Halloween Comeback! Super Ghouls'n Pumpkins - The Seed of Adventure


A:Elisabeth: —We've finally made it here, me. Are you ready for this?

A:Elisabeth: Also, is my makeup on right?

B:Elisabeth: ...Of course, me. We'll defeat the witch and take back Castle Csejte!

B:Elisabeth: And of course my makeup's perfect! It's me we're talking about!

A:Elisabeth: Yup! By the way... Why are there two of us?

B:Elisabeth: Well, it doesn't really matter,

B:Elisabeth: If you ask me, by splitting into two, our idol coefficient's gone up several thousand times.

B:Elisabeth: Even my idol frenemy got a bride costume so...

B:Elisabeth: That's right! If there are two of her, there should be two of me!

A:Elisabeth: Exactly! Smart thinking, me! And now, the most important thing, without a doubt, is...

A:Elisabeth: ...my new performance...

A:Elisabeth: “Heartbreak★Castle Csejte Heaven and Hell Dual Concert - Sweet Bloody Halloween Special: What The... It's So Sweet!”

A:Elisabeth: ...is about to begin!

A:Elisabeth: Ticket sales are projected to completely sell out! I had to reserve some tickets for Chaldea!

A:Elisabeth: As such, I can't let the schedule get messed up, now, can I?

B:Elisabeth: ...Which is why I need to take back the castle, me!

A:Elisabeth: Okay, let's go! Ready, set, go!

Both: Excuse me!

???: Who's making all that noise? It's the middle of the night! Why can't you be quiet?

???: ...Hmm. Why, if it isn't two ugly little girls!

???: Oooh... You little shrimp aren't very fashionable at all. What a sin it is to be like you!

???: And I am disgusted. Disgusted! You cling to the glories of the past...

???: You're so focused on something that you fail to see the bigger picture!

???: Yet I will accept that my glory must have blinded you. So sorry!

A:Elisabeth: Huh? Oh, uh, no. But thank you.

???: Humph! Don't get the wrong idea. It's not like I was trying to be considerate or anything when I said that!

???: Now get back to your dank little caves, you scrawny lizards!

???: Because, as you're quite well aware, staying out late is very bad for the skin!

A:Elisabeth: Tch... She gives off such a powerful aura just by standing there...! Her idol coefficient is really high like always!

B:Elisabeth: Jeez! I understand why I would shake in the presence of a powerful enemy, but for now, just concentrate!

A:Elisabeth: I-I know that! Now get ready, witch!

???: You make me laugh! I've never gotten myself ready for anything! Because—

???: Because my heart is free as a feather! I have no worries about anything!

A:Elisabeth: Ugh... this self-confidence and boastful attitude... She reminds me of someone...!

A:Elisabeth: She's like a woman I see every single morning... when I'm checking myself in the mirror...!

???: And, obviously, the word “witch” is inappropriate for me.

???: “Witch” in this region refers not to an embodiment of beauty such as me, but rather to that Halloween girl next to you, right?

B:Elisabeth: This is just a stage outfit based on the concept of a witch! I'm the mistress of this castle!

???: Hahaha! Hahahahahahaha!

???: You may not look that great, but you've got a real sense of humor! It's tasteless, low-class, and ridiculous!


???: Hahaha. If you're telling me that the job of a castle mistress entails wearing a ridiculous outfit like that, even I can't help but laugh.

???: Actually, I'm tired from laughing so much. I'm going to bed.

???: I'm the owner of this castle now. Naturally, I am also assuming direct control of these lands as well.

???: Being a ruler is much too difficult for tryhard lizards like the two of you! Now be good little commoners and quietly take your leave!

???: Hahaha! But I don't know if freeloading nobles like you can handle the life of a commoner!

A:Elisabeth: What...!?

B:Elisabeth: What did you say!?

???: Don't scream at me. It's like listening to surround sound.

A:Elisabeth: Shut up! You took my Castle Csejte without asking!

A:Elisabeth: You're not even from the right culture anyway!

A:Elisabeth: You don't match Castle Csejte at all!

???: ...? Are you so excited that you haven't even bothered to look outside?

???: Hahaha. It's too late. Behold the snake that foretells the end!

Both: Huh?

Both: Something weird's sticking out!?

???: Oh, you're back! Good evening! You do know I'm actually really busy?

A:Elisabeth: What is that!? Why is my castle a pyramid!?

A:Elisabeth: Actually, why is the pyramid upside down!?

B:Elisabeth: The castle's all smooshed! All you did was stack it on top! Talk about cutting corners!

???: Hahaha, you've got me there, little lizards! But I'll tell you one thing:

???: This is remodeling!

???: Farewell to that nasty, disgusting prison castle! What this era wants is simplicity!

???: The golden ratio is the basis of beauty in this world! That's right! Just like me! Exactly like me!

B:Elisabeth: No, it looks really out of place. I mean, this is Europe... Besides, how is that “remodeling”!?

???: Avant-garde! Hakone! Art park! Museum!

???: Anyway, this castle is under my control! But I understand beauty. I'm not a monster.

???: If you insist on holding a concert, out of respect for the former owners, I will offer you a place.

???: Yes... I know exactly where! How about that stable?

???: That's rock n' roll style right there! You can jam in the same kind of place that holy man was born in!

???: Hahaha! It's fine, it's fine. No need to thank me with words! Just bow down before me in gratitude!

Both: Hell no!!

???: Humph. So negotiations failed, huh? ...How disappointing.

???: I guess I have no choice then. Behold my power!

???: ...Is what I'd like to say, but fighting directly isn't elegant. It's bad for my skin, too.

???: So I'll leave that to my stand-in. Fierce, ugly knight of steel, come forth!

Tristan: Tristan the Tragic has arrived.

A:Elisabeth: What...?

Lancelot: As has Lancelot the Sorrowful.

B:Elisabeth: No way...!

???: Now then, I have to get back to my book. Finish them by the time I'm done, you losers!

???: Of course, if you fail, you're banished. I have no use for men whose only redeeming quality is their beauty.

Tristan: How sad... You're underestimating our power, aren't you?

Lancelot: I agree with Tristan. We'll have this finished before you can read the next sentence.

Lancelot: Now then. It's time for you to go.

A:Elisabeth: H-Hey, time out!

A:Elisabeth: We're here to fight with that nasty woman over there!

???: A truly good mistress has talented retainers. Heh... I'm so perfect.

???: Oh, I'll give you one last bit of advice.

???: Remember this face, for it is my consolation to you.

???: After all, they say seeing beautiful things makes you more beautiful, right?

B:Elisabeth: Why, you...! Let's do this, me!

A:Elisabeth: Wah!?

B:Elisabeth: Funyah!?

Tristan: Now go. We weren't told to take your lives.

Lancelot: You cannot beat us, let alone our mistress.

Lancelot: You need to grow at least 10 years older, cute little girls.

B:Elisabeth: Waah! We lost to a couple of literal homewreckers!

A:Elisabeth: W-We'll get you for this! You COUGAR LOVER!

A:Elisabeth: We'll be back! Real soon!

Lancelot: Hahaha. I look forward to it. Now let's go, Lord Tristan.

Tristan: ...Homewreckers...

Lancelot: (He's genuinely shocked that she called him that!)

B:Elisabeth: (Panting) W-We made it out okay, somehow, but...

A:Elisabeth: What do we do, me!? We can't hold our concert at this rate...

B:Elisabeth: I hate to say it, but we can't handle this on our own.

A:Elisabeth: ...Uncle Vlad is away on business...

A:Elisabeth: And Tamamo Cat said, “Woof! I'm leaving on a journey for paws unknown!” and quit her job.

A:Elisabeth: By the way, do you think she was lying about why she quit? Were we tricked?

B:Elisabeth: It doesn't matter. No, I mean, it does matter, but...

A:Elisabeth: Waah! If only my [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet] were here!

B:Elisabeth: No sense in complaining about what we can't have.

B:Elisabeth: Ugh! I'm so pathetic, relying on others and whatnot!

A:Elisabeth: Humph. S-So what, me!? Do you have any good ideas?

B:Elisabeth: N-No, but...

A:Elisabeth: Then stop complaining!

B:Elisabeth: Wh-What!? You don't have any ideas either, do you?

B:Elisabeth: You're stupid, so just shut up!

A:Elisabeth: Argh! You're me, so you're stupid too!

B:Elisabeth: I'm a Caster, which makes me one rank higher than you in intelligence!

A:Elisabeth: There is no such stat!

A:Elisabeth: ...And you know what? I'm not sure it's a good idea for Caster me to be one rank lower in MP either!

B:Elisabeth: Gah! You know that's a sore spot for me!

A:Elisabeth: What, you wanna fight!?

B:Elisabeth: &$#〓%&∧§’(&(%&))!!!

A:Elisabeth: ”)※$〓〓*`%”~’$’%#!!!

A:Elisabeth: Huh?

B:Elisabeth: Huh? What's this light?

A:Elisabeth: Huh? Huh? What!?

Both: ((Wait! What happened!?))

Both: ...


Section 1: "The Power of Friendship"

Dr. Roman: Okay, let's start the briefing!

Mash: Doctor, you seem more excited than usual. Did something good happen?

Dr. Roman: ...

Dr. Roman: ...Anyway, let's start the briefing!

Fujimaru 1: What's the matter, Roman?

Dr. Roman: What? Aren't I always like this? Haha, or maybe it's because I've been staying up late lately.

Mash: Doctor, sorry I haven't been able to help you out even though we're in such a tense situation.

Fujimaru 2: ...That's suspicious...

Dr. Roman: Oh, what's wrong, Fujimaru? You're looking at me strange.

Dr. Roman: Hahaha, maybe you're tired? Still, this is all to save the world, so I want you to do your best!

Fou: Fou...

Mash: Now Fou's looking at the doctor suspiciously.

Mash: ...Is there something you're hiding from us?

Mash: Actually, why is the staff surrounding us right now?

Dr. Roman: ...Well, a minor Singularity has been detected, see...

Dr. Roman: Obviously we can't just leave it there. I would like you to investigate and correct it.

Fujimaru 1: ...So like what we always do?

Mash: Y-Yes. Master and I are all ready to go.

Mash: Now I don't think anything will hinder this mission, but...

Fujimaru 2: Are you hiding something?

Dr. Roman: ...

Dr. Roman: ...All right. In any event, please enter the Coffins! Get ready to Rayshift!

Mash: Doctor!?

Dr. Roman: The briefing's over, so you need to head over there now!

Mash: Wait, Doctor! You still haven't told us where we're Rayshifting to!

Dr. Roman: ...Oh, someone dropped some documents here. This won't do at all.

Dr. Roman: Um, your Rayshift destination... Um, how do you read this again? Uh... I think it was...

Dr. Roman: Castle Csejte.

Dr. Roman: Yeah that's it! Got it? Time to head out!

Fou: Fou!?

Mash: Doctor! Did you just mention that one castle name we can never just let slide!?

Fujimaru 1: ...The nightmare returns...

Mash: Oh that's right! It's almost Halloween!

Mash: It was supposed to be a cordial gathering, but last year's Death Concert is still haunting us!

Mash: Senpai, it's too dangerous! That music will destroy your psyche if you continuously listen to it!

Fujimaru 2: All right, Mash! Dismissed!

Mash: Right!

Mash: I have only a bad feeling about this, so I'm going to take a voluntary leave of absence!

Dr. Roman: That's not going to work! All staff, scrum!

Dr. Roman: Once we save the world, I'll personally review your current salary!

Dr. Roman: It's time to show them the muscle you've gained from training with Leonidas!

Mash: Th-That's not fair, Doctor!

Fou: Fouuu!

Dr. Roman: Let's do it! Crouch! Bind! Set!

Dr. Roman: Force them in!

C:Chaldea Staff:


Mash: Eep!

Fujimaru 1: Why you...! We'll come and haunt you!

Dr. Roman: Fine! When you do, I'll welcome you with some pumpkin dishes!

Fujimaru 2: So the Doctor is the final boss!?

Dr. Roman: Hey! Don't go starting rumors about me!

Dr. Roman: In any event, head out!

Dr. Roman: Go, uh, keep Elisabeth company again this year!

Dr. Roman: ...Meaning, just go to her concert, okay? Nothing makes an idol like her sadder than an empty venue! And you shouldn't make idols cry!

Dr. Roman: Here, I'll even give you some of my glow sticks! Now then, commence forced Rayshift!

Mash: ...

Fujimaru 1: We're here...

Mash: Yes, the Rayshift succeeded. Looks like Fou is here too.

Fou: Fou...

Fujimaru 2: Now I'm depressed...

Mash: Yes...

Mash: I didn't think we would come here again...

Mash: ...Communications seem fine. Doctor, the Rayshift succeeded.

Mash: However, we won't let this slide.

Dr. Roman: I kind of hope that you will... Anyway, how are things looking over there?

Mash: It looks like...a graveyard.

Mash: We can get back at the doctor later. Let's keep moving for now.

Mash: ...Huh?

Mash: Sorry, Master.

Mash: If I remember correctly, last year when we came here, there were ghosts all over the forest.

Mash: We're in a graveyard, but I don't see any ghosts. I wonder what's going on.

Dr. Roman: Hmm. I'm getting a reaction of some kind. It's very close to you.

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Hmm... Bugs.

Mash: Completely unrelated to Halloween, but a nuisance nonetheless.

Mash: Let's take them out!


Mash: Phew. The battle is over. Everything has been annihilated, so it should safe.

Mash: Shall we head into town, Master? Although I'm pretty sure Servants are going to show up and get in our way...

Fujimaru 1: So our reward is box seats at the concert...

Mash: Master, don't be discouraged.

Mash: It'll be fine. I'll be with you! We are one as Master and Servant!

Fujimaru 2: This sucks.

Mash: Up until now you were so optimistic about everything!

Mash: It'll be fine. When we get back... Yes, when we get back we'll have Amadeus play us some music!

Mash: We can request some really soothing music to listen to...

Mash: Looks like you're remotivated to continue the mission. Thank goodness...

Mash: Now, let's head towards town!

Fou: Fou...?

Mash: Fou, what's wrong? ...Could it be...

Fujimaru 1: Don't look behind you.

Mash: Th-That's right! What you don't see can't hurt you.

Fujimaru 2: Run!

Mash: W-We're just going to start running!? Wait, Master! Master!

???: Achoo!

???: ...Heh. It looks like my stealth Rayshifting worked. Hehehe... Be afraid! Be very afraid!

???: Achoo!

???: ...It's so cold. I didn't know the mountains in the West were this cold... That's a problem... I guess I'm dressed a bit too light...?

Section 2: "Hero Elly Gathers Allies"

Mash: ...That's strange. The town doesn't feel like Halloween at all.

Mash: ...Still, it doesn't seem like it was attacked or anything either.

Mash: And all the house lights are on, but I don't see any townspeople walking around...

Fujimaru 1: Actually, Mash...

Mash: Yes? ...Hmm? Up in the sky?

Mash: Um... What!?

Fujimaru 2: The castle...!

Mash: Huh? What is it, Master? What about the castle?

Mash: Umm...

Mash: Castle Csejte...! What a mess!

Mash: And on top there's a pyramid...and it's upside down!!

Mash: It's just sitting there, Senpai! Like, boom!

Fou: Fou...!?

Dr. Roman: I checked it out. The pyramid and the castle are from different epochs.

Dr. Roman: The former is obviously older. And the fact that it's crushing the castle like that means...

Fujimaru 1: It's not her?

Dr. Roman: Right. I've never heard of her having anything to do with pyramids.

Fujimaru 2: So no concert!?

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, you sound way too excited. Anyway, that pyramid must be the source of the Singularity.

Mash: What should we do, Master? Head up there?

Fujimaru 1: Let's gather intel first.

Mash: Yes, but it might be difficult to ask the townsfolk for information...

Mash: ...Hmm? A tavern, you say? ...I see.

Mash: Neither of us can have alcohol, but let's go.

Fujimaru 2: We should head for a tavern.

Mash: I see...

Mash: People let their guard down when there's alcohol around. They're more likely to talk... even with newcomers like us.

Mash: All right! Let's go!

Mata Hari: Welcome♪

Mash: ...Umm.

Mata Hari: My my, such young customers. Welcome to Mata Hari's tavern!

Mata Hari: Your one-stop shop for bittersweet meetings and farewells!

Mata Hari: Are you seeking traveling companions?

Mash: C-Companions? No, we're fine.

Mata Hari: Oh, is that so.

Mata Hari: Then perhaps that cute [♂ guy /♀ girl] with you came to find some other kind of companionship?

Mata Hari: I wouldn't mind spending the night with you, you know...

Mash: No, we're fine! Right, Senpai!? Right!?

Fujimaru 1: R-Right.

Mata Hari: That's too bad.

Mash: Actually, we'd like to ask about that pyramid...

Mata Hari: Oh yes, the pyramid. It fell from the sky one day. It really was sudden.

Mata Hari: Inside it you'll find a queen and the loyal knights who serve her.

Mata Hari: They banned Halloween. Can you believe it?

Mash: Banned... Halloween!?

Mata Hari: There was a notice from the queen.

Mata Hari: “If you object to the way I rule, if you're a reckless savage that dreams of getting rich fast, come and challenge this pyramid.”

Mata Hari: ...So she has declared.

Mata Hari: And so this town is searching for heroes to do just that–to take on Pyramid Csejte.

Warrior: I'll do it! I'm going to get rich off the pyramid's treasure!

Knight: Leave the defending to me, you guys!

Monk: We need a mage! I'm a priest that only knows how to heal using mundane means!

Thief: Heh, leave any doors and chests to me!

Mash: So many people from so many different lands... I see. No wonder it's so lively.

???: ...

Sign: “Please take me home!”

Mash: ...

Mash: ...Master?

Fujimaru 1: Act like you don't... notice...

Fujimaru 2: We're going to leave nice and quiet.

???: (Starry eyed)

Mash: Master, it's too late. She's noticed us. She's positively glowing!

???: [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]! Hey there! Heeeeeey!

Mash: L-Let's make a run for it, Master!

???: Wait! Hey, waaaaaiiit!

Mash: She's chasing after us! Also, I think I just saw a familiar face!

Mash: Maybe that was just my imagination! But we don't have time for that!

???: Waaaaaiiiiit!

Mash: Master! Master!

Mash: It was basic survival instinct that made us flee, but maybe we should at least listen to what she has to say!?

Dr. Roman: Y-Yeah! It's bound to be one of the causes of this Singularity, after all!

Fujimaru 1: Sorry, I just couldn't help it...!

Mash: Last year's Halloween must be a great source of trauma for you, Master...

Fujimaru 2: Mash is right, but...!

Mash: No, I get it. Our feet just started moving of their own accord!

???: You made me fall over! That hurt! Don't leave me behiiiiiiind!

Mash: Master... I hear crying... from behind us...

Fujimaru 1: Goodbye, eardrums...

Fujimaru 2: Hello, Halloween...

Mash: Okay... Let's head back.

Fou: Fou! Fou, fou!

???: What do you want? I have a broken heart, you know... Oh, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]!

???: Oh, come on! So you did hear me!

???: I'm not happy about this at all!

???: You made me so worried! You should be punished!

Mash: ...Is that you, Elisabeth...?

???: Have you forgotten!?

???: It's me, the celebrated diva, praised as a talent that only comes once every thousand years, an unbridled genius!

Elisabeth: Elisabeth the Crimson Hero!

Fou: Fou-bah!?

Fujimaru 1: Where's Lancerbeth and Casteli?

Elisabeth: Why the nicknames!?

Elisabeth: ...They're not around anymore. They're alive in my heart.

Elisabeth: To be more specific, we fused together.

Fou: Fou...

Mash: Fou seems to be shocked at how far removed from a Servant she's become.

Fujimaru 2: A swimsuit? At this time of year?

Mash: That's right. The swimsuit event is over, Elisabeth.

Elisabeth: What? Wait, you had a swimsuit event without me!? Where was my invite!?

Elisabeth: That's not fair! That's not fair at all!

Mash: ...Well, let's forget about that for now.

Elisabeth: Let's not!

Elisabeth: I want to know precisely why no one called me!

Mash: I see. So dual Elisabeths were driven out of Castle Csejte by this queen.

Elisabeth: Yeah, exactly. Now do you understand?

Elisabeth: The LanCas duo couldn't finish what they started. So now there's something I must do... For their sake.

Mash: In other words, once more–

Elisabeth: That's right!

Elisabeth: That cursed pyramid has destroyed my concert hall!

Elisabeth: I'm going to take it out and overthrow the queen within! That is the mission of the Crimson Hero Elisabeth!

Fujimaru 1: So that's what's going to happen this time...

Mash: Yes. I see. That's why there are tons of adventurers in the tavern.

Fujimaru 2: Crimson Hero...

Fou: Fou.

Mash: Fou's trying to say something, but it's best not to translate it.

???: There she is! Surround her!

Mash: ...!

Dr. Roman: Oh? What's going on? This is...

Mash: Elisabeth, who are these people?

Elisabeth: The queen's lackeys! Be careful! They're all pretty strong!

Queen's Knight: We are knights in the queen's service. We fight to purge Halloween.

Queen's Knight: Those who speak of or desire to bring back Halloween shall be exiled or sentenced to hard labor, without exception!

Mash: That's terrible...!

Queen's Knight: And we also received a complaint that this girl over here... is, um... not wearing appropriate attire in public...

Fou: Fou.

Elisabeth: That's not true! I'm quite obviously dressed as a hero! ...Wait, I am, right!?

Queen's Knight: (Ahem)

Queen's Knight: In any event, it's exile or hard labor. You're going to have to pick one!

Elisabeth: I don't have to be afraid of you any longer! Come, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]! We're going to fight!

Mash: Wait.

Mash: Can you at least tell us why Halloween was banned?

Queen's Knight: Because, uh... Because the queen ordered it!

Mash: Then we'd like to ask the queen why.

Queen's Knight: The world's most lovely queen will not hold an audience with the likes of you!

Queen's Knight: Sorry, but we're going to restrain you!

Elisabeth: Like hell you are!

Elisabeth: If you're going to stand in the way of my concerts and everything I stand for...

Elisabeth: ...I don't care who you are. I'll use every ounce of my strength to defeat you!

Mash: Looks like there's no way around it. Let's go, Master!

Mash: By the way... Do you keep seeing someone lurking around here?


Queen's Knight: W-We've failed...! Retreat! Retreat!

Mash: We sent them running, but... they were all quite skilled.

Mash: A queen adored by knights of such caliber... I wonder what she's like.

Dr. Roman: We'll probably need to meet her if we're going to repair the Singularity.

Elisabeth: Now, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet], you're going to help me, right!?

Fujimaru 1: Fujimaru has joined the party!

Elisabeth: ...Th-Thank goodness...

Elisabeth: Thank you... I'm so moved, I want to dance and sing right at this moment.

Mash: Not necessary, let's move!

Elisabeth: Eh!? Fast much!?

Elisabeth: ...Whatever. Anyway...!

Elisabeth: The legend of the Crimson Hero Elisabeth is going to start right here! That witch needs to brace herself!

Narration: Crimson Hero Elisabeth's Adventure has begun!

Mash: So why were you in the tavern with that sign?

Elisabeth: Oh, that? All I did was say this to the owner lady:

Elisabeth: “Now then! I'm looking for some strong, radiant companions! Ones who will put me in the spotlight and worship me!”

Elisabeth: “I'll be on vocals. I've never been in a band before. Looking for pros on guitar, bass, and drums.”

Elisabeth: When I did, she smiled and just handed the sign to me! Isn't that mean!?

Mash: I guess it serves you right...

Lancelot: Your Majesty, we have confirmed visitors from Chaldea. It seems they were caught in the Bounded Field that was put up.

Tristan: ...

???: Ha! Oh, I am so perfect, I predicted all of this! I of course have countermeasures in place!

???: With the ultimate gatekeeper on watch, my superiority cannot be challenged... Oh, it's too beautiful...

???: I rule this land appropriately, with tolerance and ruthlessness.

Queen's Knight: I-If I may, Your Majesty... Will Halloween continue to be banned?

???: Dunce! How about going to a salon and cleaning up your dull look first!

???: It's too soon for the common fools to celebrate Halloween!

???: Holding such a lighthearted festival when the world is in such an unstable state? Pure idiocy!

???: Endure with patience, and keep love within your heart! Follow in my footsteps!

Queen's Knight: ...But everyone was looking forward to Halloween... My children, too...

???: Blasphemy! Backtalk is punishable by death! But, for the sake of your children, I shall give you a day off. With remuneration!

???: Lay down your sword and return to your pitiful family at once! That is, if you value your life!

Queen's Knight: Er, Your Majesty? I, uh, I don't quite follow...

Lancelot: Just go home. It means you have tomorrow off.

Queen's Knight: ...Understood. Then with all due respect, I shall receive your punishment of...paid leave.

Lancelot: Now then, my queen. What would you have us do?

Lancelot: Shall we take them on now so we don't have to worry about them later?

???: Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! You fool!

???: If we did that, it'd be like I was afraid of them for some reason!

???: I'm sending the knights into town. It'll prevent the citizens from becoming restless.

???: As for you two... Well, there's no need for you to be deployed.

???: I know you're planning on hitting on the local girls the second I send you there. Sorry, but things don't always go your way!

Lancelot: ...No, that's not what I...

Tristan: Unbelievable... She sees through our very way of life...

Lancelot: No, Lord Tristan. I really just care about the safety of the town.

Tristan: ...I hear there's a girl with a broken heart at one of the taverns. Apparently her man left her after losing his entire fortune on a bet the other day.

Lancelot: Which tavern is that? You mean that cute girl from Ash Tree Tavern on 3rd?

???: Ohoho. Maybe you would like to wait in prison instead of your own rooms?

Lancelot: Excuse us. We will remain on standby, Your Majesty.

Lancelot: Then we shall take our leave. Please get some rest, my queen.

???: I will, of course. Now leave immediately!

Tristan: ...

Lancelot: Yes, Your Majesty. ...Tristan?

???: ...?

Tristan: ...

Tristan: ... (Snoring)

???: ...

Tristan: ...How sad. This intense pain is making me sad.

Lancelot: You know, in a way, that was quite impressive...

Section 3: "May King"

Elisabeth: First things first. We should get more people!

Mash: Are we not enough on our own...?

Elisabeth: No, that's not it! Mash, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet], I'm always depending on you!

Elisabeth: But we're up against famous knights. Just the three of us isn't enough!

Elisabeth: Also, I'm a fantasy hero. They always have a wide variety of party members to support them!

Elisabeth: When I was an idol, I had someone on drums and taiko, woodwind, and more, all to back me up!

Fujimaru 1: That's a lot of percussion.

Elisabeth: Yes, we played to the primal beats! You could really feel it!

Fujimaru 2: We need more cowbell...

Elisabeth: I know... But I think there's an even more pressing issue at hand...

Mash: Umm... So you'd like a Caster as well?

Elisabeth: Yep, yep! And a cleric type would be good too. One who can use their cure magic for healing!

Mash: Healing, huh...

Nurse: ...Now then, let's begin the treatment.

Nurse: This is to save you. You will have to endure one or two broken bones, and maybe the loss of an arm or two. Or three.

Nurse: Okay, here I go!

Monk: Hm? Healing? You don't need that yet. We can self-heal through adrenaline and endorphins alone!

Monk: Come now, don't cry. Pull yourself together. You're a hero, right!?

Serial Killer: Hmm... I don't really know what I'm doing, so I'm going to take you apart. I'll do my best!

Elisabeth: ...Let's handle the healing ourselves!

Fujimaru 1: Good idea!

Mash: Finding the right person for the job is harder than I thought... Is there anyone else who can heal?

Fujimaru 2: Is there no one else who could do it?

Mash: Others who could... Perhaps Sanson?

Sanson: There, I healed you.

Sanson: To think that I would be healing people, when I used to execute people. Hehe, how ironic...

Sanson: Yes, I have sinned...

Sanson: Oh, Marie... Marie... Will I ever be able to forgive myself?

Mash: He'd be too burdened with guilt to even do his job...

Mash: It's no use. Nobody comes to mind.

Mash: How about we head back to the tavern and ask there?

Elisabeth: Uh, I'm not sure about the tavern...

Mash: ...I suppose you're right. In that case, Doctor...

Dr. Roman: ... (Yawn)

Fujimaru 1: Hey!

Dr. Roman: Yikes! Talk about an ominous voice!

Dr. Roman: I had a rare occasion to relax, and I couldn't resist...

Dr. Roman: Don't worry, I've confirmed your location. What's going on?

Mash: We want to find a Servant that can join us, so we'd like you to widen the search range as much as possible.

Dr. Roman: Okay, roger that. ...It's weak, but there's a signature near you.

Mash: What!? Near us!?

Mash: Master, be careful! Someone might be here to ambush us!

Elisabeth: Huh? What? Is someone here?

Elisabeth: Show yourself!

Mash: ...It's quiet. Doctor, are you sure...?

Dr. Roman: Of course I am! I'm doing my job! I really am!

Dr. Roman: But if it's that close and you can't tell, then that means—

Mash: An Assassin, I imagine.

Dr. Roman: They haven't moved at all, so I'm guessing they don't mean you any harm.

Elisabeth: Aaaaaahhh!!

Mash: Master, that scream...!

G:Elisabeth: Who set this trap here!? M-My leg's stuck and I can't move...!

G:Elisabeth: Something weird's coming! I can't move! Save me, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]!

Fujimaru 1: Let's go save her!

Mash: Yes!

Mash: Elisabeth!

G:Elisabeth: [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]! My leg! It's stuck! I can't move!

G:Elisabeth: Save meeeee!

Mash: It's okay! We're coming! Master, give me your orders!

G:Elisabeth: Save me before you do that!

Fujimaru 1: Sorry, in a second!


Mash: The battle is over.

Dr. Roman: Good work. I'm not seeing any more enemies in the surrounding area.

Dr. Roman: Except for the KO'd demi-dragon in front of you, I mean.

Mash: Okay, Doctor. So...

F:Elisabeth: ...

Mash: The constant flailing must've made all her blood rush to her head and knocked her out. I suppose we should get her down.

Elisabeth: That was mean! You just left me there!

Mash: Sorry, we had to prioritize the situation...

Elisabeth: In any event, there isn't anyone here! I'll turn you into a pincushion for lying to me!

Dr. Roman: That's strange. Looks like they just won't come out.

Dr. Roman: It's almost like they're saying, “I want nothing to do with this zero who's mistaken herself for a hero! I'm going to stay in my room!”

Mash: We'll just have to bring them out somehow...

Fujimaru 1: Oh...

Fou: Fou!?

Mash: Master, you look like you just saw the world ending or something!

Dr. Roman: Your spiritual essence is also wavering! Are you okay, Fujimaru!?

Elisabeth: Wh-What's wrong, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]? You don't look so well.

Elisabeth: Do you want to hear a song? Will you feel better if you hear me sing?

Mash: Elisabeth, that's—

Fujimaru 1: I...just might.

Both: WH...


Dr. Roman: That... That can't be! Fujimaru, this is all my fault!

Dr. Roman: You must've been carrying around a heavy mental burden all this time!

Dr. Roman: I'll Rayshift you back, and we can try this Singularity again later...

Mash: Master, pull yourself together! Um, well... You can do it! You can do it!

Fou: Fou, fou, fou!

Elisabeth: [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]... You've finally become captivated by my songs...!

Elisabeth: Very well. This will double as my daily voice training. I'll sing my heart out for you!

Elisabeth: Consider yourself lucky.

Elisabeth: You're going to be the first ones who get to hear my songs after becoming a hero.

Dr. Roman: I wonder if a flock of wyverns will randomly come to attack!?

Dr. Roman: If not, Roman soldiers will suffice. Honestly, anything's fine... Whoops! Guess not!

Mash: It's...too late...!


Hold it riiiight there!

Mash: Oh.

Fou: Fou.

Fujimaru 1: Thank goodness...!

Elisabeth: Huh? Uh... It's the green... You know...

Mash: Robin Hood!

Elisabeth: Yeah, that's it!

Robin Hood: D-Dammit! I accidentally released my No Face May King!

Robin Hood: Fujimaru... You're reckless.

Elisabeth: Huh? Huh? Wait, what's going on?

Mash: ...!

Mash: Master risked it all to bring the hidden Servant out...!

Elisabeth: ...I don't really get it, but this is all thanks to my song, right?

Elisabeth: I'm just glad I was able to help [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet].

Fujimaru 1: Yeah...

Fou: Fou...

Robin Hood: If it's going to weigh on your conscience later, then don't bother doing it at all...

Elisabeth: ...Oh!

Mash: Elisabeth?

Elisabeth: I get it! That trap that got me a moment ago!

Elisabeth: That was your doing, wasn't it!?

Robin Hood: What a pain. You have surprisingly good intuition. Yeah, yeah, sorry about that.

Robin Hood: The outskirts of town have been dangerous lately. Pests and werebeasts have been lurking about.

Robin Hood: Probably because it's almost Halloween. The monsters are getting all excited, too.

Robin Hood: As a guy who roosts around these parts, I can't sleep at night without setting up some traps. I get all anxious.

Elisabeth: Are you sure that's the werebeasts' fault? Is it not just that you need traps around to feel at ease?

Robin Hood: The latter, of course. A free safe haven doesn't feel right. Safety is maintained through hard work and money.

Fujimaru 1: You're pretty cautious.

Robin Hood: Yep, I'm a cautious guy. Only the humble survive in the forest.

Robin Hood: I'm naturally a coward. I'm scared to see my enemy's face straight on.

Elisabeth: Is that why you take them down from the shadows? You're actually an Assassin, aren't you?

Fujimaru 2: Werebeasts...

Robin Hood: Yeah, beasts typically don't go near human territory. They're careful, after all.

Robin Hood: But they've gotten so close. We're in a perilous situation here.

Mash: It does seem that it is unusually dangerous here. I bet that pyramid is the main culprit.

Elisabeth: That's right, Mash! Nicely done!

Elisabeth: That pyramid is the cause of everything! I'm sure something can be done if we travel there!

Robin Hood: You think so?

Robin Hood: To be honest, the werebeasts started showing up way before the pyramid—

Robin Hood: Hey, looks like someone else got caught in the trap.

Robin Hood: If you're going to take on the pyramid, I don't mind lending a hand. That queen's brazen attitude is just too much for me.

Robin Hood: I was just thinking that she could use a little punishment.

Mash: Thank you very much! Elisabeth, we got ourselves a scout!

Elisabeth: Scout? You mean someone who looks for potential idols!?

Elisabeth: ...But I don't feel like joining an agency yet...

Elisabeth: What should I do...?

Robin Hood: Considering you're a ruler, I really think you should stop daydreaming like that, you know?

Elisabeth: Sh-Shut up. Anyway, let's take out those werebeasts!

Elisabeth: [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet], Mash, Robin... Follow me!

Elisabeth: I can't have dirty werebeasts attacking my town!

Robin Hood: ...

Mash: Robin, what's wrong?

Robin Hood: Oh, nothing. Just thinking about how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, so to speak...

Robin Hood: That dragon girl has no other plan but to rush in. We'll just have to support her, won't we?

Elisabeth: There you are! Hahaha. Something really did get caught!

Elisabeth: You look stupid hanging upside down like that!

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Elisabeth! You should think about what happened to you a few minutes ago!

Elisabeth: I decided to stay positive, and keep anything that happened in the past locked away in my heart!

Robin Hood: Well how about you examine some of those things tucked away in your heart, huh?

Elisabeth: Yeah, I couldn't forget them even if I wanted to!

Elisabeth: Anyway, Green! You're joining us once we take them out!

Robin Hood: Sure. Once we get rid of all of them, there's no reason for me to stay in this forest anyway.

Robin Hood: This is totally going to be a pain, but I guess I have to. I'll join you on your Death Tour!

Elisabeth: It's not a “Death Tour”! It's a curing, shiny concert tour!


Elisabeth: Alright, the scout will now scout for us! You're going to keep your promise, right?

Robin Hood: Fine. So what do we do? Barge into the pyramid now?

Elisabeth: No, I want one more person, I think.

Fujimaru 1: A four-person party is pretty standard.

Mash: I-Is it? I thought it was six...

Elisabeth: Anyway, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet], I want a mage!

Fujimaru 2: A mage!

Elisabeth: That's right, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]!

Robin Hood: Huh. You're going to go scout a mage, huh... Well, that's fine.

Robin Hood: I do know someone, but... um...

Mash: Is there a problem?

Mash: Is it because they have gone insane, or that they build miniature gardens, or that they're fighting between AC and DC, or that they summon a flying saucer...?

Robin Hood: ...Well, those would be problems, yeah... It's just, she's a lot like someone we know.

Dr. Roman: A lot like who?

Robin Hood: (Points silently)

Elisabeth: Me?

???: (Gasp!) I just had a feeling of impending disaster!

???: But he who runs in the face of the enemy does not deserve the mantle of “pharaoh.”

???: No matter what disaster it may be, I shall humbly fight it off!


Elisabeth: ...Hey, are we there yet?

Robin Hood: Sure, just wait a little longer.

Mash: Robin, Robin.

Mash: Um... Who is this mage you're talking about, and how is she like Elisabeth?

Robin Hood: They're practically one and the same. She's just a bit more intelligent.

Robin Hood: She's a bright one, but she's narrow-minded. Arrogant. Bossy. Fairly serious, but with a low boiling point.

Robin Hood: She jumps to conclusions and goes out of control, leading to disastrous consequences. It's all very painful to watch.

Mash: Oh...

Fou: Foou...

Elisabeth: What? That's not like me at all.

Both: It's just like you.

Elisabeth: (Gulp)

Robin Hood: She's a pharaoh, and a queen, as well as a self-proclaimed god of the sky and the underworld.

Elisabeth: What? Don't you think that's too much description? Only idols of little talent have that many traits.

Mash: Noblewoman, vampire, serial killer, bat wings, dragon horns, idol, dragon girl. Isn't that too much too?

Elisabeth: Wait, how come all my traits sound negative!?

Dr. Roman: Hey, hold it. I'm detecting a powerful response...

C:???: Who's intruding in my territory this late without an appointment? Begone, impudent ones!

Fou: Fooou!

Mash: S-So sudden!

Elisabeth: Waaaaah!

Robin Hood: Calm down! It's an illusion. An illusion!

Robin Hood: Hey there, Your Majesty.

C:???: May King, you must be mad to bring them here.

C:???: We made a pact to protect one another's territory.

Robin Hood: Firstly, stop calling me that. It's embarrassing.

Robin Hood: And secondly, what's your deal? Bringing out a scary illusion to intimidate us and whatnot?

C:???: Well, what did you expect?

C:???: I don't know about you and the shield girl, but that woman there has a nasty aura.

Elisabeth: Eh? Me?

C:???: Indeed. Tell me your name, impudent one.

C:???: You're... I don't know...um, like... The fact that I feel a subtle kinship with you is ticking me off!

C:???: This may sound sudden, but I hereby declare you my eternal rival! Got it!?

Elisabeth: Fine by me!

Elisabeth: For some reason, when I'm talking to you, my head starts to hurt and it's ticking me off!

C:???: I see. So it looks like our opinions align.

Elisabeth: Right. That's good.

C:???: ...

Elisabeth: ...


Mash: When these two start talking, I get the feeling it will never end, Master!

Fujimaru 1: Introduce yourselves! Both of you!

C:???: Huh? Oh, r-right.

Fujimaru 2: My name is !

Elisabeth: Huh? Name? Oh, right. Name. Yes, name.

Nitocris: My name is Nitocris. I am a pharaoh from a distant land.

Nitocris: The god of the underworld, and the incarnation of the sky god Horus.

Nitocris: And now, I study magecraft while I frolic with my phantoms in a deep cave.

Elisabeth: My name is Elisabeth Báthory. As you can see, I'm an idol.

Elisabeth: My specialty is idol pop, I suppose. An since I have draconic blood, naturally I also have a breath attack!

Elisabeth: And I'm also a distinguished noble. And these wings and horns? Cute, aren't they? Anything else?

Nitocris: I see. Now we understand each other well.

Elisabeth: That's right. I think so too.


We'll never get along!!

Robin Hood: No, I think you two are getting along just fine.

Nitocris: How!? She's a typical spoiled Western noble girl!

Nitocris: She's the type of woman I hate the most in this world! She needs to suffer more!

Elisabeth: Th-That's my line! I hate that “Oh, look at me, I'm a queen” attitude! It makes me want to throw up! Especially since you're an old hag!

Mash: (Master, is she talking about Carmilla?)

Fujimaru 1: Probably...

Mash: (It's very sad, isn't it...?)

Fujimaru 2: They're denying each other, so yeah...

Robin Hood: She's lived a complicated life, too, huh?

Elisabeth: I can't take this anymore! It's time to duel! I'll smash your face in with my holy sword!

Nitocris: Fine! I'll teach you and your 80s style who's really the boss!

Nitocris: That armor is just old! I can't say exactly what's old about it, but it's very old!

Elisabeth: What? You don't even know that retro style is the new trend!? What a dummy!

Nitocris: The only thing retro we need around here is Egypt! You moron!





Mash: Master, I don't understand what's going on. Fou's cries are easier to follow!

Fou: Fou...

Elisabeth: What are you doing? Let's go, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]! Crimson Hero Elisabeth is going to take down the evil mage!

Elisabeth: Follow meeeeee!

Mash: Hey! Please don't take Master away!

Robin Hood: Argh! Damn it! We've got no choice but to follow them!

Nitocris: First, let's have you fight my pretty, pretty phantoms!

Elisabeth: Bring it on! Come on, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]!

Fujimaru 1: I got it, so let go of my hand!


Elisabeth: We're through! Let's keep going!

Elisabeth: My throat's all warmed up now!

Nitocris: Tch, I can hear those evil sound waves all the way here.

Nitocris: It's like the wails of the dead from the underworld! Honestly, it's a genre I like!

Nitocris: Idol pop... I guess I can't take it lightly!

Elisabeth: What do you mean by wails of the dead!?

Elisabeth: The motto of idol pop is “Cute, Cuter, Cutest,” you know!

Nitocris: But I'm not done yet! ...Sphinx! Come on out!

Fujimaru 1: What!?

Nitocris: Heheh. It costs a lot to rent, but this sphinx is the true guardian of my cavern.

Nitocris: Pharaoh Ozymandias may not look it, but he runs a very honest business...

Nitocris: “Oh, you want to borrow my army of holy beasts? Then the rental fee is three scarabs a week.”

Nitocris: “If you want a Marika Sphinx, add in 10 chains. Also, make sure its stomach is full when you bring it back.”

Nitocris: He gave me those very reasonable terms! Now, get them!

Elisabeth: Tch! Even I can tell... That thing is really powerful!

Elisabeth: But don't worry, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]. I will win. You know why?

Fujimaru 1: Not a clue...

Elisabeth: Heheh, so even my little [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet] doesn't know? Then I'll tell you.

Fujimaru 2: Because you're strong?

Elisabeth: Close. But might doesn't always make right.

Elisabeth: It's because I'm a hero. In other words, the good guy always wins!

Elisabeth: Now do you get it, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]?

Nitocris: ...That's strange. My pharaoh-vision shows your original alignment as Chaotic-Evil...

Elisabeth: Sh-Sh-Shut up! Bring it, you hag!


Elisabeth: ...That was surprisingly easy!

Nitocris: Th-That's strange! There's no way my guardian sphinx is this weak!

Fujimaru 1: Maybe it's not in its natural habitat?

Nitocris: That's it! How foolish! I should've brought a heater!

Fujimaru 2: It seemed tired.

Nitocris: (GASP!) It must have been tired from its long journey from Egypt...!

Nitocris: And it probably couldn't adapt to the environment either! How foolish of me!

Elisabeth: Now we finally meet!

Nitocris: So you made it through all my challenges, and now here you are at last.

Nitocris: I shall praise you for that! But this is the end of the line!

Nitocris: Why? Because I'm splendidly strong! I've been cooped up in my room perfecting my magecraft!

Elisabeth: ...Unbelievable. She's bragging about being a shut-in!

Elisabeth: Wait, are you okay? I really hate dark and cramped places.

Nitocris: Me too! But this is the underworld right now! If I want to enhance my dark pharaoh power, this is the only place!

Nitocris: To be honest, the Western underworld is just too damaging.

Nitocris: The Egyptian underworld is vast, comfortable, and dry... Why do you people view death as a negative thing?

Nitocris: Rather, why do you have to punish souls who have already lost their bodies? Does your god actually hate humans?

Elisabeth: ...Listen to you. You're pretty cynical. You look pretty sporty, but you're actually just another bookworm.

Nitocris: Book...worm? No, I study curses, see...

Nitocris: I wrote messages as a pharaoh, but most of what I wrote were spells and curses...

Elisabeth: So you're a bass player!

Elisabeth: The person that works hard to set the tone of the band from behind the scenes and carve an oppressive sound into the audience!

Elisabeth: But the sound is usually hidden under the melody of the guitar. The guitar plays the melody, the bass lays down the rhythm...

Elisabeth: Oh, it's so sad! The bassist is lonely, but their job is the most rock n' roll of them all! That's what I think!

Elisabeth: You must've endured a lot, despite your demeanor!

Nitocris: I don't really know what you mean by bassist, but I appreciate your noticing that!

Nitocris: And I can see you struggle a lot, too! Just look at how hard the people around you struggle!

Elisabeth: Yes, of course! Wait... Was that a compliment?

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Elisabeth: Right!? Zebra stripes says some good things, despite being our enemy!

Fujimaru 2: That's Nitocris for you... She's just a little off...

Dr. Roman: Yeah. She has the insight to understand a situation in a single moment, but her conclusions always seem to miss the mark...

Elisabeth: I accept it. That woman is a tough foe! That's why I won't use any tricks. I'll fight her head-on!

Nitocris: Haha, bring it on. If it weren't for this situation, I'm sure we'd—

Elisabeth: Yes, I'm sure we could've been friends...! But that future will never happen.

Nitocris: It's sad to say it, but you're right. Now let's fight...!

Fujimaru 1: Are you sure you guys aren't actually getting along...?

Both: 100% SURE!


Nitocris: Heh... Not bad... I've run out of my hardworking phantoms...

Elisabeth: You're not so bad yourself. Those were some amazing moves... Also, those phantoms are cute.

Elisabeth: Especially the ones with the sheets on their heads. The ones that go in circles.

Elisabeth: I feel like they could give me some useful ideas for my concert!

Nitocris: So you noticed my Medjeds... I guess you're not just a harmful beast after all.

Nitocris: Your songs really were wonderful... The phantoms were all applauding...

Nitocris: And so was I... It felt so good that I was inspired spiritually.

Fujimaru 1: Huh?

Fujimaru 2: Huh?

Nitocris: It's true that the pyramid has been in the back of my mind. As pharaoh, I figured I needed to “say hello”...

Nitocris: But I didn't think it was right to take them on alone, so I stayed here in my little abode.

Nitocris: ...Very well, Crimson Hero Elisabeth. I will help you with your concert.

Elisabeth: Thank you. I have a feeling we will become good friends.

Mash: (Panting) We've finally caught up... Huh?

Robin Hood: A-A handshake? Not a fight?

Mash: Um... Master? What happened?

Fujimaru 1: I knew they'd be friends.

Robin Hood: ...But if two troublemakers become friends, that just means an exponential increase in problems for us...


Fou: Fou...

Elisabeth: Anyway, let's get going! Our goal is to reach Pyramid Csejte!

Elisabeth: Our next stop takes us through the Glacier Zone!

Mash: Glaciers!?

Elisabeth: ...Now that I think about it, yes, it's weird to have something like that on the way to a castle...

Dr. Roman: I think it's a staple for these type of adventures.

Dr. Roman: ...Hm? I'm seeing one, two, three, four... five Servant responses...

Dr. Roman: There's one too many of you!

Ibaraki-Douji: ...Humph. There's an un-candy lack of candy around here... And no, that wasn't meant to be a joke.

Ibaraki-Douji: What's going on, Fujimaru? You didn't lie to me, did you!?

Ibaraki-Douji: I thought Halloween was supposed to be this wonderful festival where you can eat all the candy you want!

Fujimaru 1: What are you doing here?

Ibaraki-Douji: Idiot! I've been here the whole time! You just failed to notice me!

Fujimaru 2: How long have you been here?

Ibaraki-Douji: Fwahahaha! I Rayshifted here with you!

Mash: So I wasn't seeing things...! Thank goodness!

Elisabeth: Huh? Who are you? I don't want a Jester joining my party!

Ibaraki-Douji: Who are you calling a Jester!? I'm not some drunk Kyoto commoner!

Mash: Looks like the next episode will still be chaotic!

F:???: ...Humph.

F:???: Hahahaha! What a boring book this is! Though it is killing time, I guess...

F:???: You there! The sleeping pig!

Tristan: Yes ma'am. Sleeping pig Tristan, at your service.

F:???: I don't like that music. Play something else.

Tristan: Then what about this?

F:???: Stop it, you're driving me crazy! I can't read my book in peace!

Tristan: I thought a more upbeat tune would be better...

F:???: There are limits to how far you can go! Limits!

F:???: And night has fallen. Loud noises are unrefined.

F:???: And actually, how did you play that sound with a harp?

Lancelot: Excuse me, my queen.

F:???: What do you want? I'm going to bed. If you have something to report, tell me tomorrow—

Lancelot: Pharaoh-You-Know-Who has joined the party from Chaldea.

F:???: WH...



F:???: The pharaoh aligned herself with that stupid, foolish girl who lacks even a shred of intelligence!?

Tristan: How sad! Our queen's face is twisted in sorrow...

Tristan: ...but even then it is still radiantly beautiful...

F:???: With her involved, they will even break through the Lava Zone, not to mention the Glacier Zone...

Lancelot: What shall we do, my queen?

F:???: It seems an idiot can exceed one's expectations.

F:???: This is difficult... Humph...

Tristan: The worried look on Your Majesty's face is beautiful too—

F:???: I'm trying to think, and there you are getting in the way. Go jump out a window.

Tristan: Oh... I can fly...!

Lancelot: He really jumped...!

Lancelot: He's using sound waves to fly...

F:???: Of course he can fly! Haven't you heard of the Tristan thrush? Anyway, Sir Lances-A-Lot-Of-Married-Women...

Lancelot: Yes, Your Majesty... I mean, what!?

F:???: I'm deploying those girls to the Lava Zone. Hold them back no matter the cost.

Lancelot: Wh-What...? But those girls are far too dangerous.

Lancelot: They might get out of control. No, I mean they will! I'm sure of it!

F:???: Hahahaha! It'll be fine! Why? Because it's me doing it!

Lancelot: (That worries me...)

Section 5: "It's Frozen, So Let It Go"

Ibaraki-Douji: There's no need to introduce myself! That's right, it's me, Ibaraki!

Fujimaru 1: You were in the corner hiding.

Ibaraki-Douji: If you noticed me there, you should've said something! Or are you teasing me!?

Fujimaru 2: I didn't notice you.

Mash: Sorry. I thought you were some child trying to stalk us for some sweets!


Y-You... Y-Y-You...!

Ibaraki-Douji: You thought I would hang around just for some sweets!? They were good, yes, but still...!

Ibaraki-Douji: Argh! You're all a bunch of imbeciles! Don't you know who I am!?

Ibaraki-Douji: I'm the leader of the oni, as well as a skilled thief notorious in the capital!

Ibaraki-Douji: I am Ibaraki-Douji, a thief so great that I was able to build the great Ibuki Shuten Palace on Mt. Ooe!

Dr. Roman: A thief... Right, I suppose that's accurate... There are records of you stealing treasures from the nobility...

Ibaraki-Douji: Hahahaha, that's right!

Ibaraki-Douji: “Princess Kaguya” is such a joke! If I had been around in that period, those five treasures would've easily been mine!

Ibaraki-Douji: So, do you fear me now!? Do you respect me!? Will you praise me!? Will you give me some sweets!?

Ibaraki-Douji: I am an evil monster, an oni... Ah-choo!

Ibaraki-Douji: Sniff... It's cold... I hate being cold... Mother always told me to wear a belly warmer...

Ibaraki-Douji: ...Um, wait. Uh, where was I in my story?

Fujimaru 1: I think we've heard enough.

Ibaraki-Douji: Enough, eh? I see, I see. Then you're quick to understand. That's not a bad thing.

Ibaraki-Douji: But Mash. You look as cold as me. Aren't you uncomfortable? Do you not have a belly warmer?

Mash: No, I'm fine... But it's true that the temperature is low in this area.

Mash: Senpai, as long as you're in your Chaldea uniform, you should be fine. It's resistant to both the cold and the heat.

Mash: What about you, Elisabeth? Um, since you're exposing yourself more than usual...

Elisabeth: ...I'm cold...

Fujimaru 1: Well, I mean, your outfit...

Elisabeth: I-I'm a hero, so it shouldn't be a problem! Heroes don't catch colds!

Mash: I don't think she's okay... Let's get through here as quick as we can.

Nitocris: Y-Yes, good idea...

Nitocris: From a pharaoh point of view, I think it's best we just run right through.

Nitocris: My garments don't cover much either!

Robin Hood: Got it. Then let's go for a little run!

Elisabeth: Waaah, it's cold!

Nitocris: My lovely phantoms normally cool me down, but in this weather, they're kind of annoying!

Robin Hood: Yeah... Even I'm cold. And I'm one of the more properly dressed ones.

Mash: By the way, Ibaraki! Why did you come here!?

Ibaraki-Douji: (Talking with mouth full of something) Oh, no special reason. I just felt like it.

Mash: ...Oh. You just felt like it...

Mash: And it's not for extremely selfish reasons, correct?

Fujimaru 1: Trick?

Fujimaru 2: Treat?

Ibaraki-Douji: I don't understand. Is that a password? But that tart thing was delicious.

Ibaraki-Douji: And this “candy” stuff is exceptional as well! But it's so sweet, I'm afraid my fangs will melt!

Ibaraki-Douji: ...Sheesh. Back in the day, a single piece of konpeitou was enough to make me swing between joy and sorrow...

Ibaraki-Douji: I wish Mother were here, because then I could give her some... But anyway, mmm, I'm very curious about those pound cake things too...

Mash: You've developed quite the sweet tooth...

Mash: No wonder Shuten treats you like a child...

Ibaraki-Douji: What are you talking about? This is not my intention!

Ibaraki-Douji: Humans are the ones who offer me sweets to save their lives!

Ibaraki-Douji: Meat is a better choice than sweets when you get hungry. Then again, after becoming a Servant, I am never hungry!

Ibaraki-Douji: So I'll let them live in exchange for this unsubstantial offering of sweets, but just this once. Welp, I feel like I'm going to melt!

Dr. Roman: I see. Intentions aside, your true feelings are totally showing.

Ibaraki-Douji: But once you step out of town, what the heck is going on!? Treat! Treat! Treeeaaat!

Ibaraki-Douji: I keep yelling the password, but no one shows up! Ah! Oh no! I'm getting sugar withdrawal symptoms...!

Ibaraki-Douji: I need something to munch on! Something sugary! Something tough!

Ibaraki-Douji: But if you don't have anything like that, one of those Evil Bones you always have stocked up will do!

Fujimaru 1: Oh hell no! Anything but an Evil Bone!

Ibaraki-Douji: Then candy! Marshmallows would be fine, too!

Ibaraki-Douji: Come to think of it, running around in the cold is making me crave something with calories in it!

Fujimaru 1: What about Mash!?

Mash: S-Senpai!?

Ibaraki-Douji: Mmm, she looks soft but not sweet! Rejected!

Fujimaru 2: I don't have any more!

Dr. Roman: Hahaha. That's because we used a lot on Caster Elisabeth.

Ibaraki-Douji: What...did you just say!?


So... no more sweets? All gone?

Ibaraki-Douji: But I still haven't had my favorite–this thing you call “chocolate”!

Mash: That's the way the cookie crumbles...

Ibaraki-Douji: Grrr, grrr, hahahaha! ...I'm going home...

Ibaraki-Douji: I'm going back to the mountain!

Mash: P-Please, wait, Ibaraki! I'll give you sweets when we get back to Chaldea!

Mash: Our meeting up here must be fate. Please, won't you help us?

Ibaraki-Douji: Bwahahaha!

Ibaraki-Douji: Nonsense. A human seeking help from an oni is the height of absurdity!

Mash: You're right, but...

Robin Hood: ... (Rustle, rustle)

Ibaraki-Douji: In the first place, I only came here for fun. I am what you could call a visitor from out of town, and yet you ask for my help to–Mmmpph!

Mash: Hmm?


Ohhh... Ooooooohhh!

Fou: Fou!

Robin Hood: Whoops, silly me, throwing chocolate around like that! I was saving that for the kids in town...

Robin Hood: Although I suppose this works in a Japanese sense. Don't people there yell “Oni out, luck in!” while throwing food?


This is... choco... chocolate...! It's sweet as hell... and sweet as hell to boot!

Dr. Roman: This oni here isn't good at expressing herself.

Ibaraki-Douji: But it won't work. Just a measly piece of chocolate won't work on me at all! It won't work...!

Nitocris: She's gritting her teeth through a torrent of tears... Her lament is making me choke up...

Ibaraki-Douji: Yaaa! What's wrong, good man in green!? Aren't you going to attack me more!? Come on, come on!

Ibaraki-Douji: Like the time at Rashomon! Just like at Rashomon!

Robin Hood: Well, I wish I could give you more, but...

Robin Hood: Uh-oh, something's coming. This is no time to be throwing chocolate around.


Hahahahaha, this infuriates me even more! Scum! Get out of here. I'll rip you from limb to limb!

Mash: M-Moving to battle formation! Whenever you're ready, Master!


Ibaraki-Douji: Green man! Green good tidings, green pilgrim, green hermit, green geezer!

Ibaraki-Douji: As you can see, the pests are gone! So come on! Pretend it's Setsubun and throw me some sweets!

Robin Hood: All right, all right. I suppose you deserve it. But call me a geezer again and you can kiss chocolate goodbye.

Ibaraki-Douji: Mmm. Understood. I'm clever in that area. But... Mmm. Mmm-mmm-mmm.

Ibaraki-Douji: We got rid of those enemies as quickly as the chocolates melting in my mouth.

Ibaraki-Douji: Even this delicious chocolate isn't enough to keep me here. This place isn't worthy anymore! You heard me!

Ibaraki-Douji: Farewell! Farewell!

Robin Hood: Oh really? I was going to say... If you can defeat the queen living in that pyramid, you'll have all the sweets you can eat. Too bad.

Ibaraki-Douji: I knew that pyramid was trouble. When do we leave?

Fujimaru 1: Ibaraki...

Dr. Roman: Hmm. She's an unexpected addition to our party, but Ibaraki-Douji's strength is the real deal. Besides...

Mash: Besides what, Doctor?

Dr. Roman: I think it's a good thing she's showing an interest in human culture.

Dr. Roman: Even if her underlying aggression towards humans can't be changed, having a favorite food in common with us is a positive thing.

Mash: Yes, certainly. I think that leads to mutual understanding.

Dr. Roman: Yeah. So, Fujimaru, I know it'll be tough, but please look after her.

Fujimaru 1: Sure, I'll do my best!

Fujimaru 2: She's perfectly tame now.

Ibaraki-Douji: So where do we go from here?

Elisabeth: Next is... the Lava Zone! ...But why is there lava...?

Mash: L-Let's just go. We won't know until we see it for ourselves...!



Section 6: "Mother's Love and Lover's Passion Are as Barren as a Lava Plain"

Elisabeth: It's hot! So hooooooot!

Elisabeth: Yow! Magma! Magma splashed on me! Hot!

Mash: A-Are you okay!?



Mash: Behind my shield!? U-Understood!

Mash: You too, Master! It's dangerous here, so please hide behind my shield!

Nitocris: S-Sorry, but me too, please! With my thighs exposed like this...!

Mash: W-We're like sardines in a can!

Fujimaru 1: Robin, you too! Over here!

Robin Hood: Thanks for the offer. Your consideration is all I need. I've got this hood to protect me, so I'll make it through.

Robin Hood: When you're on an adventurous journey, countermeasures against heat are a must. Though I have to say lava was unexpected.

Fujimaru 2: Baki, you too! Over here!

Ibaraki-Douji: Hahaha, unnecessary! It'll take more than this kind of heat to injure an oni's skin!

Ibaraki-Douji: I'm fine here. Use the space to protect your weak bodies instead.

Elisabeth: Argh, this... Move over a little, Nitocris!

Nitocris: No way! If my body pokes out any more, my thigh will... My thigh will...!


It's so hoooooooot!

Robin Hood: This is bad. Hey, we've got some enemies.

Elisabeth: Enemies? There are enemies here...?

Elisabeth: What's that queen thinking!? Here! In the Lava Zone! Why!? Why would she put enemies here!?

Elisabeth: This is the only path that leads to the pyramid! Why is there lava here anyway!?

Elisabeth: Do they use this path themselves to get to town!? Are they stupid? Are they morons!?

Dr. Roman: ...It seems the excessive stress has... temporarily enhanced her intelligence...

Mash: I understand your frustration, but now's not the time! Get ready to fight!

Elisabeth: I'll kill whoever thought of this map!


Elisabeth: (Panting) I-I did it... I sure did it...

Mash: N-Now then, let's keep moving!

Fujimaru 1: ...

Mash: What's wrong, Master? You're not looking too well...

Nitocris: Not too well? More like you look ghastly. Though honestly, it's my type of color.

Robin Hood: You may be ill. Maybe your body's out of whack coming from the freezing cold into the scorching heat.

Fujimaru 1: No... I'm getting chills for no reason...

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru!? Your brain waves are getting highly unstable!

Dr. Roman: Is there something abnormal in the area? Maybe there's a statue or book that affects your mental state with just a glance!?

Mash: This is the Lava Zone! Nothing like that can be found here!

Elisabeth: It's okay, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]. With the five of us, it won't matter who we're facing.

Elisabeth: Mash is the drum-defense, Nitocris the bass-support. Green is a manager-backup, while Ibaraki and I will be the leads.

Mash: I agree... I think it's a good, well-balanced team.

Dr. Roman: That's the spirit!

Dr. Roman: There seem to be some Servants waiting, but I'm sure it will be okay with this party.

Elisabeth: C'mon, we're almost at the end of this Lava Zone! There's nothing left to fear!

Minamoto-no-Raikou: ...Oh my.

Serenity: ...

Kiyohime: ...

Fujimaru 1: I'm going home!

Mash: Th-That's...

Dr. Roman: The three Servants who Fujimaru keeps calling a “danger beyond all dangers”!

Mash: ...Also known as the Always-Sneaking-Into-Master's-Bed Trio!

Robin Hood: Nah, let's face it. They're monsters.

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Oh? Oh my, my, my?

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Everyone, did you hear that child's voice just now?

All: !!

Ibaraki-Douji: Oh crap, Minamoto-no-Raikou!?

Serenity: Indeed I did. I think I just heard “I love you!”

Kiyohime: Yes, I'm sure that was towards me.

Serenity: ... (Giggle)

Kiyohime: ...Hee hee.

Robin Hood: (...G-Got my No Face May King out in the nick of time...)

Mash: (Master...! S-Senpai, are you okay? Deep breaths, deep breaths. We're fine. They haven't found us.)

Elisabeth: (Hey, why do we need to hide? We have to defeat them to get through, right?)

Nitocris: (Shh! Just keep silent, Elisabeth. I can spiritually feel it.)

Nitocris: (You may be the root of all negative energy for mankind, but those three are the root of all negative energy for the entire universe...)

Nitocris: (In other words, they are like black holes...!)

Ibaraki-Douji: (That is correct... You've got a pretty sharp eye there... Minamoto-no-Raikou is especially bad. That woman doesn't have a hitbox!)

Kiyohime: Hmm... How odd. I can smell Fujimaru after all.

Robin Hood: (Smell? What's up with that Servant...!?)

Kiyohime: (Sniff, sniff) Yooooo-hooooo! Fujimaru, are you heeeeeere?

Fujimaru 1: Eeeeek!

Mash: (It's okay, it's okay! Calm down, Master!)

Robin Hood: (How traumatized are you...!?)

Fujimaru 2: (Trembling)

Ibaraki-Douji: (You there, are you all right? You've started shaking like jelly...)

Mash: (This may take a while, but let's keep still... They'll eventually leave...)

Elisabeth: (But we're still in the Lava Zone, so it's unbearably hot!)

Mash: (Would you rather fight those three!?)

Elisabeth: (...Well... that's...)

Mash: (Right?)

Kiyohime: Hmmm... Around here somewhere... Fujimaru, where aaaaare yoooouuu?

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Playing hide-and-seek, are you? Do you two know a surefire way to win?

Both: ?

Minamoto-no-Raikou: “Vengeful Lightning of the Ox-King”!

Mash: (What the...!?)

Minamoto-no-Raikou: You just go and incinerate places that look like good hiding spots.

Both: I seeee.

Robin Hood: (...Why on earth are you contracted to someone like that?)

Nitocris: (...Fujimaru, this may sound obtrusive, but now may be the time to make up your mind.)

Mash: (Master...)

Fujimaru 1: Let's fight...!

Mash: (Y-Yes! Understood, Master!)

Fujimaru 2: Let's do our best...!

Nitocris: (I can tell you are mustering up all the courage you have... Now that's what I call an ally!)

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Oh.

Kiyohime: Ah!

Serenity: ...Found you...

Elisabeth: Sorry, but we need to get past. And no, we're not letting you have [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]!

Minamoto-no-Raikou: We will let you through if you just hand over the child though...

Elisabeth: ...! I said no!

Robin Hood: I saw her hesitate...

Fujimaru 1: Elly!?

Elisabeth: It's okay, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]! Don't worry!

Ibaraki-Douji: ...Hey, you foreigner.

Nitocris: Um, me?

Ibaraki-Douji: Mm-hmm. There's something I want you to do with your skills...

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Then we have no choice. Let us squash the gypsy moth and take back our beloved child.

Elisabeth: Gypsy moth? Who are you talking about?

Mash: ...Probably you...

Elisabeth: Hmm, I see. ...Did you just call me a moth!?

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Yes, a moth. See, you have antennae.

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Plus you're an eyesore. All those unnecessarily bright colors.

Elisabeth: Hehehehe. Hahahaha.

Elisabeth: All right, you're dead. I was never afraid of thunder to begin with. Don't you underestimate the thunder of János Hill!

Kiyohime: Hehehehe. I'm usually a very lenient person, but...

Kiyohime: But with this “Elly” individual I feel... some sort of destined rivalry.

Serenity: ...Um, I would be happy if I could just sneak into Master's bed...

Mash: That's a no! Rejected!

Serenity: (Sob)

Elisabeth: Don't worry, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]!

Elisabeth: Crimson Hero Elisabeth shall protect you from this sinister, good-for-nothing trio!

All Three: ...

Ibaraki-Douji: ...Is she a genius at rubbing people the wrong way?

Nitocris: She is an innate airhead...

Elisabeth: Now, bring it on!


Mash: Urgh...!

Elisabeth: Hey, whoa! Why are they so persistent!?

Elisabeth: They come back no matter how many times we defeat them! They're like zombies... It's scary!

Kiyohime: Who are you calling a zombie? Only one thing keeps this body moving, and that's love!

Minamoto-no-Raikou: There's nothing stronger than a mother's love. Nothing in this whole world!

Serenity: ...As I said before, I only want Master to touch me a little.

Serenity: Like, my head or cheek...

Mash: We can't keep this up...

Ibaraki-Douji: Alright, now!

Ibaraki-Douji: Go, Sogen-bi! “Great Grudge of Rashomon”!

Serenity: Eek!

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Cursed pest...!

Kiyohime: Flailing about is useless!

Kiyohime: To the three of us who are used to being around lava, your attack was like a gust of refreshing wind!

Kiyohime: ...Wait, h-huh? Master...? Where did Master go?

Minamoto-no-Raikou: There, over there. ...Oh no, don't go that way!

Minamoto-no-Raikou: That's hot lava! Wait right there, Mother is coming to save you!

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Hyah!

Kiyohime: Oh! I shall not fall behind!

Kiyohime: Please wait for me, Master!

Serenity: Huh? Oh, um...

Serenity: Then me too—

Ibaraki-Douji: Okay, now's our chance!

Mash: Ibaraki-Douji, what did you do?

Ibaraki-Douji: Ah, I asked Nitocris to make a Master decoy doll using her magecraft.

Nitocris: I had the mummies make it while we fought, but I didn't think it would work...

Ibaraki-Douji: They do say love is blind. Heh heh! I can't believe Raikou actually fell for it!

Ibaraki-Douji: Keheh, foolish fools! They'll fall into the hot lava and—

Dr. Roman: Think again! All three of them are alive and swimming merrily through it! Let's run while we can!

Ibaraki-Douji: No way!?

Fujimaru 1: Run for your life!!

Mash: Y-Yes! Everyone, let's hurry!!

Ibaraki-Douji: They're not even oni! How can they jump into boiling lava and still survive!?

Mash: It's probably the power of love!

Ibaraki-Douji: Love? Love is scary!

Section 7: "One More Chance"

Elisabeth: We've finally made it here...

Elisabeth: Come on, everyone, let's take out that witch in her pyramid!

Fujimaru 1: Yeah!

Elisabeth: Good answer, my little [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]!

Fujimaru 2: We'll do our best.

Elisabeth: That's what the nobility say when they don't actually want to do something!

Dr. Roman: I'm seeing something ahead that looks like a Servant, so be careful.

Elisabeth: I'm not scared, no matter who it is!

Elisabeth: The journey of the Heroic Idol Elly won't end until I defeat that queen!

Elisabeth: Now everybody, charge!

Ibaraki-Douji: You've got fighting spirit, but not much else... I'm tired. I can't go full power all day like Shuten.

Ibaraki-Douji: Green man, give me some caloric fuel. I want another chocolate.

Robin Hood: Right, right. Take that, oni.

Ibaraki-Douji: Fwahaha! Your pitiful attacks cannot harm me! I am invincible! (Chomp chomp)

Nitocris: Anyway, I'm feeling dirty from all this running around.

Nitocris: Fujimaru, you're a Master, can't you conjure up a bathing area or two with your magecraft?

Mash: I don't think that's possible... Oh, I do have towels, though.

Nitocris: Alright, I'll take one. ...Hmm. It's a little rough to the touch.

Nitocris: Hand me an Egyptian silk one instead. What? You don't have any?

Nitocris: Very well. Prepare one in the castle as soon as this battle is over.

Nitocris: Of course, a place to bathe as well.

Mash: R-Right...



Elisabeth: Come on, guys! Can't you get a little more excited?

Elisabeth: Come on, shout in unison with me, the hero!

Robin Hood: Sure. After we win.


ARGH! Fine! Forget it!

Elisabeth: Come on, who's our next opponent!? Someone else from the Round Table? Bring it!

???: ...Oh?

Elisabeth: U-Uncle...!?

Mash: Huh? Uncle... Vlad III!?

Mash: Huh? But he seems a little different than the person I know...

Vlad III: Of course I am.

Vlad III: A Servant is summoned by extracting a single aspect of a hero.

Vlad III: I am not here as King Vlad III. I am here as the warrior who punishes all evil.

Elisabeth: Um, Uncle Vlad? ...Why are you glaring at me... Is something the matter?

Vlad III: Elisabeth Báthory! I have come to judge you for your sins!

Elisabeth: H-Huh!? You have!?

Vlad III: Save your breath!

Vlad III: Your existence is sinful... And now you shall be punished for your immorality and wickedness!

Dr. Roman: Jeez... Count Vlad normally only gets mad when people call him a vampire, but look at him now!

Dr. Roman: ...Oh, never mind. This is the warrior Vlad–no wonder his anger threshold is so low!

Dr. Roman: A-Anyway, prepare for combat!

Mash: Elisabeth! Let's just fight for now!

Elisabeth: Um, okay... Y-Yeah, you're right! We have to fight...!


Mash: Got him... No! We didn't! Master, we're continuing the battle!

Vlad III: —No, we're done. As I thought, thou does not understand.

Elisabeth: Huh...?

Vlad III: ...Start over from the beginning once more. Otherwise, thou shall never be able to stand before that Queen.

Vlad III: If thy wish to call thyself a hero and wear that armor, thy must first understand!

Elisabeth: Understand what—Huh?

???: ...y.

???: ...ry.

???: ...rry.

???: I'm sorry... I'm sorry this is so sudden...

Elisabeth: Huh!?

Mash: Um... Uh...What!?

???: I'm really sorry, but...

???: I regret to make you do this after all the battles you've fought, but—

???: I want you to start over from the graveyard.

???: —Ahem.

???: This isn't some kind of system issue. There's a reason for it...

???: Fujimaru, I want you to consider as a trial...

???: Alright— I'm sorry, but I'm going to teleport you.



Section 8: "New Game Plus"

Elisabeth: ...We've come back...

Mash: Ignoring the fact that there's a giant Siegfried floating in the night sky...

Mash: What could it be that Elisabeth doesn't understand?

Ibaraki-Douji: Green man, you seem to have some idea.

Robin Hood: Huh?

Ibaraki-Douji: Haha. Don't play dumb.

Ibaraki-Douji: You were the only one who had a knowing look on your face.

Robin Hood: Oh, yeah... Probably.

Elisabeth: What? What is it!? What don't I understand?

Robin Hood: ...Didn't you notice something about the town?

Elisabeth: The town...? Hmm... Oh, now that you mention it...

Elisabeth: Nobody was preparing for Halloween. Everyone was locked up in their houses.

Mash: Isn't that because the queen in that pyramid banned all the festivities?

Robin Hood: No.

Robin Hood: The lack of activity was apparent long before she even came.

Elisabeth: ...Huh?

Robin Hood: Let me fill you in.

Robin Hood: You were so busy getting excited for Halloween that you left all your administrative duties in the lurch!

Elisabeth: ...Oh.

Robin Hood: Don't “Oh” me!

Robin Hood: And because you were doing nothing as leader, the townspeople didn't know if it was okay to get ready for the festival or not!

Robin Hood: Neither did your soldiers! They couldn't decide whether to go forward with the preparations or whether to stop them!

Robin Hood: You were the only one who was getting excited for Halloween, basically!

Elisabeth: Ahhhh...ahh...ahhhhh!

Nitocris: Th-That's really bad...

Elisabeth: ...That's... So that's it...

Ibaraki-Douji: So you alone got so swept up in Halloween fever that you forgot to order preparations to begin?

Ibaraki-Douji: I'm in shock. How can you be a ruler if you don't care for your people?

Ibaraki-Douji: A ruler must first ensure that their subordinates' bellies are full. Only then can the ruler eat. (Chomp chomp)

Elisabeth: B-But I was really busy preparing for the concert...

Mash: ...There's really no excuse for what you've done...

Elisabeth: Ugh... Wh-What should I do, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]? Uncle Vlad was really mad!

Fujimaru 1: Let's go get another scolding.

Elisabeth: Waaaahh...

Mash: Elisabeth, I understand how you feel, but...

Mash: We need to go back towards that gate to see the queen anyway...

Elisabeth: But Uncle Vlad's going to get mad again...

Nitocris: We can't do anything about that. But there's one way to apologize...

Nitocris: You need to make the festival a success.

Fujimaru 2: Let's make it the best Halloween ever.

Elisabeth: The best ever...? But how?

Robin Hood: ...Well, all you have to do is tell the townspeople that Halloween's begun.

Mash: That's right, Elisabeth! Let's start Halloween properly!

Elisabeth: Y-You're right! But how...?

Robin Hood: Hand out pumpkins, throw sweets, and have the little brats get their costumes ready.

Robin Hood: And then get rid of the wandering ghosts drawn to the festivities.

Elisabeth: ...G-Got it!

Ibaraki-Douji: Humph. Then make the announcement.

Elisabeth: Huh?

Ibaraki-Douji: Make the announcement. Tell everyone that the festival you promised them, the one with overflowing sweets, is set to begin.

Ibaraki-Douji: As a leader, you must be capable of such a proclamation. Especially given how loud you are usually.

Elisabeth: ...You're right. I can't just lip-synch along with some recording through a mic. My pride won't allow it.

Elisabeth: ...Here I go!

Elisabeth: This is Elisabeth Báthory, the ruler of Castle Csejte!

Elisabeth: I'm sorry I'm laaaaaate! But I have an announcement!

Elisabeth: ...Let the Halloween festivities commence!

Dr. Roman: Be careful! Elisabeth's proclamation made the dead burst from the ground!

Ibaraki-Douji: Haha! As I expected, your words made the dead scream in terror!

Ibaraki-Douji: It's time for this Halloween thing to begin! Come, Master!

Nitocris: I'm seeing lots of pumpkinheads! Let's smash them all!

Elisabeth: Master! I'll do my best!

Elisabeth: This time, I will do Halloween right!


Mash: We got a lot of pumpkins...

Nitocris: Let's give them to the people. This should get Halloween off to a good start.

Elisabeth: That's right. You gotta start with a strong opening act!

Section 9: "Halloween Declaration"

Mash: The townspeople still aren't celebrating Halloween. I'm not sure, but they don't seem very happy.

Elisabeth: Then let's start by making the place Halloween central! Right, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]?

Fujimaru 1: How?

Elisabeth: Huh!? Well, um...

Elisabeth: ...Once I decide something, shouldn't it just kind of happen?

Robin Hood: No, it shouldn't! Do you think you're some kind of spoiled princess?

Nitocris: We can't do it alone. Let's ask the townspeople for help.

Fujimaru 2: Let's all do it!

Robin Hood: Yeah. I'm with you.

Robin Hood: We won't get anywhere unless we ask the townspeople.

Elisabeth: ...R-Right! Time to order the pigs around!

Robin Hood: Nobody likes being called a pig. Explain to them what's going on properly. Come on, you're the ruler.

Elisabeth: What? But my fans love it!

Elisabeth: Even that Cock Robin chirped with joy! As its owner, that means you'd love it if I called you a pig too, right?

Robin Hood: I've got nothing to do with that fat thing! It just follows me everywhere!

Nitocris: Elisabeth, you mustn't assume all humans are the same.

Nitocris: If you want to make Halloween fun, then you must ask properly.

Elisabeth: F-Fine...

Robin Hood: Okay, let's split up and ask everyone we come across.

Robin Hood: We can hand out the pumpkins at the same time.

Nitocris: You're right. Let's reconvene here in two hours.

Robin Hood: Okay, see you then!

Elisabeth: Huh? Wait, where do I go?

Fujimaru 1: Follow me.

Mash: Elisabeth, come with us.

Mash: (We wouldn't want her to say things in a weird way and cause trouble...)

Elisabeth: Okay!

Ibaraki-Douji: Alright, I'll sit this one out. I'll be waiting here! (Chomp chomp)

Mash: Looks like we're all here.

Mash: We didn't have any luck... Master, this is depressing...

Nitocris: You too? ...Robin Hood, what about you?

Robin Hood: No good. Zilch.

Robin Hood: Still, people did seem to be looking forward to the festivities.

Mash: Oh, yes. I agree.

Mash: I don't think they were against Halloween per se, but they were not particularly open about any support either.

Elisabeth: Grrr... Unforgivable! Halloween's a festival kids and adults can both enjoy, and yet...

Nitocris: It seems that Elisabeth does not have enough respect as a ruler.

Nitocris: Add that to the fact that the queen in the pyramid banned Halloween and it's no wonder they're not on board.

Nitocris: ...Sheesh. What kind of queen would do that to a pyramid, anyway?

Elisabeth: Hey, what is it about me that's wrong?

H:All: The outfit (probably).



Queen's Knight: Halloween has been banned by— Oh, not you people again!?

Elisabeth: Oh, I know! Hey, you there!

Elisabeth: What do you think when you look at me?

Queen's Knight: What do I think?

Queen's Knight: You should hold back on showing your skin. It'll hurt if you get slashed.

Elisabeth: Zero fashion sense!

Mash: ...That sound... Oh no!

Ibaraki-Douji: Hmm? More commotion? Well, it has nothing to do with me.

Ibaraki-Douji: I've got this chocolate cake that the townspeople gave me to consume instead!

Ibaraki-Douji: Heh, heheheh... It feels like a waste to even eat it... Where should my first bite be?

Ibaraki-Douji: Gee... It looks good no matter where you begin... Aww... Heheh. You adorable little thing...

Ibaraki-Douji: I think I should take little nibbles from the side and—

Ibaraki-Douji: HEY! WHAT GIVES!?

Mash: You're...!

???: Oh, how sad...

???: It saddens me that the queen does not wish to see the town stained in the orange of Halloween...

Robin Hood: Huh? What's with this pretty boy?

Tristan: I am Tristan... Former Knight of the Round Table. Currently a Queen's Knight.

Tristan: Call me Tristan the Tragic... Or perhaps Tristan Who Sighs And Looks Out Upon the Setting Sun...

Robin Hood: Way too long!

???: You're an Archer. You needn't go out ahead—

Mash: Here's one more!

Mash: What the... Where's he going!?

Elisabeth: Huh? What was that?

Tristan: Wait! Where are you—


Mash: New enemy approaching, for sure this time!

Tristan: What's wrong, Lanc—

Mysterious Black Knight: SHUUUTTTTTT UPPPPPPPP!!!

Tristan: Eh...!? Why the sudden sleeper hold!?

Tristan: I give up! I give up! I give up! I'm tapping out! I'm tapping out!

Mash: They've started fighting each other! Master, let's take them out now!

Mash: ...Um, I don't really understand why...

Mash: ...but my body is telling me that black knight needs to get mashed up...

Mash: ...just like Gawain's potato dishes!

Fujimaru 1: Get him, Masherker!

Mash: Right! Prepare to die!

Fujimaru 2: D-Deep breaths!

Mash: R-Right! Mash Kyrielight, taking deep breaths!

Mash: In... Out... In... Out... In... Out... In... Out...

Mash: ...Okay, ready to crush him!

Elisabeth: She's too pumped up!

Tristan: It's the enemy! Th-The enemy's here! The enemy!

Mysterious Black Knight: ENEMYYYYYYYYY!

Mash: Now!


Mysterious Black Knight: LOSERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Tristan: We lost... How sad...

Queen's Knight: Sir Tristan and Sir Lan– I mean, the Mysterious Black Knight have been defeated!

Elisabeth: Anyway! This town is going to celebrate Halloween! I won't allow any complaints!

Elisabeth: That goes for you guys too. Here, wear these and go celebrate!

Queen's Knight: A jack-o'-lantern? Uh, wait, let me at least remove my helm—

Elisabeth: Save it.

Nitocris: Those knights ran away crying...

Robin Hood: Probably because you cursed those pumpkins with your Egyptian magecraft or what have you. They'll never come off now.

Elisabeth: Thank you, Nitocris!

Nitocris: ...Well, it is Halloween after all. Anyway, Elisabeth.

Nitocris: Now the townspeople can prepare for the festivities without having to be afraid of the queen.

Elisabeth: That's true! Okay, everyone! We drove all the knights away!

Elisabeth: Feel safe to openly celebrate Halloween!

Mysterious Black Knight: GOOOOOOOOOD...

Tristan: You seem quite happy, considering we lost...

Tristan: Still, I'm glad too.

Tristan: She matures fast... I was so sure it would've taken at least ten years...

Mysterious Black Knight: QUEEEEEEEEEEEN!

Tristan: Yes. Now she has won the right to face the queen.

Tristan: Now it's a question of whether or not she can surpass her. This is something we must see with our own eyes.

Mysterious Black Knight: ESCAAAAAAAAAAAPE!

Tristan: Yes, let's take flight. Quietly now.

Robin Hood: Hey, they're fleeing!

Tristan: Easy.

Nitocris: How rude...!

Nitocris: The vanquished should hang their heads and await punishment!

Nitocris: Surround them, Medjed!

Tristan: How sad... But naturally, a knight never gives up! Not until he draws his last breath!

Tristan: The game is not over until the whistle blows...!

Mysterious Black Knight: WINNERRRRRRRRRRR!

Tristan: Now, let us escape!

Ibaraki-Douji: ...So, it was you.

Tristan: Step aside, young one. You're clearly not one of us.

Tristan: As you can see, I am the embodiment of chivalrous ideals, dreams, and realities. I would never lay a hand on a woman.

Tristan: That holds true even for non-humans like you. In fact, if you were a decade or so older, I would have liked to have dinner with you.

Tristan: ...However, given the murderous look on your face, I shall use an Evade skill on myself. Just to be safe.

Ibaraki-Douji: That wind-cutting bow of yours... So you're the scumbag responsible!

Ibaraki-Douji: “Great Grudge of Rashomon”!

Tristan: Oh my...! A Noble Phantasm that removes buffs... How awful!

Ibaraki-Douji: Here's another one for you!

Ibaraki-Douji: Go, Sogen-bi! You're going to pay for what you did to my cake!

Ibaraki-Douji: “Great Grudge of Rashomon”! Raaarrrrgh!

Tristan: Two in a row! How... agile...

Mysterious Black Knight: STUUUUUPIIIIIIIID!!

Ibaraki-Douji: Hm, not good. I should have sent them flying the opposite way.

Nitocris: They went flying towards the pyramid. ...It's like we set them free ourselves.

Ibaraki-Douji: Th-Things like that happen in battle, you know. It's not my fault!

Fujimaru 1: (In Shuten's ASMR voice) Oh, but it is.

Ibaraki-Douji: Eeeeeek! Shuten!? Shuten, I–Why yooou...!!

Mash: Amazing, Master. That impression was not good at all, but it had an intensity to it.

Fujimaru 2: (In Shuten's ASMR voice) All your fault, Ibaraki. How sad...

Ibaraki-Douji: Nyafu!? ...Huh, Shuten? No? Where'd she go?

Ibaraki-Douji: ...Why you...! What trickery is this!?

Mash: There, there, Ibaraki. Calm down.

Elisabeth: Anyway, this town has been liberated!

Elisabeth: Even if the queen tries to stop the festivities, there's no way they ever will!

Elisabeth: Ahh, the world is filled with the happiness of Halloween...! It makes me want to burst out singing!

Robin Hood: Let's not do that. We'll just get sent back to the starting point again.

Elisabeth: Why's that!?

Mash: ...Oh? The children...

H:Child: Yayyy, trick or treat!

Mash: Oh, m-me!? I'm sorry... I don't have any candy...

H:Child: Then trick it is!

Fujimaru 1: Yes, trick!

Mash: Master, you too!?

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Fou just gave them the sesame buns that the doctor was hiding!

H:Child: Yay, sweets!

Mash: ...Phew. You saved me, Fou.

Fou: Fou fou.

Ibaraki-Douji: Hrmm, hrmm. (Om nom nom)

Ibaraki-Douji: Hey, it's not enough. And I'm tired of this flavor already.

Ibaraki-Douji: I want something a little more like confectionery!

Mash: Oh, I'm sorry. How about these macarons then...?

Ibaraki-Douji: What are these? They look great! Such vibrant colors!

Ibaraki-Douji: And this texture... They're soft, but solid enough to be broken apart... Ah! They're all mushy inside!

Ibaraki-Douji: Oh, wait. What's this? They have different flavors and colors!? Matcha! Chestnut! Strawberry! Pistachio!

Ibaraki-Douji: It's like a kaleidoscope of sweets!

Dr. Roman: Yeah, kids love macarons... No wonder they hit the spot for Ibaraki-Douji...

H:Child: Halloween's so fun!

H:Mother: Yes it is, very fun.

H:Father: Look, it's a pumpkin monster!

Mash: ...

Mash: It's finally starting to feel like Halloween. Right, Master?

Fujimaru 1: This is how it should be.

Mash: Exactly!

Nitocris: To properly hold and run a festival is also the job of a pharaoh.

Nitocris: I hope that child begins to understand that soon.

Fujimaru 2: Halloween sure is fun.

Robin Hood: Well, people need to take breaks at times. Although as a person coming from the forest, I hate rowdy places.

Ibaraki-Douji: You say that, but I know you're secretly handing out candy to the kids.

Robin Hood: What!? But I never sensed your eyes on me!

Ibaraki-Douji: Kahahaha, I disguised myself as a child and received some too!

Robin Hood: Have you no shame...?

Ibaraki-Douji: Humph, call me clever, you spineless candyman. I just have a different sense of pride, that is all.

Elisabeth: Now let's go pay the queen a visit! My concert will—No, never mind. The concert is also important, but...

Elisabeth: But most of all, in order for everyone to enjoy Halloween, we need to take her out!

Fou: Fou...

Mash: I kind of understand what you're trying to say, Fou.

Mash: Even as a Heroic Spirit stopped in time, one can still understand and learn something new.

Nitocris: ...That is true.

Nitocris: Even if it is like a single night's dream, the experience will not have been in vain.

Nitocris: Mash Kyrielight.

Mash: Yes?

Nitocris: ...I'm sorry, it's nothing. It doesn't seem like you need my words of advice.

Mash: H-Huh...?

Nitocris: Now, let us go. And let us face that gatekeeper once more.

Elisabeth: ...By the way, maybe one song wouldn't hurt before we go...?


Section 10: "Pumpkin Harvest! Part 1"

Elisabeth: There's another pumpkin here! It's harvesting time!

Mash: Can you really call it harvesting if it's just taking pumpkins off their heads?

Section 11: "Pumpkin Harvest! Part 2"

Nitocris: There's even pumpkins in my cave...! Let's slay them right away.

Nitocris: My apologies, Elisabeth, but this cave does not need any Halloween decorations!

Nitocris: The reason is... Yes, the reason is...

Nitocris: ...jack-o'-lanterns have too much overlap with the Medjed design!


Elisabeth: All right, that'll do for today. We'll harvest more pumpkins tomorrow!

Section 12: "Pumpkin Harvest! Part 3"

Elisabeth: It's freezing, so run through as fast you can!

Ibaraki-Douji: Right. I love the feeling of a cold piece of chocolate melting in my mouth, but it's so cold my teeth will break over it!

Section 13: "Pumpkin Harvest! Part 4"

Mash: ...It seems those three aren't here.

Fujimaru 1: Let's hurry!

Ibaraki-Douji: R-Right. I don't know what they'll do now that they figured out they were tricked, and I don't want to know!

Section 14: "Let's Sing a Song"

Elisabeth: ...Um, uh... Trick or treat, Uncle Vlad!

Vlad III: I can hear the festival... Did you yourself realize why I was angry, or did someone bring it to your attention?

Vlad III: If the former, then you show some promise.

Vlad III: If the latter, then they showed you sympathy.

Vlad III: The verdict looks only at the results. If the people were satisfied, then you have the right to proceed.

Elisabeth: Uncle Vlad!

Vlad III: However, in this form I am especially strict with you.

Vlad III: You have committed many sins...

Vlad III: One of which I, having become a Heroic Spirit, simply cannot ignore.

Vlad III: ...I won't say to atone for it with death. For there is no way to atone.

Elisabeth: ...!

Vlad III: As a king, I demonstrate magnanimity while I suffer within. But as a warrior, I shall never show mercy toward wickedness.

Vlad III: You... Evil killer who committed depraved acts, toyed with the citizens, and thought it only natural to be ignorant...

Vlad III: Your sins are a nightmare from which no one can wake, even after 100 years. What you have done is committed a crime engraved in history.

Vlad III: It is time you return to the darkness where no one can venture. I shall slaughter every last one of you.


Vlad III: ...I would have never thought my skill with a lance would come up short against a fictional creature–a vampire.

Vlad III: I must be the one who is unworthy.

Elisabeth: U-Um... Uncle Vlad?

Vlad III: You have no right to call me that. You should refer to me as “uncle” when I'm summoned as king.

Vlad III: I told you before. Each different aspect of a particular hero manifests as its own distinct Servant.

Vlad III: Like what has happened with me here, now.

Elisabeth: But, but even so... you're still Uncle Vlad.

Elisabeth: ...Even though you may hate me.

Elisabeth: Even though I may have done things that are unforgivable.

Vlad III: You have indeed. You committed a sin... though the world may not consider it that way.

Vlad III: That sin is not even engraved upon your Spirit Origin. After all, that world has been forgotten.

Vlad III: ...But I shall never forget.

Vlad III: You denied the final integrity of my light, my wife, my love.

Vlad III: For her sake, I will not forgive you. Even if she herself may have...

Elisabeth: ...

Mash: Elisabeth...

Robin Hood: ...I see. I somewhat recall it too. Man, humanity being in a state of flux is a nuisance.

Robin Hood: That Vlad III and Elisabeth had a bit of a history together.

Robin Hood: This isn't about who's right and who's wrong.

Robin Hood: The World isn't concerned by human values like virtue. It will just adopt whatever means are useful to guarantee the continuation of its existence.

Robin Hood: Whether it's a young lady who tries to atone for her grave sins, even if she knows no shame...

Robin Hood: ...or the conviction of a gentleman who won't accept any kind of atonement, but just seeks to punish every evil act... The World considers them equally sinful.

Dr. Roman: ...Right. They're the same, so it will choose the one that's more effective–even someone evil, if it means preserving humanity.

Dr. Roman: If humanity's preservation isn't wished for, they won't be allowed to be summoned as a Heroic Spirit. Even if they stand for righteousness.

Dr. Roman: But if that's the case, it means even Vlad III wishes for the preservation of humanity.

Dr. Roman: After all, he was summoned as a Servant this time.

Ibaraki-Douji: ...I think you're right. I hate humans. I don't like them and I don't trust them.

Ibaraki-Douji: That being said, I have no intention of destroying their world. After all, humans are useful for a number of things.

Ibaraki-Douji: I exist because humans, my enemies, exist. In a world without humans, neither Shuten nor I would be summoned.

Ibaraki-Douji: Isn't that true, Red Horns? No matter how many sins you've committed...

Ibaraki-Douji: No one can reject your being here right now. As long as you don't wish for “nothingness,” you'll be a Heroic Spirit like the rest of us.

Ibaraki-Douji: Of course, as an Anti-Hero... A sacrifice whose role is to lose to the Heroic Spirits.

Elisabeth: ...You're right. Thanks, Ibaraki. I'm grateful.

Elisabeth: Now then... Sorry for making you wait, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]. Come! To the final battle with the queen!

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, let's go!

Elisabeth: Nice reaction! Thank you, Fujimaru!

Elisabeth: After we take the castle back, I'll let you help me prepare for my concert!

Mash: Ah, Master's face suddenly went pale.

Fujimaru 2: I'll follow you anywhere, Elly!

Elisabeth: Heh... It makes my heart flutter to be called a pet name by a fan...!

Elisabeth: All right, I'll specially reserve a front-row seat for you at my concert!

Dr. Roman: What's wrong!?

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru is displaying signs of being in an incredibly agitated mental state...!



???: Mmmm, don't tell me they really made it!? Were my countermeasures too flimsy!?

???: No, no, calm down. Calm down. Everyone makes mistakes. I'm no exception.

???: Rather, a beautiful queen is the only one allowed to make careless mistakes. Paradoxically, those mistakes are what make her a queen in the first place!

???: Yes, that's right. That proves I'm not at fault here. Therefore...

???: Rise, you useless loser knights! Next up is an all-out war.

???: The time has come to make it clear who's best suited to rule this land!

???: I too... have a wish, and to make it come true, I shall continue being the queen!

???: That is the agreement I made with that person!

Section 15: "Trick or Treat!"

Tristan: Welcome. Thank you for coming.

Elisabeth: Hey, it's the knights that ran away.

Tristan: That depends on how you look at it. Things must be observed from up high...

Tristan: This is called a “bird's-eye view.” It looked like I was about to lose, so I, Tristan the Sad, threw the match.

Tristan: In other words, by giving up on winning, I avoided defeat. I am a quick-witted man almost to the point of sadness...

Mash: That is certainly sad, in every sense of the word...

Mysterious Black Knight: FWWWWUUUUUUUUUU...

Mash: Master, I have a strange feeling about that black knight. Trying to whistle but not quite getting it and whatnot.

Mash: We should focus on taking them out right here... Or perhaps we could just have a nice, long chat...

Fujimaru 1: W-Will you be okay?

Mash: ...Yes. Either way, that black knight is our enemy.

Fujimaru 2: Mash, relax.

Mash: I'm fine. I'm calm right now! Now, let's fight!

Tristan: (Oh, how terrible... That seemingly gentle girl has the menacing look of an executioner.)

Tristan: (What did you do to make her hate you so much?)

Mysterious Black Knight: (I'm sorry... But I don't remember. I think it's some sort of misunderstanding. She'll calm down soon enough.)

Tristan: (Really...? So it's not dangerous? As in something that would end up involving me?)

Mysterious Black Knight: (N-No, it's nothing, probably.)

Tristan: Good to know. Ahem. Her Majesty awaits. This way, please.

Elisabeth: We finally get to see her... [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet], get psyched.

Elisabeth: Don't get fooled by her unorthodox attitude and appearance.

Elisabeth: Inside there's a nastiness boiling up like a poisonous stew!

Nitocris: Do you know her True Name?

Elisabeth: Nope, not at all!

Nitocris: ...Well, given that there's a pyramid, it must be someone who has something to do with me.

Nitocris: ...Let me double-check. She really is a queen, right?

Nitocris: Because I'll be forced to surrender if it turns out to be some extravagant man with eyes like the sun and a beautiful voice...

Elisabeth: Don't worry. She's a woman for sure. Just her true nature is different.

Elisabeth: I may be a dragon, but she's a snake–a fiercely venomous one at that!

C:???: I see you haven't learned anything from your two defeats. How dare you come here, you little lizard!

C:???: I fail to understand how you are so pathetic, but I shall praise you for surviving this hell twice!

C:???: But you are still merely a girl crazy about Halloween! To someone tempered by the hot desert sand like myself, you—

C:???: ...Am I seeing things? Is there one less of you? ...Wait. You look stronger than before!

Elisabeth: Heh, for you to notice that... That's some observation you got there.

Elisabeth: Yes, I was born once more through a Palingenesis-like process from the humiliation of having everything taken from me, and my own self-denial...

Elisabeth: I am the muscle-based idol that has become a Saber-class Servant, Elisabeth Báthory (Brave)!

Fujimaru 1: Oh I get it now...! (At last)

Robin Hood: That's right. Everyone just kept quiet.

Nitocris: Really? I honestly thought she was a salamander Heroic Spirit...

Elisabeth: I'm not a fire lizard! I'm a female hero! A noble heroine blessed by a dragon! Someone who never sings out of tune!

Fujimaru 2: You just came up with that on the spot, didn't you?

Elisabeth: ...Hehe. I've actually been thinking about it for a while, just didn't have a chance to say it.

C:???: Are you done yet? Eyes back on me!

C:???: Ahem. Anyway, you've done well to make your way here, heroes! I shall praise you for your spirit!

Fujimaru 1: So beautiful...!

C:???: Heh. I'm tired of hearing that, but thank you! It's good to be honest!

Fujimaru 2: ...!

C:???: Indeed. A beauty so great you would lose your words. That is I!

C:???: If you understand, then bow to the ground until you bang your head! I'll also allow you to take photos of me, this time only!

Tristan: Bow before Her Majesty. You're not going to listen to me anyway, but...

C:???: Don't just tell them without even meaning it, you dumb dodo! You do nothing but fail!

C:???: It's your own incompetence that has allowed them to come this far! As punishment, do a handstand over there!

C:???: But don't stop playing the harp!

Tristan: So sad... So backbreaking. But if Her Majesty commands it, I must obey.

Elisabeth: You can actually do it!?

C:???: Also...

Mysterious Black Knight: ...

C:???: It seems that the current situation is punishment enough for Sir Anonymous here. Very well, I will let him off the hook.

Mash: No, I think it's only fair that he gets punished too. Specifically, he has to take off his helmet or show us his face.

Mysterious Black Knight: ...!!!

Elisabeth: Umm... Mash...? You're acting kinda scary...

Mash: R-Really?

Mash: Sorry... When I look at that indecisive black knight, my heart becomes as jagged as a Saint Quartz...

C:???: So you get irritated. That was a nice way to put it.

C:???: I completely understand how you feel, but have your fight elsewhere.

C:???: It's a drag, but first I have my duty as a ruler.

C:???: Elisabeth Báthory, the fact that you've made it here means you finally understand, yes?

Elisabeth: ...Yes.

Elisabeth: I got too excited over the Halloween concert and neglected my duties as ruler.

Elisabeth: ...I was too immature to rule over the common pigs.

C:???: Yes, it is pure stupidity for those who stand on top to seek something other than being at the top!

C:???: To be served you need a reason to be served. Or you need fervor!

C:???: That reason may be that you're as beautiful as the heavens. It could be that you wield power, even though you're hideous.

Elisabeth: Oh, that stings... I'm as beautiful as the heavens, but I chose the life of an idol...

C:???: No, I'm the beautiful one. You're the powerful one.

C:???: You said it yourself just a second ago. You're the muscle-based idol, Lowland Gorilla Báthory.

Elisabeth: I didn't say that! Only the Báthory part is right!

C:???: Now that you mention it, you're right, but who cares about the small things! We're having an important discussion right now!

Elisabeth: That's my line! I've never had so much trouble talking to someone before!

Elisabeth: Just who are you?!

Elisabeth: You act like some sort of model, but what Heroic Spirit are you?!

C:???: Isn't it obvious? A queen who rules with beauty! Whose name is synonymous with beauty!

C:???: If you asked a hundred people who that queen is, they would all tell you my name!

C:???: Yes, my name! My beautiful name is...!

Fujimaru 1: Well, that'd be Cleopatra.

Fujimaru 2: Obviously, Cleopatra.

Elisabeth: Seriously?! You mean that Paris Fashion Week girl is Queen Cleopatra...!?

Cleopatra: Ohohohoho. Even a girl with the bare minimum of nobility like you knows my name.

Cleopatra: Then I shall ask again. Can you compete against my beauty?

Elisabeth: ...This is bad. When it comes to whose Heroic Spirit is more beautiful, she has the upper hand...

Elisabeth: No matter how you look at it, my style is more modern, but I can't beat her brand reputation...

Fujimaru 1: Modern?

Fujimaru 2: Style?

Elisabeth: What, are you saying my bikini armor is old-school!? It's totally modern! Right!?

Nitocris: Yes, I think that outfit is good. It would make perfect sense in Ancient Egypt.

Elisabeth: I know, right? Finally somebody from Egypt gets me!

Robin Hood: To me you both look the sa—No, never mind.

Robin Hood: But, well, in terms of looking dignified, the queen over there is on a different level. Her self-confidence has no limits.

Ibaraki-Douji: I don't know what to say. My standards of beauty are different from humans' to begin with.

Ibaraki-Douji: That being said... Hahahahaha!

Ibaraki-Douji: Master! Master! She has an ulterior motive, and a malicious one at that.

Ibaraki-Douji: Like she'll bite you or tear you up if you get close. Well, I guess for a demon, that's pretty beautiful!

Cleopatra: Hmm... You're not human, huh? Then it makes sense you can't understand me.

Cleopatra: And also...

Nitocris: ...

Cleopatra: You...

Nitocris: Quiet, Cleopatra. I simply ended up on this side by chance this time.

Nitocris: I am just a normal Caster, a mage. You just need to live up to your beliefs without wavering.

Cleopatra: ...Yes.

Cleopatra: So, Elisabeth, let me ask you again. Do you intend to compete with my beauty?

Cleopatra: Ha...hahahaha! Ohohoho! No way, that would be impossible! That's not even a contest!

Cleopatra: If you're a woman, then you know there's nothing more terrifying than being judged based on your beauty!

Cleopatra: I am the world-renowned Cleopatra! That contest would only make you lose face...

Elisabeth: Huh? I can compete.

Cleopatra: ...What was that?

Elisabeth: It's true that if we're just talking how our bodies look, my physical age might put me at a very slight disadvantage...

Elisabeth: In any event, diversification is in right now. There are more standards of beauty now than there were in the past. Espeeeeecially...

Elisabeth: Yes! What about cuteness? I sing, dance, and smile for my pig fans!

Elisabeth: That's something only an idol like me can do! And something a queen, who is served on every day, cannot!

Cleopatra: In other words, you're not someone that rules over others...

Elisabeth: That's right! Your Majesty, I challenge you to a duel! As an idol!

Elisabeth: Oh, and of course I'll take up the reins of government. An idol can rule just fine.

Cleopatra: How dare you... How dare you... You have no idea how mad your proposal makes me...!

Cleopatra: Beauty is born from intelligence. Thus, ruling is carried out through beauty...!

Cleopatra: Ruling over the masses merely because you're “cute”... As a queen, I won't allow such happy-go-lucky attitudes!

Mash: (I kind of get why Cleopatra is mad...)

Robin Hood: (No, Elisabeth is just that selfish. After all, she's an Anti-Hero...someone who's been making mistakes her whole life.)

Elisabeth: I'm an idol, and the mistress of Castle Csejte!

Elisabeth: Servants get summoned as Lancers, Casters, and so on, right?

Elisabeth: Just like Uncle Vlad accepted me for who I am and didn't forgive me—

Elisabeth: I'm greedy, prideful, and selfish. That's why both versions of me are important!

Elisabeth: I won't give up on either one!

Cleopatra: So you're not going to give up...on either of you? This is why regional rulers are so annoying...!

Cleopatra: Very well, we'll see just how long you can keep that attitude. I'll test you!

Cleopatra: ...At the end of the day, you're just spouting nonsense! Drown in the beauty of Cleopatra...and die!


Tristan: ...Splendid. This is different than before. A complete defeat...

Tristan: Ha... Excellent. Truly excellent. A splended defeat is quite exhilarating.

Mysterious Black Knight: (I'm not sure about that... I feel like we fought for nothing...!)

Cleopatra: ...I can't believe it. I didn't think I would lose...

Elisabeth: The match is over! You're going to give me back Castle Csejte!

Elisabeth: And do something about this pyramid! Actually, don't bring this kind of stuff in here!

Cleopatra: ...That's... kind of difficult...

Elisabeth: What?

Cleopatra: ...Well, I'm not the one who brought this pyramid here.

Elisabeth: Then who dropped this annoying thing on my castle?!

Cleopatra: Well...

G:???: IT WAS ME!

Elisabeth: Who are you!?

Nitocris: Th-That voice...!?

Nitocris: It can't be?! It couldn't, could it!?

Ozymandias: If you want to know who I am, I shall answer. I am Ozymandias, the king who rules the sun!!

Ozymandias: Hahahaha! Cleopatra! They've completely crushed you!

Cleopatra: H-How embarrassing! As someone who holds the name of pharaoh, I have fallen hard...!

Cleopatra: I cannot bear any additional embarrassment. Please sever my head!

Elisabeth: I don't want you making a bloody mess here! We're going to decorate for Halloween!

Ozymandias: Yes. Just as that thin girl over there says. We need to decorate this castle now.

Ozymandias: Your blood would ruin the festival. Your punishment will be to sit there and take your shame!

Cleopatra: Yes, Your Majesty!

Dr. Roman: Ozymandias... In other words, Ramesses II! To think someone so important would show up in this weird Singularity...!

Dr. Roman: It's like an adult showing up to a kid's event, you know!?

Ozymandias: Adults have fun, too. Grown-ups enjoy this kind of levity!

Ozymandias: But that's why you should not worry. I will not fight.

Ozymandias: Cleopatra was ruling over this pyramid, and was defeated by you.

Nitocris: I would have never thought Your Majesty... If you had given me word... I wouldn't have joined their side...

Ozymandias: Heh. Don't say that, Nitocris. I told Cleopatra to keep her mouth shut.

Nitocris: I-I'm not displeased at all! My apologies for slipping my tongue!

Elisabeth: ...Umm, I'm not really following what you guys are saying. Why are people from Egypt here?


Elisabeth: Whyaun!?

Elisabeth: I can't help it! I don't know if I'm being disrespectful! I don't know what's going on!

Robin Hood: That's right. You guys really have no connection to this place whatsoever, so why are you here?

Ozymandias: Umph, No Face King of the Forest.

Ozymandias: ...Very well. It's no fun just seeing you all rack your brains.

Ozymandias: Then I shall ask you. Does anyone know the final moments of this woman, Cleopatra?

Cleopatra: ...

Mash: Y-Yes.

Mash: They say she committed suicide after her husband Antonius, general of the Roman army...

Mash: ...lost to Augustus in the naval battle of Actium and later died.

Ozymandias: That's right. The Ptolemaic Kingdom quickly collapsed and the country disappeared.

Ozymandias: Leaving her as the last pharaoh.

Cleopatra: ...

Ozymandias: And thus, she has avoided wishing for anything, and refused to be summoned as a Servant until now.

Mash: ...What do you mean?

Ozymandias: She has a personal desire.

Ozymandias: And it's something that won't come true unless she participates in a Holy Grail War as a Servant.

Ozymandias: But it's not a wish as a pharaoh. It's a selfish desire you could find anywhere on the streets.

Ozymandias: She feels so responsible for the destruction of her country that she has locked it away in her heart.

Ozymandias: Thinking that someone that has done what she did should not be allowed to have a wish!

Ozymandias: But I don't think it's something to be suffering over for a thousand or so years, so I gave her an opportunity.

Ozymandias: To rule this upside-down pyramid as queen...

Ozymandias: ...Until Halloween ends.

Ozymandias: And had she done that, I would have granted her wish with the Holy Grail I was given.

Mash: A Holy Grail...!?

Ozymandias: And then you lost. You have no objections. Right, Cleopatra?

Cleopatra: ...Correct.

Cleopatra: I realized that it's wrong for someone like me to hope for something.

Ozymandias: I see, and so you're going to suppress that wish and turn your back on it for the rest of eternity, then!?

Cleopatra: That is the least I can do to atone for destroying my country.

Elisabeth: ...

Mash: ...

Nitocris: ...

Ozymandias: ...Heh.

Cleopatra: ?

Ozymandias: Hahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha!! That's your answer!?

Ozymandias: Ridiculous! Anubis would be holding his belly laughing, I imagine! Did you hear that, thin girl?!

Elisabeth: I told you to call me Elisabeth! Or if you want to be more friendly, Elly is also good!

Ozymandias: Huh. I see. In that case, Elly, or whatever, if you have something to say, you should say it now!

Ozymandias: I appreciate that ridiculous arrogance of yours!

Mash: Did you just say Elly!?

Elisabeth: Then I'll say it.

Elisabeth: Umm... You know, Cleopatra... You're an...

Elisabeth: IDIOT!

Elisabeth: Aren't you?

Cleopatra: What...!?

Elisabeth: Didn't I tell you? That I would be both an idol and a ruler!?

Elisabeth: You can be a pha... pharaoh? and have a personal desire at the same time!

Elisabeth: Take part in a bunch of Holy Grail Wars, and do your best to get it granted!

Elisabeth: Why can't you do the things that I can do?

Elisabeth: You can do it right? I bet you could do it while you dance gracefully even.

Cleopatra: That's...!

Elisabeth: I don't want to say this, but...

Elisabeth: I got all excited about being an idol, I forgot about Halloween, so you might have ruled a bit... better, maybe.

Elisabeth: You can have your own personal desires!

Cleopatra: ...Are you sure... I don't know if I can—

Elisabeth: It's fine! You think so too, right [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]?

Ozymandias: Humanity's final Master, Fujimaru! You look like you want to say something.

Ozymandias: It's fine! Finish her off! Don't hold back and tell her!

Fujimaru 1: You can be selfish.

Cleopatra: Selfish...

Cleopatra: ...You're right. I've wanted to be, this entire time.

Fujimaru 2: You do you, Cleopatra.

Cleopatra: Be...myself... You're right.

Cleopatra: That's what I've been trying to be this whole time, but...

Cleopatra: At some point, all I could think about was being a pharaoh...

Cleopatra: Sun King, Ozymandias. Incarnation of Horus, Queen Nitocris.

Cleopatra: Please forgive me. From this day forth, I will accept myself for who I am, and not just be a pharaoh.

Nitocris: I forgive you. Become the strength needed for those that follow you. Act like the name you have carved into history.

Ozymandias: I too grant forgiveness. Have the name of Cleopatra shine brightly, arrogantly, and proudly!

Cleopatra: ...Fujimaru.

Cleopatra: My name is Cleopatra VII. A former pharaoh.

Cleopatra: From this day forward, I will answer the summons as a Heroic Spirit and protect human history.

Cleopatra: When that happens, I will use this beautiful face, this voice, this body to be an Assassin class Servant.

Cleopatra: In other words... My glory is wasted on you. Give it up and resign yourself to it!

Fujimaru 1: I'd welcome you any time!

Cleopatra: ...

Cleopatra: Th-That was a good answer, Fujimaru! You've been wonderful this far. Now you just need to rest!

Elisabeth: All right. Everything's good now!

Ibaraki-Douji: Mhh. So is everything done here? (Crunch, crunch)

Mash: Ibaraki-Douji... Slow down when you eat. There will be plenty of candy once Halloween begins.

Ibaraki-Douji: I'm not eating. I'm not eating any candy.

Elisabeth: ...So what was that selfish wish, anyway?

Cleopatra: Th-That...

Nitocris: I've never heard of your wish. Would you tell us, if you don't mind?

Cleopatra: Yes, if that's what you want, Your Majesty. My wish... Well, I have several, but...

Cleopatra: I'd like to see the man I loved one more time. I don't really want to get back together with him, but...

Cleopatra: I still remember...

Cleopatra: The day he whispered sweet nothings into my ear while holding me in his slender but strong arms...

Cleopatra: His chiseled features, his cheek bones ever so tempting... And he was so sincere...

Cleopatra: Yes... I'd like to see my Caesar again...!

Mash: ...

Fou: ...

Robin Hood: ...

Nitocris: ...

Ozymandias: ...

Elisabeth: ...

Mysterious Black Knight: ...

Tristan: ...

Ibaraki-Douji: What happened? Has the last boss made their appearance?

Fujimaru 1: Everyone, emergency huddle.

Mash: Master...

Elisabeth: This is bad. She's talking about THAT Caesar, right?

Mash: Yes, Caesar, one of the three least trustworthy Servants in Chaldea, and almost always the mastermind behind everything.

Dr. Roman: ...By the way, this is what Chaldea's Caesar looks like.

Ozymandias: ...!

Nitocris: Gahgh!?

Mash: ...They both passed out.

Mash: Oh no. It looks like King Ozymandias is holding his stomach and trying to hold back his laughter...

Robin Hood: Yeah, it's quite a shock to see Caesar for the first time...

Fujimaru 1: Should we tell her the truth?

Mash: ...I don't think we should... We would be destroying her dream...

Elisabeth: ...But we should tell her someday.

Tristan: How sad... People change... They say aging isn't ugly, but...

Tristan: ...This goes beyond aging... Please forget this song...

Tristan: This is definitely a severe case of stress eating... Oh, how sad...

Tristan: I have only seen this level of stress in Agravain...

Fou: Fou...

Cleopatra: You look like you're having fun over there! Let me join in too!

Cleopatra: And why are the great pharaohs collapsed on the floor like they had a sudden stomach ache or something!?

Mash: H-Hold on a second!

Dr. Roman: Huh? What's wrong? Did you call me? Want me to answer?

Dr. Roman: W-Wait. Hold on! Don't just Rayshift without my permi—

Mash: Doctor? Doctor...!?

Mash: H-He really did Rayshift...!

Elisabeth: This is bad! That means...!

???: VENI!

Cleopatra: ...! This voice...!

Mash: Oh... He really did come...

???: VIDI!

Cleopatra: My Caesar...!? To think I can meet you again at last!

Cleopatra: I-I need a mirror. Does anyone have a mirror!?

Cleopatra: Is my makeup running? We were just fighting after all! Is it okay? Is it okay!?

???: Now all I have to do is show myself!

Cleopatra: My Cae—

Caesar: IT IS I!

Cleopatra: WHAT!?

Caesar: Hahaha. It's been a while, Cleopatra. Hmm? I guess this is the first time meeting each other as Servants.

Cleopatra: ...

Cleopatra: ...

Cleopatra: ... (THUD)

Mash: Yeah, I thought so...

Ibaraki-Douji: I guess she couldn't accept reality and escaped it by fainting...

Ibaraki-Douji: Humans are frail beings. They should just be positive as long as they have something to strive for.

Mash: Oh, a Holy Grail fragment came out. I'm going to collect it.

Cleopatra: ...Uuugh... Round... I saw something round... Rolling... Rolling around... Uuuugh...

Elisabeth: ...I can't tell her to leave with the pyramid right now...

Elisabeth: Let's have her rest here until her emotional scars heal.

Mash: Once Halloween starts, she might calm down a little bit too.

Mash: Yes, let's all have a very fun Halloween for her sake too!

Caesar: Very well! So who should I trick—I mean, persuade?

Caesar: I haven't made much of an appearance lately! My wit is so sharp right now, it's on par with a Lancer!

Mash: You should stay away until Cleopatra's emotional scars heal...

Fou: Fou...