Fate/Extra CCC Gilgamesh AR Romance Tapestry




Oh? So you're willing to solve this treasure's puzzle?

Well, if it isn't splendid of you.

Then that means you'll be staying by my side, as my attendant, does it not?

Then I shall allow it. For you to stay by the side of the King of Heroes.


What a prosaic face you have while asleep.

How many times has it been, that you've slept by my side...

For the time being, feel free to wander inside your dreams.


You've got a pretty foolish face right now, is this the so called "hovering between sleep and waking"?

Hey! Don't close your eyes just as I say that! Are you planning to leave me bored?!


Noon, huh? I guess it should be time for lunch—

Wait, you! Isn't your face red—... don't tell me you partook of wine on an empty stomach?!

Why is it that you make a hobby out of inconveniencing me?!

Even though the sun is already on it's zenith, it seems that your brain is still asleep, as usual.

What? You're already awake? In that listless condition?

Very well, this is the perfect timing to show that mad dog how to fish.

I permit you to come with me, Master.

To see me do every little thing perfectly, be sure to fall in love with me all over again.


The Sun is finally going down huh...

Seeing you illuminated by the light of the setting Sun, you truly are my treasure.

...What? Why did you become restless and avoided my gaze?

Heh, did you think that I would reach for you?

Very well. Let's see if you can get me into that mood.


It's almost morning, huh...

So, how was it? Spending the whole day today by my side?

Well, though I say that, this is just the usual, isn't it?

The night has deepened... Hm...?

What's wrong? Are you feeling cold?

Very well then, lean your body into mine. The coldness of the night does not discriminate after all.

(whispering) I permit you to draw closer to me.

Hm... Almost time for you to sleep, isn't it?

If you wish for it, then it's no problem for me to lend you my arm to sleep on.

Come now, don't be ashamed. Say it honestly, out loud.


Staying up late is disadvantageous in an emergency, Master.

Right now, the strongest servant is lending you his power, you should be more aware of that fact.


Hmm... what is it? Because you're moving around, even I woke up...

Come now, just behave and let me embrace you. We can wake up properly later...


There is no one else permitted to touch this King of Heroes' head but you alone.

What you're touching is my body after all, isn't it...?

Come now, no need to say that, I understand perfectly.

(breathes) This is not a bad sensation at all...

What's wrong? I haven't given you permission to stop your hands yet.


This might seem sudden but, I am considerably pleased with your face.

Rejoice, for I am saying that your face is not bad at all!

When I think of you as mine, a rush of affection gushes forth from me.


What is it? Do you wish to draw my attention?

You really don't tire of touching me every time huh, you sure do some lovable things...

Come now, let me do the same to you...


These eyes of mine has already seen the far ends of human knowledge, these eyes have also seen the the edge of wilderness that was beyond human knowledge.

And right now... only you are reflected in these eyes of mine.

It's an honor, don't you think?


The eyes speak a great deal.

I have finally understood your passion now.

What about you?

Do you now understand what it is, that I want, what I demand?

You don't...? What a troublesome fellow...

Well then... let me show you exactly what it is...


Those eyes wet with lust... good, good.

Now, draw a little closer to me...

...These lips of mine are what you want, isn't it?

An arduous poison, it might be for you, but I permit you to taste them to your heart's content...

Oh? Aren't you aggressive... Or is this because you got drunk on the wine's scent...?

Well, since you're already at that state, I shall let you feel this tongue of mine.

I wonder if it'll make your legs go so numb, enough for you to not be able to stand...?


Oh? Is it hard? Then, let me touch yours to compare.

Wait, why are you prying yourself away from me? You wouldn't stand without my permission now, would you?

Now, now, don't look glare at me so much.

If you do it too much, even I would get angry, you know.

Or rather than that... are you satisfied by merely staring at me?


Of course, it cannot be helped that one would unconsciously reach out for my perfectly sculpted body.

Don't be shy and restrain yourself by just touching me with your fingertips...

Touch me more brazenly!

I give you this special permission.


I don't feel hungry yet. When that time comes, I will inform you.

For now, just stay quietly by my side... if you do so, I shall cherish you.


So, you've finally discovered that heat sleeping inside of you, huh?

What, isn't it just human nature to seek pleasure?

Very well then, I shall let you taste it to your heart's content.

Though you are my master, aren't you no different from a mongrel urged by desire?

No, it's not like I don't want to do it, but there is a thing called "time and place", is there not...?

Though both of those are fulfilled right now...


Among the mongrels thriving in this world, there are those who are engulfed but this[^*], right?

What about you, are you one of them? Or are you one that engulfs instead?

What, isn't it natural for me to want to know more about what is mine?

If you possess this, you could continue to exchange drinks with this King of Heroes.

Come now, don't be so stiff.

Seriously, how many years will have passed... until you get used to being loved by me?

[^*]: it's not clear, but I think he's referring to the grail


Emiya: Ah, it's you. What a coincidence, I didn't think that I would meet you here.

I was just about to go home and make some tea, would you like some?

Gil: Wait, you fool! Who gave you permission to talk to her?! And of course, tea poured by a droll like you would be third rate!

I'm several times better than him, Master!

Hm? That's—

Hey! Faker! You bastard, don't you dare come any closer to her!

Emiya: Is there any problem with me being next to her?

Ahh, I see. That was rude of me.

Were you worried that the princess that you finally got your hands on would change her mind?

As a master, I'm sure you're having a hard time.

I'm sure there are other servants who'll be able to understand you better, someone you could utilize better, and would compliment you better.

Gil: Don't dare come any closer to her! Don't you have any idea to whom this woman belongs to? What, are you trying to seduce a married woman?

Emiya: How unexpected. I've thought of you as an unreasonable man.

But it seems that you're the type that exerts all effort for the one they've fallen in love with, huh.

Gil: Of course! Who do you think I am?!

I who have anticipated this treasure[^**], is a man who would grant any privilege.

Exerting effort is a matter of course.

And you, you're truly a man who doesn't know when to quit, huh.

[^**]: this treasure = you/Master

Fate/Extra CCC Nameless AR Romance Tapestry



You’ve gotten caught up in something troublesome again, haven’t you? I had a feeling we would meet again, but this is sooner than expected.

...No, I didn’t say I wouldn’t come with you. I’m quite used to taking care of you like this.


Cuddling up to me with such a defenseless face—something bad will happen, you know?

As a lesson, should I teach you that I’m a man as well? No, in that case if we embrace I won’t be able to sleep.


You still have a half-asleep look on your face.

You should wake up a bit if you wash your face. Or are you still so sleepy that you can’t?

It can’t be helped, just a little longer then.


It’s about time for lunch. Today’s meal is the thing you said you wanted to eat before.

Sometimes I have to reward you after all.


Are you going out somewhere?

I see, then let me ask you this: at this rate between relaxing with me or the things outside, which appeals to you more?


Hey! If you’re nodding off at this time you won’t be able to sleep at night.

You’re not listening are you?

You’re always troubling me like this.


The sun has set. It seems night has come, and yet you spent the whole time with me—don’t you get bored?

What about me you ask? Well, what do you think?


It’s about that time when you feel tired. No matter the results, that tiredness is the fruits of each day.

If by being by your side I can help relieve some of that fatigue though, that would be good.


What’s up with that sleepy face you’re making?

If you’re going to sleep then pull the blanket over your head— hey!

My knees are hard and not good for resting on you know. Geez, guess there’s no way around it.


You still can’t sleep? Tomorrow is on its way.

Although, if you’re fine with that, conversing is fine.


Arm pillow? If that’s what you’re asking for, I’m fine with it.

Though, I can’t promise you’ll get good rest.

In any case, being this close to each other is after all…


You can’t sleep, huh? In that case, I’ll also get up.

Staying up late at night together is a good thing sometimes.

Now then, what do you want me to talk about?

My feelings for you and whatnot?

I’m kidding.


You’re still not asleep? Are you an early riser?
Don’t trouble me so much.

That’s… how to say. You’ll put me in an awkward position.


How curious.

If you have the free time to pat me on the head, shouldn’t you be doing something else better?

For example, embracing like this.


Once more you’re staring right at me. It makes it a bit hard to keep calm.

Wait, I’ll change my way of thinking. If I consider staring at you, it’ll take on a different meaning.


Eyes are just as expressive as the mouth, huh?

If it’s as said, then as you are now you should know what I’m thinking.

C’mon, don’t look away.


What a straightforward look you have. I’ve learnt how to grasp your thoughts.

I can only answer such passionate feelings with a kiss, don’t you think?


If there’s something you want to say, it’s fine to come right out and say it.

Complaining like that with only your eyes, I can only interpret it to my benefit, right?


My skin has a different quality. It’s not a face that has been praised a lot.

Being touched like this by you, however, I may be able to find some meaning in it.


Is there something on my face?

If there’s nothing there, why are you touching it? Honestly, your erratic actions always take me by surprise.

I didn’t… say I disliked it.


No matter how much time passes I can’t get used to this collar.

There seems to be a sort of theme of restraint, but a collar can only suppress temporary passions.


I’m sure if you wear this, it would be oversized and the sleeves would hang.

Heh— no, it’s nothing. I just thought it wasn’t a bad look.


You’re also of marriageable age, so you shouldn’t have to put up with this look.

What? It’s fine like this?

I may be the one saying this, but have a little modesty as a woman.


What is it? After such a long time, it seems you’ve become used to seeing my body.

Don’t touch me so much like that though, it being only me is unfair don’t you think?

Now then, it’s about time I get my payback.


Your hand sure is small. If I grip it like this, it fits into my palm.

It gives a feeling of being protected—it can be said, but it’s too fleeting. It makes one anxious.


What’s this all of a sudden? Is my hand that interesting?

You don’t get it. It’s different from you; something covered in wounds and unrefined.


[Gil] How deplorable. To live alongside a Faker like that, has a woman like you been touched in the heart? It would be better if you come to me.

[Emiya] It seems our peace has suddenly become noisy.

You don’t need to pay it any mind. I know, why don’t I plug your ears. There we go.


[Gil] To yet take notice of me is the height of folly! Everything in this world belongs to me. That is to say!

That shadow-like Master you nestle up to is also fated to become mine.

[Emiya] Mine…? Hmm, it seems that man thinks you’ll become one of his possessions.

Perfect timing. Between that and me, who do you choose?


[Emiya] Wait, Master. I’m going to have you stop right there for now, I have a bad feeling about this. Before calamity befalls us—

[Gil] Faker. To notice my self and turn your back on me, do you not know where you stand?

Very well. While you’re at it, leave that woman behind.


[Gil] Aah, I understand, I truly do.

To think of something beautiful, one must face that which is disgusting.

You have your eyes on that Faker right now, do you not? And so, when you will come back to me?

[Emiya] I see. So it’s like that. That’s exactly why Master is with me.[^***]

[^***]: Emiya means this in a “she was with you previously? So that’s why she’s with me now” in reference to Gil’s “disgusting” -> “beautiful” claim. At least that's the best way I can interpret it.