Henry Jekyll & Hyde



  • Class: Assassin
  • True Names: Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde
  • Sex: Male
  • Source: The “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” Novel
  • Region: Europe
  • Alignments: Lawful Good (Jekyll) / Chaotic Evil (Hyde)
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: 60kg


  • Character Creator: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Nakahara
  • Character Voice: Miyano Mamoru
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver


Magical PowerE
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Presence Concealment: [A]

A Skill suitable for espionage activities, suppressing one’s presence as a Servant. It is nearly impossible to be detected if one suppresses their presence completely, but the rank of Presence Concealment drops greatly when preparing to attack.

Personal Skills

Monstrous Strength: [B]

A Skill that shows its true value in Jekyll’s state as Hyde. It is possible to temporarily Rank-Up his Strength Parameter by one rank.

Voice of Panic: [A]

A Skill that shows its true value in Jekyll’s state as Hyde. Performs a mental attack on his targets with a resounding voice that weakens the minds of people who hear it.

Self-Modification: [D]

A Skill that shows its true value in Jekyll’s state as Hyde. Remodels his own body into a form specialized for combat. Because he has materialized as an Assassin this time, the rank of this Skill is lowered, and it does not even work very effectively, to the point that it is not certain whether his limbs have grown slightly longer or not. If he were to put this Skill into operation at the time of having materialized as a Berserker, it seems he will change into the form of a mad beast that does not completely appear human, a form suitable for his Parameters that were strengthened by his Madness Enhancement Skill.

Powerless Shell: [A]

While his mind and body are in the state of Jekyll, the true value of his personal Skills are not shown, his abilities and Parameters are lowered as well, and his presence becomes difficult to perceive as a Servant. If it was a normal Holy Grail War, this Skill would function effectively, but… in “Fate/Grand Order”, it is not used very effectively.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Dangerous Game: The Secret Game of Sin

  • Rank: C+*
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: —
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

A miracle drug that transforms his existence into Hyde from Jekyll, and into Jekyll from Hyde. When he is Hyde, he acquires close-combat power that can even overwhelm the Three Knight Classes. That transformed nature is close to a Berserker’s. It is an elixir refined through pharmacy and alchemy, as well as from some accidental results similar to degradation done over time; an item that is impossible to reproduce with modern science, technology and magic.

*The Noble Phantasm is C-rank in the game profile



When he is Jekyll:

First Person Pronoun: boku
Second Person Pronoun: kimi
Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo / ○○-san

When he is Hyde:

First Person Pronouns: ore / oresama-chan
Second Person Pronouns: temee / ○○ (without honorifics)
Third Person Pronouns: aitsu / ano yarou / ano onna


When he is Jekyll:

A virtuous person who is sincere and rational————the original personality. To deeply think about things is both Jekyll’s strong point and weak point. Although he has a docile disposition, contrary to his gentle appearance, his sense of justice is strong, and while he was alive, concerning the “overthrowing of the evil that lurks inside humans”, he was agonizing in earnest about it, having researched it, and tried to fight against it (and failed). There is discord in his Saint Graph for some reason, and he is not able to establish confidence in himself.

When he is Hyde:

A hedonist without a sense of morals————the “evil” personality. Vulgar and violent. The personification of evil intentions that attempts to wound everything it comes in contact with. An agglomeration of ill will lurking inside Jekyll, which is conscious of Jekyll as a sincere and virtuous person. It is unknown if Hyde, the evil that was largely dormant within Jekyll, became ferocious as a reaction to the usual Jekyll who lived as a good person, or if it “merely resulted in about this much atrocity” since Jekyll has a scarce amount of evil. Hyde basically does not reflect on these things. He has no view of morality. He frequently behaves reflexively towards everything before his own eyes. He is thought to be the one distorting the Saint Graph for some reason.

Attitude Towards Master

When he is Jekyll:

Because Jekyll is a good person, he agrees with the actions of the Master in saving the world.

Jekyll also displays an attitude in tackling things diligently, but if it is a combat situation, it seems he will become mostly dependent on Hyde for those situations. It is unsure how helpful Jekyll himself is.

When he is Hyde:

If Hyde can act violently, then that is good for him. Acting freely, while also not being bound by whatever there may be; he wants to perform atrocities to his heart’s content!

Dialogue Examples

“I am frightened. There is a monster inside me, and I think it might be the case that at any moment, it will start eating at me to tear me apart and come out.”

“I will fight. With a monster… inside me.”

“With whom do I fight wiIith————?”

“Hyahhahahahahahaha! I appear!! Let’s see, which guy is ok to slaughter for youUU, Master?!”

“HYAHAHAHAHA! It was bad luck for you!”

Historical Character and Figure

A character that appeared in the 19th Century novel “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, or maybe the model of that character.

Born and raised as a child of an affluent and wealthy person, Henry Jekyll was a sincere person, having acquired a doctorate in the studies of medicine, civil law, jurisprudence, pharmacy, etc., and on top of that, a Royal Society membership right after, and he was a man also celebrated as a philanthropist to a degree who was going to be featured in a newspaper. However, he was living in anguish. He felt ashamed of the pleasurable nature hidden inside of himself. That is, it was called a meagre thing because it is possible to say that it is just something everyone has.

Good and evil. About humans, Jekyll believed that they are not composed out of a single nature, but beings who must have a dual nature, and he attempted to detach all of his evil nature from his persona by means of chemical experiments. He refined and administered a dose to himself a special medicine, but he transformed into “Edward Hyde”, who embodied evil. Not only did he became a different persona, but even his flesh had also changed. For the sake of stopping “Hyde” – who reached the stage of dyeing his hands in blood to the point of committing murders and indulging himself in atrocities, it is said that Jekyll eventually rejected his own life.

Character in FGO

Henry Jekyll has a reason to be obsessed with “evil”. That is to say, it is a matter largely caused by the existence of the “Emperor of the Criminal World” that he saw with his own eyes while he was in the process of cooperating with the private investigations of a certain private detective, who was playing an active role in London.
Performing works of evil.
Works being done to anger others.
Works that disrupt order, destroy the world, and contaminate goodness.
But for himself, to be before the “Emperor” whose presence is so far as overwhelming, who puts on an air of a transcendent person who does not receive any punishment, and who is located outside the fate that befalls on society, Mr. Jekyll – who is a good person that acts with sincerity – was fascinated with the repulsiveness of evil.

For the good of denying evil that everyone seems to have, Jekyll relied on chemistry and alchemy. He attempted to separate the elements of good and evil that mankind is endowed with. Although he used his very own living body as the subject of his experiment, the experiment failed————

At the end of the struggle with “Hyde” – who exists as a second self that originated from himself, Jekyll lost his life.

Henry Jekyll, on the occasion of materializing as a Servant, has his self come into existence as a Dual-Existence Entity who can even transform his flesh while accompanied with his persona switching over. Due to his Noble Phantasm, he can change places with “Hyde”, a person who should be beaten by himself. Fight evil with evil. Although he has an unbearable dilemma, it seems he will obey his Master. The justice that was never yet fulfilled by himself… he believes that he will surely attain it this time.

However, maybe because he materialized in the Assassin Class, or maybe because of some other reasons, Jekyll’s Saint Graph is unnaturally warped, and he is unable to completely suppress Hyde. He can barely grasp and contain a hegemony of his persona, and he has no conjecture of when he can suddenly change too. Furthermore, even though he was summoned to Chaldea, Jekyll is continuing to struggle with the inside of himself. Although, even a conclusion to that will probably be decided before one would know about it. The end of the conflict between good and evil is near.


If he had been summoned into a different Class, Jekyll would practically possess no combat ability. The reason why Jekyll is endowed with combat ability as a Servant in Fate/Grand Order is because it is conjectured that Hyde’s persona as well as his brutality are beginning to dissolve into Jekyll due to the abnormality of his Saint Graph.

When he is Jekyll:

Edison / Nikola Tesla / Babbage

Jekyll has an excellent compatibility with scholar Servants to the extent that he can continue his conversations with them all throughout the night.

Lord El-Melloi II

“It is said that he is a person of that Clock Tower. Moreover, he is from the 21st Century. That is indeed very interesting.”


“Again and again would she say “Even today, your face’s pale” as a pretext to keep an eye on me.”

Paracelsus / Arthur

“It is like there is déjà vu, or not.”

Sherlock Holmes

“Mister Sherlock Holmes! How nostalgic… I am much obliged to you for your help while we were alive————”



When he is Hyde:

Angra Mainyu

Regarding Angra Mainyu who had changed into an Anti-Heroic Spirit by desiring to be “All the World’s Evil”, for Hyde – who was born as “a human’s evil nature itself”, Angra Mainyu is a target of aspiration.

Anyhow, this person is treated as no more than the embodiment of “the concept of an evil nature” that was able to be contained within one human being. So, All the World’s Evil, what the heck is that then…?

Comment from the Illustrator

Jekyll has a complicated hairstyle truthfully. Hyde is cute. His Noble Phantasm direction is a favourite of mine. (Nakahara)

Material Images

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