Final Eclipse - Sequel

“We're hooome.”

“We've returned.”

We just got back from the shopping district.

It's almost 3 pm. Good timing to have tea with everyone.

“Heeey, Sakura, Tohsaka~ I'm making tea~”

I call out towards their rooms as I head to the living room.

I'll set up for tea with Saber first.


“Welcome home. I have already been served tea.”

Bazett calmly places a teacup onto the table.

“―――, wha...”




“(...Shirou. If I may ask, why is she here? Do you have some kind of personal relationship?)”

“(...No, that's what I'd like to ask. This should be our first time meeting, but... somehow, she doesn't feel like a stranger...)”


“Sakura-san. May I have another cup of tea?”

“Y-Yes! I-I'll prepare it right away...!”

“―――Well then, an introduction is in order.

I am Bazett Fraga McRemitz. I was a member of the Mage's Association, but am now a freelance magus.”

“Ah, nice to meet you. I'm Emiya Shirou, and this is Saber.

...Um, though I'm not a member of anything like that...”

“I am aware that you are independent.”

“Ah, that's right. If I had to guess, the owner of this estate... would be you?”

“Well said. That is correct, magus.”

“That's promising. If Saber gives me her approval, then my perception appears to have been correct.”

“There is no mistake.

Shirou is the head of this household. I would prefer it no other way.”

Bazett-san is having a peaceful conversation with Saber.

...But somehow, the image I had of her was more... frightening...?

“Aah, thank you.

So Bazett-san, what's your business here today?”

“Could you wait just a moment, Miss McRemitz?”

“Emiya-kun, this way.”

My arm is being pulled before I have a chance to argue.

Catching onto Tohsaka's intent, I leave my seat without objecting.

“Sorry, I have to leave for a bit.

Saber, keep Bazett-san company.”



“So, what's this about, Tohsaka?

...I have a vague idea, but is this a risky situation?”

“Risky, you say? You don't get it.

I mean, isn't she a Sealing Designated Enforcer!?”

“At the Mage's Association they even say that number one is Gazamy the Wraith, number two are Sealing Designations, and number three are Enforcers in terms of disaster ranking!”

“Get it!? If that person feels like it, ten minutes from now we'll have been massacred, and as a bonus we'll be squished enough to be stuffed into a punching bag!”

“...I really don't get your reasoning.

But, is she that dangerous? Wasn't she smiling normally?”

“Lies. In what way does she look like that to you?”

“Um... in this way?”

“You're joking! In my case, I could only see it this way!”

“Ugh... No, even so, saying we'll be massacred is...”

“She'd do it. Sealing Designated Enforcers are beyond our understanding.

Look, see for yourself.”

“Here, your tea...”

“Thank you. Naturally, I refuse to eat or drink in enemy territory. However, this is not enemy territory.

So, as proof of that―――”

“Eek, in one gulp...!?”


“U-Um, Did it not suit your tastes!?

B-Before you get mad, I'm sorry!”

“? No, it was tea.”

“Eh...? Um, that's not what I mean... It didn't taste good, right?”

“? Tea neither tastes good nor bad, don't you agree?

When it comes to the flavor of tea, then isn't it, without mistake, tea itself?”

“Hoho. So that's how you see it.”

“See? That's her true nature.

Everything is just zeros and ones to an Enforcer!”

“For example, meals aren't delicious or awful.

Taste is secondary. She's a killing machine that only cares whether she finishes eating in five minutes or thirty!”

“...Well, whatever. I only got that she's the polar opposite of Saber.”

And also, I understood that Tohsaka dislikes Bazett-san... No, rather than dislike, is it just that she doesn't respect her...?

“If that's the case, what are you saying we do?

Maybe what you wanted to say is that she's like a human bomb, so try your best not to set her off?”

“That's right, but...... huh?”

“I wonder why she came here in the first place...?”

“...Maybe we shouldn't continue without that cleared up.

Alright. Tohsaka, ask Rider for help. For a cool person like that, we'll call on the coolest person in the house.”

“I'd have done that already if I could.

Rider's at her part-time job at the antique shop. She won't be back until 5 pm.”

“Geh... So there's no choice but to somehow handle this on our own...?”


Even so, it'll work out on way or another, won't it? For some reason she seems to trust you.”


I don't remember doing anything to cause that!?”

“Well I don't know. But she wouldn't have come all this way here otherwise. Earlier, she even insisted that she couldn't speak until you returned.”

“Perhaps, she thinks of you as a little brother?

From the viewpoint of someone proper like that, you might seem like a rambunctious younger brother-type.”

“...I'm starting to understand less and less... I've barely even spoken to this person.

What about you, Tohsaka?”

“I suppose this is the second time for Sakura and myself.

She came to the Tohsaka and Matou households to say she'd be living in Fuyuki City for a while, but had no interest in fighting over territory.”

“......Is that how magi greet each other?

But anyway, I wonder why she would come here now? It could be related to my old man.”

“I guess there's no choice but to speak with her.

The truth is that I want to run away, but Sakura and I will support you from the other side of the living room.”

“...Pray that somehow she leaves peacefully without having her fuse lit, Emiya-kun.”


“In other words, your Mystic Code reacts not to "Noble Phantasms," but to the opponent's "trump card."”

“That's right. I can use it at my own discretion even if the opponent isn't resisting, but in that case, Fragarach's special ability won't activate. It will be treated as simply a C or D rank Noble Phantasm.”

“...I see. If the situation arises where you are cornered alone with an opponent, that is a reason to train yourself. An inferior underlying ability, that is how a prized sword of legend falls to an insignificant one.”


Can a Noble Phantasm be intercepted if it is used at point-blank range?”

“Of course. That's what hand-to-hand combat is for.”

“Fragarach is a projectile, but even if not thrown, I would surely match any short range attack with my fist. No, even if I were to be caught, my attack will strike first.”


What's this? An incredible bloodlust suddenly filled the air.

Saber and Bazett continue to sit politely as sparks scatter.


It-It's no use, I can't do anythiiing!”

“...Sorry to keep you waiting, Sakura. I'll take it from here, just watch from as far away as possible.”

Or should I say, prepare for the worst. Even if it's by herself, I want Sakura to survive.

“Ahem. Um... I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

So, what's your business today?”


“Uhm... hello?”



“That's... My thoughts have been restless for a little while now, but the cause is your voice, Shirou-kun.”

“Really now, I'm even making a fool out of myself.

My usual insensitivity had left me. It's fine to call me "Bazett" without the honorific.”


A shocking new fact has just been revealed!

I was on a first-name basis with Miss Bazett!

“E~mi~ya-kuun? Didn't you even just say this was your first time meeting Bazett-san~~?”

“Fufufu. Her "Usual"* sensitivity, was it? That sounds a bit like a close relationship, doesn't it, Senpai?”


“Wait, don't accuse me unfairly!

This really is the first time I've met Bazett...-san! Y-You there, don't make this even worse!”

“Ah... I-I see.”

“Ahem... Just now was a misunderstanding. Forget about it.

Instead, from now on there won't be an issue just calling me "Bazett." It shall be my punishment.”

The situation continues to deteriorate by the minute.

The older sister's trust level, minus 100.

The younger sister's condition, plus 100 toward the breaking point.


...For the time being, I'll deal with the problem in front of me.

If I call her "Bazett," she'll be more relaxed.

“So, once again, let's start over from the beginning.

Ba-Baz...ett, what's your business here?”

“Yes. In truth, I have two matters I earnestly wish to consult about.

Because you are suitable, I will be asking for your cooperation.”

“Huh, matters to consult...?”

“W-What about your colleagues in the Mage's Association?”

“I no longer have any relation to the Mage's Association.

The matter this time is ultimately a personal problem... Or rather, it is what's necessary to establish myself as an individual.”

“...? Sounds like something important. Fine, I don't know if I can help, but I'll listen to your story.”

“...I appreciate it.

Now then, the first matter is―――”

A gulp resounds from each person of the Emiya estate.

Bazett nervously straightens her tie, and...

“―――The truth is, I am unemployed.”

“........................Come again?”

“You don't understand?

I have no place of employment. I have no income. I have the desire to work every daaay!”


...What happened to my almost perfect image of the Mage's Association...? Somehow, this is starting to feel really depressing.

“Um... So in other words, you want references for places to work?”

“To put it simply,

I want suitable advice.”

“What are you on about? Shouldn't you just pick up any part-time job, like Emiya-kun?”

“I would have done that already if I could.”

“But... I'm, that is... The kind of occupation someone like myself is suited for, I don't even know in the slightest...!”

“...Now that you mention it, you're kinda awkward, aren't you?”

...Somehow, the atmosphere became friendlier all at once.

Even Sakura, who had been so afraid before, looks as though she is watching a close friend.

“Um... hmm, why not something standard like a bodyguard?

I can give you an introduction if you're fine with the Fujimura Group.”

“I decline.

I looked into it for a few days, but that organization is averse to conflict. It's full of cowards.”

“I would do poorly at a place where I couldn't make use of my skills.”

“...How about being a teacher at Shirou's school?

Couldn't you teach all kinds of sports?”

“...I've also thought about it, but I wouldn't be good at teaching others... it's that, my hand comes out before an explanation.”

“Yeah, I agree. There's no place for a violent teacher nowadays.”

Well, the cause of all of this is that she wants to use her fists.

“Ah, then how about something like a professional boxer!?

Since it's Bazett-san, can't she aim for the world title? As for her gender... because she dresses like a man, she'll trick them someway or another, right?”


You would like to experience getting blown away that much?”

“...Bazett looks flashy, but is actually quite reserved.”

“Suprisingly, wouldn't she make a good librarian? It has physical labor, courtesy is required, and she can read books in her free time.”


“...You're surprisingly well-informed about Bazett-san, aren't you, Emiya-kun?”

“Eh? Ah, no, I just thought that for some reason... Why is that?”

Well, let's set that minor issue aside.

Wanting to find employment, Bazett's so-called troubles are normal for a person to have.

“First of all, why are you looking for work?”

“You're rich, right?

I heard something about it, didn't they say you had three metal suitcases full of cash?”

I heard the story from Lancer.

As the enforcement of designation seals is such a big job, the compensation must be absurd.

“...This and that are different stories.

Because without employment, I cannot be called a master.”

“? What do you mean by that?”

“What I am speaking of, is the relationship between a Master and Servant.

The Master employs the Servant. Therefore, it is natural that they must prepare all the necessities of life.”

“A Master must support their Servant.

I am unemployed, but my Servant should not have to do something like work to cover his own travel expenses.”

“Ah... I see, so you're saying the Master provides or the Servant works?

Then, even having them help with things like housework is out of the question?”

“Of course. One who serves as a Master must manage their own life.”

“The only thing to ask of a Servant is the management of oneself to maintain maximum combat power for an emergency. Would not having them work, including household chores, be the sign of a third-rate Master?”

“Splendid. That's completely true.

It seems we will get along, magus. I completely understand why you are relying on Shirou.”

“...That's just your own philosophy on Masters.

But whatever. In the first place, you're not a Master, are you? You don't have a Servant, after all.”

Everyone nods in agreement.

“You are mistaken.

My Servant is just on loan for the time being and the borrower is merely reluctant to return him.”

“Eh, is that right?

Then, you and Lancer-san...”

“The contract is still intact.

If only that rotten woman would relinquish the Command Spells this instant, but―――”

“...How disappointing.

Isn't that a cruel thing to say to the one who saved your life, Bazett?

With that, I am feeling less and less inclined to return him.”


Everyone turns toward the unexpected voice.

“Good day.

It seems that you all were having quite an amusing conversation.”

...A peaceful moment in the early afternoon.

The chaos continued to increase as yet a third foreigner appeared.

“Please, don't mind me and continue with your meeting.

You were discussing something like taking Bazett to the Employment Service Center?”

“...The topic isn't that I don't have employment, but a consultation on finding the right type of occupation for me.

Aside from that, Caren. Were you eavesdropping on our conversation?”

“...It is truly regrettable, but you have misunderstood as I've only stated the facts.”

“You would have self-destructed had I simply left you alone a while longer, but I could not withstand such verbal abuse and my mouth moved on its own.”

"Seems I don't have enough discipline," Caren added.

After briefly experiencing harmony, the atmosphere of the living room became tense once more.


“..................She came.

The person I least want to run across in this town just came.”

“That's bad, Nee-san... You're saying some rather harsh things openly.”

Sparks scatter between Bazett and Caren, whereas behind them, two friendly sisters whisper to each other.

“...Tohsaka, Sakura, are both of you acquaintances of Caren?”

“That's right. We came by to greet her when she was appointed as the church's acting priest.”

“Yeah. Ever since then, we've come face to face quite frequently. Well, we had been getting behind on communications with the church, but still...”

“Well then, I want a regular report every Saturday from now on.

To ensure that Tohsaka Rin does not neglect her obligations as an administrator of Fuyuki.”

“Also, Matou Sakura will attend as much as possible as Tohsaka Rin's capable collaborator.

―――Do you have any questions?”

“...I have no objections to the arrangement itself.

The report is fine. Although, essential parts like Kotomine and the Holy Grail will be completely omitted.”

“Is that so? However, because verifying the authenticity will take time, I will not concern myself with it.”

“It may only be provisional, but your verbal report will be submitted as truth.”

“...I see. So you're giving us a loan?”

“To call something of this level a loan... You have quite a strong sense of duty, don't you, Rin?”

“―――However, isn't this all truth? If so, there is nothing to lend.

Isn't that right, Sakura-san?”

“Y-Yes... it's just as Caren-san says.”

“See? Even if some details are not reported, these are just facts we are unaware of. There is nothing to be considered false testimony.”

“That's right... if we say that the Heaven's Feel has ended, we would not be lying. I think it's called... sharing a common secret?”

“...Meaning, we are accomplices.

You will be sharing the burden of guilt as well, Caren Ortensia.”

“That's right. I mean, would you send a report so blatantly full of holes like this? They will not pardon what is lacking, but as things stand now it is no reason to call me back.”

“U-um... then, what about you?”

“Rest assured, Sakura-san. Though I am merely a temporary representative, I am sure I will be entrusted with this church for some time to come.”

“...Hehe. This as well is thanks to you. Something like a living imitation of the Holy Grail, I wonder how many years it will take to verify it's authenticity.”

“...What an outrageous brat. In other words, you use Fuyuki City to become a priest and control us through the Church's authority.”

“That means the main force of the Church will turn up if someone opposes you even slightly, right?”

“I suppose that sort of outcome is possible as well.

Nevertheless, it will take two years. It will take two years at most to proceed to my next post. Even this is due to the great demand of my rare talents.”

“...I see.

Well then, I will do my best to find your weakness before that time comes.”

“In order to defeat you if talk ever becomes useless.”

“That's right―――We seem to think alike, Rin.

Please do struggle like a cat to the best of your ability.”

“...Are we done talking? If so, we're going home.

Let's go, Sakura.”

“Y-Yes... Oh, and Caren-san, I look forward to working with you from now on.”

“I should be the one to say that. Really, it seems like this is going to be fun.

Let's get along then, Senpais?”

“...While Bazett-san is a formidable opponent that uses power, Caren is the type that uses intelligence.”

“Even for you, Shirou. If you're caught off-guard, it could be checkmate before you know it.”

“...Yes, but Caren-san truly thinks of us as senpais. I can tell she has good will toward us...”

“Her "good will" is filled with malice.

She is the same as that fake priest, don't be fooled, Sakura.”


...The church's new priest seems like a terrible villain.

And, that villain is engaged face-to-face in an argument with Bazett.

“To begin with, you were not chosen as a Master, correct? Heaven's Feel has ended. A supervisor has no authority.”

“It's not some kind of lost property, so it's no use telling me to give it back.”

“While you were coveting rest, the church provided nourishment. It's only appropriate that the Master's rights are transferred to this place.”

“This "transfer"―――wasn't it done without permission? How dare you steal it through treachery-”

“Oh? And what "treachery" would that be? I do not know the circumstances in which you lost your Command Spells. Would you please elaborate if possible?”


“Grow up already, Bazett.

I am saying that I will relinquish them if you accept my condition.”

“You, please entrust to me that left arm.

That demonic possessed arm must be cared for, it cannot be overlooked by those who serve the Lord.”

“I refuse. Because this is my arm.”

“........................And yet it's an artificial arm.

I would be able to prepare as many substitute artificial arms as you like.”

“Unfortunately, I am pleased with this artificial arm. I do not intend to part with it so easily.”

“...Well then, I don't intend to part with him either.

I wouldn't like him at all, but the convenience can't be beat.”

...They'll never agree.

Bazett wants to take back the Servant from Caren,

Caren wants Bazett's left arm.

However, neither was willing to give what the other wanted, and so they argue.


“May I ask one thing, magus?”

“? Sure, what is it?”

“You were Lancer's Master.

But... judging from your personality, it seems like you wouldn't have a good affinity with him.”

“However, you persist in being Lancer's Master. Just how useful is Lancer to you?”

“I'm not being persistent nor looking for some usefulness.

He is a Servant that I have summoned. It is only natural that I take responsibility until the end.”



“......You don't believe me at all, do you?

Fine then. It is unpleasant, but I shall explain how difficult he was to deal with as a Servant.”

On January 23rd, I summoned him as a Heroic Spirit.

With absolute confidence and trust.

If I can truly call him forth, then there is no need to fear anything.


Each day, something would smear away that innocent dream.

“You are too clumsy.

My orders should have been clear, Lancer.”

“It's just bad luck, Master.

Ain't it fine? He was chased away. That guy won't be coming back again.”

Our first battle.

We got rid of the magus from the Association that shadowed us as my observer.

I gave the order to kill.

However, he continued to make mistakes and ultimately the observer magus escaped.

...Well, since it was reported as a problematic act when I made a move on the observer, his judgment to drive him back rather than killing ended up saving me later, but that is another story.

“...I'm astounded. I told you to have some self-restraint until information on all the Masters had been gathered, but... how can you carelessly go out shopping like that?”

“I won't slip up and get us caught.

Come on, you eat some too. You won't grow if you just eat canned stuff.”

“...I'll accept because you mean well, but...

In the future, take care to act only after consulting with me.”

I was stressed the first three days or so.

The image of an ideal hero collapsed quickly, followed soon after―――by seven days of dizzying grief.

Heaven's Feel hadn't yet begun, but there were many battles even in the preparatory stages.

Eliminating the observer from the Mage's Association, understanding the layout of Fuyuki City, and skirmishes against the witch at Ryuudou Temple.

Lacking skills in anything other than fighting, I stumbled many times.

Each time―――

"Well, I guess that's how it is."

Even when we failed, even when we succeeded.

Truly undisciplined and shiftless, he was aloof to the world and avoided me.

“...Good grief, You're way too bad at planning ahead.”

“I guess. But hey, don't you think we balance each other out in a way?”

He took a neutral stance towards friend and foe alike.

Even I'm no exception.

When I asked him why, he laughed and said, "That's just my nature."

“In my country, everybody is like that. It's common for yesterday's friend to be tomorrow's enemy. They choose either side depending on the mood, but remain neutral at heart.”

“...Even when betrayed, you don't hate them?”

“Yeah. I may like some guys among the enemy warriors, but even for them, if they should be defeated I'll simply defeat them.”


In his case, he complained that when he decides he likes someone, he ends up on the opposing side and must defeat them.

“Well, that was surprising for us both.

Who could imagine, I never thought I'd team up with someone I could trust my back to.”


I'll do my best to make you dislike me as well. It would be unbearable to face defeat at the last moment because you changed sides.”

"That's harsh," he said while laughing.

That innocent laughter alone―――was the laughter of the boy with hazel hair I had imagined in my childhood.

“...That's all.

You should be able to understand now that our teamwork was the worst.”



“...What's with that face, Caren, Shirou-kun?”

“Nothing much...... You conveyed it well~♪”

“Yeah, nothing much...... You liiike him~♪”


I couldn't care less about a loose man like that. He's just troublesome.”

“...But you like those kinds of things (mumble)”


“―――By the way...

Why did you come here, Caren? It can't be that you just came to get in my way?”

“...I don't have that much free time.

I too have a topic needing consultation, but... you seem to have arrived before me. Please go ahead.”

“...That's right, we got a bit off-topic. Let's begin the second consultation.

Here lies the main issue―――”

Once again, a resounding gulp could be heard from every direction in the Emiya estate.

Bazett imposingly straightens her tie as though ready to make a decisive announcement, and...

“Among food, clothing, and shelter, shelter is missing.

Frankly speaking, because I have no place to stay, will you rent a room to me?”





“...I don't think it's anything to make a fuss about.

Isn't this the refuge for Masters I've heard about?”

“N-No it isn't~! It's true we still have lots of empty rooms left, but they're all for men~!”

“...I feel the same way. I don't want to interfere in the lodging matters of others, but the ratio of magi is too high. As an administrator of Fuyuki, I won't concentrate forces in one location.”

“Oh? If that's the case, Rin or Sakura-san, I wonder if one of you should go back home?”

“S-Sakura and I are fine!

Because we return home every second day, and pay rent and food expenses too!”

“I will also pay my share of lodging expenses.

...Let's see, how about 10,000 yen a night?”

“Khh... So that's your move? This is bad. This offer is too attractive... I almost want to recommend her to my house... wait. Hey, Saber, why have you been silent this whole time?”

“Aren't you also going to adamantly oppose this?”

“...Hmm. I don't really mind.

There are rooms and if even Shirou approves, should we not then provide the basic necessities of life?”

“...You know, Saber.

If she lives here, it's certain that her profession...”

“...I see. Being Shirou's bodyguard is suitable for me. He doesn't seem to have any shortage of conflict.”

“I am against this, Shirou! There is no room for newcomers to intrude in this house!”

A firestorm sweeps through.

Even Saber joined the discussion. Bazett's proposed occupancy is hitting rough weather.

“...I understand your opinions.

But the landlord here is Shirou. The decision rests with him. You should also be aware of that, right, Saber?”

“I am aware that you are independent.

Ah, that's right. If I had to guess, the owner of this estate... would be you?”

“Well said. That is correct, magus.”*

“Gack... (wobble)”

“Aah, how could this be?

If Saber-san, the only one who can win against Bazett in power, accepts her defeat, my Senpais no longer have a chance.”

Caren is praying in sorrow.

A "fufufu" escapes her lips, she is actually laughing quite happily.

“No way... S-Senpai, what are you going to do...?”


...It's a difficult question.

Taking Fuji-Nee into consideration, I should refuse. That, and if we lodge any more people the neighbors will start spreading rumors.


“Oh my. You are abandoning someone in need?”


...Now that I think about it...

It's true that Bazett has no place to live, she isn't familiar with the area, and if she doesn't have a relationship with the Mage's Association anymore...

“Time out. About this topic, give me around 10 minutes.

Sakura, Saber, come with me for a bit.”

“Emiya-kun, until we come back, absoluuuutely do not come to a decision!”

“Wh―――hey, Tohsaka!?”

“Do you best for now, Emiya-kun!

Because it's ten minutes, just ten minutes!”

Their footsteps can be heard running toward the dojo.


“...It looks like a strategy meeting.

Did they try to buy some time, feeling that they were pressed for an answer?”

“...It seems that way. I wonder why the wind has shifted in my favor.

You seem to be acting as my ally, Caren.”

“That's because I'm always an ally of the weak.”

“Liar. I'm clearly the weak one here.

From any point of view, you are the ones attacking me.”

I sit on the floor grasping my knees while grumbling.

I've been taken advantage of this whole time, she even said that sarcastic remark and then irresponsibly abandoned me.



“...Hey, what is it? You both look like you've suddenly seen a ghost. Scaring me won't work anymore. I've already been plenty frightened earlier.”

“...Caren. There is something I would like to propose...”

“Let's do it. I'll handle the restraints.”


They communicate something with each other through eye contact.

I get a bad feeling. I flee toward the garden in a flash.


It was useless.

I was instantly defeated.

Like I was a toy.

“Hey, waaait!

You caught me, I surrender, but why are you undressing me!?”

“I have his hands and feet. Bazett?”

“Leave it to me. Drawing abstract designs are my specialty.”

“Wrong, don't say it's your specialty! It's graffiti! Just graffiti!”

“...Quiet, please.

Even Bazett is not a demon. She should be using a water-soluble pen.”


“That boxing idiot!


―――So, one minute later.

“Oh my.”


“......This is a psychological attack.”

I stood dumbfounded with wild drawings all over my body.

“...What a surprise. I thought with the resemblance it would be similar, but to look so much like him...”

“...Yeah, yeah.

That's fine, though I have no idea who on earth you're talking about.”

“Now then, may I change my clothes?

I'll be cut down by Saber if I'm dressed like this.”

“...Please wait.

Can't you say that in a rougher tone?”

“Right. Say it more desperately, like some minion of a third-rate villain.”

“........................Very well.

You two are out of your freakin' minds, aren't ya?”

“Thaaat's it!”*

“......So... dizzy......”

“...Aah, that was a horrible experience...”

I wipe my body with a towel soaked in hot water and change into some decent clothes.

The drawings made with permanent ink remain and my hair is still unkempt as well, but this will do for now.

“...It looked good on you, too...”

“I completely agree.

Since you both naturally have those traits, you should blow off some steam every now and then.”

“Shut up. Be quiet, you sado-maso.”

“(He really is a wolf... Since he was originally him, I suppose it's only natural... I'd rather he fell to the dark side.)”

“(I'm against letting that kind of rage loose into the world, though.

...More importantly, wouldn't now be a good time to investigate which is which?)”

The duo whispered in the middle of the room.

The dizziness is making my headache worse.

The psychological bullying seems to be continuing.

“That's right. Speaking of bullying...

Hey, Caren. Don't pick on Tohsaka and Sakura so much.”

“How rude. That is simply the way we communicate.”

“It's certain that I can't compete when those girls get serious. I know my limits.”

“What calm reasoning. It's the correct decision.”

“Of course. I wouldn't adore someone as a Senpai if they were weaker than me.

...Besides, those kind of little jabs are the proper way to have fun.”

"I see," Bazett chimes in.

For people who talk about not liking each other, those two sure are hitting it off.

“......You know, somehow...

I feel the two of you are very similar.”


“How so?”

“How so you say? It's difficult to put into words...”

How should I put it, they don't seem like heroines?

“Come on, aren't you kind of well-matched?”


Bazett nods silently with Caren, then stands up while squeezing her glove.

“It's sudden, but let's play a simple game.

If I win, you shall take back those words.”

“You should confess to what you were just imagining as well.”

“...It's like going up against a Master with the social standing of a mongrel.

It's about time to castrate this premature ejaculator.”

“―――Wait. Just now, didn't the sister over there make a horribly troubling remark!?”


“No, please do not pay it any heed.

Because that is how I truly feel.”

Apologetically, Caren follows up just now by saying it shouldn't bother me because it's true. Amazing. This extent of abuse seems to be her default level.

“I am not saying there are no stakes involved.

If Shirou-kun wins, then for today I will leave obediently. Do you consider this an attractive condition?”

“...Attractive, huh?”

However, this "attractive condition" doesn't mention the punch that will come flying at me the moment I decline.

“...Fine, I get the general idea.

In short, it's death for the loser, I guess?”

What harsh conditions.

“Oh well, having you two leave if I win is an exceptional condition. All right, I accept. As for the game... Hanafuda as always, I suppose?”

“Meh... I don't like tedious games...”

“Rin and the others will come back if we do something like that.

...That's right. Like magi, how about a one-game match of rock-paper-scissors?”

“..................There are many things I want to say about that, but it doesn't matter to me. How about you, Bazett?”

“...I-I have no objection. This is somewhat disadvantageous for me, but let it be a handicap.”

“Oh, so it's not just men you don't have any luck with?

But I won't go easy on you.

Oh, I'll definitely use paper though.”

“Tch... so you're waging psychological warfare.

Doesn't look like I can go easy this time.”


I'll say this just in case, but waiting to see your opponent's hand and going after will result in an instant loss, no exceptions.”

“Is everybody fine with this?

Then, I will assume the role of judge.

Are you prepared? Ready, and... Rock-Paper-”


Just as I had declared, I used paper.

Bazett... had read three steps ahead and used rock...!

As expected, Bazett worries over things too much. I knew she wouldn't take it at face value and believe I'd use scissors... huh?

“―――"AnswererThat Which Comes Later Cuts First―――”

Wait, what is this human weapon muttering...?


Rock, paper, diiie...!”

“...Hm. It's my win, Shirou-kun.

Because, details aside, you did wait until after I went.”

...Seems like that's the case.

Even though she threw out her hand after mine, she used that to make hers end up going first.

“...Using any means in order to win. That way of fighting really is like you, Bazett.”

“But... I think you should have restrained yourself from yelling "Die" at the end of "rock, paper, scissors."”

“Fu, fufu... More importantly, rock-paper-scissors isn't that kind of game, you know (faints)”

“Sorry for the wait!

Um, huh? Emiya-kun, you're not sulking or something are you?”

“...I was sulking earlier.

I've pulled myself together now, I'm fine. Don't worry about me so much, just hurry up and get this over with.”

“Yeah, I'll respond to her request.”

“Well then, Bazett.

We've come to a conclusion, we agree with your proposed stay here. It's the right thing to do.”


W-W-W-What the hell, what kind of strategy meeting what thaaat!?”

She's gone from calling her "Bazett-san" to just "Bazett." When Tohsaka doesn't add the honorific to the end of someone's name, it means she's decided to fight them head on.

“Stop right there. That person is seriously a human weapon.”

“It'll be fine, hear me out to the end.”


You're a foreigner with no friends to rely on and on top of that, the visa and identification nonsense would make getting a residence impossible.”

“That's correct. Now that I don't have any backing from the Association, I can't even check into a hotel.”

“For that reason...

As an exception, I will permit your stay at the Emiya residence for a single week. Afterward you are on your own, how does that sound?”

“―――In other words, I am to find my own residence in one week, is that right?”

“Right. Although you wouldn't get into a normal property if they do a background check, there are ways around that with properties that have shady histories.”

“For the time being, how about the western-style house in the forest nearby? The owner won't come by so long as a natural disaster doesn't occur; it's even clean and in good condition. Though, you'd be there without permission.”

“...Let's see.

That would be a good area to settle in. Also, I'd like to have my own place if possible.”

“Done, then it's decided!”

"Yaay!" Sakura rejoices. "Hmhm" Tohsaka is nodding happily.

Saber had been readied to react instantly for battle if Bazett objected.

What the... I was out of the loop even though I'm the landlord?

“Well then, thank you for looking after me this next week.

It may not scream luxury, but at the very least, this room is suite class.”

“Ahaha, listen to that, Emiya-kun.

Umm, by "this room," you mean the storehouse, right?”

A noisy, peaceful atmosphere.

The conflict of Tohsaka vs. Bazett is simmering beneath the surface.

...It's alright, it's only one week.

There is one more thing to worry about now, but if it's just Bazett, I should be able to pull through.

“That's good. With this, one matter is settled.”

Caren breathes a sigh of relief.

Even though they are on bad terms, looks like she is glad that Bazett has found a place to stay.

“I was worried what would happen for a bit, but I'm glad it worked out somehow.

Oh. That reminds me, what did you want a consultation for?”

“Oh my. You remembered about that?”

“I promised I would listen after I finished talking with Bazett.

So, what did you want to talk about?”

―――At that moment.

For only an instant, I caught a glimpse of a true demon's smile.

Then, this demon, with timing that couldn't be any more perfect,

“Yes. Actually, it's time for the church to be renovated.

Therefore, about my place of residence until renovations are complete―――”