The Aeaean Spring Breeze - The Witch, Delightful Companions, and a New Adventure

Prologue: After Light, After Life

Narration: He and I stand facing each other. Our only company is the deep red sunset and the sound of the waves.

???: There's something I need to tell you.

Narration: He nods silently, waiting for me to speak again.

Narration: We're both imposters through and through–paper balloons that are destined to disappear.

Narration: But none of that matters now. What matters now is that I'm here...

Narration: ...about to fight.

???: ...Here I go.

???: Then show me what you've got!

Narration: In response, I raise my witch's staff and shout as loud as I can:

???: The goddess in heaven smiles upon me. The mysterious power of the Titans runs through my veins.

???: Their vast wisdom is the wind beneath my wings. Now behold as I take flight!

Narration: This is the story of how I made peace with regrets that have weighed on me for countless years.

Narration: ...By kicking a whole mess of ass.

Section 1: Breathe Like It's Monday Morning

Circe: (Sigh)...

Circe: I've been feeling really...uninspired lately...

Fou: Fooou...

Mash: I see Circe's doing nothing but lying on Senpai's bed again...

Mash: Circe.

Mash: If you don't get off [♂ his /♀️ her] bed soon, it'll just be a matter of time until Senpai comes back and finds you there.

Circe: Oh, don't worry about that. I already cast a locator spell.

Mash: I see. But then, isn't that violating [♂ his /♀️ her] privacy?

Circe: Ah, it'll be fine. Besides, I can't help it. I'm just worried about Master.

Fujimaru 1: Pretty sure you can help it, actually.




(Falling off the bed)


(Unsteadily getting back up)

Circe: H-hey there, my beloved Piglet! That's weird. Why isn't my locator spell working?

Circe: ...It was Medea, wasn't it!? Ugh, she's gotten so spiteful in her old age!

Circe: Who does she think she is, poking her nose into other people's romantic affairs!? This is exactly why she's been single for so long!

Fou: Fou, fooou. (Special Translation: Like mentor, like student, I guess.)

Arjuna: ...Circe.

Arjuna: I understand we are different classes and come from different cultures, and so it behooves us to try to avoid conflict resulting from our differing values...

Arjuna: ...but this latest deed of yours has gone one step too far. Go stand in the corner.

Circe: Aw, come on. What are you, a prefect or something?

Arjuna: A prefect...? Hmm. Yes, perhaps I am.

Arjuna: Osakabehime once told me that there are only two positions for those with white school uniforms like me: prefect, or student council president.

Mash: That's right! The classic trope from Japanese schools!

Fou: Fou, fo fooou! (Special Translation: Uh-oh. Mash's common sense is becoming dangerously close to UNcommon!)

Arjuna: ...But never mind that now. We just discovered a new minute Singularity.

Circe: ...

Mash: !

Arjuna: Mash, Da Vinci asked me to give you a message.

Arjuna: She said she would like you to monitor Fujimaru during this mission.

Mash: Oh? I'm not sure what's going on, but I know I can trust a prefect! Roger that!

Arjuna: Mash, I was told to ask you to handle monitor duty for this mission, since Chaldea's staff is still busy analyzing the Lostbelts.

Mash: Understood. Thank you for passing on the message directly, student council president!

Circe: So, where's this new Singularity at?

Arjuna: It's located at...

Arjuna: ...Aeaea Island.

Circe: ... ...

Circe: Say that again?

Fujimaru 1: Aeaea Island.

Circe: Ghh... Ngh... Rgh...

Fujimaru 2: Didn't you used to live on Aeaea Island, Circe?

Circe: ... ...

Circe: ... ...Yes.

Arjuna: So you know it already. Good, that will save us time.

Arjuna: Speaking of time, this Singularity isn't quite situated during the Age of Gods, but it's close.

Circe: Ughhh, why does it have to be THERE of all places...? I've got nothing but bad memories of that place...

Fujimaru 1: It was that hard for you there?

Circe: ...I actually think I had a bad dream about Aeaea Island just the other day.

Fujimaru 2: Why's that?

Circe: Well... Uh...

Jason: Ha!

Jason: You can't fool me. You just want to take it easy, right? Well, so do I!

Orion: Ooh, ooh, me too.

Orion: Besides, Artemis isn't even here now, and I sure can't do anything to help on my own.

Arjuna: Putting you aside for the moment, Jason... What happened to your goddess, Orion?

Orion: All the goddesses are having their own little get-together today, so in the meantime, I'm a free bear. Uh, man.

Arjuna: Then that's all the more reason we can't leave you behind.

Arjuna: If anything, taking you along will make it much easier to keep an eye on you.

Orion: What's that supposed to mean!?

Jason: Sounds eminently reasonable to me.

Georgios: That's enough, you two.

Georgios: If Circe doesn't feel like coming, we can't force her.

Georgios: I'll go.

Jason: Will you now, Georgios? It's not every day I see you go on a mission.

Fujimaru 1: I was gonna ask Chiron, but...

Chiron: I'm afraid my presence could cause Jason undue anxiety.

Chiron: I have the feeling he would get so worked up trying to show me how much he's grown that he would ultimately end up making avoidable mistakes.

Chiron: So if I may be so bold, I suggest you try asking Lord Georgios to go in my stead.

Chiron: I have absolute faith in his ability to keep a party grounded, regardless of how chaotic its lineup may be.

Jason: Say whaaat!? Are you freaking kidding me!?

Jason: Why would I get anxious just because Chiron was there!?

Jason: Have you lot forgotten I'm the one who captained the Argo through treacherous waters!?

Orion: I know this might sound rich coming from me, but I can totally see you screwing up like that.

Arjuna: Agreed. I can imagine such a scene all too easily.

Jason: Well, bully for you!

Jason: But, never mind that for now. So, what's it gonna be, Circe?

Jason: Just so you know, I got no problem whatsoever with you staying behind.

Jason: It's just a minute Singularity, after all, so three Servants ought to be plenty.

Orion: What about me?

Jason: What, you thought I was counting you? Do I look like a guy who needs help from a talking teddy bear?

Fujimaru 1: Orion's more levelheaded than you'd think.

Orion: Oho, very perceptive of you, Master.

Orion: It's true. I'm very good at taking a step back and seeing the larger picture.

Fou: Fou...

Circe: Uh... As for me, um... I'm sorry, but...

Fujimaru 1: It's okay if you're not feeling up to it.

Circe: Hm?

Circe: No, wait... I need some time to think.

Orion: (Uh... Why's Ms. Queen Witch just sitting on a corner of the bed shaking like a leaf?)

Jason: Well, ready or not, we're leaving.

Jason: Besides, I'm sure we can make do just fine without a queen witch or two.



Circe: C-c-come on, Jason, don't be rude. Who couldn't use a queen witch to help them out?

Jason: ...All right, let's get going!

Circe: Huh? Wait! Hang on! I still need more time to–

Fujimaru 1: That felt even faster than usual...

Jason: We could've waited all day and it wouldn't have made any difference. Now come on, Queen Witch.

Circe: I knew I had a bad feeling about this. Ugh...

Georgios: Hmm. This certainly is a lovely place.

Georgios: Just look at the colors of that beautiful Greek sea. I'd better get a picture of it.

Orion: You know, I've been wondering this for a while, Georgios: Where'd you get that camera, anyway?

Georgios: I can't say. Photography became a favored hobby of mine before I'd even realized it had happened.

Georgios: Perhaps I wished for it upon winning a Holy Grail War.

Georgios: I kid, of course.

Orion: ......Right! Of course! (I can never tell when serious guys like this are joking.)

Mash: ...Oh. That didn't take long.

Mash: It looks like there's a Servant reading not too far from you.

Jason: So we've got a Rogue Servant, huh?

Mash: Right. They seem to be an unknown Heroic Spirit that isn't registered in Chaldea's Spirit Origin graph.

Arjuna: We don't yet know if they're friend or foe, so we'll need to approach them carefully.

Orion: Yeah, sure, makes sense.

Orion: Though you know, a Rogue Servant's a hell of a thing to call someone.

Jason: What do you expect? They're not exactly wild Servants either, so what we call them should reflect that.

Jason: Now, musclehead types like Atalante or Penthesilea? Those are what I'd call wild Servants.

Mash: Um, Jason? I feel I should let you know that both Atalante and Penthesilea are here in the Command Room...

Penthesilea: Congratulations, Jason. You have earned yourself a very warm welcome indeed on your return.

Atalante: Please, permit me to be among those who welcomes you back.

Atalante: Tell me, Jason, what role in such a party appeals to you? A live archery target, or a crash test dummy?

Jason: Dammit Mash, why didn't you tell me who else was there with you sooner!?

Jason: Are you TRYING to get me killed!?

Arjuna: Couldn't you just...not say anything mean?

Jason: Who asked you, Mr. Rational!? I can't help it if I have opinions I need to share!

Georgios: That sort of thing is exactly what people mean by “putting one's foot in one's mouth.”

Circe: (Sighhh)... I am so not feeling up for this...

Fujimaru 1: Is everything okay?

Circe: Oh, yeah, don't worry. This is just a mental problem, not a physical one.

Mash: Do you really have that many bad memories associated with Aeaea Island?

Circe: ...No, most of them are pretty good.

Circe: But there is one really bad memory that kind of feels like it's tainting all the good ones...

Jason: You mean Odysseus?

Circe: Cripes! Anyone ever told you you can be a real insensitive jerk sometimes!?

Jason: Tons.

Circe: Then why the hell haven't you done anything about it by now!?

Orion: Hey, it was just a matter of time until it came to light, anyway. I mean, your legend's one of the most famous around.

Orion: You know it too, right, Master?

Circe: !!!

Fujimaru 1: You bet.

Circe: Craaap.

Circe: I guess that at least means I don't have to tell you about it, huh? Now come on, let's keep moving!

Jason: Long story short, she basically just got her ass dumped by the guy she was in love with.

Circe: Did you have to put it that bluntly!? Ugh, guys like you are exactly why I hate human royalty!

Fujimaru 2: Not really...

Circe: Great! Trust me, Piglet, you're better off not knowing!

Orion: Well, I suppose I can take the opportunity to fill you in.

Circe: Don't. You. Dare.

Orion: It was after the Trojan War had come to an end.

Orion: Odysseus had set sail to return to his homeland...

Circe: You. Little. Bastard.

Orion: ...only for him and his crew to end up adrift at sea.

Orion: Eventually, they all washed up here on Aeaea Island.

Jason: But unfortunately for them, that misanthropic queen witch there had been changing every human who set foot on her island into wild animals.

Jason: Boars, lions, wolves, you name it.

Orion: Odysseus's crew fared no better, as she turned them all into pigs.

Orion: Enraged, Odysseus turned his sword on her, nearly killing her, and she made some quick apologies.

Circe: Urk, ack, gah... (Writhing in agony)

Jason: After that, Odysseus agreed to stay with her in exchange for her turning his crew back to normal.

Jason: ...Damn, now that I think about it, you're a lot better at cutting deals than I realized.

Circe: THAT'S what you're impressed with!?

Orion: However, Odysseus was already married to a woman named Penelope.

Orion: So once he'd recovered his strength on Aeaea Island, he decided to resume his journey homeward.


(Curling up in the fetal position)

Jason: And that's when her ass got dumped!

Circe: Gee, thanks for explaining the most painful episode of my life in excruciating detail, guys! How would you like me to turn you into pigs in gratitude!?

Orion: ...Hm?

Orion: Hey, Master, is that the Rogue Servant over there?

Orion: 'Cause he doesn't look like he's doing too good, what with being sprawled out on the ground and all.

Jason: Those Demonic Beasts sniffing around him don't look like good news, either.

Fujimaru 1: W-we'd better go save him!

Georgios: Agreed. Come, let us be on our way!

Circe: Hang on. I still have something to sa–

Jason: Will you just help us already!?


Georgios: There we go. All right, everyone.

All: ?

Georgios: Say cheese.

Jason: Okay, I know I smiled on reflex, but was that picture really necessary?

Georgios: You can't put a price on memories.

Circe: (Sigh) Don't you think we should wake that Servant up and make sure he's okay before we start arguing about photo ops?

Circe: I swear, you heroes never think about anyone but yourselves. Hey, are you okay?

Circe: ... ...

Circe: Nn? Nnnnnn?

Fujimaru 1: Something wrong?

Circe: Uh, n-no, nothing. Wh-why do you ask?

Jason: Aha. So his head is shaped funny because he's got a helmet on.

Jason: We'd better take it off him before he drowns.

Circe: ... ...

Orion: Come on, Mr. Georgios, give us a hand.

Georgios: All right. Up we go.

???: Wh-where am I...?

Jason: Oh hey, you're still alive.

???: Who...are you?

Fujimaru 1: We're from Chaldea.

???: Chaldea...?

Jason: Maybe you've never heard of Chaldea, but what about Jason and Orion?

???: ...Yes, I know those names. They are both legendary heroes... Is that who you two are?

Georgios: Not me. My name is Georgios. This tiny bear is Orion.

Georgios: And the man standing there with his arms crossed, ready to turn tail and run at a moment's notice...

Georgios: ...though you wouldn't know it to look at him, of Jason.

Jason: Hey! Jackass! Where do you get off ruining my first impression!?

Georgios: And then there's–

Georgios: Huh? Where did Circe go?

Fujimaru 1: Huh?

???: ...Circe?

Mash: It looks like Circe snuck away when you weren't looking.

Orion: Geez, the hell was she thinking?

Orion: Okay, you guys better stay here. Master and I'll go bring her back.

Jason: Ugh, what a slacker.

???: Circe...

Georgios: Circe is the famous Queen Witch of Aeaea Island. We'll have her take a look at you.


Narration: ...For the moment, I decided to run away.

Narration: I don't know how long that moment's going to last...

Narration: ...but I had to get away from there, just so I could breathe.

Circe: Ugh... Great, just great. How come it's always the BAD feelings that turn out to be right!?

Narration: ...I always figured he would show up eventually.

Narration: I mean, he's a hero. A hero's hero, at that.

Narration: It was only a matter of time until he ended up getting summoned.

Circe: I thought I'd be fine as long as I avoided running into him...

Narration: Why here, of all places?

Narration: Why did I have to find him on Aeaea Island?

Narration: For that matter...

Circe: Wait. Why did I run away in the first place!?

Circe: It's not as though I did anything wrong.

Circe: And besides, I'm Fujimaru's Servant now.

Circe: ... ...

Circe: ...Man, I really thought I had this stuff all sorted out.

Circe: Oh shut up! Just don't think about it!

Fujimaru 1: Circe!

Circe: Crap. Master!


(Fiddling with her hair)


(Poking her cheeks)


(Looking at her face in a hand mirror)


(Looking the other way before turning around with a smile)

Circe: Hey there, Piglet! What can I do for you!?

Orion: How 'bout putting down your damn mirror and fighting those things already!!!

Circe: What's your problem, fur ball!? Can't you give a girl time to freshen up!?

Fujimaru 1: Okay, but seriously, please get ready for battle now!


Fujimaru 1: So, you ready to tell me what's wrong now?

Circe: ... ...Ghh.

Circe: About that guy we just found on the beach...

Fujimaru 1: You know him?

Circe: You better believe it.

Circe: ...He's Odysseus.

Circe: He's one of the few heroes that survived the Trojan War.

Circe: He's the one who came up with the idea for the Trojan Horse, and the one who ultimately led the Achaeans to victory.

Circe: ...He never gave up on making it back home to his beloved wife, even after ages spent adrift at sea...

Circe: ...and he's the man I once spent some time with right here on Aeaea Island.

Section 2: Once Upon a Time

Narration: Once upon a time...

Narration: ...there was a very powerful witch who lived on an island.

Witch: She could do whatever you imagine.

Witch: She could heal people, transform them, make poison, provide advice, make prophecies...

Witch: There wasn't a thing in the world that was beyond her ability.

Narration: It's true.

Narration: Even though she lived all by herself on the island, she never wanted for anything.

Narration: Well, except...companionship.

Narration: The fact is, whenever she went for a walk on the beach, or gazed out at the distant stars...

Narration: ...or cooked herself a meal, or went to sleep for the night...

Narration: ...she constantly yearned for another's presence.

Narration: But, she was a witch.

Narration: And no witch could possibly be lonely.

Narration: Everyone who knew her thought as much, and she told herself the same thing.

Narration: It was a tiny discrepancy in who she was, but it was still strong enough to be fatal.

Narration: ...One day, after some time had passed...

Narration: ...a ship washed up on the witch's island.

Narration: The warriors aboard the ship were on their way home after many long years of war.

Witch: ...You know, there's something about you that reminds me of iron.

Narration: The witch took one look at the ship's captain and immediately decided she liked him.

Narration: So she thought she would treat him the same as all the other warriors.

Mash: Odysseus, the legendary hero!? The one who was not only responsible for winning the Trojan War...

Mash: ...but whose incredibly epic journey led to the coining of the word “odyssey”!? THAT Odysseus!?

Mash: And now, you're telling us he was also your–

Mash: ...I'm sorry.

Circe: It's okay! Just go ahead and say it, Mash. It's not like the others were shy about it!

Fujimaru 1: So, he's your ex-boyfrie–

Circe: Don't be ridiculous!!!

Circe: Wait. Then again, maybe it's not so ridiculous? ...But, no, what am I saying. It's not like that.


...(Sniff sniff) There it is... The scent of pure, concentrated roman(tic comedy)ce talk.

Mash: Romance talk!?

Fujimaru 1: Romantic comedy!!!?


Gaaah! (Piercing shriek)

Orion: Come on, you, tell us how you really feel!

Circe: I told you, it's not like...

Circe: ... ...

Circe: ...Then it?

Circe: Ugh, great. Now even I can't tell who I am anymore.

Circe: Me, the queen witch.

Orion: Come on, let's just head back.

Orion: If you still want closure, then tell him. If you don't, then just leave him be.

Orion: You've got to keep a clear head even when it comes to romance.

Circe: Great. Now I've got a teddy bear lecturing me on the finer points of love!

Orion: Hohoho. (Laughing)

Orion: I might look cute as fluff, but I'm still a seasoned veteran when it comes to relationships!

Fujimaru 1: Oh, hey Artemis.


It's not what it looks like!!!

Fujimaru 2: I doubt you'd be saying that if a certain goddess was here...

Orion: Hyukhyukhyuk. (Laughing)

Circe: (Might not be now, but I've seen how these things go often enough to know he's not getting out unscathed.)

Circe: All right, just give me a moment. I'm going to cast a charm on myself so I don't end up embarrassing, well, myself.

Fujimaru 1: A charm?

Circe: ... ...

Circe: There we go. All set.

Orion: What'd you just do?

Circe: I put a limiter on my emotions. It's like being in a constant state of enlightenment.

Circe: Well, maybe “enlightenment” isn't quite the right word, but it feels close enough!

Arjuna: Oh good, you're back. What happened back there?

Circe: Oh, you know...this and that. So, about that guy we found–

Arjuna: If you mean this Servant, I'm afraid I have some terrible news.

Circe: Huh?

???: It seems I've lost my memory.

Circe: You mean, you've got amnesia?

Georgios: I asked him a number of questions, and he doesn't appear to be lying.

Orion: Well don't worry. I can tell you his True Name.

Arjuna: How would you know that?

Orion: Circe told us. His name's Odysseus.

Orion: As in, the famous hero of the Trojan War.

Arjuna: ...I see.

Arjuna: So he is Odysseus. That would certainly explain his exceptional skill.

Circe: Huh? Tell me you guys didn't fight him while we were gone.

Arjuna: We didn't have to. I am a warrior.

Arjuna: I can immediately tell how skilled someone is just from the way they carry themselves.

Odysseus: ...I see. So my name is Odysseus?

Georgios: Has hearing your name shaken loose any memories?

Odysseus: I'm afraid not.

Odysseus: I feel as though I'm trapped in an impenetrable labyrinth.

Odysseus: Odysseus... It still doesn't feel as though it's truly my name.

Georgios: Well, this isn't good. Circe, do you have any elixirs that can cure amnesia?

Circe: Not on hand, but I could make one if I wanted to...

Circe: ... ...Ugh.

Circe: H-here, let me take a look at you.

Circe: If we're going to cure you, first we need to figure out what's wrong.

Odysseus: By all means. Thank you.

Circe: ... ...

Circe: There're traces of a spell on you. Can't fix this with just an elixir.

Circe: This means your memories weren't just lost. They were stolen.



Georgios: Well, now what are we going to do?

Georgios: If nothing else, I think we can assume that Odysseus here has a strong connection to this Singularity.

Odysseus: We should also consider the possibility that I'm actually the one responsible for it.

Jason: Sure, maybe, but that doesn't mean we can just tie you up and leave you here.

Fujimaru 1: Will you come with us?

Odysseus: Of course.

Odysseus: Fortunately, remembering my True Name has helped me remember how to use my Noble Phantasm as well.

Odysseus: Apparently, I still possess the same common knowledge and records as other Servants...

Odysseus: as long as there is no issue there, I should be able to use my Noble Phantasm now as well.

Arjuna: Then we're agreed.

Arjuna: Odysseus will work hand in hand with us to resolve this Singularity.

Circe: ... ...

Mash: Are you okay with that, Circe?

Circe: ...Yeah, sure, that's fine.

Odysseus: You said your name was Circe?

Circe: Sure is, Odysseus.

Circe: ...All right, I guess I can stick around. At least until your memory comes back.

Odysseus: Thank you. I appreciate your help.

Circe: (Glare)

Odysseus: ... ...

Orion: Come on, Circe, can't you be just a little more, y'know...friendly?

Circe: Hey, this is how I've always been. Get used to it. Okay, let's go, Master!

Fujimaru 1: You're pulling too hard!

Circe: Don't you know better than to talk to the queen witch like that!?

Fujimaru 2: Circe?

Circe: No back talk. Come on!

Odysseus: ... ...

Odysseus: It's great to see a Master and [♂ his /♀️ her] Servant getting along so well.

Orion: (Doesn't look like he feels much of anything for her...)

Circe: For the time being, we can start by following the traces left behind by the spell that's been cast on him.

Circe: They're a little hard to find thanks to all these Demonic Beasts hanging around...

Circe: But don't worry, I've got it covered.

Odysseus: By all means. Thank you.

Circe: Uh, yeah, no problem. All right, here goes nothing...

Fujimaru 1: This can't be easy for you...

Circe: You think!?

Fujimaru 2: Can't stop thinking about him?

Circe: Stop staring at me like that, Piglet!

Circe: You're gonna give him the wrong idea!

Odysseus: Is everything okay, Circe?

Circe: I'm fine! Just stay away from me!

Odysseus: ...All right.

Arjuna: There's no need to be rude.

Georgios: Is that really any way to behave towards an old friend?

Circe: Khh! A one-two punch from the stuffed shirt brigade!

Jason: I mean, from where we sit, you're just being a bitch kicking an amnesiac when he's down.

Circe: You guys don't get it.

Circe: This guy's practically made out of solid iron. Bones, muscles, nerves... Everything.

Odysseus: I see. So that is what you think of me...

Odysseus: It's true. Your words did not hurt me in the slightest...

Odysseus: ...because I understand there is a reason for your behavior.

Jason: Well, well. He really trusts you, doesn't he, Queen Witch?

Circe: ...I oughta cast a pancake curse on you for smirking at me like that.

Jason: Please don't.

Circe: Hm?

Circe: Hey, sorry to ask, but would you guys mind taking care of all those Demonic Beasts up ahead?

Circe: Sure, we could just go around them, but I don't want them following us.

Jason: Hmm.

Jason: Guess you're up, Odysseus.

Odysseus: Hm?

Jason: Let's see the kind of Trojan War heroics that put you on the same level as Achilles and Hektor.

Jason: Of course, Heracles is, and always will be, the greatest hero Greece has ever known...

Jason: ...but you've still got a decent shot at second place.

Odysseus: I see.

Odysseus: True, I suppose a demonstration of my skill in battle may well be the only method I have of proving myself.

Georgios: I can back you up if you have any concerns.

Odysseus: Please do. Even a thousand-to-one chance of losing is more than we can afford to risk.

Jason: So, you're not gonna be all, “No need. I'll do it myself” there, huh?

Odysseus: With my memories gone, playing the part of a proud hero would be sheer hubris.

Odysseus: I have no intention of depending entirely on anyone's help, but I will also not refuse it when it is offered.

Odysseus: Fujimaru, I await your orders!


Odysseus: ...There. Will that do?

Arjuna: I certainly have no objections. That was a textbook example of a perfect battle.

Arjuna: Though I did notice you fight more like a tactician than a warrior.

Odysseus: Apparently, that is the path I walked up to this point.

Odysseus: Can you continue tracing the spell now, Circe?

Circe: ... ...

Odysseus: Circe?

Circe: Oh, uh, right.

Circe: I was just thinking about how I'd never actually seen you fight before.

Odysseus: You hadn't?

Odysseus: Since we used to know each other, I would have thought that included fighting alongside one another as well.

Circe: Aeaea Island was so peaceful that we never had to.

Jason: Because you turned everyone who set foot on it into animals, right?

Circe: Exactly! I'm not the queen witch for nothing!

Orion: That's not really something to be proud of.

Circe: Incidentally, your crew was no exception. I turned all of them into animals, too.

Circe: What do you think? Pretty terrifying, right?

Odysseus: No, not especially.

Odysseus: I try not to jump to conclusions before I've examined all the evidence, especially when it comes to judging others.

Odysseus: Besides, I'm a shadow of history now. It would be meaningless to hold on to a grudge I held back when I was alive.

Circe: ... ...Hmph!

Odysseus: ?

Mash: Circe?

Circe: Sorry, it's nothing.

Circe: I guess this just means...

Circe: doesn't mean anything to you anymore, does it?

Odysseus: I am afraid I cannot give you an answer, at least while I am not in possession of my memories.

Circe: ...Hehe. No wonder you're the best tactician in all of Achaea!

Circe: There we go!

Circe: Now that the Demonic Beasts are gone, I can see the spell's traces more clearly.

Circe: This way, straight ahead!

Odysseus: Great! Let's go!

Jason: I still can't tell whether those two are getting along or not...

Arjuna: Perhaps it would be better for you if you left this particular bear unpoked?

Arjuna: By the way, Georgios, what did you take that last picture for?

Georgios: Oh, that? Those two just looked so good together that I couldn't help myself.

Jason: So you're basically our acting war photographer, huh...

Mash: Do you think Circe still has, um...feelings?

Mash: For Odysseus, I mean?

Orion: Good question. We won't ever know that for sure unless we pry it out of her.

Orion: Personally, I'd love to give it a try. It sounds like fun.

Jason: I'm with Orion. I could really use some blackmail material on her.

Jason: That way, I can be sure she'll keep me safe if anything really bad goes down.

Arjuna: Ahh, I see. You mean with your wife, Lady Mede–

Jason: EX-wife! Ex! She's her own person, and I'm mine!

Jason: I've made it a point to live my life that way, and I'm not about to change it now!

Narration: ...He might not have his memories, but he's still the same guy.

Narration: I can't tell if I'm upset, relieved, or both.

Narration: Though I guess I can say it's a relief to see that he didn't act any differently around me than he did anyone else.

Narration: He definitely treats me the same as everyone. ...Though in a way, that pisses me off, too.

Narration: Ugh, I hate having all these complicated feelings.

Odysseus: ...I see something.

Circe: No way...

Odysseus: This is your island. Do you have any idea what it is?

Circe: ...No, I don't.

Circe: Well, full disclosure, I do know that building...

Circe: But I have no idea what it's doing here.

Odysseus: Hmm... This is becoming quite an interesting problem.

Circe: Piglet! Can you come here, please?

Fujimaru 1: What's up?

Circe: Take a look at this.

Jason: Do those stairs lead underground? Oh no. I've got a very bad feeling about this!

Arjuna: Do you know what these stairs might be doing here, Circe?

Circe: I've no idea! They were never here before!

Georgios: So we have a clear discrepancy between this place and the true Aeaea Island.

Odysseus: It seems whoever's behind this is practically inviting us in. What do you think we should do, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: We'll just have to see what's down there.

Odysseus: Understood.

Fujimaru 2: Anyone NOT want to go down there?

Jason: Yes! Me!

Jason: In my opinion, do an about-face, leave this Singularity, and head right back home!

Georgios: Ha ha ha, and what would that solve? Denied.

Jason: Tch.

Jason: Well, come on, an underground labyrinth? They couldn't be any more obvious about this being a trap if they tried.

Jason: I don't need to go down there to know that.

Orion: Well, like it or not, going down there's our only choice.

Arjuna: Very well then, I'll scout ahead.

Georgios: I'll bring up the rear.

Georgios: Master, Circe, and Odysseus will stay in the middle, while Jason and Orion form the rear guard.

Jason: Hey, great. That sounds easy.

Jason: ... ...

Orion: Jason, if you let me die, I WILL haunt the hell out of you.

Jason: Get out of my mind!

Odysseus: All right, then let us be on our way. Would you give the order, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: All hands, we're going in!

Arjuna: Understood. Go, go, go!

Arjuna: ...Why did you make me do that?

Jason: Nobody made you do anything!

Fujimaru 2: Here we gooo!

Orion: Yeaaah!

Orion: Keep up, will ya!?



Section 3: Systematic Underground Labyrinth

???: Good, they're finally here.

???: It's about time. I was beginning to think I'd made this Singularity for nothing!

???: ...You sure. About this?

???: Sure I'm sure. Don't worry, the plan is perfect. All you have to worry about is the Labyrinth.

???: She's right, Asterios. Don't worry. You're in good hands with this witch!

Arjuna: This is...definitely the Labyrinth.

Mash: Right.

Mash: Master and I have been here a few times before, so I can confirm that it's a dangerous place prowled by Demonic Beasts.

Mash: Please be careful as you make your way through it, Master.

Circe: Who the hell does this person think they are, building something like this on MY island!?

Jason: You mean it isn't your fault this thing's here?

Circe: Are you kidding? Who in the world would want to make a tacky labyrinth like this?

Circe: My paradises are strictly aboveground affairs. The underworld's more my mentor's shtick.

Circe: ...Hm? Is that...a signboard?

Arjuna: There's something written on it. Let's see...

Arjuna: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

Arjuna: ...That's it.

Jason: ...So, who else is ready to head back now?

Orion: You always say that after we go somewhere new! Not that I disagree this time.

Georgios: There will be no heading back.

Both: Guh...

Odysseus: So, we'll need to risk our lives to proceed, hm? Interesting. Let's go then.

Circe: Don't you think you should take at least a few precautions before you go charging into danger?

Circe: Ugh, I swear, you warriors are all the same.

Jason: Come ooonnn, let's just go back the way we caaame.

Circe: Okay, that might not be charging headlong into danger, but it's just as irritating in its own right!

Jason: No, seriously, I'm getting an extremely bad feeling about this.

Arjuna: I see. All right, let's be off.

Georgios: That's that then. Oh, yes. Say cheese.

Jason: Would you lay off the shutter button!? I keep smiling even though I don't want to!

Circe: What are you nitwits doing!? Let's go already!

Georgios: It seems we have another signboard.

Arjuna: “Fire walk with me.”

Arjuna: ...That's what it says.

Circe: Hmm.

Circe: Oh.

Fujimaru 1: Aah!

Mash: Are you all right, Master?

Georgios: Not to worry, Mash. I made sure those flames didn't get near [♂ him /♀️ her].

Odysseus: Are you okay, Circe?

Circe: Huh? Wha...? Er?

Odysseus: You were caught in that fire, weren't you?

Circe: I-I-I'm fine! It was nothing! I'm the queen witch, remember!?

Odysseus: Queen witch or not, surely you can't be fine after being caught in a fire.

Circe: Well I am, okay!?

Circe: Hecate herself gave me this robe. It's not gonna burn up in a little fire like that.

Odysseus: Even so.

Circe: Khh... Well, anyway, I appreciate the concern.

Orion: By the way, anyone else notice we're at a dead end?

Circe: Huh?

Circe: ...So we are. Hmm.

Circe: I bet it's one of those things where the way forward only reveals itself once certain conditions have been met.

Arjuna: “Fire walk with me.”

Arjuna: Hmm...

Odysseus: Walk with me, eh...? Circe, come with me.

Circe: Huh!? Y-you want me!? To go with you!? Why should I!?

Odysseus: I just had an idea. If we are supposed to walk alongside the flames...

Odysseus: ...then perhaps that means we need to proceed while cloaked in this fire.

Circe: What? Don't be silly. How're we supposed to wear fire?

Odysseus: True, maybe we can't. But we can catch it.

Circe: ?

Circe: ...Ohh!

Circe: Master, I know this is short notice, but we need to fight the fire filling this room!

Circe: We'll then need to bind it before it goes out and walk with it!

Fujimaru 1: G-got it!

Circe: O flames, I command thee: burn brighter, fall to ruin, and be reborn!

Circe: That is the never-ending cycle of life and destruction. Come forth, devilish creatures of flame!

Georgios: Now I see.

Georgios: You turned the fire into an enemy we can fight. Very clever.

Jason: All right guys, good luck! I know you've got this!

Orion: (Wow, he's not even pretending like he's going to join the fighting himself.)

Arjuna: (I'll just go ahead and add this to the report I'm writing for Medea...)


Circe: There, we got one!

Circe: How's this, Labyrinth!?

Arjuna: It worked. The wall opened up and there's a new path.

Arjuna: It looks like you had the right idea, Odysseus.

Jason: (Yawwwn)... Oh, are you done now?

Orion: Why did you even come along if you weren't gonna help out!?

Odysseus: We did it.

Circe: Hell yeah we did.

Circe: ... ...

Circe: Wait. Who said we could high-five!?

Odysseus: I think I'm starting to understand now. You are quite strong once you've warmed up.

Circe: Why're you smiling about that!? Cut it out!

Circe: Anyway, the important thing is that the way forward's unlocked now. Come on, let's go!

Odysseus: Agreed!


Circe: First fire, now ice, huh?

Arjuna: And no signboard this time, apparently.

Jason: Hm? I can see a way forward over there.

Jason: Well, this looks easy enough. We've just gotta melt our way through that ice.

Jason: Okay Arjuna, go ahead do the thing. You know, with your bow?

Arjuna: You mean Agni Gandiva? Unfortunately–

Jason: What? You don't think you can do it?

Arjuna: Of course I can. If anything, I'm worried about overdoing it.

Arjuna: If I'm not careful, a single shot from my Noble Phantasm...

Arjuna: ...could easily end up destroying the Labyrinth entirely.

Circe: Well, we definitely don't want that. Not unless you want to be buried alive.

Arjuna: Then I'll hold back as much as possible.

Arjuna: But I'm also going to give it all I've got, just to be sure nobody thinks I'm not up to the task!

Orion: (Ooh, I don't like where this is going.)

Arjuna: Come, Agni, lend me your strength! This will all be over in an instant!

Arjuna: Agni Gandiva!!!

Georgios: Ooh, now that's a photo op!

Circe: A-aah! All the ice melted! (Glub glub)

Fujimaru 1: Circe!!!

Circe: Oh, don't worry. It's not a big deal.

Jason: Great. Now we're all completely dren–

Jason (0.1 Seconds): (Hang on, I just realized something. Circe's only wearing linen, right?)

Jason (0.2 Seconds): (So does that mean her outfit's see-through right now? And does THAT mean she's...basically indecent?)

Jason (0.3 Seconds): (Not that it matters to me either way... except for how she might react.)

Jason (0.4 Seconds): (She might act pretty...wacky most of the time, but she's still the greatest witch in all of Greece.)

Jason (0.5 Seconds): (So she probably wouldn't hesitate to turn any human that saw her in all her glory into a monster.)

Jason (0.6 Seconds): (And that would mean Master's in danger if [♂ he /♀️ she] happens to lay eyes on her before she's dry.)

Jason (0.7 Seconds): (Guess I'll just have to take one for the team then. Sorry about this, Master. I'll buy you an ice cream later to make it up to you.)

Jason (0.8 Seconds): (Heh... All that aside, check out how fast I'm thinking. I always knew I could match those gloomy Caster's Thought Acceleration.)

Jason: Oh no! My hand slipped!

Fujimaru 1: Huh!?

Circe: Ugh, great, now I'm soaked.

Odysseus: What about your outfit? Are you decent?

Circe: Decent?

Circe: Psh. Who do you think I am?

Circe: I'm Circe! Disciple of Hecate, and the queen witch of all Greece!

Circe: There's no way I'd ever be caught dead in see-through clothes!

Odysseus: I see. Or rather, I can't see.

Fujimaru 1: What happened!?

Jason: ...I'm sorry. I guess my heroic mind was a little too sharp in this case.

Orion: I can't believe it! Jason's actually apologizing!

Arjuna: Does that really count as an apology...?

Circe: Anyway, why do you ask? Were you hoping to sneak a peek at my bare body or something?

Odysseus: No, I wasn't.

Odysseus: I just didn't want a young maiden like yourself to suffer any humiliation.

Circe: ...S-s-s-stupid iron man!

Odysseus: Did I say something wrong?

Orion: Eh, that's just how she is. Though I am starting to get a clearer picture of what's going on.

Georgios: What a lovely candid moment. Say cheese.

Circe: Piss off!!!

???: Well, that's too bad.

???: I thought her inadvertently baring all would make him feel responsible and start to chip away at that brick wall...but I guess it's just not going to be that easy.

???: But hey, at least they're getting along well.

???: It's true! This is wonderful! I'm so glad I asked now!

???: So what next?

???: Next... Hehehe. I think I might have just the thing.


Circe: We've got another signboard here. What's this one say, Arjuna?

Arjuna: Let's see...

Arjuna: “Destroy the paradox. That is the only way to the next room.”

Arjuna: “Keep moving forward without looking back.”

Arjuna: The end.

Fujimaru 1: What paradox...?

Georgios: Oh, hello. What are you all doing–

Mephistopheles: Please, you have to believe me. Both Shakespeare and that statue are lying liars!

Mephistopheles: My door is the only one you can trust!

Shakespeare: Me, a liar? Perish the thought.

Shakespeare: Mephisto there is the liar. He and the statue both!

Shakespeare: Therefore, it stands to reason that only my door can be trusted.

Great Stone Statue God: Trust the gods... Trust this god...

Great Stone Statue God: Both Mephisto and Shakespeare are lying liars...

Great Stone Statue God: Trust the gods... The gods never lie...

Great Stone Statue God: Which means my door is the one and only genuine article...

Mash: Um... What's going on?

Jason: Don't ask me, Shielder.

Jason: All I can say is that only one of these doors is the right one.

Georgios: So we have three people, each in front of a different door.

Georgios: I suppose this means our task is to choose the correct one.

Georgios: But the only leads we have to go on are these three's testimonies...

Odysseus: So this is the paradox.

Odysseus: Somebody here is lying, and somebody is telling the truth.

Odysseus: that even possible when we don't know how many of them are liars?

Arjuna: Good question.

Arjuna: For example, say that Mephistopheles is telling the truth.

Arjuna: By extension, that would mean that both Shakespeare and the statue are lying.

Arjuna: However, the statue is also telling us that Mephistopheles and Shakespeare are the ones lying.

Arjuna: And here, we have a fatal contradiction.

Arjuna: Because if the statue is lying...

Arjuna: ...that would mean both Mephistopheles and Shakespeare are telling the truth.

Odysseus: Indeed. And the same holds true for all of them.

Odysseus: This results in a paradox. That is to say, there is no correct answer.

Fujimaru 1: Th-this is breaking my brain a bit.

Georgios: So even if one of them is a liar, and another one isn't...

Georgios: ...You're right. It just doesn't work.

Odysseus: Circe.

Circe: Hm?

Odysseus: I'd like to know what you think.

Circe: Hmm. Well, this is definitely a riddle.

Odysseus: Indeed.

Circe: So the way I see it...

Circe: ...whoever came up with this riddle's bound to be a natural-born jerkface of the highest degree.

Circe: Which means there's no point taking this at face value.

Odysseus: ...What do you mean?

Circe: The right answer...

Circe: to go back the way we came.



Georgios: Oh, on a different note:

Orion: Hey, Teach? Can I get a do-over on that shot? I just know I was making a really weird face.

Georgios: No, my furry friend. Once a photo op is gone, it's gone for good.

Orion: Aw maaan.

Odysseus: Circe, what do you mean we need to go back?

Circe: It's simple.

Circe: The signboard's the real liar here. Those three are just a sideshow.

All Three: Hmph.

Odysseus: The signboard...? Aha, now I see.

Odysseus: So by “Destroy the paradox. That is the only way to the next room”...

Odysseus: really means “You don't have to destroy the paradox. There's another way to the next room.”

Odysseus: And by “Keep moving forward without looking back”...

Odysseus: really means “Turn around and go back.”

Odysseus: So everything is simply the reverse of how it seems. Apparently I was overthinking this.

Circe: Guess it was a tough problem for a stuffed shirt like you, huh?

Odysseus: Heh... I can't argue with that.

Odysseus: Though of course, I still can't say for myself whether I truly am a stuffed shirt or–Hm?

Mephistopheles: Us, a sideshow!?

Shakespeare: While I cannot deny the truth in your words, neither can I let you simply turn around and leave.

Great Stone Statue God: I...don't really care either way...

Great Stone Statue God: But I also don't like the idea of you guys leaving while thinking I'm just a big joke...

Great Stone Statue God: So I'm going to crush you, god-style...

Circe: Oh come on! Why're you giving us a hard time now!?

Circe: Not one of you even likes exerting yourselves!

Great Stone Statue God: As they say, there is an exception to every rule...

Mephistopheles: Here we go! Iiit's duel tiiime!


Mephistopheles: Whoops! Guess you got me good! Maestro, some dramatic music, please!

Mephistopheles: Huh? Forget about it? Oh, fine.

Mephistopheles: Well boo.

Shakespeare: Ahh, what a pity!

Shakespeare: If you had only chosen my door...

Shakespeare: ...I would have put you through tribulations great and small before ultimately ushering you to a dead end!

Great Stone Statue God: ... ...

Great Stone Statue God: I'm exhausted... I just wanna go back to Chaldea and lie around doing nothing...

Great Stone Statue God: Oh, right, I almost forgot... I've got a reward for you guys for figuring out the riddle...

Great Stone Statue God: Faaareweeelll...

Circe: Hey! If anyone's exhausted here, it's us!

Odysseus: I'll say. I never expected to fight other Servants here... Hm?

Circe: What's up?

Odysseus: ...Aha. I see. So I'm Odysseus.

Circe: !

Circe: Did your memories come back?

Odysseus: Partially, yes.

Fujimaru 1: Which parts are we talking about, exactly?

Odysseus: Well, I now know my name really is Odysseus.

Odysseus: And I know that I fought in the Trojan War, which I just barely managed to survive.

Odysseus: ...Of course, that's all from when I was still alive.

Odysseus: Though if nothing else, I've also managed to recover my personality.

Circe: What about me? Do you remember me now?

Odysseus: Hahaha. Sorry, still nothing there.

Circe: ...Well, that's okay. It might even be for the better that way.

Odysseus: You think so?

Odysseus: Personally, I'm still interested to know what sort of relationship we had when I was alive.

Circe: ... ...

Circe: All we did was hurt each other.

Circe: You'd hurt me, I'd hurt you, then we'd do it all over again. Nothing good came of it.

Odysseus: ... ...Is that really true?

Circe: Yeah, it is.

Odysseus: I see.

Odysseus: Well, I can't argue with that. Not without my memories.

Circe: What, you think I'd even let you argue with me? Need I remind you again that I'm the queen witch?

Odysseus: Good point.

Circe: What? What's with the attitude?

Odysseus: Don't worry about it. This is just what I'm like, apparently.

Fujimaru 1: Those two really get along well, don't they?

Jason: Yeah, I guess. At least until he gets his memories back.

Jason: The real question is what happens after that.

Fujimaru 2: What do you think's going on with Circe?

Arjuna: Good question.

Arjuna: I don't think it's as simple as her just hating him or missing him... Feelings can be complicated things.

Arjuna: Furthermore, as far as I know, Odysseus was a married man when they met.

Mash: That's right.

Mash: Odysseus's wife waited a long, long time for him to come back to her.

Jason: Ah yes, Penelope.

Jason: I heard she was practically swarmed by would-be suitors while she was waiting for Odysseus.

Orion: Wish I could've got to know her...

Georgios: You would only have been wasting your time.

Orion: Hey, I'm no quitter! As long as I've got a chance, I'm still gonna go for it, even if the odds are a hundred-to-one!

Georgios: Hmm, what a fine masculine expression. Say cheese.

Georgios: I think I'll call this one “Orion Proclaiming His Infidelity.”

Orion: Haha, that's funny, Teacher. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to kill me.

Georgios: Hahaha.

Orion: You're not even denying it!?

Section 4: Like Iron and Steel

Narration: Once upon a time...

Narration: ...there was a man who seemed made of iron.

Narration: He was a beloved hero, devoted to the gods, possessed of an indomitable will and a powerful soul.

Narration: With a long, protracted war finally behind him, he was at last ready to return home.

Narration: ...He was exhausted.

Narration: Exhausted from war. Exhausted from thinking. Exhausted from killing.

Narration: As were his subordinates.

Narration: After years and years of battle, their souls were bruised and battered.

Witch: Then why not become beasts?

Narration: ...Perhaps she was right.

Narration: If it would let one live their life with nothing weighing on their mind, becoming a beast could be very fun indeed.

Narration: But one man–the man like iron–adamantly refused her offer.

Man: I have to return home.

Narration: He didn't say “I want to go home.” He said “I have to return home.”

Narration: The witch tried to argue with him.

Witch: Why would you need to leave? Everything you could ever want is right here.

Man: No. Penelope isn't.

Narration: The witch was dumbfounded.

Narration: The man was willing to risk his life to go home...

Narration: ...all for one woman!

Witch: ...No. I won't let you leave. I'll never let you leave.

Narration: It was the first time she had been so fixated on something in her life. She wanted the man. She wanted to make him hers.

Narration: In her twisted desire to possess him, the witch proved that she was truly a witch at heart.

Narration: ...If only she had wished to simply be with him instead.

Mash: I'm not seeing anything unusual about this room.

Arjuna: Same here. There's no sign, no fire, no ice... Nothing.

Orion: Great. Then we can just keep going.

Circe: Hmm...

Circe: Hey, Odysseus. Try throwing that rock over there.

Odysseus: How's this?

Arjuna: ...I take it back.

Arjuna: There may not be any fire or ice here, but there are invisible lasers.

Odysseus: I'm impressed you noticed those.

Circe: What can I say? You can't pull the wool over the queen witch's eyes.

Arjuna: Well, what do we do now? Should we go back the way we came and try a different route?

Odysseus: I doubt that will work.

Odysseus: Taking the rest of the labyrinth's layout into consideration, it's clear that any other path we choose ultimately leads back here.

Jason: ...Huh, I just noticed there's a switch on the other side of the room.

Jason: It's practically screaming “You wanna turn the lasers off? Go on then, flip me.”

Arjuna: All right, I'll give it a shot.

Jason: Huh?

Arjuna: ...Hmm. It deflected my arrow. How odd.

Jason: When you said “give it a shot,” I didn't think you meant literally!

Jason: How about a little warning the next time you pull a stunt like that!? That switch could've been a bomb for all you knew!

Orion: You know, this clarifies something I've been mulling over for a while.

Orion: At a glance, Arjuna might seem like the kind of guy who keeps things from getting out of hand...

Orion: ...but he's actually the kind who goes around pouring gas on the fires of chaos, metaphorically speaking.

Arjuna: I don't know what you're talking about.

Arjuna: I always keep a clear head, and serve as a calm and collected leader for the others in my group.

Orion: And the worst part is, he doesn't even realize it.

Circe: Hmm... Nnn... Is this it...?

Circe: There we go. Now we can see those lasers no problem.

Jason: Oh good, that makes this much easier.

Jason: All we–and by we, I mean one of you–have to do now is run over there and hit that switch.

Jason: It's pretty obvious that that's all we need to do to clear this room.

Circe: (Sigh) All right, fine. You guys, wait here.

Odysseus: Are you sure you'll be okay?

Circe: Hm?

Circe: What's that look for? You worried about me or something?

Odysseus: A little, yes.

Odysseus: Given all the other traps we've seen so far, I have to think there's still more to this one than meets the eye.

Circe: ...Yeah, I do too. But in the meantime, let's see how this goes.

Circe: I'll start by doubling my protective magical energy field.

Circe: Okay, Master, be right back!

Fujimaru 1: See you soo–

Circe: Huh?

Circe: Bwah!?

Circe: Ow ow ow ow! What the what!? The hell was that!?

Orion: Damn. Those lasers all started targeting Circe the moment she set foot in the room...

Circe: Y-yikes, that was close!

Circe: Those things punched through my multiple protective fields like they were nothing!

Circe: I think my clothes and hair are a little singed!

Odysseus: Are you okay?

Circe: I'm fine! But now what do we do?

Circe: Whoever set this room up obviously doesn't actually want us to clear it!

???: Come now, that's not true.

Fujimaru 1: I recognize that beautiful voice...!

Euryale: Good day, everyone. I am what happens when beauty, chastity, and purity all decided to put on a dress and walk around.

Euryale: Yes, it is I, the goddess Euryale. What? You got a problem with that description?

Odysseus: Problems, no. Doubts, yes.

Euryale: Oh my, I'm so scared. You look like a hunter eyeing his prey. So you're a warrior with brains AND bravery, huh?

Euryale: I swear, you human so-called heroes. I can't tell any difference between you and your everyday barbaric warrior.

Fujimaru 1: Why are you doing this?

Euryale: ... ...

Euryale: So, how would you like me to tell you how you can get through this room?

Jason: (She just straight up ignored [♂ him /♀️ her]!)

Euryale: This trap–I mean, trial, requires two people to work together in perfect sync.

Euryale: You'll need to both step on the same floor tile at the same time, and evade the lasers like you're dancing a waltz.

Euryale: Here, I even wrote down the exact instructions for you. Take a moment to memorize them.

Circe: G-geez, this looks pretty tough.

Euryale: It may be complicated, but it's not impossible. Trust me. I am a goddess, after all.

Orion: That's funny, 'cause if there's one thing I know about goddesses, it's that they're NOT to be trusted.

Euryale: Did you say something?

Orion: (Doing his best teddy bear impression)

Odysseus: ...May I ask you a question, Euryale?

Euryale: What is it?

Odysseus: All the other traps we've seen so far included some sort of hint on how to get past them.

Odysseus: So why did you not include a hint for this trap?

Euryale: You think I need a reason? Don't get too full of yourself, human.

Euryale: Those hints were but the merciful whims of a goddess.

Euryale: I offer hints if and when I feel like it. End of story.

Asterios: Found sign. You lost. Euryale!

Asterios: Here!

Euryale: Hey! Can't you see I'm in the middle of a call here!?

Euryale: ...Anyway, there's your answer!

Jason: Now I see. So basically, you just goofed up.

Arjuna: ...Hmm.

Arjuna: In that case, this will all come down to who can best match Circe beat for beat.

Arjuna: Master is automatically out, of course. We can't risk putting [♂ him /♀️ her] in any danger.

Arjuna: So that just leaves us.

Jason: Me? Stay in sync with Circe? Queen Witch Circe?

Jason: Yeah, that's never happening.

Orion: Same goes for me.

Georgios: Considering that Arjuna and I come from very different times and cultures...

Georgios: ...Odysseus would seem the most sensible choice.

Circe: ...Forget it.

Georgios: Why?

Circe: I can't explain why. I just don't like it.

Circe: If I teamed up with Odysseus here, it would feel like the gods–er, god, has me dancing right in the palm of her hand!

Orion: Well, yeah, in one sense, you definitely would be, but come on, this is no time to be selfish.

Circe: I said forget it!

Jason: Ugh. Go on, Master, give her a good scolding.

Fujimaru 1: If Circe doesn't want to, we can't force her.

Jason: We can't!?

Circe: Ghh... D-dammit. Now that you've said that...

Circe: really does make me feel like I'm just being selfish.

Fujimaru 2: So if not Odysseus, who would you be willing to dance with?

Circe: Hmm...

Circe: Well, definitely not Jason or Orion. I mean, talk about being out of the question.

Jason: What was that!?

Jason: I don't have any intention of teaming up with you either, but that doesn't mean I'm out of the question!

Orion: I've never been so humiliated!

Circe: Medea.



Circe: Lady Artemis.



Circe: As for Arjuna and Georgios...

Circe: Nnn, something tells me we wouldn't be able to stay in sync very well...

Georgios: I am uncertain how much basis that opinion has in fact, but I still agree.

Circe: So it looks like... Nnn...

Circe: You really are the only choice...

Circe: I guess...

Odysseus: So it would seem. But at least neither of us has anything to be embarrassed about at this point.

Odysseus: After all, we're already dead.

Circe: Well, yeah, I know... But it's still complicated for me, all right!?

Odysseus: This is what we have to do to make our way through the Labyrinth.

Odysseus: ...I'm sure you have your reasons for disliking me...

Odysseus: ...but I hope you can put them aside, at least for the moment.

Circe: See!? That, right there! THAT'S what I don't like about you!

Odysseus: Unfortunately, this seems to just be who I am.

Circe: ...(Sigh)

Circe: Man, I'm glad I put these limiters on my feelings. We could've ended up killing each other here otherwise.

Circe: All right, I've had enough. Besides, we'll never get anywhere if I keep going in circles like this.

Circe: Let's go, Odysseus. You'd better be able to keep up with me.

Odysseus: Understood.

Circe: ...Make sure you stick close.

Odysseus: How's this?

Circe: That's too close, you idiot! Back off a little.

Circe: Okay, here goes. Let's see...

Circe: First, we step here.

Odysseus: ...I see. We just barely managed to dodge it. It appears the goddess was telling the truth.

Circe: We're not done yet. Left! Right! Center!

Circe: Duck! Jump! Together and turn!

Jason: They really do work well together. I knew this was the right call.


Circe: One, two, three... And turn!

Mash: It really does look like ballroom dancing.

Circe: Hey, this isn't as easy as we make it look! We're fighting for our lives out here!

Odysseus: Indeed.

Odysseus: If a goddess is behind this disturbance, then these lasers must pack quite a punch.

Circe: Duck!

Odysseus: Riiiight!

Jason: Hahaha, looks like Odysseus is fighting pretty desperately too–

Jason: ...Hey. How did a lock of my prized blond hair just burn away?

Jason: Are you telling me this is an actual death trap!?

Circe: Why do you think we're fighting for our lives right now!?

Georgios: All that said, it really is a lovely dance.

Georgios: Okay, you two, let's see those pearly whites.

Odysseus: Now!?

Circe: Fine! You want us to smile? We'll smile! But we're also gonna!

Circe: There, we made it! Time to shut this thing down!

Arjuna: It looks like the lasers are gone. Shall we be on our way then?

Arjuna: Hm?

Circe: Guess it was too much to hope we wouldn't have to fight another battle, too.

Odysseus: I see the goddess wasn't exaggerating about her whims. All right then, we'll just have to end this quickly.


Odysseus: Hm? Interesting...

Circe: Did you just get some more memories back?

Odysseus: I did. All of them, in fact.

Odysseus: Well, with one exception: I still don't know why I was summoned here.

Odysseus: But never mind that now.

Odysseus: ...Circe. You're Circe, aren't you?

Circe: What, you finally remembered who I am?

Circe: That's right. It's me, Circe. The queen witch of Aeaea Island.

Odysseus: I'm glad to finally recognize you again. ...It's been a long time, hasn't it?

Circe: Well, sorry to burst your nostalgia bubble...

Circe: ...but I'm not as touched by this impromptu reunion as you are. Hehehe.

Odysseus: Did you seal your emotions away with magecraft again?

Circe: Again?

Odysseus: You did that a number of times when I was here, too.

Circe: Whoa, really? What was I like then?

Odysseus: You mean you don't remember?

Circe: Uh, no. Not at all.

Odysseus: ...To be honest, I don't know if I can bring myself to tell you.

Circe: And why is that!?

Odysseus: Hahahaha. Forgive me, I was only joking.

Circe: ... ...?

Circe: Hey, Odysseus, let me ask you something. What do you think of me?

Odysseus: Good question.

Odysseus: You are the proud queen witch, and a wise sage knowledgeable in all things.

Odysseus: I only wish you would do something about your habit of turning people into animals.

Circe: Hmph. I'll have you know I'm selective about who I turn.

Fujimaru 1: Really!? You are!?

Circe: Aah! Master!

Arjuna: To be perfectly honest, Circe...I've always thought you would turn anyone and everyone into pigs.

Georgios: Indeed, I've long had the same impression. Do you actually have some sort of criteria?

Circe: Sure I do!

Circe: But I'm not gonna tell you guys what it is.

Odysseus: That's all right. I already know what your criteria is.

Circe: You do!? How? I didn't think I ever told anyone.

Odysseus: Well, it's only a guess on my part, and I could be wrong.

Odysseus: But regardless, I'll keep it to myself, since I'm sure you'd prefer it remain a secret.

Circe: ...Hmph.

Fujimaru 1: (So they've got their own little secret!)

Mash: (Y-yes, it's very exciting, isn't it, Senpai?)

Fujimaru 2: Really, criteria or not, I wish you'd juststop turning people into pigs altogether...

Circe: Sorry, but I'm not gonna give it up now. Turning people into piglets is kind of my thing.

Jason: Why don't you try being turned into a piglet yourself and see how YOU like it!?

Georgios: Hmm...

Odysseus: Another photo, Georgios?

Georgios: I just had to capture that wonderful expression on your face.

Odysseus: I see. I'll take that as a compliment.

Odysseus: Now then, let's go see the goddess who stole my memories and made this Singularity, shall we?

Odysseus: Once we do that, this case will be firmly closed. I think.

Circe: ...Okay. Then let's get going!

Odysseus: But first...I'm feeling rather hungry.

Odysseus: As a Rogue Servant, I apparently don't have enough magical energy to sustain myself.

Fujimaru 1: What can we do?

Odysseus: Forming a contract would be the quickest way to remedy it, but–

Arjuna: I don't think that would be very wise.

Fujimaru 2: Want to form a contract then?

Odysseus: ...No, I'd better not.

Odysseus: Minute or not, a goddess is still involved with this Singularity.

Odysseus: So you shouldn't go around forming contracts with Servants unless you're absolutely sure you can trust them.

Arjuna: Does that mean you don't even trust yourself?

Odysseus: That's right. I don't.

Circe: In that case, maybe a meal could replenish your magical energy? And I've got just the dish in mind! It's–



Circe: Right you are!

Jason: Great, kykeon...

Circe: What? Why do you look so glum about it?

Odysseus: I'm not glum. I'd be very happy to have it again for the first time in ages.

Circe: Right? I figured this kind of thing might happen.

Circe: Which is why I never go anywhere without my kykeon-made-kwick kit.

Jason: What situation could you have possibly imagined that would call for such a thing?

Arjuna: Very well then, let's take a short break while Circe makes her kykeon.

Section 5: The Calamity Called the Queen Witch

Narration: No matter how much time passed, or how many meals they shared, the man did not change his mind.

Man: I'm leaving.

Witch: I won't let you.

Narration: Each time, the same statements. Each time, the same responses.

Witch: Why do you want to go home so badly?

Witch: The woman you loved must be married to someone else by now.

Man: ...That is not the issue. Yes, I will be sad if she is, but it doesn't matter.

Man: I'm going because I love her.

Man: Even if we are no longer wed... Even if my return should lead to nothing but regret...

Man: I'm going home because it's where we belong. If we have to risk our lives to get there, so be it.

Narration: No matter how many times they talked, they always found themselves at an impasse.

Narration: Perhaps the witch finally gave up. Perhaps the man finally shook her off.

Narration: Perhaps they argued, raged, or swore at each other.

Narration: But regardless of how it happened, their relationship came to an end.

Narration: Before he left, the witch granted the man's request for knowledge of his journey to come...

Narration: ...but she was still unable to bring herself to say the one thing that truly mattered.

Narration: With the sky bloodred from the setting sun, the man set off without a word.

Narration: As she watched him leave, tears spilled down the witch's cheeks. She felt a pain in her chest as though she'd been stabbed through the heart.

Witch: ...Why? Why did you leave me?

Narration: There was nothing the witch could not do. If she wished, she could have anyone's heart she desired.

Narration: Anyone, that is...except the man she loved.

Narration: And here is where this story comes to an end.

Narration: In time, both the hero and the witch would be inscribed upon the tapestry of myth...

Narration: ...and ascend to the rank of Heroic Spirit.

Circe: Okay, kykeon's ready! It's a special batch I whipped up to help you replenish your magical energy.

Odysseus: Oho, I haven't had this in forever.

Odysseus: Mmm, delicious. It's just as good as I remember from when I was alive.

Circe: Teehee. (Triumphant look)

Fujimaru 1: More, please!

Circe: But of course! Go on, eat as much as you like.

Fujimaru 2: It's usually at about this point that someone...

Circe: You can't live your life thinking everything you eat's been tampered with, Piglet! That's just being paranoid!

Orion: Oh man, this is really good. And the honey is so sweet.

Jason: Hmm, I see. So you really are more bear than man now.

Orion: Don't even joke about that!

Orion: Don't you know how tragic it is for people to be turned into animals in Greek mythology!?

Georgios: Thou art a bear, and thus, thou must have sinned.

Orion: Not you too, Teacher!?

Georgios: Hahaha, I'm just kidding.

Arjuna: What's so tragic about being turned into an animal, Orion?

Orion: You mean you don't know? Okay, I'll tell you. There's plenty of examples to draw on from our corner of the world.

Orion: There's King Lycaon, who Zeus turned into a wolf and banished for killing his own infant son.

Orion: There's Actaeon, who got turned into a stag and eaten just because he happened to see Artemis bathing.

Orion: There's Callisto, who got turned into a, um...bear...

Georgios: Indeed, tales of transformation are found in legends all throughout the world.

Georgios: People are said to have been turned into wolves, serpents, bears...and of course, dragons, like in Fafnir's case.

Georgios: Incidentally, bears are said to symbolize lechery.

Fujimaru 1: I can totally see that.

Orion: Me too... No, wait! I can't let myself see that!

Georgios: However–and this may be because pigs have long been kept as livestock...

Georgios: is rare for people to be turned into pigs, even in myth.

Georgios: Though there is Kamapuaʻa, the god of pigs in Hawaii...

Circe: For the record, my pigs aren't livestock OR gods.

Jason: By the way, Circe...

Jason: You put those emotion limiters on and all, but could they ever come off?

Circe: Hahahaha, naw, no way they'd come off.

Circe: Still, that being said...

Circe: ...I guess they could technically come off on their own if I were to experience a really huge emotional upheaval or something.

Jason: Hmm. And what would happen if they came off on their own?

Circe: Well, with the caveat that it's never happened before...

Circe: All the emotions that had been held back up to that point would come bursting to the surface...

Circe: ...and I'd have just as much control over them as a child. Which is to say, none.

Orion: (How's that any different from her usual?)

Circe: But anyway, it's never gonna happen, so don't worry about it. Care for kykeon seconds?

Odysseus: Yes, please.

Orion: Kykeon seconds?

Arjuna: I'd like some curry flavored kykeon, myself... Well, honestly, I'd just like actual curry...

Jason: Then have some after we get home!

Arjuna: You know, I think I will.

Jason: All that aside...

Jason: It's a little surreal, seeing you all sitting on the floor of the Labyrinth eating kykeon.

Georgios: It does feel rather avant-garde. I think I'll take some photos to commemorate the occasion.

Circe: Think I could get a copy of those pics?

Georgios: Of course. Just let me know which ones you want.

Circe: 'Kay.

Odysseus: All right then, shall we get going?

Fujimaru 1: Man, it's spacious in here...

Mash: I'm seeing two... No, three Servant readings in here, Master. Please be careful.

Jason: ... ...

Jason: Hey, Master? I know this is short notice, but is it okay if I leave now?

Fujimaru 1: But we just got here!

Jason: I know, but I've got a reaaally bad feeling about this place! Oh crap, oh crap! I'm outta heeere!

Georgios: Caught you.

Arjuna: And release.

Jason: Argh! Stupid stuffed shirts!

Odysseus: Are you the ones who stole my memories and created this Singularity?

Euryale: That's us, yes.

Asterios: It was. Hard work.

Arjuna: I see. Asterios's involvement would certainly explain the presence of the Labyrinth.

Euryale: That being said...we're only accomplices. This wasn't our idea, actually.

Euryale: It was hers.

Circe: Huh? Who are you talking about?

???: Me, Auntie!

Circe: ... ...

Circe: ...Auntie? Did you just call ME “Auntie”!?

Circe: No, wait. The only one who would ever call me “Auntie” is–

Medea Lily: Hello, Auntie!

Circe: Meeedeeeaaa!!!

Medea Lily: That's me! Hello!

Medea Lily: And a very fine hello to you too, Lord Jason! Greetings! Good day! Salutations!

Jason: Gaaah! I knew it! I knew this had your fingerprints all over it!

Jason: Medea!

Medea Lily: That's right!

Medea Lily: I'm the one who used a Holy Grail to make this Singularity!

Mash: Wow, it's so rare to have a culprit be so...forthcoming. Honestly, I'm not quite sure how to respond...

Fujimaru 1: Isn't Medea Circe's–

Orion: Yeah, she used to be her apprentice back in the day.

Fujimaru 2: It's always the witches you least suspect...

Jason: I thought she'd been awfully quiet lately. So this is what she was plotting...

Odysseus: ...May I ask why you did this?

Medea Lily: Hmm. I guess I can tell you that...

Medea Lily: But first, there's something else we should do:

Medea Lily: Fight!

Odysseus: I suppose that does keep things simple.

Medea Lily: Indeed.

Medea Lily: All right, let's begin. I am Medea, princess of Colchis, first disciple of Hecate...

Medea Lily: ...and the devoted witch who has dedicated her life to the pursuit of magic. Now have at you!


Euryale: Guess this is it. That's enough, Asterios.

Asterios: 'Kay.

Medea Lily: Thank you, you two.

Euryale: No problem. It was fun coming up with those traps.

Euryale: Come on, Asterios, let's go. Give me a ride, will you?

Asterios: Got it.

Asterios: Bye-bye, Master!

Fujimaru 1: Bye-bye!

Odysseus: All right, I think it's time you came clean. Why did you do this?

Medea Lily: Okay, I'll tell you!

Circe: Oh man, I've got a really bad feeling about this...

Medea Lily: I did this to help you and Auntie Circe get closer!

Odysseus: ... ...

Odysseus: ...I'm sorry. Could you repeat that?

Medea Lily: Sure.

Medea Lily: I wanted you and Auntie Circe to get closer!

Circe: S-s-s-say whaaat!?

Medea Lily: Auntie Circe...

Medea Lily: You might not remember this very well...

Medea Lily: ...but whenever you get really, reeeally drunk, you just talk nonstop about Odysseus.

Circe: Bwuhhh!? (No recollection whatsoever)

Medea Lily: Back when you were alive, there were all sorts of things getting in your way.

Medea Lily: Your respective social positions as hero and witch, king and goddess...

Medea Lily: But now that you're both Servants, you can enjoy your relationship without worrying about any of that, right?

Medea Lily: Just like me and Lord Jason!

Jason: Huh? (I don't think we're especially close now, nor do I really want to be–)

Orion: Keep your mouth shut, will you!? This is all complicated enough already!

Odysseus: ... ...I see.

Circe: TH-THAT'S why you went to such ridiculous lengths!?

Medea Lily: Yep!

Medea Lily: If I hadn't, I'm certain you'd end up spending your whole materialization at Chaldea moaning about this.

Circe: Oh man, I seriously don't remember any of that...

Odysseus: All that being said, I can't help but think that stealing my memories was a step too far.

Medea Lily: You're right, and I do apologize profusely for that.

Medea Lily: But I'm afraid I had no other choice.

Medea Lily: In every scenario I simulated, you two always ended up on the outs whenever you started with all your memories.

Circe: The outs? ...Oh no!

Circe: Medea... Please don't tell me you still have yet to return THOSE memories to him?

Medea Lily: I, uh...

Circe: ... ...

Odysseus: What do you mean? Am I still missing some of my memories?

Medea Lily: But, as long as she's around...

Circe: Medea.

Circe: ...Look. While I do like the very witchy way you took the shortest and most crafty path to your goal...

Circe: ...this is still something for Odysseus and I to work out on our own. Now give him back the rest of his memories.

Circe: Think of it as rewarding him for winning our battle if you have to.

Medea Lily: Okay...

Circe: Besides, when you get right down to it, that isn't the part I'm hung up on.

Medea Lily: Well then, let me return your memories.

Odysseus: G-good. Thank you.

Odysseus: ...I...

Section 6: Hello My Love, and Goodbye

Narration: Hop, step, change. From woman to witch, and from witch to goddess.

Narration: As a goddess, the woman loved humans deeply, and tried to care for them.

Narration: As a witch, she tried to trick and control them.

Narration: But in the end...neither worked out.

Narration: She was far too human to call a goddess, and far too soft to call a witch.

Narration: And yet, she was cruel and selfish, commanding terrifying magecraft.

Narration: The hero and the witch stand facing each other. Their only company the deep red sunset and the sound of the waves.

Hero: I won't ask for your forgiveness.

Witch: ... ...

Hero: Farewell, O great witch. I am grateful for the days I spent here.

Witch: ... ...!

Witch: That's not what I want to hear from you!!!

Hero: ...Be that as it may, I am still going. I have to.

Narration: ...Ugh, this is the worst.

Narration: All the emotions I'd been holding back groaned and cracked under the strain.

Narration: This isn't what I wanted to say. This isn't what I wanted to tell him.

Narration: But back then, I had my hands full picking up the pieces of my shattered feelings.

Narration: By the time I realized I'd lost my chance, we'd already said our farewells.

Odysseus: ... ...

Odysseus: ...Penelope!

Circe: ...That's better. Ugh, I swear...

Odysseus: ...I genuinely don't know whether to be angry or devastated.

Medea Lily: I'm very sorry. But you see–

Circe: Yeah, yeah, that's enough out of you, Medea. It's time for you to leave.

Circe: Don't worry, I'll give you one hell of an earful when we get back to Chaldea!

Medea Lily: I'm sooorryyy.

Circe: I wonder if she actually learned her lesson this time. Somehow, I doubt it...

Odysseus: But it is nice to see that your apprentice cares so much for you.

Circe: All right, Odysseus, I've got something I want to say to you.

Odysseus: ...And I to you.

Circe: Well, there's no need for us to stick around here.

Circe: Besides, the whole Labyrinth's gonna come down soon anyway now that Asterios is gone.

Circe: Oh, you and the others can go on ahead, Master. I'll catch up to you later.

Circe: ... ...

Odysseus: ... ...

Circe: I've always loved the sound of the waves.

Odysseus: Indeed. It's lovely.

Circe: You know, it's weird.

Circe: I never thought that way back when I was alive. This sea really kept me tied down.

Odysseus: Do you mean this island was your prison?

Circe: Never mind that I was the one who chose to be here.

Circe: ...Now what was the word for this sort of thing again? Ambivalence?

Odysseus: That's just what it is to be human.

Circe: I used to hate you, you know.

Odysseus: I see.

Circe: You disturbed the peaceful arrangement I'd made for myself. And you also threatened me with your sword.

Odysseus: As I recall, I only did that because you turned my crew into pigs.

Circe: Careful there. Don't poke the boar unless you're ready to face the tusks.

Odysseus: ...I didn't dislike you.

Circe: Ahahaha! That's a hell of a way to put it.

Circe: I know you didn't hate me. You even liked me.

Circe: ...But you didn't love me...

Odysseus: ...Perhaps.

Circe: When I first met you, I thought:

Circe: “Maybe, just maybe, he'll take me away from this island one day.”

Odysseus: ...I see.

Odysseus: So from your perspective, Aeaea Island was both paradise and prison.

Circe: Yup. I was being kind of...half-assed about living my life back then.

Circe: I didn't go out of my way to be around people, like Medea did.

Circe: But I also couldn't become a goddess and isolate myself from the world, like Hecate.

Circe: I was just a hopeless witch living my life out aimlessly.

Odysseus: ... ...

Circe: There's something I need to tell you.

Odysseus: All right.

Circe: ...But first, I want to fight you.

Odysseus: ... ...

Circe: Not what you were expecting?

Odysseus: No... I wouldn't say that.

Odysseus: In fact, I figured this is what we were both summoned for.

Circe: You're right.

Circe: We're both imposters through and through–paper balloons that are destined to disappear.

Circe: But none of that matters now. What matters now is that I'm here...

Circe: ...and I'm going to tell you– No, show you how I really feel!

Circe: I'm taking my emotion limiters off. I'm not gonna hold anything back.

Odysseus: Then show me what you've got!

Circe: The goddess in heaven smiles upon me. The mysterious power of the Titans runs through my veins.

Circe: Their vast wisdom is the wind beneath my wings. Now behold as I take flight!

Circe: My name is Circe! I am the queen witch of Okeanos!

Odysseus: Very well, Circe, queen witch of Okeanos. I accept your challenge.

Odysseus: My name is Odysseus. I am the son and heir of Laertes, and the king of Ithaca.

Odysseus: I am the ever-versatile hero who triumphed over an odyssey of epic proportions!

Odysseus: Now come, and let us have a good, clean fight!


Odysseus: I suppose that's that then.

Circe: Master!

Fujimaru 1: I'm sorry...

Circe: No, it's okay. You were just worried about us, right?

Odysseus: There is nothing wrong with that. It's exactly what a Master is supposed to do.

Odysseus: doesn't matter which of us wins. Isn't that right, Circe?

Circe: ...Yeah, that's right.

Circe: Thinking about it now, we should've just done this from the start. Er, back when we were still alive, I mean.

Circe: If I'd hit you as hard as I could, cursed your name, and had a no-holds-barred fight like this with you back then...

Circe: ...I could've gotten over you a long time ago, instead of leaving the wound you inflicted on me open forever.

Circe: ...So.

Circe: Now I'm gonna tell you how I really feel, before you disappear.

Odysseus: ...All right.

Circe: I used to be in love with you.

Circe: Even if it was completely unrequited, I loved you all the same!

Circe: ...But you'll never feel the same way about me, will you?

Odysseus: ...No, I won't.

Odysseus: My heart belongs to Penelope. That hasn't changed, even now that I'm a Servant.

Circe: Would you at least tell me why you love her?

Odysseus: I... I don't know. It's not because of her beauty, nor her kindness.

Odysseus: I her for who she is.

Odysseus: I'm sorry I can't explain it better.

Circe: Don't worry, I got it. Thanks for being straight with me.

Circe: You didn't do anything wrong, Odysseus. Not a thing.

Circe: I guess I kind of gave Medea the wrong idea...

Circe: ...but my only regret about my time with you was how we parted ways.

Circe: That the very last words we exchanged were angry ones.

Circe: So...I know this is a couple thousand years late, but I want to say it anyway.

Narration: He and I stand facing each other. Our only company is the deep red sunset and the sound of the waves.

Circe: Odysseus, I hope your life is full of happiness.

Circe: All I want... All I've ever wanted... is for you to be happy.

Odysseus: ... ...

Odysseus: I'm relieved too. I'm glad to see you looking so happy yourself.

Circe: That's 'cause I am.

Circe: I've got a great Master, great new friends... I'm living the hell out of this second lease on life.

Odysseus: I'm glad to hear that.

Odysseus: ...Hmm. I guess it's time for me to go.

Circe: Well, take care. See you at Chaldea someday.

Odysseus: Same to you.

Odysseus: ...Oh, and Fujimaru? Look after Circe for me, would you?

Odysseus: As long as you're around, I'm sure she'll be okay.

Fujimaru 1: I will. I promise.

Circe: There he goes...

Fujimaru 1: Are you okay?

Circe: Oh yeah. Better than okay.

Fujimaru 2: I hope I wasn't a third wheel.

Circe: Of course not. I'm super grateful you were here, Master.

Circe: I'd already made peace with my feelings a long time ago. I just didn't want to accept that.

Circe: But, I'm okay now.

Circe: Sure, he broke my heart...but I got over it! It's a little painful, but I can deal with it no problem!

Circe: Hey, Master?

Circe: I know I'm just one of dozens of Servants to you...

Circe: ...but I'm really glad you're my Master.

Circe: ...Anyway, on a different topic, will you lend me your shoulder for a bit?

Circe: 'Cause I'm just gonna break down sobbing for a bit.

Circe: ...Thank you. I mean it. Farewell, my love.

Narration: And so, this insignificant little Singularity disappeared without a trace, carrying my regrets away with it.

Epilogue: You Smile Like a Flower

Narration: ...Some time later.

Medea Lily: Oh, hello, Aun–Lady Circe.

Circe: Good, you remembered. Excellent work.

Medea Lily: Well, you said you were going to curse me if I didn't, so...

Circe: You better believe it!

Medea Lily: Anyway, I'm surprised to see you with short hair.

Circe: I just felt like a change of pace...or hairdo, anyway.

Circe: It's not like it made me weaker or anything, so what's the harm?

Medea Lily: Is this because of Odysseus?

Circe: Hahaha, of course not. I told you, I just felt like it.

Medea Lily: I see.

Circe: Well, see you later.

Circe: Now that work's all taken care of, I've got a lot of lazing around in Master's room to catch up on.

Medea Lily: Okay, have fun.

Circe: Oh, and one more thing: don't go creating any more minute Singularities!

Medea Lily: I won't. Especially not after that earful I got from you and seemingly everyone else in Chaldea...

Medea Lily: Don't worry, I've learned my lesson.

Circe: Good. Still, that being said... Thanks, Medea!

Medea Lily: ...You're welcome!

Arjuna: Oh, Circe.

Circe: Hey, Arjuna. Say, how was the curry you were looking forward to, anyway?

Arjuna: (Sigh)...

Arjuna: They actually had curry in the cafeteria just now...but it was the especially mild variety they make for children.

Circe: Couldn't you have tossed in some hot peppers or something?

Arjuna: I plan to, but I'm going to do so in my room just so I don't get any complaints.

Circe: What about you guys?

Jason: Us? We're taking Arjuna up on his ultraspicy curry challenge.

Jason: Heh... He may have the upper hand, but I'm still a Greek hero.

Jason: I certainly can't afford to lose a duel over something as insignificant as spiciness.

Orion: You said it.

Orion: Besides, it's just spicy food, right? So I figure the worst that could happen is my tongue burns for a while.

Arjuna: Would you care to join us, Circe?

Circe: Nah, I'll pass, thanks.

Circe: Besides, I can already tell you two are gonna lose miserably.

Jason & Orion: That's what you think!

Circe: Where the hell do you guys get all your confidence from!?

Orion: Hm? Hey, I just realized there's something different about you. Is it the hair?

Circe: Crap. Guess I should've known you'd notice, Orion.

Orion: I'm guessing by that initial “crap” reaction that you don't mean that as a compliment.

Jason: ...Ohhh, I get it! It's because you had your heart bro–

Circe: Ugh, get with the times already, Jason. What do you think this is, the B.C. era?

Jason: What was that!?

Circe: Well, if you ever feel like joining us in modern times, you could do worse than taking a page from the Red Archer in the cafeteria's playbook.

Circe: Anyway, I'm gonna bounce. Byyye.

Jason: She's been in a weirdly good mood ever since we took care of that Singularity...

Orion: It kind of feels like she's more... comfortable with herself now?

Arjuna: ... ...

Orion: Arjuna?

Arjuna: I see. In some cultures, people cut their hair after they've suffered a broken heart.

Arjuna: TIL, as they say nowadays.

Jason: You're still hung up on that!?

Georgios: Oh, hello, Circe.

Circe: What's up, Georgios? Out taking pictures again?

Georgios: Yes, I am. ...Say, would you mind if I took one of you?

Circe: Me? Sure, if you want.

Georgios: All right, here goes...

Georgios: Thank you.

Circe: So why'd you want my photo all of a sudden?

Georgios: Good question.

Georgios: If I had to give a reason, I suppose I'd say that you looked so sublimely happy...

Georgios: It reminded me of a beautiful flower basking in the sunlight.

Circe: Aww, thanks. It's always nice being compared to a flower.

Georgios: By the way, I'm exhibiting the photos I took at the last Singularity in the cafeteria if you'd like to see them.

Circe: Ooh, nice. I'll have to check those out.

Georgios: Anyway, I'd better be on my way.

Georgios: Oh, but first, there's something I need to tell you. You-know-who was just summoned here.

Circe: Oho!

Odysseus: ...Hmm.

Circe: You already showed up, huh? That was faster than I thought.

Odysseus: Circe... Is that you, Circe?

Circe: It sure is! I see you finally got summoned here too, Odysseus.

Odysseus: Indeed. It's good to see you.

Circe: Same. So hey, if you ever have any questions about things here, feel free to ask. I know my way around this place pretty well by now.

Odysseus: ...?

Circe: Something wrong?

Odysseus: No. I was just surprised how you seem a little...different now than when you were alive.

Circe: That's part of being a Servant. We've got a second lease on life, so we might as well make the most of it.

Odysseus: ...Is that so?

Circe: Sure is. Oh, right, I almost forgot.

Odysseus: Hm?

Circe: Since we're going to be fighting under the same Master from now on, I figure we should at least shake hands.

Odysseus: Good point.

Circe: Well, see you around!

Odysseus: Circe!

Circe: Hm?

Odysseus: ...No, never mind. It's nothing. I look forward to fighting by your side.

Circe: As well you should. I'm not the queen witch for nothing, you know!

Odysseus: ... ...A second lease on life, huh.

Fujimaru 1: Come in!

Circe: Hey there, Piglet!? How are you doing?

Circe: It's me! Your beloved Servant, Circe the queen witch!

Narration: It was nice to meet you, my love. Now, it's time to say goodbye.

Narration: I pray.

Narration: I pray for his happiness... My happiness... And Master's happiness.

Narration: I hope.

Narration: I hope that he'll like it here in Chaldea, and that he'll find somewhere he belongs.

Narration: I wish.

Narration: I wish that my love, wilted as it may be now, might one day bloom again.

Narration: By doing so, I've come to love myself as I am, even if only a little.

Narration: I do have wings, and so am always ready to take to the sky...