Melty Blood Re-Act Arcade Scenarios


Translated by Mirror Moon

Compiled and Edited by Karthikeya


Arcueid: A Nightmare Marble..... It really does seem like Len's work. The whole town is asleep and some annoying people have come out. I should catch and stop her before Shiki gets mad.

Ciel Encounter

Arcueid: Oh, look who it is. Are you the real one?

Ciel: That is understandable. I had to kick around many of my fake selves before I came here.

Arcueid: If you're involved in something that troublesome, you're the real one. So, how do are you doing, Ciel?

Ciel: ........ The root of this trouble has some nerve. What nonsense have you used that perverted familiar of yours for this time, Arcueid Brunestud?

Arcueid: Who knows? Unlike you, I am very laissez-faire. I don't really care what Len is doing. As long as she doesn't get in my way, that is.

Ciel: ---. The familiar is a problem, but it seems the master's personality is also a problem. I will disciple that attitude of yours........!

Arcueid vs Ciel

Arcueid wins

Powered Ciel Encounter

Ciel: Stop, True Ancestor!

Arcueid: Hm? I beat you up earlier. You didn't learn your lesson, Ciel?

Ciel: That was just a mistake, I had pity on you, I was distracted! I was foolish to be worried about using all my strength against you with Tohno-kun nearby. But, no longer......!

Arcueid: Seventh Holy Scripture.....!? Ciel, you.......!

Powered Ciel: Hu, it is too late to change your ways now. I have to pay you back three times over for before!

Arcueid: ........ Man. It's childish to bring a weapon just because you lost. There is something wrong with a familiar who does every little thing its master says, but there is a bigger problem with that kind of master.

Arcueid vs Powered Ciel

Arcueid wins

White Len Encounter

Arcueid: Found you. C'mon, let's go back, Len. Before this all becomes real, you have to wake the town.

White Len: ---No, it is time for you to wake up, Princess of the True Ancestor. How long do you expect to keep dreaming about acting human?

Arcueid: .......Now you said it, fake. I was going to pretend not to notice, but you seem to be saying you want to disappear.

White Len: I am not a fake. Like you, I am a reflection in a mirror. I am a reflection of Len. Copy or original has nothing to do with it. Is it not appropriate for the better one to become the "only one"?

Arcueid: Yeah. Then I'll test you. If you are better than the original, we'll see what happens.

White Len: I couldn't ask for more. Then let us begin, Crimson Moon's Copy-san.

Arcueid vs White Len

Arcueid wins

Aoko Encounter

Aoko: Aw, she lost? I thought she would make a really good familiar, too.

Arcueid: She really wasn't cut out to be a familiar. In the first place, you can't really take care of cats. You are the pinnacle of laissez-faire.

Aoko: Ah, now that you mention it, that's true. We really are a lot alike.

Arcueid: Yes. Hello, Blue. It is an honor to meet you, human Sorceress-san.

Aoko: Same here. I never wanted to meet you, but it really is a privilege, Princess of the True Ancestors.

Arcueid: Thank you. --So, do you intend on taking responsibility?

Aoko: Of course. Like you, very forcefully.

Arcueid vs Aoko

Arcueid wins

Arcueid: And that's how I settled it. The one pulling the strings got away, but I beat her up good so she won't be back any time soon.

Shiki: ....... Oh really? That's fine, but just who was it?

Arcueid: Who knows. It doesn't really matter, I forgot already. More importantly, your promise, Shiki. If I settled this, you would take me wherever I wanted all day, right?

Shiki: Eh? Yeah, but.... I have school tomorrow....!

Arcueid: Worry about that later! I was looking forward to this for so long, and you're supposed to listen to whatever I say today. Or are you saying school is better than me?

Shiki: Of course not. ......Sheesh. As usual, have it your way.

Arcueid: Hehe. Then, let's go, Shiki. The weather is great today, so how about the beach?




Ciel: The nightmare enveloping this town...... Tatari has already been destroyed, but it seems it has not yet disappeared. As the agent responsible for this town, I must drop the hammer on it.

Vermillion Akiha Encounter

Ciel: Akiha-san......? No, you---are different.

Vermillion Akiha: Heh. As expected of an agent of The Church. It seems this terrible husk cannot deceive you.

Ciel: ........ A remnant of Tatari...... You have not learned your lesson and became a rumor again?

Vermillion Akiha: Yes. Without appearing so, Tohno Akiha is a very skilled vampire. If I can, I would like to trade places with the original---

Ciel: I cannot allow that. I have no real concern for Akiha-san, but I will make you disappear here.

Vermillion Akiha: I knew it. I thought about letting you go, but you insist on rushing to your death. Your persistence is an eyesore.

Ciel vs Vermillion Akiha

Ciel wins

Arcueid Encounter

Arcueid: Oh, it's Ciel. I wonder if you're the real one. In that case, maybe this will be more enjoyable. How about it? We don't really get the chance that much, so you want to go all out?

Ciel: Wha-what are you saying.....!? Even if you are the Princess of the True Ancestors, you are going to dance in this farce, too!?

Arcueid: Isn't it alright? I don't know what kind of festival this is, but until the organizer is found, we have to keep on dancing. And won't this be much more fun?

Ciel: Hmph. Maybe you're right.

Arcueid: Well, whether you are real doesn't matter. You have to take responsibility for getting involved with me and Shiki. And besides, you weren't really intending on letting me go, were you?

Ciel: Hu---goodness, we only seem to get along in times like these, Arcueid.

Arcueid: Exactly. Well, I'll be fighting seriously, Ciel!

Ciel vs Arcueid

Ciel wins

White Len Encounter

Ciel: You are the cause of all this, are you not? Taking the form of that perverted familiar, you have to be Tatari, right?

White Len: I wonder. As you are sworn to The Church to hunt heretics, you really have no idea what I am, right?

Ciel: Of course. I don't know, nor do I care to learn. Even if you were that familiar Len, I would still kill you right here.

White Len: Then, welcome. With your blood, I will paint this snowy field red.

Ciel vs White Len

Ciel wins

Aoko Encounter

Aoko: Amazing, amazing. This is my first time watching someone from there, but the Burial Agency really is a bunch of monsters.

Ciel: You are the master of that familiar? ...... No, this feeling, it can't be.

Aoko: I really am surprised. You are well attuned to magic for an agent. But, it is too bad. If you realize who I am, I have to put you to sleep for a little bit.

Ciel: That is my line, Magic Gunner Miss Blue. I will catch you here and offer you up to the Lord.

Ciel vs Aoko

Ciel wins

Ciel: ....... And, that is how the matter was settled. Do you understand, Tohno-kun?

Shiki: Yeah, mostly. But Senpai, who was behind all this?

Ciel: Some things are just better left unsaid. That one won't talk, so this incident is over. Since it is finally break, shall we talk about more constructive things? Such as spending the rest of our days having a good time, or---

Arcueid: Ah. Found you. Yoho~! Shiki, what are you doing there?

Ciel: T-True Ancestor...... Do you wish to get in the way of other people's happiness this much!?

Arcueid: Oh, you were here, Ciel? Hm, oh well. I really wanted it to be just me and Shiki, but the three of us can go have fun!

Shiki: It seems that way. Senpai, Arcueid doesn't have any ill intentions, so please don't be angry.

Ciel: Yes, it bothers me because I do understand!....... Sigh Oh Lord, this new trial is a little annoying.....




Shiki: Len……? Huh? Just now, she looked white? Eh? Follow that bell? ……. Hmm, in that case, guess all I can do is follow.

Nrvnqsr encounter

Shiki: Wha-you---!?

Nrvnqsr: Died? Such words are not necessary. It is a strange night where snow falls in the summer. It is therefore not surprising to run into a dead person.

Shiki: …… Oh? So, you’re just around for one night? I don’t have any business with you. See ya.

Nrvnqsr: Where are you going? The fulfillment of your actions is the same as mine: ecstasy in blood and flesh. Let your true nature come forth………!

Shiki vs Nrvnqsr

Shiki wins

Red Arcueid encounter

Shiki: Another fake? I’ve had enough of these already.

Red Arcueid: Oh, you won’t keep me company, Shiki? I don’t know what illusions you’ve been fighting, but I’m the real one, you know. You know me very well. Can’t you tell the difference?

Shiki: Yeah. That’s why I said you’re the fake. And even If that body of yours was real, you’re not the real Arcueid.

Red Arcueid: Aha, wonderful, Shiki! I wonder if you’ll say the same thing after I pin you down like a bug in a collection!

Shiki vs Red Arcueid

Shiki wins

White Len encounter

Shiki: Cat footprints in the snow...... Len, are you here?

White Len: Yes. Welcome, Shiki. Welcome to my mirror. --- You can never go back.

Shiki: Oh, this Len can talk. So that's Len's voice.

White Len: ---You do not seem surprised. You're not going to ask me what I am?

Shiki: Like, why are you a white Len? Well, that's just how things turned out this time.

White Len: I see you knew from the beginning. ....... Very well. Len likes you. So, I also have to make you mine......!

Shiki vs White Len

Shiki wins

Aoko encounter

Shiki: ---This grassy field---Wait, don't tell me... Sensei.......!?

Aoko: Hi, it's been a while, Shiki. You've been well?

Shiki: Ah, yeah. But why are you here?

Aoko: Hmm, why do you think I'm here?

Shiki: Uh, even if you ask me....... Um, so you really are the one pulling the strings?

Aoko: Huhu. I like honest kids, but smart ones are troublesome. Anyway, we really shouldn't have met here. Shiki, can you forget about all this?

Shiki: I can't. Even if it's you, you do have to take responsibility.

Aoko: That's true. People are not that simple. So, it's going to be by force?

Shiki: ...... Um. Sensei, why are you so eager to fight all of a sudden?

Aoko: It's just like dealing with a broken TV. Forget everything with a blow of my fist!

Shiki: Uwaaa, Sensei, you're this kind of person!?

Shiki vs Aoko

Shiki wins

Shiki: It's all finished. We should head right back to the mansion. I, yeah..... The weather's great, so let's take a break. Sleep well.




Akiha: It is awfully cold tonight..... Oh, is that Nii-san and Len? What are they doing this late? ...... Um. Well, there have been some things going on, I may as well follow them a little. I have no real motive, but there is always that chance.....

Nanaya Shiki Encounter

Akiha: You--- Nanaya, Shiki.

Nanaya Shiki: What a bad girl, Akiha. What did you intend if you made a mistake while chasing after your brother?

Akiha: A mistake? Why don't you tell me straight out what you mean by mistake, Nii-san.

Nanaya Shiki: Isn't it obvious? If you saw me in the back alley finishing up business, I wouldn't even make an exception for you. That would be troubling, wouldn't it?

Akiha: Yes, it would. I also have no interest in fighting a sham like you. But if you were my real Nii-san, it wouldn't be so bad.

Nanaya Shiki: ---Heh. Man, you're even more of a bad girl than I thought, Akiha!

Akiha vs Nanaya Shiki

Akiha wins

Ciel Encounter

Ciel: That is far enough, Akiha-san. Once you go past here, there is an opponent you cannot defeat.

Akiha: Oh, Senpai? I thank you for your warning, but there is no need to worry. Past here is Len, right? I do not know what she is planning on doing by putting this town to sleep, but she is no match for me.

Ciel: You know that much, yet you still go on? ..... Very well, it cannot be avoided. It is bothersome for you to be involved, and in the first place---

Akiha: Nii-san is there, right? I cannot entrust his safety to anyone else. Protecting Nii-san and threatening him is my privilege, and only mine.

Ciel: ...... As to be expected, Akiha-san. Saying directly what should be hard to say. Very well. Then the one who wins shall be the one to save Tohno-kun.....!

Akiha vs Ciel

Akiha wins

White Len Encounter

Akiha: You are hiding in a place like this? Come out now, Len.

White Len: -----

Akiha: Where is Nii-san? I know he is with you.

White Len: ---- I won't return him. Shiki will sleep here with me. But we have no need for you. I will let you go, so you can go back to the mansion.

Akiha: ....... I see. I had approved of you, so this is unfortunate. Kohaku....Arcueid-san... It seems I have a lethally bad relationship with you all.

Akiha vs White Len

Akiha wins

Aoko Encounter

Aoko: Not bad. You haven't had any special training like she did, so for you to win means you must have some natural ability.

Akiha: Th-than you. By the way, are you the cause of all this disturbance?

Aoko: Hmm, I guess you could say that. I'm also taking care of Shiki.

Akiha: .....! This conversation is finished. I do not know who you are, but I will take Nii-san back. ..... And for some reason, I feel like you are the one I have to remove the most.

Aoko: Maybe you're right. How do I say this, I was Shiki's first love.

Akiha: Hu---what an amusing joke from an old lady I've never met. Will you accept me paying you back for that amusement?

Aoko: Yes, you can count on that. Taking whatever I can is a principle of mine.

Akiha vs Aoko

Akiha wins

Kohaku: Akiha-sama, I have prepared you tea.

Akiha: Thanks, Kohaku. I'll have it in the garden, so bring it there.

Kohaku: As you wish..... Oh. Shiki-san and Len-san are taking a nap?

Akiha: Yes. They seem to forget all the hard work I did..... But, I guess that's fine. I'm glad Nii-san is better. Not that he did any hard work earlier.

Kohaku: My goodness. Then if you do not mind, I will accompany you for tea. The chiffon is a new blend, so I think you will enjoy it.

Akiha: My, you really are sharp, Kohaku. I will defer to you today and let them sleep a little longer.




Hisui: ... Shiki-sama? --- Oh no. And you were sleeping just earlier...... Forgive me Akiha-sama. I will take responsibility and return Shiki-sama.

Miyako Encounter

Miyako: ......! (It's Hisui.....! What do I do? She saw me......!)

Hisui: Miyako-sama? That is good. I would like to speak with you.

Miyako: Tssst! (S-speak? She must mean that trap door from yesterday.) (Uuu, if he gets caught, Kohaku will turn him into something weird in the basement.....!)

Hisui: Have you seen Shiki-sama around here?

Miyako: I, I won't let that happen.....! We will fight with Onii-chan as the prize, Hisui!

Hisui vs Miyako

Hisui wins

Neco-Arc Encounter

Neco-Arc: Well done, maid! The one you seek for, Shiki, is definitely nyot in our Kingdom of Cats, The Great Cat's Cottage!

Hisui: Arcueid-sama.....? Shiki-sama is beyond here?

Neco-Arc: Wh-what!? How do you knyow of our countries secrets!? This maid is a spy! What a world we live in now, where even maids become secret agents. But a maid being a spy is even cuter than being cat-like.

Hisui: ....... Unfortunately, I am not concerned with those things. If Shiki-sama is this way, then I will have to proceed forward.

Hisui vs Neco-Arc

Neco-Arc wins

White Len Encounter

White Len: You came, Hisui. I do not remember letting you hear my bell.

Hisui: --Please return Shiki-sama. It is almost dawn. We have to return before then.

White Len: As the bullying sisters once said, it would have been better if you stayed home. Coming to the ball without a dress, is that not shameless?

Hisui: ---This is my duty. Please return Shiki-sama.

White Len: .......Heh. I thought to give you glass slippers, but it seems there is no need. You fail being Cinderella. Live here as a servant for the rest of your life.

Hisui vs White Len

Hisui wins

Aoko Encounter

Aoko: How surprising. I can't believe you defeated my familiar by yourself.

Hisui: ......And you are? Are you Len-san's master?

Aoko: That's what I planned. Well, I think our personalities would've clashed, so it probably would've ended either way.

Hisui: ..........

Aoko: In her place, I'll take Shiki for a while instead. It's been so long since we met, and I do need a bodyguard---

Hisui: Forgive my rudeness, but I have come to take Shiki-sama back. If you have business, please ask him at a later date in the mansion.

Hisui vs Aoko

Hisui wins

Shiki: Hisui. About those summer clothes yesterday---

Hisui: Yes...... Akiha-sama wishes to wholesale your uniforms, so......

Shiki: .... Ah. Okay, got it. Take your time, Hisui.

Akiha: Hisui? I looked over the envelope that arrived this morning. so please burn it---

Hisui: Ah...... If you are referring to Kugamine-sama's letter, Nee-sam appeared to have been carrying it earlier....

Akiha: That Kohaku.... Anyway, Hisui, it is summer, so you might catch a cold.

Kohaku: Oh oh oh oh! Hisui-chan, Hisui-chan. I wa s just cleaning and the wall clock fell all by itself.....!

Hisui: Wall clocks do not fall by themselves...... Nee-san, please try and resist cleaning inside the mansion.....

Kohaku: .... Just a towel-blanket will not do~ Here, let's use this cushion on as a pillow. Sleep tight, Hisui-chan.

Hisui: ......ZZzz.....




Kohaku: That's strange. I feel really strong tonight. Despite it being my best guess. I haven't used any special drugs or anything. ...... Well, neither Akiha-sama nor Shiki-san are here, and the town seems a little strange. I will take a break from work and look around town!

Vermillion Akiha Encounter

Vermillion Akiha: Oh, it's Kohaku. Going out this late at the night, are you preparing some wicked scheme?

Kohaku: ....... The same for you, Akiha-sama. Walking around and not even hiding all that blood. It is a failure for you as the head of the Tohno family.

Vermillion Akiha: Oh, I didn't realize it. And, I'll be needing your help. I have yet to finish eating tonight, so I will leave it to you for the rest. You like it, don't you?

Kohaku: ....... You must be joking. I really do love bantering with you, but I have no business with such an unladylike Akiha-sama. Please return to a more suitable place.

Vermillion Akiha: Huhu..... That's a lovely expression, Kohaku. Very well, it's been a long time since I've had your blood.....!

Kohaku vs Vermillion Akiha

Kohaku wins

Neco-Arc Encounter

Kohaku: ..... Ah. I feel like something bad is going to happen......

Neco-Arc: A cat nyaa.

Kohaku: Kyaaaa. A monster! The appearance of a monster uglier than anything recorded in all of human history!

Neco-Arc: I am the cat you are looking for nyaa.

Kohaku: I'm not looking for a cat! We have plenty in our mansion!

Neco-Arc: I'm blushing, I'm blushing. You nyo, I think we'll get along really well nyaa~ ♪

Kohaku vs Neco-Arc

Kohaku wins

White Len Encounter

Kohaku: Oh wow, when did this become such a strange place? Snow in the summer, how romantic~

White Len: Go away. I have no business with you.

Kohaku: Oh, but you do. This is really fun, but peacefulness suits the Tohno mansion best. Could you please return the Len-san we know?

White Len: ---I see. You wish to sleep this badly, Kohaku? And I was really interested in you all, too.

Kohaku: Sorry, but you can no longer look in the mirror. I do not think we would get along really well anyway, right?

Kohaku vs White Len

Kohaku wins

Aoko Encounter

Kohaku: Yay, I found the puppet master. I take it you are the witch who instigated all this with Len-san?

Aoko: How terrible. I have been called many things, but this is the first time I have been called a witch, young lady.

Kohaku: That is because you have no idea how everyone views you. Anyone can tell with a single glance that you are a bad person. In particular, the bad type of witch that likes to lead young ones astray.

Aoko: You are pretty sharp. Fine, you seem interesting enough. I will play with you a little while.

Kohaku vs Aoko

Kohaku wins

Kohaku: With this, the evening chores are all done........ Sigh. Even after settling that incident, being busy does not change. Once it becomes fall, I really want to go to a hot spring. Huh? Len-san, you want to come too? But you hate baths..... I see, I see, hot springs are different? Yes, that is very true. Then once this summer is over and fall is here, let's go with everyone.



Hisui and Kohaku

Hisui: Nee-san, I cannot find Shiki-sama or Akiha-sama....

Kohaku: For real, Hisui-chan?..... Come to think about it, I haven't seen Len-san around much either..... I have a bad feeling about this, you know.

Hisui: ...... Um, Nee-san.

Kohaku: It's okay, I know, I know. Hisui-chan! Time for us to fly through the streets! Huhuhu, I won't let Akiha-sama have all the fun!

Akiha Encounter

Kohaku: Found you, Akiha-sama!

Akiha: !? ...... I didn't think you two would be here. What are you doing this late? Kohaku, you have to get rid of your suspicious garden. Hisui, should you not be watching over Nii-san?

Hisui: Uh, um, Akiha-sama. That is, Shiki-sama is......

Kohaku: Huhuhu, shut up, HIsui-chan! An Akiha-sama that does not approve of a faithful maid's simple hobby is not Akiha-sama!

Akiha: Huh? ..... Kohaku, did you make some strange drug again?

Kohaku: Talking is useless! I have determined this Akiha-sama is a fake. To preserve the tranquility of the Tohno mansion, I will humiliate this Akiha-sama.

Akiha: Wha......! I will just have to convince you that I am the real one!

Hisui and Kohaku vs Akiha

Hisui and Kohaku win

Neco-Arc Encounter

Hisui: Nee-san, I think Arcueid-sama is coming.

Neco-Arc: Yo! How are you doing tonight, sneaky cook and quiet maid?

Kohaku: Eh....... kya, kyaaaaaa!? N-no, Hisui-chan! That is a cat sorceress! I'm weak against that kind of monster!

Neco-Arc: Nya nya nya nya. Even though the cook likes to threaten others, she cannyat handle being threatendnyaa. Strong if she attacks, weak if she receives. How cute.

Kohaku: Hi, Hisui-chan, wh-wha-what do we do? Neko-Arc-san is coming.......!

Hisui: ....... Nee-san, please stay back. Cleaning falls within my jurisdiction. Arcueid-sama, please leave quickly.

Hisui and Kohaku vs Neco-Arc

Hisui and Kohaku win

White Len Encounter

Kohaku: Ah, found you Len-sa...... Huh? You seem white now.

White Len: -----

Kohaku: Len-san? Ah, maybe you became totally white because of the milk I spilled on you this morning?

White Len: -----

Kohaku: Oh my..... Len-san, you seem to be in a bad mood. ....... Teehee. You shouldn't cry over just one liter of boiled milk. Boo-hoo-hoo.

Hisui: Nee-san, that would make anyone angry. But I believe this person has nothing to do with that. That is not Len-sama. We do not have much time, so let us clean up this mess as quickly as possible.

Kohaku: Really? Then, we can just forget about the milk, right!

Hisui: ...... After this is over, you will have to take responsibility for spilling the milk and the carpet I spent half a day cleaning.

Hisui and Kohaku vs White Len

Hisui and Kohaku win

Aoko Encounter

Aoko: Not too shabby. Beating back those backed by Tatari makes your fighting level beyond human.

Hisui: ---Are---you that Len-sama's master?

Aoko: I planned on it, but you two got in my way.

Kohaku: Sigh Then, where did you take Shiki-san and the real Len-san?

Aoko: Who knows?---If I said that, you wouldn't believe me, right? The black cat is not too important, but Shiki has long since been something I could take with me.

Hisui: ..........

Kohaku: ..........

Hisui: Nee-san, is it acceptable? Yes. Okay, Hisui-chan. we will have to question that person together!

Hisui and Kohaku vs Aoko

Hisui and Kohaku win

Kohaku: We found Shiki-san! Are you hurt anywhere? How are you feeling? Were you in any danger?

Shiki: Eh.......? No, I don't remember getting hurt or being in any danger.

Kohaku: That is very fortunate! But, we must not be careless! We have to be cautious and walk arm-in-arm.

Shiki: Hey, Kohaku-san!

Hisui: Nee, Nee-san....! Please stop, is that not just going to frighten Shiki-sama?

Kohaku: It's okay, it's okay. We are the ones who settled this whole matter, so you'll allow us this much, right Shiki-san?

Shiki: Oagh....... Kohaku-san, if I say no, you're going to tell Akiha, right?

Kohaku: Huhuhu, I will leave that to your imagination, Shiki-san.

Shiki: ...... Got it. Please do as you like.

Kohaku: Well then, today Shiki will just have to spoil us! C'mon Hisui-chan, hurry, hurry. This chance doesn't come every day.

Hisui: Ah...... I, I, doing that is, I....

Kohaku: Goodness. Fine, we'll have to start it from Shiki's end. Here you go~

Shiki: Eh? Hey, Kohaku-san, what are you -----!?

Hisui: Kyaa, look out, Shiki-sama.....!?

Kohaku: There. That's a wrap~



Nrvnqsr Chaos

Nrvnqsr Chaos: The banquet still continues? ...... Very well. Even if I am a fake, the fact that I exist here is real. It is only fitting for the method named Chaos.

Ciel Encounter

Ciel: That is as far as you go. Stop, vampire.

Nrvnqsr Chaos: Do not be mistaken, woman. You cannot stop me. Does a dog of The Church have business with me?

Ciel: ---No one said anything about business. My purpose is to exterminate heretics. You can just disappear here, Nrvnqsr Chaos.

Nrvnqsr Chaos: Heh, like a moth to a flame. Unfortunately for you, I have no qualms about making you a martyr with these teeth.

Nrvnqsr Chaos vs Ciel

Nrvnqsr Chaos wins

Arcueid Encounter

Arcueid: It's been a while. How was nothingness, Nrvnqsr?

Nrvnqsr Chaos: Not bad---At least that is what I wish to say, but I am unfortunately merely an illusion. I have not experienced death.

Arcueid: Oh. That's too bad. I only came to hear your thoughts on the matter. Then, I came all this way for nothing--- nah. C'mon, don't you feel like I should get something for my hard work?

Nrvnqsr Chaos: Wasted effort? Do not assume I think in the same mistaken manner as you. However, we are not strangers. If you want a reward, then fight me.

Nrvnqsr Chaos vs Arcueid

Nrvnqsr Chaos wins

White Len Encounter

White Len: Nice to meet you, Vampire Chaos. It really is an honor, sir.

Nrvnqsr Chaos: This is the remnant of Tatari? I see now. Dead Apostles who were formerly magi do not die easily.

White Len: Doesn't the same go for you? I don't remember summoning you. There is no need for two Ancestors in one country. Can you not just slowly, quietly, and blissfully disappear here?

Nrvnqsr Chaos: Of course. Here, you can die quickly, miserably, and alone.

Nrvnqsr Chaos vs White Len

Nrvnqsr Chaos wins

Aoko Encounter

Aoko: Amazing. There really are a lot of vampires in this town. Since the highest of the royalty is here, it's only natural, though.

Nrvnqsr Chaos: The Sorceress of the 4th Sorcery----I see. Your home is this island country after all.


The jp here says the 4th Sorceress/Magician likely referring to this entry from Tsukihime Dokuhon PlusPeriod - TSUKIHIME Dictionary: Magic [Term], p.189:

"In the past, when civilization was young, most magi were also magicians, but currently only five remain. …Well, that's what they say, but there are actually only four still alive."

Aoko: Yes, my place is close to here. Well, that doesn't really matter, but it is a little troublesome to have a Lord of the Dead Apostles running around. I have to take responsibility, so I'll make sure you disappear completely.

Nrvnqsr Chaos: Hah---- Being mocked at random like this is amusing. However, it is nothing compared to the thrill of killing a Sorceress or hunting True Ancestors.....!

Nrvnqsr Chaos vs Aoko

Nrvnqsr Chaos wins

"The frenzy is over. As an illusion, shall I disappear------?

No, I am chaos.

Once the individual named Nrvnqsr disappears,

it will become the true chaos of Tatari.

Until the end of the world, until the system falls to The Sixth.

I will continue living in this system----"




Sion: The embodiment of nightmares ---

Sion: No, a Reality Marble which summons clearly defined nightmares. By copying that familiar, do you hope to obtain form, Wallachia?

Sion: This is also a result of my naivety. Therefore, I have to end this myself.

Satsuki encounter

Sion: Satsuki? Even you are involved in all this!?

Satsuki: Ah....... Sorry, Sion. We may be part of the Back Alley Alliance, but I've been entrusted something by Black Cat-san.

Sion: Black cat--- You mean the True Ancestor's familiar? Certainly you are good friends with that familiar, but that is no reason for us to fight. ....... Satsuki. This doesn't just have to do with the black cat, but Shiki asked you aswell, correct?

Satsuki: ! Th-that's not it!? He just said you wouldn't cut him any slack, so, he just asked me to stop you, and since you are my friend, if we talked it over you would understand... That's why I accepted... um...!

Sion: .......So you took matters into your own hands. That is fine. It seems love is stronger than friendship, Satsuki. If that is how you feel, then I will fight you without any hesitation.

Sion vs Satsuki

Sion wins

Shiki encounter

Shiki: Eh!? Sion!? You're here too!?

Sion: It seems I was a little unreasonable. Satsuki's hindrance was unforeseen, but that only made me more ready to act. Because of those two things, it is best if you stay away.

Shiki: Um..... um, you're not angry, are you Sion?

Sion: I am not angry. My goal is to remove the dream familiar. Because of my duty as an Eltnam, I have no room for emotions.

Shiki: Ah..... Sorry, I can't let you go any further. Len is going to settle this herself.

Sion: ....... I see. You are the gate guard, then? I have known this for a long time, but you really are weak against that black cat. You indulge her like she was your daughter.

Shiki: Eh? Really? That's not true, but....... A-anyway, go back, Sion. Len and I will take care of things from here.

Sion: .........

Shiki: Uwaa, you're just coming without saying anything!? I, I knew it, you aren't angry, are you Sion!?

Sion: I am not angry! I am just, a little mad at you!

Sion vs Shiki

Sion wins

White Len encounter

White Len: Hello, Sion Eltnam Atlasia. I greet you as one of my kind.

Sion: --Wallachia. No, you are a copy of the dream familiar Len that a piece of Tatari made, correct? That is what this half-baked, cursed nightmare is for?

White Len: Yes, but that was only until now. I have caught the black cat which has been in the way.

Sion: ....... I am curious why Tatari, which lacks characteristics, would choose that dream familiar as a model, but let us proceed to the heart of the matter. First, I will destroy your efforts.

White Len: Heh. You really are strong-spirited, Sion. As one unable to be an alchemist or a vampire, this mirror world suits you best......!

Sion vs White Len

Sion wins

Aoko encounter

Aoko: It seems the white cat was more indecisive. She said you were unable to be either an alchemist or a vampire, but you really are both. You are not one to be defeated by a reflection.

Sion: .......!? I can't believe it. Why are you here, Blue.....!?

Aoko: Why? I just felt like it. Well, I did want a familiar, and she didn't have a master, so I just acted.

Sion: I see....... Then, Tatari using that dream familiar was your work? Then--

Aoko: You'll fight me? Alright, I've never fought an alchemist from Atlas before. Maybe you can give me my first workout in a long time.

Sion vs Aoko

Sion wins

Sion: Shiki! Just what do you think you are made out of? I told you so many times, your body is not one that handles strain very well! And what's more, you always involve yourself in large matters! With those like Akiha or the agent in this town, it is best to just leave the investigation of mysteries to them!

Shiki: Uh..... That's true, but this is just a continuation of before. I knew if things went wrong, even you would be targeted, so I didn't want to get anyone involved......

Sion: Eh...... Um, I appreciate your concern. However, you were dealing with a remnant of Wallachia. It is not your job to deal with vampires, is it?

Shiki: Hmmm, I guess the problem is I don't seem to be able to give that up.

Sion: Please do! In the first place, why were you involving even Satsuki! She is already in a precarious position. You of all people should know that! Goodness. If you only asked me I would have done it---

Shiki: Huh? Wasn't this conversation supposed to be about me calming down?

Sion: Ah. Th-that's right, isn't that what I am saying!? Today should very much be taken as a warning. Shiki, someone like you---




Wallachia: For me to still be here in the dark night, my sins must truly be beyond redemption. Despite my plans of reduction, it seems I still "remain" in this world. Now---after a period of no appearances, Act Two has begun. I look forward to the new development.

Ciel Encounter

Ciel: The Night of Wallachia.....!? i see. This strange night is your doing?

Wallachia: Oh? If it isn't the young lady from the Burial Agency. You also seem fully dressed to enjoy the night.

Ciel: ....... That's true. Compared to Tatari which spawned you, these events are little more than a dream. What fate brings you here, vampire?

Wallachia: That is what I would like to know, which is why I am here. I do not wish to put on pretenses of inelegance---

Ciel: ---

Wallachia: You look great, but you are not dressed suitably. Then, I will accompany you for just one song.

Wallachia vs Ciel

Wallachia wins

Arcueid Encounter

Arcueid: Oh? You're still around? I have to take another look at you.

Wallachia: No, no, I am just on the verge of disappearing. I do not have the same power as our last ball, princess.

Arcueid: It seems that way. Most of it has overlooked you and become Len. You are just the Dead Apostle you were before you became The Night of Wallachia.

Wallachia: You have a point. Then---will you listen to this pitiful retainer? With your blood, it will become easy to return to my previous prosperity.

Arcueid: Sorry, but I'll pass. I don't really need the exercise, but i'll take care of you before I fight the real thing.

Wallachia vs Arcueid

Wallachia wins

White Len Encounter

White Len: How unsightly. You've come to greet me with that old shell? What, you have nothing left so you come to be a part of me?

Wallachia: ---How crude. What a barbarian. Certainly, I can only take form because of the masses. However, that means I am a phenomenon with infinite forms. Stubbornly adhering to a single form is shameful.

White Len: Not able to admit defeat? Did you not also have the form of "Zepia" in the past? Then, you shouldn't mind if I use "Len's" shell, right?

Wallachia: ......... Hopeless. I have not been that hopeless for centuries. This weakness, this pride was my downfall? I will have to eradicate such a flaw with my own hands.

Wallachia vs White Len

Wallachia wins

Aoko Encounter

Aoko: Wow. Even if you didn't become Tatari, you would still be amazing.

Wallachia: Is that so? A human form is possible only to the extend the human mind can be invaded. Your system of holding your own is quite impressive.

Aoko: Ah, let's stop. You're lumping me in with those other monsters. The other four are the odd ones. I'm a full-fledged human.

Wallachia: Heh, it seems you are the only one not to know. Even though it was just broken, you should look in the mirror. You'll meed an unbelievable monster.

Aoko: ........ Okay, get ready. It seems like you really want to die with me around. How about now?

Wallachia vs White Len

Wallachia wins

"The lead actor Zepia is not needed, and must bravely commit suicide.

Tatari must not be limited to one form.

Now then, this stage is finished.

The scene shifters will take care of it, and I must hurry to the next.

With luck, the next night be a pleasant slaughter.




Miyako: Oogh...... so noisy... Hey, it's late....... huh? That bell... cat-san? Hm...... I don't really understand, but you want me to help you?

Nanaya Shiki Encounter

Nanaya Shiki: What a naughty girl. Walking out on a fine night like this is bad if you don't want to become a woman, Miyako.

Miyako: ......! (Onii-chan!? ......No...this person, he's just a bad fake.....!)

Nanaya Shiki: You must be punished. This may be little scary, but it's the quickest way to discipline a brat.

Miyako: I won't be tricked......! I don't know what kind of monster you are, but Onii-chan would never smile like that!

Nanaya Shiki: --Oh? You seem to be filling out quite nicely, especially around your thighs. An energetic young devil like you will leave a great corpse behind.

Miyako: ---Hmph. I won't be defeated by a fake!

Miyako vs Nanaya Shiki

Miyako wins

Neco-Arc Encounter

Miyako: Hey, what a weirdo.....!

Neco-Arc: Nya nya nya. Past here lies the Kingdom of Cats, the Great Cat's Village. There is nyo way a human girl can pass.

Miyako: ......! I don't know what this Great Cat's Village is about, but Baji Quan fighters know no fear! I have no ill feelings, but prepare to be pounded, ghost-cat!

Neco-Arc: Huhuhu, you sure know how to roar, little girl. Today's sacrifice will be a Baji Quan fighter nya. Come to think of it, you seem a little cat-like yourself. Why don't you become~one~of~us!

Miyako vs Neco-Arc

Miyako wins

White Len Encounter

White Len: ---

Miyako: Huh? This isn't the usual black cat. Hey, fake, where is the black cat!?

White Len: ----What a loud brat. She's no longer around. Just now, I already made her my own.

Miyako: Oh, so that bell was an SOS. Alright, prepare yourself, fake! That black cat is my friend, and Baji Quan fighters never forget a favour!

White Len: What a crude and simple intellect. This is why I hate kids--- Along with your friend, sleep beneath the snow.

Miyako vs White Len

Miyako wins

Aoko Encounter

Aoko: To defeat her with just your fists, well done, young lady.

Miyako: Hmph. It looks like the one pulling the strings has come out. I sense an evil aura.

Aoko: Hey, I've never seen those kind of moves. Just who did you study under? I may not look like I have an eye for fighting styles, but could you please tell Onee-san? It seems like Chinese kenpo, but I really have never seen those stances before.

Miyako: Of, of course you haven't. Baji Quan is a very secretive art.

Aoko: Eh, really? That can't be right. Not nowadays.

Miyako: Sssst! Be, be quiet, you, you puller of strings!

Aoko: Heh, you really are energetic, young lady, young lady. But, that's the way kids should be. Okay, if you score a point, I'll grant you a wish.

Miyako vs Aoko

Miyako wins

(Yeah that, it's case closed. The one behind it all was reasonable and granted my wish)

"Onii-chan, over here~!"The watermelon is nice and cold~!"

(There's still summer left. The sunshine is bright and the sky is blue as far as the eye can see.


On days like this,

It's best to just forget about homework and play as hard as you can~)




Kohaku: Oh with this anything can come alright~ A firefly dancing in a dream of sunlight~

Mech-Hisui: --Charging complete. Commencing patrol.

Kohaku: Oh, all finished? Then I leave the town to you, Mech-HISUI-chan. Please make sure you patrol thoroughly, and to check up on suspicious people.

Mech-Hisui: ---Repeating orders. Seek and destroy all enemies.

Neko-Arc Encounter 1

Neko-Arc: Nya! What is this!? A maid, a maid is coming from the sky!?

Mech-Hisui: Maximum Priority Target, detected. Initiating destruction sequence.

Neko-Arc: Nya!? Sh-she's serious!? You wish to know of the Great Cat's Garden? You wish me to betray my country, Miss Mary?

Mech-Hisui: ---Ceasing scan of enemy. Results yield a lifeform not of this earth. Requesting license to use BC weapons.

Neko-Arc: Let me go. In the first place, cats and mecha can never understand each other, meaning it will have to be a monopoly! Very well, whoever wins will get to control humanity!

Mech-Hisui vs Neko-Arc

Mech-Hisui wins

Neko-Arc Encounter 2

Neko-Arc: NyI have been waiting, my rival. While defeated, I am only the smallest fry in the Kingdom of Cats! This time I will not hold back! Even the earth will be destroyed nyaa... in about 500 million years.

Mech-Hisui: ---Does not compute. Doctor, requesting a logical explanation.

Neko-Arc: Useless nyaa, useless nyaa. Why? Because there are many mysterious things on this earth. How do you say this...... It's like saying don't think you can make the earth yours, humans.

Mech-Hisui: ---Analysis rejected. Enemy mass increasing. For various reasons, an absurdity.

Neko-Arc: There, done! For myself and for all cats, I, Neko Arc 3, will destroy the ambitions of Mecha Maid! If you do not already fear this ball of flesh, prepare yourself!

Mech-Hisui vs Neko-Arc

Mech-Hisui wins

White Len Encounter

White Len: .......... What... are you?

Mech-Hisui: Len-sama, it is time to return. Please go back to the mansion.

White Len: ---I, I guess you are an enemy. I never thought something like you would appear, but disappear already, Hisui.

Mech-Hisui vs White Len

Mech-Hisui wins

Aoko Encounter

Aoko: ........ Um, a robot?

Mech-Hisui: --Shiki-sama sighted. Len-sama is lying nearby. Executing protection program.

Aoko: Hey, wait. I don't know what puppet master made you, but could you wait to take them back? I'm not done with them yet.

Mech-Hisui: ---Encountering enemy of unknown affiliation. Initiating combat sequence.

Aoko: That looks dangerous. Once broken, you can't be fixed, you know?

Mech-Hisui vs Aoko

Mech-Hisui wins

"The peace of Misaki Town has been protected.

However, a new development has appeared.

Look east and up into the burning sky.

There, hundred of metal wings, unimaginably menacing technology.

My, sympathy, a townspeople.

Here, the true strength of the Pleasant Type Latent City Subjugation Weapon Hisui will be demonstrated!"



Red Arcueid

Red Arcueid: Hm...... Now that I woke up, it seems like some imitation is what summoned me. There are many insects crawling around. Just wait, I will soon crush you all.......!

Ciel Encounter

Red Arcueid: Hey there, Ciel. I'm glad to see you energetic as always. Every living thing I've come across was too soft. It's been a little boring.

Ciel: Arcueid---you...

Red Arcueid: Ahahahahaha! No matter what, you just keep on chasing me, don't you? Even if I made mincemeat of your limbs, your mouth would still be gnawing away at my neck!

Ciel: ....... Very well. No matter who you are, I will obey the commandments of the Lord and dispose of all vampires.

Red Arcueid vs Ciel

Red Arcueid wins

Wallachia Encounter

Wallachia: Interesting. You seem a little drunk, princess. Does the base blood of humans not meet your taste?

Red Arcueid: That's not it. I haven't had a decent meal in centuries, so a little variety isn't a bad thing.

Wallachia: How wretched. The one to rule all of us must know this already. As a retainer, it is my duty to have your head.

Red Arcueid: Yes, kill me if you can. I have no use for this poor body. Aren't you the same?

Red Arcueid vs Wallachia

Red Arcueid wins

White Len Encounter

White Len: Welcome, Princess of the True Ancestors. Rather, the part of her that she chooses to repress. I welcome you as one of my kind.

Red Arcueid: ----

White Len: How do you like my capabilities? I am able to draw forth that which is submerged in the original. If I am here, the one sleeping inside of Arcueid Brunestud---

Red Arcueid: ---- I don't like you. Just die.

White Len: Wha....... Are, are you crazy.......!? If I disappear, you will also.....!

Red Arcueid: You're an eyesore, you hybrid. Even if you wear a white dress in this white field, you are still unpleasant. I'll tear you apart so you'll never come out again.

Red Arcueid vs White Len

Red Arcueid wins

Aoko Encounter

Red Arcueid: So the one behind this is a Sorceress--- You don't think I'll let you live, do you?

Aoko: Of course. I won't let you off either. It won't be like what the old man did, but I have to do something.

Red Arcueid: Sorceress, I'll pay you back many times over for everything......!

Red Arcueid vs Aoko

Red Arcueid wins

"---This farce of a dream lasts only for tonight.

An unsuited summoner will only be torn apart by what is summoned.

This is the end.

A false crimson moon is a fitting way to lower the curtain."



Nanaya Shiki

Nanaya Shiki: ....... I'm tired..... you shouldn't just wake the dead like that. Just when I was starting to enjoy the worst of being dead, now I'm imprisoned by flesh? Well...... I don't know who it was, but waking me is just asking to be killed, right?

Vermilion Akiha Encounter

Nanaya Shiki: Yo. What a coincidence, Akiha. To run into you here means my luck is good tonight.

Vermilion Akiha: Yes, without a doubt it is fortunate, Shiki. Nothing else could be enough, right? Killing you would certainly satisfy me.

Nanaya Shiki: Ah---great answer, Akiha. Since I have a sister who understands so well, he must be jealous. After all, this is what a brother-sister relationship is all about.

Vermilion Akiha: Huhu, you mean not hiding anything from each other?

Nanaya Shiki: Of course. Oh, and one more thing. No matter what, nothing is held back either.

Nanaya Shiki vs Vermilion Akiha

Nanaya Shiki wins

Nrvnqsr Encounter

Nrvnqsr Chaos: ---For you to appear before me.... I am truly grateful for this miracle, human.

Nanaya Shiki: Oh, it's you. Certainly our fight is not over. What happened before, well, it wasn't a proper fight. Hmm---come to think of it, there's no such thing as a proper fight when it comes to you guys.

Nrvnqsr Chaos: You kill. I feed. It is only natural for our inclinations to clash.

Nanaya Shiki: That's true. So, this is a repechage? More corpses can come from your body than anyone else's.....!

Nanaya Shiki vs Nrvnqsr Chaos

Nanaya Shiki wins

White Len Encounter

White Len: Well done, Shiki. You have cleaned up all those who were in the way. Thank you. Now rest peacefully under the snow.

Nanaya Shiki: ? You really don't get it, do you? My true works starts here.

White Len: ---!? Y-you are disobeying me!? You are just an illusion I made. Even knowing that if you destroy me, you will just disappear!?

Nanaya Shiki: I don't care about that. Whoever remains, whoever disappears, I don't care. You screwed up, Len. If you wanted to live, you never should've woke me up.

White Len: Why.......!? You are just the same as me. You are an unused part of Shiki, right? So---!

Nanaya Shiki: Well, of course. This body is a guiding principle he refuses to use. I am just something that kills whoever summons me.

White Len: No---then, that means, I---

Nanaya Shiki: Yes. You screwed up from the very beginning.

Nanaya Shiki vs White Len

Nanaya Shiki wins

Aoko Encounter

Nanaya Shiki: The mirror is gone. ..... Now then, I have until tomorrow night before I disappear.

Aoko: It seems tomorrow night will not be coming . This is your last night, Shiki.

Nanaya Shiki: Ah, I knew it. That wouldn't really matter, either. Over there, I have plenty of people to play with. But---

Aoko: Oh? You want me to be your final battle?

Nanaya Shiki: If I could. Ah--- Sensei, it would be like a dream to take you apart.

Aoko: Excellent. In place of flowers for your grave, I'll be sure to watch as I slam you down to hell.

Nanaya Shiki vs Aoko

Nanaya Shiki wins

"The screenplay is now finished.

Please do not forget any belongings on your way out---

or something like that.

There isn't any audience,

but it was very satisfying.

And now, this unsuccessful actor will disappear into the darkness"



Vermilion Akiha

Akiha: It is awfully cold tonight..... Oh, is that Nii-san and Len? What are they doing this late? I said it was too dangerous to go outside---

Vermilion Akiha: ---What a troubling person. He has no sense of what it means to be the eldest son of the Tohno family. Shall I catch him and force his mind and body to reflect on his actions......?

Satsuki Encounter

Satsuki: A-Akiha-san......!?

Vermilion Akiha: Oh my. I seem to have run across a surprising person while chasing after Nii-san. Is your goal the same, Yumizuka-san?

Satsuki: A......... no, there's something wrong.......! You, you're not the usual Akiha-san.....!

Vermilion Akiha: You are more vulgar than usual, Yumizuka-san. Walking around at night smelling so strongly of blood... I am a little jealous.

Satsuki: And that menacing air around you is just your jealousy? Yes, you can't ever show your true self in front of Tohno-kun.

Vermilion Akiha: ........ Yumizuka-san. I've been meaning to tell you something. Is that alright?

Satsuki: No, it isn't. In the first place, I know what you're going to say anyway. I won't give up. If you intend to use force, I'll take you on.

Vermilion Akiha vs Satsuki

Vermilion Akiha wins

Nanaya Shiki Encounter

Nanaya Shiki: What a bad girl, Akiha. Where are you going this late at night?

Vermilion Akiha: ........

Nanaya Shiki: It's time for little kids to go back home. If you won't go back by yourself, Onii-chan will send you.

Vermilion Akiha: ........ How unpleasant.

Nanaya Shiki: What?

Vermilion Akiha: I thought to bring Nii-san back with me, but I've changed my mind. It won't even be satisfying enough to shatter the mirror that your false existence emerged from.

Nanaya Shiki: Man. Having that kid destroyed wouldn't be good. Ah, it really is unfortunate. In the end, I guess that's just our relationship.

Vermilion Akiha: You never learn. I will finish our fight. I may not be able to win against the real Nii-san, but I will take no mercy on an illusion like you.

Vermilion Akiha vs Nanaya Shiki

Vermilion Akiha wins

White Len Encounter

White Len: ---I can't believe it. I never thought you would come as the real one.

Vermilion Akiha: Yes, you are the one who caused me to go crazy. I was thinking it was Len's work, but you are a fake Len?

White Len: ---No, she's the fake one. ...... Just disappear already, bloodsucker. Even though you carry a separate self inside you, you remain yourself without splitting. I can't acknowledge that.

Vermilion Akiha: Yes, I'll go back. After I make mincemeat out of you and take back Nii-san. My crimson will trample this eyesore of a snowy field.

Vermilion Akiha vs White Len

Vermilion Akiha wins

Aoko Encounter

Vermilion Akiha: Yes, you're the one controlling that white cat? Eh---?

Aoko: Yes, I am the one controlling that white cat. Eh---?

Vermilion Akiha: ....(We resemble each other.....)

Aoko: ....(We resemble each other.....)

Vermilion Akiha: Wait. Who are you!? Where did you hide Nii-san!? Answer me!

Aoko: Shiki? I tied his arms and legs down and left him in that grassy field. I ended up not being able to use that white cat as a familiar, so I was maybe thinking I should just take Shiki.

Vermilion Akiha:!!! I'm, I'm jealous---wait, I mean, don't be ridiculous! I will be the one to take that role!

Vermilion Akiha vs Aoko

Vermilion Akiha wins

Kohaku: Akiha-sama, I have prepared your drinks.

Akiha: Thanks, Kohaku. I'll have them in the garden, so bring them there.

Kohaku: Is that alright? the sunshine is really strong today.

Akiha: Sure, it's summer. Strong sunshine is much better than snow. And---

Kohaku: Huhu. It seems Shiki-san and Len-san are enjoying themselves.

Akiha: Yes. I am a little jealous, but I'm glad Nii-san is better. Well, I did stay near him the whole time. As the one who has responsibility for this town, I could not ignore the disturbance.

Kohaku: Oh mu. You aren't being very honest, Akiha-sama.

Akiha: Of course. If I was honest, he would be troubled, wouldn't he? As his sister, I can't do that. But ...... maybe. Every once in a while, the head of the Tohno family should be able to trouble him right?




Len: ........... ...........

Ciel Encounter

Ciel: Here you are. Is this dissolving of the boundary between dreams and reality your doing?

Len: ...........

Ciel: --Your expression indicates you are not the cause, but you know what is. But---

Len: ...........

Ciel: You will not tell me? Very well. Fortunately, the night is very long, thanks to you. I will very thoroughly use force to get you to tell me.

Len vs Ciel

Len wins

Nanaya Encounter

Nanaya Shiki: Hey there, young lady. Isn't it a great night?

Len: ...........!

Nanaya Shiki: You have some business with me, right? You seem to be drawing quite close, which is why we ended up meeting here--- but it seems you don't have any business with me.

Len: ...........

Nanaya Shiki: Oh well, I don't really mind. Neither of us are human and my business is with the white one. I don't need something incomplete like you.

Len vs Nanaya Shiki

Len wins

White Len Encounter

White Len: What do you plan on doing now, Len? If you came to destroy me, do you not sense the contradiction?

Len: ...........

White Len: Return? You say I belong to you? --- Don't be ridiculous. I am your discarded intellect, the "words" you never use. If you have them but never use them, you really don't need them, do you?

Len: ...........

White Len: It is useless. Both you and I feed on humans to live. I have no reason to pretend otherwise. Even if I lose my form, the day will come.

Len: ........... But, that time is not now. That is a dream after you and I have both rotted away.

White Len: ! This conversation is over. You are the facade, I am the true feelings. Let us decide who will control our existence!

Len vs White Len

Len wins

Aoko Encounter

Aoko: And the world is back to normal. It seems your reflection has returned to you, Black Cat-san.

Len: ...........

Aoko: Was she hopeless to begin with? It was not that you never had any reason, you simply did not use it. After being suppressed for so long, it would not suddenly be victorious now.

Len: ...........

Aoko: Oh, are you mad? Fine. I do have to accept responsibility for borrowing her, so I will keep you company until the end.

Len vs Aoko

Len wins

Kohaku: Len-san~ Time for your snack~

Hisui: Ohh, Nee-san, just leave the cake there.

Kohaku: Oh, she's sleeping now? It would be bad to bother her.

Hisui: Yes, let us go back to the mansion without disturbing her. -----Sweet dreams, Len-sama.




Satsuki: Things have gotten strange. Funny things are happening in town, and both Arcueid-san and Akiha-san seem ready to fight....... If I were to meet them, they would probably hunt me...... But Black Cat-san is relying on me, and it would be dangerous to leave Tohno-kun alone...... I'm a little scared but I will have to do my best tonight.

Ciel Encounter

Ciel: That is as far as you go, Yumizuka-san. I will not allow your rampaging to go on any further.

Satsuki: (......Ciel-senpai---she doesn't look like she'll listen to anything I say......)

Ciel: I will at least make this painless, and instantly return you to dust. I will end your nightmare here.

Satsuki vs Ciel

Satsuki wins

White Len Encounter

White Len: Good evening. I really am glad to meet you, Satsuki. You were not invited, but it is proper to greet those of the same kind.

Satsuki: Thank you very much. This place fits you well. There is nothing here. Like me, you can't do anything.

White Len: Huhu....... I think we can get along. What do you think? If you attend to it, I can give you half. If you go outside, people will just hurt you no matter what, right? So, you should stay here with me.

Satsuki: Ah, I have to decline. It may be cold and painful over there, but it is also warm. And besides, you may be able to give me half of this place, but you can't split Tohno-kun in half. I will destroy you, and return the world to normal.

White Len: ---Amazing. You're stronger than you look, Satsuki.

Satsuki: Of course. I've been a glamorous loner for many years.

Satsuki vs White Len

Satsuki wins

Aoko Encounter

Aoko: Wow, such a high class vampire for one so young. It really is amazing for someone as unpracticed as you to have a Reality Marble. The arrival of fresh up-and-coming stars must be what's keeping the 27 going, even after so many of them keep getting destroyed.

Satsuki: !? ........ W-who....... no, what are, you?

Aoko: Me? I'm just a Sorceress passing on through. My job is to destroy things. You might say I am an enemy to your kind, perhaps.

Satsuki: ---

Aoko: Oh, has your self-defense mechanism as a Dead Apostle started to kick in? ...... Hmm, oh well. I'm a little bored, so I'll keep you company until you cool down.

Satsuki vs Aoko

Satsuki wins

Sion: I see. That was quite the hassle, Satsuki.

Satsuki: Wasn't it? I was just doing Black Cat-san a favour, and Ciel-senpai attacked me so seriously, and the most frightening person even appeared. Even though I did it for his sake, Tohno-kun didn't even notice. It feels like I didn't get any reward for my hard work.

Sion: Satsuki, your expectations are too high. In the first place, that Shiki doesn't even know what you do. He is only that dense when it comes to things like this.

Satsuki: That's true. Oh, I don't think I can stand it any longer. ........ Hey, Sion. Do you think we should surprise Shiki if we have a chance?

Sion: Hoho, it may be a fuss, but we can give him some good medicine. See, this devious plot-- I mean, proposal, is something I would help with.

Satsuki: Really!? Alright, then let's get started! Sion, do you have any ideas? I'm stumped.....

Sion: ...... I have several hundred in mind, Satsuki. I believe I understand just a little why you were not rewarded.




Sion TATARI: ..... I haven't reached my limit, but I'm degenerating...... That means a piece of Wallachia still exists. ...... I should just relax and--- ---No, before my reason disappears, I have to finish this......!

Ciel Encounter

Sion TATARI: Blood. ....... my throat, is, so dry. No---this---isn't good, at this rate---

Ciel: At this rate you will become a terrible vampire?

Sion TATARI: Agent..... You've come, to, kill me?

Ciel: I came to seek out the cause of the disturbances, but dealing with a heretic like you falls well within my duties. ---You seem not to have drunk any blood, but it is impossible to resist the urge. Sion Eltnam Atlasia, you have been a vampire for a long time.

Sion TATARI: ......! That, that's, even if you didn't tell me.......! You are an eyesore! Just vanish from my sight, human.....!

Sion TATARI vs Ciel

Sion TATARI wins

Shiki Encounter

Sion TATARI: Pant...... Pant...... Pant....... Shiki. Why, at the end, do you have, to appear before me?

Shiki: ---It isn't the end. You still have a future. I'll do something about what's causing this, so you don't have to push yourself.

Sion TATARI: A----ahh. I can't, accept that. I, am the one, who has to defeat Wallachia. That--is part of me. I can't, let any other vampire, have it. I, with this-- can finally---

Shiki: ----Sion.

Sion TATARI: Shiki, I won't let even you get in my way. No--- with you here, even though I tried so hard.....

Shiki: ......I'll still get in your way. It's a little drastic, but until we clear things up, it's time to fight, Sion.


Sion TATARI vs Shiki

Sion TATARI wins

White Len Encounter

Sion TATARI: ---,---,---

White Len: Tee-hee. It seems you have accepted yourself. Was Shiki's blood tasty?

Sion TATARI: ---Wallachia. ......No. you're a piece of wallachia that refuses to die. You made a copy of Len's unused consciousness?

White Len: Yes. Without a form, Tatari can't be embodied. Len's form is well-suited. I, the one who takes the form of anxiety, and Len, the one who controls dreams. Isn't this the most like Tatari of any of my forms?

Sion TATARI: ---Ridiculous. Don't think you're something if you're just a fragment using a fragment.

White Len: Wha-what!?

Sion TATARI: I am Tatari's successor. You aren't needed. I'll rip off your shell and take back my piece of Tatari.

Sion TATARI vs White Len

Sion TATARI wins

Aoko Encounter

Aoko: Shall I congratulate you? It seems the missing spot of the 27 has found a new successor.

Sion TATARI: Aozaki Aoko---then, you were the one who made that white cat?

Aoko: I was a knowing bystander. So what're you going to do now, Tatari? Are you going to disappear off into the darkness? Are you going to die here? Whatever the case, I have no complaints.

Sion TATARI: I will have your head. Whatever happens, I will benefit greatly from having Destroyed a Sorceress. If I let this chance slip by, the name of Eltnam will surely fall further.

Aoko: Hm. So, I will show you what it means to be a successor. You better not hold back.

Sion TATARI vs Aoko

Sion TATARI wins

"Sion Eltnam is no more.

All that remains is the Dead Apostle who inherited the name TATARI.

Now then--- let us begin the bloody Second Act."