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About This Website

TRI-HERMES is an ever-growing resource dedicated to hosting all TYPE-MOON content in one convenient place for all your lore needs.

Ideally it is intended for users to quickly ctrl+f a particular citation they require. It is still highly recommended to consume TYPE-MOON products as they are intended to be. (Playing the VN, reading the LN in a e-book, playing FGO scenarios in-game, etc)

This project started off with some story scripts being parsed in grandorder.wiki. After quickly being limited by that wiki's environment, this Vuepress markdown wiki was devised. Big thanks to Enshael of r/GO and Cereal of Atlas Academy to set this website up. Not to mention all FGO NA scripts are parsed thanks to Atlas Academy's DB.open in new window

While initially meant to be FGO-only, the opportunity was taken to encompass all of TYPE-MOON.

"This wiki was made during a spur-of-the-moment decision and has quickly consumed my waking life."

~ Lib

Coming Soon

  • Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Script
  • Lord El Melloi Case Files Section
  • Lost:Einharjar Section
  • Fate/Extella Script
  • Servant Valentines pages
  • JP Scripts of Main FGO Chapters