Fate/zero special drama CD 3: The Outsiders’ Performance

Synopsis: The Rider team encounters Taiga. They rescue a puppy.

Track 1

Rider: What’s wrong, kid? Ever since we left the feast, you don’t seem to have said much. Ate something bad?

Waver: I didn’t. I’m just thinking about the battle from now on.

Rider: Ohh, you got a little motivation now?

Waver: [Sigh]

Taiga: Whoaaa! You two over there! Get away from there right now! Whoa–

Waver: Ah? What’s going on? There’s a girl yelling something on the roof…ah…in Japanese, so I don’t know what she’s saying. Rider, what’s she saying?

Rider: She’s telling us to get away from here.

Waver: Huh!? You should tell me this kind of thing sooner… Aaaaaahhhh–

Taiga: [Falls]

Sound Drama Fate/Zero Anthology Drama 3, The Outsiders’ Performance

Taiga: Sorry!

Waver: Ow, ow, owww… Just why would there be someone on the roof at this hour? Ah, Rider, translate for me!

Rider: Hmm… Little girl, it’s late at night, so why did you climb up onto the roof?

Taiga: Um, I was chasing a thief. I followed that guy’s path of escape and then for some reason I ended up on the roof of that house. Just when I was looking around to see if there were any more clues that the criminal left, since it’s nighttime, I slipped, ehe~

Rider: …ehe~ …was what she said.

Waver: You don’t need to translate that part! …More importantly, she said she was chasing a thief…? Was something stolen?

Rider: Have you had something important stolen from you? (TL: Iskandar Stole the Precious Thing.)

Taiga: Ah… The one who was stolen from was my friend. She manages my family’s bar, and just now, they told us that someone smashed a reeeeeeeeeeally big hole in the wine cabinets!

Rider: …was what she said.

Waver: …Hey, Rider. The culprit she’s referring to seems rather obvious…

Rider: …I’m afraid she means us.

Waver: What the heck are you talking about it’s absolutely certain you moron! Also, don’t just include me as a criminal like it’s nothing!

Taiga: And then after they checked, they found that the entire barrel of high-class red wine they were going to give to my family was stolen!

Rider: …was what the girl said. Ah, girl, that’s a misunderstanding. The wine barrel wasn’t stolen, but plundered-

Waver: Awawa– It’s nothiiiing, just carry on… You, don’t say unnecessary things!

Taiga: Hmm? Ah, so then I thought that the thieves who took something as eye-catching as a wine barrel can’t have run too far, right? So then, I thought I should chase down the criminal and take the barrel back!

Rider: …was what she said. Oh, your spirit of putting yourself on the line for your friend is worthy of praise! Your passion will certainly be rewarded and allow you to eventually find the person you seek!

Waver: You’re meeting him right now anyway…

Taiga: The criminal seems like he was on something like a horse carriage, since there were hoof marks and rutting on the ground, but for some reason, the tracks just disappeared halfway! The way they disappeared, it looks like they flew straight into the sky! Hey, you guys! Did you see something like a carriage on the street?

Rider: …was what she said.

Waver: Uh, no, we didn’t? We didn’t see a carriage or anything…

Rider: Oh…that’s true. Anyway, that was originally a war chariot an absolutely not a horse carriage.

Waver: That kind of thing is fine either way…!

Taiga: If they were really wandering around on the street in a carriage, it should be easy to run into them…

Waver: …W-well, they did fly up into the air. …A-anyway, if this is all, then it isn’t good for us to disturb you, so we should really be…

Taiga: Ahaha!! There! Look at that river!

Rider: Hmm?!

Waver: What is it?

[Dog barking]

Rider: That’s… a puppy. There’s a puppy in the shallows.

Waver: The way it’s going it’s only a matter of time before it sinks completely… There’s no other way, let’s find a rope or something… Wait, hey–

Taiga: [Jumps into water] Eep, it’s cold…! And the current is too fast…! Here, doggie, here! Hey stop moving around I’ll slip and fall in…woah! Aahhh! Don’t…

Rider: Oh dear, such a reckless girl. Let’s go, kid, we’re going to help her, can’t just leave her alone like that.

Waver: Honestly… Where does all that energy come from…

Narrator: Right then, the mastermind causing chaos at the bottom of the sea near Fuyuki fell silent for a moment. At a time when clerics, communication engineers and magi were in a panicked frenzy, the butterfly effect which she started out of goodwill ultimately saved mankind. At this time, nobody knew of this fact.

Track 2

[Dog barking]

Taiga: Ah… Just now, I thought I’d die…In the end you’re OK as well, so it’s great, just great~ Thanks, you two! If you didn’t come and help, I might have drowned too~

Rider: It’s nothing, we just pulled you and the dog out of the river, it doesn’t count for that much. …Hmm? What’s wrong, kid?

Waver: [Panting] I…I’m not good at physical labour…

Taiga: Hmm~~ You over there, are you out of energy? That’s not good~ You have to start exercising more every day~ If something bad really happens, the most reliable thing is your own strength~

Rider: …was what she said.

Waver: [Panting] I don’t mind. Apart from that, you actually jumped straight down, just what were you thinking!? Shouldn’t you think about whether there are any other solutions first, before acting? This time you were lucky that we were next to you, but if you really got washed away, what were you going to do!?

Rider: …was what this kid said.

Taiga: I did think it through first before going~

Waver: When did you think about it?!

Taiga: It’s because I trusted you guys to save me if I was in danger that I jumped down!

Waver: …You’re really too…trusting of others. Don’t you think you were being used when you were sent to find the wine barrel?

Taiga: That won’t happen~ My friend was in trouble~ It’s natural to help out~ Either way I can’t leave troubled people behind, so any bystanders might see it a what you said.

Waver: Sacrificing yourself for a passer-by is too foolish. Here’s some advice, if you don’t learn to suspect others, one day you’ll be punished for it.

Taiga: What are you saying?! We’re all friends! Isn’t it natural to help each other in times of need? Suspecting them…is something I can’t possibly do. Even if it’s the first time I’ve met someone, I’ll still believe in their kindness!

Waver: That’s…sophistry.

Taiga: You can say what you want, but this is what I believe in and I don’t plan to give it up. Ehe~

Waver: Honestly… What the heck, I’m starting to think you’re a little cute now. Hey, in that case, it’s fine for me to like you, right?

Taiga: Hmhmm~? You think I’d surrender to you so easily~? First…

Waver: Oi– You must have translated what I said in a weird way! Translate properly for me!!

Rider: Hmm… It’s pretty boring to translate it that way… Out of consideration for you, I wanted to give you a chance to enjoy a romantic experience…

Waver: I don’t need that unnecessary consideration from you! Anyway, I hate coarse and careless-

Taiga: Aahhh–!!

Waver: What is it this time?!

Taiga: That way! Second floor of that building! That must be the underwear thief that’s infamous all over town! You two! Hurry up and get behind the building! I’ll chase him from the front! Stop right there, you perverted thief–!

Waver: Hey– Whoa… She’s gone already… What kind of speed is this…?

Rider: It’s really lively this evening… Let’s go to the alleyway and catch the perverted thief. Hurry up, kid!

Waver: [Sigh]

Narrator: Right then, the unprecedented giant earthquake that was about to happen under Fuyuki City was avoided. At a time when prophets, geologists and magi were in a panicked frenzy, the butterfly effect which she caused saved mankind from danger. At this time, nobody knew of this fact.

Track 3

[Dog barking]

Taiga: [Humming]

Waver: …Alright, since we’ve handed the underwear thief to the police, what are we still doing here?

Rider: We’re just helping the puppy find its owner while we’re here. The owner’s name is on its collar, and the police said that it would be better to give it straight to the owner…

Waver: [Sigh] …I keep thinking we’re just running in circles with her… Hmm? What’s wrong, Rider? Why do you look so cheerful?

Rider: Heheh, nothing. When I look at that girl, for some reason I think of someone I used to know. It was when I was a kid, back then there was also a guy who dragged me around like this.

Waver: …You had this kind of friend, too…

Rider: I guess so, and because of him, I expanded my horizons. Apparently, he began to show his talent after my death. As expected, he was an amazing man.

Taiga: Hmm… The address they gave me should be right here… Ah! Found it!

[Dog barking]

Rider: Hmm?! The puppy ran up to the door!

Girl: Biliz!

Waver: What’s going on?!

Girl: Biliz! Where were you…? I was really worried!

Taiga: I guess you’re… This doggie’s owner?

Girl: Uh, mhm. Was it you guys who brought him here, big sister?

Taiga: Mhm! It got lost, but the owner’s name was on its collar, so we went to the police station to ask for an address and brought it here. Ah, these foreigners helped a lot, too!

Girl: Thank you! Big sister! Big brothers! Thank you so much!

Taiga: This kid is saying thank you to you~

Rider: Hmm, you should understand this without a translation…

Waver: I wasn’t really… I just happened to pass by… I just couldn’t leave it alone.

Rider: You can just honestly be happy, you know. Heheh, is it that you don’t know how to react?

Waver: Y-you’re annoying!

Narrator: Right then, the giant asteroid heading for Fuyuki City changed its course. At a time when end-of-the-world theorists, astronomers and magi were in a panicked frenzy, the butterfly effect which she caused saved mankind from danger. At this time, nobody knew of this fact.

Track 4

Taiga: As~ I thought… It was right to go to her home~ It’s great that she’s so happy~

Waver: [Sigh] Such a cheerful girl. You keep running around like this for other people, don’t you have any troubles of your own?

Taiga: Hmm… I still do, since I am, after all, a girl with lots of worries? For example, love, school, my future, with things like these I have plenty to worry about.

Rider: …was what she said.

Waver: Your future, huh… It’s true that your energy to act and ability to lead are commendable, even though sometimes you’ll waste your effort, but even counting those times, it shows your charm. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider those your strengths and make good use of them… Maybe you’ll be suited to a profession where you instruct others. For example…teaching, or something.

Rider: …was what this kid said. It’s true that when I see you working hard to justify yourself, I can get what he’s saying. In the past, my governor was also someone like you… Yeah, if you work a bit harder, soon you can become a teacher and guide those who seek knowledge. You may become a model teacher even better than that man!

Taiga: Huh~~ Who’s that? In any case, who’s this governor you’re comparing me with?

Waver: Then, since everything’s been resolved, we can part ways here. Go back home quickly, OK?

Taiga: Ah, you two are going home? Then I’ll continue looking for the wine barrel thief~ Thank you for your help! You really helped a lot!

Waver: Is, is she still talking about looking for the criminal? Hey, Fuyuki hasn’t been very safe lately, so wouldn’t it be a bad idea to carry on searching? …Ah, it’s not like I’m…worried about you…

Rider: …was what this dishonest kid said. Girl, on this subject, I have the same opinion. It’s about time you went home, don’t you think so?

Taiga: But… I still don’t know what happened to the wine barrel…

Rider: It’s fine. Even though I’m the King of Conquerors, to those who treat friendship with sincerity, I will still give a reward. Even though I don’t know when it’ll happen, please allow me to promise that the wine barrel will return to your side.

Taiga: Huh? What do you mean?

Rider: Then, let’s leave now. Tonight really made me happy. After your goal is accomplished, let us meet again!

Taiga: Ah, wait, I haven’t told you my name yet. I’m… Huh!? What…was I going to say…I…Ah, that’s right, I have to go home…

Waver: Alright, it seems like the suggestion worked. Then let’s go, Rider!

Rider: [Sigh] Say, kid, is this really OK?

Waver: It’s alright. The Grail War is heating up now, so we have to avoid contact with normal people, right? Anyway, from now on Fuyuki will become more and more dangerous at night. More importantly, I don’t like coarse and careless girls.

Rider: Heheh, let’s just call it that. But your panicked look when you’re with an outstanding girl like her is very memorable.

Waver: That’s, that’s not true at all! Speaking which, you idiot! That thing with the barrel! Is it really alright to make a promise like that?

Rider: No problem~ If it’s just a barrel or two, we can just plunder the market over there-

Waver: Hey– I’ll think of something, so don’t cause any more trouble!

Track 5

Taiga: …and in the end, I couldn’t find the criminal who stole the wine barrel. For some reason, though… Some anonymous person sent a dozen barrels of high-class red wine to my friend’s home. Ah~ We were really surprised back then~

Saber: So this is what happened. Then, was it that encounter which became the moment you decided to become a teacher, Taiga?

Taiga: Hmm~ After meeting that weird duo, I thought that communicating with people is really important~ So I started seriously learning English, and after that I just carried on to become an English teacher. …Hmm, the ones who made me realise that I could become a teacher might have been them, after all.

Saber: …I see.

Taiga: Huh~ What is it, Saber-chan~? Why do you look so happy~? Ah, is it that you know who those two are?

Saber: About that… No, it’s a secret.

Taiga: Eh~ You’re so cunning~ If you know something, tell me~ Please, pretty please~ If you don’t, I’ll tickle you~ Come on, Saber-chan~~