Fate/zero special drama CD 2: Unhesitating people

Synopsis: Rin is out late. Kirei goes to look for her.

Track 1

Aoi: Is it this time already? Rin’s out playing too late. She can’t have been caught up in some sort of accident or incident, can she… No, no, I must be overthinking this…

[Tokiomi enters]

Aoi: …Ah, honey…

Tokiomi: What’s wrong?

Aoi: …It’s nothing. Ah, Kotomine-san is here as well?

Kirei: Yes. There are a few things to report.

Tokiomi: Has something happened?

Aoi: No… Please don’t mind me.

Narrator: Sound Drama Fate/Zero Anthology Drama 2, Unhesitating People

Kirei: Yesterday night, children’s corpses were found in an apartment in the city. They were found two days after death and there were no signs of struggle in the room, so we may determine that the culprit is again the thrill-seeking murderer who commits crime for fun from several days ago. The criminal currently remains on the run, and there are no trails to follow, so the investigation is not progressing smoothly.

Tokiomi: A thrill-seeking murderer… There is a chance that he is hiding in the city…

Kirei: Is it necessary to have Assassin expand the search and eliminate him?

Tokiomi: If the police are truly powerless, this can be considered. It is after all the police’s duty, originally, so we have no need to interfere. Is there anything else?

Kirei: Regarding the Citizen’s Hall being built on the leyline, there do not appear to be any particular abnormal circumstances and the construction is progressing smoothly. As a precaution, should we assign Assassin to monitor it?

Tokiomi: There is no need, so it will be fine to keep them on their usual patrols. That location will not be needed, because the place where the Grail is to be summoned is in the Tohsaka residence.

Kirei: Understood. (This judgement means that he thinks the one who will win the Grail will definitely be himself… Considering that other Masters may use that location, it would be better to completely clear the place of any uncertain elements. Nevermind, it will be fine if I just pay some more attention to this.)


Aoi: Just what has happened to Rin… If I had known this would happen, perhaps we would have moved back to our old home sooner, or even had her quit school… That person seems so tired from preparing for the Grail War, and we’ve dismissed all our servants, too… Hmm, I suppose I will have to be the one to search for her…


Tokiomi: Hmm?

Kirei: What is it?

Tokiomi: My wife seems to have gone out, making the boundary field react.

Kirei: Does she require protection from Assassin?

Tokiomi: No need. I expect that she will only be walking around nearby. There are other missions for Assassin.


Tokiomi: What is it?

Kirei: Speaking which, your daughter does not seem to have returned home…

Tokiomi: Rin, you mean? Is that something you should worry this much about?

Kirei: If times were normal, this would not require much concern. However, for the young lady who perseveres in magecraft training every day not to return at the usual time without saying a word to her mother, I cannot help but catch the scent of gunpowder in this situation…

Tokiomi: Do you mean to say that something unfortunate may have happened?

Kirei: Yes.

Tokiomi: So, this was what my wife was concerned about…!

Kirei: Perhaps.


Kirei: As reported previously, considering that the police have been unable to capture the serial killer, walking on the street without any defenses seems too careless… Considering the other possible sudden incidents, it is not only your daughter but also your wife who may find themselves under threat.

Tokiomi: Not all the enemies are mages…? I understand, I will go out to pick up my wife. Sorry to trouble you, Kirei, but may I assign you the mission of searching for Rin?

Kirei: Understood.

Tokiomi: Don’t forget, you and I appear on the surface to have severed all ties with one another. Pay constant attention to your surroundings when acting. Report to me immediately after you find Rin.

Kirei: Yes.

Track 2

Kirei: According to Assassin’s report, she should be in this park… Hmm?

[Goes closer]

Kirei: Rin!

Rin: …Hmm? Who are you?

Kirei: It is me. After changing my attire, you could not recognise me?

Rin: Ki-Kirei?! You…! No, why are you here?

Kirei: Shh! Remember! We met here by coincidence, because Tokiomi-shi and I currently appear to be in opposition.

Rin: I know. But this outfit of yours… So you actually have clothes other than your clerical clothes! …They look pretty fashionable, too~ It’s the first time I’ve seen you wear earrings~

Kirei: I do not often wear casual clothes, but this is for avoiding attention, since my usual attire is too noticeable in a crowd. Then, Rin, what has happened to make you this dirty? You look as though you have been in a fight.

Rin: Wha…!?

Kirei: Your hair is also messy.

Rin: …Aahhh!

Kirei: If Tokiomi-shi found out, he would likely be disappointed in you. For the Tohsaka daughter, who should become a fine lady, to fall to this state…

Rin: Do you plan to tell Father?!

Kirei: That depends on your reason.

Rin: I have a good reason!

Kirei: Really, what kind of reason is it?

Rin: Kotone… My friend was being bullied, so I…

Kirei: …Heheh.

Rin: D-don’t laugh!

Kirei: Ah, sorry.

Rin: Those people don’t listen to reason at all! Even though I warned them several times not to try anything on my friends! …Wait, so you’re here to look for me?

Kirei: The one who wishes to find you is the madam. She should be with Tokiomi-shi right now.

Rin: I-I see. Anyway, even if you didn’t pick me up, I can get home by myself!

Kirei: That may be so.


Kirei: In any case, we should go back now, here…

Rin: As I said! I can get home by myself!

Kirei: …Heheh. …I seem to be disliked.



Kirei: Speaking which, Rin, can I ask you something?

Rin: What is it?

Kirei: Your friend called Kotone and those who bullied her are in what condition now?

Rin: Kotone ran away first, and as for that bunch of bad children… I paid them back several times more, so they should be running back home crying for their mommies now!

Kirei: …I see.

Rin: Of course, that was without magecraft~

Kirei: Don’t take these things too seriously.

Rin: It’s a matter of course! As a daughter of the Tohsaka family, I have to rescue the weak and not pick on them~

Kirei: [Laugh]


Tokiomi: According to the familiar’s report, she should be near here… There she is.

[Walks closer]

Tokiomi: Aoi, what are you doing in a place like this?

Aoi: Honey…? …Why…?! Ah, no… Sorry, I left the house on my own… (TL: Because looking for your daughter instead of staying in the kitchen is a crime of the highest order.)

Tokiomi: I’m not blaming you. I have heard from Kirei that Rin has not yet returned. Is your outing linked with this?

Aoi: …Uh, mhm. That child didn’t come home at the usual time, so I’m a little worried…

Tokiomi: Kirei has gone to find Rin. He should contact me before long.

Aoi: I am truly sorry…honey…

Tokiomi: It’s nothing. You didn’t want to bother us, so you went out on your own, I can understand this much.

Aoi: …Mhm.

Track 3

Kirei: Oh dear…

Rin: What? What is it?

Kirei: I cannot contact Tokiomi-shi.

Rin: What?! Exactly what’s going on?

Kirei: Most likely because he is highly on guard against enemies, he is using a very powerful concealment spell.

Rin: As expected of Father!

Kirei: Now is not the time for such remarks.

Rin: Isn’t it just that you’re incompetent?

Kirei: Hmph. In order to make him become alert sooner, I reported the murder to him, but it seems like he has overdone it. There is no other way. Assassin, spare no effort in searching for Tokiomi’s location.

[Assassin exits]

Rin: Heh! Let me go and find Father and Mother!

Kirei: Rin! Where are you going?

Rin: If it’s them, then they must be in this direction~ This way~

Kirei: What does she base this on…


Tokiomi: Hmm?

Aoi: What’s wrong, honey?

Tokiomi: It seems like a suspicious person passed just now. I’ll enhance the presence concealment.

Aoi: …Sorry, it’s all because I’m here…

Tokiomi: Don’t worry, this level was within my expectations.

Aoi: Alright.

Tokiomi: [Casting] …Good…But…

Aoi: Is there…something else?

Tokiomi: If I don’t want people to know the connection between Kirei and I, I can’t easily have contact with him.



Kirei: I never thought that he would hide his tracks so well that even Assassin could not detect them…

Rin: What are you doing, Kirei? Hurry up and come here!

Kirei: [Sigh] (TL: And Kirei turns into Kyon.)


Aoi: Will you try to contact Kirei-san using the radio or telephone?

Tokiomi: Kirei, too, said to prepare these…but…

Aoi: You can’t get used to them, after all…

Tokiomi: He will find some way to contact me. Before that, spending some time talking a walk is not bad.

Aoi: …But…

Tokiomi: You have no need to worry, I’m here.

Aoi: …Yes, honey.


Kirei: Rin, where is this place?

Rin: This, this is strange, I thought that if it’s Mother, she’d definitely come here…

Kirei: These are truly brilliant searching skills…

Rin: Y-you’re annoying. I’m going on to the next spot! Kirei!

Kirei: …Mm.


Tokiomi: The buildings around here are not elegant enough no matter how one looks at them…

Aoi: According to the advertising on the development plan, they seem to be stressing convenience…

Tokiomi: At the same time as emphasising convenience, they should also aim for overall relaxation. If you look over there now, the buildings here are too tidy and uniform, making people feel tense just by looking at them. They should use a broader, looser distribution of space, and take into consideration the views and enjoyment of the passers-by right from the planning stage…

Aoi: [Laugh]

Tokiomi: Sorry, this isn’t really a topic suited to the moment.

Aoi: No problem, it matches your personality well.


Rin: Honestly! Where have Father and Mother gone?!

Kirei: Rin… I suppose you did not plan to just wander randomly with me…

Rin: Don’t say such ridiculous things!


Aoi: …Honey… Look at that…

Tokiomi: …Oh, it certainly isn’t a bad scene.

Aoi: Yes… Such a beautiful sunset…

Tokiomi: In this city, there still are some things to take pride in…

Aoi: That’s right, I never knew we were able to see such a beautiful setting sun at this place, this time.

Tokiomi: When will it be the next time…we can see this again…

Aoi: Honey…

Tokiomi: Ah, I said something disheartening, just forget about it.

Aoi: …Next time…

Tokiomi: Hmm?

Aoi: Next time, let’s bring Rin along and come here together.

Tokiomi: …That will be fine.


[Door opens]

Rin: Ah…so tired…

Kirei: In the end you just came back home. Where could tokiomi-shi have gone…

Aoi: …?!

Rin: Aahhh–!?

Aoi: Rin!

Rin: Mother! Father! [Runs]

Aoi: Rin! Rin! This child really…makes people worry…

Rin: Mother! Ow, ouch… Uh, sorry that I’m late…

Tokiomi: Kirei, where were you and what were you two doing?

Kirei: Ah, yes. I was bringing your daughter… How about you, Tokiomi-shi?

Tokiomi: Ah… I felt that I was watched when I was on the street, so I hid my tracks. I thought that there would be nothing to worry about after getting here, so I released the spell.

Kirei: So that’s how it is.

Tokiomi: What is this about?

Kirei: Nothing, it is not important.

Aoi: I’m so glad you’re safe…

Rin: Mhm! You too, Mother!

Tokiomi: Then, Kirei, there is something we must continue, let’s go.

Kirei: Yes.

Rin: …Father!

Tokiomi: Hmm?

Rin: Uh… I’m extremely sorry! I…

Tokiomi: Rin!

Rin: Yes!

Tokiomi: …Next time, together, we…

Rin: Hmm?

Tokiomi: No, nothing. Aoi, I’ll leave the rest to you.

Aoi: Yes, honey.

Rin: Mother? What did Father want to say?

Aoi: [Laugh] We’ll tell you next time, after everything is over…

Kirei: [Laugh]