Melty Blood Act Cadenza Arcade Scenarios


Translated by Mirror Moon

Compiled and Edited by Karthikeya


Arcueid: I'm surprised you'd pick such a Far East island country like this. ...... Whatever. Just you wait, Roa. I'll find you soon enough.

Ciel Encounter

Ciel: It's been a while, Arcueid. Do you remember me?

Arcueid: I wonder. All agents of the Church look the same to me, I don't bother remembering them. More importantly, could you please get out of my way? There's no reason for us to fight, is there?

Ciel: I refuse. Even if you hunt vampires, you're still one yourself. By order of The Church, I will remove you here.

Arcueid vs Ciel

Arcueid wins

Nrvnqsr Encounter

Arcueid: Nrvnqsr Chaos......!? Amazing, a big fish like you is here? Just what wind blew you in?

Nrvnqsr: So, if it isn't the one who seeks to fence the world of vampires. It was not my intent, but I will settle things here. To take your head, I've followed you this far.

Arcueid: I see. It wasn't part of my plan, but if you want to die, I'll take you on. You were a friend of The Serpent, right? After I leave just your head, I'll make sure you tell me where he is.

Arcueid vs Nrvnqsr

Arcueid wins



I couldn't find where Roa was after all.

He's got to be around here somewhere,

so I just have to look for him.

Ah, that was close.

I almost fell down.

That's odd.

Tripping over a rock is such a useless function.


It seems the wounds I got from Nrvnqsr haven't healed yet.

--- But, there's something else.

I feel strongly excited.

Huhu, probably because I know I'll find Roa soon.


----## Ciel

Ciel: This town is filled is filled with Dead Apostles....... I must root out the cause of this cancer. And if others get in my way, so be it.

Satsuki Encounter

Satsuki: Se,Senpai.....! Wh-wh-what do I do, I got found by the most scary person possible......!

Ciel: Yumizuka-san...... I thought you fell victim to a vampire, but you're alive--- No, you're becoming less than human now.

Satsuki: N,no, I, I'm still human! I only drink blood once a week!

Ciel: ...... It seems you haven't killed anyone, but since I've seen you, I have to hunt you down. If you don't want to die, I suggest you at least run away.

Ciel vs Satsuki

Ciel wins

Tatari Encounter

Ciel: One of the Twenty-Seven....!? I can't believe a big shot like you would make his lair in a town like this.

Tatari: Oh? If it isn't an agent of the Church. Isn't appearing in a remote place like this working a little too hard, young lady? You should at least try to die in your hometown.

Ciel: ..... That's my line, Tatari. This is a little out of my plan, but I will wash away your sins here. I act in the name of the Lord. There is no escape.

Ciel vs Tatari

Ciel wins

Ciel: Hm, it seems this time I was off..... That's odd, I couldn't have been mistaken about this town.



Was that Arcueid Brunestud just now.....?

If she's here,

then that means I was not wrong....!

Now that's decided, it is time to replenish my energy.

Excuse me!

Could I have another serving of beef curry!


----::: tip Translated by Mirror Moon

Edited and Compiled by Karthikeya :::


Shiki: What an ominous moon. I can see lines everywhere. It'd be better to lock myself up in the house and just wait for morning..... Oh well, it can't be helped. It's not much of a plan, but I guess I'll go look around town.

Nanaya Shiki Encounter

Nanaya Shiki: Hey, brother. It's nice running into you.

Shiki: You're---me.....? Shit, what kind of joke is this? Bad taste has its limits.....!

Nanaya Shiki: Don't say that. Don't we have the same old man? Aren't you the same? You couldn't stand it any longer and had to go out. That's right, the moon is great for killing. Anyway, killing yourself is a fitting nightmare......!

Shiki vs Nanaya Shiki

Shiki wins

Aoko Encounter

Aoko: Hi, Shiki, it's been a while. I was just thinking, you really must have grown up to be able to come this far.

Shiki: Sensei.....? Were you looking to gain from this mess?

Aoko: Yes. But it seems you already cleaned it up. It appears I have to play the role of senior..... Meeting here must have been fate. Well, do you have any strength left?

Shiki: Yes, if it's for one more fight, I'll try as hard as I can.

Aoko: Excellent. Then let's celebrate our reunion with a little action!

Shiki vs Aoko

Shiki wins

Shiki: Whew. That's all over. It's almost dawn, and Sensei is already gone.


My apologies to Akiha and everyone else, but I'm just going to rest a little bit---


----## Akiha

Akiha: Goodness, hanging about and being so unsightly. I don't know where these hybrids come from, but how dare they walk around without my permission. ..... Hm, it seems Nii-san has also left the mansion. I will have to retrieve him and punish those outsider at the same time.

Kohaku and Hisui Encounter

Akiha: ..... That's surprising. What are you two doing here?

Kohaku: Kya!? Akiha-sama, why did you leave the mansion!? Ah, um, that's not it? That is, we did not wish to trouble you as busy as you are, so we decided to investigate in town.

Akiha: Spare me the excuses. Your duties are limited only to the mansion. I will not allow anything else. Are you more prepared than the time you snuck out to buy some oil?

Akiha vs Kohaku and Hisui

Akiha wins

Aoko Encounter

Akiha: I found you. There have been a lot of dangerous people around, but you seem to be the most dangerous. Please leave this town quickly. If not---

Aoko: You intent to use force? Go ahead, I like those with a strong will. You seem to be different from most humans, so I can teach you a few things.

Akiha: No thank you. I have no intentions of letting someone like you be my senpai. I'll defeat you completely and take back Nii-san's mind and body for myself!

Akiha vs Aoko

Akiha wins

Kohaku: Akiha-sama, I have prepared your tea.

Akiha: Thanks Kohaku. Please bring it here.

Kohaku: As you wish. ......Oh. Shiki-san and Len-san are taking a nap?

Akiha: Yes. They seem to forget all the hard work I did.

....... But, I guess that's fine. I'm glad NIi-san is better. I'm in a good mood, so let's let them sleep a little while longer.



----## Hisui

Hisui: ..... Shiki-sama? ..... This cannot be, he was just sleeping earlier..... Forgive me, Akiha-sama. I will take responsibility and return Shiki-sama.

Mecha Hisui Encounter

Mecha Hisui: Gaga. Encountering original. Withdrawing.

Hisui: ...... Another one of Nee-san's practical jokes? I overlooked the medicine she gave Akiha-sama, but I will not allow this to go any further. Before this causes any problems, I will return it to the mansion.

Hisui vs Mecha-Hisui

Hisui wins

White Len Encounter

White Len: You came, Hisui. Although, I do not remember letting you hear my bell.

Hisui: ---Please return Shiki-sama. It is almost time for dawn. We have to return before then.

White Len: As the bullying sisters once said, it would have been better if you stayed home. Coming to the ball without a dress, is that not shameless?

Hisui: --This is my duty. Please return Shiki-sama.

White Len: ..... Heh. I thought to give you glass slippers, but it seems there is no need. You fail at being Cinderella. Live here for the rest of your life as a servant.

Hisui vs White Len

Hisui wins

Shiki: Hisui~. About my summer clothes yesterday----

Hisui: Yes..... Akiha-sama wishes to wholesale your uniforms, so......

Shiki: ...... Ah, okay. Take your time, Hisui.

Akiha: Hisui? I've looked over the envelope that arrived this morning, so please burn it---

Hisui: Ah..... If you are referring to Kugamine-sama's letter, Nee-san appeared to have been carrying it earlier....

Akiha: That Kohaku. Anyway, Hisui, it is summer, so you might catch a cold.

Kohaku: Oh oh oh oh! Hisui-chan, Hisui-chan. I was just cleaning and the wall clock fell all by itself.....!

Hisui: Wall clocks do not fall by themselves. ...... Nee-san, please try and resist cleaning inside the mansion.....

Kohaku: ... Just a towel-blanket will not do~. Here, let's use this cushion as a pillow.


Sleep tight, Hisui-chan.



----## Kohaku

Kohaku: That's strange. I feel so strong tonight. Despite it being my best guess, I haven't drank any special drugs or anything. ...... Well, neither Akiha-san nor Shiki-san are here, and the town seems a little strange. I will take a break from work and look around town!

Nanaya Shiki Encounter

Nanaya Shiki: Oh? What a coincidence, Kohaku. You out for a walk?

Kohaku: ..... No, no. I'm just an onlooker. I'm just a spectator for someone like you who shouldn't exist. Please , go do as you please.

Nanaya Shiki: Eh? For real? Heh. As expected from the old man's doll. Saying I can do whatever I want, you were trained extremely well!

Kohaku: ..... Hm. If I am acceptable, I will be your opponent--- You shouldn't underestimate me. I have plenty of practice taming wild dogs like you.

Kohaku vs Nanaya Shiki

Kohaku win

White Len Encounter

Kohaku: Oh wow, when did this become a strange place? Snow in the summer, how romantic.

White Len: ---Go away. I have no business with you.

Kohaku: Oh, but you do. This is really fun, but peacefulness suits the Tohno mansion the best. Can you please return the Len-san that we know?

White Len: --- I see. You wish to sleep this badly, Kohaku? And I was really interested in you all, too.

Kohaku: Sorry, but you can no longer look in the mirror. I do not think we would get along really well anyway, right?

Kohaku vs White Len

Kohaku win

Kohaku: With this, the evening chores are all done. ...... Sigh Even after settling that incident, being busy does not change. I'd really like to go to a hot spring next holiday.


Huh? Len-san, you want to come too?

But you hate baths......

I see, hot springs are different?

I understand.

Then, next break, let's go with everyone♪


----## Kohaku and Hisui

Hisui: Nee-san, I cannot find Shiki-sama or Akiha-sama......

Kohaku: For real, Hisui-chan? ...... Hm, I have a bad feeling about this you know.

Hisui: .................. Um, Nee-san.

Kohaku: It's okay, I know, I know. Hisui-chan! Time for us to fly through the streets! Huhuhu, I won't let Akiha-sama have all the fun!

Akiha Encounter

Kohaku: Found you, Akiha-sama.

Akiha: !? ...... I did not think you two would be here. Why are you walking around this late? You should just return to the mansion.

Hisui: Um, um, Akiha-sama. About Shiki-sama......

Kohaku: Shut up, Hisui-chan! An Akiha-sama that has no regard for her servants cannot be Akiha-sama! To preserve the tranquility of the Tohno mansion, I will humiliate this Akiha-sama.

Akiha: Enough. I don't know what you are planning, but if you want to fight, I will not hold back.

Kohaku & Hisui vs Akiha

Kohaku & Hisui win

Neco-Arc Encounter

Neco-Arc: Nyan nyan nya~n. I knew you maids would come, As you know, Shiki is now being served by our Great Cat Company. I have a feeling he will be a great customer. I won't hand him over.

Kohaku: A st-st-st-st-stupid looking ghost cat~~~!

Neco-Arc: Hey! How come I get called stupid by some gag character!? I'm getting really mad. But, since cats like sardines, I'm used to that.

Kohaku: I, I don't get it...... I feel like I lost before I even started.

Hisui: Stay back, Nee-san, cleaning falls within my duties. I will make that Arcueid-sama return and bring back Shiki-sama.

Kohaku & Hisui vs Neco-Arc

Kohaku & Hisui win

Kohaku: We found Shiki-san! Are you hurt anywhere? How are you feeling? Were you in any danger?

Hisui: Nee, Nee-san......! Please stop, Shiki is frightened.

Kohaku: It's okay, it's okay. We are the ones who settled this whole matter, so he'll allow us this much. Isn't that right, Shiki-san?

Shiki: Uh....... It is true that you rescued me. I'll indulge you within reason.

Kohaku: Well then, today Shiki will just have to spoil us! C'mon Hisui-chan, hurry, hurry. This chance doesn't come every day.

Hisui: Ah....... I, I, doing that is, I....

Kohaku: Goodness. Fine, we'll have to start it from Shiki's end. Here you go♪


Shiki: Eh? Hey, Kohaku-san, what are you~~~..!?

Hisui: !?

Kohaku: There. That's a wrap♪


----## Nrvnqsr

Nrvnqsr: I have no intention of fooling around here, but as my goal is to pursue the Princess of the True Ancestors, it is an entirely different story. Just wait, Arcueid Brunestud. I, Nrvnqsr Chaos, will devour you completely.....!

Kouma Encounter

Nrvnqsr: ---You seem not to be human.

Kouma: ........ To be honest, I am often called a goblin who abandoned human form. Will you disappear, vampire?

Nrvnqsr: If you wish to die, I will not stop you. Do not be troubled, the taste of your moldy lineage does not appeal to me. Your corpse will only return to the earth.

Kouma: I knew a man who once embodied hell, but this is the first time I met someone who embodied the world of beasts. I see, you are someone who enjoys life.

Nrvnqsr vs Kouma

Nrvnqsr wins

Red Arcueid Encounter

Nrvnqsr: I've found you, Princess of the True Ancestors. Show me the power which brings fear to Dead Apostles---

Red Arcueid: Oh? Looks like a meal has shown up. Great timing; I was getting a little thirsty. You probably won't be enough, but I'll down you in one gulp....!

Nrvnqsr: ....... Hmph, already a demon? I wanted to destroy a sane Ancestor. It cannot be helped. It would be absurd to recognize you as my enemy when you are no different than a mere Dead Apostle!

Nrvnqsr vs Red Arcueid

Nrvnqsr wins

Nrvnqsr: ...... She disappeared? Was that a fake, or was it part of the Princess of the True Ancestor's vampiric impulse that became separated? Whatever the case, it wasn't the real thing.


I'll find you one day, Princess of the True Ancestors.

At that time, I will take you in and make myself supreme!


----## Sion

Sion: This is the town where Tatari has appeared.....? There are too many undefined elements, but I have to view many opposing forces as a plus. The True Ancestor, the 27 Dead Apostles, the agent, the indigenous hybrids...... I have to understand them all in order to calculate the appearance of Tatari.....!

Ciel Encounter

Sion: Agent of the Burial Agency.... I have no need to associate with you. Do you not also have someone else of higher priority to take care of?

Ciel: Priorities have nothing to do with it. More than the request from the Atlas Academy, more than the order for your arrest handed down from The Church, I can't let you go. Do you think he is a Dead Apostle? Do you have a defense, Sion Eltnam Atlasia?

Sion: That's meaningless. Agents exist only to exterminate heresy. Once you appear, what good will explanations do?

Ciel: That is true. Then---in the name of the Lord, I will have your life......!

Sion vs Ciel

Sion wins

Tatari Encounter

Sion: Found you--- This is the end for you, Tatari. My revenge.... No, the name of Eltnam will now be cleansed of your taint!

Tatari: Oh? How courageous, Daughter of Eltnam. Then that means you're ready?

Sion: Of course. I am armed with a Conceptual Weapon constructed from what Riesbyfe left behind. Even if I cannot end the program, I can cause a seam to appear......!

Tatari: Hm, then that is significant. Very well, Sion. Let us test your theory. As the one who has received my blood, let us see if you can destroy Tatari......!

Sion vs Tatari

Sion wins

It is impossible to completely destroy Tatari with my current equipment.

However, massive delay of the cycle was successful.

With this,

Tatari will not appear for another two hundred years.

My fight with Tatari is now over.


Assistant Director.

The documents with the vampire sample was delivered today.

Has it been entered into the library?


Please do not notify Isis; notify Osiris.

Convene the members of the Preservation Curia and Sia.

Notify Clinical Pathology in two hours.

(The matter of Tatari is settled, but my fight continues.)

(For my sake, for the sake of my friend in Japan, I will defeat this illness of vampirism here in Atlas---)


----## Tatari

Tatari: Oh? How rare it is for me to take shape like this. It seems the people of this town fear a vampire which already has shape---- but an evening party after five hundred years is not a bad thing. Well then, I wonder what form of comedy Tatari will take tonight---

Sion Encounter

Tatari: Oh? I am surprised you came to this country. Are you chasing me after all?

Sion: ---It is very obvious. Would I wait for any other reason? Tatari. This time, I will defeat you.

Tatari: Defeat me? You're already at your limit, Sion. You have no way of defeating a phenomenon like myself. Challenge me once you have studied a more advanced notion of death. In the first place--- Such a master of death does not exist.....!

Tatari vs Sion

Tatari wins

Aoko Encounter

Aoko: Wow. Even if you didn't become Tatari, you would still be amazing.

Tatari: Is that so? A human form is possible only to the extent the human mind can be invaded. Your system of holding your own is quite impressive.

Aoko: Ah, let's stop. You're lumping me in with those other monsters. The other four are the odd ones. I'm a full fledged human.

Tatari: Heh, it seems you are the only one not to know. Even though it was just broken, you should look in the mirror. You'll meet an unbelievable monster.

Aoko: ...... Okay, get ready. It seems like you really want to die with me around. How about now?

Tatari vs Aoko

Tatari wins

Tatari: ....... It will soon be dawn. The lead actor Zepia is not needed, and must bravely commit suicide. Tatari must not be limited to one form.


Now then, this stage is finished.

The scene shifters will take care of it,

and I must hurry to the next.

With luck,

the next night will be a pleasant slaughter.


----## Miyako

Miyako: Huh? A weird letter? ...... What's inside?

Neco-Arc: I'm sick of it all, so I'm going to conquer the human race. Then I'll take your brother, and if you want him back, you'll have to come to the Belly of Hell at 2 a.m nikyuki~ (stamp).......

Miyako: Oh n-n-noo! I have to hurry and rescue Onii-chan!

White Len Encounter

White Len: That is as far as you go. Sorry, but I can't let you go any farther.

Miyako: Black Cat-san..... no, it's White Cat-san, isn't it. Since you're getting in my way, that means you've teamed up with that stupid cat!

White Len: ...... How rude. I have no reason to help that thing. Len is just worried about you, so I thought I would do something about it. But, the method is up to me.

Miyako: Thanks for nothing! If you won't get out of my way. I'll use force!

Miyako vs White Len

Miyako wins

Neco-Arc Encounter

Neco-Arc: Nyaa nya nya nya. You've come to the Belly of Hell, China! It seems humanity was unable to refuse my offer of exchange nya. Being a cat, I am quite skillful. After all, I intend humanity to be my cat food-producing slaves forever nya~.

Miyako: It looks like you haven't learned your lesson and you wanna get beat up again. I don't care about your plan of humanity, just give me back Onii-chan!

Neco-Arc: Nya nya nya, Shiki dear will forever be in charge of filling our throats! I'm not just going to hand him over. I digress, but once a hundred cats danced crazily out of sheer hunger here. That's why this is the Belly of Hell. In other words, you know what I'm going to say, right, my brother?

Miyako: Yeah, I know, it's what you always say. I'm ready, so just c'mon!

Neco-Arc: That's how to live. Well then, as time honored custom dictates nya. Here goes. Why don't you become~one~of~us!!!!

Miyako vs Neco-Arc

Miyako wins

And that settles that.

Tha cat country is once again destroyed,

and Onii-chan was rescued safely.


Onii-chan, over here, over here~!

The watermelon is cold~!

Hey, Miyako-chan, you shouldn't run like that!

Don't go out too far!

It's alright, there's plenty of daylight left.

I'll make sure you play with me aaalll day!


----## Mech Hisui

Mech Hisui: --- Charging complete. Commencing patrol.

Kohaku: Then I'll leave the town to you, Mech-Hisui-chan. Please make sure you patrol thoroughly, and to check up on suspicious people.

Mech Hisui: --- Repeating orders. Seek and destroy all enemies.

Neco-Arc Encounter

Neco Arc: So you've come, Mecha Maid. Last time your steel body beat me, but that won't happen againyaa. You may rely on your hardness, but I excel from the softness of my flesh. How do you like this overwhelming squishiness?

Mech Hisui: Enemy defensive strength, down 50% from previous engagement. Out of the question.

Neco Arc: Oh, nyoooooo!? Don't tell me I'm beat in terms of mental power? Whatever the case, fighting will come down to these fists. C'mon Mecha Maid, feel the wrath of my fist that not even a daikon radish could break!

Mech Hisui vs Neco Arc

Mech Hisui wins

Kohaku Encounter

Kohaku: Welcome back, Mech-HISUI-chan. You fought very well. I'll be able to make model #3 from the data I gathered~

Mech Hisui: ....... Doctor, there is no need for that. There is no need for any newer models to succeed us.

Kohaku: Geh, a rebellion? Ahaha..... don't tell me, you intend to defeat your maker?

Mech Hisui: Please do not worry. After your confinement, We will be the ones to control the world.

Mech Hisui vs Kohaku

Mech Hisui wins

Mech Hisui: Air division, air supremacy confirmed. Ground division, commence invasion. Understood. Starting operations to bring the human race under subjugation!


Kohaku: Ugh...... Mecha-HISUI-chan is a technology to be feared..... Ah, I wonder what's going to happen to the world..... Wait, how did this happen to me!


---## Red Arcueid

Red Arcueid: ---Heh. It wasn't just your vampiric impulse that took form when it rose to the surface and escaped. Whatever. Might as well just enjoy whatever I come across before I find my original.....!

Ciel Encounter

Red Arcueid: Hi, Ciel. It makes me happy to see you so energetic. All those other things were so frail, it was getting boring.

Ciel: Arcueid---you.

Red Arcueid: Ahahaha! No matter what I do, you'll come after me, right? Even if I made mincement out of your arms and legs, you'd still try to bite my head off!

Ciel: ...... Very well. Whoever you are, you will be exterminated as a vampire in the name of the Lord.

Red Arcueid vs Ciel

Red Arcueid wins

Arcueid Encounter

Red Arcueid: Hi~ Are you doing well, Arcueid? Of course you are. You cut off what you didn't like and are just having fun. If you just say something like 'I'm sorry', I'll tear you apart. Ahaha, even if you don't, I'll tear you apart anyway.

Arcueid: ---Sorry, but I'm going to pass on that. I only let my guard down a little bit and something like you showed up. I guess it's true that vampires don't cast a reflection in the mirror because they don't want to see themselves.

Red Arcueid: Wow, you sure said it. What, aren't I just a part of you? You're quite the monster, Arcueid. Compared to you, I'm just a small fry!

Red Arcueid vs Arcueid

Red Arcueid wins

Red Arcueid: Aw, dead already. That's really weird. Hundreds of people couldn't even kill her before. ....... Maybe it's because she was killed before?


...... Huhu, in that case, you have my thanks, unknown killer-san.

Now I've become the real thing.

---Just wait,

I'll have you take responsibility for killing me.......!


----## Nanaya Shiki

Nanaya Shiki: ....... I'm tired...... you shouldn't just wake the dead like that. Just when I was starting to enjoy the worst of being dead, now I'm imprisoned by flesh? Well....... I don't know who it was, but waking me is just asking to be killed, right?

Vermilion Akiha Encounter

Nanaya Shiki: Yo. What a coincidence, Akiha. To run into you here means my luck is good tonight.

Vermilion Akiha: Yes, without a doubt it is fortunate, Shiki. Nothing else could be enough, right? Killing you would certainly satisfy me.

Nanaya Shiki: Ah--- great answer, Akiha. Since I have a sister who understands so well, he must be jealous. After all, this is what a brother-sister relationship is all about.

Vermilion Akiha: You mean not hiding anything from each other?

Nanaya Shiki: Of course. Oh, and one more thing. No matter what, nothing is held back either.

Nanaya Shiki vs Vermilion Akiha

Nanaya Shiki

Kouma Encounter

Nanaya Shiki: How wonderful. --- I finally get to meet you, Crimson Red Vermilion. I've never felt such pleasure before. It seems we both have been waiting for today.

Kouma: ---I would be lying if I didn't say I wanted this. Very well. Anytime you're ready.

Nanaya Shiki: Ah, a brain-frying fight to the death!

Nanaya Shiki vs Kishima

Nanaya Shiki

Nanaya Shiki: Ah---nothing left. Something that never existed has to gain something before it can lose it...... At least, that's what I thought, but this sucks. I don't want to disappear like this. I didn't think I would fear death.


Ah, that's why---

Once I die, I can't kill anyone.

There's only dead people on the other side.

It's no fun......

but, I guess it's a fitting punishment.

That's fine.

I'll just have to disappear miserably like this.


----## Vermilion Akiha

Akiha: Goodness, hanging about and being so unsightly. I don't know where these hybrids came from, but how dare they walk about without my permission.

Kohaku: Akiha-sama, perhaps they are taking the Tohno family, no, perhaps they are taking you too lightly? See, aren't you being a little too lax with Shiki-san recently? And now, everyone has gotten carried away.

Vermilion Akiha: ..... I know you're plotting something, but you're right. As the head of the household, I will not be made a fool. Let's make them remember their place.....!

Kohaku: Kya! Amazing, Akiha-sama!

Ciel Encounter

Ciel: Akiha-san......? You seem very intent on cleaning up the disturbing elements around town, but why now? Do you have an engagement or something?

Vermilion Akiha: I have no need for anything like that. It is just as you say, Ciel-senpai. Just allow yourself to be exterminated.

Ciel: Huh? Weren't you supposed to be cleaning up the disturbing elements around town? Then your goal is the same as mine. Shouldn't we be teaming up?

Vermilion Akiha: Be quiet. Disposing of you and that other woman is my top priority. The peace of the town comes after that. Now, I will crush all bugs that attempt to come near Nii-san!

Ciel: Hmph. In that case, I will be your opponent. Yes, it is part of my duties to decide matters between men and women!

Vermilion Akiha vs Ciel

Vermilion Akiha wins

Arcuied Encounter

Arcueid: Ah, it's sis. Hey, what is it? You seem to be on a rampage; won't Shiki get worried unless you settle down?

Vermilion Akiha: Sneaking around..... you're just a thief. Arcueid-san! I will settle things between us right now! Even if heaven forgives you for sneaking in and stealing what's precious, I won't!

Arcueid: Oh? I don't really mind, but Shiki will still be mine.

Vermilion Akiha vs Arcueid

Vermilion Akiha wins

Vermilion Akiha: So, have you realized it? Do you understand who governs this town?

Kohaku: Kya! Amazing, Akiha-sama! With this, my research will not be...... Cough Cough I mean, all those who would endanger the town are taken care of! You are the best!

Vermilion Akiha: Of course I am. Until now, I was just unlucky and choosing the wrong way to settle things.


Vermilion Akiha: Kohaku, prepare! We have to go get Nii-san, since he won't come back to the mansion on his own!

Kohaku: Yes, as you command. ......... Huhuhuhuhu. With this, data recording complete. Akiha-sama, the real fun is just beginning~♪


Vampire Sion

Vampire Sion: Agh...... I haven't reached my limit, but the transformation is already starting...... This means part of Wallachia must still be alive. ....... I might as well just--- No, before my remaining self disappears, I have to end this once and for all.......!

Ciel Encounter

Vampire Sion: Blood...... My throat is so dry---no--- I, at this rate---

Ciel: At this rate, you will turn into a horrible vampire? I was searching for the cause of the recent disturbances, but disposing of heresy like you is also my job. It seems you have not drank any blood, but it is impossible to resist the vampiric impulse, right, Sion Eltnam Atlasia? You are already a vampire.

Vampire Sion: ......! That, that, I don't need you to tell me that.....! You're an eyesore. Just disappear, human.

Vampire Sion vs Ciel

Vampire Sion wins

Tatari Encounter

Vampire Sion: Ah---ah,ahh--- I made it..... I'm still human..... If I can defeat Tatari, I'll definitely.....!

Tatari: It is useless, Sion. Unfortunately, there is no way to save a human once they become a vampire. You already know that no matter how far you advance in your study of medicine, you can never be cured, right?

Vampire Sion: Ah...... ah, ahh---

Tatari: That is "death", Sion Eltnam Atlasia. Admit it. You were dead ever since I drank your blood.

Vampire Sion: Ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......!!!!!!

Vampire Sion vs Tatari

Vampire Sion wins

Vampire Sion: I'm already dead? How stupid. Is there any Dead Apostle who has not surpassed death, who has not been rejected by it? Sion Eltnam has long disappeared. All that remains is the Dead Apostle who inherited the name Tatari.



Let us begin the bloody Second Act.


----## Len

Len: ............

Nrvnqsr Encounter

Nrvnqsr: Oh, a centuries old familiar? I don't see your master, but he had to have been someone famous. It isn't easy to create a dream familiar with flesh nowadays. From your face, I can tell you have preyed on many humans, comrade.

Len: ............

Nrvnqsr: Hm? It seems your heartstrings belong to master. If you want to fight, I will take you on. What, you don't need an eternity. Besides, I also want a quick snack.

Len vs Nrvnqsr

Len wins

White Len Encounter

Len: ............

White Len: What do you plan on doing now, Len? You're the one who refused me. You locked me away in a dark place and pretended I didn't exist. You have no right to stop me.

Len: ......................

White Len: Don't make a fool of me, I don't need your sympathy.....! Fine, I'll erase you right here and take your place.....!

Len vs White Len

Len wins

Len: ............

White Len: Very well, the loser has to obey the winner. You can't last long, anyway. Until you break, I will stay with you, Len.

Len: ............

White Len: You're saying that won't happen if I am with you? ...... Heh. I hate being used, but I'll help you as much as you rely on me.

We are one person.

What you want to protect is also very dear to me---



----## Satsuki

Satsuki: ...... I feel on edge for some reason. ...... Just like that one time, no, there's an even stronger person coming--- I'll just have to do something about it. It's over if my heart becomes that of a monster's. Tohno-kun, watch as I protect the peace of this town......! .............. Ah. But, I'm still hungry.

Ciel Encounter

Ciel: That is as far as you go, Yumizuka-san. I will not allow your rampaging to go on any further.

Satsuki: (....... Ciel-senpai--- She doesn't look like she'll listen to anything I say......)

Ciel: I will at least make this painless, and instantly return you to dust. I will end your nightmare here.

Satsuki vs Ciel

Satsuki wins

Nrvnqsr Encounter

Satsuki: So you're the new vampire......! If you don't leave quietly, I will beat you up!

Nrvnqsr: -----

Satsuki: Um, huh? You seem really troubled? ..... Um...... maybe because I'm just a rookie vampire, that was something really rude to say to Dai-senpai?

Nrvnqsr: ............ No, come to think of it, it has been a long time since I have been challenged by a Dead Apostle. It is even rarer for someone to challenge me for the sake of humans rather than seeking my seat as an Ancestor. How delightful, girl. Your body is extraordinary and your sprit is highly commendable. As your Dai-senpai, I will show you what it means to be a Dead Apostle.

Satsuki: He's coming.....! I don't know anything about being a Dead Apostle, but I can't let you continue to do as you please.....

Satsuki vs Nrvnqsr

Satsuki wins

And so,

the great vampire Nrvnqsr was forced to leave Misaki town thanks to the efforts of Satsuki.

After having rescued everyone from the foul clutches of Nrvnqsr, the rookie vampire Satsuki has rescued the town once again!


...... Hm,

I seem to be getting the hang of this.....

It seems with just 200cc a week,

I can be alright and even walk around during the day!

Alright! Whether it's the True Ancestor or the agent or even Tohno-kun's sister, bring it on!

I, Yumizuka Satsuki will protect this town and Tohno-kun!


----## White Len

White Len: I understand. In short, a master.

Len: .......................

White Len: Isn't that right, Len? Something you have that I do not. Not needed, but still missing. A magic lantern which illuminates reality for us dream dwellers--- Yes! I will have an elegant, noble master! That is the difference between me and you!

Len: .......................

White Len: Eh? You and I already have two masters? ....... Hah, those are your masters, right? My master is not decided yet.

Len: .......................

White Len: Just watch from there, Len. I will break such unsightly bonds. I will taunt you later.

Neco-Arc Encounter

White Len: What, when did......!? What is this ominous, misfortunate world......!?

Neco-Arc: Huhuhu, welcome, oh Cat Kingdom's rising star and my second greatest rival. You seem to be conducting serious business, but I won't let you escape so easily.

White Len: ---I'm leaving. Open up a path, you scribbled cat.

Neco-Arc: You really hate me, don't you, Lady? Did I ever do something to anger you? Hm, did my gift of an expired can of cat food offend you?

White Len: (....... That solves one riddle. So this is what was really bothering Satsuki before......)

Neco-Arc: Anyway, this is a totally different topic. The other day I went to a karaoke place. It really was great. You could drink all the milk you wanted. But you know, after just an hour of singing passionately, everyone inside last consciousness. Yes, Professor Nrvnqsr is a handful. Didn't he just finish that hotel massacre? Using his evil power on innocent karaoke people! Has he no pride as a vampire!?

White Len: ............... (........ I want to do tsukkomi... It was your terrible singing that did it... ..... I want to tsukkomi her....) (No, patience, patience Len... If you do that, you will become a gag character......)

Neco-Arc: Hm? You seem very clever this time, Tsundere. You seem to have grown up a little. But, you still are very small in many ways. Hm, at this rate, you never will become a heroine, you know?

White Len: Who, who asked you......!? Why don't you look in a mirror---ah.

Neco-Arc: Nya nya nya, madam. Welcome to the World of Cats. --- Anyway, do you have any interest in becoming part of an idol duet?

White Len: None! None, so just get away!

White Len vs Neco-Arc

White Len wins

Arcueid Encounter

White Len: --- I found you. It is finally just the two of us, Princess of the True Ancestors.

Arcueid: Oh, Len? What's wrong? You look really disheveled. You're breathing hard, your hair is all over the place--- Your nails are all messy. That deep red is pretty poor taste. It looks like you've just been roaming and eating wild strawberries.

White Len: You seem pretty calm. Are you saying a familiar like me could never threaten you? But, that is over now. I bought you here using the life I took in until now. I may only have a few minutes left, but if it is here.....

Arcueid: We are even... no, you are stronger? Okay, sounds fun. I'll let you do as you please. But I have to ask. Do you really want to die so badly?

White Len: Stop making fun of me.....! The reason I can't do everything properly is because I don't have a proper master! I will break my contract with you here and replace it with someone who will only for me.....!

White Len vs Arcueid

White Len wins


Nanaya Shiki: Oh? So then after winning you were too scared to check if she was dead and just ran away? Well, it doesn't really matter. Even if being cowardly is your disposition, lacking courage is no laughing matter. Or, maybe this whole situation is?

White Len: Whatever the case, please stop. I managed to sever the original bonds, so you have no complaints, right?

Nanaya Shiki: No, but it does replace it with another problem. Well, let me assure you, I am just overjoyed to have more inconveniences to take care of.

White Len: ...... You are saying too much. You are the one I chose, so you can not be a little more respectful? Or do you want to just disappear?

Nanaya Shiki: Well, go ask that to the world. I only do what I can do. I am good at doing, you are good at using. Didn't you betray your old masters for the sake of effectiveness?

White Len: I, I didn't do it for you! Y-you are just the one in this town I have the least objectives about! Don't get the wrong idea!

Nanaya Shiki: Oh, how scary. Okay, I'll be a proper master----oh man. I'm not even sure which of us is the familiar, though.


----## Neco-Arc

Neco-Arc: Hey, a distress signal! Emergency, emergency. Hang on, unknyown person, a helping cat is on the way~~!

Satsuki Encounter

Neco-Arc: Yo, how are ya, Sacchin? --- By the way, you seem really unlucky.

Satsuki: Ahh.......! Who, who are you, just saying the rude truth like that! ...... Huh? It's the first time I've seen you, but I feel like we've met before.

Neco-Arc: Yeah, in Tsukibako. We also had our fighting debut at the same time, so we aren't strangers. Have you no cattiness? Not enough, Sacchin.

Satsuki: Um, yeah...... Um, is it okay if I go?

Neco-Arc: Sure. I received a distress signyal, but I'm sorry, Sacchin, even a cat like me can't overturn fate.

Satsuki: My misfortune has been confirmed by Cat-san......! Ah, but someone said I'd become a heroine if I tried, you know.......?

Neco-Arc: Nya nya nya, even if you had the Holy Grail, that wish could never be granted. But, that courage is one of your good traits, Sacchin. I'm so moved by jealousy I seem to be losing myself.

Satsuki: Kyaa, why are you getting so mad all of a sudden!? No, you're just supposed to be moved, not moved by jealous!

Neco-Arc vs Satsuki

Neco-Arc wins

White Len

White Len: Go away.

Neco-Arc: Battle mode so soon, tsundere? A catfight to mark territory is a good move. By the way, you also seem pretty unlucky. ...... Hmm, maybe the distress signal was from you nya?

White Len: I don't remember asking for your help. Just leave. Now. Only those with darkness in their hearts should come to this snowy plain.

Neco-Arc: Hm? What do you mean, darkness? Like red bean jam? Like pretending to be all cold but deep down inside you're really sweet, my sister? Ah, to be young again. Ready to Play Mode Full Throttle! White, huh....... ha! Don't tell me, you're my long-lost twin separated by birth?

White Len: Oh enough, please, just leave! Please don't mistake me for some gag character!

Neco-Arc: Gag character? Hm, is Ciel around or something?

White Len: Arrghh~~~! I'm talking about you, about you! Please, save me from this devil, Shiki.....!

Neco-Arc vs White Len

Neco-Arc wins

Neco-Arc: Oh nyoo, I used so much energy I broke through the atmosphere. Hmm, so this is what vacuum is like. I'm so cold nya~, I'm lonely nya~, Hm, the Earth is getting farther away nya~.


Nyaa, this is no time to escape from reality nya.

Emergency, emergency,

somebody help meeee!


----## Aoko

Aoko: Haha, this distortion leads back to my old home? I'd like to have a drink at my old friend's shop, but first I have to take care of business.


Neco-Arc: Kuhuhuhuhu. What do we have here, but my greatest rival! The destined clash which you cannot escape, the crab vs. the lobster, the fight to determine who is the strongest in this world, The Demon Lord or the Sorceress! The cost of this work will be 5000 yen. It could be the number one bestseller in America, right?

Aoko: ......... A cat?

Neco-Arc: Nya nya nya. This shape you see is merely a cat masquerading as a cat! But my true form is a cat wearing a shamisen! In other words, a cat. ..... ahem. Uwaa! Since you identified the criminal only three pages into the story. I'll have to attack you with full force nya~! Your brain seems just about ready to burst.....!

Aoko: Um.......... Cat........?

Aoko vs Neco-Arc

Aoko wins

Kouma Encounter

Aoko: Hello. You live in this forest? You're some kind of mountain ascetic..... no, that can't be it. Are you some sort of hermit apprentice?

Kouma: Who knows? I'm going through the motions, but I've yet to reach nirvana. ...... Of course, if someone like me were to reach nirvana, Providence itself might warp.

Aoko: That's not true. There is no state you can't reach just because you have mixed blood, wandering monk-san. You should realize that having lived in such a forest for many years is proof that you've already reached nirvana.

Kouma: ....... I appreciate your words, but just who are you? You're human, but you seem even less human than those like me.

Aoko: I'm just a meddler. Well then-- I'll knock some of that close-mindedness out of you.

Aoko vs Kouma

Aoko wins

Aoko: Man, what a stubborn guy. It looks like my help was in vain. I'm sure he'll find a fitting master to learn from one day. I think I'll call it a day.


....... Now then,

next is the Association meeting......?

I don't really look forward to it, but my traveling money is a little tight, so I might as well get myself a big job.


----## Kouma

Kouma: I've never been here. Why am I here? ...... Was I compelled? I don't know who would do such a thing, but whoever it is has to be weird.

Tatari Encounter

Tatari: My, my. I am the one who is supposed to take the form of this country's "calamity", but this is the first time I've summoned a demon. Welcome, you dried up mummy.

Kouma: ...... I am merely a false image you summoned? I see, it did not seem very real.

Tatari: It seem I failed. A creation of Tatari should have no sense of self. Your original was probably very strong. I'll destroy any self-awareness that should have been cut from the beginning.

Kouma: ...... Do as you wish. That is, if your tiny arms could pull it off.

Kouma vs Tatari

Kouma wins

Shiki Encounter

Shiki: You're--- Kishima, Kouma.

Kouma: I was just going to disappear in a few minutes but I see we meet. Is this fate, Tohno--- no, rather, son of Nanaya Kiri?

Shiki: ---Who knows. I didn't really want to meet anyway. ..... In fact. I was thinking it would be good if we didn't.

Kouma: Shall we part? It seems neither of us wished to meet here.

Shiki: Too late. You've said a name you shouldn't have. After hearing that, I can't let this pass.

Kouma: I see you have some backbone left. Well then--- Follow in the footsteps of your father, brat.....!

Kouma vs Shiki

Kouma wins

Kouma: ---Is it about time? There is no pain or emotion as my body fades. I thought it would be closer to death, but it is no different than a dream.


You escaped death, Tohno.

If you still feel strongly about your father's death,

you should come to my forest.

You should find your answer from that night---


---## Neco-Chaos

Neco-Chaos: Heh... this season's anime recordings are all complete... The advancement of civilization is wondrous indeed. Especially those inventions for the sake of NEET. Like HD DVDs.

Magical Amber: Ne~wspaper, Ne~wspaper!

Neco-Chaos: Oh, the mysterious morning edition which is thrown and breaking my window. Okay, let's see here. This morning's world affairs are... Hmph. Because of a baseball game, TCMC's time slot is bumped back...Just in case, I better set my alarm for 2 o'clock. And the announcement column... what's this? Nrvnqsr on his deathbed, will be an angel soon? Hm, that's always the case. I'll skip that. Congratulations on your wedding? Ah, congratulations. Now selling: Jars of Happiness? Nonsense! I already bought 300 of those. Chaos, please contact me. George in Hollywood.......

Neco-Chaos: Wait, George living in Hollywood! You mean, Luuuuuuuuuuuuuucas!? Oh! No time to lose! This is no time to be putting metabolic fashion or things like that into practice......! Just you wait, I*M, a superstar is heading your way.....!

??? Encounter

Neco-Chaos: After passing through the tunnel, I find myself faced with a field of cats. How do you do? This is the party, right? I can tell by your quivering whiskers you can barely hold it in, Mister?

???: Oui monsieur. Welcome to the audition hall for the next CelebriCat. You are the 666th entry into this first caucus! On this stage of unparalleled splendor, the cameras are already rolling.

Neco-Chaos: Hm, so the whole world is watching. However you view it, this looks like that rundown abandoned factory that Sacchin uses. Yet, looking around reveals nothing that does not look like a movie set either.

???: Nya nya nya nya. A travesty. After this much, you still know not who we are? Will your brain explode? Will even your soul be covered in slime? I am you. You are me. Behold, our true swollen cookie-like face!

Reveals face and its Neco-Chaos

Neco-Chaos: What, you......! No, you.....!!! In, in other words, you.....!

???: We are you... We are the Damien Force, the Elite Cat Corps that appears after pressing Down, Down, then B or C. Oh Original. No, former Original is more fitting?

Neco-Chaos: Oh? So in other words... You're saying only one can be at the top, my brother?

Neco Arc Black: Indeed. My name is Neko Arc Black! The #1 All-American Cat who will defeat you and become the supreme Chaos!

Neco Arc Noir: And my name is Neko Arc Noir! The favoured frontrunner for the Macademy Awards who will defeat Black and monopolize all cat food!

Neco Arc Schwarz: All of America weeps! I am Neko Arc Schwarz! I am the cat who will defeat Noir and receive a Pixar full CG animation!

Neco Arc Nrvnqsr: Hm, all of America trembles. I, Neko Arc Nrvnqsr, will be the one to defeat Schwarz.

Neco-Chaos: ....... Hmph. What a nightmarish food cycle. Even for me, it is too ghastly to behold.

Everyone: We feel the exact same way nya!

Neco Arc Black: Then here we come, Neko Arc Chaos! In accordance with the Great One's will, until there is only one left, Paw~~~ Fight!

Neco-Chaos: Hm? The Great One.......?

Neco-Chaos vs Everyone

Neco-Chaos wins

Magical Amber Encounter

Neco-Chaos: I seem to have made it in time~nya. So, pretty lady, this is a luxury liner to Hollywood, the Golden Dome?

Magical Amber: Uhuhu. Yes, this is Charon's ferry terminal. I have been waiting for you, Monster ca....... um, I mean, Valiant Cat of Chaos-san! This boat(trap) will make you a star(send you to the stars)!

Neco-Chaos: Hm. I am wrapped in ominous thoughts. Come to think of it, wasn't that newspaper one of those "read, then die" or something con newspaper?

Magical Amber: Th-that is not the case! The Kohaku Newspaper is a clean information source with no false advertising, typos, or publication delays! Even Shiki-san is fooled on a daily basis by it!

Neco-Chaos: Glasses....... What an unfortunate man... he will stray from the path to become Shikiller..... The main character's denseness.... If not for that, he would be something which should not be allowed to live.

Magical Amber: Come on, leave that aside. Hurry up and board the luxury liner, please. Cast off the shackles of this world. Have you erased accounts, and the folders on your computer you can't tell people about? Now then, to the shoreline! Let's go, let's go.

Neco-Chaos: I will definitely decline after all. What is that? It is nothing more than a bomb-laden craft... no.... it is definitely a torpedo with a chair on it. You---take that hood off!

Magical Amber: And, and I thought you would be so overjoyed to ride this.... And I thought you would go falling with a screen, "aaahhh" like a lemming. ....... Man. Oh well, I guess I will have to use force.

Summons a giant Neco-Chaos Mecha

Neco Chaos Black 6666: Ca---------t--------

Neco-Chaos: Nya!? A, a global culture treasure.........!?

Magical Amber: No, this is Neko Chaos Black 6666. I reaaaaaally didn't want to, but I observed all your fights and made this invincible Monster Cat Annihilation Weapon I very carefully produced. ---Unfortunately, you have no chance of winning, you know?

Neco-Chaos: What? Then, George calling for me was really...!?

Magical Amber: Oh course, it was my trap. I needed a way to bring you out here(Heart Mark).

Neco-Chaos: Then, the one who caused the Damien rebellion was...!

Magical Amber: Of course, another one of my tricks. It was all to make sure you were the last one to ensure your defeat(Heart Mark).

Neco-Chaos: Th-then, the one who gave Sion an infinite combo was...! The one who made White Len tsundere was...!

Magical Amber: Yes, it was all my doing.....! Kya-☆ Wonderful---! I always wanted to say that! Well, anyway. Speaking of which, I leave it to you, Black G. You are a perfect creation, a complete copy of Chaos-san...... Live up to your name of 666(immortal) and show me as your power, okay-

Neco Chaos Black 6666: ...... There is no need to tell me twice. I will destroy every Neko-Arc on this planet and disappear into the sun. Let's fight, Original. Your long battle is at its end.

Neco-Chaos: Heh, I could not ask for more, fatty. You really have no hands or feet. I will defeat you and show you how to tear and save the world.

Neco Chaos Black 6666: Ah, that is the way, Beast of Chaos. I have one thing left to tell you. I must be defeated 666 times, but just two rounds is acceptable.

Neco-Chaos: Ah. I also wanted to see another new scenario ending graphic, but that will not be happening.

Neco Chaos Black 6666: Heh---

Neco-Chaos: Uoooh! Here I come------!

Neco-Chaos vs Neco Chaos Black 6666

Neco-Chaos wins

Neco-Chaos: Well then. What a wonderful robot. It is like a bomb that could blow up the Earth 666 times, but there were no victims. The impact was only enough to make a shrimp jump. Ah, as expected of Doctor Amber. She used only the gentle energy of the planet. I see she succeeded developing low-cost man-made magical energy, Dried Sardinium.


----- So.

Well, that is this? Even #4 is fine,

can you not send someone to help me?

Eh? There is no #4?

Plans for a movie adaptation failed?

Are you really the International Rescue Agency!?