This is a translation of the drama CD included with the pamphlet sold at showings of Lost Butterfly. It contains major spoilers, so for anime-only fans I recommend listening/reading after you see the second movie (and I do recommend it). I also recommend listening to the CD itself if you can obtain it since Kamiya Hiroshi does a fantastic job as always.

Many thanks to Milbunk for buying the CD and letting me listen!

(A door creaks open and shuts. A clock is ticking in the background throughout)

Hey there. Thanks for coming, whoever you are. What’s that? You want to hear what I have to say? Oh, if you insist. Well then, make sure to write it all down. It’s a magus’s responsibility to keep everything well documented, after all.

This is the fifth Holy Grail War, and Caster and Lancer are already gone. Why? Well, either they were just plain weak, or someone was just really bad at using Servants. Obviously, my Rider will be the last one standing. Things have finally gotten interesting, so I was just thinking that wanted to talk about it. I’ve got a pretty good picture of what’s going to happen in this fifth Holy Grail War from here on out, and I’ve looked into the other Masters.

Tohsaka’s Servant is Archer. Being that he’s an Archer, I figured he’d be attacking from a long range, but he uses swords, apparently. Anyone who can’t get their tactics straight is most likely weak. Why’d she even make a contract with someone like that? I need Tohsaka to at least make a good showing or the three families are going to look bad. Oh well, if she loses, I guess it just means she didn’t have what it takes.

Emiya’s Saber… got me with a surprise attack a little while ago, but I’m not going to lose next time. Last time Rider just screwed up.

I think the Berserker this time will be a tough fight. After all, he’s Heracles. Just knowing his true name doesn’t make him any easier to go up against. If possible… I’d like for him and someone else to take each other out. If not, these guys will be the last ones remaining. Well, I do have a countermeasure in place, though. If we do end up fighting, then… I’ve got something good set up at school. Look forward to it.

It seems Assassin showed up at Ryuudou Temple… but I’m not sure where he is now. Well, I’ve never heard of an Assassin being powerful, so I don’t think it’s worth worrying about.

You want to know how I’m planning to fight from here on out? To answer that question, I’ll need to talk about the magecraft that’s passed down in my family. Yes — the Makiri magecraft.

When I first learned about it, I was still just a kid.

Young Shinji: (gasp)

There were mountains of books. Magecraft materials, samples and experiments, too. To my young mind they felt like things that I shouldn’t readily touch.

Shinji: “Amazing…”
Zouken:: “Who goes there?”
Shinji: (gasps and runs)

As I sprinted down the hallway, I was filled with excitement. No surprise there — I’d just learned that magic was real. I think you’d feel the same, wouldn’t you?

And after that… Sakura came to our home.

Young Shinji: “What was your name, again?”
Young Sakura: “I’m… Sakura.”
Shinji: “Hmm. Just try not to get in my way. I’m your Nii-san, after all.”
Sakura: “Yes… Nii-san.”

Shinji: (quietly) “…Sakura… my… little sister.”

Shinji: “Hey, Sakura. My family has a secret. Bet you wanna know what it is, huh?”
Sakura: “A secret…?”
Shinji: “If you keep doing as I say, I might just tell you sooner or later.”
Byakuya: “Shinji. That’s not something you should be saying to Sakura. You’re the only son of the Matou family. Understand?”
Shinji: “Huh…?”

The Matous were a special family that passed secrets down through the generations. I learned that from my father later on. I use the past tense because there are no Matous that can use magecraft anymore. Magic circuits have been lost from the Matou line, and neither my father nor I were born with circuits.

(sound of paper rustling)
Young Shinji: “No, but… I’m going to make myself understand it! I’m going to inherit this power! After all, all this accumulated knowledge and craft is the real thing!”

From then on, I spent long hours in the library, immersing myself in books. The more I studied magecraft, the more I understood that a magus doesn’t only need knowledge of magecraft, but to excel in other fields as well. One could become a first-rate magus only by honing various other skills.

Teacher: “A student in our class has placed within the top three of our school: Matou-kun.”
(sounds of admiration from the students)

Boy: “Matou-kun, could I ask you to be the anchor leg in the relay on track and field day?”
Shinji: “Sure.”
Boy: “All right, now we’ve got this in the bag!”

Girl: “Matou-kun, aren’t you going to run for student council?”
Shinji: “I’m not so good at taking center stage. There’s still ways to offer support even if I’m not on the council, right? If you’re going to do it, I’ll help you.”
Girl: “Ah… thank you!”

Shinji: “You done your homework yet?”
Sakura: “…Not yet.”
Shinji: “You still haven’t done it? You sure are slow in the head. Don’t go leaving it undone just because there’s parts you don’t know how to do. If you really don’t understand it, I’ll teach you.”
Sakura: “…Okay.”

I finished reading all the books in the house. Most of the magecraft books ended abruptly midway through. I ran magecraft experiments myself to the best of my ability. It wasn’t a straightforward process, obviously. I guess the Makiri blood really had died out, since I couldn’t get the magic circuits in my body to activate no matter what I did. But still, even still — there must have been something I would be able to do.

The Matou magecraft specialty is absorption. It’s heavily dependent on the individual’s talent, so it really wasn’t suited for someone without magic circuits like myself. But even so, this world of magi was really something special to me. I repeated the experiments, making adjustments bit by bit. It never went right. That’s around the time I met him — Emiya Shirou.

(crickets in background, door opening)
Shinji: “Are you planning on doing this all yourself? Why are you even doing this?”
Shirou: “What do you mean ‘why’? I was asked to.”

Based on the reasoning that he “was asked to” — if you can even call that a reason — he’d taken on a workload that he was unlikely to be able to handle even if he took all day.

Shinji: “As if you’re going to be able to finish this by yourself! Are you stupid?”
Shirou: “Nah, it’ll take some time, but if I keep at it, I’ll finish it. Hmm… guess I’ll start here.”

Shirou: “…Aren’t you going home?”
Shinji: “Will me answering that get your work done?”
Shirou: “No, I guess not.”

(birds tweeting)
Shirou: “That oughta do it.”
Shinji: “Hmm. So you did finish it. …Hmmm… not bad, I guess?”
(Shirou laughs)

I’ve known Emiya for four years since then. We did a lot together. When he told me that he made the boxed lunches that he brought to track and field day himself, it surprised me, and… I gave cooking a try. That helped with my magecraft, I guess.

…Ah? Friends? As if he’d ever have friends. Emiya himself doesn’t even possess the concept of having friends. I looked after him because it wasn’t like anyone else was going to do it. He was more trustworthy than the people who crowded around me trying to hang out, anyway. …So when I found out he was a magus, I guess there was a part of me that felt like it made sense. Magi have to be independent and self-reliant, right? I’m the same, obviously. Magecraft is recorded and passed on, but at the same time, it has to be kept secret. I can’t just get all friendly with normal people.

That reminds me… Tohsaka Rin. I might be willing to do her the favour of going out with her. (giggle) Tohsaka’s so shy, you see. I try to start up conversation with her myself when I can, but– huh? Oh. You want to know about Sakura.

…It was three years ago when I found that room.

(sounds of worms crawling)
Shinji: “…Huh?”
Byakuya: “What do you want, Shinji?”

A room I had never been told about. Knowledge that hadn’t been taught to be. And talents that I hadn’t been given. I wasn’t the one who was special. My sister wasn’t the one who was isolated. The one who was pathetic was–

Sakura: “I’m sorry, Nii-san.”
Shinji: “Don’t fucking apologize!”

From then on, whenever Sakura and I crossed paths, she didn’t even look at me. Even as she acted all timid and apologized, I could see in her eyes that she was mocking me. But, hey. That’s not how things should be, right? It’s wrong. If Sakura’s more suited to be the heir than me — me, the one who’s blood related, the one who studied the Matou magecraft this hard — then I should get some sort of compensation too! Which means — I should be able to do whatever I want with her, right? That’s why Sakura apologizes to me, right?!

Huh?! “What’s Sakura doing now”?! Ugh… what the hell. Even you’re all about Sakura in the end. …Sakura hasn’t been back here for a few days now. Ha! She’s probably still with Emiya. Ever since she got to know him, she’s started talking back like she’s a normal fucking person. So, y’see, that’s why I used Sakura to call Emiya to the school…!
Aaah, shit. I can’t remember too well. But… I’m here, so that must mean I won, right? Haha, that’s right. I can’t lose, that’s impossible!

…I guess the sun’s gone down. It’s gotten dark in here. I can’t see you anymore.

(clock ticking faster)

Hey… would you mind turning on the lights? You can’t write like this either… right?

Ah… You see…?

…It’s pitch black in here.

(ticking stops)