Fate Accel Zero Order


Dr. Roman: I'm sorry to ask you to come this early in the morning, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: It hasn't been long since what happened to Da Vinci, but we detected another Singularity.

Fou: Foou, fooou!

Mash: I'm sorry for being late, Doctor! I've been having trouble waking up for the past few days—Oh.

Mash: Oh, you're here already, Senpai. As a master of REM sleep, I can see you are ready anytime.

Fujimaru 1: Waking up immediately is a special skill I have.

Mash: I know. I noticed that when I first met you.

Mash: I still remember how cheerful you were when you woke up that day. That memory is one of my best to date.

Fujimaru 2: Actually, I pulled an all-nighter...

Mash: That is not good. Chaldea time is now the benchmark in this world.

Mash: Senpai, staying past 1 in the morning is bad for your body. Even if you get login bonuses at 4.

Dr. Roman: Mash, I'm glad to see that you're doing great, too. Well, can I start briefing now?

Mash: Um...s-sure. Sorry, Doctor.

Mash: You were talking about a new Singularity, right? But Doctor, aren't those coordinates the same as Singularity F?

Dr. Roman: It does appear that way on Chaldeas' map, but the temporal axis is different.

Dr. Roman: This Singularity corresponds to the point 10 years earlier in time than the Singularity F you guys investigated before.

Dr. Roman: I can't conclude that this is a Holy Grail for certain, but an extremely similar response has been observed.

Mash: Earlier, huh? But is it really possible that a Holy Grail would manifest at the same point so frequently?

Dr. Roman: Actually, even I can't explain that. So, I thought I would bring someone who seemed capable of doing it.

El-Melloi: I see. That's why you called me here.

Mash: Zhuge Liang... No, Lord El-Melloi II!

El-Melloi: Indeed, I am familiar with Fuyuki City in Japan... Or so I'd like to say.

El-Melloi: But unfortunately, my knowledge is estranged from the history recorded by Laplace here in Chaldea.

Dr. Roman: That's expected. Now that human history has been incinerated,

Dr. Roman: many different possibilities got mixed in with Chaldeas' observation results.

Dr. Roman: Perhaps, Chaldeas didn't exist in the history where Mr. El-Melloi II came from.

Dr. Roman: Your world and our world... I am not sure which one is the proper history, however...

Dr. Roman: It is obvious that both worlds are “centered and extremely close to each other.” Otherwise, you wouldn't have been summoned.

El-Melloi: You're talking about the cluster of parallel worlds in the Primary Branch... In other words, Phenomena Permissible for Revision that share the same future despite minor differences...

El-Melloi: And Phenomena Designated for Removal: the cluster of parallel worlds that would eventually lead to ruin like fallen leaves.

El-Melloi: Unfortunately, that kind of topic is out of my purview.

El-Melloi: It's a part of the World that, unless you're one with a Heroic Spirit like me, is hard to understand.

El-Melloi: Besides, it's not something Fujimaru must hear, either.

El-Melloi: So, I'm going to tell you only what I know. This is all just based on the events that occurred in my world, mind you.

El-Melloi: So. Your records indicate that the first Holy Grail War took place in Fuyuki City of 2004. However...

El-Melloi: As far as I know, the Holy Grail War has occured five times in Fuyuki City.

Mash: Five times! That many!?

Fou: Fooou?

Dr. Roman: Hm, I see. So depending on the situation, the Holy Grail War already happened five times already.

Dr. Roman: —Wait, five times already!? A ritual of that scale was performed five times!?

Dr. Roman: How did they hide it from everybody!? Don't tell me the Holy Grail War is a competitive sport in your world,

Dr. Roman: and people treat it like the Olympic Games!?

El-Melloi: A rather amusing idea, but that's not it, Doctor.

El-Melloi: In our case, the Mage's Association and the Holy Church colluded to cover everything up.

Dr. Roman: O-Of course they did... Whew, that scared me. Please continue, Professor.

El-Melloi: The temporal axis observed this time was not the 2004 where Singularity F was located, but 10 years earlier... The Fourth Holy Grail War.

El-Melloi: When it comes to my world, it's not a surprise that you could detect a Holy Grail in the past at those coordinates.

Mash: The possibility that a Holy Grail could exist at that era in the past... Indeed, that would be able to give birth to a new Singularity.

Mash: Could this be a misadjustment on Sheba's part? I mean, to observe the light of civilization in the past...

El-Melloi: I personally hope that's the case.

El-Melloi: Now that human history has been incinerated, it's impossible to observe light on a normal temporal axis.

El-Melloi: If a light is lit on Chaldeas in its current state, that can only be a Singularity that's removed from the temporal axis.

El-Melloi: Am I right, Doctor?

El-Melloi: This is probably a stain that has already been disconnected from human history and will eventually contaminate it.

Dr. Roman: Exactly, Professor. No matter what this Singularity actually is, we must retrieve the Holy Grail that exists there.

El-Melloi: I suppose so. Retrieving or destroying it is the mission given to Fujimaru.

El-Melloi: ...However, there is a problem.

El-Melloi: The main reason why the Holy Grail War was repeated five times in Fuyuki was because the Holy Grail never manifested itself, not even once.

El-Melloi: Also, due to a certain accident, this ritual has been mutated to a state you can barely call it “ritual” anymore.

El-Melloi: In conclusion, you mustn't retrieve this Holy Grail. It is a Holy Grail that must not manifest... It's just a poison.

El-Melloi: While it tempted the participants as a “wish granting device,” in truth, it was merely a device of mass destruction created for the purpose to eliminating the world.

Fujimaru 1: You are really knowledgeable.

El-Melloi: Of course, I did my research. Besides, it's my responsibility as a participant... No, I just want to reassure myself.

El-Melloi: I put in a considerate amount of effort to dismantle Fuyuki's Holy Grail.

El-Melloi: When it comes to the circumstances surrounding this land, I've left no stone unturned.

Dr. Roman: How dependable. From the way you sounded, I guess I don't have to ask you to help us, right?

El-Melloi: Doctor, you sure are a bad guy. You called me here because you wanted me to help, no?

El-Melloi: I will join this investigation. I believe I am the best observer, don't you think so?

Fujimaru 1: You'll be a great help.

Mash: Yes! It'll be very assuring to have all the information about our destination.

Fujimaru 2: You say that, but you really want to go, right?

El-Melloi: I won't deny that. The Fourth Holy Grail War is a fateful event to me in no small way.

El-Melloi: And it's about to begin right now. I'd be lying if I said that I had no interest.

Dr. Roman: Then it's settled. Get ready for Rayshift now.

Dr. Roman: The target coordinates are Fuyuki City, Japan, 1994. Looks like it's gonna be different this time around, too. So watch out!

Fou: Fou, fooou!

ACT-1: "The Man Who Knows Fuyuki"

Mash: So this is...Fuyuki before it was in flames?

Fou: Fou, fou!

Fujimaru 1: Looks peaceful.

Mash: Yes. Seeing how vibrant this city is... Somehow I feel very relieved.

Fujimaru 2: Is it rare for you?

Mash: Oh no. I've seen the scenery of modern Japan during the incident of Ogawa-heim already. There's not much difference.

Mash: But to think in 10 years, catastrophe would visit a quiet town like this...

El-Melloi: You shouldn't be too sentimental. We exist in a world where everything's been incinerated, not just this town.

Mash: Y-You are right... But...

El-Melloi: My apologies, I could've worded it better. Yes, normal life is hard to come by, but don't get obsessed over it.

El-Melloi: Fearing the inevitable tragedy like the catastrophe of war would only slow you down.

El-Melloi: Because we fight as we are confronted with the destruction of mankind's past and future.

El-Melloi: What I meant was, we should keep that in mind, and prepare ourselves for any situation.

El-Melloi: Take this instance for example. You probably think there won't be any threat in a peaceful residential district at a time where everybody is asleep, correct?

Mash: That's right. To be honest, I find it hard to believe this place was the site for a Holy Grail War...

El-Melloi: That perception is too naive. In a fight between mages, first you must question everything you see. For example...

El-Melloi: Qi Men Dun Jia, Eight Gates Golden Locks Formation!

Assassin: Ugh!

Mash: !?

Fou: Bfoooou!?

Dr. Roman: Assassin Servant!? Was that Presence Concealment!? But even so that was way too concealed!

Assassin: D-Damn you! How is that possible!?

El-Melloi: Are you asking how is it possible for me to see through your Presence Concealment? Well, I couldn't.

El-Melloi: However, I do know from my investigation that the Assassin in the Fourth Holy Grail War could split into multiple entities and monitored the entirety of Fuyuki.

El-Melloi: I knew we'd get caught in your surveillance network seeing how flashy Rayshifts can be. Then it's only natural for you to come scouting.

El-Melloi: Now that you're in my Stone Sentinel Maze, there's no point in you using Presence Concealment.

El-Melloi: Now, Fujimaru, it's time to put up a fight. I'll explain everything later.


Mash: Enemy Servant eliminated. The battle is over.

Fujimaru 1: That was a pretty easy win.

Fujimaru 2: That was pretty weak for a Servant...

El-Melloi: That was just one of the many Assassins. As you've seen, that Assassin has the ability to split and manifest multiple bodies.

El-Melloi: That's why the fight is not over yet. We must prepare for the next encounter.

Mash: Do you mean a single Heroic Spirit has the ability to manifest as a group?

El-Melloi: Not only is it a fearsome ability to use in espionage, unless one has an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm, it means that Assassin can overwhelm any opponent with sheer numbers alone.

El-Melloi: Humph, but now that I've mastered Qi Men Dun Jia, they'll just end up as my prey.

El-Melloi: They'd have to keep the entire Fuyuki area under surveillance for the time being. That said, they can't exactly ignore us either.

El-Melloi: Assassin will most likely keep sending people to attack us.

El-Melloi: As a result, they have broken the golden rule of military strategy by continuously investing their combat personnel without reserve. How very sad, indeed.

El-Melloi: We'll have to fight them one after another, but they shouldn't pose too much of a threat.

El-Melloi: Just take them out the minute you lay eyes on them. Now then, there's no time to waste. Onward I say! Onward!

Fou: Fou?

Mash: Huh? But...

Fujimaru 1: Aren't you going to give us an explanation now?

Fujimaru 2: What the heck is even going on right now?

El-Melloi: Apologies, but it will have to wait. I'm not trying to be pompous, it's just we're in a race against time.

El-Melloi: Oh, don't make that face. I'll explain as many things as I can on our way, starting with the most vital matters.

Fou: Fooou...

ACT-2: "Military Intervention"

El-Melloi: To be honest, the Holy Grail War in Fuyuki is basically a scam.

El-Melloi: The whole “battle royale for the chance to grant your wish” format is just an outright lie to lure in participants.

Mash: A lie? That's terrible... Tricking someone by telling them their wishes will be granted... That's criminal!

El-Melloi: It absolutely is. If these Holy Grail Wars were a widespread thing in a different world, I bet there'd be a lot of lawsuits being filed over them.

El-Melloi: That being said, in this world...

El-Melloi: That is, in my world, that didn't happen. That's because Holy Grail Wars only took place here.

El-Melloi: It was an insidious trap. One that, with the defeat of each participating Servant, means an unprecedented disaster draws closer.

El-Melloi: When the required number of summoned Servant have been sacrificed, “All the Evils of the World” Aŋra Mainiiu will activate.

Fujimaru 1: All the Evils of the World?

Fujimaru 2: That's a pretty dangerous-sounding name.

El-Melloi: You don't need to know everything. Just consider it something like a bomb that could destroy the world.

El-Melloi: It has more than enough power to wipe out the entirety of human history up to that point.

El-Melloi: Singularity F, the first foundation you all have restored...

El-Melloi: I see that as the likely state of Fuyuki after the conclusion of the Fifth Holy Grail War.

El-Melloi: The first point to fall as the world crumbled. All because a ritual that should have never been carried out was indeed completed.

Mash: But why would someone set a trap like that? Who would do that?

El-Melloi: This ritual started off with a very different purpose, and became what it is through a ridiculous man-made disaster.

El-Melloi: That disaster is a “past event” even in this timeline.

El-Melloi: At any rate, the problem is that the paradox Sheba detected in this era is like a Holy Grail.

Dr. Roman: I see, if the Holy Grail is already here...

El-Melloi: Yes. If the Holy Grail has already manifested, this city should be in flames right now. But at a glance, that's not really the case.

El-Melloi: So the Holy Grail detected by Chaldea is likely something different from Fuyuki's Greater Grail, corrupted by Aŋra Mainiiu.

El-Melloi: If I recall, this Fourth Holy Grail War is still in its early stages now. Tonight is when everything moves into motion. We can use that.

Mash: Ah, I see. So that's why you've been so conscious of the time today.

El-Melloi: That's right. Right now, it's critical that we stay ahead of events. This harbor district will be the key.

Fujimaru 1: What's going to happen here?

El-Melloi: Hmm, it seems we have to end our chitchat before I get to explain that. The events have caught up to us.

E:???: You there. May I ask who you are?

E:???: It seems you are also participants in the Holy Grail War... Seeing how you have Servants with you.

F:Saber: Irisviel, something is strange. I no longer detect the presence of Lancer, who invited us here.

Fujimaru 1: Is that... Saber?

Dr. Roman: She appears to be, but that's not her. I mean, she's contracted with another Master already!

Fujimaru 2: Is this another Heroine X incident?

Mash: Let's not go there for now, Senpai. This time, we're being serious here...

El-Melloi: That is one of the seven Heroic Spirits summoned into the Fourth Holy Grail War. Class Saber, Altria Pendragon.

El-Melloi: That being the case, sorry, but we will be your opponent now instead of Lancer.

El-Melloi: Irisviel von Einzbern.

Altria: What... You! How do you know my True Name!?

Irisviel: This is no ordinary opponent. Be careful, Saber!

El-Melloi: Okay, Fujimaru, time for Round 2. But this opponent is quite powerful. She's on an entirely different level from Assassin.

El-Melloi: I realize I'm shoving you into a rather difficult fight, but unfortunately, I need to put one more restriction on you.

El-Melloi: ...I'm sorry, but don't defeat Saber here. Only push far enough to make her retreat.

Fujimaru 1: That's a tall order!

Fujimaru 2: And how do you propose we do that?

El-Melloi: I already told you we're pressed for time. I'll explain everything later. Now, go on and do your best!

Fou: Fou, fooou!?


Mash: The enemy Saber has withdrawn from battle!

Fujimaru 1: We don't need to go after her?

El-Melloi: Leave her be. The next one is who we should go after.

Mash: The next...one?

El-Melloi: I've been keeping the Servant who was supposed to fight Saber in my Qi Men Dun Jia formation. But it's about time...

Lancer: Who are you? Was that strange stone maze your doing!? What happened to Saber!?

Fou: Fou!?

Fujimaru 1: Something really came out!

El-Melloi: Calm yourself, First Spear of the Knights of Fianna. We're not Archibald's enemies.

Lancer: What!? You know my True Name...

F:???: Humph. We seem to be faced with a formidable opponent. How did you know that I was Lancer's Master?

Mash: ? Where is that voice coming from?

Dr. Roman: He's shielding himself with magecraft. This Servant's Master is hiding somewhere close by.

El-Melloi: Lord Kayneth, we have hastened to join your side and stand in support of you.

El-Melloi: For certain reasons, I cannot divulge my name, so let me give the name of Lady Reines as my guarantor for the time being.

F:???: Reines... My niece? I demand to know what is going on here!

El-Melloi: Though I would not hesitate to provide an explanation at the present time, I would beg your forbearance until tomorrow.

El-Melloi: However, allow me to say just one thing in advance: I can tell you the current location of Caster.

F:???: Caster? How do you know that?

El-Melloi: Tomorrow at noon, I will prove the truth of my words.

El-Melloi: I will show you anew what value lies in listening to our story.

F:???: Humph...

El-Melloi: Then, we will pay a visit to your penthouse suite in Fuyuki New Tower at 10 p.m. tomorrow night. So for tonight, will you allow us to go?

F:???: Ohh? So you even know my address, do you? ...Very well. I don't dislike a smart man like yourself.

F:???: All the more if you're a mage with a sense of gratitude. But that faint trace of a working-class accent in your English... What a shame.

F:???: But, very well. I shall accept your proposal.

F:???: Having observed how you handled Saber earlier, we will depart here in peace.

Kayneth: I will neither flee nor hide myself. I look forward to hearing just what it is you're planning.

Mash: That's... Lancer's Master?

Lancer: Are you certain about this, Master?

Kayneth: Patience, Lancer. Yes, they are clearly a suspicious bunch. But when you know so little about what you face, it's best to wait and observe.

Kayneth: Best to be cautious when starting a fight, got it?

Lancer: ...Understood.

El-Melloi: Then we'll be taking our leave. Come, let's get going, Fujimaru.

El-Melloi: Now then, we can finally take a moment to talk properly. How far did I get in my explanation earlier?

Fujimaru 1: You said that once this war ends, the world will be destroyed...

El-Melloi: Ah yes, that's right. Defeated Servants are absorbed into the Greater Grail of Fuyuki as sacrifices to bring it to completion.

El-Melloi: But what happens then is not the granting of a wish, but the release of Aŋra Mainiiu... From the start, this war was never meant to have a winner.

Dr. Roman: What a cruel tale...

Dr. Roman: After investing so much of yourself and even murdering fellow mages, your reward is the opposite of what you would wish... That's truly cruel...

El-Melloi: It certainly is. I imagine if I'd been the winner of the Fifth Holy Grail War, I would have turned evil from despair.

El-Melloi: Forgive me. And to think I'm the one who's always saying sentimentality is pointless.

El-Melloi: In my experience, the Greater Grail activates in a limited capacity after the defeat of the fifth Servant.

El-Melloi: However, that also means that if we can convince at least three Servants to withdraw from the battlefield intact...

Dr. Roman: Then the ritual will end up eternally in limbo, the Holy Grail will remain incomplete, and we can simply secure its vessel. Right?

Fou: Fooou.

Mash: Understood. So this time, we won't be fighting to defeat the other Servants, but to protect them, in a sense.

Mash: Though it'd be best if we could resolve all this amicably.

El-Melloi: Right. But we can't assume everyone will agree peacefully.

El-Melloi: Since we want the War to end in a stalemate, we need to first seek out and defeat the Servants with whom such an agreement is impossible.

Fujimaru 1: Just when I thought you were a gentleman!

Fujimaru 2: Just when I thought reason would triumph!

El-Melloi: I'm aware of my own savagery. Let me say right now that I started off as a cowardly, subservient boy.

El-Melloi: But the war strategist I housed in my body gets so worked up I couldn't help but change.

Fujimaru 1: He is THE Zhuge Liang.

El-Melloi: Truly. Strategists in Ancient China can get even more violent and ruthless than military generals.

Fujimaru 2: Sayest thou truly?

El-Melloi: What kind of foolishness is that?

El-Melloi: It's one thing if theater actors or poets use that language, but why would you talk like that? Are you making fun of them?

El-Melloi: Show some respect!

Fou: Fou, fofofooou...

El-Melloi: Now, back to our conversation.

El-Melloi: Of the participants in this Holy Grail War, there are two Servants we couldn't even try to spare... Caster and Archer.

El-Melloi: Without a shred of doubt, I can say those two would be incapable of reaching an understanding with us.

El-Melloi: So it'd be best to get them out of the way before they start engaging other Servants.

El-Melloi: That brings us to Assassin. Their Master is colluding with the one in possession of Archer.

El-Melloi: Since we plan to fight Archer, we'll inevitably have to fight Assassin too. Though they've already marked us as opponents anyway.

Mash: Oh, the one we fought right after we Rayshifted here...

El-Melloi: Next, we have Berserker... Since his madness prevents us from reasoning with him directly, everything depends on his Master.

El-Melloi: The key will be whether we can convince the Master while he's still able to keep full control over Berserker without having to use Command Spells.

El-Melloi: That said, there's always the possibility Berserker could go on a rampage himself, independent of his Master's will.

El-Melloi: One vital thing I learned after the Fourth War ended is that the one who'd summoned Berserker was in an extremely unstable condition, both physically and mentally.

El-Melloi: But I never did get to meet him myself...

Mash: Well then, shall we put dealing with Berserker on hold for now?

El-Melloi: Though I can't help but feel it is risky, yes.

El-Melloi: Therefore, by process of elimination, we can conclude that our best chances for success lie with Saber, Lancer, and Rider.

Dr. Roman: Ahh, so that's why you prevented that clash on the docks between Saber and Lancer.

Mash: Then that only leaves Rider's faction. Do you think they'd be likely to cooperate?

El-Melloi: ...

Fou: Fou?

Fujimaru 1: Why are you falling quiet all of a sudden?

Fujimaru 2: Is there something worrying you?

El-Melloi: ...Yes. It all depends on how well I can get them to accept what I'll say to them.

ACT-3: "Second Owner"

Dr. Roman: Well, Mash? How's the summoning circle coming along?

Mash: Not so well...

Fujimaru 1: Is it not working?

Mash: The Leyline is here, but it's being guarded by another spell so I can't access it.

Fou: Fooou!

El-Melloi: Hmm, I guess it's difficult to set up on a land controlled by a proper mage...

Fujimaru 1: What do you mean?

El-Melloi: All the Leylines in this area are under the control of a certain mage clan.

El-Melloi: I thought there would be a weakness I could exploit, but I was too naive.

El-Melloi: ...Her father truly is a skilled mage. With how I am now, I can tell the structure of this spell is very solid.

Mash: What should we do? At this rate we won't be able to get supplies from Chaldea.

El-Melloi: We've got no choice but to destroy the keystones the mage placed, and take the Leyline for ourselves.

El-Melloi: They should be fairly well-defended, but we'll have to break through.

El-Melloi: I'd like to avoid unnecessary combat, because we can't fight on an empty stomach. Nothing for it.

Dr. Roman: You mean destroy the barrier keystones!? If you do that, won't the mage, the Second Owner, get mad?

El-Melloi: Of course. But the family that owns this land, the Tohsakas, are also the mages that summoned Archer.

El-Melloi: In other words, they're our enemies to begin with.

Dr. Roman: ...I see. But the keystone to the Leylines should be carefully hidden, right?

El-Melloi: Don't worry. I know where they are already.

Mash: What? How did you find out?

El-Melloi: The next heir to the Tohsaka clan is a student of mine. In the end, I dismantle the Greater Grail here with her help.

El-Melloi: When that happens, I learn the structure of the Leylines in this area.

Dr. Roman: Wait a second. You're going to wreck your future student's estate?

El-Melloi: This future happens in a different timeline. I have no duty or responsibility to the Tohsakas in this era.

El-Melloi: And the Tohsaka family was one of the clans responsible for the Fuyuki Holy Grail War.

El-Melloi: If they lose their Leyline and become impoverished, it's their own fault. I'm sure the future Tohsaka will understand.

Fujimaru 1: She's not around to agree, though!

Fujimaru 2: ...Someday we might end up paying for this big time...

El-Melloi: Let's start with the nearest point.

El-Melloi: After we destroy several of the keystones, we can try setting up the circle again.

Dr. Roman: Is this okay? Stuff like this always comes back to haunt you...

Fou: Fooou...

ACT-4: "Those Who Lurk in the Dark"

Dr. Roman: Wait up! I'm picking up traces of magical energy nearby... They're not human, and they're heading straight for you!

Mash: I can see them too. What are those monsters? They look like something, um... that I want nothing to do with.

El-Melloi: They're fragments of the sea monsters summoned by Caster.

El-Melloi: The Caster who participated in this Holy Grail War has completely lost his sanity.

El-Melloi: He doesn't have any strategy or plan. He just keeps summoning familiars to devour innocent civilians.

Fujimaru 1: We have to stop them.

Fujimaru 2: Let's get them!

El-Melloi: They won't hurt us if we leave them alone, but...

El-Melloi: Even in a dark back alley like this, if innocent people come back here there'll be a disaster.

El-Melloi: Let's take the time to get rid of them.


ACT-5: "The Meeting of El-Melloi"

Mash: That's another Leyline point secured. It's going well, isn't it, Master?

Fou: Fou, fou!

El-Melloi: Yeah. But it's about time. Let's finish up here, and head to negotiate with Lancer's Master.

Mash: Is this really going to work? He seems like a very cold person...

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, he's definitely a cold-blooded mage.

Fujimaru 2: Yeah, well, he's going bald, so...

El-Melloi: Leave it to me. But Fujimaru, I'd like you to let me handle all negotiations with Lord Kayneth.

El-Melloi: I'll keep a telepathic channel open so we can communicate in secret, but keep your mouth shut at all times. Got it?

Fujimaru 1: I'll let you handle it.

Fujimaru 2: Let's see what you can do.

Lancer: ...

Dr. Roman: (His Servant seems ready to fight at any moment!?)

Mash: (The air's heavy... How is El-Melloi going to get through this, I wonder?)

Kayneth: I spoke to Archisorte last night. You were lying when you said you were acting on Reines' behalf.

El-Melloi: But you agreed to meet with us anyway. Which means...

Kayneth: There's something else I want to ask you about. Your statements about Caster last night...

Kayneth: Why were you able to know the Holy Church's actions in advance?

El-Melloi: Because for me, it happened long ago in the past.

Kayneth: What?

El-Melloi: The morning after the Servant battle at the wharf, the Overseer speaks to all participants and offers a special reward for the first to kill Caster.

El-Melloi: ...But that's not all I know.

El-Melloi: You originally intended to summon Iskandar for this battle. You even had the catalyst for it.

El-Melloi: However, it was stolen by a student at the Clock Tower, Waver Velvet...

El-Melloi: ...and you were forced to summon Diarmuid Ua Duibhne instead.

Kayneth: How did you...

El-Melloi: And it's not you that's providing the magical energy for that Servant, it's your fiancée Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri.

El-Melloi: You have her in another room to keep her safe. Well, it's good to be careful.

Kayneth: ...

El-Melloi: Oh, speaking of Lady Sola-Ui. There was a love letter draft left in your study.

El-Melloi: I believe it began, “To my beautiful beloved, your eyes glisten like the morning dew...”

Kayneth: Shut up! Shut up! Enough! Who are you!?

El-Melloi: I wasn't lying when I said I was acting on behalf of Lady Reines.

El-Melloi: But I will only officially receive that duty four years from now.

El-Melloi: And thus, everything I told you is part of my memories of the past.

Kayneth: ...Humph.

El-Melloi: You're taking this seriously. I suppose I should've expected that from the leader of the Archibald family.

Kayneth: A traveler through time, huh? I've heard that some are working very hard at that research.

Kayneth: I thought it was stupid nonsense that would never come true... Even so, I need a more believable explanation.

Kayneth: What you're saying is similar to True Magic. Of course, there must be quite the backstory involved.

El-Melloi: I'll give you an overview. Let me begin.

ACT-6: "United Battlefront"

Kayneth: I see. Observing the past projected on the Earth Environmental Model, and the Rayshift technology that implemented the Heroic Spirit Summoning System...

Kayneth: And all of this is made possible by the use of the Spiritron Calculation Engine.

Kayneth: Spiritron Calculation Engine... I'd heard rumors that the Atlas Institute was working on such a thing, but...

El-Melloi: Yes. All of these great achievements in magecraft are accomplished by the Archibald family.

Fujimaru 1: (Whaaaaat!?)

El-Melloi: (You there, don't let it show on your face!)

Mash: (Remember, poker face, Senpai!)

Fou: (Fou fou fou...)

Kayneth: So in the future, the Archibald family achieves all this?

El-Melloi: Of course, this is only possible due to your astonishing leadership. Your later exploits at the Clock Tower...

El-Melloi: ...bring together a number of different academic factions to make this huge project, “Chaldea,” a reality.

Dr. Roman: (If Director Olga Marie heard this somehow, who knows what she'd say...)

Mash: (Right, I don't even want to imagine it...)

Kayneth: Humph. I have no connection to the Atlas Institute. I dislike that group of eccentrics.

Kayneth: I would never work with those pessimists... Or so I thought, but... Heh. Hehehe.

Kayneth: I see... Well, it's not impossible, is it!?

Fujimaru 1: (Whaaaaat!?)

Dr. Roman: (Whaaaaat!?)

Mash: (Is the Lord of the Clock Tower an...)

Kayneth: Well, I was just thinking that the Evocation department and Mineralogy department weren't enough for me to get the upper hand in the academic world.

Kayneth: I was thinking perhaps it was time to find some new research. Yes. I'm surprised I had such skills in that direction, though.

Kayneth: Hmm. I guess even in my old age I can still pull off some new tricks, huh?

Dr. Roman: (What—!? He's not the kind of person I thought he was. He's not, right?)

Diarmuid: Amazing! Yes, I always believed in you.

Diarmuid: Right now, you may be struggling, but in the future you'll achieve great things!

El-Melloi: Of course, it's not only your technological achievements, but the financial backing provided by the Sophia-Ri clan.

El-Melloi: The vast amount of funds required for Chaldea was only available due to the loving relationship you have with your future wife.

Kayneth: Aww, shucks. Hehe. I've dedicated my whole life to magecraft, so I don't know if I could be a family man...

Kayneth: At least, I didn't until now! I see! Fwahahaha!

Mash: (Oh, so the reason Lord El-Melloi wanted to get the Lancer faction on his side first was that...)

Dr. Roman: (They were the easiest to trick, maybe.)

Fou: (...Fo-u.)

El-Melloi: And so we've come here to make your future glory all the more certain, Lord Archibald.

El-Melloi: But time travel brings with it certain restrictions on what you can do in the past.

El-Melloi: We can't offer you too much aid, but when it comes to information...

Kayneth: Yes, with your intervention, I'll have the advantage over the enemy at all stages in the process.

El-Melloi: The first thing you must do is eliminate Caster. The other Masters don't know where he is.

El-Melloi: If you can launch an attack first, the additional Command Spell the Overseer promised will be yours.

Kayneth: Wonderful! So I'll get a fourth Command Spell before I've even used one?

Kayneth: Hahaha! This battle's as good as won!

Kayneth: I joined this battle mostly on a whim, but if my future descendants are intervening...

Kayneth: Perhaps there's more meaning to this than I thought?

El-Melloi: Please just keep in mind that such possibility cannot be ignored.

El-Melloi: We can only speak to events that have already been decided when it comes to our intervention.

El-Melloi: We must remain silent about anything that has not been observed by anyone in this temporal axis.

El-Melloi: Otherwise, the ripples caused by the change of history will grow too great, and may activate the Counter Force.

Kayneth: Hmph...

El-Melloi: Our very intervention has caused the future to change and lose its certainty.

El-Melloi: What happens now is unknown to us as well.

Kayneth: These secret spells enter the realm of True Magic, and so they aren't that easy to use, huh? So I guess it all depends on how you use them.

El-Melloi: We're almost at Caster's workshop. This is where it gets rough.

Diarmuid: We've already passed the boundary, it seems. Something's coming!

???: HISS!

El-Melloi: Caster's pet familiars.

El-Melloi: He has a powerful Noble Phantasm, but is weak as a mage. However, in large numbers these things pose a threat.

Kayneth: Hmph. If it's giving such power to scum who can't even keep their magecraft secret...

Kayneth: I guess I'll need to personally secure this Fuyuki Grail.

Kayneth: Go, Lancer! Destroy all who would stand in my way!

Diarmuid: As you wish!

Mash: Senpai, we're being left out of this for some reason, but we have to fight, too!

Fujimaru 1: Let's help them.

Fujimaru 2: Begin the fight!

Fou: Fou, fou!

ACT-7: "Hunting for Bluebeard"

Mash: The enemy's weakening! Hurry!

Diarmuid: We'll break through. Is that all right, Master?

Kayneth: Yes. Punish the owner of these filthy beasts in the name of El-Melloi!

Fujimaru 1: El-Melloi?

Fujimaru 2: You really are related?

El-Melloi: (I'll tell you about that some other time...)

Mash: Th-This is...

Diarmuid: How disgusting...who could do such a thing to a corpse?

Kayneth: Humph. This explains the Overseer's hurry.

Dr. Roman: Be careful! I'm detecting a Servant very close to you!

G:Caster: How dare you philistines interfere with our pursuit of beauty? Are you trying to stop the awakening of the Holy Maiden, too?

Mash: Marshal Gilles de Rais?

Dr. Roman: No matter where he's summoned, this guy never listens to what you have to say...

El-Melloi: The Master who summoned him this time has only made him worse. Even without the Holy Grail War, he needs to be eliminated.

Gilles: Nonsense! You will be the ones sacrificed here!


Gilles: Ooh. So this mundane ending is also the will of God?

Mash: Servant Caster is defeated. We've won.

Fujimaru 1: Where's Caster's Master?

Fujimaru 2: We're not done here!

El-Melloi: He's not a mage who poses any threat alone, but...

El-Melloi: He is a murderer who will continue these acts on his own, even without Caster. He must be dealt with.

Kayneth: But Caster himself has been defeated. Haven't we done what the Overseer asked?

El-Melloi: Indeed. Go to the Fuyuki Church and request your additional Command Spell. We'll clean things up here.

Kayneth: Humph. That's right. I can't let the Overseer see you, can I? We'll meet again later.

Diarmuid: Thank you for your help. Hope I see you next time, future heroes.

El-Melloi: Now then, I'm not looking forward to it, but let's track down this serial killer.

ACT-8: "Irregular"

Fou: Fou?

Mash: Master! Down that corridor! Someone's lying on the ground!

El-Melloi: He's...dead. From the look of things, this was definitely the Master that summoned Caster.

Mash: ...No... Did he have a fight with his Servant?

El-Melloi: The wound is too clean. That's not how Caster would kill.

El-Melloi: But then who? Hmm...

El-Melloi: !? Eight Gates Golden Locks Formation!

Fou: Fou!?

Mash: Lord El-Melloi!? What...

Dr. Roman: Be careful, Mash, Fujimaru! A Servant is approaching you!

Mash: Huh? But there wasn't anything a moment ago...

El-Melloi: Presence Concealment. An Assassin? Without the Qi Men Dun Jia, we'd have been in danger too.

Assassin?: ...You use strange techniques. I didn't expect to be found.

Mash: Is this another one of the Assassins from before? It feels different.

El-Melloi: This is...different. There was no Servant like this in the Fourth Holy Grail War I knew.

Dr. Roman: Then this is the “irregularity” that you were searching for?

El-Melloi: Perhaps. This may be what has twisted the 1994 Fuyuki into a Singularity.

El-Melloi: Even if this isn't the original cause, there must be some connection.

Assassin?: I've no reason to fight you. If you simply let me go, I'll leave.

El-Melloi: That's not an option. We need to know who you are, and why you're here.

El-Melloi: That's practically why we came here, after all.

Assassin?: I have no reason to acquiesce to your demands, and if you insist, I'll have to fight you.

El-Melloi: You heard them, Fujimaru. Though regrettable, it seems like violence is our only option.

El-Melloi: We'll neutralize and capture them, and then get them to cooperate!


Assassin?: Tch, you're strong!

Mash: There's something strange about this Servant.

Mash: He has a different aura than the other Servants in this Holy Grail War.

El-Melloi: Yes, and he feels familiar. He's more similar to us, at Chaldea.

Fou: Fou, fou!

Mash: That's right. He seems similar to Emiya-senpai, the Archer...

Assassin?: !?

Dr. Roman: Everyone, be careful! I'm seeing a new Servant. They're heading straight for you!

El-Melloi: What? Who could it be now... Oh, no!

Mash: Oh no! Master, get down!

Assassin?: ...

Mash: Are you okay, Master?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, thanks.

Mash: Good... But we let Assassin get away just now. I'm sorry.

Fujimaru 2: Where did Assassin go?

Mash: ...I'm sorry. I lost track of his magical energy. He's probably already left the battlefield.

El-Melloi: That lightning just now destroyed my Golden Locks Formation as well. Curse them...

Iskandar: Oooh! The battle's already begun, it seems. Looks like we're a little late, kid.

Waver: Huh? That's strange. I was sure we'd be the first.

Mash: Th-That's...

Fou: Fou!

Fujimaru 1: I definitely know that face!

Fujimaru 2: This is getting complicated!

Mash: Yeah. That Servant is probably Rider, but that Master is...

El-Melloi: The first ones here? You idiot!

El-Melloi: You know more than anybody how primitive the method you used to find this place was!

El-Melloi: You didn't really think you could get a leg up on some of the best mages in the world with that, did you?

Waver: W-Who are you? What are you talking about...

El-Melloi: This time, and every other time, you only make it through your problems thanks to good luck!

El-Melloi: And because things work out in the end, you start to overestimate your own strength!

El-Melloi: That's why you never get better! You know this, right? RIGHT?

Waver: Wait a second! Why do I have to get a lecture from someone I've never met?

Waver: Who are you, anyway? You're not the Caster who kidnapped the kids, or his Master, are you?

El-Melloi: You idiot! You can't even analyze a situation properly!? I'm astonished you thought you could survive a Holy Grail War...

El-Melloi: Christ! You're an idiot! An idiot! A huge idiot! Go choke on some rice and die!

Mash: ...Something seems to have gotten into Lord El-Melloi...

Fou: Fou...

Fujimaru 1: No one likes confronting their own past.

Fujimaru 2: It's funny. Let's watch for a minute.

Waver: W-Who do you think you are, anyway? Status-wise, you're clearly a Caster!

Waver: The Overseer's figured out that you're ignoring the Holy Grail War to do evil things.

El-Melloi: BULLSHIT! If you can view someone's status, you should be able to figure out that I'm a Pseudo-Servant, you moron!

El-Melloi: God, this is pathetic! The Command Spells on your hand are crying out in shame!

Waver: W-W-Whaaaat? A Pseudo-what?

Waver: It doesn't make sense for there to be extra Casters! No one said anything about this!

Iskandar: Hang on, kid. Whether or not that guy's a Caster, he's definitely not the owner of this workshop.

Waver: Huh? H-How can you tell?

Iskandar: By looking at the traces left here. Neither side was using the terrain, or trying to avoid damage to the area when they fought.

Iskandar: This wasn't a battle between an attacker and defender. Someone tried to run, and someone tried to stop them.

Iskandar: So neither the one who fled when we arrived, nor these people, are our enemy. They must be someone else.

El-Melloi: Yes. The King of Conquerors knows exactly how to read a battlefield.

Iskandar: Anyway, you, with the gloomy face.

El-Melloi: W-What...is it?

Iskandar: You've been picking on the kid an awful lot.

Iskandar: Does that mean you're prepared to fight the King of Conquerors?

El-Melloi: W-Why would it mean that? You know exactly which of us is in the right!

Iskandar: Maybe, but he is my Master.

Iskandar: If you want to pick a fight with him, as his Servant, that means you'll have to fight me.

Waver: Rider, you...

El-Melloi: Tch... That's...

Mash: Um, Lord? I thought the plan was to not fight Rider?

El-Melloi: Let's retreat, Fujimaru. There's no sense in fighting here.

Iskandar: Humph. How boring. And I thought you had a little more spine.

El-Melloi: ...

Waver: Hah! So you're gonna say all that, and then turn tail and run? What a wimp!

Iskandar: Hey, don't get cocky.

Waver: GWAH!

Fujimaru 1: He sent that kid flying with the flick of a finger!

Fujimaru 2: What a fickle creature...

El-Melloi: Gaah! This is pissing me off! A Servant shouldn't be getting involved in his Master's fights! Are you a helicopter parent or something?

Fujimaru 1: Calm down, Professor.

Fujimaru 2: No, I think they're supposed to do that...

Dr. Roman: But we were lucky enough to run into our third target to protect, the Rider Servant...

Dr. Roman: Was it okay for things to fall apart like that?

El-Melloi: I don't care! They don't plan on seriously fighting anyway.

El-Melloi: Ignore them, they'll just sit in their hideout to eat rice crackers and watch videos all day!

Dr. Roman: I don't know...

Mash: Looks like Rider is a touchy subject for Lord El-Melloi, Senpai.

Fujimaru 1: It's a problem.

Fujimaru 2: We'll have to deal with it ourselves.

Mash: I think so too, yes.

Fou: Fooou.

ACT-9: The King of Knights Returns"

Mash: The summoning circle's complete. Finally...

Dr. Roman: Good work. Now I can finally offer you some real support.

Fou: Fou, fou!

Dr. Roman: It's really a pain, though, meddling with the land another mage controls.

El-Melloi: Well, thanks to us, the Leyline the Tohsakas have kept for generations has been ripped into pieces.

El-Melloi: It'll take a lot of talent and technique to rebuild it. Hahahah. It'll be a good practice lesson.

Fujimaru 1: You're a tough teacher, huh?

Fujimaru 2: Isn't that kind of mean?

El-Melloi: Not at all. I'm simply offering my students challenges equal to their abilities and tenacity.

El-Melloi: In other words, I hold the daughter of the Tohsakas in extremely high regard... No point in talking about that now, though.

Dr. Roman: Um, I'm sorry to interrupt your break, but...

Dr. Roman: ...You have a visitor. One approaching Servant. Looks like a Saber.

Fou: Fou!?

Mash: Saber... Altria Pendragon, the one we saw at the wharf?

El-Melloi: Probably. Hmm... I guess we exposed ourselves too much.

El-Melloi: We made it very obvious that we're an enemy. It's inevitable that they'd retaliate.

Altria: Servant, Saber-class. Once again, I challenge you. Let's have a fair fight.

El-Melloi: A fair fight, huh? Humph. I know exactly what you're up to.

El-Melloi: For this Holy Grail War, the Einzberns are using their Servant as a decoy, while a hired assassin strikes from the shadows.

Irisviel: What? I'll thank you not to make false accusations.

Irisviel: And what are you planning? I can tell that you weren't an officially summoned Servant.

Mash: ...What do we do, Lord El-Melloi?

El-Melloi: I'd like to avoid unnecessary battles... But it would hurt us to leave this circle we just established.

El-Melloi: We have the high ground, Fujimaru. We'll draw out the battle until they decide to leave.

Fujimaru 1: Got it!

Fujimaru 2: We'll go with that plan.

El-Melloi: And Mash, in this battle keep an eye out for ambushes on your Master.

El-Melloi: I'll use my Qi Men Dun Jia to support you. If you sense anything strange, deal with it immediately.

Mash: Roger! Mash Kyrielight, commencing combat!

ACT-10: "The Mysterious Assassin"

Irisviel: This is tough... They have the Leylines on their side. As the fight drags on, we'll be at a disadvantage.

Altria: Irisviel, I can still fight! I have plenty of magical energy stored up!

El-Melloi: Hmm, they're hanging in there longer than I thought. This is going to be rough...

Mash: Huh!? Watch out!

Irisviel: What?

El-Melloi: I knew it! An ambush! But that attack...

Mash: Yes, it wasn't targeted at Senpai. It was for Saber's Master.

El-Melloi: They're not working with the Einzberns? So they're someone else entirely?

Assassin?: Spells that control the terrain make it so I can't hide, huh? This is tough to work with.

Mash: That's... the Servant who killed Caster's Master!?

Irisviel: It's an Assassin. Are they after both of us?

Assassin?: No, I'm only interested in one target. You, bearer of the Grail.

Irisviel: ...What?

Assassin?: It's not that you've done anything wrong. Taking your life is simply the quickest route to dismantling the Grail.

Altria: I won't let you!

Mash: Saber and Assassin have begun combat. What should we do?

El-Melloi: Regardless of what that Assassin's after, we can't lose Saber here.

El-Melloi: Fujimaru, move to support Einzbern!


Assassin?: Tch! Stop getting in my way! You're not part of the Holy Grail War, are you?

El-Melloi: Neither are you, it seems. What are you after? Why are you trying to kill the Einzbern Master?

Assassin?: ...There's no point in explaining it.

Assassin?: I am commanded from beyond the bounds of human understanding. I cannot coexist with those trapped by ethics.

Mash: Assassin has retreated. ...Shall we follow?

El-Melloi: No. Let's avoid any other battles. Overexerting ourselves just makes us a target for other enemies.

Fou: Fooou.

El-Melloi: I'd like to suggest to Einzbern that she put away her weapon for the day.

El-Melloi: You have more threats to worry about than just us.

Irisviel: ...Very well. You did save us.

El-Melloi: You may not believe me, but we don't intend to make enemies of the Einzbern clan.

El-Melloi: We couldn't help what happened on the wharf.

El-Melloi: In fact, I'd imagine Saber there found it strange that we didn't pursue her.

Altria: ...That's right, Irisviel. There's something strange about the way they fight.

Altria: I don't know why, but there's a meekness, as if they're trying to keep themselves from winning.

Irisviel: I'll make this simple. Are you our enemies, or our friends?

El-Melloi: Our goal does not involve the battle for the Grail, and to achieve that, we need your Saber to be kept safe.

El-Melloi: That's all I can say for now while still telling you the truth.

Irisviel: ...Very well. As long as you don't make yourselves obvious enemies of the Einzberns, we'll leave you alone.

Irisviel: We have lots of other enemies that we need to prioritize first.

El-Melloi: Let me ask you something. Do you know who that Assassin was?

Irisviel: Not really. He was saying something strange. That neither of you were participants in the Holy Grail War...

El-Melloi: That Assassin's presence is clearly an irregularity.

El-Melloi: Not that we're one to talk, in that respect. Our immediate goal is to solve the mystery of his identity.

Irisviel: The mystery, huh? He did seem strange, yes.

El-Melloi: What do you mean?

Irisviel: I've never met him, but for some reason...he seems like someone I'm deeply related to.

Irisviel: Like he was here only to kill me, and I was only here to be killed by him...

Altria: That can't be true!

Irisviel: It felt like we existed only to destroy and be destroyed.

El-Melloi: The intuition of a homunculus, the crowning achievement of the Einzberns' most secret techniques, cannot be easily dismissed.

Altria: ...Fated to kill each other... No. No, Irisviel. That's not true.

Altria: I will protect you with my blade. You are here on this battlefield to be victorious.

Irisviel: Yes, you're right. With a Servant like you at my side, I have nothing to fear at all.

Irisviel: One last thing, Heroic Spirit with the shield. Your support was wonderful. Thank you.

Mash: No, um...

Altria: ...(That thing that looks like a shield... If that's what I think it is, she's...)

Altria: ...(...No, if she doesn't know herself yet, it's not right for me to say...)

Fujimaru 1: Something wrong with Mash's shield?

Fujimaru 2: You know it?

Altria: ...No, not really. But you aren't bad people. That I'm sure of.

Mash: ...Y-Yes. It makes me happy to hear that, but...

Fou: Fou, fooou.

ACT-11: "Strategist's Trap"

El-Melloi: All right, now that we've settled things with Saber...

Dr. Roman: It was a de facto peace treaty, yeah. But what about Lancer... What about Lord Archibald?

Dr. Roman: He's still enemies with Saber over the Grail, right?

El-Melloi: That's the problem. There's a limit to what you can do when you're trying to be friends with both sides.

El-Melloi: Hmm... Seems like we'll need to come up with another plan.

Mash: Do you have some way to persuade him?

El-Melloi: If you want to convince someone of something, the fastest way is to present them with an illusion they want to hear.

El-Melloi: As Lord Kayneth thinks that the world revolves around him...

El-Melloi: ...he's likely to believe anything that reinforces that. A true strategist can control people's minds with ease.

Fou: Foufoufou!

Fujimaru 1: Zhuge Liang, that's a con man, not a strategist.

El-Melloi: But first... We need to deal with this Shadow that refuses to leave us alone.

Assassin: GWACH! You found me again–!?

El-Melloi: The Stone Sentinel Maze is perfect for keeping out Assassins. It's like having your own portable workshop.

El-Melloi: You fell into my clutches the second you tried to sneak up on me!


Mash: Enemy Servant eliminated... But is this another fragment?

Dr. Roman: Even if they're not tough individually, it's hard to deal with so many of them.

El-Melloi: Let's just meet up with Lord Kayneth before anyone else follows us.

Kayneth: Just like you suggested, I sent a familiar to the Matou mansion last night and negotiated with them. Berserker will join our battle,

Kayneth: with the condition that we provide for them an opportunity to face the Tohsaka clan's Servant.

El-Melloi: Thank you very much. But I'm not certain that it justified the trouble you went through...

Kayneth: What? What do you mean?

El-Melloi: There's been a major development on our side. A decisive improvement, you could say.

El-Melloi: We were able to observe several factors that were still uncertain, allowing us to share much more information with you while still avoiding paradoxes.

El-Melloi: As a result... We can now tell you the entire truth. The whole truth about the Fuyuki Grail War.

Fou: (Fo?)

Kayneth: W-What do you mean?

El-Melloi: Didn't you find it strange to begin with?

El-Melloi: Why would a huge ceremony involving a battle for an omnipotent wish granter take place in the middle of nowhere, so far from the Clock Tower?

El-Melloi: And then there's the fact that out of seven participants, only one slot was provided for the Mage's Association.

Kayneth: Yes, well... that's why I participated. Even if it didn't live up to its reputation, it was still a fun game with little risk.

El-Melloi: It's worse than simply not living up to its reputation. The whole Fuyuki Grail War is a fake.

Fujimaru 1: (Whaaaat?)

Fujimaru 2: (Hello!?)

Mash: (Senpai, you're letting it show! Keep a poker face!)

El-Melloi: This is all a conspiracy by an enemy of the Archibald family, the Trambelios.

El-Melloi: The plan was to get you away from the Clock Tower for a period of time,

El-Melloi: and then while you were away, quickly expand their influence in the Mage's Association!

Kayneth: W-What!?

El-Melloi: We knew that you would fall for this Trambelio trap, and decided to intervene in the past.

El-Melloi: But we couldn't warn you about it in advance. In order to share knowledge of the future...

El-Melloi: We needed to observe unshakable evidence in the past that a conspiracy existed.

Dr. Roman: (Wow... How does he come up with this stuff...?)

Fou: (...Fou.)

El-Melloi: Last night we found that proof. We have direct testimony from the Tohsakas, one of the three clans behind the Holy Grail War.

Kayneth: H-How did you get it?

El-Melloi: We destroyed every Leyline we could find in this city.

El-Melloi: Of course, this destruction had nothing to do with the Grail War, but that's why the Tohsakas gave in.

El-Melloi: They didn't want to lose the rights to their land over a fake Holy Grail War.

El-Melloi: The Tohsakas confessed to colluding with the Trambelios in order to lure you out with a fake fourth Grail War.

Mash: (What makes it worse is that he's mixing in truth with the lies...)

El-Melloi: They knew you wanted glory not as a researcher, but as a warrior, and created the perfect arena to lure you out...

El-Melloi: That's the true nature of the Fuyuki ritual. The other participants, the Holy Church's Overseer...

El-Melloi: They're all decoys to make the farce more believable.

Kayneth: How intricate! How wicked!

Kayneth: ...But those Trambelios, those fools that espouse “democracy” so much, might just do something like that!

Kayneth: Why... Why have I wasted so much of my valuable time on this!?

Mash: (Welp... He fell for it. Yeah.)

El-Melloi: But it wasn't a total loss. Your defeat of Caster was truly impressive.

El-Melloi: I think that display of boldness may have only increased Lady Sola-Ui's love for you.

Kayneth: Y-You think so? Hmm...

El-Melloi: I'm sure of it. I am a man who's very sensitive to how women feel in that regard. I believe it was—

El-Melloi: “I was never interested in him before, but now that I've seen how brave he is, I've gone from hating him to loving him!”

El-Melloi: It was a change of that magnitude, I believe.

Kayneth: Oh, my! Wait, what was that one part? Well, whatever. It all worked out in the end!

Dr. Roman: (Oh... I'm starting to kind of feel bad for him...)

El-Melloi: But still, there is no time to waste. You must hurry to London, and stop the Trambelio plot!

El-Melloi: No matter how secure the Archibald family is, without you they're no match for the wicked plots of the populists.

El-Melloi: The aristocracy— The feat of our very clan depends on this!

Kayneth: Curse those sneaky Trambelios! Curse you, Valuayeta!

Kayneth: I'll show you a thing or two! Sola-Ui! Hurry and get ready!

Fou: (Fooou...)

Diarmuid: Our new battle lies beyond the sea... Master, I, Diarmuid, shall accompany you!

Diarmuid: I never had a wish for the Grail to begin with. My spear shall accompany you, no matter the battle!

El-Melloi: Oh, excellent. I'm sure that if you have a Servant at your side, Lady Sola-Ui will be very happy.

Kayneth: ...Uh...hmm...

Kayneth: Lancer, by my Command Spell, I order you. Stay here and continue the Holy Grail War.

Diarmuid: W-What!?

Kayneth: Farce or not, now that I've entered the battle, I must win it in order to maintain my reputation.

El-Melloi: Amazing, Lord El-Melloi! You know exactly how important the Archibald reputation is!

Kayneth: I leave you my Servant as a present. You may represent the clan in my stead.

Kayneth: Defeat everyone involved in this stupid farce, and show them who is truly strong.

El-Melloi: Leave it to me!

Diarmuid: ...Very well. If you say so, Master. I shall do my best with my new Master.

Dr. Roman: (This is awful! I've never seen someone get a Servant contract just by making stuff up!)

Kayneth: ...Oh, one last thing. You said you saw a draft of a love letter in my study, right?

El-Melloi: ...? Yes. What of it?

Kayneth: I would never allow someone to search my room while there was something so foolish still in it.

Kayneth: Am I wrong in thinking that the study you refer to...is one whose master never returned to it?

Mash: ...

Dr. Roman: ...

El-Melloi: ...Yes. That's right.

Kayneth: Humph. I suppose in that regard, I should thank you.

El-Melloi: ...Your words honor me, my old Master. You are the Lord I wished to be. You are the great El-Melloi.

El-Melloi: Your talents are the greatest treasure the Clock Tower has. Please, take care of yourself.

Dr. Roman: Lord El-Melloi... I guess here I'll call you Lord El-Melloi II, but...

El-Melloi: What is it?

Dr. Roman: I'm likely wasting my time here, but all those lies you told your predecessor...

Dr. Roman: You're aware of how false they really are, right?

Mash: What do you mean, Doctor?

Dr. Roman: Chaldea isn't a time machine. And you guys aren't there from the future.

Dr. Roman: This Singularity is just a tiny little area. A bubble appearing on the ashes of human history.

Dr. Roman: Once the irregularity that created the bubble is gone...it will be like a dream that has nothing to do with real history.

El-Melloi: ...

Dr. Roman: Thus, no matter how hard you work, you can't actually change history.

Dr. Roman: Even if you save someone here, that salvation is only temporary.

Dr. Roman: In the timeline you're from, the dead will remain dead, and the tragedy will remain a tragedy.

Dr. Roman: It's theoretically impossible to change the past via a Rayshift. Everything you're doing...is meaningless.

Fou: Fooou...

El-Melloi: And why does that matter, Doctor?

Dr. Roman: I just wanted to make sure that you personally knew that nothing would come of this.

Dr. Roman: It seems to me like you're trying to get through this as peacefully and smoothly as possible.

Dr. Roman: But you don't need to. There are simpler and easier ways, aren't there?

El-Melloi: Nothing will come of it, huh? ...Maybe that's how it looks to you. But to me, this has a lot of meaning.

El-Melloi: Even if I can't really save them, I wanted to do the best I could here.

El-Melloi: This isn't atonement for the past. My heart refused to let me—

El-Melloi: —be weak enough to make the same mistake twice. That's all.

Dr. Roman: ...

El-Melloi: You're free to laugh at me if you like.

El-Melloi: I just don't want to be forced to realize my own powerlessness again.

El-Melloi: Of course, the pain of regret is mine alone. It means nothing to anyone else.

El-Melloi: In that regard, I do feel bad for wasting Fujimaru and Mash's time, but...

Fujimaru 1: I don't mind.

Fujimaru 2: It's not a waste.

Mash: You're right. It's wrong to see something bad happening and not try to do anything to stop it.

Mash: Regardless of the result, I agree with Lord El-Melloi's plan.

Fou: Fou!

El-Melloi: Thank you. That helps a lot.

Dr. Roman: ...I see. That's what it is to be human, huh?

Dr. Roman: Okay. I won't bring it up again. So do you have a plan for our next move?

El-Melloi: Yes. Kayneth prepared an alliance for us with the Berserker group.

El-Melloi: We'd be foolish to let that go to waste.

ACT-12: "Discussing the Holy Grail"

Matou Kariya: ...You're Lancer's Master?

El-Melloi: I've been asked to participate in the Holy Grail War in his stead. You're Matou Kariya, Berserker's Master, right?

Matou Kariya: Yeah. You're going to keep your promise, right?

El-Melloi: Of course. Archer is a serious threat to us as well.

El-Melloi: But your Servant's Noble Phantasm can defeat him. If you want to deal with him, it'll help us a lot.

Matou Kariya: A one-on-one battle with the Tohsaka Servant, someplace where no one else will interfere.

Matou Kariya: You're going to provide us that? Here, in this forest?

El-Melloi: More specifically, at the mansion deep in this forest.

El-Melloi: Right now, Archer, Saber, and Rider are all there having a standoff.

Mash: Um, Lord El-Melloi, doesn't that mean they're all going to fight each other?

El-Melloi: No, it doesn't.

El-Melloi: All three of them have something they prize more than strategy: their pride as kings.

Mash: ...I see. By the way, what is this forest? It's far away from Fuyuki's city limits.

El-Melloi: This is an area the Einzberns set aside for the Holy Grail War. Of course, it has a powerful barrier.

Fou: Fou, fou!?

Dr. Roman: Wait, is it okay for us to just walk straight into a dangerous place like that?

El-Melloi: It's not a problem. Rider destroyed all the alarms and defensive traps. There's no reason to worry.

Dr. Roman: Sounds like things are getting rough. What's going on inside there?

El-Melloi: Heh. Listen to this.

El-Melloi: They're just having a drinking party.

Mash: They're really drinking, Senpai!

Mash: What is Rider wearing... Also, is that a barrel?

Mash: And what's that cup-like thing with the long handle?

Fou: ...Fou?

Dr. Roman: Hmm, I can't see what's going on since it's just audio, but it sounds like something unbelievable.

Iskandar: Oh? That's a strange pairing, I see.

Altria: Y-You people are...

Irisviel: Did you join forces with Berserker? Why?

Waver: A-Are you going to attack us here?

Matou Kariya: That's Tohsaka Tokiomi's Servant... Archer!

Berserker: aaaa...

Gilgamesh: Who gave you permission to look upon me, mad dog? Your insolence warrants death!

Iskandar: If they're here to ruin our banquet, doesn't that mean that we'd all fight them together?

Gilgamesh: No. Those who violate my laws must be judged by my wrath. I am the King of Heroes, and none may stand against me.

Iskandar: I see. So you're laying down the law as a king, then? Then there's no reason for me to get involved.

Iskandar: Saber and her Master have no problem with that, I assume?

Irisviel: I'd like to ask them to take it somewhere else... But as long as they aren't attacking us, we've no reason to intervene.

El-Melloi: Excellent! Then the terms for the battle are laid down! Berserker's only foe here is Archer.

El-Melloi: We will intervene in the fight and take down Archer! Fujimaru, your orders!

Matou Kariya: Kill him! Crush him! Berserker!

Berserker: A...uaaa!!

ACT-13: "Battle Royale"

Gilgamesh: Damn you! What a farce...

El-Melloi: We did it! The King of Heroes, the greatest threat of the Fourth Holy Grail War, is defeated!

Matou Kariya: Hahh... Hahh... Did you see that! I showed... Tokiomi...

Mash: Hm!? Berserker's Master is...

Dr. Roman: This is bad. The vital signs I'm seeing here show he's dying!

El-Melloi: Damn it! We made him use too much magical energy!

El-Melloi: Hey, if you're going to pass out, at least bind Berserker with a Command Spell!

Matou Kariya: ...

Fujimaru 1: He collapsed?

Fujimaru 2: Hang in there!

Fou: Fou, fou!

Mash: It's okay. He's just unconscious. He's still breathing.

El-Melloi: No! When this Berserker loses control, it'll go after Saber...

Berserker: Aaaaa, uaaaaa!

Altria: What? Why is it attacking me!?

El-Melloi: We've got no choice. Fujimaru, let's give up on Berserker. We'll take him out here!

Fujimaru 1: What?

Fujimaru 2: Isn't he on our side?

El-Melloi: We can't put Saber in danger here!

El-Melloi: With Archer out of the picture now, we're past the stage where we need Berserker's help anyway.

Diarmuid: This won't be a pleasant fight... But I guess I've got no choice against this mad warrior!

El-Melloi: Lancer, your Noble Phantasm gives you an advantage against him. Stop whining and help!

Waver: W-What's going on here?

Iskandar: ...


Diarmuid: Pierce him! Gáe Dearg!

Berserker: uaaaaa!

El-Melloi: Now, Fujimaru! Finish him...

Iskandar: HOLD IT!

Fou: Fou!?

Mash: Rider defended Berserker?

Waver: Hey, what are you doing!?

Iskandar: Yes, I've thought about it, and I've decided. I'm joining forces with the mad warrior.

El-Melloi: W-What!?

Waver: Where is this coming from? What's the point of siding with him?

Iskandar: Well, there isn't one, probably.

Waver: Then why? Just ignore him!

Iskandar: I'm not choosing who to side with. I'm choosing who to fight.

Iskandar: The King of Heroes was my main target, and he's gone. So I was deciding who to fight next.

Waver: Then you want to fight Saber next?

Iskandar: Nope. That gloomy-looking strategist with the furrowed brow. He's my enemy.

Mash: What?

El-Melloi: ...Why fight me? You don't stand to gain anything!

Iskandar: No, not really.

El-Melloi: I've done everything I possibly could to avoid a conflict with you! So why!?

Iskandar: I just don't like you for some reason. That's all.

El-Melloi: Wha...

Fou: Foufou?

Waver: Why!? Why do you always stop making sense whenever something important happens!?

Iskandar: What doesn't make sense here is that strategist. He doesn't make sense at all.

Iskandar: He's some kind of strange Servant, neither human nor Heroic Spirit. And his predictions are so accurate it's scary...

Iskandar: He clearly exists outside the rules of this battle. And yet he's obviously trying to intervene.

Iskandar: The one thing I can say for sure...is that he's here to interfere with the Holy Grail War.

Iskandar: I don't know what he's after, but I'm one of the Servants summoned for the battle.

Iskandar: Someone who's trying to destroy the battle itself is a far greater threat than a mere enemy, right?

El-Melloi: ...

Iskandar: Saber, Lancer, if you want to work with him, you're my enemy.

Iskandar: And thus, I'll side with Berserker. Very simple, right?

Diarmuid: ...What will you do, Master? If you order me to defeat him before Berserker, I'll do it.

Fujimaru 1: Is it okay to fight?

Fujimaru 2: Can we win?

El-Melloi: ...No, don't do it. Have you forgotten what we're here for? We're only allowed to defeat four Servants!

Mash: We've already defeated Caster and Archer, as well as most of the Assassins.

Mash: If we make an enemy out of both of them, then that's more than four...

Iskandar: Well, Berserker's very weak, and his Master is barely alive.

Iskandar: Personally, I'd like to take them and retreat. What will you do? Will you follow?

El-Melloi: ...Leave. There's nothing we can do.

Iskandar: Excellent. Enemies who are smart, but nothing else, are easy to handle.

Iskandar: Once Berserker has revived, we'll settle things then! Farewell!

ACT-14: "The Shadow Chasing Irisviel"

Fou: Fou.

Fujimaru 1: Things didn't go as planned, did they?

Fujimaru 2: Things just aren't working out, huh?

El-Melloi: That Rider, I knew he had such a crazy attitude, but... who knew it'd be this bad?!

El-Melloi: We're enemies just because? What was he on about!? He just pisses me off!

Mash: I guess Lord El-Melloi gets emotional when we deal with Rider...

El-Melloi: I'm calm! It's just a natural reaction due to the stress!

Fujimaru 1: I see.

Fujimaru 2: Lord El-Melloi is chill. Okay?

Mash: Yes...

Dr. Roman: Hmm? Hold on a second. I'm getting a magical energy signature approaching you. Its strength indicates it's a Servant.

Dr. Roman: It's different from any remaining Assassin fragments, and also from Rider and Berserker who retreated earlier.

Mash: That means...the figures don't add up, right?

El-Melloi: Yeah. There are only seven Heroic Spirits that the Fuyuki Holy Grail can call forth. Meaning it's an irregular like us. It's him.

Altria: You mean he's going after Irisviel again?

Assassin?: I look away for one second and you've got even more friends, huh? You guys are such a pain.

El-Melloi: Now that you've been caught twice by the Eight Gates Golden Locks Formation, you realize it's pointless to hide your presence?

El-Melloi: But how condescending of you to just walk straight up to us.

Assassin?: Well, I'll never get anywhere just waiting for my chance.

Assassin?: The Holy Grail War is nearing its end, and before its conclusion, I must have that homunculus destroyed.

El-Melloi: So you're after the vessel of the Holy Grail after all. It seems like our goals are similar, but our methodology is different.

Fujimaru 1: The vessel of the Holy Grail?

El-Melloi: Yes. She's pretending to be Saber's Master, but...

El-Melloi: She is serving a different purpose. She collects the souls of fallen Heroic Spirits... A Lesser Grail, the key that opens the Greater Grail.

El-Melloi: Like giving an autonomous personality to ceremonial equipment.

Irisviel: You're quite knowledgeable. But I don't really like you saying I'm pretending to be a Master. Am I not a proper Master? Is that what you want to say?

El-Melloi: There's no reason to hide anything this late in the game, homunculus.

El-Melloi: Irisviel is being used as bait. I know the true Master is hiding in the shadows.

Altria: What do you mean? Irisviel is my Master, totally and completely. I am not contracted to anyone else...

El-Melloi: What?

Irisviel: Will you see this and still doubt?

El-Melloi: Command Spells!? Then you really did contract with Saber?

Mash: Lord El-Melloi, this is no time to be surprised! The enemy Servant is coming at us!


Assassin?: Tch, giving me a hard time...

El-Melloi: Hold on. Fighting any more isn't going to get us anywhere. There's nothing for either of us to gain.

Assassin?: Either of us to gain? It's almost like you completely understand what's going on with me.

El-Melloi: You have nothing going on, personally. You're a Servant without a Master.

El-Melloi: You're not fighting to benefit anyone at all.

Altria: No Master? Then what about the contract? How is he getting supplied with magical energy?

El-Melloi: Of course, a Servant can only materialize in this world when there's a summoning and a contract.

El-Melloi: However, in his case, the contract wasn't made with a human. ...Isn't that right, envoy of the Counter Force?

Dr. Roman: The Counter Force?! Then this Heroic Spirit has contracted with the World itself!?

Assassin?: ...How did you come to that conclusion?

El-Melloi: We're not part of this temporal axis, and thus have a bird's-eye view of the situation here.

El-Melloi: We know that the end of the Holy Grail War here in Fuyuki will lead to the end of the world.

Irisviel: What was that? What do you mean?

El-Melloi: ...I wasn't going to say anything until the end, but there's nothing for it. I'm coming clean.

El-Melloi: The ritual here at Fuyuki will succeed, unlike in the past and future, and it will lead to the activation of the Greater Grail.

El-Melloi: The reason all of this was observed by Sheba—was that this area had to be the cause of the Singularity.

Dr. Roman: I see! It wasn't just observed as an unstable dimension, but as the origin of the collapse that would become the Singularity!

Irisviel: You guys...know not only of the past, but also the future? From a different temporal axis?

El-Melloi: That is correct. I witnessed the failure of the fourth war, investigated the fifth war, and prevented the sixth war from happening. That's who I am.

El-Melloi: And I've assumed the role of pinpointing what makes this battle different from the others I've known.

El-Melloi: And the answer to that...is you, Irisviel. You are the vessel of the Holy Grail, and also a Master that controls a Servant.

El-Melloi: It was supposed to take another 10 years to complete. The Einzbern family's ultimate homunculus.

Irisviel: Ten years? That's...

El-Melloi: It's a small difference, but this is a definite advantage.

El-Melloi: I mean, for the Einzbern family to find a way to win not via a makeshift guerilla warfare, but actual frontal assault...

El-Melloi: Having a Master with the highest specs, commanding the strongest Servant, and access to the Lesser Grail.

El-Melloi: Victory is certain for Einzbern. And this victory is plenty reason...for the Counter Force to activate.

Assassin?: ...The Holy Grail War you know of didn't have any interference from the Counter Force?

El-Melloi: That's right. It wasn't a factor during the third war. Meanwhile the chance of success was about fifty-fifty during the fourth and fifth war.

El-Melloi: At the very least, from the perspective of the World there was no real emergency to get involved.

El-Melloi: During the fourth war, the Einzberns' research results were behind by one whole generation. When they finally completed their research during the fifth war, they made a mistake in their strategy.

El-Melloi: To be honest, I'm surprised to see that this time the Einzberns managed to call checkmate on everyone.

Dr. Roman: So to sum things up, this Singularity is basically...

Dr. Roman: ...the embodiment of the “if” situation where the Einzberns are the superior contestant in this war.

El-Melloi: Yes, and the Holy Grail reading that Chaldea picked up was most likely Irisviel's magical circuits themselves...

El-Melloi: Seeing how perfect the results of the Einzberns' research are this time, you can probably even call her a pseudo Holy Grail.

Irisviel: I'm not sure whether or not you're praising me or insulting me, but I'm going to need you to explain more.

Irisviel: What do you mean the world will end if the Fuyuki Holy Grail is completed?

El-Melloi: Yes, allow me to tell you everything. Agent of the Counter Force, you should follow along, as well.

El-Melloi: I'll show you an even better way to accomplish the task you have been given.

Assassin?: A simpler and even more certain way than destroying this homunculus here?

Irisviel: ...

El-Melloi: Well, I can't say that it's entirely simpler, but let me ask you something instead, Heroic Spirit.

El-Melloi: Would you do anything because it's the simpler way? Do you wish to kill Irisviel here, no matter what happens?

Fou: ...Fou?

Assassin?: ...I do not know. I have not thought of that. I had resigned myself to thinking there was no other choice. I did not have the luxury of options.

Assassin?: And now that you're telling me to choose... I am faced with a conflict within myself that is rather difficult to explain.

Assassin?: If you're telling me there is a different choice with this homunculus...then I think I would like to explore that as well.

Assassin?: I wonder why? I've never experienced this feeling before.

El-Melloi: That's because you still have a human heart left in you.

El-Melloi: A foolish but noble soul, from before you became part of the machine known as the Counter Force.

ACT-15: "To the Greater Grail"

Matou Kariya: ...And so, that's how I became Berserker's Master.

Iskandar: Hmm. I see... Hey, kid. Does everyone in this Holy Grail War have a tragic story like that?

Waver: So has that clueless optimism of yours finally gotten embarrassing?

Iskandar: Huh? Why?

Waver: ...I was stupid for asking.

Waver: So... Matou was it? Now that you've taken out Archer. What do you plan on doing next?

Matou Kariya: Finishing off Tohsaka Tokiomi, of course. He's powerless without a Servant. So, this time...

Iskandar: Right.

Matou Kariya: Bleh!

Waver: You punched him? Punched him?! Isn't that going to kill him?!

Iskandar: Hey, Matou Kariya. Who did you want to protect? Who should you save first?

Matou Kariya: That... would be Sakura...

Iskandar: So if you killed that Tokiomi guy, would the situation change for her right away?

Matou Kariya: But...without the Grail, Zouken is going to...

Iskandar: So would finishing off Tokiomi be the fastest way to get the Grail?

Matou Kariya: ...

Iskandar: Geez... So your need, priority, and capability aren't lining up in the least, you fool.

Iskandar: You're not worthy of sharing my path of conquest yet! Time to go, kid.

Waver: Huh? Where?

Iskandar: To conquer and pillage, of course!

Matou Kariya: ...Huh? Hmm... What?

Iskandar: Unfortunately, it seems the mastermind is out.

Iskandar: Well, I burned all the bugs in that basement to a crisp, so let's call it a day for now. By the way, I brought this girl here with me.

Matou Kariya: S-Sakura?! You...saved her?

Iskandar: Don't be stupid. I'm not a savior. I'm a conqueror. That makes this girl part of my plunder. She's my slave.

Matou Kariya: What!?

Waver: H-Hey. What are you saying!?

Iskandar: But now that she's my slave, I'm willing to trade her on my own terms.

Iskandar: Do you want to pay her way out of bondage? Matou Kariya, I'll do that for the appropriate price.

Matou Kariya: Y-You want to solve this with money?

Iskandar: Not at all. That right hand of yours will do. Give it to me, along with your Command Spells.

Matou Kariya: !?

Waver: Huh? But wouldn't that...

Iskandar: Well with your current state, it's possible you'd die. It's your one life, you decide what to do with it.

Iskandar: Do you take the chance to save this girl and possibly live your days, or fight to the end with Berserker? You decide.

Matou Kariya: Sakura...

Matou Kariya: ...Okay. Take my right hand.

Iskandar: Got it. Then clench your teeth hard and endure it.

Matou Kariya: Gah...

Iskandar: Good. It seems the crest worms came along with the hand. I'm sure they'd pick the Command Spells over their host.

Waver: W-Will...he be okay?

Iskandar: The rest is up to fate, though his chances are low. Kid, take care of him as much as you can.

Waver: I-I am not that good with healing spells!

Iskandar: Hey, Mithrenes!

Iskandar: This girl and half-dead boy here. Take them out of Fuyuki, find a building with a red cross on it, carry them there, and return.

Waver: ...Is that the kind of job you would ask a Heroic Spirit to do?

Iskandar: You're the one who had me get water from a river, and you want to say that?

Iskandar: Well, there is no other course. We must hurry and head to the next battle.

Waver: The next? You're going to fight them all? Without Berserker?

Iskandar: You worried, kid?

Waver: What are you saying? You're stronger than everyone.

Waver: I don't think we'd lose, even if all the Servants came at us at once!

Iskandar: Hahahaha! Well said! Now, let us hurry to the decisive battle!

Zouken: M-My manor is burning! My cute bugs are dead?

Zouken: That Kariya! What did you do!? And where's Sakura!? They ran out on me!

Zouken: Gah!! Those damn brats!

Berserker: uaaaaa...

Zouken: ...Huh? Berserker? His magical energy has been used up and he's about to disappear...

Zouken: ...These are... Kariya's Command Spells? He turned his back on the Holy Grail War and ran!

Zouken: But for him to cut off his hand and dump it here... That's not something a coward like him would do...

Berserker: uaaaaa...

Zouken: Aww, there, there. You're upset you've been betrayed too, huh? You're just like me. I just can't let this go.

Zouken: Guess we'll just have to show them...what happens to savages who oppose the Matou family.

Irisviel: I can't believe it... The Greater Grail is tainted by an Anti-Hero!?

El-Melloi: Seeing is believing. It's faster to just have you see the real thing.

Assassin?: The dismantling of the Greater Grail... If you knew a way to solve the problem at its root, why didn't you do it?

El-Melloi: Well... This is kind of like taking out nitroglycerin from a huge vat.

El-Melloi: If you're not careful, the container will break and it could spell disaster. In order to do it safely, you need preparations.

El-Melloi: It couldn't just happen over a night or two.

Dr. Roman: And yet now, you're just riding in here without any preparations...

El-Melloi: I reconsidered my methodology.

El-Melloi: If we have enough firepower to blow away our vat along with its explosive contents, it's possible things would go our way.

El-Melloi: Based on a quick estimate, in addition to us from Chaldea, if we can get at least three more Servants...

El-Melloi: We could do what we needed to.

Mash: Oh, but if we could unify the three factions...

El-Melloi: Yes, only four Servants would end up defeated, achieving our goal and resolving the issue at hand in a peaceful way.

Fou: Foou.

El-Melloi: Had we won over Rider's faction, we wouldn't have needed to deal with the Greater Grail.

El-Melloi: So we've excluded the possibility of dismantling the Greater Grail this time, but...

El-Melloi: I didn't think the Counter Force would become involved. There couldn't be a better ally if we had him on our side.

Assassin?: No matter when or where we're called for battle, we will always shed blood for purposes beyond human intellect.

Assassin?: It is not unusual for us to find ourselves against everyone, without being understood by a single person.

Assassin?: ...So this is a strange feeling. It's been a long time since I've worked with someone...Huh?

El-Melloi: Yes, they were caught in my Bounded Field as well. As I thought. I guess Presence Concealment doesn't work against a better Assassin.

Assassin?: I'm also good at lurking in the shadows. Both of us are aware of what the other is capable of.

Dr. Roman: ...An Assassin Servant!? You two are amazing. I couldn't tell at all!

Assassin: How dare you... Don't think you're going to win just because you prevented my first strike! I'm going to get you all this time!

El-Melloi: Watch out. They're different than the fragments we've dealt with up until now. They're going to mobilize everyone else left.

ACT-16: "The King's Pride"

Assassin: Why would you...try so hard to destroy our wish... Oh, a bell... I can hear the bell toll...

Assassin: O great founder—the first and the last “Old Man”...

Assassin: Please, please forgive me... I have...blundered...yet again...

Mash: Servant Assassin completely eliminated.

Assassin?: That's what happens to assassins that miss their chance and aren't able to pick the best occasion.

Assassin?: It seems the Master who gave Assassin their orders didn't know how to handle them in the right manner.

El-Melloi: Aha. The Master must've been replaced.

El-Melloi: Perhaps Tohsaka, having lost Archer, was plotting a comeback by switching to Assassin.

Fujimaru 1: The Tohsaka family is a hot mess.

Fujimaru 2: That elegant man's luck is the worst.

El-Melloi: Humph. It's only fair for a talented–no, privileged–family to meet adversity!

Fou: Fou?

Mash: Normally he's a fair person, but sometimes I feel like he's fighting with something we can't see...

Mash: This is...the place where our final battle took place in Singularity F.

Fou: ...Fooou.

El-Melloi: What do you think, Einzbern? Now that we are here, it's obvious that the magical energy radiating from the Greater Grail has been altered.

Irisviel: ...Yes. Unfortunately. This is not even close to the Holy Grail that we sought after.

Irisviel: How ironic. By the time victory was finally within our reach, what we'd desperately desired to win had already been destroyed...

Diarmuid: Even before checking its contents, I can strongly feel the evil presence hiding within.

Diarmuid: Is it okay to just break this carelessly?

El-Melloi: Only three Servants have been defeated. That's not enough to awaken Aŋra Mainiiu.

El-Melloi: Even if it overflows, it'll be just a mass of ambiguous curses with no purpose at this point. We can handle it with the force that we have now.

Dr. Roman: ...Wait. I'm picking up magical energy! A Servant is approaching at incredible speed!

Dr. Roman: That speed is not normal. It must be a type of Noble Phantasm that can increase mobility!

Mash: Increase mobility? That means...

Altria: Yes, it must be Rider.

El-Melloi: Rider!? Why now!?

Iskandar: Oh, good, good. Looks like it's still not too late.

El-Melloi: Do you still intend to continue the Holy Grail War? Don't you sense the cursed magical energy that's coming from the Greater Grail?

El-Melloi: That is not the wish granter you were looking for! Wake up already to the fact that you've been tricked!

Iskandar: Huh? Well, I don't give a damn.

Waver: You don't!?

Iskandar: No. I just came to stop you guys from running away with the winnings.

Iskandar: You, the strategist with a wry face. This is the perfect battlefield for us, I must say.

Fou: Fou, fooou?

El-Melloi: ...I don't get it. What is it that makes you oppose us so much?

Iskandar: It seems you somehow can see what lies beyond our fate, but isn't that boring?

Iskandar: If that's really the case, I must at least play the role of someone who ruins your plan.

El-Melloi: What?

Iskandar: I can tell, you're also chasing a shadow on the path of conquest. Which means you share the same joy as me, the King of Conquerors.

Iskandar: I must entertain a fellow like you. For that's my duty as a king.

Mash: Entertain... You stand as our enemy only to make him laugh?

Irisviel: That's crazy...

Altria: Yes, he's most certainly crazy. However, it's a motivation befitting of this Heroic Spirit.

Altria: While there is no limit to this king's selfish arrogance, his actions are based on his interest in others. In fact—

Altria: He might look like a goril– Excuse me, a brute, but the truth is, he's notorious for meddling in others' business!

El-Melloi: B-But you should also excel at assessing the situation!

El-Melloi: It's obvious the kind of catastrophe this curse-filled Greater Grail is capable of causing! The world is facing a crisis!

El-Melloi: Despite the situation, you still want to fight me for such a selfish motive!? What are you thinking!?

Iskandar: Sure, you grumble, but you do like them, don't you? Games.

El-Melloi: ...What...

Iskandar: Your burden and resolve do not matter. Unless you enjoy the challenge that's in front of you, life has no meaning.

Iskandar: Get more fired up, strategist. I will even stake my own path of conquest. Come, time to finish this.

El-Melloi: For you to go that far... Are you saying... I am worthy as your opponent?

Iskandar: Of course. Though I have no knowledge of where you came from and how you are connected with me.

Iskandar: But what stands in front of me is indeed a warrior. I won't be satisfied unless I defeat this man.

El-Melloi: ...Haha, ahahaha, hah hah hah hah hah!

Mash: Wh-What's going on...

El-Melloi: Sorry, Fujimaru, my Master. This will be my one selfish request.

El-Melloi: Let me fight him. My mission, the fate of the world... I'll put it all aside.

El-Melloi: I'll focus solely on him. I don't even know if I can win or not... Just let me at him!

Fujimaru 1: It can't be helped.

Fujimaru 2: Sounds exciting.

Mash: S-Senpai!?

El-Melloi: I appreciate your approval. Heh, if it were one of my students, I'd give the fool a good dressing-down...

El-Melloi: I won't mind even if I end up being defeated. If it's for someone as foolish as him or myself... Then there's meaning in serving him!

Fou: Fou! Foufou, fo—u!

Mash: Fou, even you give such a war cry... What's going on here doesn't make sense to me...

Diarmuid: Do not be sad, girl. This is called a man's dream. If you are also a Heroic Spirit, join them even if you don't understand.

ACT-17: "Wish of the Three Founding Families"

Waver: Rider!?

Iskandar: Ugh... Well done! Hehehe, Stone Sentinel Maze, huh? You got me there.

El-Melloi: ...

El-Melloi: This is not a skill I mastered myself. I gained it by accident.

El-Melloi: After all, with my own ability, I'm no match for you...

Iskandar: Haha, moron.

El-Melloi: !?

Fujimaru 1: Did Rider just...flick his forehead?

Waver: Why would you do that to him...

Iskandar: It doesn't matter whose power you wield on the path of conquest. How you wield it, lead it... That's what makes the difference.

Iskandar: If you saw my Ionioi Hetairoi with your own eyes, I'd expect you to understand that, at least. Idiot.

El-Melloi: Rider...

Iskandar: Huh? Did it hurt? Sorry. I don't know how to control my strength. I've lost the feeling in my fingertips lately, so...

Iskandar: Well, since you've already gotten such deep lines in your forehead, I assume a small attack won't leave a scar. Right?

El-Melloi: ...Nonsense. Some scars affect the heart more than the body.

Iskandar: Haha, give me a break. Anyway, it was a good fight. I'm sorry, kid, but it's time for me to go...

Waver: ...Why? I am the one who's supposed to cry now. Why are you crying instead?

El-Melloi: ...You're right. I'm embarrassed to be seen this way. I never thought I would have such a meeting in this lifetime...

El-Melloi: Ugh! ...What!?

Mash: Lord El-Melloi!?

Fou: Foooh!?

Altria: What was that attack!? From where!?

Zouken: Bahaha, you dropped your guard, strategist. I guess even the magecraft you're so proud of is useless if you're distracted by something so pathetic.

Berserker: aaa...Aaaaa...

Diarmuid: Berserker!?

Assassin?: Damn! I didn't expect to be ambushed at this stage!

Irisviel: You must be... Zolgen, Makiri's mage! What on earth are you doing!?

Zouken: That's my line, Einzbern!

Zouken: Helping to dismantle the Greater Grail... Have you fallen so far that you've even forgotten the wish of the Founding Three?

Irisviel: It's so obvious! This ritual failed a long time ago! Heaven's Feel will never be achieved with the Grail in a state like this!

Zouken: So what? What's wrong with it? What we become... What we achieve... That no longer has any meaning.

Zouken: We've devoted everything to the past 500 years... I don't care as long as I can witness the fruit of our labor.

Irisviel: Zolgen, are you out of your mind!?

Zouken: Who knows? How do you separate sanity from insanity? Now that my soul has withered away, I can no longer tell.

Zouken: Still, I will not let you lay one finger on this Greater Grail. This is the realization of our old dream. I will never hand it over!

Berserker: Aaaaaa!

ACT-18: "The Fallen Grail"

Mash: We have defeated Berserker!

Fujimaru 1: How's Lord El-Melloi?

Mash: He is unconscious and in critical condition. He needs help right away. But the fact that we defeated Berserker means...

Zouken: Bahaha, ahahahaha! Fools. To think you unwittingly helped to bring this ceremony to its completion.

Dr. Roman: I see, that was the fifth Servant defeated...

Zouken: At this stage, I no longer need the Lesser Grail to extract the sacrifices' magical energy. With my life's final ritual, I'll fuel them directly into the Greater Grail!

Irisviel: Huh!? I am losing the magical energy I was conserving... Zolgen, is this your doing!?

Zouken: No... I only hastened its awakening... Not in an imitation like yourself, but in a true vessel...

Mash: Master! Someone...is coming out of the Greater Grail!

Fou: Fou!?

Dark Irisviel: Well done, Makiri Zolgen. You're more shriveled up than the last time I saw you.

Zouken: Oh. Oh... Justeaze, the Chalice of Heaven... Your beauty is exquisite...

Zouken: I see... So that's it... My role was no more than to recall your visage...

Dark Irisviel: My senile old foe. Enough. Your part is over. Now, go dream of the ideals that'll never be fulfilled... Then die.

Irisviel: Zolgen!

Diarmuid: Berserker's Master...was devoured?

Dark Irisviel: It's still...not enough. As if my vessel could be filled with five measly Heroic Spirits.

Dark Irisviel: You awaken me after preparing such a pitiful offering? The preparations for the feast are far from complete!

Irisviel: Justeaze Lizrich... No, it's a ruined Holy Grail, polluted by All the Evils of the World.

Dark Irisviel: Humph. What a foolish remark from my descendant. I am the Chalice of Heaven. The incarnation of the Third Magic who shall reach the Root and annihilate all evil.

Dark Irisviel: It's time. Pledge me your lives and souls! I will draw upon your blood to fulfill the cherished wish of 1,000 years!

Diarmuid: Saber, she is...

Altria: Yes, this magical energy's density... At this rate we have no chance of victory!

Dr. Roman: I see... Since we lost Zhuge Liang–I mean, Lord El-Melloi II–we can no longer fight...

Altria: Were he safe, we may have stood a chance. But the absence of one Servant is critical!

Diarmuid: Especially against an enemy of this stature, his loss is devastating. We must retreat!

Altria: The two of us will hold her off while we evacuate the Masters and the others. Lancer, you with me!?

Diarmuid: Yes!

Irisviel: But Saber! What will become of you?

Altria: As long as the Master flees to safety, we can immediately withdraw from the front lines via Command Spells.

Altria: But, since you hold the Command Spells, everything hinges on your safety! Now, go!

Diarmuid: Heroic Spirit of the Shield! Assassin of the Counter Force! Please protect the Master!

Assassin?: Yes, leave it to me.

Mash: Y-Yes, I will!

El-Melloi: ...Ah!

Mash: I'm so glad you regained consciousness!

Fou: Foou?

El-Melloi: Ugh... My Spirit Core is undamaged, but I can't move my body... I guess a Pseudo-Servant has its limits...

El-Melloi: ...What about Saber and Lancer?

Fujimaru 1: They're fighting the Greater Grail.

El-Melloi: Ugh! In order to let us retreat?

Mash: Yes. They said we had no chance of winning at the time...

El-Melloi: No! Even if we run, we don't have any reserve forces! We must stand our ground and fight!

Waver: So what do we do!? You yourself have no strength left to stand with us!

El-Melloi: Waver Velvet, you're the key here.

Waver: ...Huh?

El-Melloi: I know who you are, you brat.

El-Melloi: You find your powerlessness repugnant. You despise your incompetency and mediocrity. You are mired in an inferiority complex, with nothing to boast of to the world.

Waver: W-What's up with you? Don't tell me...

El-Melloi: The immature dream of a brat who always laments his own weakness... Are you prepared to finally wake up?

El-Melloi: The terror of wielding overwhelming power. The terror that heavy responsibility imposes. Will you taste these sensations while you are still just a brat?

Dr. Roman: Lord El-Melloi, what are you doing!?

Fou: Fou!?

Waver: ...

Waver: Fine. I'm ready. We have no other choice, right?

El-Melloi: Hah, you truly are a fool. A fool who doesn't know his place. You truly understand nothing at all.

El-Melloi: But, that's exactly why...he once took a particular interest in you...

El-Melloi: Glory lies beyond the horizon... Huh?

Waver: Tell me! What am I supposed to do?

El-Melloi: Take my hand and pray. “The art of certain victory, the mode of harmonizing with charges, is a matter of opportunity.”

Waver: Umm... The art of certain victory...the mode of harmonizing with charges...is a matter of opportunity.

Waver: Ah! Whoa!

Waver: What's this? What's happening to me...

El-Melloi: Yes, it seems you've gained the strategist's favor. He permits you to be his temporary avatar.

El-Melloi: Instead of my broken body, he can boss you around as much as he wants.

Fou: Foou!

Waver: I can tell...there's something inside of me... Zhuge Liang... Whaaaaat!?

El-Melloi: Rejoice, young man. You are the hero you always dreamed of being. Now, can you do your new form justice?

Waver: ...Yeah, I can! I can do this!

El-Melloi: Fujimaru, sorry, but I'm entrusting you with this immature Pseudo-Servant.

El-Melloi: He's a little unreliable, but he'll be of use. Go back and aid Saber and Lancer!

Fujimaru 1: Okay!

Fujimaru 2: Leave it to me!

Mash: We need to hurry, Senpai, while Saber and Lancer are still alive!

Dark Irisviel: Hah hah, is this the best you can do? Pathetic Heroic Spirits. It's like you remained solely to nourish me.

Diarmuid: Ugh...this isn't good. I'm nearing my limit...

Altria: She's stronger than I imagined! At this rate...

Waver: Hold on a bit longer and push through!

Diarmuid: What!? Why did you return!?

Altria: No, Lancer, the boy is different from before... This magical energy... He is clearly a Servant!

Waver: We've returned to our former strength. We have Saber, Lancer, and the Counter Force Assassin...

Waver: The lineup he envisioned is assembled! All we need now is orders, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: This will be the final battle!

Dark Irisviel: Foolishness... I'll devour every one of you. Return to your origins within my chalice!


Dark Irisviel: Why... This hand...was meant to reach the ends of the stars...

Altria: Did we...win?

Mash: The enemy's magical energy has disappeared... Victory is ours!

Waver: ...

Fujimaru 1: Good job!

Fujimaru 2: Are you okay?

Waver: I...I had no idea!

Waver: I never knew that fighting for one's life...was this terrifying...

Altria: You did well. Very well for one's first battle.

Diarmuid: You deserve praise for not freezing in terror. Be proud and bask in the glory of your victory.

Waver: Everyone...

Irisviel: They're all Heroic Spirits summoned to Fuyuki by the Greater Grail. Now that it's gone, they can't retain their form...

Altria: It is time to part ways. It was a taxing battle, but I am glad it ended well.

Diarmuid: May we meet on another battlefield. I am sure it will happen when the fate of the world is at stake.

Fou: Foou...

El-Melloi: The Holy Grail that we detected from Chaldea has disappeared without a trace.

El-Melloi: Also, Irisviel. You no longer have the ability to transform into the Holy Grail. What do you intend to do now?

Irisviel: Yes. Now that the Holy Grail War has been rendered meaningless, my existence is of no value.

Irisviel: I helped to destroy the Greater Grail with my own hands. There's no way that I can return to Einzbern now...

Mash: Umm, our original goal included recovering the Holy Grail that appeared in this Singularity.

Mash: If you like, why not return with us to Chaldea?

Dr. Roman: Yeah. If we abandon her, someone else might try to use her later for more sinister purposes.

Dr. Roman: It's probably best for us to take her under our wing.

Irisviel: ...For someone with no one left to turn to, it's a generous offer.

Irisviel: Yes, I accept. I entrust myself to you all. Master from another world, let's work for a better future.

Fujimaru 1: Yes, thank you.

Fujimaru 2: We welcome you!

Waver: Are you guys...returning, too?

El-Melloi: Yes. Zhuge Liang as well. Relax. You'll soon return to your ordinary, mediocre self.

Waver: ...

Waver: You were right. This power is still a bit too much for me.

El-Melloi: Now that you know that, it is time to continue your studies.

El-Melloi: Someday, you will be forced to bear this power.

El-Melloi: Be consoled by the fact that you still have time. Become strong while you still can.

Waver: You sound just like Rider.

El-Melloi: Humph, don't embarrass me. I am still no match for the King of Conquerors.

Waver: “Still,” you say? Does that mean you're also training? To eventually be his equal?

El-Melloi: ...

El-Melloi: The route to the surface is a labyrinth of caves, so I'll take you there. Then we part ways.

Fou: Fou, foou.

Assassin?: I guess I should say goodbye as well.

Waver: You're not returning to the surface?

Assassin?: I don't originally belong to this world, so it's a waste of time. If I wait, I'll soon be summoned back to the Throne.

El-Melloi: That's right, I forgot what type of being you were.

Irisviel: ...

Assassin?: ...It's strange. After we met, I had the feeling that only death would separate us.

Irisviel: Yes, it's weird, but I don't know why. Yet...this strange feeling is not unpleasant.

Assassin?: Yeah. Same here...

Assassin?: ...I thought I was cursed to fulfill my mission only through sacrifice or death.

Assassin?: Now, for the first time, I feel like I was able to fight to protect something.

Assassin?: Thank you. ...Although I don't know whether it's my place to say such words.

Irisviel: Yes. Goodbye. I'm glad I could meet you, nameless Heroic Spirit.

Dr. Roman: Good work! You went through a lot this time.

Fou: Foou, foou.

Dr. Roman: Da Vinci is now giving Miss Irisviel a thorough checkup.

Dr. Roman: I'm surprised. I never thought a Holy Grail could exist in such a form.

Mash: What about Lord El-Melloi? How are his injuries?

Mash: Compared to a genuine Servant, Servants like us who possess the flesh of human beings

Mash: will die if they suffer too much damage...

Dr. Roman: Yes. He'll be in the ICU for a while. He needs complete rest.

Dr. Roman: How reckless to have someone else form a contract with a Heroic Spirit while seriously injured.

Dr. Roman: He was nonchalant so you wouldn't be alarmed, but he was actually in really bad shape.

Fou: Foou.

Mash: But, thanks to him, we somehow pulled through... Also, the Heroic Spirit who was an agent of the Counter Force...

Dr. Roman: Right. What a strange encounter. To think that even after humanity's history has been incinerated, the Counter Force would still function.

Fujimaru 1: What is this “Counter Force”?

Fujimaru 2: What was he, exactly?

Dr. Roman: The Counter Force...in theory, it's a force that acts to preserve the human race.

Dr. Roman: It's said that people who accomplished rare feats of valor in life are summoned by this Counter Force.

Dr. Roman: If a crisis threatens the human race, they are summoned through time and space to eliminate the source of the calamity.

Mash: So they are Servants who have no Masters, summoned solely to fight?

Dr. Roman: Yes. Even in death, their souls are tasked with a mission to fight for all eternity.

Dr. Roman: I cannot possibly understand their feelings... They must endure unspeakable anguish.

Mash: ...Yes. Although I'm a mere Demi-Servant and not a Heroic Spirit,

Mash: I cannot imagine being summoned to battle without a Master.

Fujimaru 1: Really?

Mash: Yes. What supports me in battle is you, Senpai, the one I sealed a contract with.

Mash: That bond gives me the strength and courage to overcome fear. To fight without such support would be too cruel.

Fou: Foou...

Assassin?: ...

Assassin?: Will you come out already? You're the star performer. No one will interfere now.

E:???: Humph! So you knew. I don't want to! What a pain.

E:???: Isn't conserving energy popular in this age? I wanted to catch you off your guard.

E:???: Well, good job picking up on me instead. I appreciate the welcome. Less lonely.

E:???: But why didn't you warn your friends of the danger?

E:???: They only destroyed a contaminated Holy Grail.

E:???: I, Aŋra Mainiiu, its contents, remain separate.

Assassin?: I didn't want to rely on the help of others intervening from another world.

Assassin?: Your curse belongs solely to this world. It does not extend to theirs. It's logical for me to deal with you alone.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Oh, how nice. It's a fine thing to take pride in one's work.

Aŋra Mainiiu: I guess it would be painful for us to be pitied when we fight. No one would gain anything.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Happiness is everything, right? Well, anyway—

Aŋra Mainiiu: ...In that sense, you're just as much on the losing side as I am.

Aŋra Mainiiu: I know you're a mass murderer by your scent.

Aŋra Mainiiu: I bet you'll come “here” in the end. After you're worn out by an eternity of abuse.

Assassin?: I don't think so. This is the fate I have chosen. I was never compelled to, nor did I ever give in.

Aŋra Mainiiu: That's precisely why. You should have broken down somewhere along the line. That way you would have had a chance at peace, even salvation.

Aŋra Mainiiu: But because you couldn't stop being a “Hero of Justice” until the very end, even after death, you became a cogwheel in a mechanism like the Counter Force.

Aŋra Mainiiu: Surely that's proof you're on the losing side.

Assassin?: My life led me to this point. I have no regrets. I do admit that we're fundamentally similar.

Assassin?: You'll curse the world, and I'll save it. We are both devices with assigned roles. That's all.

Aŋra Mainiiu: — (Grin)

Aŋra Mainiiu: Okay. If you're so sure, I guess I have to show you my respect.

Aŋra Mainiiu: If curses and salvation face each other, there is no choice. We must both seek love and recognition in the way we know best.

Aŋra Mainiiu: For such an occasion, why don't you name yourself? Unlike me, you remember your own name, yeah?

G:Emiya Kiritsugu: Emiya... Kiritsugu. Or so I was called when I lived as a human being.

G:Emiya Kiritsugu: I will save the world. I did so until now, and I will forever.

Aŋra Mainiiu: There ain't a world that can be saved by humans. How long will you try to disprove that conclusion!

ACT-EX: "Retrieving the Holy Grail"

Mash: Senpai? Do we still need something here? I believe the case is closed...

Fujimaru 1: I don't think that's the last Holy Grail...

Fujimaru 2: Uh, you know. Standard procedure.

Mash: I see... Senpai's sixth sense... I understand.

Mash: I, Mash Kyrielight, shall search the premises as Senpai's Servant!

Mash: Ahhh—!?

Fujimaru 1: Mash!?

Fujimaru 2: That was fast!?

Mash: Master, this is bad! Look what I found sprawled out in the shade, near the cliff!

C:???: Ouch, that hurts, that hurts! Don't pull so hard! I'm weak, so if you pull too hard something'll snap off!

Mash: There is a suspicious-looking figure lying on the ground!

Fujimaru 1: It's the shadow itself—!?

Mash: Yes. I cannot grasp its identity even in light. But it is not quite a Shadow Servant...

Mash: What should we do, Master? He does not seem particularly evil...

C:???: Oh, so supple. Hmm, fine curves too... (Rub rub)

Mash: Hyahhh!?

C:???: Heh heh. Perks of being injured. Time to recover! Even on the verge of death, a beast's instincts are uncontrollable!

C:???: You have quite a fine Servant with you! She would give my former Master a run for her money!

C:???: I'm just talking about looks, of course. It's sad, but both are still mentally children.

Fujimaru 1: This...is a Perverted Servant!

Fujimaru 2: Mash, give him a good beating.

Mash: Y-Yes! I, Mash Kyrielight, shall mercilessly exterminate him with my new moves!


C:???: Ahh—!? You wretches seriously beat on an injured person!?

C:???: This is a scene where a virtuous person would ask, “Why were you lying on the ground?”

Mash: I beg your pardon. I'll try it again.

Mash: Why aren't you still on the ground? It looks like you're still breathing, but...

C:???: That can happen. Dead, but not really dead. You see, resurrection is my special ability.

C:???: Ah, never mind. This isn't the time to bring that up.

C:???: I know about you people. You're the ones who destroyed the Greater Grail along with that Counter Force fellow.

Mash: Y-Yes. Do you know about Senpai?

C:???: I do. I observed your Master fighting for a bit from the best seat in the house. So, anyway, what?

C:???: It's your fault that I was lying collapsed on the ground... Would you believe me if I said that?

Mash: Our fault?

The Dress of Heaven: I'll explain the rest, Avenger. At ease.

Mash: Iri!? But that form...

The Dress of Heaven: Hello, Mash and Fujimaru. Good work.

The Dress of Heaven: I'm the Dress of Heaven. I'm a different entity than Irisviel, with whom you were working until just a while ago—

The Dress of Heaven: Simply put, I'm like the spirit of the Greater Grail.

Avenger: That's right. You people destroyed a woman in black, didn't you? Think of her as a good version of that.

The Dress of Heaven: That's a crude explanation, Avenger. Why can't you be more classy...

Avenger: Forgive me. At any rate, you were beating me viciously until just a moment ago. Of course I'm going to harbor a deep grudge.

Mash: Iri is the one who beat that man in black to within an inch of his life?

The Dress of Heaven: ...Well, I hate to say it, but yes and no.

The Dress of Heaven: Fujimaru. Listen closely, for this is your group's problem as well.

The Dress of Heaven: You destroyed the black Holy Grail. That's fine. I don't mind. Even though it was painful.

The Dress of Heaven: But to be honest, that was a mistake. You shouldn't have done it.

The Dress of Heaven: The reason is—

The Dress of Heaven: The reason is, the way you destroyed it was too lenient!

The Dress of Heaven: You should've done it more thoroughly! For example, you could've blown it up together with one floor of a luxury hotel!

Fujimaru 1: Spoken like a rock star!

Fujimaru 2: ...All right, this is starting to sound familiar.

Mash: Um... Iri? What do you mean by that?

The Dress of Heaven: I'm saying you were too naive. You didn't completely destroy the black Holy Grail.

The Dress of Heaven: You broke the vessel in a clumsy manner. As a result, the Lesser Grail...

The Dress of Heaven: Irisviel was broken into shards and scattered. Each of those shards has begun working independently.

The Dress of Heaven: They are— Fire Iri, Water Iri, Earth Iri, and Wind Iri!

Fujimaru 1: The four elements of Irisviel!

Fujimaru 2: That's too many.

Avenger: Exactly. Four of them are too much to handle. I tried to get them to calm down...

Avenger: ...But I was just wasting my breath, as they attacked me.

The Dress of Heaven: Yes. Like the original Irisviel, the four split-up elements would be kind under normal circumstances.

The Dress of Heaven: But Fire Iri, who is particularly extreme, rose up in revolt.

Fujimaru 1: Fire Iri?

Fujimaru 2: Revolt?

The Dress of Heaven: Yes. And like leaping flames, the other Iris were awakened to their violent side.

The Dress of Heaven: Sad to say... but even after gaining their freedom and individual personalities, their grudge against you didn't disappear.

The Dress of Heaven: Do you understand, Fujimaru? Your war isn't over yet.

The Dress of Heaven: Four types of Irisviel, let loose in Fuyuki. You have a responsibility and a duty to defeat them.

The Dress of Heaven: They're, how can I put it... Anyway, persistent, immune to discouragement, and obstinate.

The Dress of Heaven: I'm sure they'll come back after you beat them. But please stick with them until the job is done.

The Dress of Heaven: Besides, it looks like that gloomy, yet shy, sensitive, and handsome man... Ahem. I mean, the hooded assassin has gone back.

The Dress of Heaven: In the first place, that man isn't suited for this kind of job, right?

The Dress of Heaven: I'm asking you as a favor, on behalf of Avenger.

The Dress of Heaven: Assassin... Save the city of Fuyuki instead of him. Only you people can do this job.

Fujimaru 1: Sure. Leave it to us.

The Dress of Heaven: Thank you. I was hoping for that answer, cute Master♡

Avenger: Are we done talking? Then I'm counting on you folks to take care of the rest.

Avenger: I'm not suited for fighting and I hear that woman in white doesn't want to see me, undisciplined as I am.

Avenger: From here on out, this is your domain. Teach those fragments of the Holy Grail a lesson to the very end.

Fujimaru 2: That dress is lovely.

The Dress of Heaven: (Blush) Th-This is Einzbern's formal wear. I mean...

The Dress of Heaven: It's a dress for magical rituals! Now don't pay me any more embarrassing compliments!

Avenger: Are we done talking? Then I'm counting on you folks to take care of the rest.

Avenger: I'm not suited for fighting and I hear that woman in white doesn't want to see me, undisciplined as I am.

Avenger: From here on out, this is your domain. Teach those fragments of the Holy Grail a lesson to the very end.

The Dress of Heaven: Yes. The rest is up to you, Fujimaru.

The Dress of Heaven: Also, I'd like a word with you, Avenger, so please come here. When you get right down to it, this is your fault, isn't it?

Avenger: But I'm a victim in all of this. Corporal punishment is barbarous.

Mash: ...Um...

Mash: I feel like I'm out of the loop, but we've got a new mission, Master!

Mash: Let's make a fresh start and search Fuyuki again from scratch!