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First scene:

Saber: I am Saber. I have arrived upon your summoning. From here on, my sword will act as your own. Our fates have become one. I await your orders, Master. We must defeat the other six pairs of Masters and Servants in order to attain the Holy Grail.

Shirou: Fight against the other Masters... Is that what the Holy Grail War is all about? What's the point of getting the Holy Grail, anyway? Nothing I want is worth killing for.

There's something messed up about being willing to sacrifice yourself and others: about being willing to throw away all that has been up until now just to make a wish come true.

Saber: You do not have a single wish that you do want to come true? Then why did you ever become a Master? You are a magus. You should be familiar many things, such as rituals that require blood to perform miracles.

Shirou: ... The only reason I became a Master was to stop the others. I couldn't care less about the Holy Grail. But I guess the result is the same either way. I'm going to fight to the very end, but that's it. You can do what you want with the Holy Grail.

Saber: ... If that is truly what you desire, then I can offer no objection.

Shirou: Then it's settled. But first I want to ask you one thing. What are you going to do with the Holy Grail?

Saber: ... I am going to redo things differently. For the sake of the country that I ruled, I will select an individual to replace me. That shall be my final act as king, as she who took up the sword.

Shirou: So you don't care what will happen to you if you do that? Saber... ... There's something not right about that. I can't really put it into words right now, but that can't be the right thing to do.

Saber: It is not your responsibility to decide that. This Holy Grail War shall decide if my wish is worthy or not. As a Servant, my only duty is to fight my way to the end.

Scene Ends

Halfway through the story:

Saber: Berserker, the most powerful of Servants. Defeating him shall bring me one step closer to the Holy Grail.

Illya: You're a pretty brave one, aren't you, Saber? It's not really bad per se to cling on to such impossible wishes... But is yours actually just?

Saber: ... As my enemy, you have no right to question me. The results shall decide for us what is just and what is not.

Illya: What is just... Isn't it the very justness that you have protected all along that has made the world the way it is? Your goals are purely selfish in nature. How many times has Shirou told you that? There is nothing for you to feel ashamed of in your past. So doesn't that mean that you lived your life the best you -

Saber: I did not come here to listen to this nonsense! Lift up your blade, Master von Einzbern!

Illya: I guess I have no choice. But I do feel for Shirou. It's a shame that he puts his trust into someone to win who doesn't truly understand what the Holy Grail is. Well then... I'll end this quickly for you. Berserker, get her!

Berserker Roars

After The Fight

Saber: ... I lived my life the best I could... Shirou has told me that so many times now.

... I do not know anymore. Is what I seek truly just?

Scene Ends

Last battle:

Gilgamesh: It's been such a long wait, Saber. I see that you've decided to give in to me. It was only a matter of time. The Holy Grail is already in my hands. Become my queen and the miracle that you desire so badly can be yours!

Saber: You are sorely mistaken, oh King of Heroes. For I have come here to defeat you. My sword is the sword of my Master. My wish has nothing to do with the Grail.

Gilgamesh: I think I must have misheard you. Or did you really just object to my wishes?

Saber: That is correct, oh King of Heroes. I shall not do as you please. I have no need of the Holy Grail. My Master risked everything to teach me that I did the best I possibly could with my life. He also taught me that I should destroy the Holy Grail. Because people don't need magic to make their dreams come true!

Gilgamesh: Ha! Pathetic! How hard it is for myself to forgive a knight king who has lowered herself to such buffoonery! If that's how it must be, Saber... Then I do believe it is time that I cleansed you of such simple views!

Scene Ends

Saber defeat Gilgamesh final scene:

Saber: ... This is how it should be. Now that I have destroyed the Grail with my own hands, I shall be a Heroic Spirit no more.

... There was no reason for me to be one in the first place.

The king stood by her country. But her countrymen did not stand by her.

... Why? Why, Shirou, could I not see something so clear?

... My body is fading. The blessing of the Grail is no more. Finally, I am able to return to that hill.

But before I go... Know that I am so very grateful. And that I care for you deeply.

You told me that what I built was far from a Utopia, and that even though I can't save everyone...

... I should be proud of my accomplishments.

Thank you. I will move on from that hill with those words in my heart.

Goodbye, my Master. I wish you the best, and may all of your dreams come true.


Opening scene:

Lancer: Bazett! Hey, Bazett!? What the heck happened!?


Kirei: So, Lancer, I see that you have raced back to protect your precious Master. Too bad, you just missed her.

Lancer: ... Who the hell are you?

Kirei: My name is Kirei Kotomine. I am your new Master.

Lancer: Huh...!? Those Command Spells... Are those...!?

Kirei: That is correct. I took them from your former Master, Bazett Fraga McRemitz. Lancer, no, Heroic Spirit Cu Chulainn... You've lost your contract holder, which means you will soon run out of odo. All you can do is wait to fade from this world.

That must be very difficult for a Heroic Spirit who seeks the Holy Grail to deal with. Instead of fading away, I propose that you re-contract with me. If you do as I say, you will have your chance at attaining the Grail.

Lancer: ... You want me to just bow down to you? To the man who killed Bazett!?

Kirei: Come now, there is no need to bear a grudge. A careless Master like her had no hope of winning this Grail War. She would have met the same fate sooner or later, anyway.

I am the Master you need if you are truly serious about winning. Well, Lancer, what do you say?

Lancer: ... Fine. I'll never forgive myself if I just give up. But mark my words, Kirei Kotomine. You'll have to use one of those Command Spells if you plan on ordering me around. ... Always watching your back and never sleeping could get tiresome.

Scene Ends

Halfway through the story:

Lancer: Caster... so you're up next, huh?

Caster: Oh, Lancer... I've been watching you. And you're not very happy with your new Master, are you?

Lancer: Huh? You've been watching me? For what purpose?

Caster: I have a proposition for you. I can cancel your contract with my Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker. You are bound by those Command Spells. But I can free you from them... How would you like to get rid of that Master of yours and join me?

Lancer: You make me sick. Do you really believe the loyalty of a knight to be so fickle? Switching camps all the time is hardly the way to maintain the respect of others.

Caster: I'm sorry to hear that. I suppose I was foolish to believe I could tame the "Hound of Culann" in the first place.

Lancer: You did well in calling me out. ... I was thinking along the same lines. My work just never seems to end.

After The Fight

Lancer: You can't hold out much longer with that wound. Accept it. Hey, Caster. If you're willing to do something for me, I might just be willing to let your Master go. What do you think?

Scene Ends

Last battle:

Lancer: You're late, Kotomine. I thought you'd get here much quicker.

Kirei: Lancer... I only have one question for you. Why won't my Command Spells work on you?

Lancer: Well you see... Caster had a very interesting Noble Phantasm on her. And right before I killed her we made a deal. She used her Noble Phantasm to cancel the contract between us.

Kirei: ... I don't understand. You're continuing to fight in this Holy Grail war even without a Master? Why?

Lancer: Because there was a woman who summoned me because she believed in me and my abilities. And if I'm going to live up to her beliefs, then I have to stand strong with my spear in hand. Not only that, but I have to win.

Kirei: How absurd. You're doing it for a dead woman? With the amount of odo you have left, just sticking around in this world is difficulty enough, isn't it?

Lancer: You said it. This body will probably be gone within a few minutes. But that's all the time that I need. The debt I owe my summoner will be paid by avenging her death. Kirei Kotomine, you're going down.

Kirei: You insolent... You don't care about the Grail at all? There is nothing you want to ask the Wish Maker for?

Lancer: Not really. The only thing I want at the moment is to take your head before I'm gone. You're going to pay for taking a Red Branch Knight so lightly!

After The Fight

Lancer: I don't care if you're a Master or whatever... Did you really think you could keep this Heroic Spirit held down with Command Spells? I was never loyal to you.

Scene Ends

Lancer defeat Kotomine final scene:

Lancer: Oh well... It looks like my time is up.

I have to admit that was pretty close though. That jerk was pretty strong for a human.

But at least he got what he deserved. Did you see me, Bazett? The Servant you summoned is really strong, isn't he?

You made a good decision when you picked me! I still wish I could have helped you get the Holy Grail though...

I don't have any need for the Wish Maker. I'm happy enough to have had the chance to live again and fight to my heart's content.

It's a shame that we didn't get to fight alongside each other, but it was nice all the same. Thank you, fellow Red Branch Knight.


Opening scene:

Archer: I've been summoned as a Servant in the Fuyuki City Holy Grail War...

This is either a miracle or someone's idea of an insurance plan. I've waited for this time to come, even though I thought it was impossible. So...

It's time to alter the past. I'm going to get to the bottom of that distortion known as Shirou Emiya, then make sure that Rin wins the Grail War.

Hmph. It won't be easy, that's for sure. But it's nothing a Servant can't handle.

I'll have to deceive Master for a bit. But I'm getting pretty good at deception.

Scene Ends

Halfway through the story:

Shirou: ... Archer.

Archer: Shirou Emiya... Hmm, you got to me quicker than I expected. I suppose you've figured out who I am, huh? Isn't Saber going to do your fighting for you?

Shirou: Not this time. You and I are one in the same. And that makes me the one who has to settle things. It's my duty as the Champion of Justice.

Archer: ... You don't have a chance against me. And you're still foolish enough to challenge me even though you know that. Very well then, you leave me with no choice but to cut you down.

Shirou: Go ahead and say what you want! But you're someone I just can't lose to. I'm going to put every ounce of my being into this fight!

Archer: This won't be a long fight. Ideals amount to nothing when there is no strength behind them. It'll only take one blow from me for you to understand!

After The Fight

Archer: He found me... and I won the fight... But... I've lost so much more.

Scene Ends

Last battle:

Gilgamesh: Well, well... Have we had a change of heart? What's the meaning of a traitor like you appearing before me? Have you come here to request my assistance in ending your pathetic life, faker?

Archer: Nah... I just thought I'd try something stupid for once. I've come to eliminate the thug that you are before you burn the city to the ground.

Gilgamesh: Ha! So you've come to tidy up the place before it even gets dirty! I've never heard of something so stupid in my life!

Archer: Neither have I. I've certainly lost my edge as of late. My original goal was to help Rin win. No matter what though, you can't be allowed to continue on this path. And let's face it, I've gotten my hands dirtier in the past.

Gilgamesh: You said it now, faker. Come. I have just the right sickle to take your head off in my treasure somewhere. Would you rather me take it off in one clean swipe, or do you want to feel the blade work its way through your neck!? It's your choice!

After The Fight

Archer: This is the end for this body, but... The others will take care of things. For a loser there is nothing but to go home like a man.

Scene Ends

Archer defeat Gilgamesh final scene:

Rin: Phew. That's half of them down. They made 1,000 autonomous golems all in a row...! Geez. If only they could have put such energy into more significant things!

Archer: Watch your mouth. This was their reason for living. These were all intended for peaceful use at first. But the wrong people got their hands on them at the last minute, and now we're in the situation we're in.

Rin: That just shows that you have to stay on your toes until the very end, eh? By the way... What's up with you? You're usually a little more rough around the edges. And not just to your enemies.

Archer: Hmm... I guess that I've just had enough after everything that's happened! Here comes the second wave. Let's just drop this stupid conver... I mean, let's save it for later!

Rin: Wow. You really have changed. You can even make a joke or two now. I have no clue what happened to you, but... I like this you much better! You're way cooler when you're not grimacing all the time!

Archer: Thanks. But, hmm... I guess I'm just fated to people like you.


Opening Scene:

Sakura: Ok, I've removed the Command Spells that bound you to me. You're free now, Rider.

Rider: ...Sakura.

Sakura: Don't worry about it. I can't hold out much longer, anyway. ...Just please... Do your best to protect Shirou-senpai.

Rider: ... The Grail War still rages on, I have to fulfill the final request by Sakura made before she was drunk by the Grail. Yet... while Sakura said she wanted me to form a contract with Shirou, I am still strong with the mana she provided me.

I was prepared to fade from this realm, but... Sakura, it's as if you are watching over me. It's settled then. I will fulfill my duty as your Servant.

Scene Ends

Halfway through the story:

Caster: Well, well, what do we have here? I go out to greet my intruder and who do I find? A stray Servant who has been thrown out by her Master like yesterday's trash. What have you come here for, Rider? You have no reason to fight.

Rider: I want the Holy Grail and its power to grant any wish. Is there any difference in whether a human or a Servant wants to get their hands on it?

Caster: As long as the wish is sincere, I see no difference. However, you merely "want it", do you not? And you're willing to do whatever it takes so long as you get a hold of it... But that's not enough reason to fight.

Therefore, there must be some other reason why you are doing this other than the Grail... Maybe you are doing it simply because you are devoted to the ritual itself.

Rider: ... As I had assumed, I am going to have to defeat you here. Whether it be a white or black Grail, you would be able to use it all too well. We never did get along, did we?

After The Fight

Rider: Be gone, traitorous witch. You had planned to just watch the others finish each other off, didn't you? You are not deserving of a miracle.

Scene Ends

Last battle:

Rider: I'm back, Sakura. And I've defeated all the other Servants.

Sakura: I should say "thank you" for getting rid of all those pests for me, but... Why haven't the spirits of the Servants you defeated entered my body? ...Your eyes look as if they are housing a great deal of power.

Rider: They are. I've been storing the spirits of the Servants in order to use the most powerful versions of "Gorgon: Self Seal" and "Andromeda: Other Seal".

Sakura: I see. So do you plan to present them to me once you do? If so, hurry up and finish. Your body can't handle that for long... And I really want to hold on to your head.

Rider: ... That is true. But the reality of the situation is that I have already exceeded my limits. My body will not last much longer than a few more minutes. I believe it to be acceptable compensation. However, before it...

Sakura: Rider, don't say any more. ...I'll forgive you if you stop now. And I'll even heal your body for you. Just don't make me mad. Don't make me mad like my sister did...

Rider: I'll stop you long before that. Sakura, I am going to cancel the ritual before you completely turn into the Grail.

Sakura: Aaahhh! Aaaaaahhhhhh! Why!? Why!? Why are you doing what my sister did!? Why does everyone turn their back on me!?

After The Fight

Rider: Wake up, Sakura. Giving in to the hate will make you a monster like me.

Scene Ends

Rider defeat Sakura final scene:

Rider: I made it in time... The Holy Grail becomes complete when the spirits of the Servants are offered to it... So if all of the spirits are used for something else, and not offered to the Grail... The ritual will end without the Holy Grail Vessel being damaged.

It wasn't the most elegant of strategies, but it was the only way I could do it. ... I suppose that witch would have been able to think of something else though.

Sakura: Ungh... Ri... der?

Rider: Good morning, Sakura. You won't be having any more nightmares from now on. Neither the Holy Grail, nor any Matou will ever threaten you again.

Sakura: What do you mean...? R-Rider, your body! Your body is disappearing!

Rider: I know. The Grail War is over, so there is no need for my body to remain. Everything will return to normal now. All that is left is for you to live your life.

Sakura: No... I don't want you to leave. Don't leave Rider! I'm so sorry...

Rider: ... I am the one who is sorry. Goodbye, Sakura. I am so glad that I was able to save you.

Sakura: Rider!


Opening Scene:

Caster: Where am I...?

Kuzuki: You're awake? Let me explain.

Caster: You... Saved me?

Kuzuki: I don't think that blood is yours.

Caster: ...

Kuzuki: If I've upset you, feel free to leave. Just say the word, and I'll forget everything.

Caster: N-No, wait! If you somehow find me worthy, won't you please form a contract with me? If you offer your soul to me as sustenance, I will provide you with the Holy Grail... The so-called Wish Maker.

I have been summoned to this world in order to fight in the Holy Grail War as a Servant. I do not know your name... But something deep inside of me wants you to become my Master and join the Holy Grail War with me.

Kuzuki: My name is Soichiro Kuzuki. I will help you, though I require no compensation.

Caster: My name is... For now, please call me "Caster".

Scene Ends

Halfway through the story:

Kuzuki: Ungh!

Caster: Master! Master!

Kuzuki: Get away from here, Caster. the Servant that was here will come back if they sense you.

Caster: I cannot do that! Just relax. Here, let me heal you. I will not let you die, Master!

Kuzuki: Caster... I'm fine. Just please leave. This was never supposed to be your fight.

Caster: You can't die! You can't! I won't let you! Soichiro!

Gilgamesh: What's with all this noise? Hmm? I guess I didn't trim all of the weeds like I thought.

Caster: How dare you! My Master...

Gilgamesh: You might want to take a minute before you decide to challenge me. I know you think highly of yourself, but...

After The Fight

Caster: Souichiro-sama... I will attain the Holy Grail. And I will use the infinite powers of the Wish Maker to bring you back to life.

Scene Ends

Last battle:

Illya: Welcome, Caster. You've outdone yourself making it this far without a Master.

Caster: I will admite that my odo levels are quite low. However, Berserker is the last Servant left for me to vanquish. All that remains for me to do before I vanish is to defeat him and get my hands on you, the Holy Grail Vessel. Then the Holy Grail will be mine!

Illya: Are you serious? Do you really plan on attacking such a powerful combatant like Berserker head on?

Caster: I must get the Holy Grail no matter what it takes! Do you truly believe that I would come this far only to give up?

Illya: Good point... Well, I don't want to let you down later, so I better tell you this now. I am still very far from becoming the Holy Grail. In fact, I'm only half full.

Caster: W-What!?

Illya: I guess you don't know... There's two different vessels this time around. And the majority of the spirits of the Servant who have been defeated have gone to her.

Caster: That is not a problem, as I do not need the Primary Grail. I can still use you as the Secondary Grail, as long as I have four spirits. You will make a perfectly fine Wish Maker!

Illya: I see... But even if you are able to defeat Berserker, do you honestly think you can get a hold of the Secondary Grail? That's a pretty risky bet.

Caster: It matters not. I am willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal!

After The Fight

Caster: Finally... All that is left to do is activate the Grail.

Scene Ends

Caster defeat Berserker final scene:

Caster: What...? How? What happened!? What happened to my Grail!?

Illya: Too bad, Caster. Berserker's spirit just wasn't enough to fill the Vessel. Close, but no cigar.

Caster: Was this all for nothing? What was the point of all of this!? What has everything I've ever desired slipped through my fingers!?

Illya: I told you fighting Berserker was pointless. But you still went after him. I bet you don't feel so good now, do you?

Caster: I will not let my actions go to waste. The Grail is so close to being complete. Offering one more spirit will allow the Secondary Grail to form, correct?

Illya: Yes. That would be enough if you just want a plain old Wish Maker. But Caster, you can't mean...

Caster: That's exactly what I mean to do. I only have one wish. And I am willing to pay and price to make it come true.

The Holy Grail Activates

Kuzuki: ...Where... What? I'm... alive?

Caster, where are you? Tell me what's going on...



Opening scene:

Assassin: These stone steps are familiar. Is this Ryudo Temple? Something about the sky seems strange though.

Caster: That is because it has been many, many years since you have last looked up at that sky... Kojirou Sasaki.

Assassin: Kojirou... Sasaki? Is that my name?

Caster: Oh, you do not remember? That should be what people of this age call you.

Assassin: ... Just who are you, Woman?

Caster: I am your Master in this world, I summoned you here to do my bidding. From now on, you shall be known not as Kojirou Sasaki... But as Assassin. As you are a Servant, you should have been updated on the current situation by the Holy Grail. Do you have any questions?

Assassin: Ah, things are starting to become clear. I'm not completely sure why, but I've been summoned to take part in some sort of fight. Is that correct?

Caster: From here on out, you will stand at this gate and guard my camp. Whether Servant or Magus, let no one pass this gate. Do you understand?

Assassin: I apologize, but I must refuse. I have no problems offering my life to a cause, but drawing my sword on the commend of a woman just doesn't sit well with me.

Caster: Assassin... Do you honestly believe you have a choice in this matter?

Command Seal Flashes

Assassin: Is this the coercion of the Command Spells? Their power is overwhelming. I suppose I have no choice then, do I?

Caster: Perform your duties as commanded. And I suggest that you keep that impudent mouth shut.

Assassin: You only have two Command Spells left, witch. Are you sure you can keep me tied up until the Grail War has reached its conclusion?

Scene Ends

Halfway through the story, Saber and Assassin are fighting:

Assassin: Stop right there, Saber. There is someone else in our midst trying to steal a glimpse of your secret technique.

Saber: ... What?

Assassin: If we continue this fight, he is sure to interfere. He could be waiting to attack the winner from behind, or just be attempting to steal a glance of your secret technique. Neither is appealing to me.

Saber: Wait! Assassin! You're not going to finish this!?

Assassin: As I have already figured out your secret technique, you should be happy that this battle cannot continue. And it appears your little boy of a Master is on his way here, as well. I advise you leave before our audience switches his aim to your young Master.

Caster: Assassin, stop. This is the perfect chance to finish off Saber. She is injured and exhausted. Focus on your task and complete it.

Saber: Is that... Caster!?

Assassin: Caster... Please do not interfere. I have no desire to settle things in such a vulgar manner.

Caster: How many times must I explain myself to you? Your desires mean absolutely nothing to me.

Command Seal Flashes

Assassin: ...

Caster: Actually I have changed my mind. I have grown quite... fond of Saber, lately. You take care of her Master over there.

Saber: I advise you watch your words, Caster. And if you two are working together. Then I shall have to cut both of you down!

Assassin: I wish it didn't have to be this way... Saber. I had hoped to cross blades with you again.

After The Fight

Assassin: A warrior would rather die, than survive defeat. I feel your shame, Saber. And you, Caster, have gone too far. What am I to do with you...?

Scene Ends

Last battle:

Assassin: So I have finally reached my final opponent. But this energy...

Berserker Roars

Berserker attacks Assassin

Assassin: Ungh!

Caster: A-Assassin!? That thing did that in just one blow... This is not good. He's nowhere near as strong as that thing!

Berserker Roars

Caster: Assassin, stand! Take the front and protect me! Hurry!

Assassin: ...

Caster: Assassin! I'm ordering you with a Command Spell! Stand up and fight Berserker! Fight to the very end!

Command Seal Flashes

Assassin: ... Understood. But that was negligant of you, witch.

Assassin slashes Caster

Caster: ...!?

Assassin: The final Command Spell worked on me as planned. And in doing so, my reserve energy was activated.

Caster: But... How could you have so much left?

Assassin: It appears that it was awarded to me for defeating all of my enemies withou a single loss. Unfortunately for you, the way of the blade offers various means to victory. This is known as the art of war.

Caster: You... Assassin.

Caster drops to the ground

Assassin: She's dead... That means I will be gone shortly, as well. At least I am able to spend my final moments facing off against such a worthy opponent.

Berserker Roars

Assassin: I do not know your true name, Heroic Spirit. But you appear to be a well-known warrior. I shall not hold back. Prepare yourself!

Scene Ends

Assassin defeat Berserker final scene:

Assassin: ... What a tremendous warrior.

I never believed that I would face such a tough opponent... It made winding up in some strange time completely worth it.

It was quite a tiring battle, however... I suppose that should not come as a surprise.

Killing my Master was like cutting the thread that bound me to this world.

Whether this was all just a dream or reality, things certainly turned out very strange indeed. I have no regrets though. I enjoyed my time here.

At any rate... The moon is as beautiful as it ever was.

Scene Ends


Opening Scene:

Narrator: Where is he...? Why is he here...? Is he here to fight again?

He has no idea who he is. There's no reason for him to know. Even if he did, he wouldn't understand. Someone has taken his ability to reason, so he could never figure it out.

He used to be a hero. The legends of his strength and his battles with gods were admired by all. But the memories of those days have completely faded from his mind.



A terrible rage boils inside of him. Now, he is nothing more than a Berserker who cannot resist the voice raging inside him.

Yet... In that heart of pure rage there remains one place of tranquility. The voice speaks. A freezing cold and the choking smell of blood rushes to him from beyond.

Illya: Berserker, you're so strong.

Narrator: The voice is fragile and innocent. It awakens the memories that are sealed deep within him. Lamentation and regret from days past. The bottomless despair of not being able to protect the one he loved.

He will protect her. He won't fail this time. His resolve is that of a hero who floats in the depths of madness. And then, he stands in front of his "enemy". His sword enemy that dares try to kill the little one by his side.

The hand that holds his blade quivers with rage. The anger that boils within him escapes as a monstrous howl.

Berserker Roars

Narrator: He will crush him. He will kill him. He revels in violence. No one shall take the little one from his side.

Scene Ends

Halfway through the story:

Shirou: Here they come, Saber. You ready?

Saber: ... Are you? Please do not leave this position once the battle has begun. No matter what I shall not let Berserker get close.

Narrator: He is blinded by a silver radiance. It is a knight in beautifully sublime armor. Her delicate stature ignites his instincts, overriding his limited reasoning. He has fought against this enemy before. It doesn't matter though. She is a dangerous enemy. And she frightens the little one.

Berserker Roars

Narrator: The hero roars as he launches himself at her. There will be no mercy. There will be only death.

Scene End

Last Battle:

Narrator: The man in brilliant gold stands before the hero as if a god... As if a demon.

Illya: ...Who is that? Hey, who are you?

Gilgamesh: Huh? You're kidding me, right? You can't tell just by looking at me? I am a Heroic Spirit that is known to all.

Illya: Well, you're unknown to me. I don't even have a clue who you are. And there's just no way there can be a Servant that I don't know about!

Gilgamesh: ...Ah. I get it now. There's a freak in this Grail War, too huh? They must have solved the problems with the last generation.

Illya: ... No No, no, no, no, no, no, no...! Oh god, I really hate you...!

Gilgamesh: I don't know what you're going on about. Just hurry up and open it. You'll be my fifth victory, after all.

Narrator: He has no doubt. This man is the most evil and powerful of enemies. The gleam in Gilgamesh's eyes tells the hero that Gilgamesh wants to kill the little one by his side. He carries an air of victory already. He knows this is no normal enemy. He must prove his worth as a hero, and rise above the man in gold.

But even so... In order to protect the little one, he must not yield his position. He absolutely must not yeild his position. His rage seethes. The reasonless hero is spurred by his murderous intent.

Berserker Roars

Narrator: At long last... This is the final battle. He now understands why the little one summoned him... To destroy the man in gold.

Scene Ends

Berserker defeat Gilgamesh final scene:

Narrator: The battle is over. His body is etched with countless wounds, as if he is an ancient boulder, worn down by the ages. There is no telling if the blood on him is his own or the enemy's. A white, childish finger gently touches his war torn skin.

Illya: You really were the strongest until the very end.

Narrator: The voice, filled with innocence and praise, seeps its way to the depths of his heart.

A feeling comes flooding to him. This is the end. A gentle warmth and peace consoles his bestial heart. He feels relief. A feeling the hero has not enjoyed for a very long time.

Illya: Well, I have to get going. So this is goodbye... Thanks for everything, Berserker.

Command Seal Flashes

Narrator: As his time with the little one that he loved so deeply ends... The hero uses his burly fingers to pry open his chest, and crush the heart that resides inside. This final order came with her words of parting. The hero has no way to resist. He does not even have the ability to consider such a thing. He feels nothing as the life drains out of his body.

Illya: Are you watching, Grandfather? Your little girl has finally attained Heaven's Feel.

Narrator: The little one that he protected ascends above him in her shimmering dress. The hero bends down on his knees as she shines brighter, ascends higher. He laments as his consciousness fades.

"So beautiful."

Scene Ends

Rin Tohsaka

Opening scene:

Rin: Archer... Why are you hiding on the premises? You didn't even ask me if it was OK.

I don't know if you're just being overprotective, or if you just don't think I have it in me...

Fine. I'm not going to rely on you, anymore.

I hate being on the defensive, and it's not in Tohsaka blood to just hole up somewhere, waiting and watching.

Hmm... I could have sworn there was something about thaumaturgic jewel close combat formal dress in Great Teacher's grimoire.

H-Here it is! Hey, I hope you're watching, Archer!

I'm going to go get the Grail all by myself. How do you like that!?

Scene Ends

Halfway through the story:

Saber: Rin!? What are you doing all by yourself!?

Rin: Can't you tell? I'm winning the Holy Grail War! Archer isn't doing what I say and it's really annoying me. So I figured I would show him what a Master is made of. So, do you mind going head-to-head with me, Saber? Don't worry, I'm more than skilled enough to give you a good fight.

Saber: Do you even know what you are saying? It is very dangerous for you to be here alone. Please get back to Archer immediately! It does not matter whether we are enemies or not, there is no chivalry in fighting you all alone!

Rin: God, you are so stubborn. I guess there's no use, huh? I didn't think Great Master's grimoire would have worked this quickly though... ... OK. I can definitely get a hit in if Saber slips up... Alright, listen up, Saber. I'll go back to the manor if you defeat me. But... If I win, then you'll be my Servant from now on.

Saber: Rin!? Please stop fooling around. My sword cannot turn down a challenge!

After The Fight

Rin: Alright, I won! Don't forget our agreement, Saber! You're my Servant now!

Scene Ends

Last battle:

Kirei: ... Hmm.

Rin: What's wrong? Why are you making that face?

Kirei: To be honest, I'm quite surprised that you've gotten this far. I knew that you were still fighting, but I had no idea that it was without a Servant. It appears that Tokiomi-sensei had a powerful book of thaumaturgy hidden away.

Rin: Dad was such a genuine magus that he probably didn't care for such a book of such uncivilized thaumaturgy. I guess I don't need to say this, but the reason I've made it this far is because of my apprentice training. So you could actually say that you're the reason that I've done so well.

Kirei: ... I see. You were a very bright and passionate student. Maybe a bit too passionate. Very well. I believe I shall rid my soul of its excess here.

Rin: I'd say it's more like paying your taxes. You're going to regret teaching me so much, Kirei.

Kirei: Only time will tell. Rin, it has been so long since we have exchanged blows. Let us reminisce of days past.

Scene Ends

Rin defeat Kotomine final scene:

Rin: So, the Holy Grail is mine. But I'm too exhausted to use it now, so I'll have to seal it away for the time being.

Archer:__ That's a wise decision, but... ... What did you do to me?

Rin: What do you mean? It's just how it looks. Don't you think it's a pretty decent deal for a Servant who didn't help out at all? You should really reflect on how you acted. (Forming a long-term contract used up just about all of my odo, you know.)

Archer: I don't reflecting is necessary. And this just isn't me...

Rin: It's not so bad, is it? I think it really suits you, Archer! And now that I've proved myself as the most powerful magus around, maybe I'll work on becoming a Young Witch of Justice next! I even have a perfect mascot!

Archer: Oh, for cryin' out loud! Maybe I should have just destroyed the Holy Grail!


Opening scene:

Luvia: So this is Fuyuki City? It is as the elders told me. A city lacking in charm and history.

However... it is undeniable that the Edelfelt family was defeated here.

There is no point in denying such a regerettable incident.

I will avenge that disgrace in order to win the title.

The previous head of the family was too interested in elegance and extravagance. But I do not share such conceit.

I will give everything that I have in order to defeat the enemy and to give my fans a good show. That is what "showmanship" is all about!

Ohoho... Ohohohoho!

Have a look at me, Miss Tohsaka! For I am the world's beautiful hyen-

I-I mean we Edelfelts are the world's most beautiful hunters, and our skills are not to be taken lightly like yours!

Scene Ends

Halfway through the story:

Berserker: ...

Luvia: Th-those muscles...! He is both skilled at combat and very agile... He has the striking force of a heavyweight, yet the speed and explosiveness of a welterweight! E-Excuse me! You are surely a most famous warrior. What is your name? Who are you aligned with? And where are you most active!?

Berserker: ...

Illya: It looks like another idiot showed up again. You're definitely some kind of magus... But don't tell me you're a friend of Rin's? Or her accomplice?

Luvia: H-how rude! How dare you claim me an accomplice of Miss Tohsaka! You are mistaken. So please correct your statement, you homunculus scum!

Illya: Hmm... You sure sound and act like an idiot, but you look like you can hold your own. Now you really remind of Rin. Are you two step-sisters or something?

Luvia: Why I've never...! I'm so apalled that I may pass out! Yet, I cannot lose my cool until after I've defeated my enemy. Hey you, little girl... You have one chance to take back those nasty words of yours. Or would you rather we take our gloves off and battle?

Illya: I'm not taking back anything. I don't know what family you are from, but do you really think you can defeat Berserker in a fight?

Luvia: Hmm... You seem like you come from a good line, but you have an air of country bumpkin to you. No matter... The results of a battle cannot be judged solely on strength. The winner is the one who tries their best, who challenges themselves beyond their limits. The winner is the one who ignores all sense of instinct and pride!

Illya: Wh-Who is this girl? She's a different kind of stupid from Rin... But she's actually kind of cool... Maybe...

Luvia: Yet, I suppose that being able to simply knock your opponent out cold would get them to shut up more quickly.

Illya: Enough! Beat this intruder to a pulp, Berserker!

Luvia: Excellent! It's so exhilarating to be called such a word!

After The Fight

Luvia: It definitely took some effort to throw such a huge opponent. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to fight you, mister.

Scene Ends

Last battle:

Rin: Whoa... I can't believe you got all the way here even though you're not a Master. And to top it all off, you don't even care about the Grail and you just want to challenge me! I figured you were someone who could take care of herself in a fight, but there was no way I could've predicted you getting this far.

Luvia: I do not think it is that surprising. I am the person who was selected to avenge our defeat to the Tohsaka family last generation. I have absolutely no interest in the Grail. My goal is to simply out perform you on the battlefield, and defeat you with these two fists of mine.

Rin: Oh, man... So I'm being targeted by another meddlesome noble family, now? But I-

Luvia: Do you have a problem with this form of feuding? A challenge is answered with a challenge. Which is why you have become my rival. You are a striker, and I am a grappler. How harmonious is it to have two such extremes go head-to-head?

Rin: I don't know if it's harmony or fate... We're just oil and water. So I guess if we can't play well together, then I guess all we can do is fight. I'm ready when you are. This is the final battle, Luvia. Let's make it a rule that the loser has to listen to the winner, OK?

Luvia: That is perfect. But I won't stand for any whining when you lose, Miss Tohsaka. Well then... Let us battle it out until one of us can fight no longer!

After The Fight

Luvia: Not bad... Miss Tohsaka... I had to use everything I had. Ouch! My stomach hurts too much to go for the pin!

Scene Ends

Luvia defeat Rin final scene:

Rin: Not bad. Not bad at all.

Luvia: You said it twice. Twice, Miss Tohsaka!

Rin: I'm going to get mad if you rub it in... You just kept coming in to grab me no matter how much I punched or kicked you.

Luvia: You too were a more worthy opponent than I expected. I caught you in holds, threw you down, and tried to break you, but you stood up with a smile on your face every time... Just what kind of diet are you on?

Rin: I was going to ask you the same thing! How about your training? I don't like it, but I'm finding myself interested in you.

Luvia: Perhaps this petty stubbornness between us is a sign of immaturity?

Rin: Agreed. You have to admit it's pretty ridiculous to be having these kinds of fights at our age.

Luvia: He... Hehe.

Rin: Haha... Ahaha.

Both: Hahahaha!

Rin: By the way, Luvia... I've been wondering something. Isn't the nickname "Lady Forklift" strange? Shouldn't it be "Forklift Lady"?

Luvia: You do not know much about about professional wrestling, do you?

It looks like I am going to have to teach you all about "showmanship."

Emiya Shirou

Opening Scene:

Shirou: Master...? You're saying I'm your Master...?

Saber: Correct. While it may be sudden, you have formed a contract with me and became my Master. If you are a Magus, you should have no problem understanding. This is a was for survival that masks itself as a ritual. This fight will not end until six pairs of Master and Servant are defeated and the remaining pair acquires the Holy Grail.

Shirou: ... Holy Grail War... A fight to the death with other Masters... For a magic cup that can grant any wish of its owner? Saber... You said Masters are willing to do almost anything to get their hands on the Holy Grail, right?

Saber: Correct. It is quite possible that there will even be Masters who are willing to sacrifice innocent people if necessary.

Shirou: ... I see. Then there is only one thing for me to do. I don't care if I'm a Master, I want nothing to do with the Holy Grail. But I will fight to keep innocent people from getting caught up in this mess.

Saber: That is an honorable plan... Yet, do you not have a single wish that you desire to be fulfilled?

Shirou: No. I just want to be a Champion of Justice. If this Holy Grail War is going to threaten the safety of innocent people then I'm going to protect them. ... I guess you could call that my wish.

Saber: Understood. If that is what will please you, then I shall follow your orders.

Scene Ends

Halfway through the story:

Shirou: Stop right there, Archer. I can't let you go after you turned on Tohsaka and joined with Caster.

Archer: Oh, if it isn't the Champion of Justice. It looks like you and your selfish sense of "justice" haven't accepted your mistakes for what they are yet. Why don't you look in a mirror before you decide who the real traitor is?

Shirou: S-Shut up! I don't need to listen to someone who is willing to do anything to get the Holy Grail!

Archer: I could give you plenty of reasons you should listen... but whatever. So, how's it going? Have you been able to help anyone with your pathetic abilities? Can you tell me of a single person whose life you've made better?

Shirou: ...

Archer: I guess I shouldn't have bothered asking. After all, humans are too narrow-minded to help anyone. They only look out for themselves. "Champion of Justice"... Pathetic. You're just a hypocrite commited to your "justice". I guess you'll never understand your treachery.

So I guess I'm going to have to beat your twisted ideals out of you... Right here. Right now!

After The Fight

Shirou: Who's pathetic now? Even if I am a fraud, I'll win as long as my beliefs are just!

Scene Ends

Last Battle:

Shirou: Kotomine...!

Kotomine: Welcome, Emiya Shirou. This worked out rather nicely, don't you think? Our Servants are fighting one another... And now we Masters are soon to face off in order to decide who wiins the Holy Grail.

Shirou: Get away from the Grail! Don't you dare hurt her anymore with one of your twisted wishes.

Kotomine: What's the problem with that? That is its purpose after all. I desire to cloud the world in darkness. While you desire to illuminate the world in light. But they are one in the same.

When all is said and done, the power to grant the wishes of everyone is nothing more than "the flow of life". Just as all things are in constant flux... It is only providance that to wish for happiness in the world, one must first bring sorrow. Your wish... As i just explained, can only come true after mine has been fulfilled.

Shirou: ...Yeah. that's certainly the way life is. In order to become happy, one must first make some form of sacrifice.

Kotomine: What's this? Did the battle with Archer have that much an effect on you? Wonderful... You've finally come to understand the anguish that all feel.

Shirou: However... That is the belief of a person who has given up on everything. And I certainly have not. There used to be a woman who believed in a Utopia where no one suffered. And a man who believed in it so strongly that he became a Champion of Justice to keep that ideal alive.

Others share my ideals. And as long as there is someone else who believes, then I will continue on as the Champion of Justice!

Kotomine: ... I see. Though you do not share his blood, you truly are Kiritsugu Emiya's son. Believe what you want. But answer me this, Protector of Humanity. All beautiful things lose their essence. And you will not gain a single thing as long as you continue to hold up your ideals. That being said, do you think you can manage to coninue striving for the light?

After The Fight

Shirou: ... Goodbye. There's so much I want to say... Know that I'll never forget you.

Scene Ends

Shirou defeat Kotomine final scene:

Shirou: The Holy Grail was destroyed by Saber ending the Holy Grail War.

It was a great ritual that was designed to reproduce "that miracle".

For over two hundred years. Masters fought in the Grail War for the chance to make their wishes come true. Never again will they get that chance.

But... I don't think I've really changed all that much.

Making it through one war isn't enough to forge me into what I want to be.

Like Kotomine said, it's the road less traveled where the most rewards are reaped. But it's easy for anyone to just say something like that.

I'm going to walk with my head help high, looking at the sky. And when the sun sets, the stars will be my guide.

Now that I know my true potential, I'll never doubt myself no matter what happens. One day I'll meet them again.

Kotomine Kirei

Opening scene:

Kotomine: Who dares cause a stir in the house of god at such an hour?

Sakura: It's been a long time, Father. We haven't seen each other since you took care of me that one time.

Kotomine: Sakura Matou… You are very different than I last remember. Have you already conceived Avenger?

Sakura: I have taken both of your Servants inside myself. There is no one left to protect you anymore. I think I'll take back the life energy that you've been borrowing to keep yourself alive until today.

Kotomine: I see you have been completely contaminated. Not only the body, but the mind must also align with that "curse" in order to complete the process. So you have accepted it? You've resolved yourself to becoming a "man-eating Monster".

Sakura: Yes, I'm very different now. I'm not the Sakura Matou that you knew. That weak child is no more. I was... I was put through so much by everyone. I'm going to pay them back by making them suffer. I'll never be that person who just puts up with things ever again.

Kotomine: What are you saying? You are still Sakura Matou even if you are drunk with violence after bathing in the mud. You do not have to pretend that you are a different person in order to protect Sakura Matou as a person.

Sakura: What are you...? After it was... After it was you who did this to me!

Kotomine: I do not deny it. The reason I used you was to maintain my status as Master of "that". And you are doing a wonderful job of bringing Avenger back to me. You are doing something I was not able to do. And with such ease I might add.

Sakura: Shut up! Running has always been your specialty. Your ability to disappear in the brink of an eye is infuriating. But whatever... I can still kill you.

Kotomine: Now that my Servants are gone, I suppose I have no choice but to fight on my own. So many consider you, the Black Holy Grail, as their enemy. Sakura Matou... What you carry inside of you will answer my long-asked questions. I will not let you die until it is born.

Scene End

Halfway through the story:

Kotomine: ...What is wrong, Rin? I am in quite the hurry at the moment, so I do not have time to chat.

Rin: Kotomine, I have something I need to ask you. And I need you to answer it right now.

Kotomine: Fine. As your teacher and guardian, it would not be right to turn my back on you now.

Rin: I met the Archer from the last Holy Grail War. He told me about how my dad died. Did he speak the truth?

Kotomine: Hmm... It is unfortunate that he told you that. I had planned to tell you myself. You certainly did it this time, Gilgamesh.

Rin: So... Then you're the one who killed him.

Kotomine: Wasn't it obvious? As his apprentice, I was in the best position to attack him by surprise.

Rin: That's enough. This conversation is over. I can't let you get away with this. Kirei Kotomine... As the sixth head of the Tohsaka family. I will strike down the enemy of my father.

Kotomine: I can see you are not going to change your mind. I can only have one regret then, Rin. And that is that I did not get to see your face when you first heard the truth.

After The Fight

Kotomine: I bet you never thought that I would send both parent and child of your family to their death. Rest in peace, as I will see your sister off, as well.

Scene Ends

Last battle:

Shirou: Kirei Kotomine... Get away from here. I'm going to destroy the Holy Grail. If I don't, Sakura will...

Kotomine: That is something I cannot let you do. I only have one goal. And that is to allow this spell to complete itself.

Shirou: Quit messing around! That thing, Avenger, that's inside of her is the embodiment of all that's evil in the world!

Kotomine: I will not accuse one that is not even born yet of crimes. Nothing is born evil, and nothing is useless to the world. No one has the right to punish a creature until it is given a chance to live.

Shirou: Do you truly believe what you are saying? You know that thing only exists to kill. It would be the very definition of evil for us to do nothing even though we know that it will kill many people when it gets out!

Kotomine: While that act may be evil in and of itself, we do not know what the person himself believes.

Shirou: What?

Kotomine: Does the actual "All the World's Evil" lament over the "evil" he commits, or does he smile from the "good"... After he has lost everything... After he has destroyed everything... Can that final person in the world forgive himself? I want to know that answer to that question. One who is born with nothing... One who is born unwanted by all... The meaning of life... The value of something existing that has no value... It will teach us these things.

Shirou: Sakura... So you used Sakura just for that?

Kotomine: Yes. I have killed many for this very cause. Therefore, I will not let my hard work be ruined. Let us begin. You are the final Master. Our time together has come to an end.

After The Fight

Kotomine: All my anguish. All my remorse. All my desires. Here... All has come to an end.

Scene Ends

Kotomine defeat Shirou last scene:

Kotomine: ... At long last, I am honored to meet you. He who is born with nothing... He who is born unwanted by all...

I have waited ten long years. Finally I can ask the questions that I have wanted to for my entire life.

As it should be, perform the evils that you must. Kill every living thing in this world. Destroy everything that remains.

There is one question that only you, he who will stand alone in the wasteland that was this world, can answer.

So I ask you, Angra Mainyu... Are thou...


Opening scene:

Gilgamesh: What is it, Kotomine? Did you have a guest or something?

Kotomine: Yes. The son of an old acquaintance came to visit. The summoning of Saber was confirmed tonight. All seven Servants are finally assembled. The Fifth Holy Grail War has begun.

Gilgamesh: Saber? Nice. So it filled up in just ten years, huh? That was much quicker than I expected. The seven Heroic Spirits gather once again... I guess it was inevitable that she would be summoned again once another Grail War started. What a fool. She doesn't even know what the Grail holds inside.

Kotomine: Ah, I forgot. You know what the Holy Grail really is since you bathed in the mud the last time.

Gilgamesh: Surviving is proof of my greatness. Those other half-assed mongrels would go completely insane from the power. They're such fools for seeking out what they believe to be a Wish Maker. They're already fallen for that farce four times now.

Kotomine: What will you do, Gilgamesh? There's no need for you to take part as a Servant this time.

Gilgamesh: There's no way I'm going to leave the Grail to them. The Grail is mine, and mine alone.

Kotomine: ... I see. If that is how you feel, then I think it's best that you use the Grail. As long as no one defeats you, the Grail is all yours.

Gilgamesh: That sounds like a plan to me. ... See you soon, Saber. What has been decided will never change. Be prepared when we meet again.

Halfway through the fight, against Dark Sakura:

Gilgamesh: Someone is worked up today, huh? Even more than usual I bet.

Dark Sakura: Y-You're...

Gilgamesh: I thought I told you already, little girl... You wouldn't be able to die if you had gotten more accostumed to it. But it looks like it's too late.

Dark Sakura: No... I don't want to die! I don't want to die! Not after Sempai has finally started to pay attention to me!

Gilgamesh: I was hoping the Holy Grail wouldn't form properly, so I'm really disappointed to see that it has gotten this far. The decision is mine. You're going to die. I bet you hate yourself for being so....compatible.

Dark Sakura: ... No. No way! I'm not going to die! You aren't going to kill me! I'm... I'm not a bad person!

Gilgamesh: You're such a pain in the ass. Don't get in my way.

Last battle:

Gilgamesh: Long time, no see, Saber. Do you remember the decision I made ten years ago?

Saber: Why are you here, Archer? You were summoned in the Last Holy Grail War. How can you be here this time, too?

Gilgamesh: It's not very complicated. I stayed in this world after the last Grail War ended.

Saber: But that is... Servants are supposed to lose their connection to this world the moment the Grail disappears. Which means there is no way you could have stayed here for ten years.

Gilgamesh: I am the only Servant to ever bathe in the Grail. This incarnation became stable in this age ten years ago. ... Hm. You don't look like you are willing to listen. Why must you hurt me so? You do realize what it means for me to select a Heroic Spirit of your status, right?

Saber: Shall your nonsense ever end? More than a Heroic Spirit, I am a king. I will never bow down and give in to you.

Gilgamesh: Are you sure? You may be a king, but you're still a woman. And a woman is most happy when she is serving a man. So why do you keep refusing? Do you feel you are just not worthy of being my woman?

Saber: You bastard...

Gilgamesh: Relax. It's not like I'll only take, take, take. I'll make you feel joy like you never thought possible. I will give you the world if you become mine. You should revel in the delight of knowing that I have decided you to be of such value.

So I'll say it one more time, Saber. Be mine. And let us spend our second chance at life together, enjoying all the world has to offer.

Saber: ...No. I'd rather lose my first life than spend a second one with you.

Gilgamesh: Your stubborness is one reason I like you so much! I suppose there had to be at least one person to deny me in this world! Whatever... I'll forgive you this once. And in deference to that sword I will show you all that I am.

After The Fight

Gilgamesh: How pathetic. You've bored me, Saber. I guess I should have gone easier on you. You are a woman after all!

Scene Ends

Gilgamesh defeat Saber final scene:

Saber: ...

Gilgamesh: Your voice is beautiful when you whimper, Saber. So how does it feel to not be a king anymore?

Saber: Archer, you...

Gilgamesh: Don't think this is ending anytime soon. You will bathe in the mud for some time, and slowly lose yourself to it. So...? Do you feel your soul slowly corrupting? You will be gifted with countless shames for surviving the torture.

Saber: ...!

Gilgamesh: What a sight. I've always believed a flower to be most beautiful as its petals fall. But even so... I'm just not completely satisfied considering it took ten years for me to get a hold of my "treasure".

Saber: ...

Gilgamesh: You've already lost the strength to resist, huh? I think I get it now... You only shined bright the way you used to when you were opposing me. Whatever... I'll show you my love until I grow tired of you, woman. Until then, let us enjoy the pains and joys of life as we please.

Saber: ...


Opening Scene:

Bazett: ... Where... am... I...? What happened to me? The sun went down so quickly.... Did I fall asleep?

Owww, my head really hurts. I can't remember what happened before I passed out. Something strange is going on...

... Ah, yeah. I should go over my mission one more time for safety's sake. I am a Magus that was sent by The Order to watch over the Fuyuki City Holy Grail War. I was ordered to deal with those who oppose the will of The Order. I am a Revocation Executor.

There are seven pairs of Master and Servant. Whether they be children or people with good intent, I am to crush them without mercy. Good, no problems there. I have no signs of fatigue. I have no injuries that would hinder my abilities, and my equipment is all intact. I am fully prepared for battle.

I should get started then. I will not be defeated whether my opponent is a great hero from the Age of Gods, nor if they are a Red Branch Knight....

Scene End

Halfway through the story:

Bazett: Oh... Are you Lancer?

Lancer: Well, well... Aren't you a stubborn one, Bazett? I'd love to go celebrate our reunion over drinks, but I don't think this is the right time. I'm not too excited about it, but I'm that jerk's errand boy at the moment. You have things to do, too, don't you? You are one of them, after all. After your body was perfected, next you...

Bazett: ...Who are you? I've never met... you before, but... Why... My chest really hurts....

Lancer: ... Ah, I see. Isn't there an old Chinese saying that goes, "Slay the slain"? How despicable... My friend, ancestor of Fraga... Prepare yourself. For my spear will end your pain.

Bazett: What...? No, wait! I-I won't fight you! I remember you! I remember you...!

After The Fight

Bazett: I defeated Lancer... Why am I about to cry when I should be happy that I won...?

Scene End

Last Battle:

Kotomine: Welcome, Bazett Fraga McRemitz. You look well considering that wound of yours. I respect your fighting spirit.

Bazett: Kirei....!? Why are you here!? And why do you have Command Spells?

Kotomine: Oh, these? I stole them from you, McRemitz. I took them from you and became Lancer's Master, yet.... Ah, I understand now. It looks like it was made as if it never happened.

Bazett: What are you talking about, Kirei!? I'm not a Master...! I'm just here to secure the Holy Grail for The Order...

Kotomine: But what would you do if you were to get your hands on the Holy Grail? Would you just hand it over to The Order?

Bazett: O-Of course I would. While we may have fallen, I am still a descendant of Fraga. I must continue to prove to The Order that I am deserving of the blood that runs through me.

Kotomine: Humans are truly an interesting bunch. Even when on the verge of death, they still cannot release themselves from their own falsehoods. Are there any limits to their distorted perceptions of reality? As a Master, I cannot run from a fight. But before that, I have one final question for you, Master of the Reverse Moon. Can you really strike late, yet hit first? I will give those fists of yours a chance to prove themselves!

After The Fight

Bazett: I won...? I beat such a powerful Executor like him...? ... No... There's no way...

Scene End

Last scene:

Bazett: Not... again... My... whole body... I was too careless... But you shouldn't have been so easy to defeat...

... Ahh... Here comes another headache. It's almost like I've been poisoned. My arms and legs are numb and I'm getting really tired.

... The Holy Grail War will never end... If I fall asleep it will just keep happening over and over. Once again... I couldn't come up with a wish of my own...

Dark Sakura: Dream while you are in the rearing box. The hollow paradise. The false empty space. The never-waking tiny red cradle.

Well then.... Should we continue the Holy Grail War?

Dark Sakura

First scene:

Sakura: It's so bright... The light is so bright...

It's so bright that everything looks black...

Everything looks like a dark and shadowy picture.

Everyone looks like thin paper dolls tottering back and forth.

It doesn't really matter whether they exist or not, does it? They're all just worthless scrap paper, after all.

I can't stand to look at them anymore. I guess I'll just have to crumple them up.

Scene End

Halfway through the story:

Kotomine: You are on the verge of collapse, aren't you? It appears that you are still in there somewhere though, Sakura Matou.

Sakura: Hmm... Ah, that's my name, right? Of course I'm close, Father. I've been broken since the beginning.

Kotomine: Even the elders of the Matou family never really lived that long. They know how to raise their young well, but the training looks too harsh. Look at you... You have no concern for pain.

Sakura: Good point. Grandfather never believed I would last this long. But it was him who didn't last long. Thanks to me...

Kotomine: Are you saying that Zouken Matou is no more? Splendid. Now all that is left is to wait for the Holy Grail to form. However, to do that...

Sakura: You need to remove my consciousness, right? Your wish won't be able to come true if my consciousness remains within the Grail.

Kotomine: Impressive. You are a much quicker study than your old self. It appears that the grace of the Grail even affects intelligence.

Sakura: I really hate when you say things like that. This doesn't have anything to do with the grace of the Grail. Simply put... You're in my way, and I won't stand for it!

After The Fight

Sakura: Foolish human... Did you believe you could defeat me? Don't worry though, OK? I'm going to realize your plans in your place.

Scene End

Last battle:

Sakura 1: Welcome back. It looks like you found everything you were looking for.

Sakura 2: Yeah... But I did get kind of lost on the way back because I was really tired from playing so much. It was nice to have such fresh food though.

Sakura 1: I'm so jealous. I just stayed here in the cellar watching over the cooking fire. But I guess it's OK. Those memories are going to be mine anyway.

Sakura 2: Are you sure? It could be your memories could that end up fusing with me. ...So, are you ready?

Sakura 1: Of course... All that's left is to throw the ingredients on the fire. Then I, the Holy Grail, will be complete. But before that...

Sakura 2: Yes. Before that, let's fight to the death. Since we're both the same, there's really no point for there to be two of us.

Sakura 1: The strongest of I will become the Grail, and then complete the transformation. Then become the host that gives birth to "All the World's Evil".

Sakura 2: So then let's get started, me. This'll be the most fun I'll ever have. Since the person I hate the most...

Sakura 1 & 2: ...is myself, right?

Scene End

Sakura defeat Sakura final scene:

Sakura: ... Soon... Soon I'll be able to get to the outer world.

Heh heh... And then I'll be able to get away from this blinding black light...

Wait for me, Senpai... I'll be reborn soon enough...

Just like when a pupa becomes a butterfly... Even bugs have their time in the sun...

Hmmm, but... Who's Sempai, again?

That's really strange... Who was I waiting for? And what was I trying to do?

I guess it doesn't really matter.

... Soon... Soon... I can get to the outer world. I've wanted to for so long now.

Saber Alter

Opening scene:

Alter: ...What is this hatred I feel? ...What kind of spell is this? ...Ah, is this the true form of the Holy Grail that I so sought?

...I see. Now all is clear. The duty of a hero is to be hated, to be ostracized.

I was long prepared for that on the day I drew the sword from the stone.

Then let it be. "All the World's Evil." If this is the darkness that you speak of, then I shall take it up. I entrust my blade to you.

The obligation to do so is mine. I owe it to all the lives that were lost because of me...

Sakura: It looks like you're awake, Saber. So tell me. How does it feel to be reborn as my Servant?

Alter: ... I feel as if I have awaken from a very long dream. I am finally prepared to face the reality that I have so long ignored.

Sakura: I can't believe that someone of your stature would conform so well to me.

Alter: I was once a king who believed in the ideals of herself and her people. As someone who sacrificed herself for those ideals, I am in the best position to truly understand despair. Sakura... From now on, my sword is your own. Let us sow the hopelessness you so desire.

Scene Ends

Halfway through the story:

Shirou: Saber...

Alter: This is as far as you go, Shirou. I am to destroy all who try to pass. Sakura desires it so. However, I suppose that warning you was pointless. At this point, I do not think that you will simply walk away.

Shirou: ... You're right. I'm always ignoring your advice and causing problems, aren't I? I see you haven't forgotten how dumb I can be. But you still haven't drawn your sword, have you? You say you're willing to kill me, but you aren't making a single move.

Alter: ...Is it not obvious? I will not attack until you step before me.

Shirou: So it's a full out fight or nothing, huh? Trace... on.

Circuits Activate

Alter: Those are Archer's swords. You do not intend to copy my sword, Shiro? ...Well, it is not as if I care what swords you use. It is just that I did not expect you to take arms. I shall consider this an act of hostility, no matter how foolish it is of you to challenge me. Come. You will not last long.

After The Fight

Alter: ... Answer me this. Shall you become the prey to my blade, or shall you send Sakura to her death beyond death? The choice is yours, Shiro.

Scene Ends

Last battle:

Alter: At last, all of the Servants have been collected, Sakura. No longer does a single enemy stand before us.

Sakura: Very nice. But, Saber... What are you up to? You've been draining twice as much mana from me as you usually do for a while now.

Alter: What did you say? That makes no-

Saber: I won't let this... Go any further...

Sakura: What the...? There are two Sabers!?

Alter: ...Indeed. It appears that I have not rid myself completely of what I once was.

Saber: Be quiet! You are nothing but an image of what I would be like if I were to travel the wrong path... I will destroy you!

Alter: How did you come up with such twisted logic? And what would you do if you were to defeat me? Would you be able to handle the fact that Shirou was killed by your hands?

Saber: Shut up!

Alter: You are the one who shall not remain. You and your ideals. Prepare yourself for eternal despair.

Scene End

Alter defeat Saber last scene:

Saber: ... Ungh... Ungh...

Alter: Do not cry, knight king. You might even make me teat up.

Saber: ...How... How could it end this way?

Alter: This is not the end. For this was all concluded long, long ago. All of your prayers, all of your glory... They all vanished on that hill in Camlann.

Saber: ... Why did... I... for...?

Alter: I suggest you close your eyes before true despair presents itself to you. For Angra Mainyu shall soon be born.

Sleep soundly... For you are the light inside of me.


Opening scene:

Illya: No! Come back, Berserker!

Berserker Roars

Illya: Aaah!

Leysritt: Stay calm, Illya.

Sakura: Huh, is that all? The Einzbern Holy Grail is really disappointing. Just touching it with some of my mana contaminated it.

Leysritt: Makiri Holy Grail. It you come closer. I will not. Show you mercy.

Sakura: Ah, are you going to play with me? You're pretty brave for a fake human. Actually... You're so cute it makes me angry.

But please don't worry. It looks like Illya is going to die soon. We didn't plan to kill her though, did we, Saber?

Alter: ...No we did not. What shall we do with Berserker's corpse? Shall we mourn him, or shall we feed him to the hounds?

Sakura: Take care of it yourself. Send him back to the wind. Goodbye, descendant of saints. I hope your suffering continues until I am complete.

Leysritt: ...I can't let you do that. I don't care about the Holy Grail. But I will not. Let you harm Illya. Anymore.

Illya: Ah... It's no good, Leys... Forget about me, and run away with Sella. You're no match for Sakura.

Leysritt: True, but... I'm so happy you. Said that. Wait for me, Illya. I will to my best. To fight in place. Of Berserker.

Scene Ends

Halfway through the story:

Leysritt: Hmm... I'm so happy. For many reasons. clap, clap, clap Anyway. Nice to see you. Guten Tag.

Luvia: Oh, what manners you have. But the clapping was not necessary.

Leysritt: So sad. I even did it louder than. Usual this time.

Luvia: You are an Einzbern homunculus, right? I hear there was a new rising star who has been defeating all who oppose her... How amazing it is that there is a homunculus that can match a Servant.

Leysritt: Is that unusual? Are you. Sad?

Luvia: I never imagined that I would ever meet such a beautiful and strong humonculus. How lucky! My name is Luviagelita Edelfelt. What is your name? What are you called?

Leysritt: Leysritt. Illya calls me Leys. Thank you for your kind. Words, Fraeulein Luviagelita.

Luvia: Your thanks is not necessary. We are going to be enemies very shortly, are we not? I have heard that homunculi that are made for fighting do not live very long. But before your fire burns out, let me try one of my amazing professional wrestling moves out on you!

After The Fight

Leysritt: Danke. That was. A fun match. But... I'll never beat you until I become. More skilled at lucha libre.

Scene Ends

Second to last battle:

Leysritt: I caught up to you. Move away form there. Illya is. Almost completely gone.

Alter: Interesting. So you tuned Illyasviel's life force to your body, I see. The Einzbern Grail will soon break down thanks to Sakura's poison. However... There's still a bit of the Grail's mana left. So why don't you put it to good use before it is gone.

After The Fight

Leysritt: ... Just. A bit more. Wait, Illya. We're. Going home. Soon.

Scene Ends

Last battle:

Sakura: I can't believe that you were able to defeat Saber. Maybe I should have taken you in too.

Leysritt: ... Stop and think. Sakura. Shiro would be so sad to. See you like this.

Sakura: Don't you dare talk to me like you know me! Did you come to try and kill me? I cannot be killed! Once the Holy Grail is full, I won't feel this pain any longer!

Leysritt: That cannot. Happen. Sakura and Illya will not be happy. The truth is. It's best that. Heaven's Feel is not made. At all.

Sakura: Huh? This wavelength. Are you... The Holy Grail's shell?

Leysritt: I will remove. The evil that clings to the Primary Grail. I. Do not understand emotions. But getting along. Is best. After all.

Scene Ends

Leysritt defeat Sakura final scene:

Sakura: Ahhh...

Leysritt: Now Sakura. Is safe. The Primary Grail stopped. And. Illya is going to be OK. OK.

All that is left. Is to go back. To the castle.

... What? My body. Won't move. ...Oh. I over did it. I see. My life. Is over.

But it's fine. At least Illya. Is safe. I'm sad I can't check on her. But I'm. So. Happy.

...Hehehe. I. Did. It. Good girl. Good girl. Well. Good night. Illya.

Leysritt: (And then I was activated.)

(It was one month after the other model lost functionality.)

(I had an audience with my owner once my soul was fused to my new body and I was able to confirm my identity.)

I call on you for the first time, Miss. I am able to protect you. As the previous model did.

(My spirit commanded that I pay her every courtesy. But she offered me an expression that I did not expect.)

Illya: Call me "Illya". Leys used to call me that.

Leysritt: I am. Different. Than her. I apologize. But I am not the same version that. You remember.

(I told her the truth as gently as possible. Though my vocabulary and way of speaking were embarrassing.)

(She laughed as dearly as if she already knew me.)

Illya: I know that you're not her. It's very nice to meet the same you. I'm so happy to have the chance to get to know someone like that again.

Leysritt: ...

(A shockwave rushed through me. As I combed her silvery hair with my hardened hands, it was as it I had done it many times before.)


(I didn't understand the words that left my mouth. But the came out so naturally and felt so good to say.)

I'm happy when you smile. Illya.

(And that is how I was born. Leysritt fought so bravely. Now I take her name as my own.)