Solomon Movie

999 B.C.

Goetia: That man was born a king.

Goetia: However, he...


Narration did not seek omnipotence and sought only knowledge.


Goetia: Being given miracles of God, he only used it once.

Goetia: His ten rings hold dominion over all of Magecraft.

Goetia: His eyes can see the past and future.

Goetia: His summoning spell has 72 Demon Gods at his service.

Goetia: The name of the summoning spell is "Goetia."

Goetia: The King of Mages, lauded as having nothing impossible for him... and the proof of origin of summoning spells...

Goetia: However...

Goetia: I cannot overlook this.

Goetia: I cannot continue to overlook it!

900 B.C.

Goetia: The king's cruelty...

Goetia: Despite his gaze resting on such tragedy, he did nothing but have a thin smile on his face.

Goetia: This... demon...

Goetia: Despite having a grasp of everything in this universe, the king did absolutely nothing.

Goetia: He was a king who but smiled.

Goetia: We all thought we must not allow this man to be.

Marisbury: What's wrong?

Marisbury: Even someone like yourself can lose heart, Caster?

Marisbury: The Holy Grail War has ended with our victory.

Marisbury: The victors are given a chance to have their wishes granted.

Marisbury: I wish for... immense wealth.

Marisbury: But what about you?

Marisbury: What will you wish for?

Solomon: "I can wish for anything, Marisbury?"

Marisbury: Oh, of course, my Servant, Caster.

Marisbury: No. Solomon, the King of Mages.

Marisbury: Knowing you, your wish will be a righteous one.

Final Singularity Grand Temple of Time: Solomon


Female Chaldea Staff 1: Will the Tuning of the Coffins make it in time?

Romani: Have you secured the route?

Romani: We barely have a day left.

Female Chaldea Staff 2: We're making good progress.

Female Chaldea Staff 2: If our calculations are correct...

Female Chaldea staff 2: Chaldea will make contact with the Final Singularity in four hours.

Meuniere: As long as it's within 72 hours of the fusion, we can escape the Singularity by purging the eastern research wing.

Male Chaldea Staff 1: And transfer back to Chaldea Observatory's normal time, December 31, 2016.

Romani: I see.

Romani: Everybody, take one last break, then.

Romani: You only have a bit of time, so do whatever you like.

Romani: Do something to refresh and relax a little.

Romani: I'll keep an eye on things while you do.

Romani: All right, it's time for the final stage.

Romani: It's been ten years since I came to Chaldea.

Romani: Honestly, this doesn't feel real to me yet.

Romani: Is it you? This is unusual. What's the matter?

Romani: Yeah.

Romani: I can't really understand what you're saying.

Romani: I may have been able to understand you back then.

Romani: Yeah, I probably did.

Romani: Come to think of it, I've spent the last decade doing nothing but studying and researching.

Romani: Once, I had a premonition that humanity would end.

Romani: It was one of those bad dreams people sometimes have.

Romani: I had no way of denying it, yet no strength to make sure, either.

Romani: The only clue I had was that it would begin at Chaldea.

Romani: I was filled with a sense of terror, and I was compelled to do something.

Romani: So, I've done everything I possibly could.

Romani: And I'm about to find out how this will end.

Romani: I'm scared but happy at the same time.

Romani: I won't have to worry anymore once this battle's over.

Romani: I can finally be free to do what I want with my time.

Romani: As for who Solomon really is...

Romani: Well, I suppose I have some idea.

Romani: Kingu was a good sample case.

Romani: If I'm right, that Solomon has one weak point.

Romani: Yes, just one.

Romani: If he is the real Solomon, and at the same time, someone who's falsely claiming to be the King of Mages...

Romani: There's a void that Solomon can never reach.

Romani: But I...

Romani: What I'll be thinking when I take advantage of that weakness and reach that void...

Romani: That's what scares me.

Furjimaru: This feels a bit different from previous Mystic Codes.

Furjimaru: I guess it feels heavier.

Da Vinci: Right.

Da Vinci: That one isn't like what we've used previously, which were explicitly to keep you alive.

Da Vinci: Your equipment prioritized your safety first and foremost until now.

Da Vinci: After all, you are our only Master.

Da Vinci: We weren't allowed to let you die in the middle of the First to Seventh Singularities.

Da Vinci: Even if everyone in the destinations were to die, we'd keep you alive if nothing else. That's how we directed you.

Da Vinci: But this time, things are different.

Da Vinci: That is equipment for you to fight.

Da Vinci: To make you defeat the enemy... no matter what you have to sacrifice.

Da Vinci: Now, let me explain how that Mystic Code works.

Da Vinci: This is custom-made with a particular focus on this final phase.

Da Vinci: This time, Chaldea will be heading into the Singularity, as well. In other words... while Chaldea has electricity left, you'll have physical protection.

Da Vinci: Simply put, this Mystic Code allows for Servant summons with only the Master's powers.

Da Vinci: You'll still need Mash's shield, but you won't need Leylines or relics.

Da Vinci: You'll be able to summon Heroic Spirits that you feel are appropriate for each situation, though only for an instant.

Da Vinci: You can use the summon a total of seven times.

Da Vinci: This will be the ace up your sleeve.

Da Vinci: That said, it'd be better the less you have to use it.

Da Vinci: I mean, this thing takes your normal nervous system and uses it as a pseudo-Magical Circuit.

Da Vinci: Though it's controlled with a safety valve... the load you put upon your nervous system won't change.

Da Vinci: You will quite literally take damage from within.

Da Vinci: Even then, it's possible for you to enter combat while your brain and heart are still working.

Da Vinci:: Yeah, I know.

Da Vinci: Something like this is insane.

Da Vinci: Chaldea isn't a military group. It's nothing more than a research organization.

Da Vinci: And a group like that shoulders the survival of humanity and barges into enemy territory?

Da Vinci: Indeed, this truly is insane.

Da Vinci: Feel free to complain—

Fujimaru: Thank you, Da Vinci.

Fujimaru: Everyone put in everything they've got up until now.

Fujimaru: You, everyone in Chaldea, the doctor...

Fujimaru: We've been doing this because we're the only ones left.

Fujimaru: So, that's why I... will give my all, as well.

Fujimaru: And so, there's something I'd like to ask.

Da Vinci: It's about Mash, isn't it?

Fujimaru: Yes.

Da Vinci: Her medical exam results were updated after returning from Mesopotamia.

Da Vinci: I'll be blunt.

Da Vinci: Her body is at its limit.

Da Vinci: She can only participate in one more major operation.

Da Vinci: Romani believed that it would be best not to tell either of you, but...

Fujimaru: I think Mash knows.

Da Vinci: I figured.

Da Vinci: She is a smart girl.

Da Vinci: She knows more about herself than any of us could know about her.

Romani: Good morning, Mash. How are you feeling?

Mash: Doctor, what kind of business do you have this morning?

Romani: Yeah.

Romani: As your primary physician, I need to tell you the truth.

Romani: Mash Kyrielight, your lifespan is nearing its limit.

Romani: Just like humanity has no future past 2017... you have no future beyond that time.

Romani: This has been set from the very beginning.

Romani: You're going to die soon. It has nothing to do with your own will.

Romani: It's simply how you were created.

Romani: Do you find that frustrating? Or sad? Does it make you feel empty?

Mash: Well, I—

Romani: It's terrible. It's truly meaningless.

Romani: The more time piles on and on, the more regrets you have.

Romani: I can only think this planet has the wrong settings when it comes to the life-forms on this world.

Mash: Don't you think so, Mash?

Romani: You are half man-made.

Romani: You have the right to hate them, and the duty to reject them.

Romani: Human history has no value.

Romani: All this is no more than the remnants left behind by humans leading meaningless lives.

Mash: You're not Dr. Roman, are you?

Mash: Dr. Roman can be pessimistic, anti-social, and he often says the wrong thing and gives up.

Mash: But he would never deny any kind of human effort.

Mash: You only look like him. You're something else entirely.

Old Man: Good day, young lady.

Old Man: Good to see you're doing well again today.

Old Man: I'm sure we'll be having another calm day tomorrow.

Young Man: We're finally liberated from death.

Young Man: We have finally arrived at eternity.

Young Man: We're in a supreme state of bliss.

Mash: I don't get it.

Mash: The image you show me only frightens me.

Goetia: Why does it frighten you?

Goetia: A promised tomorrow. A today that lasts forever.

Goetia: That should be your salvation.

Goetia: You can simply continue living on.

Goetia: I thought you, of all people, would understand how wonderful it is.

Mash: I'm sorry.

Mash: I know you're concerned about me.

Mash: But I must correct you when you are in the wrong.

Goetia: Very well.

Goetia: I'm interested in the conclusion you've reached.

Fujimaru: Mash...

Mash: Senpai...

Mash: It's finally that time.

Fujimaru: This was where we first met.

Mash: Yes. It brings back memories.

Fujimaru: I was a rookie who was utterly clueless.

Fujimaru: But you still became a Servant for someone like me, Mash.

Fujimaru: And I've been together with you ever since then.

Fujimaru: Every Singularity, every world, I was together with you.

Fujimaru: But...

Fujimaru: But...

Fujimaru: This time isn't one of those times.

Fujimaru: Mash...

Fujimaru: You should stay in Chaldea!

Mash: Thank you.

Mash: But that's impossible. I have exclusively been your Servant.

Mash: Ever since you took my hand as the Command Room was collapsing around us.

Mash: If you're going to fight, I want to fight, too.

Mash: Even if it shortens the small amount of time I have left.

Fujimaru: So, you know...

Mash: Yes.

Mash: It's no reason for any extra concern.

Mash: It's true that unlike others...

Mash: I was born and raised in a special environment.

Mash: But I don't feel sad about my life so far.

Mash: Nothing sad has happened in it.

Mash: Solomon said that life has no value. Human history is meaningless.

Mash: But that's wrong, and I'll deny it with everything I have.

Mash: Even if someone's life is going to be lost and forgotten...

Mash: I've learned on my journey that the lives of every human in history are what built the present we live in now.

Mash: I have no experience with life's sorrows.

Mash: But I know the joys of life.

Mash: Senpai, the doctor, everyone at Chaldea, and all the worlds we've traveled through have taught me.

Mash: So, please, let me accompany you until the end, Master.

Mash: To prevent the Incineration of Humanity, to show the value of human life and to retake our future with our own hands!

Fujimaru: I'm sorry.

Fujimaru: Let's go, Mash!

Mash: Right!

Mash: You, too, Fou.

Romani: To all staff members in Chaldea...

Romani: This facility will soon arrive at the final location of the Grand Order.

Romani: Everything happened in 2015.

Romani: Without anything we could do, everything on Earth was burned down.

Romani: Human history was incinerated and ended as of 2016.

Romani: Chaldeas indicated that nobody would be able to arrive at 2017.

Romani: But... fortunately, we survived.

Fujimaru: Let's go!

Romani: Now, let me explain the mission.

Romani: This is our destination, the Final Singularity.

Romani: The temple of King Solomon, which we decided to call the "Grand Temple of Time: Solomon."

Romani: Back on land... the Incineration of Humanity has been completed in every era.

Romani: However, this space is in a higher dimension, severed from the flow of time.

Da Vinci: That's right. This is 900 B.C. And it is also A.D. 2016.

Da Vinci: If we can defeat King Solomon before our subjective time reaches the year 2017, the Incineration of Humanity will be dismantled.

Romani: Chaldea will now begin contact with the Grand Temple of Time.

Romani: We'll touch ground there with the entire facility.

Da Vinci: The mission is quite simple. We infiltrate the Singularity... defeat Solomon and return to Chaldea. And that will end the entire battle.

Da Vinci: With the punch line that humanity and Chaldea are the great winners.

Fujimaru: That means when we get back, we all have to celebrate!

Da Vinci:

  • That's right. Romani:
  • No.

Romani: It won't go that smoothly.

Romani: This is footage that I just monitored.

Fujimaru: That is...

Mash: A Demon God Pillar?

Romani: Right. The arms and legs of King Solomon that showed up in the First to Sixth Singularities.

Romani: The 72 Demon God Pillars.

Romani: You likely won't be able to avoid combat on your way to the center.

Romani: Fujimaru...

Romani: You're the only Mage who can exist within a Singularity.

Romani: As soon as we land at the Temple of Time... we'll provide Magical Energy assistance to you and Mash.

Romani: Come to think of it, this battle began with defeat.

Romani: With the bands of light swirling in the heavens,

Romani: Solomon wiped out the entirety of mankind before anyone knew what happened.

Romani: This is the greatest murder plot in human history.

Romani: Solomon's been carefully planning this out since the year of his death.

Romani: Fujimaru, Mash...

Romani: Please, put an end to his absurd scheme.

Romani: Initiating Rayshift program.

Romani: The enemy is Solomon, the King of Mages.

Romani: The mission objectives are to destroy him and return alive!

Mash: This place is...

Romani: Fujimaru. Mash.

Romani: Are you guys all right?

Fujimaru: Yes. Breathing and consciousness are both good. But... it looks like outer space around us. It makes me feel strange.

Romani: It just looks that way, as you're outside of time now.

Romani: When this temple crumbles, it will return to the void.

Romani: And this is the contact point you will need to return to.

Fujimaru: This is Da Vinci's...

Da Vinci: Yep! A special item just for this occasion!

Da Vinci: You're used to driving, right?

Da Vinci: Now, hop on! Hop on!

Romani: Time to start the operation!

Romani: Be careful, both of you!

Da Vinci: It's roughly 20 kilometers to the center of the temple, where we think Solomon is hiding.

Mash: There isn't any interference from enemy forces for now.

Romani: Yeah. I don't detect any heat sources, either. No enemy shadows.

Fujimaru Doctor...

Fujimaru: King Solomon was the ruler of ancient Jerusalem.

Da Vinci: He's said to be the greatest summoner in human history.

Fujimaru: The man was granted a miracle by God himself.

Fujimaru: Is King Solomon really a Servant?

Da Vinci: You're wondering if he remained alive until now using Magecraft and the miracle?

Fujimaru: Yes.

Romani: That's not a possibility.

Romani: King Solomon's death was clearly recorded.

Romani: In the first place, during his later years, he wasn't the King of Mages nor did he have the miracle of God.

Mash: It's said that King Solomon abandoned the miracle on his own accord and ended his life as the King of Man.

Mash: He was given the omnipotent power of the Ten Rings from God. and used them only once before returning them to Heaven.

Fujimaru: As the King of Man...

Romani: Heat sources detected!

Mash: Deploying shield!

Mash: Master!

Fujimaru: Is that... a gate?

Mash: Master!

Fujimaru: Lev Lainur!

Lev: Indeed.

Lev: A technician at Chaldea and the vanguard sent by the King of Mages.

Lev: The traitor who made the final move for the extinction of you humans.

Lev: And a hard worker who was assigned to the final cleanup right here.

Mash: Professor Lev, did you...

Mash: Did you come here with an intent to destroy humanity from the start?

Lev: Of course.

Lev: Everything is part of a plan that began in King Solomon's era.

Lev: We, whose power was born of the King of Mages... survived through the generations until the designated time.

Lev: An original Order, handed down through generations of Mages.

Lev: A certain "way of being" that must be protected absolutely.

Lev: The Grand Order.

Lev: For Chaldea, it was for continuing humanity.

Lev: While for us, it was the Incineration of Humanity.

Fujimaru: You kept up such a plan... for 3,000 years?

Lev: That's what Mages are about.

Lev: I was designated for 2015, the final assignment.

Lev: I'm a seed left behind by Solomon.

Lev: And at the point where I awakened as who I really am, your history came to an end.

Lev: It was determined that the resources to collect would end there.

Lev: But... you Chaldeans insisted on surviving.

Lev: Why? Did I miscalculate somewhere?

Lev: No, that's not it. It was because an impostor managed to slip past my watchful gaze.

Lev: Am I right, Romani Archaman?

Lev: Or maybe you were playing the fool in front of me so things would turn out the way they have!

Lev: If so, that's really a shame!

Lev: I thought we were friends!

Da Vinci: There's no way you could've detected Romani's nature!

Da Vinci: After all, he didn't trust anyone around him until I was summoned to Chaldea.

Da Vinci: "I don't know the reason."

Da Vinci: "I don't even know who the enemies are."

Da Vinci: "There's no guarantee... that it's even going to happen."

Da Vinci: He threw his entire life away, believing in the crisis of mankind.

Da Vinci: That's how Romani Archaman spent a decade.

Da Vinci: In a hell of his own creation, where he couldn't rest even for a moment.

Da Vinci: Such a man would never show his true nature, even to a friend!

Lev: Of course, I kept an eye on his suspicious behavior.

Lev: That's why I made a move to kill him with the Command Room explosion.

Lev: Our king is tied up right now.

Lev: I'll tidy up my own loose ends right here.

Flauros: My name is Demon God Flauros, one of the 72 Demon Gods! The one who governs information!

Flauros: I'll enjoy seeing how much you've bettered yourselves!

Mash: Enemy unit confirmed as a Demon God Pillar!

Mash: The path to the center of the temple is believed to be that gate, Master!

Fujimaru: Yeah, we'll break through here, Mash!

Fujimaru: Mash!

Fujimaru: From here on out... support him instead of me!

Fujimaru: Heed my words!

Fujimaru: My will creates your body, and your sword creates my destiny!

Fujimaru: If you heed the Grail's call, then follow humanity's path and answer me!

Fujimaru: Seventh Heaven clad in the great words of stargazers...

Fujimaru: Come forth, pass on your judgment, and punish my enemies...

Fujimaru: Guardian of the Scales!

Flauros: This is...

Alexander: My name is Alexander III!

Alexander: From the bonds of reminiscence, I will assist in this battle!

Alexander: Go, Bucephalus!

Flauros: Summons? Right here, right now?

Flauros: A Mystic Code allowing simple summons by using up the wearer's nervous system...

Flauros: But an overworked system has a weakness!

Flauros: That's quite the trick!

Alexander: Bucephalus!

Flauros: But you were too stingy! This is what happens with only one of them!

Flauros: No matter what scheme you have up your sleeve, it's useless!

Flauros: Begone!

Alexander: O cloud of darkness! O lightning! O father! Behold!

Alex: Bucephalus!

Flauros: With only this much firepower...

Vlad III Extra: Hell incarnate is the reward for your depravity!

Flauros: You brat!

Vlad III Extra: Kazikli...

Vlad III Extra; Bey!

Flauros: What?

Flauros: Is this what you call a "Noble Phantasm"?

Flauros: Great! Do as you wish!

Sanson: La Mort Espoir.

Sanson: Execution complete.

Fujimaru: Lev Lainur... confirmed the disappearance of Professor Lev.

Mash: Master, are you okay?

Fujimaru: Of course.

Fujimaru: Though, my legs are a bit numb.

Fujimaru: But it's over now.

Fujimaru: We need to hurry to the gate.

Fujimaru: Let's go, Mash.

Flauros: You're being too hasty.

Flauros: Congratulations on your victory after using three of the aces up your sleeve!

Flauros: It angered me from the bottom of my heart, but I will give credit where credit is due.

Flauros: How you have grown, Ritsuka Fujimaru!

Flauros: But it's meaningless. It is all meaningless.

Flauros: We are inexhaustible.

Flauros: Now, come, my kindred!

Mash: The Demon God Pillar has been restored!

Mash: No, wait, this is...

Flauros: That's right. We are this space itself as well as the temple itself.

Flauros: The 72 Demon God Pillars is not symbolic of individuals but our entire existence.

Flauros: There will always be 72 Demon God Pillars, no matter what you do to us.

Flauros: Do you not understand, Fujimaru?

Flauros: Basically, it means that if you want to kill me, you'll have to destroy all 72 of us!

Male Chaldea Staff 1:

  • What's this? Male Chaldea Staff 2:
  • Something hit us from the outside!

Female Chaldea Staff 1: The second reactive theory unit has sustained 60% damage!

Romani: Cut off all power to external facilities!

Romani: Reroute everything to Chaldeas and the reactive theory units!

Romani: We need to maintain the Command Room's functions!

Male Chaldea Staff 3: We've lost the northern observation room!

Male Chaldea Staff 3: Detecting excessive pressure in the observatory dome!

Male Chaldea Staff 3: T-minus five minutes until collapse!

Meuniere: At this rate, Chaldea will enter foam-state and be swallowed up by the Temple of Time!

Da Vinci: We'll need to destroy the Singularity before we're smashed to smithereens!

Da Vinci: We have to destroy all of them at once to defeat them. But...

Flauros: That's impossible!

Flauros: Impossible, you hear?

Flauros: But what chance do you have of that? Where is your army?

Flauros: That's right, such a thing doesn't exist anywhere!

Flauros: You guys can't get to that level!

Flauros: You've merely thrown yourselves into your own graves!

Flauros: First Singularity, Naberius, the Melting Furnace.

Flauros: Second Singularity, Flauros, the Information Center.

Flauros: Third Singularity, Forneus, the Observatory.

Flauros: Fourth Singularity, Barbatos, the Control Tower.

Flauros: Fifth Singularity, Halphas, the Armory.

Flauros: Sixth Singularity, Amon, the Gazing Star.

Flauros: Seventh Singularity, Sabnock, the Chamber of Life.

Flauros: Right! This is that thing called "human history" you guys are trying to dearly cling onto!

Flauros: Ritsuka Fujimaru, the final Master...

Flauros: Your fight has been truly amusing!

Flauros: You fought all this way, and it was worthless!

Flauros: Your end will be utterly pathetic!

Flauros: It's been a spectacular show!

Flauros: Thank you... and goodbye!

Flauros: You shall follow in the footsteps of the incinerated humanity, Chaldea and all!

Jeanne d'Arc: No.

Jeanne d'Arc: The ones who stand here right now are the proof.

Jeanne d'Arc: Fragile humans that you Demon Gods mocked as unnecessary, that they would never reach here...

Jeanne d'Arc: Even if all sorts of life had been incinerated in an instant... you looked forward, knowing our fate has not yet been decided.

Flauros: Impossible!

Flauros: Impossible! This can't happen!

Jeanne d'Arc: Now, lift your heads, Fujimaru and Mash.

Jeanne d'Arc: Wasn't this meant to be a story about us taking back our future together?

Meuniere: A-Are my sensors broken?

Meuniere: There are summoning spells all over!

Meuniere: Ten, twenty, thirty Spirit Origin signatures! And still increasing!

Da Vinci: Romani, can these be...

Romani: Yeah, they're Servants!

Romani: This is amazing! They just keep coming!

Romani: With no power of the land, nor a summoning circle, all the way to this temple isolated from human history!

Romani: Following the thin threads of fate that intertwined when you crossed paths, they're manifesting autonomously!

Flauros: Something like that cannot be!

Jeanne d'Arc: And yet, they are all here to offer aid.

Jeanne d'Arc: So they could respond to the actions of one human, suddenly burdened with the entire world and yet made it all the way here suffering all the while, but never giving up.

Mash: Jeanne!

Jeanne d'Arc: Hear me! Heroic Spirits, mighty warriors who have gathered here!

Jeanne d'Arc: Though we may be rivals... or from completely different eras, we must stand together now!

Jeanne d'Arc: My True Name is Jeanne d'Arc!

Jeanne d'Arc: In the name of the Lord...

Jeanne d'Arc: I shall become your shield!

Jeanne d'Arc: O flag of mine, protect our comrades!

Flauros: Die!

Jeanne d'Arc: Luminosité Eternelle!

Fujimaru: That's...

Mash: Alexander's...

Mash: Fou!

Jeanne d'Arc: Leave this to us!

Naberius: Melting Furnace, liberated.

Naberius: Enemy Servant group supplemented.

Naberius: Commencing extermination now.

Naberius: You seem to lack courtesy, arrogant emperors!

Romulus: Everything...

Romulus: Absolutely everything leads to my lance!

Romulus: Magna Voluisse Magnum!

Romulus: Rome!

Flauros: If you're seeking an all-out war, we will respond as such!

Flauros: Information Center, in session.

Flauros: All of you, without exception, will be incinerated.

Flauros: Notification to all forces.

Flauros: Incinerate!

Flauros: Incinerate!

Fujimaru: Amazing!

Fujimaru: It's not just Jeanne!

Fujimaru: Emperor Nero, Captain Drake, Mordred and everyone else...

Fujimaru: They're all fighting!

Mash: Right!

Mash: They're all the folks who've lent us a hand in the previous Singularities!

Baal: O king... My king...

Baal: Our temple is being invaded.

Baal: We should incinerate those Heroic Spirits with Ars Almadel Salomonis's bands of light.

Goetia: What an ugly sight. Truly ugly to see.

Goetia: Do you not think so, Bael?

Baal: Any Heroic Spirit would have known our purpose.

Baal: The bands of light are the way of balancing old humanity to reach a better truth.

Baal: But even knowing that, they still attack us.

Baal: Unbelievable.

Goetia: Truly, they are but scum!

Goetia: No matter how much humans claim to have advanced, they themselves are the proof of humanity's limits!

Goetia: Why fight?

Goetia: Why lend a hand to Chaldea?

Goetia: Have you all seen nothing?

Mash: It's finally time, Senpai.

Mash: From the city of Fuyuki to Mesopotamia, each path was a perilous one, but it was definitely a journey that's hard to come by.

Mash: The fact that an immature Servant like myself could continue the journey was all thanks to you, Master.

Fujimaru: Nope.

Fujimaru: It's all because you were here with me, Mash, that I was able to come all the way here.

Fujimaru: We have one more battle left. Let's win it and go back to Chaldea!

Mash: Yes, definitely.

Mash: But please don't forget this...

Mash: You were never fighting to defeat your opponent.

Fujimaru: Mash...

Mash: Many new encounters and many futures...

Mash: Those were the things we've been fighting for!

Mash: Doctor...

Mash: We'll soon enter the fissure in space.

Romani: The center of the temple is beyond that fissure.

Romani: This will be the last conversation from Chaldea.

Romani: So, Mash...

Romani: I want to ask you...

Romani: Do you have any regrets?

Mash: Of course not, Doctor!

Mash: I will have no regrets, even to the very end!

Romani: I see.

Romani: Then, be on your way.

Romani: I believe in your victory!

Goetia: Welcome, Chaldea's Master.

Goetia: I am surprised by your unexpected resistance.

Fujimaru: Solomon, the King of Mages!

Goetia: Halt.

Goetia: I will allow your presence, but I have not allowed your audience.

Goetia: Why have you come here?

Goetia: Why couldn't you have restrained yourselves for just a few more minutes?

Goetia: We were putting the finishing touches on our Virtual Third Noble Phantasm.

Goetia: Why must you appear before the startup calculation was complete?

Mash: According to the doctor's observations, the energy it'd take to exceed the bands of light doesn't exist on Earth.

Mash: That's what scorched the entire Earth and incinerated humanity.

Goetia: Of course not. Do not tell me Chaldea's commander can be so blind.

Goetia: It is true that these bands of light could burn the outer layer of this planet.

Goetia: But how would I benefit from that?

Goetia: You have it backwards, Mash.

Goetia: An energy source exceeding the bands of light doesn't exist on Earth?

Goetia: Fool!

Goetia: That's exactly right!

Goetia: Because it is made of you people!

Goetia: I made the Singularities, fractured the flow of history, and reaching from the present into the past, I was able to wring out nearly limitless energy!

Goetia: That is what the bands of light are!

Goetia: The heat you looked upon was this planet's passion!

Goetia: It is the vestiges of the people of each era, the consolidation of everything, the very crystallization of human history!

Mash: Your aim wasn't to destroy humanity.

Mash: It was to use humanity as fuel.

Goetia: So I can attain the ultimate position.

Goetia: If no one can conquer death, then I will!

Goetia: And you will die miserably! Cling to your insignificant lives... for the brief moments remaining before my great task is complete!

Fujimaru: Just who are you...

Fujimaru: Solomon?

Goetia: I am Solomon.

Goetia: Or at least, this body is.

Goetia: The Heroic Spirits' resistance means little.

Goetia: If the Master perishes, every single one of them will leave.

Goetia: All of your actions have been for nothing...

Goetia: Ritsuka Fujimaru!

Goetia: O worst Master of humanity!

Mash: No!

Mash: You're wrong!

Mash: No matter how tough or painful things got, Senpai always did everything he could!

Mash: He always kept moving forward!

Mash: Ritsuka Fujimaru is the best Master!

Mash: I'll be proof of that!

Goetia: I am impressed.

Goetia: The Round Table, which King Arthur's knights supposedly sat around... and your impudence in using even that as a weapon...

Fujimaru: Mash, leave the backup to me!

Mash: Okay!

Fujimaru: Well then...

Goetia: I am not an incompetent king.

Goetia: Though I declare the human race foolish,

Goetia: I value you correctly as strong, fierce creatures.

Goetia: As such, I praise you for putting up a good fight... and grant you the honor of witnessing my true form!

Goetia: Bands of light, illuminate the throne room!

Goetia: Let my great feat begin!

Goetia: Let this room be filled with our blessing.

Goetia: For one of the Beasts of Disaster, an Evil of Humanity, shall manifest right here.

Goetia: Master of Chaldea, you asked me who I am.

Goetia: I existed as Solomon, the King of Mages.

Goetia: I am the system the King of Mages created.

Goetia: I ruled a nation with Solomon and was left behind when he died, as a primordial curse.

Goetia: I used Solomon's body as a nest and achieved incarnation through a summoning spell.

Goetia: I am the one who shall attain true wisdom as was desired of me.

Goetia: I am the one who shall devour you to reach a new height and create a new planet.

Goetia: I am the one who shall gather 72 curses and set flame to all of history.

Goetia: I am the Ritual for the Incineration of Humanity.

Goetia: I am Goetia, the King of Demon Gods.

Da Vinci: Goetia?

Da Vinci: The generalized term for the Magecraft supposedly used by King Solomon!

Male Chaldea Staff: The prediction and categorization from Trismegistus are done!

Male Chaldea Staff: Spirit Origin structure type, Nega-Hume!

Male Chaldea staff: Spirit Origin Output, Tier Two Planet Class!

Male Chaldea Staff: It's Beast I!

Goetia: We saw much sadness.

Goetia: We saw many betrayals.

Goetia: We have seen enough.

Goetia: Even the gods can meet no end on this planet except through annihilation.

Goetia: This planet was a mistake.

Goetia: It was madness, predicated on life with a fixed duration.

Goetia: I will reach the apex of it all.

Goetia: I shall go 4.6 billion years into the past and bear witness to the moment when this celestial body was born, and remake this world.

Goetia: I shall rewrite the book of Genesis and create a world without the concept of death.

Goetia: That shall be our grand deed.

Goetia: To us, humans are just fuel for a propulsion device that could launch us to the very beginning.

Fujimaru: Remake the planet...

Goetia: Now then... it is finally time for retaliation.

Goetia: We are very busy.

Goetia: My true work is still waiting.

Nero: Fool!

Nero: We're the busy ones!

Fujimaru: Emperor Nero!

Nero: Umu!

Nero: Sorry to make you wait, Fujimaru!

Nero: But I'm not the only one who's raced over here!

Goetia: Fine.

Goetia: You are unnecessary on this journey to the apex.

Goetia: Welcome, everyone.

Goetia: Now die.

Enkidu: I think not.

Jeanne d'Arc: For now, let us believe in them.

Drake: I can keep going for a bit more!

Drake: That's nothing!

Mordred: Yo!

Mordred: Let's go, you bastard!

Mordred: What the—

Nightingale: Disinfecting! Sterilizing!

Goetia: I see. You do show your worth in making it all the way here.

Goetia: Among the Heroic Spirits gathered here, these must have especially strong bonds with you.

Goetia: However, that makes it all the more pitiful.

Goetia: Begone.

Jeanne d'Arc: This is...

Jeanne d'Arc: The summoning spell itself is being destroyed!

Goetia: I am the supreme summoning spell created by you humans.

Goetia: As long as you are a Heroic Spirit... you cannot surpass me.

Fujimaru: This can't be!

Goetia: Now... it is time, everyone in Chaldea.

Mash: Deployment of Third Noble Phantasm confirmed.

Mash: It can't be stopped, can it...

Mash: Master?

Goetia: Why would you simply accept this, Mash Kyrielight?

Goetia: I have come to understand you.

Goetia: Can you not understand me?

Goetia: We both know how utterly meaningless life truly is.

Goetia: Isn't that right?

Goetia: The future is hollow.

Goetia: Humanity is worthless.

Goetia: Even alive, they must be in constant fear of death.

Goetia: No matter what, death always comes for them and separates people.

Goetia: I tire of it.

Goetia: A world without death should be exactly what someone like you wishes for.

Goetia: We want someone, just a single person, to understand us.

Goetia: If we have even that much, we can be completely certain in our plan.

Goetia: Mash Kyrielight, a life made by man and one that is about to disappear...

Goetia: Join with us in rejecting all of human history.

Goetia: Tell us that we are correct.

Goetia: Just say one word. "Yes."

Goetia: With your assent, we shall permit you to journey with us toward the apex.

Goetia: Don't you feel the same?

Goetia: If you're going to die either way, shouldn't you at least save Mash?

Fujimaru: That's...

Mash: That's right.

Mash: You've been asking me the same thing all along.

Mash: It's true that if death is certain, then life is meaningless.

Mash: I cannot deny that.

Goetia: Then...

Mash: But meaning isn't something humans find in their own lives while they live.

Mash: It's true that a world without death or endings would be one without sadness.

Mash: But that would be wrong.

Mash: Even if I could live for eternity...

Mash: I wouldn't want to.

Mash: The world I'm seeing is the one that's right in front of me.

Mash: Even if my life ends in the blink of an eye,

Mash: I want to see... every second I can of this future.

Mash: Senpai, will you hold my hand one more time?

Fujimaru: Yeah.

Fujimaru: Of course.

Goetia: A shame. Then burn to ash along with this era.

Mash: Leave it to me. Mash Kyrielight, engaging the enemy!

Mash: You're just getting started, Master!

Mash: Your battle isn't going to end in a place like this!

Fujimaru: M-Mash!

Goetia: Deploy Third Noble Phantasm.

Goetia: The Time of Birth Hath Come,

Goetia: I Am the Remedy of Eternity.

Goetia: Now, burn like the garbage you are.

Goetia: Ars Almadel Salomonis.

Mash: That which heals all wounds and grudges... Our glorious homeland...

Mash: Manifest yourself...

Mash: Lord Camelot!

Fujimaru: Mash!

Mash: I'm glad. This should open up an opportunity for you, Master.

Mash: Thank you for everything.

Mash: I wanted to pay you back for everything you gave me.

Mash: That's why I was able to put my own weakness aside and push ahead, Senpai.

Mash: And now, finally, I really feel like my life has value!

Mash: Like Captain Drake said, at the very end, I realized my wish!

Mash: But I regret one thing.

Mash: I was always the one who was protected.


  • Mash... Mash:
  • So at least once...

Mash: I wanted to be useful to you, Senpai.

Fujimaru: Mash!

Goetia: As she blocked the heat that would pierce the planet... she thought...

Goetia: She thought of the journey so far and the journey to come.

Goetia: She thought of her past, and of the future she would not be there for.

Goetia: That's right.

Goetia: Even after all those battles, it still was not nearly enough for her.

Goetia: That was how strong her gratitude toward that someone who held her hand was.

Goetia: Even if it all started with a simple, insignificant opportunity.

Goetia: She was always protected by you, and she was able to fight because you were there.

Goetia: Behold the result.

Goetia: Her body could not take the heat from the bands of light and evaporated.

Goetia: But her heart remained untouched, and her snowflake shield remained unscathed as it protected her heart to the end.

Goetia: That's why I say that she was neither a brave warrior nor the protagonist of the story.

Goetia: In the end, she was simply an ordinary girl.

Goetia: Yes. I suppose I should give you one last chance to strike at me.

Goetia: At the very least, I understand how you feel.

Goetia: Strike me with those frail human fists of yours and then die.

Fujimaru: Nothing would make me happier!

Romani: Wait.

Romani: Calm yourself a little, Fujimaru.

Romani: A suicidal move isn't your style.

Romani: Try to save your strength for now.

Male Chaldea Staff: The final logic barrier is down!

Male Chaldea Staff: The Demon God Pillars are invading Chaldea!

Da Vinci: Seal all bulkheads!

Da Vinci: I'll declare Plan A to be the abandonment of the Command Room! Prepare for evacuation!

Female Chaldea Staff: Abandoning the Command Room would lead to the Coffins shutting down!

Female Chaldea Staff: Mash Kyrielight defended him with her very life!

Female Chaldea Staff: We can't give up on Master Fujimaru's return!

Da Vinci: Yeah. At this point, we'll just have to struggle until the end.

Da Vinci: Romani?

Romani: A meaningful future, huh?

Romani: Mash, if that's how you feel, I'll have to make my stand, too.

Da Vinci: Huh.

Da Vinci: So, this is how it's going down, after all?

Romani: It's your job to defend the Command Room...

Romani: Leonardo.

Romani: I want you to hold out until Fujimaru returns.

Romani: You can do it. You're a genius, after all.

Da Vinci: Of course.

Da Vinci: I won't be expecting any souvenirs, either.

Fujimaru: Doctor?

Fujimaru: How?

Fujimaru: If you don't have Rayshift aptitude, this place isn't...

Goetia: Romani Archaman?

Goetia: You... That Spirit Origin?

Romani: I hate to steal your thunder here at the end, though.

Goetia: The tenth ring...

Goetia: No!

Goetia: You can't be!

Romani: Yeah. It was just 11 years ago.

Romani: When the previous head of Chaldea, Marisbury Animusphere... joined the Holy Grail War, he prepared the greatest catalyst possible... this ring.

Romani: King Solomon sent it into the distant future at the time of his death.

Romani: That was Solomon. The very first Heroic Spirit summoned by Chaldea.

Romani: Alongside Marisbury, he obtained the Grail and had his wish granted.

Romani: "I want to be human."

Romani: His wish was a very ordinary one.

Goetia: Impossible! Absurd!

Goetia: You can't be him!

Goetia: That man had no wishes!

Goetia: He was inhuman! Cold! Cruel! Emotionless!

Goetia: Such a man could not have possessed an ordinary wish!

Romani: Hearing that from you really stings.

Romani: You hate me a little too much.

Romani: Anyway, Solomon's wish was granted.

Romani: But there was a problem.

Romani: Solomon possessed the skill Clairvoyance. In fact, his was so potent that it was essentially omniscience.

Romani: When he became human, he lost all those powers.

Romani: That wasn't a big problem on its own, but... just before his power left him, he saw it.

Romani: The end of mankind.

Romani: But who? How? For what purpose?

Romani: And how could it be prevented?

Romani: He lost power of knowing those.

Romani: But he couldn't just ignore it.

Romani: And that's how my journey began.

Romani: I didn't know who the enemy was.

Romani: The only thing I could do was prepare for when the time came.

Romani: Of course, a few instances of good fortune helped me along the way.

Romani: The greatest of them was you, Fujimaru. And I don't just mean on the day we met.

Romani: During this entire Grand Order, there was never a time you weren't there to help me.

Fujimaru: What the... You, too, Doctor? What are you—

Solomon: I am Solomon, the King of Mages.

Solomon: Goetia...

Solomon: It is I who shall read you your last rites.

Goetia: Now that it's already over, mankind's greatest fool makes an appearance!

Solomon: All life must come to an end.

Solomon: Life is a pilgrimage in which we stockpile suffering.

Solomon: However, that is by no means a tale of death and partings.

Solomon: Goetia, shame of my years, Beast born of my corpse...

Solomon: Here and now, I will pass judgment on your evil with my own hands.

Goetia: Ha! Don't make me laugh!

Goetia: You can't do anything!

Goetia: Die! Die!

Goetia: I will send you to your death with your own Noble Phantasm!

Solomon: Yeah.

Solomon: That's the plan.

Solomon: I will be extinguished by my own Noble Phantasm.

Goetia: What?

Solomon: For a time in the distant future when Magecraft turns into an evil against humans,

Solomon: Solomon prepared a safety device to destroy it.

Solomon: That is the True First Noble Phantasm.

Goetia: What are you talking...

Solomon: And now, with all the rings here...

Solomon: Goetia...

Solomon: You were a spell woven to watch over mankind and in turn, chose to destroy its future.

Solomon: Let me teach you the final Magecraft.

Goetia: You don't mean...

Goetia: No, that's impossible!

Goetia: Stop!

Goetia: Stop! Stop! Stop!

Goetia: These rings, the omnipotent seals, are no longer yours alone!

Solomon: The Time of Birth Hath Come, I Am the Remedy of Eternity.

Solomon: The Time of Coronation Hath Come, I Am the Beginning of Eternity.

Solomon: And now...

Goetia: Stop!

Solomon: The Time of Parting Hath Come...

Solomon: I Am He Who Surrenders the World...

Solomon: Ars Nova.

Solomon: O Heavenly Father, I return to you your blessings.

Solomon: Omnipotence is too much for humans to handle.

Solomon: My work shall be done within the limitations of mankind.

Goetia: Why? Why?

Goetia: After all this time, are you saying you're going to save the humans, Solomon?

Goetia: You, the one who didn't do anything despite witnessing countless tragedies!

Solomon: Yeah, it's strange.

Solomon: We saw the same things, sat on the same throne and spent the same time together.

Solomon: But you and I reached completely antithetical conclusions.

Solomon: If there was a difference between us... it would be...

Solomon: To put it simply, I just didn't have the freedom to get mad.

Goetia: What...

Solomon: I've completely cast aside my position as a Heroic Spirit.

Solomon: But Solomon will disappear from the Throne of Heroes from here on.

Solomon: With the complete annihilation of Solomon, the King of Mages... the Age of Gods will truly come to an end.

Fujimaru: You're going to go away?

Solomon: It's scary and sad, but it was something only I could do.

Solomon: And since that's the case, I have to do it, no matter how painful.

Solomon: This is the right thing to do.

Solomon: You and Mash taught me the right thing to do.

Fujimaru: Why?

Fujimaru: That's so selfish!

Fujimaru: And you didn't tell us about it the whole time!

Fujimaru: Unfair!

Fujimaru: Doctor, that's so unfair!

Solomon: No, I suppose it isn't fair.

Solomon: Sorry. I was inconsiderate right to the end.

Solomon: But my current self can give a clear answer.

Solomon: Goetia...

Solomon: You harbored hatred toward the meaninglessness of life.

Solomon: Of course, nothing is eternal... and pain awaits us all in the end.

Solomon: But that doesn't make life a story of despair. Not at all.

Solomon: It's a fight against death and separation in what precious little time one is given.

Solomon: It's a repetition of meeting and parting despite knowing there's an end.

Solomon: Humans' stories are dazzling, brief journeys, like the twinkling of the stars.

Solomon: They are... stories of love and hope.

Solomon: Can I trust you with the rest, Fujimaru?

Solomon: You, the first and only Master in Chaldea where we spent time together?

Fujimaru: Sure!

Solomon: Good answer.

Solomon: You really have matured into a trustworthy Master.

Fujimaru: I'm heading out now, Doctor.

Goetia: You relied on others until the very end.

Goetia: Your deception will not sway us.

Goetia: Our great deed remains incomplete but unhindered.

Goetia: Life should not be bound by death.

Goetia: A story that must end like that is worthless to me.

Goetia: Ultimately, I am victorious!

Goetia: What can a Master with no Servant do?

Fujimaru: I can do this...

Fujimaru: Several millennia passed since the world of Primates was set.

Fujimaru: The Age of Gods has ended, and through time, mankind has become the most prosperous beings on Earth.

Fujimaru: And so we shape the future of this planet and inscribe its history on the surface.

Fujimaru: For that, we nurtured knowledge, produced many resources... and saw countless lives reincarnated.

Fujimaru: It's a map to prolong mankind's survival and to ensure its everlasting prosperity!

Fujimaru: In the world of Magecraft, this is called "humanity"!

Fujimaru: Those of Chaldea have been charged to protect it!

Fujimaru: I am Ritsuka Fujimaru!

Fujimaru: So many people helped me... and here I stand on behalf of so many others... as the Master of Chaldea!

Fujimaru: I challenge you...

Fujimaru: Goetia!

Goetia: Then come at me, Chaldea!

Goetia: Begone, human history!

Goetia: We 72 Demon Gods shall grind you to dust!

Goetia: Just one! You only need to kill one!

Goetia: Why?

Goetia: Why? Why?

Goetia: Why do you fight so hard to protect humanity, Heroic Spirits?

Goetia: You should be aware that mankind is not worth this effort!

Goetia: This world is madness!

Goetia: You are all mad!

Goetia: Why should this all hold such value to you?

Goetia: Just one!

Goetia: By killing just one human... everything will be resolved!

Goetia: And yet... why?

Goetia: Fine.

Goetia: It pains me to ask this, but I must know!

Goetia: Why... do you fight?

Goetia: Why do you not submit to me?

Goetia: Why do you keep fighting so hard?

Mash:: But please don't forget this...

Mash: Many new encounters and many futures...

Mash: Those were the things... we were fighting for!

Fujimaru: That's obvious.

Fujimaru: To live!

Goetia: I see.

Goetia: So you weren't even protecting humanity.

Goetia: Then we were mistaken.

Goetia: We completely overestimated you.

Goetia: You longed for life and feared death.

Goetia: And while fearing death, you defeated us in our quest for eternity.

Goetia: What hopeless foolishness.

Goetia: What worthless stubbornness. We need not save you.

Fujimaru: I have to get back.

Gilgamesh: Goetia, the Beast that knew no love.

Gilgamesh: An Evil of Humanity fueled only by his own grief. One who sought nothingness.

Gilgamesh: It's ironic. The Evils of Humanity themselves represent a love for the human race.

Gilgamesh: Wishing for a better future was the threat.

Female Chaldea Staff: Destruction of the central area of the temple and life signals in each location have been confirmed!

Da Vinci: In other words?

Male Chaldea Staff: We have confirmed Beast I is gone and that the Temple of Time is collapsing!

Da Vinci: All right! We'll immediately raise anchor from this location and withdraw!

Da Vinci: We'll retrieve Fujimaru as soon as communication returns!

Da Vinci: ...jimaru! Fujimaru!

Da Vinci: Can you hear me, Fujimaru?

Da Vinci: We'll send you the coordinates!

Fujimaru: I'm going back... to Chaldea.

Goetia: No matter what I do here, now, I cannot redeem my failure.

Goetia: This is a meaningless battle.

Goetia: This would have been an unthinkable choice for me before.

Goetia: But...

Fujimaru: Now you have a reason to fight.

Goetia: Yes, indeed. I also have my pride.

Goetia: Or rather, I do now. I now understand... human mentality. Now that I have a limited and mortal life, I finally understand.

Goetia: It's been a long journey. So very long.

Goetia: I have dwelt here for 3,000 years.

Goetia: I'm going to stop you in order to protect the one thing I cannot possibly relinquish.

Goetia: And you're going to stop me as soon as possible so you can return home alive.

Goetia: O Master who overcame seven Singularities in seven worlds...

Goetia: Your Grand Order is all about the Incineration of Humanity.

Goetia: My name is Goetia.

Goetia: I am the one who used humanity to destroy humanity.

Goetia: I am born now and I shall perish now.

Goetia: This battle may be without resolution or reward, but I shall put my entire being on the line to crush you!

Goetia: My sworn enemy. My hatred. My destiny.

Goetia: I want you to witness this.

Goetia: This brief moment is now my story.

Goetia: This brief but precious time has given the creature called "Goetia" true life.

Goetia: Tragically short...

Goetia: So, this is what human life is...

Goetia: O Lord, may you rejoice in this life.

Fujimaru: Dammit. I was so close.

Mash: Senpai!

Mash: Senpai!

Mash: Grab my hand!

Mash: I'm really glad you're okay, Senpai.

Mash: I was worried because you weren't waking up.

Fujimaru: Thanks.

Fujimaru But Mash, how did you...

Mash: Well, I really don't know.

Mash: Fou, do you know anything?

Da Vinci: Master Fujimaru, Mash...

Da Vinci: With your safe return, I'm pleased to declare our final Grand Order complete!

Da Vinci: Congratulations on completing your mission! You really did a great job!


  • Yes! Mash:
  • Yes!

Da Vinci: Now, we have so many things to do piled up, like communicating with the outside world.

Da Vinci: So, I'd like you two to set up a communication device.

Da Vinci: And go see for yourselves what you two have reclaimed.

Mash: Okay! Mission received!

Mash: Let's go, Senpai!

Fujimaru: Huh? S-Sure.

Da Vinci: A notification to all Chaldea staff.

Da Vinci: As of this moment, the Grand Order has been completed with its objectives met.

Da Vinci: This great feat was possible thanks to all of your efforts.

Da Vinci: We applaud those achievements.

Da Vinci: However, please remember the sacrifices that are in the shadows of such achievements.

Da Vinci: Lev Lainur's assault claimed the lives of two hundred of Chaldea's staff.

Da Vinci: 47 Masters are still frozen in the preservation chambers.

Da Vinci: And one of our people did not return from the Final Singularity.

Da Vinci: Each of those lost is someone who cannot ever be replaced.

Da Vinci: What they wanted to achieve...

Da Vinci: What they should have achieved...

Da Vinci: If possible, please give thought to what they were, and carry on their torch.

Da Vinci: We have fought for that purpose.

Da Vinci: They...

Da Vinci: We all wanted to take back such things as a part of mankind.

Fujimaru: It's so blue.

Mash: So, this is the real sky.

Fujimaru: The Earth of our own time.

Mash: The doctor told me once.

Mash: He told me it's always snowing outside Chaldea, but once in a while the skies clear, and you can see the beautiful stars.

Fujimaru: The doctor did?

Mash: Yes! He also said that one day, the time would come when I'd get to see them for myself.

Mash: He had no proof but laughed when he told me.

Fujimaru: I bet that was what he dreamed would happen.

Mash: I was able to see this sky, thanks to the help and support of so many people.

Mash: It was a whirlwind of a year. This Order happened on such a terrifying scale.

Mash: Still, it's been a truly incredible experience.

Mash: What did this journey mean to you, Senpai?

Fujimaru: Let's see.

Fujimaru: I wasn't a Mage or anything.

Fujimaru: Just a normal human who just happened to stop by Chaldea.

Fujimaru: But I've done everything I could as a Master.

Fujimaru: To the point where I don't want to forget anything about this journey, about this life.

Fujimaru: So, I hope you'll still have my back, Mash.

Fujimaru: It seems I still have things I can do as a Master.

Mash: Yes! Rest assured, my Master!

Mash: So, our journey will still continue.

Mash: And to start, we'll go beyond the horizon ahead.

Mash: Once we've done that, we'll go further and further beyond.

Mash: That is our...

Mash: Or rather, human nature's order.

Mash: All that worrying and lamenting about the future...

Mash: It was because we had hope.

Mash: That's why I'm sure there are many more adventures lying ahead of us.

Mash: Let's go toward that new year where the unknown awaits us!


Fou: Goodbye, Mash Kyrielight. My time with all of you, this journey, has been truly wonderful.

Fou: When the Mage sent me out, he told me, "Go, experience all the beauty this world has to offer." And, well... I have seen truly beautiful things.

Fou: There are some evils that can be defeated without shedding blood or crossing blades. That is what has made this possible. Congratulations to you, the wonderful people of Chaldea. You have defeated Beast IV without so much as a single blow.

Fou: Once I've done this, I will just be an ordinary Beast. I don't want you to worry. Nothing will change for you. Still, it is a bit of a lonely way to go out. So I wanted to say goodbye here at the end.

Fou: I hope you don't mind. Then again, the Mage said an act of goodwill was something forced onto others.

Fou: But that is... what I call a happy ending.

Romani: It's been a decade, huh?

Romani: It went by so fast.

Romani: But it's okay. Fujimaru is here.

Romani: As long as he becomes a good Master, there was meaning in my time here.

Romani: I could ask for no greater reason for this human existence.

Romani: It more than makes up for the freedom I've had.

Romani: It's time... for the briefing.

Romani: I'm going to head to the Command Room.

Romani: See you later.

Romani: I'm counting on you to take care of things when I'm no longer around.

Da Vinci: The decade you've spent...

Da Vinci: You spent all that time working yourself to the bone, desperately trying to escape from and avert the end of mankind... that you saw when you became human.

Da Vinci: Only a nightmarish existence, a hellish freedom. But it was indeed worth it.

Da Vinci: King Solomon never really got his wish to become a human.

Da Vinci: Yeah.

Da Vinci: Your wish came true, Romani Archaman.