Rin Route

Shinji: Welcome to stage 01, also known as the tutorial!

Rin: I hate wakame.

Shinji: I’m Matou Shinji-sama, who originally was planned to be the boss character “General Shinji” but for various reasons was demoted to the tutorial punching bag!

Rin: I hate wakame.

Shinji: I was hoping they’d establish that when I was in elementary school I was purehearted and still a relatively good boy, but they didn’t! Here we go!!

Rin: I hate wakame.

Sakura: I finally found you. I’ll get revenge for Nii-san…

Rin: Sakura?! Don’t you recognize me?!

Sakura: Who might you be?

Rin: It’s me! Cute, smart, talented at magecraft! The heir of the Tohsaka family, and your precious big sister!

Sakura: Okay, please die right now.

Rin: What a sad fate, huh!

Kayneth: Kukuku… Move aside, girl. I’ll be taking all the rare Capsaba!

Rin: This is a game for kids, so try to read the mood!

Kayneth: Fool, reading is for books!

Kayneth: Just how much do you think I’ve invested in this? Capsaba is already my life!

Rin: …Are you unmarried? Or did your wife cheat on you?

Kayneth: Read the mood, red demon! Very well, overly talkative children require education.

Kayneth: Behold this Capsaba uncle’s coordination!

Rin: I don’t get it, but I’m taking that money!

Ayaka: ……… (stare)

Rin: You’re staring at me… Do you want to play Capsaba?

Ayaka: Eh? Me…? (gasp)! You’re saying I’m an easy target because I look weak and wear glasses, aren’t you?!

Rin: No, that’s not…

Ayaka: Then what is—-(gasp)?!

Ayaka: How terrible, you noticed my hidden heroine power and are trying to get rid of me while you still can…

Ayaka: You’re going to beat me at Capsaba, take me to the empty lot behind the candy store and make me fight you in a Grail War… Like Misaya-san! Like Misaya-san!

Rin: Okay, now I’m really pissed off for some reason!

Waver: N-no way… A kid like this is a Capsaba Master?

Rin: Huh? Are you a magus?

Waver: Y-you could tell?! T-that’s right! I’m the genius magus who’s famous at the Clock Tower, Waver Velvet!

Rin: Hmmm. But you don’t seem to have many magic circuits.

Waver: Urk?! (shock!)

Waver: …H-how do I put this… Kids sure are cruel.

Rin: Of course kids are cruel. You’ll understand when you’re older!

Hakuno: ……. (ta-da)

Rin: Ah, that’s Servant Archer!

Hakuno: ……. (glint)

Rin: And you look like you get along really well?!

Hakuno: ……. (smirk)

Rin: I don’t really understand…

Rin: But it looks like this is a fight I can’t afford to lose!

Luvia: Oooooohohoho, I am Luviagelita Edelfelt!

Luvia: I’m a girl genius who will one day become queen of not only the Capsaba world, but also the wrestling ring!

Rin: Sorry, but you’ll have to be number 2 in the world. After all, I exist.

Rin: Ah, I don’t care about the ring.

Luvia: Ouch. I did not expect to find a rival for the belt here.

Luvia: You there… State your name.

Rin: I’m Tohsaka Rin! I don’t really have a reason, but I feel like it’ll be bad if I don’t crush you here, so I’ll take you on!

Rin: Ah, I don’t need a belt or whatever.

Luvia: Uhuhuhu… Very well!

Luvia: Then I challenge you to an open-weight division no-time-limit single-round electrified barbed-wire deathmatch!

Rin: Sorry, please do it with Capsaba!

Kirei: Lost lamb… What business do you have at my church?

Rin: Oh, what are you doing, Kirei?

Kirei: Ah, Rin, it’s you. Hm, you wish to know what I am doing?

Kirei: Let’s see… You could say I’m not doing anything.

Rin: You’ve got too much time on your hands like always. Well then, I’m going.

Kirei: I’m not doing anything, but I KNOW everything.

Kirei: Well then, good day. Spend all your time on fighting.

Rin: …Hmmm. Then tell me. Well, I’ll beat it out of you anyway, though!

Kirei: Unlike your father, you’re decisive. You truly are Tohsaka Rin!

Rin: Thanks, not that I enjoy being complimented by a fake priest!

Tokiomi: Welcome, young Capsaba Master. Your battle ends here.

Rin: Oh no… How could Father be a Capsaba uncle?!

Rin: I can’t believe he was the same as that Baldneth guy! Gross!

Tokiomi: Do not compare me to the likes of a dark Capsaba uncle. I am a bright Capsaba uncle…

Tokiomi: I have good manners, and truly grieve for the future of the Capsaba world.

Rin: That’s the same thing, Father! Just grieving won’t change anything!

Rin: The only thing that can bring peace to the Capsaba world is the violent power of money!

Rin: I’m going to defeat you and keep going!

Tokiomi: Now, wait.

Tokiomi: I did say I have manners. If this can be solved through words, I will do so.

Rin: R-really? I guess just talking would be ok…

Tokiomi: However, some things cannot be solved through words!

Tokiomi: One cannot survive on elegance alone! The courage to slowly descend into savagery is necessary for an aristocrat, Rin!

Rin: How persuasive…! That was very enlightening, Father!

Master Artoria: Stop, child.

Master Artoria: I am Artoria, a Master fighting the Holy Grail War.

Rin: No, this isn’t the Holy Grail War, it’s Capsaba…

Master Artoria: Why do you mumble such incomprehensible things… You intend to have me let down my guard so you can strike, do you not?

Master Artoria: Argh, just like my brother Kay…!

Rin: I feel like you’re missing the point…

Master Artoria: Regardless, pity is useless in the Holy Grail War. Even if my opponent is a child, I shall show no mercy…

Master Artoria: I challenge you for the grail!

Rin: You’re not even listening, are you?!

Narration: Professor Tokiomi, captured by the evil Dimensional Empire MATO plotting to control all parallel worlds, was forced to perform terrible research!

Narration: With the aim of a cross-dimensional assault, he constructed a not-very-original type of weapon…

Narration: That is, a giant humanoid weapon using the Great Grail as a power source!


Professor Tokiomi: That being the case, listen well, Rin.

Professor Tokiomi: I managed to escape their base, but I can’t go on anymore.

Professor Tokiomi: But without their notice I was somehow able to complete the massive humanoid weapon GS-01.

Professor Tokiomi: Please accept my dying request and fight the Dimensional Empire MATO!

Rin: What are you doing, Father…

Professor Tokiomi: By the way, I am your father Tokiomi from another dimension, so I’d like you to remember that I am not the same person as your father from this world, strictly speaking.

Professor Tokiomi: Convenient, isn’t it? Right?

Professor Tokiomi: Hm? Does this mean I’ve inadvertently reproduced the Second Magic of the old gem man who is our family’s master?

Rin: That’s putting the cart before the horse.

Professor Tokiomi: Regardless, the only one left for me to turn to is you, my daughter Rin!

General Shinji: Found you, Professor Tokiomi! The price for betrayal is death, now diiiiie! General Shinji Beam!

Professor Tokiomi: Ngh! Look out, Rin!

Rin: Eh?! But I’m not the one being aimed at?!

Professor Tokiomi: Bwaaaaaaahhhhh?!!!!

Professor Tokiomi: …A-are you all right, Rin?

Rin: Father?!

Professor Tokiomi: This is the end for me. Please, join forces with your sister GS-01 and protect the world your father loved…

Rin: Don’t push the fate of the world on me! What’s GS-01, anyway? Huh? Sister?

General Shinji: Wha?! You were already complete, GS-01, AKA Gigantic Sakura!

General Shinji: Wait, uwa?!

Narration: (squish)

Rin & Professor Tokiomi: Ah.

G-Sakura: …So, what is this? Why did I wake up in the morning looking like this?!

Rin: C-could you be Sakura? Y-you sure have grown since I last saw you…

Rin: I mean… Um… You know?

G-Sakura: Oh? You look just like Nee-san when she was little…

G-Sakura: …I see, so that means I was given the short end of the stick again, was I?

G-Sakura: E x – F a t h e r ?

Professor Tokiomi: No… I’m already dead, so direct your complaints to Rin…

Professor Tokiomi: I mean, …your father is dead! Dead indeed!

Professor Tokiomi: Anyway, just talk to Rin, and take the world for yourselves as loving sisters…!

G-Sakura: ………

Rin: ………

Professor Tokiomi: ………Rin.

Rin: What?

Professor Tokiomi: I’m leaving it all to you!!!

Rin: All right, I won! But even though you’re huge now, you fight with Servants, huh?

G-Sakura: Waaaaah! It’s an issue with the game’s system, so I had no choooooice!

G-Sakura: And how come even though Nee-san is a protagonist with a new design, I’m treated like this again?!

G-Sakura: Weeeeeeehhhhhhhh!

Professor Tokiomi: …Fear not, SAKURA.

Professor Tokiomi: You, Gigantic SAKURA, also known as GS-01, are also a new design.

G-Sakura: That’s not the problem!

Professor Tokiomi: Mph! My Tohsaka Elegant Radar is detecting enemies!

Cosmic General Shinji: Huhahahahahaha! Stop right there, traitors!

Cosmic General Shinji: I’ve arrived to rationally take advantage of your fatigue after fighting amongst yourselves!

Cosmic General Shinji: You’ve fallen right into the trap of Cosmic General Shinji, remodelled to have an evolved IQ of 5800!

Cosmic General Shinji: Now, combatant Clone Shinjis, get them!

Clone Shinjis: Wakameee! Wakameee! Wakameee!

Rin: Ahhh geez, this is just one pain after another! SAKURA, let’s beat them up for now! We’ll talk later!

G-Sakura: O-oh well… Let’s go, little Nee-san from another world!

Professor Tokiomi: Yes, go! GS-01 and my daughter!

Rin & G-Sakura: Shut up!

Narration: The near future!

Narration: Rin, who went overboard and took over the Dimensional Empire MATO, embarked on a quest for world domination as the dimensional empress Kaiser Rin!

Narration: No one can stand in the way of the completed GS Series anymore!

Narration: “The world seems to want to be dominated?”

Kaiser Rin: The nautical GS-02, Black SAKURA!

GS-02: Yep, it’s me, the usual Dark Sakura.

Kaiser Rin: The aerial GS-03, BB SAKURA!

GS-03: Is the sequel coming out yet?

Kaiser Rin: And on land, GS-01, Gigantic SAKURA!

Kaiser Rin: Go! We’re going to conquer the world!

Kaiser Rin: Hey, this is pretty fun!

G-Sakura: Why did it turn out like this?!

The End

Rin: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek?!

Celebloomers: Haaaa ha ha! Weak! Too weak!

Celebloomers: How absurd that you would challenge the Capsule Servant world champion, Illy… I mean…

Celebloomers: The mysterious champ Celebloomers-sama, with such little skill!

Rin: …H-how… could I lose…

Celebloomers: Huhuuu, then just as promised, I’ll be talking all of your Servants!

Celebloomers: Thank you for your patronage! The exit is right over there!

Rin: Waaaaaaaaaah!

My Strongest Partner

Rin: What should I do… All my Servants were taken away…

???: Cheer up.

Rin: My allowance is all gone, so I can’t use the machine to get any mo… Eh? What?

???: …Right here, in your pocket.

Rin: Eh? My pocket…? Ah! I had one left!

Archer: Hmph, you finally noticed. I am the Capsule Servant EMI… I mean, Archer.

Rin: Wait, this Servant taaaaaalks???!!!

Archer: Naturally. I’m a lucky one, you see.

Rin: Eeeeeeeeh?! Lucky Servants talk?!

Archer: Yes. Keep it a secret.

Rin: …L-lucky Servants are amazing!!!

Archer: You seem depressed that you lost, but you still have me. It’s too early to give up.

Rin: …But I can’t make a deck with just you, and I already used up all my allowance…

Archer: What, I am a lucky one after all. Leave it to me…!

Archer: Reality Marble: Unlimited Blade Works!

Rin: W-what is this?! My surroundings turned into an infertile land with nothing but gears and swords in it?!

Archer: Infertile…?

Archer: Oh well, anyway, I can make Servants using projection magecraft.

Rin: Projection magecraft is magecraft to make fake things, right… So you’re saying you’ll make phony Capsaba!

Archer: …I-indeed. It sounds bad when you put it that way, but it doesn’t cost anything, so well, that’s right.

Archer: Ah, incidentally, I can only project Servants that I’ve seen before.

Rin: Wow!

Rin: Then I’ll have you project the Servants I already got…

Rin: Ah! And I’ll have you project those display models in the window of that toy shop…

Rin: Hmm! You could do the Servants that only show up in the anime, too…

Rin: What are you doing, Archer, we gotta project everything we can get our hands on!

Archer: Indeed, that lack of hesitation doesn’t bode well at all!

Rin: Sorry to keep you waiting, Celebloomers!

Rin: Look! Gaze upon my infinitely huge Tohsaka Celebrity Deck made by projecting Servants!

Celebloomers: That’s just illegal activity, right?!

Celebloomers: H-how could I lose…

Celebloomers: I mean, summoning infinite Servants is too much, nobody follows the rules at the end of the century, it’s already the 21st century though… (slump)

Rin: Yep! Quantity really is what matters in battle! Good job, Archer!

Archer: Be that as it may, we’re definitely the villains here, Rin.

Rin: Being able to get infinite Servants is like a dream come true, huh!

Rin: Hm? Wait… Could this mean…!

Archer: What is it?

Rin: Heeeey, Archer…? I have a request. (smile)

Archer: (Ah, I don’t like where this is going.)

Shinji: Woooooooaaaaaah?!

Shinji: Isn’t this the super limited-edition Servant drawn specially by Takeuchi Takashi, Galactica Saber?!

Shinji: Can I really have this for 200 yen, Tohsaka?

Rin: It’s nooooooo problem at all! If you like, shall I offer you a set of 10?

Shinji: Just as I’d expect from Tohsaka-sama, phew!

Rin: Okay, this one is 50 yen, and that rare Servant is 150 yen!

Rin: All right! If I keep this up, I’ll be rich in no time… Eheheheheh… I can’t stop laughing!

Bazett: Stop right there, illegal Capsaba user!

Rin: Eh?! What?! Wait, what are you wearing lmao oh my god i can’t even lmao

Bazett: B-be quiet! Employees can’t go against the clients’ wishes!

Bazett: Wait, more importantly, you there, elementary schooler! You’re under arrest for the charge of illegal Servant counterfeiting!

Rin: Eh? I-illegal… This is projection magecraft, so… Huh? Is that illegal?

Bazett: There’s no need to ask questions! I came here under request from the Association to invesigate the rise in sales in this area…

Bazett: But to think you were so blatantly counterfeiting Capsaba out in the open…!

Bazett: I’m very shocked at the East’s decline in morals!

Bazett: No, I’m more shocked at your outfit…

Rin: No, that’s not it, this is projection, not counterfeit…

Bazett: Quiet!

Bazett: You have the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, and the responsibiility to hide your magecraft!

Bazett: Anyway, I’ll hear your explanation down at the station, so give up and let me arrest you!

Archer: Let’s get out of here, Rin.

Rin: Eh?! Ah, wait, my profits…?!

Archer: There’s no time!

Archer: You there, Enforcer, I’m sorry but please return that money to its original owners.

Rin: Ehhhhhh?! Noooooo!

Rin: My moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey?!

The End

Lonely Holy Grail War

Rin: Ah, I got a Lancer.

Rin: Hmm, what should I do, should I try for another one…?

???: Hey! You there, kid! H-help me!

Rin: Huh? What’s this voice? Where’s it coming from…

???: Right here! Down here! By your feet!

Rin: My feet… Eh? A Servant?!

Avenger: You finally noticed.

Avenger: I’m Servant Angra… I mean, Avenger.

Rin: Hmmm… Wait, a talking Servant?!

Avenger: Of course, that’s cause I’m a lucky one.

Avenger: Anyway, help me, Miss!

Rin: What do you mean, help…

???: Found you, Avenger! Be good and return to my capsule!

Rin: Eh? Who are you, lady?

Bazett: I am Bazett Fraga McRemitz, an Enforcer sent by the Association.

Rin: Hmmm. But why are you chasing that Servant?

Bazett: T-that’s because, um, that Servant is my only frie–

Bazett: I mean…

Bazett: A-actually, that lucky talking Servant is an illegal Servant designated to be sealed.

Bazett: The Association dispatched me to recover that Servant!

Avenger: Liar!

Avenger: Just because I can talk, that Master makes me go shopping, and clean, and take her phone calls, she’s terrible!

Avenger: Capsaba aren’t that kind of servant!

Bazett: H-how rude! I feed you, so this is just give-and-take!

Avenger: All you feed me is beef bowl, you iron maiden!

Avenger: Having beef bowl for breakfast, lunch and dinner is the height of insanity!

Bazett: I-it doesn’t matter what you eat as long as it has calories!

Bazett: I give you extra ginger sometimes, right?!

Avenger: And at night, that Master starts grumbling to me, it’s kinda scary!

Bazett: I-I don’t grumble!

Bazett: Don’t make it sound like I’m a lonely woman whose only friend is a Capsaba!

Bazett: I mean, I-I have lots of friends… Um, uh…

Bazett: Ah! Here, look at this, the contact list on my phone is full of numbers!

Avenger: What’s she talking about? Those are all business contacts.




Bazett: This means war!!!!!

Rin: But this has nothing to do with me!

Bazett: I… I lost… Then I really will have to spend the Holy Grail War alone.

Bazett: Ahh, it’s true, I don’t have a single friend!

Bazett: My Capsaba is my only friend! I’m really sorry for existing!

Rin: Hmm, I think I did something bad. Avenger, why not go back?

Avenger: It does seem like we bullied her a bit too hard, so it leaves a bad aftertaste…

Bazett: That’s right, come back! No, please come back!

Bazett: Aren’t we friends, Avenger?!

Rin: But why do you want Avenger so bad?

Bazett: Well, um… I honestly would rather use Lancer or something like that.

Bazett: But I keep getting doubles of Avenger no matter what I do.

Rin: I see.

Rin: Then shall I give you this Lancer I just got?

Bazett: Eh?!

Avenger: Eh?!

Lancer: Eh?!

Rin: Wah?! My Lancer talked too?!

Lancer: Actually, I’m a lucky one too.

Lancer: Wait, hey missy, you can’t trade me away when you just got me!

Lancer: I think we’re compatible, really! Like a dream team, don’t you think?!

Bazett: It’s really okay?! Y-yaaaaay! I did it, I got the Lancer I always dreamed of!

Lancer: W-wait, missy! Aren’t you going to think about this?!

Lancer: Look, I’m a lucky one so I can use a castle Noble Phantasm and stuff, a castle!

Avenger: T-that’s right, let’s think about this!

Avenger: I ran away and fought with you and stuff, but we really are a good combination!

Avenger: …Wasn’t that the heartwarming direction this story was supposed to go in, Master?!

Bazett: Ah, I’ll trade Avenger to you.

Bazett: That one’s rude but super weak, so be careful when using it.

Bazett: Man, I really wanted a Lancer deck!

Rin: I had doubles of Lancer, so it’s OK. All right, trade complete!


The End

See The World By Jeanne

Jeanne: About 780-and-a-half hours from France, my train arrived in Fuyuki, Japan.

Jeanne: Many Servants were summoned, fought, and died here.

Jeanne: Looking at the town, you can see many traces of the Holy Grail War.

Jeanne: On the right, the remains of a building that suddenly exploded in the middle of the night.

Jeanne: On the left, a park that was spontaneously engulfed in a sea of flames.

Jeanne: Finally, a riverbed where giant monsters appeared like something out of a special-effects show.

Jeanne: Even I, Ruler, don’t know why the Association’s management didn’t cover all this up.

Jeanne: So I, the maiden of Orleans, Jeanne d’Arc…

Jeanne: …am using the Heroic Spirit vacation time that I recieve for completing my work as Ruler to come here to Fuyuki on holiday.

Rin: ?

Jeanne: Of course, as France’s biggest celebrity, I haven’t forgotten to disguise myself to hide my identity.

Jeanne: It wouldn’t do to see “Shocker! Saint Descends In Far-East Land!” as the headline on tomorrow’s morning newspaper, after all.

Jeanne: Despite appearances, I’m the worldwide super-famous Heroic Spirit Jeanne d’Arc, you know?

Jeanne: It’s so haaard. It’s so haaard to hide my identity even when I’m on vacation.

Jeanne: It’s so haaard to have to hide my name for a different reason than Servants.

Rin: ?

Jeanne: Oh, this girl… (gasp)?! Could she be…

Jeanne: …a modern saint who was affected by my holy aura, couldn’t contain herself, and rushed to serve under the Lord’s banner?!

Rin: ?

Jeanne: Oh well, there’s not much I can do about it, I am a worldwide super famous Heroic Spirit after all.

Jeanne: Anyone who saw the maiden of Orleans praying by the side of the road would be so deeply moved by such a sacred sight…

Jeanne: …and dedicate their life to such prayer and unconditional love, right?

Rin: Ah, I know you, you’re Jeanne… Jeanne d’Arc!

Jeanne: That’s right! So you do know!

Jeanne: Yes! I am the shining symbol of France’s history, Jeanne d’Arc!

Jeanne: Ahh, I thought I might not be that well-known in the East, but my fears were unfounded!

Rin: If I remember right, you rode on a horse and said…

Rin: “There is no such word as impossible in my dictionary!”

Rin: Right?!

Jeanne: Napoleon again?!

Jeanne: I mean, sure, that guy’s still really popular in Paris!

Jeanne: What is this…

Jeanne: Seriously, mixing me up with that little man is on a whole other level past mixing me up with King Arthur…

Rin: Oh, I thought a Heroic Spirit with a dictionary that made everything possible sounded cool.

Jeanne: Well, okay, I’ll admit that the little man is famous.

Jeanne: But when it comes to famous French people, I’ve got much more seniority!

Rin: Hmmm, but I still don’t really get it. Are you in any anime?

Jeanne: Hmmm, I showed up in an anime a little, but I wasn’t the main character…

Jeanne: Ah! Then here, read this! Fate/Apocrypha!

Jeanne: It’s a popular series featuring Jeanne-san! It’s a little long, but it’s so good you’ll lose track of time!

Rin: Hmm, so this existed. Then I’ll give it a read.

Rin: Whew… I’m done reading.

Jeanne: H-how did you like it?

Rin: Yeah! It was good!

Jeanne: It is, isn’t it! After all, the series features the super famous Heroic Spirit Jeanne-san!

Rin: Especially the parts with Astolfo!

Jeanne: Damn you, pink hair!

Narration: ~7 years later~

Jeanne: …Whew, I’ve never been summoned so violently before.

Jeanne: Ah, it’s been awhile, Rin!

Rin: …Huh?!

Jeanne: I had to participate in the Holy Grail War after all!

Jeanne: I wanted to compete for the grail sometime too.

Jeanne: Eh? You don’t want a Ruler or anything? Don’t worry.

Jeanne: I mean, I have a sword too, and I can add +10 ability even if it’s just a butter knife, so I can probably be Saber, right?

Jeanne: Yes, why hide it? I’ve been mistaken for a Saber before!

Rin: …So?

Jeanne: It might finally be coming! The Jeaaaaaaaaanne boom!

Jeanne: Of course there’ll be a stage adaptation, but let’s not forget my movie, and my anime, and my schools, and my currency, and my laws!

Jeanne: The first law will be…

Jeanne: “All pink haired girls (and people who look like girls) will have their hair cut off immediately.”

Jeanne: So, I look forward to working with you!

Rin: Th…

Jeanne: It’s all right, Rin. I’ll work hard from now on! (smile)

Rin: This isn’t that kind of story!

The End

Me and I

TO-SAKA: Welcome, child who doesn’t feel like a stranger at all!

TO-SAKA: I am an envoy from the parallel universe where Heroic Spirit EMIYA was not created…

TO-SAKA: The ultimate, final possibility for Tohsaka Rin…

TO-SAKA: Heroic Spirit TO-SAKA!

Rin: ………

TO-SAKA: Yes, I’m the wandering witch, journeying through the dimensions to destroy every grail…

TO-SAKA: Magical Witch TO-SAKA! Wow, sexy!

Rin: ………

TO-SAKA: …On that day, stricken with grief, I was forced to make a most terrible decision.

TO-SAKA: …Yes, I formed a contract with the world.

Rin: ………

TO-SAKA: …Yes, I had to make the contract.

TO-SAKA: …To repay my excessively huge loan!

Rin: ………

TO-SAKA: Anyway, the world said…

TO-SAKA: “Hmmm, they’re having too many Grail Wars over there, we don’t lend out Heroic Sprits for free, you know…”

TO-SAKA: “So since you’re new, TO-SAKA-san, we thought we’d have you destroy the grails in a few worlds so there’ll be fewer Grail Wars…”

TO-SAKA: “Yep, for each grail you destroy that’s 3% of your loan paid off, so thanks in advance!”

TO-SAKA: So I’m busy destroying grails every day!

Rin: ………I understand.

Rin: Before anyone sees…

TO-SAKA: So I’ll be destroying this world’s grail too!

TO-SAKA: The after-effects may blow this town off the map, but that’s inevitable, so give up!


TO-SAKA: Hoooo!

Rin: “——–I have to make it like this never existed!”

TO-SAKA: Huhu… just as I’d expect from myself at that age.

TO-SAKA: …Yes, back then, I thought I could do anything.

TO-SAKA: …Where did I go wrong?

Rin: Yeah yeah, I don’t care, just take your possibility and disappear! Before anyone shows up!

TO-SAKA: This… this…

TO-SAKA: “IOU (Self Geass Scroll)”

TO-SAKA: …If if it wasn’t for this…

Rin: How much did you borrow, anyway? Let me see.

Rin: Woah, that’s a lot… Even I’m disgusted!

Rin: Anyway, annual interest 14.7%… Umm, and you destroyed this many grails already…

TO-SAKA: Aaaargh, I don’t even care anymore, so maybe I’ll just go bankrupt.

TO-SAKA: But then I won’t be able to take out cards and stuff.

Rin: —Hmm? Hey, wait a minute.

Rin: This is already paid off.

TO-SAKA: Mail order is a real pain without a card…


Rin: See, the interest rate is 14.7% per year, and you destroyed this many grails…

Rin: I mean, you paid too much interest, so this is what they call overpayment, right? I saw it on TV the other day.

TO-SAKA: Ahh, now that you mention it, I was having so much fun destroying the grails that I haven’t looked at my statement lately.

Rin: Putting the cart before the horse like that means you really are me, huh…

Rin: Hmm, by my calculations, you’re gonna get a lot of money back.

TO-SAKA: What?! Guess I was a genius even when I was younger, to notice something like that!

TO-SAKA! Hooraaaaay! I’m free! In that case, time to celebrate!

TO-SAKA: I’ll treat you too, little me, so come along!

TO-SAKA: Beer, fried chicken, miso nabe, horse sashimi, woohoo! Time to party!

TO-SAKA: Who said girls can’t like raw meat?!

Rin: Ah, then there’s some stuff I want, so take me shopping too!

TO-SAKA: Leave it to big sis!

World (George): …So, you got carried away and spent too much and took out another loan.

TO-SAKA: …I’m so ashamed.

Rin: Why did it turn out like this?

World: …Well, TO-SAKA-san, it’ll be okay as long as you work hard. You paid off the last one, right?

World: …Then, annual interest 16.3%, and 2.5% of the loan paid off for each grail destroyed.

TO-SAKA: Eh? …Isn’t the interest up from last time… No, it’s nothing. Please…

Rin: Why did it turn out like this?

World: …And, you there, you’ll be contracting as Elementary School Heroic Spirit RIN-san.

World: Same conditions as TO-SAKA-san?

TO-SAKA: “——Huhu, can you keep up with me?” Wow!

Rin: Why did it turn out like this!!!!!!

The End