Arctic Summer World ~ Chaldea's Midsummer Tour of the Enchanted Garden


This is translated by Gem

Opening: Arctic Servants

Narration: A bleached white Earth.

Narration: A bleaching of humanity.

Narration: Indeed, everything on the surface has been bleached.

Narration: “Oh?”

Narration: “Even a place such as this was bleached?”

Narration: There is no color on a blank slate Earth, and there’s no life moving on it either.

Narration: It’s a horizon of pure white as far as the eye can see. No matter where you looked in the world—no matter what place you even see—there’s not much of a difference.

Narration: “I thought perhaps maybe in the far north.”

Narration: “Hmm.”

Narration: “It really is all white.”

Narration: “The Arctic Circle... The Arctic Ocean.”

Narration: The place that she was looking at—originally—should have been a sea covered in an endless amount of dense ice.

Narration: It has been bleached to a blank slate; the very land itself was bleached.

Narration: I see. So the bleaching of humanity is not as simple as land mass conversion.

Narration: If that’s the case, does it depend on some kind of mystery—---?

Narration: “Empty as far as the eye can see.”

Narration: “Excellent.”

Narration: “With the way this is, then it’s doable.”

Narration: “—Precisely. Hey, isn’t this a great place?”

Narration: She laughs at the whitened land.

Narration: It wasn’t a smile you could call human.

Scathach-Skadi: The time has come...

Scathach-Skadi: In my hand is the Holy Grail, and before me is the whitened land.

Scathach-Skadi: Fufufu......

Scathach-Skadi: Fufu, fufufufufufufufufufufufu. If I, Skadi, can stop this, then I shall!

Thrud: Please stop this at once, Skadi-sama!

Thrud: To get away this far from Chaldea...... Why would you be doing this?!

Hildr: She’s right, this isn’t like you at all, Skadi-sama! Let’s go home and eat some ice cream!

Ortlinde: That’s right... Master will be saddened too!

Ortlinde: Even if you’re using Primordial Runes, it’ll be a burden doing this all alone, long-term.

Ortlinde: Come, let’s go back.

Scathach-Skadi: Hmm.....

Scathach-Skadi: Master, huh?

Hildr: (Twitch!)

Hildr: Yes, yes, Master--! They’ll be sad to hear if you went out of line and brought out a Holy Grail!

Thrud: Where did you even get one of those to begin with?! That Holy Grail!

Thrud: The underground vaults are currently sealed and managed under tight security. If that’s true, then...

Ortlinde: ...That’s a brand new Holy Grail. Is that the case, Skadi-sama?!

Scathach-Skadi: ...Fu.

Scathach-Skadi: Fufufufufufufufufufu. That’s right, you could say in a way that’s how I got this Holy Grail.

Scathach-Skadi: No one can stand in my way. Yes, not even if it’s Master.

Scathach-Skadi: Behold—

Scathach-Skadi: Fufu... What do you think?


A Swimsuit Saint Graph?!

Thrud: W-Wait, if you wanted to just change your Saint Graph, you could have just used your Runes...

Hildr: But to use the Holy Grail for just something like that...

Ortlinde: It can’t be!

Scathach-Skadi: It is what you suspect. But you’ve realized it too late, Ortlinde.

Scathach-Skadi: With all my love, here in the very Arctic— I will paint a new Singularity.

3 Sisters: !!


Valkyrie?: I’ve found one of them.

Valkyrie?: Hey, can you spare one second?

Erice: Sure?

Valkyrie??: You two over there, can you spare a moment?

Jeanne Alter: Heh, what do the Valkyries of Scandinavia want with us-----?

Jeanne Alter: H-Huh? Isn’t your Saint Graph a bit different than the norm?

Jeanne: Well, well it’s fine! They could be Swimsuit Saint Graphs, no?!

Jeanne Alter: Swimsuit Saint Graphs~?

Valkyrie??: (Grin)

Valkyrie???: —。

Sei Shōnagon: Hnghh~ That’s uber cute! Valkyrie’s Swimsuit Saint Graph is too cute~!

Murasaki Shikibu: I get it. How fascinating. Um, wait one second.

Murasaki Shikibu: Is that what I think it is? Could this be a midsummer military style?

Minamoto no Yorimitsu: Well, that’s what it looks like to me. It looks lovely and come to think of it,

Minamoto no Yorimitsu: It reminds me of the Summer Saint Graph of Osakebehime’s. It suits you well. Um... what was your name again----?

Sei Shōnagon: Huh?

Sei Shōnagon: It isn't ThrudS u r u r i n or HildrHirurin or OrtlindeOrurin ...

Sei Shōnagon: Where did this girl even come from?

Murasaki Shikibu: ?!

Minamoto no Yorimitsu: Indeed, they’re not any of them, yet they have the same scent. If that’s the case—what do we call you?

Valkyrie???: I wonder if I should say they’re spot on.

Valkyrie???: All of the Valkyrie Saint Graphs should be exactly the same, but they saw through me so accurately.

Valkyrie???: Nice to meet you, Chaldean Heroic Spirits.

Valkyrie???: My name is Ers,. The formal name is Gerskögul.

Valkyrie?: The name of this particular unit is Rindr. Nice to meet you.

Valkyrie??: Orun. Ah, but my official name is Ölrún! Pleased to make your acquaintance!

Örun: We’re the new three Valkyrie sisters.

Örun: We are the freshly summoned Valkyries, different from our big sisters.

Jeanne: I see. I understand now. I saw that you had a good shot----Are you an Archer?

Jeanne: No... judging from how your presence was concealed, are you an Assassin?

Jeanne Alter: Ooh, a new Servant, huh? Didn’t hear anything from Master about this, though?

D:Örun: You’re sharp!

D:Örun: You’re right, we’re not Chaldean Servants.

D:Örun: We’re the Valkyrie sisters, summoned by the North Pole Queen, Scathach = Skadi!

Jeanne Alter: Skadi~?

D:Örun:。 Oh, we’re Servants of Pan-Human History. Make no mistake about it.

Minamoto no Yorimitsu: So—

Minamoto no Yorimitsu: On what business is a Servant outside of Chaldea here for? Scathach = Skadi is one of us...

Minamoto no Yorimitsu: Surely you’re not suggesting a rebellion are you?

C:Ers: ...

Minamoto no Yorimitsu: If you dare turn against Chaldea and Master, I’ll cleave that Saint Graph of yours on the spot—

Sei Shōnagon: That’s a rather quick judgment call?!

Sei Shōnagon: Hey listen, Rico-pin, they’ve got firearms. Shouldn’t we be hearing them out first?

Sei Shōnagon: If they wanted to have a brawl, they would’ve done it already long ago.

Minamoto no Yorimitsu: Fufu, I guess that’s true. I was rather quick to judge.

Minamoto no Yorimitsu: It is that time of year, you know. Never could know what prohibited Saint Graphs would start rebelling.

Minamoto no Yorimitsu: So as a mother—or rather—as Chairman of the Shadow Disciplinary Committee, I have to steel my mind…

Sei Shōnagon: True, it’s already summer before we had even realized it... We should get our swimsuits ready soon too---

Murasaki Shikibu: Um, the current matter is not really about swimsuits...

C:Ers: Oh, that! Yes, that!

Murasaki Shikibu: Y-Yes to what?

C:Ers: Swimsuits! That’s us sisters—

D:Rindr: We’re the Three Sisters, the Three Valkyrie Sisters with Swimsuit Saint Graphs!

Erice: Three Valkyrie Sisters with Swimsuit Saint Graphs...?

D:Rindr: Yeah, you got it. Understand?

Erice: I underst...

Erice: ......

Erice: .........??

Erice: Nono, I don't. I don’t get it at all! What even is a Swimsuit Saint Graph to begin with?!

Erice: Sure, when it's summer... There were Servants who had their Saint Graphs modified,

Erice: But I haven’t heard the specifics, and I’ve never even got to ask Master myself...

Erice: I don’t actually know—

D:Rindr: Ohh, so that’s the fuss. It’s not a problem!

D:Rindr: Not only do we need those who had experience with Swimsuit Saint Graphs, we also need new Servants too!

D:Rindr: I choose you! Come, let’s go!

Erice: Go where...?

D:Rindr: O Primordial Rune! Grant her a Summer Get-up, right here!

Erice: !!

Both: !

A:Jeanne: We’ve changed to our Swimsuit Saint Graphs, haven’t we...?

Jeanne Alter: You could’ve avoided that! The hell did you grab my arm so quickly for?

Jeanne Alter:I could’ve avoided that!!

A:Jeanne: She said Summer Getup---In other words, no danger.

A:Jeanne: And on the bright side, look!

A:Jeanne: We’ve changed into the two sisters in a swimsuit! Please, don’t you think it’s a little bit nice?

Jeanne Alter: Hell no I don’t! You pretending to be a Big Sis this year too?!

A:Jeanne: I’m not pretending. I am a Big Sis. I have [♂ three sisters and a little brother / ♀️ I have four little sisters]!

Jeanne Alter: As usual, your intelligence plummets when you don that swimsuit, you octo-saint!