Birth of a Servant ~ Takeuchi 7th Anniversary Q & A

Archetype:Earth orginates from Arcueid Brunestud, a love interest in Tsukihime, a visual by Type-Moon, the team that created and writes for FGO. For her appearance in FGO's world, I added FGO's rendition of Arcueid as the Third Ascension character

In our character meeting to discuss which Servant should be made playable, Nasu proposed we went with Arcueid for the next anniversary. Nasu words: "That said, we shouldn't make the Servant name herself Arcueid. She should go by Archetype:Earth, the name of the Brain of the Planet in TYPE-MOON lore." Takeuchi's response: "Always the teaser, aren't you?"

Takeuchi: Most fans believed Arc was going to be released in a Tsukihime event. With Tsukihime - a piece of blue glass moon- coming out in 2021, they have reasons to expect it. When things like this happen, Nasu can't bring himself to deliver the simple expected choice. He always pulling all stops to add an extra nuance that delivers more than the fans were asking for. I can't understate how much emotion was poured into Archetype:Earth, as she is one of TYPE-MOON's 4 main heroines: Aozaki Aoko, Arcueid Brunestud, Saber (Arthuria Pendragon) and Ryougi Shiki. Play the game to find out what kind of Servant Arcueid is in her FGO summon.

Arcueid always had her one airheaded side and a form as the progenitor of vampires, which we called Princess Arc. Archetype:Earth takes Princess Arc as the default form, but comes closer to the regular Arcueid with an Ascension. We put pretty everything people would have wanted out of an Arcueid release. It's always hard to design a superior version of a Servant for Ascension changes, and having to one up Princess Arc for this 3rd Ascension was one hell of a challenge. I hope you liked her.