Prisma Codes


???: Hey, we can be friends forever and ever and ever and ever, right? Right?

???: ...Idiot. Are you stupid?

???: You screamed, “I'm done with you!” at me yesterday. Did you already forget?

???: Um, I forgot. Besides, it's okay!

???: Magic. We have magic! We are magical girls after all!

???: Magical...girl? You call yourself that? What's that? Don't you mean a witch?

???: Don't you think it's embarrassing to admit your own immaturity? That's just a failure. Besides...

???: I-I don't have any talent for magic... I can read some spell tomes, but that's about it...

???: Hey, what are you talking about? That's plenty talented! I can never do what you do! I get stuck right away!

???: Don't write yourself off so quickly! You're such an idiot... Don't give up before you even start...

???: If you want to use magic properly, you should start by studying runes—

???: Study...? Oh, sorry, sorry. I'll try my best.

???: What am I to do with you...

???: Senpai. Senpai. Get a hold of yourself.

???: This is not the time to be sleeping. If you don't get up... I will (censored) you. Is that okay with you?

???: To do that, I must muster up all the courage in my body and put everything I have into it. There's no other way.

???: Is that really okay? I'm really going to (censored) you.

Fujimaru 1: That's scary. I should get up.

Mash: Good morning. A wonderful awakening, that's the Senpai I know.

Mash: From the way you sleep to the way you rise up like a submarine making an emergency ascent...

Mash: You have grown so much. I can't slack off anymore.

Mash: I guess I have to ask Kiyohime to teach me the Hot Fire Wake Up Time technique next time.

Fujimaru 2: Zzz... (Show me what you've got.)

???: Hm? You're actually awake, aren't you, Senpai?

???: When you sleep, your ears move back and forth like when Fou is dreaming, so I can tell.

???: ...Senpai?

???: That was just a little joke. There is no point training your facial muscles now.

???: In some way, I respect you for putting efforts in such trivial matters... But right now I need you to focus that effort somewhere else.

Mash: ...There you go. Finally.

Mash: It seems like another unexpected Rayshift. Although it seems like just... the two of us.

Mash: I've never seen such a place before.

Fujimaru 1: Wow... Sure is an unusual sight.

Mash: Yes. We've visited many different eras in world history, but this time I can't even tell if it's Earth or not...

Mash: This is like a different world. I feel uneasy.

Fujimaru 1: Let's take a look around.

Mash: I agree. Let's explore with caution.

Mash: Never mind the Servants. I'm concerned if Fou might have been involved.

Fujimaru 2: Let's contact Chaldea.

Mash: I already tried... But I am not getting any response...

Mash: Do they realize that we've disappeared from Chaldea? Even so...

B:???: Aaaaah!

Mash: Oh, I hear something over there. Could it be Fou? ...No, it sounded more cheerful...

B:???: Aaaaah! Move out of the way!

Mash: Master, watch out!!

Mash: Ouch!

Fujimaru 1: Mash!? Are you okay?

Mash: I'm fine... (Sniff, sniff) I'm a Shielder, after all... (Sniff)

B:???: Oh my, I can't believe we bumped into each other head-on like that! I am very sorry!

Fujimaru 1: A talking... stick?

B:???: Oh my! I sense powerful magical energy from you. Are you outsiders as well?

B:???: Well, well! Lucky me! In that case, can I ask you for a tiny favor?

Fujimaru 1: Um, is something wrong?

B:???: Yes! There is!

B:???: I'm being chased by a very scary person! We were fighting and I got blown sky-high!

Mash: Fighting!? This place seems so peaceful, yet there are enemies here? ...And who exactly are you, anyway?

???: Ooooh, you want to know, hmm? Are you infatuated by my devilish charm?

???: Then I shall tell you! Get a load of this: I'm...

Fujimaru 2: Um, so what the heck are you?

???: Well, well, well! Intrigued, are you? You wanna know, do you?

Mash: It seems so happy...

???: Well, then, let me introduce myself! I am the alluring synthonatural spirit...

Ruby: The Magical Stick of Love and Justice, Magical Ruby! YES, IT'S ME!

Ruby: Oh, I'm so sorry about bumping into your face earlier. (Bowing)

Mash: No, it's fine...


C:???: Oh my, it's just the stick. You're still alive?

C:???: You're very tough. I guess you weren't kidding about being a gem-type Mystic Code.

Fujimaru 1: A sudden barrage of attacking spells!?

Mash: ...And they're airborne!

Ruby: Pink hair... It's her! The one who sent both my Master and me flying!

Ruby: Warning! WARNING!

1ins: A Strange, Strange Land of Sweets I

C:???: Wow, another new guest? But...this Master and its familiar seem pretty boring.

Mash: Are you talking Am I the familiar?

Fujimaru 1: Are you a Servant?

C:???: A Servant? Me? Ha ha, what are you talking about!?

C:???: How humorous and pathetic. That's so cute. You are worth teasing♡

C:???: Wound up here, oblivious to everything, like a pitiful bunch of lost rabbits. That's it, isn't it?

Fujimaru 2: Are you...Queen Medb?

C:???: Oh, you know who I am? That makes me a little happy. But you're a little off the mark.

Mash: It's true... Something feels off about her. That tiara seems more sparkly than usual...

C:???: Fine, I shall tell you the name of the queen who will be ruling you from today.

C:???: I'll say it only once, so listen carefully. If I have to repeat myself, I'll feed you to my guard dog♡

C:???: Men's hopes of servitude and dreams of enslavement are my energy source! I'm the greatest magical girl of all!

Medb: I am the Magical Girl of Honey and Geis, Connacht☆Medb! Oh, you don't need to be so formal with me!

Fujimaru 1: Magical Girl Medb!

Medb: That's right! Awww... You're the first one to ever actually do it!

Medb: Not bad... Not bad at all! I'm so embarrassed I could die! What an irresistible feeling!

Fujimaru 2: Magical College Student Medb!?

Medb: Girl! Magical Girl! Why are you being so specific?

Medb: Sure, I know I barely qualify as a girl anymore. But just go along with it, okay!?

Medb: ANYWAY! My chariot brought me here with a spectacular entrance as ever.

Medb: Nowadays I'm the queen who rules the Land of Snow and Honey. That's me. Got it?

Medb: Now, hand me that magical stick– “Ruby” or whatever it was–right this minute!

Ruby: Nooooo! There is only one Master to whom I have sworn my heart!

Ruby: I will never be yours!

Mash: ...Oh no! Summoned enemy entities are heading this way! Master!?

Fujimaru 1: Uh, Ruby? Is this magical girl bad?

Ruby: Umm, it's hard for me to judge those things.

Ruby: But her “it's my land, so anything goes” attitude really makes me mad!

Ruby: If you were my Master, I wouldn't allow it! You'd get a punishment BIG TIME!

Fujimaru 2: What kind of person is your Master, Ruby?

Ruby: Whoa, is it confession time already?

Ruby: ...She's a very normal girl!

Ruby: But she can be crazy strong sometimes! Oh, and she's compassionate! And hardworking!

Ruby: ...I suppose like any other girl she gets swayed easily once her desire switch kicks in, but still...

Ruby: Kind of scary, huh, how even the brightest among us can become rampaging monsters... Wouldn't you agree?

Mash: ...Senpai? Why are you staring at me? Are you trying to make eye contact?

Mash: Anyway, let's prepare for battle! Focus on the monster in front of us for now!

Fujimaru 1: Roger. Let's give them a hand!

Mash: Yes, Master!

Medb: Oh, are you pigs challenging me? Fine, I'll make you squeal.

Medb: Go, Reindeer Man! Snowman! Let's show them the Land of Snow and Honey's power!


Medb: Oh, we lost? Really. You guys are pretty strong.

Medb: In this neutral zone, it seems my soldiers can't fight at 100%. Lesson learned.

Medb: But the games have just begun, piggies.

Medb: I am Queen Medb. I can create as many soldiers as I want.

Mash: I won't let you summon any more enemies!

Fujimaru 1: No, Mash! Wait!

Mash: —!

Medb: My. Was that an attack? It was so weak, I couldn't tell.

Medb: Hehe. I know you want to touch me, but hold off on those measly hits, okay?

Mash: Arg!

Mash: It's not over yet! I more! Haah!!

Fujimaru 1: Mash's attacks aren't working at all!?

Medb: I told you it's useless. It looks like you don't understand the rules yet.

Medb: But this is nice, very nice. I like that desperate expression, the aura of an underdog!

Medb: I thought you might be a good snack for Mini Cú, but perhaps I should eat you instead?

Mash: ...

Mash: My attacks are all being blocked? How is this possible!?

Fujimaru 1: Mash, let's retreat! Something's off!

Mash: But... if we retreat now, we'll be captured by Queen Medb!

Mash: Something tells me that won't turn out well, so... I won't... give up so easily!

Medb: ...Hm?

D:???: That's right! Don't give up!

Mash: ...!?

D:???: (Panting) I ran too much. Jeez, Ruby!

Fujimaru 1: Now what!? Who's this!?

Ruby: Yes, my Master! Ruby is right here!

Ruby: Sorry for all the trouble! I'm zipping right on over!

Medb: Hmm...

Medb: She's not broken despite getting run over by my chariot. This new Magical Girl is quite feisty!

Medb: You, tell me your name! I may invite you into my invincible army!

???: Ugh, spouting nonsense again...

Illya: My... My name is Illyasviel von Einzbern!

Illya: I don't care about your invincible army! Just give me back Miyu!

Illya: Miyu is my... my very best friend!

Illya: Ruby! Transform!

Ruby: Certainly!

Ruby: Compact, Full Open! Gateway to Mirror World, Revealed!!☆

Ruby: Die Spiegelform wird fertig zum!

Ruby: Öffnunug des Kaleidoskopsgatter!

Ruby: Kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya has arrived!

Medb: Sorry, ignore my previous invitation. What is with that transformation? It's getting on my nerves.

Medb: We don't need more of you here. You're an eyesore, so I'll kill you for real.

Illya: I wasn't ready before, that's all! This time you won't have it so easy!

Illya: Schneiden!

Medb: You little brat...

Mash: Wow... It's working! Her attacks are getting through to Medb, Master!

Ruby: Her movement has slowed down! Now's your chance!

Illya: Yup, leave it to me! Maximum convergence...

Illya: Feuer!!

Medb: You're such a brat, I tell you! Don't you dare get carried awa—

Medb: Mini Cú!?

Illya: He took the blow for her!?

Ruby: I'm guessing you must be her familiar?

Mini Cú: Hey, Medb. You're getting carried away in someone else's kingdom.

Mini Cú: If you're gonna go crazy on other people's turf, make sure you're prepared. Your magical barrier is full of holes already, idiot.

Mini Cú: It's good you want to crush them. They're your enemies. However, only an idiot would drag on a fight on someone else's turf.

Mini Cú: If you're gonna do it, do it quick. If you fail, return right away. That's basic stuff. Basic.

Medb: Mini Cú...! That advice is so flawless!

Medb: But this is different!

Medb: Don't you think this the perfect opportunity to show everyone how a magical girl's familiar should act? By sacrificing yourself in the most honorable way?

Mini Cú: Shut up, don't make me throw codfish and cheese snacks at you. C'mon, we're leaving.

Medb: Oh Mini Cú, kill me! I love you!

Mash: Queen Medb and her mysterious familiar have withdrawn. A very bold retreat...

Illya: Miyu... I need to save Miyu! ...What!?

Illya: The transformation wore off!? What are you doing, Ruby!? I can't go after that person like this!

Ruby: Huh? For some reason the magical energy feed isn't stabilizing...

Ruby: The reception seems strangely poor... Hmm...

Ruby: Well, if you just walk around, maybe you'll get a bar soon.

Illya: Like a cell phone!?

Illya: I'm Illyasviel von Einzbern. I am a 5th year student at Homurahara Academy Elementary School.

Illya: A-And, uh, I'm... I'm a... I've been forced into the role of a... a m-magical girl...

Illya: Ahhh! This is really embarrassing when you say it aloud!

Illya: Um, thank you so much for finding and protecting Ruby! (Bowing)

Illya: Um, Ms. Kyrielight?

Mash: Please call me Mash, Miss Einzbern.

Illya: Oh, me too then! Call me Illya! All my friends call me that!

Illya: And, um, who is this (mumble) cool (mumble) person next to you?

Fujimaru 1: Call me your [♂ big brother /♀ big sister] Fujimaru.

Illya: Well, that's a little too, er... I'd still be hesitant to do that...

Ruby: She says that because Illya has an all-purpose husbando big brother who she absolutely adores.

Ruby: Although, having another person to silently adore when they aren't paying attention wouldn't be so bad. Pretty naughty if you ask me...

Illya: What are you saying, Ruby!? No, um, that's not the point!

Illya: Um, would it be okay to just call you Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 2: A real magical girl!? I am crying!

Illya: Crying!? What are you crying for??

Ruby: Your Magical Girl Power has notably increased lately. Maybe it's time to pass out meet and greet tickets?

Mash: I didn't know Senpai was that knowledgeable in a specific field of magecraft...

Mash: Please give me a lesson on it soon, if that's—Hmm? I need to first binge-watch the entire box set? ...What's a box set?

Illya: U-Um... Then is it okay for me to just call you...

Illya: Fujimaru?

Illya: A-And! Um...

Illya: I know this is strange to say, but... the aura Mash gives off is kind of similar to my own family's...

Illya: It's a bit of a relief, considering I don't even know where I am now.

Mash: Is that... so? I'm glad to hear it.

Ruby: Ho ho! If by “similar” you mean in terms of their curvaceous figures, then yes, there is one particular failed maid back at the house, isn't there!

Illya: That's not what I'm talking about!

Mash: Haha...

Mash: So let me get your story straight, Illya...

Mash: While trying to get from your own world to the neighboring “Mirror World,” you and the others ran into some trouble, the cause of which is unknown.

Mash: After getting caught up in the mix, you and this “Miyu Edelfelt,” another magical girl, wound up here, in this different dimension.

Mash: Immediately afterward, Miyu was kidnapped by a magical creature,

Mash: and that's when Queen Medb appeared proclaiming herself as a magical girl, and attacked without question... is that correct?

Illya: Yes. We've just arrived, and we know nothing about this strange world.

Mash: We're in the same boat, since we just came from Chaldea too. Still, one thing's for sure...

Mash: They came here from a parallel world that's different than our Earth.

Illya: Oh! By the way, I may not look it, but I'm Japanese. You have a Japan where you're from, right?

Illya: Fujimaru, Mash, what's your Earth like?

Mash: ...

Fujimaru 1: We'll... We'll tell you some other time.

Illya: Oh, that's right. I need to hurry and go save Miyu!

Illya: But please! I'd like to hear about it! About that Chaldea place!

Ruby: Earlier when we slammed into each other, I took the liberty of analyzing you. Force of habit, see.

Ruby: Mash, you have a very rare class of Heroic Spirit installed, don't you?

Mash: ...Y-Yes. It's Shielder. But I'm not really sure what you mean by “installed,” I'm a...

Illya: Yes, that! That's it! I just noticed a moment ago!

Illya: I can't install the class card, Ruby! What should I do?

Illya: Then Miyu can't either... Oh, I'm sorry. Mash was in the middle of saying something.

Mash: No, it's all right. But a spell to let a Heroic Spirit temporarily into your body is very unusual.

Mash: There are cases as Pseudo-Servants, but they are an exception only used during the Grand Order...

Mash: Maybe you yourself are special, Illya. If Miyu uses the same kind of magecraft...

Mash: There may be a connection to why Miyu was captured.

Mash: Wouldn't that be a possibility, Master?

Fujimaru 1: Hmm...

Mash: Master?

Fujimaru 1: Isn't a Demi-Servant similar to a magical girl?

Mash: Right... Wait, what!? Me? A magical girl...?

Ruby: Very perceptive, my friend! I can smell magical girl talents just pouring out of Mash!

Ruby: That means I must've sought help from an unknown magical girl when I was blown away☆

Ruby: I guess that's my instinct as a magical stick?

Illya: I'll never forget how you ditched me in the middle of that fight, you know...

Mash: ...Magical...girl...

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru! Mash! I've finally got hold of you two! Are you okay!?

Illya: Whoa, whoa! A hologram?

Mash: Doctor! Yes, we're fine! There's no need to be afraid, Illya.

Mash: This is Doctor Roman, chief of medical at Chaldea.

Mash: He's a trustworthy ally who provides support during our missions.

Dr. Roman: Oh? Oooohh? I think I sense an incredibly cute and pure magical energy response nearby...

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, glance to the right. Do you see a wonderful Servant in front of you?

Illya: Oh, um...? Are you perhaps talking about me?

Mash: Doctor. Illya will get a really bad impression of you, so please restrain yourself.

Dr. Roman: Yup, that's what I thought. Don't worry, I'll act like a good, responsible adult!

Dr. Roman: So, putting that aside, I have news for you. Please don't be alarmed, but you're—

Dr. Roman: You're all inside someone's Reality Marble!

1ins: A Strange, Strange Land of Sweets II

C:???: Miyu...Miyu!

Miyu: Ung...uhhh...

C:???: Miyu!

Miyu: Sapphire? Is

Sapphire: Yes, Miyu! It's me, Sapphire!

Sapphire: Oh, look at you... How heartbreaking...

Miyu: Sapphire... I'm so glad... You're safe...

Sapphire: Yes. I'm sorry I'm so late...

Sapphire: Just wait! I shall use my blade mode to free you from these restraints!

Miyu: No... Don't touch them...

Miyu: These restraints may look like tiny ribbons of lace... But they're draining away all my power...

Miyu: I'm sure it would... swallow you up too...

Sapphire: No, Miyu! But then...!

Miyu: Go find Illya. Please, tell her...

Miyu: dangerous this castle terrifying our foe is...

Sapphire: Miyu... Understood!

Sapphire: I, Sapphire, promise to come back for you!

Mash: ...

Illya: ... (Gulp)

Dr. Roman: I have news for you. Please don't be alarmed, but you're—You're all inside someone's Reality Marble!

Illya: Huh.

Ruby: Oh my.

Mash: Umm...

Fujimaru 1: What's a Reality Marble again?

Dr. Roman: Oh, I've gotta explain it from there? Right, I guess I do.

Dr. Roman: A Reality Marble is one of the deepest secrets of magecraft.

Dr. Roman: Basically, it's magecraft that manifests the interior world of the caster, and paints over reality with what's inside their heart.

Dr. Roman: It's one of the most forbidden of all techniques and just a step below True Magic. Like Unlimited Blade something-or-other.

Dr. Roman: But of course, under normal circumstances, something that crazy could never last.

Dr. Roman: A Reality Marble is a stain on reality. The world itself detects that foreign body, that inconsistency, and moves to fix it.

Dr. Roman: So unfortunately, a Reality Marble usually only lasts a few minutes.

Dr. Roman: Did that make sense to you, Fujimaru? And you, cute little lady?

Illya: Umm... so basically, this entire world is just someone's creation?

Dr. Roman: Yup. I've never heard of a Reality Marble of this size, though.

Illya: ...I-I see...

Illya: When I jumped to this world, for an instant I saw what looked like many castles and kingdoms...

Illya: They were all very clearly visible, and very large. And there was an area surrounded by a black wall...

Illya: And all of that was a single spell... A world that someone made...

Dr. Roman: Yup yup. It's so satisfying to see the surprised look on your face.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru seems to have gotten used to things lately, mostly just reacting with “Eh, it'll work out” and the like.

Dr. Roman: By the way... (Grin) I haven't introduced myself yet, have I? (Big grin)

Dr. Roman: I am Romani Archaman. Call me Dr. Roman.

Dr. Roman: Cute little lady, what's your name? Who represents you? And what are your hobbies?

Dr. Roman: You have a Spirit Origin like a Servant, but you're quite clearly human.

Dr. Roman: You're not a Demi-Servant or a Pseudo-Servant. And this powerful magical energy...

Dr. Roman: Could you be the owner of the Reality Marble? And would you finally tell me your name?

Illya: N-No! I-I'm just a magical girl! Th-Though I don't know if that's much better!

Illya: Also, sorry for not introducing myself! I'm Illyasviel von Einzbern.

Dr. Roman: Thank you for the polite introduction! Sorry for rushing you!

Dr. Roman: But... Einzbern... Einzbern, huh...? I guess that got shot down before it even started...

Illya: Hmm? Dr. Roman, do you know the Einzbern fam– I mean, do you know my mom?

Dr. Roman: No, I've just seen that name before. But looking at you, I assume you're a different person.

Fujimaru 1: Doctor, can you get us back to Chaldea?

Dr. Roman: Yeah. If Mash is with you, it should be fine. You'll be able to come back.

Dr. Roman: I hope you do ASAP. Who knows what effects that space will have on you.

Mash: Can you let Illya take refuge in Chaldea too? Just temporarily?

Dr. Roman: Hmm... Sorry, but that's impossible. Given the way the Rayshift works, it just can't happen.

Dr. Roman: Only Fujimaru and Mash can come back.

Dr. Roman: We might be able to if she were one of Fujimaru's contracted Servants...

Dr. Roman: And, hypothetically, even if it were possible...

Dr. Roman: That would go against our goal of guarding humanity. This is why we've spent so much effort trying not to intervene in other eras.

Mash: No, Doctor. Listen. She's from a parallel world, different than our own.

Mash: And if this is all inside a Reality Marble, there should be no danger of us interfering.

Mash: Can't you ask Da Vinci for help and just—

Illya: Mash, Mash. Um... I'm fine.

Illya: Thank you. (Bowing)But it's okay.

Illya: I have to save Miyu. I can't go escape someplace safe on my own.

Illya: So I'll do my best, even if I'm all by myself.

Mash: Illya...

Fou: Fou, fou!

Fou: Kyuuuu...

Mash: Fou...

Illya: Awah!? What's this fluffy thing? It's sooooo cute! I want to pet it! I HAVE TO PET IT.

Illya: ...Eep! I-I'm really fine!

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru. You understand, right?

Fujimaru 1: This might be a good chance to power up Mash.

Dr. Roman: Ah, so indeed you do. Good... What?

Fujimaru 2: MG cuteness is greater than Earth's mass?

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru! I didn't know you had the same tastes as me!

Dr. Roman: Oh, no. No. All the staff are looking at me with cold eyes. Please stop, guys...

Dr. Roman: No! I came to Chaldea to practice my Zen Buddhism! I don't know anything about otaku culture!

Da Vinci: I like it! I think it's fine!

Dr. Roman: Wait, Da Vinci!? You can't just–

Da Vinci: I've been listening to your conversation. I'll give you all the help I can offer.

Da Vinci: From the values I'm seeing, Mash isn't currently able to use her full power.

Da Vinci: I think it's because the Reality Marble is deciding that she doesn't fully meet its conditions.

Da Vinci: That world has its own rules, and its own unique Mystic Codes.

Da Vinci: A lot of good could come from adapting to it, learning from it, and putting all that into practice.

Da Vinci: It should be a good experience, both for Mash, and for Chaldea.

Da Vinci: Aside from rescuing this captured magical girl or whatever.

Dr. Roman: Man, you're cold... Oooohh, fine!

Dr. Roman: We'll continue to monitor that world and the Rayshifts. If it's just you two, you should be able to go back and forth. I promise that.

Dr. Roman: So come back to Chaldea temporarily so we can regroup. That's an order.

Fujimaru 1: Thank you, Doctor.

Dr. Roman: ... (Sigh)

Mash: Master, I'm staying here. Someone has to protect Illya.

Mash: Even if it's difficult for me to fight magical girls, I can still fight magical creatures!

Mash: So just come back here later, please.

Fujimaru 1: Got it. I'll be back as soon as possible.

Mash: Right, Master! Thank you!

Fujimaru 2: I thought you'd say that.

Mash: Th-Thank you...

Mash: I-I guess you knew exactly what I was thinking... Oh, d-don't laugh at me!

Mash: Doctor! The summoning circle's ready!

Dr. Roman: Okay! Leyline connection confirmed. You can Rayshift anytime.

Illya: Fujimaru, Mash, thank you!

Illya: I wasn't lying when I said I'd even do my best on my own.

Illya: But this makes me very happy! This is reassuring!

Fujimaru 1: I'll be back soon. You two take care.

Dr. Roman: Welcome back, Fujimaru. Once all your gear's ready, you're going to head back out again.

Dr. Roman: As the guy in charge, I'd prefer you took a break first... But I guess that's not an option.

Dr. Roman: At least pack some snacks for Mash and Illya. Something they'd enjoy eating.

Fujimaru 1: Did you find the cause of our Rayshift?

Dr. Roman: I have of course been investigating, but... well...

Dr. Roman: ...To tell the truth, it may have been best that you came back alone, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: Sorry. It's just that... Here. There's something I want to show you.

Dr. Roman: This is the video of you two just before you disappeared from Chaldea.

Dr. Roman: It starts with you taking a nap here in the Command Room.

Dr. Roman: And then Mash comes by, spots you, and tries to wake you up.

Mash: “Senpai? Oh my. You're sleeping in a place like this again?”

Mash: “Sheba, Trismegistus, and the rest of the observation equipment will get upset.”

Mash: “Senpai...”

Fujimaru 1: Is Mash...? What is this...?

Dr. Roman: ...We can interpret this later. I'll let you judge how to deal with Mash.

Dr. Roman: Da Vinci seems to have noticed something, but when I ask her she just laughs and says, “It's still a secret♪”

Dr. Roman: And there's also the matter of Illyasviel. I will remind you...

Dr. Roman: That above all else, you're a member of Chaldea, and the one Master who can bring about the preservation of humanity.

Dr. Roman: We'll be ready to take you back any time. Just don't forget about Chaldea's mission.

Dr. Roman: Be cautious in your judgments. And at times, be cold. Understand, Master Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: ...Hey, where's Da Vinci?

Dr. Roman: In her lab.

Dr. Roman: She said she had something to give you, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: Swing by before you go.

Blackbeard: I heard it! I heard it all, Fujimaru!

Phantom: ...

Blackbeard: You've been invited to a tropical☆wonderland of magical girls!

Blackbeard: I'm going too! I want to go! Gwahahaha!

Blackbeard: What is a magical girl? It's what all girls want to be! It's like what you see on TV!

Blackbeard: Excitement and thrills? Sparkles!☆ Happiness!♪ Transformations! Partial nudity! Skintight leotards! Corruption! Doujinshi...

Blackbeard: Magical girls... Magical girls are... To a gentleman, they're the stuff dreams are made of!

Blackbeard: By the way, I'm a big fan of tanned skin, you know?

Phantom: Indeed! I shall sing a song to you. An exotic Arabian number!

Fujimaru 1: I'm in a hurry, guys.

Blackbeard: So am I! I can't contain myself!

Fujimaru 2: Was there a guy like this in Chaldea!?

Blackbeard: Hah! Salty! Fujimaru is being salty! And it feels so good!

Phantom: Lah-lah-lah! Oh, the cruel shadows of the stage awaken the spirits from the depths of the earth!

Fujimaru 1: I'll think about it.

Blackbeard: 3, 2, 1, time's up! It's settled! When are you taking Teach? When, I say!?

Blackbeard: Why are you sighing like that?

Fujimaru 2: You'll corrupt the magical girls. So, no.

Blackbeard: WHY!? WHY!? WWHHHYYYY!!?

Blackbeard: I'm begging you, as a comrade! What happened to our alliance!?

Blackbeard: Grrr... So you insist on not taking us? FINE! I'll just—

Blackbeard: I'll tell on you! I'll go air my complaints out to the bride emperor and the drunk loli! Their magical voices will soothe this soul, I swear!

Phantom: No... No, Captain Black, that won't do... Surely you should tell the Master's true beloved, Kiyohime?

Blackbeard: Oh, no. That would be bad news. I'm not THAT evil.

Blackbeard: Wait! We let 'em escape!

Fujimaru 1: Well, that was a waste of time...

Fujimaru 1: Hmm?

Fujimaru 1: Huh? Where's Mash? Where's Illya!?

B:???: Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: Is that Ruby?

Ruby: Fujimaru! Trouble! This way!

Fujimaru 1: What happened?

Ruby: It's Illya and Mash!

Ruby: They were abducted by people calling themselves the residents of the Land of Sweets!

1ins: A Strange, Strange Land of Sweets III

D:Candylander: Please stay here forever, until our expiration date arrives!

E:Candylander: Live a sweet and fragrant life with us!

Candylanders: Fun and laughter in the Land of Sweets!

Candylanders: Home SWEET home, you are MINT to be here, this song will definitely come in CANDY some day!

Mash: No, um... We can't...

Illya: Hey, is there a Miyu here? Did anyone see a black-haired girl?

Illya: Would you listen to me? Please!

Fujimaru 1: Mash! Illya! Are you okay!?

Illya: I-I'm fine, I think! Mughyuuh...!

Mash: Senpai! I'm sorry!

Mash: We tried to ask people we ran into for information about this area...

Mash: And before we knew it, we somehow ended up getting dragged all the way here!

Mash: U-Um, please give back my glasses!

Ruby: In a sense, this is a beautiful sight!

Ruby: Two beautiful young girls getting completely mobbed by fantastic fairy-tale creatures! (Gulp)

Illya: Ruby! Stop staring and help!

Fujimaru 1: Can we calm them down somehow, Mash?

Mash: Roger!

Mash: I'll use as little firepower as possible!

Illya: Me too!

Illya: I don't have time to waste here!


D:Candylander: Magical... girl...?

E:Candylander: A magical girl!?

Candylanders: It's a magical girl! There's a magical girl here!

Ruby: Oh? Are they done resisting?

Ruby: There were a lot more people here, but they all ran off.

Mash: Was Illya's transformation that scary?

Illya: That kind of hurts...

Illya: Oh! Hey, you there. Please, would you hear us out?

D:Candylander: Aaaaahh! It's a magical girl!

D:Candylander: I haven't gone stale yet! My expiration date's a long ways off!

Illya: C-Come to think of it... You do look delicious...

Fujimaru 1: Spill it. She'll get mad if you don't!

Illya: Huh? R-Right! R-Rawr!

D:Candylander: AAAHH! A-As you wish, O Magical One!

Mash: Um, well. We managed to get some information.

Mash: They said that the Queen of the Land of Sweets might know something.

Mash: Medb said she ruled over the Land of Snow and Honey, so it isn't her?

Mash: Hmm. Is there a misunderstanding here somewhere? If we continue from here, I think we'll end up at this Candy Castle...

Fujimaru 1: Both a queen and a magical girl, eh...

Illya: Another queen, huh?

Illya: It feels really strange for a magical girl to live in a castle and rule a country...

Ruby: I'm willing to go full Snake on this if you want me to?

Ruby: But this Reality Marble is too big to travel the whole way! I can't get too far from Illya!

Fujimaru 1: Candy Castle it is, then.

Illya: Y-Yeah...I think you're right. But it's a little scary.

Ruby: What if it's a magical girl like Rin or Luvia, where magical energy multiplied by violence and age equals destructive power?

Mash: Um, by the way... I've been meaning to ask, but...

Mash: What is that fluffy accessory on top of your head, Master?

Mash: It looks kind of like Fou's ears.

Fujimaru 1: A Mystic Code. Da Vinci gave it to me.

Mash: A-A Mystic Code?

Mash: I assume it has some kind of function in this world, but it's very... unique.

Fujimaru 2: Is it weird?

Mash: N-No! It's very cute... I mean, it looks good on you! In a way, it is wonderful!

Illya: (Gasp) I-I'm sorry. I didn't notice anything unusual at all.

Illya: It's a little scary that I no longer ask questions about bizarre costumes...

Illya: Something is invading and destroying my fashion sense...

Ruby: You're going to be the leader of the magical girl fashion world, Illya! It's so unlike you to show weakness!

Ruby: More! You have to be more aggressive! By the way, are you into Brazilian swimsuits?

Illya: No! A magical girl who fights in a swimsuit is someone who needs to be committed to a hospital!

Illya: (Sigh) Whose fault do you think this is anyway? You should feel more responsible!

Illya: ...Oh, I can see the castle!

1ins: A Strange, Strange Land of Sweets III

D:???: Guests! We have guests! Oh, what a glorious day!

D:???: Come in, welcome! Have some delicious sweets!

Fujimaru 1: A girl in a pitch-black dress... Who could she be?

Nursery Rhyme: My name is Nursery Rhyme! Nice to meet you!

Nursery Rhyme: Have some tea–freshly brewed the day before last. Which would you prefer, marmalade or lemon?

Fujimaru 2: That's Nursery Rhyme!?

Nursery Rhyme: I'm... Nursery Rhyme? If you say so, then I must be!

Nursery Rhyme: Let's have a tea party to celebrate the umpteenth time I have encountered someone new!

Nursery Rhyme: Nursery Rhyme is a magical girl. Tom Thumb's cute little picture book.

Nursery Rhyme: You, a magical girl who fled after completing her duty... And me, broken.

Nursery Rhyme: I'll make your wishes come true.

Mash: Uh...Doctor?

Dr. Roman: Oh, I thought you'd forgotten about me.

Dr. Roman: Mm, yes, she's definitely a Servant. Although it seems she is not the owner of the giant Reality Marble.

Dr. Roman: But at the same time, she's apparently also a Master. I suppose that's only natural, given her ability to control such magical beings.

Dr. Roman: If she's a Caster-class, this is worth investigating. As such, be very careful!

Mash: Right, roger that. Ah! Illya!? Master, you too!?

Ruby: Just enjoying the tea party? Not a hint of anxiety?

Ruby: That's my Illya. What a big shot!

Illya: Whew, I'm so glad we were able to have a nice chat.

Illya: I'm Illya. Illyasviel von Einzbern.

Illya: Nursery Rhyme, you're not just a magical girl, but also the Queen of the Land of Sweets?

Nursery Rhyme: That's right. I'm a big deal. I can command anything.

Illya: Th-Then, Your Highness, I have a special favor to ask of you!

Illya: Can you please tell me if you or the people of the Land of Sweets know anything about a friend who came to this world with me?

Illya: Anything will do! If there's anything, then—

Nursery Rhyme: Sure. If you play with me, I'll tell you.

Illya: ...Huh?

Fujimaru 1: Are there any other magical girls besides you?

Nursery Rhyme: If you play with me, I'll tell you the answer to that too.

Illya: Ugh... Look, Nursery, can't we just play later?

Nursery Rhyme: No! (Shaking head)

Nursery Rhyme: I mean, I'm bored. I'm in a rut. My only playmate is a black sheep.

Nursery Rhyme: Say, have you seen it? It's a very cute sheep.

Illya: A black... sheep? I-I can't say I have, no. M-Meeeh meeeh. Hee hee, just kidding.

Nursery Rhyme: Tee hee hee! Nothing like that, Illya! That was terrible!

Nursery Rhyme: A black sheep sounds like this: Baaaa, baaa.

Illya: Oh yeah, that was the Japanese sound. Um, b-baaa, baaa?

Nursery Rhyme: Yes, you've got it!

Nursery Rhyme: Now, let's all call for it together. Baaaa, baaa.

Nursery Rhyme: ♪Baa, baa, Glasya-Labolas, have you any blood? ♪One of the 72 Spirits, President of Hell!

Nursery Rhyme: ♪Baa, baa, Black Goat, have you any young? ♪Iä, Iä, Shub-Niggurath, Glasya-Labolas!

Nursery Rhyme: Come to me, come to me! My cute black sheep!

Illya: !!!

Illya: Eeep! Y-Y-Y-Yikes! That isn't part of the rhyme!

Mash: Uh, what!? That's...

Nursery Rhyme: I'm just so tired of the sweets people. They break straight away, making it impossible to play with them.

Nursery Rhyme: Although they were originally humans, so I can't blame them.

Nursery Rhyme: But my black sheep is kinder than anyone. It'll play with me forever and ever.

Nursery Rhyme: Now, let's play together.

Fujimaru 1: No choice but to go all out, it seems...

Illya: Her way of playing is really different than mine... (Crying)

Ruby: That's what queens are like. They're always hungry for excitement.

Illya: This is too much excitement, don't you think!?

Fujimaru 2: Mash, go help Illya!

Mash: Yes, Master!

Mash: Illya! I'll handle the defense!

Illya: I-I'm counting on you, Mash!

World End Match: Nursery☆Rhyme

Nursery Rhyme: Ah, that was so much fun!

Nursery Rhyme: Huh? What, you're looking for someone? If it's something that simple, you should've told me from the start.

Illya: I did!!

Illya: She has black hair, she's a little taller than me, and she's a magical girl like me!

Ruby: Wait a moment! If we are talking about Miyu's appearance...

Ruby: I shall project a number of curated photos and videos from your prized collection, Illya!

Illya: Wait, I don't know what you're talking about! That can't be good, so stop!

Nursery Rhyme: Magical girl? Your friend is a magical girl?

Nursery Rhyme: I see...

Nursery Rhyme: Then I don't know anything about her.

Nursery Rhyme: I think you should just give up. Too bad.

Fujimaru 1: What's that supposed to mean?

Nursery Rhyme: You know what this world is? A merry party hall where magical girls gather.

Nursery Rhyme: When they get tired of playing, they disappear, one after the other.

Nursery Rhyme: That's the rule. There's no getting around it.

Mash: So there are magical girls other than Queen Medb?

Nursery Rhyme: As far as I know.

Nursery Rhyme: And magical girls who did their best make their own playground.

Nursery Rhyme: My Land of Sweets is one of them. Let me see... What else is there...

Nursery Rhyme: There's the Land of Dragons and Sea, the Land of Dead Bookshelves...

Nursery Rhyme: Hmm, what else? ...Oh, the Land of Snow and Honey!

Nursery Rhyme: Those are the kingdoms I've heard of, but I don't know what kind of magical girls live there.

Nursery Rhyme: Oh, and also...

Illya: ...Also?

Nursery Rhyme: Nothing. Never mind. Ah, here. Take this.

Nursery Rhyme: This is to thank you for playing with me and my black sheep. I had fun.

Illya: ...A j-jewel!? I-It's a diamond! A big, beautiful diamond!

Ruby: We got an important item! I feel a sense of affinity!

Illya: I-I can't accept this! It's too valuable!

Illya: I'm sure Rin would be pleased, but giving it to me...

Nursery Rhyme: It's fine. I'm a magical girl, remember? And that... That is my special twinkling star.

Nursery Rhyme: That jewel may help you find your friend.

Illya: Fujimaru, what should we do?

Fujimaru 1: Thank her sincerely and accept it.

Illya: O-Okay. Maybe it would be rude not to...

Nursery Rhyme: Yep, it would be rude.

Nursery Rhyme: I'm a queen, so I have no regrets. Ahahaha.

Fujimaru 2: Maybe we can give it back to her later.

Mash: I agree with Master.

Mash: If it can help us in finding Miyu, then I think we should just give in and borrow it.

Illya: R-Right. Then we'll take it. We'll give it back to you later, Nursery.

Nursery Rhyme: ...

Ruby: You did it, Illya! Let's keep going like this and gather more jewels!

Illya: Um, Ruby, have you lost sight of our goal?

Illya: We don't even know how this jewel will come in handy yet.

Fujimaru 1: By the way, Mash, have you noticed?

Mash: Yes. Are you talking about that last battle?

Mash: My attack on Nursery Rhyme actually had an effect on her–albeit not completely.

Mash: Perhaps she and Queen Medb possess different traits, even though they're both magical girls?

Mash: ...Or perhaps I myself have changed in some way?

Dr. Roman: I can't detect any significant changes in Mash's status from here.

Ruby: That's not true. Mash's MG Power is skyrocketing!

Dr. Roman: MG Power? The magical systems in other worlds sure are original...

Dr. Roman: Talking Mystic Codes alone are unusual,

Dr. Roman: but that personality is so unique that it goes beyond rare and into the realm of junk...

Illya: My apologies for all the trouble. Please ignore 90% of whatever Ruby says.

Illya: ...Ah! The jewel! This light... It's so bright!

Mash: Nursery Rhyme's jewel is clearly pointing us in a fixed direction.

Dr. Roman: Hmm. And the direction is...

Dr. Roman: Going by topography inside the Reality Marble that we've already identified, it's toward a group of islands situated in an ocean.

Dr. Roman: I'm guessing this is the “Land of Dragons and Sea” that Nursery Rhyme mentioned?

Illya: The Land of Dragons and Sea...

Fujimaru 1: All right, let's check it out!

Mash: ...So we're not going to the Land of Snow and Honey, where Queen Medb is?

Mash: “When in magical lands, do as the mages do,” is it? I see. That might be the case here.

Mash: I'll follow your instincts, Master.

Illya: Yes, I think that's a good idea. We don't know enough about this world.

Illya: At this rate, we could end up going in circles... or even worse, fall prey to a terrible trap!

Illya: But if the decision's been made, then come on! Mash, Fujimaru, let's hurry!

2wei! The Land of Dragons and Sea I

Miyu: (Huff... puff...)

Miyu: ...!

A:???: Miyu.

Miyu: ...

A:???: Answer me, Miyu. Miyu Edelfelt. You still refuse to be mine?

Miyu: Don't...touch me. Undo these restraints!

A:???: ...That magical energy of yours, flowing through that Voile de Deuil, is simply wonderful.

A:???: But it's not just about the magical energy. Your very existence is functioning as a superb vessel.

A:???: Just a little more and it will reach the outside world. Just one more step and I'll be able to fulfill my dream.

Miyu: I refuse to negotiate with someone who won't show her face!

First Lady: Heh-heh. I'm the First Lady. That's what they call me.

First Lady: As long as all of you are magical girls, you can't resist me.

Miyu: Sto...Mm, nghh...

First Lady: Tsk. You bit my lip.

First Lady: You look submissive, but you're a stubborn one, aren't you?

First Lady: I don't mind that.

Miyu: ...Hmm? The First... Are you...?

First Lady: Heh. Those restraints, the Voile de Deuil, are alive.

First Lady: Will the spell that continues to eat away at your magical circuits reach your subconscious mind first...

First Lady: ...or will your precious Illyasviel arrive here first? I wonder which it will be.

First Lady: Either way, I will accomplish it. The dream of abandoned girls...

Miyu: Unh...

Miyu: Illya...

2wei! The Land of Dragons and Sea II

Illya: Wow, it's the ocean! I can see a dolphin swimming over there, too!

Illya: I still can't believe that this is someone's imaginary world.

Mash: Me neither. The scale of it is as large as a Holy Grail phenomenon.

Mash: Speaking of which, we were lucky that Ruby was equipped with a navigation mode.

Mash: You truly are all-purpose. Sailing wouldn't have been possible had we been on our own.

Illya: I'm surprised to see Ruby is actually helpful.

Ruby: Aw, you're praising me too much! (Embarrassed) ...Hey! I'm always helpful!

Ruby: I have up to 24 secret functions! I can pretty much do anything, you know!

Fujimaru 1: Since we're taking a refreshing voyage, why don't we eat?

Mash: That's a good idea. Oh, are these bento boxes from Chaldea?

Mash: Can we each choose our own? ...I can hardly decide. Illya, which one would you like?

Illya: Yay! I'm actually starving! Eeny, meeny, miney, mo...

Fujimaru 1: (Mapo tofu)

Illya: Eep, it's hot! Is this freshly made!?

Mash: What? Senpai, did you cook this yourself?

Mash: A chef in a red overcoat taught you how? With ingredients the doctor provided? When did you...?

Illya: This mapo tofu is amazing! I can actually eat it! It's not a dangerous-looking color! It's a little bit spicy, yet slightly sweet!

Illya: Awww, I never imagined such safe mapo tofu existed in this world!

Ruby: Is that supposed to be your review of the dish?

Mash: It's so tasty, it's comforting. But I'm not sure if it's good enough to make you cry.

Mash: Um, take your time, Illya. Mapo will never attack you, I think.

Illya: (Om nom nom) This is so good.

Fujimaru 2: (Pickled mushrooms)

Illya: P-Pickled mushrooms!? In a one-kilogram jar!?

Mash: Wh-Who supplied this to us?

Mash: Leonidas? He succeeded in growing mushrooms in Chaldea?

Mash: I didn't know he had such a hobby. I'm impressed. (Adjusts glasses)

Mash: There's even warm rice and everything. Very well then. Don't mind if I do.

Mash: (Sniff, sniff... Lick) ... (Om nom nom) ... Oh, actually, this is good.

Illya: It's delicious! (Om nom nom) I feel it will help me vigorously speed up my mundane work!

Dr. Roman: Hi, are you still eating? No need to stop, but just listen.

Dr. Roman: There are some things I need to confirm with Illya.

Dr. Roman: You mentioned that you magical girls faced some trouble when you tried to move to the Mirror World.

Dr. Roman: How do you return to the real world you originally came from? Do you have any idea?

Illya: I...

Illya: I wasn't thinking about it at all!!

Dr. Roman: Wow, I'm amazed. That might be the secret to the power of magical girls.

Dr. Roman: So going back is difficult after all...

Dr. Roman: Um, Ruby? What is your view on this?

Ruby: Yes? Let me see...

Ruby: Neither Illya nor Miyu can use spells that advanced.

Ruby: To be more exact, even if they somehow cast a spell, they wouldn't have the skill and knowledge to precisely select the location to return to.

Ruby: I need them to figure it out themselves. After all, I'm just a stick.

Ruby: Actually, I have no problem with the way it is now, you know?

Illya: No! It's a big problem! You're not being useful at all, Ruby!

Illya: But... you're right. I was too busy thinking about Miyu...

Illya: I was forgetting about many things.

Mash: I understand. You have your family and friends in the original world, Illya.

Illya: Yes... Rin and Luvia...

Illya: Sella, Leysritt, my big brother... Everyone at school... They might be worried about me...

Illya: (Gasp!)

Ruby: What's wrong? You look very pale. Like the pale blue sea! (Smug)

Illya: Oh my gosh... I forgot something very important...

E:Illya: Chloe...! I left Chloe behind in the real world!

Ruby: Well, that may be true, but I have a feeling that Chloe is doing okay without you.

Ruby: Knowing Chloe, instead of worrying about you, she's probably happy to keep Shirou all to herself. She'd be all, “Whoo hoo! Heh heh heh!”

Ruby: That tanned little devil is probably turning on her devilish charm and gloating right now!

Illya: You should be worried about other things! Like... Like th-that!! Remember THAT!?

Ruby: Huh? What is it? Can you please explain with words, with that mouth of yours?

Illya: Morals!

Fujimaru 1: Is Chloe a friend of Illya's?

Illya: Um, Chloe is... She's like my twin sister, I guess?

Illya: I'm sorry. It's a rather long story.

Dr. Roman: Sounds pretty complicated.

Dr. Roman: Hmm, I can't make empty promises, but I will do all I can.

Dr. Roman: The fact that your world and our world connected in some sort of magical way...

Dr. Roman: actually a very dangerous situation. If we're going to do anything, we need to be careful.

Fujimaru 1: Any news on the Reality Marble?

Dr. Roman: I'm working on it, too. Ah, I'm so busy theseWait!

Dr. Roman: Something is approaching you at high speed! Flying creatures!

Illya: Ack!

Mash: I have a visual on a number of wyverns! Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: The jewel's still showing the same direction, so...

Mash: Yes! Understood!

Illya: But I haven't eaten my dessert!

Illya: Ruby, come back! We're transforming!

Ruby: Roger that! Steady!☆


A:???: Lord Jason, intruders have broken through the wyverns' defenses and are now approaching.

Mini Jason: You don't have to report every little thing to me. I can see that myself!

Mini Jason: A lovely pink magical girl and a black magical girl who looks both sturdy and squishy.

Mini Jason: If you ask me, the former's more gorgeous than you, and the latter's more endowed.

Mini Jason: A crushing loss on your part! For a match to be decided before it's even begun... Jeez! Not even funny!

A:???: Lord Jason, Lord Jason. Please provide an accurate comparison of the enemies once again.

B:Burnt Jason: Yes. I will rephrase my analysis.

B:Burnt Jason: The former's not as flowery (read: callous) as you, and the latter's not as sexy (read: crazy).

B:Burnt Jason: Now what do you think?

A:???: Oh, my... Lord Jason, what embarrassing compliments you brazenly give me.

A:???: But lying is no good.

A:???: The pink one's not as physically developed as I am, and the black one's clad in colder, more impersonal colors.

Mini Jason: (Did she just ignore me? And so effortlessly!)

Mini Jason: Whatever. In any event, I successfully got around your unreasonable demands!

Mini Jason: You always make things a deadly venture, even in casual conversation!

A:Medea Lily: Yes. I love peace, but I have no sympathy for intruders.

A:Medea Lily: I shall punish thieves.

A:Medea Lily: Sister Circe said that you can ask them what their circumstances are after their punishment ends.

Mini Jason: She's totally right. The Land of Dragons and Sea isn't as sweet and as smart as, well, me.

Mini Jason: Everyone here is gentle, the people are happy, they all worship me–or so it seems.

Mini Jason: But in actuality, there's a crazy queen who turns any bad kiddies into piggies, no matter how small their crimes!

Mini Jason: That's the reality of this oceanic dictatorship, this Medea Psycho Land! Hahahaha, help me!

Medea Lily: Lord Jason. Did you say something?

Mini Jason: Nothing important. I was just giving a speech.

Mini Jason: Anyway, it's a war. We're fighting a war, Medea.

Mini Jason: Seems the girls took the wyverns down without a hitch. In my great wisdom I expected as much.

Medea Lily: What? So you weren't actually bringing out the big guns with those wyverns? Lord Jason, what on earth are you planning?

Mini Jason: Humph. What do you think the best weapon to defeat your enemy in battle is?

Mini Jason: It's not a powerful Noble Phantasm or natural disaster. It's carelessness. It's being careless, Medea.

Mini Jason: A relaxed mentality is the poison that kills humans. I'll secretly make them realize that later!

Mini Jason: Hahaha! They'll be very proud of themselves after defeating those wyverns, and I'll be the one to break that pride!

Mini Jason: Of course, I will destroy them, ship and all! Remember, magical girls are as stubborn as they come!

Mini Jason: Just when you think you've defeated them, just when you breathe a sigh of relief, there they are the next day!

Mini Jason: “Rise and shine, Lord Jason,” they'll say. “It's morning♡” they'll say!

Mini Jason: That's my waking nightmare, so that is the horror I will inflict upon them!

Medea Lily: Understood. So we'll make them deader than dead. Got it.

Medea Lily: Come on, Magical Ship in a Bottle, release!

Medea Lily: But... please forgive me. I didn't know how much to prepare for the ship...

Medea Lily: All I managed was five dozen Dragon Tooth Warriors and a ram bearing a curse that decays the enemy's keel.

Medea Lily: That's all I have on hand. My apologies.

Mini Jason: ...So you always carry all that around? How terrifying. I'm curious as to what your definition of a peace-loving heart is.

Medea Lily: Yes! I'm not good in battle, but I'll do my best! All right everyone, charge!

Mini Jason: ...Okaaaay, so you're not listening at all, but that's awesome! My wife is the best of the best!


Mash: M-Master! Now there's a galley charging at us!

Illya: What? There's more? They don't have any intention of talking at all!

Mash: Even if we were the ones who trespassed into their territory first, they're still so aggressive!

Fujimaru 1: Just hang in there, you two!

Illya: I powered up with a yummy lunch, so I'm fine!


Dr. Roman: Are you still alive, Fujimaru!? I know it's tough already, but now you've got a Servant to deal with!

Dr. Roman: We're winning, but they won't let up! They're closing in on us!

Mash: Is it this kingdom's magical girl? She's a very cautious and well-prepared opponent.

Illya: Yup, I can feel them getting closer. We have Nursery's stone to thank for that.

Illya: Wah! That's them! That's...

Medea Lily: Greetings, visitors from another world. I am Medea...

Medea Lily: The Magical Girl of Love and Healing, Medical☆Medea. A pleasure to meet you.

Mini Jason: ...

Illya: Th-That outfit...! Ruby, is she...!

Ruby: Yup! It's a liiittle different, but that formal-yet-naughty slit is definitely Caster!

Ruby: Caster, the mage Servant! Illya's first real opponent!

Illya: Yes, that's right!

Illya: I'm sorry about what happened! I'm Illya! Illyasviel!

Mash: Illya, do you know her?

Illya: Yes, but she may not know me... Oh, but who's that handsome doll?

Medea Lily: Are we acquaintances? Oh my...

Medea Lily: I wouldn't have been so rough if I'd known. I'm sorry.

Medea Lily: I don't dwell on the past... So even if we were friends...

Medea Lily: Why don't we forget about it and focus on the present? It's easier to forget the bad things that happened in the past, right?

Illya: Huh...?

Medea Lily: Yes. So let's forget about our battle just now. We can just chalk it up to a mistake on both sides.

Mash: ...She lowered her staff... Whatever the case, I'm glad the fight's over.

Mash: I think we can resolve this by talking, like magical girls are supposed to!

Fujimaru 1: I'm not so sure...

Fujimaru 2: If we can actually talk to her...

Medea Lily: Talking? That's a wonderful idea.

Medea Lily: If you could take an opponent's life just through conversation, that's better than fighting.

Medea Lily: That's how you obtained that jewel, isn't it? That jewel covered in the blood of its former owner?

Medea Lily: Which kingdom's magical girl did you kill? I'm sure it was a very difficult fight.

Medea Lily: Would you tell me how you did it? I'd like to know... just for reference, of course.

Illya: Th-That's not how it happened, Medea!

Illya: I did end up battling a magical girl, but...

Illya: We didn't try to kill each other. Nursery gave this to me.

Medea Lily: ...

Mini Jason: ...

Medea Lily: I see. I understand. So you came from Nursery Rhyme's kingdom.

Medea Lily: And now you've come to take my jewel. Hehe. How energetic and strong-minded you are!

Medea Lily: As a magical girl, you're not someone I can welcome, but as a queen, you're not someone I can ignore either!

Medea Lily: Am I right, Lord Jason? They say they're gathering jewels.

Medea Lily: I would like to praise you for your bravery and recklessness. Everyone, would you come to my castle?

Medea Lily: Tell me of your travels on the way. It's been centuries since I've been able to talk to a magical girl!

2wei! The Land of Dragons and Sea III

Medea Lily: This castle belongs to me and Lord Jason. Please come inside.

Illya: (Psst... “Lord Jason”? Does she mean that doll?)

Mash: (I think so...)

Fujimaru 1: By the way, Medea...

Fujimaru 2: Can I ask you a question?

Medea Lily: Anything you like, as long as it's something I remember. Oh, but I already know what you're going to ask.

Medea Lily: You're thinking I might be Medea, the Heroic Spirit of the Princess of Colchis. Correct?

Medea Lily: Well, hehe, you're wrong. It's true that I was born from Princess Medea, yes...

Medea Lily: But I'm not the Servant you think I am. Even if she exists in your world, it's a different person.

Medea Lily: I was merely modeled after Princess Medea. I am but a young girl's fantasy.

Medea Lily: I act like Medea, I get sad like her, laugh like her, and I live happily in the tiny world I was given.

Medea Lily: The Servant System is an active summoning system, but we are passive, and born from the unconscious.

Medea Lily: Our purpose was different from the start.

Mash: A different purpose? You didn't come here because you were summoned?

Medea Lily: That's right. I was wished to be this way.

Medea Lily: And there is no final goal in this wish.

Medea Lily: There's only a sudden end. Even if we saved the world, we weren't able to end.

Medea Lily: Because as long as we were sought, the next story would soon begin.

Medea Lily: But that's all in the past, now that I've found myself here.

Medea Lily: I see. I understand your situation.

Medea Lily: So unlike Illya, you wandered here from a different world, did you, Fujimaru?

Medea Lily: To find oneself in a strange land, and not know what to do... That helpless feeling is something I know well.

Medea Lily: So I won't just turn you into a pig. To tell you the truth, that was my original intention when I invited you here.

Ruby: Oh, I knew it. I knew this castle reeked of ash.

Ruby: Probably has all the walls ready to scatter special caustic lime.

Ruby: Stuff that would turn you all into little piglets.

Ruby: As expected from a priestess from the Age of Gods, her magecraft is on a different level than ours.

Illya: Hyah!? Ruby, you should've said that earlier!

Illya: Oh, but, but... if you're going to leave Fujimaru be, then you can do the same for me...

Medea Lily: No. You're different. You're a magical girl. I'm very cruel to magical girls.

Mini Jason: ...

Medea Lily: What? But I don't want to be betrayed anymore. That girl won't betray me? I should trust your eyes?

Mash: She's talking to Jason again... We can't hear him though...

Medea Lily: Very well... This is what Lord Jason says:

Medea Lily: “That magical girl isn't smart enough to lie. Her heart is as free of deceit as her chest is of breasts.”

Illya: Excuse me, but can I karate-chop him?

Medea Lily: What? No! I'm the only one who can have my way with Lord Jason, so please don't.

Medea Lily: Anyway, Lord Jason is being gentlemanly for once.

Medea Lily: He's saying to call off the sneak attack and talk with you instead.

Illya: Oh, uh... That's what we were planning from the start, so we can talk all you want.

Medea Lily: No, I'm not interested in your problems. I don't care about other magical girls.

Medea Lily: What I'm going to offer you is a peaceful trade.

Medea Lily: This island and this castle remind me of Corinth. I simply want to continue my tranquil life here.

Medea Lily: Whatever you do outside this land, I promise I won't interfere.

Fujimaru 1: That's fine with me. Does everyone agree?

Illya: Yup, of course! If we weren't just attacked out of nowhere like that, we wouldn't have...

Illya: Right, Mash?

Mash: But what about the jewel's guidance? And what did you mean by “trade”?

Medea Lily: I meant that, just as I won't interfere with your business, you won't interfere with mine.

Medea Lily: And no, no matter how much you want it, you can't have this jewel. I've named it the “Tomoi Stone.”

Medea Lily: This stone is what supports this oceanic kingdom, and gives me my power.

Medea Lily: This world is big, but it's also tightly closed. There were once many more magical girls here.

Medea Lily: They all wanted a kingdom of their own, and so fought with and stole from each other.

Medea Lily: I was one of those girls.

Medea Lily: I am a healer. A medical magical girl. I have barely any means of attacking.

Medea Lily: The most I have is mental offense and divine punishment–things like pig transformation, tiny world confinement, and so on.

Medea Lily: The battle was very difficult. I was a relatively weak magical girl, after all.

Illya: Ugh... It's like hearing an amazing swimmer say, “But I don't know how to fly.”

Mini Jason: ...

Mash: I'm not sure, but I think Jason is saying, “There's nobody as scary as you!”

Medea Lily: Silence, you barbarians, you who specialize in destruction! ...Speaking of which, I want to try a Buster Noble Phantasm too!

Medea Lily: Ahem. Excuse me. I'll get back on topic.

Medea Lily: The magical girls fought each other in pursuit of their own ideals for peace and order. It was a clash of values and worldviews.

Medea Lily: I tried to run from the fierce combat, but it was impossible.

Medea Lily: Each time an enemy came I would just stab, stab, and stab some more...

Fujimaru 1: Medea...

Illya: That's awful... Medea...

Fujimaru 2: Stab what now?

Mash: Master, it's probably best to ignore that. Who knows when Rule Breaker might show up?

Medea Lily: Before long, this stone that appeared in my hand grew in weight and shone brighter each time I fought.

Medea Lily: I can tell. This stone is the catalyst that supports this fantasy.

Fujimaru 1: What of the area outside the kingdoms' jurisdiction?

Medea Lily: You must be talking about the areas where the magical girls' influence doesn't reach.

Medea Lily: That's the neutral zone: a buffer zone born from the balance of power that all the fighting gave rise to.

Medea Lily: You cannot receive the blessings of your power there.

Medea Lily: Do you understand? This jewel is the only small hope I have left.

Medea Lily: Taking this from me would be equivalent to my death.

Medea Lily: So the only thing I can give you is a promise to leave you alone. Illya, I won't try to steal your jewel.

Medea Lily: So please leave. With that jewel you can create whatever land you want.

Medea Lily: If you want something, use your stone to get it instead. If you want friends, make a land of friends.

Medea Lily: I'm sure it'll be wonderful. A place where everyone who visits becomes your friend.

Illya: That isn't right.

Illya: I don't want more friends. I want to be with one I already have.

Illya: We go to school together... We laugh together...

Illya: Sometimes we fight and go our separate ways, but even then, before long our desire to see each other again becomes too great.

Illya: I was able to meet someone like that, someone as important to me as myself.

Illya: So I don't need anything else.

Illya: Compared to you and your wish to just live in peace, I know it's a very greedy and selfish goal, but...

Illya: I'm sorry! Please! I came here to save my friend!

Illya: I'm not here to steal your jewel! I don't even really know what they do!

Illya: You know a lot about this world. If you could just give us some clues...

Medea Lily: ...A way to get out?

Medea Lily: It may seem cruel, Illya, but you cannot leave this world now.

Medea Lily: Not only can you not save your friend, there's no exit for you either. As long as you're a magical girl.

Medea Lily: No, you won't even have the will to leave... That's how desperate this place is.

Medea Lily: In the end, you will always be a weak magic user, a weak magical girl...

Medea Lily: One who could only make miracles happen for the sake of her friends.

Medea Lily: So in the end, you will definitely come to rely on the power of that jewel.

Medea Lily: Just like we did, burning each other to ash as we clung to that tiny hope...

Illya: In the end, I'm going to rely on this jewel?

Medea Lily: Give up on this Miyu girl. If you want to know how to make friends, I'll happily teach you.

Medea Lily: That is the one thing I can do for Nursery Rhyme, the girl who gave you that jewel and disappeared.

Illya: Huh? Wait, what does that—

Medea Lily: The jewels are where our wishes dwell. They are the last light that keeps us alive...

Medea Lily: When Nursery Rhyme let hers go, she quickly vanished into nothingness.

Medea Lily: Of course, there's no need for you to be sad. That was her choice.

Medea Lily: And even without waiting for her destruction...

Medea Lily: That greedy Medb, Queen of the Land of Snow and Honey, would never ignore her.

Medea Lily: The Land of Sweets will fall to Medb's forces sooner or later.

Medea Lily: Perhaps Nursery let you escape from Medb's clutches.

Illya: No...

Illya: No... I'm sorry...

Illya: I didn't know... I'm sorry, Nursery...

Illya: But I...! I have to... I have to save Miyu no matter what...!

Medea Lily: Oh dear. It was probably your stubbornness that drove Nursery to action.

Medea Lily: Or maybe she'd given up herself, and was on the verge of disappearing.

Medea Lily: Even if she could not do it, she entrusted her hope to someone promising who still— Aargh! Geez!

Medea Lily: It's so stupid! That's the problem with sugar-brained magical girls who come from fairy tales!

Mash: Medea!? What is this dangerous aura around her?

Medea Lily: Half-assed hope! How many times do you have to get betrayed before they're satisfied?

Medea Lily: Wake up, Lord Jason! Let me hear some of those nasty little comments you always make!

Fujimaru 1: Huh? Jason changed...

Fujimaru 2: She's finally shown her true self!

Mini Jason: Ha! This is great! The type of person Medea wants to see least in the world has come to visit her.

Mini Jason: Someone who keeps going, even towards uncertainty. Someone who tries hard, even if they don't know how.

Mini Jason: Someone who does their best no matter how battered and bruised they get! Someone who doesn't even think about compensation!

Mini Jason: Medea! Just like you when you were in the temple, before you joined me!

Mini Jason: That's why you're showing your true self!

Mini Jason: What you feel isn't anger born of hatred. It's righteous rage, born of sorrow!

Mini Jason: Don't tell me that, after all this, you're feeling sorry for yourself and wishing you'd tried a little harder!

Medea Lily: N-No! I wasn't... I didn't...

Medea Lily: I am the Queen of the Land of Dragons and Sea! A priestess of the goddess Hecate!

Medea Lily: You were never able to become king, no matter what you did, so I built a kingdom for you and settled down!

Mini Jason: Yes, that's right. That's right. You couldn't even kill yourself. So that's what's right for you.

Mini Jason: Which means now, you must follow your own fate!

Mini Jason: You can work, work hard, or work even harder! A magical girl is all about doing things all the way! Right?

Medea Lily: Oh, um... Th-That's... That's right! I'll do it! I'll get to work!

Mini Jason: Good answer! Let's see, to start with...

Mini Jason: The Spartoi Family's “Adventure on Siren Island” diorama has a long ways to go!

Medea Lily: Right, Lord Jason!

Mini Jason: Plus that 1/48th scale Argo kit and the Supermobile DX Talos are still in their boxes!

Mini Jason: You're not going to call yourself Greece's greatest builder without completing those two, are you? Aren't you embarrassed?

Medea Lily: I'm sorry, Lord Jason! But I gave Talos to Europa...

Fujimaru 1: What are they talking about?

Illya: Huh? I'm having trouble following this...

Fujimaru 2: Maybe they used to be hardcore scale modelers?

Mini Jason: The God Nipper that Hephaestus forged for you is crying!

Medea Lily: Yes, Ultimate! You're right, Lord Jason!

Mini Jason: All right, you're finally fired up! It was worth making you talk to those people, even if it was a pain!

Mini Jason: That non-aggression pact is useless now! We're dang lucky a jewel came to us before Medb arrived!

Mini Jason: You lost the will to fight, so this is truly your last chance!

Mini Jason: All you can do is heal? Don't be stupid, ignoramuses! I think you're great!

Mini Jason: Right, my pretty little Medea?

Mini Jason: Show me once more how violent it is to not be able to die in battle!

Medea Lily: R-Right! Thank you! I will! I will!

Ruby: ...Um.

Ruby: It looks like she couldn't handle her guilty conscience as a healing-type magical girl, and pushed all her will to fight onto her familiar.

Ruby: It's common for magical girls in puberty to be dependent like that.

Illya: I didn't want to know that! And Medea looks like she really wants to fight!

Illya: Oh, Mash... Are you going to transform!?

Mash: Medea won't be an easy opponent!

Mash: If we have to, we can use the Rayshift to at least get Master out of here and—Doctor?

Mash: ...Doctor? Doctor!?

Fujimaru 1: The connection with Chaldea's been cut!?

Medea Lily: Of course it has. Don't underestimate a modeler. When I use an airbrush, I always mask things up properly.

Medea Lily: I severed your link with the outside world the minute you arrived at this castle.

Mash: Ungh! I'm sure you've noticed, Master...

Mash: But the castle's surrounded not just by humanoids, but by large creatures as well!

Illya: Here we go again!?

Illya: Aren't magical girls supposed to become friends after they talk to each other?

Ruby: Hahaha! You're one to talk, aren't you?☆

Fujimaru 1: We'll have to fight them!

Fujimaru 2: I know how you feel, but don't give in!

Illya: Fujimaru... (That's right. I can't cause any more trouble for them!)

Illya: Right...! I'll do what I can!

World End Match: Medical☆Medea

Medea Lily: Aaaaah!

Mini Jason: Whew, I guess healing alone wasn't enough, but I already knew that! Hahahaha!

Mini Jason: By the way, you hot magical girls over there! You feel like going for a ride on my Argo?

Medea Lily: Look out, Lord Jason!

F:Burning Jason: Oof!

Mini Jason: Heh-heh... Even as words of concern spilled from your mouth, you specifically went for a head shot...

Mini Jason: Is that you telling me you haven't given in yet, my Medea? Maybe you still have another card up your sleeve?

Medea Lily: Of course! It's natural for magical girls to have two stages of transformation!

Medea Lily: I don't want to, but I have no choice but to unleash my forbidden power! To be specific, I will no longer be Lily!

Mini Jason: Hey, whoa, wait. Let's slow down. If you're not going to be Lily, you're going to be THAT?

Mini Jason: It's that form that burned down the castle in Corinth. That's bad. That's really bad! It's too monstrous!

Mini Jason: We're having a magical girl party, so if a magical old hag appears, I'll be sued for false advertising!

Mini Jason: And believe me, you would be the one who gets hurt if that happened!

Mini Jason: I'm telling you this for your own good. I'd much rather become an indescribable pillar-like thing than have that happen! Oof!

Mash: Quiet, Lord Jason! Medea is serious, Master!

Medea Lily: I wouldn't get hurt at all! And I won't be an “old hag” 10 years from now!

Medea Lily: I'm sure I will be a lovely, elegant adult woman!

Fujimaru 1: A beautiful woman, yes, but elegant?

Fujimaru 2: Leave her be. She'll self-destruct.

Mash: No, let's stop her, Senpai! If she becomes any sadder, the situation will get out of control!

Illya: That's enough!

Illya: The battle ends here!

Illya: I just came here to save Miyu, not destroy the entire kingdom!

Medea Lily: B-But a magical girl is supposed to fight! And besides, my modeler soul has been ignited...

Medea Lily: I'll defeat you, make a mold of you, and mass-produce it for our country's new fall lineup...

Illya: Please don't come up with a convoluted plan within minutes of our first encounter! Are you psycho!?

Fujimaru 1: Uuuuuuh-ooooohh...

Fujimaru 2: Somebody finally said it...

Illya: I don't understand this world, these jewels, or any of you!

Illya: I hate this kind of stuff! And I don't need any jewels! I'll find another way!

Illya: That's why, Medea... I don't want to fight you! I don't want to fight anymore!

Illya: After all, we're both magical girls! Medea, I don't know why you created this land...

Illya: But I at least understand that you have something you hold dear! Something you've been fighting for!

Medea Lily: Illya... Um, very moving, but...

Mini Jason: Medea fights for no special reason. It's not for the sake of something she “holds dear.”

Medea Lily: Lord Jason!?

Mini Jason: She created this land because she felt indebted to me. And she's been protecting the jewel out of fear of other magical girls.

Mini Jason: She made an excuse to live a quiet life because she believed that would keep her from becoming a menacing witch.

Mini Jason: I tell you, she's frivolous about everything. The only time she gets serious is when she's building models.

Medea Lily: I...admit that. But it was you, Lord Jason, who commanded me to confine myself here.

Mini Jason: Well, of course. If you leave your own land, you'll become a witch. That's your fate.

Mini Jason: And if you become a witch, you turn into just another Echo. That's why I advised against going to other lands.

Mash: (Echo?)

Mini Jason: But you don't need to worry anymore. Here, young lady. You want this, don't you? Take it.

Illya: A-Are you sure!? After all, without this, um, lots of things...

Mini Jason: Spare me the details.

Mini Jason: If we beat you, then I win. But if we lose, then Medea loses... Get it?

Mini Jason: I'm twisted that way. I wouldn't give that stone away to anyone who wants it.

Mini Jason: I will, however, push it into the hands of a noble fool who says they don't. Whether they like it or not.

Mini Jason: That's okay with you, isn't it, Medea? Either way, we'd lose if we went to war against Medb.

Mini Jason: Before that happens, it feels better to pass it all on to a fool who is a lot like you in the past.

Medea Lily: I... don't mind. But are you sure about this, Lord Jason?

Mini Jason: I'm not happy, but I'm used to it. Fading away while indulging in past glories...

Mini Jason: But not becoming a witch is more important than that. Even if your dreams are dashed, it's better to pass on as a girl.

Mini Jason: Isn't that right, my Medea?

Mini Jason: And I think of this as my life coming to a close at one final stop in an unknown land before returning to my home.

Medea Lily: ...

Medea Lily: I understand. As it is Lord Jason's wish, I will give her the jewel.

Medea Lily: However, I won't tell you anything. If I talk, it will only bring back sad memories.

Medea Lily: Like all of the girls I have slain, my fate will end here.

Illya: Medea. Um, you're going to disappear here, too?

Medea Lily: Yes. But even without “hope,” I still have “lingering attachments,” so it will take a while.

Medea Lily: After all, I still have 287,000 plastic models to finish.

Medea Lily: At three models a day, it'll take me 250 years! Go, go, Medea!

Dr. Roman: I see. So Princess Medea's magecraft was what interfered with the transmissions.

Dr. Roman: So what happened? Were you able to get any new information?

Fujimaru 1: We learned about the hidden side of Medea Lily.

Mash: Yes. That Medea and the Heroic Spirit Medea have separate existences, but plenty of things in common.

Mash: I think what we got a glimpse of in battle this time applies roughly to both Medeas.

Fujimaru 2: We got the jewel.

Mash: Illya obtained the second jewel. But that's all.

Mash: Medea said we'd better investigate the basics of this world on our own.

Dr. Roman: Hmmm... From what I'm hearing, it sounds like Princess Medea knows everything, but kept her silence.

Dr. Roman: Was that a dig against Illya, or was it out of thoughtfulness?

Dr. Roman: Either way, I'm glad no one was hurt. Huh? Where is Illya? I don't see her.

Mash: Illya said it was too windy here, so she went to the stern. Ruby is with her.

Illya: Um, Ruby...

Ruby: Yo ho! You called?

Ruby: What's this? You seem down in the dumps. Even after a major victory of a sort.

Illya: That was no major victory. Medea wasn't going all-out to begin with.

Illya: She fought because she had to, because we muscled our way into her land.

Illya: ...And in the end, I took that jewel away from her...

Ruby: I think you're looking at it the wrong way.

Ruby: Sometimes people have no use for something, but can't throw it away because that would be a waste.

Ruby: I think that's what this jewel was to Medea.

Ruby: She's a very powerful magical girl, you know.

Ruby: Even without the jewel, she would've been able to create her own land.

Illya: ...Yeah. But despite her power, Medea was glum and haunted by dark memories.

Illya: She said I wouldn't be able to escape from this world... so long as I'm a magical girl.

Illya: I wonder if that's true...

Ruby: Well, I can't say for sure either. But what will you do if it is?

Ruby: When you get Miyu back, want to create the Land of Squee-Squee-Hee-Hee Love or something for the two of you?

Ruby: I'll be willing to cooperate, heeheehee!

Illya: Hey! What are you talking about, Ruby!? Sheesh...

Illya: Ahhh, I wish Chloe were here at a time like this!

Illya: ...This is a weird world. It's cute on the surface, but I think there's more to it.

Illya: We have to hurry up and find the owner of the Reality Marble. If we can do that, we should be able to find a clue as to Miyu's whereabouts.

3rei!! The Land of Dead Bookshelves I

Miyu: (Pain... in my chest...)

Miyu: (Is this... a dream? Whose... dream...?)

???: Mila! Mila...! So it was you...

???: It can't be... Why... ?

???: What... are you going on about...?

???: Becoming a magical girl, one who makes everyone happy, was... your... dream... wasn't it?

???: That's why... this was destined... to happen to me sooner or later...

???: You musn't cry about it.

???: But Mila... Without you, there's no way I can be... a magical girl!

???: Mila... Please... Don't die...

???: Don't... leave me alone...

Miyu: (This is... Yes... This is her dream...)

Miyu: (Such a... sad dream...)

3rei!! The Land of Dead Bookshelves II

Dr. Roman: We've finally made it to the next kingdom. You're about to arrive at...

Illya: I think it's the Land of Dead Bookshelves. The two jewels keep showing this direction.

Dr. Roman: Hmm... I'm not seeing any signs of life. I guess the area lives up to its name.

Mash: It's so quiet. It's not like the other lands we've been to.

Mash: It's empty, but unlike the neutral zones, there's a sternness to it.

Mash: Senpai, Illya, look. There's a huge black wall over there...

Fujimaru 1: It's gently curving into a dome.

Dr. Roman: That appears to be a completely different area next to the Land of Dead Bookshelves.

Dr. Roman: It worries me that that I can't get any readings from beyond the wall.

Mash: That's strange. It feels deliberate, doesn't it?

Illya: Could there really be a magical girl in a place like this?

Illya: EEEEK!!

Illya: A-A ghost!?

Mash: Get back!

Mash: Have you never seen a ghost-type enemy before, Illya?

Illya: Aah... M-Mash...(Cling)

Mash: It's okay. Leave it to me.

Fujimaru 1: Is this ghost trying to go somewhere?

Mash: What should we do, Master? Please give me your orders.

Fujimaru 1: It's alone. Let's go around it.

Mash: Roger. We'll circle around it and watch for other enemies.

Fujimaru 2: Hehehe, you're such a kid, Illya.

Illya: I don't deny that! So what?!

Mash: So we'll avoid combat then? Roger. It doesn't seem like it wants to hurt us.

Mash: It left without doing anything. It seems to have headed for the black wall.

Dr. Roman: Looks like it was just wandering...

Illya: Whew. That was scary.

Illya: But thanks, Mash. For not hurting the ghost.

Mash: Illya...

Mash: No, thank Senpai instead of me. Hehe.

Mash: Are you worried about that ghost?

Illya: Yeah. It was really scary... but it also seemed kind of sad.

Mash: We're almost to the center of the ruins. There's still nobody here.

Illya: It's so quiet it almost hurts your ears. It would be a good place to read a book, though.

Fujimaru 1: Doctor? How's it looking?

Dr. Roman: The link with Chaldea is still stable. But there are no reactions around you.

Illya: The guiding light of the jewels disappeared, too. What do we do?

Illya: I know!

Illya: I'll fly a little and look down from above!

Mash: I see. That's a good idea. This is a tiny land, and I don't think there are any flying creatures.

Illya: It's okay then? Alright, off I go!

Fujimaru 1: Okay. Just be careful.

Illya: Right!

Mash: Illya's flying is so graceful. So wonderful, she's like flower petals dancing in the sky.

Fujimaru 2: Flying around in a miniskirt is what makes a magical girl!

Illya: ...

Illya: Um, the way you're looking up is kind of awkward. It's like how Ruby looks at me.

Mash: Please go ahead, Illya. I'll shield you from Senpai's gaze.

Illya: Okay!

Mash: Senpai, do I need to help you calm down a bit?

Mash: Well, I'm actually jealous of the way she can fly, too.

Mash: Oh? You need to speak to me in private?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, you see...

Mash: I... in the Chaldea control room...?

Mash: I'm surprised. I didn't realize something so strange had happened.

Mash: While it's true that my memories from the time I visited the control room up until our Rayshift jump are hazy...

Mash: I didn't really worry about it. Was I swept up in the aura of this strange world...

Mash: ...Or did something change within me, somehow?

B:???: Eeek! D-Don't pull me!

Mash: That's Illya's voice!

Mash: Senpai, enemies are coming through the walls of the buildings! There's so many!

Mash: These ghosts are clearly attacking!

Fujimaru 1: Let's meet up with Illya as we fight through!

Mash: Right! Let's hurry!

Fujimaru 2: Transform into Demi-Magical Girl Chaldea☆Mash, fou!

Mash: Right! Huh!? Fou??

Mash: Senpai, we need to have a talk later!


Illya: T-They're strong! Why are these monsters so strong!?

Illya: More incoming!

Mash: Wait. That building was empty earlier, but someone...

D:???: What's all this commotion?

D:???: I'm shocked that a magical girl would still visit a land that's drained of all its magical energy.

Illya: Are you this land's magical girl!? The Land of Dead Bookshelves?

Fujimaru 1: (All the ghosts left when she came out.)

D:???: Yes. ...One of them.

D:???: Oh, I see. I'm sorry. The others gave you a rather brutal welcome.

D:???: Are you hurt? Do you need healing?

Mash: No. They were very powerful, but fortunately we weren't badly injured.

Mash: Did you just say “the others”?

D:???: That's right, newcomer.

D:???: This is the graveyard of magical girls. All the ghosts in these ruins were once magical girls.

D:???: I'm just a gravekeeper. And a librarian. I'm not a queen, and I haven't been a magical girl for a long time.

Illya: Magical girl... g-ghosts!? Ahhhh!

Fujimaru 1: Will you tell us your name?

D:???: Ghosts don't need names, do they? But it would be difficult to talk without a name. Hmm...

Helena: Helena. You can call me Helena.

Fujimaru 2: Madame Blavatsky?

Mash: You're Missus... I mean, Lady Blavatsky?

D:???: Oh, you know me. I shall not deny it if you call me by that name.

D:???: I believe my mental state more closely resembles my von Hahn years, though.

Helena: Well, feel free to just call me Helena.

Helena: But I don't plan on being your friend. Please keep that in mind.

Illya: Okay, Magical Girl Helena, then. Doctor Romani? Is she...?

Dr. Roman: Don't worry, Illya. Also, I'm quite happy to know you remembered my name and title.

Dr. Roman: Yeah, she's not a ghost.

Dr. Roman: Like the other magical girls you've met, she has a Spirit Origin response similar to a Servant's.

Dr. Roman: Of course, she's alive. Was she camouflaging her life signs...?

Helena: What are these magical energy waves?

Helena: The man in that image... Could it be... A leyline directly linked to a parallel world?

Helena: So that's it. She found a foothold out to the outside world.

Dr. Roman: Wait, what does that mean? Don't just satisfy your own curiosity!

Illya: “She”? Do you mean Medb!?

Illya: Do you know something, Helena!? She took away my frie...

Helena: Wait. This is not the best place to talk. Come to my library.

Helena: And undo your transformations. It's better that way.

Mash: U-Um, Illya can, but I'm not a magical girl...

Mash: But if that last fight was just an accident, I'd like to say that we are not here to fight you. I'll disarm temporarily.

Mash: Is that alright, Master?

Fujimaru 1: Roger that.

Mash: Okay. Come, Illya, let's accept her invitation.

Fujimaru 2: Mash! Transform back, fou!

Mash: M-Master...? C-Could you stop that already...

Mash: Fine... Here we go, okay!?

3rei!! The Land of Dead Bookshelves III

Illya: Wow, look! A whole wall full of old books...

Illya: What's wrong, Ruby? You're shaking. You haven't talked much since we came here.

Ruby: N-Nothing... (Shiver) Y-You haven't noticed? (Shiver)

Ruby: Illya, you're s-s-s-s-s-such...W-W-Well, i-if you d-don't know, i-it's better that way... (Shiver)

Illya: You're being weird, Ruby. Oh, a stuffed lion!

Mini Edison: ...

Helena: That's my former partner. It's been a long time since he's spoken.

Mini Edison: ...

Illya: Huh!? Partner?

Dr. Roman: (Whispering) I've never seen anything so bizarre. No wonder I couldn't search inside...

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, Mash, every book on that shelf is a grimoire.

Mash: All of them!?

Helena: Yes. For many years these ruins have been called the Land of Dead Bookshelves.

Helena: I'll tell you why.

Helena: The ghosts outside, as well as all the books in this room, they were once magical girls.

Helena: This is the graveyard of those poor girls who were plunged into this world. They're called “Echoes.”

Mash: Echoes... You mean the echoes of magical girls. Jason used that word too.

Helena: Jason? Of the Land of Dragons and Sea? You're more adventurous than you look.

Helena: Wasn't that place dangerous? But don't worry, everyone here is peaceful.

Helena: They just sleep here, in the form of grimoires. Many magical girls liked to read.

Helena: The Echoes who attacked you outside wanted someone to join them...

Helena: Or perhaps they wanted to match spells with a rival, as they once did.

Helena: The reason the Echoes don't attack me is because my role here is to serve guests.

Helena: And I have the jewel that's a symbol of my role. That's all.

Fujimaru 1: Are you the owner of the Reality Marble?

Helena: Me? No, that's not me. I don't own the Reality Marble.

Helena: Then you're already aware that this world is inside a vast Reality Marble.

Helena: This world was created by a single magical girl. She's called the First Lady.

Helena: That's what the Echoes whisper to me. I've never met her myself.

Helena: It's said that the First Lady is in a sealed space at the center of this world, beyond the black wall.

Helena: No magic can destroy that black wall, and there's no way to know what's inside.

Illya: Wait, then what about Medb? The one from the Land of Snow and Honey?

Helena: Medb is a magical girl. A very powerful one. But she's not the First Lady.

Helena: Illya, right? Tell me the rest of your story. Why are you so focused on Medb?

Helena: Don't tell me you're asking if it's okay to defeat her...

Illya: N-No! Actually...

Helena: I see. A fellow magical girl was kidnapped. That's a shame.

Helena: But that's strange. Is that possible?

Helena: I thought Medb wasn't interested in anything but the jewels. Did changes in the First Lady have an effect on Medb too?

Dr. Roman: I'd like to ask a question too.

Dr. Roman: You seem to know an awful lot about parallel worlds.

Helena: Of course I do. Part of it is my knowledge of theosophy, but...

Helena: We magical girls were originally invited here from many different parallel worlds.

Helena: We were girls who, for various reasons, couldn't be magical girls in our own worlds anymore.

Helena: We had no choice but to come here. We had nowhere else to go. Here, we could continue being magical girls.

Helena: This is, in a sense, our paradise. And it's the final stop on our journey.

Fujimaru 1: Then what about Illya and her friend?

Helena: I don't know. Why not ask the First Lady?

Helena: Although... This may sound cruel, but...

Helena: Girls who can't accept what's happened to them end up like the Echoes outside.

Illya: ...!?

Fujimaru 2: It's a Throne of Heroic Spirits for magical girls?

Helena: The Throne of Heroic Spirits that's said to be a hall of records within the void? Unfortunately, it's nothing so noble and innocent as that.

Helena: They pathetically clung to being magical girls and fought until they ended up as mere ideas... as Echoes.

Mash: I'd really rather not know this, but... there's something I have to ask.

Mash: Is it possible that I was summoned here as a magical girl too?

Helena: Isn't that what makes the most sense? You've got a familiar with you.

Fujimaru 1: I'm the familiar!?

Mash: So I really was the cause... That's a big shock. How do I face Senpai...

Fujimaru 2: I wouldn't mind being a Mashcot, fou!

Mash: Senpai, you stay my Mashter...! I mean... no! I-I'm not correcting myself!

Helena: It's nothing for you to worry about, Mash Kyrielight. No...

Helena: The Dangerous Beast-type Magical Girl, Squishy☆Mash, was it?

Mash: It's Demi-Magical Girl! I mean... Demi-Servant!

Helena: All right. That's all I have to say.

Helena: Do you want the jewel? Very well. It's yours. Take it.

Helena: I named the stone “Vril.” But that doesn't matter now.

Mash: But...!

Illya: Helena, if you don't have that jewel, won't the Echoes outside attack you?

Helena: It doesn't matter. At some point, Medb will come.

Helena: I'm not a magical girl anymore. Just a gravekeeper. I don't care about the power of the stone.

Illya: But...

Helena: There's no need to hesitate. After all, you will eventually meet the same fate.

Helena: The time will come when the world will abandon you, Illya. When you lose your wish.

Helena: I'll tell you the most important thing. It's about your friend, Miyu Edelfelt.

Helena: This is a guess, but I don't think it was Medb who kidnapped her. It was the First Lady.

Helena: I've always assumed that she was silently monitoring this world from beyond the black wall...

Helena: ... by transforming her familiars to blend in with those of the other magical girls.

Helena: If you ask Medb, you'll get closer to the truth. That is, if she allows you to survive.

Illya: Thank you Helena. Miyu was who I wanted to know about most!

Illya: But I don't need the jewel.

Helena: Even if you needed all the jewels to get beyond the black wall?

Illya: What? All of them?

Fujimaru 1: All the jewels?

Dr. Roman: Wait. Are you saying we need to take the stones from all the magical girls, including Medb's?

Dr. Roman: The jewels have enough power to alter the First Lady's Reality Marble?

Helena: Yes. The Echoes whispered to me...

Helena: The jewels are crystallized emotions that grant wishes. They should be able to cross the wall, and even reach the outside world.

Helena: But that may be part of what the First Lady wants, too. Even so, there's only one way to find out: get all the jewels.

Ruby: See? It's just like I said.

Ruby: Well, if my theory's right, the First Lady's familiars are capable of crossing the black wall.

Ruby: I can't imagine her being dumb enough to let someone else take control of them, though.

Illya: That means the First Lady is deliberately making the magical girls fight!

Illya: That's awful! We have to stop her! But how?

Mash: I agree. We are a part of this fight, even if we didn't intend to be...

Fujimaru 1: Illya, you haven't been abandoned by the world.

Illya: Fujimaru...

Illya: Yeah...

Helena: You're going to fight against the rules of this world? It's useless.

Helena: Illya, how strong do you think your friend is? She obviously hasn't been able to resist.

Helena: In this world, the First Lady's power is absolute.

Illya: ...

Fujimaru 1: Helena, you aren't washed up either.

Helena: What are you talking about?

Illya: That's right! It's not over for you! There are still more things you can do!

Helena: Stop it! Don't insult us!

Mash: All the grimoires on the shelves... They're shaking...

Helena: Do you think all these girls just accepted their fate, and didn't try to do anything?

Illya: But I... I can't stop here!

Illya: I can't just accept someone else's despair until I've tried everything for myself!

Illya: Miyu... Miyu isn't weak either! She hasn't given up yet!

Fujimaru 1: Helena, you...

Fujimaru 1: You were here to bring hope to Illya.

Helena: Empty consolation...just like Al.

Helena: What do you... What could the likes of you know about my story!?

Mash: Senpai...

Helena: I'm tired. I want this to be over! Just take my jewel already!

Helena: Otherwise, I'll put you to sleep here! Forever!

Illya: Ruby!

Mash: Illya...!

Illya: I'm sorry for transforming without asking, Mash, Fujimaru.

Illya: But I'm a little mad right now!

Helena: You're about to learn that your hollow wishes are nothing but a fantasy!

World End Match: Mahatma♀Helena

Helena: (Humph)

Illya: Helena's pouting...

Ruby: Her cool demeanor from a moment ago has all gone to waste...

Mash: Illya was a little rough, but I think what she was trying to say got through.

Mash: But what shall we do now?

Mash: Illya's not going to want to take the jewel from Helena and expose her to danger.

Mash: I don't know if I like that idea either. You look like you want to say something, Master.

Fujimaru 1: Well...why don't you come with us, Helena?

Illya: That's it! That's a great idea!

Helena: Huh?

Fujimaru 1: You're coming with us.

Helena: F-Fine! I was the one who started the fight.

Helena: I'll go with you then! Fine!

Fujimaru 2: Magical Girl Helena, help Illya.

Helena: Now you're just bossy. Sure, fine, fine.

Helena: I was the one who started the fight first. I'll obey you! The Command Spells have nothing to do with this, anyway.

Mash: Then you're coming with us?

Illya: That's great, isn't it, Helena?

Helena: H-Hey! Don't grab me like that! Let go!

Helena: I'm just going to witness the inexperienced magical girl's horrible demise. That's all, okay?

Helena: Understood?

Illya: Okay!

4ier!!! The Land of Snow and Honey I

Medb: ...

Mini Cú: Hey...

Medb: ...

Mini Cú: Hey... (Kick)

Mini Cú: Medb, how long are you going to lie there? Get up. (Smack)

Medb: The second most wonderful thing in the world is to see the face of the person you love when you wake up.

Mini Cú: This again?

Medb: I feel the flow of magical energy. I hear the sound of a golden waterfall plunging into the abyss.

Mini Cú: Yeah. It looks like the balance of the bounded field is collapsing.

Medb: Hehe. Then it's time for the destruction to begin.

Medb: It's time for the march of the Magical Girl-Queen Connacht☆Medb to resound throughout the world!

Mini Cú: They're cattle. They don't march.

Medb: Spare me the details!

Medb: Now sound the horn! Prepare my chariot!

Mini Cú: Yeah!

4ier!!! The Land of Snow and Honey II

Mash: I'm going back to the Land of Sweets to check up on Nursery Rhyme.

Mash: Are you sure about that, Illya?

Illya: Yep. I'm concerned about her.

Illya: I know the gems are pointing at the Land of Snow and Honey as the next destination, but...

Illya: I'm sorry for troubling you guys with my arbitrary decisions.

Mash: Please don't be. I think the way you feel about her is very sweet.

Fujimaru 1: Sure, it's fine. But we should hurry.

Illya: Thank you.

Helena: ...

Fujimaru 1: Helena. What kind of magical girl is Connacht☆Medb?

Helena: An intense woman. She's a magical girl of blazing ice.

Helena: Fierce and merciless. A giant mass of possessiveness. Her rigid nature is like a castle that molds her.

Helena: She holds the reins of all kinds of contradictions, tightly knotted together.

Helena: If the root of a magical girl's power lies in her strength to believe in herself, she must be the strongest one.

Fujimaru 1: Does that mean...she's almost insane?

Helena: Medb? Of course not. Her sanity is beyond doubt. She's absolutely in her right mind.

Helena: Perhaps she was the only decent one among the rest of us.

Helena: In this warped world, she was probably the only person who managed to keep being herself till the end.

Helena: She had been in this world since before I arrived. There was a time when we journeyed together...

Helena: But I put some distance between us when she became obsessed with her lust for control.

Helena: After that, she dialed up on her madness. Or maybe I'm just flattering myself thinking that.

Helena: Most likely, she hadn't changed. Not at all.

Illya: Helena...

Illya: Medb said she was ready to accept me as a member of her invincible army.

Illya: That's why I mistakenly thought Miyu had been abducted by her.

Helena: The formation of Little Witch Codes to rebel against the First Lady's rule. That was her idea.

Helena: So she hasn't given up on that ambition yet.

Helena: What's the matter, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Hold on, guys... Aren't those Medb's soldiers?

Mash: Yes, they are! Those are the snowfield-specialized hostiles!

Mash: They appeared in the neutral zone again! We were off our guard! Doctor, why weren't you on alert!?

Dr. Roman: That's impossible. We're still on constant alert here. Maybe there was a change in the surrounding environment?

Illya: They're coming straight toward us! Doesn't look like talking would do any good... (Gulp)

Helena: I'm sorry, but I'm not going to fight.

Helena: I may be with you guys, that doesn't make me want to directly stand up against Medb.

Helena: After all, she is one of the magical girls, too.

Helena: In this neutral zone, I wouldn't be able to use that much of my power anyway.

Fujimaru 1: Okay, then. Stay in a safe area. Mash! Illya!

Mash: Yes, Master!

Illya: Sure, I'll back you up!


Fujimaru 1: Battle completed. Doctor, Doctor!?

Mash: There's no response? Is something wrong with the connection to Chaldea again?

Helena: Don't glare at me, Mash. Do you think I purposely took you to a dangerous area?

Helena: I didn't do anything wrong. Though I admit this was a predictable result.

Mash: What exactly do you mean by that? At any rate, this means we can't...

Illya: What!? You guys can't go back to Chaldea!?

Fujimaru 1: It seems that way. Oh?

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, everyone, are you guys all right!?

Mash: Doctor! What a relief. I was worried for a moment.

Dr. Roman: Unfortunately, it's too soon to be relieved. Chaldea has been attacked.

Mash: What!? This can't be happening...

Dr. Roman: It is happening. Using our Leyline connection, they sent several hostiles over!

Fujimaru 1: They sent enemies... directly to Chaldea!?

Dr. Roman: That's right. We were apparently hacked.

Dr. Roman: The disconnection you experienced a short while ago was intentional.

Dr. Roman: We barely managed to deal with the enemies that attacked us thanks to some on-call Servants, but we can't keep this up.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, Mash, I need you both to return immediately.

Mash: So that means...

Dr. Roman: That said, knowing Mash and Fujimaru,

Dr. Roman: I'm sure you two won't say yes so easily. I know that.

Dr. Roman: But I still need you to understand this is an urgent matter.

Dr. Roman: For now, I'll cut the connection again, to prevent any effects from your side.

Dr. Roman: I will contact you again in five minutes. Make a decision by then.

Mash: Senpai...

Illya: Oh...

Illya: It's snow. It's starting to snow.

Helena: From what I observed of Medb's familiars and of our surroundings during battle...

Helena: I can tell that Medb has started to unleash considerable forces to attack surrounding lands.

Mash: I can't believe we've endangered Chaldea... I don't know what to say...

Ruby: Sorry to interrupt your pity-party, Mash, but you should probably deactivate your transformation.

Mash: What? Why, Ruby? We've just finished a battle. Wouldn't it be dangerous?

Ruby: The magical energy that you're using to be a Demi-Servant is completely dependent on your Master at the moment.

Ruby: We don't know what will happen from here on, so I think you should be in energy-saving mode as much as you can.

Ruby: If we need to act fast against something, Illya and I can handle it.

Illya: Yeah. That's right, Ruby. You do have something useful to say sometimes.

Illya: You can trust us, Mash!

Mash: That's true. So this is what happens... when the connection with Chaldea is shut down.

Mash: Understood.

Mash: But what should we do now, Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: I think we should try to pinpoint the cause.

Helena: As the longest inhabitant of this world, I agree with Fujimaru's opinion.

Helena: Running back to your parallel world as it is now will not fundamentally solve this issue.

Helena: The threat will not go away on its own. This irregular state of danger will continue.

Mash: And with Chaldea at risk, it certainly sounds like we need to resolve this.

Mash: But are you really okay with that, Senpai? That means that we're going to continue accompanying Illya, right?

Mash: Well, I mean, I'm not complaining at all! I am also happy to help you, Illya.

Illya: I... Um, I... Fujimaru, Mash...

Illya: Thank you soooo much! I can't even find the words to thank you... (Hug)

Mash: D-Don't cry, Illya! Stop groveling on the ground! You're practically lying in the dirt!

Ruby: (Twinkle☆) Now that's settled, we're going replenish magical energy!! Let's charge!!☆

Illya: What? Huh!? Wh-What are you talking about, Ruby!?

Ruby: Isn't it important? You'll end up in trouble if you run out of magical energy at a critical moment!

Ruby: She may not look it, but Illya is familiar with an efficient technique to charge magical energy.

Mash: Really? That's our magical girl!

Mash: Please teach me, Illya. If it will help us augment our strength, I'm willing to learn anything!

Illya: U-Um... (Whisper)

Mash: Okay... O... Kay...

Mash: What... ki... tongue... saliva... really?

Illya: (Nodding)...

Mash: Uh... I don't know how to react...

Mash: Augh...

Ruby: Okay Mash. Leave the rest to Illya the veteran! Relax. Lightly open your mouth!

Ruby: Don't worry, this is a type of medical procedure! It is appropriate for any age!

Ruby: Here you go, kiss! Kiss! Come on, do it!

Helena: What is this?

Illya: Hey, Ruby! This is awkward enough without you butting in!

Fujimaru 1: So you'll do it when the time is right?

Mash: S-Senpai... This is... out of my... control...

Mash: But I... I'm okay, so...

Fujimaru 1: Charge magical energy.

Fujimaru 2: Don't charge magical energy.

Helena: Oh, a transmission.

Dr. Roman: All right, let me hear your decision.

Dr. Roman: What's going on there? Mash, your face's all red. Oh, are you mad?

Helena: Guess what? They were making a big deal discussing a primitive way to charge magical energy.

Dr. Roman: Hm? A magical energy recharge method with the contractor?

Dr. Roman: The contract made between Mash and Fujimaru was an irregular case, but...

Dr. Roman: As always, no special ceremony should be necessary. If you consume an extreme amount of magical energy, just use a Command Spell.

Dr. Roman: But don't we have something much more crucial to discuss right now? Pertaining to the survival of Chaldea?

4ier!!! The Land of Snow and Honey III

Illya: Dr. Romani looked disappointed.

Illya: This is all our fault. I'm sorry.

Mash: No, there's no need for you to be sorry. Romani Archaman is Chaldea's current commander in charge.

Mash: If he felt there was real danger, he would have forced us to transport back.

Mash: He didn't do that, which means the doctor understands how important this matter is as well.

Fujimaru 1: Yep.

Fujimaru 2: If anything, he was just sulking.

Mash: Yes. He's been left out in the cold more than ever this time, so let's thank him again when we get back.

Illya: (That's what she says, but Mash looks like she's sulking a little too.)

Mash: Anyway, until the next planned contact, we will have no method of communicating with Chaldea.

Mash: Since we've chosen to accompany Illya, we must now be even more on our guard.

Helena: How long do you two plan on staying upset? We're almost near the border.

Illya: (She's sure straightforward!!)

Helena: Fujimaru, the same goes for you. If you're a Master, then get a grip.

Helena: Even if you guys are acting out a magical girl fantasy, that doesn't mean your heart has turned into a familiar.

Fujimaru 1: We're here!

Illya: This is Medb's kingdom?

Illya: It's not as cold as it looks, but it still seems like a magical land.

Mash: If the situation was different, this would be some very beautiful scenery.

Mash: No, wait a minute! We were supposed to be heading towards the Land of Sweets!

Illya: Th-That's right! What happened?

Mini Cú: Try using your brain for once. It's simple. This place just became a part of the Land of Snow and Honey.

Mash: ...What!?

Mini Cú: The transfer of territory. Reallocation of resources. Nothing new. But I've had enough of the cutesy names, though.

Fujimaru 1: Medb's familiar!

Mini Cú: And now my job as a gatekeeper covers a huge area.

Mini Cú: Medb isn't home. I'm the only one who will be tearing you apart. Be thankful.

Helena: The power of that familiar is overwhelming! He's a familiar, but he can summon magical creatures.

Mini Cú: Oh. I thought something smelled dingy. It's Helena. Got bored of counting the bookworms in the library?

Mini Cú: Then we gotta pick up our game. According to Medb, she says it's the first step in molding her army.

Mini Cú: Can't stop what's already started. We want no regrets.

Mini Cú: So I can't have you interfering at this point.

Helena: I don't think Medb is a woman who'll falter from the likes of us.

Fujimaru 1: Are you the ones who sent soldiers into Chaldea?

Mini Cú: O-ho. So Medb finally reached it.

Mini Cú: I see.

Mini Cú: Then there's no need to steal the powers of the First Lady. Medb will do as much as she can in her own way.

Fujimaru 1: If we're already inside enemy territory... Does that mean?

Mash: Yes, Senpai. Queen Medb said it during the battle.

Mash: There's a possibility my attacks won't work again!

Mini Cú: That's right. Your powers will be halved. No hard feelings.

Mash: Urg. Even still, there's something I can do!

Illya: Oh no, Mash... I'll just have to fight harder!


Mash: (Panting)

Mini Cú: Whoa, you guys are pretty good. Nice teamwork.

Mini Cú: You guys must be starting to synchronize after a few battles. The Shielder is a bit annoying too.

Mini Cú: I guess I should take one down. Which means...

Mini Cú: Time to use this! Gentle Bite Coinchenn!

Mini Cú: No hard feelings, little girl. Medb wanted you for her army.

Fujimaru 1: This familiar can even use a Noble Phantasm!?

Mini Cú: Yeah. Sorry, but I'm a thousand times stronger than I look. No need to brace yourself. You'll die instantly.

Fujimaru 2: She wants Illya?

Mini Cú: Yeah. Seems she'd make the perfect vessel for her wishes.

Mini Cú: The more you desire, the more thirsty you become. That's greed. Now, sorry, but...

Mini Cú: I'm takin' you out.

Mash: ...Urg!

Illya: Mash! You protected us again...!

Ruby: Oh? Illya, look over there!

Illya: Ruby, we don't have time for... Hmm?

???: Illya! Ruby! I'm sorry I'm late!

Ruby: Yahoo! You're safe, Sapphire!☆

Illya: Sapphire!? It's just you!? Oh, this is Miyu's stick, everyone!

Fujimaru 1: But where's Miyu?

Ruby: Good timing, Sapphire! Make a temporary contract with Mash over there!

Sapphire: She must be Illya's ally. Understood.

Sapphire: Please excuse me.

Mash: My! I feel kind of strange.

Mini Cú: Hm. You've become a lot like a magical girl all of a sudden.

Mini Cú: That means my fun ends here. I guess I'll retreat.

Helena: You do that, Cú. And go tell Medb...

Helena: That Illya already has two of the jewels.

Mini Cú: Yeah, I could tell by the smell. There's one in your pocket too.

Mini Cú: Got it. Sounds like a sweet situation Medb would be happy about.

Sapphire: First, please see this. It's a message from Miyu.

Miyu: (Panting)

Illya: Miyu!

Ruby: Ohh! (Sob) Miyu, what a humiliating position you are in!

Ruby: However, this bondage thing is somewhat sexy, like... Ack! Ow, ow, ow, I give up! I give up!

Miyu: Illya. Or to anyone who knows of Illya.

Miyu: I am Miyu... Edelfelt. I am a m-magical girl...

Illya: (I guess Miyu is a little embarrassed too.)

Miyu: I came to this world with Illya.

Miyu: I am a prisoner of the First Lady. It was she who created this Reality Marble.

Miyu: Inside the black wall, located in the center of the Reality Marble, is the First Lady's castle.

Miyu: Only one of her familiars can pass through the black wall.

Miyu: Medb, the woman who attacked me and Illya, was also unable to penetrate the wall.

Mash: Queen Medb was eyeing Miyu from the beginning, too.

Miyu: The First Lady is probably the reason why we've been lured into this world.

Miyu: She seems to have found technology that could interfere with parallel universes.

Miyu: I don't think it's for a peaceful purpose. There must be a connection with why I'm held captive.

Miyu: We must do something. We must stop her plan.

Miyu: This castle is like a labyrinth of mirrors. The familiars have established a solid defense as well.

Miyu: Still, I believe Sapphire will be able to escape and guide you here.

Miyu: But... if... it's you, Illya...

Miyu: Illya, you musn't come. Find someone to help you. Have them come instead.

Illya: What!? What are you saying, Miyu!? Why do you always...

Helena: Now, now. It's just a recording. Calm down.

Miyu: The patrolling familiar is back!

Miyu: Sapphire, go now! And please be safe!

Illya: ... (Gloomy)

Mash: Oh no, Illya is extremely depressed...

Sapphire: Illya. Miyu is waiting for you.

Sapphire: Please don't be upset. I shall help as well.

Illya: Yeah, you're right. Thank you, Sapphire. I'm glad to see you again safe and sound.

Sapphire: Yes. I should be with Miyu at all times, yet I returned alone. I truly regret this!

Sapphire: And the ones from Chaldea. I don't know how to thank you for protecting Illya.

Sapphire: Please, I beg you... Save Miyu!

Ruby: According to Sapphire, who sneaked inside the castle...

Ruby: Even though Sapphire is away from Miyu, Miyu's transformation never lifted.

Ruby: The First Lady must have special powers over magical girls.

Ruby: This is dangerous! I am worried about Miyu too!

Fujimaru 1: We can't overlook the First Lady's plan.

Mash: Yes. Let's all go rescue Sapphire's Master, Illya's friend!

Fujimaru 2: So the rival friend is the cool type, huh?

Ruby: You sure know your magical girl stuff! With a clumsy and cute character, a cool and refined one is always needed!

Ruby: But with a secret fetish that's kept hidden underneath...

Sapphire: Sister. No further.

Illya: Wait, what are you talking about?

Illya: But... Hey, Sapphire... Why did Miyu say something like that?

Illya: That I shouldn't come...

Sapphire: I do not know either.

Sapphire: However, it seems that Miyu noticed something regarding the First Lady's true identity.

Sapphire: That was probably why she worried for you, Illya.

Mash: The First Lady's true identity?

Fujimaru 1: Do you know anything about it, Helena?

Helena: ...We've made a few guesses.

Helena: The First Lady... The owner of this entire magical girl Reality Marble.

Helena: She is said to be the very first magical girl.

Helena: Just as the King of Heroes originates the existences of the many other heroes who illuminate human history...

Helena: too was there someone who first defined the concept of “magical girl.”

Helena: I have spoken with Medb about such things in the past.

Illya: Huh? Do you know, Ruby?

Ruby: Uhhhhh... I just know that this is a dangerous topic!

Ruby: By that logic, we are just imitations that have been continuously copied...

Ruby: we would be at a great disadvantage in magecraft and the like!

Ruby: Hehehehe, Ruby is getting fired up!

Sapphire: That's my sister.

Illya: Haha. That's heartening, but I'm still worried.

Mash: However...

Mash: Is that the real reason Miyu tried to keep Illya away?

4ier!!! The Land of Snow and Honey IV

Helena: I'm staying here.

Helena: She knows we're coming, so Medb will be waiting with everything she's got.

Illya: Helena.

Helena: There's no making peace or compromising with Medb.

Helena: Defeat or be defeated, that's all there is with Medb.

Helena: I just... I don't want to see any more magical girls fall.

Illya: I understand!

Illya: Fujimaru, are you okay with that?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah. Thanks for taking us this far, Helena.

Helena: Wait, Illya. Take my jewel.

Helena: You're already the owner. If you don't need it, bring it back to me.

Helena: I may have guided you here, but... you know.

Helena: I may not look it, but I care about my friends.

Illya: Yeah. I know that, of course!

Helena: ...

Medb: Heheheh. I've been waiting, Illya.

Medb: And the Chaldea Master and Servant, too. That's you, right?

Mini Cú: ...

Medb: It was only for a moment, but I took a peek inside your world through the familiar I sent.

Medb: It was so boring! So boring! Such a stupid world!

Medb: Why not forget that world and come join me?

Medb: Or are you that stupid as well? Do you want to die drunk on your own self-satisfaction?

Mash: ...!

Fujimaru 1: Mash, calm down.

Mash: But...

Medb: Heheh. You're always like a little puppy in heat, aren't you? Demi-Servant of Chaldea.

Fujimaru 2: Don't talk about my friends like that!

Mash: ...That's right!

Mash: It's true that Master Fujimaru positivity sometimes leads us into death-defying situations...

Mash: No, that's not what I meant to say!

Mash: Our Order isn't just about our own self-satisfaction!

Medb: And that's where you're wrong. You're arrogant enough to think you can save the world all by yourselves.

Medb: You just want an excuse. You just want to say that you tried to fight back. You'll never really rule your own fate.

Medb: It's fine. In the end, you're just fake magical girls. You're not worthy of my army.

Medb: The one I really want is you, Illya! Are you ready to join me?

Medb: Those two are probably secretly trying to take over your world.

Illya: Medb... No. They're not like you!

Illya: Fujimaru would never do that!

Medb: Are you sure?

Medb: They seem very interested in knowing what they could use you for.

Illya: Uhhhngh!

Medb: Heheh...

Medb: You want to save your friend, right? Miyu, was it?

Medb: Fine. I'll help you.

Medb: But I want you and Miyu to both join me. We'll make this Chaldea pair our slaves.

Mini Cú: It's fine to be greedy about things that don't matter. But don't get too greedy when it counts, Medb.

Mini Cú: Kill them. They're worthless to be slaves. They may not look it, but they're no different than Spartacus.

Medb: Oh, Mini Cú! Even shrunken down you're still so cold and cruel!♡

Medb: But I'm not going to listen to you. I'm the queen. I decide who lives and who dies.

Illya: But Medb, aren't you obeying the First Lady?

Mash: Illya?

Medb: Oh? I'm interested where you got that idea. I want you even more now.

Medb: Yes, that's right. I was. But things are different now.

Medb: The First Lady's dream is my wish. Her pain is my suffering.

Medb: The First Lady. The first one to fall into this world. The first curse.

Medb: The black queen who brought light and guidance to this chaotic world. But she can't leave her castle. She can't leave this world.

Medb: She's all alone... The poor little queen of black.

Medb: But I no longer feel respect nor pity! I have begun my rebellion!

Fujimaru 1: You figured out what she wanted...and took it?

Medb: That's right! I just granted her wish early.

Medb: And look at the result. There are only a few magical girls left in this world.

Illya: Is that... Is that what the First Lady wanted? That's crazy!

Illya: And Medb, you're imitating her! You're insane!

Medb: Heheh.

Medb: So you're going to resist. That's alright. That's very good. It's faster to overcome you with force!

Medb: I'll steal you for my own before the First Lady gets you!

Fujimaru 1: Medb, you're not crazy.

Illya: ...

Mash: Master...

Medb: ...

Fujimaru 1: Helena said it. You're fighting against despair.

Mash: Then are you saying it's the world that's gone crazy? Is that it, Master?

Medb: Hah! That's just self-righteous nonsense!

Medb: Or is this your way of begging for your life?

Illya: Are you trying to forgive a selfish person like her, who's caused so many problems?

Illya: Even if it wasn't Medb who kidnapped Miyu, she was the one who made it possible by attacking us!

Illya: She's even trying to invade Chaldea, the place where you live!

Medb: Heheheh. Shut up. Shut up! Shut up!

Fujimaru 1: It's the First Lady who's at fault, not Medb.

Medb: Don't talk to me. Don't look at me. Don't touch me! Don't even breathe!

Mash: Master... Gasp!

Mini Cú: Heh. You shouldn't try and ruin a girl's makeup.

Mini Cú: And Medb, don't get so ticked off. This is the Land of Snow, right? It just won't do for the queen to get all hot-headed.

Medb: Oh Mini Cú... That's exactly what I needed to hear...!

Medb: But that doesn't matter right now! You used your magic without asking me, didn't you?

Medb: You're going to destroy my castle! And you'll tire yourself out!

Mini Cú: Shut up. I'll throw cheese snacks at you.

Medb: Oh, kill me, Mini Cú! I love you!

Mini Cú: Yeah, once this mess is all over, I will. Your reward can wait till then.

Medb: Yay! Okay, I'll kill them! They'll be first! I will kill those up-to-no-gouda folks first!

Mini Cú: Gouda? Well, whatever. Just kill them.

Fujimaru 1: Sorry Illya. I just ticked her off more.

Illya: You don't look like you're sorry at all! But we have to fight!

Fujimaru 2: Those two make a good pair, huh?

Ruby: Yeah, they're like a match made in heaven. Just like me and Illya!☆

Illya: They seem more of a cheesy pair to me.

Mash: Master and I are just as... Never mind...!

Mash: Attack incoming! Help us, Sapphire!

Sapphire: Understood. This fight is for Miyu!

Ruby: I'm gonna fight too, okay?

World End Match: Connacht☆Medb

Medb: Gyah! I can't lose to that pink one!

Illya: You're the one who's pink!

Mini Cú: ...Sheesh. You lost because you wasted time on cheesy jokes, idiot.

Mini Cú: It's not like you to be careful and orderly with your invasions. Normally you would've just dove right into the main dish from the get-go.

Mini Cú: You had just a little bit of sympathy for the fates of your fellow magical girls, and that's why you lost, Medb.

Medb: Tch! Don't be stupid! That's too much, even coming from you, my lovely Mini Cú...!

Mini Cú: Huh? Normally I'm your enemy. Our relationship was as that we'd hang out together as enemies.

Medb: T-That's true, but! I mean, you've always showed me a mix of love and hate!

Medb: But there was always more love than hate! I mean, your mean-spiritness was always so cool!

Mini Cú: Right, whatever. You're weird.

Medb: Anyway, take back what you said a minute ago! I'm a queen! I don't care about the other magical girls!

Medb: I get saved, I get satisfied, I'm cute, and I'm the most important!

Medb: That's why I made my army! That's the only reason I gathered up magical girls who had no place to go!

Illya: ...

Medb: What's with that look? Like you're seeing something strange... Who do you think you are!?

Illya: No, um... What you said just surprised me.

Illya: But I think that Mr. Mini Cú is right. Medb must have been a great queen.

Medb: Huh? What did you say?

Illya: Because of what you just said.

Illya: “I get saved, I get satisfied, I'm cute, and I'm the most important!”

Illya: I think that's also what Nursery and Medea wanted.

Illya: But you didn't say that you only wanted that for yourself.

Illya: You didn't say it aloud, but you saw the other magical girls who disappeared as comrades, didn't you?

Fujimaru 1: The castle's falling apart!?

Mini Cú: And there's the straw that broke the camel's back. Thanks for finishing her off, little lady.

Illya: What!?

Mini Cú: That broke Medb's heart. The castle falling apart is proof of that.

Mini Cú: Isn't that right, Medb? You realized your own weakness and this time, you really killed yourself.

Medb: I'm sorry.

Medb: But I'm not worthy of you, Mini Cú... I'll die and come back again...

Medb: I'll come back as a magical girl who's more evil, more debauched, more wicked and even more amazing!

Medb: Wait for me until then, Mini Cú♡

Mini Cú: If fate brings us together, maybe. Well, if that does happen, this time I'll kill you myself.

Medb: Hehe. That's right. That's our relationship, isn't it?

Medb: Anyway, I guess it's time for me to leave the stage. For a villain, I think I lasted pretty long.

Medb: You. Pig. The one from Chaldea. What was your name?

Fujimaru 1: Fujimaru.

Medb: Fujimaru. What a boring name. I don't want to remember it, so get lost.

Medb: Take that little puppy dog with you. Don't stay here. Go save your stupid world.

Medb: See this out until the end.

Mash: Medb. Master! The castle's falling apart!

Sapphire: Everyone, please evacuate the castle.

Ruby: Illya! What are you doing!

Illya: Medb, come with us!

Illya: With Helena's help, we can heal you!

Fujimaru 1: That's right, Medb! Come with us!

Mini Cú: That won't work. She can't escape.

Mini Cú: This is backlash.

Mini Cú: She built up quite a tab forcibly interfering with other worlds, and now all that stress is coming back to her.

Mini Cú: Trying to deny that is an insult to her. She played the villain knowing what she was getting into from the start.

Mini Cú: You can have her life and her heart, but you can't have her pride. Now get out of here.

Mash: Master!

Fujimaru 1: Sorry, Medb.

Mash: ...

Mini Cú: They left, huh? Tch, I'm done for, too.

Mini Cú: Medb, what little magical energy you had is gone now.

Medb: ...

Mini Cú: I always wanted to ask.

Mini Cú: What's the happiest thing in the world to you?

Medb: I already have it... Mini Cú...

Medb: The greatest happiness a woman can have... is being next to the one they love... when they die.

Mini Cú: What? The hell did you say, Medb? Wake up.

Mini Cú: Seriously? Wow. I guess in the very end, you won.

Sapphire: The castle has completely collapsed.

Mash: The jewel! It's in my hand...

Helena: I see. So Medb became an Echo.

Helena: Then someday, I'll see her in my library. Though I've never heard of her liking books.

Illya: Helena. Just as I promised, I'll give back your jewel.

Helena: Thank you. Oh, don't worry about Medb.

Helena: She was more than willing to kill you. There's no need for pity.

Helena: And Medb entrusted you with that jewel. Not to you, Illya, but to Mash.

Helena: At last. We have all four jewels. Which means...

Fujimaru 1: We can go inside the black wall?

Illya: To the First Lady's kingdom...!

Mash: The jewels... They're glowing brighter!

letztes: The Land of Stars and Crystals I

Mash: The black wall is gone!

Helena: At last, we can venture to the First Lady's kingdom.

Illya: I'll take a look from above!

Mash: Thanks! Be careful!

Ruby: Ho-hoh? So that's the First Lady's kingdom, huh?

Ruby: It's cold, like time itself is frozen. And there's a solitary castle in the middle...

Ruby: It's like the mind of a magical girl had taken form!

Illya: What kind of mind is it?

Sapphire: The castle feels different from when I made my escape.

Sapphire: So not only did the wall come down, there was a change inside, too?

Illya: A change? Hm? Something's flying towards us.

Illya: Is it... a bird?

Sapphire: Huh? That's...!

Helena: I feel a great flow of magical energy...

Helena: The magical energy that filled this world is gathering where the First Lady is.

Helena: Does she have a vessel capable of holding all that magical power?

Mash: Master, if we're on schedule, then now...

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, Chaldea should be... there it is!

Dr. Roman: Hey, you're all looking good! I was worried, but I'm glad you're safe!

Dr. Roman: Huh? Where's Illya and Ruby? D-Don't tell me...

Mash: They're both fine. We also met up with Ruby's little sister, Sapphire.

Mash: Doctor, tell us what is happening there!

Dr. Roman: Little sister? A Mystic Code has a little sister? No, I can't think about it now. We're in a hurry.

Dr. Roman: I had a meeting with Da Vinci and we came up with an engineering solution.

Dr. Roman: That world is very dangerous. But we've become very involved with it.

Dr. Roman: At this point, we're a part of this too. We can't just ignore it.

Dr. Roman: And personally, I can't just leave Illya when she needs help.

Mash: Does that mean Chaldea is going to provide us full operational support?

Da Vinci: That's right!

Da Vinci: Of course, personally I'm extremely interested in that grotesque... I mean, strange world.

Da Vinci: That space should normally be... hmm... I guess you could call it a dumping ground for thoughts and feelings.

Helena: You don't need to be so careful with your words. Yes. This place is purgatory itself.

Helena: This is a dumping ground for magical girls who dreamed an endless dream, and failed to reach it!

Da Vinci: Brava! All right, no need to explain!

Mash: It's not wonderful! Nothing is all right!

Da Vinci: No, this is good! It's very good! A magical girl is an extremely unstable being.

Da Vinci: They have overwhelming magical energy, and sometimes can use magecraft intuitively, and without the proper rituals.

Da Vinci: But for those who lose their possibilities and give in to despair, their obsession becomes a flow of unformed magical energy.

Da Vinci: A stagnant pool forming in a chaotic waste dump.

Da Vinci: The First Lady became the locus of those chaotic thoughts and feelings, and the Reality Marble formed mostly on its own.

Da Vinci: I assume that's about what happened.

Helena: Are you... a genius?

Da Vinci: Of course I am. I apologize. I should've told you so earlier.

Mash: Then that means...

Fujimaru 1: If she disappears, everything will return to normal?

Da Vinci: That's right! That's what I'm after, you see! It's the best way to solve the root problem here.

Da Vinci: But I don't know what that active magical girl with you will think. Or the residents of that world.

Dr. Roman: Man, you can be harsh. Though that may be the most realistic solution.

Dr. Roman: But let me say one thing.

Dr. Roman: You guys have done all kinds of things that I thought were impossible.

Dr. Roman: You can't make a miracle happen if you're worried about safety, efficiency, or a plan B.

Dr. Roman: If you've made it this far, you should do what you want to do.

Fujimaru 1: I'm grateful, Doctor.

Mash: Thank you.

Helena: Illya came back.

Illya: Fujimaru! The First Lady's familiars are coming! There are tons of them!

Ruby: Ooh! This is an exciting situation! There's so many of them they're making the sky dark!

Mash: Master!

Fujimaru 1: Yup, let's do our best to save Miyu!

Illya: Right!

Fujimaru 2: What's wrong, Helena?

Helena: It's nothing. Come on, here they come!

Helena: I'll make a defensive wall to block their attacks. Fujimaru, you clear an opening.

letztes: The Land of Stars and Crystals II

Illya: Schneiden!

Mash: While we're busy battling them, more keep coming...

Illya: Shot, shot, shot! (Not at a place like this...)

Illya: Feuer! (Not before I finish...)

Illya: I can't stop here!

Illya: I'll open a path in front of us! Ruby!

Ruby: Okay, Illya!☆ Transferring all physical defense to firepower!

Illya: FEUER!

Sapphire: Follow me! I'll guide you.

Mash: Let us handle the rear! We can't rely on the Doctor's scans beyond this point!

Fujimaru 1: Oh, right. We can't talk to him anymore, can we?

Mash: Yes. That's what the Doctor and Da Vinci said.

Mash: Each time they communicate or do a Rayshift to this world, it establishes a Leyline.

Mash: So they cut off all normal communications and are on standby for our request to return home.

Mash: But the risk of hacking remains.

Mash: The other Servants should be defending Chaldea.

Mash: But Chaldea is a delicate facility. We need to avoid any more attacks!

Fujimaru 1: Right!

letztes: The Land of Stars and Crystals III

Illya: (Panting) This is the First Lady's domain...!?

Ruby: It's so shiny and sparkly that it gives you a feeling of security, like you've come home, you know?

Illya: What do you mean, “come home!?” It's so smooth that it's hard to run!

Illya: That being said, if we flew, we'd be easy pickings for her familiars!

Ruby: True☆ And down here, the twinkling ground acts like a mirror, so good job!

Illya: Hey, d-don't look!

Sapphire: Illya, Ruby, this is no time for fooling around. Miyu is waiting for us.

Illya: T-That's right! (Sweat) That must be the First Lady's castle!

Helena: As we get closer to the castle, the sticks are shifting form... The familiars are getting stronger!

Mash: The First Lady is reacting to our presence, trying to keep us from coming closer.

Ruby: So she's been playing hide-and-seek behind the black wall all this time... Is she shy?

Fujimaru 1: Or maybe she's in a hurry to try something?

Helena: Yes. It has something to do with the jewels we've been gathering. That's my guess.

Mash: You mean it was the First Lady herself who disengaged the black wall? Not the power of the four jewels?

Mash: Does that mean she has been intentionally pitting the magical girls against each other from this isolated space?

Helena: It's contradictory. As if two wills are at war with each other.

Helena: Either way, to learn her true motive, we'll just have to ask the First Lady herself.

Fujimaru 2: Maybe she doesn't actually want to fight Illya...

Illya: And remember what Miyu said at the end of the message... That I should stay away...

Illya: I have a really bad feeling about this...

Ruby: Oh, Illya, you get it, don't you? Wink-wink, nudge-nudge☆

Illya: Knock it off!

Sapphire: Fujimaru! Illya! Enemy ambush!

Illya: Agh! There are so many of them!

Sapphire: I'm so sorry! This is my fault for being a careless guide.

Mash: Ungh! Getting into a drawn-out battle here isn't a good idea! If our pursuers catch up, it could prove fatal!

Fujimaru 1: ...Go on ahead, Illya!

Ruby: What a good idea! If Illya makes a break for it alone, she'll get right through!

Illya: I could... never do that!

Illya: Ruby! Sapphire! Give me your power!

Illya: I can't use my Class Cards right now, so I can't come up with a strategy that targets the enemy's weakness!

Illya: I'll hold them off here, so the rest of you can go on ahead!

Sapphire: That won't do, Illya! You wouldn't be able to get to Miyu on your own!

Mash: Master! What should we do?

Fujimaru 1: Draw out the battle here? It's our only option!

Mash: Right! We'll just have to be very careful!

Fujimaru 2: Helena, can't you fight?

Helena: You're asking that from a simple mage with wafer-thin armor who's only just keeping up a protective wall for you?

Helena: Though you did see through my lie at the neutral zone. That's right. Right now, I have my own stone, so I can fight to some extent.

Helena: Still, I'm not your Servant. I'm here as a magical girl and that's all.

Helena: So... I'll make my own judgment about you.


Illya: (Panting) Still... so far to go... Ugh...

Helena: Pull yourself together, Illya. (Spank)

Illya: Eeeek, my behind! Helena!?

Helena: I have a confession to make, Illya.

Helena: I'm surprised by how much spirit you've shown. Before, I looked down on you as a fake magical girl.

Helena: Tradition, experience, knowledge... It's far from those secrets of magecraft, but I realize again just how much power you have.

Illya: (Panting) Huh?

Helena: It's coming.

Helena: By the wisdom of Serapis!!

Mash: The enemies are... Uh Helena, what is that form?

Illya: Cool!

Helena: I've always been cool. I just have low blood pressure.

Helena: Now go, Fujimaru. Go with Illya to see the First Lady!

Helena: Those familiars are targeting magical girls. So I'll...!

Fujimaru 1: Okay. Please stay safe.

Helena: Thank you, Fujimaru.

Helena: If we ever get the chance, I'll tell you my story.

Fujimaru 2: Helena, are you...?

Helena: In your eyes, do you see me as a Servant?

Helena: But I'm a magical girl from a certain parallel world. I'm a mere apparition.

Helena: I'm a half-baked magical girl who couldn't become someone's hope, or even an Echo.

Helena: Therefore, like you said, at least let me have the spotlight for this scene.

Illya: Helena!

Helena: Don't waste the time I've given you. Hurry up and go!

Sapphire: I am in your debt, Helena. Come, Illya and everyone! Quickly!

Mash: ...

Helena: I finally managed to drive them off.

Helena: Oh, I forgot to tell them. Well, to be honest, I didn't want to tell them.

Helena: For Illya and the others to return to their original world, they need the jewels.

Helena: I'm not going to give them my stone, but as long as Illya and Miyu have two, it should be plenty.

Helena: Medb accidentally proved that. I finally understand the meaning of that accursed stone...

???: Are you talking to yourself? Or is that a prayer, Helena?

Helena: Al. I didn't intend to summon you.

Mini Edison: As long as you fight without abandoning your spirit of inquiry, I will stay by your side. I told you that once.

Helena: ...So you did.

Helena: Xa xa xa! We're both old, so we better not overdo it.

Helena: Not to mention, your prized DC is thoroughly rusty.

Mini Edison: Don't compare me with any AC stuff! DC is eternal!

Mini Edison: My role is to support your activities, invest in you, and be happy about it! Now is the time to open your mystic grimoire!

Helena: Yes, let's do it. Come and get me, familiars of The First Lady!

Helena: Lemuria slumbers in the seas! Hierarchy graces the skies! And I stand upon the earth!

Helena: Meet the Magical Girl Guru, Mahatma♀Helena!

letztes: The Land of Stars and Crystals IV

Fujimaru 1: It's pretty sparse inside the castle.

Mash: But the structure is complex.

Mash: We would be totally lost if Sapphire weren't here.

Mash: And they've stopped pursuing us. Helena...

Fujimaru 2: I'm worried about Helena.

Illya: I-I should probably go back!

Mash: Right now, let's carry out our own mission.

Mash: Helena is strong, so she'll be fine. The same goes for Nursery and Medea...

Illya: You're right, Mash. After all, Miyu is waiting!

Fujimaru 1: It's pretty sparse inside the castle.

Mash: True. But the structure is complex.

Mash: We would be totally lost if Sapphire weren't here.

Mash: And they've stopped pursuing us. Helena...

Fujimaru 2: I'm worried about Helena.

Illya: I-I should probably go back!

Mash: Right now, let's carry out our own mission.

Mash: Helena is strong, so she'll be fine. The same goes for Nursery and Medea...

Illya: You're right, Mash. After all, Miyu is waiting!

Illya: Finally. I'll finally be able to see Miyu!

Sapphire: We just have to go through the final corridor!

Mash: Someone's sitting on the throne!

Sapphire: That's the First Lady... Ah!

Ruby: What's this?

Illya: Huh...? You're...

Illya: –Chloe!?

Chloe: Shoot, you made it, huh? You really don't know when to give up.

Illya: Chloe!?

Illya: C-Chloe, what are you doing here!?

Mash: That's Chloe? You did mention she was like a twin, but she really is the spitting image of you!

Mash: Is she a magical girl, too!?

Sapphire: Yes. But why didn't I sense Chloe's presence?

Chloe: (Sigh) You've caused me so much trouble. I wish you would be a little more considerate, knowing that we share pain.

Illya: Oh, sorry. Wait a minute! Where's Miyu!?

Illya: I get it, you came here to rescue her, didn't you, Chloe? Where are Rin and Luvia?

Chloe: No, they're not here. It's just me and Miyu.

Chloe: We've been here a long, long time. But I've been here since the beginning.

Illya: Huh? What are you talking about, Chloe? You've been here for a long, long time?

Mash: Where is Miyu?

Sapphire: Over there! But be careful!

Illya: Miyu!

Miyu: ...

Fujimaru 1: Mash, check her condition!

Mash: Roger that. What's this!?

Fujimaru 1: Part of Miyu's restraints are transforming...!?

Chloe: It's a defensive reaction of the Voile de Deuil.

Chloe: It's an Anti-Magical Girl Mystic Code. Even you wouldn't escape unscathed, Mash.

Ruby: What, an Anti-Magical Girl Mystic Code!? That's impossible! It's way too niche!

Illya: You're one to talk, Ruby, you cheerful-type something-something spirit... But never mind that now!

Illya: What's going on, Chloe? If it's a joke, it's gone too far! Release Miyu right now!

Chloe: Oh, what should I do? I mean, I went to all the trouble of making her mine.

Chloe: It used to be so annoying how you would always monopolize her, Illya.

Chloe: Heh... This feels nostalgic. Yes. Maybe this is closer to my true self.

Fujimaru 1: Illya? Is Chloe being controlled by the First Lady?

Illya: Ulp... She could be. But she seems to be acting pretty naturally to me...

Illya: Chloe always did love pranks like this...

Ruby: I'm not picking up any strange magical energy. This is the normal Chloe.

Fujimaru 2: How did she get her supply of magical energy?

Illya: Ah! That's right! If she was controlling those familiars, it would've taken a lot of...

Mash: Um, Illya... Miyu's magical energy... Could it be being harvested?

Illya: Huh? Ah, yes... It's possible. That's why Miyu is tied up like that!

Illya: I'm a little jeal... No! I mean, that's terrible harassment!

Sapphire: My apologies for butting in. I don't think that's what Fujimaru meant...

Sapphire: You don't find it questionable that Chloe isn't draining magical energy from us magical sticks?

Illya: My mind immediately went there? Aughhh!

Mash: I-I'm sorry, Master! I went off the rails!

Chloe: Whew... You people certainly are noisy...

Chloe: I don't want you getting the wrong idea, so let me dispel your doubts.

Chloe: Illya, when you and Miyu went to the Mirror World...

Chloe: I was actually with you.

Chloe: You two were in a hurry to get something there, so it seems you didn't notice my presence.

Chloe: Flustered, I did a little tuning and jumped into the Reality Marble. In retrospect, that probably wasn't a good idea.

Chloe: The next thing I knew, I was in this world. And all alone.

Illya: You were here... before us? In this world?

Chloe: That's right. Ever since, I've been alone here. Like a time warp from the unstable jump?

Chloe: When I looked out over this world, I saw magical girls at war with each other, and I didn't know which were allies.

Chloe: Even just concealing my presence consumed more and more of my magical energy.

Chloe: It got to the point where I almost disappeared. And I was very... lonely.

Chloe: But then I met Her.

Mash: You mean the First Lady...?

Chloe: Her familiar, to be precise.

Fujimaru 1: Illya?

Illya: Wha...!?

Illya: You were that reckless!? Chloe, you dummy!

Chloe: Huh? How about you two? The ones who set off for the Mirror World without even telling me!

Illya: But we had an errand to do for Rin and we were in a hurry.

Fujimaru 2: Chloe, we're from Chaldea.

Chloe: Stop. There's no need for introductions.

Chloe: You're Fujimaru and Mash.

Chloe: I've gathered what's going on, more or less, through Illya's senses. So I know your circumstances as well.

Mash: Then why didn't you join us, Chloe?

Chloe: That was because...

Chloe: Because I was hoping that Rin or Luvia would come and save us.

Chloe: But since they didn't notice I was gone in the first place, of course they didn't come to save me.

Chloe: But...that wasn't it. My appearance in this world was inevitable.

Chloe: The First Lady told me something. She was brutally honest. It was like a knife sliding through my ribs.

Chloe: “Is the meaning of your life to be an accessory to Illya? You're like a wildcat that's been declawed.” That's what she said.

Illya: That's not...!

Chloe: Yes, yes, I know. You deny it. Of course. You're Illya.

Chloe: More importantly, I don't see it that way, either. That being said...

Chloe: I did realize that some part of me thinks of you as “number one.”

Chloe: After all, I would even be friendly with Miyu for your sake. It's for my sake, too, so it's only natural.

Illya: Chloe...

Mash: Master... Chloe's mood is shifting...

Ruby: Eeeek! MG Power just shot up! How many transformations does she have left!?

Sapphire: But we still don't have an opening. We need to somehow get to Miyu.

Fujimaru 1: Servility and trust are two different things, Chloe.

Chloe: I know that! I know the essence of the world is how unfair it is!

Chloe: And I know that you're an extremely decent person, so much that being sarcastic to you makes me feel like a fool!

Fujimaru 2: Tanned skin and pale eyes are great charm points!

Chloe: Wha... Huh!?

Illya: T-That's right! Beautiful tanned... That's not the point!

Illya: Chloe, I'm the one who idolizes you! You're strong and have your act together infinitely more than me!

Chloe: That's not what I'm talking about. I don't think you'll ever be able to understand it, Illya.

Chloe: But even I have a wish that I want to come true.

Chloe: For my sake alone. My own wish that would reach the world.

Illya: Chloe is... projecting a weapon!

Ruby: Oh my. This is definitely battle mode, isn't it?

Illya: Oh, Chloe, how could you!?

Illya: Fujimaru, Mash, and Sapphire too, please!

Illya: Please give me just a little time!

Fujimaru 1: T-Take it easy, though.

Mash: If that's your wish, Illya.

Fujimaru 2: This is a sisterly fight, right? Knock yourself out!

Mash: A full throttle magic combat with the sisters' supremacy on the line... I'm kind of captiva... N-No!

Mash: If it becomes dangerous, I'm going to stop you both!

Illya: Thank you. Ruby!

Ruby: Yes☆ Can I punch the mischievous Chloe once?

Sapphire: Come on, there's not a moment to lose. Let's just use my brainwashing device...

Illya: No! I'm going to turn off the switch that made her weird!

Ruby: Yeah, yeah☆ Beat her with your conviction, right? I know full well what you're going to do!

Ruby: But I also think you should apologize to her later for neglecting her.

Illya: Ulp... Any way, get away from Miyu, Chloe!

Chloe: Forget it! Miyu is mine now!

World End Match: First Lady

Chloe: (Panting)

Chloe: I guess it's hard for us to have a decisive showdown, Illya...

Chloe: There's a limit to how much I can bear my shared pain with you.

Illya: Chloe!? What's wrong? Your body...!

Chloe: Isn't it obvious? It's the First Lady.

Chloe: She doesn't just want Miyu. She wants you, too. Who knew there was someone greedier than me.

Illya: W-What are you talking about, Chloe!?

Mash: Chloe. It was the First Lady's idea to abduct Miyu, wasn't it?

Chloe: I'm not...sure about that...

Illya: Chloe? Chloe!?

Chloe: Unhhh... Wait, not yet... Stop... it...!

E:???: As promised... I waited until after your duel with Illya, Chloe.

E:???: As a vessel, you are impeccable. However, it seems you fall short of Illya's heart.

Mash: Chloe's body... Even her voice has changed completely!

Fujimaru 1: The First Lady...!?

E:First Lady: That's right. It's a pleasure to meet you. I am the First Lady. The first magical girl.

E:First Lady: Shall I introduce myself further? Perhaps in an amiable, courteous way, as befits a magical girl?

E:First Lady: I was born in the Demon World, but raised in the human world.

E:First Lady: I hid my identity and fought for people. But because of that, I lost my homeland and was forgotten by both humans and my brethren in the Demon World.

E:First Lady: Now no one knows who I am. There is no longer anyone around who will call my name.

E:First Lady: But I didn't hate humans or my brethren. I definitely didn't sink to the level of becoming a witch.

E:First Lady: Right now, my only desire is to keep making girls' wishes come true.

E:First Lady: I want to spread the magic of magical girls... of love and hope... throughout the world.

E:First Lady: Those feelings attracted Echoes to this Reality Marble.

Fujimaru 1: Are you an Echo?

E:First Lady: Yes. Until Chloe came here, I suppose my existence was ephemeral like that.

E:First Lady: To form and sustain this Reality Marble, I needed to have an invisible presence.

E:First Lady: I gave the girls temporary bodies and magical energy to act as materials for them to create towns, castles, and kingdoms in this world.

E:First Lady: But it wasn't the same. To really make my wish come true, I needed a real magical girl. That's where Chloe came in.

Fujimaru 2: Why did you set the magical girls on each other?

E:First Lady: Ah... I regret that.

E:First Lady: It wasn't supposed to happen like this. It's too late now, though.

E:First Lady: There's not enough space! This Reality Marble isn't big enough for all of us.

E:First Lady: That's why I won't let you interfere. We need another world!

Mash: Why did you need Chloe?

E:First Lady: Why did Chloe appear before me?

E:First Lady: It doesn't matter. That's not the issue. I have no intention of letting this opportunity get away from me.

E:First Lady: Yes Mash, that's why I reached out to you as well, an employee of Chaldea.

E:First Lady: With Miyu, I can do it. I can give all of the Echoes new incarnations.

E:First Lady: And not inside this empty cage that is this Reality Marble, but in the real world.

E:First Lady: Infinite parallel worlds host infinite crises. That's where you'll find real enemies who need to be defeated.

E:First Lady: There are miserable people who sincerely need magical girls!!

E:First Lady: Hence the Little Witch Codes... Nay, Prisma Codes!

E:First Lady: We'll race to even the farthest parallel worlds! Because my wish will come true!

Illya: This is...

Illya: Just like Medb... No, this is different... It's more evil... Darker...

Ruby: Exactly. And she still tells herself that the means justify the end.

E:First Lady: Illya... You would deny me my one and only, non-negotiable wish.

E:First Lady: After seeing the way you behaved towards the magical girls of this world, I finally realized that.

E:First Lady: I will allow no interference. Soon, I will absorb Miyu.

E:First Lady: Miyu is a stubborn one. And Chloe, who's already a part of me, resists assimilation even now. She is a truly disobedient girl.

E:First Lady: Even so, it's only a matter of time.

Illya: Ms. Lady...

Illya: I can tell that you believe in the magical girls. But there's one thing I know.

Illya: No wish is worth sacrificing Miyu!

Illya: And not only Miyu! Chloe, too. Chloe is my precious other half!

Fujimaru 1: That's right! A selfish wish like that will never come true.

E:First Lady: Is it because I'm an Echo? Nothing more than an echo that doesn't resonate within anyone's heart?

E:First Lady: You'll forget me too, won't you?

Fujimaru 1: I have no intention of consoling you.

Illya: Fujimaru...

Illya: I can't go that far in rejecting The First Lady... I can't repudiate her...

Fujimaru 2: Deep down, everyone has their own magical girl.

Illya: How could you say a crazy line like that with a straight face!?

Mash: B-but that sounds a little... like you are trying to cheer up the First Lady!

Illya: Ms. Lady, you are my Senpai as a magical girl, and a major Senpai at that.

Illya: But that's even more reason for not being able to overlook this. If you're making a mistake, I have to tell you so.

E:First Lady: Heeheeheehee.

E:First Lady: The same thing. Chloe told me the same thing. And now you too!

E:First Lady: Do you really want to consign me to the past that badly?

E:First Lady: When I can save the world... When I can become queen...

E:First Lady: Illya, eventually, so could you.

Illya: Listen to me, First Lady! Your wish would only turn into a curse!

Illya: We magical girls are always getting involved in half-baked, outrageous trouble.

Illya: But even so, there are good things... Wait? ...Were there good things? Um...

Ruby: Excuse me, Illya? At this point, you should be completely candid.

Illya: Ah, t-that's right! There are moments where I thought it was a good thing!

Illya: I got to meet Miyu, whom I just love. And with Chloe, I got a sassy yet dependable little sister.

Illya: With Ruby, Sapphire, Rin, and Luvia, I had reservations at first...

Illya: ...but they've become dear friends for whom I could give up everything.

Illya: That's the best treasure of all, isn't it?

E:First Lady: I had friends, too. But the world abandoned me.

Illya: Huh?

E:First Lady: Fujimaru, what about you?

E:First Lady: I suspect you actually want to be forgotten. Perhaps that's the kind of person you are.

E:First Lady: But... what would you do if you could save the world?

E:First Lady: Right now, it's tougher and more painful than ever before and you want to run away, but you're still alive, right?

E:First Lady: The moment you save the world, you would die.

E:First Lady: And Mash Kyrielight, what about you?

E:First Lady: Will your bond with Fujimaru last forever? Really?

E:First Lady: Would you be able to endure if you were abandoned?

E:First Lady: If you could be with your Master for eternity, would you cling to that hope?

Mash: ...

Mash: No. That isn't hope.

Mash: Ms. Lady, you're very hurt. No one was able to heal or protect you.

Mash: You've fought cruel destiny all this time, haven't you? I respect you. I definitely don't pity you.

Mash: It's a miracle that you and I met. I won't forget you. Even if you forget me.

E:First Lady: Ah... You... lie... That's ...a lie!

Miyu: ... Ill... ya...

Illya: Miyu! You've come to!

Sapphire: Miyu!

Miyu: Help... The First Lady... Help Chloe...

Miyu: Her words... are false... She's hiding a wish... that won't come true deep in her heart...

Miyu: Please... She's crying on the inside. Take her hand... Just as Illya... Just as you did for me...

Illya: Okay. Hold on just a little longer, Miyu!

Miyu: Also... um...

Illya: Huh? W-What?

Miyu: Being with Chloe all this time... It's been awkward...

Miyu: I mean, not knowing what to talk about... But silence is... painful...

Illya: Huh?

E:First Lady/Chloe: Excuse me, what was that!? When I'm doing everything I can in here to fight her!!

Illya: Oh, Chloe's back.

E:First Lady/Chloe: I tried to be on my best behavior with you! So if you've got something to say about me, say it to my face! Oh, you're such a pain!

Mash: D-Don't, Chloe! If you show hatred towards Miyu.

E:First Lady/Chloe: Oh, shoot...! Come on... Illya, do something!

Miyu: Ah... I'm... sorry...

E:First Lady: Heh... Heh-heh...

E:First Lady: By seeking out Miyu, Chloe and I have become one.

E:First Lady: Thanks to that, I've broken through Chloe's mental wall. Now I can fight with all my might in this body!

E:First Lady: Once I defeat all of you in front of Miyu, her last emotional support will crumble, and I will reach infinite worlds!

Illya: And then, when you get to those worlds, what are you going to sacrifice next?

Illya: After all, Miyu's fighting you. And I can't lose!

Illya: Because the magical girls of Kaleid are two people in one!

Ruby: That's right! Now I'm moved, too!

Sapphire: Illya, everyone, please!

Illya: Fujimaru! Mash!

Illya: Please, just one more time! Let's fight together!

Fujimaru 1: Mash. Mash Kyrielight.

Mash: Yes, Master. Our feelings are one.

Mash: For the longest time, I wondered why I wanted to become Illya's ally... but now I know.

Mash: Nursery and Medea, too.

Mash: Despite wielding amazing power and beset by their own despair, they refused to walk away.

Mash: Every time, I felt choked up. I thought to myself, “are magical girls really that sad?”

Mash: But Illya didn't give up. Even if her wish was immature, there was nothing to be ashamed of!

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, we'll side with those that persevere.

Illya: Fujimaru... Thankyou...

Ruby: Mash and Fujimaru, you're both the best! I will always be grateful, too!

Fujimaru 2: Have you learned something about strength from Illya?

Mash: Yes, Senpai.

Mash: With magical girls, I'm sure they don't get all of their strength from using magic!

Mash: Illya. This is my fight now, too.

Mash: Let's get Chloe and Miyu out of here! And then we'll help the First Lady, too.

Illya: Okay! Thank you!

E:First Lady: I'm going to chant magic words.

E:First Lady: Words for the unhappy, unfulfilled worlds beyond the reflective pathways of dimensions!

epilog: The Windflower Blooming in the Breeze

E:First Lady/Chloe: Ugh...

Illya: (Panting) We wore her down... right?

Illya: Are you the First Lady now? Or Chloe?

Ruby: Hmm? Looks like Chloe's got the advantage.

Ruby: The First Lady's response is disappearing from within her!

Illya: What!? W-Wait a second, Ms. Lady!

Illya: Can you hear me, Chloe!? Please! Just hang in there a little more!

E:First Lady/Chloe: Don't say it like it's nothing... It's not that easy...

Mash: If Da Vinci and Master's theories are correct...

Mash: When the First Lady disappears, the Reality Marble will vanish too... That means we're running out of time!

Sapphire: I've confirmed that the binding Mystic Code has been released! Miyu!?

Fujimaru 1: Mash, take care of Miyu!

Mash: Right! I'll help her immediately!

Mash: Miyu, can you stand? Please grab on to me.

Miyu: Yes, I'm fine... but... Let me hold onto your arm for a moment, Mash.

Fujimaru 2: (Never said it but actually prefers Miyu) You okay, Miyu?

Miyu: Yes. Thank you for helping Illya.

Miyu: I'm fine now. Now please, go to her... Help Chloe...

Miyu: Um... I'm fine.

Miyu: I'm fine, really. You can put me down now...

Mash: Master?

Miyu: Whew. Thank you too, Sapphire.

Sapphire: Miyu...

Illya: I'm so glad, Miyu...

First Lady: What is the big idea, Illya?

First Lady: If you don't finish me off... You won't win.

First Lady: I'll never give up... I can't give up...

Illya: It's not about winning or losing, Ms. Lady.

Miyu: That's right. It's not.

Miyu: What you're doing isn't about obsession, or ideals. It's about atonement.

Miyu: First Lady, you just can't accept it. What you have is different from Illya's pure feelings.

Illya: M-Miyu...

Miyu: Illya, tell her how you feel.

Illya: What? Me!?

Miyu: Yes. Tell her everything. Honestly. So that it will reach her heart.

Illya: Got it, Miyu.

First Lady: ...

Illya: Ms. Lady... I-I...

Illya: I'm always so busy dealing with what's going on around me... So I've never thought about saving the world...

Illya: No, to be honest, I forced myself to think it had nothing to do with me because things were far away.

Illya: But if I was in your place, Ms. Lady...

Illya: If I had such an incredible power that it became my duty to help people who relied on me...

Illya: I wouldn't know what I'd do... Or who I would chose.

First Lady: ...I see.

Illya: But, if my friends and family that I love were in danger, I'd use my magic without hesitation.

Illya: I'd use my magic to protect everyone's smiles.

First Lady: Even if it meant that you yourself had to cry?

Illya: ...(Nod)

First Lady: Illya... I'm jealous of you.

First Lady: But at the same time, I think you're foolish. It's like looking at the old me.

First Lady: I couldn't save... the friend I cared about...

First Lady: I had to choose between her and the world and I chose...the world.

First Lady: I couldn't save... my best... friend...

Mash: That's...

Miyu: ...

Illya: You sacrificed... your friend? Was she a magical girl, too?

First Lady: ...No.

First Lady: She refused to be a magical girl. She became an enemy of the world, and brought despair to everyone.

First Lady: That's why I... I had to stop her... myself...

First Lady: I'll never see her again... I couldn't tell her... that I was sorry!

Illya: ...

Helena: I don't know about that.

Mash: ...!?

Illya: Helena!?

Illya: Helena! And Mr. Lion, too!?

Helena: Yes. I unfortunately survived. Just like the First Lady? No, that's not right.

Helena: Not only did I fail to become something, I failed to die, too. I really fail at everything, don't I?

Mini Edison: Don't worry, self-deprecation is a habit of hers. Just ignore her.

Helena: Al...! Keep your mouth shut...

Helena: When your battle started for real, the First Lady's familiars ceased to be a threat.

Helena: It was tough just getting to this throne room. The barriers on this castle are too strong, and she can't get in.

Helena: If Miyu's okay, let's take the First Lady and go outside.

Helena: While we move, can you tell me about the girl the First Lady is possessing?

Mash: Of course, but who is “she”?

Illya: Eeee...!

Illya: Are you that ghost from before?

Mash: What are you doing here?

Helena: This Echo is probably the one that was often wandering around the black wall.

Helena: After the wall fell, I found her heading for the castle.

Helena: Wait a minute, First Lady, do you know her?

Helena: She looks like she wants to say something to you.

First Lady: ...

Echo: ...!

Illya: It looks like she's really mad.

Illya: She trying to tell the First Lady something? But I don't know what she's saying!

Illya: Ruby, can't you do something?

Ruby: Just leave it to me! Try my special ghost medium potion! Here! (Stab)

Illya: Oooh!

Mash: She didn't even ask for permission!

Helena: Did the ghost really posess her? That was easy. I know it's redundant to say it, but that Mystic Code has some crazy functions.

Miyu: Well... Illya? I mean, Ghost?

First Lady: ...

???: ...ou...

???: ...You...

???: You... dummy!

E:First Lady/Chloe: Oww...She just hit me! What was that for...?

E:First Lady/Chloe: Ow! That really hurt...!

Ruby: Oh-ho? The defensive response brought Chloe halfway back.

Fujimaru 1: Who are you?

Miyu: The girl possessing Illya...

Miyu: I may know her. If she's the girl from my dream...

Mash: Your dream?

Helena: But it just looks like Illya and Chloe are brawling.

Fujimaru 1: Um, Illya?

A:???/Illya: I'm calling you a dummy because you're a dummy!

E:First Lady/Chloe: The way you're talking...

E:First Lady/Chloe: Mila? Is that you!? Are you one of the Echoes here?

A:Mila/Illya: Yes, got a problem with that?

A:Mila/Illya: It was only for a short while, but I was a magical girl. That's why I have the right to be here.

A:Mila/Illya: And right now, you're the First Lady. The first magical girl. Right?

Miyu: It is her.

Miyu: Mila? Are you the First Lady's special friend?

A:Mila/Illya: That's right, Miyu.

A:Mila/Illya: I am a former magical girl who was slain by the First Lady.

Ruby: Wait, that means you were the first corrupted magical girl.

Sapphire: Sister, be quiet.

A:Mila/Illya: First Lady... You did your best as a magical girl.

A:Mila/Illya: You gave everything you had to the world so that everyone could be happy.

A:Mila/Illya: But the harder you worked, the more people's smiles disappeared.

A:Mila/Illya: You were worn down by their greed and dissatisfaction, until you were crying even as you smiled.

A:Mila/Illya: I didn't think that world was worth saving. I chose you, not the world.

Mash: Mila...

E:First Lady/Chloe: Were you here the whole time, Mila? And I just didn't notice?

A:Mila/Illya: That's right. I'm just a shadowy Echo.

A:Mila/Illya: Without borrowing Illya's body, I can't maintain my consciousness.

A:Mila/Illya: But I always felt your presence, because this world is the manifestation of your regrets.

A:Mila/Illya: That's why I always wished I could go beyond the black wall, so that I could bring peace to your heart.

Helena: ...!?

Helena: Mila, you were the one who opened a Leyline outside the Reality Marble!

Helena: It wasn't a coincidence that summoned Chloe to this world. Mila, it was your wish.

A:Mila/Illya: I'm not aware of that, but... If I did, I apologize. I caused you a lot of trouble.

Mash: T-Then what about my sleepwalking at Chaldea?

Fujimaru 1: That was probably Medb.

E:First Lady/Chloe: Yes. That was her doing.

E:First Lady/Chloe: For a very brief moment, Medb's power rivaled mine.

Fujimaru 2: Was that the First Lady's doing too?

E:First Lady/Chloe: No, that was Medb.

E:First Lady/Chloe: Medb used her vast magical energy to open up a Leyline.

E:First Lady/Chloe: I just tried to use that opened Leyline.

Mash: I see.

E:First Lady/Chloe: The pressure from the First Lady feels like it's about to disappear...

E:First Lady/Chloe: At this rate, no matter how much I hold back, she's going to be pushed out.

Miyu: Helena, how are you doing?

Helena: I don't feel a change yet.

Helena: But something's already happening in the Land of Dead Bookshelves. I can feel it through the jewel.

Helena: The collapse is probably starting at the lands furthest from the First Lady's castle.

Mash: So the Reality Marble can't sustain itself after all...

A:Mila/Illya: Illya, Chloe, Miyu. I'm sorry for getting you caught up in the collapse of the Reality Marble.

Miyu: There has to be something we can do...!

Miyu: No, I don't care what happens to me. But...

Helena: First Lady, may I take over the Reality Marble from you?

Miyu: The Reality Marble? Is that possible?

Helena: Unfortunately, I'm serious.

Helena: This world is needed as a place for wounded magical girls to go.

Helena: It's not a nice way to say it, but it's the same way you need a soldier's home for wounded soldiers.

Helena: No, forget that example. It makes me think a dangerous antibacterial magical girl might show up.

Helena: Anyway. First Lady, in order to stop more girls from ending up like you...

Helena: ...would you let me start over with your first wish?

E:First Lady/Chloe: ...

E:First Lady/Chloe: Helena. Magical Girl of Wisdom and Mystics.

E:First Lady/Chloe: Yes. If that is your true wish, then... I will grant it!

Helena: Thank you, First Lady. I'll do it right this time.

Sapphire: The First Lady's magical energy is fading. So is Mila's...

A:Mila/Illya: Oh no... Mila's going to disappear.

A:Mila/Illya: Listen, First Lady.

A:Mila/Illya: You were abandoned and forgotten by the world. And you feel terribly betrayed.

A:Mila/Illya: Magical girls aren't witches. And they aren't queens.

A:Mila/Illya: They don't seek rewards for their miracles. They don't use magic for themselves.

A:Mila/Illya: They just put the feelings that well up in their hearts into spells, for people that they will never know.

A:Mila/Illya: Otherwise, their impossible wishes become curses.

A:Mila/Illya: Their emotions get trapped in the gaps between worlds and turn into purgatory.

E:First Lady/Chloe: I still... And Mila, you...

A:Mila/Illya: No, First Lady.

A:Mila/Illya: You've cast enough spells. You cast them until your throat went hoarse.

A:Mila/Illya: You read the book of magic all the way to the last page.

A:Mila/Illya: It's true that new dangers and new enemies will never stop threatening the people.

A:Mila/Illya: But even so... That's why new magical girls, like Illya, are born.

A:Mila/Illya: They're still incomplete magical girls, and maybe you can't totally rely on them...

A:Mila/Illya: But that's why, in their hands...

E:First Lady/Chloe: ...the future lies within them!

Mash: A new jewel appeared in Helena's hand...

Chloe: ...

Illya: ...

Ruby: Oh-ho? They're holding hands like lovers.

Ruby: But now you're both back to normal.

Illya: Y-Yeah. I'm fine. What about you, Chloe?

Chloe: Ugh... where am I... who am I...?

Chloe: I don't know... I can't remember any of the wicked things I've done... So you can't ask me to be responsible for them...

Chloe: I think I forced Miyu to give me magical energy in a way that violated FCC standards, but it was consensual so that doesn't count.

Chloe: And no one knows that I used the First Lady's power to make a world where I was the star...

Chloe: ...and lived a lovey-dovey life with my brother, but then I was accused by the ESRB army of justice, and I turned evil, and was defeated...

Chloe: Anyway, a lot's happened, but well done, Illya! That's my heroic magical girl! I believed in you!

Illya: Whoa... I know it's not Chloe's fault, but I think she should be a little more repentant...

Sapphire: In a sense, she has the same MG Power as Illya, that lets her never doubt herself. Her alignment's chaotic, though.

Ruby: Chloe, that's why you can never be the main character.

Chloe: Hey! This is where you're supposed to say, “It must've been so hard for you, but you're still lovely”!

Chloe: I worked hard too!

Chloe: Don't you understand that it was only my iron-clad self-control that kept the First Lady in check?

Miyu: That's... true. Chloe and the First Lady had a very high compatibility.

Miyu: It was only thanks to Chloe's strong mind that she was able to stop the First Lady from assimilating her completely.

Chloe: Right? Right? My heart of justice isn't so bad, is it?♪

Chloe: I like fun things, mischief, my brother, and also being mean to the weak.

Chloe: But I hate sadness more than anything. That was the one thing the First Lady and I couldn't agree on.

Miyu: (Yeah. I understand how the First Lady feels. If she had possessed me...)

Miyu: (I wouldn't have thought to hear someone out like that... She acts wicked, but Chloe had the same heart as Illya.)

Miyu: (That's why it was Mila and Illya who saved her. And also Chloe, who played with her...)

Chloe: Am I imagining it, or is there a gentle look in Miyu's eyes? What? Do you see me in a new light or something?

Miyu: Not at all. I'm going to be billing you for the psychological pain I suffered, Edelfelt-style.

Chloe: That just means you want money! You Edelfelts really are obsessed with money!

Sapphire: That's only Luvia and Rin. Miyu has pure and proper ideas about finances.

Helena: Done making up? Then let's finish this.

Helena: I have the First Lady's jewel now. If I use it for myself, nothing would change, but...

Helena: If I make a world where wishes can circulate, instead of a closed world for just one person...

Illya: I get it! So you just have to use the jewels for someone else's sake, huh?

Helena: Yes, that's right. You pick this stuff up fast.

Ruby: If you add in Nursery's and Medea's jewels, and the one from Mash, that's three of them!

Ruby: The magical energy is flowing through them equally, and now we can go back to our old world!

Chloe: Um... Does that mean we each take a jewel?

Chloe: Illya uses one for Miyu, Miyu uses one for me, and I use one for Illya.

Chloe: We all face the other person and wish that they'll be able to go home?

Miyu: Is it that easy? That seems too easy...

Illya: Don't think about it too hard! Let's just focus on going home, Miyu!

Miyu: Y-Yeah... If you say so, Illya...

Fujimaru 1: Helena. Are you staying here?

Mash: You're going to take the First Lady's place, and serve as host to the magical girls who come here?

Helena: Yes. I'll work to be the best I can.

Helena: I'm sure I can find Medb and Nursery's Echoes as well.

Helena: Also, Medea. If she'd stop being depressed and cheer up, she'd be good to have around.

Mini Edison: Indeed. When you say you'll work at something, I know you're going to commit youself to it your whole life.

Mini Edison: But this world is unstable. It will probably fall apart eventually.

Helena: Maybe. The end will come someday.

Helena: And when it does, I'll go to some out-of-the-way world and live in a haunted house with the Echoes.

Mash: That... Hehe. That sounds kind of fun. Good luck.

Helena: Of course, Mash Kyrielight. Become a great magical girl, okay?

Mash: I'm a Demi-Servant!

Illya: Hahaha...

Illya: Fujimaru, Mash.

Illya: You are very nice people, so I was scared to bring it up, but...

Illya: You've been fighting for your world for a long time now. And risking your life.

Illya: I could tell from your conversation with Mr. Romani.

Mash: ...

Illya: You have a far more important tasks than I do, but you saved me, Chloe, and Miyu anyway.

Illya: That's not something you could do on a whim. Look, Fujimaru is smiling like it's a joke again, though.

Illya: You're suffering more than anyone, but you can still offer help to others. That's a miracle that no magic could create.

Illya: Only someone like that can save the world.

Illya: Come on, Chloe. You've got something to say too, right?

Chloe: I'm sorry for causing you trouble, Mash, Fujimaru.

Chloe: You guys have it rough, but don't stress out too much.

Illya: You could be more polite, Chloe! Jeez...

Miyu: Fujimaru. I'm really grateful.

Miyu: I... I can't even imagine what kind of strong will you need to try and save the world.

Miyu: But you did all this for us anyway. I can really feel your warmth.

Miyu: You can work so hard to fight for others... I'm sure seeing you do that is what saves people.

Miyu: I'm sure that that's what gave this world meaning. That's... what I think.

Fujimaru 1: You're so mature, Miyu.

Miyu: No, I'm a powerless child. I can't do anything on my own.

Miyu: I'm useless without Sapphire.

Helena: I don't care if you're a child or a grown-up.

Helena: If I was going to take a student, I'd choose Miyu.

Helena: Those two probably can't even make a satisfactory cup of tea.

Illya & Chloe: Aw...

Fujimaru 2: You could probably be a little more selfish.

Mash: That's right. It's not bad to say what you're really thinking.

Miyu: I'm fine. Now that I have Illya and Chloe with me.

Miyu: Mash, do you ever ask Fujimaru for what you want?

Mash: Huh? I-I...

Mash: ...I'll do my best...

Helena: And it doesn't count if you rely on alcohol.

Mash: R-Right...

Ruby: Are you ready, everyone? We'll be going first.

Sapphire: Farewell, Helena, Mash, Fujimaru.

Illya: I don't even know how to thank you... Someday I'll pay you back for this. (Bowing)

Chloe: That would be impossible, Illya. You can barely handle your own problems.

Chloe: Like what underwear won't look embarrassing if our brother sees it, or what pudding you'll have for a snack.

Illya: W-What!? I'm not like you, Chloe! Jeez!

Fujimaru 1: You're fine as you are, Illya.

Illya: Huh?

Mash: Yes. Illya, please just stay who you are.

Illya: That... that kind of hurts... (Sob)

Fujimaru 2: We'll meet again someday.

Mash: You're right. Actually...

Mash: When Illya said I looked like someone from her family, it made me feel so happy it almost hurt...

Mash: I wish I had a little sister like you, Illya...

Illya: Mash...

Sapphire: Forming limited dimensional reflection route!

Ruby: Mirror World corridor at maximum deployment!☆ Initiating linkage search to normal world!☆

Ruby: Alright, time to jump!

Ruby: Look at the jewel and envision the coordinates of your original world, okay?

Illya: Thank you, Helena—! And Mash! And Fujimaru!

Illya: Take care!

Dr. Roman: And the sealing's complete. Whew.

Dr. Roman: The Leyline between us and that Reality Marble has naturally dissipated. Now there's no way to know what is happening there.

Dr. Roman: We can assume the danger of interference from a parallel world is gone.

Dr. Roman: Unless there's any other extraordinary Mystic Codes like Ruby and Sapphire who force their way into our world...

Fujimaru 1: We'll deal with that when it happens.

Dr. Roman: Hahh... You're right. We can just be optimistic, and treat this as a learning experience for dealing with irregularities.

Mash: It was a valuable experience for me too.

Mash: We didn't spend as much time there as we did on our other missions, but it felt very long.

Dr. Roman: I see... Anyway, I'm glad you're both safe.

Dr. Roman: Now that things have settled, I wanted to ask you something...

Dr. Roman: Who is... that?

Fujimaru 1: Huh?

Mash: Huh?

Chloe: Hmm?

Chloe: Oh, I ended up here.

Fujimaru 1: Chloe!?

Chloe: So this is Chaldea, huh? It's very modern. A little empty-looking, though.

Mash: Chloe... It's kind of weird that you're just accepting this situation...

Dr. Roman: W-What's going on here!?

Chloe: Hahaha. I'm a little surprised myself.

Chloe: While I was listening to Fujimaru and Mash, you see...

Chloe: I thought to myself that your missions at Chaldea sounded kind of fun.

Chloe: And when I heard that I'd lose the chance to peek at what was going on here, I didn't want to miss it.

Chloe: This might be a little trick played by the First Lady. Maybe it's her way of paying me back for the use of my body? Something like that?

Dr. Roman: T-This is a trick that's gone too far.

Dr. Roman: Can I assume you want to become a member of Chaldea?

Chloe: Yes, I do. I'd love to.

Fujimaru 1: Are you a Servant now? Or a magical girl?

Chloe: Don't know. At least I don't think I'm a Heroic Spirit. I'm actually not much of a magical girl, either.

Chloe: I see... Maybe that's why I was the only one who was summoned...?

Fujimaru 2: Gotta make a list of who you can't be around!

Mash: You're worried about that!? That makes me worried about you!

Chloe: What are you talking about? Don't worry. I'll be fine. I know there are all different types of Servants.

Chloe: Anyway, I can tell that this facility's magical energy is keeping me alive. Wouldn't that make me a Magical Girl-Type Servant?

Dr. Roman: Now there's another strange category... I bet Da Vinci would love it, though...

Chloe: He's holding his head with his hands... I thought that only happens in manga.

Mash: B-But Chloe? What about Illya and Miyu and the others?

Chloe: Oh, that? Don't worry about that, Mash.

Chloe: The other me made it back to my old world with them.

Chloe: That's the one thing I know for sure.

Chloe: Oh, right.

Chloe: In Chaldea, Fujimaru is the only mage and Master, right?

Chloe: So let me reintroduce myself to my official Master...

Chloe: I am Chloe von Einzbern. I look forward to working with you, Master.

Chloe: But you really don't have the aura of a “Master.” How about “Fujimaru”?

Chloe: Oh, right! Don't forget to replenish my magical energy!

Mash: No, you can't!

Chloe: No fair! You can't have Master all to yourself! Being greedy is the first step towards being a corrupted magical girl!

Mash: T-That's not the issue.

Dr. Roman: Oh boy. Looks like Fujimaru just got another headache to deal with...

The Land of Sweets EXTRA I

Illya: Huh? Where are we...?

Ruby: Oh-ho? I can feel it in the air, something story-irrelevant but ever so meta is coming!

Mash: Now that you mention it, something feels really happy-go-lucky around here. Shall we ask Doctor to investigate, Master?

D:???: That won't be necessary, woof!

D:???: Sugar perks me up in the morning. For the brain. But I can't find any good sugar.

D:???: And then you crash into me. You, a combination of kindness, sweetness, and sexiness; sweeter than honey.

D:???: Ah, it's like cat-nip to me! I'll take the pink cake!

Illya: Wh-What is that!?

Ruby: A wild WADARCO appears in a savage magical world!! Like a Servant, but not like a Servant...?

Mash: Is she... a magical girl, too?

Fujimaru 1: It's just nameless small fry.

Fake Tamamo Cat: What the meow do you mean by small fry, woof!?

Fake Tamamo Cat: There's no fish called small fry here! Big or small, the flavor is what matters, glug!

Illya: I can't keep up with these ever-changing sentence endings anymore!

Fake Tamamo Cat: I never back down, never grovel, and never look back! But I also never miss the bumper in front of me!

Fake Tamamo Cat: Well, the Catmobile only has two pedals: accelerate and jump.

Fujimaru 2: Just a stray Cat. I'd bet Doctor's soul on that.

Fake Tamamo Cat: Good! No good! Ohhhh, which is it? You are so smart!

Fake Tamamo Cat: Either way, you need to retract that bet. Why? Who's that girl who's the talk of the Nine Tails industry?

Fake Tamamo Cat: Who was cast in the role of “Genius Magical Girl” by the Tamamo Nine Conference? That's right... ME!

Fake Tamamo Cat: Hm, what I'm really trying to say is...

Fake Tamamo Cat: I am the most powerful magical girl in the family Felidae. Fake is in my name, but you can ignore it.

Fake Tamamo Cat: It's like, you know, the discount tag on a fish package at a supermarket right before closing.

Mash: (Stare)

Mash: I'm getting an odd vibe from her. She's too consistent in her conversation to be the real Ms. Cat.

Illya: W-what? Consistent? Really?

Fujimaru 1: Let's try battling it.

Mash: It feels that that would be the best option.

Fake Tamamo Cat: What, meow? Even though I said I'd take carrot cake instead?

Fake Tamamo Cat: Everyone talks about Tamamo, Tamamo, Tamamo! Why doesn't anyone accept Cat!? And new animations while you're at it, please!


Fake Tamamo Cat: Ugh... Splendid! I feel like something the cat dragged in...

Fake Tamamo Cat: Come to think of it, meow... I don't get the concept of a magical girl...

Illya: She turned into a stick and fell apart!?

Ruby: It appears that stick was doing its best impression of her.

Ruby: It was already breaking down, perhaps from the mental strain of that impression? Still, copying a humanoid form is impressive.

Ruby: I want that skill too!☆

Illya: I can definitely say for sure that nothing good will come of it!

Fujimaru 1: A fake magical girl rather than a fake Servant?

Ruby: It's possible, within this odd space!

Mash: At any rate, I'm relieved to know she wasn't a real Servant.

Mash: Aside from the fact that she was hostile towards us, we didn't really figure out anything.

Fujimaru 1: That's more on her than on us...

Mash: It would be nice to have an enemy we can communicate with... Is that a strange thing to ask?

Fujimaru 2: She did look kinda like a magical girl.

Illya: Yes. It did feel like she was bursting with dreams. Just not hope.

Illya: Besides, her voice sounded familiar to me for some reason...

Ruby: Oops, that's a meta-statement disguised as foreshadowing! If only Chloe was here, it would've been even more confusing.

Ruby: At any rate, I don't think that one was the last fake Servant...!

Illya: We're going to run into more, huh...

Illya: Wait a minute. Isn't this detour up to Fujimaru?

The Land of Sweets EXTRA II

Fake Astolfo: Whoa, you actually came! You guys look like monsters!

Fake Astolfo: You have to deal with me now! Alright, I'll strum you a song on my horn!

Illya: She popped in pleasantly, but... Why did she say “strum” to play a horn...?

Fake Astolfo: Oh, just watch how I play it! (Rustling)

Mash: You don't have to show off your brand-new Noble Phantasm right here! Do you hear me, Fake-stolfo!?

Fake Astolfo: Uh, yeah, I do have to!

Fake Astolfo: Since I've been summoned into the “Magical Girl” class, promoting toys is my most important duty!

Fake Astolfo: I am the very model of a magical girl, you know?

Illya: definitely are! Although it annoys me to admit it...

Illya: And you even have that boyishness going for you... Altogether it's a little over the top...

Fujimaru 1: Magical... girl?

Illya: Oh, why are you looking at me like that? Did I say something wrong?

Ruby: Um, Illya?

Ruby: If you dig too deep, you'll get yourself in an embarrassing situation. Boyish girls sometimes...

Illya: (Gasp) I kind of get it now!

Fujimaru 2: I completely agree. You're a perfect magical girl.

Mash: Senpai. I think it's courageous of you to speak with such conviction, but please be prudent now.

Mash: Illya's breathing became harsher. Any further and she'll descend into a place of madness!

Illya: Boyish... Magical Girl...

Illya: two concepts seem to be completely unrelated to each other, but I've come up with an idea!

Illya: Speaking of a boyish girl, what do you think would happen if Gil transformed!?


I might want to give it a try! Though it has really nothing to do with the situation right now... (heavy breathing)

Mash: It's too late!

Fake Astolfo: My name has an unnecessary “Fake” stuck to it, but I don't care!

Mash: Um, anyway, can I ask one thing? Especially of you, Ruby.

Ruby: Sure sure, what is it?

Ruby: Have you changed your mind about becoming the ultimate Captain Magical Girl with your charming shield moves?

Mash: No. I couldn't leave Mr. Leonidas behind... No, that's not what I wanted to ask.

Mash: Does Fake-stolfo have any basis for calling himself a magical girl? Besides his usual “I just feel like it” thing.

Mash: To be specific, it makes me wonder if my attacks will be effective in this Reality Marble!

Ruby: Now that you mention it, I can feel strong MG Power from Fake-stolfo.

Ruby: But I predict that you are strong enough to confront him in your current state, Mash!

Mash: That statement slightly increases my complicated hopes and fears!

Fake Astolfo: Hey, are you ready yet? Can I take a nap? C'mon, let's do it... I'm tired of waiting... Zzz...

Illya: Oh, I'm so sorry! You already look so sleepy!

Mash: I apologize, let's leave it at that. As long as I can be useful in the battle, I'll give it my best!

Fake Astolfo: Really? Great! All right, I'll embrace you with my song!

The Land of Dragons and Sea EXTRA I

Fake Shuten-Douji: Oh my, customers in an obscure place like this.

Fake Shuten-Douji: I can still hear the regretful slosh from my little gourd, but... I suppose I have a job to do.

Fake Shuten-Douji: Or, would you care to finish this with me?

Ruby: Well if it isn't the headline act, oooh!

Illya: Ruby is strangely excited again!

Fujimaru 1: Yeah. Let's take a break.

Mash: Master? Please don't casually pull out your own wine cup.

Mash: We'd be playing right into Fake Shuten's hand. Don't drink and fight.

Fake Shuten-Douji: Oh, you'll come on a pleasure cruise with me? ...But you've got something scarier than a wine cup up your sleeve, don't you?

Fujimaru 2: I can't believe it! Magical Douji...!

Ruby: Fantastic! A concept that defies the laws of physics! The most powerful synonym in the universe!

Illya: Y-you should stop right there!

Fake Shuten-Douji: Oh don't say that. Others have their rules, and I have my own.

Fake Shuten-Douji: I don't think it's a good idea to shove any old thing up your sleeve...I should punish you for that, shouldn't I?

Ruby: Her MG Power just skyrocketed! She may be a fake, but she's still strong!

Illya: Even before you mentioned it, her bloodlust was pretty obvious!

Illya: And the smell of alcohol is starting to make me dizzy!

Illya: I can't drink alcohol, so would you mind if I just fill your cup?

Fake Shuten-Douji: Hehehe... Don't be so cold, have some fun with me...

Fake Shuten-Douji: We'll get drunk and call each other's names, and soon you'll find yourself in heaven... or in my little gourd?

Fake Shuten-Douji: Will you dissolve to the bone for me?

The Land of Dragons and Sea EXTRA II

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: Heh... Heheh! So you've finally come to me!

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: Too long have I waited! I drown in monotony! My seat has twisted and my tiger skin loincloth has almost worn out!

Mash: Oh. Even Ibaraki has become a fake Servant!?

Illya: W-What a final boss-like aura she has! Who is she!?

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: (Pfft)

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: Hah! Now, listen carefully!

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: Born as an oni, so I meet my end;

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: My life shall be a bloody path of thorns.

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: A third-rate mage? Your arts I swallow whole, To be reborn as embers in my palm.

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: The madden'd roses bloom beneath my feet, And crimson blossoms cover Kyoto's streets!!

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: Magical Douji! I☆BARA☆KI has arrived! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Illya: I☆BARA☆KI...(gulp) What a powerful impact... It's like graffiti drawn under a bridge.

Illya: Did we make it to the final boss already? What should we do, Fujimaru!? I'm not ready yet!

Fujimaru 1: Running wild. As expected from a Berserker.

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: How could I put up this show of such pompous lines if I were in control!? Cower in fear, humans! (Sob)

Illya: She's completely given up on herself!?

Fujimaru 2: Wait, did she just say tiger skin loincloth?

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: That!? That is the part that catches your attention?!

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: Whether it is tiger skin or leopard skin, what does it matter what I, the oni leader, wrap around my crotch!

Mash: W-What shall we do, Master? She is convincing! I'm starting to wonder if she's really a Fake Servant or not.

Ruby: I think she's trying to express her fakeness through poetry?

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: I-I am not doing this because I want to... Shu... My boss insisted and...

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: She said that both me and my loincloth need to tighten up, so I had better plan out a proper magical girl character beforehand...

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: Therefore, I stayed up all night to work on it! I nearly bit through my tongue rehearsing that introduction...

Illya: I-I see... You went through a lot. I understand. We all have a hard time with our bosses.

Illya: My red oni maste...I mean, my evil teacher is always super bossy too.

Ruby: And it's always that boss who tends to be the one sidetracking things, you know.

Mash: M-My Master is not like that...

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: (Irritated)

Illya: W-Well, I mean mine isn't always like that either. I guess I over-exaggerated a little.

Illya: She is sometimes nice... like five percent of the time... Hehe.

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: (Super irritated)

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: F-Fools! How dare you make fun of me in whispers!?

Fake Ibaraki-Douji:

Grrr, if you are not going to be serious, leave! No, I'm leaving! I'm going back home to Mt. Ooe!

Mash: M-Master?

Fujimaru 1: Please, let me fight you!

Fujimaru 2: What a coldblooded, fearsome banana oni!

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: Hahahaha! That's more like it!

Fake Ibaraki-Douji: Now, come! I shall eat you down to the very last bone!

The Land of Dead Bookshelves EXTRA I

Fake Okita: Cough!! (Blood)

Ruby: Coughing blood!?

Ruby: Hey, who chose this tuberculosis patient!? It's repetitive! We just got her voice with Shuten!

Illya: What are you on about!?

Fujimaru 1: Fake Okita, you're a magical girl too?

Fake Okita: I see. The real magical girls of this magical girl world?

Fake Okita: Well, that is because I thought I could slice and dice... Never mind.

Fake Okita: Even in a late-stage magical girl world like this, someone has to take a stand and save it.

Fake Okita: And I have responded to the call. Take a good look, world! I am the MIBU WOLF!

Fake Okita: Which means I have awakened to the magical girl vibes, becoming First Unit Captain of the Magical Shinsengumi.

Ruby: What? A Shinsengumi Magical Girl!? That's so old, it's new!

Ruby: It smells like a business opportunity for figurine sales. Ruby is getting excited now!

Illya: You think so? Wasn't there someone like that in Bushido Musashi's side quest?

Mash: What is this feeling...

Mash: When Fake Okita and Ruby are facing each other like this...

Mash: It feels like my EXP is going to go up a lot... (Gulp)

Mash: But, oh? Fake Okita's shaking?

Fake Okita: Yes. That's how it was supposed to be... But what is this about!? A fake Servant!?

Fake Okita: It's like a cheap version of a Shadow Servant (Shadvant for short)! This is not what I signed up for!

Fake Okita: Fancy extra CG for my costume! New voices added! Where did they all go!? (Click)

Mash: Fake Okita is in battou-jutsu stance! She's serious!

Fujimaru 1: Shall it be a duel, then?

Fake Okita: I am sure that was your intent in the first place.

Illya: Why does it always turn out like this!?

Fujimaru 2: Magical girls fighting... What a sad world this is...

Mash: Um, Master, you aren't very convincing if you're watching with those gleaming eyes.

Fake Okita: I do not mind. I can tell your fighting spirit is more than sufficient.

Illya: Magical girls fighting... Wait, what about my say in this!?

Fake Okita: In these turbulent times, it is luck that determines friend or foe. A cruel twist of fate, common in collab events...

Fake Okita: Fake Okita Souji, someone completely unrelated to the First Unit Captain of the Shinsengumi! Here I come!

The Land of Dead Bookshelves EXTRA II

Fake Nobunaga: It is me! Nobu! So you have finally come, you fat southern barbarians!

Fake Nobunaga: What do you eat that makes you so fat, you wicked four-eyes! Hurry up and tell me!

Mash: Oh, um... Are you talking to me?

Fake Nobunaga: What is it? You eat a pile of sugar candy for each meal? Or do you put grilled marshmallows in your tea?

Mash: Um, please refrain from harassment. I don't think my diet is that unbalanced.

Illya: Agh, this is starting to drag on...

Illya: Please stop, Fake Nobunaga! You're being manipulated by something too, right?

Fake Nobunaga: I don't think I was talking to you?

Fake Nobunaga: You 100% disappointing barbarian peasant! How dare you address me!

Fake Nobunaga: Return when you can destroy your enemies with an erotic pose like that plump southern barbarian there showing off her double melons!

Mash: What are these melons you talk about!? I am a Demi-Servant!

Illya: Ugh. This defiant tone of voice. I feel like we're going to be hearing this all-too soon again.

Fake Nobunaga: Fwahaha! Telling me, the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven to act like a magical girl! It's absurd!

Fake Nobunaga: A performance like that I can do in my spare time while unifying a nation!

Ruby: Kyaa! Nobeeeww!! Thank you for coming! It means a lot!

Ruby: Illya has been growing very STEADILY lately and is ready to welcome audiences from all different directions!

Ruby: Keep your hopes up for this ultra grade school Magical Girl!

Illya: What are you...!? You don't need to say that! Who are you trying to go up against!?

Fake Nobunaga: Hmph, are you trying to rub it in my face!? Trying to brag, eh!?

Fake Nobunaga: I've been a hot pit babe painted on a car before too!

Fake Nobunaga: Although it was as a big-headed sprite without the slightest bit of sexiness...

Illya: Oh, you were upset about that.

Illya: Um, I'm sorry Ruby brought up some painful memories...

Fake Nobunaga: I shall forgive you.

Fake Nobunaga: However, this Three Line Formation may not!

Fake Nobunaga: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm max release! Nobu Fight!

Ruby: Ohh, this is the one that was easily avoided by warping in the original, right?

Ruby: It could be painful, but it may not have much effect against our Noble Phantasms?

Fake Nobunaga: Arg! However! I have come prepared just in case that would happen!

Fake Nobunaga: A new Noble Phantasm, a perfect blend of my loyal Monkey's knowledge and Shibata's courage!

Fake Nobunaga: From a Nobu Reversal to a Nobu Attack! And I shall finish you with my Nobu Buster by throwing you off the cliffs of Okehazama!

Mash: Um, doesn't appear there are any plans for a second Noble Phantasm like that.

Illya: It doesn't sound like the history I studied either.

Fake Nobunaga: Is that so? Well, that cannot be helped!

Fake Nobunaga: Curses! This is not the time for the Kiyosu Conference, Monkey and Shibata! It's time for some reinforcements, please!

Fujimaru 1: I'm glad it's the same GudaGuda.

Fujimaru 2: Looking forward to the second event!

The Land of Snow and Honey EXTRA I

Fake Altera: Magical girls are bad civilization. (Heheh)

Illya: Oh wow... she looks so self-satisfied...

Mash: Were you also summoned to this Reality Marble as a magical girl, f-fake Altera?

Fake Altera: That is correct.

Fake Altera: I am one of those who manifested in this Reality Marble as a magical girl who was unfulfilled.

Fake Altera: But I stood out because I was too strong, and so I was ganged up on and defeated.

Illya: I see... We need to put an end to this!

Fujimaru 1: So you work for the First Lady?

Fake Altera: I am aware of my subordination to her. It is humiliating, but I will not deny it.

Fujimaru 2: (Maybe it's her age?)

Fake Altera: Did you say something? I couldn't hear it. You seem to be having throat trouble.

Fake Altera: Perhaps we should see how far I can ram my Photon Ray down it?

Fake Altera: Humph. It's true that defeat and submission are humiliating.

Fake Altera: But listen! I stand here by my own free will.

Fake Altera: Magical girls are bad civilization. They must be destroyed.

Fake Altera: If you have any rivals in the same season, you must defeat them. When you're over 12, you're automatically fired.

Fake Altera: Mid-season you are required to ride a bus or go to the pool. You work Saturday mornings for 10 years straight. No, that's fine.

Fake Altera: Do you understand? A civilization filled with competition like that will someday collapse.

Fake Altera: Now that my self-interest as a Servant has been shorn away and I've been reborn with the power of a stick.

Fake Altera: It's no exaggeration to say that I have surpassed my title of Great King and become the God of War.

Fake Altera: I am... Shin Altzilla. (Heheh)

Illya: S-She made that face again. She's got that self-satisfied look again.

Ruby: It looks like all the fake Servants have some strange stats maxed out.

Illya: I wish they'd been averaged out a little!

Mash: Wait... Altera...

Mash: Then, wouldn't it be disrespectful for us not to fight you?

Fake Altera: That's right. You're so compassionate, Kyrielight.

Fake Altera: But I will destroy. Thus, I will destroy. I will destroy you with the utmost respect.

Mash: What!?

Illya: That doesn't follow at all! I'm getting culture shock!

Fake Altera: You'll just have to accept it. I was born this way. It is my core, and even if I am fake, that won't change.

Fake Altera: At the end of the endless wasteland, I shall find a burning life.

Fake Altera: Innocent girl. Wielder of white magecraft...

Fake Altera: I raise my sword of ruin to destroy you!

The Land of Snow and Honey EXTRA II

Fake Jack: Hwah? Mommy?

Fake Jack: No, I guess not. We are the Echo of a magical girl.

Fake Jack: An Echo who disappeared without ever knowing a warm hug, without being called a magical girl.

Mash: Even Jack the Ripper has turned into one of the First Lady's familiars...

Fake Jack: Oh, are you my Mommy too?

Illya: Um, me...!? Mom!?

Fake Jack: Yup! A soft and squishy Mommy!

Ruby: Illya... Sometimes you must exercise your maternal instincts in your noble role as a magical girl.

Ruby: Now build up your courage...

Ruby: Dashing around in a Merrrrrcedes Benz is definitely not a mother's role...

Illya: There's something wrong with how you view girls! That's got nothing to do with magical girls!

Illya: And why did you roll your “r”s like that!? Are you not allowed to just say the company name!?

Ruby: That's right. I sometimes forget, but... There are rules in the world which supersede even magical girls...

Illya: L-Life can be hard like that sometimes, huh? Anyway, ignoring Ruby...

Illya: Fake Jack, I'm sorry. I'm not...

Illya: And if only I'd gotten here sooner!

Fake Jack: Why are you apologizing? It was lots of fun!

Fake Jack: Everyone here was us. We killed, and were killed...

Fake Jack: But Mommy looks sad. Are you crying a little?

Fake Jack: We're sorry we're not a good magical girl...

Fake Jack: We need to kill even more, don't we?

Illya: ...

Fujimaru 1: Illya, this is all an illusion.

Illya: Y-Yeah.

Illya: That's right. This is an illusion created by the First Lady's familiar...!

Mash: Yes. It's a cunning trap. Let's end this... for her sake, too.

Fujimaru 2: Not at all. I've been waiting for this.

Ruby: Don't tell anybody this, but Jack fought herself through to the last part of the magical girl auditions.

Illya: Is that so?

Illya: Hey, Ruby! And Fujimaru, too! Don't talk about things that warp spacetime too much!

Ruby: TAN☆GE! Congratulations on your new endeavor!

Fake Jack: Okay, let's do this, Mommy!

Fake Jack: We'll use our magic to rip you into nice, pretty pieces!

Magical Gentleman - The Encounter

Mash: ...Where are we? This scenery looks familiar...

Fujimaru 1: (Woo-hoo! The show goes on!)

Chloe: What? Why are...why are we back?

Fou: Fou?

Mash: And Chloe and Fou are here too?

Fujimaru 1: Um, I'm here too.

Mash: Master, you look kind of happy, so you don't count!

Mash: No, I'm sorry. I'm just panicking.

Mash: I was under the impression that traveling between this world and our own had become impossible.

Chloe: That's what Romani said. Is this another random Rayshift?

???: LOLz! It's no coincidence!

Fujimaru 1: That voice!

Fujimaru 2: This dark and meme-ish aura...!

Mash: It's Blackbeard!

Mash: And for some reason he's wearing a miniskirt!?

Chloe: The character portrait cuts off at the waist, but the muscled thighs peeking out of his miniskirt make quite the impact.

E:???: And me! Look upon me, as well!

Phantom: A ruffled petticoat! Clinging pure-white tights! A perfectly coordinated outfit!

Fou: Fo, fou...

Mash: Wh-What are you two, with your, um... unusual outfits, doing here?

Blackbeard: Bwahaha, well, you see... (Approaching) You see...! (Thrust)

Blackbeard: The pain!

Mash: Oh, I'm sorry! I couldn't help it! Your beard and skirt left too much of an impact.

Mash: Anyway, you're a bad influence on Chloe, so please move further away!

Mash: Otherwise, my shield will slice you thin!

Blackbeard: Gnnuughhh! Your shield!? ...Wait, how do shields work again!?

Chloe: Mash, you look like Liz, but you're closer to Sella personality-wise.

Chloe: I'm fine. You don't need to be so sensitive.

Chloe: There are some school nurses who don't wear underwear because “it's fashion, so it's not embarrassing.”

Chloe: And it's kind of fun to see loser adults up close. Hehehe.

Blackbeard: Chloe's kindness and her devilish smile are to die for!

Blackbeard: But are you telling me the principles expressed through our wardrobe are incomprehensible?

Fujimaru 1: What do you mean?

Fujimaru 2: (I get it, but I'll keep quiet.)

Blackbeard: We love magical girls every day of our lives, and worship them with all our hearts and souls!

Phantom: Movies, merchandise, maidens' lovely voices in CDs! But that's not enough!

Phantom: We want to live with them, and become one with them... That's right! Together! To get HER!

Blackbeard: Yes! We want to be with them as much as we can! But there's no point in us becoming magical girls IRL!

Blackbeard: And at last, SHE came, an answer to our ambivalent prayers!

Fujimaru 1: “SHE”? Do you mean The First Lady?

Blackbeard: Mwahah! I ain't tellin'!

Blackbeard: I'm not letting a traitor like Fujimaru join us!

Mash: The way you said “us” sounds like there are more than just the two of you.

Phantom: Indeed! There are four of us in all! You might call us the Four Heavenly☆Magical Gentlemen of Magical Girl-philia!

Phantom: Once we learned of this space between parallel worlds...

Phantom: ...this très bon☆psychedelic land, there was only one thing we could do!

Blackbeard: Summon that ever-distant Magical Girl utopia!

Fujimaru 1: I don't get it.

Chloe: It sounds like someone's getting loose with the story writing.

Phantom: That is why we desire...the truth that lies in the rifts of fiction!

Fujimaru 2: Gotcha! Add me and to make it five!

Blackbeard: You're not allowed, Fujimaru! You think you can just join us like that smh...

Blackbeard: I'm not benevolent enough to let in a traitor like you!

Blackbeard: Oh, but we'd be more than happy to have Chloe! You could be an honorary magical girl advisor to the We Love Magical Girls Alliance!

Chloe: That sounds fun, but I'll pass. I don't like joining little cliques like that.

Mash: You never did tell us your reasoning behind those outfits, but let's put that thought aside.

Mash: Master, Chloe, have you noticed? This world is somehow...

Chloe: Yeah. It's changed a lot since we left.

Chloe: The spatial connections and the presences of enemies lurking around are all surprisingly different.

Chloe: And I don't see Helena anywhere, even though she stayed behind.

Chloe: If this is a different Reality Marble, then Reality Marbles have become pretty cruddy.

Mash: What should we do, Master?

Mash: Is there any danger in letting this infestation spread?

Blackbeard: Don't talk about us like we're insects!

Fujimaru 1: I don't like that one bit.

Mash: Neither do I.

Mash: I don't want to question their hobbies, but...

Mash: But we can't let them go out of control to the point where they threaten other worlds or Chaldea...

Fujimaru 2: We can't let more magical girls suffer.

Chloe: That might happen. But Fujimaru...

Chloe: I kind of agree with those old guys.

Blackbeard: OMG Chloe! Are you a goddess?

Chloe: Does it really matter? It's natural to want to be near cute things.

Chloe: Right, Fou? (Squeeze)

Fou: Kyuu...

Blackbeard & Phantom: (Squee)

Chloe: But... But even so...

Chloe: This is my first mission... and you're going to pay for turning it into a stupid farce!

Chloe: You'll suffer so much pain you'll wish you'd never been born! It'll be certain death for you!

Blackbeard: It stopped being a farce the moment you said that!

Blackbeard: Very well! Try and stop the Four Heavenly☆Magical Gentlemen! Many trials await you, maybe!

Blackbeard: More specifically, the strongest warriors that we could find...

Chloe: Caladbolg II.

Blackbeard: OMG! This young tanned girl is dangerous!? Sexy!? And fatal!?

Chloe: Tch, missed...

Blackbeard: Ooh, she's looking at us like we're bugs! Scary! In the future she's gonna make one hell of a dominatrix!

Blackbeard: But that's not what we want from you, Chloe...

Blackbeard: We want you to be more like, um... all the little devil girls of the world turned into one...

Chloe: Caladbolg III!

Blackbeard: Whoa! Terrible! I'm very sad to say that there seems to be no room to negotiate... so retreat! Retreat!

Phantom: Yes... No objections... No objections...

Mash: Wait! Blackbeard! Phantom!

Mash: At least change so it doesn't hurt to look at you! Change before you retreat, please!

Fujimaru 1: I guess we have to go after the Four Gentlemen?

Mash: R-Roger!

Chloe: Yes. I'm gonna get serious for the first time in a while!

White Masked Gentleman - The Destiny

Phantom: To think you would follow me this far... You must know that I am made of death from head to toe!

Phantom: But I will escape without making a sound.

Phantom: I shall escape through the rift between truth and lies, the stage and the dressing room, and both sides of the world!

Phantom: And everything I do is for you! For you, my diva!

Chloe: He makes even less sense than that beard guy. I'm not sure who he means by “diva.”

Fujimaru 1: Maybe he means a magical girl!?

Fou: Foufoufou!

Mash: I think Fou is saying, “That's exactly right.”

Fujimaru 2: A singing magical girl... Sounds great.

Phantom: Indeed. A whisper is a primitive spell. But the beautiful voice of a songbird, one that stirs the heart? Now that's something truly bewitching.

Phantom: Songs are true magic. Songs are true magic. A beautiful singing voice raises a girl's magic to its highest potential.

Mash: Actually, Master...

Mash: I'm starting to think we have no reason to stop Phantom.

Mash: It seems to me he is seriously thinking about magical girls. Don't you think?

Chloe: I don't know about that. If being “serious” makes something okay, then most criminals are serious about what they do, too.

Fujimaru 1: Then let's ask Phantom.

Chloe: Let me ask you a question. What would you do with a little bird that stopped singing?

Phantom: Wait for it to sing, whisper to it to help it sing, then kill it.

Mash: Kill... What if it were a hummingbird that always had an unpleasant voice?

Phantom: It should cut out its own tongue, jump into a furnace, and turn itself into grilled chicken. Or perhaps explode.

Fujimaru 1: How about a robin with an angelic voice?

Phantom: Ooh! That would be my Christine! She must stay with me...

Phantom: a tightly sealed room where the sun never shines, filled with stone and chains and leather!

Phantom: Until the moment when she dies, and her love is filled with the flames of hatred and the desire to kill!

Mash: D-Does that mean you'd lock her up regardless of her wishes?

Chloe: That's totally selfish!

Chloe: Looks like we should try to convince him with a song.

Fujimaru 1: I'd rather sing along with someone.

Fou: Foufooou!

Mash: I-I'd like that too!

Fujimaru 2: I can do a good chicken impression.

Chloe: Hahaha. That's right. Even birds that can't fly have the right to sing.

Phantom: Nonsense. But entertaining nonetheless.

Phantom: You've gotten my hopes up. But will my ears judge your songs worthy?

Blackbeard Gentleman - The Treachery

Blackbeard: Shiver me timbers, you seriously followed me all the way here? I'm impressed, Fujimaru.

Blackbeard: Feel free to beat me and take my spot in the Four Heavenly☆Magical Gentlemen, if you want! Pew pew pew!

Mash: Blackbeard, let us confirm one thing...

Mash: You are one of the people behind this, are you not?

Mash: We need to know the truth, so we can put an end to this.

Mash: If you are plotting something that will make innocent girls cry, even I cannot defend you. Keep that in mind!

Blackbeard: Oh, so nice. You're still trying to believe in me...

Blackbeard: Mash is so wonderful... So radiant... That stuff really turns me on...

Blackbeard: Trying to defend trash like me... Are you the type of girl who can only love a loser?

Mash: S-Stop messing around!

Chloe: Wait, Mash.

Chloe: Maybe this is his serious mode.

Mash: Huh? Is it? I-I'm sorry...

Blackbeard: Ahah. You really are a goddess, Chloe. And Mash is an angel.

Blackbeard: But you're girls, too. It might be worth listening to what I have to say!

Blackbeard: You see, once a man's got a treasure, he loses interest in it.

Blackbeard: But you know, I hate to work hard! I don't want a girl who's way out of my league!

Blackbeard: I want somebody close yet just out of reach. That's the type of treasure I want.

Fujimaru 1: Is that your ideal magical girl...?

Blackbeard: You'd think that, right!? But get real! I'd never get anyone that way!

Blackbeard: There's gotta be some indignity in there! Build up a sweet relationship, and then, BAM! Like a boss-pirate!

Blackbeard: That's what makes for good entertainment, right!? Playing it safe is boring!

Chloe: Yeah, I kind of understand, though I really don't want to.

Mash: I-I want to confirm something, Master. This exchange is a complete waste of time, isn't it?

Fujimaru 1: Yup.

Mash: Good to know!

Fou: Fou.

Fujimaru 2: He's just a pirate, a so-called perverted gentleman.

Chloe: Fanboys have their own set of rules, but the pirate's way compels him to break the rules and take what he wants.

Blackbeard: Yes! Let there be light in the heart of magical girls everywhere! Just like there's always indignity in my heart!

Fujimaru 1: Okay. It's time for him to walk the plank.

Mash: Right! Tie a cannonball to his legs!

Mash: Once you've learned your lesson, come back to Chaldea!

Fujimaru 2: Okay. It's time for him to be shark bait.

Chloe: Sharks? I think even sharks have the right to choose what kind of food they want to eat.

Blackbeard: Let's talk about sharks and stuff!

Mash: Anyway, we're taking you back to Chaldea, Blackbeard!

Blackbeard: No yo-ho-ing way! I'm not going back!

Blackbeard: I'm an eternal teenager! A captain sailing the seas of Neverland!

Blackbeard: So have fun! Have lots and lots of fun, guys!

Blackbeard: Soon, the greatest magical girl of all is about to weigh anchor and set sail! How's that for a flag?

Bluebeard Gentleman - The Memories

Gilles: Oh... Jeanne!

Fujimaru 1: Jeanne? Where!?

Mash: Gilles de Rais? You're one of the Four Heavenly☆Magical Gentlemen?

Chloe: This guy's appearance is even more shocking. Especially surrounded by all that cute merchandise...

Chloe: Wait a minute. Wasn't Gilles de Rais a marshal who fought with Jeanne d'Arc?

Chloe: Why's he into magical girls? Shouldn't he be more into saints and witches and stuff?

Fujimaru 1: You know what? You're right.

Gilles: Magic isn't the only miracle. A girl who embodies the miracles of God is also in the category of magical girls.

Gilles: A magical girl who wields sufficiently advanced technology as if it were magic.

Gilles: A magical girl who took mere tricks and elevated them to the realm of real magic.

Gilles: Is there a problem with such enchanting magical girls existing? No, they must exist!

Gilles: When young Jeanne heard the voice of God and turned it into strength for our soldiers, she was truly a magical girl calling forth a divine intervention!

Gilles: Oh... young, naive Jeanne. How I long to see you again...

Fujimaru 1: Gotcha. Categorizing is important.

Mash: That explanation convinced you?

Fujimaru 2: Like how there are lots of different Riders.

Chloe: That's right. When I heard a sailor like Blackbeard was a Rider, I was a little confused,

Chloe: But that means you could have a Rider who rides trains or rockets too, right?

Mash: But Gilles, you yourself are a Caster...

Fujimaru 1: Were you the one controlling the stick familiars?

Gilles: Absolutely not!

Gilles: How could these filthy hands ever touch her magic stick?

Chloe: He's probably talking about, you know, that person...

Fujimaru 2: Blackbeard and Bluebeard. They've both got beards.

Chloe: If you could get a Whitebeard, Redbeard, and Yellowbeard, you could have the Beard Olympics.

Gilles: Oh! Who are you? Oh... Oooh, a bronze-skinned Jeanne!

Chloe: Huh? Me? Who are you calling Jeanne?

Gilles: Your gaze, your eyes, your noble nose, the stoutness in the way you move! It's all just like her!

Chloe: O-Okay.

Gilles: Oh, magical girl! Young saint of magic!

Gilles: Come, come, come down to us, please! Guide us with your holy pennant!

Mash: Um, more importantly... Gilles, what are all these offerings? And this altar? It looks like it's for some ritual.

Gilles: ...Oh? What's this!?

Gilles: JEANNE! The eggplant-colored Jeanne that looks good in glasses!

Mash: Um, are you speaking about me now?

Gilles: The cuticles of your holy hair, your lips speaking of compassion! Your huge breasts, filled with dreams of saving the country!

Mash: I am a Demi-Servant!

Chloe: W-Wait, don't you have any standards? How many Jeannes are there?

Gilles: Oooh! What fortune! Three Jeannes in a single day!

Fujimaru 1: Huh? You don't mean me, do you?

Gilles: Oooh... Jeanne! Fluffy, soft Jeanne!

Fou: Fou!?

Gilles: Your cute little ears! Your soft, bountiful hair that resembles a tail! You're the living image of Jeanne!

Fou: Kyaau, fofoou!

Fujimaru 1: Yeah... Let's get him, Fou.

Fujimaru 2: Somehow I feel disappointed...and humiliated...

Fou: Fou!!

Jade Gentleman - The Blood Tears

Diarmuid: D-Don't come near me!

Diarmuid: S-Stay back! Adult women, stay away from me!

Fujimaru 1: Diarmuid?

Mash: Diarmuid is one of the Four Heavenly☆Magical Gentlemen?!

Fujimaru 2: What in the world?

Chloe: What the... He's crying tears of blood!

Diarmuid: Adult women... They're so strong-willed!

Diarmuid: They're so cunning, and they don't show their true sides! They expect to be protected, yet they plot to dominate behind the scenes!

Diarmuid: On the other hand, magical girls are physically strong. They don't complain about trivial things like their feet hurting from walking and so on!

Chloe: That's not exactly true.

Diarmuid: There are even structural differences in their hearts! And I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said the color of their souls is different too...

Diarmuid: Oh, the beauty of magical girls who have a sense of duty and battle dauntlessly! Ugh. In contrast, adult women...

Diarmuid: One minute it's “My computer is broken, so fix it,” but before you know it, they start sulking because I'M the one with the bad attitude...

Diarmuid: Just tell me which OS and what apps you were using, already!

Diarmuid: Adult women are scary... Scary...

Mash: Um...

Chloe: Yikes. What a waste of a handsome face. He's obviously out of his mind.

Chloe: What on earth would make someone descend this far into misery?

Chloe: But maybe the wounded puppy thing isn't so bad. I just want to wrap my arms around him.

Fujimaru 1: Chloe! It's a spell! Don't fall for it!

Chloe: Huh!? Ugh... Arrrggh... This loser has an irresistible beauty spot!

Fujimaru 2: Mash, does he have any effect on you?

Mash: W-What's wrong, Master? I'm not going anywhere. You don't have to hold my hand so suddenly.

Mash: I-I'm not feeling any different...

Mash: W-Well, I have to admit, my heartbeat has quickened a bit and my temperature has risen.

Chloe: Okay, okay, that's enough! But don't forget to stay on alert!

Fou: Fou...

Diarmuid: I know the reason for your visit here, Fujimaru.

Diarmuid: However, please, go no further!

Diarmuid: Only before magical girls am I treated as an equal, able once again to swear my loyalty.

Diarmuid: As such, I see Blackbeard and Phantom as brothers, too!

Diarmuid: I cannot attain magical girlhood, but I can fulfil my knightly duties and present them with a tiara.

Fujimaru 1: Hold your head up higher, Lancer!

Chloe: Um, is your head screwed in okay?

Chloe: Compared to the other old guys, his extreme seriousness worries me a little.

Fujimaru 2: Take better care of yourself, Lancer...

Mash: G-Get well soon. I mean it.

Diarmuid: Mash and that tanned maiden I haven't seen before...

Diarmuid: I'm telling you this for your own good: never become an adult woman.

Chloe: Wh-Whaaat? What kind of advice is that!?

Mash: Not to mimic a certain iron nurse, but I also sense the necessity of medical treatment through heavy firepower!

Fujimaru 1: All right, let's go!

Diarmuid: There is no other path. I must humbly enter battle!

Testament Prologue

Chloe: Well, now we've defeated the self-proclaimed Four Heavenly☆Magical Gentlemen! They certainly gave us enough trouble.

Chloe: We still don't know what they were after...

Chloe: But at least now this entire twisted world is finished, right!?

Chloe: Let's go Chaldea?

Fou: Fou...?

Mash: Something strange is happening! Again!

Fujimaru 1: Is that our final destination?

Chloe: How nice of them to make it so clear for us. Trap, right?

Witness the Transformation

Chloe: I need to ask...

Chloe: Is there another perverted magical girl fanboy waiting for us? Like the leader of the Four Heavenly☆Magical Gentlemen?

Mash: You mean the one that Four Heavenly☆Magical Gentlemen have referred to?

Mash: What's that...?

Fujimaru 1: Shadows forming a Prisma Cosmos-ish shape!?

D:???: That's right, it's me. Do you demons dare stand in the way of magical girls?

Chloe: D-Demons!? Us?

Fou: Fouuu!?

Testament: My name is Testament, like the sign of my holy covenant with those gentlemen!

Mash: It's like how the First Lady took over, you look like Illya!

Fujimaru 1: So Illya was the ideal magical girl?

Testament: If that's what you think, then my form reflects it so.

Chloe: I'm stunned. Instead of using my body this time, a form was created directly out of magical energy?

Fujimaru 2: Like a knockoff of a knockoff?

Chloe: Don't call me a knockoff! You don't have any issues with my Cosmos design, right?

Chloe: Though I admit this is getting confusing.

Chloe: But, well, I am a bit relieved.

Chloe: I was afraid Mama was going to appear. “Prisma☆Iri has descended in all of her splendor!” she'd say.

Chloe: Turns out I was worried for nothing.

Mash: I imagine that would have been quite the psychological blow...

Fujimaru 1: What's the purpose of the Four Gentlemen?

Testament: Phantom, Gilles de Rais, Diarmuid, and Blackbeard.

Testament: Through their mighty wishes and noble sacrifices, I was able to form into a genuine existence. Heehee.

Chloe: You can't just say “a genuine existence” and laugh like that so casually!

Testament: It's true. I am the crystallization of their thoughts. An idol created by sad gentlemen.

Testament: Just as a girl's feelings become a magical girl's driving force, the wishes of those gentlemen gave me life and let me soar.

Mash: You're the crystallization of their thoughts? No, I don't think so. And it wasn't so much their wishes as it was their obsession.

Chloe: True. And instead of noble, let's go with pathetic.

Chloe: I know I'm one to talk, considering I was involved heavily in the first half of the event, but you're really warped.

Chloe: How many times do I have to say that it's meaningless to change the world with magic based on sacrifices?

Chloe: More than anything, it's annoying to hear those words come out of someone who looks like Illya. So knock it off.

Testament: Heehee, you have a problem with sacrifices? They were happy to offer themselves to me.

Testament: I will give them everything. But I am not going to repay them.

Testament: If that's what they wanted, there are plenty of women in the real world.

Testament: All they need is to be captivated by my dancing during the ending credits.

Testament: Just loop a recycled transformation sequence until it's burned into their retinas.

Testament: The more the wishes of men are full of gloom and a hopeless sense of inferiority, the more brilliantly my dream shines!

Chloe: What!? You got nasty all of a sudden!

Fujimaru 1: It's like a beautiful lotus growing in the mud.

Testament: Yes, that's right.

Testament: I may grant their wishes, but I will never mingle with them. That's who I am.

Fujimaru 2: I won't allow you to belittle magical girl fans!

Testament: Identifying yourself as a “fan” out of some silly pride is just embarrassing.

Testament: You know what it is?

Testament: In the world of magical girls, filthy men are worse than demons. They're worthless scum.

Testament: And you know what else?

Testament: Magical girls should only fall in love with each other♡

Chloe: ...Uh...

Fujimaru 1: No good. She's rotten to the core.

Chloe: Maybe she would've been better off borrowing Miyu's form.

Fujimaru 2: What about cute pretty boy familiars?

Fou: Kyuu?

Fou: Fou, fo, fouuuu. Fou, fou.

Mash: It seems Fou strongly objects to that remark.

Testament: Heehee, but this is perfect.

Testament: My tale has only just begun, so I'll leave you with a parting gift, demons!

Testament: While gathering the wishes of men and turning them into despair, I'll leave them with minimum HP and inspire in them vain hope.

Testament: So don't interfere with my journey of endlessly granting bittersweet heaven and hell!

Fujimaru 1: ...I swear she's pure evil.

Mash: And I agree!

Fujimaru 2: I don't like it when the DM brings a SO to play.

Fou: Kyuu.

Testament: Okay. That aside, it's hard to fight in this dress, so I'd better transform!

Chloe: What!? I have a bad feeling about this! Does she intend to use my body, too!?

Testament: Heehee, that isn't necessary.

Testament: I'll show you with this body what color suits a true magical girl!

Fujimaru 1: You mean like 99% flesh-colored?

Chloe: Morals! We're going into dangerous territory!

Chloe: But if you insist, then by all means, show me! Show me the ideal magical girl's combat uniform and how she fights!

Fujimaru 2: Maybe like her 2wei Herz beast scale figure?

Mash: Master, please calm down! Isn't that the kind of bold, brazen wish that spawned her in the first place?

Chloe: That's right! Although...

Chloe: I'm not against that kind of thing myself, but there's a time and place for everything!

World End Match: Testament

Testament: Ooohhh... Unghh...

Chloe: Wh-What's wrong? Did it really hurt that much?

Testament: In the end...

Testament: Of course no one could be the ideal and almighty magical girl for everybody!

Testament: The very idea is ridiculous!

Testament: A character that fulfills the requests of all gentlemen? I'd be so bland I'd fade away into nothingness!

Chloe: Now she's being brutally honest!

Mash: Th-Then what about what we did? Aren't you a victim now?

Testament: No. This too is a result influenced by the wishes of those gentlemen... (Glance)

Testament: Hiding one's goodness deep inside while being forced to do evil deeds is hot, right? It's kind of a staple, isn't it? (Glance)

Chloe: Yeesh. This girl is beyond redemption.

Testament: The power of the feelings from Blackbeard and the others is gone. It supported me well up to now. I must be grateful for that...

Fujimaru 1: Testament...

Testament: You are guests.

Testament: You were summoned to this world both as spectators to a magical girl's exploits and as demons.

Testament: When my influence disappears, the alterations to this Reality Marble will also be undone.

Testament: This world will return to the peaceful resting place of magical girls, managed by Helena.

Testament: When that happens, you will be shot out.

Testament: But you'll be able to return safely to Chaldea. So rest assured.

Mash: Testament...

Testament: ...

Testament: If there is a magical girl who has reached perfection, like one that they were seeking, I wonder who will understand her misery...

Testament: Who will save that girl?

Testament: Who will show magic to a magical girl...?

Chloe: ...

Mash: ...

Mash: She was self-centered, but also a sad person.

Chloe: You think so? I'm sure that was all calculated, too.

Chloe: Although maybe that was better than leaving us with a parting shot like, “There will be a second and third magical girl waiting for you!”

Fujimaru 1: Be it magic or miracles, there's always equivalent exchange.

Chloe: That... may be right.

Chloe: But hardship and effort with no reward is also the way of the world.

Chloe: So no matter who becomes happy, I can't find it in myself to blame them.

Mash: ...?

Mash: I can't tell if Chloe is pessimistic or optimistic. ...She's a mysterious girl.

Fujimaru 2: (I see, now that's textbook savage.)

Mash: Master? What was that smile for just now?

Chloe: Yes, don't take any weird lessons from this.

Chloe: It's wrong to try to bend other people to your will in the first place!

Mash: It seems like we're out of time. This warped world is being restored to its natural state.

Chloe: (Sigh)

Chloe: I'm not crazy about the circumstances that brought us here, but I did have fun.

Chloe: Next time take me on a proper mission, okay, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Sure. That's a promise.

Chloe: Good. That's my Master. ...Thank you.

Fujimaru 2: I'd rather take Illya for sure...

Chloe: Hey! Don't say your feelings out loud!

Mash: Sometimes I can't tell whether Master is an enemy, ally, or rebel...

Mash: It's a good thing to be honest with yourself, right? As long as you don't forget to be considerate.

Mash: Well, everyone, let's return to Chaldea. You too, Fou.

Fou: Fouuu!