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Type-Moon Ace Omake Theater (December 24, 2010)


Teach me!! Blossom-sensei (Introductory Chapter)


Saber: Next is the Infirmary. Though doubtful they're here, I cannot bring myself to ignore it.


Saber: Umu, pardon my intrusion, Sakura. This is sudden, but I'm looking for some———hm?

Caster: Oh, if it isn't Saber.

Archer: … …Who's that?

Saber: If it isn't Caster and Archer. What is the matter? Came to fetch some medicine?

Caster: Oh no, the thing is… Archer ended up losing his memories again.

Caster: It's seriously annoying, but I found him on the way and I can't just leave him like this, can I? So together with Sakura, we've been trying to jog his memory.

Sakura: Yes. Right now, we've just gone through a description of the campus. As it turns out, Archer had even forgotten the class names.

Archer: I'm ashamed. I can hardly remember that I was looking for someone. ……by the way, who are you? You seem to have many shades of red.

Saber: Hmm, so you've even forgotten me. I am an artiste supreme, crowned as the Holy something-or-another Empire's absolute emperor.

Saber: Amongst all Servants, I am the swordswoman most fitting of the red flames of passion. ———Commit it to memory that I am Red Saber!

Caster: Oh, so she's fine with being called that.

Saber: It cannot be helped. If I had told my True Name, that would not have been much fun. Though an inelegant name, it will have to do this time.

Saber: Umu, where is my seat, by the way? This seems like fun. I'd like to join in this company.


Sakura: U-umm… Saber? Was there something you came here for today?

Saber: I'm looking for something. Essentially, I'm looking for something important. Do you have an idea?

Sakura: That seems a bit…… It would help if you told me exactly what it was……

Saber: I cannot say. You will have to guess. If others were to know what I find important, I would be very embarrassed about it!

Caster: 'Kaaay. I think it'd be best if we just completely ignore this king's remarks. Blossom-sensei, please feel free to continue~.

Sakura: U-umm… then let's continue on with the explanation, shall we? Let's pull ourselves together. Please proceed with the title call.


All: Teach Me!! Blossom-sensei (Introductory Chapter)


Archer: Fate…… Extra……? The title itself seems familiar, but it feels slightly off too……

Sakura: Oh Archer, you really forgot all of the basics, didn't you?

Sakura: I'll go over this again, so please listen carefully, okay? Fate/EXTRA was made with the theme of “a brand new Fate”, it's a story that is Fate yet not Fate.

Sakura: Using the visual novel Fate/stay night's core premise, it's a near future sci-fi romance written as a 'what-if'… scenario.

Sakura: Rather than a 'novel' depicting a chosen Master, the users would play the game as the Master. A Holy Grail War just for you.

Sakura: That's the intent of the TYPE-MOONxRPG project, the tournament-style dungeon RPG [Fate/Extra]!

Sakura: So, please look here for more of the specifics.


What is Fate/EXTRA?
++Genre++Tournament-style dungeon RPG
++Console++Playstation Portable
++Scenario++Kinoko Nasu
++Character Design++Arco Wada
++Developer++TYPE-MOON & Imageepoch
++Publisher++Marvelous Entertainment

Archer: This again… I felt something out of place. Were there any familiar faces included?

Sakura: Yes. The likenesses of key people of a different history appeared. Nee-san, Father Kotomine, and even I showed up like this!

Caster: All Sakura did was stand around though~

Saber: Umu, this is that so-called “star system”*, is it not? Rin lived up to the rumors that preceded her. Sakura was…… hmm, merely the one who passes out items, huh?


Favoritism of popular characters in media


Archer: I'm feeling a strange chill…… It should be the first time, yet I feel all too familiar with confronting such a dark fighting spirit…… No good, my head's still hazy. Sakura, please continue.

Sakura: Of course. Archer is my only solace here. Here are 6 big questions about Extra. Written in simplified format———


6 Questions
1.What is the setting?
2.Who is the main character?
3.What is a tournament-style dungeon RPG?
4.Who are the playable Servants?
5.Who are the enemy Masters and Servants?
~6.~~When~ ~is~ ~my~ ~turn?~

Sakura: Alright everyone. Feel free to chime in if anyone knows the answer. Q1: In the setting of EXTRA's world, how is the stage set?

Saber: Elementary. In the era of 2030 AD, the story is set inside of the Moon in a 'Virtual Spirit World'-SE.RA.PH

Saber: Within the seven seas created by the Moon, the latest Magi vie for the Holy Grail. That is Extra's———no, my Praetor and I's promised stage!

Caster: What are you saying? It's the stage for me and my Master. Maybe you can't see that because the only thing inside of your head is STR as a Servant.

Saber: Mm? Quite the one to talk, Caster. You as well, through all your mannerisms, are you not a forceful person yourself?**

fumei's TL notes

The translation has a bit too many odd-sounding lines and is trying to really be as concise as possible. If the original text had to be compressed and fit in the dialogue box then it would make more sense, but here it does not.

Nero responds to Tamamo, "Hm? You're the last person I want to hear that from, Caster. You're exactly the type of meathead who always gives the impression of stumbling over your words, not to mention your mannerisms, no?"


Caster: How rude! My mind is like that of a flower garden. Aside from my Master and I's happiness, I have no interest in anything else.

Saber: Like a flower garden?! I-I will not lose, so I shall do the same! My mental image is always filled with the color of roses!


Sakura: Are we ready to move on?

Archer: The near-future…… SE.RA.PH…… I remember now. In the year 1970, the world's mana started drying up. Magi were no longer able to perform their mysteries as they did.

Archer: Magic went into decline, so magecraft is done through information processing, and the Spiritron-hackers known as Wizards came to be.**

fumei's TL notes

"Magic/Magecraft declined, and so now enter the hackers known as Wizards (spoken ruby for "mages"), having mastered the magic/magecraft theory based on calculational processing and spiritron conversion."

Archer: These new Magi were invited into the Moon's virtual reality, SE.RA.PH

Archer: This time they would be the Masters, and my Master, the protagonist of this game. Is that enough, Sakura?

Sakura: Yes, that will do. Q2: About the main character. Archer happened to say a little about it just now.

Sakura: To give a more detailed explanation, you can choose either a male or female protagonist. They're essentially a representation of the Player themselves!

Sakura: In the course of the game, it is up to the Player to make their choices. They have no personality, an ordinary person able to be loved by all.

Archer: A protagonist with no personality…… you say?


Archer: Huh? Really?

Sakura: Really ♥ Even strange behavior is allowed since it's the Player's choice after all.

Sakura: On to Q3: What is a tournament-style dungeon RPG? About that.

Saber: I do not understand this one. Tournament-style…… do you mean to say it's like a fighting game?

Sakura: No, it's not the kind of game where you interact with other players, but rather the kind of RPG you can play as you like, curled up in the kotatsu during winter break.

Sakura: The SE.RA.PH has seven seas———or seven layers, with each layer having a dungeon called the Arena.

Sakura: In the Arena, Players will have events, face the enemy Master in a showdown, moving to the next round, vying to be the last one standing to take the Holy Grail……

Sakura: That process is the reason we call this a “tournament-style dungeon RPG”. Through battles, through laughter and tears, please think of this as an RPG made of seven chapters.

Caster: Well, the one in-charge of laughter is Mr. Gatou. As for tears and emotions, the one in-charge is me. Kya, I'm the main heroine after all~♪

Saber: No, I think laughter-in-charge would be you.

Sakura: No, wouldn't you be as well?

Archer: Ahem. Can we get back to explaining? Q4: About the playable Servants. Needless to say: that would be me, and the two of them.

Sakura: Ehh, but that's supposed to be my job…

Archer: In Extra, Players are free to choose their own partners.

Archer: For beginners, Saber. For intermediate, Archer. For advanced, Caster.

Archer: Though each Servant has their own features, the scenario itself does not really change.

Archer: It would be nice if one chose their Servant based on preference rather than performance.

Archer: It's your Holy Grail War, after all. Choosing from effectiveness or affection, either is fine.

Saber: Ohh? Feeling better, are we, Archer? Umu, you certainly are better this way.

Caster: Ehh, you already have your memory back? That's boooring.

Archer: Sorry, don't count me in just yet. To see this through the end, I have no choice but to continue.

Sakura: Ah… (She gasps meekly as she tries to put herself back to position only for Archer to push her back)

Archer: Next is, I believe, Q5: Who are the enemy Masters and Servants? This is completely new. Fate/EXTRA has diverse Masters and Servants as opponents.

Archer: There are also some nostalgic references, but they were arranged in a way that fits Extra. The real charm of Fate is uncovering the true nature of an unknown enemy.

Archer: After all, even in an RPG like Extra, that is the greatest enjoyment and is something to be carried on. As much as possible, I want you to keep gathering information and give your all in battle.

Saber & Caster: Ohh~

Archer: That's it for the Q&A. Short though as it was, I think that serves as a basic introduction.

Archer: ……Hm? But, why was I going over the basics again, I wonder?

Caster: No no, don't sweat the small stuff. It's just a little harmless advertisement.

Caster: Archer's memories have returned, so to my Private Room I will also return.

Archer: That's right, I should hurry up as well. ……right now, I don't have the time to waste in a place like this.

Sakura: ……They left…… U-umm, what about you, Saber? I don't have any tea right now, but would you like an Elixir?

Saber: Umu, I suppose I'll continue my search. Pardon my intrusion, Sakura. I am grateful for your consideration.


Sakura: She—…… still took the Elixir.

Tell me!! Blossom-sensei (Merry Christmas Chapter)


Song: Jingle BellsㅤㅤㅤBy: The Emperor of Rome


Hashire sori yo ㅤ(Hurrying the sleigh~)

Kaze no you ni ㅤ(Running like the wind~)

Tsukimihara wo ㅤ(Tsukimihara is-)

Padoru padoru~ ㅤ(Something-sooomething~)


Saber: Sorry for the wait, merry—! As expected, this place was on my mind. We come here frequently so I decided to drop by!

Sakura: Oh… huh? Saber, you're dressed differently today. Much “redder” than usual, I'd say…

Saber: Umu. I don't really know why, but… I heard there's an event going on tonight where a person named “Santa” or something hands out presents. Here, take this.


Sakura: Wow, thank you very much. I can't drink alcohol yet but I'll accept it gratefully. And it's from a new brand too♪

Saber: It is, isn't it? As a statesman, one should be able to hear the cries of their citizens. My researching rivals that of the Owl of Minerva.

Caster: Holla~! Just here to get my medicine~☆ Oya? I thought I heard an irritating person in here, so it was Saber.

Saber: Mm, so it's Caster. Greetings, merry~! Your futile attempts at sex appeal are irksome as always. Though a herculean task, I shall bear with it.

Caster: Haaah? Did you happen to eat something rotten, lady? You're particularly irritating today, ya know?

Saber: I have not. My sadness is such that I cannot even swallow food. ———Anyway, that's that. Casko's present is, I think— ahh, it's this!


Saber: You may take it. Though I have no obligation to the likes of you, today I shall put our differences aside.

Caster: Kya☆ Why, thank you kindly. I don't like your attitude but I'll take what I can get ♪

Caster: ……hey, what is this? Mink fur… gloves…?

Caster: Uwaa! No thanks! Giving weasel fur to a fox, what the heck were you thinking?!

Saber: No, all of the school NPCs say that Casko never wears much, so to speak. So I figured you were surely cold doing so, but…

Caster: Your consideration is unnecessary.

Caster:sigh If only you got me kneesocks or high-socks instead. I guess I'll consider this a one-sided favor, as usual.

Saber: Hm? I see… So Casko would have preferred socks over gloves… I guessed wrong again, didn't I?

Sakura: Oh no, it's the thought that counts. Umm, do you happen to have any other presents? I'd really like to know.

Saber: I-is that so? Umu, in that case I shall make an exception and show you!


Saber: Let's start with this. The smell of rum coils off from this barrel. A barrel-shaped piggy bank, “Dear Bottomless Feeder”!

Saber: I wasn't fond of how Rider looked, but despite that, when we talked I found her a pleasant Heroic Spirit. I liked her.

Caster: I'll pass. There's no way I'll get along with her.

Sakura: Her Master was a troublesome one, wasn't he?


Saber: Next is this, a teacup with a filtration system “Death by Bad Blood.” This is for Green Archer. Such green tea would certainly befit that man's fame. I do not like him.

Saber: Every time we meet, he calls me 'tiny' or 'princess', things that I'm secretly self-conscious about!

Caster: Agreed! Just because he's a lady-killer, he thinks he can get away with saying whatever he wants.

Caster: He's flawed as a man, that one.

Sakura: He doesn't get along with Red Archer either. When they're in the dining hall eating lunch, they get into arguments about how to use traps. That's what you'd call a 'hate-friend', right?


Saber: This is for the adorable little Caster. I obtained this after surveying the NPCs. …… I have no idea how to use this.

Caster: Hmm, that Caster's character is beyond help, but as a Heroic Spirit they're not too bad. What do you think, Saber?

Saber: Hm? Of course I like her! I love beautiful girls!


Saber: Next is the black beard-guy and that incomprehensible woman.

Saber: Beard-guy's complexion isn't so good, so it'd be nice if he just wet his whistle with this. I like his personality, but our affiliations seem to crash.

Saber: I'm not sure on that berserk woman. She's in a rather pitiable state due to her Master. Since she cannot talk, I shall have to withhold judgement of her.


Saber: This is for Assassin-sensei. I think this suits him well. How is it?

Sakura: Ah. Yes, I think it will look good on him.

Caster: Why is only Assassin called “-sensei”?

Saber: For some reason! Grr, —how slow has it been opening these one by one! I'm doing it all at once! —Next up is this and this and this and this!*

Sakura: It's a Hawaiian shirt ♥

Caster: Isn't this batch a little lacking?

Saber: Yes, I didn't know what they would like, so I decided to get them something they're not good with. I hope they may overcome these weaknesses.

Sakura: There's nothing for Red Archer?

Saber: Mm? There is. It's this.


Caster: Oh my.

Caster: This'll go well with that apron mantle of his. I'd say he should change his class from 'Archer' to 'Butler'.

???: You are mistaken!


Saber: What?!

???: Excessiveness and self-assertion, forcing your own desires onto others… Such is not the way of Santa!

???: Santa travels the world hidden in the shadows, wandering in the shadows, a formless watchman! Behold, this is the correct form of Santa! Hayah!


???: I am… we are, Santom!

Caster: Buwoh…!

Sakura: AHHHHH!!! You're the one who's most wrong!!!



Archer: ……I'm sorry, something strange came over me. My memory's still fuzzy, so I was trying to set things straight.

Archer: While I was still in that Santa outfit, I passed by Father Kotomine and he asked “Is that outfit okay?”, then he said “I'll be rooting for you. All the best” and……*

Sakura: Mr. Archer, everyone makes mistakes. To help you recollect yourself, how does a Q&A Corner sound?

Caster: Seizing your turn by force, huh? Well, fine by me. It could be fun.

Sakura: This time we put out a suggestion box, so this'll be a corner where we answer questions from everyone. Here's the Title Call. Enjoy!


All: Tell Me!! Blossom-sensei (Merry Christmas Chapter)


“Saber is supposed to be passing herself off as a guy, but how does that outfit possibly look like male clothing?”

-Rising Game Champ, from America

Archer: So someone asked.

Caster: It's a real issue.

Saber: Hm? Why does it trouble you? Am I not clearly dressed in men's clothes? Like here, and here.


Sakura: U-umm… that clean-cut feel it has, (especially how you wear it without a bit of shame) really resembles a boy, doesn't it?

Caster: Gaaah, I can't believe this. There has to be a limit to this ridiculousness. So you're saying this is a point of boyishness as well?


Saber: Hm? Is this not artistic expression? I am a girl before an emperor. Think of it as an adventure, my single expression of maidenhood!

Caster: Your back and bottom is showing! Even gods would find this unheard of!

Archer: ……—so a partly-crossdressed swordswoman. I think we should move on now.

Sakura: Yes, here's the next postcard.


“Even though he's the boss, he doesn't stand out; he only has a few appearances, yet he talks a ton. I'm fine with all that, but calling him a “peaceful man” is where I draw the line. Could you guys correct that?”

-(unreadable) Pants, from SE.RA.PH

Saber: A peaceful man?

Archer: A peaceful man.

Caster: Ahh—no, that's not quite right. If you write it out like this, the name becomes…


Archer: I see, “piece” as in a fragment of a whole. Their personal name goes…… ahh— like 'two of something', is it?

Caster: If we really got into this, it might start to foreshadow other things. Okay, let's move on.


“Before the game came out, I saw some skills in a magazine that weren't in the game when it came out. What's up with that? Especially for Casko.”

-No name, from Aquapolis

Saber: I understand this one. “One-tail Three-Realms — Frigid Heaven” was introduced in the promo images, was it not?

Caster: Hmm, to put it bluntly, it was decided at the last minute to rename all the Skills. You understand? It's not hard to see why. “One-tail Three-Realms”. Not cute at all.

Archer: …From that, it'd be pretty easy to guess your identity. Were there any plans for your tails to increase?

Caster: They weren't…… but maybe I'll get a spin-off sometime where I'll get to go full power. You know, I'm really something when I'm serious.

Caster: For a game to be as good as it can be, there has to be enough resources to spare, you know? When the star performer finally appears, ++that++ is when they'll show their real strength.

Saber: Umu, only a gaudy, lecherous fox like you would keep their tails hidden until the every end, even in the actual game!

Caster: I am not gaudy or lecherous! I am a pure-hearted fox, you blockhead!

Caster: In the first place, skill names in RPGs and fighting games are only up for an instant, so shouldn't it be intuitive to go look for the name?

Caster: This unworthy Caster, in consideration of her Master, has taken on simple names for three!

Archer: Agreed. Whether it's attack skills or support skills, ones that are understood with a glance are the best. A lot of Servants have skill names that are self-indulgent and really out there.*

Saber: Umu, and remember the guy that came out at the end! His were so filled with kanji that I couldn't read them. We should reform such self-inflation.


Sakura: Umm, let's come back and move on from that. Our next postcard is——*


“Just saying, isn't the girl in the Infirmary unnecessary?”


Sakura: The next postcard. 😃


“I'm a Servant that specializes in shooting, but my Master's a huge stick in the mud. I guess it's fine as long as I just follow his orders, but what are you guys' Master like?”

-Red Tea, Go Die, from (unreadable)

Sakura: There are all kinds of relationships between Masters and Servants, aren't there? The people from this postcard seem to get along, how about all of you?

Archer: My Master is normal. They're immature as a magus but their strength in spirit is good. So I'd say it's even.

Archer: Well, I am looking forward to their growth. The day they come into their own is still far off, so for now I'm bummed out—

Caster: Silence, please! I'm tired of hearing you brag about your kid. You two-timer!

Archer: Wha—!? That's a false accusation, and there's no basis for that statement!

Archer: The Holy Grail War is without love, morals, or mercy! No personal feelings were carried into the fight, I swear!

Archer: Two-timing and exes, those kinds of things are for relationships after the fact, so it's a false accusation!*

Sakura: Did youㅤ really just ㅤsay that?

Archer: Ah… no, that's not exactly right now that you mention it.

Archer: It was the fate of another life, or rather a promise from another series. (Silhouettes of Rin Tousaka float behind his back)

Caster: That point, I am not confused about. My love, my Master is flawless~ he is~.

Caster: Dashing looks but face tinged with just a bit of tenderness, limbs firm, and figure sooo appealing. And above all, the nature of his soul shines pure like a candle.

Caster: Well, right now he's a biiit lacking in discipline. My Master's #1 talent is to consider and face down formidable opponents no matter who they are.

Sakura: Saber, what do you think?

Saber: …that is, I have my complaints. Whenever we fight together, I cannot stop worrying. I worry that we'll not be able to win.

Sakura: Oh dear…

Caster: Kyahaha, that's pretty funny. What's with that? That Master of yours, don't they sound like a failure~?

Saber: D-don't be stupid, he is not a failure! It's just that, we always run into some kind of trouble!

Caster: Come again?

Saber: Yes. Whenever we run into small fry is trouble. Whatever Servant we run into is trouble. Always trouble. Usually trouble. Trouble befitting a protagonist, that's all!

Sakura: …That sounds terrible. Saber, why are you still with that Master?

Saber: No, but… even so, he's so charming like that, can't win against that… Oh, his pleading eyes are… why I can't help it!


Caster: She's enjoying this.


“Yo, staff here. This is all just hypothetical, but if there were to be a sequel, what kind of things would you guys want added?”

-(unreadable), from Tokyo

Archer: Let's see. The completion of the system features aren't a given. If it were changed to a skill tree, it would emphasize a Servant's traits, making tactics more important.

Archer: If we could acquire Skills from defeated Servants, that would make Passive Skills necessary to increase your chances of victory.

Archer: Take, for example, my “Mind's Eye”, which has a 20% chance of opening the initial actions of my opponent.

Archer: Above all, is incorporating the Master's voice. We could even customize commands to the tone of voice…

Sakura: As expected of Archer, a serious response to the question♥

Sakura: But, shouldn't this say “Hope for the Heroine-without-a-turn”? Like 'stay night', for example.

Caster: Hmm, I don't have any requests in particular. If I did, it'd be something like, someday I'd like to call my Master “Darling” instead…

Caster: Kyaa☆ I said it out loud~♥

Saber: I would like a studio of my own. I want to make a dress. A tuxedo is fine as well! After that, a church—would be…

Saber: This could really work! Setting aside battle for the time being, I would like to try a dating simulator!

Caster: Kyaaa—, we're thinking along the same lines now, your kingship! I no- my comrades and I ask of this! Make all 365 days into Christmas Eve!

Saber: Umu! Then the title would be “ServantPlus” would it not?

Archer: I see, that's amazing. This kind of game would go to places never gone before. Of course, I would also be a secret character—

Sakura: Whoㅤ decidesㅤ that?



Fight me!! Blossom-sensei (Cost Chapter)


All: Tatakae Fight me!! Blossom-sensei (Cost Chapter)

Saber: Excuse me~!

Sakura: H-hello there, Saber. You seem more energetic than usual.

Caster: Pardon the intrusion~♪

Archer: Sorry for the intrusion.

Sakura: O-oh, everyone is here today. Is there something you needed? I'm pretty busy preparing my segment today…

Saber: Umu, that's the thing. For some reason my ahoge* is reacting suspiciously to this place. Are you hiding something?


long strand of hair that sticks out of Saber's head

Sakura: U-umm… what were you looking for in particular?

Saber: Not “what”, but “whom”! As a Servant, whom else would I be searching so frantically for but my Praetor?

Sakura: !

Saber: Truly suspect. In particular, that curtain over there seems quite suspicious.

Sakura: Ah, ahaha, I have no idea what you're talking about. There's nothing strange about this curtain. Now I'll be closing for the day so please come back another time, okay?

Archer: This is too suspicious… Eye of the Mind, activate! Guh!? What's with this terrible aura!? Saber, Caster, All-Out Attack!


Sakura: Kyaaa—! Please not there———!


Saber: Why, there was an entrance to the Arena in here!?


Archer: That's——— I finally found you, Master!

Saber: Tch, it's been sealed! We can't get inside!

Sakura: Heh… ehehe, ehehehe……

Sakura: Now that you've found me out, I have no choice. Say goodbye to the gentle, humble, and nurturing mentor-type character!

Caster: Gentle? Humble?

Sakura: Through there is the isolation Arena that I (secretly) made. To enter without my permission is impossible!

Caster: So you've finally revealed your true colors, you vile woman! Now that you've taken my Master, I have no choice but to kill you—! This is your execution!


Caster: Did I do it!?

Sakura: That death flag, you asked for it!


Caster: That huuurts! Hey, just now, was that more than just a little HP you took off!? You, you're not just some ordinary physician, are you!?

Sakura: Indeed, and everything is going as planned! All of you will be reduced to minor characters in Extra!


Saber: ! Archer, Caster, be careful! Sakura has turned into a boss character!

Caster: Geh!? So someone who had barely any lines or animation, isn't a minor character anymore!?

Saber: Umu. A mere physician, turning into a boss is… …unexpected, and I can't follow the reasoning behind this. Right, Archer?

Archer: Actually, I'm used to this. For a heroine to turn into a boss is pretty common in TYPE-MOON works.

Saber: For real!?

Caster: That's a terrible philosophy!

Sakura: ……… so everyone, are you about ready to take this seriously?

Archer: Oh, pardon me. Let me gather my thoughts… I've been suspicious of you ever since the beginning. I was the first one who came into the Infirmary, then…

Sakura: Given the chance, I gave you a .44 magnum to the back of your head ♥ Just like this~


Saber: Is that how you lost your memories?

Archer: Yeah. I would have died, but I used Aias to cover the back of my head beforehand. When you live with a philosophy like mine, you learn things. Lots of things.

Saber: My. It seems I have much to learn from you.

Caster: Indeed. How unexpected, my chest tightened just a bit for this white-haired guy.

Sakura: Can we get back on topic now?

Archer: Still, why are you doing this? Aren't you for the management of SE.RA.PH? You shouldn't have a reason to kidnap Masters!

Sakura: I do have a reason. These two are impeding my path towards becoming the main character!

Saber: So that's why you took them. But, why main character?

Saber: Is it different from “I want to be the heroine”? All you would have to do is take Rin then.

Sakura: How many years do you think I've spent being second fiddle to my sister!? I've come to realize that I have no way of winning like that!

Archer: ……… (tears)

Sakura: But as a main character, as a Master, I may be able to participate in the War, is what a strange mushroom* told me!


Kinoko Nasu (bullying Sakura yet again 😢)

Sakura: I'm tired of being “the one who gives out medicine in the Infirmary!” I will become a Master, and reach the ending…!

Caster: Ehh~. So you say, but Sakura doesn't even have a Servant, you know?

Sakura: Don't underestimate me! I've managed to figure something out for that! Now, it's your turn, Rider—!


Rider(?): P-Prepare yourselves!


Archer: No, no matter how you look at it, it's still just you.

Caster: Ahaha, hey. Why don't the two of you come out? Isn't that right, Sakura?

Saber: Why do you not call the real one? Aren't you friends?

Saber: Also, why are you using the same stance? You took the trouble to change your clothes, so the least you could do is change your pose. You're pretty reserved, aren't you?*

Sakura: Ufufufu. Does everyone know what Cost Reduction is?*

Archer: But you know, Sakura. Even if it's you, won't it be tough taking on the three of us? We can still laugh this off as a funny story. If you can stop right now…

Sakura: I will not! Don't think of this as merely a cosplay. Even I… can do it if I try…!


Caster: Mikoon! What is this, my body's, getting heavy!?

Archer: Blood Fort Andromeda…! You can even use her Skills!?


Sakura: This will be my stage! Look upon these idol-esque spotlights! With this, I will take over the world!

Saber: Umu! This is developing just as I like it! Even in the depths of the earth, the beauty of flowers is certain.

Saber: If one is not the lead, then one becomes the lead. Reach your hand to the stars in heaven. With your own light, with your own strength, awaken your audience!

Saber: This spirit! You are a splendid enemy, Sakura! By the fires of Olympia, your challenge is accepted! However———

Saber: You are still too reserved to call yourself an idol. You lack the egoism it requires. I will show you what it takes to storm the world!

Saber: Come——— let us go forth!

(Saber's Noble Phantasm BGM plays)

Saber: Behold my glory! Hear the thunderous applause!

Saber: The honor of Imperium resides here! Like that of a full-bloomed rose!

Saber: Open! My Golden Theater!



Saber: Now, let us sing in the name of battle! Engarde, Sakurider—!

Sakura: Waaah, I had no chance of winning from the start!!!


Sakura: Kyaaaah———! I didn't even get 1 turn———!


Archer: …That was a good critical. “Laus Saint Claudius” six times, Red Saber is truly tyrannical.

Caster: Fuahahaha, you're all talk! You surprised me a bit with that terrible aura, but in the end you're just a mob character!

Caster: Do you now know the difference between magical barriers crafted within the world and Noble Phantasms that change the world itself?

Caster: —Anyway, your additional content is postponed! It'll come after the implementation of my Master and I's True Newlywed Route!

Sakura: Fu……… fufu……… I thought as much…… I can't win without using my trump card, huh…

Sakura: No matter who they are, you will beat them with all that you have. So Saber, I've decided to follow your example…!

Caster: Eh? What's this? Evil gods? Cthulhu-kind?

Caster: Wha-, tentacles from the ground cometh———!

Archer: Stop it, don't go any further…! You(r dignity as a heroine) will not be guaranteed!

Sakura: As someone who's been the villain of a fighting game, I no longer have anything to fear!

Sakura: Come, Avenger! With the power of the Holy Grail, transform me into the Magical Girl I've always wanted to be……!


Saber: Ohh, Ika Musume!?*


Squid Girl

Sakura: A-at least call me a demonic maiden, please!

Sakura: So how's this! Now I won't lose even in a three-on-one! Whether you have Noble Phantasms or Magic, they're no match for me!

Caster: Uhh…… magic “little” girl?

Archer: What, they're just like paper balloons. They'll return to normal if you knock all the air out of them.

Sakura: Let's go! It's going to be a 1-turn Game Over for all three of you!


Caster: Kyaaah———! That person's appearance is clearly from the wrong game———!

Saber: Mmm, this is troubling. Domus Aurea can only be used once per battle. I'm out of ideas.

Archer: Oh, that won't be an issue. Don't know how many times I've fought that thing. I know its attack patterns. Okay so it's…… spspspsp

Caster: No waaaay. Even if it is Sakura, I don't think anyone would be that simplistic… …no, could they?

Saber: I'm onboard. It sounds interesting!

Sakura: What are you all whispering about…? Come on, hurry up and pick your 6 commands*. We're about to start the fight, you know.


In Fate/EXTRA, the battle mode consists of selecting three main interactions (“ATTACK”, “BREAK”, “GUARD”) in a sequence of six command slots every 1 turn.

Archer: Yeah, we've kept you waiting. Let's get to it, “Shapeless One”!

Sakura: Uwaaah— please stop with the Cthulhu-esque name!

Sakura: (Ufufu… I haven't been observing everyone's battles just for show. I undestand this game's system perfectly.)

Sakura: (For now we'll go with… Well, since it'd be suicide to do something difficult, Behavior A seems safe, so…)

Sakura: Now, open your commands! My HP is three times that of everyone else's, so against your winning probability of 1/3rd, I won't lose!




Sakura: Wha-everyone chose GUARD!?

Sakura: Ah, stop, stop my tentacles! Wait, don't attaaaack!

(Sakura uses ATTACK on the Servant trio. However, all the tentacles were blocked via GUARD and 0 damage was done. End of turn)

Saber: Okay, now it is our turn! Don't hold back!

Caster: It's been a while since I've participated in a total beatdown ♥

Archer: It's time for punishment. Let's give her something she won't forget.


Sakura: WAAAH!!! I'm sorryyyyyy———

Saber: This is fun~

Caster: I~ am radiant.

Archer: How's that!?

Sakura: Uuuun…… you got me……

Saber: It was a good fight! I expect a rematch, Sakura!

Caster: Sigh. We somehow managed to win but, that, wasn't something to fight alone. I'll pass on a second time.

Archer: The glory of evil should not be tested! …is how I'd like to end this of with, but… I understand how Sakura feels. If you'd have waited just a little longer, you would've sometim… hm?

(Hakuno and Hakunon are both unshackled; the latter starts falling from the sky until the man in red swoops in to catch her)


Archer: Are you alright, Master? I'm sorry I was late in saving you. If you've learned from this, then please refrain from goi———oww!?


Saber: gasp Praetor, I'm coming…!

Caster: Dear, are you all riiight!?



Saber & Caster: …your Master is him?/…your Master is this man?

Saber & Caster: No way, two people at the same time!?


Saber: What's the meaning of this? Open your eyes, Master—! This has to be some kind of mistake, right? It's a mistake, right!? I'm gonna cry! I'm really gonna start crying!

Caster: Oh Honey, I implore you to wake up soon ♥ I would like to hear your excuse on this matter-I've trained and trained this technique*, and it seems the time has finally come to use it♥


Polygamist Castration Fist

Hakuno: (……I don't want to wake up……)

Sakura: It's so sad… Why can't, everyone get to be happy…



Happy New Year