave me anything.

Olga: But I did receive his conviction as a magus of Animusphere.

Olga: It has been two years since I became Director.

Olga: And just when I thought I was finally starting to get things done...

Mash: But, why one hundred years into the future?

Olga: What do you mean, Mashu?

Mash: I mean, if the only thing that matters is to see that civilization continues, why not set it to one day or one year after?

Lev: It's about response time, Mashu.

Lev: If we set it to one day, there's nothing we can do if the light of civilization disappears.

Lev: There's no solution.

Lev: However, if the destruction comes one or ten years later, that's time enough to act.

Lev: I believe the previous Director set it in one hundred years to give humanity enough time to prepare.

Mash: I see now.

Mash: The previous Director thought things through.

Olga: B-But of course!

Olga: My father was a very prudent and thoughtful person!

Olga: He didn't act based on speculations nor wishful thinking.

Lev: That's true.

Lev: The Heroic Spirit Summoning System must be there for situations like that, too.

Lev: If an abnormality emerged in the past, it would be impossible for us in the present to fix it.

Lev: At least not if you don't go directly to that era to solve it.

Mash: Even if Leyshift succeeds, you can only send a magus by himself.

Mash: Once in that location, there's no weapons to rely on.

Mash: For that reason you need Heroic Spirits, the Servants.

Mash: Heroic Spirits exist as they're an extension of human history, in spite of how much it can change.

Mash: By borrowing their power, you can hold your ground in any era.

Romani: So, that's how it is.

Romani: Heroic Spirits are spiritual phenomenons of higher order.

Romani: The Throne of Heroes lies in a dimension above our own.

Romani: They're beings that transcend time.

Romani: Just like Chaldea, they're a security mechanism to protect The Human Order.

Romani: Because, as long as you make a contract with them, they can be summoned into any era.

Olga: The Heroic Spirit Summoning System isn't stable yet.

Olga: And first we must secure those Master candidates with high Leyshift aptitude.

Olga: I must make sure to verify that information...

Lev: I wish Da Vinci were more cooperative with our cause.

Lev: Olga, what about giving him... I mean, her, a workshop?

Olga: Not yet.

Olga: I can't trust a Masterless Servant.

Olga: Besides, I can't deal with that Heroic Spirit.

Olga: Once we accomplish another summoning, I'll have her leave immediately.

Romani: That's harsh.

Romani: I've heard Da Vinci-chan sees you as her little sister.

Lev: We should leave Da Vinci in charge of the Heroic Spirit Summoning.

Lev: So we can focus in the Masters selection.

Lev: Olga, are you done choosing the A-Team?

Olga: Yes.

Olga: "I recommend these seven magi if an emergency arises."

Olga: Those were the orders my father left.

Olga: Father ordered to call them Crypters instead of Master candidates.

Mash: Director...

Mash: What's this?

Mash: It doesn't seem like it was made here in Chaldea.

Olga: That...

Olga: How weird... it was supposed to be under strict security measures.

Mash: My apologies.

Mash: Is this something important?

Olga: Don't worry, we don't use it anymore.

Olga: It's one of the presents from the Atlas Institute.

Mash: The Atlas Institute?

Mash: The ones who provided the blueprint for the TRISMEGISTUS....

Mash: ...resting at the core of Chaldea? Them?

Olga: Yes.

Olga: The place where the definitive weapons of the world of magecraft are stored.

Olga: The Pit of Taboo... The Atlas Institute.

Olga: My father had a deal with Atlas, and based on it, they had to provide us with technology.

Olga: That's how we got the Pseudo-Quantum Processor: TRISMEGISTUS.

Olga: The other one was that...

Olga: The Imaginary Numbers Observation System: PAPER MOON.


Lev: A plane moon, perhaps?

Lev: It's my first time hearing of it.

Lev: So, what does it do?

Olga: It's a compass that allows you to demonstrate and observe the Imaginary Numbers realm.

Olga: It was prepared as a means to exceed CHALDEAS' phase contrast.

Olga: Although, it isn't need anymore.

Olga: Because SHEBA was completed and we could accomplish Leyshifting.

Mash: I'm surprised.

Mash: There is another way to interfere with Singularities besides Leyshifting?

Olga: Yes.

Olga: By diving into the realm of Imaginary Numbers to later resurface in the appointed location.

Olga: We called it Zero Sail.

Romani: And the ship that made that possible was the Shadow Border. Keep the secret.

Lev: I get it.

Lev: There was a machine unused thanks to me finishing SHEBA.

Lev: You got me there.

Lev: I can't help but feel that I wasn't really needed.

Olga: Lev...?

Lev: It's just a thought.

Lev: Maybe it's a bit sudden, but that's how things are.

Lev: Let's say it took me by surprise.

Lev: Olga, I completed the Near-Future Observation Lens SHEBA back in 1999.

Lev: That's when I accepted Marisbilly's invitation.

Lev: My destiny was determined at that moment.

Lev: To save humanity...

Lev: No, that's wrong.

Lev: To make this planet a better place.

Lev: That became the goal of my life.

Lev: Before and after this incident.

Lev: The future that humans build is versatile and keeps changing.

Lev: That's why there's no stability.

Lev: Humanity's existence is wonderful, but they carry a big burden.

Lev: Wouldn't it be bad if it collapses like a mountain of pebbles?

Lev: That's exactly what I want to avoid.

Lev: I can't do much by myself.

Lev: But, at least I can stop one of those pebbles before crumbling.

Lev: What about you?

Lev: Do you want to be part of that big burden?

Lev: Do you want to carry that burden?

Lev: Or maybe you want to keep away those pebbles from your feet.

Olga: I...

Olga: I'm none of that.

Olga: This big duty of preserving the Human Order only brings me anxiety.

Olga: I don't give a damn about the future and its importance.

Olga: All I have is this obsession to demonstrate that I'm capable of doing it.

Olga: Everyday is painful...

Olga: Everyday, there's no future...

Olga: What will I do once the end comes...?

Olga: Is there a way for me to be happy...?

Olga: I don't know at all what my purpose should be...

Olga: This is so...

Lev: Oh, look at the time.

Lev: Pardon my discourtesy, but I'll be very busy from now on.

Lev: Are you Olga Marie?

Lev: My name is Lev Lainur, nice to meet you.

Lev: Oh? Without shaking hands?

Lev: It's fine, I like that attitude.

Lev: It takes time to trust others.

Lev: What? I dress weird?

Lev: It looks off?

Lev: But of course.

Lev: I'm the only here who dresses old-fashioned.

Lev: It's my pride as a magus trying to display courtesy towards the history of the Animuspheres.

Lev: This may be a modern place, but it's also the workshop of the Animuspheres.

Lev: So, even if it's only me, it's natural to dress like a magus.

Olga: Okay.

Olga: Goodbye, Lev Lainur.

Mash: Good morning.

Mash: Are you in your break too, Senpai?

Fujimaru: I see everybody was here.

Mash: I'll give you something to drink, what would you like?

Fujimaru: Only tea.

Furjimaru: Excuse me.

Olga: It's not like I'm worried, but you look gloomy.

Olga: Is there something bothering you?

Fujimaru: It's about my lack of skill.

Olga: That's obvious.

Olga: You were picked only to fill in numbers.

Olga: You aren't a magus nor a soldier.

Olga: Just an average joe.

Olga: I'd have never given you the chance to fight if you weren't the last remaining candidate.

Olga: For you to receive such an important duty as protecting humanity's future is–

Fujimaru: Even so...

Fujimaru: I can't keep getting saved by everyone else.

Fujimaru: First, I must get things done by myself.

Fujimaru: And I've been working hard for it...

Olga: You...

Fujimaru: The more time passes, the more I realise how ordinary I am...

Fujimaru: It doesn't matter how much I train, or how many spells I learn...

Fujimaru: From time to time, I ask myself...

Fujimaru: "Why me? I bet they have someone more qualified."

Fujimaru: That kind of unpleasant thought.

Olga: Do you believe it was a mistake to become a Master?

Olga: You've been doing it reluctantly because there's no one else to do it?

Olga: Good...

Olga: I should crush him now...

Fujimaru: Anyways.

Fujimaru: Those who don't even try are those who can't accomplish anything.

Fujimaru: If you can't get out of the situation...

Fujimaru: At least make yourself stronger.

Fujimaru: Even as an ordinary person, I'll be useless if I at least don't show off my mediocrity.

Fujimaru: I'm not someone's substitute.

Fujimaru: I want to meet everyone's expectations by being myself.

Olga: I'm disappointed.

Olga: How can we trust the future of humanity to such weakling?

Olga: The restoration of Human Order went to your head.

Olga: Maybe my judgement was wrong.

Mash: Still, we made it this far thanks to you, Director.

Mash: We could complete Fuyuki's Order thanks to you.

Mash: We were able to eliminate the Singularities in France, Rome and Okeanos...

Mash: ...because you were our navigator.

Olga: I did that with you...?

Olga: Mashu, what year is this...?

Mash: It's May 1st, 2016.

Mash: Director?

Mash: Are you feeling bad?

Olga: It's nothing.

Olga: Thanks, Mashu.

Olga: I regret not talking with you like this earlier.

Olga: Fujimaru.

Olga: Will you keep going in spite of your fear?

Fujimaru: Well...

Fujimaru: I'm not discouraged enough as to give up.

Olga: Is that so?

Olga: There's nothing else for me to do, but I'll root for you anyways.

Olga: Even if your future gets replaced by something completely hopeless.

Fujimaru: By the way...

Fujimaru: Who was that?

Galahad: She's nobody.

Galahad: She's someone who couldn't reach this future.

Galahad: Give up.

Galahad: There's no Human Order to protect anymore.

Galahad: Listen, drifter who came from a faraway future... no, from the correct history.

Galahad: You can't win.

Galahad: The human world will be destroyed.

Galahad: The future has already been decided.

Fujimaru: I knew of someone who said the same...

Fujimaru: But, that was just an empty theory.

Fujimaru: The future will always be a blank sheet as long as there's someone willing to fight!

Fujimaru: I won't let that happen!

Galahad: You're right.

Because the future literally became a blank sheet. Galahad:

Galahad: It would be better if there were something to incinerate, because at least there would be something.

Galahad: But, this planet even let go of that residue.

Galahad: Humanity is at a stalemate.

Galahad: This is the future one year from now that was decided once you stopped the Incineration of the Human Order.

Galahad: This is how planet Earth looks.

Galahad: The King of Magecraft once said...

Galahad: "You would be happier by not doing anything."

Galahad: Let me repeat those words again.

Galahad: Our history shall not continue onto the future.

Fujimaru: Because... we restored the Human Order...?

Voice of Romani: Wake up, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru: Sorry! I overslept!

Fujimaru: Huh...?

Fujimaru: I only came to leave my stuff here and I fell asleep...

Fujimaru: Even though the whole Chaldea staff is very busy cleaning things up...

Mash: Senpai!

Mash: I couldn't find you neither in your room nor in the cafeteria...

Mash: I was a bit worried.

Mash: Did you go to the warehouse?

Fujimaru: Yeah.

Fujimaru: I was sorting out the sheets and tablewares I used until now.

Fujimaru: It doesn't feel right to just throw them away.

Fujimaru: Isn't the new staff from the Association arriving soon?

Mash: Yes. They will arrive by helicopter once the weather allows it.

Mash: Their ship is anchored on the coast.

Fujimaru: Really?

Fujimaru: We went through a lot in one year, but it was worth it.

Fujimaru: Thank you, Mashu.

Fujimaru: Thank you for always supporting such a mediocre Master.

Mash: I... I should be the one saying it!

Mash: I'm conscious I've been supported many times and far longer than Senpai!

Mash: The objective of the inspection is obvious.

Mash: The old Chaldea will be disbanded and the staff will be renewed.

Mash: I wonder if I'll be able to be in the same department as you...

Mash: To begin with, will you stay at Chaldea!?

Mash: If you're going back to Japan, please give me your address!

Mash: I'd like to send you a New Year's greeting card and the like...!

Fujimaru: The Inspection Committee will arrive soon...

Fujimaru: And with that, my unbelievable days at Chaldea will come to an end.

Fujimaru: I don't know what will happen from now on.

Fujimaru: It would make me happy to get a job at Chaldea, even if not as a Master.

Fujimaru: Though, I know that won't be easy.

Fujimaru: But, it doesn't matter what happens.

Fujimaru: It doesn't matter how uncertain the future looks.

Fujimaru: I believe there's nothing to be afraid of.

Fujimaru: Humans are fundamentally powerless, and things rarely work out well.

Fujimaru: Usually it's all in vain, and it's normal to just laugh it off saying something like...

Fujimaru: "Things like that happen, you know."

Fujimaru: I know... that kind of strength was what helped me in this short yet long journey.

Fujimaru: For the time being, there must still be things that only I can do.

Fujimaru: Let's welcome the New Year without doubting that.