Narration [George]: Capsule Servant!

Narration: They are somewhat familiar-looking Heroic Spirits? created by the Great Grail.

Narration: It is some kind of battle game enjoyed by the children of the future, derived from a small-scale summoning of pseudo-Heroic Spirits, called Capsule Summoning!

Narration: Well, that doesn’t really matter, but anyway Fuyuki City has once again been caught up in a bothersome disturbance in space-time.

Narration: Servant-like things being summoned one after another.

Narration: Master-esque worldly-minded people appearing in succession.

Narration: Fight, fight on…!

Narration: The powers of darkness and microtransactions eat away at the people’s hearts.

Narration: While everyone falls to their knees in despair, two courageous elementary school students…

Narration: —Shirou and Rin, with the power of the Capsule Servants they obtained by chance, face an array of villains…!

Narration: Over 50 Servants.

Narration: A gathering of evil Masters.

Narration: Who could be behind this?!

Narration: Eh? It’s not a tiger or something?

Narration: Time and space will collapse in only five hours or something like that!

Narration: Can Shirou restore the peace of the town for everyone, and can Rin restore the peace of the town for herself…?!