The Garden of Sinners/The Garden of Order


Fujimaru 1: ...Another strange dream, Mash.

Fujimaru 2: ...It's a really warm dream, Fou.

F:???: Oh my. For a guest to arrive here... Is this some kind of mistake?

F:???: If you're dreaming, go back to where you came from.

F:???: This is a place without boundaries. You have a name, so you shouldn't be here.

Fujimaru 1: Well, I woke up here...

Fujimaru 2: I didn't come here because I wanted to...

F:???: You didn't want to be here? In that case... Hehe, sorry.

F:???: Looks like our connection was made from this side. Let me apologize while I can, Fujimaru.

F:???: I'm asleep and thus unaware of what's going on outside. But I can take a guess.

F:???: I'm sure it's just another hack-and-slash type of case without a hint of romance.

F:???: What a disaster, busy Master. But it's a good thing to have things you can do, things you must do.

F:???: ...Yes, rather than talk about myself, I would love to talk more about your future, but...

F:???: Too bad, the night is almost over. Seems like this dream is about to end.

F:???: If we meet again, could you please call me by my name?

Dr. Roman: Hi, I know it's only midnight, but good morning, Fujimaru. Sorry to wake you up.

Dr. Roman: However, it's an emergency, so I contacted you anyway. I'm sorry, but please come to the Command Room immediately.

Mash: Senpai!

Fou: Fou, Foou!

Fujimaru 1: Good evening, Mash.

Mash: Yes, good evening, Senpai. This will be a night shift, so thank you for all your hard work.

Fujimaru 2: Good morning, Mash.

Mash: Good morning... Meaning, you were already sleeping, Senpai?

Mash: I think it's good to sleep early. It means you're someone with dreams and hopes.

Mash: —Oops, now is not the time for greetings.

Mash: Doctor Roman requested an urgent dispatch. Hurry to the Command Room, Master!

Fujimaru 1: Right, let's get going!

Fou: Fou!

Fujimaru 2: ...Hey, isn't it kind of quiet?

Mash: Now that you mention it... Chaldea does feel kind of empty...

Mash: Usually, you'll see a lot of non-assigned Servants strolling through these hallways...

Mash: But tonight of all nights, we didn't run into anyone...

Dr. Roman: Ah, both of you are here. That saves me time in explaining.

Dr. Roman: Now, then, please look at the monitor. Around Japan on the world map.

Mash: Is it Singularity F? I thought we already recovered the Holy Grail at those coordinates.

Dr. Roman: Not Fuyuki, but next to it. You can see a strange distortion, right?

Dr. Roman: It's been under observation for several days.

Dr. Roman: At first, I thought it was a small error caused by the fluctuation of Singularity F's repair.

Dr. Roman: But it wouldn't disappear even after a considerate amount of time. Then I tried changing Sheba's observation angle...

Mash: There are signs of life! But these coordinates should have been incinerated!

Dr. Roman: Oh, and that's not all.

Dr. Roman: I only detected a few life forms, but I picked up countless moving objects.

Dr. Roman: On top of that, no matter how much I adjust Sheba, I can't get a read on the scale and era of these coordinates.

Dr. Roman: It's a complete black box. We won't know what's going on unless we Rayshift there.

Fujimaru 1: So, is it a new Singularity?

Dr. Roman: I'm sorry, but I can't even be sure about that. Humanity has been destroyed, and the outside world incinerated.

Dr. Roman: At least before 2018, when humans were still alive.

Dr. Roman: The cause of such atrocities, what made them possible, was our loss of coordinates called the Foundations of Humanity—

Dr. Roman: Historical events that became the essential support pillars of our human history...

Dr. Roman: ...such as those that occurred in France and Rome.

Dr. Roman: In response, Chaldea prevented the collapse of these foundations by Rayshifting into them from outside the time flow.

Dr. Roman: Even if it's already incinerated in the proper timeline, Chaldea can Rayshift to a time before the destruction, and prevent its collapse.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, just think of what you've been doing as repairing a completely incinerated scroll.

Dr. Roman: However, these coordinates are different. They don't exist in any history.

Dr. Roman: Think of it as something that's lost. A hole eaten away by bugs.

Fujimaru 2: As usual, right?

Dr. Roman: Yes, simply put, that's exactly it! You're really reliable, Fujimaru!

Dr. Roman: I was ready to explain a lot of things, but in short, you should take a chance on everything!

Mash: ...Hmm, Doctor. I request further explanation on what you just said.

Mash: There are few signs of life, but multiple moving objects. What does that mean?

Da Vinci: Let me explain it! Even if it's the night shift, I can still give you a lecture with my glamorous beauty!

Da Vinci: Who am I? I am the lady who loves those green cubes, everybody's favorite shop owner, Da Vinci!

Fujimaru 1: Good evening. It's a nice night out.

Da Vinci: It's the perfect night for a ghost story. Not that any of them happened at Chaldea.

Fujimaru 2: Are you kidding me with Mona Lisa?

Da Vinci: Oh, stop throwing silver embers at me! It's my bad! I was just having a little bit of fun!

Da Vinci: ...But that Craft Essence was pretty well made, right? My only regret is that I couldn't write the explanation in mirrored letters.

Mash: Good evening, Da Vinci. Please give us your explanation.

Da Vinci: They are not alive, yet they are moving around... In other words, that place is full of zombies.

Da Vinci: Well, it's not like you will be surprised by them. Zombies were in France, too.

Da Vinci: But there's another problem, Fujimaru.

Da Vinci: If the seven Singularities are like stains on the scroll we call human history, that fake Singularity is like a hole in that scroll.

Da Vinci: I don't understand how it happened, but it's luring the Servants and trapping them in there.

Mash: Trapping the Servants?

Dr. Roman: Speaking of which, did you notice that Chaldea is a lot more quiet than usual?

Dr. Roman: The Servants that Fujimaru successfully summoned and formed a contract with...

Dr. Roman: They're receiving magical energy from Chaldea and setting up anchors for their existence all around this base.

Dr. Roman: You can call it a temporary incarnation.

Dr. Roman: If they keep using magical energy from their Master each time they're summoned into battle, Fujimaru would be all dried up already.

Dr. Roman: So, in order to lessen the burden cast on Fujimaru,

Dr. Roman: Chaldea is using 40% of its power to sustain the contract with each Servant.

Dr. Roman: As long as Grand Order is still in effect, these Servants have made Chaldea their home.

Fujimaru 1: I didn't know...

Fujimaru 2: I had a vague idea...

Da Vinci: Yes, yes. Oh, just so you know, I'm different. Even if Chaldea's light has gone out, I can still sustain my body.

Dr. Roman: Ahem!

Dr. Roman: About those Servants. A few of them disappeared when this distortion was observed.

Dr. Roman: They all headed to this distortion of their own free will... And then they never came back.

Mash: Never came back... So they weren't eliminated? That means...they stayed there?

Da Vinci: Exactly. Their contracts with Fujimaru are still intact.

Da Vinci: The Heroic Spirits who Rayshifted to that strange hole are either staying there of their own free will, or—

Mash: It's possible that they're trapped and can't come back.

Dr. Roman: That's everything. This distortion has nothing to do with the Foundation of Humanity.

Dr. Roman: It wouldn't cause any harm even if left as it is... However, it's also true the Servants are not coming back.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru. Mash. I want you to investigate these coordinates.

Dr. Roman: Rayshifting anywhere other than a Singularity is an exception, and requires the authorization of the former Director, but...

Dr. Roman: Will you do it?

Fujimaru 1: Of course, Doctor.

Fujimaru 2: If they are taken, we'll get them back!

Dr. Roman: Thank you. You're so reliable!

Dr. Roman: Then we will commence Rayshifting now. You two, start your preparations.

Dr. Roman: We don't know what might happen there. And we won't be able to send backup.

Dr. Roman: Please, be careful over there. Oh, and one more thing... This is just a hunch, but...

Dr. Roman: Perhaps Fujimaru will find the scenery over there very familiar.

Dr. Roman: If that's the case, please show Mash around. She's never seen anything like that.

Mash: ?

Fou: Fou?

Fujimaru 1: I don't really get it, but roger!

Fujimaru 2: Familiar scenery?

Dr. Roman: You'll understand when you get there. Well then, commencing Rayshift!


Mash: A road made of asphalt... High-rises like big walls...

Mash: This is...

Mash: I'm sure of it! This is the 21st-century Japan, Senpai!

Mash: Look! See? A vending machine that isn't destroyed!

Mash: Even a public phone, and a bus stop, too! Ah, and that thing like a house is a toilet!

Mash: The city seems so quiet and the streets are so clean! The example of a perfectly safe city!

Mash: Unfortunately, I don't see any of those so-called convenience stores– The places that never sleep!

Mash: It really is just like what I've read... One of my dreams has come true!

Fujimaru 1: It was your dream?

Mash: Ah... Yes. I'm sorry, I got carried away. It's not that I dreamed of visiting a city in Japan.

Mash: Not only Tokyo, but Washington, Moscow, Beijing, Rome, Madrid...

Mash: Any one of them would have been fine. I just wanted to visit a major city from the era I live in.

Fujimaru 2: It seems pretty normal...

Mash: Ugh. It's almost like you're saying, “What's so special about a city like this?”

Mash: Senpai, did you live in a city like this one? No, I am sure you did.

Mash: Please tell me more about it, in detail! Everything from your life in elementary school to high school! Please!

Dr. Roman: Hello, test, test. Communication, video feed, both working fine.

Dr. Roman: Ah, as I thought... Judging from these coordinates and time, I predicted your destination to be a city in Japan.

Dr. Roman: But... I didn't expect it to be such an urban area. This seems pretty fishy to me...

Mash: ...You're right. A normal city in a time like this is the most abnormal thing.

Mash: The only two normal life-form responses are from Senpai and myself... But I'm also getting some higher-class life-form responses from that building.

Mash: —A big city like this, with this many houses, and still no one in sight.

Dr. Roman: Building? Oh, that cylindrical one? It sure looks weird... Fujimaru, can you tell us anything about it?

Fujimaru 1: It's like a spooky tower.

Mash: ...I agree. I'm getting chills just looking at it.

Fujimaru 2: It's just an apartment.

Mash: Just an apartment? But its design is so different than the other buildings surrounding it...

Dr. Roman: Anyway, that building is undeniably suspicious. I'm picking up readings of multiple Servants inside as well.

Mash: No obstacles detected from here to the building entrance. Let's go there and... Wait! Senpai!

Mash: There's someone around the entrance! It's—

Dr. Roman: I'm picking up multiple strange signals! Residual wills... They're ghosts!

Dr. Roman: Looks like a Servant is fighting with them!

Fujimaru 1: Hurry up, Mash!

Mash: Yes, Master!

Dr. Roman: Wait! I'm not picking up any more ghost readings! They didn't disperse, they disappeared—

Dr. Roman: As if they were erased with an eraser! That's a little scary, isn't it!? What is it!?

Mash: Servant response, entering our line of sight! Is that—a woman?

D:???: ...Phew, cheap dream. Its quality is too low to be a nightmare.

D:???: Ghosts with skulls as faces? Man, they gotta get with the times.

Mash: It's a a kimono...holding a knife! Senpai, who is she?

Fujimaru 1: I don't know her.

Fujimaru 2: It's the first time I've ever seen her face.

Mash: ...Just as I thought Let's try to talk to her first...

D:???: No need. I don't want to talk to you. It'll take too long.

D:???: Doesn't matter if you're good or bad. With this knife in your head, you can say goodbye to this reality.

D:???: You're the one who stuck your nose in other people's business, yeah? I am gonna send that nose, along with your head, to where they belong!

Mash: ...Here she comes! I don't get it, but it's a battle, Master!


Mash: Battle was interrupted, but...we still don't know that Servant's real name, nor its attack pattern!

Mash: Doctor, please give us your analysis!

Mash: How can a simple knife cut not only a Servant's body, but easily cut its armor too?!

Dr. Roman: ...It's Mystic Eyes. I can't believe Mystic Eyes of this level still exist in the modern era.

Mash: Doctor?

Dr. Roman: In the world of Magecraft, magical eyes that can perceive all things mystical are called Mystic Eyes.

Dr. Roman: These eyes can project phenomena without casting any sorts of chants or rituals. They just need to look.

Dr. Roman: The most popular types are “Binding,” “Compulsion,” “Contract,” “Flame,” “Illusion,” and “Jinx.”

Dr. Roman: Even among them, her eyes are special. The type that can “Stop” everything, it's even more powerful than “Petrification.”

Dr. Roman: Her rainbow eyes materialize the concept of death and capture it. If I had to give them a name, I'd call them the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

Dr. Roman: How incredible! That's an ability fit for a Divine Spirit! To kill an enemy just by looking at them... Talk about overpowered!

D:???: ...What's up with him? He sounded so fake and unimportant...

D:???: I'm not a Heroic Spirit. I can't kill anyone just by looking at them.

D:???: All I can do is see death... Lines that trace death. Ummm, like the eventual end of all things.

D:???: Would you understand if I say I simply trace the cause, the result of eventual death?

Mash: Oh, um, I see... The, uh, lines that trace death... The, the eventual end of all things... Y-Yes...

Fujimaru 1: I'm sorry, I don't get it at all.

Mash: ...Me neither. It seems to be a highly advanced magical theory, but...

Fujimaru 2: So you slash a person's life span?

Mash: Senpai, you understand?!

D:???: Huh, that was easy. Hey, you must be a big otaku, right? Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Dr. Roman: (Nice, Fujimaru! She looks happy! Really happy!)

D:???: Whatever. Hey, you there! The slippery-looking one!

Mash: M-Me?!

D:???: Of course! Who else could it be? Physically, you're not a complete Servant, right?

Mash: R-Right. I'm a Demi-Servant, so you could say that my base body is human...

D:???: I see. I thought you were that shadowy bastard's friend.

D:???: That [♂ man /♀️ woman]'s eyes are glittering. I guess that rules out the possibility of being possessed by some weird illusions.

D:???: My bad for attacking you. All right, see ya.

Fujimaru 1: What? Hold on!

Fujimaru 2: Where do you think you're going?!

D:???: I am going to tear down this apartment. I can't just leave it like that.

D:???: It's crawling with disgusting things inside. If I let it be, it's gonna cause trouble for the neighbors.

D:???: Say, do you guys watch horror movies? You do? Good.

D:???: You know the deal... Things like walking corpses, ghosts you aren't supposed to see...

D:???: Things like that are running rampant in there... All because of Servants.

Mash: All because of...Servants?

D:???: Yeah. Servants live in that apartment like it's their own. Thanks to them, it's all becoming one big block party.

D:???: I mean, Servants are kinda like ghosts, right? If they gain physical bodies, others will get carried away too.

D:???: ...Well, as for myself, I am also showing up as a Servant.

D:???: If you're a Demi-Servant, I guess that makes me a Pseudo-Servant.

D:???: Most likely I had a connection with this building, so I ended up being summoned. It's really annoying.

Fujimaru 1: If you're a Servant, you need a Master...

Fujimaru 2: Will you be okay by yourself?

D:???: Who cares? If I vanish, it actually saves me some trouble. At least I don't have to go through this ordeal.

Mash: I don't know if you're being frank, or you just don't care about yourself...

Mash: Still, though... There must be a reason why we met here!

Mash: If you don't have a Master, could you work with Chaldea?

D:???: ...A reason, you say. This, too, must be my fate... I don't hate it.

D:???: That one over there is a Master, right? If I help you, that would really make me look like a Servant.

D:???: I'm merely an outsider who was summoned here. I don't intend on concerning myself with others.

D:???: However, I want to pay back that despicable shadowy bastard...

Fou: Fou, foou!

D:???: !

Mash: Fou!? Were you hiding in my shield again?

D:???: ...Are you kidding me? What is this furball?

Fujimaru 1: You never know when Fou will show up...

Fujimaru 2: Fou is everyone's favorite Runner!

D:???: ...Ryougi Shiki.

Fujimaru 1: What?

Ryougi Shiki: That is my name. What's your name?

Mash: Right, this is Master Fujimaru. My name is Mash Kyrielight.

Mash: If we're exchanging our names like this... Does that mean you'll help us, Shiki?

Ryougi Shiki: ...Well, if you think about it, the fact that you're a Master probably means you're related to the Servants living here somehow, right?

Ryougi Shiki: In that case, you're supposed to be the ones to get rid of them. Good luck. I'll be giving you a hand too, so don't worry.

Fujimaru 1: Thank you, Ryougi-chan!

Ryougi Shiki: You can just call me Ryougi. Aren't you embarrassed, using “chan?”

Fujimaru 2: ...Do you like cats?

Ryougi Shiki: No, I don't. Also, I wouldn't call that thing a cat.

Ryougi Shiki: It has good fur and feels really nice, that's all. It doesn't even look like one. That's insulting to cats.

Dr. Roman: Oh... I was keeping my mouth shut because she didn't look like she could take a joke... But I'm glad it all worked out!

Dr. Roman: Erm... Should I call you Miss Ryougi? You seem to know all about that apartment?

Dr. Roman: What was it like inside? Did it turn into a different dimension? It won't kill them upon entering, right?

Dr. Roman: As you can see, Fujimaru is just a human. If the air composition is abnormal then...

Ryougi Shiki: Ah, you don't have to worry. Rest assured, it's the same Ogawa as ever.

Ryougi Shiki: But there are lots of enemies, and there are some funny traps.

Mash: Funny traps? What kind of traps?

Ryougi Shiki: That will be a surprise. It was a questionable property from the start anyway.

Ryougi Shiki: Here used to be the grave marker of an old mage who attempted to collect death. A hollow shrine that fused the yin-yang and hell together.

Ryougi Shiki: People say “investigations start from the bottom,” right? Enjoy the case, Fujimaru.

Ryougi Shiki: So once again, rookie Master... Welcome to this 64-story shrine, Ogawa Heim.

1st Floor, Room No.1

Mash: It's so cold... Something's not right, Senpai. The thermometer shows normal values, but I feel like we're inside a freezer...

Ryougi Shiki: Yeah, absolutely. Since there's an air conditioner, why don't you try turning on the heater?

Ryougi Shiki: Isn't that right, big guy? Just because your soul becomes cold, that doesn't mean your body has to be cold too, right?

Benkei: ...Hmm.

Mash: Benkei!? Are you living in this room!?

Mash: Or... Are you imprisoned here, like what the Doctor suggested?

Mash: Please answer me, Benkei. Why did you come to this apartment?

Benkei: ...I don't accept it. I don't! It's unforgivable...unforgivable!

Benkei: Abandoned by Heaven, forgotten by the earth, and deceived by the people! Why would you turn away from this respectable life?

Benkei: Instead of training your wisdom, you mastered ugliness, It's outrageous! I can't let it be, I have to make a stand!

Mash: Servant, Musashibou Benkei is switching to combat mode!

Mash: I can't get a read on this situation, Master!

Fujimaru 1: Let's attack, Mash!

Mash: Yes... Let's start a Servant battle!

Fujimaru 2: Let's attack, Shiki!

Ryougi Shiki: You don't have to tell me. Our first opponent is a monk? Talk about a twist of fate!


Benkei: Ooohhh... Oooohhhhhh... Nghhhhhohhhhhhh!

Mash: Benkei...has disappeared. Is he going to be all right?

Dr. Roman: Hmmm, I'm not sure. When a contract is bound to Chaldea...

Dr. Roman: The defeated Spirit Origin doesn't return to the Throne of Heroes, but to Chaldea instead.

Dr. Roman: Given some time, he'll probably return to Chaldea.

Dr. Roman: We still don't know why he was in that room, but it seems like you just “freed” a Servant.

Mash: Is that so? He was rather aggressive, but at least we've reached a solution.

Ryougi Shiki: As I thought, there's nothing here. This is the wrong room. Let's check the others, Fujimaru.

Ryougi Shiki: What? You look sad... Don't tell me you're feeling down?

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Fujimaru 2: I mean... Benkei's...

Ryougi Shiki: Hey, guys. I should let you know, this apartment's always been like this, okay?

Ryougi Shiki: You can feel bad for him, but I can't do anything if you let that get to you...

Ryougi Shiki: I mean, if you guys didn't force them out, they would've gone on like that forever.

Ryougi Shiki: Don't you think that would've been even more tragic?

Dr. Roman: ...That's right. It's just as Ryougi says.

Dr. Roman: It may be a little violent, but if a Servant attacks us, we'll have to face them as enemies.

Dr. Roman: Looks like that's our best option in this apartment. Do you understand, Mash and Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: ...Yes I do.

Fujimaru 2: You're right, this room is full of pain.

Ryougi Shiki: We have to keep a positive mindset, no matter what. Those imprisoned here all had a negative way of thinking.

Ryougi Shiki: Let's keep pace and proceed with our investigation.

1st Floor, Room No.2

Ryougi Shiki: ♪♪♪♪♪

Mash: Shiki seems to be in a good mood, Senpai...

Mash: Humming all the while, with her hands in her pockets, skipping down the hallway...

Fujimaru 1: You're not feeling well, Mash?

Mash: N-No. I've fought against numerous walking corpses till now, but not like this... I mean...

Mash: It's the first time I fought against someone who looked like he was alive until yesterday...

Fujimaru 2: She looks so happy...

Dr. Roman: I can even tell that from across a monitor. She looks reluctant but she's actually the type who enjoys a good fight, isn't she?

Mash: However, we can't stay uninformed like this forever.

Mash: To us, it's a strange world, but to's a familiar scene. In that case...

Mash: ...Excuse me, Shiki!

Ryougi Shiki: Hm? What? If you need the restroom, you'll have to go outside or go inside a room.

Mash: No, that's not it... This is an apartment, right?

Mash: This place feels cold regardless of the temperature outside. Police officers and residents still walk around despite being dead.

Mash: It's obviously unconventional in modern Japan. In that case, this place must be a magecraft workshop built in secrecy, right?

Ryougi Shiki: If it were, it wouldn't be quite so bad... Unfortunately, this apartment was built in public with no secrets.

Ryougi Shiki: A permit was submitted to the local office, and a normal construction company worked on it.

Ryougi Shiki: It even asked regular folks to move in. However, now it's becoming a place no one wants to go near.

Dr. Roman: ...It's a barrier created using man's natural instinct to avoid taboos...without a single trace of Magecraft.

Dr. Roman: It's common sense for mages after the 20th century to conceal their workshops in order to avoid detection from the public.

Dr. Roman: However, we can't detect any traces of magical energy from this place.

Dr. Roman: If it's a magecraft workshop, then whoever created it must be really cautious and patient.

Dr. Roman: That mage built a building this size to perform a ritual, yet didn't rely on Magecraft.

Dr. Roman: They simply built this place from the ground up, brick by brick, all by themselves. Kind of like building a tower.

Dr. Roman: Which reminds me of buddhist folklore that talks about children stacking rocks in hell, with all effort and no gain.

Dr. Roman: Just simply continuing a mundane task without complaint, and without companionship.

Ryougi Shiki: ...The Children's Limbo, huh? Indeed, it fits him.

Ryougi Shiki: But you're wrong, it's not a nice place like that. This is simply a building that collects death.

Ryougi Shiki: Death by natural causes, illness, accidents, and violence. An exhibit hall decorated with various methods of death.

Ryougi Shiki: Those zombies wandering the hallways, they're, you know... The previous residents of this building.

Ryougi Shiki: They're designed to live one day, and die the next. Even though they already died many years ago.

Ryougi Shiki: ...I know this might sound obvious, but humans are born with a certain fate.

Ryougi Shiki: No matter how much you fight back, your eventual end–the cause of your deathwill never change.

Ryougi Shiki: Those destined to die in an accident, whether they've achieved happily ever after,

Ryougi Shiki: or an abrupt demise, their lives will end in a form of “accidental death.”

Ryougi Shiki: ...There used to be a guy who was trying to prove that, and the residents of this apartment were merely “samples” for his theory.

Ryougi Shiki: When night falls, they die. When morning comes, they are reborn. No matter what happens, they always die the same way.

Ryougi Shiki: It's a loop, no, a retry. Since before you guys came here, people have been coming back to life and dying, endlessly.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: ...How can I say it? It's...

Mash: ...I know how you feel. That system is... How should I put it?

Ryougi Shiki: Inhumane, is that what you want to say?

Ryougi Shiki: Hmm. You're all mages yourselves, and yet... That kind of thing still troubles you?

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru is not a mage, so [♂ he /♀️ she] tends to think differently than those elites at the Mage's Association.

Dr. Roman: But... I don't understand this building at all. What can they achieve with this kind of experiment?

Dr. Roman: There are no results. There is no gain. Even if they're creating a model case, there's no goal...

Ryougi Shiki: You'll have to ask the creator himself. Although he's no longer in this world.

Ryougi Shiki: Anyway, this is now a haunted apartment with zombies walking around.

Ryougi Shiki: On top of that, ghosts and Servants are starting to show up. The effects are showing up in the outside world.

Ryougi Shiki: ...Seriously. It's creepy, but this one-life-one-death world wasn't supposed to cause trouble for anybody.

Ryougi Shiki: I mean, what the hell are those Servants?! All of them are in some weird get-ups...

Ryougi Shiki: Mash, you were lucky that this was a haunted apartment. You would've been reported if we were in front of the station.

Mash: Reported? Is that because I am not from around here?

Ryougi Shiki: ...Say, do you know why I only carry a knife around with me?

Dr. Roman: Ah, so that's what you mean... You're right!

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, we're lucky that this Singularity isn't a perfect recreation of the downtown area.

Dr. Roman: If we were in front of a station, just Mash changing into her Servant form would get us in trouble with the police.

Dr. Roman: I didn't talk about this a lot, but Chaldea is what you would call “a secret organization.”

Dr. Roman: You can't recklessly summon your Servants nor arm Mash in front of people.

Dr. Roman: It depends on the city, but Mash's Servant form could be considered indecent in some places.

Fujimaru 1: NO WAY!

Fujimaru 2: You just realized?

Ryougi Shiki: ...I wasn't talking about her appearance, but her weapon... Anyway...

Ryougi Shiki: We're here. There's no nameplate either, right? I'm sure a Servant is living in this room.

Mash: ...Yes. I can detect a Servant's Spirit Origin in there.

Mash: What will we do, Master?

Fujimaru 1: Let's ring the doorbell.

Fujimaru 2: Let's go inside.

Ryougi Shiki: Right, that's the spirit. Here is the key. I will give it to you.

Mash: ...(Gulp) Master, I'll open the door.

Mash: ...Who on earth is inside this room?

Mephisto: Yes, yes, certainly!

Mephisto: Welcome, unknown Master! You too, Miss Demi-Servant!

Mephisto: The one who moved into this grudge-soaked apartment, of course it is I, Demon Mephistopheles!

Ryougi Shiki: ...What's the deal with his scissors? Oh, he knows Mash?

Ryougi Shiki: This funny guy here is Mash's big brother or what?

Mash: I couldn't take having a brother like Mephisto! The breakfast table would be a catastrophe!

Mephisto: The breakfast table? That's all you're worried about? Yes, you're right, breakfast should be enjoyed quietly.

Mephisto: I may look like this, but I've cared for stubborn and stinky old guys, too.

Mephisto: I'm able to make good and tasty breakfasts, unfortunately, I'm incapable of closing this mouth!

Mephisto: Even if you sew it, or zip it, it's useless! Even without a mouth, I can give you bad news using ventriloquism

Mephisto: For example, my neighbor in Room 3. Watanabe, was it? Tormented by his lover, whom he strangled.

Mephisto: He's like a skull, a nervous wreck, malnourished! At 2 o'clock, the time of his crime, the madness begins!

Mephisto: Drugs, hanging, wrist-slashing, gas poisoning. Every night he has to escape from his nightmare.

Mephisto: His excuses for his own actions are quite unsightly, and yet pleasurable.

Mephisto: There is no better spice to make a meal delicious than other people's misfortune!

Mash: This manner of speaking...this is the real Mephisto! But why are you here?!

Mephisto: Oh? Oh, oh, oh! Hmm? Hum, hum, hum...

Mephisto: This is the first time I'm meeting you, but how many times have you met me?

Mephisto: I knew it! I've already caused trouble for you!

Mephisto: This is destiny! Conviction, betrayal and satisfaction! Now I understand why I was summoned to Chaldea!

Mephisto: Unfortunately, I am different from that thing, the “I” that was summoned in early stages!

Mephisto: Hahaha! Hehehehe! And! I am the criminal behind this case!

Mephisto: I am the one who invited those ghosts into this apartment!

Mephisto: It was also I who infiltrated Chaldea, and lured promising-looking Servants one by one!

Mephisto: That was all my handiwork! Yahoo! It worked perfectly!

Mephisto: Hmm, but now I have to break the bad news to you. Yes, Mephy is sad!

Mephisto: I've finally met a good Master like you, and now I have to cut you into pieces.

Mephisto: You see, the previous tenant of this room had a bizarre hobby... He would sever the limbs of his loved one every night.

Mephisto: He did it to hide the dead body? But get this! He tripped and accidentally killed himself while cutting up the body in the bathroom!

Mephisto: It was so hilarious so I took over his job for him.

Mephisto: Where is this tenant now you ask?

Mephisto: Well, you see, now he's just in the way, right? I mean, he must be bored to death now that he can't accidentally kill himself anymore?

Mephisto: That's why I intervened to make it funny. By now, he must have escaped the system, and joined his ghost buddies outside!

Mephisto: Now, let's start! Let's just start! It's annoying to explain so let's just start!

Mephisto: I am the demon, the bomber, Mephisto Pheles! The demon who blows up boring daydreams!

Mephisto: Wow, I repeated the word demon so many times! But it doesn't matter!

Mephisto: Master and Lady, please be sure to remember this, now!

Mash: Mephisto Pheles is in combat mode! Master, what should we do?!

Ryougi Shiki: What should we do? There's only one thing to do! Our opponent is ready!

Ryougi Shiki: Don't worry, I'm used to handling bombers. I'll wipe that smirk off his face before the bomb blows up!


Mephisto: Oh... How can this be... To ignore what you're told is a bad move, a lost cause, extreme uselessness!

Mephisto: You killed me, the only one who knows the truth! Now the case is cold, dead people tell no tales. It's too late!

Mephisto: But how should I put it? There are a lot of mystery novels where the perpetrator dies in the beginning, right?

Mephisto: You guys, use your heads, and solve this abnormal situation!

Mash: ...Enemy Servant eliminated. Was that really the right move?

Fujimaru 1: Now we have no clues...

Mash: Right... Although Mephisto's words are not really trustworthy, if he really was the cause of this abnormality...

Mash: ...Then we just destroyed the only lead we had... We're bad detectives.

Fujimaru 2: Let's visit the next Servant.

Ryougi Shiki: Oh, you recovered from that pretty fast. Right, that's not a bad thing.

Ryougi Shiki: Don't feel bad, Mash. Eliminating one or two perpetrators won't be an issue.

Ryougi Shiki: Didn't I say “investigations start from the bottom”? The next crime scene is waiting for us, detective.

Dr. Roman: Hum... Detective story... So this was a detective story? No, never mind that...

Dr. Roman: Even if it was self-proclaimed, killing the perpetrator is pretty damaging...

Dr. Roman: At least if we'd arrested him, we could've interrogated him about this place, and why it attracts ghosts...

Mephisto: That's right! I'm really sorry! I wanted to be useful and use my scissors as much as possible...

Mephisto: ...but this time, I had nothing to do, there was no room for me to act! I ended up moving around in vain!

Mash: Yes, until now, I can't remember you being useful at any time... Basically, you're totally useless...

Mash: Wh-What?!

Ryougi Shiki: Sc-Scissors guy!?

Fujimaru 1: Why did you come out of your room?

Fujimaru 2: This is Mash's big brother?!

Ryougi Shiki: There was another one!? Good, I'll kill you as many times as it takes!

Mephisto: Wait, no need for that. The one you defeated is the evil Mephisto.

Mephisto: The one here is me, the good Mephisto. Ah, in other words...

Mephisto: One of me laments this situation, and the other one enjoys it. But now is not the time to question my conscience.

Mephisto: So, if I split my good heart and evil heart apart like this...

Mephisto: I can basically clone myself! Oooohhh, UNBELIEVABLE!

Fujimaru 1: Hmm, you did show up as support.

Mephisto: Of course. Hmm... Fujimaru, was it?

Mephisto: From now, I am a loyal Servant of Fujimaru! SO. LOYAL. (LMAO)

Mephisto: To prove it, I shall part ways with my evil self and lend a hand to everyone here!

Mash: Ah... It seems too good to be true, but... What do you think, Master?

Fujimaru 1: Tell the truth in two lines or less.

Fujimaru 2: Tell us what you know in two lines or less.

Ryougi Shiki: Good decision. You really are good.

Mephisto: Only two lines? That's impossible! But I will try. I am an innocent clown. I merely play the pipe like Hamelin did!

Mash: It's two lines!

Ryougi Shiki: You can do it if you try.

Dr. Roman: Hmm. If you call yourself innocent, then you have nothing to do with this fake Singularity, right?

Mephisto: Not in the least! To tell you the truth... I'm truly sorry but if you could allow me to get involved, and tone down the rate of ghost-gathering,

I could make a horror show, incredibly realistic, about half dead, half living, killing and being killed...

Ryougi Shiki: In two lines!

Mephisto: I was summoned by someone else, not via Chaldea's summoning system, to this tower of resentment.

Mephisto: By that guy, his name is... That guy... Grand something. That guy is one class above mine.

Mash: !!!

Mephisto: He said to me, “Shouldn't you be on this side?” And he does have a point, so...

Mephisto: After that, I split dramatically.

Mephisto: My evil self disguised itself as a Servant of Justice and infiltrated Chaldea.

Mephisto: I'm sure that's possible because I'm over there.

Mephisto: Because only Servants who were summoned by a Master can find Chaldea.

Mephisto: My evil self used this clever loophole, and started recruiting.

Mephisto: He said: “There's a new place to live. There are rooms for Servants. You don't need a deposit. The first month is free. Move in as fast as possible!”

Mephisto: Ah, I am such a good salesman! I am jealous of myself!

Mephisto: But it can't be helped. Chaldea's rooms for Servants are too small!

Mephisto: No posters on the wall. No pets in the rooms, except for those that came with horses.

Mephisto: That's why everyone came to this side. Then, when I got the chance...

Mephisto: I escaped from the Grand-something's contract, and happily waited for all you to arrive!

Mephisto: Ah, I knew!

Mephisto: That Fujimaru would admonish my evil self and believe in my good heart...hehe, to think that you'd believe in me!

Ryougi Shiki: You heard him. People really trust you.

Fujimaru 1: Don't tell me you're coming with us, Mephy?

Mephisto: Of course I am! Don't think about kicking me out!

Fujimaru 2: Weren't you just laughing, right now?

Mephisto: Of course I laughed! I laugh when good things happens, I'm human after all!

Fou: Fou, foou!

Mash: Fou...

Mash: ...Master. Fou is also encouraging you, let's just bring Mephisto with us.

Mash: If we can make him tell us what he knows on the way, that would be great. Just don't expect too much.

Fujimaru 1: You're right.

Mephisto: Hehe, did you reach a conclusion?

Fujimaru 2: Mephisto, don't betray us, okay?

Mephisto: Don't worry. I'll absolutely obey the winner.

Mephisto: In the first place, speaking of danger, I'm the same as Miss Assassin right there.

Mephisto: Please, could you add me to this investigation team? Be careful of your back and neck!

Mash: ...You heard him. Are you the same as him, Shiki?

Ryougi Shiki: Don't compare me with him! My knife cuts way better than his scissors!

Fujimaru 1: That's what gets you angry?!

1st Floor, Room No.4

Dr. Roman: This sure is a strange-looking apartment... Its corridors are much longer than they appear to be.

Dr. Roman: ...its elevator has a “Forever Out of Order” sign, and it's always empty.

Dr. Roman: There's a sign that points to the stairs going up, but we'll never reach it.

Dr. Roman: Ryougi, was this building always like this? Or is it just this time?

Ryougi Shiki: Yeah. It was always a creepy apartment, but this time it's even worse.

Ryougi Shiki: The width of the corridors, the number of rooms... Stuff like that doesn't really make a difference.

Ryougi Shiki: But this temperature... I can't deal with this cold. Now this really feels like a haunted house.

Mash: You mentioned this as a place that collects death. It doesn't collect ghosts?

Ryougi Shiki: Indeed. It's more like it traps them here. It didn't collect them endlessly like this.

Ryougi Shiki: Now this place is like a whirlpool. It pulls in unrelated stuff and turns it into evil.

Fujimaru 1: ...Evil?

Fujimaru 2: ...Harmless ghosts becoming evil spirits?

Mephisto: Big swirl! Hole, gap, black hole! I got it! It's easier to understand this way!

Mephisto: I thought this place was like a magnetic field that attracted grudges like a lightning rod...

Mephisto: But a big tree's hollow trunk is more suitable. Once you take a peek, if you're unlucky, you will fall into the eternal abyss.

Mephisto: Hehe... A trap hole that opened in reality? Make sure you don't push me!

Mash: Mephisto, you're saying it, but stop pushing Senpai, please!

Ryougi Shiki: ...You guys sure get along. Was he like this back in Chaldea, too?

Mash and Dr. Roman: He is, without a doubt, the exact same Servant! No doubt about it!

Mephisto: Is that so!? I'm really troublesome!

Mephisto: Ah, putting that aside, Miss Ryougi? I'm worried about that thing you have there.

Mephisto: Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, right? I heard they can cut down anything regardless of strength.

Mephisto: They sever the very activity of living. They bring instant death, yet it's different than brain death or heart attack.

Mephisto: I understand. I do understand... but they work on living things, right?

Mephisto: Yet you're killing zombies who are not living. How is that possible?

Mephisto: That's my doubt! To kill dead people... It's complete nonsense!

Ryougi Shiki: Hell if I know. It might look the same to humans, but ceasing to live and dying are two different things.

Ryougi Shiki: Doesn't matter if it's zombies or ghosts, they're moving... If they are moving, that means they are “living.”

Ryougi Shiki: If it's alive, no matter what, death will come. May it be oblivion or disintegration.

Ryougi Shiki: My eyes don't make any distinctions between those things.

Mephisto: That is... Painful! You have gone through much, Miss Ryougi!

Ryougi Shiki: Not really. It's better than becoming a demon in order to continue living, isn't it?

Mephisto: —Oh. You're right.

Dr. Roman: —Stop Fujimaru! Watch your front and not just your back!

Dr. Roman: I'm detecting a Servant! Not in the room, it's in the corridor—

Dr. Roman: There's someone at the end of it!

Jekyll: Hey, good evening, Mephisto. Are these the new tenants?

Jekyll: Welcome to the grudge garden. Nice to meet you. I've met you before, haven't I?

Jekyll: I'm Jekyll from Room 4. I'm the manager of this corridor, too.

Jekyll: You just arrived, so you haven't mutated, right? You're not ready to go upstairs.

Jekyll: It is better to stay on the first floor a little longer. It's a little cold, but you'll get used to it.

Jekyll: Do you want to rest a little in my room? It is a bit untidy right now, but you can use it.

Mash: ...Master... That Jekyll... is scary... I can't explain it, but he's very—

Fujimaru 1: ...Yeah, his eyes aren't laughing.

Fujimaru 2: His shirt is covered in blood.

Mephisto: Whaaat? Mephisto don't wanna go! Me don't like dirty room.

Mephisto: Dirty room? Is that a dirty room? It's no good. It's no good at all!

Mephisto: I like to expose people's fetishes, but I don't like looking at them.

Mephisto: So, please, Master, decline Jekyll's invitation. He's not suitable as a Servant in the first place.

Mephisto: If you know it's dirty, clean it up! Or perhaps...

Mephisto: Scrupulous Jekyll is sleeping? You're someone who can't clean up?

Jekyll: Uh... Well, to tell you the truth, you're right. I'm bad at cleaning up, and besides...

Hyde: It gets dirty and red instantly! I can't clean it up every single time, right?!

Mash: Shiki!

Hyde: I see, someone here totally gets it!

Hyde: But that was a perfect surprise attack! Why the hell would you block that!?

Hyde: Anyway, I see that you're the same as me!

Hyde: Pretending to be normal, but you're just a mass murderer who's craving to cut people's heads off!

Ryougi Shiki: ...Tch, what was that? Disappointing... And here I was looking forward to this fated encounter.

Ryougi Shiki: Before I knew it, I was at Ogawa Heim. I was already a Servant.

Ryougi Shiki: Facing countless ghosts and their grudges, running into a strange Master.

Ryougi Shiki: Ah, yes... Fujimaru and Mash are good. It's not that bad yet.

Ryougi Shiki: But I wasn't satisfied. That much I know.

Ryougi Shiki: The only reason I could remain motivated was because I had a hunch! That I might run into the real thing.

Ryougi Shiki: The one who came before. The world famous mass murderer with dual personalities!

Ryougi Shiki: But what's this? Are you kidding me? Why did you transform? I thought we could enjoy some time together. I'm shocked.

Ryougi Shiki: Hey, please turn back to that kind-looking guy. That one is probably stronger, and I prefer him.

Hyde: What? Do you prefer that moron over me? Why? Are you sure? This is the real me!

Hyde: From that weak Jekyll, I become the strong Hyde! The one who's good with the knife is me, you know?!

Ryougi Shiki: ...Hah. That's enough, tell him, Scissors. I think you can understand me.

Hyde: ...What?

Mephisto: Okay, okay. I understand you completely! Yes, I do, I understand you, miss!

Mephisto: Mr. Hyde, this is what she's saying. Don't show the ace up your sleeve too quickly. If you do that, it's basically saying, “This is my limit.”

Mephisto: It's more fun to watch a good human fight while suppressing his own demons, as we still don't know what will happen!

Mephisto: The catharsis of collapse, was it?

Mephisto: I serve under the Master because I want to witness that explosive moment!

Mephisto: If you want to play with a beast that is aggressive from the start you can go to a savannah!

Mephisto: That's what she wants to see! It's not the mass murders committed by Hyde.

Mephisto: ...But the immoral crimes committed by the good Jekyll as he cries tears of regret. Now that's ecstasy!

Ryougi Shiki: ...I'm an idiot to have let you talk. You're completely wrong. Get out of my way.

Mephisto: Mephy, shocked!

Ryougi Shiki: But I do prefer the goodie-goodie looking one. It's like the difference between fighting for fun and fighting for your life.

Ryougi Shiki: If you have to kill, it's more enthralling to fight desperately, right?

Ryougi Shiki: In other words, you are not enough. Come back again another time...

Hyde: HAH! I see, I see! You can't enjoy it if it's not serious!?

Hyde: You're one crazy lady! Then, let's have fun with this little dance!


Jekyll: Ugh... Hyde came out again... Sorry... Hyde and I were manipulated...

Jekyll: Fujimaru, be careful with Mephisto... He cannot be trusted...

Mephisto: Oh? Me? No, no. Don't you know I'm a changed man?

Mephisto: Wait, I can't change! I mean, I am already the good Mephy!

Mephisto: If I change, I will become the evil one! Nope, not changing, not ever going to chaaaaaaannnge.

Jekyll: Ugh... What is this, I can't maintain my body... My eyes... It's all dark...

Jekyll: Fujimaru, give me your hand, please... I have something that I have to give you...

Fujimaru 1: (Offer your hand to Jekyll)

Jekyll: Good... You have the heart to trust people... You are the Master I've always hoped for.

Fujimaru 2: ...

Mash: ...Master?!

Jekyll: Come on, take this key. Use it to go to the upper floor—

Jekyll: But before you go... Dieeeee!

Hyde: Ggg—!

Ryougi Shiki: Thanks. I will gladly accept this key.

Hyde: Y-Yooouu! Twice! You ruined my surprise attack twice!

Hyde: I'm amazed that you can't even fulfill a dying pretty boy's wish! Don't you have the heart to trust people?!

Ryougi Shiki: If you were your normal self, I would've been deceived, or rather moved, by your kindness.

Ryougi Shiki: But neither happened to me this time. I mean... You've been one personality the whole time.

Hyde: —Ugh. Don't tell me, you already knew?!

Ryougi Shiki: I wanted to meet the famous Doctor Jekyll, but he is not here.

Ryougi Shiki: Instead of having a split personality, you were acting like someone with dual personalities.

Ryougi Shiki: As a fan, you can't blame me for being disappointed, can you?

Hyde: Ah... Dammit that's embarrassing. It's even more embarrassing than me losing in a knife fight.

Hyde: I'd bury my head in the sand if I could. But looks like I don't need to do that, right?

Hyde: Considering there's a dangerous fan here, I guess I shall take my leave.

Hyde: See ya, mass murderer of the present. Just be careful and make sure you don't become a knock-off.

Mash: ...Enemy Servant eliminated. Um... What was that just now?

Ryougi Shiki: I don't know. Hey Scissors, say something.

Mephisto: Hehehe! Not that it's important, so I will keep it in two lines!

Mephisto: Dr. Jekyll fully mutated when he arrived at this apartment. Both his body and soul rotted away, so he died!

Mash: Doctor Jekyll is a Servant with a split personality... So what you're saying is that his main personality is gone already?

Dr. Roman: So Hyde, who survived, was acting like Doctor Jekyll... Just like how his story ended... So sad.

Fou: Fou...

Mash: But what do you mean by mutated?

Mash: Jekyll was a Servant who transformed into Hyde with drugs, but it seems you're not talking about those...

Mephisto: Ah, I forgot to mention it. It is what makes this apartment special.

Mephisto: Certain characteristics? Past history? Criminal record? Hmmmmm, well, let's just keep that vague.

Mephisto: Anyway, if certain Servants stay here, their alignment will change, and become more resentful.

Mephisto: I myself was changed that way! Even if I want to fight, I took an arrow to the shin! Ow!

Dr. Roman: Changing Heroic Spirits' alignment?! Is that like a new way of tampering with parameters?!

Mephisto: Yes. Well, they get angry easily so it's more like stress level? Like lowering the boiling point?

Mephisto: So it's not really that harmful. However—

Mephisto: For the people that ended their life full of resentment and sadness, this place will work wonders!

Mephisto: Heroic Spirits ending up as evil ghosts due to their own resentment for humans... Isn't that ironic?

Mephisto: Yes, even the evil me used that and asked those kinds of Servants to come here.

Mephisto: As you can see, all the Servants that moved here went crazy, right?

Mash: Th-That's not very nice! Bad Mephisto! You're guilty!

Mephisto: Hehe, I was just doing my job as a real estate agent! The guilty ones are this land, this building, and the mastermind!

Fujimaru 1: When we meet again, it'll be in court.

Mephisto: I can't believe it... You have a contract with a Servant who was a judge?

Mephisto: Will the jury be full of homunculi? I mean, human trials can be tough, you know?

Fujimaru 2: Mastermind?

Mephisto: Oops, I was caught by Mash's beauty and said too much. Zipping my mouth now.

Mephisto: You will find out yourselves when you go to the upper floors! I think!

Ryougi Shiki:

Mephisto: Oh. Did you smile? Why?

Ryougi Shiki: It's fun with Fujimaru around, clown. When we have fun guests, my tension blows up!

Mephisto: Is it possible? I'm always hyper like this, hyahoo!

Ryougi Shiki: I can see that. Fine, now we can go upstairs, right?

Ryougi Shiki: Let's move forward, Fujimaru. It seems the real fight starts now.

2nd Floor, Room No.4

Mephisto: Hellooo, I'm coming in! Oohhh! Now this is good! I like 'em charred!

Mephisto: And it's smelly in here! The smell of my kind! The kind that committed a crime, and thus was labeled as a monster...

Mephisto: ...then ridiculed and feared by all! The kind that couldn't escape their punishment even after death!

Elisabeth: —Hah! Well put! You're absolutely right, clown.

Elisabeth: But why are you here? To give me a housewarming present? Is it because I crawled back to a dark brick room?

Mash: Elisabeth... No... I am sure you already know...

Mash: Senpai, that's not the Elisabeth you know. She's already a being completely different than her original self...

Elisabeth: Yes, I am a genuine Innocent Monster! Clown, you sure brought me something delicious-looking.

Elisabeth: Good, you're so considerate! Let's see... I'm in the mood now!

Elisabeth: What was today's party supposed to be? Oh well, doesn't matter! It's a feast!

Elisabeth: I can take off your hands and feet while you're still alive, like shrimps, okay? Burn your organs from the inside like pigs?

Elisabeth: Yes! Then I'll kill you! Let's kill, let's do it, humans!

Mash: She's coming, Senpai! I know it's Elisabeth, but please fight with everything you've got!


Elisabeth: Ugh... That hurts... That hurts... That hurts!

Elisabeth: ...Stop it! Don't let me know...

Elisabeth: Don't let me know that it hurts this much when my stomach is cut open! Don't force that on me!

Elisabeth: So what if you tell me that other people would share the same pain! What do you expect me to do?

Elisabeth: Why?! Why am I the only one miserable?! No matter what I do, why can't I be saved?!

Elisabeth: If you say you're humans, wouldn't that make me a more lowly beast?!

Elisabeth: Like a lizard, like a lizard, like a lizard... Are you telling me to crawl on the floor and get stepped on and crushed?

Elisabeth: I can't stand it. I will not be able to stand it!

Elisabeth: So, please let me kill you. Die already. Please, I beg of you, don't hesitate and KILL ME ALREADY!

Mash: ...Servant Elisabeth has been eliminated. But... That was...

Mephisto: Yes, those were always her real feelings! For me it only sounded like a scream!

Mephisto: But I am sure it was a good outlet for her. Her...pride? Or should I call it dignity?

Mephisto: It must be the result of the education she received as an aristocrat. The ruling class is not allowed to lament.

Mephisto: “Those who stand over others must shoulder suitable responsibility.” I am sure that idea was etched onto her.

Mephisto: She picked herself up after falling, trying to aim for the top only to fall again, covered in mud. Yet she picked herself up again.

Mephisto: It looks like she keeps repeating the process as her atonement. Hmmm, kind of like a dragon that keeps collecting shining treasure in its dungeon.

Mephisto: That's why, don't mind the ugly side of her you've just witnessed. Next time you see her...

Mephisto: ...just say, “Your horns are pretty cute,” and everything will be okay!

Dr. Roman: ...Really? If that was her repressed scream, wouldn't that eventually poison her and turn her into a real monste... Whoa! What's going on?

Da Vinci: T-T-Trouble, Romani! I don't know why, but Elisabeth all of sudden charged into my workshop!

Da Vinci: And she started saying, “I just woke up, and somehow I am feeling really refreshed!”

Da Vinci: “That's why I made you some snacks to show my appreciation for you! Come eat them! Eat them with gratitude in your heart!”

Da Vinci: Oh no, it's melting! Why is the sauce from that plate burning my Mona Lisa?

Da Vinci: Help me Romani! I can't deal with her by myself! No... Why is this happening...

Da Vinci: Did she just roast three golems and turn them into a bunch of cookies?

Dr. Roman: Okay, there's nothing to worry! Chaldea is as peaceful as ever, Fujimaru!

Dr. Roman: Don't worry and keep investigating that apartment. I won't worry about what just happened either and focus on backing you up.

Fujimaru 1: R-Right.

Fujimaru 2: If only we had Marugoshi David here...

Mephisto: See? You can punch her all you want but she gets back up. That's our Elisabeth!

3rd Floor, Room No.4

Mash: Ah... This room seems normal. The room's resident is...

Boudica: Hi. Good evening, Mash, Fujimaru. Welcome to my room.

Boudica: Are you here to bring me back? Thank you very much. But—

Mash: But... What, Boudica? Are you also...

Boudica: You can't come in without ringing the bell. As your big sis, I have to scold you.

Mash: Senpai! Thank goodness! Boudica hasn't changed!

Mash: Reliable, kind, and warm hugs galore! That's our Boudica!

Boudica: What? Oh, Mash, is that what you think of me? Someone who hugs at every possible chance?

Boudica: Anyway. I just made a stew. Will you have some with me, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Yes, of course.

Fujimaru 2: Eat up, so we can all go home.

Mash: Yes! You are way past your limit, Senpai. I think it's good for you to replenish some energy.

Mash: After we finish our meal, let's go back to Chaldea for the time being. We also have to bring Boudica back—

Boudica: —Go back? What are you talking about, Mash?

Boudica: Don't joke around with me. Who said I would go back?

Boudica: I won't go back. There's no place for me to go back to. That's because... Everything... YOU TOOK EVERYTHING!

Boudica: We were the king's only family. My daughter and I were all he had!

Boudica: That's why I was going to inherit the throne... Yet I was told women have no right to inheritance...


Mash: Boudica...

Boudica: I had forgotten. I tried to distract myself with the cause of “saving humanity.”

Boudica: However... This anger. This hatred. This vengeance...

Boudica: I won't let anybody get in my way, no matter who it is! In the name of Queen of Victory, I'll make an example of you!


Boudica: ...Ah... What... What did I... I see... I just embarrassed myself...

Boudica: Queen of Victory... How funny... I've lost every fight that's worth fighting...

Mash: ...Servant Boudica has been eliminated. There is nothing more in this room, Master.

Fujimaru 1: ...Let's go outside.

Fujimaru 2: ...Let's continue our investigation.

Mash: Yes. Let's find the cause of all this as soon as possible.

Mash: Why is it like this? Why are they doing it?

Mash: Let's move forward to find those answers!

4th Floor, Room No.4

Mash: ...Senpai, we're almost done investigating the 4th floor. If what happened on the first floor applies to every floor...

Lancer Alter: Leave. The floor above is crawling with vengeful ghosts. It's not a place for the living.

Ryougi Shiki: (Completely stunned by a horse suddenly appearing)

Mash: Enemy Servant appeared! Prepare for battle, Master!

Fujimaru 1: I've never seen this Servant.

Fujimaru 2: That suspicious helmet... That's the mastermind!

Lancer Alter: ...Hum.

Mash: I am sure! This pressure, this evil magical energy I am sensing...

Mash: That's a Servant more chaotic-evil than Mephisto here!

Mephisto: Hyahoo! Exactly! That there is the evil Dark Knight, the crow that devours the dead.

Lancer Alter: ...No, wait!

Mash: I get chills just from the gaze beyond that helmet! That Servant is cold-hearted!

Mash: Master, be careful... That is not someone we can talk to!

Mephisto: Let's defeat that Servant! Oh I can't stop laughing! Hehehe, kill, let's kill!

Mephisto: Inside that armor is probably a hollow shell like the ghosts outside, or a bony skeleton!

Lancer Alter: ...Hey! Who are you calling a bony skeleton?

Lancer Alter: Feast your eyes upon this body! One that belongs to the King of Storms, the protector of the holy lance!

Lancer Alter: LOOK! CLOSELY!

Ryougi Shiki: (Completely stunned by her taking off her armor)

Dr. Roman: Whoa! Time to record this! Where's my recorder!?

Fou: Fooooooooooou!

Mash: Wh-What? Have we met before?

Fujimaru 1: Didn't we fight in that massive cavern before?

Lancer Alter: ...Indeed. You are very perceptive, Fujimaru.

Lancer Alter: That was a different aspect of myself, but still the same person.

Lancer Alter: Your perceptiveness deserves a compliment. You show much promise. However...

Fujimaru 2: I don't remember you. I mean those breasts...

Lancer Alter: (Her eyes are saying, “I will kill you if you finish that sentence.”)

Fou: Fo...Fou...

Lancer Alter: Unlike my armor, my patience is wearing thin. Especially when it comes to humiliation.

Lancer Alter: You ruffians have witnessed a king's face. Since it has come to that, a fight cannot be avoided.

Lancer Alter: I shall forgive your disrespect if you can survive and prove your bravery to me. If you can't, your soul will be mine.

Lancer Alter: I am the King of Storms, the Wild Hunt itself! All those who witness my face shall become my servant.

Lancer Alter: My limbs, my offerings... Cry as you gather under me. Be as crimson as velvet, fit to decorate my hooves.

Lancer Alter: This tower here is my castle. Here I go, human! Resist your fate with all of your might!

Mash: Lancer Alter is attacking us after saying all those cool lines!

Mash: Master, your orders, please! You too, Shiki! Be prepared!

Ryougi Shiki: Ah, yes, thank you, you saved me! She almost gave me a heart attack!

Ryougi Shiki: What the hell is she doing on a horse in an apartment! That's creepier than any ghosts in this place!


Lancer Alter: ...Insolent fool. The eyes that can see death, huh? To think my servants will be disposed of so easily.

Lancer Alter: If she's with you then you can win. I have no more reasons to stop you.

Mash: Master, Lancer Alter has lowered her spear.

Mash: Unlike the other Servants, maybe she still hasn't mutated?

Mephisto: Of course she hasn't. I mean, she's just not cut out for it.

Mephisto: How should I put this... The heart that's not afraid to go all out? The courage to pursue desires? Kind of like the class president?

Mephisto: No matter how strong she becomes, she never seems to turn into a cruel queen.

Mephisto: Unless you pour ale into the Holy Grail and have her drink it, she will never become a villain.

Mash: That's very much like her. But why is she blocking our way?

Lancer Alter: ...Hmm. I can't let people without light tread into the darkness.

Lancer Alter: I am here to filter the people who can't resist against the grudge in this place.

Lancer Alter: But with that woman around, any immortal will face death.

Lancer Alter: That's why I will allow you to proceed. Besides...

Lancer Alter: Even with a light, it's common to be eaten by beasts. I will enjoy watching how far you can go.

Dr. Roman: Wow, what a scary laugh... She looks like a cruel queen to me... Cruel enough...

Lancer Alter: You talk too much, mage. Small talk is strictly prohibited. Instead of speaking, keep moving!

Fou: Fou, fou!

Dr. Roman: Ouch, she scolded me... She's like a class president alright. Now for the necessary questions.

Dr. Roman: Heroic Spirit of the Holy Spear. Why are you here? Did Mephisto trick you into coming, too?

Lancer Alter: I don't know about that. I came of my own free will.

Lancer Alter: ...This is the tower that gathers grudges. It is the cenotaph that imprisons death.

Lancer Alter: Originally it should've been drowned in the darkness of history. But someone dug it up, and tried to convert it to a Singularity.

Dr. Roman: Someone... It's probably the same person who's incinerated humanity. But you said they tried, did they fail?

Lancer Alter: ...This is what you will find out from your investigation. Indeed, the King's plan ended in miscalculation.

Lancer Alter: That's probably because he sent the wrong man for the job. As a result, this place did not turn into a Singularity.

Lancer Alter: Instead, it became a tower that attracts and imprisons Servants, turning them into demons.

Lancer Alter: There are many types of death that come here. Someday, it will become the Singularity called “Hell.”

Mephisto: So this is the gate of Hell, right? That means I am most suitable to be your guide!

Lancer Alter: Now, even if a Hell wasn't created here, one already exists. Adding one or two more holes to it wouldn't be a problem. However...

Lancer Alter: If you can't overlook that fact, then do whatever you see fit.

Lancer Alter: This place has no effect on the incineration of humanity. The mutation of the Servants is the result of their own doing.

Mash: ...That's what she thinks... What should we do, Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: Of course, we will go up.

Fujimaru 2: We can't abandon our Servants.

Mash: Roger! I will go with you, Master!

Ryougi Shiki: ...Even if it won't cause any harm to you, you'll still intervene? You sure are a curious one.

Ryougi Shiki: Or are you just nosy? Chaldea is more laid-back than I thought.

Lancer Alter: That's not it. It is my duty as a king. An inferior being like you wouldn't understand.

Ryougi Shiki: Don't be ridiculous. Even inferior civilians have their path! Especially, when it's related to our own territory.

Ryougi Shiki: Oh well... We've already defeated the large chested woman, so let's go ahead Fujimaru.

Ryougi Shiki: If we keep looking at those things, it'll mess up our sense of scale! More than enough is too much, you know?

Lancer Alter: Heh. No one who has more than enough says that. I will accept it as sour grapes.

Ryougi Shiki: Okay, okay. Ah, how about that Room No. 4? That is your room, right? Can we go inside?

Ryougi Shiki: You clean it up everyday, right?

Lancer Alter: Eh—?

Lancer Alter: No! Absolutely not! If you go in, you will die! What the hell are you thinking?!

Into the Woods

Dr. Roman: Hmm? Are you outside the apartment right now? Seems like you're in the vicinity.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, you're supposed to investigate the building. What are you doing outsid—

Dr. Roman: Hmm. The reception's not good here. There's a weird magnetic fiel—and the observation has sto—

Mash: Senpai, we've lost contact with the Doctor!

Mash: Although I don't think it's mechanical failure, since the spiritrons are unstable around here...

Mash: Speaking of which, what are we doing here, Senpai? The Doctor said our range of investigation should be within the apartment building.

Ryougi Shiki: No, Fujimaru's intuition is right. This is the spot.

Mash: Shiki?

Ryougi Shiki: ...Someone strange is here. Come out. If you want to hide, you should do something about that murderous aura.

???: I don't have such bloodlust. All I have is this righteous rage.

Mash: ...A-A Servant? But... I can't see him... I can't see him at all, Master!

Mash: He's right in front of me, but all that's there is pure darkness...

Mash: He's a little different than the remnants of Servants - Shadow Servants!

Mash: Also, not Saber... Lancer... Archer... He doesn't belong to any of the seven classes!

Fujimaru 1: Is he a Ruler then!?

???: Mediation is the furthest thing from what I do. I'll take that as you picking a fight with me.

???: Who are you all, anyway? Why would you walk around killing ghosts?

???: They were unrewarded in life, and their regrets keep them away from death.

???: The defeated who were abandoned by life, and left behind by death. They chose emptiness over peacefulness.

???: ...Yes, they are nameless, formless monsters. These souls, rejected by even the other side, need peace.

???: If Hell denies them, then I will create a new Hell. That's why this tower must be filled with their grudges.

???: That is my faith, and why I exist. Oh light, do not stand in my way.


Fou: Fou, fou, fooooooou!

Mash: Fou is more excited than ever! That ghost doesn't seem to be an ordinary ghost!

Mephisto: Oh, this is not good. This is not good, Master Fujimaru.

Mephisto: That's an Innocent Monster with super-recovery, super-stamina, and super-skills. The ultimate form of someone who absolutely hates humans.

Mephisto: In the world of Magecraft, there's this thing called something-Murder that can reliably kill any primate species.

Mephisto: And what we have here is a nameless weakling who seems to be reaching that state.

Mephisto: A shame. My dream of seeing Master's destruction is going to end here. You know why, yes?

Mephisto: Because we are all going to die here.

Ryougi Shiki: You're giving up awfully early, clown.

Ryougi Shiki: True, we'll be done here if that's a real Monster of Gaia, but... he's just a defective Monster of Alaya.

Ryougi Shiki: If our opponent is a ghost who's fallen into madness after death, we'll just have to fight with the same amount of madness.

Mash: Shiki? Huh? What's going on?

Ryougi Shiki: Nice to meet you, Mash. Good evening, Fujimaru.

Ryougi Shiki: I was trying my best not to come out, but given who we're fighting, I had no choice.

Ryougi Shiki: If you'd like, please use me for a little bit.

Mash: Y-Yes, thank you very muc— Wait, that's not it!

Mash: Senpai, Shiki's acting weird! The fact that she all of a sudden changed clothes is not the problem...

Mash: ...It's that she's so graceful, flowers themselves bloom in shame. She is the embodiment of pure beauty.

Ryougi Shiki: Oh my. That's what surprises you? It's refreshing seeing you acting like a girl.

Ryougi Shiki: ...Really, it's a bit of a shame. You aren't cut out for battle, Mash.


Ryougi Shiki: ...Humph. You ruined the mood. I was starting to feel so sad and warm, too...

Ryougi Shiki: It's the fault of the land here that a ghost like this grew so strong.

Ryougi Shiki: I just remembered. Is this where that mage died?

Fujimaru 1: Shiki... Behind you!

Ryougi Shiki: I know. Now let's finish this!

Fujimaru 2: This happened before.

Ryougi Shiki: Yes. I don't remember it, but if you do...

Ryougi Shiki: —Hehe. Then it must be fate. It's strange, but it makes me very happy.

Ryougi Shiki: You said you wanted to create a Hell here. But that's Lord Enma's jurisdiction.

Ryougi Shiki: Even Hell doesn't welcome an amplifier for hateful screams... Your possible dream... Let it disappear into the rift of this world.


Mash: Enemy ghost eliminated! We did it! Thank you very much

Ryougi Shiki: Oww... I tripped on a tree root. That was lame of me...

Ryougi Shiki: Hmm? Oh, you took care of it while I was screwing around. Thanks, Fujimaru, Mash.

Mash: No, um... That was you, actually.

Fujimaru 1: It's okay. Let's not say anything, Mash.

Mash: ...You're right. She seems to have her reasons.

Mash: ...But that kimono was so beautiful. I wish I could've asked her more questions.

Fujimaru 2: Shiki, you're a magical girl?

Ryougi Shiki: Magical girl? What are you talking about? I'm too old to be a “girl” anyway.

Fou: Fou, foou!

Ryougi Shiki: Oh, what is it, Fou? You want praise, too? ...Wait, what's that? A key?

Mash: Seems like it was hidden here. Good work, Fou. (Pat, pat)

Ryougi Shiki: ...

Mephisto: Oh my! It seems Shiki wants to touch his fur, too! Go ahead and touch my cape, then!

Mephisto: My cape is an exquisite item made from 100% devil hair!

Mephisto: Come on, touch it! It's gorgeous!

Ryougi Shiki: ...Fine. I guess it'll have to do. Let me touch it.

Mephisto: Oh no! Mephy's in danger! You just tried to sever my cuticles, didn't you!?

Ryougi Shiki: Oh, sorry. I couldn't help myself. That long hair was annoying me.

Mephisto: You're doing it all wrong! You use scissors to cut hair! Your knife would shave my entire head bald!

Mephisto: I try very hard to be a dandy gentleman! I'll defend my hair to the death!

Ryougi Shiki: !!! It's a fashion statement!?

5th Floor, Room No.4

Dr. Roman: ...The Spiritron density's highest on this floor. Looks like we're at the center of this apartment.

Dr. Roman: We've defeated dozens of ghosts so far, but this response is far bigger than any of them.

Dr. Roman: The core that created this fake Singularity... The soul, or Spirit Origin if you will, of this area.

Dr. Roman: And it's close. Be careful, Fujimaru.

Mash: Understood. ...We're almost at the end of the hallway.

Mash: That room seems to be the last one... Shiki, are you picking up anything.

Ryougi Shiki: Listen, the only thing I'm picking up is cold shivers. I can't detect magical energy like Fujimaru.

Ryougi Shiki: It's more like intuition for me. That, and how much death there is.

Mash: Whether there's death, huh?

Mash: You haven't talked about it, but what does it feel like to see death?

Ryougi Shiki: It's creepy, basically. I told you before, what I see is a thing's lifespan.

Ryougi Shiki: ...Everything has a seam.

Ryougi Shiki: Those seams usually look like lines. Run a knife down them and that part will “die.”

Ryougi Shiki: If you have time, you can ask a mage you know for the more detailed theory.

Ryougi Shiki: In my case, I happened to know this weird mage. She told me all kinds of stuff I didn't want to know.

Ryougi Shiki: ...Well, I'll probably never see her again. But maybe you have someone who knows her?

Dr. Roman: I don't know. Chaldea's got a lot of funds, but we're basically isolated in the mountains.

Dr. Roman: Anyway, were you born with those eyes? Have you been seeing that scary view since you were born?

Ryougi Shiki: I was born with them, but they didn't awaken until I got into an accident.

Ryougi Shiki: I basically died once. When I woke up, the whole world had changed.

Ryougi Shiki: ...Tch. Why are we talking about me, anyway? Look, we're here. This is the center of the building.

Mephisto: Hehehe! At last we're here! Yes, yes, this is it! This is it!

Mephisto: I remember this place! I was first summoned here!

Mash: ...So there's something here that's creating this fake Singularity, right?

Mephisto: Of course! It wouldn't make sense if there wasn't!

Mephisto: Who could it be? I'm so excited! I'm so nervous, everyone! Aren't you?

Mash: —Yes. It's not appropriate to say this, but I'm interested.

Mash: Thanks to you, I'm not as nervous now, Mephisto.

Fujimaru 1: You're a pro at livening things up, Mephisto.

Fujimaru 2: It was a little bit noisy though.

Mephisto: Hehehe! Of course! I'm talking as much as usual for your sake, Fujimaru!

Dr. Roman: That means he's just acting like his normal self!

Ryougi Shiki: So you won't change your ways for anything, huh? You really do seem to be having fun, though.

Mephisto: Of course I am.

Mephisto: I'm with a Master who'll hang out with a devil like me, even if they do think I'm a little weird!

Mephisto: How could this not be fun!

Mephisto: This is so fun! I'm so happy! It's really like a dream come true!

Ryougi Shiki: ...Yeah. You're being honest for once, huh Scissors?

Ryougi Shiki: Okay. Let's go inside. Are you ready, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Dr. Roman: What is this room!? There's no boundary lines!

Dr. Roman: It's like Scáthach's Land of Shadows! If we don't stop this thing—

Evil Mephisto: Welcome, everyone! Have you been satisfied so far?

Mash: —Huh?

Good Mephisto: Of course we have! Hello, me! Thanks for watching the Boundary!

Fou: Fou, foou!

Mash: Another set of Mephistos!? Even though we got rid of the evil one!?

Good Mephisto: What are you saying, lady Mash? I'll ask you not to underestimate me.

Good Mephisto: I am a devil! I've only got a single good heart within me—

Good Mephisto: But I've got far more than one or two hearts of evil! I've got so many you couldn't count them all!

Mash: That's surprisingly convincing! I have no come back to that, Master!

Fujimaru 1: It's Mephisto. What can you do?

Fujimaru 2: We just have to keep punching him until he reforms.

Good Mephisto: Yes, perfect! I wanted to see you go around defeating all the evil mes.

Good Mephisto: That's why I came here in the first place!

Good Mephisto: Come, come! Go right ahead! Behind that evil me is a Greater Ghost.

Good Mephisto: That's the keystone of this Bounded Field! The Great Avici Hell, which draws spirits of the dead here and turns them into a pillar!

Ryougi Shiki: ...It's huge. How hard is it gonna be for that to die? There's so many lines I could never cut them all!

Evil Mephisto: Hehehe! Of course it's hard! It's a copy-paste of over a hundred million deaths!

Evil Mephisto: And you're going to join the other ghosts in it! But before that—

Evil Mephisto: There's something I don't quite understand. I'm talking about you, Fujimaru.

Evil Mephisto: Say, why are you doing all of this? This isn't your problem at all.

Evil Mephisto: It's true that Servants were trapped here. But they mutated of their own will.

Evil Mephisto: They all wanted to be that way. There was no need for you to go to considerable length to come and save them.

Evil Mephisto: This apartment is located in a different dimension, yes. But it's only a fake Singularity. It's safe to ignore.

Evil Mephisto: Even if humanity's foundations were restored, this place would simply sit outside the world and quietly gather hatred and pain.

Evil Mephisto: Looking at this sort of hell is my job, which is why I'm here working.

Evil Mephisto: But why are you getting involved? No one asked you. And this isn't revenge.

Evil Mephisto: There's nothing to be gained for you by solving this problem!

Ryougi Shiki:

Mash: Well...

Fujimaru 1: Everyone looks like they're suffering.

Fujimaru 2: A hobby. Just like you.

Mash: —Right! It doesn't matter what we gain! It felt like we needed to solve this!

Mash: That's the kind of person Senpai is! Someone who can't look away from pain and sadness.

Mash: ...I still remember Senpai holding my hand that day when I was scared in the Command Room...

Ryougi Shiki: Everyone looks like they're suffering, huh? And I guess “everyone” includes the ghosts.

Evil Mephisto: —SIGH. Then I guess I'll have no choice but to kill you.

Evil Mephisto: I am a devil. It's no fun if someone does something just because they want to.

Evil Mephisto: I can't tempt them with anything. Which means I can't trade with them!

Evil Mephisto: And in the face of someone like that, you know... I would have no choice but to truly submit!

Evil Mephisto: And if I was loyal like that, I wouldn't be a devil anymore, would I?

Evil Mephisto: I am here as myself.

Evil Mephisto: As long as I'm needed as the devil Mephisto Pheles... It would be rude to my wonderful Master not to do my job!

Good Mephisto: Ooh, that's me for you! A devil more devilish than any devil!

Good Mephisto: But as the me on Master's side, this is a problem. I don't think I can beat that Greater Ghost.

Good Mephisto: The evil devil me wants to be defeated by my Master. The good devil me just wants to survive and doesn't care about anyone else.

Good Mephisto: What is this? Mixing both me together would make me look like the strongest, wouldn't it!?

Ryougi Shiki: Idiot. Just shut up and work with us. It's the only way you'll survive.

Ryougi Shiki: Let's do it, Mash, Scissors. Fujimaru's answer persuaded me.

Ryougi Shiki: I'd been wondering the whole time, too.

Ryougi Shiki: Fujimaru has a place to call home. Why get involved in someone else's hell?

Ryougi Shiki: But I guess I know the answer now.

Ryougi Shiki: This one is the same kind of idiot as Mikiya! So there's no sense in thinking about it!

Ryougi Shiki: Idiots never listen to you, after all! They just make everyone's lives difficult!

Mash: Right... right! I agree, Shiki! That's our Master!

Ryougi Shiki: Then let's finish this thing!

Ryougi Shiki: I'm thinking that I want to go to this Chaldea of yours!


Dr. Roman: The massive ghost has vanished! Now the fake Singularity is done for!

Ryougi Shiki: Bye now, lying devil. Time for you to head back home!

Evil Mephisto: Ayye—yeee! It's so sharp!

Evil Mephisto: So this is a death line!? It's so sharp, huh miss?

Evil Mephisto: It's a clean cut! I didn't feel anything and there's no blood! But there's terror and pleasure!

Evil Mephisto: Oh, I have to disappear! I can't take it anymore!

Mash: The enemy Servant and massive ghost have been eliminated. —We won, Master.

Fujimaru 1: Good work, everyone.

Good Mephisto: Hehe. Hehehehe!

Good Mephisto: Good work! Good work, huh? An airhead until the end, you are!

Good Mephisto: But that's unforgettable, unattainable, and I want to die! Good work! And farewell!

Good Mephisto: Though... When you're a devil like me you don't do farewells like this often!

Mash: Good Mephisto!? W-Why are you starting to disappear?

Good Mephisto: Why? That's a strange question Killing that me means killing this me as well!

Good Mephisto: Listen, if you defeat an evil heart, the good heart isn't going to somehow survive, okay?

Good Mephisto: I am me because of my evil. And I am me because of my good.

Good Mephisto: You are who you are because of your strengths. I am who I am because of my weaknesses.

Good Mephisto: It's best to disappear together. That is what we are.

Good Mephisto: Because—if only one of us were to survive, that would be a sad thing.

Good Mephisto: They say a man can't live by himself! Although, I am a devil!


Ryougi Shiki: ...Yeah. Did you have fun, Scissors?

Mephisto: Yes, I did! The best days of my devilish life! Um, yes. Enough that I'm going to miss it.

Mephisto: Anyway, I will be off! I'll be joining the ghosts!

Fujimaru 1: No, I'll see you soon, Mephisto Pheles.

Fujimaru 2: I'll summon you soon.

Mephisto: Hehehe. Hehehehe. That's wrong. That's a different me. Not this me.

Mephisto: I'm not human. In fact, I was never human at all—

Mephisto: So I don't remember what happened yesterday, and I probably won't remember you!

Mephisto: That's what a devil is! Either they destroy the one they contract with, or that one will destroy them!

Mephisto: Nothing remains. For if it did, it would weigh on me. I wouldn't be able to have fun deceiving you, Master!

Mephisto: Goodbye, everyone— The devil Mephisto Pheles will be leaving now!

Mephisto: Splendid, splendid work, Fujimaru! You have done well to awaken from the sleep of death!

Dr. Roman: ...

Mash: ...Heroic Spirit Mephisto Pheles is gone. It's over, Shiki, Senpai.

Ryougi Shiki: Over? Well, I guess it is.

Ryougi Shiki: Once that massive ghost is gone, this apartment building will go back to being abandoned.

Ryougi Shiki: When the time comes, there'll be nothing left. Like what Scissors said, that's life.

Mash: Yes. It is a little lonely, though.

Ryougi Shiki: Okay. Let's head back to this Chaldea place, Fujimaru.

Ryougi Shiki: No, should I call you Master? That's the rule for Servants, right?

Fou: Fou!?

Dr. Roman: Huh? You're coming too?

Ryougi Shiki: What, am I not welcome? I've helped you this far. ...Not that it was my main goal.

Ryougi Shiki: I was troubled too.

Ryougi Shiki: I thought I'd wake up if I found the cause, but it's not happening. Instead, I feel more alert than ever.

Ryougi Shiki: This place is going to disappear soon. So Chaldea's the only place I can go.

Ryougi Shiki: If I work for you as a Servant, then you can give me lodgings, food, and clothing, right?

Mash: It's true...We can't just leave her. Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: Welcome to Chaldea.

Fujimaru 2: Thanks for coming, Ryougi.

Mash: Right! Thanks for working with us, Shiki!

Ryougi Shiki: Thanks. Okay, let's get going.

Ryougi Shiki: If you need ghosts, zombies, or anything else weird taken out, I'm the one. Use me as you like.

Ryougi Shiki: Thanks, Fujimaru.

Ryougi Shiki: I won't go as far as Scissors, but I'll follow you to the gates of Hell.

Dr. Roman: Damn... Another weirdo, huh?

Dr. Roman: But it's good that Chaldea will be livelier. I'll get her a room ready quickly.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, good work. I can see the fake Singularity response beginning to weaken.

Dr. Roman: The massive ghost maintaining it vanished. That apartment building will vanish soon.

Dr. Roman: The Servants who were trapped will come back when the building disappears.

Dr. Roman: If you forgot anything, take care of it. Chaldea always needs more resources.

Dr. Roman: But don't spend too much time there! I'll be waiting for you in the Command Room!

6th Floor, Room No.1

Fujimaru 1: Excuse the intrusion!

Fujimaru 2: Good morning!

Mash: Although we resolved the incident, it seems there are still some Servants trapped inside the building.

Mash: So we continued our search and rescue efforts, but... but...

Fran: Uuuu... Uuuuuuu! Uuu! Uuuu, uuuu, uuuu!

Mash: That's too bright! Too bright and too intense!

Mash: I don't know what you're so excited about, but try to calm down a little, Fran!

Lu Bu:


Mash: Wah! Even General Lu?

Fujimaru 1: Doctor, translate!

Dr. Roman: Huuhhhh? I can do something like that?

Mash: Doctor, I can give it a try!

Fujimaru 2: Mash, translate!

Mash: O-okay, I'll try!

Fran: ...Uuuu... Te...sla... Uuuuuu!

Mash: Umm, Tesla? That same Tesla that recently joined Chaldea?

Fran: Uuuu!

Mash: Um...

Fran: Uuuu? Uu?

Fran: ...Uuuuu...

Nikola Tesla: Invigorating. Absolutely invigorating, and most comfortable! Reading a book under the gleam of electric light... How dazzling!

Nikola Tesla: My unstoppable intelligence is essentially skyrocketing at an eel-lectrifying rate! All because of electricity!

Nikola Tesla: ...What, you didn't get that? I mentioned eels because, well, they're a god-like fish that can generate electricity... Well, never mind.

Nikola Tesla: In any case, let's try increasing the brightness even further. This is all 500W can produce. How would it be if we doubled that?

Nikola Tesla: It's evident that my intelligence will likely reach divine levels, and soon I won't even have to read anymore!

Nikola Tesla: Hahahahaha! Now then, allow me to show you—

Nikola Tesla: System Keraunos!

Nikola Tesla: Hrmm? A power outage? Well, that's problematic. But really, what a genius I am...

Nikola Tesla: I can learn a lesson even from a situation like this! That lesson being— It's important to conserve electricity!

Fran: Uuuuuuu—!?

Fran: Naaaaaaaaaaooooooooo oooooooooo!

Mash: She's angry that Tesla uses up all of the electricity...

Mash: She says she's also decided to start wasting electricity. Ah, I see...

Fran: Uu—! Uuu! Uu! Uuau!

Fujimaru 1: It's getting harder to see in here.

Fujimaru 2: It's so bright!

Lu Bu:berserk1–!

Mash: Lu Bu says... Um...

Mash: “I lent her a hand, because she looks like my daughter.”

Mash: Oh, I guess he's not actually angry.

Lu Bu:berserk2—!

Mash: Wah?!

Mash: “There is no parent that wouldn't get angry watching their daughter cry” is what he said! S-Sorry!

Ryougi Shiki: I see. So the complaints we've been getting lately ordering us to do something about the frequent power outages is due to this.

Mash: Shiki? What are you looking at? Is that...a notepad?

Ryougi Shiki: In any case, let's take care of this. We'll talk afterward.

Fran: Uuuuuuuaaaaaa—!


Fran: Fuuuu...uuu–!

Mash: Don't worry Fran, we will give Tesla an earful later...

Fran: Uu...

Fujimaru 1: We should have Electricity Conservation Day at Chaldea.

Fujimaru 2: We should give the professor a taser as a present.

Fran: Uu! Uu♪

Mash: And just like that, she's mellowed out again!

Lu Bu: ...

Mash: Whew... The room is finally dark again. My eyes are still seeing stars from all that light...

Dr. Roman: This may be a little sudden, but can I say something?

Mash: Sure, Doctor. What's the matter?

Dr. Roman: Hold on, wait! Fran is...

Dr. Roman: She's saying, “In order to conserve electricity, I'm unplugging any piece of equipment of unknown function that I find.”

Dr. Roman: Ahhh, wait a second! Please don't pull the plug on that one!

Dr. Roman: At least let me shut it down properly... Ah.

Mash: ...It was unfortunate, wasn't it?

Fou: Fu, aauu.

Mash: By the way, Shiki... What was that memo earlier?

Ryougi Shiki: Oh, this? This is the request I got. It says, “Please resolve the cause of the power outages,” so...

Ryougi Shiki: All right, that takes care of that one. Next up is “Please evict the bad tenant who refuses to pay rent.”

Mash: Um... I hope I'm guessing wrong, but are these possibly...complaints from all the neighbors here?

Ryougi Shiki: Oh, didn't I mention that? Based on the information I have...

Ryougi Shiki: ...they're complaints requesting the removal of Servants who are living in this apartment building illegally.

Ryougi Shiki: That's why I've been chasing out Servants. Here, look. This building is owned by the Ryougi Family, you see.

Mash: Shiki, you're a landlord?! And this is basically—

H:Ryougi Shiki: Yes. I came here on behalf of my family to collect everyone's rent.

H:Ryougi Shiki: In that case, let's switch gears from here on out, Mash, Fujimaru.

Mash: I understand! Now that you mentioned it, you do dress like a landlord huh, Shiki?

6th Floor, Room No.4

Mary: Ahh. So you've finally come. I was getting tired of waiting.

Mary: Are you from Silver Saucer? Or Othello Pizza?

Mary: Well, either is fine. As always, leave the loot at the door and get out. I'll spare your life, at least.

Mash: The kitchen is stuffed full of empty food cartons... There are empty pizza boxes stacked up in a tower...

Mash: This is unmistakably the apartment of a rundown corporate worker! It's a weary corporate worker's apartment, Senpai!

Anne: Yeees? Is someone calling for me?

Anne: ...Oh? You're not the mail order delivery man, are you? Call him, will you?

Anne: Please hurry and deliver my Top 100 High-Seas Adventure Novels set. I'm so beyond bored. We just keep getting food deliveries.

Anne: Oh, and of course, you won't charge us for this, right? As you can see, we haven't got a penny to our name♪

Mash: Even you're living this slothful life, Anne?! Listen, you two! Where has your pride as pirates gone?!

Mash: Where are the girls who smiled, saying that they didn't seek the Holy Grail for treasure, but for treasure maps?

Mary: I suppose you could say we tossed them into the sea of the internet... All because that black-haired bastard suggested we try it out...

Anne: Yes... It's just so useful... And vast... And stimulating... And also comforting...

Anne & Mary: Before we knew it, we had sunk down into this lifestyle! But it's all right, because we're pirates!

Anne & Mary: The deliveryman threatened us for payment with a musket, so we sliced up the invoice with our cutlasses!

Anne & Mary: That's the pirate way! That's our new pride as pirates!

Anne & Mary: Mash! Master! You can't grow up to become like us, okay?!

Mash: This is awful! That black-haired person is in for some serious trouble.

7th Floor, Room No.1

Leonidas: Raaaarrgh—! Raaaaaargh—!

Fou: Fooou?!

Mash: It's Leonidas this time?! But that can't be!

Mash: The Servants we've met so far in this apartment building have all, undoubtedly, had dangerous sides to them.

Mash: But Leonidas shouldn't have any kind of dark side like that! I mean... I mean!

Mash: Leonidas never hated others nor lost sight of himself. He always protected the rear. He is the Guardian of the Thermopylae...

Mash: I respect him! He was ranked as the best shield-holding Heroic Spirit in Chaldea this season!

Mash: There are no bad people among the shield-holding Heroic Spirits!

Leonidas: Raaaaaaargh! Die! Die—!

Dr. Roman: Mash, I understand how you feel, but calm down! No matter how you look at him, he's clearly been altered somehow!

Dr. Roman: There's no way that mule-headed, pardon, I mean, that earnest, steady King Leonidas would run around swinging his sword and shouting, “Die!”

Dr. Roman: Like the other Servants we've met here, his darkness has been drawn out by this apartment complex!

Mash: Doctor! Get out! Leonidas doesn't have a dark side!

Mash: If he did, there's no way he could have inspired 300 soldiers to stand up against an army of over 100,000 enemies!

Mash: He's a very solemn man, and the Guardian of Thermopylae! The valorous and indomitable King Leonidas harbors no evil nor fear in his heart!

Leonidas: Aaaauughh, I'm scared of ghosts—! I'm scared—! I'm scared—!

Leonidas: I've failed. I came here to rescue my comrades and became trapped in this hell! Now I'm so frightened I can't take a single step outside this room!

Leonidas: I can face any physical enemy, be it dragon, or dog-like man! But not ghosts! For some reason, I just can't handle ghosts!

Leonidas: And yet, I slash and slash, but there are ghosts and more ghosts! Are they without number?! What?! New ghosts?!

Leonidas: They take the forms of my Master and Lady Mash!

Leonidas: Curse you! How dare you strike me where I am weak?! What fearsome wit you have, Ghost!

Leonidas: Arrrgh, how my blood boils at this outrage! So reprehensible, it makes the very hair upon my head smolder!

Leonidas: Raaarrgh! Aid me, valorous men of Sparta! Here I come! Thermopylae Enomoti...waaaahh!

Dr. Roman: I apologize, Mash. Just as you said, he hasn't been mutated. He's just bad with ghosts, it seems. Our innocent, little King Leonidas.

Mash: ...Right. It's a sad business, being a Heroic Spirit, Doctor...

7th Floor, Room No.4

Cú Chulainn: Oh, new guests? Don't be shy. Come in. I'm not going to eat you.

Fujimaru 1: I've seen Ikebukuro!

Fou: Fou, fou.

Mash: I know what you're trying to say, Senpai, but that's not the same thing. Also, I heard rappers are a thing of the past!

Fujimaru 2: I've seen him in a commercial!

Cú Chulainn: Oh? You know of my work, kid!? Then I definitely hafta treat you nice!

Mash: Still... I can't believe we're seeing Cú Chulainn here, Senpai.

Mash: Like Leonidas, I don't think he's a Heroic Spirit that should be here in this apartment.

Cú Chulainn: Mm? What, you know my True Name? Then there is no need to hide my face either.

Cú Chulainn: There. I was suffocating under that hood. Also far too formal when I am gambling.

Cú Chulainn: So sit, honored guests. Which game do you desire?

Cú Chulainn: Cards? Dice? Roulette? Or a rousing game of backgammon?

Mash: ...Gambling... D-don't tell me...

Mash: Shiki! What's the complaint from the neighborhood residents!?

Ryougi Shiki: “It's noisy with zombies milling around after midnight. They appear to be bawling and with no clothes on,” it says.

Ryougi Shiki: Well, typical apartment gambling. No problem. That's a matter that requires an arrest.

Mash: Cú Chulainn, don't tell me you're...

Cú Chulainn: I'm afraid so. I had too much free time, so my hobby became extreme and I began running a casino☆

Cú Chulainn: I mean, I am Caster class, after all. When I hold this staff, manipulating the dice is just too easy...

Dr. Roman: That's illegal gambling! You're using your precious Druid abilities to load some dice!?

Fujimaru 1: This is like in Ikebukuro...

Fujimaru 2: He looked so cool in the commercial...

Cú Chulainn: Ah... Oh, that? To be honest, that was the cause...

Cú Chulainn: It is not as if I settled here of my own volition. I got into a quarrel with my mentor.

Cú Chulainn: I can't leave just yet. When I told her, “Act your age,” I was hit with the full force of her fury.

Cú Chulainn: I tell you, I haven't mixed it up with my mentor like that since I was her disciple in the Land of Shadows!

Cú Chulainn: There was also Fergus, Ferdia, and I believe 20 others. My mentor announced it out of the blue. As a final test.

Cú Chulainn: “All of you, slay me right now. If you cannot, you will die. For I am going to slaughter the lot of you.”

Cú Chulainn: That's what she said. I suppose it was to weed out the weaker warriors, but I wish she hadn't been that serious.

Fujimaru 1: Tell me about it. I hate her Stun.

Cú Chulainn: Oh, you've fought her before somewhere?! What a misfortune!

Fujimaru 2: So, did you win then?

Cú Chulainn: If we hadn't, neither Uncle Fergus, Ferdia nor I would have been around to become Heroic Spirits.

Cú Chulainn: It took all of us. Normally, she would have beaten us.

Cú Chulainn: But the thing is, afterwards... She easily wiped us out...

Cú Chulainn: Don't tell anyone I told you this, understand? That woman hides one side of her true character.

Cú Chulainn: “You have done well. You fools have finally become half-fledged warriors. But... I still have one stage of transformation left.”

Cú Chulainn: That's what she said before sending us flying. I'm telling you, we were like scraps of paper.

Cú Chulainn: ...And this time was like a reenactment of that. She laid waste to my Wicker Man.

Cú Chulainn: Long story short, I lost to my mentor and was imprisoned here.

Cú Chulainn: She told me to think about what I did for a while. Treating me like the monkey in that story...

Mash: You mean China's famous story of the Five Elements Mountain, with the Monkey King?

Mash: I sympathize with your situation, Cú Chulainn, but I think you're also to blame.

Mash: You should never casually bring up a woman's age. Especially if she cares about what people think of her.

Cú Chulainn: That is a fine warning! One that'll stick, as it was given by a true beauty!

Cú Chulainn: What do you say we set aside the gambling and turn to another pursuit? My bedroom door is wide open to young beauties!

Fou: Kyuu, fouuu!

???: Mm. My thoughts exactly, Fou. “A lazy warrior should have it cut off and cauterized by yon pike.”

Cú Chulainn: Yikes!

Mash: Y-you're Mistress Scáthach!?

???: I am not the strongest, most beautiful warrior of Celtic legend, but only a nameless Kunoichi who skulks in the darkness.

Dr. Roman: Well, this is Japan. I suppose it's to be expected. Then, you are welcome here. We'll cooperate with you however we can.

???: I am grateful. Die, Cú Chulainn! Die two or three times a day!

Cú Chulainn: What!? Why!? Who are you!? There is no Cú Chulainn here!

Fujimaru 1: Huh? That was a disguise!

8th Floor, Room No.1

Mash: T-This is... I wouldn't even call this strange anymore, Senpai.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, let's go home.

Fujimaru 2: Huh? I thought I just saw something.

Ryougi Shiki: This isn't even a room to begin with. This is like it's from a totally different world.

Nobunaga: I am impressed you have found your way here, my elite soldiers! I am The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven!

Mash: Nobunaga!? Or, more importantly, this room... —Is this even a room!?

Nobunaga: So you've noticed... Mas... No, Boobie Servant!

Mash: My name is Mash Kyrielight! I shouldn't have to remind you!

Nobunaga: Long story short, basically because of my curse, even this beautiful one bedroom apartment...

Nobunaga: ...that's close to the station, has cheap rent, looks like a fashionable place for a noble to live in...

Nobunaga: ...would turn into a different dimension like that Flame-something City.

Mash: Nobunaga's curse... I guess her unfulfilled dream and early death at Honnoji has turned into a form of grudge and...

Fujimaru 1: It can't be helped...

Fujimaru 2: The whole thing was burned to the ground...

Nobunaga: Yes, I didn't even get worker's comp for that... But, that's not really important.

Mash: I guess we can agree that this is not important... Oh, please continue.

Nobbu: What infuriates Okita! Yes, Okita! I will cut that girl down! She was supposed to make me look better!

Nobbu: “Oh my, cute Okita here has gathered a whole lot of Friend Points today.”

Nobbu: “Speaking of Friend Points, how many do you have Nob... Oh...”

Nobbu: She will pick a fight with me like that! Besides, during GUDAGUDA Honnoji,

Nobbu: all of you people were praising me left and right like “Nobbu so cute! Nobbu is the best! Nobbuuuuuu!”

Nobbu: Now what? The event is finished so you're done with me? You only need Okita now?

Mash: Yes! She was a great help to both Senpai and myself! Although I do feel bad for Mistress Scáthach a little bit.

Nobbu: Et tu, Mash? Fine, in that case I will wait no longer!

Nobbu: I have turned this apartment into a different dimension, and thus creating a new event by Nobbu, to Nobbu, for Nobbu!

Nobbu: The new event will be titled “the Garden of Nobbu”! Wahahahahahahaha, prepare yourselves!

Ryougi Shiki: ...So, who the heck is this?

Nobbu: Curse you! We have never met before! I am the noobie Heroic Spirit Nobbu! Nice to meet you!


Nobbu: ...Heh, compare to everything under heaven, a man's life of fifty years is nothing but a vain dream like this event.

Nobbu: I, the obsessed Demon King, will make my exit... Farewell, Mas... I mean, Boobie Servant.

Mash: Enough of that, I said!

Nobbu: Do your best to gather them points... Don't forget to exchange the Ascension materials...

Nobbu: Otherwise you'll get stuck on an awkward level... Well... I suppose...that's...inevitable...

Mash: Nobunaga...

Ryougi Shiki: So who the hell was that? A newbie sandwich board advertiser?

Okita: Heh... I took down many outlaws today with my famous Sandanzuki. OKITA-SAN DAISHOURI♪

Okita: Ah, I picked up some ice cream at the convenience store on the way back. What kind do you want, Nobbu?

Nobbu: Green tea!

Mash: Huh!?

Ryougi Shiki: Strawberry.

Mash: You too!?

8th Floor, Room No.4

Heroine X: I'm the last tenant? I see! But I got a chance to appear, so I'm not complaining!

Heroine X: What's that!? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a Saber!

Heroine X: That's right, I'm the Saber who races across the glistening etheric universe!

Heroine X: The ever-popular Heroine X has once again made an emergency landing! Everyone, do you have enough Hearts—!?

Fujimaru 1: ...We're almost done, Mash.

Mash: ...Right. Between her and Nobunaga, it seems time and space really are warped on this floor...

Fujimaru 2: ...Huh? Ms. Ryougi?

Mash: I know. Shiki has disappeared.

Heroine X: Mmm! Following a highly concentrated Saber signal has led me to a new Saber!

Heroine X: I have nothing against you personally, but I have a quota. A quota of Sabers to fight!

Heroine X: Ah, no, my mistake. That's actually karma. It's my karma. That's cool. I'm a character ruled by fate.

Mash: U-Um, X? I like how lively you are, always hyper with that tension of yours but...

Mash: But I don't think we have a Saber class here. Shiki is Assassin class—

Ryougi Shiki: Come now, what are you two doing? You'd better get ready for a fight.

Ryougi Shiki: A being from outer space— Oh my, that's so rare. Let's see what she can do before I get tired of her.

Heroine X: Huh? Who's this in a kimono with a Japanese sword? She's so serious and menacing...

Heroine X: I have a feeling she will ignore all rules of the Cosmo Dimension (comedy characters don't die) and straight up kill me...

Heroine X: All right, I apologize. I had the wrong person! Can you just let me go home?

Ryougi Shiki: My! You're not only courageous, but refined. This makes me want to play with you even more.

Ryougi Shiki: Would you do me the favor of a battle, traveler? Despite my appearance, I'm good at slashing the sign of a cross.

Heroine X: All right, emergency warp failed! Do I only have myself to blame for this!?

Heroine X: In that case, I'll do it! I'll show you the power of Altrium!


Heroine X: I can't believe this... Now that I look closely, this Saber here also emits Altrium...

Heroine X: But I didn't lose, okay!? Unless I lose to a blonde Saber, it doesn't count!

Heroine X: Then the next time we meet, it shall be as friends! Please serve me traditional New Year's dishes then!

Mash: Heroine X has successfully retreated.

Mash: I just wish she hadn't crash-landed her spaceship into the apartment, Senpai.

G:Ryougi Shiki: I'm disappointed. My one chance to slash an opponent from the stars. Next time, I'll start by cutting off that strain of hair on her head.

Fujimaru 1: That's basically telling X to die.

G:Ryougi Shiki: Yes. That is what I meant.

Fujimaru 2: So is Shiki going to grow one as well?

G:Ryougi Shiki: Really? In that case... I guess it wouldn't be a good idea to cut that off, right?

Dr. Roman: Huh? What's going on? I was just taking a little bathroom break. What'd I miss?

Mash: Heroine X, whom we've talked about before, was here, Doctor.

Mash: Shiki's personality changed and... Huh?

Ryougi Shiki: Owww... I stubbed my toe on the corner of this drawer...

Ryougi Shiki: Mm? What, the last room is empty? Then I guess our investigation is finished, Fujimaru.

Ryougi Shiki: Good work. Thanks to you, my work here is done.

Ryougi Shiki: All of the Servants who had grievances have been removed, so you can search the building at your leisure.

Mash: You heard her. Good job helping to remove the Servants, Senpai.

Mash: We still have time, so why don't we search this building a little more?

The Boundary of Dawn

Mash: Senpai, there's a door. We didn't see one before when we were here.

Mash: An emergency exit... It appears to be a door leading to the roof. Come to think of it...

Ryougi Shiki: Fou found a strange key, right? I see. So finally we get to meet the mastermind behind all this.

Mash: ...I knew it. Mephisto only became known as such after the construction of this apartment building.

Mash: Although Mephisto brought the Servants here, he had nothing to do with their so-called mutations.

Mash: So—

Fujimaru 1: ...Oh. Then that black-shrouded guy should be there.

Fujimaru 2: Well, why don't we go interrupt his so-called work?

Ryougi Shiki: That's the spirit, Master! That's how a leader needs to act.

Ryougi Shiki: Let's use the key. Who knows what's going to come out of here.

Mash: The sky feels close— You wouldn't be able to tell just from looking at the building.

Ryougi Shiki: It's well constructed. It reminds me of the roof on the Fujou Building.

Ryougi Shiki: ...It'll be dawn soon. Hey, you in black over there. Did your so-called “work” end?

???: As if it would end. My grudge shall never fade away, ever.

???: I suppose this tower will disappear. It will return to nothingness by your hands.

???: But my work is not done yet. The island of despair. The tower of incarceration. The castle of treasures.

???: Until I remember it all, I shall never give up.

Mash: Master, prepare for battle! I have confirmed the presence of an enemy Servant.

Mash: That is a Heroic Spirit who should not exist in this world!

???: —Keh. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

???: A Heroic Spirit who should not exist in this world, you say! You should have your tongue burned out for such lies, Demi-Servant!

???: Eventually you will know Heroic Spirits and spirits of the dead are the same thing. We are all curses fallen into the shadow of this world.

Mash: Is that... The massive ghost from before!? So there was another one!

???: No, we simply did not disappear. Curses don't disappear.

???: This is a system of curses that is already complete. This is the debt to humanity that the King of Mages has thrust upon me.

???: As long as others exist, there will be both resentment and killing. The hatred of those sacrificed are my nourishment.

???: This is eternal. A miserable hell that goes on forever.

???: The pious would likely worship me as a god of the greatest depths— An indestructible phenomenon immune to death.

Mash: ...It has far more magical energy than last time, Master! It really does...seem to increase its resentment every time you defeat it.

Mash: If it keeps increasing at this rate— we will not be able to kill that monster—

Ryougi Shiki: —We can kill it. If it's alive, we will kill it.

???: —Oh, really? Are you capable of destroying an indestructible phenomenon?

Ryougi Shiki: Even if something exists for millions of years, it's only the false impression of eternal youth that humans project on it.

Ryougi Shiki: But all things possess the seed of destruction. There is nothing in the universe that is immutable for eternity.

Ryougi Shiki: Get lost, vengeful demon. No matter how long or great a life is—

Ryougi Shiki: As long as it has an end, I won't hesitate to kill even a god!

???: Hah! Very well then. Show me, blasphemer!

???: See if you can deny the evil in human beings! Prove that there is nothing that can exist for eternity!


Mash: The giant enemy ghost has disappeared! All that's left is that Servant... Ah.

Mash: The Servant is fleeing! But, in the direction of—!

Ryougi Shiki: The edge of the roof...does he intend to get away by jumping off!? Not a smart way to escape!

Mash: Shiki!? If you charge with that momentum, both of you will...

Dr. Roman: Do you intend to kill him even if you end up plummeting to your own death? No, you have to stop now!

Dr. Roman: The Spiritron reaction shows that the Servant is not actually there!

Dr. Roman: That's just a shadow! Ryougi, you're the only one that's going to fall!

Dr. Roman: With your Mystic Eyes, you might be able to kill the enemy's true body even if it's a shadow. But—

Dr. Roman: If you chase him, you're going to die too!

Dr. Roman: You finally made it to Chaldea, and now you want to die with someone whose face you don't even know!?

Fujimaru 1: Ryougi, stop!

Ryougi Shiki: !

Fujimaru 2: Stay, Shiki!

Ryougi Shiki: ...

Dr. Roman: Oh dear...She just barely stopped in time. You called out just in the nick of time, Fujimaru.

Ryougi Shiki: ...Hmph. I can't ignore the Master's orders. You're a lucky man.

???: ...You're not going to pursue me?

???: If you were ready to put your life on the line, I would have shown no hesitation in accepting my fate.

Ryougi Shiki: I know. I had a feeling you were that kind of guy.

???: Ugh!

Mash: A throwing knife! Shiki, were you hiding another knife!?

Ryougi Shiki: Yeah. In my sash. Women know a thing or two about concealed weapons.

???: Ugh... So those eyes of yours... They'll even “kill” a shadow reflected on the water's surface.

???: You perceive even inanimate things as living. Even phantoms are not immune to death. It seems my work ends here.

Dr. Roman: The Spiritron reaction is fading... No, wait! The dark Servant!

Dr. Roman: Why did you create this kind of place!? Who asked you to do this!?

???: It's obvious. Surely you understand. It's the one that you regard as your enemy.

???: He boasted that this tower could become a new Singularity. However—

???: My goal differs from his.

???: My life is fueled by my thirst for vengeance. He differs from me on a fundamental level.

???: Why should I lend a hand to someone who holds no grudge? That's why I rejected his offer.

???: True to my nature, I gave other Servants the opportunity to take revenge.

???: “Oh Tiger, howl with all the fury of a tiger. The time has come to devour your prey.”

Dr. Roman: He held no grudge... What does that mean? I'm confused... Well then, what is the point of incinerating mankind's history?

???: Why don't you find the answer yourselves? I have no interest in the matter.

Mash: ...Master. The enemy Servant will disappear.

Fujimaru 1: Wait!

Fujimaru 2: Please, just tell me who you are!

???: I'm not obligated to say anything.

???: ...Hmph. But, if you insist... The only thing I have to say is this.

???: “Attendre et espérer...” Wait and hope.

Dr. Roman: ...It is finally over. The mastermind who was gathering all the ghosts is finally gone.

Dr. Roman: This apartment will return to its incinerated history... The long night will finally end.

Mash: That's good news, but... We still have no idea who that Servant was.

Mash: He made it sound like he was our enemy... I wonder if we will have to fight again someday?

Ryougi Shiki: Who knows? One victory might be all that's needed for that type of guy. He might turn out to be an unexpectedly trustworthy ally.

Mash: Really?

Ryougi Shiki: That's right. Mash, do you know why human beings take revenge on others?

Mash: N-No. I can't quite recall at the moment the motivation behind the act of revenge...

Ryougi Shiki: It's simple. A human being holds a grudge when they have been betrayed by someone they love. If the other person is someone they don't care about, they would be indifferent.

Ryougi Shiki: So... Maybe that guy in black actually loves humanity on a fundamental level?

Ryougi Shiki: The one born from hatred speaks of love, and the one born from love speaks of hatred.

Ryougi Shiki: That's the type of guy he is, I'm sure.

Dr. Roman: Yes. Perhaps we'll encounter him again someday. For now, let's hope that we have solved this case once and for all.

Fujimaru 1: I'm glad we were able to solve the case!

Fou: Fou, foou!

Ryougi Shiki: Yeah. The investigation did take a lot of legwork. Your perseverance exceeded my expectations.

Ryougi Shiki: Come to my house if you lose your job as a Master. We...have a detective, so we'll hire you as an assistant.

Fujimaru 2: Dr. Roman, don't tell me it's you!

Dr. Roman: Hmm, I don't know about that. If I can remote control someone from here, I think I can be a lot more useful to you guys.

Dr. Roman: Anyway, good work, everyone. You were all able to persevere and continue the search until the end.

Dr. Roman: There's nothing left to do now, and the distortion in the coordinates should eventually disappear.

Dr. Roman: I'll be waiting for all of you in Chaldea. The Case of Ogawa Heim has come to a close!