Saber Wars - The Caliburn Awakens

Episode I: Lily's Departure

B:???: Haaa! Hah! Hiyaa!

Mash: It's such nice weather, isn't it, Senpai? Oh, would you like some more tea?

Mash: Today I've prepared a special apple tea. Have some more. It'll help you relax.

Mash: Doctor ate too many rice cakes, so he's feeling ill. He wants you to at least enjoy yourself in his stead.

Fou: Fou...foou...

Mash: It seems Fou has the day off today as well. With weather and a breeze as nice as this, it's only natural.

B:???: Haaa! More skillful! I must be more skillful! Faster, too!

Mash: Since this is a Singularity, what we're seeing here is not definite, but all the greenery and warmth is the real thing.

Mash: Having the perfect weather for a picnic, we haven't had strange luck like this since Halloween.

Mash: This too—

Lily: Haa! Yaa! Noble Phantasm Level 1, Caliburn!

Fujimaru 1: ...We owe it all to Lily's training, I think.

Mash: Yes. This is all thanks to Senpai's kind consent to help Lily get stronger.

Mash: If Senpai keeps on doing this, it's only a matter of time before ads like “Got worries? Come to Fujimaru's Consultation Room!”

Mash: gets posted on the bulletin board in Chaldea's cafeteria. But don't worry, if that happens, leave the management to me!

Mash: I'll manage your schedule with an iron fist to make sure you become the most loved person within the Heroic Spirit community!

Fujimaru 2: Don't joke around. This time it's serious.

Fou: Foou? Foufofo fouuuu?

Mash: Come now. You can't go acting like Kojirou did when Martha was around, Fou.

Mash: Lily's troubles are severe. We need to help her out any way we can...

Mash: What a surprise. You're training all by yourself, Lily?

Lily: Yes. I am still an immature Saber, so I want to hone my sword skills whenever I have time.

Lily: matter how hard I train, my Holy Sword is not getting any stronger.

Lily: Though I'm improving little by little, my Noble Phantasm, the pride of a Servant, is still immature...

Lily: And so I've decided to take my leave at this time.

Lily: I have no future as a Servant, so I am afraid I will only be a burden to you, Master...

Mash: Oh, Lily...

Fujimaru 1: Whether strong or weak, you must...

Fujimaru 2: True, your Noble Phantasm must get stronger.

Mash: —Stop. This is important, so staple that mouth shut, Senpai.

Mash: I am an immature Demi-Servant, so I know painfully well how Lily feels.

Mash: In particular, the level of one's Noble Phantasm is a serious issue. Right now, Lily and I have formed an Unenhanced NP Alliance.

Mash: So I want you to be particularly careful about saying anything about Noble Phantasms.

Fujimaru 1: ...Got it.

Fujimaru 2: Uhm, should you be in an alliance like that?

Mash: That's why– The only thing left for us to do is to train. Training will never betray anyone!

Mash: You are a magnificent Saber. Given the opportunity, you'll succeed for sure!

Mash: Don't worry, ok? Isn't that right, Master!

Fujimaru 1: She will become an A rank for sure.

Lily: I-I'm not so sure about that... I think you're exaggerating when you say A rank.

Lily: But I appreciate the compliment. It builds my confidence to hear you say that, Master.

Fujimaru 2: Whether a strong Heroic Spirit or weak Heroic Spirit, you must...

Mash: Fou, bring me a stapler. It's on Doctor's desk.

Fou: Fou, foou!

Lily: N-No, that's not necessary, Mash. What Fujimaru says is true!

Lily: It's all due to my lack of confidence and my inexperience...

Mash: —All right. It's been decided. This next Rayshift will be for Lily's training.

Mash: We must strike while the iron is hot! Before Doctor recovers from his stomachache. We're going to Rayshift on our own!

Lily: —Whew. I have completed 1,000 strikes, Master!

Lily: Even though this is my usual practice, I'm so glad that Fujimaru can witness how I have improved!

Fou: Fou, foou.

Mash: Well done. From what I've seen, your attacks are perfect.

Mash: ...However, there is still a conundrum. The issue is not with you, Lily.

Mash: It's why in the world the strength of your blade won't improve...

Lily: I'm sure...that it must be my lack of confidence that clouds the glow of this holy sword.

Lily: I am a phantom consisting of elements separated from a certain Heroic Spirits.

Lily: I am the “if” that existed between the time I drew the Sword of Selection and the moment I became King.

Mash: The “if” version? Is that different from Alter?

Lily: Yes. Indeed “she” also has a form that's in training. But that form is not as flowery as me.

Lily: I am nothing more than an “if” that is dissimilar to the authentic me.

Lily: But as long as this Lily exists, I am not a fake or afraud—

Lily: It's just I cannot help but think that I am not who I originally was and that I am just a mere phantom.

Lily: Now I am unable to train without casting aside my doubt, and I can't unleash my holy sword's potential either...

Lily: More specifically, I can't increase my Noble Phantasm level... That's what my doubts have led to.

Mash: Oh, Lily...

Fujimaru 1: This problem is a little too specific...

Fujimaru 2: Huh? What was that in the sky?

Mash: What?

Lily: What was that?

Fou: Fou?

Fujimaru 1: Wh-wh-wh-wh-what the heck!

Mash: Whoa! Whoaaaaah!

Fujimaru 1: What the heck is thaaaaaaaat!?

Lily: It appears to be a meteorite. It must have fallen from the sky.

Lily: No need to worry. I don't detect any radiation, killer viruses, or any other variety of dangerous substances.

Lily: You two really overreacted. This kind of thing happens all the time, and is completely harmless.

Mash: N-No, I don't mean the meteorite! I mean, I would like some orders from you, Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: What's going on? This kind of thing happens a lot!?

Lily: Well, yes. The other Servants say that it doesn't, but when I'm alone it happens pretty often.

Fujimaru 1: ...I see.

Fujimaru 2: Your view of the world is pretty crazy, Lily.

???: Absolutely right! Your words are quite correct!

Mash: There's a person coming from the rocke...I mean, from the meteorite! What? —Could this be!?

???: No need to explain! Because I was able to give you a clear view of me when I made my emergency landing!

???: At any rate, I can't stand by and watch this anymore! You there! You're a Saber Class, right?

Lily: Y-You mean me!? ...Yes, I'm still a novice, so I'm the lowest rank of the Saber Class.

???: Yes, that attitude of yours is pathetic! Fainthearted! So terribly fainthearted! Are you pitiful or what?

???: All that's left for you to do now is fight! Prepare yourself, Saber! You as well there, Master!

???: I, Mysterious Heroine X, will show you what it means to be a true Saber!

Mash: A mysterious Servant has come to fight! Senpai! Lily! Prepare for a fight!

Lily: Y-Yes, of course! No matter who the enemy is, it is a knight's duty to protect their Master!


X: That was pretty good for a warm-up match. If I have to compare... Yes... Just like warm-up exercise!

X: That is to say, you're all still novices! Like preschoolers who can't even wake up in the morning!

Mash: I think we got in some pretty good blows... That Saber even blurted out some “oofs”...

Lily: Right. When my hand slipped and accidentally hit her in the shin, she kept saying “It doesn't hurt at all” despite the tears welling up in her eyes...

Fujimaru 1: She must really hate losing...

Fujimaru 2: No doubt about it, she's an Altria...

Fou: Fou, foou...

X: No, to be honest, I was holding back. I didn't ambush you from the dark...

X: ...bury land mines, or kidnap anyone important to you, did I?

Mash: Ah, well...that certainly was a fair and square fight, very much like the Saber Class.

Mash: By the way...who are you, anyway? If my eyes were not mistaken, you came out of that rocket...

X: Humph! Thank you for finally asking!

X: I'm Heroine X! I'm the Saber of Sabers! I'm the ultimate Saber!

X: I am the one and only holy sword wielder in this universe, an one-for-all kind of Saber!

Lily: Really? Based on that track suit... who knew you're someone that amazing!

Mash: The Saber of Sabers... So you're a Grand Class? Or wait, but... Your class is...

X: Silence. You call yourself Shielder or whatever, but as a freshman in the Fate world, you cannot see the truth.

X: What you can see with your eyes is not all that there is. To get along in the world, sometimes you must turn your eyes from the truth and let it remain ambiguous.

Fujimaru 1: Everyone with your look is a Saber.

Fujimaru 2: That's right. The details don't matter.

X: ... A Master that understands... Very nice...

Mash: ...It's Heroine X, right? Explain why you attacked us so suddenly.

Mash: After that, I would request that you leave immediately. We are busy with Lily's training.

X: You've hit the nail on the head, Shieldy! I told you thatI'm the ultimate Saber Class Servant, right?

X: From where I stand, I cannot overlook that feeble Saber there.

X: I have a very important mission, though I cannot speak of it.

X: At any rate! You call yourself Saber Lily, right? What you need now is special training and a teacher that you can respect!

Lily: Th-That's right! That is why I'm training with my sword...

X: I said that you need a teacher! You require the help of a great Senpai that has fought many years as a Saber!

X: Therefore, you're quite fortunate. As expected of me, the one with A rank luck.

X: What I, Heroine X, hide is my First Class Saber Teaching License.

X: It was fate that forced Du Stallion II to crash land here. Let me show you that I'm a first-rate Saber!

Lily: A-All right! I don't really understand you, but sure, I'd appreciate it!

X: Nice answer! I like you! Let's get started. I shall now explain exactly what kind of training you shall undergo.

X: You will gather the three kinds of materials that possess mysterious powers which are spread across this world.

X: They have fallen from my spacecraft. If you don't gather them and repair it, I cannot return home.

Fujimaru 1: That's a pretty selfish training regimen...

Fujimaru 2: Wow, a Servant from outer space...

Lily: You can't return home... I feel so sorry for you...

Lily: All right! Leave this to me! I need to gather materials and repair that vehicle, right?

X: ...Right. I'm usually not one to trust in others, but since things are generally going my way, I'll let it slide.

X: Now I shall tell you the true details of your training. This spacecraft will probably summon a large number of monsters.

X: It is a very out-of-place object. There's about as much wealth here as all of England.

X: Therefore, it is obvious that huge mobs will descend on it to make it their own.

X: Your job is to fight these lawless bands, defeat them, and gather superparticles called “Altrium.”

X: Altrium are energy particles present throughout the universe. It seems impossible, but if we can get some, I can make this work.

X: You there, Shieldy, Master, you're not going anywhere. It's too late, so give it up.

Fujimaru 1: I see. So it's too late...

Fujimaru 2: I thought we could make it if we left now...

Mash: Yes... New Year's vacation still isn't over. This is a pretty rough turn of events, Senpai...

X: At any rate! Once you have gathered enough Altrium, I shall power up Lily by myself.

X: Explanation complete! If you want more details, then gather spacecraft materials and Altrium!

X: From now on we must be fierce as demons. We will cut down all Saber-faces we run into.

X: Even if they're not Saber-faces, just looking like one is also a sin! So we'll cut down the likes of Jeanne d'Arc, too!

X: A Saber's dignity rests on battle. Experience and learn this. Now—begin your warrior training, Lily!

Fujimaru 1: This is way beyond crazy. This is insanity!

Fujimaru 2: Now begins a crazy battle that's supposed to help Lily!

Fou: Fou, foou!

Episode II: Blackbeard Awakens

Mash: Senpai. Don't you think it's about time that we answered the question that's on everyone's mind?

Fujimaru 1: Oh, you mean about the spacecraft parts.

Mash: That's right. I wasn't going to say anything, but it looks like this is going to take a while.

Fujimaru 2: Ah, you mean about who X really is.

Mash: I think that's something we should avoid for now. It could cause things to get worse with her.

X: What? Do you have a question for me? Since we've reached a break in Lily's training, go right ahead.

Mash: Okay, for my first question, I'm all right with gathering Altrium...

Mash: ...but how is it that you'll be able to power up Lily with the Altrium we gather?

X: Right, I didn't explain how that works, did I?

X: This is common sense throughout the entire milky way. Altrium is a newly discovered almighty energy particle.

X: My spacecraft is powered by Altrium. Also, inside my spacecraft, the Spirit Origin Enhancement Device—

X: A capsule known as “Adam Kadmon.”

X: When this device is fed enough Altrium, Lily can be physically enhanced.

Fujimaru 1: A Spirit Origin Enhancement Device?

Fou: Fou, foou!

Mash: You want that? Look, Fou, I understand your feelings, but just calm down!

Fujimaru 2: What is Kadmon...

Mash: In the Hebrew language, it means “doll” or “human”... But with a negative connotation...

Mash: They say it is a very immoral thing... I guess you could say it's much like Paracelsus...

X: Adam Kadmon is a device that creates an exact Spirit Origin copy based on the Spirit Origin's information.

Fujimaru 1: So you can just print off copies of the same Heroic Spirit!?

Fujimaru 2: You can raise a Noble Phantasm's level all you like! Wow!

Fou: Fou, fofo—u!

Mash: Th-There's a device like that!? That would be awesome! Please let me use it as well!

Mash: It's the perfect chance to improve the effectiveness of my Noble Phantasm!

X: Nope, no can do. That's its flaw. Adam can only increase things made of Altria.

Mash: Wha—!

Mash: Oh, dear... That was a short-lived dream... I'm sorry, Master. It seems I will always be a hopeless Servant...

Fujimaru 1: Don't worry, Mash. You'll become stronger for sure someday.

Fujimaru 2: Come on! You'll get there soon.

Fou: Fou, fou.

X: Those are honest, frank words. You have a good Master, Shieldy.

Mash: —Y-Yes. I will do my best to live up to Master's expectations.

Mash: N-Now for my next question. I'm all right with gathering the spacecraft parts...

Mash: But why do the monsters that are attacking carry these parts? They look like nothing more than junk—

B:???: Ya-hooo! I found some! I found some, General!

B:???: Now this be a true dreamland! No doubt about it, this mountain of treasure will make us fat stacks!

Mash: I-I'm getting goosebumps all over—!

Teach: Ah. What's this? A mirage? What a find! Did I accidentally order a happy meal?

Teach: To my left is the sweet Mash-mallow. To my right is a petite, kawaii golden haired Knight Princess...

Teach: Good lord! I don't think I can take any more! Now's my chance to get a waifu!

Teach: I've had quite enough of the beauties I've gathered. They only have eyes for my huge treasure. I'm serious.

Teach: Now I will live in a lovely home with my new sexy wife, a pool in the backyard... I'll go fishing on holidays... Oh, what a dream...

Teach: In fact, I think I'll have them both! I mean, “Pirate” is just a different way to spell “Freedom!”

Mash: I knew it was you, Captain Teach! And the one next to you is—

Teach: All right! Time to pillage! We're on land now! There are no hags here to wallop me on the back of the head!

Teach: This odd scrap metal has the smell of real treasure! Get it all! Oh, General, you take one too☆

E:Gilles: ...

Teach: What's this? What's this?

Teach: “Fine. I may not look it, but I am somewhat of an art connoisseur. I have an affinity for old relics.”

Teach: “However, I have no interest in women. I learned my lesson from Francesca, so split them as you please.”

Teach: That's what you say! You're pretty shy, General!

Pirates: Woo-ho—o! As expected of the famous Bluebeard! So cruel! Just like our captain!

Teach: Dhuhuhuhuhu! But don't get carried away just because the General is a gentleman.

Teach: Mash and the Knight Princess are mine. If you lay a hand on them, I'll stick you in a barrel.

Teach: Oh, but the one in the tacky blue track suit, she's not anywhere near my strike zone.

Teach: Who was it that liked pretty young girls? Was it Rackam? He was pretty sad when Mary deceived him.

Gilles: !!!

Teach: What's this? The General's getting excited! Could it be that the tacky blue track suit is his fetish?

Teach: Not bad for an art connoisseur... Not! Wah-hah-hah! When the General is like this, he really is quite frightening!

Teach: You there in the tacky track suit, take my advice and make a run for it. It just might save you, you kno... Whoa!

X: Pardon me. I killed him out of reflex. But it doesn't matter, does it? He is a Saber Class, after all.

Gilles: ...(grin)

Teach: I really wanted Saber Alter to come along, but she's pretty frightening.

Teach: So, instead I invited the General... Who knew that he'd be defeated before he could even draw his sword...

Teach: Oh well, I didn't expect anything from him anyway. I thought he could at least be a shield... For I am kind...

Teach: But this is unacceptable... There's not even a cooling-off period... A huge loss to Blackbeard...

Teach: Why you! As another gentleman, I will not abide by this! You, tacky-track-suit, look more like a bad guy than us!

X: Fujimaru. That talking louse, you seem to know him. May I dispose of him?

Fujimaru 1: Go ahead.

Fujimaru 2: Yes, please. Be my guest.

Mash: Stay on your guard, X! Blackbeard may not look it, but he has some unique skills—

Mash: When he's your ally, he's not much, but once he's your enemy, he's troublesome!

Teach: Princess Mash, your appraisal is so correct that I am completely overwhelmed!

Teach: I can't believe you understand me so well... I'm so embarassed, almost as much as when someone saw what I hid under my bed.

Teach: At any rate— Hoo-hoo! It won't be long before we're hot honeymooners!

Mash: Senpai, this is the first time I've regretted being a Shield Servant. I want a holy sword too! A holy sword!


Teach: ...I see. So that's what it's about.

Teach: Sea and sky. Though our territories differ, I also share my fate with my ship. I understand how Missy X felt so much it hurts.

Teach: In fact, it physically hurts. That's hot! That's hoooot! Ow! That's hot! Owwww!

Teach: I wish you wouldn't press that glowing blade against my back! But that's one hell of a handsome sword! It looks incredibly valuable!

Lily: I'm of the same opinion. I think X's sword is absolutely amazing!

Lily: It maintains its classic and noble design, but who would've guessed it's a secret weapon with that many functions...

Lily: I can sense the freedom in its design! It's cosmo-good!

Mash: Uhm, if you don't stop, Lily, at this rate, Blackbeard's gonna become a roasted pirate...

Teach: It's all right, Mash. X is anguished because her dear ship has been damaged.

Teach: I shall return the parts that I picked up. You too, General.

Gilles: ...

X: Thank you. You are very kind. I'm sorry about what I did earlier.

X: Whenever I see a Saber Class, I can't stop myself. You are Gilles, are you not?

X: I sense in you dignity, and grace, and a deep earnestness. What are you doing in this freedom nerd's party?

Gilles: ...

Mash: (Looks like he intends to make full use of his right to remain silent...)

Teach: Dammit! Forget about mister gloomy. Let's talk about my little sister here!

Teach: To be precise, Lily's Noble Phantasm training.

Teach: How about this? By way of apology, how about if I, Blackbeard, train you myself?

Teach: Well, I totally expect something to happen during training. I may look like this, but I know no shame.

Teach: I will turn my defeat into an opportunity. I will pretend to be your ally and wait for my chance to strike.

Teach: Now, this is top secret. The reason I don't use a pistol is so I can get in close to grapple with my opponent.

Teach: Try using your Noble Phantasm on me once.

Teach: I shall dance as gracefully as a butterfly and dash to catch you like a bee.

Teach: This is the kind of dazzling training experience I can offer you. How about it?

Fujimaru 1: How about no.

Fujimaru 2: It's obvious what you're after, Captain.

Lily: For a Servant to practice with their Noble Phantasm by using it on another— What kind of person are you, Teach?

Lily: I'll never get another chance like this! Please allow me to! Oh, let me cut your bonds!

Mash: Lily!? Are you sure this is all right, Senpai!? Blackbeard is after...

Fujimaru 1: It's all right, Mash. I know how this will end.

Fujimaru 2: Step back. You don't want to get caught in the crossfire.

Lily: Okay, let's begin! Get ready, Teach!

Teach: Dufufu. You have activated my trap card! Fools! Without that rope, you're as good as mine!

Teach: A level 1 Noble Phantasm is nothing to me! I'll take it, and then I'll KO you with a Lupin dive—

Lily: Right there! Caliburn, cleanse this evil!

Teach: Right in the groinnnnnnn!?

Gilles: ...Hff.

Teach: I'm gonna die! Anyone would die from that! That's more of an anti-male attack than Orion's!

Lily: Oh, dear! I'm sorry! I'm sorry... My hand slipped!

Lily: I-I'll try it one more time!

Teach: ...What? One more time?

Teach: Are you... Are you saying you want me to take 20k damage in a single spot again?

Lily: P-Please! I'll do my very best!

Teach: ...I can't resist a maiden knight with those cute, puppy dog eyes!

Teach: I cannot say no. But I'm serious, watch what you're doing!

Teach: Make sure you aim for my chest, okay? I can at least get my guard up there.

Lily: Okay, leave it to me! All right, here goes!

Lily: Caliburn, cleanse this evil... Oops!

Teach: Heh-heh-heh. Did you just say “oops?” You did!


Lily: I'm terribly sorry...! N-Next time I'll aim good and proper at your chest!

Teach: Heh-heh... That's fine... Your Noble Phantasm is fine just the way it is...

Teach: I've reached my limit, so I will be going... Can you take me, General?

Gilles: Yes. You've certainly had a terrible time of it.

Gilles: When it comes right down to it— Pirates tend to lose their “balls” when they're on land.

Fujimaru 1: General Gilles?

Fujimaru 2: What...was that about...

Gilles: ...

Mash: Gilles left all by himself. It seems as if he was a little embarrassed.

X: Now that's a stoic individual with a very dry sense of humor. He certainly has the core of a Saber.

X: By the way, this piece of filth is a nuisance. Does anyone care if I burn him to ash?

Teach: By god, you're a heartless one! To speak of such cruelty with a smile on your face!

Teach: Someone, help meeee! I've had enough of this Saber-face!

Episode III: Revival of Rome

Lily: My training is going well again today, Master and Ms. X! It seems like the strength of my Noble Phantasm is about to improve!

X: ...Sigh. Lily is so very earnest. I'm glad her training is going well, but...

X: My quota is not being met. Maybe I should find bigger prey...

Mash: Senpai, Senpai. X is muttering disturbing things again.

Mash: I've had a change of mind myself. I think now is the time to clear up that other question.

Fujimaru 1: Ah, you mean about X's Class.

Mash: No, not about that... To be honest, it's something that's really been bothering me...

Mash: Eek!?

X: I'm 100% Saber Class. Got a problem?

Mash: ...That seems to be a sensitive issue with her. We shouldavoid being direct and take another approach, Master.

Fujimaru 2: Ah, you mean about who X really is.

Mash: That's right, Master. Of course I'd like to know her Class, but I'd at least like to know her origins.

Lily: By the way, Ms. X, you came here on that rocket, but which land are you a Heroic Spirit of?

Mash: (Senpai! Lily is ignoring everything and jumping straight to the question!)

X: want to know my origins. Do you have some ulterior motive for wanting to know this, Lily?

Lily: No... It's just rather painful to know nothing about someone who has helped me so much.

Lily: I just thought that the least I could do to thank you was make a popular dish or famous sweets from your hometown...

X: ...Oh, I see. I guess I'm the only one suspicious of others...

X: If that's what you want, then let me tell you all about it! Fujimaru, and Shieldy, you listen as well.

X: I have nothing to hide. I am a Servant that comes from outer space! I am a Heroic Spirit that comes from a future Servant-verse!

Fou: Foou?

Mash: A Servant-verse...? From the future? And from outer space?

Lily: Hah... So, Ms. X, is that the same as the Throne of Heroes?

X: No. The Servant-verse is not some boring warehouse like the Throne of Heroes!

X: It is where Servants conduct Servant-like deeds with a space-like world view. That is to say, it is a universe.

X: It's a world where we have been set free from the burden of our origins and can truly do whatever we like.

Fujimaru 1: Okay, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Lily: Me neither! But it sounds fun! I think that universe seems all right.

Fujimaru 2: In that universe, do people become zombies?

X: Of course. We have everything from suspense, melodramas, and mysteries. It's only natural that we have a horror route as well.

X: When that golden nudist said, “I am mankind's oldest zombie!” and stuff, I was sure this world was done for.

X: At least that's what I thought, but somehow he made it back to his own world.

X: No matter how reckless the adventure...

X: “—I've been through a lot, but I've returned to this town.”

X: As long as you say that when you come back, most of the time people would just pretend nothing has happened.

Mash: Let's put aside talk of Servant-verse. What do you mean that you came from the future?

Mash: Unlike Rayshift, is that rocket a genuine time machine?

X: A time machine? Oh, you mean, can it make time jumps?

X: Well, I'm pretty sure it can. It warps, after all. I mean, a journey through space is impossible unless you can travel faster than light.

Lily: That's incredible! My mentor is also a time traveler!

X:, the incredible one is whoever it was that made Du Stallion II...

Lily: But why did you come from the future? Did you make some mistake while steering your ship?

X: How rude! My piloting skills are perfect! I am a Saber after all!

X: I came to this era to save the world. The future that I am in is facing a crisis of destruction now.

X: For some reason, our existence is on the verge of being destroyed. I came here to eradicate the cause of it...

X: But I couldn't stand to ignore you Lily. That's why I'm your teacher and training you.

Lily: I...can't believe this.

Lily: Even when you've been given the mission to save the world, you can still make time to train me...

Lily: I have nothing but respect for you! Ms. X is just like you said, a Saber of all Sabers!

X: Uh, well... Yeah, I guess. ...I am a Saber, so what of it?

Mash: ...I guess Lily really got X there, huh? X is still pretty suspicious,

Mash: ...but with Lily around, I don't think she'll be a problem. Isn't that right, Master?

Fujimaru 1: You're right. But X is a good Saber.

Fujimaru 2: You think so? I mean, X is “that” Saber.

E:???: Ho there—!

Mash: What's this? Someone is coming... Is that...

Nero: Ho there—!

Nero: I heard a ship fell from the sky around here, but I'm exhausted from all the traveling, so prepare a feast for me first!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Sigh... Acting like a emperor when she doesn't even know her opponent yet...

Tamamo-no-Mae: Red Saber, do you know if this is enemy territory?

Emiya: What are you talking about, Caster? Do you really think she can even read the signs?

Emiya: First of all, since that is obviously a spacecraft, we are facing aliens. They can't understand our language.

Emiya: It's just one nutty person facing off against another nutty person.

Emiya: The returns are small, but the risk is small, too. First, let us see how skilled Her Majesty is.

Nero: Fool! Why are you so pessimistic, Archer? We're facing aliens? Then first we must greet them!

Nero: With kindness, sincerity, and passion! Though we may be of different lands, the feelings within our hearts are similar!

Nero: So first, let us negotiate with a smile. There is not a living thing around that cannot understand that.

Nero: It is a visitor from the sky, after all!

Nero: They are most certainly overflowing withromance, passion, and a taste of the future!

Nero: I will now proclaim with complete confidence, the owner of that rocket is a civilized person who hates war!

X: Uoooooohhh! Uaaaaaaaah! Diiiiiiiieeeee! Red oneeeeeee!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Hyaaaaaaaa!? That one suddenly fired a beam at us!

Tamamo-no-Mae: And she's even specific about the color! Hey, Saber! Do you know her?

Emiya: ...Oh, brother. So, can you still call her a highly civilized being, Saber?

Nero: Nope! We certainly cannot communicate with this one! They must be taught a severe lesson!

Mash: Enemy group has entered combat mode! We have no choice but to fight them, Master!


Nero: Well, if it isn't Fujimaru and Mash. Umu. I am very pleased to see you again.

Nero: By the way, is this the first time I've met you as a Servant? Or have we already met before?

Nero: If this is the first time, then I need to introduce myself!

Nero: I am Nero Claudius, in my new Servant form!

Nero: May our friendship be long, Fujimaru. It is nice to know you, Master.

Mash: Yes. You're looking well, Your Majesty. It is good to see you as well, Tamamo and Emiya-senpai.

Tamamo-no-Mae: Well. You are very kind. It has been quite a while, Mash and Fujimaru.

Tamamo-no-Mae: You need not trouble yourselves over us. As you can see, we have accompanied Red Saber here.

Tamamo-no-Mae: We just thought we'd tag along.

Tamamo-no-Mae: Actually, we heard that there was a versatile appliance here that could cook and do laundry, which would be very useful for newlyweds, but...

Tamamo-no-Mae: It's clear as day that there is no such thing on that rocket!

Tamamo-no-Mae: I will have nothing to do with such junk! Those ads were utter lies! This is going too far!

Emiya: ... ...

Nero: At any rate, I have assessed your situation, Lily. The manner in which you handle your blade is quite admirable.

Nero: Yet, allow me to assist you. If you need a fencing partner, then I am better than a hundred, nay, ten thousand partners!

Lily: Thank you! It's quite reassuring to hear that from another Saber!

X: Hey! What are we suddenly getting along so harmoniously for? I defeated you just now, Saber!

X: You should resign and withdraw from the field! And you, Lily! You are far too lenient!

X: All Sabers besides you are enemies— Until you embrace that, you can only dream of becoming a full-fledged Saber!

Nero: We merely pulled our punches just now because we realized our opponents were Mash and Fujimaru.

Nero: But who in the world are you? The owner of this rocket? ...Umu...

Nero: I feel like... I've seen you somewhere... It's like...looking at a mirror...

Nero: I have a feeling that I know you... Who are you? Where are you from?

X: Hmph, I have no obligation to tell the Red One my name, but I guess I have no choice here.

X: I am Heroine X. I am an envoy of justice from the future, come here to correct you Sabers.

Emiya: (Ahem!)

Nero: Why do you cough now, Archer?

X: Why do you perspire cold beads of sweat, Nameless Red?

Emiya: I'm sorry, my apologies. I just sensed that this world was through, so I couldn't help it. But really, you two, you shouldn't fight.

Emiya: I do not know what your burden is, Lady X... It appears to me that the most important thing is to repair your spacecraft.

Emiya: And Miss Lily, aren't you in training? Or is it possible that this is somehow connected with your objective?

X: ...Hmm... That's right. Even though you're with that Red one, you are sharp.

Emiya: Uh, well. To avoid any more misunderstandings, I do not recall ever becoming this Saber's ally. I am entirely neutral.

Emiya: And Miss Lily, allow me to assist in your training.

Emiya: Naturally, I do not have a lot of time. But seeing how things are, I cannot help myself.

Lily: Thank you!

Lily: Isn't this great, Ms. X! We suddenly have two more who will join in on my training!

X: Uh, yes...well, if you say so, Lily... ...I guess I have no choice.

X: Fine. I've predicted the monsters gathering here will only get stronger from now on.

X: I'm sure Lily will feel more assured with you at her side. Red One, I will allow your presence for now.

Nero: Hmph! I thought you were a twisted one, but I see that you're good at heart. I will go along with your policy.

Nero: Casko, what will you do? Are you going to just play a minor role again, like in London?

Tamamo-no-Mae: Sorry I was just a minor role!

Tamamo-no-Mae: I was concerned about Mo-san, and didn't want to take the lead role from her! She's pretty good, you know!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Well, it's true I never had a chance to take part. That's all right. I do have my own main story, after all.

Tamamo-no-Mae: When we get to the Japan stage, Ushiwakamaru, the others, and I will have a great battle with the Japanese Servants.

Tamamo-no-Mae: For now, I trust that time will come and will conserve my energy. —Therefore, I shall stay behind the scenes.

Tamamo-no-Mae: That rocket, or whatever it is, looks as if it has AC inside. I think I'll take a nice break♡

Nero: Hmm. As uncooperative as ever.

Nero: Well, it matters not. Now then, Fujimaru, Mash, Lily, X. May we enjoy much laughter!

X: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...We've grown to become quite a large group...

Fujimaru 2: I'm not quite sure how to handle this...

Fou: Fo—u...

Episode IV: Awakening of the Universe

Paracelsus: Okita, that is the origin of evil that misleads men's hearts. That is the mountain of taboo that I must take care of.

Paracelsus: All right, let's go cut that down as fast as we can. That is both your strength and what redeems you...

Paracelsus: Other than that, you are useless. All you're good for is killing people—

Paracelsus: —Ah, how depressing— This is your fault, Okita; not mine—

Okita: Hold on. It's true that I don't care about justice or evil, but what you're saying, Hohenheim, annoys me.

Okita: To be perfectly honest with you, you're like Mori Soiken, an immoral beast that tells haughty moral tales.

X: It appears you have realized that you've been deceived, but who cares. One-stone-two-birds-calibur!

Okita: Whaaat? But I wanna join you guys too! Not even the Mibu Wolf would kill opponents who've surrendered–!

Paracelsus: Ahh, how regrettable... Again it ends without my true intentions being understood... But still, it is is fine...

Paracelsus: One as inhumane as I... It is my providence to be dispersed so—Haa!

Okita: Why are you looking all satisfied? Are you the type that dies all self-satisfied no matter what?

Medea: Now! Destroy them, Sieg! The treasure is before you. Do with it as you please!

Medea Lily: No! Don't listen to such honeyed words! We must all get along! We must work together!

Medea Lily: Just think of her as the devil standing on your shoulder, birthed from the evil in your heart!

Medea Lily: Oh, by the way, I am the angel standing on the other shoulder, born from the goodness in your heart!

Medea Lily: See! Away with the pain, away with the pain☆ This magical powder removes all your troubles☆

Siegfried: Ugh, my head hurts... I think I'm hearing voices again!

Siegfried: When I fell in the cave, I dropped Balmung into the spring... Then a goddess named Stheno asked...

Siegfried: “Which witch did you drop? The older witch or the younger witch?”

Siegfried: When I answered that I hadn't dropped either one, I started to hear the voices of two women...

Siegfried: And now they each murmur to me, “I may order you around a lot, but for now I want you to go to that rocket and steal the treasure!”

Mash: This is awful!

Mash: Sieg is completely the victim here! Senpai, you have to do something to help Sieg.

X: I would let it pass since he seems so humble, but what the hell is Medea-Lily-calibur!

Medea: Eek! My hood has come off! My real identity will be revealed—!

Medea Lily: I had to leave again because I got misunderstood—!

Siegfried: Ugh! I guess I wasn't hearing voices... Please forgive my thoughtlessness for being easily deceived...

X: Excellent! Excellent! This is a truly wonderful result! Do not let any Saber Class live! To be sure!

Lily: ...Are you sure that was all right, Ms. X? It seemed like all three of them would have understood if we had just talked to them...

Nero: X is the only one who wouldn't understand if you talked to her. Why do you despise the Saber Class so much?

Nero: You must certainly have a reason. Or maybe... You hated them when you were alive?

X: No, I didn't hate them when I was alive! This became my mission after I became a Heroic Spirit.

X: To be exact, this is more of my own personal hobby. Nobody is forcing me to do this.

Nero: What? Are you serious!? Even after becoming a Servant, to achieve your own goal...

Nero: X! You certainly are optimistic. I'm not sure I much like the tyrannical attitude, but I admire your avariciousness!

Nero: There are so many boring Servants obsessing over their regrets in life or over their Master's purpose or whatnot.

Nero: Such obsessions are so foolish! But not you! You are free! Though this may not be praise, I like you!

X: Uh... Yeah... Right. I'm not sure how I feel about you liking me. Sigh

Nero: Umu, umu. Well then, you must be aiming to be the most powerful Saber, aren't you?

Nero: If so, then in the end, you and I must fight one more time. Though it is unfortunate, I will not scoff at your dream.

Nero: Dreams of being the strongest are the heart of a warrior. Yes, even I have dreamed of such!

Nero: Your space sword or my meteorite sword: which is better— Now I'm getting excited about the end of this training!

X: I'm not excited in the slightest. I mean, you've been my main target from the very beginning.

X: ...Also, you're mistaken about me having a dream like that. My objective is my mission. It's more a like a job.

X: If you're looking for someone who's strivingfor a dream— That would have to be Lily.

Lily: Yes? Did someone mention my dream?

Mash: By the way, Lily, your goal is a little different than other Servants'.

Mash: For example, Mordred wanted...

X: Did you say Mordred!?

Mash: Oh, dear! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm just using her as an example!

Mash: Uh, a.k.a. Mo-san had the goal of becoming king. He held onto that goal from when he was alive.

Mash: However, your goal, Lily, was born after you became a Servant. Your aim is to be the ideal king.

Mash: You may be born from the tale of King Arthur, but since you're an “if” separated from it...

Mash: In a way you're saying, “I am alive now.” You intend to live your life from now on.

Emiya: Hmm. So, taking a position of fantasy can be a good thing.

Emiya: Originally, Servants only existed in Holy Grail Wars on Earth. There are no futures for them.

Emiya: However, under certain conditions, for example, if they are regenerated by a Spiritron computer lifeform...

Emiya: ...or if they remain connected with their Master after the Holy Grail War, or if they're given a new body, then things will be different.

Emiya: Those Servants are released from the shackles of their previous lives and become humans of that era that live now.

Emiya: I once heard of a happy-go-lucky Rider that was in that position...

Emiya: No, wait, that was an Apocrypha. Well, I guess that itself is a distant “if.”

Fujimaru 1: You certainly are knowledgeable, Emiya-senpai!

Emiya: Well, as a lower Heroic Spirit, you get recruited for lots of random jobs. I've simply gathered a lot of information.

Emiya: Think of it as nothing but idle chatter. It's just a digression.

Fujimaru 2: A Spiritron computer life?

Emiya: It's just one of those Extra things, you know. If you're really interested in it, then...

Tamamo-no-Mae: Ah-ha! My fox ears felt a prick because they caught the scent of some kind of signal.

Tamamo-no-Mae: You there, Archer. What nonsense is that?

Tamamo-no-Mae: This is a healthy land we're in, so talk of talesin a fantasy land is not needed here.

Tamamo-no-Mae: That is to say—If you act too clever, then I will squish you like an ant♡

Emiya: ...Ahem! Pardon me, I let my tongue slip. Please continue.

Nero: Damn you, Archer. You stole the spotlight from me. That was supposed to be my moment.

Nero: However, I like that phrase! A Servant that “lives now,” is it? How fascinating!

Nero: It seems that I'm not one of those Servants, but Lily is one of them.

Nero: I think it's good that a Servant that dreams of the now exists instead of just dreaming of memories of their past life.

Nero: Basically, that means that one shapes one's own ending! Suddenly, I feel that I must support Lily!

Lily: Shape... My own ending? So if I became King, then my destiny after well?

Nero: Of course! The past has been written, the future has been decided...

Nero: The Heroic Spirits of the past can change nothing, much less those in the Throne of Heroes who know the future.

Nero: However, as for those in the now, they can alter the past and future!

Nero: Yes, because only those that live now can change the future!




Tamamo-no-Mae: Hey! Hold on there, Saber! I appreciate the positive thinking, but take a look over there.

Tamamo-no-Mae: Looks like some others have been caught by this crazy Singularity, so now we have some more uninvited visitors.

Sakata Kintoki: What good luck, Babbage! This is obviously a spacecraft!

Sakata Kintoki: I saw one at the Smithsonian, so I know. You could fly to the moon and treat yourself to Princess Kaguya!

Babbage: I quite approve of such barbarous thoughts, Mr. Golden. Your suggestions are always quite stimulating. On rare occasion, they actually give me tingles.

Babbage: However, that rocket is incomplete, or rather flawed. It lacks cogwheels. It lacks a lubricator. It lacks a steam engine.

Babbage: The only thing I can deduce from the preceding issues is thus. I must reconstruct the spacecraft myself.

Nikola Tesla: No, you mustn't, Babbage. You, of all people, how could you overlook the most important flaw?

Nikola Tesla: It does not require electricity! That kind of technology should not exist!

Nikola Tesla: Besides, what is this no-risk, no-pollution, no-Tesla dream energy?

Nikola Tesla: At least call it Nikola Coil! Are you mocking me with this Altrium!?

Nero: That's what he gets upset about? That poor genius...

Lily: Um, excuse me. This is a sword training ground, so those who aren't Sabers...

Babbage: Nay. We are eligible persons. We have come here following the lens.

Sakata Kintoki: That's right! For some reason, this lens that fell from thesky fits exactly in the palm of my hand.

Sakata Kintoki: Since then, I've heard a voice telling me to come here. It's been going on about defeating some source of evil in space.

Sakata Kintoki: It's real annoying, like it's latched onto me. When I heard about an evil from space, I couldn't back down.

Sakata Kintoki: In fact, I've been looking forward to this! You know the kind of anime they show in summer and stuff, right?

Sakata Kintoki: You know! During summer vacation, they have those ones where they fly into space and kill some villain and save the princess and stuff!

Sakata Kintoki: Damn! I just love a good adventure! As a guy, it's the kind of thing you'd love to do just once!

Sakata Kintoki: So, whether you like it or not, I'm helping myself to that spacecraft! I'm gonna have myself a little spin in it!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Kintoki... You're becoming more and more American all the time... This is why Shuten drinks...

Tamamo-no-Mae: Oh, she's not drinking out of desperation but more for entertainment. I mean, a guy as crazy as this, it's the perfect side dish for first class sake.

Sakata Kintoki: Hey! If it ain't Fox! Hey, are you friends with that woman?

Sakata Kintoki: You sure as hell better not call her here! If you did, this place would be a battlefield!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Why the hell would I want to expose your love affairs? Don't worry. I wouldn't call her here even if you asked me to.

Tamamo-no-Mae: You can be a dumb couple all by yourselves. That's not the kind of thing anyone else needs to see.

Sakata Kintoki: Whew... That was about to get dangerous...

Sakata Kintoki: That woman is unsurpassed in crushing a man's dreams. She's the same kind of devil as that Stheno chick...

X: ...Huh? Captain☆Nikola? You are the Captain, right?

Nikola Tesla: The one and only, lady lacking in physical charm. I am the one and only Nikola Tesla—

Nikola Tesla: With the help of Bell, I intercepted your conversation from ten kilometers off—

Nikola Tesla: Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps.

Nikola Tesla: In that Servant-verse you speak of, namely in Universe, is there a genius of my caliber!?

X: What? But aren't you Captain☆Nikola, the rival of the Dark Doctor, Sanity Gilles?

Nikola Tesla: Good heavens!

Nikola Tesla: This is unbelievable! Unbelievable, all of you!

Nikola Tesla: Even on a scale as large as the universe, I have been proven to be a genius!

Emiya: ...

Mash: Looks like we won't need to do any more gathering... Huh? Emiya-senpai, have you noticed something?

Emiya: No, I haven't noticed anything or realized anything. But I think we must battle that group.

Emiya: I just remembered something I have to do, so I'd like to get back as soon as possible. Lily. I would like to see how your skills have improved.

Lily: Yes, if you would like, Emiya-senpai! Let's go, Fujimaru!


Lily: Oh, I'm terribly sorry, you in the sunglasses! My hand slipped again. Are you all right?

Sakata Kintoki: Hff—That...was...golden...

Nikola Tesla: Hmm. If I am to be destroyed by something from the universe, then I am quite satisfied...

Nikola Tesla: I have but one question, Lady X. Is my name not Doctor Lightning where you are from?

X: It has only ever been Captain☆Nikola. Why do you ask?

Nikola Tesla: So... Captain, is it?

Babbage: Over 80% of moving parts damaged. I judge further operation to be impossible, so I will self-destruct.

Babbage: ...However, a Servant that dreams... That has a nice ring to it. Truly...nostalgic.

Babbage: Whether they are insignificant bliss or overblown fantasies, dreams are a human privilege. That is what I learned in that city.

Babbage: However... You, lily-white knight, and you, Master...

Babbage: The obstruction to that dream isn't far at all. From the data that I have collected, I have elucidated her goal.

Babbage: Don't misjudge... Even if the actions are born from good intentions, there is no justice in those that come from the future.

Babbage: That spacecraft—is not a vehicle for—transporting dreams—

Mash: Kintoki, Nikola, and Babbage have all disappeared with this Singularity.

Mash: We were also able to retrieve the spacecraft part that they had acquired.

Mash: Could what Babbage have said...

Fujimaru 1: Yes, it's about X...

Fujimaru 2: Yeah, well, it's pretty obvious...

Lily: ...Ms. X...

X: are a scholar in this world as well. But you look like a tea kettle.

X: Well, I guess I have no choice. At this point, why don't I tell you the truth behind my real purpose?

X: Why does Heroine X attack the entire Saber Class? The details are in the next episode!

X: Next, Lily Wars, the final episode! “Let your tears flow, said the Saber.”

X: Don't miss it!

Mash: —Oh, you mean, this episode was just drawing out the story?

Episode V: Answers of X

Emiya: All right then, let's listen to your story.

Nero: Yes. That moving suit of armor's final words intrigue me. You there, X. What is it that you're scheming?

Lily: Scheming? Really? I think Ms. X is merely selfish and secretive, that's all...

Tamamo-no-Mae: Yes, well that kind of person is called conniving. Whereas you, Lily, are just too innocent.

Tamamo-no-Mae: I'm just going to ignore those accusations. My stomach has started to hurt♡

X: Quit it, romance-for-brains and outsiders. Also, change out of that sci-fi outfit, Red Coat.

Emiya: ...Tsk. (Damn, she's won't allow it, huh?)

X: Lily. Nero. And you, Fujimaru and Shieldy.

X: I said I came to this era to save the world— To save a future that had begun to crumble.

X: To be perfectly frank, the cause is Lily. You too, Nero. It's you ladies.

Lily: It's us!?

Tamamo-no-Mae: Your Majesty... Are you going to have a World Tour Concert in the future?

Nero: How dare you!? Besides, wouldn't a World Tour Concert from me save the future?

X: No, you ladies will do nothing. Well, the Red One's concert tour did bring Planet Rome to its ruins.

Nero: What!?

X: Yes. It was so bad even Altera ran away from it. But I am not here to speak on such trivial matters!

X: You Sabers will do nothing. However, your mere presence causes trouble for the future.

Nero: Why? Because we're too sexy!?

X: ...Enough of that. This is serious, so I'd appreciate it if you listened closely.

X: Get this. You may find it hard to believe, but in the future, there are many of you.

X: Actually, there are many of “us.” There are so many that the whole world could end up at war.

Mash: ...Excuse me. ...You're really serious about this, aren't you?

X: You bet I am! Why would I make up such a story to make myself look good!

X: The future is flooded with the Saber Class, and the inflation is out of control.

X: Due to that, the Class value has plummeted and the Servant-verse has fallen into an unprecedented economic crisis.

X: If it continues, the Lancer Class will be annihilated...

X: ...and the Archer Class will all be rounded up as criminals and imprisoned.

X: Because of this, the free Servant-verse will lose all meaning. So I devoted myself to coming back here to the past.

X: Either I must destroy the Saber Class that will saturate us... Or eliminate whatever the cause is from history.

Mash: ...I-I see. So that's why you so obstinately attack the Saber Class...

Tamamo-no-Mae: Hmm, but don't you think there's something odd about that?

Tamamo-no-Mae: If you're trying to expel the entire Saber Class, wouldn't that include Lily?

Lily: ...Yes, that's right. I am a Saber that shouldn't even exist...

Lily: You could even call me one of the causes of the Saber Class saturation that you speak of, Ms. X.

X: N-No, Lily is all right. Destroying all the Sabers is not right.

X: I mean, if I don't leave at least one, then I myself will never be born.

X: And the person that is most suited to that role is you, Lily!

Nero: Umu, I would agree with that conclusion. But why not I?

X: Isn't it obvious? Your character is far too strong for it, and most of all...

X: Now that we're talking like this, you don't resemble me in the least.

X: ...Anyway, though there are many things about you that I find inexcusable, I will forgive you for now—

X: Nero! Watch out!

X: Guah!?

F:???: Huh! You've shown your weakness, Heroine X! You disappoint me to my very core!

F:???: Making peace with Red, of all things - how preposterous! You have no right to call yourself Heroine X!

Nero: X! Who exactly are you!? Show yourself!

F:???: With pleasure! Ha-hah!

F:???: The killer from the shadows, assassination is my forte! I will be the last Saber!

Mash: X!? But wait, she's right here, so what's going on!?

X: Right... She is an imitation of me! What is the meaning of this!?

Z: I am no imitation of you. I am Heroine Z! I am the Saber that destroys all Sabers!

Z: X! Your softness surpasses that of marshmallows and clouds alike. If the mission is to destroy all Sabers—

Z: Then you should have foreseen that another Heroine would appear that would kill her!

Tamamo-no-Mae: No, it's not likely anyone would foresee that kind of Ouroboros connection.

Emiya: I agree. It's like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Z: Well, yes, I guess that's true! But this ends here! I am, after all, the last!

Z: I am the assassin born to kill X, as the result of her traveling back in time. Saber!

Z: It was also I who broke her spacecraft and spread its parts all across the world!

X: Hmph! Why you! Everyone... I'm terribly sorry...(crumple)

Lily: Ms. X—!

Z: Hmph! Weakling. All that's left nowis to eliminate you who know the truth.

Z: I won't tell you to say your prayers. In fact, I'd rather you be careless.

Z: To be perfectly honest, I'm really not very strong! I'm a little worried about battling you all alone!

Mash: That's pretty blunt. Thank you! All right, Senpai. Let's fight!

Mash: Enemy Servant, Heroine Z! Class... I dare say her Class is unknown!

Episode VI: Journey of the Flower

Z: Hey, you guys! There's way too many of you! This just isn't fair!

Nero: How can you say such a thing after taking down X in a sneak attack?

Nero: If you don't want to fight, put down the sword! Fortunately, X is only unconscious.

Z: I hate negotiating!

Z: Why in the world are you protecting X, Lily? I'm so bothered that my attacks are off.

Z: You shouldn't be protecting her! You should end her life! To X, you were nothing more than an object for elimination.

Z: The reason she trained you was because you weren't a threat. She was laughing inside about how much of a pushover you are.

Z: How can I know that, you ask? Of course I know, because that's what I think!

Z: I hate to admit it, but I'm a terrible Saber! However, I know it!

Z: To X, you are nothing but a tool! A nice-looking laborer that would help her repair her spacecraft!


Z: I see you understand now. Then run X through with your sword while she lies unconscious—

Lily: No—No! You're wrong! You're a liar, Z!

Z: Wh-What are you talking about!? How could I possibly be wrong, Lily?

Lily: That may be the kind of person Ms. X is, but that's not really what happened! I mean—

Lily: I'm not proud of this or anything, but do you really think Altria could do something as difficult as repairing a spacecraft!?

Z: Oh! You're right!

Lily: See!? It was Fujimaru and Mash thatstayed up all night every night repairing the spacecraft!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Yes, that's a pretty straightforward argument.

Lily: Which is to say, I'm an entirely useless Saber to Ms. X! From the beginning, I was a knight of no consequence to her!

Lily: Yet she helped me train and grow stronger! She never laughed at my dream!

Lily: No matter what Ms. X's objective is, I will always be her ally!

Lily: And— This holy sword shines bright to protect all those I love!

Lily: Ready your sword, Heroine Z! Saber Lily will send you to your grave!

Fujimaru 1: Lily!

Mash: Whoa! Lily really has come into her own, hasn't she?

Fujimaru 2: Don't you think she's getting too cool too fast?

Emiya: Yes, absolutely. Her development has been rather fast, but that's the kind of person she is!

Z: Hmph! Well said, my enemy! If I am outnumbered, I still have another weapon!

Z: Let me show you what I mean! Heroine Z's ultimate secret weapon—is this!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Wha—!?

Nero: Wha—!?

Mash: Wha—!?

Z: Bateren, bateren noumaku kandara, Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg...

Z: Behold! Saber Ninja Art: 3 Wave Duplication!

Mash: Ninja Art! Senpai, that's a Ninja Art!

Lily: What in the...

Lily: My god! The numbers aren't decreasing!? How is this happening!?

Z: Hah! I'm pleased that you're shocked. It's otherwise known as Ninja Art Saber Infinite Hells.

Z: I hear there's a candy in the East that shows the same face no matter how much you cut it. I based it on that.

Fujimaru 1: That's Golden!

Mash: That's right! In a way, it's a good thing Kintoki isn't here!

Fujimaru 2: Come on, Tamamo, we need a witty comment!

Tamamo-no-Mae: What? I don't think this is particularly mysterious. Frankly, I can do something similar.

Tamamo-no-Mae: In fact, with mine, they aren't just shadow clones, each one is an independent individual!

Tamamo-no-Mae: There's Tamamo-Gucci, who fancies high-class goods, Tamamo-Delmo, who loves decorating her home...

Tamamo-no-Mae: ...the wild beast, Tamamo-Cat, the capable and beautiful secretary, Tamamo-vitch...

Tamamo-no-Mae: ...the ideal princess, Tamamo-no-hime, the deep and mysterious Tamamo-alia...

Tamamo-no-Mae: ...and let's see, there are all kinds of others.

Tamamo-no-Mae: Frankly, whatever the current fad is, there are about three of them with different powers and looks♡

Emiya: ...That is so pointless... Now that truly is a waste!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Hey! What do you mean by that?

Emiya: I mean that you're an idiot!

Nero: This is no time to fool around! This battle strategy is a headache, but the fact is, there's a threat!

Nero: Archer, Caster! You back up Fujimaru and Lily!

Nero: This is Lily's fight—We'll watch your back! Now's the time to fight, Knight of the White Lily!

Lily: Thank you, Nero!

Lily: Master, direct me! This is the Final Battle!


X: Huh... A hundred Saber-faces... Two hundred Saber-faces...three hundred Saber-faces...

X: —What a horrible nightmare! That damn Heroine Z! Using a cowardly sneak attack—

X: ...Z's gone?

Lily: Thank goodness, you're awake, Ms. X! Look at this!

Lily: With the help of Fujimaru, we soundly defeated Z!

X: — Lily, saved me...

Mash: Good morning, X. Senpai, X is awake.

Fujimaru 1: Good Morning, X.

X: G-Good morning. So you fought as well, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 2: That was one rough battle!

X: I can tell by the wretched spectacle upon this plain. Just how many times did Excalibur fire recklessly?

X: This is exactly what's so bad about the wielders of Holy Swords... Wait, I'm one of those too.

X: Actually, it's believed that the random firing of Holy Swords gave birth to Altrium particles.

X: People often joke, “Ha-ha-ha! After blasting these clean energy beams, we've actually polluted the atmosphere! Isn't that nuts?”

X: But that may not be a lie after all...

Fou: Fou, fou!

X: Excuse me. I don't see Red... I mean, Nero... Don't tell me she was done in by Z?

Mash: Nero and the others have already left. “If I am around, it will only ruin X's awakening!” she said.

X: ...

Mash: She also left this message. “There is something you must say upon your awakening!” she said.

X: ...That's none of her business. I really do not get along with her at all.

X: —All right. Lily! I have something to say to you!

Lily: Y-Yes? What is it, Ms. X?

X: I must apologize to you! I'm sorry!

X: Just like Z said, I was belittling you!

X: I thought that even if I trained you, I could still handle you... So I was going to leave only you alive in this era.

X: Then after I returned to the future, I was going to cut you down!

Fujimaru 1: That's very brave of you to say, but you're merciless, X!

Fujimaru 2: You call yourself...a Holy Sword Warrior...

X: Don't interrupt me! I seriously regret this!

X: ...Well, I mean, I'm entirely at fault. From beginning to end, I was merely using you.

X: ...Therefore, your training end—

Lily: Yes, of course! We're going to continue my training, right, Ms. X!?

X: —Why? I told you I deceived you. Didn't you hear me?

Lily: No, you didn't. From the very start, you have believed in me.

Lily: You said, “This Saber, I can train.” That's why I was able to fight with all my might.

Lily: I mean—

Lily: Since you trusted and praised me so much, I must do my best to repay that kindness.

X: Oh, well... I guess you could take it that way too. ...I'm at a loss.

X: Fujimaru. What should I do about this?

Fujimaru 1: You may as well just resign yourself to training her.

X: ...Well, I guess. But I'm not really sure how to do that...

Fujimaru 2: Just be honest with her, and accept it.

X: I am always honest! I only say what I want to say!

X: ...Well, at any rate, my mission hasn't changed, but I think I'll take a break from it for a while.

X: Until Du Stallion II is repaired, I will continue with your training.

X: It's a pleasure to be working with you again, Lily. I'll continue with the Spartan exercises, so prepare yourself!

Lily: Thank you! Work with me until my Noble Phantasm reaches max level, Ms. X!

X: I'm not sure it's everything you wanted, but is it satisfactory, Fujimaru?

X: Shieldy... Mash and Lily are enjoying some combat together. Since it's just us two alone, let's have a talk.

X: Nero said this as well. That only those that live now can change the future.

X: That's wrong. For people like Lily and me who were born of certain results, we cannot change those results.

X: Even if Lily were to improve immensely and become a King, the land she would rule has been destroyed.

Fujimaru 1: ...But Nero said it could be changed...

X: She didn't elaborate quite enough. But yes, that is what Nero said.

Fujimaru 2: No, that can't be. That's the whole reason for Chaldea.

X: Chaldea and we are different. Chaldea works to return absolutely everything to its true state.

X: It's not to change history...or throw it into chaos. It's the final stronghold for returning human history back to normal.

X: One day I will become part of Chaldea, and I look forward to that day.

X: Now listen. No matter what Lily does, she cannot change her destiny.

X: But that process, that's something different. Even if the endpoint is the same, the pathway to it can be chosen.

X: ...Take a country that has fallen to ruin.

X: Whether that ruin was tragic or tranquil, only the people of that time know.

X: There is no way for the people of the future to know. Only the people of that time can actually know what it was like.

X: The things that Lily does will fulfill that possibility. The original King Arthur was unable to fulfill the dream...

X: It is an entirely hypothetical story that left no mark on real history. Only she can make the glorious journey.

Fou: Fou...

X: Well, you could go through as much suffering as I did, only to come to an even worse end!

Fou: Foo, foou!

X: At any rate, Lily and the others, including myself, owe a lot to Chaldea.

X: I look forward to working with you more, Master!

X: Whenever you face a tough Saber, feel free to call upon my Holy Sword!