Camelot Movies Interview - Kinoko and Takashi's Q&A


Are the Enforcement Knights serving the Knights of the Round Table in the Sixth Singularity existences with a past like Heroic Spirits? Or maybe they’re just made to follow superior beings? ~ Man by the Water

Nasu Kinoko: The soldiers of the Round Table come in two varieties; “Enforcement Knights” and “common soldiers.” As you’ve guessed, the Enforcement Knights are existences with a high rank of soul, but could not reach that of Heroic Spirits. The knights of the legendary Camelot who appeared in that era, drawn by the Lion King. When the Lion King disappears, they disappear as well. However, the “common soldiers” were invited by the Lion King’s call, but they are not knights of Camelot, rather they are soldiers from all over Britain. Gawain’s subordinates were soldiers from Orkney, and Lancelot’s subordinates were soldiers from the French territory. Each Knight of the Round Table’s subordinates were as such. They did not follow the Lion King, rather their masters were the Knights of the Round Table. Mordred and Tristan have no troops under their control, but Agravain lends some troops to Mordred.

I feel like Bedivere’s hairstyle resembles Arturia, but is there perhaps a reason for that? I think it’d be nice if there were. ~ Yanagi

Nasu Kinoko: Isn’t there?

Takeuchi Takashi: There is! Or so I’d like to say. When we made “Fate/stay night,” I drew Bedivere as moderate and especially plain. Although, I gave attention to the hairstyle alone so he didn’t look like an extra… I suppose, but with Tenkuu Sphere’s redesign, sure enough, I think some new meaning came about.

What is the Round Table doing when the Holy Selection isn’t going on? ~ Neko-chan

Nasu Kinoko: Even Neko-chan has an interest in the everyday of the Knights of the Round Table... I sense… an opportunity for big business...!

Takeuchi Takashi: Answer it seriously, come on.

Nasu Kinoko: Agravain takes care of developments and regulations inside the Holy City, the collection of resources that remain in this Singularity, property management, army inspections, and works as the Lion King’s secretary. Gawain supervises the Holy City’s defense forces and trains the soldiers. Mordred suppresses and cleans up enemies outside the Holy City as a raid unit. Lancelot’s assignment was the same as Mordred’s, but his main responsibility was investigating and monitoring the Egyptian territory, and driving out (protecting) the refugees. Tristan cleaned up rebels and remnants of the Crusaders, and Sanzang talked with the people who received the Holy Selection, and ate very energetically.

When you two depicted Bedivere, in both writing and image, was there anything in which you took special care? ~ I Love Camelot

Nasu Kinoko: Bedivere’s demeanor, considerate modesty, and the way he conducts himself are all pretty neutral, but I wrote and thought of him as a man of conviction with a heart as solid as a rock. Ane he’s hard on Tristan for his own sake, but for Bedivere himself, it might be something of a pastime.

Takeuchi Takashi: I rarely draw Bedivere anymore, but as I answered in Yanagi-san’s question, but I drew him with no overemphasis, with a feeling of transparency. The color of his mantle that represents his character image well is my favorite.

What would have happened in the Sixth Singularity if, instead of the Lion King appearing in Jerusalem, it were a different Arturia (like regular Saber or Alter)? ~ kia

Nasu Kinoko: Hmm… that’s a tough one… as one would expect, I don’t think the usual King Arthur could win against Ozymandias and the two Crusader armies…

Takeuchi Takashi: But what about this swimsuit Arturia?

Nasu Kinoko: The desert would be covered by the sea and everyone would smile, I suppose.

Among the Knights of the Round table favored by the Lion King, only Agravain did not receive a "Blessing"Gift, but if he were given a "Blessing"Gift temporarily, I wonder what effect it would have? ~ Silver Moon Madao

Nasu Kinoko: "Judgement"Punishment A suicide attack for evildoers would be added to his Noble Phantasm. Of course, it targets himself as well.

Takeuchi Takashi: I can see Akkun keeping a composed face as he fires his Noble Phantasm, even while involving himself in a suicide attack…

Please tell me how Arash passes the time on a normal day! ~ Riot of Cherry Blossoms

Nasu Kinoko: He goes to bed early and wakes up early, and spends his mornings moving his body to train himself. At noon he checks the condition of his bow while he goes hunting. In the afternoon he talks with the people, and at night he thinks about tomorrow while looking at the stars. Like that.

Takeuchi Takashi: He’s a hero, huh?

Nasu Kinoko: He’s a hero! To me he’s a hero in the same category as Adol Christin! (He’ll save the world 101 times)

I understand that Bedivere and Tristan are good friends, but I’m curious what their first meeting was like. ~ Unagi

Nasu Kinoko: Bedivere sensed from Tristan’s excessive freedom, “Ah, someone needs to be strict with this guy,” and afterwards, protected him. Even while Tristan gave him a cold reception, he trembled in fear inside with the thought of “This knight is saying awful things about me, but there’s no bad blood or hostility… but there’s no kindness either... just what is this clear iron will...?”

Takeuchi Takashi: Those two became best friends ever since...

It seems that the “humans” chosen by the Lion King’s Holy Selection, were unpolluted, undisturbed by all evil, and had possessed immortal souls since birth, but could it be that these were humans who possessed some identical “Origin?” ~ Gisute

Nasu Kinoko: They each have different Origins. You could say the souls were angelic, distinct from their Origins. (Angels cannot perform evil)

Takeuchi Takashi: Hmm, it seems that sort of “evil” differs from the concept of good and evil thought of by humans.

Nasu Kinoko: Nope, you can think of it as simple evil. Things like “unconsciously despising another person,” “damaging your surroundings for your own sake,” or “aimlessly hurting life.”

If either of you two received a "Blessing"Gift, what kind of effect would you hope for? ~ Moon Tailor

Nasu Kinoko: No sleep.

Takeuchi Takashi: No rest.

Nasu Kinoko: Simply.

Takeuchi Takashi: Hell.

Among those in Camelot, which character was the hardest to think of? ~ Hoshikiri Momo

Nasu Kinoko: Sanzang-san, actually. I was troubled with what sort of mark she should leave behind as the representative of Buddhism. The role of the Knights of the Round Table had been decided from the beginning, and Ozymandias already had character setting so I just had to utilize it accordingly. The one I had fun writing was Hassan of the Cursed Arm.

Takeuchi Takashi: Cursed Arm’s role was too good.

Nasu Kinoko: I hadn’t expected to be able get him to show his factor of, “although this time he’s just in a villain role, he’s basically a serious guy, passionate about his work,” that had carried on from “stay night.” His “I don’t care about other countries!” at the end doesn’t carry the meaning of “I have no interest in other countries,” but rather, “no matter how good the Lion King’s Holy City may be, I don’t need it!” No matter how severe or poor it may be, for that very reason, he loved his country, and Cursed Arm puts that belief into his outcry.

The theme song “Dokuhaku” sung by Sakamoto Maaya-san is such a good song, and I’ve listened to it a lot. I would like to hear Nasu-san and Takeuchi-san’s impressions of this song. ~ Replica Fan

Nasu Kinoko: With its quiet beginning, and the vocals hitting you with a strong melody different from what I would consider in a ballad, it really is a song with depth. The movie version of Camelot has no idle moments, different from the game version, and it’s a solid production. Don’t you think the severity, anguish, and the strength to move forward sung in “Dokuhaku” is a perfect match?

Takeuchi Takashi: “Yakudou” was such a godlike song, so as expected of Sakamoto Maaya, she reached such an incredible level… I was so immersed in that and the song went “boing!” over my head. It was a sensation like my whole body was being blasted with wind, light, and sound.

Nasu Kinoko: Part 2’s “Toumei” was a song great enough to amaze me as well...


In both the original version and the movie, Bedivere and Akkun never saw each other, but if they had, what sort of situation would it be? I'm so interested in the relationship of these two (hardcore king fanatics) that I can only sleep at night.* ~ Chitose


(TL Note) This is a play on words meant to sound like "I can barely sleep at night," it means you're curious but it's not actually keeping you up.

Nasu Kinoko: Like how Bedivere talked about in the game version, in life he held a distrust close to disgust (it's key that it's not disgust) towards Agravain of the executive bureau. He thinks Agravain's "disregard for his surroundings" is inappropriate as an adminstrator of Camelot. On the other hand, Agravain held a discomfort close to irritation towards Bedivere. He evaluated Bedivere's strength as inadequate for "the attendant closest to the king." In other words, he "approves of him as a person, but not as a holder of his position," so if they were to meet in the Realm of the Round Table, there might no choice but to fight.

Takeuchi Takashi: Isn't the Round Table too harsh?

Nasu Kinoko: Of course not. It's a very very clean Round Table.

What is the difference between Chaldea's Servant summoning and the Lion King's Round Table summoning? Does the Lion King have an alternate method? ~ Man by the Water

Nasu Kinoko: The Lion King's summoning is limited to the "Knights of the Round Table." The Enforcement Knights are summoned by the Lion King as well. They are not from her travels as King Arthur, but from bonds formed from her time wandering as Goddess Rhongomyniad. She had those who "could not become Heroic Spirits despite being heroes" participate as knights of Camelot. On the other hand, the soldiers under Gawain and Lancelot in the game version are the "former subordinates" summoned by connections to each of their respective lords. The Enforcement Knights were inhuman since they served a Divine Spirit, but that's the reason why the soldiers were human.

Takeuchi Takashi: Having heard that, the designs of the Enforcement Knights look like terminal existences connected to the Lion King and Camelot which symbolizes her, don't they?

Nasu Kinoko: When Gawain withdrew from the front lines and told his knights, "if possible, cross the sea and head for your hometown," that was out of his feelings of "if I could, I'd want to show you your homeland once again" as their lord.

Wasn't Lancelot's camp ever found out by any of the Knights of the Round Table? ~ Raberu

Nasu Kinoko: The only one who knew was Tristan, the wandering cloud, who had no subordinates, and annihilated opposition all on his own whenever he unexpectedly showed up. Agravain and Gawain couldn't leave the Holy City and had no way of knowing, and the Raid Knight Mordred only charged the enemy bases, so...

Takeuchi Takashi: Oh yeah, that would make Akkun livid.

Nasu Kinoko: Managing that many refugee sites on top of his duties in the Holy City and maintaining order is proof of Lancelot's versatility as a knight. Agravain wouldn't get angry over an incompetent opponent.

It seems that in order for Servants to be able to accompany on the Rayshift, it depends on their affinity with the Singularity. Was the reason Da Vinci-chan was able to come along this time because she had good affinity? ~ Silver Moon Madao

Nasu Kinoko: Her affinity wasn't quite that good, but since it was a Singularity that appeared like the pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Da Vinci came along, having a deep knowledge of that subject.

Takeuchi Takashi: I get the impression that affinity with a Singularity is like an effect of the geography. Like the energy you feel returning home.

Nasu Kinoko: But the hometown you return to after 20 years... the fields have all become houses... my childhood scenery is... already...

During his long journey of 1500 years, did Bedi travel the entire world? ~ Rei

Nasu Kinoko: It's not as though it was for the entire 1500 years, but he must have gone around 'lands with legends of the Holy Sword.' Eventually he traveled everywhere he could think of, and without ever meeting her, he reached Avalon, the place King Arthur would originally return to, and he became a voiceless stone.

Takeuchi Takashi: Nasu-san, you're tired too, aren't you? ...I know how you feel.

Nasu Kinoko: Don't undo the petrification the moment I've turned to stone, please.

If Bedivere and Mordred were alone together, what sort of scene would that be? ~ Yuu

Nasu Kinoko: Mordred would be grumpy to herself, and finally leave her seat. THE END! On the other hand, Bedivere left alone would keep thinking about his king.

Takeuchi Takashi: That's a usual scene at the Round Table.

For Arash's handmade knife to magnificently pierce even the strong Gawain's chest, did it have some sort of special divine protection? ~ Kusakaki

Nasu Kinoko: Faith.

Takeuchi Takashi: Persian soul.

Nasu Kinoko: If I had to say, I think there probably wasn't any magical sort of divine protection. It was something Arash left behind to "those who fight," so it pierced through. If it were a holy sword given by Douman as he says "Nnnnnn~! I've prepared an SSR holy sword with this leftover rock!", it would have snapped in half.

Agravain seems like a workaholic, but does he have a hobby or anything to relieve stress? ~ Akkun Sukosuko Samurai

Nasu Kinoko: There's the witchcraft he inherited from his mother... which is often assumed to be his hobby, but that's merely research he does for battle tactics, so it's still work. Agravain has no hobbies.

Takeuchi Takashi: You can also say his work is his hobby. Somehow, I can relate.

Nasu Kinoko: Agravain's work is nothing but his 'duty' huh... how can Akkun live such a hard life?

What would the Knights of the Round Table of Chapter Six think if they knew that Bedivere was unable to return the Holy Sword? ~ Miyami

Nasu Kinoko: After his vision going white with rage, Gawain would put his all into calming himself down, and comment, "That is not something that can be forgiven as a knight." Lancelot would get lightheaded and let out an anguished murmur: "Well, who could blame you?" Mordred would burst out laughing, then get serious, saying in a disgusted voice, "Should I kill that cowardly bastard?" Tristan would say nothing. But if he had not received the Gift of Inversion, he would consider Bedievere's feelings, his heart would break from sorrow and I think, without exaggerating, he would be dead for real.

Takeuchi Takashi: Hey, seriously, isn't the Round Table too harsh?

Nasu Kinoko: Of-course-not. The-Round-Table-is-an-art-form.