Henry Jekyll & Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Jekyll: ...I'm feeling pretty good.

Jekyll: I finally took control of "Hyde" at last. It's all thanks to you, I should say.

Jekyll: Let me say thank you from my heart. I might finally be liberated from my own karma.

Dr. Roman: ...Well, I don't know. You don't look like you are about to be liberated.

Fou: Fooou...

Fujimaru 1: Yeah...

Fujimaru 2: That bloodstain worries me...

Mash: Uh, yes... Let's see... Senpai... When he says he might be liberated...

Mash: It might mean a liberation reaffirming violence... don't you feel... it can, be taken, that way...?

Jekyll: Actually, Sorry I had you bring me all the way to London, the Fourth Singularity.

Jekyll: I'm grateful to you guys. Ascension, was it? It was truly amazing.

Jekyll: I'm impressed that it could turn me, nothing more than a failed mage, into such a powerful Servant.

Jekyll: Besides, as you can see... I got a chance to come to London, though the Demonic Fog still remains.

Mash: Since the Holy Grail was removed, London is undergoing correction to its original era—

Mash: But what brought you here? You just wanted to visit your homeland, is that it?

Jekyll: Huh? Sure, something like that.

Jekyll: Mash, you are quite perceptive. Yes, I wanted to see my "homeland" firsthand.

Jekyll: I'm glad you understand me. You're "lovely," Mash Kyrielight.

Dr. Roman: A-A love confession!?

Mash: No, I don't think so. He seems—

Jekyll: Oh, I love you, London! Of course I love you, sky! Gas lamp! I love you very much!

Mash: As you see, his love spreads very wide. But it is exactly as we predicted beforehand...

Dr. Roman: Well, I'm sorry for interrupting when you are hyped up, but there's a bit of Demonic Fog left—

Dr. Roman: You guys might hinder the phenomenon called Correction of the Era by being there. Yeah, who knows what might happen?

Dr. Roman: Isn't it time for us to go back? Can I prepare for Rayshift?

Jekyll: ...I'm sorry, but will you wait just a little? There is a place I want to visit.

Jekyll: You guys saw "me" once before, right? In this era, in this foggy city, seeking the Fourth Holy Grail.

Mash: You mean, we saw you in your lifetime. Yes, you did help us a lot.

Mash: Do you remember? About when you saved London with us—

Jekyll: Sure, mostly. Anyway, you know...

Jekyll: ...I want to see for myself. This apartment where I supposedly lived.

Jekyll: If possible, I wish to talk to myself in my lifetime, too.

Dr. Roman: Hmm, I get it. But, you should know that Mr. Jekyll may no longer be there.

Dr. Roman: This era is being corrected. He may already have returned to the time he's supposed to live in.

Jekyll: Even if so... I still wish to visit. May I?

Mash: If you could see him... Would there be anything you should do?

Fujimaru 1: Is that why you came to this era?

Fujimaru 2: Face yourself, huh.

Jekyll: Yes, I have something to tell him. That no matter what happens in the future, he can definitely overcome it.

Jekyll: At least I overcame "Hyde" by killing myself. So, I hope that I can just...

Jekyll: ...give my past self a piece of advice. It can even be something short like "Be brave and face yourself."

Jekyll: I know it's merely self-satisfaction. Whatever I say will probably be erased in the Correction of the Era.

Jekyll: And yet... I wish to tell him...

Dr. Roman: Well, if that's the case— Hmm, Is it okay? Is something like this okay?

Dr. Roman: Of course, it won't cause something like a time paradox, but Hmm. Hmm.

Fou: Foou!!

Past Jekyll: ...So you came to me?

Past Jekyll: I understand most of the situation. At any rate, it's great to see you guys again like this.

Fujimaru 1: Pleasure is ours.

Past Jekyll: Saber and the Heroic Spirits... are all gone. No, I am fully aware of that.

Fujimaru 2: Oh, you rather seem different?

Past Jekyll: You—think?

Mash: Me, too, it's good to see you again, Mr. Henry Jekyll.

Past Jekyll: I'm glad to know you're doing great. And, well, whom I see over there is my—

Jekyll: "Your future self." Just think that way for now.

Past Jekyll: "I thought so." I take it you understood the basic gist at a glance.

Jekyll: In that case, I suppose you also know what I'm trying to do, Mr. Henry Jekyll?

Past Jekyll: Surely.

Jekyll: Haha—Then, can you die for me?

Mash: !?

Fou: Foou!!

Dr. Roman: W-What!? What's going on there!? He just jumped on Mr. Jekyll, didn't he!?

Mash: He did, Doctor. He...tried to murder himself from his lifetime!

Jekyll: Haha... That's right, I wish...

Hyde: —No, you listen to me!

Hyde: I wanna kill me, or "Jekyll"... Who's lived his goody-goody life from the day he was born!

Hyde: Honesty, trust, goodwill! I don't need that kind of crap!

Hyde: You hear me? I can't stand the fact that you exist!

Hyde: I will kill you! And I will be the complete "Hyde!"

Dr. Roman: I'm positive he's an anti-hero! Wait, he is, right? A-at any rate, we must stop him!

Past Jekyll: Well, it's okay. I've always wanted to fight seriously with him once.

Mash: Mr. Jekyll?

Fujimaru 1: You're reckless to battle a Heroic Spirit!

Fujimaru 2: You want to kill yourself?

Past Jekyll: I'm not losing my mind. And, I'm not a powerless human failure of a mage, either.

Past Jekyll: I am a "Heroic Spirit." I'm one of the lost Servants materialized from the remains of Demonic Fog.

Past Jekyll: I was summoned after you returned to Chaldea, and the living Jekyll returned to his original era—that's the story.

Hyde: What!?

Past Jekyll: Somehow I had a feeling that a thing like this could happen—

Past Jekyll: So I was waiting. Right in this room, right after my living self returned to the original era.

Dr. Roman: Two identical Heroic Spirits are in the same place!? Could this really...happen?

Dr. Roman: Wait a second. I see. Maybe his spirit "has completely separated personalities?"

Hyde: Damn, damn, damn! Shoot, I did all this for nothing!!

Hyde: Finally! I thought I could finally kill "Jekyll"!

Past Jekyll: You should read Wells. Though his books were published after we died.

Past Jekyll: The rank system of Heroic Spirits may be something that transcends such a notion, but it's fine—

Past Jekyll: Fujimaru, Mash. Can you fight with him against me?

Mash: What do you mean—

Past Jekyll: If he's like that, he could be dangerous to get along as your ally, right?

Past Jekyll: So, I think I should make him learn his lesson now. For the future.

Dr. Roman: It makes sense!

Mash: Doctor!

Hyde: Fine. Fine, you bastard! I'll be happy to play your game, even by myself!

Hyde: Goddamnit— I'm going to take all my pent-up anger out on you!!

Mash: S-Senpai! What are we going to do now...!?

Fujimaru 1: Whatever happens happens!

Fujimaru 2: We just do the best we can!

Mash: Y-yes, Master! Servant battle—commencing!


Past Jekyll: ...Whew. Your combat power is as quite good as I expected. Well done.

Past Jekyll: Well, I'll be going now. I'm sure he learned what his limit was after all.

Past Jekyll: Nothing will do you good to be overcome by "Hyde." Don't forget your original purpose, "myself."

Past Jekyll: Are you going to live a life that would shame Tatsumi? Think a little, and you'd have figured that out.

Past Jekyll: Mash, Fujimaru. Give my regards to Saber and Fran if you see them.

Past Jekyll: Good-bye—

Mash: ...Servant Jekyll is gone.

Dr. Roman: We got the results of the observation. It shows that his existence itself was unstable.

Dr. Roman: The Demonic Fog remaining in London is not perfect, either, so it wasn't a proper summon or materialization.

Dr. Roman: He would have disappeared by himself sometime soon anyway. So, um—

Hyde: ...Humph.

Jekyll: That killed the mood. I should probably leave it at that, too.

Jekyll: That part of "me" looked happy when he disappeared. What the hell was that "learning his limit."

Jekyll: ...Oh my.

Mash: (Oh—)

Mash: (Senpai. Compared to before, he seems...)

Fujimaru 1: A bit more obedient.

Fujimaru 2: Calmed down?

Mash: (...Yes)

Jekyll: I'll return to Chaldea. Pardon me for getting you in trouble, Master.

Jekyll: It's true I acknowledge that I am also "Hyde." but it wouldn't do any good if my thoughts become too hasty.

Jekyll: ...It will, ah, never allow me to achieve anything.

Jekyll: Someday I will resume my battle to control "Hyde" myself. I'm truly sorry, Master, Mash.

Jekyll: I should take no more detour and start correcting the world now.

Jekyll: ...I'll challenge myself to a rematch afterwards.