Interviews and Supplementals


August 2017WHAT SHAPES MY SOUL (NASU KINOKO, ON IKUHARA KUNIHIKO)Nasu Kinoko and Aoyagi MihokoNasu gives his thoughts on the works of Ikuhara Kunihiko
January 2019The Trail of Type-Moon - The Biography of Type-Moon from its formation to FGOTYPE-MOONHistory of TM's origins to FGO

Fate/stay night

March 25, 2015Kinoko and Takashi Q&A - Fate/stay night (Unlimited Blade Works)Nasu Kinoko, Takeuchi Takashi, FansThis is a Q&A from a booklet bundled with the soundtrack found in the 「Fate/stay night (Unlimited Blade Works) Blu-ray Disc Box I」, which was released on 2015/3/25. The questions were submitted by fans through the UBW website in 2014.

Fate/Grand Order

August 8, 2020Fate/Grand Order 5th Anniversary Q&A With Nasu and TakeuchiNasu Kinoko, Takeuchi Takashi, FamitsuFamitsu interview regarding FGO's 5th Anniversary
August 4, 2021Nasu and Takeuchi's 6th Anniversary interviewNasu Kinoko, Takeuchi Takashi, FamitsuNasu and Takeuchi answering questions about the Avalon le Fae chapter
May 8, 2021Fate/Grand Order THE MOVIE -Divine Realm of the Round Table-Nasu Kinoko, Takeuchi Takashi, FansResponding to Camelot Movie fan-mail, Camelot Singularity lore
April 12, 2022TM Ace Vol 14, 2 segmentsKinoko Nasu, Koyama HirokazuMahoyo Port talk + LB6 Info
August 1, 2022Birth of a ServantTakeuchi TakashiImplementation of Arcueid, Character Design Info, LB7 crumb

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