Fate/Grand Order Arcade - Lilim Harlot


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Mash: ───We've reached the hostile Singularity.

Mash: It's just as Chaldea predicted, this Singularity is structurally a miniature world———

Mash: a conceptual universe.

Mash: A microscale model case of the universe, so to speak...

Mash: The fact that there is only one life form present within this universe is of particular note.

Mash: The Beast of Calamity. The Evil of Humanity which manifests in civilizations that have

Mash: reached their height of prosperity and are now past their transitional period. Beast VI.

Mash: Our operational objective is the annihilation of Beast VI.

Mash: We will hereby commence the Last Order!

Merlin: ───Woah there! Looks like I've made it in the nick of time once again.

Merlin: Last Order, now that's a weighty phrase. Yes, that's the spirit!

Mash: !

Merlin: If this battle is to be the final one, then it will truly be the climax of this journey.

Merlin: And in that case, that leaves me no choice but to cheer you on from the front row!

Merlin: After all, your journey is one that I, Merlin, have acknowledged!

Mash: ───Merlin!

Merlin: Hey there, long time no see!

Merlin: I am glad to see you are doing well, Mash Kyrielight and Master of Chaldea.

Mash: Yes, Merlin! No...

Mash: Lady Merlin of another world! It's been a while!

Merlin: Yes, yes. Now there's a good look and a solid voice!

Merlin: You did well to stay true to yourself without bending or breaking,

Merlin: in spite of the harsh journeys you have experienced.

Merlin: I am in awe of that brilliance. So much, in fact, that I ran all the way here on foot!

Merlin: Now then, I'll be helping you out even more than last time!

Mash: Thank you very much! This is very reassuring, isn't it, Senpai?

Merlin: Oh, one more thing.

Merlin: Fufufufufufufu.

Merlin: This is going to be a sight to behold. (Grinning)

Mash: ?

Merlin: (Smiling)

Merlin: ───I'm not the only one who came here today!

Orleans Pre-Battle

First Hassan: ───Understood.

First Hassan: For starters, we advance and crush the first Demon Beast Incarnadine.

Mash: You're...?

Merlin: Didn't I just tell you? I'm not the only one who came rushing over.

Merlin: He is the one who wanders the boundary of death!

Merlin: The “Old Man of the Mountain”, a title passed down in the shadows of history.

Merlin: He is the first and greatest of them all, the black mask of death!

Merlin: His True Name is Hassan-i-Sabbah───

Merlin: One of the Heroic Spirits who claims the Station of the CrownGrand seat, fated to hunt Beasts,

Merlin: summoned here through the Decisive Magecraft: Heroic Spirit Summoning.

Merlin: The Grand Assassin himself!

First Hassan: I am naught but a phantom that writhes in the dark...

First Hassan: Yet now the Evening Bell tolls. Let us go.

Mash: The Evening Bell───

Merlin: “The fateful moment is upon us! I shall lend you my strength as a special favor”,

Merlin: is what he's trying to say!

First Hassan: ...

First Hassan: I shall be your guide. This way.

Mash: Ah!

Mash: Look, senpai! In the wake of the Old Man of the Mountain's advance...

Merlin: The fluttering petals of magical energy are beautiful, huh? Fufufufufu.

Merlin: Sorry, but that's my handiwork.

Merlin: If we're going to be guiding you anyway,

Merlin: I figured an easily understandable approach would be better.

First Hassan: You needn't bother yourself. You need not adorn their deaths with flowers.

Merlin: Come now, don't say that. We're fellow Grands after all, aren't we?

First Hassan: So says the pseudo-fairy who has ignored her Station of the CrownGrand seat to act as she pleases.

Merlin: Whatever could you mean by that?

Mash: (I wonder what they're talking about?)

Merlin: Now then, about the first Demon Beast Incarnadine───

Merlin: Shaving off magical energy of this scale all on our own is going to prove rather troublesome.

Merlin: Not to mention there's seven of these!

Merlin: Or so I thought, however...

Merlin: It looks like someone already beat us to the punch. Look over there, Mash!

Mash: !?

Kiyohime: Uncle! Uncle Vlad, please go easy now, umm!

Vlad: I have every intention of holding back───

Vlad: But you're doing a fine job evading my Noble Phantasm. Keep it up.

Kiyohime: Uncle!?

Elisabeth: Wow, uncle Vlad's merciless! Wowowowowow.

Elisabeth: Won't he end up Bey'ing us too? Are you sure this is okay?

Carmilla: There is no way Lord Vlad would blunder like that.

Carmilla: More importantly, we should provide support.

Carmilla: We will exterminate the first Demon Beast Incarnadine here.

Elisabeth: Fine, fine! Let's do this───Boe~!

Mash: ...!

Mash: Master, Master! Those people are...!

Mash: The Servants who stood against us in the first Singularity!

Mash: They're all attacking the Demon Beast Incarnadine in unison───

Jeanne: Yes... This is undoubtedly a miracle.

Jeanne: What you see before you are “Heroic Spirits” as they should have been!

Jeanne: We, existences engraved in the history woven by man,

Jeanne: were meant to stand with the Human Order.

Jeanne: Now that we are free from the yoke of the Holy Grail's distortion and curse───

Jeanne: We shall unite our forces to aid you, Chaldea!

Marie: Yes, yes! This time, we can all get along and have a party!

Marie: Vive la France, Master!

Marie: I'm glad I got to greet you again!

Mash: Jeanne! Marie!

Martha: Rather rowdy for a party...oh, I see. So that's how it is.

Martha: We are to hold a grand banquet on this triumphant day!

Chevalier d'Eon: As you command, Your Highness!

Chevalier d'Eon: I shall bear the banner of the royal family's fleur-de-lis at this party!

Chevalier d'Eon: O Demon Beast Incarnadine, inauspicious red flower of evil.

Chevalier d'Eon: You have no place in the banquet of the Human Order!

Phantom of the Opera: Dance, dance, Demon Beast Incarnadine. Dance the Danse Macabre before us───

Mozart: Oh, the Phantom appears to be in good spirits. Now there's a rare sight!

Mozart: And Maria appears much the same to me. Is there even a need to take this seriously then?

Mash: Amadeus!

Mozart: Hello, milady. We meet again. It would appear I have made it in time for the final performance.

Mash: Yes!

Jeanne: I'm here too, you know...? Why am I on your side?

Gilles de Rais: Oh, Jeanne. Puffing up those beautiful cheeks of hers...could it be that she is sulking?

Gilles de Rais: Do you wish to stand against Chaldea, even after your second summoning as an Apostle of Lust?

Jeanne: Shut it! I'll immolate you!

Mash: Master...everyone came rushing over to this final battle.

Mash: We cannot afford to fall behind either!

Mash: Commencing anti-Demon Beast Incarnadine combat!

Orleans Post-Battle and Septem Part 1

Jeanne: The path has been cleared! Please, keep moving forward, don't look back!

Merlin: The first Demon Beast Incarnadine has been silenced!

Merlin: I'd love for us to take a break, but we don't have time. I'm sorry.

Merlin: Both of you, let's move onto the next one!

Mash: Understood!

First Hassan: This way───follow me.

Elisabeth: Get it together, you hear me!?

Elisabeth: There'll be hell to pay if you give up halfway through!

Jeanne: Best of luck!

Marie: Vive la France!

Nero: ...

Nero: What am I doing here...?

Nero: Where am I? Just now, I was...

Nero: Perhaps I was in my chambers, or perhaps under some faraway skies───

Nero: In either case, I came to below a different sky altogether,

Nero: on a stage of convergence seemingly set up to determine the fate of the world.

Nero: As one would expect, there is a lot I have yet to understand.

Nero: What I do understand, however, is what needs to be done!

Nero: Namely, this situation requires us to fight! Mash! And Chaldea's Master!

Mash: Emperor Nero───!

Nero: I don't know the full extent of things, but this is what needs to be done.

Nero: Can we presume that pillar-like thing is our enemy?

Mash: Y-yes! According to incoming communications from Chaldea,

Mash: its provisional name is Demon God Pillar Flauros! The second Demon Beast Incarnadine!

Mash: We fought it once before, in the second Singularity...

Mash: I don't suppose Your Highness would remember that...?

Nero: You'd be correct! Frankly, I must confess that I don't remember much at all!

Nero: But my soul remembers that I once fought beside you Chaldeans!

Nero: Thus, I shall brandish this blade of meteoric iron with all my being! As a fellow comrade-in-arms!

Merlin: Take it all in, Old Man of the Mountain. This is what you'd call a miracle, isn't it?

Merlin: You know about Her Majesty the red emperor, I take it?

Merlin: The living person, keeping their karmic destiny concealed within their body,

Merlin: who they met in that Singularity.

Merlin: They borrowed the Saint Graph of the very same existence, etched into the Throne,

Merlin: and ultimately charged headfirst into battle.

Merlin: Fufufu, amazing, amazing! That's two or three miracles achieved by this point, isn't it!?

Merlin: Just how many impossibilities will be overturned!? Truly beautiful!

Merlin: At the end of the headache that young woman endures───

Merlin: The Beast of Love will be hard pressed!

First Hassan: ......

First Hassan: If the founder of the seven hills were here, he'd say it.

Merlin: Hm?

First Hassan: ───Rome! Just that one word!

First Hassan: Miracles in times of crisis. Fraternity owing itself to the battlefield.

First Hassan: These things are all part of romanceRome───that's what he'd say.

Septem Part 2

Nero: Ggh...! A migraine, now of all times...!

Boudica: Ah, jeez. Don't just rush on ahead like that. We're relying on you for leadership, you know.

Nero: Oh, Boudica!

Nero: Ah yes...I remember now. You were my enemy once.

Nero: The dreaded warlord who once stood against my Rome, fighting alongside me now!

Boudica: Looks like it. I was your enemy once upon a time, but some things happened and, well, y'know.

Boudica: Now, take a look.

Boudica: The greatest allied army in history awaits your command, and so do the generals leading it!

Caesar: Hah hah hah hah! This time we meet not in opposition, but as comrades!

Caesar: Narrowly escaping the grasp of his beloved Cleopatra,

Caesar: here to behold the skill of the fifth Emperor,

Caesar: Julius Caesar has come to conquer! Rejoice, all of you!

Caligula: Ooooooooh...!! Rome...immortal...Demon Beast Incarnadine...DESTROY...!


Nero: Uncle!? And Lord Caesar!

Caesar: And we are not alone!

Caesar: O Heroic Spirits who have devoted yourselves to the training of the Divine Ancestor!

Caesar: Come forth!

Leonidas I: Nwaaaaaaaaaah! My body is rejuvenated through the strength of your war cries!

Leonidas I: Lancer, Leonidas I! Reporting for duty!

Mash: King Leonidas...!

Leonidas I: Sparta's patron god is Ares, also known as Mars!

Leonidas I: And now, I have received the tutelage of his son, the Divine Ancestor!

Leonidas I: Truly, I am the god of war made manifest!

Leonidas I: Allow me to lend you his power, O Fifth Emperor of Rome!

Nero: King Leonidas of Sparta! You too would side with me...!

Nero: Wait a minute. Who is this Divine Ancestor you keep mentioning?

Lord El-Melloi II: You don't know...? Well, you should.

Nero: The alliance's strategist! Your name was...

Lord El-Melloi II: Zhuge Liang. Well, it's Lord El-Melloi II at present.

Lord El-Melloi II: To those of you from the Human Security Organization Chaldea,

Lord El-Melloi II: I will tell you the truth as a mage of the Clock Tower.

Lord El-Melloi II: I don't know about the other domains, but as for this one...

Lord El-Melloi II: Many of the Heroic Spirits gathered here have temporarily manifested

Lord El-Melloi II: with the assistance of Rome's Divine Founder.

Nero: Th-that...

Lord El-Melloi II: The father of Rome. You might know him better as Romulus, the Founding King.

Lord El-Melloi II: Or as he is now, Romulus-Quirinus.

Lord El-Melloi II: Son of the war god, and one of the three supreme deities of Rome!

Nero: !!!

Altera: The war god has my respect. If his son commands so, then I shall heed his words.

Altera: So, I too have come.

Altera: Rome has spoken. All of you are good civilization.

Altera: And Nero. Emperor Nero. You...

Altera: Because you were kind to me in that distant sky...

Altera: I shall protect you this time... The me here and now shall destroy the Demon Beast Incarnadine.

Mash: Altera! The Heroic Spirit of Destruction!

Mash: Otherwise known as King Atilla, the Scourge of God!

Nero: ...!

Nero: Aaaah, I don't know how much more I can take!

Nero: T-the Divine Ancestor would lend his power to me!? To Chaldea!?

Nero: I don't understand this at all!

Nero: I don't understand...

Nero: But despite that! Right now, all of Rome is within my grasp!

Nero: As the Divine Ancestor once said to his father, the god of war!

Nero: There is enough light in mankind to nurture a heart that loves all!

Nero: History is rife with that which denies it to be the case.

Nero: And so we behold the dread form of the Demon Beast Incarnadine!

Nero: This would stop us in our tracks? How laughable.

Nero: Even the Age of Gods must come to an end.

Nero: Once, our very own Roman Empire proved that to be true!

Nero: The Age of Man is the Age of Romance!

Merlin: (Seriously...?)

Nero: Man loves his fellow man...

Mash: Love───

Boudica: ......

Nero: That is what I dream of! That is what Rome is!

Nero: Thus I declare! Advance! And conquer!

Nero: Our arms pave the way for all! Our love shall one day reach the heavens themselves!


Nero: !?

Boudica: That's the thousands of soldiers supporting you.

Boudica: They swear allegiance neither to Alliance nor Empire, but to Rome itself.


Nero: Yes...yes...!

Nero: Don your crimson and gold! I and Rome promise you glory and victory!

Nero: This Beast shall know by what means it falls.

Nero: And it shall see that even if this band of despair envelops the sky,

Nero: that light shall never fade.

Nero: My abominable migraine has vanished! I see clearly now!

Nero: Let the decisive battle begin!

Septem Post-Battle and Okeanos Part 1

Mash: The second Demon Beast Incarnadine has been silenced!

Altera: Yes...we sync well together. As expected of an emperor.

Nero: You certainly seem to be used to it, too.

Nero: It almost feels like this isn't the first time we've been in battle together!

Lord El-Melloi II: It has the same level of power as the thing

Lord El-Melloi II: that caused my apprentice's Holy Lance to go crazy...

Lord El-Melloi II: Certainly, you've endured it well.

Merlin: Amazing... You actually survived the pull of the Beast.

Merlin: She truly is an impressive emperor. Or rather, that's what humanity is all about.

Merlin: That's the way it should be!

Nero: ?

Merlin: Well then, let's go!

First Hassan: ───This way to the third domain.

Nero: Mash, Master of Chaldea! Head on!

Nero: My Roman legion and I will take care of this area. You may go forth.

Nero: This world will never end, for all roads lead to our seven hills!

Nero: Forward! Conquer!

Nero: Our steps will open up the Rome of tomorrow!

Francis Drake: Feast upon the accumulated gold and riches, you say...?

Francis Drake: Gold! Riches! I can't very well ignore those now, can I?

Francis Drake: In all ages and cultures, such straightforward treasures have always been pillaged.

Francis Drake: In other words, this is our forté.

Francis Drake: You're gonna have to hand it all over, your life included, got it?

Francis Drake: I am fully aware of how impudent I'm being here, having just arrived and all.

Francis Drake: But it is what it is, no? After all, we're pirates!

Pirate: Whew! Our big sis's super cool───!

Francis Drake: Yeah, we'll do this as merrily as usual, you swabbies!

Francis Drake: We'll do what we've always done, no matter who or what our enemy is!

Francis Drake: We'll pillage and drink and raise hell!

Pirates: You can say that again, Boss! We're the crew of the Golden Hind!

Pirates: We'll follow you anywhere, sis!! Woo-hoo!!

Merlin: Woo-hoo! Playing along like this once in a while isn't too bad!

Mash: W-woo-hoo! Captain Drake and her pirate crew are in good spirits!

Mash: A miracle's unfolding here too───there's more than one pirate galleon here, Master!

Pirate: Woah! There's another ship portside!

Mash: That's...the Queen Anne's Revenge!

Francis Drake: Heh, is that so? So he's here too, is he?

Francis Drake: A pain in the ass he may be, but you can count on him.

Francis Drake: Heeey, Teach! Can you hear me!? What'll it be?

Blackbeard: Hmph. The one who fells you shall be none other than I...

Blackbeard: I couldn't possibly let someone else take up that role, now can I───

Atalante: That's enough of that. Steer properly or else we'll end up ramming that pillar of flesh.

Blackbeard: Fine, fine! Cat-ears here has a rough way of treating her captain!

Blackbeard: Alright, boyos! Keep pace with the ha──Drake's ship!

Blackbeard: Bold of you to steal a pirate's treasure!

Blackbeard: I don't care whether you're a demonic beast or a devil───

Blackbeard: Go and regret in hell ever having laid hands on this great pirate Blackbeard's treasure!

Francis Drake: Well, well, looks like that oaf's all fired up! Listen up, boys, don't you dare fall behind!

Francis Drake: If we end up crashing and burning before him,

Francis Drake: you lot are gonna be scrubbing the head in hell for a lifetime!

Pirates: Aye-aye, big sis!

Francis Drake: Cannons on the ready, Golden Hind!

Blackbeard: Prep those cannons, Queen Anne's Revenge!

Okeanos Part 2

Mash: Incoming message from Chaldea!

Mash: It seems like the reconstructed cannon has successfully been materialized!

Merlin: Oh, we can use this! Well aren't you capable of some interesting things?

Merlin: Taking Chaldea's records of the Golden Hind and materializing it in a fluid etheric mass, hm?

Merlin: Hmm. I see, I see.

Francis Drake: Eh?

Francis Drake: This cannon...looks an awful lot like ours, don't it?

Francis Drake: Is it from the same gunsmith? Or could it...no, it couldn't be.

Pirate: Haah, haah, haah...Cap'n, all our gunports're full up.

Pirate: Don't look like we're missin' any.

Francis Drake: Well, don't that beat all? Seriously takes a load off my mind.

Francis Drake: It's a pain in the ass havin' to keelhaul your own crew before a battle.

Pirate: Heh. Don't have to tell me!

Merlin: ...

Merlin: Hey Mash, Master of Chaldea. Something just occurred to me.

Merlin: If you taught the 21st-century definition of copy protection and piracy to these genuine pirates...

Merlin: What do you think would──mmmph.

Mash: P-p-please excuse me, Merlin, but please shut up for now!

Mash: We really don't need you to go down that train of thought...!

First Hassan: ... (reads the mood and keeps quiet.)

Francis Drake: Hey, what are you fussin' about over there?

Heracles: (RRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRR)

Francis Drake: Gah, my ears! Wait, was that the legendary hero himself!?

Francis Drake: Sorry about that! I'd be a damned fool to turn down help from you!

Medea Lily: I am here as well! This time, I too shall offer my support!

Pirates: !?

Pirates: Aaaaah! The wiiiiitch!

Medea Lily: Ah...

Medea Lily: Um, no! It's okay! For whatever reason, I don't have that intense desire this time,

Medea Lily: and because Lord Jason has asked me and Heracles to take care of you,

Medea Lily: both Heracles and I are on your side!

Heracles: (RRRRRRRrrrrrrrRRRRRRR)

Francis Drake: Well, well. Looks like we're gonna get along.

Francis Drake: All right! We've got the legendary Argonauts on our side!

Francis Drake: Now this is what I'm talkin' about! Listen up, you dogs!

Francis Drake: Don't underestimate her just because she looks like a princess!

Francis Drake: Little Miss Witch here is one of the original pirates!

Francis Drake: She went on the hunt for the first hidden treasure!

Francis Drake: There's no room for poor manners here──and of course, the rudest thing you can do is lose!


Medea Lily: U-um...I'll do my best!

Blackbeard: Ooh, seems like they're getting fired up over there. Gettin' kind of jealous.

Atalante: Are you displeased with me, Captain?

Blackbeard: Oh no no no no no, not at all! Now let's get rolling!

Francis Drake: Hey! Don't let Teach and his crew steal all the glory!

First Hassan: ───Demon Beast Incarnadine, offer up thy head!

Okeanos Post-Battle and London Part 1

Merlin: The Third Demon Beast Incarnadine has been silenced!

Blackbeard: Whew. Ended up taking this just a wee bit seriously.

Blackbeard: Surely there's no need to even mention who the MVP is!

Atalante: That would be Heracles. Although that skull man's skill with a greatsword is a sight to behold.

Atalante: I certainly would not call it uncontested, you know?

Blackbeard: ...

Atalante: What's wrong, Teach?

Blackbeard: No, I'm...actually depressed right now, please leave me be...

Atalante: ?

Francis Drake: Not too shabby, Teach! Quite daring by your standards, I'd say!

Francis Drake: I like it. Where'd you learn to steer like that?

Blackbeard: Hey, hag...! Where do you get off spitting lines like that at a man when he's down!?

Francis Drake: Who the hell are you calling a hag?

Blackbeard: ───Blegh.

Mash: Oh! Blackbeard got...flattened...!

Merlin: Ahahahaha. How nice, it almost makes me want to rest on my laurels.

Merlin: But we've got to press forward. Mash, Master.

First Hassan: ───Let us be off.

Francis Drake: Woah, are you going already? I guess I've got to give at least one gun salute.

Francis Drake: Stay safe, Chaldeans!

Medea Lily: Take care!

Pirates: Make sure to stay alive, you hear me!? ───See ya later!

Mordred: Yeah... There's an end to everything.

Mordred: That majestic castle, shining proudly, will collapse.

Mordred: Those armored knights bearing arms will die all the same too.

Mordred: Even the world will end someday.

Mordred: But not at the hands of a Demon Beast Incarnadine. Not at all.

Mordred: The end of the world ain't a lousy spectacle like this without a soul to attend to it.

Mordred: On the contrary, it's the end for you bastards. You've already had your fill, haven't you?

Mordred: Then it's the end for you. I'll put you out of your misery!

Mash: We've reached the fourth domain! Mordred has already commenced her assault!

Mash: However───

Merlin: There are two Demon Beast Incarnadines here. A twin type one, more specifically.

Merlin: One of them's the Control Tower and the other one's the assault apparatus.

Merlin: You can't afford to waste your magical energy carelessly.

Merlin: Of the two, you'll need to accurately strike at the Control Tower.

Mordred: Shut it! Who the hell are you!?

Mordred: I just have to pulverize both of them!

Tamamo: Oh, I wonder about that.

Tamamo: It's a coin toss as to whether you're wasting your time if you charge in recklessly, you know?

Mordred: So you mean there's a fifty-fifty chance that I'll hit the jackpot?

Mash: Mordred, Tamamo-no-Mae!

Mordred: Hey, Mash! The Chaldean Master's along for the ride too, eh!?

Merlin: (Grinning)

Mordred: Hm.

Mordred: You're...not Merlin...are you...?

Mordred: That floweriness makes you feel kind of similar...

Mordred: But you're a woman and all───

Merlin: Ahahahahaha!

Merlin: Close but no cigar! I'm not that person you're familiar with, I'm Merlin from a different timeline.

Merlin: Needless to say, I'm not male. Although I am the Magus of Flowers───

Merlin: Your flowery big sis who's been cheering you on this whole time as you strived for your ideals!

Mordred: Huh?

Tamamo: Let's think of her as a relative of Merlin's, shall we?

Tamamo: Nonetheless, Mash and the Master of Chaldea. It's been a while,

Tamamo: and you've made quite a few new companions───

Merlin: Fufu.

Tamamo: It would appear you've become acquainted with quite a lot of heavy hitters.

Tamamo: After all, they both qualify for the position of Grand.

Tamamo: And...eh?

Tamamo: T-that person there! With the skull!

Tamamo: He's not just qualified for the seat of Grand! He's already a Grand Heroic Spirit!

First Hassan: I am indeed, O Radiant Tail Of The Heavens.

First Hassan: I am the Old Man of the Mountain, Hassan-i-Sabbah.

Tamamo: Mikon! C-could it be that you're the founder!?

Merlin: Indeed he is! After all, this battle is the climax!

Merlin: Where all worthy Heroic Spirits assemble!

Mordred: Hah. I don't know what you're babbling on about,

Mordred: but looks like you're some bigwig or something.

Mordred: I'll fight alongside you and we'll see if you're all that.

Mordred: We've got two enemies. One's the head and the other's like an extension of its hand.

Mordred: That simplifies matters! We'll keep hitting and striking them!

Mordred: I'll say it again───we just have to pulverize the both of them!!

London Part 2

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): ──────Exactly so.

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): You speak truthfully, O Nameless Knight.

Mordred: !

Mash: That's───

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): I am but another what-if of myself, from beneath a different sky.

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): One that springs from holding the Holy Lance, on the verge of apotheosis,

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): yet clinging to the slimmest of chances of remaining myself.

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): The possibility of retaining my identity while wielding the power of the Lance.

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): The possibility of accepting the curse of the Grail.

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): A version of myself unable to act as a king, as my nature is that of the storm.

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): That...is what I am.

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): Nothing more than a storm which ravages that which lies before me.

Mordred: I have heard your words! Father──no, Storm King, leader of the Wild Hunt!

Mordred: You're the one who destroys everything! Even me!

Mordred: And especially those two Demon Beast Incarnadines!

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): No. Today all that lies before me is the head of that beast.

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): I am blind to any Heroic Spirits attempting to save the world───

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): Holy Lance, removing restraints.

First Hassan: Oh...?

Merlin: Hahahahaha! Behold, the light of the tower that anchors the ends of the world!

Merlin: You don't see this every day! Too bad for you, Beast VI!

Merlin: It's just too bad we're only at one of the heads, and not at the main body!

Mordred: ...

Tamamo: Mordred?

Mordred: Like this? On this battlefield? What a sick joke. Am I supposed to be thankful for this?

Mordred: Welp, it's gone so far it's actually refreshing! I'm finally fighting alongside Father!

Mordred: And we're finally on the same wavelength: just trash everything in front of us!

Mordred: If this is a dream, it's a freakin' amazing one! I'm gonna enjoy this to its fullest!

Jack the Ripper: Are you happy to be with your Mummy?

Mordred: Yeah, I sure am.

Mordred: Wait───that's my Father, not my mom!

Jack the Ripper: (All smiles)

Mordred: Hey──you're Jack! What, have you manifested as our ally now?

Mordred: That's great! This doesn't happen a lot, so let's go smash some faces together!

Jack the Ripper: Yeah!

Mordred: Now, let's rock and rooooooll!

London Post-Battle and E Pluribus Unum Part 1

Mash: Fourth Demon Beast Incarnadine, patterns A and B have both been silenced!

Mordred: What...that's it?

Mordred: Aw man, what a letdown. I thought I'd finally be able to run amok with Father.

Mordred: Ah, whatever. Was still a good fight.

Tamamo: Well, I suppose. Speaking comparatively, of course.

Merlin: Yep, yep.

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): ...

Mordred: Sheesh. Those two sure aren't happy.

Mordred: Thanks, Mash. You too, Master of Chaldea.

Mordred: Why I'm still here, or why records of what happened before are still around...

Mordred: I don't really get it at all, but I'm sure it's because of you two.

Tamamo: Why are you making it sound so final!? We aren't done here yet, you know!

Tamamo: We'll take charge of this domain now, so please go on ahead.

Tamamo: And please be careful. The trials ahead will be just as taxing, or even more so──

Jack the Ripper: They're strong, but that's okay. You can do it.

Mash: Yes...!

Merlin: That's right. Even should a strong enemy block our way,

Merlin: that wouldn't stop Mash and Master's pace, would it?

Merlin: You guys know exactly what I mean, don't you? Fufufufu!

Mordred: Yeah, sure do...

Tamamo: Well, so it goes. But be on your guard all the same!

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): ──Farewell.

First Hassan: ──Mm.

Mash: We're off! Now...let's keep going, Senpai!

Nightingale: Pathogenic bacterium again...?

Nightingale: Their extermination is truly quite an ordeal. There is no other way but to change the world.

Scathach: Oh, don't say that. If we're overcome here, then there is no hope for the Human Order.

Scathach: Besides, it doesn't appear such a surgical approach is necessary.

Scathach: Look───the first responders are already here!

Mash: Master, we've reached the fifth domain!

Mash: Nightingale! Scathach!

Sita: I'm here as well, Mash!

Mash: Oh, Sita's here too!

Merlin: Hey, it's been a while since I've seen the three of you. Good to see you're all still doing well!

Sita: Yes, and you too, Merlin!

Scathach: Well, what do you think now, Florence Nightingale?

Nightingale: You appear to have been correct... Very well, we will settle for symptomatic treatment this time.

Sita: Now, let us sally forth! Do not fear death nor pain!

Sita: For the Angel of Mercy is on our side!

Sita: The angel who hauls you up by the collar, no matter if you may be dying or on the way to Hell!

Nightingale: If it encourages you all, then I shall bear that moniker for now.

Nightingale: Ahem...

Nightingale: Though, I must confess, I do find it rather embarrassing───

Scathach: Hahahahaha! Look, the Angel is blushing!

First Hassan: Thou truly art a lovely flower. No wonder pagans mistook you for an angel.

Nightingale: !?

Nightingale: The gentleman over there...this is the first time I've had the pleasure of meeting him.

Nightingale: And yet I feel like I've seen him before somehow...why is that?

First Hassan: Thou art the flower that grows alongside death. Therefore, thou mayest feel familiar with it.

First Hassan: But that is but an illusion.

First Hassan: Thy hands are for the sake of preserving life.

Nightingale: O-of course... What a mysterious individual...

Scathach: ───Now then, let us bring down this poor shade.

Scathach: Poor fool with no idea what it truly is.

E Pluribus Unum Part 2

Cú Chulainn (Alter): Wait.

Cú Chulainn (Alter): This is my prey, Master.

Scathach: ...!

Mash: Master, look! It's...

Mash: ───The Mad King, Cú Chulainn Alter. Our final enemy in the Fifth Singularity!

Mash: But he doesn't appear hostile towards us now. What's going on!?

Scathach: Even you showed up...I have to say, even I didn't expect this.

Scathach: A miracle may be occurring, but how dare you stir from your throne.

Cú Chulainn (Alter): It's only natural that after a defeat, the loser goes over to the winner's side.

Cú Chulainn (Alter): Forcing your own way through without letting others do the same is just hypocrisy.

Cú Chulainn (Alter): Even if it's through mutual hate or simply killing each other, bonds once made can't be broken.

Cú Chulainn (Alter): At the very least I can do what I'm supposed to. That's all.

Cú Chulainn (Alter): I told you already, that shadow is my prey.

Scathach: I see... Well then, for now I will refrain from asking why.

Scathach: But how do you think Medb would feel about this?

Scathach: After all, she created you to rule over that Singularity.

Scathach: Would she be pleased or displeased to see you doing this?

Cú Chulainn (Alter): Who knows... She could be mad or happy.

Scathach: !

Scathach: Yeah. It sure seems that way.

Scathach: Well...sorry to hold you up, O Mad King of Shadows!

Cú Chulainn (Alter): ──────────

Scathach: Now, on to the extended final battle of the second American Civil War!

Scathach: I wish all you great heroes here good hunting!

Karna: Naturally...

Arjuna: Of course...

Arjuna: Karna... Did you ever think a day like this would come?

Arjuna: Not just that we would fight as partners───together...

Arjuna: But that we would do so in order to save something.

Karna: I knew it would come someday, but I did not know when.

Karna: I thought it might take one or two thousand years,

Karna: until the moon and sun washed away our feelings...

Arjuna: You're right. Who would have thought it would come so soon!

Arjuna: ───But this is fine...

Arjuna: I'll suppress my feelings of hatred and competitiveness with you.

Arjuna: For now...

Karna: Is that so? If anything, I was rather looking forward to our rivalry here.

Arjuna: ───What?

Scathach: Don't be so hasty, Arjuna! Karna merely wants to compete with you here!

Scathach: Isn't that right?

Karna: Yes... It appears I misspoke.

Arjuna: ───I see.

Scathach: In this world, your desire to clash with each other may not come to pass.

Scathach: But just endure for now. And continue to do so as we move on.

Arjuna: Queen of the Land of Shadows. I may not understand what you say...

Arjuna: But I shall agree for now. Therefore, Karna,

Arjuna: I'll express my hatred and jealousy towards you through exceeding your body count!

Arjuna: Now, ready your spear!

Karna: Of course. And you nock your arrows, Arjuna.

Cú Chulainn (Alter): RRRRRRRRrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRR!

Scathach: Hah!

Cú Chulainn (Alter): ───Come!

Mash: Demon Beast Incarnadine incoming, along with hostile Shadow Servants!

E Pluribus Unum Post-Battle and Lost Jerusalem Part 1

Mash: ───Hostile Shadow Servant, annihilated! The fifth Demon Beast Incarnadine has been silenced!

Scathach: Good...

Nightingale: The pathogen has been excised. However, it is little more than symptomatic treatment.

Nightingale: We may have succeeded in opening the gate of this domain,

Nightingale: but we are far from a curative treatment.

Nightingale: Now then, hurry along. Should you dawdle, the gate will close once more.

Nightingale: But first of all, we must excise the real pathogen───the root cause!

Merlin: How much do you even know!?

Merlin: Is this shrewdness a trait unique to those with a high level of Madness Enhancement?

Merlin: In any case, she's right. Let's hurry up, Mash. You too, Master of Chaldea!

Sita: Go on ahead! And please be careful!

Arjuna: The path has been paved. You are free to press forward!

Karna: ───Go now, keep moving forward!

Jacques de Molay: ......

Jacques de Molay: ───I failed as a knight.

Jacques de Molay: Apostatized as a monk, expunged as a grandmaster.

Jacques de Molay: These regrets I harbor of having returned to ashes without achieving anything.

Jacques de Molay: How could I possibly stand to not resolve them here and now!?

Jacques de Molay: P-please do not stop me, Lady Leonardo da Vinci!

Da Vinci: There, there. There, there. Calm down, calm down.

Jacques de Molay: How could I possibly remain calm!?

Da Vinci: Nevertheless, we can't have you charging the enemy all on your lonesome, can we!?

Mash: We've reached the sixth domain...but what's going on here!?

Mash: Da Vinci is restraining the Heroic Spirit Jacques de Molay!

Okada Izo: Hey there, Mash and the Chaldeans in tow! Do something about those idiots, will ya!?

Okada Izo: Heroes from all ages and places are gathering here, can't have them dying in vain now.

Medusa: To think even Izou would say this to him...Molay truly is a pitiable man...

Okada Izo: What did you say!?

Jacques de Molay: Please unhand me, Da Vinci!

Jacques de Molay: This humiliation of mine shall be rectified here! To do so, I would stop at nothing!

Mash: Eh, umm───Heroic Spirit Molay, please calm yourself!

Jacques de Molay: I would...!

First Hassan: O heathen...

First Hassan: Is that truly resolve? Are foolhardiness and recklessness the virtues of thy god?

Jacques de Molay: !!

Jacques de Molay: I...I───

Da Vinci: Thank goodness! He's been attempting a charge and wouldn't listen to me.

Da Vinci: In any case, I'm glad we somehow managed to stop him. Thank you, umm...Mister...

First Hassan: Old Man of the Mountain. I am Hassan-i-Sabbah.

Da Vinci: {i}That{/i} Old Man of the Mountain!? What an intimidating aura!

Da Vinci: As expected of one who became a legend in life, you truly are in a different league!

Merlin: I'm in total agreement. It's really convincing coming from the legendary genius herself.

Merlin: As for our enemies in this domain...hmm, the Demon Beast Incarnadine and Shadow Servants!

Merlin: Just like the lineup from earlier.

Merlin: And the Heroic Spirits who will miraculously stand against them are───

Okada Izo: That'll be me!

Medusa: I'm here too. Not yet, Izou. Not quite yet.

Okada Izo: Rider, you think I'm a dog or something after all, is that it...?

Georgios: I am present as well!

Georgios: Much like Sir Molay, I too have come forth to rectify my sins in that Singularity!

Georgios: The Great Bewitching Queen who cants the Great Grail,

Georgios: in other words, the great evil spoken of in the Book of Revelation!

Georgios: In which case, thou art a dragon! I swear upon my Ascalon!

Georgios: I shall decapitate───one of those heads of yours!

Cursed Arm Hassan: We are present too! Unfit as we may be, we would like to offer our assistance───

First Hassan: Cursed Arm, hast thou redressed some of thy hesitations in life?

Cursed Arm Hassan: Lord Founder!?

Mata Hari: Is something the matter, Hassan? You're shouting all of a sudden.

Cursed Arm Hassan: N-n-n-n-n-no, I see.

Cursed Arm Hassan: Seeing how the world is on the brink of destruction,

Cursed Arm Hassan: the Lord Founder's advent does make sense!

Cursed Arm Hassan: How auspicious. What great fortune───I shall savor the joy of fighting alongside you!

First Hassan: Very well. Thou shalt endeavour as a Heroic Spirit.

First Hassan: Thou canst offer thy head after all is said and done with.

Cursed Arm Hassan: U-understood!

Jacques de Molay: ────────

Jacques de Molay: ───Vermin swarming all over the place.

Jacques de Molay: Very well then. Bring it on. I shall exterminate you as an Apostle of Lust.

Jacques de Molay: I have partaken of the overflowing Great Grail!

Jacques de Molay: Know that I have reached heights unachievable by common Heroic Spirits!

Mash: Magical energy levels, rising! Such a tremendous amount!

Merlin: This much magical energy despite that incomplete Saint Graph, huh!?

Merlin: Looks like we have a tough enemy on our hands!

Jacques de Molay: Ugh...! I...I...!

Mash: This voice is...!

Lost Jerusalem Part 2

Nitocris: Pay close attention! And now, behold!

Nitocris: For this is the advent of splendor! The splendor of Pharaoh Ozymandias!

Ozymandias: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Ozymandias: Your supreme Pharaoh just happened to be passing by!

Ozymandias: And by complete coincidence, also passing by in the form of Amon-Ra!

Ozymandias: On a pleasure cruise, that is!

Ozymandias: But what is this? The knight who was in charge of guiding the pilgrims on their travels...

Ozymandias: That is only one shadow, and furthermore, only one Demon Beast Incarnadine.

Ozymandias: To be afraid of such minor pests is a complete farce!

Ozymandias: Have you forgotten when you opposed my majesty, wretch!?

Mash: Pharaoh Ozymandias! No, Amon-Ra!

Jacques de Molay: ...!

Nitocris: Bask in the Pharaoh's splendor! How long shall you wallow in your dejection!?

Nitocris: If you can open your eyes, then stand and take up your sword.

Nitocris: He has allowed you especially to stand alongside his radiant majesty and do battle.

Jacques de Molay: Your concern is well appreciated...

Jacques de Molay: For mine is the shield of faith───my oaths, unshakable and unbreakable.

Jacques de Molay: I believe, here and now, that it will never crack again! So swear we of the Knights Templar!

Merlin: Oh Hassan, do I hear a small chuckle from you?

Merlin: Have you come to empathize with your one-time nemesis?

First Hassan: It seems that not merely the tongue,

First Hassan: but the observation of the extradimensional Magus of Flowers is too quick to judge.

Merlin: Trying to tell me I'm misunderstanding things? Fair enough, I'll leave it there.

Jacques de Molay: ──────Tsk.

Jacques de Molay: Don't get cocky just from recruiting a pseudo-Demon God Pillar.

Jacques de Molay: That thing falters in comparison to the Holy Grail...

Jacques de Molay: I am secure in its power, in its inexhaustible magic energy!

Jacques de Molay: I am...!

First Hassan: Hold thy tongue, lest it speak your last will.

First Hassan: If thou art a shadow, speak only the truth when nearing your death.

Jacques de Molay: What's that...? My desires are no falsehood...!

Jacques de Molay: I won't let you have your way. By my life and my regrets, you will be stopped here!

Jacques de Molay: ───Say your prayers, my hideous shadow!

Lost Jerusalem Post-Battle and Babylon Part 1

Mash: ───Hostile Shadow Servant destroyed. The Demon Beast Incarnadine has been silenced!

Da Vinci: We did it! Good job, everybody!

Ozymandias: Victory should come as no surprise! Who else but I could have ascended to your aid?

Ozymandias: Hmph, but that Da Vinci girl's form is rather beautiful in itself.

Nitocris: Oh, Lord Ozymandias. You've returned to your normal Saint Graph?

Ozymandias: Do not be so formal, Nitocris. This is the proper form for a celebration and mopping-up.

Nitocris: Y-yes!

Cursed Arm Hassan: ───Lady Mash, Master of Chaldea, leave the rest to us.

Cursed Arm Hassan: Please go ahead while the gates of the domain are open!

Mata Hari: Don't give in before you reach the end. May fortune be with you!

Jacques de Molay: God's blessings on your path to conquest, Mash and Master of Chaldea!

Mash: Yes! Let's go, Master...!

Merlin: We have to be prepared for more than just Demon Beast Incarnadines in the next domain.

First Hassan: ───Let us conquer them all.

Mash: We have reached the seventh domain!

Tiamat: Mash...?

Tiamat: Mash. Mash! And Master too!

Tiamat: Mother is so happy to see her children again!

Tiamat: What good and darling children.

Mash: Y-yes...

Merlin: Suddenly, they're both like putty in her hands! Hmm, is this a bunrei of Divine Spirit Tiamat?

Lancelot: RRRRrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrr!

Sakata Kintoki: That's right, Tiamat! At least try to read the mood a little here!

Sakata Kintoki: Breaking out the good mother moves in this tense atmosphere ain't hardly golden!

Tiamat: Are you sulking, Kintoki? Come over here.

Sakata Kintoki: It ain't a matter of sulking───

Sakata Kintoki: aw man, she's got more power to drag me away than Shuten ever had!

Sakata Kintoki: Mmph.

Tiamat: There, there. You're a good boy, Kintoki.

Lancelot: RRRRrrrrrRRRRRrrrr!

Draco: Quite a few, indeed...

Draco: A few morsels, indeed. Do not underestimate a mere bunrei or shadow, Tiamat.

Draco: Very well. This once, I shall forgive you.

Draco: There is no King of Babylon here this time. No need to manipulate a king,

Draco: nor to devour any city of prosperity.

Draco: All who have shown their faces are Heroic Spirits guided here by some incomprehensible miracle.

Draco: How dull───

Draco: I share that sentiment as well.

Draco: Were I able to appear before my “foolish self” in the second domain,

Draco: I would tear off my uncle's head and play a game of catch with her...

Draco: But this is the domain entrusted to me. I never thought I would have to face all of you again.

Draco: But all is well. The Master of Chaldea has arrived at last.

Draco: The spare time and tedium ends now! I shall drink up every last one of you!

Tiamat: No, you won't! If you try to drink everything, Mother will be mad!

Tiamat: To protect Mash and Master, I will become a shield of dragon scales!

Sakata Kintoki: Sounds good! Then I'll be the blade!

Sakata Kintoki: And I'm gonna have to be an electric blade. I can hear the voices calling me.

Mash: Voices...?

Sakata Kintoki: Yeah, but obviously not any of yours. They're more faint and weak.

Sakata Kintoki: “There's too much bitterness to bear.”

Sakata Kintoki: That's what countless voices shouted the moment the world was burned.

Sakata Kintoki: I wonder how many things they would've wanted to do?

Sakata Kintoki: A mom making dinner, a kid who wanted to play the day after.

Sakata Kintoki: I've got no idea... It's enough to make me grind my teeth.

Sakata Kintoki: Whoever doesn't understand how important all those things are...

Sakata Kintoki: I don't know what's between the ears of them!

Sakata Kintoki: Before you start talking about humanity's future, Draco,

Sakata Kintoki: I'm gonna smash your stupid nature back to normalcy!

Sakata Kintoki: For every day that's gone to waste since this place was burned to ash,

Sakata Kintoki: I'm gonna kick your ass for everyone that couldn't make the most of them!

Sakata Kintoki: I'm Kintoki, Sakata Kintoki. One of Raikou's Four Heavenly Kings who heard those sounds!

Lancelot: RRRRrrrRRRRRRRrr!

Sakata Kintoki: Let's go, buddy! Restrain the demons and smash the rakshasas!

Sakata Kintoki: Split the heaven and earth, tearing up space and Demon Beast Incarnadines with it!

Sakata Kintoki: Hell yeah, now here's the treasured blade of fiery lightning coming to kill you dead!

Sakata Kintoki: ───The one and only Golden Spark!

Draco: Very good. Shout and defy me!

Draco: Entertain me by changing the flavor of your dying moments with all you can muster,

Draco: human history!

Babylon Part 2

Gilgamesh: ───Some bewitching queen this Draco is!

Gilgamesh: A mere husk whose contents rest on the throne. Worthless.

Merlin: Wow. Could he be...?

Sakata Kintoki: It's you...!

Mash: King Nebuchadnezzar! N-no...!

Tiamat: Gilgamesh the 2.5th!

Tiamat: The aura seems different...it's changed? Maybe it's his hairstyle?

Tiamat: Maybe it's...the declaration to join us as an ally!?

Tiamat: Thank you. Mother is so glad.

Tiamat: I want to hug you tightly as thanks... Will you come here?

Gilgamesh: What is that form? Why has the Divine Spirit Tiamat shrunken so?

Gilgamesh: But first thing's first...

Gilgamesh: What did you say when you saw me?

Mash: U-uhm...

Lancelot: RrrrRRrr?

Sakata Kintoki: Right, right. Tiamat called him Gilgamesh the 2.5th.

Sakata Kintoki: (Mm...)

Sakata Kintoki: (She didn't get it wrong, did she? I know that Nebuchadnezzar was the 2.5th.)

Merlin: Huh? What?

First Hassan: Gilgamesh the 2.5th is what was said.

Gilgamesh: !

Gilgamesh: ...!

Gilgamesh: That. What is the meaning of Gilgamesh the 2.5th!?

Gilgamesh: Be quick, concise, and convincing in your explanation!

Gilgamesh: Now, the 2nd. That at least would be pleasant.

Gilgamesh: It's not as though that's beyond the realm of understanding.

Gilgamesh: But───what is this 2.5th to mean?

Tiamat: Huh.

Tiamat: Huh? What?

Tiamat: The familiar feeling of this Saint Graph,

Tiamat: its body and soul...you don't suppose this is...

Tiamat: The real one?

Sakata Kintoki: (So Tiamat did get it all wrong!?)

Gilgamesh: What is this reaction about, you mongrels!?

Gilgamesh: What is the meaning of calling me the real one!?

Enkidu: Hahahahaha. This is kind of amusing.

Gilgamesh: Not for me!

Enkidu: Gil, if you care so much, why don't you just use one of your Noble Phantasms?

Gilgamesh: Nonsense! To think I would use my Noble Phantasm of omniscience for such a trifle!?

Gilgamesh: What am I to say to Siduri in the underworld if I disgraced myself so───

Enkidu: Oh, were you planning to pass through the underworld on your way back?

Enkidu: Since when did you find fault with Siduri's lecturing?

Gilgamesh: Hmph...I have no objection to one that proves itself necessary.

Gilgamesh: And she has never volunteered advice out of turn.

Enkidu: Sure, whatever you say.

Gilgamesh: Enkidu!

Draco: ...

Draco: ──My, my. And now comes the last mouthful.

Draco: You act out a comedy before me, the Beast's retainer.

Draco: In mere seconds, you will find repentance in a pool of your own blood.

Draco: Cry out in agony and beg forgiveness.

Draco: Moan in despair and pray for salvation in death.

Draco: I deny all things. I shall devour your souls whole.

Draco: That which is sin stirs to form the finest wine.

Draco: Its tastes are terrors and agonies continuing without end.

Draco: How can the world of mere Heroic Spirits, mere imitations of Divine Spirits,

Draco: or even that of the King of Heroes even compare?

Draco: So long as you are human, you cannot stand against my reason.

Draco: You can but merely bow down.

Gilgamesh: Call me Gilgamesh the Sage-King, not the King of Heroes.

Gilgamesh: This is a Saint Graph well-suited for a mongrel of your ilk, Draco.

Gilgamesh: I shall quickly and brilliantly settle matters with you,

Gilgamesh: before addressing the issue of “Gilgamesh the 2.5th”.

Gilgamesh: Now come────I can taste without end the mud brought forth by prosperity.

Draco: You dare───

Babylon Post-Battle and Lilim Harlot Prologue

Mash: Confirmed annihilation of Bewitching Queen Draco's incomplete Saint Graph!

Tiamat: It's because she made mother furious! Hmph!

Tiamat: And an angry mother is strong. Tee-hee.

Enkidu: Fufu. How cute of you, mother.

Tiamat: Ahem!

Gilgamesh: Don't ahem me, dear sweet goddess Tiamat. I'm asking you what Gilgamesh 2.5 even means.

Tiamat: Ohh, what overbearing pressure...leave this to your mother and go on ahead!

Merlin: I think it's best if we actually take her advice. Look there!

Mash: Y-yes. The final gate at the end of the domain───it's opening up!

Tiamat: Do your best! Mother will be here praying for your safety!

Sakata Kintoki: This is the final great golden decisive showdown! Do me a solid and give it your best shot!

Lancelot: (RRRRRrrrrrRRRRRR)

Mash: Mash Kyrielight and her Master will now go beyond the final gate...!

Mash: And reach the throne!

Merlin: Well, the final battle is upon us. Are you ready?

First Hassan: ───

Merlin: It goes without saying, eh? We've gone beyond the gate now───

Mash: The magical energy quantity is immeasurable...it's First-Class Planetary Grade!

Merlin: The throne is in sight. I see, so the one seated there is the true Great Bewitching Queen.

Merlin: Deceiving “Chaldea” by mimicking the seven Singularities and linking many worlds together,

Merlin: and as nourishment for maturation,

Merlin: the wishes of the “saviors who brought salvation unto the world”───

Merlin: The Evil of Humanity who amassed the “wishes” of countless Chaldeas,

Merlin: each in parallel worlds, within the Grail and drank from it.

Merlin: Class Beast. The Sixth Beast.

Merlin: Or perhaps I should put it this way───Beast VI, the true form of Sodom's Beast.

Sodom's Beast: ...

Sodom's Beast: Precisely. My Authority of the Beast is Nega-Messiah. I am the one who ridicules, slaughters and consumes the Savior.

Sodom's Beast: Cherishing the “wishes of the masses” is fine and all, but it provides no nourishment whatsoever.

Sodom's Beast: The Chaldea who vanquished the First Beast in this universe. And its Master. You who exist in a multitude of worlds.

Sodom's Beast: The only “wish” that will suffice in growing my horns is the wish to “save the world”.

Sodom's Beast: It is for this reason that the Singularities exist, that the Holy Grail War exists. Your “battles” were succulent indeed.

Mash: Then...the very act of competing for the Holy Grail results in Beast VI's growth...!?

Sodom's Beast: Correct. As a result, you lot have reached this realm.

Sodom's Beast: The graveyard of many prosperities. A banquet table adorned by the rot of many Human Orders.

Sodom's Beast: This realm isn't just “the end of some history”. It prophesies the end of your human history.

Sodom's Beast: ───In other words, this is a fate written in stone that your world will reach in a few years from now.

Sodom's Beast: I am the one who savors that end. For fruits are best savored when they are on the verge of rotting.

Sodom's Beast: You have no cause to defy me, given that you have beheld the future. O Earthlings, perish before my fangs.

Sodom's Beast: You have my gratitude too. You did well “getting this far” once more.

Sodom's Beast: Chaldea may have raised me, but it is an inevitability of the Human Order to beckon the apocalypse.

Sodom's Beast: For Beasts are weak, and alone they cannot scar the world.

Sodom's Beast: Only you humans are capable of destroying the world.

Sodom's Beast: This repulsive scenery is what the masses desired.

Sodom's Beast: I am merely a Beast revelling in it. This outcome is one not even I can change.

Sodom's Beast: So hold your heads high. That desire has led to the completion of humanity's extermination here.

Mash: The desire of the masses... To find greater enjoyment. To live in greater comfort.

Mash: Born from this inclination of humanity's is the self-ruination that lies at the end of prosperity.

Mash: I understand that. It is an inevitability of life. So───that in itself is not evil.

Mash: I understand that it's not evil.

Sodom's Beast: ───Is that so? Then what is evil to you?

Mash: People's lives. Their feelings. Their memories. The ones who ridicule these are evil.

Mash: If this scenery lies at the end of the Human Order,

Mash: then we shall continue to move forward, seeking it.

Mash: However!

Mash: I will not accept you, you who treat those as mere amusements!

Mash: Beast VI! Beast of Calamity!

Mash: At a place elsewhere, at a Chaldea that is not our own,

Mash: “someone” fought until the very end! To not lose to them, this “Chaldea” here will defeat you!

Merlin: ───!

Sodom's Beast: ──────!

Merlin: ───Wonderful. Oh, how wonderful, stargazing knight!

Merlin: That's right, I'm sick and tired of that inevitable end!

Merlin: After all, it takes a sourpuss to think the end can happen anytime so long as it's a happy ending!

Merlin: I happen to be rather greedy. Far greedier than any Master here in this Holy Grail War.

Merlin: I have no wish to see the end! I want to see a happiness that lasts forever and ever!

Sodom's Beast: I see───So we are incompatible existences after all, Beast of the Planet.

Merlin: Woah there, don't say any more than that. I still haven't told a single soul about that yet.

Merlin: Well then, we both know where the other is coming from!

Merlin: It's time for us irreconciliable archenemies to settle our differences!

Merlin: Our enemy is Beast VI/S!

Merlin: The incarnation of decadency───

Merlin: that which continues to gaze upon the unsightliest of things───

Merlin: in the unsightliest of worlds!

First Hassan: The Evening Bell's moment draws near. Do not fall behind, child!

Mash: ───Roger that, Master. Commencing anti-Beast combat!

Sodom's Beast: Hnn───

Sodom's Beast: You remain unbroken in spite of this ugly showing. You continue to struggle in the face of such desolation.

Sodom's Beast: And that is fine. For this is how you ought to be.

Sodom's Beast: Though it may be a feat the other Beasts are incapable of achieving, the “Human Order Annihilation” is little more than the main dish.

Sodom's Beast: A delicacy it may be, but not one I haven't tasted multiple times before.

Sodom's Beast: I have long since grown tired of its taste. I have but one desire that brings me joy───

Sodom's Beast: That swell of splendor blessed by the masses. In the midst of the filth of greed that envelops the heavens,

Sodom's Beast: a pitiful gem continues to shine regardless. To grasp it within my fingers.

Noah: I swear, you and Draco are cut from the same cloth.

Noah: Well, I suppose it's to be expected, since we're talking about the real thing and its aspect.

Noah: However───it's precisely because you continue to lounge around like that!

Noah: That you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like this!

Noah: Of course! Who else but me would appear gallantly as a comrade in this place and time!

Noah: Chieftain of the survivors of the Great Flood, heir to the eldest survivor Utnapishtim!

Noah: The fair youth of salvation, Noah!

Noah: I have traversed the sea of blood, alongside the radiance of Zohar!

Noah: That said, I'm not much of a fighter.

Noah: In exchange, I've brought a special helping hand along for a ride!

Merlin: Here it comes! You did it! Now that's what I'm talking about!

Arthur: Merlin...

Arthur: There's a lot I'd like to ask you, Merlin.

Arthur: Why are you here in this world? Why did you send me to that distant world all alone?

Arthur: But I shall refrain for now. I've been informed of everything by Rider, Noah!

Mash: You're───

Arthur: It would seem I've barely made it in time.

Arthur: Pleased to make your acquaintance, Chaldean Master of this world.

Arthur: And Mash Kyrielight of this world! I am───

Arthur: I am one who hunts the Beast. The wanderer on a journey across the many worlds.

Arthur: ───My True Name is Arthur Pendragon!

Mash: Arthur Pendragon! The King of Knights sung of in Britain's legends, the Red Dragon!

Arthur: When L and R are both present, so too will S and G manifest under either sky...

Arthur: Everything is in accordance with Merlin's prophecy.

Arthur: I have traversed many a world for this moment.

Arthur: Know that the Holy Sword of the Planet will not let you escape───even if we are worlds apart.

Arthur: That avarice! That pride!

Arthur: I shall close the curtains on them on this very day, at this very moment, at this very place!

Arthur: ───Beast VI, Sodom's Beast!

Lilim Harlot Main

First Hassan: ──────

First Hassan: O beast of depravity. O dragon who partakes of filth from the golden grail.

First Hassan: The sound of that bell───

First Hassan: Nay. The radiance of that star.

First Hassan: Have you witnessed it once more? With those gleaming childlike eyes of yours.

Sodom's Beast: ───To think you would address me in that manner. You haven't changed, old man.

Sodom's Beast: Oh, I see it well enough... Radiant even in the midst of this foulness.

First Hassan: ───That will do. O Knight of the Holy Sword, tis thy turn.

Arthur: Yes!

Arthur: ───Thirteenth seal, releaseSeal Thirteen! ───Round Table decision, startDecision Start!

Merlin: Two Grand Heroic Spirits plus the Knight of the Holy Sword,

Merlin: a Beast slayer who traverses the worlds.

Merlin: The end is in sight. The Chaldea that you have preyed upon so many times now,

Merlin: will bare their fangs at you right at the very end! Go on, grumble and protest!

Sodom's Beast: ───Hmph. What a loathsome succubus you are.

Sodom's Beast: Mash Kyrielight. O stargazing knight.

Sodom's Beast: You claimed you would not avert your eyes from this future. That you would only fight against the evil that I am.

Sodom's Beast: I hereby ask of that pitifully innocent heart of yours.

Sodom's Beast: You said yourself that everything has an end.

Sodom's Beast: That much is true. However───

Sodom's Beast: When all of creation disappears, who will be there to witness that end?

Mash: ...that is...

Sodom's Beast: Yes. That is the epitome of sorrow. The epitome of anguish.

Sodom's Beast: I am the Evil that was born to deliver that sorrow.

Sodom's Beast: The Human Order, human history.

Sodom's Beast: You lot speak of it as though it were something of great importance.

Sodom's Beast: There is truth to those claims.

Sodom's Beast: After all, it has the strength to resist me right up to the very end like this.

Sodom's Beast: Since I possess magical energy of the First-Class Planetary Grade,

Sodom's Beast: I am already an existence far above the likes of you.

Sodom's Beast: Then...it is none other than I,

Sodom's Beast: who feasted upon the most prosperous city that reached the extremity of civilization,

Sodom's Beast: who can lusciously savor it more than anyone else, down to the very last drop, no?

Mash: T-then, you're...

Mash: Out of curiosity───

Mash: The world───

Sodom's Beast: What an inelegant way of phrasing it. Here's how you put it into words beautifully:

Sodom's Beast: Desire!!

Sodom's Beast: My greed and avarice! That is to say, I wish to “savor and consume more”!

Sodom's Beast: Behold an Evil of Humanity,

Sodom's Beast: the driving force behind the development of civilizations and their downfall!

Sodom's Beast: Rejoice, children of Chaldea!

Sodom's Beast: The world shall disappear now at the hands of my dearly insatiable gluttony!

Sodom's Beast: And at the very end, in a barren, lifeless void, I shall proclaim thus:

Sodom's Beast: ───“What a wonderful meal.”

Mash: !!

Mash: Right... Right, Master! We have to stop her!

Mash: Right here! Right now!

Lilim Harlot Post-Battle and Epilogue

Mash: We...we did it...

Mash: We did it, Senpai! Yes, yes! We...!

Mash: ...vanquished Beast VI/S...!

Mash: Last Order, completed! As of this moment, the Grand Order has concluded!

Merlin: Mash! Master!

Merlin: You did great, well and truly!

Merlin: I never even imagined that you would triumph without a single casualty.

Merlin: I thought we'd lose one of you, like we did against the First Beast.

Merlin: But it would seem my fears were unfounded.

Merlin: That's a relief. After all, there is no Cath Palug in this world───

Mash: ...?

Merlin: It's complicated, and you're better off not knowing about it anyway.

Merlin: You'll soon be forgetting what you heard just now. I'm sorry. And thank you.

Merlin: Let's celebrate, for starters! Thanks to your efforts, the Human Order of this world is saved!

First Hassan: Hmm. The annihilation of the Human Order may have been averted, however...

Merlin: However?

First Hassan: Gaze upon what lies behind you.

Merlin: Heh, you're not going to scare me that easily───Oh.

Merlin: H-hey there, if it isn't my beloved Arthur! You're acting all tense, what's gotten into you?

Arthur: That's not the problem here! You've been playing up the recluse angle, Merlin!

Arthur: But if you can come out just like that,

Arthur: then there's no reason for me to continue wandering the worlds alone───

Merlin: A-www! You're putting me on the spot here!

Merlin: I was watching Mash and Master's journey,

Merlin: and while it may have been a harsh one it seemed fun nonetheless,

Merlin: and that's how it is!

Arthur: Because it seemed fun!?

Arthur: Ok...listen up Merlin. You know,

Arthur: I've been travelling the worlds in accordance with your prophecy,

Arthur: searching for L and R at that Chaldea from far away───

Arthur: There I kept awaiting the continuation of the prophecy, for portents of S and G. And yet...

Arthur: You intervened, an intervention unprophesied and unplanned. Just because it seemed fun!?

Merlin: Waahh, save me, Noah!

Noah: No, you reap what you sow. Go break a leg!

Merlin: Ugh~!

Mash: Incoming message from Chaldea───it says that our retrieval process is underway!

Mash: Yes... Well, unfortunate as it may be, this is where we bid you farewell.

First Hassan: Fear not, for fate already binds us.

Noah: This need not necessarily be the final farewell.

Noah: The same applies for those Heroic Spirits you have encountered in the Singularities thus far.

Noah: We'll meet again someday! When the time comes!

Mash: Yes...

Merlin: Head home now, both of you. Hold your heads high.

Merlin: After all, this is your momentous triumphant return!

Merlin: Oh, that's right───I have one piece of good news for you.

Merlin: The condition outside the Chaldea base appears to be in a once-in-a-year state right now.

Merlin: That is to say, the blizzard has subsided! You really shouldn't miss this chance!

Mash: Then───is the sky really...?

Merlin: A special, blue sky.

Mash: From our era, our Earth───

Mash: Yes... Yes! Master!

Mash: Let's go see that blue sky of ours!