Halloween Rising! ~The Sandstorm Queen and the Apostle of Darkness~

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Jack, Nursery Rhyme and Jeanne Alter Lily trick or treat Jason.
They dress up (change Ascension) and go after Castor and Pollux instead, who give them candy. Medea Lily appears, showing a pumpkin to Jason she got from Tsuna.

Mashu and MC go to the cafeteria and see a variety of Servants that have dressed up. Gilles as a clown, Phantom as a vampire, Asterios as a mummy, Mary and Anne from Alice in Wonderland, Ozy and Arash as space-craft commanders. Illya and Tamamo cat in costume trick and trea them. Mata Hari as a barmaid, Irisviel in her lewd costume and Nightingale in hers have many men fawn over them.

MC asks Mashu about her costume. She thinks back to when she got Dangerous Beast and is embarrassed. She says she has sealed it.

Da Vinci says that a new micro singularity has appeared in the Middle East, around the 3rd century AD. Mashu has to stay back. Rayshift starts.

Chapter 1

Something is strange about the rayshift. MC finds themselves in a cave without their servants or contact with Chaldea. They run away.

On the surface, they find a mansion. Elizabeth as Cinderella is there, singing and cleaning with her broom. MC asks why she's singing. It's a musical, she says. She demands of them (as a Magician) to conjure her a dress. MC tries their best, and somehow succeeds.

Elizabeth declares they're going to look for her Cinderella castle. A monster appears, and they fight


Elizabeth drags MC along to a desert. She's disappointed she can't find her castle. Zenobia appears before them, asking if they're the culprits of the current situation.

Elsewhere, in a castle looking place. A shadowy figure (Molay?) watches over a sleeping princess. The princess wakes up, its another Liz. She starts singing, but Molay puts her back to sleep. She wonders how MC can stand Liz singing; perhaps its different? Evil plots are so tiring!

Chapter 2

Elizabeth talks to Zenobia, calming her down. Elizabeth starts singing, saying her name, which Zenobia remembers as the name of the culprit that created the current irregularity in her Palmyrene Empire.
Zenobia attacks Elizabeth.


MC gets between them, urging them to stop. Elizabeth says that even if the name is the same, there are other Elizabeths out there, which MC corraborates, convincing Zenobia.

Elizabeth insists on continuing towards the castle. Zenobia says it should be past the desert. Zenobia wants to destroy the castle which is distorting her country. Still, she eventually agrees to come with them.

Zenobia says there are 3 things problems they have to overcome. First, a sandstorm blocking their route. Second, with a mountain in the way, they have to go through a cave blocked by a door. Third, there are many bandits about.


The party is advancing through the stormy desert. The storm clears a bit, and Saitou appears. He's the number 3 of the bandits and has come to rob them. Liz and Zenobia turn his threats onto him, and under heavy pressure, Saitou surrenders. He promises to give them information.

Saitou informs them that the mountain ahead is the bandits hideout and their leader is the only one who can open the cave's door, but they've locked themselves down and won't come out. Saitou starts to lead the way. The bandits are out stealing things to get them out.

The bandits are having a feast, 40 of them. Saitou breaks free of his restraints and joins his comrades. Mary & Jane, Okita, Okita (swimsuit), Mary & Jane (swimsuit), Hundred Faces, Kiichi, the Prisma Illya girls, Jekyll (and Hyde), Cu Proto, both Ibarakis, Hijikata, Jing Ke and Galatea are there.

Hijikata says they are holding the feast (a re-enactment of Ama-no-iwato, according to him) to get their boss out and asks for Saitou's contribution. He points at the party.


The mountain door opens a bit, the boss inside (Schez) scared of the battle going on. She closes again. Liz says they'll need a more fun feast, with singing. Zenobia gives up on fighting. Mata Hari, MIX, and Miss Crane will help with Liz' performance.

The performance goes on, with Liz mixing in passwords (Open Sesame) into her singing. The boss finds the singing horrifying, and Zenobia tells her it will only stop if they let them through. The door opens and the party passes through. Hijikata is overjoyed.

Elsewhere, at the castle. Molay is watching over the princess. She says something else is mixed in with the other Liz, the 〇〇 Princess. Liz wakes up, wanting to leave. Molay insists she has to wait for her Prince, and so Liz goes back to sleep.

Chapter 3

The party find themselves in a fairy-taley forest after going through the cave. Zenobia says she's heard the forest is dangerous, but you are guaranteed to make it out alive. How odd.

They encounter some enchanted flowers (actually monsters). Liz gets curious and is swallowed by them. Zenobia and MC try to free her.


Liz is rescued. It seems the commotion stirred other monsters, and they'll have to be quiet (no singing). As they continue, it appears they are walking in circles. They put a mark on a tree to make sure. After 30 minutes, they come back to it. They notice the tree has been growing.

A vision of Molay appears, introducing herself. She gloats about how they won't be able to get out of the Forest of the Lost. As she's talking the other Liz appears in the background of her projection. The other liz sings for them to rescue her. Molay's projection cuts off.

Zenobia is confused over the other Liz, but Liz herself says its normal. She feels if she re-unites with the other Liz, her cinderella power will go back to full.

They hear sounds of fighting. They go over to investigate. It's Mordred and Tsuna. Zenobia asks if they need help fighting the monsters. They agree.


The battle ends. Zenobia wants to recruit the two, but gets declined. Zenobia instead asks if they can help out with them being lost in the forest. Tsuna says their group is composed of 7 people who live in the forest, so the MC party can come over and eat with them if they want.

Tawara Touta, Napoleon (who hits on Liz and Zenobia), Robin Hood, D'eon and Bedivere are there. D'eon tells them to sleep for the night, as trying to leave the forest now would be dangerous. Zenobia and Liz note the house is a bit small, and fairy-taley.

MC gets a revelation. The 40 bandits were from Alibaba, and the 7 people in the little house is from Snow-white. They explain this to the others. It seems the singularity is based on fairy-tales.

At night, MC hears a voice and goes outside. Liz is there, singing. She says she just sings when she feels like it, and sings a song about their journey so far. Monsters appears and attack Liz. The 7 appear and help out.


The monsters are defeated, and it turned morning. Zenobia wakes up, embarrassed to have missed the fighting. Back in the house, Bedivere explains they have to defeat the lords of the forest (Hektor and Grendel) if they want to leave. Everyone notes the two are a strange combo. Liz notices its a pun on Hansel and Gretel.

The 7 can afford 2 of them to help out the MC party, the rest have to fight the monsters in the forest so they don't spill out. They do Rock Paper Scissors and so Mordred and Napeolon accompany MC.

As the forest grows and changes its layout as you walk, Mordred says she'll use her NP to burn it down. Mordred hurries them, before the forest recovers. They are assaulted by the invisible Grendel. Hektor too appears, grumbling over his new "sibling". They start to fight.


Grendel and Hektor are defeated. They show mercy to Grendel, despite it being a monster. They ask Hektor about Molay and the Singularity. He explains that its a fairy-tale land. Liz has the role of many princesses, Cinderella, Snow-white, Red-riding hood. That's all he knows.

After the party has left, Molay contacts Hektor, thanking him for his work. He asks if losing was okay, and Molay say its fine, as he already did his work. The MC party arrives at a town, but there is no one there, to which Liz is upset.

Back at the castle, Molay says she'd be greatly troubled if Prince Charming didn't come to the rescue.

Chapter 4

The party arrive at the Castle, but there is still no one around. They enter. Zenobia asks what happened to Liz in her castle, and MC explains her previous life. Zenobia empathizes, saying she was a captor once too.

They arrive at the throneroom with Molay. She is suprised they only brought Mordred and Napoleon with them out of the 7, perhaps she's being underestimated? The other Liz sleeping by the throne. Mordred and Napoleon whisper that Molay has something up her sleeve.

Liz angrily demands her castle back, lest she sic her knights on Molay. They attack Molay.


Molay is defeated. The party rushes towards the sleeping other Liz. The two Lizzes get along great, but understand they have to merge to become Cinderella for real. Cinderella Unite!

MC can't help but wonder where the grail responsible for the singularity is. Mordred searched Molay but couldn't find it. They decide to search the castle for it, but eventually give up. Napoleon wakes up Molay to ask her about it.

MC gets closer, and is taken hostage by Molay. She finally acquired her Holy Grail, which is inside MC. She created the castle so MC would come rushing in to save Liz. Molay puts a mask onto MC, who starts to grow as Molay chants.

MC splits into two, one big demonic form, and one small, transparent form. Liz think its nice that it doesn't happen to just her. Tbe party is unsure if its fine fighting it, so they decide to retreat. Napoleon and Zenobia will hold the demonic MC back.

Zenobia urges them to put the small MC into a suitable vessel before they disappear. The demonic MC attacks, and they are split off. Molay is pleased, but is shocked as.........

Chapter 5

The party are all safe, finding themselves having been punted away to another forest. MC has turned into a pumpkin head. They start moving to find a place to think. As they're wandering, they encounter Molay, who looks different (first ascension). Before Mordred can attack, Molay surrenders. She got punted away by the MC monster as well.


Molay has a flashback to when she was attacked by the MC monster. Back in the present inside a house, Molay says she's not sure what went wrong. She hopes she can help the party out, to their displeasure. She explains her objective was summoning the All-Mother using the dream-like Singularity, even if the result may end up being a fake distorted by Innocent Monster.

If they want to resolve the Singularity, they'll have to beat up the MC monster. Yet Molay does not spill the beans on how to return MC to normal.

Something big rouses outside. Molay says that with the ritual's success, the fairy-tale world has inverted, becoming a world of horror. But the house should be safe, as long as no one goes out. But the monster picks up the house in its entirety and they are forced to leave. It's a giant monster tree. Napoleon orders Molay to fight.


The tree is defeated. Napeleon decides the party should continue exploring.

Chapter 6

At an unknown place, ??? says they'd wanted to hide longer, but can't.

Back in the forest, Molay is cheerfully talking to MC about her interests. The others get annoyed at her overly familiar behaviour, still suspicious. Napoleon metes out her punishment with a flick to the forehead. MC is being carried by Liz.

They still have to back to the castle. Liz and Molay have a cat-fight over whose it is. As they're arguing, a monster appears. They fight it off, but note it appears to be somewhat different from the monsters before. Mordred wants to go back to their hut, and uses her NP to burn down the forest again. But the trees grow back in almost an instant.

However, the remaning of the 7 arrive after they noticed the NP activation. Tsuna says they've been brain-washed. 'S o please defeat us.' Only Touta is fine. They prepare to fight, but an unknown voice calls out that such behaviour wont save them.

The voice tells Liz to sing, for the sake of this world. Liz asks who they are, and they say they're a prince, before departing. LIz and Molay are confused. Wasn't MC supposed to be the prince? But now they now Liz has to sing to win! She gets fired up, humming about bloodshed.

Touta joins in with the singing. It's time to fight off the brain-washed people with song.


The forest starts turning back to its original form as Liz is singing. The party looks on in disbelief. Tsuna and the others wake up from being brain-washed. They're a little worse for wear, but nothing serious. They're not sure what happened. Bedivere asks about Molay, who has to explain her actions again. They're in disbelief at her stupidity.

Still, what's with the singing? Liz explains it was her Love that healed the forest. Though it pains everyone to admit it, they'll need her singing. Molay will lead the way, Mordred will cut down trees and Liz will sing. Liz demands everyone cheer for her, to which Mordred hesitates. She'll only do it if Liz can beat her in battle!


With Mordred cheering her on, Liz sings and the forest loses its potency. Mordred fires her NP and clears the way. Napoleon offers to help, as his NP also has huge destructive potential. The other join in as well, cheering on Liz while cutting down the forest. Liz is overjoyed at her 7 knights.

Liz smiles at MC, telling them she'll return them to normal in no time.

Chapter 7

Liz and her troupe are advancing on the castle. They get to the throne room and confront the Goatling of Darkness. They are intimidated by it's size but nonetheless charge at it.


Liz wonders why her singing isn't working. Molay realizes something. The Goatling comes from another genre from the fairy-tale world they are in. It is a "Deus Ex Machina" which signifies the end, I cannot be beaten. But, as it is not a fairy-tale element, they can beat it in a way opposite of a fairy-tale. They need to break genre conventions.

Liz is shocked that she can't continue her musical and has to give up her dream of being a princess. Zenobia chews her out, she herself never gave up being a queen despite being humiliated by the romans. Liz regains her convictions. She's going to save MC. Liz once again asks of everyone to support her.


Chapter 7, node 3:

They managed to beat down the Goatling. Liz tries to retrieve the grail, but doesn't know how to finish it off. Everyone reminds her to do some thats not fairy-taley. She asks MC for help.

Note: The following scene happens if MC proposes Liz to kiss the Goatling.

MC proposes a kiss. Everyone else panics, the princess and prince kissing is the very essence of a fairy-tale story! Liz gets worked up, giving her first kiss to MC.

Space distorts and Molay starts to giggle. Though MC may have been a fake prince, it was enough to materialize this tale. Space breaks apart and Molay finally sees her All-mother in the flesh. It is large and fearsome, yet not what Molay was seeking, after all?

MC's consciousness fades as space-time falls apart.


Note: The following is a direct TL of the above bad end summary by Justiciar Hux


Aaa.... AaaaaaaAA... from the Abyss...!

It's coming...!

You are...

No, no your form...


Holy Mother of the Abyss...?

Amidst the collapsing space---—

Only Elisabeth、
Only Elisabeth nodded her head in wonder.

Molay gazed upon it in astonishment.
It looked as it appeared.

Certainly, it was an enormous thing.
Certainly, it was a dreadful thing.

But something was different.
This was not the Holy Mother of the Abyss that she sought.

Its coming was welcomed.

"Who on earth are you?"

So echoed Molay's muttering voice.

She wanted to hear a slightly more detailed story, but...

There was very little time left.

That space collapsed.
Her consciousness collapsed too.


Note: The following is Petrikow's summary of the Good End, where MC proposes Liz to headbutt the Goatling, along with epilogue.

MC proposes for Liz to do a headbutt. She starts headbutting the Goatling over and over, and its masks starts to break. Molay says that the mask is the cause of the Singularity. Liz breaks it and the Singularity starts to be restored.

The grail appears and Liz retrieves it, turning back to her normal, non-cinderella form. Zenobia apologizes for her behaviour when they first met, Liz was truly a real songstress all along. They promise to meet again, as Zenobia fades away.

The 7 starts to fade away as well. They give Liz their farewells, promising to cheer her on again. Everyone fades away, and MC returns to Chaldea.


Da vinci congratulates them on restoring the Singularity. She apologizes for the mixup when they first arrived in the Singularity. Molay reveals it was her doing. Everyone wonder what Molay is now doing in Chaldea. She wanted to say that Liz accidentally rejected the
prince that had been setup in the Singularity. Liz can't understand how that'd happen.

Molay reveals the prince. It was Li Shuwen (Old). Liz angringly demands to know why he of all people was the prince. Flashback to when Liz reminded Li Shuwen it was Hallowen, and he then remembered to prepare candy. Back in the present, Liz thinks that's a stupid reason.

With her job done, Molay starts to disappear. MC promises to meet her again, this time as an ally. She agrees, maybe she'll try being his shield for once. Molay disappears. Liz transforms into her Cinderella form again, and prepares to have a concert...

Ill Omen

Note: This excerpt is directly translated by Justiciar Hux.



...Ah, hello.
I'm Jacques de Molay.

This whole Halloween affair's come to an end.

I thought I should tell you.
You see, I'll be going back to the Throne, no?

Even if you summon me,
I won't recall the memories of this incident.

So I thought I should tell you this,
before I go.

That's why,
I'll be leaving this message in the back of your head.


...Ah, I had best hurry this up.
If I linger too long, I'll be incinerated by the black flames.

How utterly terrifying.

...Then, allow me to tell you.

This time, I devised a fairy tale Singularity for the sake of my God...

Actually, you know what?

I influenced the design of this Singularity,
but Molay was not involved in the creation of the Singularity itself.

It's true.
It wasn't me.


There was some strange activity in the stars.
Another dimension? Another universe? Well, something like that anyway.

Some strange waves...leaked out,
so I was able to ready various preliminary works ahead of time.

For example—

I tore out the soul and mind of the Heroic Spirit Elizabeth Bathory,
and so forth. I have to wonder what it is.

I have to wonder what it is.
I don't think it's of the same kind as us.

...Oh dear. It looks like it's time for me to go.