Nerofest Autumn 2019

Return of Nero Fest - Autumn 2019 (First Half)

Nero: Ah-hem!

Nero: Uh...uh... Testing, testing. Okay, everything's fine. All right, here we go.

Nero: A festival is...

Nero: A party that brings joy to all people, no matter where or when they are from.

Nero: It is no exaggeration to call this festival I host famed throughout both Rome and Chaldea!

Fujimaru 1: She started her speech already!

Fujimaru 2: Hear, hear!

Nero: Umu. Thanks for your cheers. My audience truly knows how to behave the third time around!

Nero: And that makes introductions unnecessary. Let's get down to business!

Nero: I will leave nitpicking about the definition of a festival to the more cultured Servants.

Nero: My glorious Nero Fest, a festival only possible through the cooperation of Rome and Chaldea!

Nero: Now it begins again!

Nero: Surely many Heroic Spirits look forward to this martial tournament set in this great Colosseum.

Nero: A festival of power, modeled after the festival of Olympia! Attendees will praise the warriors' courage!

Nero: Honed physiques and unparalleled skills in fierce competition! What could be more beautiful, more noble!?

Nero: As people love to admire a blooming rose, so too do they enjoy seeing a human being reach their very limit!

Nero: And that is itself my Rome...the festival of Olympia!

E:Crowd: Rome! Rome! Rome!

Fujimaru 1: Rome!

Nero: Umu! All of humanity is indeed Rome!

Fujimaru 2: All hail the Emperor!

Nero: Hehehe. Your applause is making me blush.

Nero: But, as emperor, I shall permit it! Enjoy this glorious festival!

Quetzalcoatl: Hola, ¿cómo estás? I heard that there's going to be Lucha Libre at the Arena México, yes!?

Quetzalcoatl: Hehehe, I cannot wait, no! This will be the perfect time to test out my new plancha!

Quetzalcoatl: Master, my cute [♂ hermanito /♀ hermanita]. Why not participate as a [♂ luchadore /♀ luchadora]?

Beowulf: Haha. Not a bad idea! Training Master once in a while wouldn't hurt!

Beowulf: ...Hey, I'm only kidding. Don't look at me like that, Master.

Beowulf: Only those who truly WANT to slug it out should participate. Like me or this tall lady here.

Quetzalcoatl: Hnnn, no, no. You make it sound so barbaric, yes. Lucha is a clash of honed out skills.

Beowulf: Ah, you got me there. Well, you know, there's all kindsa ways to say the same thing.

Beowulf: There are some punches used in Lucha Libre, right? They call it, uh, “golpe,” or “patada,” or something?

Beowulf: Besides, this is all between Servants! Even if I really cut loose, nothing bad would happen!

Quetzalcoatl: ...Ay yi yi.

Quetzalcoatl: You have yet to understand the true essence of Lucha. I shall demonstrate it for you myself, yes!

Quetzalcoatl: It's finally time for the long-awaited Servant Lucha Libre tournament. The sacred site for Lucha, the Arena México, has been rented out.

Quetzalcoatl: This is the perfect chance to spread the wonderful word of Lucha to everyone!

Fergus: Lucha, eh? From what I hear, the flow of the match is predetermined, and the proper protocol is to take whatever move comes head on.

Fergus: Truly it would take a steely spirit that relies on sheer trust of your opponent. Uh, but you know, Quetzalcoatl...

Fergus: If you have the battle go by your own bare-knuckle rules, none of the Good-aligned Heroic Spirits would be a match against you.

Fergus: Besides, this isn't a Lucha tournament, and this isn't the Arena México.

Fergus: And...the Colosseum is not in Mexico City.

Quetzalcoatl: Qué!?!?!?

Quetzalcoatl: Lalalala! Not listening! Fergus, you meanie, yes!

Beowulf: You bastard! I was just going along with what the goddess was saying, then you sweep in to ruin it all! You're spoiling all the fun!

Beowulf: We're gonna end up slugging it out with our bare hands anyway, so might as well call it Lucha, jackass!

Fergus: You say that... And I suppose it is only right for a warrior to answer the call of Lucha.

Fergus: Lamentably, I am no more than an amateur when it comes to Lucha. The only finishing hold I know is Tirabuzón.

Beowulf: Tirabuzón, the Cobra Twist!? Old man, you're totally a Lucha enthusiast!

Fergus: Hahaha!!! Miss Quetzal has challenged me a few times already!

Fergus: Many times, in truth!

Beowulf: Oh come now, tell the truth. When you say she's challenged you, what you really mean is that you practiced Lucha in the simulator.

Fergus: Ah yes. In the simulator room with nobody around at night...a Lucha Libre in the dark!

Beowulf: Shut up!

Fergus: Three matches in just one hour!

Quetzalcoatl: Ah-ha! I knew it, yes! I hear true Lucha matches do happen mostly at night, yes!

Quetzalcoatl: So during the day...the Roman Pankration! And at night...a carnival of Lucha where the air is filled with bulging muscles flying about!

Beowulf: Uh, that's not what I meant... Damn, you're just making things even worse, old man!

Fran: Uuuurrrr...

Fran: (Makes fist)

Babbage: Wonderful, my dear! What intensity you have. Your passion and heat are like a steam engine on the verge of critical pressure.

Babbage: And so I have no choice but to aid you in your efforts. That's right...consider it a continuation of the dream we both shared this summer.

Archer of Shinjuku: Hmmm, it would seem you've beaten me to the punch. I do, however, share your sentiments, Babbage.

Archer of Shinjuku: My lovely daughter is so very excited. As her papa, I could do no less than to aid her in her quest for victory with all my strength!

Archer of Shinjuku: Yes...that is the duty of a proper papa!

Fran: (Stare)

Fran: Nnnngh... Nnnnnggghhh...

Archer of Shinjuku: ...Yes, of course, my lovely daughter.

Archer of Shinjuku: I shall, using every conceivable means, with every imaginable trap, employing every possible act of villainy, dispose of all your competition!

Archer of Shinjuku: I had meant to relax awhile, but perhaps this is a good time to truly apply myself.

Fran: Uuuuuurrr!

Archer of Shinjuku: Ah, yes, quite right. No cheating, of course! As such, papa will fire his magical bullets from the front line!

Babbage: Steam power at full throttle, steam power at full throttle. We shall aid the daughter of Victor on her path to glorious and dazzling victory!

Mordred: ...C'mon. You call yourself an Assassin? Shouldn't you be good at spying and scouting?

Mordred: Why is finding some missing people taking so long!? You should be able to pick out which ones are NPCs and which ones are Servants!

Jekyll: S-sorry. I...actually don't have skills for that sort of thing...

Jekyll: The best I can do is to conceal myself within a crowd.

Mordred: You lack PRESENCE! Just hurry up and find Fran, you shut-in.

Mordred: I've got this sinking feeling–err, well actually, I have a feeling something exciting's about to happen.

Jekyll: Yes, yes. Strange. She was with me just a minute ago.

Berserker of El Dorado: ...There's some kind of commotion.

Berserker of El Dorado: I heard something regarding a festival of combat prowess, but that it was intended solely for amusement. I see no point in participating in such a thing.

Berserker of El Dorado: What point or purpose is there in such restraint? What I yearn for is true and earnest combat.

Berserker of El Dorado: That is all. There was no purpose in summoning me here, Caligula.

Caligula: I do not...wish...for bloodshed...

Caligula: I desire...battle...

Caligula: love and hope...for her sake...I shall...

Caligula: GATHER MEDALS!!!

Berserker of El Dorado: M-medals!? What!?

Caligula: Ooohhhhhhhhh!!!

Berserker of El Dorado: Wh-what is the meaning of this!? Calm yourself, Emperor Caligula!

Caligula: MEDALS...WANT!!!

Berserker of El Dorado: ...!!!

Berserker of El Dorado: ...I see. So that is it.

Berserker of El Dorado: While I remain uninterested in trivial diversions, the fact remains that I manifested in Chaldea as a Berserker, like you.

Berserker of El Dorado: I also harbor a flame that I cannot seem to extinguish. burns within me...

Berserker of El Dorado: Fine, Caligula. Then I shall aid you temporarily!

Caligula: Oooooooooooohhhhhh!!!

Berserker of El Dorado: Your fearsome temperament has impressed me. You may yet keep up with my strength!

Blackbeard: Hmmmm. Two Berserkers interacting with each other... Makin' me kinda jelly.

Blackbeard: A tournament with the silver-haired sporty-spice Berserker! The ferocious lion within me...okay, well, maybe it's not a lion...

Blackbeard: Maybe a killer whale or a shark. Well, let's just say a carnivore is about to awaken!

Blackbeard: That physique, glistening with sweat from battle! And that iron ball that looks like a sea urchin! Hrnnngh! I'd definitely be a goner if that hits me!

Blackbeard: ...So. You're okay with what happened?

Hektor: Well, there's no point in this old man intervening.

Hektor: She said she wasn't interested in “trivial diversions.” And yet she's getting all fired up for this event. Things are just getting more complicated, is all.

Hektor: It's not as if we are strangers, and I would recommend that she calm down. But then again...

Hektor: She's really not the type to listen to anyone past a certain point. I just pray no one does anything stupid.

Blackbeard: I see. Does that mean you'll be with me to...

Blackbeard: ...Watch the tournament. Carefully record it. Admire the beauties who move so beautifully around the tournament stage...

Hektor: The only thing we agree on is that we both hope to get through this event without having to fight, Captain. Of course, if a storm is brewing, it won't matter whether we're audience members or not.

Nursery Rhyme: I like playing outside, but hitting each other isn't a good game for girls.

Nursery Rhyme: Playing tag or hide-and-go-seek would have been better. Oh, this event is more for boys.

Jack: You think so? We like dismembering!

Jack: But if you don't like it, Nursery, then we don't either. It's not fun if we can't play together.

Nursery Rhyme: Teehee. Thank you. Do you agree too, Ibaraki-Douji?

Ibaraki-Douji: Um...unnngh. W-well, normally I reeeally try to enjoy smashing, tearing, and pillaging as an oni should...

Ibaraki-Douji: But I'm with Jack on this one. If Nursery Rhyme doesn't like it, then I won't force it on you.

Ibaraki-Douji: So what should we play? House is fun, so is ball...but I want some excitement...

Nursery Rhyme: I know. Let's ask the other kid!

Jack: Other kid?

Ibaraki-Douji: Hm? Who's that?

Ibaraki-Douji: Could it be!?

Assassin of the Nightless City: ...Kuhaha. I didn't expect you to see through my Presence Concealment! You guys are good!

Nursery Rhyme: I don't think you tried too hard to hide. I kept seeing your pretty dress flapping.

Assassin of the Nightless City: Indeed. My overwhelming beauty just cannot be hidden! You are a wise Caster, you know that?

Assassin of the Nightless City: I shall praise you. And you shall be rewarded.

Jack: Wow, a reward? What is it?

Assassin of the Nightless City: My prized torture device! It's a cute fruit-shaped torturing tool! I just so happen to have three or four of them lying around, so you can have one!

Ibaraki-Douji: G-giving a torture device as a reward is...a little weird...and it's shaped like fruit...fruit...?

Jack: Uh, we might have SOME interest in it. Maybe. Is it cute?

Assassin of the Nightless City: Of course it is!

Nursery Rhyme: I do love a good scary story, but being given a tool for torture is...well, you know...

Nursery Rhyme: ...It makes me feel a little like...a know?

Elisabeth: Ah-choo!

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Oh my. Hehehe. The children are all running about the halls so energetically.

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Seeing them like this brings back memories of my own little Kintoki when he was young...

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Oh yes. And I can only imagine Master was a cute little child too. Heehee.

Boudica: It sounded as if those children were talking about torture or something... Well, I suppose I can let that slide.

Boudica: I'm just glad to see children so happy. Children...children...

Boudica: There seems to have been quite the increase in the number of children around here. Well not exactly, since they're actually Servants...

Emiya: Yeah. Maybe it's time we thought of adding kids' meals to the menu...

Emiya: We do have something like that for young Servants who can't eat full portions, but that's not much fun.

Emiya: A dish beloved by many, yet both popular and easy to eat... I've been avoiding it this whole time because it's so easy...

Emiya: But maybe it's time to offer the forbidden mild-flavored curry?

Boudica: I like it! Good idea!

Boudica: ...But we're going to be slammed during Nero Fest. Do we really have the time to be adding new dishes to the menu right now?

Emiya: We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Besides, we have more Servants to help in the kitchen now.

Tamamo Cat: Say no more. When you think of curry, you think...hurry for curry!

Tamamo Cat: Which means, we need someone who's speedy in the kitchen! This cat knows just the one to fit that bill!

Tamamo Cat: A man who's only effective when the sun is in the sky!

Tamamo Cat: That would be Sir Gawain! He's sure to cook up a great pot of curry real fast, since he's only got so much time to work with!

Tamamo Cat: Yeah, but let's not invite Lip over. We wouldn't want Sir Gawain to be distracted and stop his work, now would we?

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Heh. Oh my. So he is only powerful when the sun is out? What a wonderful trait.

Boudica: You really...think so?

Ozymandias: ...What? I do not want to hear of this, even from you.

Ozymandias: I have no wish to involve myself in such trivialities. To think you would come to visit me, only to babble about the Roman Emperor's absurd festival.

Ozymandias: I always thought of you as a brave man who might be frivolous even on the battlefield, but this is something else entirely.

Ozymandias: Begone, Archer.

Arash: Oh? That's an unexpected response from you, Pharaoh.

Arash: You don't like festivals? I thought you were the type of king who didn't mind your citizens having fun.

Ozymandias: Of course not. I do not care what the citizens do for pleasure. The whole universe is within my grasp! I am a tolerant pharaoh, you know!

Ozymandias: But listen. I and I alone decide what I do. The very thought of the great pharaoh participating in an ancient Roman festival is laughable!

Arash: Maybe so, but why don't you think it over? Think of it as a breath from our hectic lives...

Arash: But it wouldn't be bad to go and test your strength either. Think about it: we're in Chaldea, where all sorts of Heroic Spirits gather from around the world.

Arash: Your participation would make this festival even more exciting.

Ozymandias: ...Hmph. You are a smooth talker.

Arash: Besides. I think it's about time you met the other guy.

Arash: When you two meet, it should be on an appropriate stage where Servants can safely fight. A battle between you–the Sun King–and him would be much too dangerous to take place in Chaldea itself.

Ozymandias: Hm?

Arash: No, nothing...

Nitocris: ...

Nitocris: (I-is that...)

Nitocris: (Could that be Pharaoh Ozymandias!? So he is finally attending the ancient Roman festival!)

Nitocris: (I-I cannot stand idly by! Should the Pharaoh be on the move, Nitocris must also take action!)

Ozymandias: Nitocris.

Nitocris: Yes! Pharaoh Ozymandias! What is your order!?

Ozymandias: I have warmed to the idea of going. I trust you to hold the fort while I'm away.

Nitocris: ...Eh?, I...!

Arash: Hahaha. Leave the guarding to the Sphinx. It's no fun for her to stay behind during a festival. Don't you agree, big bro pharaoh?

Ozymandias: Heh. Indeed.

Ozymandias: We will go together then, Nitocris! Ready yourself!

Nitocris: Yes!

Hijikata: ...

Okita: ...

Hijikata: ...

Okita: ...

Hijikata: ...

Okita: Mr. Hijikata? Hijikata? How much longer do you plan on sitting there munching pickles?

Okita: The event's starting. The event! I know it's not a super giant one, but...

Okita: But with all the Servants who're participating, this might actually turn into a big deal!

Okita: This is one of the best opportunities to demonstrate Tennen Rishinryu–err, the Shinsengumi, that we'll ever get!

Okita: This is also our chance to get ahead of Nobbu!

Hijikata: ...

Okita: Come on now! I know you like things like this, Mister Hijikata!

Okita: ...Well, okay, so you may not measure up to me when it comes to official matches...

Okita: But you have your eye-blinding, sand throwing, anything goes killer “Baragaki” technique.

Okita: Using your ultimate Tennen Rishinryu spirit that the audience would sure to be judgmental of, let's show who's boss!

Hijikata: ...Quit your yapping.

Okita: Awww.

Hijikata: ...Well, I couldn't say much for other events like races, but I suppose a festival like this is a different matter.

Hijikata: I like the idea of fighting these other folks to the death.

Okita: ...Um, killing isn't allowed.

Okita: Hey, wait a minute. Mr. Hijikata? I thought you were munching on pickles because you weren't interested?

Hijikata: ...Don't get the wrong idea. I was just filling up so I wouldn't be fighting on an empty stomach.

Hijikata: Let's go, Okita.

Okita: That's the spirit!

Okita: Ah, brings back memories of our training hall days. I'll get a few great Okita victories under my belt!

Hijikata: Talk big when you win, Okita. You're embarrassing yourself. Okay.

Hijikata: Shinsengumi, move out!

Sakata Kintoki: ...Yo, hold it right there, Miss Dark Saber.

Altria Alter: What?

Sakata Kintoki: Aren't you that alternative Servant of the King of Knights of the Round Table?

Sakata Kintoki: Yet you're different than usual. I sense a tenseness...a tingling sensation from you. You're so revved up, it's electrifying.

Altria Alter: What is your point?

Sakata Kintoki: Okay. Let me get straight to the point, straight as the cutting edge of a blade!

Sakata Kintoki: You're a Rider, right? That means you got some kinda mount or machine, yeah?

Sakata Kintoki: I saw ya race a while back, but that was that red'n'gold emperor's ride, right?

Sakata Kintoki: Bumpin' into you must be fate! Would ya mind showing me your darkness machine!?

Altria Alter: ...

Shuten-Douji: Fufu. Show a bit of mercy if he's bothering you. This little brat was itching to join the race.

Shuten-Douji: But NOBODY asked him to participate. He was so dejected, he's acting all funny.

Shuten-Douji: Boys are such strange creatures. So keep that in mind and don't get too angry, okay?

Sakata Kintoki: Wh-what!? What the hell!? When did you show up!? And you're wrong! No! Absolutely not! No, no, no!

Sakata Kintoki: I ain't dejected or actin' weird, okay!? Quit makin' up stuff about me!

Shuten-Douji: Fine, fine. Look at those pouty lips. You're just like a child.

Shuten-Douji: Want a piece of candy? Or maybe a soft dumpling that's easier to chew?

Sakata Kintoki: HEY! Quit treatin' me like a kid!

Altria Alter: ...I see now. If he is no more than a child, there's no need for me to raise my mop over this.

Altria Alter: Sakata Kintoki. If you seek a place to direct your pent-up youthful energy...

Altria Alter: I suggest you participate in the tournament that Emperor Nero is holding. I'm sure a handful of hot-blooded folks have gathered again this year.

Sakata Kintoki: Hey, I ain't–

Shuten-Douji: Yes, yes. Be a good boy and stop bothering this nice lady. Now, let's go to the festival.

Shuten-Douji: Oh yes. Fufufufu. If you behave yourself, maybe I'll buy you a candy apple...

Sakata Kintoki: I said NO THANK YOU! Geddit through your head!

Sanzang: Hnnnn! This is going to be my year!

Sanzang: I, Xuanzang Sanzang, will win for sure this year! A whole buncha stuff happened last year that prevented me from winning!

Sanzang: So...Touta! I choose you to accompany me!

Tawara Touta: Wait a minute. You've got it all wrong. Think back on what happened last year.

Tawara Touta: It's true this is a competition for Servants to test their strength, but this tournament's different. It's not about finding a single victor.

Tawara Touta: It's neither an elimination competition nor is it a round robin battle. They're just one-off battles on a grand stage, each for a brief moment.

Tawara Touta: Besides, you're a monk. A great monk at that.

Tawara Touta: Getting enthusiastic over brawls wouldn't be right. I'm just saying you should probably focus on hitting the wooden drum Mokugyo.

Sanzang: Oh, that hollow-sounding thing! Nice!

Tawara Touta: ...That's your reaction?

Sanzang: Well, yeah. It's not that everyone's fighting to kill. Everyone's participating to better themselves, as a part of training.

Sanzang: They're not focused on winning. But since it's for training, we should go beyond all out!

Tawara Touta: I could think of it that way.

Sanzang: And so! This year for sure! I will! Positively! Win! (Grin)

Tawara Touta: (Hmmm. So this is what desire looks like... Now then. At this rate, I wonder when will the great Monk Sanzang actually reach enlightenment...?)

Jing Ke: No assaults in the night, no assassination, and no surprise attacks, huh? And on top of that...

Jing Ke: No killing. What a buzzkill. This event really will be hard on us Assassins.

Spartacus: Hahahaha. Then the only thing you can do is REBEL. Wonderful! All forms of treachery will be permitted!

Spartacus: Ah, Rome! Ah, the emperor! Truly a vain embodiment of a multitude of tyrannies and oppression, all in one place!

Jing Ke: Oh hey, Spartacus. You get my drift.

Jing Ke: What do you think? Want to try running amok without restraint one time? Surely you're tired of living in Chaldea with a bunch of emperors and kings all around.

Jing Ke: If you're in it, then I will...

Spartacus: Hahahaha! Indeed! We have the right to rebel against all these tyrannies, smash down insolence, while the pride of the mighty is crushed!

Spartacus: And at the same time, we shall use this opportunity to clear the air of our pent-up grudge! We have the right to such joy at this festival!

Jing Ke: Hmph. I get it now.

Jing Ke: This may be an event run by an authority, but you will allow such a thing to be run as long as there are people who enjoy such event. Am I correct?

Jing Ke: You seem more calm and levelheaded than I am, Spartacus, the forever rebellious one.

Andersen: Oh, it's you, Master. Go away.

Shakespeare: Ah, an expression of opinion similar to one oft expressed! I regret to say this myself, Master, but I am of the same opinion as he.

Shakespeare: Getting right to the point in a story is important, and he is the right man for the job. What he means is: anything mightier than the pen is positively brutish!

Shakespeare: That is to say, we are unfit to participate in this particular event.

Andersen: A recreation of the festival of Olympia? An elegant and beautiful show of battles in the Colosseum?

Andersen: No. Wrong.

Andersen: This tournament is quite clearly an event for the physically fit. The question, though, is one of what is being promoted here.

Andersen: It's simply a shot in the arm made to entertain the readers–I mean, the citizens.

Andersen: Nothing more. Nothing less. I must regretfully inform you that we are not needed here.

Cleopatra: Seriously? I thought this was a festival glorifying me! What a surprise! I didn't think THAT was its purpose!

Cleopatra: Well, I do not recall permitting such festivities, as they have nothing to do with I did have a sneaking suspicion...

Cleopatra: Either way, it is a good thing for a nation to thrive!

Cleopatra: I am sure the economic effects are great. If proper measures were put in place beforehand, that is.

Cleopatra: I wonder if Her Imperial Majesty had that in mind? I wouldn't mind taking a bit of her time to give a presentation...

Andersen: Go do that on your own time. This study is exclusively for the writer-Servants of Chaldea.

Shakespeare: Oh come now, don't say such a thing. I'd rather not simply confine myself to the same perpetually glum faces, ever harassed by deadlines...

Shakespeare: This beaming pharaoh's presence certainly brightens up our space, after all. The light of her divine beauty...

Shakespeare: Ah, what better inspiration to get our creative juices flowing!? As you can already see, my creative motivation is on the rise!

Cleopatra: Why thank you, Shakespeare. But I am afraid you are somewhat lacking in muscle. You really must take better care of yourself.

Andersen: You certainly do favor married women...

Shakespeare: No, no, no! Nothing like that! And to prove it...I have the perfect individual to back me up!

Andersen: Well, he IS here, but...well, as long as you're all right with it...

Caesar: Hm? It appears study room A is a bit rowdy. Do you suppose Master stopped by?

Caesar: Well, no matter. It is just the two of us in study room B, after all.

Caster of the Nightless City: ...

Caesar: Beautiful. You truly are beautiful. You may be concealing that beauty with a veil, but I can tell.

Caesar: You are an exquisite beauty who shines not by the sun's light, but a beauty who whose luminance is best viewed at night, by starlight.

Caesar: Yet as a fellow Servant, I'm sure you have considerable power on the battlefield.

Caesar: You show no sign of that, though. Beautiful as you are, you are surely dangerous as well.

Caesar: And that is what truly intrigues me.

Caster of the Nightless City: ...Please stop, Lord Caesar.

Caster of the Nightless City: I am a Caster. Just a simple Caster. I am merely one of many Servants who has formed a contract with Master.

Caster of the Nightless City: You may try to woo me with honeyed words, but I dare not answer them.

Caesar: Say no such thing. You can trust me.

Caster of the Nightless City: ...

Caesar: I am an able man. Let me prove that much to you.

Caster of the Nightless City: You mustn't...

Cleopatra: Lord CAAAEEESAAAR!?

Caesar: Wha...!?

Cleopatra: You have apologized and begged my forgiveness countless times...and STILL you... Who exactly is that...woman...!?

Caesar: I...well...

Caesar: Oh.

Cleopatra: Do not “oh” me, Caesar. It seems your heart is as clogged with junk as your belly.

Cleopatra: It just so happens that a martial tournament is about to begin. So I have a wonderful idea.

Cleopatra: I will have you, Lord Caesar, participate and ask a bunch of Sabers to help you slim down.

Caesar: I...well...I don't...

Cleopatra: Yes?

Caesar: ...Uh... Yes ma'am. That might...not such a bad idea.

Caesar: (...Oh, my Caesarion. What shall I do? What do you think I should do?)

E:Voice of Caesarion: (It would help if you slimmed down a bit.)

Jeanne Alter Santa Lily: Mentor, Mentor!

Jeanne Alter Santa Lily: I just heard! There's going to be a tournamament to test the strength of all Chaldea's Servants!

Jeanne Alter Santa Lily: ...Um. This tournamament isn't going to require that Santas, join, right?

Amakusa Shirou: Not strictly speaking, no. But since it is such a grand event...

Amakusa Shirou: It would be a shame to simply ignore it. First of all, let's think about seasons.

Jeanne Alter Santa Lily: Seasons?

Amakusa Shirou: Yes. Seasons change from summer to fall, fall to winter. I hear that fall is quite short.

Amakusa Shirou: But I digress a bit. Anyway, it would be best to take time to train in the seasons prior to winter...

Jeanne Alter Santa Lily: Oh I see! So if I train well during this tournament, I would become a great Santa by the time winter comes! How logimical!

Jeanne Alter: The word is logical, and it isn't!

Jeanne Alter: It's obviously a super sporty event! And Amakusa, stop talking nonsense!

Jeanne Alter Santa Lily: Oh, hello, grown-up me. Please do not shout in the halls. You will bother the other Servants and staff.

Jeanne Alter Santa Lily: And playing the role of Santa is a tough job. It requires a good, strong body, too, you know. Yes, it does. Argument won!

Jeanne Alter: Don't give me that sh–crap! And stop saying “argument won!”

Jeanne d'Arc: Calm down, me. She's like our little sister. Make sure to treat her better than that, okay?

Amakusa Shirou: Ah, yes. You and I are surprisingly on the same page.

Jeanne d'Arc: ...Even that may happen once in a while...

Jeanne d'Arc: Right, Alter? As an older sister, you should–

Jeanne Alter: HELL!!! NO!!!

Count of Monte Cristo: ...

Count of Monte Cristo: ...Heh.

Marie: Don't lurk in a corner like that. Why don't you come out and talk with the others?

Count of Monte Cristo: ...My queen.

Marie: See? Everyone seems to be having fun. Those good friends are talking with other like family.

Marie: So many Jeanne d'Arcs. Their existences and relationships are quite mysterious and...

Marie: Wonderful. Don't you agree, Count?

Count of Monte Cristo: My Queen. I'm afraid I have just happened to pass by.

Count of Monte Cristo: I have nothing to add to that scene. I have no strong feelings. Same goes with what I think. You might as well ask your general.

Marie: Oh. You think so?

Count of Monte Cristo: I do.

Marie: Oh...he disappeared. Did he dematerialize?

Nightingale: Hm. So he fled. With just a few more minutes, and I would have been able to treat his mental state.

Marie: Oh, hello, Nurse. What's going on?

Nightingale: Nothing. I have been attempting to treat that man for some time now, but he flees every time. He is not aware that he is injured.

Marie: Hehehe. Give him a rest. It's not nice to pester him so much.

Nightingale: No. It is, I assure you, a part of the treatment.

Marie: I see. Then if d'Eon or Amadeus goes overboard during this festival, please treat them, okay?

Nightingale: Of course. You need not worry about that, Marie Antoinette.

Nightingale: Whenever an event or battle should arise, I will never hesitate to treat the wounded, regardless of what it may be that ails them.

Gilgamesh: Wasteful. So terribly wasteful.

Gilgamesh: The event itself is not the problem. A break is good for morale. No one can remain sane constantly staring down the jaws of death itself.

Gilgamesh: But! This may be a simulator, but a waste is a waste!

Gilgamesh: The device operates on Chaldea's system, too! Using it thoughtlessly is wasteful!

Gilgamesh: Besides, what benefit is there to training so many Servants? If you want to train someone, train me! Me!

Nero Bride: Hmmm...the king of Uruk is surprisingly miserly.

Nero Bride: I thought he was a king of luxury like me...who would spend extravagantly without a second thought...

Gilgamesh: Fool. I'm not stingy, but I am also a man who saves up! Listen well: one should only spend extravagantly after making a fortune!

Gilgamesh: But look at Chaldea! Its power always runs at capacity, and its employees' wages are never raised!

Gilgamesh: Basic salary should always be increased every year, the fools!

Gilgamesh: I'm not saying that you need to be considerate of the older workers. I'm only saying that one should be compensated according to their skills!

Nero Bride: Hm. That is sound advice. I'll keep it in mind. But being so stodgy and all-business is such a drear way to live.

Nero Bride: The more glorious the festival, the better. Don't you agree?

Nero Bride: I understand your perspective, of course, but a simulator exists to be used, doesn't it?

Gilgamesh: Then just bear in mind the sheer amount of data that will create. The thing that's called...Sheba?

Gilgamesh: If that thing's running at full capacity, day and night, Da Vinci is sure to get frustrated. The first part of the festival should be run modestly.

Gilgamesh: After all, the preliminaries are mere battles between those up until four stars. It shouldn't concern a five star Servant like me!

Gilgamesh: Fwahahahahahahahaha!

Nero Bride: Fuwahahahahahahahaha! I'm just laughing along with you!

Nero Bride: Ah, that's the king Gilgamesh I've heard of! The arrogant but mischievous sort that you just can't hate for some reason!

Romulus: ...Ah, the one who walks the never-ending path.

Romulus: You are now in Chaldea, a place where numberless destinies intersect. Yet I notice that you purposefully avoid interacting with others.

Romulus: A foolish choice. Humans cannot live or act in isolation.

Romulus: So too with Rome. You must reflect and look back on your own path.

Arthur: ...My apologies.

Arthur: Holy Progenitor, Romulus. I am not Rome.

Arthur: Still, I shall keep those words of yours in my heart. But remember, I once fought against Rome itself.

Romulus: No, you are Rome.

Romulus: You are human, therefore you are Rome. Make no mistake: Rome and love reside within all people.

Romulus: Enjoy yourself. Even should you keep your face concealed, none will judge you.

Romulus: My Rome is the source of many joyous festivals. Do not forget, my child. People cannot live without joy.

Romulus: In other words...

Romulus: Enjoy! Smile!

Helena: Okay, here we go!

Helena: ...Mahatma Change!

Helena: Our summer vacation has been extended! Hot places are still hot, so there's no reason not to let loose!

Holmes: I see. This is not bad at all. However, I believe I shall join the authors to escape the summer heat.

Helena: What are you talking about? You can't. You need to be out in the sun and move that body of yours sometimes.

Helena: Contrary to what you say, you're well-versed in such activities, aren't you, Master of Baritsu?

Holmes: Only in times of emergency. Besides, my Baritsu is intended for self defense–

Helena: No more excuses! Come on, hurry to the Colosseum! Get to it!

Holmes: ...Seriously?

Helena: Yes, of course. You and I both are going on a mad dash!

A:Mash: Ah, so many...

A:Mash: All the Servants with dauntless courage have assembled in Chaldea... Everyone seems very excited.

A:Mash: This festival shall be of some use and serve you well for the future.

A:Mash: I am...also excited.

Fujimaru 1: Let's work hard to collect medals!

A:Mash: Yes, Senpai, my Master.

Fujimaru 2: Huh?

A:Mash: Yes. It's me, Mash. Don't worry, Senpai, my Master.

A:Mash: ...I...will best...

Return of Nero Fest - Autumn 2019 (Second Half)

Narration: ...I have come to the conclusion...

Narration: During the Emperor's festival, where all Heroes of Chaldea assemble...

Narration: A brief moment of pleasure and respite in the fight to save humanity...

Narration: Surely it is a very noble event. Battles to fulfill the purest of all competitive desires without profit or gain...

Narration: The stress of our daily lives, the exhaustion of so many battles eased, if only for a moment.

Narration: It's a wonderful thing. A festival is necessary. Yes. I do understand that this event is important.

Narration: But...that is why I have come to my own conclusion... I also want to fulfill my efforts...

Narration: My powers have diminished compared to what they were during my lifetime, but I still want to be of some use to you.

Narration: I do not want to impede the path you take. I just want to be of help. Be your strength. I want to serve my purpose.

Narration: That's why...I want to...

A:Mash: I can't stop this anymore...can't stop this feeling.

A:Mash: I am a warrior of the Valkyries, created by the great god Odin.

A:Mash: I once served the gods...was no more than an automaton. Soon I met my love, Sigurd, and perished as a woman.

A:Mash: I am the Heroic Spirit Brynhild. I sit in the Throne, but have lost all my Authority as a god.

A:Mash: My sealed powers...many functions equivalent to Authority are awakening. I want them to. They're beginning to work. I want them to work.

A:Mash: Because...tonight, all the conditions will be met.

A:Mash: Many Heroes and great men participating in battle. So many warriors I am compelled to love.

A:Mash: But...yes, yes... I must choose. Watching all these heroes do battle...

A:Mash: The time has come to select the most valiant of all heroes.

Brynhild: ...Though not much blood will be spilled...

Brynhild: It will be all right. I will claim no souls. Valhalla, built for my father, the great god, is far from here.

Brynhild: Even with much of my power and functions sealed, such things are nothing if I use a Primordial Rune.

Brynhild: If I make even the slightest error in my calculations, I may lose my Spirit Origin...

Brynhild: ...But I don't mind.

Brynhild: Before I disappear, I will fulfill my purpose...all that is asked of me.

Brynhild: For you, I shall train the selected Servant and construct them anew.

Fujimaru 1: O...kay.

Brynhild: Yes.

Brynhild: I shall do it without Nótt, the goddess of night, detecting me.

Fujimaru 2: Wait...Mash...I mean, you're...

Brynhild: It is fine. It will be fine.

Brynhild: There is nothing to worry about. Please leave everything to me, Senpai, my Master.

Brynhild: So please don't give me that sad look.

Mash: ...Altering Heroic Spirits. A pseudo-Palingenesis without a Holy Grail.

Mash: So that's what she meant. Now I understand.

Mash: The single most valiant Servant in Chaldea is selected, and a perpetual enhancement is applied by using the Primordial Rune...

Mash: That is likely her intent...

Mash: This is exactly what Scáthach and El-Melloi mentioned!

Fujimaru 1: Mash!?

A:Mash: Senpai, my Master.

Mash: No, that's Brynhild!

Mash: I'm the real Mash Kyrielight. You are a true Heroic Spirit...a Valkyrie from Norse mythology!

Fujimaru 2: Two...Mashes!?

A:Mash: Senpai, my Master.

Mash: No, that's Brynhild!

Mash: I'm the real Mash Kyrielight. You are a true Heroic Spirit...a Valkyrie from Norse mythology!

Mash: And yet Senpai is confusing the two of us. It must be because of the Runes. Am I correct, Brynhild?

Brynhild: ...

Mash: We can avoid disaster if you just stop now. Well...the only thing that's really gone wrong so far is...

Mash: Nero, who figured something was going on, started to pout because her tournament was essentially used as a tool...

Mash: But if you stop now, I'm sure she'll just laugh and forgive you. After all, nothing has happened yet.

Mash: Please, Brynhild.

Brynhild: ...

Brynhild: ...You really are a gentle child, Mash.

Brynhild: Yes. You are indeed fit to be alongside Master. While you may not be overflowing with courage, you are full of determination.

Brynhild: You certainly could be a Valkyrie of this modern era.

Brynhild: But I'm sorry. Truly sorry.

Brynhild: I've already begun to fulfill my purpose! Hero selection! Spirit Origin strengthening! Pseudo-Palingenesis!

Mash: Brynhild!

Brynhild: I can't stop it! It won't stop!

Brynhild: From here on, Chaldea's mightiest Heroic Spirit must be found to defeat me! My purpose is to modify, build, and strive for divine creation!

Mash: But such a feat is impossible to fulfill as a Heroic Spirit! Scáthach and El-Melloi said so!

Mash: Surely you understand this, too! So that's why you kept saying you may disappear...

C:???: Words will not reach her. She's quite stubborn, you know.

Mash: What...!?

Mash: That voice!

Altera: I am afraid you need to beat it into her. I recall a similar situation in the past.

Altera: Put a swift end to it and resume the tournament. After all, stadium food is good civilization.

Mash: Altera!

Siegfried: I was wondering why I couldn't hear the incessant voice longing for Sigurd during the tournament.

Siegfried: I never imagined you were so consumed by this, Brynhild.

Siegfried: I apologize. I didn't realize your dilemma. But I will not neglect your cries anymore.

Mash: Siegfried!

Scáthach: It is, of course, not only those two who have gotten involved, Mash.

Scáthach: As I was the one who put some of these ideas in your head, it would be wrong of me to sit back and watch.

Leonidas: I knew something was strange! I thought Mash was less shield-y than usual.

Leonidas: Rather, I suspected she was more lance-y...and it turned out to be true!

Leonidas: Because a shield + lance = me, Leonidas! Which means, according to my calculations, you are not Miss Mash!

Mash: Leonidas! Scáthach!

Leonidas: And it's not just us! All the Servants who sensed Miss Brynhild's unusual behavior have come!

Leonidas: We have assembled here!

Robin Hood: Well, it's a bit embarrassing to be introduced like that. The truth is that we just sensed something hinky.

Passionlip: Um...I believe you sensed it better than that. You looked really worried... You looked almost like a pervert looking at prey.

Robin Hood: I'm no pervert. Stalker at WORST! Besides, how would you know what I was thinking?

Passionlip: Eh...? Well the moment you looked at Mash, you were oddly irritated and grumpy...

Passionlip: You already have shifty eyes to begin with, but then you got even more awkward...and I was like “ack.”

Robin Hood: (Irritated) Listen, you: I do not have shifty eyes.

Robin Hood: Chaldea is kind of like a campsite. It's only natural to monitor the health and wellness of everyone here.

Robin Hood: Who's not feeling good...who's acting strange...who's talking weird. Stuff like that.

Robin Hood: I'm well versed in scouting. I'd never miss any signs of anything or anyone about to go off an betray us.

Passionlip: I see... But the fact remains that you look creepy when you're staring at everyone around the cafeteria.

Robin Hood: That's not the point. Were you even listening!? I think all the blood that should be in your brain ended up going to your breasts!

Passionlip: I-it did not! And please stop scolding and punishing me like a know-it-all!

Suzuka Gozen: Oh, man, that is just, like, MEGA cringe. How 'bout you downvote that creeper style. For real.

Suzuka Gozen: So this is the real Greenie? Super skeevy? Is he, like, out for the shrine maiden fox's number one spot?

Robin Hood: Like hell! I'm a hunter! That fox and I are rivals when it comes to who hunts and who gets hunted.

Leonidas: Now, now, Lady Suzuka. The punishment in this case would be about muscle. There's no doubt he's talking about training one's muscles.

Leonidas: There is no difference in the muscles of men and women! Therefore, there is nothing to cringe about!

Suzuka Gozen: Seriously? Is that what Chaldea's like? Chaldea's all about that dudebro life, then?

Leonidas: No, we are a group of intellectuals who prize careful calculation!

Leonidas: But I can see that Lady Passionlip, Lady Suzuka, and Sir Robin get along well. Did you all fight alongside each other at some point?

Leonidas: Anyway, Lady Mash and Fujimaru! The French contingent has come as well!

Gilles: If the holy maiden commands me, then I shall not waver. I had no idea that a Valkyrie of Northern Europe had concealed herself within this festival.

d'Eon: I'd like for this to end peacefully. If you stop now, it will be as if nothing happened.

d'Eon: Let us have some tea instead. This message I bring from the queen herself, Brynhild.

Brynhild: ...

Leonidas: There are still more warriors here to support you! Behold!

Alexander: Hey! We're here too! Come on, teacher! Don't lag behind! Come to the front!

El-Melloi II: ...Why would you put a Caster on the front line?

El-Melloi II: Ah, now I see. Brynhild of Northern Europe. Even if you do really possess a true Primordial Rune...

El-Melloi II: It would be best not to use its full strength here. Those runes hold the power of the great god of the Norse, Odin.

El-Melloi II: Worst case scenario, not only will your Spirit Origin be destroyed, you may create an anomaly that spreads through all of Chaldea.

El-Melloi II: Should that happen, even Master would not survive. For example, there may be a flux in magical energy through magical circuits...

El-Melloi II: And phenomena that are otherwise impossible may occur within the space taken over by a Primordial Rune.

El-Melloi II: But...why?

El-Melloi II: You do not appear to be quite so mad...

Kid Gil: Teacher, you're talking too much!

El-Melloi II: I do not recall accepting you as my pupil. What a peculiar twist of fate, considering who you become.

Alexander: Oh don't be so mean, teacher. Gil came by because he is genuinely concerned.

El-Melloi II: Gil... Unbelievable...

Leonidas: Ah, this display is almost like a teacher with his students on a school trip. It certainly lightens the mood here!

Leonidas: So there you have it, Lady Brynhild! You may be a demigod...

Leonidas: But you must see that you are outnumbered! Out of respect for Lady Mash's shield and everyone's concern, why don't you put down your lance?

Brynhild: ...

Altera: The king gifted with brilliance is correct, Valkyrie.

Altera: According to legend, you are seen as my younger sister in a way.

Altera: As I am now, I have no memory of that...but the fact remains that we are somehow related.

Altera: I cannot have you destroyed here. I have yet to properly speak with you.

Altera: ...My sister.

Brynhild: ...

Brynhild: ...Lord Attil–Altera...

Brynhild: The man so like my Sigurd... No, I am restraining my desire for Sigurd...

Brynhild: I will do what must be done... It is as simple as that.

Brynhild: ...I also wanted to speak with you. But...

Hektor: Why can't you? We're at a festival. There's no point in holding back.

Hektor: Use this place to air out dirty laundry or get on good terms with each other.

Hektor: I don't think it's a bad idea. This old man thinks you should just talk when you have the chance.

Hektor: Well, if you can't, that's fine too.

Beowulf: Argh! Dammit! That's annoying! Doesn't matter what just gotta solve it with your fist!

Sakata Kintoki: That's just shortsighted, Bear-Wolf Guy!

Sakata Kintoki: Getting' rough with girls ain't golden. After all, Riders are heroes!

Beowulf: Women and children got nothing to do with it if we're up against Heroic Spirits! And sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm a Berserker!

Hijikata: Hmph. At least someone gets it...

Hijikata: If there's no choice but to push through, all you have to do is to stick to your values until the very end!

Emiya: He's right. It's not about being a woman or child.

Emiya: Such a rule will always apply in places where lives are at stake. Be it Heroic Spirit or human, there's no difference.

Emiya: Indeed. Though that does not mean it is futile to try to communicate.

Ozymandias: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahaha! Ah, my sides hurt from all this laughing!

Ozymandias: That woman was crazy enough to point her lance at a God King's grand temple, MY temple! Words won't stop her!

Arash: I suppose. I agree with you there.

Arash: ...Oh hey. You're here too, Master. If you're back to your old self, you'd better get serious quick!

Arthur: Yes, I agree.

Arthur: Her lance hasn't grown yet, so she doesn't have the power to wipe us all out in one swing.

Arthur: If the plan is to restrain her, we must be quick. And then the rest is up to you, Master.

Ozymandias: Hm?

Ozymandias: You're a new face, aren't you? Wait. Wait a moment. That armor...that voice...that bearing... Could you be...?

Arash: Yeah, yeah. Right now we need to focus on the Valkyrie! If we don't stop her soon, we'll be goners!

Brynhild: ...

Fujimaru 1: Stop this.

Fujimaru 2: You don't need to modify Servants!

Brynhild: ...How troubling.

Brynhild: I do not know what to say. Master, are you saying this has all been unnecessary?

Brynhild: When you look at me like that, it is clear that there is no need for me to continue down this egotistical path I have taken.

Brynhild: Yes...behavior so selfish must be stopped immediately, I–

Brynhild: ...I want to least I think I want to stop. But at the same time...

Brynhild: ...I feel I must create the strongest possible Heroic Spirit...

Mash: No, Brynhild!

Brynhild: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Brynhild: I...I cannot hold myself back. I truly am an unstable Heroic Spirit.

Brynhild: will happen automatically. I will begin to love automatically.

Scáthach: Magical energy surge! Master, her Primordial Rune is activating!

Altera: I leave the commands to you, Master. It seems we have no choice but to settle this with our swords.

Fujimaru 1: Prepare for battle!

Fujimaru 2: Let's stop her!

Altera: Understood, Master!

Brynhild: ...Give me a blade. Show me all your power! The one who ends my life will be given the protection and blessing of Palingenesis!!!

Brynhild: Warriors! Be chosen! Heroes! Stop me!

Brynhild: Me me me... Me me me me me me me me meee!

Fujimaru 1: Brynhild!

Brynhild: Master...!!!


Archer of Shinjuku: ...And that's how it went.

Archer of Shinjuku: Chaldea's Master and [♂ his /♀ her] Servants managed to stop the out-of-control Valkyrie.

Archer of Shinjuku: Oh, and the Valkyrie is quite safe. Her Spirit Core, too. In the end, she did not use a Primordial Rune.

Archer of Shinjuku: Though this is indeed an interesting case study...

Archer of Shinjuku: It all, luckily, ended well. As to what caused her to go berserk in the first place...

Archer of Shinjuku: El-Melloi had some idea, but unfortunately he couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was.

Archer of Shinjuku: The important bit is that Chaldea is safe and sound.

Archer of Shinjuku: None of its systems, Sheba included, went out of control.

Archer of Shinjuku: It turned out not to be possible to locate another Holy Grail.

Archer of Shinjuku: At any rate, sorry to get your hopes up.

Amakusa Shirou: ...What are you talking about?

Amakusa Shirou: If I recall, you mentioned something might happen before this tournament started.

Amakusa Shirou: I had absolutely nothing to do with this. I am just relieved everyone is safe.

Archer of Shinjuku: Let's just leave it at that.

Archer of Shinjuku: I was interested in what you were going to do if you obtained a Holy Grail, but... Hahaha. You're a more cunning man than I expected.

Amakusa Shirou: Then I shall take my leave. You should at least enjoy this festival until its end.

Amakusa Shirou: It's being held so everyone can relax. After all, everyone deserves a breather once in a while.

Amakusa Shirou: On the other hand...

Amakusa Shirou: Perhaps a minor bit of wickedness like that is more relaxing to you than anything else.

Archer of Shinjuku: Hahahaha! I believe I'll have to duck that particular question, young man!

Amakusa Shirou: ...Farewell.

Archer of Shinjuku: He really is a cunning man. Intriguing.

Archer of Shinjuku: Now then. I suppose it's punishment time. I know you're skulking about, O Great Detective.

Holmes: Not running away or hiding is unlike you. Have your habits changed now that you've become a Servant?

Holmes: Either way, you are the culprit. You were the one who caused Brynhild to go berserk.

Archer of Shinjuku: Have you any proof?

Holmes: No physical evidence, obviously. I would not expect you to be so careless.

Holmes: But of course, I did come across the truth. Besides, Lord El-Melloi was the detective today.

Holmes: The reasoning via magecraft techniques approach is certainly interesting. But either way...

Holmes: Even if there is no clear-cut evidence, there are always ways to find the culprit.

Holmes: While such a thing may be impossible for an ordinary man, it is surely not so for the Great Detective. I trust I needn't elaborate?

Archer of Shinjuku: Heh. So what you're trying to say is...

Archer of Shinjuku: I'm busted.

Holmes: (Nod)

Holmes: The only thing that remains unclear is whether you knew her rampage could be stopped at the last minute.

Archer of Shinjuku: Hope for tomorrow!

(Runs away)

Holmes: Baritsu!!! (Gentlemanly kick!)

Archer of Shinjuku: looked like you didn't put your whole weight on it, yet it still stings...! Are you sure that move's not against the rules!?

Holmes: Helena was right. I'm glad I participated in the festival. It was good to move about a bit.

Brynhild: Master...I wish to formally apologize.

Brynhild: I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused. I am a terribly unstable Servant...

Brynhild: But Master. Please know that I will do my utmost not to make trouble for you anymore.

Brynhild: Leonardo da Vinci gave me a gift.

Brynhild: She used a portion of Chaldea's resources to create a device that will make sure my operational status remains normal.

Brynhild: It may not be completely flawless, but I feel more secure than I did before.

Brynhild: Should I...act strange...again...

Brynhild: ...

Brynhild: ...Please do not hesitate to break me. Until that time comes, I will be your strength.

Fujimaru 1: I won't break you.

Fujimaru 2: It's okay. You'll never go berserk again, Brynhild.

Brynhild: ...Yes, Master.