Cosmos in the Lostbelt 6: Faerie Realm of the Round Table - Avalon le Fae Part 1

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A Magician: Come in, come in. I trust you can hear me, you, whose fate is yet unknown.

A Magician: Or are you that starry-eyed one I met on that day? Well, it doesn't matter.

A Magician: I'm stricken with boredom. Would you mind listening to me for a bit?

A Magician: These aren't my own words, though. It's a song I heard, carried on the wind.

Narration: “From now, I will tell you of a future. The future of the mystical island which became the land of fairies. ”

Narration: “The innocent shall return. To the Queen's castle, bottomless as it is. ”

Narration: “Accumulating, accumulating; like rain, like ashes. Fading away, fading away; like snow, like the unbelievable. ”

Narration: “Our hopes are at the ledge; still held within the palm of the queen's hand. ”

Narration: “Yet we must only endure a short time more. The morning when two thousand years have passed, the child of salvation will appear. ”

Narration: “They who unites fairies and humans, us and them. The child of salvation who will save the world. ”

Narration: “Like a moth to the flame. Even if it begins as but an ember, even if it cannot be seen. ”

Narration: “A city of iron, a sea of soot. When the calamity has been repelled, the pilgrimage will be hailed. ”

Narration: “Guided by the Staff of Selection, watched over by a foreign traveller, the child of salvation will reach the throne. ”

Narration: “The true king takes their place on the throne. A bloodstained crown presented. ”

Narration: “Ring out, ring out; like thunderous fury, like fiery lamentation. Let the six bells toll in demonstration. Make way for the true king. ”

Narration: “Before the red calamity reaches us. Before the black calamity bites. ”

Narration: “Although our work may be neglectful, we are descended of free fairies. ”

Narration: “Ever absent is our hope. A shining tomorrow is desired. ”

A Magician: What do you think? Isn't it just like one of those songs where it doesn't quite get the point across, yet you can still understand it somehow?

A Magician: I mean, that's just how prophecies are. The meaning may be ambiguous when you're first hearing it.

A Magician: “You'll know it when it happens,” you know. Like a curse secretly stuck on your back.

A Magician: Uh-oh, I've been spotted by a scary lady. This is all I can do for you right now.

A Magician: Will the next time we meet be after everything is over?

A Magician: It's a pity I can't join in the battle, but it's a relief knowing I don't have to worry.

A Magician: Well then, until we meet again. I'll be waiting in the land of imprisonment, looking forward to that time.

Note! Scene Change

Fujimaru 1: Was that...a dream?

Fou: ......

Sion: Ahem–testing, testing. Good morning, Sion speaking.

Sion: The time is just before 7 AM. I'm really sorry to be spoiling the solemn atmosphere,

Sion: but this is a notification for all staff of Novum Chaldea.

Sion: Movement has been detected in the sixth Lostbelt. The predicted emergency has now occurred.

Sion: Please do not panic, and gather in the control room quickly.

Fujimaru 1: Oh, no! Let's go, Fou!

Fou: ...

Fujimaru 1: Fou...?

Fujimaru 2: He turned around and scurried off...

Mash: Mash Kyrielight, reporting for duty!

Mash: This is—what is going on, Master?

Goredolf: Hmph. There's no point in asking Fujimaru, Kyrielight.

Goredolf: Myself and Holmes just arrived and we don't even know anything! There's no sign of the technical advisor or Captain either!

Goredolf: And then there's that smug alchemist over there...

Holmes: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I'm glad you all slept well last night.

Holmes: The Director, Fujimaru, and Miss Kyrielight appear well rested.

Holmes: Let's first go through the prerequisites, shall we, Miss Sion?

Sion: That's right. Everyone, I'm glad you're all in good health.

Sion: Fujimaru, the field researcher; Mash, demi-servant.

Sion: Meunière, the helmsman; Tomlin, first operator.

Sion: Kawata, second operato; Octavia, da Vinci's assistant.

Sion: Chin, vehicle maintenance; Cayenne, weapons design and maintenance; Elron, records clerk; Marcus, Spiritron Engineering maintenance.

Sion: And Goredolf, taster of honey-filled pancakes in the dining room this morning.

Sion: Everyone seem to have remained calm and collected despite the situation. As expected of Chaldea's staff, who have weathered many battles!

Sion: In that case, I can inform you of the current situation without hesitation. Oh, it's nothing to worry about at all!

Goredolf: See, I have a rather bad feeling about this whole state of affairs, but I'll ask anyway! What's going on, Sion!?

Goredolf: What does this ever-so-alarming red beacon signify?

Goredolf: I don't know, perhaps there's a fire in the kitchen?

Sion: No no, it's just that the Earth's in a bit of a pinch. At this rate, in 24 hours, we'll all be dead.

Goredolf: Oh, total extinction. That's a bit bigger of a problem than I expe—

Goredolf: Wait, what are you saying, you kneesock-wearing Egyptian!?

Sion: Hmph, I take issue with you boiling me down to appearance, clothes, and nationality...

Mash: I agree, but for now, I think we should discuss the topic at hand.

Mash: New Director Gordolf, Fujimaru, and the rest of the staff are all a bit shaken.

Mash: You mentioned the Earth is in trouble, but what exactly is happening?

Sion: Excuse me, you're right. We don't have a lot of time, so I'll get straight to the point.

Sion: It's been three weeks since the shock of the operation to destroy Alter Ego Limbo.

Sion: Novum Chaldea has recently completed maintenance on the Storm Border, and has been devising a strategy to attack the remaining sixth and seventh Lostbelts.

Sion: As I've explained before, the sixth Lostbelt—Great Britain—doesn't need to be attacked.

Sion: Our priority was the seventh Lostbelt, where the “Alien God” is believed to be hiding.

Goredolf: Uh, umm, I'm aware of that. We can leave the sixth Lostbelt alone. That's because—

Goredolf: Come on, Fujimaru, let's hear it.

Fujimaru 1: Britain doesn't have a Fantasy Tree anymore.

Holmes: Yes, the Fantasy Tree which had established the British Lostbelt was used to burn down the Fantasy Tree in Olympus.

Holmes: In fact, no magical energy reactions specific to the Fantasy Trees have been observed from Britain.

Holmes: The British Lostbelt will slowly vanish, just like the Chinese Lostbelt did.

Fujimaru 2: Britain's in a bit of a dire state.

Meunière: Hey, are you still half asleep, Fujimaru?

Meunière: Since Britain's in such a bad state, we were going to leave it until we finished our other business.

Meunière: Beryl Gut said as much, right?

Meunière: In order to burn the Fantasy Tree of Olympus, he burned the Fantasy Tree of Britain.

Mash: Yes. Although the Lostbelt remains surrounded by a wall of light,

Mash: it's no longer a threat to pan-human history. That's been the consensus...right?

Sion: Yes. It's been a subject of our investigations, but we did not consider it a threat.

Sion: Until today, this very moment.

Sion: This is a map of the planet's surface taken with observation by the Paper Moon, and predictive outcomes from the observational lens SHEBA.

Sion: The British Lostbelt will vanish in 24 hours. With it, a wave of destruction will spread across the Earth like a tsunami.

Sion: The planet will reach the end of its lifespan, and become unable to withstand its own gravitational pull. It will collapse into nothingness.

Sion: This isn't like the pseudo-black hole used by the Alien God. This is a proper death of a planet.

Sion: It's a “dead end for humanity”, one that will supersede the “bad end for humanity” that wiped Earth clean.

Fujimaru 1: H-how the hell did that happen!?

Holmes: The cause is unknown. However, now that we know the outcome, we can't afford to stand idle.

Holmes: Both da Vinci and Captain Nemo are already beginning preparations to launch the Storm Border.

Holmes: Up to now we've been using the Shadow Border to transfer into the Lostbelts by means of Imaginary Numbers space.

Holmes: We aren't prepared for that this time. But, we do have the Storm Border.

Holmes: The Storm Border is able to break through the barrier surrounding the Lostbelt.

Holmes: As a large ship, it will be our frontline base, so to speak.

Holmes: Even though the Shadow Border will be doing the on-site investigation, having a base that can supply us at any time is reassuring.

Holmes: Also, TRISMEGISTUS II has defined this phenomenon as a “collapse. ”

Holmes: Or perhaps you could call it a “pitfall. ”

Mash: mean Britain is going to sink or submerge?

Holmes: We won't know for sure until we arrive there.

Holmes: I dare say that this is a development that even the “Alien God” did not forsee.

Holmes: The disappearance of the British Lostbelt is, by all means, a good thing. It's the natural consequence of the Fantasy Tree losing its power.

Holmes: And yet, why should this “disappearance” continue to spread over the entire planet? If we don't solve this mystery, there's no future for us.

Holmes: There is nothing we can do to fix the blank state of the Earth if the foundation itself disappears.

Meunière: You said there's nothing we can do about it. We only have 24 hours left! There's nothing that can be accomplished in that time!

Sion: Don't worry about that. The disappearance of Britain takes place in 24 hours in our time.

Sion: But, according to SHEBA, the flow of time seems to be different inside those walls.

Sion: Once you enter the Lostbelt, you don't need to take that countdown into consideration.

Sion: After that, you just have to resolve this phenomenon inside Britain's Lostbelt!

Sion: Nevertheless, it's true we don't have much time.

Sion: From hereon out, all of Chaldea's staff will embark on the Storm Border.

Sion: After the final safety checks, we will set sail for the British Isles.

Sion: As soon as you arrive at the Wall of Light, break through with the Storm Border's dimensional boring equipment.

Sion: Infiltrate the sixth Lostbelt, Britain.

Sion: That concludes the explanation. The Shadow Border has just entered the dock.

Sion: It's a sudden operation, but you can get any further details from da Vinci once on the Storm.

Sion: Everyone, please be careful. I expect another fun story when you come back this time too.

Fujimaru 1: —Eh?

Fujimaru 2: What about you, Sion?

Sion: Haha, sorry, sorry. I did say “all staff,” didn't I?

Sion: That was a slip of the tongue. Cut, cut, that's a wrap!

Sion: I thought it would be impudent to call a newcomer like me part of Chaldea's staff.

Sion: Don't worry about me. I'll be continuing to observe the seventh Lostbelt from here.

Sion: I'll do what I do best. You do what you do best, Fujimaru.

Sion: However, if you fail, this entire base will be up in smoke in 24 hours!

Sion: So please, try your hardest, and do the best you possibly can this time!

Sion: Not that I'm worried, of course!

Fujimaru 1: Thanks! You too, Sion, stay strong!

Fujimaru 2: Yes, I got it!

Note! Scene Change

Nemo: All crew members are hereby notified. Repeat. All hands on deck.

Nemo: Two hours after we set sail from the Wandering Sea, the ship has arrived in the waters surrounding the British Lostbelt, as scheduled.

Nemo: We are now 200 kilometers north of the British Isles. The Wall of Light that you can see now is a dimensional faultline.

Nemo: It is similar to the “End of the World” recorded in the sixth singularity.

Nemo: Analysis by both da Vinci and Nemo Professor has revealed that the dimensional boundary to the south of Britain is relatively thin.

Nemo: Therefore, this ship will take a large detour around the Wall of Light. Once we arrive at the southern part of Great Britain, dimensional drilling will commence.

Nemo: The mission is scheduled to begin in 45 minutes. All crew members are to remain at their stations.

Nemo: —Well then. As you heard, the operation will start without pause.

Nemo: The Storm Border is a large ship.

Nemo: It can't dive into Imaginary Number Space as easily as the Shadow Border could.

Nemo: Instead, it can overcome the dimensional friction that separates worlds from each other, using its immense propulsion and strong magical barriers.

Nemo: It's a giant drill. We'll use the Storm Border itself as a bullet to pierce through the Wall of Light.

Nemo: Once we enter, the turbulence will be similar to use of the Zero Sail. Everyone should remain calm.

Nemo: If you fall into a state of confusion, agitation, or panic, your soul will become unable to accompany your body.

Goredolf: R-right, I got it. It's that thing that makes your head and chest feel awful.

Goredolf: We're used to the Zero Sail by now. There's no point worrying, Captain.

Goredolf: More importantly...

Goredolf: Uh, do we have a plan?

Goredolf: I don't even want to think about entering the Lostbelt without any countermeasures or milestones!

Da Vinci: Of course. I know exactly what we have to do, so you can relax.

Da Vinci: After all, I was brimming with energy to assault the British Lostbelt from the very beginning!

Mash: Is that so?

Mash: We were told the British Lostbelt was no longer a threat...

Holmes: Indeed, but we still advanced with our plans to explore it.

Holmes: We have only fragmentary information, but we know about Beryl Gut, one of the two remaining Crypters, who is in charge of the British Lostbelt, and...

Holmes: About the Lostbelt King who attacked Olympus' Fantasy Tree.

Holmes: What's more, this Lostbelt King also burned down the Fantasy Tree necessary for the survival of their own Lostbelt.

Holmes: It's unknown if they were deceived by Beryl Gut, or if this was by mutual consent.

Holmes: The important thing is they possess “substantial power, enough to burn down a Fantasy Tree. ” Which means—

Fujimaru 1: Rhongomyniad...right?

Da Vinci: Yes. Strong magic akin to divine judgement, able to reach a place as far removed as Olympus.

Da Vinci: A mystery that exceeds Kirschtaria's ideal magic. That was without a doubt Rhongomyniad.

Da Vinci: Something not made by the hands of men, but magecraft woven in the inner sea of the planet.

Da Vinci: The trump card against the Alien God that we desperately need.

Mash: The Inner Sea of the Planet? What is that...?

Meunière: It's a legend of paradise...

Meunière: Every legend talks about a “sanctuary that promises immortality. ”

Meunière: Utopia. The Garden of Eden. Tír na nÓg. In Britain, they call it Avalon.

Meunière: A paradise not of this world that can't be reached by ordinary means.

Meunière: It's said that it's inside the planet, the place where the planet's soul slumbers.

Meunière: It's a story that mages of the Clock Tower know as trivia.

Meunière: I called it a legend, but it's not a legend to those who can see it.

Meunière: If one person was able to reach the Inner Sea of the Planet, then you might be able to as well. In fact, there is a group that researches that sort of thing in the Clock Tower.

Meunière:'s a place that exists completely outside human knowledge.

Meunière: When someone is involved in a thing like that, it's like they wander into a different world.

Goredolf: Hahaha, what are you talking about, Meunière? Could you be referring to the underground workshop?

Goredolf: That stuff is just an exaggeration. They're merely an archaeological excavation team.

Goredolf: Underneath the Clock Tower—underneath London, is the Navel of the World. Don't take it so lightly.

Goredolf: Even if I were a supreme mage, I'd be too ashamed to run my mouth about it like that.

Holmes: Ahem, can we return to the point at hand? Apart from the inner workings of the Mage Association and the Clock Tower,

Holmes: if the King of the British Lostbelt is operating Rhongomyniad, I want to investigate and uncover this power.

Holmes: We advanced with our plans to investigate Britain's Lostbelt for that very purpose.

Holmes: The current situation is unexpected, but we had planned to invade it sooner or later.

Mash: So, Master's mission this time is more than just on-site investigation...

Holmes: Of course, there's also the matter of investigating and resolving the “collapse” that TRISMEGISTUS II warned of...

Holmes: The most important thing is to secure Rhongomyniad. Our objective this time is to negotiate with the Lostbelt King.

Goredolf: Negotiating with the Lostbelt mean cutting a deal!? With the guy who shot ICBMs at us!?

Da Vinci: Yeah. Even I think this is reckless. I'd really love to have Rhongomyniad, though...

Da Vinci: We have the Storm Border, the Heroic Spirit system, and the Black Barrel.

Da Vinci: When it comes to the immediate situation of the planet, and seeking the means to neutralize the Earth Presid—sorry, the Alien God,

Da Vinci: Sion refuses to give up, saying that “the Divine Construct is necessary. ”

Holmes: Miss Sion is an alchemist of Atlas. She must have some distinct basis for that.

Holmes: As she had calculated, we received the Nautilus, and now the Storm Border.

Holmes: Let's follow her prediction this time as well.

Holmes: We'll get our hands on Rhongomyniad, or whatever has replaced it.

Da Vinci: Aww, isn't this a little too optimistic for you, Holmes?

Da Vinci: The burden on Fujimaru might be unprecedented, don't you think?

Fujimaru 1: ...(I have a lot of work to do...)

Fujimaru 2: ...(Yeah, it's a bit different this time...)

Nemo: —That's enough chit-chat. Everyone, return to your stations.

Nemo: We will reach the drilling point soon. Please prepare for the impact of space-time crossing.

Mash: Y-yes! I'm very sorry, Captain!

Meunière: Oh shoot, the wall is right in front of us! I'm ashamed of my carelessness, Captain!

Goredolf: R-right, I got it! I still don't really understand, but I get the objective!

Goredolf: Don't think of this as the same old Lostbelt, Fujimaru!

Goredolf: Use your head if you negotiate! Cut your usual recklessness down to a third!

Holmes: My, my. Director Gordolf beat me to it.

Holmes: The essentials were said, but it would be good to get as many weapons as possible.

Holmes: We have the wisdom and time, no matter who our opponent is.

Holmes: So long as you take it one step at a time, you'll always arrive at the truth.

Fujimaru 1: Fujimaru, taking my seat!

Nemo: Good. Professor, begin the final checks. Storm Border, commence Zero Coating.

Nemo: Triton Engines 1, 2, and 3, parallel operations all green. Calculating the time differential of the drilling target, complete.

Nemo: I'm entrusting the protection of the armor to Da Vinci in the computer room. We of the Nemo Series will be focusing our attention on maintaining our course.

Meunière: We've got acknowledgement from the computer room, Captain! Chances of success, 99. 99%!

Nemo: Dimensional boundary piercing warship Storm Border, launch! From hereon, we storm the sixth Lostbelt!

Section 1: The Beginning

"Fairies who adorned freedom. Fairies who protected love. :In return, children who lost their world. ":

"Perish time and time again,:your Britain will still flourish. ":

"The wonders of spring, the quarrels of summer, the joys of autumn, the bloodshed of winter. :Untold deaths pile up, eternal; everlasting. ":

"Nevertheless, prithee, forget not. :No matter the strength of your castle, the foundations remain the same,":

"as the world grows anew, the roots grow tiresome. :At long last, unbeknownst to all,:

"from the bite of a meager worm, shall it collapse. ":

Fujimaru 1: Did...did I just fall asleep?

Mash: Yes...I felt like I was in a is everyone else?

Meunière: The same...a little dizzy, you know? Ah, damn it, I'm still feeling lightheaded...

Goredolf: Hmm...“We've broken through the light barrier! ” I remember Captain's gallant words, but after that...

Goredolf: I can't remember what happened...but more importantly, who turned off the lights!?

Fujimaru 1: Captain...?

Nemo: Thank you, I'm here. But...I'm sorry, it's difficult for me to talk right now...

Holmes: Captain Nemo as well, then...apparently, I'm not the only one in a bit of a state...

Fujimaru 2: Holmes?

Holmes: Rest assured, I'm still in my seat. However...

Holmes: If you ask me how I'm feeling, I would have to say: not great. My consciousness and body are as heavy as lead.

Holmes: I wonder if this is what they call a “hangover”?

Nemo: Holmes, it's the same here. I say, it's like the symptoms of a severe cold.

Nemo: The Marines have all collapsed and the Nurses are now carrying them to the infirmary.

Nemo: Neither Nemo Engine nor Nemo Bakery can remain conscious.

Mash: Oh, no...why is this happening?

Da Vinci: I'll explain it!

Nemo: Da Vinci...? You're okay?

Da Vinci: Why, of course! As you can see, da Vinci is always in good spirits!

Da Vinci: I was lucky to remain in sync with the Border in the computer room.

Da Vinci: While you were all unconscious, I did a full analysis of the situation inside the ship and the atmospheric conditions outside.

Da Vinci: How much do you want me to explain? After all, Nemo and Holmes aren't exactly in tip-top shape right now.

Holmes: No, it's fine. As long as you and Miss Kyrielight are in good health, we have our answer.

Holmes: The same as the Chinese Lostbelt, right? As soon as we entered Britain, Nemo and myself fell into a slump.

Holmes: “Heroic Spirits” cannot function in this Lostbelt.

Holmes: Or, to be more precise, “Heroic Spirits originating from human history” other words, “human history” itself doesn't exist here, correct?

Da Vinci: You're sharp. Nothing less from you, Holmes.

Da Vinci: I've just checked, and all of the Saint Graphs we had moved to the Border are in a dormant state.

Da Vinci: There is no foundation for the existence of “Heroic Spirits from pan-human history” in this Lostbelt.

Da Vinci: The Chinese Lostbelt was a place where “heroes” weren't necessary, but...

Da Vinci: This version of Britain is probably a “history where heroes never existed”. That's why the Heroic Spirits of pan-human history can't set foot on the British Isles.

Da Vinci: They're “nonexistent” to begin with. Like being rejected by the world itself.

Goredolf: Uh-huh. So, in short, there is no sufficient foundation for the Heroic Spirits to be active?

Goredolf: For instance...say, Robin Hood. That Heroic Spirit should be able to exist in any Lostbelt.

Goredolf: He's a faceless man that exists as long as there's something that corresponds to a “human who is skilled with a bow, regardless of identity or background. ”

Goredolf: But are you saying that even such easy conditions can't be met in this Lostbelt?

Da Vinci: Yes, that's right. Thank you for the good analogy, Gordolf!

Goredolf: No no, I remain a solitary director who has enjoyed reading your reports.

Goredolf: You might even say that with just my knowledge, I surpass Fujimaru as a Lostbelt Master.

Goredolf: But I see, this is a history that doesn't even include the concept of “people being good at archery”...

Goredolf: What's the meaning of this?

Goredolf: Even in a Lostbelt that continues to exist beyond the year 2017? Can such a human history exist?

Holmes: It's not possible...Even if it is a Lostbelt, as long as it's still human history, it will follow a certain pattern.

Holmes: As long as you build a civilization in the human format, there will always be technical breakthroughs to be made.

Holmes: The way we breed animals, and thrive from it...if our culture and living standards don't reach a certain level,

Holmes: we cannot survive for more than 10,000 years. Naturally, the many responsibilities of an occupation will eventually be divided, and thus, optimized.

Holmes: Even if the titles are different, swordsmen, archers, spearmen, craftsmen, soldiers, kings, and detectives are born.

Holmes: The lack of such means—

Fujimaru 1: There are no "humans" here...?

Holmes: Good insight, Fujimaru. That is indeed the simplest conclusion.

Holmes: However, there are other possibilities. I'll leave this discussion for later.

Fujimaru 2: ...

Goredolf: But the technical advisor and Mash weren't even affected in the slightest!

Mash: It's...because I'm a demi-servant, isn't it?

Mash: My Saint Graph is that of the Heroic Spirit Galahad, but I'm not actually him...

Da Vinci: Yes, exactly. And I'm not Leonardo da Vinci himself, either. Technically speaking, I'm a homunculus.

Da Vinci: Well, I'm even more of a genius than he is! We should consider ourselves lucky!

Nemo: ...

Nemo: Then, in other words, you and Mash are the only Servants who can operate in this Lostbelt.

Meunière: Seriously!? You mean we can't even summon a new servant here!?

Nemo: Since the Lostbelt rejects the concept of “heroes of human history”, we can't expect to increase our forces here.

Nemo: If we want to increase our strength, we'll have to ask for help from the locals of this Lostbelt.

Nemo: Most importantly...Da Vinci. Can you tell me, what has been going on for the last half hour?

Da Vinci: Oh. Immediately after the Storm Border went through the Wall of Light, the systems went down.

Da Vinci: All electronic equipment stopped functioning for unknown reasons, and the Storm Border crashed.

Da Vinci: Nemo Engine underwent a last ditch effort to get a single Triton engine running again.

Da Vinci: The Storm Border managed to break free from the island's airspace, and crash landed somewhere off the southwest coast.

Da Vinci: So that's where we're at. The generator's down, too, so we're running on backup power for now.

Fujimaru 1: That's why it was dark...

Fujimaru 2: It's a tough situation...

Da Vinci: Yup. The situation isn't great, to say the least. But hey, we're used to it by now, right?

Da Vinci: We're just lucky there hasn't been any attack from the outside. At least we can relax a bit and take the time to discuss our plans.

Holmes: Ah, no outside attack.

Holmes: So, the Lostbelt King is unaware of our intrusion?

Da Vinci: I can't say for sure, but it's possible. We haven't even landed on the island itself yet.

Da Vinci: The Storm Border was stuttering more and more as we approached the island.

Da Vinci: But this just “stopped”. Nothing has been damaged or destroyed.

Da Vinci: It's speculation, but the engines should be back to functioning properly as soon as we head away from the island.

Nemo: Even though it's based on the Nautilus, it still can't get close to the “Island of Mystery”.

Nemo: Anyway, I'm ashamed to admit it, but making sure that the Storm Border was safe was the first thing on my mind.

Nemo: If we can restart the engines after heading away from the island, we have an escape route out of this Lostbelt.

Nemo: The rest is something to worry about later—Da Vinci, will the Shadow Border work?

Da Vinci: That's no good either. We can use it as a boat to get to the shore, but it'll stop functioning once it lands.

Meunière: Seriously...we can't even use the Shadow Border...

Meunière: Oh, and what about our communications? Is there any chance of wireless communication on the island?

Da Vinci: It's hard to say until we try. But at this rate, we shouldn't get our hopes up.

Da Vinci: In the worst case scenario, we'll have to revert back to primitive means of communication. Holmes, have you ever used a carrier pigeon?

Holmes: I've only ever solved a few cases involving them. Of course, it could be useful.

Da Vinci: Yes. Then I'll be your teacher this time, Holmes. Leave the correspondence to me.

Da Vinci: And let's be clear about how much time we have left.

Da Vinci: The Storm Border can stay in this state for approximately 30 days.

Da Vinci: 50 days if we cut back by reducing what we're powering on the ship. That would involve cutting off the backup power supply.

Da Vinci: That's the time limit for this operation.

Da Vinci: As soon as we're done, we'll move the Storm Border away from the British Isles and restart the engines.

Da Vinci: Once the Triton Engine's magical energy stabilizes, we'll break through the Wall of Light again and leave the British Lostbelt.

Da Vinci: I've prepared the briefing regarding our current plan. New Director Gordolf, if you would.

Goredolf: Umm, as long as the Storm Border keeps away from the island, there's only one policy.

Goredolf: Fujimaru makes landfall secretly on the Island of Britain with Mash Kyrielight as [♂ his /♀ her] escort.

Goredolf: While investigating the area, they will look for the cause of the Collapse observed in Novum Chaldea.

Goredolf: At the same time, if possible, contact the Lostbelt King and obtain Rhongomyniad.

Goredolf: Contact with the Storm Border may be too difficult during the operation.

Goredolf: Each of you will make your own decisions on the ground and return alive, with results, within, make it 45 days.

Meunière: Just Fujimaru and Mash? You can't do that!

Meunière: At least let me or Chin go with them! I mean, I'm scared too, but come on!

Goredolf: Idiot, how is Mash going to defend you both?

Goredolf: Mash Kyrielight is not the panacea! If there's only one servant present,

Goredolf: I'm going to need that servant to support Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: New Director Gordolf...

Fujimaru 2: Papa Gordolf...

Goredolf: I'm not your papa! I'm only in my twenties, you know!

Goredolf: All right, you two! If you are ready, recite the mission statement!

Mash: Roger! Mash Kyrielight, I will assist Master in surveying the area!

Fujimaru 1: Mash and I will do our best!

Goredolf: Hmm. Well then, let's get to work. After all, there's a 45-day limit.

Goredolf: Great Britain is large. If it were up to me, I would head to Oxford first...

Goredolf: What are you doing, Technical Advisor!?

Goredolf: It looks like she's packing things into her own backpack...

Da Vinci: Hm? What, because I'm going with them on this little field trip?

Da Vinci: I told you, leave the back-and-forth to me, right?

Da Vinci: I'll write you all letters and send them to the Storm Border via familiar, thank you very much~☆

Fujimaru 1: Wh—

Goredolf: What the hell—!?


Goredolf: Hmm, mm, mmm...! That...that makes sense...!

Goredolf: Ngh, rrrrgh...there's no way around it...I will allow the technical advisor to accompany them!

Nemo: Fine...I'll take you as far as the coast. Take care of them for me, da Vinci.

Da Vinci: And with that, we've finally landed in Britain~~!

Da Vinci: It's really, really foggy! And yet, it's sooo warm!

Nemo: Please, there is no need to get so excited.

Nemo: We've conquered five Lostbelts so far. Mysterious lands are to be expected at this point.

Da Vinci: Hey, it's like my first adventure. It's only natural that I'm getting fired up!

Da Vinci: So, Captain's heading back to the Storm Border. You think you're pushing yourself too hard?

Da Vinci: From hereon out, it's up to us, the field research team! We've been waiting with bated breath for this moment!

Nemo: Good grief...well, if she's that energetic, I suppose there is no need to worry.

Nemo: Fujimaru, Mash. While on your mission, please take good care of da Vinci.

Nemo: Earlier, before I fell unconscious in the control room, I caught a short glimpse of the state of affairs in Britain.

Nemo: The location due east of this beach was shrouded in fog, but there was what looked like a city beyond it.

Nemo: It's about two hundred kilometers away. If everything goes smoothly, you will be able to reach it in a few days.

Nemo: That is where you should be headed. I'm worried about this fog, but there's not much you can do to avoid it...

Fujimaru 1: Don't worry. I'll be careful.

Fujimaru 2: We're always cautious.

Nemo: Indeed. Then good luck, Fujimaru, Mash, da Vinci.

Nemo: I'm looking forward to hearing good news.

Mash: Equipment check complete, Master. Survival kit, and 90 days of portable rations, all in one piece.

Da Vinci: Yeah, yeah. As long as I have magical energy I won't go hungry, so you only need enough food for the two of you.

Da Vinci: Huh? Now that I think of it, where's Fou?

Da Vinci: He's not following either of you.

Mash: You see...this time, Fou wasn't with us on the Storm Border.

Fujimaru 1: It's like he ran away and hid.

Da Vinci: Really? Feels a bit lonely, doesn't it? Wasn't Fou with you on your journey to restore humanity?

Da Vinci: I was hoping for a similar experience that my adult self once had...Fou, do you not like Britain?

Da Vinci: Well, it can't be helped. I'm sure there will be future opportunities for us to travel together.

Mash: Of course. At such a time, Holmes, New Director Gordolf,

Mash: Sion, Meunière, and Fou, we'll all go on an adventure!

Fujimaru 1: All right. Let's go!

Da Vinci: Yeah! To the city 200 kilometers east of here! Or something like that!

Da Vinci: It's a long path, so let's go, Ch-al-de-a!

Tristan: Yes, it is good to keep motivated. After all, we have a long path ahead of us...or so I feel.

Da Vinci & Mash: —Whaaaaat?

Fujimaru 1: —Huh?

Da Vinci: I can't believe it...what on earth...

Da Vinci: It's only the start of my first adventure, and I'm already hallucinating...!?

Mash: What a surprise...both Master and da Vinci can see him too...

Mash: If it was just me...I could have passed it off as an optical illusion caused by how nervous I am, but...

Fujimaru 1: Tristan, to say the least...

Tristan: My, what is with this hostile atmosphere? It saddens me...

Tristan: Certainly, I may seem unremarkable, like a weather vane spinning in the wind...

Tristan: It's true, it was a very automated, informal summoning, but...

Mash: Oh! My apologies, the report! The Round Table shield has a trace of heat from a summon!

Fujimaru 1: (Speaking of, that familiar light near Mash just now...)

Da Vinci: Wait, really? It's not an illusion? It's—it's really a Saint Graph materializing!

Da Vinci: It's the real Sir Tristan! But how!? A Heroic Spirit from pan-human history shouldn't be able to exist here!

Tristan: Hmm...

Tristan: Apparently I am not being criticized, but it appears my summoning was unexpected.

Tristan: It was not by my own wish that I responded to the summons. When I came to my senses...I found myself in front of you.

Tristan: Of course, as a Heroic Spirit on the side of humanity, I am aware of Chaldea, however...

Tristan: I too am clueless as to the present situation. Please, could you explain it to me?

Fujimaru 1: —And that's why.

Fujimaru 2: Heroic Spirits can't be summoned. One was anyway. Clear?

Tristan: I see. So this is the Lostbelt...the impossible Isle of Britain.

Tristan: As for why the knight Tristan was able to be summoned here, well...

Tristan: It is probably because this is the coast of Cornwall.

Tristan: You could call it a bond with the land.

Tristan: Even if history itself differs, the island itself should be the same.

Mash: Oh—that's right.

Mash: Sir Tristan is said to have been born in Cornwall, which is the southwest point of Britain.

Mash: So, the summon was possible because...or, could the land itself have sought relief, do you think?

Da Vinci: Or maybe, Fujimaru, anxious about stepping into an unknown land...

Da Vinci: [♂ He /♀ She] subconsciously wished for someone to be summoned, or something.

Da Vinci: Either way, it's reassuring that we have Sir Tristan with us. At the same time, it gives me hope!

Da Vinci: Even if there are no “heroes of humanity” in this Lostbelt, if some connection can be made, it should be possible to summon the Heroic Spirits of pan-human history.

Da Vinci: Sir Gawain of Orkney, for example. Or for that matter, King Arthur of Camelot himself!

Tristan: Straight to King Arthur...? That's—

Tristan: No, it would be a pleasure. As King, I am sure he would be able to help you.

Tristan: Of course, I offer you my services, though I am of little help. Yet it is my duty as a Knight of the Round Table.

Tristan: Master Fujimaru.

Tristan: Although it was not a direct summon, I offer to you my Failnaught. Please use me to the fullest.

Tristan: Tristan the Lamenting, I will be your servant.

Tristan: Then, I'll lead the way.

Tristan: If there is something you aspire to attain in southwest Britain, I shall be your guide.

Tristan: From this area, you can cross those mountains, and soon you will be in the hills.

Tristan: We can be on the road in about two hours. Let's go, Master.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah. Good to meet you, Tristan!

Fujimaru 2: The ever-reliable Sir Tristan!

~One hour from the start of travel~

Tristan: ...

Da Vinci: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Mash: Sir...Sir Tristan...I hate to say it, but...

Fujimaru 1: Hey, maybe we're lo—

Tristan: I'm not lost.

Tristan: Certainly...those of you that are dependent on your eyes may feel that way.

Tristan: But, we are definitely making progress. We've already walked four kilometers. Progress is being made.

Tristan: It's just a case of “no matter how far you go, you cannot escape the coast. ”

Tristan: If Sir Bedivere were here, I am sure he would say something like:

Tristan: “Don't worry about it, Tristan! I'll lead the way from here, so you get some rest. ”

Tristan: And that is how we'd find an alternative route...

Da Vinci: So you ARE lost! And Bedivere would be astonished, don't you think?

Tristan:'s as I thought...Sir Bedivere would be dismayed...

Tristan: It saddens me...if only you had put it so bluntly before, I would have played an encouraging song for you on my harp...

Fujimaru 1: (Even Bedi would hate that) It's a bad time.

Fujimaru 2: But, it is strange...

Tristan: That is for sure...maybe it is all this fog...

Tristan: I have been placing bewitched string along our path to ensure we are not walking in circles...

Tristan: Yet somehow, the strings...they have been broken...but, they were not cut...

Tristan: I was letting go of the strings with my own hands...

Tristan: It's as if...I've forgotten what I was thinking...just a minute ago...

Tristan: —!

Mash: ...! Master, there's a high density of magical energy ahead!

Mash: I don't know if it's a hostile species because I haven't received anything from the Border, but this is—

Mash: Guh!

Da Vinci: We're under attack! Prepare to intercept, Fujimaru!

Da Vinci: This will be your first battle in the British Lostbelt, fight with the utmost caution!


Fujimaru 1: —It vanished?

Fujimaru 2: It was defeated?

Infant of a Rut: Eek, it's too strong~~! What on earth, a British ghost?

Infant of a Rut: I managed to fight them off, but there was no response or reaction, so it doesn't feel like I've defeated them at all!

Knight of Sorrows: I feel the same...What marvelous vitality.

Knight of Sorrows: One cannot simply classify it as a ghost or similar...that strangeness...that deep's just...

Knight of Sorrows: No...we should be appreciative of the toil we went through. Well done, Master.

Knight of Sorrows: We can't summon any Heroic Spirits here in I was worried.

Knight of Sorrows: But a simple, temporary seems both possible, and reliable...

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, I managed...

Fujimaru 2: It was more tiring than usual, though!

Infant of a Rut: Yeah. I was watching from the sidelines, but you seemed to be using more magical energy than usual.

Infant of a Rut: In your case, you're converting your own life force into magical energy, so you should avoid fighting as much as possible—

Fairy Knight: Oh, no—

Infant of a Rut: Mash? What's the matter?

Fairy Knight: Black Barrel—no, the whole of Ortenaus—

Fairy Knight: It—it's jammed—

Infant of a Rut: Mash!? What's happening, Mash!?

Fujimaru 1: Mash...?

Fujimaru 2: Da Vinci-chan...?

Knight of Sorrows: What's with you two...? There's a presence nearby, but...

Knight of Sorrows:'s moving away. We can't. We'll get separated in this fog.

Knight of Sorrows: I'll call them back here. Your names, your names were...

Knight of Sorrows: Your names are...

Knight of Sorrows: begin with, my name is—?

Fujimaru 1: Wait for me, redhead...!

Fujimaru 1: Redhead...

Fujimaru 1: Who are you...? No, more importantly...

Fujimaru 1: I...I am...who am I?

B:???: Oh no, no, no. Even though I was in a hurry, I've seemed to have arrived a little late.

B:???: Huh? Because I've been taking it a little too easy? Come on, cut me some slack here.

B:???: After all, this is the first time we've met. It's important to have good manners and make a good first impression.

B:???: But, I wonder if [♂ he /♀ she] was also at fault here?

B:???: After all, entering the Nameless Forest without a talisman is tantamount to suicide.

B:???: [♂ He /♀ She]'s a Master of Chaldea. [♂ He /♀ She]'s awfully brave, don't you think, Blanca?

Moth on ???'s Arm:

B:???: Do I trust strangers? Yes, I do. I would trust this one with all my heart.

B:???: Well, I was a little bit skeptical until I saw them in person, but...

B:???: I understand [♂ him /♀ her]. [♂ He /♀ She]'s genuine. Serious about saving the world, with such unrivaled passion.

B:???: —Ahh, it was worth having faith and waiting for so long.

Moth on ???'s Arm:

B:???: You're right, Blanca. It's time for me to get serious, too.

B:???: Oops, are those fairies lurking in the shadows? One, two, three, four of them...oh dear, that's quite a bad omen.

B:???: Thank goodness, they seem to be good-natured fairies. I'm sure they can help.

B:???: Well then, I guess we'll save the emotional greetings for another time.

B:???: Godspeed, child of Chaldea. Try to get acclimated to the air of Britain first.

B:???: Oh, but one thing—

B:???: Whatever you do, don't make the mistake of saying you're human, okay?


Fujimaru 1: Mash—

Fujimaru 1: Maaaaash—!

A:???: Thank goodness. You've regained consciousness.

A:???: You don't appear injured, so I don't think your life is in danger...

A:???: Please, let me know if you have any pain anywhere.

A:???: I'm still a novice, but I can do some basic treatment.

Fujimaru 1: You're—

Fujimaru 1: —Mash?

Mash: Oh. Ah–yes, that's right. That was my name, wasn't it?

Mash: No, I'm glad. I almost forgot my own name, so...

Mash: I see. Mash, huh. It's an original, but short and sweet name.

Mash: But, if you know my name, then you and I must have been friends, after all!

Mash: Good morning, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. Do you know where we are?

Fujimaru 1: Where are we...? [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]...?

Mash:'re [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia], right? It says so on your name tag.

Mash: I heard that we collapsed in the “Nameless Forest”. Do you know anything about it?

Mash: Once you enter, you get lost in the fog, and can't find your way out.

Mash: You're lost, your memory gets more and more hazy, you start forgetting who you are. In the end, you lose your name, and your past...

Mash: It's like a forest of no return. It's the worst Fairy Territory in Britain, but...

Mash: How could we have ended up in such a place...

Mash: I wonder if something bad happened...

Mash: It's like if everyone ordered ginger ale, but I was the only one to get salt water, or something like that...

Fujimaru 1: [♂ Lysander...Lysander? /♀ Hermia...Hermia? ]

Fujimaru 2: (No...I can't remember anything...! )

Mash: [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia? ] What's the matter, is something on your mind?

Mash: Ah! Did you hit your head in the woods, by any chance? Is there serious damage to your skull!?

B:???: No, that's not it. Perhaps, [♂ he /♀ she] doesn't know who [♂ he /♀ she] is...

B:???: I very much doubt [♂ he /♀ she] can remember a single thing about you, about [♂ him /♀ her]self, about this place...

B:???: After all, I am the same...

B:???: All I remember, is that I was [♂ his /♀ her] follower...

B:???: “I will defend my Lord even if it costs me my life”...that is the only thought that still keeps me standing.

Fujimaru 1: You', I can't remember!

B:???: Take it easy, milord. As for me, I'm Isolde's, that's not it...

B:???: Right, name, it must be Tristram...

Tristram: See, I have a name tag made of leaves on my chest. It is written in Old English. (smug)

Fujimaru 1: It's true. I can't read it properly!

Tristram: Yes. So, you are [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. I'm Tristram. She's Mash.

Tristram: Aha. Naturally, we are three travelling companions in distress together!

Fujimaru 1: Of course, that's it!

Fujimaru 2: Alright, high five!

Mash: ...? (What's Old English? )

Mash: In other words, all of us have no idea who we are, or where we came from.

Mash: But having something we had to accomplish,

Mash: we entered the Nameless Forest knowing the danger...and that about sums it up.

Fujimaru 1: (I thought this was the coast, but guess we're in the woods. )

Tristram: Yes...the only other thing I can tell you, is that I am an outstanding genius among my people...

Tristram: A poet and a superb archer with transcendent technique.

Mash: I see. (In other words, you don't know anything. )

Fujimaru 1: What about you, Mash?

Mash: W-well, it seems like I'm the same as you two. I get the sense I've forgotten many things.

Mash: Anyway.

Mash: We were found by the fairies of this village after we collapsed in the Nameless Forest.

Mash: The next question is, why did they rescue us? Are they slavers now? Or something like that? I've heard of them...

Mash: Ugh...I don't want to think about it, but if this is one of those villages...!

C:???: Hello. Unconscious people, have you woken up?

C:???: Aa—ah. Um, I heard your voices...I'm sorry if I startled you.

C:???: Um...everybody wants me to come get all of you.

C:???: Look, it's going to get dark soon so...before then, okay?

Tristram: (...[♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. Have you met her before? )

Fujimaru 1: (No, never. )

Fujimaru 2: (I think this is the first time...)

Tristram: (Is that so...I don't feel any hostility from her. A good, no matter how you look at it...)

Fujimaru 1: (A fairy straight out of a fairytale, right? )

C:???: Ah, er, um...

C:???: Can you not move...? If so, we can always talk later...

C:???: But if I do that, everyone will call me useless again...

Mash: By 'everyone', you mean the fairies of this village?

Mash: It's alright. We're just going to talk a little bit first, so please go on ahead.

Mash: I will explain to the others that you called us.

C:???: —!

C:???: I-I was useful! Oh, thank you so much!

C:???: We'll all gather in the square to wait for you!

Fujimaru 1: She left...

Fujimaru 2: Anyway, should we get going...?

Mash: Hah...Let's go outside, shall we?

Mash: I'm a little anxious, but it seems like things will only get worse if we stay cooped up in here.

Mash: Well, no matter what they ask, we don't remember a thing,

Mash: so we can't fall under any weird prejudices like what city we're from, or if we side with the Queen or not!

Tristram: ???

Note! Scene Change

Fairy-like Animal: Is that them!? The ones who were left for dead in the forest!

Fairy-like Animal: Eww, they look like people, but they have no wings! The Wind Clan sure has fallen far, heeheehee!

Fairy with a Friendly Face: Please don't lump them together with us. They're different from the ground up.

Fairy with a Friendly Face: They're obviously convicts who were sentenced to having their wings torn off. Did they escape from Darlington?

Petite Fairy: They're pale. Their limbs are like dead branches. What should we do?

Fairy-like Animal: Well then, let's tear them apart! If we use their limbs for firewood, it'll brighten up the night!

Fujimaru 1: —(Lost for words)

Fujimaru 2: (This is too much like a fairy tale...! )

Fairy with a Friendly Face: Before that, let's hear their story. That's our “Rule”.

Fairy with a Friendly Face: Which clan do you come from, and what are your names? Which city are you from?

Fairy with a Friendly Face: For what reason did you decide to flee to Cornwall?

Mash: No, it's just...we only know our own names.

Mash: I don't know where I came from, why I'm here, what my purpose was, nothing...

Fairy with a Friendly Face: —Huh!? You don't even know what city you're from?

Petite Fairy: Tch. You don't even have a purpose, do you?

Fairy-like Animal: Hah. Terrible. Awful. What is with that nonsense?

Fairy-like Animal: I was hoping we could have ransomed her off. They'd have made a real fuss over someone like her.

Fairy-like Animal: Everyone, these guys—

Fairy with a Friendly Face: Yeah, this calls for—

Petite Fairy: Ah, you mean—

Fairy-like Animal: We'll have to take care of them ourselves! We found some new friends—!

Fairies: Yippee—! Yahooo—!

Fairies: A festival, a festival! We found ourselves more friends!

Fairies: Having no place to live, no purpose, nothing but a name!

Fairies: They chase you, they stone you! You find yourselves at the end of the road!

Fairies: In the “Nameless Forest”, you'll disappear by morning! Even queens run for their lives in there!

Fairies: Welcome to Cornwall, the village at the end, my fellow countrymen!

Fairies: It's been a rough journey so far, hasn't it? Haven't you suffered enough already?

Fairies: Here, in the burning dregs of society, you can live out your lives carefree!

Fujimaru 1: S—

Mash: S-sure?

Fujimaru 1: I'm full, I've eaten way too much...

Mash: The fairies of this village were so considerate to entertain us like this tonight!

Mash: Also, you're a very good conversationalist. It's surprising.

Mash: You were a bit confused at first, but eventually spoke to the Wind Clan and Earth Clan without distinction.

Mash: Despite the fact that in the Fairy Kingdom, it's common practice to support one or the other.

Fujimaru 1: Clans of Wind and Earth?

Fujimaru 2: Fairy Kingdom?

Mash: Huh? You forgot that too? Really?

Mash: Hmm...that's a nuisance. The only thing you forget in the Nameless Forest should be “yourself. ”

Mash: I've heard that you don't go as far as to forget your daily habits, but...

Mash: What about you, Tristram? Do you know anything about the Fairy Kingdom?

Tristram: ...

Mash: The same as [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia], I see. Then let me teach you two.

Mash: I don't know anything major, but I've been taught the basics—

Halobaromia: Alright, everyone pipe down! The banquet is over!

Halobaromia: I know how you feel, I know. But unfortunately, it's getting dark. Let's pick the welcome party back up tomorrow.

Onfam: The fun times are short, huh? I guess that's it. Everyone, let's get back to our roofs.

Doga: See you later, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia], Mash! You too, tight-lipped Tristram!

Doga: That roof is all yours! Keep yourselves hidden until morning!

Halobaromia: You there, show our guests to their dwelling.

Onfam: Be quick, the more you dawdle, the more wounds you'll get again.

Doga: That's right. Don't get distracted and wander off, okay? No one's going to find you at night!

???: Y-yes. I-I'll be fine. Thank you for trusting me with this.

???: Everyone, I'm going to take you back to the roof from earlier. That will be your territory from now on.

Mash: ...?

Tristram: ...

???: Th-then, good night.

???: This place is separated from the village square, but you're still within the village's boundaries.

???: The animals of the forest can't come in. You can rest easily.

Fujimaru 1: (She just bowed her head and left...)

Fujimaru 2: (We forgot to ask that girl's name...)

Mash: Alright. I think you may be tired from talking to so many fairies,

Mash: but before we sleep, let's return to our conversation from earlier.

Mash: You know that this Fairy Kingdom, Britain, is literally a land of fairies, correct?

Fujimaru 1: Uh—sort of, yeah.

Fujimaru 2: (I had no idea, but I'll keep my mouth shut. )

Mash: Good. Next is the types of fairies.

Mash: Fairies are different creatures with their own characteristics, so we'd end up spending days going through them all.

Mash: So for now, just remember the big clans.

Mash: In the Fairy Kingdom, a “clan” is like an ethnic group.

Mash: “Wind Clan,” “Earth Clan,” “Fang Clan,” “Wing Clan,” “Mirror Clan,” “King's Clan. ”

Mash: That's all of them.

Mash: The “Wind Clan” is a race that looks exactly like humans, like Halobaromir. A clan made of “people”, if you would.

Mash: They're all peaceful and rational, and have excellent Fairy Patterns.

Mash: The “Earth Clan” is a hardy and tight-knit race, like Onfam.

Mash: Among the clans, they are the hardest-working. Their help is needed when constructing buildings and roads.

Mash: The “Fang Clan” are like Doga, and live as one with the earth. No matter how you look at them, they're like a pack of wolves.

Mash: They're belligerent, but actually very strong.

Mash: It could be said that the fairies of this land have been able to survive up till now because the Fang Clan fought for them.

Mash: There's also the “Wing Clan” and the “Mirror Clan,” but...

Mash: I don't know much about the Wing Clan, since they're not talked about much...

Mash: The Mirror Clan used to be the most numerous in the fairy lands, but a few years back their entire village vanished...

Fujimaru 1: Then what about the "King's Clan? "

Mash: —Mrgh. Do you really want to hear about them, [♂ Lyse /♀ Herm]?

Mash: The King's Clan are a bunch of good-for-nothings! The cause of all discord, division, and conflict in Britain!

Mash: There's only one in charge, yet she acts like a big shot and looks down on all the others!

Mash: Talking about city life to a naive country girl just. Isn't. Done!

Mash: That fancy dress! So many suck-ups! Grand plans for the future! Just die already!

Fujimaru 1: — (Speechless)

Fujimaru 2: (Sounds like a sore spot...)

Mash: Sorry, I'm a little biased. Please forget all of that just now.

Mash: The King's Clan's...head, is a bit of a special case. She has no peers.

Mash: She'll welcome and protect the fairies who obey her as part of her Clan, but otherwise...

Mash: Well, if we ever get the chance to meet her, you will understand too.

Mash: Anyone who sees her would say,

Mash: “W-what a horrible person. Just by looking at her, my future is ruined! ”

Mash: You can tell at a glance by her appearance and behavior.

Mash: By the way...

Mash: You've been acting strange for a while, Tristram. You seem rather nervous.

Tristram: It's...yes, it is nerves. Actually, you could say I am frightened.

Tristram: Ever since we went to the village square, there has been no time to relax.

Tristram: To the two of you, they seem to be such frail creatures, but...

Tristram: Simply because they are fairies, they are terrifying. I may have lost my memories, but I recall that much.

Tristram: Even that fairy girl who led us here possesses some degree of Mystery...

Tristram: They may seem harmless, but their power far surpasses our own.

Tristram: If they so desired, the fairies of this village could easily kill us...

Tristram: So, please don't forget is rather terrifying...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Mash: ...

Mash: Apparently Tristram was in the military.

Mash: I can't wrap my head around the idea of fairies fighting each other.

Mash: Enforcing the queen's demands...

Mash: Aside from the fairies employed in the castle, I heard that fairies solve all their disputes through discussion.

Mash: Well, maybe there are some rule breakers among them that just lack common sense.

Mash: But there didn't seem to be any fairies who disliked us in the square earlier.

Tristram: I certainly didn't sense any hostility from them, but...

Mash: Yes, there's no danger. They're all outstandingly ordinary fairies—oh?

Voice from Outside: Be at ease, be at ease. The prayer is over, close your eyes.

The time for fun is over. Put down your books and dim your lights.

Goodbye today, the today which has come to an end. Once and forever, today has ended.

Forgive us, forgive us. Forgive us our sins, for we will forgive you your sins.

It's all in the past anyway. Just be sure to clean up!

Mash: Looks like it's time for lights out. Let's continue this discussion later, shall we?

Mash: We've been so generously welcomed. Let's not do anything that would displease them.

Fujimaru 1: You're right. I'm so full.

Fujimaru 2: Is that alright with you, Tristram?

Tristram: ...(nods silently)

Mash: Let's see, is this the light? Oh wow, it's a glass lamp!

Mash: Could it be that someone from the Earth Clan in Norwich washed up here? I'll try and talk to them tomorrow!

Mash: Well, good night, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia], Tristram.

Mash: I was concerned what would happen when you woke up, but thankfully you're both so honest and friendly!

Fujimaru 1: Me too.

Fujimaru 2: Good night, Ma

Mash: Ma? Why did you cut off the name?

Mash: ...? You just couldn't bring yourself to say it, could you?

Mash: That's—I see. I'm sure it was a very important name to you.

Mash: It happens, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. Well, good night.


???: G-good morning, everyone. Today, I-I've been assigned to show you around the village.

???: That said, it doesn't cover much area. So this will not take long.

???: It seems that Cornwall was built over an older village.

???: Two hundred years ago, after the Fairy Knights overthrew the fairy lord of Cornwall,

???: the lord's curse brought about the mist that causes those who enter the forest to lose their memories.

???: It shrouded the area, and the village was abandoned.

???: After that, even Her Majesty couldn't touch it, and it became the most dangerous area in Britain.

???: Nobody comes after us here. It's like a penal colony.

Fujimaru 1: What's a Fairy Knight?

???: Ahaha, are you serious? A Fairy Knight is a Fairy Knight, you know? Hehe, you're a funny one.

Fujimaru 2: By penal everyone here a criminal...?

???: No, it's not quite like that, but...

???: This is the Territory of fairies who have become “hated. ”

???: Those whose role has ended. Those who are less valuable. Those with no friends. Those who lost their purpose.

???: It's a small gathering of fairies who trickle here after finishing their destinies...

???: Everyone here has a kind heart. Fairies who would rather cooperate than compete with one another.

???: But...that's no way to live in Her Majesty's Britain, so...

???: Because it's easier to die than to be laughed at, shunned, or robbed by your friends...

???: I think everyone came to this forest because they just wanted everything to end...

Mash: That's...

Doga: Oh hey, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]! Last night was great!

Doga: I like you, you seem like you enjoy good food! I'll get you some more today, alright?

Halobaromia: Good day to you, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. There is life in your voice. It is like a spring breeze.

Halobaromia: How about a verse today as well? I too will pick up the lyre for the first time in some time.

Onfam: [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. If your clothes get torn, come see me.

Onfam: I've still got some Norwich-made cloth left over. It'll look great if you wear it!

Mash: (※Facial expression saying, “What's with this difference in treatment? ”)

Mash: Y-you're popular, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. I'm almost in the same boat as you, but...haha...

Mash: I guess it's that...dignity you exude? I wonder...I'm indifferent to stuff like that...

???: Is that so? I think you're wonderful too, Mash.

???: [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia] has an air of freshness about [♂ him /♀ her], and brings a positive atmosphere just by being here.

???: Mash's aura feels warm and bright.

???: It reminds me of peaceful times and makes me feel nostalgic.

Mash: Hehe. That's true. I'll be honest, my only thing I have going for me is my cheerfulness!

Mash: My creed is to smile no matter the circumstances! Thank you very much!

???: Hehe. That's true, a smile is the best, isn't it?

???: Well now, let's tour the village.

???: If you know the boundaries of our Territory, you won't disappear by the end of the day.

???: This is how far the village goes. Is there anything else you would like to ask?

Mash: I assume the mists of the Nameless Forest don't enter the village. Is the surrounding fog deep?

Mash: Also, if this used to be a village, are there any roads left that get to the middle of the country?

???: Let me see...the fog doesn't get that bad as long as you stay away from the depths of the forest.

???: But, as you might expect, you'll still get lost...and the road to the heartlands is even now overgrown with plants...

Mash: I seems some quick thinking is necessary to get out of the forest...

???: Huh? Mash, do you and the others want to leave the forest?

Mash: No? Not at all? For some reason I just considered it.

Mash: Isn't that right, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]? After all, we came into the Nameless Forest willingly.

Fujimaru 1: It seems that way, but...

Fujimaru 2: I still don't understand anything...

???: I see...but I was almost convinced.

???: I had a feeling that you all were different from the fairies who usually come here.

???: Perhaps you wandered in here by some mistake.

???: Please, tell me if you require anything. All I can do is act as a guide, but...

???: As long as nobody scolds me, I will stand by you all.

Mash: any rate, I have a grasp of the topography of this village.

Mash: Now that there are no more fairies accompanying us, let's get to it, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia].

Fujimaru 1: ?

Fujimaru 2: Get to what?

Mash: Oh, don't play dumb! There's only one thing to do in this situation!

Mash: Test our skills! We've forgotten everything but our names.

Mash: What our limits are, what our best strategies are...

Mash: Let's go out in the woods for a bit and try it out! Magecraft is power, so all we have to do is practice! Chop chop!


Fujimaru 1: I'm sorry I was so useless...

Mash: No no no, it's my fault...!

Mash: It wasn't necessary for you to learn combat skills...meaning, you never had to fight yourself...

Mash: [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia], could you be the [♂ son /♀ daughter] of a clan head...!? H-how could I have been so careless...!?

Mash: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, how rude of me...!

Mash: I'll do better tomorrow, so please pretend this never happened...!

Fujimaru 1: I'm the one who should apologize...

Fujimaru 2: Sorry I couldn't fight before...

Tristram: I hope you do not mind, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. On the contrary, I am quite convinced.

Tristram: I cannot think of the reason, but I am convinced you are capable.

Tristram: Last night, I was daunted by the sheer potential of the fairies. But that is not the case anymore.

Tristram: I would say that you are a good leader. Like a coach in football.

Tristram: If you are here, we will make it in the end. I am sure of that.

Fujimaru 1: Thank you, Isolde's lover...

Tristram: Heh—it's Tristram, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia].

Mash: —.

Doga: Yeah, they hate us!

Doga: Unable to pay the annual “existence tax”, I fell out of favor with the Queen!

Doga: Someday, I might join you in the forest, and choose to forget everything!

Halobaromia: But, I'm not afraid.

Halobaromia: Even if you're chased away from the cities, nothing changes in the end.

Halobaromia: There's a Calamity on the horizon. The bell tolls for us all equally, no matter our status.

Halobaromia: Only a few will survive. Those that do can choose where to live as they please.

Onfam: We're fairies, part of the six clans, and we live for the festivals!

Onfam: We're scared of the Queen, we're scared of the Mors, and most of all, we're scared of ourselves!

Fujimaru 1: The chorus has begun...

Fujimaru 2: It's so...filling...

Tristram: It is pleasant, is it not? The tempo is simple, but it is oddly energizing.

Tristram: Is that all improvised? You seem very accustomed to it.

Mash: Indeed. Joining together in a circle to celebrate is a reason to live for fairies.

Mash: This is the only time the Wind and Earth Clans stop squabbling.

Mash: That is, if they don't drink too much...

Mash: There are fairies among them who get really drunk. I wonder if it's the atmosphere that does it?

Onfam: What, you're not going to eat any more, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]? You just got here, no need to hold back.

Onfam: Or was it such a painful journey? Hm? Your right hand...

Onfam: They look odd, but are those Command Spells? To have three drawn on you...damn.

Onfam: Just forget it. There's nobody here who will force you to do anything.

Onfam: You've done your best up till now. You're a great [♂ fella /♀ gal] despite being so scrawny.

Fujimaru 1: Huh...?

Fujimaru 2: (Huh...why am I...crying? )

Onfam: Hey, what are you crying for, moron?

Onfam: Come on, first get some rest until you're satisfied. When you get bored you can help me with the village chores.

Tristram: You seem like a considerate fairy. But, Command Spells...Command Spells...

Tristram: I am so close to recalling something but...aah, how vexing...

Halobaromia: Alright, everyone pipe down~! The party is ending here~!

Halobaromia: I'm not drunk, drunk I am definitely not. Therefore, I know exactly what time it is.

Halobaromia: Let's get back to our homes before the beasts wake up.

Halobaromia: We wouldn't know if you were eaten alive! Marm! Sania! Dunbarton!

Halobaromia: The Wind Clan must get back before anyone else! As the most beautiful of the clans, we must maintain discipline!

Doga: What!? You sure get cranky when you're drunk, Halobaromia!

Doga: We'll be prepared at tomorrow's feast! See you, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]!

Doga: Tomorrow, I'll show you to our playground! It's fun to play ball!

Note! Scene Change

Mash: Today's welcoming party has ended as well. At this rate though, it seems like it will pick up again tomorrow.

Tristram: Yes. It is quite enjoyable when you know you are being wholeheartedly welcomed.

Mash: So you say, while holding a bow? Do you never put that down?

Tristram: seems to be a habit of mine.

Tristram: It seems I used to lay my fingers on these bowstrings even as I slept...

Tristram: Goodness...listening to the sounds and reading the winds at all much did I love practicing, I wonder...

Tristram: Well, I may fall out of the habit eventually. It seems there is no need for us to fight here.

Tristram: Come, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia], Mash. We shall return to our tent as well.

Voices from the Square: Hey, you over there! There's a tomorrow as well, make sure you clean up!

Voices from the Square: Y-yes, I understand. I should clean up after everyone, right...?

Voices from the Square: What else is there to do, you idiot!? You can't accomplish anything unless you're constantly reminded!

Voices from the Square: I'm sorry, I'm sorry...! I'll try harder, I'll try harder...!


Fujimaru 1: Wait. That voice just now...

Mash: No, let's go back to the tent, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. We're all still outsiders.

Mash: I think we should wait and see a bit if we want to interfere in their affairs.

Mash: You don't like it when someone who doesn't know much about you voices a complaint about you, right?

Mash: Even if the fairies of this village are peaceful, the village is situated in a bad location.

Mash: If some kind of trouble were to occur, we can't escape.

Mash: So be cautious here. Understood?

Note: Investigate

Fujimaru 2: I'm going back to the square.

Mash: Right, well if you understand—Hey, weren't you listening!?

Mash: Hah, have to start running all of a sudden, geez...

Mash: But there's no use complaining. If it's come to this, I'll be a busybody too!

Mash: I'm really bad at this kind of thing, but it's too late to turn back now!

Mash: Wait...huh? There's nobody here in the square?

Mash: It sounded like someone was forced to stay behind and clean up the mess...but it's still all messy?

Fujimaru 1: Did we really just hear all that...?

Mash: It appears so. I think something might be amiss, but as long as there's no trouble...

Note: Listen to Castoria

Fujimaru 1: Yeah...I guess you're right.

Mash: Yes. Let's keep our ears open tomorrow.

Mash: If there's something we have a problem with, I'm sure we can come up with a solution if we discuss it.

Note: Branches End

Mash: Let's get back to the tent this time. It seems like this village is dangerous at night.

Fujimaru 1: You're right. Let's go.


Tristram: Good morning, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. I slept well last night...wait...

Tristram: Something doesn't feel right...what I said didn't feel sincere...

Tristram: [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]...[♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]...don't you think that doesn't sound quite right?

Voices from the Square: You still haven't cleaned up! You're slacking off again, you useless wretch!

Mash: Someone is yelling in the square. Shall we go and see what's going on, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]?

Fujimaru 1: Of course!

Fujimaru 2: Let's go!

Note! Scene Change

Doga: Of all the cheek! I don't think we'll be able to have a feast tonight.

Doga: Hey. Why haven't you been doing anything? Do you hate [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]?

???: Oh, not at's just...

???: You see...I forgot what I was supposed to be doing...

???: Before I knew it, it was already morning...everyone was scolding me...

I:Fang Fairy: Hey Doga. It's her, you know, I think she's lost it.

Doga: was foolish of me to trust you.

Doga: You can be on your way now. Get out of here. You're an eyesore, so stay away from the village.

???: Oh—thank you for your understanding! Please call on me again!

Doga: Oh. Yo, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]! Yesterday was a lot of fun!

Fujimaru 1: Who was that fairy girl...?

Fujimaru 2: You left that girl alone to clean up all the mess?

Doga: Hmm? You mean that kid?

Doga: Hey, what was that kid's name again?

I:Fang Fairy A: No idea. Hey, what was their name? You said something about it when you came over, didn't you?

J:Fang Fairy B: I think it started with something like “Ho” or “Hu”! Pretty sure it was a stupid name!

Doga: Oh, that's right. She was here from the beginning, wasn't she?

Doga: Well, regardless of the fog, you're done for if you can't even remember your own name.

Doga: [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia], if I were you, I'd be minding my own business. You don't want to catch the “nameless” disease, do you?

Tristram: think she has no name? Is that why you treated her the way you did?

Doga: Hm? What good is a nameless fairy? She has no place here anymore.

I:Fang Fairy A: That's right. There's no place for them in this village. Come to think of it, her roof is outside the village, right?

J:Fang Fairy B: Yeah. Can't afford to put it inside the Territory. Lucky she's still breathing, huh?

J:Fang Fairy B: The scars multiply by the day, but she still has her limbs. I wonder if she was actually a great fairy lord in the past?

J:Fang Fairy B: Not that it matters any more!

J:Fang Fairy B: Even the beasts of the forest aren't interested in nameless meat!


Doga: That's enough boring chit-chat. Let's go, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]!

Doga: I told ya, we're playing football at noon. The playground awaits!

Tristram: What do we do now, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]? They headed for the playground, but...

Fujimaru 1: Mash. Do you know what a nameless fairy is?

Mash: Well, as the name suggests, it's a fairy who has lost their name.

Mash: We lost our memories in the Nameless Forest, but fairies can lose even their names.

Mash: Fairies are essentially immortal. They do not have the same lifespan as humans or animals.

Mash: But, when we're born, we have a purpose deep in our hearts...something we can be passionate about.

Mash: When a fairy loses that, they lose their name, and then they gradually waste away until they die.

Mash: She's one of's been a long time since she lost her name...

Fujimaru 1: Is it true that she has no house in the village?

Mash: It must be. Fairies who have lost their names are hated by other fairies.

Mash: The fairies here were generous enough to let us into their village...

Mash: I know what you're thinking, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. But we can't.

Mash: If we invite her to our tent, the other fairies will cause a ruckus.

Mash: What we can do is, well—

Mash: We can find where she lives and get rid of anything dangerous nearby.

Mash: We can't invite her to the safety of the village, but we can make her home as safe as the village itself.

Mash: I want to do as much as I can to help.

Fujimaru 1: Nothing less from our reliable Mash!

Fujimaru 2: Yeah, that's a great idea!

Mash: Huh? You want to hold hands?

Mash: Hah...joining hands, a show of trust and gratitude...a custom I've never heard of before...

Mash: What a wonderful thing! I think I like this, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]!

Mash: ...!

Fujimaru 1: Already an attack by a beast from the forest!

Tristram: I've distanced the girl from the beast.

Tristram: My bewitched strings will not allow it to get any closer to her.

Mash: Thank you, leave the rest to me! Foul beast, don't you dare touch her!


Tristram: How cruel it is...I dared to aim for a spot which would cause continuous pain.

Tristram: We can only hope that the beasts will now consider this place dangerous...

Mash: Yes, it was the right thing to do.

Mash: Tristram, are you a former soldier? Or maybe a hunter?

Mash: Whatever you were, you were very good at it! I'm sure the king that you served was very proud of you!

Tristram: That's...indeed. I hope so.

Mash: (That strumming...I don't understand how there's no magical energy involved when he conjures wind...)

Mash: (Is he a member of the Wind Clan? But his magical energy output is low...)

Fujimaru 1: I'm just glad we got rid of them.

Fujimaru 2: Are you okay?

Nameless Fairy: Huh? Oh my, could it be...

Nameless Fairy: Did you do that for me?

Mash: Yes. [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia] wasn't against it, so I came to check on you.

Mash: You were attacked by those beasts. Are you injured?

Nameless Fairy: Y-yes, but it's the same as always. I'm fine, really.

Nameless Fairy: So, what can I do for you? I've already given you a tour of the village, but...

Fujimaru 1: Oh, no, that's not why...

Fujimaru 2: (So stupid...can't think of anything else. )

Mash: We are here to thank you for yesterday.

Mash: Since you were so kind, I wanted to repay the favor by ensuring your home was protected from the beasts of this forest.

Nameless Fairy:

Nameless Fairy: Huh!? Ehehehe...I'm so happy. I'm so happy...

Nameless Fairy: I was of some use to you, wasn't I? It's been such a long time. I'm so happy.

Nameless Fairy: Oh right, here, take a blessing of good luck—a good luck—

Nameless Fairy: I'm sorry.... the blessing, I've forgotten how to use it...

Nameless Fairy: There's no roof over my head...nothing to give back, I don't have anything...

Fujimaru 1: No, it's okay. I've already received a thank you.

Nameless Fairy: Really!?

Nameless Fairy: I wonder...what if I gave you the flowers I picked this morning...?

Mash: [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia], Tristram.

Mash: I'll put up a barrier to keep the beasts out. It will take some time, so you two should return to the village.

Tristram: Hmm? In that case, we should stay behind. We can't be sure that the beasts won't return.

Tristram: If you're putting up a barrier, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia] and I can protect you until you are finished.

Mash: It's okay, I'm strong enough to fight another one of those beasts.

Tristram: I see...what do you think, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]?

Fujimaru 1: I guess...if Mash says so.

Mash: See you later! Have fun with the fairies in the village!

Nameless Fairy: —.

Mash: It's finished. Now, no beasts will be able to enter this area.

Mash: Well, it's no Sacrament, just magecraft, so it won't last forever...

Mash: It should still last for a few weeks. You'll be able to sleep peacefully without worrying.

Nameless Fairy: “Magecraft”...the mysterious power that Her Majesty the Queen holds...

Nameless Fairy: I see that you're able to use it too, Mash.

Nameless Fairy: Maybe it's the fashionable thing at the moment?

Mash: Ah—I wonder, maybe it will catch on...mine is half self-taught, though...

Mash: Maybe I ran away because I didn't want to learn it in the first place...

Mash: It's a bit absurd to ask me to save Britain with something like “magecraft”, but...

Nameless Fairy: Mash...?

Nameless Fairy: I'm sorry...did I say something weird?

Mash: —N-no, not at all, it's a bad habit of mine.

Mash: It's not your fault that I'm in low spirits. So don't worry about it.

Mash: It's more like...

Mash: I think it's time for you to move on from that village.

Mash: It's not that the fairies there are bad, but the village isn't a good fit for you.

Nameless Fairy: ...

Mash: Salisbury wouldn't be bad, but...the Wind Clan might not be so friendly to you if your wings are damaged.

Mash: Perhaps Norwich then? I heard that fairies and humans live there together peacefully.

Mash: Maybe you can find a new “purpose” there. If you find the right person.

Nameless Fairy: Thank you, Mash. But I'm fine here.

Nameless Fairy: Because...even if I found a new “purpose”, I don't have a name any more.

Nameless Fairy: It's certainly been matter what I do, no matter how much I try, I can never accomplish anything.

Nameless Fairy: To forget my own name, the most important thing...I must have been truly desperate.

Nameless Fairy: That's why...this is where I belong. I can't get blamed for my past ways here.

Nameless Fairy: A failure who never managed to achieve her “purpose”. A terrible fairy who wasted away her life.

Mash: ...

Nameless Fairy: But...that's right. It's all so depressing.

Nameless Fairy: It's not the fact I'm an ostracized by everyone in the village. My “purpose”, that was so important...

Nameless Fairy: To forget even my own name...

Mash: ...

Mash: I understand. Not having a name must be miserable.

Mash: Then, how about something like this? Really, it's just an idea I had just now...

C:Fairy Girl: Thank you, feels like the first time I've ever been this happy...

Mash: Huh? I'm a little embarrassed, you know...going that far—

Mash: —I see. If you're happy, I am happy too.

Mash: But, this is our secret, okay? If anyone in the village heard about this, they'd probably get angry...

Mash: “Even in this abandoned village we have standards, don't bring your ridiculous habits to Cornwall! ”

Mash: Or something like that.

C:Fairy Girl: Right!? You can tell that Halobaromia used to be Lady Aurora's attendant.

C:Fairy Girl: He still longs for “the elegant way of being a fairy. ”

C:Fairy Girl: I really like that about Halobaromia.

Mash: Yes, definitely! He acts all high and mighty, but I could tell at a glance that he still cares for the village.

Mash: My...I've talked a lot. I've gotta get back to the village.

Mash: I'll come back and see you tomorrow. Sleep well.

C:Fairy Girl: Yeah, bye-bye Mash. I'll see you tomorrow!

C:Fairy Girl: See you...tomorrow...—huh, wh—

C:Fairy Girl: What in the right eye, it's really hurting...

C:Fairy Girl: Puddles of eyes, what is happen—

C:Fairy Girl: Oh.

C:Fairy Girl: I see...the darkness is overtaking me, isn't it?

C:Fairy Girl: I wonder if it's over...just when I finally had something good happen...


Fujimaru 1: (Yawn) Good morning...

Fujimaru 2: I had a great night's sleep...

Mash: Good morning. We were able to get to sleep early last night since there weren't any festivities.

Mash: What do you want to do today?

Mash: If there's nothing we need to attend to, I'll head outside the village again...

Fujimaru 1: First, we'll get some breakfast outside...

Fujimaru 2: With no feast last night, I'm very hungry...

Mash: Hm? Something wrong with your stomach?

Halobaromia: Oh, good morning, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. I'm sorry to have made you feel lonely last night.

Halobaromia: I'll be able to prepare the festival properly today, so please look forward to it.

Halobaromia: Huh? What's wrong? You don't look well. Is something the matter?

Fujimaru 1: I'm sorry, I had nothing to eat yesterday...I'm starving...

Fujimaru 2: Do you have any food?

Halobaromia: —Huh? You haven't eaten any food, so you're hungry?

Halobaromia: Haha, stop joking around. We're not humans. Eating is just for fun, you know?

Halobaromia: way. You're not really...? Now that I think about it, could it be—

Halobaromia: Oh. My. God. I can't believe it! This is really happening...!

Fujimaru 1: Um, Halobaromia?

Halobaromia: Everybody! A human being! [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia] is human! An unregistered human!!

I:Fairies: Huh!? What rubbish are you spouting this early in the morning? There's no way in hell a human would be in this neck of the woods—

Halobaromia: I'm sure of it! [♂ His /♀ Her] wings aren't torn off. They're simply not there to begin with!

Halobaromia: Everyone, gather round, quickly! If they get out into the woods, we're in deep trouble!

Halobaromia: Oh, my God! If only I'd realized sooner...!

Halobaromia: I apologize, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]! We've shown you such poor hospitality!

Halobaromia: We need to throw the most exquisite, fun welcome party we've ever had! Oh, what a great day this is!

J:Fairies: Let's see, let's see! Wow, it's true! [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia] is actually human!?

I:Fairies: You're human, a human! No wonder we feel so much better when we're with you!

K:Fairies: Now we're all saved! We won't have to become Mors!

Fujimaru 1: Huh...huh!?

Fujimaru 2: (Are trouble...? )

Mash: Damn it! That's right, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia], if you say that you're hungry...!

Mash: Oh no! The secret is out!

K:Fairies: Are you human too? You're human too, aren't you!? No wings, and no command spells!

J:Fairies: Then what about that harpist dude? Is he a human? No, he's a fairy!

I:Fairies: He hasn't eaten anything! Well whatever, it's a pain, so we'll put them together!

Halobaromia: [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia], Mash, Tristram! Please, you must move to the best place in the village!

Halobaromia: In the center of the village, in the square, in the tent! Oh, this is exciting!

Tristram: So...

Tristram: Half a day has passed since we were forced into this tent, without knowing why...

Tristram: Every hour, what can be called nothing less than a feast is brought to us...[♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia], is it good?

Fujimaru 1: It's good, but I've lost my appetite...

Fujimaru 2: It feels welcoming, but...

Tristram: We're not allowed to go outside, and the fairies take turns guarding the tent...

Tristram: This is less of a welcome and more of what you would call “house arrest”. No, it's simply imprisonment.

Tristram: Mash. Do you know why this is happening to us?

Mash: It's because...[♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia] is really a human.

Mash: I saw the way you were indulging yourself in those delicious fruits, but...

Mash: I should have noticed, too. But then again, I've never really seen a human before, so...

Fujimaru 1: Mash, are you also human?

Fujimaru 2: Mash, are you a fairy?

Mash: Well...I'm really not sure.

Mash: I think I'm a fairy...but I've also been told I'm a bit like a human...

Mash: More importantly, this is the situation we're in.

Mash: [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia] is being overindulged at the moment, and this is only going to get worse.

Tristram: Much worse.

Mash: Yes. Humans are an indispensable source of nourishment for fairies.

Mash: The mere presence of a human greatly increases morale. It's a kind of spiritual fulfillment.

Mash: But in Britain, the number of humans is tightly controlled by the Queen, so...

Mash: Humans are not assigned to lower class fairies.

Mash: The fairies that have drifted into this village are, after all, those that have fallen out due to the lack of humans.

Mash: So, you know...they'll take care of [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia] either way.

Mash: But...

Fairies: Humans! Humans! Humans in this village!

Fairies: Not a rebel good-for-nothing, not a spy for the Queen, but a decent, honest, human being!

Fairies: What joy, what joy! We must protect him, he can't get hurt!

Fairies: You gotta spice the food up, just nuts and fruits won't work.

Fairies: Let's hunt, hunt, get some meat from the forest! It's a favorite of humans, I was taught!

Fairies: Oh, how I envy those guards. I can't wait for it to be my turn.

Fairies: I wish I could be closer. I'd make them laugh, be embarrassed, make them cry,

Fairies: comb their hair, rub their fingers, peel their skin...

Fairies: But there are only two of them, right? How come Halobaromia gets to call the shots?

Fairies: We're not all gonna have a chance. I'll never get my turn.

Fairies: That's right. Then we'll tear [♂ him /♀ her] apart and share [♂ him /♀ her] with everyone!

Fairies: Dibs on the left eye! You can have the right!

Fairies: Yeah, yeah! I get a ring finger! You get a middle finger!

Fairies: We did it! Now it's all divided equally!

Doga: Oy, what the hell are you guys doing? It's not your turn yet. Get back on the roof.

Doga: Don't you dare do anything crazy to [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. He's a great shot.

Doga: He hits the ball with his head, man. With his head! I've never seen anything like that!

Doga: He's an interesting guy, you know. I'm sure our lives would be a lot more fun with him around—

Fairies: Doga is so annoying. We don't care for annoying people.

Fairies: It can't be helped, there's only two of them. It can't be helped, there's only two of them.

Fairies: We'll tear them apart and share them with everyone! Tear them apart and share them with everyone!

Fairies: But we're the only ones who will get a share! Only those in the Fang Clan!

Fairies: Earth and Wind are annoying. Let's beat them to the chase!

Fujimaru 1: That sound...

Fujimaru 2: The sound of fighting...?

Mash: ...

Tristram: I can't see what is going on, but there seems to be a squabble going on among the fairies.

Tristram: Perhaps the discussion about which clan will monopolize you has fallen apart.

Tristram: No matter, your life is in danger if we stay here. We must leave the village as soon as possible.

Fujimaru 1: But, the guards...

Fujimaru 2: Out of the village, to where...?

Mash: Let's head to the plains east of here. Through the abandoned villages and into the plains of Britain.

Mash: Once we get there, there's a national highway. We can then figure out which city to head to next.

Mash: But in order to do that, we'll first have to deal with the guards outside...

Tristram: I very much doubt myself and Mash can neutralize them alone...

Tristram: Fairies, whatever they may be, are undoubtedly very powerful creatures. It's not something humans can hope to win again—oh?

Fairy Girl: Thank goodness. You're all still safe, right?

Fairy Girl: The villagers were acting strangely all morning, so I was watching from afar...

Fairy Girl: It's a bit of a mess...everyone is shouting abuse at each other and starting to fight...

Fairy Girl: Halobaromia has been trying to calm everyone down, but maybe it's time to—

Onfam: Hey, keep your eyes open. Don't let anyone near the tent.

Onfam: We've killed all the wind guys, but the fanged ones are still here.

Onfam: After all, we can't have those veggie bastards stealing our humans. Us Earth fairies have to share equally, right?

Fujimaru 1: Onfam—

Fairy Girl: Stop, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. They're not what they used to be.

Fairy Girl: They're drunk on blood and turning increasingly more and more violent.

Fairy Girl: Now, head over to where I crept in. The cloth isn't taut, so you should be able to slip under it.

Fairy Girl: You want to leave the forest, don't you...? Then leave it to me.

Fairy Girl: I know the way to the plains. Come on, quickly!

Tristram: That's the Earth Clan? They've completely transformed...

Tristram: It's saddening...I have to say, they're like the devil himself...

Mash: Tristram, don't use your harp! They'll hear you!

The Voice of Onfam: Huh? Hey, did you hear something?

The Voice of Onfam: It could be a Wind Clan survivor. Ketheli, Gum. You guys, go check it out.

The Voice of Onfam: The rest of us will head for the tent. We'll crush their legs first. Then they won't be able to escape.

Fujimaru 1: This is bad! We've gotta get out of here!

Tristram: I'm sorry, for some reason, my fingers are moving on their own...

Tristram: Just get out of this village! I'll bring up the rear!

Fairy Girl: Everyone, this way! Follow me!

Fairy Girl: Hah...hah...hah...

Fairy Girl: Yeah, this is the right way...three more hills, then we'll reach the middle plains...

Fairy Girl: Everyone, how are you doing? We've been running without a break so far, but...

Fujimaru 1: Somehow, I'm okay...!

Tristram: Yes. There were two fairies that followed us, but it seems they lost us around the first hill.

Mash: They must have gotten lost in the fog.

Mash: They lived in the village, and she lived outside of it.

Mash: I'm sure that made all the difference. Thank you very much for guiding us.

Mash: But...was it really okay to do that?

Mash: Now that you've saved us, you can't ever go back to the village...

Fairy Girl: Yeah. I can't go near there any more.

Fairy Girl: But don't worry about it, Mash.

Fairy Girl: Thanks to you, my home will be safe for a while.

Fairy Girl: But sooner than that, as soon as possible...we have to get out of the woods.

Fairy Girl: Faster, faster...faster than everyone else in the village...

Fairy Girl: A little, further...if I could just get you all...

Fujimaru 1: You're out of breath, are you okay?

Fairy Girl: I am, out of breath...? I see. But, we're almost there...

Fujimaru 2: There's something on your face...?

Fairy Girl: Huh? What are you talking about, something on my face?

Fairy Girl: Oh, the smell of the wind...the nostalgic, earthy smell of Salisbury...

Fairy Girl: We're almost out of the woods...almost...almost...

Fairy Girl: Beautiful Britain, nostalgic world, when I still had a name...

Fairy Girl: Fufu...fufufu...almost there...almost there...

Tristram: Hm. There's a slope ahead. It must be the last hill.

Mash: If we go over that hill, we should exit the forest...

Mash: Thank you, friendly fairy. Thanks to you, we're safe...wait, what's wrong!?

Fairy Girl: Ugh, ouch, ouch, ouch...!

Mash: Get a hold of yourself! Does your body hurt!? Let me help—

Fairy Girl: Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Shut up! Just shut up!

Fairy Girl: Get your hands off me! Don't touch meeeeee!

Fairy Girl: I want to stay, I want to stay, I want to stay...!

Fairy Girl: I've been here for hundreds of years, alone for hundreds of years!

Fairy Girl: I was forced to do all the things I couldn't do, they just built up and up!

Fairy Girl: Nobody ever helped me before! Nobody even looked at me!

Fairy Girl: Now, now, I didn't need those things after all!

Fairy Girl: Are you all stupid!? Don't you understand!? You've been tricked, you guys!

Fairy Girl: Of course I brought you all the way out here! So I could have you all to myself!

Fairy Girl: Aaah...I don't...want...!

Fairy Girl: AAAAAAAAAAA. . !

Mash: Be ready, Tristram, [♂ Lysander /♀ Hermia]. no longer a fairy.

Mash: That's a that can no longer speak or hear.

Mash: The black algae that pollutes this world with its existence—the curse of Britain, killer of fairies.


Fujimaru 1: I think we got it, but...

Fujimaru 2: ......

Mors: —, —.

Tristram: Be careful...looks like it has some power left.

Tristram: But, it's not doing anything...does it want to say something...?

Mash: ...

???: Excuse me.

Mors: —...—, —...

???: Forgive my rudeness. Delivering the blow of mercy must have been too heavy a burden for you.

???: So, as someone who knows the Mors, I delivered it myself.

Tristram: (From behind, a swift blow from a rapier, as smooth as the wind...! And this intimate sensation—)

???: I'm sorry...may you rest in peace. May your next life be rewarding.

Mash: No way—you're—you're—

???: Hi. Good to see you, Fujimaru. Sorry it took me so long to get here.

???: Although, I guess you're a bit confused why I've come to meet you. Fufu, I can see it already in your face.

???: Alright. It's a bit strange for a king like me to do this, but since I don't have any subjects with me now, I'll introduce myself.

???: My name is Oberon. I'm a Heroic Spirit summoned by the Human Order.

???: I'm the only servant destined to help you in this Lostbelt.

???: Call me Oberon, King of the Fairies. Whaddya think? Pretty cool, huh?


Oberon: Call me Oberon, King of the Fairies. Whaddya think? Pretty cool, huh?

Fujimaru 1: name is Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 2: And Tristram

Tristan: Yes, let us recall our names—

Tristan: You are Fujimaru, Master of Chaldea. I am Tristan the Lamenting, Knight of the Spectral Strings.

Tristan: I finally remember everything. And...Mash.

Tristan: aren't named Mash.

A:???: Oberon...? Not Merlin, then...?

Oberon: Merlin?

A:???: No no, sorry. I've got the wrong person, or the wrong image in my head.

A:???: You are similar to the person I had envisioned...

A:???: Ahem. I remember too.

A:???: My name is Caster. Artoria Caster.

Artoria: It's a long and embarrassing story.

Artoria: Caster was my name back in the village, but please call me Artoria.

Oberon: It's such a relief that you have your names back. Ah, but if we aren't quick, we'll get swallowed up by the fog again.

Oberon: Come on, make haste. Our goal is just beyond those trees.

Oberon: You should see the real Britain first. We'll catch up afterwards.

Fujimaru 1: The real Britain...?

Fujimaru 2: Sure, but we have to get out first...!

Artoria: Yes! Let's go, Fujimaru!

Artoria: A utopia loved by wind, earth, life, poetry and rain—

Artoria: To Britain, the twilit island of fairies!

Fragment / 1

Narration: Meanwhile...

Narration: How many days had it been since she and Fujimaru were separated? Just moments earlier, she had escaped the Nameless Forest alone.

Narration: Was it a difference in power as a Servant? Or was it simply good luck?

Narration: No, unfortunately, both of those are wrong. The Mors just swallowed her up, and spat her back out.

A:???: Hah...hah...

Narration: And the results are plain to see.

Narration: With her strength exhausted and her armaments scattered, she had collapsed in front of the national highway.

Narration: It was bad, it was bad! It was really, really bad! Because, if you stay in a place like that...

C:Fairy Peddlers: Well, look at that! I figured there'd be one or two here this time of the season.

C:Fairy Peddlers: Look at this, one of the Wind Clan's finest! Now we can all get through the winter!


As you can see, fairies who stray too far out of the woods make easy prey for slavers!

D:Fairy Peddlers: Hey, get the collar on before she wakes up! I don't know who she is, but it's all the same if we can sell her!

D:Fairy Peddlers: I'll sell her to a lord and get a fat paycheck, and she'll get a warm body next to her in bed...

D:Fairy Peddlers: It's a win-win— Eek, a beast! It's a wolf!

White Wolf: GuRuuuuuuuu...!

Narration: But, it doesn't always work out like that. That's my favorite part.

Narration: At her side were the white fangs of the wise Grimm. No insolent fairy could approach her.

A:???: Mmm...

D:Fairy Peddlers: Crap, she woke up...! Oh no, oh no! She's too strong! She's gonna kill me!

A:???: Um...what are you

A:???: Why did I collapse here...?

C:Fairy Peddlers: (She's got no memory...! What a lucky break...! )

C:Fairy Peddlers: H-hey there young lady, good day to you. We're, uh, let's see, what are we...

C:Fairy Peddlers: Oh, passing-by good samaritans! Helping fairies collapsed in the road is our job!

E:Fairy Peddlers: Yeah, yeah, that's exactly it. We're here to help you, young lady.

E:Fairy Peddlers: Come take a ride on our cart. It's the latest Norwich model, so it's really comfortable.

C:Fairy Peddlers: One to pull, two to laugh. Two rest, one gets tired!

C:Fairy Peddlers: What, no need to worry. You're valuable goo—I mean, an important customer, young lady.

C:Fairy Peddlers: I'm not gonna force you to pull the cart. More importantly, you need a name.

C:Fairy Peddlers: Brother, how about Annis? It fits that girl perfectly!

E:Fairy Peddlers: Hm? You're not going to use “Achin” like always? Well, occasionally you come up with something different...

E:Fairy Peddlers: You alright with that, Annis? Here, let me help you up.

E:Fairy Peddlers: If you keep lying on the ground like that, you'll be eaten by the Awd Goggie!

A:Annis: Ah...thank you...very much...

D:Fairy Peddlers: Hey, what's that? Get me that iron stuff! Iron armor, an iron shield, an iron...what is this tube thing?

D:Fairy Peddlers: Could this girl have been a knight of the Queen, carrying so many weapons?

D:Fairy Peddlers: Is this really a good idea...? Won't Her Majesty kill us later?

C:Fairy Peddlers: Hah, Wag is always the one to pussy out! Don't worry about it, don't worry!

C:Fairy Peddlers: It doesn't matter if she was, she's already forgotten all about it!

E:Fairy Peddlers: Yeah, yeah. No can do about much if she doesn't even remember her name.

E:Fairy Peddlers: If you don't have a place to go, we'll take you to a new place to live.

Fairies: Yeah—as our latest goods, right?

Narration: The fairies exchanged glances with a vile laugh.

Narration: She was placed on a cart with her things, not even recognizing herself.

Narration: The wagon headed immediately north to Gloucester. With the beginning of another journey, the curtain rises on a new act.

Narration: Well, putting that aside—

C:Fairy Peddlers: Hey, that wolf is following us! What should we do, brother!?

E:Fairy Peddlers: You mess with that white beast and you'll regret it. If you die, I'll say you ended up as a Mors.

E:Fairy Peddlers: No use, huh...let's take it with us and sell it as a set with the girl.

Narration: As long as her scary-looking chaperone tagged along, the fairies wouldn't get any funny ideas, right?

Section 2: Salisbury

Oberon: Beautiful, don't you agree? This is the heartland of the British Lostbelt.

Oberon: If you look over there, you'll see what looks like an evil castle. That's Camelot.

Oberon: The current Britain is divided into north and south, with Camelot at its center.

Oberon: Most of everyone lives in the south, or what we are in the middle of right now.

Oberon: The cathedral city of Salisbury, the port town of Norwich, the trendy city of Gloucester, and the great dining city of Oxford.

Oberon: Those are the four main cities. Each of them is governed by what you could call a clan “head” fairy.

Fujimaru 1: Sorry, but what about Mash and da Vinci!?

Fujimaru 2: There were two others!

Oberon: Ah...I see. You came here with other friends from Chaldea.

Oberon: I'm really're the only one I could find.

Oberon: As you can see, I was the only one taking action. I had my hands full looking for one person.

Oberon: But this is perfect, maybe you can tell me about this Mash girl.

Oberon: As long as we know what she looks like, we can track her down. I'll have Blanca look for you.

Tristan: Blanca...? You said you were by yourself, but you had other friends?

Oberon: Whoops, you're right. I'll introduce you.

Oberon: Isn't she cute and fluffy? She's my advisor...or should I say friend?

Oberon: She's tidy, smart, and above all, a hard worker.

Oberon: I'm sure she'll find this Mash of yours.

Oberon: Now that that's settled, let's exchange what we know.

Oberon: You tell me about Chaldea, I'll tell you what I know.

Fujimaru 1: ...and that about sums it up.

Oberon: I've conquered five Lostbelts up to now.

Oberon: Britain wasn't the target of an attack, merely to investigate the Collapse,

Oberon: Mash, Leonardo, Tristan, and Fujimaru,

Oberon: the four of you made landfall in Britain, but lost track of each other in the Nameless Forest...

Oberon: That's a problem. No, it's my fault. It's not just you that were lost...

Oberon: If I had paid more attention then, I might have been able to go after Mash and Leonardo.

Oberon: I was so excited I found you, that I forgot about everything else...

Fujimaru 1: I knew it, the last thing I saw on the beach was you, Oberon?

Fujimaru 2: With that fog I don't think you had a choice...

Oberon: —You're probably right. But, there's something I need to check first.

Oberon: Mash is your contracted Servant, right? Then you're connected through a path of magical energy.

Oberon: So long as she's all right, you may not know where she is, but you should know she's still alive.

Oberon: Well? As a Master, you should be able to do that much, right?

Fujimaru 1: My connection to Mash is still active!

Fujimaru 2: I'm so relieved...

Oberon: Good. Then all that's left is to find her.

Oberon: Leonardo's a Servant as well, right? Then a little thing like that shouldn't be a problem.

Oberon: Fortunately, the fairies here can't tell the difference between fairies and Servants.

Oberon: As long as you're not human, it's not that dangerous. Trust in your friends and don't lose your head.

Oberon: Right, next. Artoria, anything you want to say to me?

Artoria: N-no, not right now. Chaldea, Pan-human History, Lostbelts...

Artoria: I've never heard any of this before, so it's all over my head...ahaha...

Artoria: But, um, Servants, was it? A Heroic it like a human who becomes a fairy after death?

Artoria: So for example, someone like, I mean Tristan here?

Oberon: Mm. For an explanation of Heroic Spirits and Servants, Fujimaru can tell you more on the road.

Oberon: A citizen of the Lostbelt and a Master from pan-human history. You two can fill the gaps in each other's knowledge.

Tristan: On the you have somewhere to go, Oberon?

Oberon: Yeah, we do. If we're looking for someone, we have to go to a big city.

Oberon: You and Fujimaru need to get used to the rules of the Fairy Kingdom.

Oberon: We're headed to Salisbury, the biggest city in the south. We can get food, clothing and all the basics there.

Oberon: From here, it'll take a whole day. You look like you've been up all night, can you walk?

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Oberon: Good answer. Half enthusiastic, half composed. I like you, Fujimaru

Fujimaru 2: I can't just rest...!

Oberon: Whoa, hold on there. I know how you feel, but didn't I just say to calm down?

Oberon: Britain's a big place. If you're not careful, you'll collapse before you find Mash.

Oberon: Come on. Just as you can confirm she's safe as a Master,

Oberon: my instincts tell me she's safe as well.

Oberon: After all, I'm the Fairy King. My hunches are spot-on. First up is Salisbury.

Artoria: S-Salisbury, you say?

Artoria: (Hmm, what should I do...going back now might be too dangerous...)

Artoria: (But I can't leave Fujimaru alone...)

Artoria: (I know I said it before, but this Oberon person is really Merlin-esque...)

Artoria: U-um! Is it alright if I accompany you!?

Artoria: I was the one who used Mash's name by accident...

Artoria: I'd at least like to hear all about Fujimaru's circumstances and about pan-human history!

Fujimaru 1: Sorry, I assumed you would be coming along...

Fujimaru 2: Ah, that's right, you weren't involved...!

Artoria: Ye-yes, I am!! Why am I acting so brazen...!

Artoria: Yes. Nobody would like a bumpkin like me around...huh?

Artoria: You're holding out your this another handshaking?

Artoria: Are you saying it's okay for me to come with you?

Fujimaru 1: Of course. We'd be glad to have you, Artoria.

Oberon: —Yeah. What a beautiful friendship.

Oberon: I was on edge in Cornwall, but turns out I made the right choice by not helping.

Oberon: It's a theatrical way of saying “all the actors are assembled, now raise the curtain! ” don't you think?

Oberon: Chaldea can't do it alone. And just the Child of Prophecy won't be enough.

Oberon: Yes—after all, it will take both of them to defeat the all-powerful Morgan.


Fairies: Ah, the prophecy was true. That child is our shining hope.

Fairies: With this, we are saved. With this, we are forgiven.

Fairies: A Savior was washed ashore on board a boat bearing many treasures.

Fairies: Recite the name of promise, hear and deliver the voice of paradise.

Fairies: Oh, my beloved Artoria.

Fairies: May you grow healthy and strong to the age of 16. May the Queen's soldiers never find you.

Fairies: You must journey to ring the six bells and save Britain. You must journey to make way for the true king.

Fairies: Gloucester, Salisbury, Oxford, Norwich, Orkney.

Fairies: The sixth and final one is not in the prophecy, but you will surely find it.

Fairies: Chosen by the Staff of Selection, you are the only hope of the Fairy Kingdom.

Fairies: —Now, hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry.

Fairies: Hurry, and reach 16 years of age. We believe in your everything.

Fairy: ...the village is done for. The executioners are already here.

Fairy: Lift your head. Grasp your staff. It's time for you to set out, Artoria.

Fairy: No matter what anybody says, or even if you doubt it yourself, you are definitely the Child of Prophecy.

Fairy: You're just like her, kiddo.

Artoria: I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

Artoria: I'm sorry I'm so weak...I'm sorry I let you down...

Artoria: I'm trying...I'm trying...I'm trying as hard as I can...

Artoria: Mmh...mmh...

Fujimaru 1: Artoria, are you already asleep...?

Fujimaru 2: You're in front of a bonfire, know...

Artoria: —Uwa!

Artoria: Did I just doze off!? Tristan was playing his lyre...and so...

Tristan: How kin—ahem, excuse me.

Tristan: My lyre appears to not to be to Lady Artoria's taste...I merely attempted to ease her fatigue in my own way, but...

Artoria: Ehehe...sorry, I'm a little new to music.

Artoria: But, it's good to know I'll sleep well! Please let me listen later, when it's time for bed!

Tristan: Lady Artoria does not understand the heart of a poet...ah, how painful...

Oberon: Can't be helped. We walked all day to get this far.

Oberon: I'm tired as well. Let's rest here for tonight and get to Salisbury tomorrow morning.

Oberon: Artoria, can you ward the area against beasts? I'm sorry to ask you while you're drowsy, but...

Artoria: Y-yes. I'll be off now.

Oberon: Well then...

Oberon: On the way here, we explained to Artoria that pan-human history was just the “world next door. ”

Oberon: But, that's not really true. pan-human history is the correct way of things, and is mutually exclusive from this Fairy Kingdom of Britain.

Oberon: You Chaldeans have to destroy this Lostbelt.

Oberon: You're worried about how you're going to break the truth to Artoria, aren't you? You want to avoid hurting her as much as possible.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah...

Fujimaru 2: Hiding it is in itself a betrayal, but...

Oberon: I see. You're up to five now, aren't you? Each time, you've betrayed the people of the Lostbelt.

Oberon: Sheesh...I'm proud to be a chatterbox, but...

Oberon: Finding the right thing to say about your traumas isn't easy.

Oberon: Right. So, that's why I'll just reassure you here.

Oberon: Don't worry, Fujimaru. This Lostbelt won't be destroyed by you.

Oberon: After all, it's trying to destroy itself. Actually, I think this time you'll be the one to save it.

Fujimaru 1: To save...?

Fujimaru 2: The Lostbelt?

Oberon: Yeah. This Britain isn't “just another prosperous human history. ”

Oberon: It's a defective world that will die if left alone. In a word, it is a “mistaken history”.

Oberon: The problem is its destruction would have after-effects on pan-human history.

Oberon: As the ones on the side of that, we have to save Britain at all costs.

Oberon: To overthrow the one who has lorded over this land for two thousand years—Queen Morgan.

Tristan: Ah! Hold up. By Morgan, you mean that Morgan?

Oberon: Yeah, the very same.

Oberon: The great Achilles' heel of King Arthur, who ruled over Britain in pan-human history.

Oberon: The peerless witch who, in order to get into Camelot, set many traps,

Oberon: and who used her own child with Arthur—Mordred, the Knight of Treachery.

Oberon: The woman who brought Britain to ruin, Morgan. That's the name of the queen who will bring this Fairy Kingdom to ruin.

Oberon: Well, I guess you all would call her the “Lostbelt King? ” Is that right?

Fujimaru 1: Queen Morgan—

Fujimaru 2: King Arthur's archfoe, in this Lostbelt...

Oberon: Anyway, from what I've heard, the problems in the outside world are probably being caused by her.

Oberon: As long as Morgan is defeated, pan-human history should be in the clear.

Oberon: What happens after that, you can leave up to this island's original fate.

Oberon: Whether it destroys itself or manages to recover, that's not your cross to bear.

Oberon: Look. A Lostbelt needs a Fantasy Tree to maintain its existence, right?

Oberon: It's probably that world tree you see beyond that ocean...the huge ash tree-looking thing, but. .

Oberon: As you can see, it died a while back. That's why this Lostbelt doesn't have much longer to live.

Fujimaru 1: It died a while ago...

Fujimaru 2: Didn't it burn up?

Oberon: Yeah, it was all ablaze a little while back! It went out pretty quick, but I wonder what that was all about?

Oberon: Well, let's wrap it up for tonight. It's not good to cram too much information in at once.

Oberon: To sum up tonight:

Oberon: “The Fairy Kingdom's ruler is Queen Morgan! Kick her ass! ”

Oberon: That's all you need to know.

Oberon: We'll continue this when we reach Salisbury.

Oberon: You'll really get the feeling of Britain when you see an actual fairy city—

Oberon: Sorry to drop the middle of a conversation, but we've got monsters! Fujimaru, get ready for combat!

Artoria: I'm sooooorryyyyyyyy!! I screwed up the warding spells...!

Artoria: Now I attracted a flock of wild birds...! Please help me!

Tristan: —Heh. For my king to ask for assistance, what a—

Tristan: Excuse me...she is not King Arthur. How embarrassing, for me of all people...

Fujimaru 1: (I see, Tristan is—)

Fujimaru 2: Even if she's someone else, you can be happy!

Tristan: Yes...I feel sorry for the other Rounds. This is a great honor.

Oberon: Here they come! Britain's beasts are ferocious! Be careful, Fujimaru!


Artoria: Yay! An overwhelming victory! That felt great!

Tristan: A refreshing victory for the first time since I was summoned...I am overjoyed...

Fujimaru 1: We've had it rough so far...

Tristan: Indeed. We may not be as good as fairies, but a demonic beast such as this is no match for a Knight of the Round Table.

Fujimaru 2: Artoria, are you...(actually a sore loser? )

Artoria: Ah no, it's nothing, nothing at all. I'm just glad to be able to play an active role, ahaha...

Oberon: I see. So that's what you guys are capable of now. Even a pack of nachtkrapp are no trouble for you.

Oberon: That's good. Better than expected, even.

Oberon: Tristan's bow is less powerful, but has great range.

Oberon: His specialty is group combat. With you here, we don't have to worry about being outnumbered.

Oberon: And Artoria, who's not as tomboyish as she looks. Is that marvelous device of yours handmade?

Oberon: Strange weapons are useful against new enemies. They can be a good distraction.

Oberon: And—

Oberon: Above it all, Fujimaru's summoning is hilarious!

Oberon: Temporarily summoning Heroic Spirits...your ability to respond and overcome is beyond expectations.

Oberon: Human magecraft isn't very effective on fairies. But if you summon Heroic Spirits, it's a different story.

Oberon: I guess the issue is Fujimaru's physical strength? Physical power, magical energy, and karmic power.

Oberon: The longer the battle continues, the more danger you'll be in as the summoner.

Oberon: So long as you mind that, you'll be able to manage against fairies, probably.

Artoria: Wait a second. Human magecraft...magecraft is...

Artoria: Fujimaru, you use magecraft!?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, thanks to my Mystic Code, I guess.

Fujimaru 2: Is it that surprising?


Artoria: Oh no, I'm sorry. I'm just a little astonished...

Artoria: Magecraft isn't used all that much in Britain, so...well...

Artoria: Since fairies perform Sacraments without the use of things like a Thaumaturgical Foundation, Magic Formula, or Mystic Codes...

Artoria: Magecraft is viewed as “something you don't need” or “something only used by weirdos. ”

Artoria: To put it bluntly, if you can only use magecraft, they say “Eww, you have to prepare each thing separately,”

Artoria: and everyone looks down on you...ahaha...

Tristan: I see. Indeed, fairies have no need of magecraft.

Tristan: Since this Britain is a fairyland, you could say the value of magecraft is almost nil...

Fujimaru 1: Then, why does Artoria use it?

Artoria: Uwa, you asked...after all that, you asked, Fujimaru...

Oberon: Now now. It was just a simple question. There was no malice in it, okay Artoria?

Oberon: If it's a sore subject, you don't have to answer.

Oberon: And Fujimaru, let's talk about this some other time. Have a little tact, okay?

Oberon: Now then, did you all forget what our original plan was? We went through all that, just to sleep out here.

Oberon: We'll get a good night's sleep tonight.

Oberon: Artoria probably wants to know more about Fujimaru too, but save that for tomorrow morning.


Oberon: Luckily, there aren't any of the Queen's soldiers, Mors, or rebels in the area.

Oberon: We'll wake up in the morning, walk an hour, and be in Salisbury.

Oberon: We'll have a more in-depth conversation then. Let's save the fun stuff for when we're more composed, in better surroundings, alright?


Fujimaru 1: So, that's a rough history of the world until 2015 AD.

Artoria: another world really existed...England...Scotland...Ireland...

Artoria: Not only that, but outside of the island, there's France? And Italy? And so on.

Artoria: So many countries, so many people, each and every one with their own culture...

Artoria: I can't imagine what it must be like to come from such a wonderful place.

Artoria: But a “Britain without fairies”! That sounds refreshing and interesting!

Oberon: From Fujimaru's point of view, I think this fairyland Britain is the more interesting one.

Oberon: But, there's something to be corrected here.

Oberon: Pan-human's wrong to say that there are no fairies in Fujimaru's world.

Oberon: Despite the fact that Mystery faded with the transition into the common era, the fairies do remain.

Oberon: There are not many of them left, and they seldom show themselves in front of other people. I actually sort of fall into that category as a Heroic Spirit.

Fujimaru 1: Speaking of which, Oberon...

Oberon: “A Midsummer Night's Dream”, right?

Oberon: Shakespeare, the greatest English playwright who ever lived. He wrote a story about fairies.

Oberon: The put it simply, it's a love triangle between three humans.

Oberon: The fairy King is Oberon. His estranged Queen is called Titania.

Oberon: Oberon, in an attempt to get Titania to give up her changeling, concocts a magical potion.

Oberon: When applied to the eyelids of a sleeping person, that person, upon waking, falls in love with the first living being that they set their eyes on.

Oberon: A human named Lysander, having been mistaken for another human and having the love potion accidently applied,

Oberon: forgets his days with the love of his life, Hermia, to whom he had pledged his future, and believes someone else to be his eternal lover.

Oberon: Well, a lot happens, and in the end, they get back together.

Oberon: It's a self-serving play about love, a light comedy...

Oberon: The problem is, it became a popular play that was passed down from generation to generation.

Oberon: Thanks to this, fairies like “Puck the Trickster”, and “Oberon the hard-hearted Fairy King” are now well established.

Oberon: So...I guess you could say, I'm the most famous fairy in the entire world.

Oberon: If you're interested, you can always read it after you return to Chaldea.

Oberon: He's a hopeless king who can't do anything right, but be lenient with him.

Oberon: I swear there was no harm intended, okay?

Oberon: It was an overdramatic stage scene, so I could get my darling to pay attention to me.

Artoria: Then is Oberon a fictional fairy? A character only found in the story?

Artoria: How can something so ambiguous become a Servant?

Tristan: Not so. Shakespeare's “A Midsummer Night's Dream” is one of the greatest plays ever written, but...

Tristan: “Oberon, King of the Fairies” is said to be a legend that has been handed down in Europe since time immemorial.

Tristan: Even before Shakespeare's time, in the 15th century.

Tristan: He was heralded as “the king of fairies, whom can fulfill any desire using magic. ”

Oberon: Really? I didn't know that.

Oberon: For what it's worth, they both had an original inspiration. That “inspiration”...that's who was recorded as a Servant.

Oberon: Perhaps, that's who I am. It's like trying to determine which came first, the chicken or the egg.

Fujimaru 1: I see...

Fujimaru 2: And, what about Titania?

Oberon: That's a total Shakespearean creation. There is no such name in traditional fairy history.

Oberon: Titania...a corruption of Titan, perhaps? A creation from Greek mythology?

Oberon: The Oberon in “A Midsummer Night's Dream” is an egoist.

Oberon: Any woman who could forgive his selfishness would only exist in fiction.

Oberon: Anyway...sorry, I'm wasting your time talking about this.

Oberon: Salisbury is up ahead. I'll deal with the gatekeeper.

Oberon: You guys stay quiet and follow me. I mean, they'll recognise me.

Oberon: Also, if they ask you for your name, don't answer them. If they press for it, make something up.

Oberon: If they find out you're a human, you're in trouble. You never know who'll be listening.

Tristan: is not risky to lie to fairies?

Tristan: It is said that their eyes can see through lies. Isn't avoiding falsehoods of the utmost importance?

Oberon: Ah, don't worry. The fairies here don't have Fairy Eyes.

Oberon: Maybe their ability was lost to time, or abandoned for the greater good.

Oberon: Regardless, they can't see your true feelings. Until the results come in, they can't tell good from bad.

Oberon: After all, if they had them, how could an evil like Morgan prosper?

Note! Scene Change

Fujimaru 1: This is Salisbury...!

Fujimaru 2: There's a big cathedral...!

Tristan: I'm glad. The air here is different from Cornwall.

Tristan: There are fairies everywhere, but I do not sense any immediate danger from them...

Tristan: Everyone is smiling, with an air of positivity. Perhaps there is a festival taking place.

Artoria: No, it's just the way things are in this city. It's Britain's only free city.

Artoria: The population is about 200,000 here in Salisbury. Not just from the Wind, Earth, and Fang clans—

Artoria: It's home to both natural fairies and humans who have gained the right to independence.

Fujimaru 1: A human who has gained independence?

Oberon: “Belonging to nobody, but Britain itself”, a free human, if you will.

Oberon: I thought we'd talk about that when we were a bit more settled...

Oberon: It's not something that can be kept secret forever. There's also the matter of the cathedral. I'll explain now.

Oberon: You came to the conclusion that there were no humans here in this Fairy Kingdom, but strictly speaking, that's not entirely true.

Oberon: Humans exist. But they're not the apex species of this world.

Oberon: They're tools for the enrichment of fairy society...almost like the slaves of pan-human history.

Oberon: Doesn't this city seem a little bit off to you? There's something strange about it. Something that doesn't belong.

Fujimaru 1: If you ask me...

Fujimaru 2: It feels like a human city.

Oberon: Yes. Originally, the fairies lived alongside nature.

Oberon: Even if they did band together, they were just a gathering of forest children and stone children under the Great Mother.

Oberon: Fairies were Bunrei—offshoot spirits— with no concept of a “civilization of their own”.

Oberon: However, here in the Fairy Kingdom, as you can see, they've imitated human society.

Oberon: For about 14,000 years now.

Oberon: These British fairies have been breeding humans, and continued to thrive using their creativity as entertainment.

Oberon: Fairies have long lives, strong vitality, and can live just fine in the spur of the moment.

Oberon: Thanks to their strong versatility, human-like “growth and development” isn't needed. On the other hand, humans are riddled with weaknesses.

Oberon: They're short-lived, their injuries don't heal, they need to eat constantly, and they'll quickly end up dead if ambushed by a wild beast.

Oberon: Inevitably, humans have had to accumulate knowledge and devise ways to survive and prosper.

Oberon: The human mindset must have been “charming and fascinating” to the fairies.

Oberon: They reared humans, and built entire cities that mimicked only the outward-facing aspects of human culture.

Oberon: Agricultural knowledge, building engineering, and many academic disciplines...

Oberon: They mimicked them in form, but completely ignored the actual underlying contents.

Oberon: They're just surface-level copies, look-alikes. Magical energy takes care of the rest.

Oberon: The best example is that cathedral. The fairies have no gods, and no concept of religion.

Oberon: They didn't have any reason to build that cathedral. But they built it because it was fun.

Oberon: That's the culture of this fairyland, and the way they treat humans.

Fujimaru 1: Umm, in other words...

Fujimaru 2: They're ripping off human culture?

Oberon: Hm...well, I guess that's one way to put it.

Oberon: Even if my situation is different, I'm still a fairy as well.

Oberon: In a world with few humans, I can understand why they ended up this way.

Oberon: Both in pan-human history and in this Lostbelt, humans are something that fairies toy with to kill time.

Oberon: The society that has achieved ultimate control over humans is this Fairy Kingdom,

Oberon: and it was under the policy of your enemy, Queen Morgan.

Artoria: Huh? Fujimaru and the others are going up against Morgan?

Oberon: Yeah. That's the plan for now, right, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: I'm still trying to figure out what is going on...

Fujimaru 2: We need to meet the King of this Lostbelt...

Fujimaru 1: But first, we need to find Mash and da Vinci...

Oberon: Oops, that's right. We're getting our priorities muddled.

Oberon: Let's head to a tavern for now. Where people gather, there's always a chance of hearing some good information.

Artoria: ...

Fujimaru 1: Artoria?

Fujimaru 2: You've frozen in place, what's the matter?

Artoria: You see...Fujimaru saved my life, and while I'm certainly indebted to you...

Artoria: (I don't know what to do...if they're going to be fighting Her Majesty Morgan, my presence would certainly be a nuisance...)

Artoria: (I thought I would stick around until we found Mash, but maybe it's right to part ways here...)

Oberon: O-ho.

Oberon: —Ahem. By the way, Artoria.

Oberon: Do you know what happens when a human is found without their master in this city?

Oberon: They're treated as a fugitive who escaped from a farm, and sent to New Darlington.

Artoria: New Darlington...w-wait, the “National Slaughter Theatre” Darlington?

Fujimaru 1: National Slaughter...?

Fujimaru 2: Theatre...?

Fujimaru 2: Come again?

Artoria: W-well, that doesn't sound very nice...this is the city of freedom, Salisbury, remember?

Artoria: In a city ruled by the head of the Wind Clan, such horrible treatment is simply impossible...

Oberon: Nope. Even though she's the head of the Wind Clan, she can't go against the Queen's decree.

Oberon: More importantly, as head, it's important to have as many reliable collaborators and sympathizers as possible.

Oberon: Fujimaru is a lost child who doesn't know left from right, and more importantly, is also human.

Oberon: Without a “master” being present, we'll end up with a repeat of what happened in the “Nameless Forest”.

Oberon: I'm a prince, as you can see, so...

Oberon: Having a [♂ boy /♀ girl] of unknown origin as my squire, something like that isn't going to convince many.

Oberon: You're a much better match for Fujimaru.

Oberon: Oh, I'm not saying you should be together forever. Just as long as we're in Salisbury.

Oberon: More than's more convenient for you too, right? It's better than being alone, you know?

Artoria: I guess that's true...with Britain as it is now, you'd be questioned if you're alone, wouldn't you?

Artoria: But, why not just have Tristan pretend to be Fujimaru's Master?

Oberon: It's not impossible, but Tristan doesn't know much about the Fairy Kingdom.

Oberon: If he were interrogated by the clan's guards, they'd be able to call his bluff immediately. If I were you, I wouldn't risk it.

Artoria: B-but, but only high-class fairies can take humans as servants, and...if I'm one of those...

Artoria: If I become Fujimaru's master—

Oberon: It's just for appearances' sake. Would you prefer [♂ him /♀ her] to be your pet?

Artoria: T-t-t-t-that's disrespectful! I-I-I-I-I'm not ready for something like that!

Oberon: Great, then it's decided.

Oberon: Fujimaru. Artoria will be your master for a little while.

Oberon: We're doing this so that we can travel through Britain safely. Can you play the part?

Fujimaru 1: Nice to meet you, too.

Fujimaru 2: It's not my first time acting.

Artoria: ...(sigh). If it's alright with you, it's alright with me.

Artoria: We've made it this far together, so let's work together a little longer, everyone.

Artoria: Yes, this is something to be positive about. I guess, it's one of my old dreams come true!

Tristan: ...? Excuse me, Caster. What would you say that dream was?

Artoria: It's a dream of every fairy who grew up in the countryside. To be one of the upper echelon fairies in a big city, you know?


Oberon: Well, well, well, good day to you, the fine folk of Salisbury! Are we all having a good time?

Oberon: Fairy King of the Autumn Forest, preacher of flowers, peace, and fairy tales, the boisterous Oberon, sorry to intrude!

I:Fairy (Tavern Keeper): Yo, Oberon, glad to see you're doing well! You're in Salisbury again!

I:Fairy (Tavern Keeper): Maybe today's the day you've come to pick up your tab!

N:Fairy holding a Wooden Cup: Oh, to see Oberon's face makes it all worthwhile to be drinking in the middle of the day!

N:Fairy holding a Wooden Cup: Have you come to repay what I loaned you last time?

D:Garden-loving Fairy: Oberon! Thanks to you, the trees in my backyard are much more docile!

D:Garden-loving Fairy: But, you've gotta give me my money back!

E:Fairy in a Dress: The wonderful Oberon, do you have any time? I hope you'll come to our tea party today!

E:Fairy in a Dress: And, you've gotta give me my money back!

F:A Fairy with a Mighty Physique: I've been waiting for you, you poor penniless prince! Come here, I'll buy you a drink!

F:A Fairy with a Mighty Physique: But first, you've gotta give me my money back!

Oberon: Hahahahaha.

Oberon: Stop it, gentlemen! Don't make me out to be the most popular man on the planet!

Oberon: I'm with a very dear friend today, so keep quiet about the money!

Fairies: Hahahahahahaha!

Fairies: We know, we know. We're just having a laugh!

Fairies: You've given us so much more, who cares about the Queen's coin! Let us buy you a drink!

Fujimaru 1: Money...?

Fujimaru 2: Penniless prince...?

Artoria: Are you broke, by any chance? Even though you call yourself a king?

Oberon: Well, my financial situation is in a bit of a pickle. Being broke, you could say that, yes.

Oberon: But it can't be helped, you know? When I was summoned to this Fairy Kingdom, all I had was this cloak.

Oberon: When I woke up, I was literally naked in the middle of a forest, on top of a pile of dead leaves.

Oberon: Normally, I'd stay there, waiting for someone from pan-human history to come and help, but...

Oberon: You've gotta do what you gotta do when you're the one who was summoned first.

Oberon: Fairies are creatures who flutter around “interesting” things. That's why I've been visiting various cities.

Oberon: I've sang songs, made everyone merry, told fairy tales, made the evenings lively, and even entertained the ladies.

Oberon: Through my diligent activities, I've made a name for myself in Britain as “The Fairy King that rules somewhere nobody knows. ”

Oberon: Well, it's only a reputation that extends to the major cities.

Artoria: the reason I didn't know you, Oberon, was because my village was in the countryside...

Oberon: I'm sorry about that. Henceforth, I'll ponder about an expedition to the countryside.

Oberon: But, after all, this was just one battle.

Oberon: Do you have any idea how it felt, to act all “high and mighty” all the time, while being completely broke?

Tristan: Indeed...I often masqueraded as someone I was not, and sang of my love of beautiful ladies in bars...

Tristan: No, it must have been difficult...I understand the exhilaration, no, the tension you must have felt...

Tristan: Oberon. As a fellow poet, I have the utmost respect for your efforts.

Tristan: If you could tell me, in detail, about your successful exploits in this Fairy Kingdom later on...

Oberon: If you're up for it, it would be my pleasure. With your performance, we'll attract even more and more patrons.

Artoria: I see, I see! Tristan and Oberon are kindred spirits. Both enemies of women!

Artoria: So, Oberon. Where is a good place for us to sit?

Oberon: At the back of the tavern, there's a raised area with a circular table that I prefer.

Oberon: It's hard for the other customers to see you, and you'll get a full view of the place.

Oberon: Let's start with a toast. We'll order some fruit juice. Hey there cutie, are you the new waiter?

Oberon: Tell the owner I'll take the back table. And four fruit juices, please.

K:Waitress: Yes, thank you for your order~! We'll have it ready soon, so please take your time and enjoy yourself~!

Fujimaru 1: —Huh?

K:Waitress: —Huh?

Fujimaru 1: Da Vinci-chan!?

Da Vinci: No way, really!? Yay, it's Fujimaru—!


Da Vinci: Jeez, just listen to me already!

Da Vinci: After we were separated by the fog, I followed a hunch, and walked back to the beach!

Da Vinci: Luckily, after heading east along the coast, away from that fog-shrouded forest,

Da Vinci: I found Salisbury. I figured that since there were more people, I could gather information.

Da Vinci: And then...

Fairy Tavernkeep: A heavenly angel descended into my store.

Fairy Tavernkeep: She had an unsteady gait, yet with an unshakable will hiding in her blue eyes, she said:

Fairy Tavernkeep: “What a wonderful shop. Please let me work here until the day I die. ”

Da Vinci: I didn't say that!

Da Vinci: I told you, I was looking for a human, and simply asked for a glass of water first!

Fairy Tavernkeep: Tch. Well, you're always welcome to become my housewife! If you change your mind anytime, just let me know!

Da Vinci: Yeah, yeah. Get back to the counter, Mike. I'll show you how to make a cocktail later.

Fairy Tavernkeep: Hehe. Hehehe. Ah, angel...

Da Vinci: Anyway, that's what I've been up to.

Da Vinci: I'm glad you're safe, Fujimaru, Tristan.

Da Vinci: As for doesn't seem like we've been able to meet up with her yet.

Oberon: I see, the other Servant that Fujimaru mentioned,

Oberon: that's you, isn't it? I'm honored to meet the renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci.

Da Vinci: And you? You know my name, so are you a Servant from pan-human history?

Oberon: I'm Oberon. King of Fairies, Oberon. Well, over here, “King of Fairies” is just a job title.

Artoria: Nice to meet you, da Vinci.

Artoria: I'm Artoria Caster. I met Fujimaru in the forest.

Artoria: Now...well, there's a lot going on, and as Fujimaru's owner,

Artoria: it's a relief to have finally met you...

Da Vinci: Well, isn't this interesting!

Da Vinci: That's a relief, Fujimaru!

Da Vinci: Thanks, Artoria. But you're a fairy from this Britain, aren't you?

Da Vinci: I'm sure you've heard our situation to some degree, but...

Da Vinci: Furthermore, you're lending a hand to Fujimaru, right?

Artoria: Y-yes, well...

Artoria: To tell the truth, I don't really understand half the things Oberon and Fujimaru say...

Artoria: But I can tell Fujimaru isn't lying.

Artoria: I can't bring myself to ignore people in need, and to be honest, it's a little fun.

Da Vinci: I see. Then it's alright to talk here.

Da Vinci: So, Fujimaru, can you tell us what you've been up to so far?

Da Vinci: I that's what happened in the woods. In any case, I'm glad you two are alright.

Da Vinci: Thanks for guarding [♂ him /♀ her], Tristan. You too, Oberon and Artoria.

Da Vinci: “We still don't know much about Britain. ” “We don't know where Mash is. ”

Da Vinci: “But we're sure Mash is okay. ” “Oberon is completely broke. ”

Da Vinci: Right. If all that is clear, we can take proper measures from now on.

Da Vinci: Oberon's judgement was correct.

Da Vinci: What we should do now is not move around Britain aimlessly.

Da Vinci: Gather information using Salisbury as a base, and solve our problems one by one.

Da Vinci: Our first priority is “finding Mash. ” I'll gather information about “a girl wearing iron armor”...

Da Vinci: And in the process we'll be able to learn about the state of Britain and the situation of the fairies living in it.

Fujimaru 1: Based here?

Fujimaru 2: Da Vinci, are you staying somewhere?

Da Vinci: Yeah, of course I am. This tavern doubles as an inn.

Da Vinci: Well, to be precise, it's a building that closely resembles “an inn built by humans. ”

Da Vinci: Mike didn't know what an “inn” was. I had to show him how to make use of the spare rooms.

Da Vinci: In return, I was allowed to use the three rooms on the second floor☆

Da Vinci: Meaning, I've set up Chaldea's forward base. I believe I'll be able to join you at some point.

Tristan: Oho...I would expect nothing less of da Vinci...the girl Sir Lancelot would fall for with a single glance...

Artoria: Hm? Your side's Lancelot, are they a young lady like da Vinci?

Fujimaru 1: Pfffft! (spit take)

Fujimaru 2: You could say something like that!

Oberon: Mm, that's great. Da Vinci seems to be a truly reliable Servant.

Oberon: Well, I'll guess I'll leave this area to you. As a matter of fact, I have a huge amount of stuff I need to work on.

Tristan: Oberon...? Are you saying you're leaving us?

Oberon: Yeah. I'll try and get some information on this Mash girl too.

Oberon: You need some information on Britain in general, as well.

Oberon: Britain is definitely going to undergo some changes, thanks to the arrival of Chaldea.

Oberon: You don't have many allies here. And you need to know what's going on in every region.

Fujimaru 1: We'll meet again soon, right?

Oberon: Of course. If I come here, I can see you all.

Oberon: I'll bring some good news with me next time. Until then, you all need to get used to Britain.

Da Vinci: Oh, he's already gone.

Da Vinci: He's dependable, but he really marches to the beat of his own drum, doesn't he?

Tristan: Yes...such a glamorous outfit...I understand...

Tristan: I am overjoyed...we are kindred poets, without a doubt...

Artoria: what are we going to do now? I can show you around Salisbury.

Da Vinci: No, everyone needs to rest today. You walked all the way here, didn't you?

Da Vinci: Come on, upstairs, upstairs.

Da Vinci: Fujimaru takes one room, while Tristan and I take the second.

Da Vinci: And Artoria can have the one I prepared for Mash.

Da Vinci: Good thing I was greedy enough to get three. The rooms are also secured with magic barriers.

Da Vinci: They're completely soundproof. You're in safe hands.

Fujimaru 1: (Da Vinci is winking at me...)

Fujimaru 2: (I see, we'll continue this in my room...)

Artoria: Ah! Um, is it alright if I have it to myself (and free of charge)?

Artoria: Yay, I've always wanted my own room! Gonna go rest, gonna go rest, gonna go rest!

Artoria: Thank you, da Vinci!

Artoria: Wooow, such generous fairies! Pan-human History is amazing!

Da Vinci: She's gone...

Da Vinci: I didn't mention it out of consideration for her, but she's different from the “Artoria” we know.

Tristan: Yes. Pan-human history's King of Britain...

Tristan: King seems like she should be considered a completely different person from Artoria Pendragon...

Da Vinci: Mm. Let's bear that in mind and change our discussion. Can you two head upstairs?

Da Vinci: Something might happen here. We have to keep our discussion of pan-human history between ourselves.

Da Vinci: Right, I'll begin with what I know. First, concerning this Fairy Kingdom of Britain.

Da Vinci: Now that you've been to Salisbury, you've seen the state of the island yourselves, but...

Da Vinci: This Lostbelt is different from the previous ones, to a great degree.

Da Vinci: I really don't think it's “human history that diverged at a specific branch point. ”

Da Vinci: As you can see, humankind doesn't reign as the dominant species. Fundamentally, it's a world of nothing but fairies.

Da Vinci: Russia was a world where humanity was unable to survive due to a massive ice age, and was forced to evolve accordingly.

Da Vinci: Scandinavia was a world where the Age of Gods concluded in Ragnarok, and humanity declined alongside the gods.

Da Vinci: China was ruled by the one true man and became a one-nation world in perpetuity.

Da Vinci: India was a world that attempted to converge with perfection by endlessly repeating the “saṃsāra of the world” rather than “saṃsāra of humans. ”

Da Vinci: Greece was a world where humanity was under the complete control of gods who never perished.

Da Vinci: Each had ceased to develop any further, but they were still fundamentally worlds of mankind.

Da Vinci: No matter how far they deviated from us, they were building an anthroposphere that ran parallel to the global environment of 2017.

Da Vinci: But this Britain is different. It's not a “world of mankind” to begin with.

Da Vinci: Becuase, as you can see, there is nothing “outside of Britain. ”

Da Vinci: It's not like up to now, where the view of the outside world was blocked by a wall of storms.

Da Vinci: There's really nothing beyond the island here. The five continents and all other nations don't exist.

Da Vinci: So long as we're in this Lostbelt, the only things on Earth are Great Britain and the ocean.

Da Vinci: Meaning—

Fujimaru 1: An "alternate world" unrelated to human history?

Da Vinci: Yup. Right now, that's what I'd have to say.

Da Vinci: I've spent the last few days asking around about the situations with other countries, but nobody knows what a “foreign country” even is.

Da Vinci: The Fairy Kingdom of Britain has some kind of bizarre secret forming the basis of its creation.

Da Vinci: Uncovering it is the key to conquering this, it'll probably tie everything together.

Tristan: Hold on. If no other European countries exist, then...

Tristan: Will the fairies in this land be ones solely unique to Britain?

Da Vinci: Good question, Tristan.

Da Vinci: If there are no other regions, there's no reason for folklore from specific regions to be introduced to Britain...

Da Vinci: But, that's the convergence of human history, right?

Da Vinci: If a fairy originally came from Earth, then it still came to be even if their form and particulars differ.

Da Vinci: In this Fairy Kingdom, fairies found in European folklore have arisen in different forms.

Da Vinci: I guess you could call it a similar ecosystem.

Da Vinci: If the environment is Earth, the civilizations, events, and the life that appears can be similar.

Tristan: A similarity say?

Da Vinci: Yes. The Fairy Kingdom of Britain is completely different from the Britain we know.

Da Vinci: But, even in such a different world, there are many overlaps.

Da Vinci: Such as the names of cities or fairies.

Da Vinci: Or the name of the Queen who rules this world.

Da Vinci: Did you see that huge castle to the north on the way here? That's the castle of Queen Morgan, the ruler of these lands.

Da Vinci: The castle's name is Camelot.

Da Vinci: In pan-human history, the castle became the setting for “King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table,” and Britain's symbol of peace.

Da Vinci: And it was Morgan who was credited with defeating King Arthur and indirectly bringing Britain to ruin.

Da Vinci: She is the most powerful, most evil witch in Britain.

Fujimaru 1: I've heard of her before we came here, but...

Fujimaru 2: Morgan, the witch

Da Vinci: Yeah. As far as my investigations can tell, Morgan has dominated this land for close to 2,000 years.

Da Vinci: A long time ago, there used to be six lords in Britain. Nowadays they're called “clans. ”

Da Vinci: Wind, Earth, Fang, Mirror, Wing, and one other. For thousands of years, they've continuously rivaled each other.

Da Vinci: Using black magic, Morgan defeated them, and unified Britain with half the clans by force.

Da Vinci: Afterwards, Morgan granted the humans a certain degree of freedom,

Da Vinci: and, apparently it took 2,000 years to create this copycat civilization.

Tristan: do such things, even in a Lostbelt...

Tristan: No. I'm sure it's not the same Morgan we know, but...

Tristan: So, how is her rule? She went as far as to name her castle Camelot.

Tristan: Does she rule as justly and unashamedly as King Arthur?

Da Vinci: It's absolutely awful!

Da Vinci: Morgan dominates the fairies and imposes strict control over the number of human births.

Da Vinci: The fairies living in the cities are obligated to be inscribed with Morgan's curse—a Command Spell.

Da Vinci: Once a year, the fairies tattooed with this Command Spell are forced to “offer” their life force.

Da Vinci: It's called the “existence tax” in the Fairy Kingdom. It's basically their magical energy and vitality.

Da Vinci: The fairies who fail to amass enough magical energy to satisfy Morgan over the course of a year, well, they just die on the spot.

Da Vinci: It seems that when Morgan took the throne, she said to the fairies:

Da Vinci: “I will not pardon you. I will not save you. ”

Da Vinci: “Merely obey. Hang your heads. I will protect Britain through absolute subservience. ”

Da Vinci: Fairies who can't stand for this or who can't work are taken to Camelot for disposal.

Da Vinci: Either that or they flee the cities, to escape to a place where nobody knows them, so it seems.

Fujimaru 1: An annual existence tax...

Fujimaru 2: I see, so...

Tristan: An oppressive regime will give rise to forces of opposition...

Tristan: In spite of this, this Britain has remained under Morgan's control for 2,000 years?

Da Vinci: I guess that shows just how powerful Morgan is.

Da Vinci: You see, she collects half the life force of fairies living in Britain every year.

Da Vinci: None of the fairies can stand against her. Be that as it may, Morgan's rule isn't all bad.

Da Vinci: Look, that weird black thing you fought on the beach? The fairies call it “Mors,” but...

Da Vinci: They say it's the first in a series of Calamities plaguing Great Britain since the island's creation.

Da Vinci: A fairy that has lost their purpose. A fairy that has lost their radiance.

Da Vinci: Among fairies like these, there are a few that become Mors.

Da Vinci: From the fairies' point of view, the Mors are their natural enemy.

Da Vinci: All it takes is a touch for the Mors to spread, then that fairy will become a Mors as well.

Da Vinci: It's like a disease only fairies can contract.

Da Vinci: Mors were the first, but many other Calamities spring up periodically in Britain.

Da Vinci: Morgan...the Queen's military are constantly driving these calamities back.

Da Vinci: Morgan is a cold-hearted tyrant, while at the same time being the sword that protects Britain.

Da Vinci: The fairies fear and despise her, but at the same time they rely on her rule...

Da Vinci: And that sums up the current state of the Fairy Kingdom.

Fujimaru 1: So, as expected, Morgan is the Lostbelt King?

Da Vinci: Yeah. There's no mistaking it. Our objective, Rhongomyniad...

Da Vinci: That great magic that reached Olympus. Morgan is the only one who could have unleashed it.

Da Vinci: Of course, that would mean that Beryl Gut is involved with Morgan,

Da Vinci: and we're not going to get as much as the time of day to peacefully negotiate with her!

Tristan: I understand. So we must overthrow Morgan for our own reasons.

Da Vinci: Aah! But it's said to be impossible to enter Camelot without the Queen's permission!

Da Vinci: Nevertheless, Morgan's rule is not absolute. Right now, a new hope has been born in Britain.

Da Vinci: We arrived at the turning point for the Fairy Kingdom of Britain...the best opportunity has turned up.

Fujimaru 1: What new hope?

Da Vinci: The “Child of Prophecy. ”

Da Vinci: Before they disappeared, the chief of the now-extinct Mirror Clan devised a prophecy.

Da Vinci: In a nutshell, it's this:

Da Vinci: “Sixteen years from now, a savior will appear. Guided by the Staff of Selection, the true king will be crowned. ”

Da Vinci: “When the six bells toll, the false queen will be overthrown. With fairies and humans together, the false history will end. ”

Da Vinci: Well? Have you heard this somewhere?

Da Vinci: It's quite credible. After all, the Mirror Clan's predictions are never off the mark.

Da Vinci: The Queen's been rounding up and imprisoning all the fairies that turn 16 this year, but...

Da Vinci: The hunt for the Child of Prophecy continues. It's proof they haven't found them yet.

Da Vinci: Between the Mors and the Child, the Queen's rule is looking pretty shaky right now.

Da Vinci: If we make good use of this, it might not be impossible to negotiate with Morgan.

Da Vinci: Be that as it may, our first priority now is finding Mash. First you need to rest and recover your strength.

Da Vinci: Starting tomorrow we'll gather some information. Naturally, let's try to be as inconspicuous as possible.

Fujimaru 1: Been a long time since I've had a soft bed...

Fujimaru 1: The British Lostbelt...Queen Morgan...

Fujimaru 1: Artoria...Oberon...

Fujimaru 1: Mash...please stay safe—

Da Vinci: Well, let's get some rest as well, shall we?

Da Vinci: Sleep isn't necessary for Servants, but it's exhausting to constantly be on alert, right?

Da Vinci: You never took your fingers off your bowstrings even once. As expected of a Knight of the Round Table, eh Tristan?

Tristan: Hm...I must need rest as well, to have been seen through like that...

Tristan: But there will be other opportunities.

Tristan: It is you who must rest, da Vinci. You may be a Servant as well, but,

Tristan: you are a living organism right now, the same as Fujimaru.

Tristan: Please rest, and do not overwork yourself. My duty is to watch over you both.

Da Vinci: Is that so? As you wish, then. As expected of the most beautiful man of the Round Table, Tristan the Lamenting.

Da Vinci: Thank you. I'll take you up on your offer. To be honest, I'm exhausted.

Tristan: Please do. However, before that...

Tristan: I have a favor to ask. It will take but a moment before you fall asleep...

Tristan: The records of the Sixth Singularity.

Tristan: The deeds done by the “me” who was summoned in the Holy City of Camelot—

Tristan: Could you please tell me what those were?

Section 3: Aurora

Artoria: Good morning, everybody! Ah, the bed was sooooooo comfortable!

Da Vinci: Good, good, changing the bedding was worth the time. I'm glad you're happy with it.

Da Vinci: These fairy beds just imitate the shape of one, so the cushions are usually hard as a ro~ck.

Tristan: Tristan, at your service. If you so desire, I can play a waking tune, or something similar...

Fujimaru 1: Morning, everyone.

Fujimaru 2: Let's hit the streets and gather some intel!

Da Vinci: Woah, someone's raring to go. However, you should dial it back a little bit.

Da Vinci: There may not be many of the Queen's soldiers in Salisbury, but there are quite a few of her sympathizers.

Da Vinci: Just act natural, alright?

Fairy Tavernkeep: Dabinchi, are you going out?! You're not going to wait tables with your pretty skates!?

Da Vinci: Sorry, just a bit of sightseeing~! I'll help out this afternoon!

Fairy Tavernkeep: O-oh...that's right, that was the promise.

Fairy Tavernkeep: You guys! I don't know what clan you're from, but don't work Dabinchi too hard!

Fujimaru 1: ...Oh?

Da Vinci: Hm? What is it, Fujimaru? Something on your mind?

Fujimaru 1: No, the sky...

Fujimaru 2: It's the same as yesterday...

Da Vinci: Oh, that. I was surprised at first, too.

Da Vinci: The weather here doesn't change. There's just this sky, and the night.

Da Vinci: It seems to rain too. There's nothing in this world that clears the air and shows the blue sky.

Artoria: Huh? Blue sky—does the sky really turn blue in your Britain!?

Tristan: Yes. A beautiful, clear sky, completely unblemished. Of course, the sky of this land is beautiful also.

Artoria:, the color of bluebell flowers, right? I can't believe it turns that

Artoria: It must be a very bright and colourful world.

Artoria: I bet no matter how hard life is, everyone helps each other with a smile.

Artoria: Anyway, shall we start gathering information?

Artoria: I'm Fujimaru's master, right?

Artoria: Alright, let's get into gear. Where should we head first?

Artoria: They won't let you in a Woodwose-branded store without a squire, right?

Da Vinci: Oh, it doesn't matter. As long as we look like a gathering of fairies.

Da Vinci: Well then, let's observe the current state of affairs while pretending to be out for a walk.

Da Vinci: We'll listen in on gossip, and occasionally join in on some of it.

Fang Fairy: Do I know any fairies in iron armor, you say? What, are you all interested in the Queen's army?

Fang Fairy: Whoa, stop right there. There's no good to be had joining the Queen's army now!

Fang Fairy: After all, this is the year that Ainsel predicted, the year of salvation, the year when the Child of Prophecy would appear!

Fang Fairy: Maybe if they give the Queen a hard time, she'll lower her taxes a little!

Fang Fairy: Eh, that's not it? You got separated? Ah, I see. I have no clue.

Earth Fairy: Metal armor? You won't find that here. If it's iron you're after, you should head to Norwich.

Earth Fairy: Unless Spriggan closed the mine, they should still be making those silly weapons.

Earth Fairy: What kind of weapons? Well naturally, they're swords and spears, axes and bows.

Earth Fairy: Jeez, what's it come to these days, fairies using iron weapons...

Earth Fairy: What the heck is the Queen doing...?

Earth Fairy: But it's only for a little bit longer, right? The Child of Prophecy will take care of it all somehow.

Wind Fairy: Hey, have you guys heard? There's some kind of disaster brewing in Norwich.

Wind Fairy: The sky above Norwich is pitch-black and gloomy, even during the day.

Wind Fairy: With the big “Calamity Pool” rearing its ugly head, Norwich is done for.

Wind Fairy: A noisy city of iron and soot. A hangout for dirty humans. Norwich deserves to just disappear...

Wind Fairy: Ahh, how worrisome.

Wind Fairy: Maybe the fairies escaping Norwich will come to our city.

Wind Fairy: I don't want any more from the Earth Clan in historic Salisbury...

Wind Fairy: But Lady Aurora is too kind...she'll probably just accept them...

Fairy In the Form of a Bird: You're looking for someone? You mean in Salisbury? Or in all of Britain?

Fairy In the Form of a Bird: Hahaha. If it's all of Britain, that's a lot to ask of the fairies here.

Fairy In the Form of a Bird: Salisbury is too comfortable, so people don't want to go outside.

Fairy In the Form of a Bird: If you want to know about other cities, you have to get out there. Oh, but you guys don't have wings.

Fairy In the Form of a Bird: You won't get far that way, the Mors will get you!

Fairy In the Form of a Bird: More importantly, I wonder what tonight's festival will be? Maybe they'll put on another production of “The Wicked Witch and the Child of Prophecy”!

Fairy In the Form of a Bird: I love that one! It's great when the Queen and her damn knights get beaten up!

Artoria: ...(exhausted)

Da Vinci: ...(sick of this)

Tristan: ...(depressed)

Fujimaru 1: How disappointing...

Fujimaru 2: We barely got anything...

Da Vinci: Well, I never thought we'd find any leads in a single day.

Da Vinci: Everybody's talking about the Child of Prophecy and nothing else, so they're not listening to us seriously.

Tristan: the end, we were even asked to buy Child of Prophecy merchandise...

Tristan: It is a fever, everywhere we go. As if it were Christmas.

Tristan: The Child of Prophecy reeks of great profit...

Fujimaru 1: I guess that's what everyone is hoping for.

Fujimaru 2: The Child of Prophecy...just who could they be...

Artoria: Uhm...

Da Vinci: Yeah. Everyone's obsessed with the Child of Prophecy, and the only other gossip is whatever's going on in Norwich to the east.

Da Vinci: All this talk has gotten me curious. What kind of fairy is the Child of Prophecy?

Da Vinci: If the prophecy is right, they want to fight Morgan. So if we play our cards right, we might be able to cooperate.

Da Vinci: Well? Should we try looking for them while we search for Mash?

Da Vinci: The fairies sure have high expectations. They must be someone really strong and gallant!

Artoria: ...

C:Voices from the Entrance: Everyone, I'm back to bother you one day later! Oh wow...there's not very many customers today.

Fujimaru 1: Oberon!

Fujimaru 2: Over here!

Oberon: Hey. I spent the morning walking the streets, is it really already lunchtime? Anyway—

Oberon: That seems like it'd be fun. If that's the plan, let me join in too.

Oberon: Since I'm bad at fighting, my specialty is buttering people up. I'm a peacemaker.

Oberon: That's it! So much that, I'll show you how to get on Artoria's good side.

Fujimaru 1: What do you mean?

Oberon: Oh, you haven't told them yet, Artoria?

Oberon: You see, she's your Child of Prophecy.

Oberon: I thought that would be pretty obvious, since you know, she has the same name as King Arthur.

Da Vinci: Well, I thought that might be the case given the name Artoria, but...

Da Vinci: Is that for real, Artoria!? Because, well—

Da Vinci: To put it mildly, your magical energy is below average for fairies, isn't it!?

Da Vinci: Your Magic Circuits, or would they be Divine Patterns since you're a fairy? Anyway, they're better than a human's but worse than a fairy's.

Da Vinci: Even Mike's are stronger! And despite this, you're the Child supposed to defeat the Queen!?

Fujimaru 1: (That's right...)

Fujimaru 2: (I kinda know how that feels...)

Artoria: Y-y-yes, you're absolutely right!

Artoria: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I have the Staff of Selection, so I'm sorry!

Artoria: B-b-but it's not like that makes me the Child of Prophecy...

Artoria: I don't have the determination, drive, or character to fight the Queen in the first place, and...

Artoria: I'm not a clan fairy...and because I don't have much magical energy, I have no choice but to somehow fake it with magecraft...

Artoria: They told me to ring the bell, but I can't even get near it...

Artoria: But I'm doing my best, I feel...I feel...yes...

Artoria: But the reality is, it's really hard to do...haha...why did it have to be me?

Tristan: ...

Fujimaru 1: You don't think you can, Artoria?

Artoria: I don't's just...

Artoria: If I really am the Child of Prophecy, I have a way to fight, or so I think.

Artoria: I was born and raised to do this.

Artoria: —That's what I try and tell myself, but I'm too useless for anything like that...!

Artoria: The last time I came to Salisbury, I tried to speak to the head of the Wind Clan,

Artoria: but nobody listened to me, so I headed to Manchester next...!

Da Vinci: I that's why you didn't say anything...Fairies can tell the amount and strength of someone's magical energy with a single glance...

Da Vinci: If Artoria said she was the Child of Prophecy, they'd just laugh in her face...

Fujimaru 1: They'd yell at her to stop lying...

Fujimaru 2: They'd scold her for screwing around...

Artoria: Yes. That's why I thought I would ask a clan head for approval first...

Artoria: But I was turned away at the door...

Oberon: Hmm. The head of the Wind Clan is Aurora, right?


Oberon: I much prefer the current Artoria. But if you'd rather act like a big shot instead, then so be it.

Oberon: If that's the entire scope of the problem, let's resolve it with haste.

Tristan: Hm? Are you implying that you have a solution, Oberon?

Oberon: That's what I said. I can get you an audience with Aurora.

Oberon: See, wasn't it easy to get in? This is the bell tower at the heart of Salisbury.

Oberon: The oldest building in the Fairy Kingdom, the Cathedral of Tonelico!

Oberon: Let's head on upstairs, boys and girls. Aurora's room is on the top floor.

Oberon: I've already delivered the news, so the guards shouldn't—whoa, there.

E:???: Welcome, King of the Autumn Woods. Your visit is unexpected, but since it is you, you are welcome to come in.

E:???: However, this is a sacred place for the coronation of new rulers.

E:???: The place where Her Majesty Queen Morgan was crowned 2,000 years ago.

E:???: To allow in a lower being such as a human, even if they are a squire—

E:???: No matter how favored you are by Lady Aurora, such a thing cannot be permitted.

E:???: Guards, this way. Seize the fairies of unknown affiliation, and the disgusting human.

E:???: If they surrender peacefully, wonderful. If the human tries to escape, it does not matter if you dispose of them.

E:???: Needless to say, the same goes for Oberon. There is no need to treat him any differently.

E:???: We've received letters of protest from shops all over the city, saying “he needs to pay his bill, as soon as possible. ”

Oberon: Eh? Well, this is heading in a different direction than I planned for...

Fujimaru 1: OBERON!!

Fujimaru 2: (Does he actually hate us? )

F:Sentinel: If that is your order, I shall obey, but...are you sure, Mistress Coral?

F:Sentinel: Lady Aurora seemed quite happy, and said to let him through immediately, but...

E:Coral: I do not suffer opinions. Even if you were chosen to be sentinels, you are all mere humans.

E:Coral: Know your place. Or do you want to be turned into a rabbit right here?

F:Sentinel: As you say. I'm extremely sorry, Lord Oberon.

F:Sentinel: This is also my duty...please excuse any violence.

Tristan: The number of opponents does not appear to be a serious threat, but it seems we cannot avoid combat.

Tristan: Let's go, Fujimaru. Show them our might.


Oberon: How's that, Coral!? This is our true power!

Oberon: Underestimate the penniless prince and this human at your own peril!

Artoria: (Oberon was just cheering us on in the back, though. )

Coral: ...

Coral: I see. It certainly seems that this human is no small fry.

Coral: Lady Aurora loves unusual things. It is what gives Lady Aurora her power.

Coral: I shall grant you a special audience with her. However, do not get carried away.

Coral: “Something unusual” remains so only the first time you encounter it. Once you have become accustomed to it, the value that lies within is lost.

Coral: Such audiences are granted rarely. Do not waste this good fortune.

Aurora: Hello, Oberon. What story have you brought me today?

Aurora: You're very well-informed, so I'm sure it's a wonderful tale.

Aurora: I greatly look forward to it. It has been nothing but gloom recently...

Fujimaru 1: (So...beautiful...! )

Fujimaru 2: This radiance is too much to look at...

Oberon: Mm. There's one tale someone in your position can't ignore, and one favor I have to ask.

Oberon: Two things in total, but they won't take much time. But first, can I be selfish for a moment?

Oberon: I'd like this to be a secret between you and me. You don't mind, do you?

Aurora: My, how brazen. I am weak to scary stories...fufu.

Aurora: A little thrill might be fun. —Coral. Would you excuse us for a moment?

Coral: Lady Aurora!

Aurora: Worry not, these people can be trusted. And that trust should be mutual, no?

Coral: Of course...Should you change your mind, please call for me right away.

Aurora: Please forgive Coral. She is a proud girl, but rather rigid.

Aurora: I'm sure she gave you another stern welcome, did she not? I am glad you escaped injury.

Aurora: Greetings, guests of Oberon. I am Aurora, leader of the Wind Clan.

Aurora: I am the Lord of Salisbury. —What would you ask of me today?

Da Vinci: (Oooh...the atmosphere changed in a heartbeat. Her leadership stems from more than just her pretty face, I guess? )

Fujimaru 1: Actually...

Fujimaru 2: We're having trouble finding someone.

Aurora: —Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my!

Aurora: It has been so many years since a human has spoken to me so freely!

Aurora: What is your name, my dear? Could you be a free citizen? What is your pedigree—ah.

Aurora: My apologies, [♂ he /♀ she] is your squire. How impolite of me.

Oberon: Aurora. You really ought to work on your bad habit of rushing to protect every weak human you see.

Oberon: Keep that up, and eventually you'll have every human in Britain living in Salisbury.

Oberon: The faction of the Wind Clan that's for coexistence is really only you, isn't it? Aren't you under some heavy criticism for that?

Aurora: You are right, but...

Aurora: I...I just couldn't deny [♂ his /♀ her] puppy-dog know?

Oberon: Good grief. Well, that's the reason I brought [♂ him /♀ her] here in the first place.

Oberon: I told you before about the world of pan-human history, and the group calling themselves Chaldea.

Oberon: [♂ He /♀ She]'s a Master from Chaldea. The two back there aren't fairies, but Servants.

Da Vinci: —Oberon.

Oberon: It's alright, she may be from the Fairy Kingdom, but her thoughts are more along the lines of us pan-human history fairies.

Oberon: She'd never say it herself, but she wants to change the way things are in the Kingdom.

Oberon: Isn't that right, Aurora? It's been 2,000 years since Britain fell under Morgan's rule.

Oberon: You've seen a lot happen since then, in all shapes and sizes.

Oberon: You think Morgan's rule should end.

Oberon: I saw the hope in your eyes when I told you about the outside world before.

Oberon: Fujimaru came here to defeat Morgan.

Oberon: [♂ He /♀ She] doesn't care about what comes afterwards. [♂ He /♀ She] isn't interested in ruling in place of Morgan.

Oberon: And after [♂ he /♀ she] leaves, whether or not Britain falls into ruin will be up to its people.

Oberon: Chaldea won't care about your efforts to save a collapsing Britain.

Oberon: They won't stand in your way. From the beginning, their only objective has been Morgan.

Aurora: So it seems...

Aurora: The young lady behind you has a grave look upon her face, but that [♂ child /♀ girl] does not deny your words.

Aurora: Travellers from a world different than ours...a properly advanced Britain...

Aurora: Something so unbelievable, so suddenly, but...

Aurora: This may also be Ainsel's guidance. Yes. Those in trouble should help each other.

Aurora: Fujimaru, was it?

Aurora: Even though you may be hostile to this land, I shall allow your conduct in Salisbury.

Aurora: If you are searching for someone, I shall allow you to use the eyes of the Wind Clan in the other cities.

Aurora: Oxford, Gloucester, New Darlington, and Camelot.

Aurora: Norwich is the only place I cannot contact my clan, but we shall help search for your friend.

Aurora: Please tell Coral what this person looks like once we are done here. I do hope we may be of assistance.

Fujimaru 1: Thank you so much...!

Fujimaru 2: But, is this really alright...?

Aurora: You ask if I am truly willing to help you?

Aurora: Hehe. You are so honest, and yet so kind, Fujimaru.

Aurora: It is true that for those who call this land home, cooperating with you may not be in their best interests.

Aurora: However, I think our...current state of being is more important than the survival of our kingdom.

Aurora: Her Majesty is a very capable ruler, however...

Aurora: If we leave things the way they are, there will be grave consequences...

Oberon: Be that as it may, our cooperation must be kept a secret for the time being.

Oberon: If it became known that Lady Aurora was working with Chaldea, Morgan would likely massacre the entire Wind Clan.

Oberon: Therefore, we shall keep this under wraps. And if push comes to shove, we can just deny all knowledge of each other.

Artoria: Kill them all...even the leader of the Wind Clan can't defeat Queen Morgan face-to-face?

Aurora: No, I cannot. We all live and die at the mercy of the Queen.

Artoria: I-I see...Queen Morgan is amazing...

Aurora: She is quite a special fairy.

Aurora: The prophecy Ainsel left behind mentions only the “Child of Prophecy” can defeat her.

Aurora: However, the Child has still not appeared...and we need their assistance as soon as possible.

Oberon: (Heheheh, that's not a good face...)

Fujimaru 1: Ah...

Fujimaru 2: (He's gonna do it...Oberon's really gonna do it! )

Oberon: Yes, that is indeed the case, Aurora! It's funny you should say that, because there is a fairy I'd like to introduce you to!

Artoria: W-wait a mo–! P-please, please stop, Oberon!

Oberon: To tell you the truth, Artoria from Tintagel here is your shining star of hope!

Oberon: Bearing the real Staff of Selection, and here to oust Morgan, the genuine Child of Prophecy!

Oberon: Come on down!

Artoria: O-B-E-R-O-N!!!!!

Aurora: You're all fun and games, Oberon. I'd love for you to give me such an introduction one day as well.

Oberon: Why thank you. I didn't expect to be so muzzled by such a direct attack, either.

Oberon: But if I didn't do something like this, Artoria would have never spoken up. She's a bit of a late bloomer, you see.

Oberon: She's still not confident she's the Child of Prophecy. So, would you mind giving her your stamp of approval?

Oberon: Like, say—

Fujimaru 1: Ringing the bell, like in the prophecy?

Artoria: !!!!?

Oberon: (whistle) Even I didn't think of going that far. Nice work.

Aurora: No...I cannot allow that.

Aurora: Indeed, there is a bell tower above this room. That bell is the voice of the Wind Clan.

Aurora: If that bell is rung, it is a symbol of my acknowledgement.

Aurora: It is not something that can be accomplished with words alone. You must have true ability and proof.

Aurora: Artoria, is it? The prophecy also speaks of the Staff of Selection.

Aurora: I do not know the implication of the Staff of Selection.

Aurora: Ainsel, the Mirror head, knew the meaning. But she disappeared, and her clan's whereabouts remain unknown.

Aurora: Therefore...allow me to discern your qualities as King with my own eyes and heart.

Tristan: Determine her qualities as King...? What do you mean, specifically?

Aurora: Oh my, what a cool voice you have. I was certain you were unable to speak.

Aurora: In consideration of your lovely voice, I shall lay out my terms.

Aurora: Artoria. Fujimaru. The two of you, I ask you to show me hope.

Aurora: A sign that Britain can be changed, the dark fate that afflicts us all—

Aurora: The Calamity that arises once every one hundred years. The curse that even Queen Morgan herself cannot dispel.

Aurora: Several months ago, the “Calamity Pool”, a powerful Mors Current, began engulfing the port city of Norwich.

Aurora: If you can cleanse this, I shall gladly give you Salisbury's bell.


Oberon: Cleansing the calamity of Norwich, huh...that's certainly one way to break the ice.

Fujimaru 1: What did she mean, the "Calamity of Norwich"?

Oberon: I don't know much about these Calamities either. I've never seen one happen.

Oberon: But I've heard the stories. Every one hundred years, a natural disaster occurs in this Fairy Kingdom.

Da Vinci: I've heard about these Calamities, too. I've already explained it to Fujimaru.

Da Vinci: Norwich, a port town to the east of Britain, has been showing signs of trouble for several months now.

Da Vinci: The story goes, that black soot is soaring up and accumulating, like a rain cloud.

Tristan: Aurora said that if you can excise the impending Calamity, she'll give you the Bell of Salisbury.

Artoria: Cleansing clouds...I was never taught that sort of magecraft...

Oberon: Yeah, no big deal. Let's put Norwich on the back burner for the time being.

Oberon: There's a limit to what we can accomplish. More importantly, our priority lies with finding Mash.

Oberon: We got Aurora's cooperation, so give it two or three days and we should be hearing some news.

Oberon: You can wait at the inn until then.

Oberon: Or maybe not. It's a waste of time to be sitting twiddling our thumbs.

Oberon: I'll send you a list of errands later. You can undertake them to get some money and collect information.

Fujimaru 1: Oberon?

Fujimaru 2: Are you going off somewhere again?

Oberon: I've got a few things I need to tend to. Coral's been giving me a hard time, and I have lots of debts to repay.

Oberon: Then I guess we're all done here. I'll see you both in three days, in good form!

Oberon: Now then...Since everyone's resting here in Salisbury for a bit longer,

Oberon: they should be kept busy for a while. I have to find out what's going on in Norwich.

Oberon: Whoa, welcome back, Blanca. How were things up north?

Oberon: Tell me, how far has Knocknarea's army advanced?

Oberon: Wha—another Child of Prophecy has appeared!?

Oberon: That's...completely unexpected. It's not even a part of Ainsel's prophecy.

Oberon: More importantly, Artoria's position will be in jeopardy. It's going to be a race against the clock...

Oberon: Hmm? Is Artoria the real deal, you ask? Of course. She's definitely the Child of Prophecy.

Oberon: But at this point, it isn't about which one is the genuine article. It's about which one the fairies choose to trust.

Oberon: Well, let's think of the positives.

Oberon: If a false Child of Prophecy has appeared in the north, Morgan's attention will be drawn there.

Oberon: Artoria and Fujimaru will be safe for a while.

Oberon: In the meantime, they both need to grow up a bit. It's way too early to send them to Norwich.

Oberon: They'll need the ability to deal with and come out on top of Britain through their own experience, not just with words.

Oberon: “You're taking it too easy,” you say? Haha, you're so relentless, Blanca.

Oberon: But we can't rush the beginning of a story. It was the same for us, wasn't it?

Artoria: ...

Fujimaru 1: Artoria, are you unwell?

Fujimaru 2: Are you worried about what was just said?

Artoria: No, it's just not every day you get to talk to the head of a clan, so I was a little nervous. Haha...

Artoria: I'm sorry. I've got a lot on my mind right now, so I'm going to take the rest of the day off!

Artoria: I'll meet you back here in the morning! Bye!

Da Vinci: Hmm...apparently, we need to change our perception of her as well.

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, Tristan, let's go back upstairs.

Da Vinci: We need to discuss our plans while it's still safe to do so.

Da Vinci: All right, this should be okay...

Da Vinci: Reporting on the events to date, Familiar Tifone, go~!

Da Vinci: I've made my report and sent it to the Storm Border. It'll be a couple of days before we hear anything.

Da Vinci: Now, let's review what we've been through so far. And, Morgan's not the topic of discussion today...

Tristan: The Child of Prophecy, who is foretold to be the one to defeat Queen mean her, don't you?

Da Vinci: Yeah. To tell you the truth, I think we've been a little careless around her.

Da Vinci: Since the only thing they have in common is their name, I hadn't put a great deal of thought into it, but she is without a doubt the King Arthur of this Lostbelt.

Da Vinci: Chaldea confronted the legend of King Arthur once already, in the Sixth Singularity.

Da Vinci: Let me briefly summarize the legend of King Arthur as a refresher.

Da Vinci: It was in Great Britain during the fifth century. The country was in a state of upheaval.

Da Vinci: The genesis of that was the collapse of the Roman Empire on the mainland. Britain's power under the protection of the Empire was waning,

Da Vinci: and the foreign tribe of the Saxons invaded from across the sea.

Da Vinci: Britain was an island nation governed by many kings and their tribes.

Da Vinci: Despite the constant quarreling between the tribes, and the conflicts with the Picts in the north of the island,

Da Vinci: the tribal kings cooperated with each other.

Da Vinci: But, one of those kings fractured this unity.

Da Vinci: This king announced that he would unify Britain, using the many different tribes as tools to accomplish this.

Da Vinci: His name was Vortigern.

Da Vinci: The man said to be the personification of the white dragon,

Da Vinci: born from within Britain to destroy it.

Da Vinci: Vortigern invited the Saxons to the island, throwing it into chaos.

Da Vinci: The fortress city of Londinium, the cornerstone of Britain constructed when the Empire ruled over the island, was destroyed.

Da Vinci: Uther Pendragon, the greatest of all the kings, lost his life in combat with Vortigern.

Da Vinci: Thus, Britain was plunged into the Dark Ages. Everyone living on the island foresaw inescapable doom.

Da Vinci: However, hope was not lost.

Da Vinci: The great sorcerer Merlin, protector of Britain and King Uther's advisor, told the people:

Da Vinci: “This too, is all according to the prophecy. ”

Da Vinci: “King Uther's successor has been chosen. This person is the next king. ”

Da Vinci: “Whosoever draws the Sword of Selection from the stone, shall be the next King of Britain. ”

Da Vinci: Many knights laid their hands on the Sword of Selection, but none could pull it from the stone.

Da Vinci: Eventually, all the knights gave up, and the Sword of Selection was abandoned as a pointless endeavour, but then...

Da Vinci: The fifteen-year old child of King Uther, raised in secret as a squire,

Da Vinci: managed to draw the Sword of Selection in secret after everyone else had left.

Da Vinci: The name of that sword was Caliburn.

Da Vinci: And that youth was the next King of Britain.

Da Vinci: A knight among knights, Arthur Pendragon.

Da Vinci: The Artoria Pendragon we all know and love.

Da Vinci: King Arthur was proclaimed Uther's successor and proceeded to unite the lords.

Da Vinci: She triumphed over the Saxons. She waged twelve battles against them, and won each in succession.

Da Vinci: The ever-victorious, undefeated King of Knights.

Da Vinci: However, the Saxons were not the only enemies. For the King of Knights, the greatest rivals were her own kin.

Da Vinci: Vortigern, the incarnation of the white dragon who had thrown Britain into ruin and murdered King Uther.

Da Vinci: The Witch Queen Morgan, who heard the will of the island and claimed the throne of Britain was hers by right.

Da Vinci: The King of Knights lost Caliburn through Morgan's trickery, but was later granted an even greater holy sword by the fairies.

Da Vinci: That was Excalibur. The holy sword forged in the Inner Sea of the planet.

Da Vinci: In the world of magic, it's known as a Divine Construct, a decisive weapon meant to vanquish threats to the planet itself.

Da Vinci: By becoming the wielder of this holy sword, King Arthur became Britain's savior in both name and substance.

Da Vinci: After the decisive battle with Vortigern in the ruins of the fortress city of Londinium,

Da Vinci: King Arthur built the White-Walled Castle, Camelot, with the help of the fairies.

Da Vinci: Lords from all over the island gathered at the castle, and everyone who served the King of Knights sat at the Round Table, where all were of equal standing.

Da Vinci: I can't believe I'm saying this in front of Tristan, but this was the founding of the Knights of the Round Table.

Da Vinci: Lancelot, the knight from overseas France, who bore the blessing of the Lady of the Lake.

Da Vinci: Gawain, blessed by the sun, heir to the northern lands of Orkney where the Witch Queen Morgan had married into.

Da Vinci: Tristan, tragic prince to the Duke of Cornwall. Said to be the symbol of the Age of Romance.

Tristan: Yes...the honorable Knights of the Round Table. My sworn friends of the thirteen seats.

Tristan: Mighty Percival. Skillful Kay. Loyal Bedivere. Beneficent Gaheris.

Tristan: Sunny Gareth. Dutiful Agravain. Palomides the Duelist. Taciturn Mordred.

Tristan: And—the greatest of knights. The one chosen by the Holy Grail, Galahad of Revelations.

Tristan: Aside from the first seat of King Arthur,

Tristan: if you add in the seats of the advisor King Pellinore and the upcoming knight Bors, that brings it to 15 seats.

Tristan: That was the Round Table as I knew it, during its heyday.

Da Vinci: That's right. The golden age of the Knights of the Round Table, the most glamorous age of the Arthurian legend.

Da Vinci: After this, despite the conclusion of the battles with the Picts and Saxons, as well as the quest for the Holy Grail,

Da Vinci: the infidelity between Lancelot and Arthur's queen, Guinevere, was uncovered.

Da Vinci: The Knights of the Round Table were greatly diminished by this incident,

Da Vinci: and Mordred took advantage of King Arthur's expedition to the Roman Empire to stage a rebellion.

Da Vinci: This culminated in the Battle of Camlann...or the last battle of King Arthur, as it would eventually be known.

Da Vinci: It was in this battle that King Arthur drew one last breath.

Da Vinci: The holy sword was returned to the fairies by the hand of Sir Bedivere,

Da Vinci: and the curtain fell on the history of ancient Britain.

Da Vinci: After that, King Arthur's remains were taken to a paradise at the ends of the world by the Lady of the Lake—

Da Vinci: The Once and Future King departed for Avalon.

Da Vinci: And that's more or less the legend of King Arthur. Thank you for your kind attention~☆

Fujimaru 1: It's...already dark...

Fujimaru 2: Right, I get the gist of it.

Da Vinci: Well then. With all that in mind, let's get back to the discussion of this Britain.

Da Vinci: In our history, King Arthur was an unknown squire who managed to draw the Sword of Selection,

Da Vinci: and amidst the admiration and jealousy, hope and prejudice of many knights, he ascended to the throne of king.

Da Vinci: On the other hand, the Artoria of the Fairy Kingdom of Britain still remains unrecognized by anybody,

Da Vinci: and seems to have been travelling alone through Britain as the Child of Prophecy, carrying the Staff of Selection.

Da Vinci: The same name, the same face, the same fate. With this many parallels, there's no room for doubt.

Da Vinci: The girl named Artoria Caster is this world's King Arthur.

Da Vinci: The savior of Britain. Taking the role that the people wished for.

Tristan: The savior of Britain, is she...? However, this time, the age is different.

Tristan: King Arthur saved Britain in the fifth century, but it is now 2017.

Tristan: If she was the savior of Britain, would she not have appeared further in the past?

Da Vinci: That's the thing, isn't it? I'm not sure why she appeared now, of all times.

Da Vinci: Nonetheless, I overheard something from the fairies.

Da Vinci: “The Child of Prophecy is the reincarnation of the savior Tonelico. They've been sent to save Britain once again. ”

Fujimaru 1: Like the world tree of Norse mythology?

Da Vinci: Yeah. They share their name with the ash tree.

Da Vinci: After Morgan conquered Britain, the years changed over to the Queen's Calendar.

Da Vinci: This coincides with the switch to the Gregorian calendar in pan-human history.

Da Vinci: In the outside world, pan-human history came to a halt in 2017. In this world, the Fairy Kingdom, it is the year 2017 of the Queen's Calendar.

Da Vinci: So, the years before the Queen's Calendar...we would call it the BC era, right?

Da Vinci: Here it's referred to as the Fairy Calendar,

Da Vinci: and back then, there was a fairy who saved Britain from the Calamities many times.

Da Vinci: That was the Savior, Tonelico.

Da Vinci: Ector the Immortal, Archduke of Exhaust Heat Wryneck, Grimm the Wise, and the Knight of Beginnings, Totrot.

Da Vinci: Their legends are still told, though it seems that most fairies don't remember them anymore.

Da Vinci: If we assume these saviors have appeared in the past, then saviors that appear in the Fairy Kingdom are part of a system...

Da Vinci: One that the island itself implements when Britain is in grave peril.

Da Vinci: If you think about it that way, it would account for why Artoria was born into this age.

Da Vinci: Besides, the enemy this time is Queen Morgan. Who else would it be but King Arthur?

Fujimaru 1: The reincarnation...of the saviors...

Fujimaru 2: (Even in a Lostbelt, Morgan is her enemy...)

Da Vinci: Well, that sure took a while, but based on all this information I have a couple of recommendations.

Da Vinci: One is to continue cooperating with Artoria Caster.

Da Vinci: We don't need to conquer this Lostbelt, but a confrontation with Queen Morgan seems unavoidable.

Da Vinci: At that time, being allied with her, the Child of Prophecy, can only be a plus.

Da Vinci: And the other thing is to keep our objective, and the true state of affairs within Chaldea, a secret.

Da Vinci: Telling her about pan-human history is good. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to converse with her at all.

Da Vinci: But don't disclose that Chaldea has pruned a number of Lostbelts already.

Da Vinci: I'm aware we're being dishonest. But there are times when you just have to keep secrets from one another.

Da Vinci: We talked about this before, but there's something fundamentally wrong with this Lostbelt. There are too many parts of it that just don't add up.

Da Vinci: Until we can explain this, we should restrict our objective to “stop the annihilation of Britain. ”

Da Vinci: Even if the Britain we save ends up becoming our next opponent...

Fujimaru 1: I understand...

Fujimaru 2: You want me to keep Artoria in the dark?

Da Vinci: Yeah. I'm sorry, Fujimaru.

Da Vinci: But my instincts are saying we must avoid telling her at all costs.

Da Vinci: We'll save Britain, and prevent the Collapse from spreading across the bleached Earth.

Da Vinci: When all is said and done, we'll say goodbye to her with a smiling face, never having needed to turn against this Britain.


Artoria: Everyone, good morning~! Breakfast is ready!

Artoria: The bread here is the best, it's so soft! This is...wheat, right?

Fujimaru 1: Ah, you're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning, Artoria.

Artoria: Huh? But I'm always like this. Even when I'm feeling down, I get right back on my feet! That's my specialty!

Fujimaru 2: Wheat? Flour wheat?

Da Vinci: Yeah, that wheat.

Da Vinci: Amazingly, the wheat here is of a far superior quality when compared to ours.

Fairy Tavernkeep: Ah! Dabinchi taught me how to make bread!

Fairy Tavernkeep: I didn't know you could use flour in cooking! I always thought it was completely useless!

Tristan: To have lived in buildings up until now, and not understood the value of flour...

Tristan: It appears there are differences in the level of knowledge between individual fairies.

Tristan: No, it is more like—

Da Vinci: Yeah. Seems like there are two kinds of fairies: those who mimic human culture in form only,

Da Vinci: and those who have an interest in understanding the inner workings of their technology.

Da Vinci: Most fairies are content to “imitate” just play along with it all.

Da Vinci: They have no need to understand how it all works, since fairies can survive just fine without human technology.

Da Vinci: You know how cars got more advanced, and required less maintenance from their drivers,

Da Vinci: so inevitably, the number of drivers who knew how they actually work went down? Something like that.

Da Vinci: Whenever they feel like eating something like bread, the fairies just use their magical energy to create it like ☆poof☆~

Da Vinci: But that's nothing more than an imitation of “bread I tasted before. ” Like 3D printing.

Da Vinci: Fairies can only enjoy the intricacies of “human culture” when they have the original data.

Da Vinci: Mike here, well, he's just a typical copycat.

Da Vinci: Since I started working here, we've gotten into all kinds of stuff.

Fairy Tavernkeep: Th-that's right...

Fairy Tavernkeep: I was a simple, boring fairy until I met Dabinchi...

Fairy Tavernkeep: But now, every day is fun and delightful! My life is amazing!

Fairy Tavernkeep: In the past, I thought protecting humans was a selfish thing to do, but not any more.

Fairy Tavernkeep: Lady Aurora was right. We need humans to enjoy life.

Fairy Tavernkeep: Humans amass skills anyway. They make interesting, unnatural things.

Fairy Tavernkeep: Sometimes it's something that's not tasty or fun, like iron or gunpowder...

Fairy Tavernkeep: But, I recognize humans as my equals now. I respect them.

Fairy Tavernkeep: It was a bother when this shop was handed down to me...or so I thought. But I was wrong.

Fairy Tavernkeep: We need a reason to live. We need something to do other than “what we want. ”

Fairy Tavernkeep: I can't stand the thought of just “being” any more!


Da Vinci: Well, fundamentally, fairies are innocent. You could even say, “easily influenced”.

Fairy Tavernkeep: That's not true! You're something special, Dabinchi! I've never had such inspiration, not even from Lady Aurora!

Da Vinci: Yeah, yeah. Then you'd better start learning to pronounce “da Vinci” correctly.

Fairy Tavernkeep: I'll get it right, I swear! Oh yeah, you've got a message from Oberon.

Fairy Tavernkeep: “Come to the fields of Salisbury. Social studies are important, after all! ”

Fairy Tavernkeep: That's what he said!

Artoria: Huh? Social studies?

Fujimaru 1: That's—

Fujimaru 2: I think we're in business!


Field Fairy: I see, so that's how you get rid of vermin like that...that's good to know.

Field Fairy: No matter how much I talked to them, they wouldn't leave, so I was at a loss as to what to do...

Tristan: Fields are delicate things. At times like that, it is good to take a firm stance.

Tristan: And taking your kind desire to not injure the bird into account...

Tristan: From now on it would be good to place a statue in your likeness in the field to keep the birds in check...

Tristan: The birds will assume you are watching them, and they will attack your statue first...

Tristan: Such stalling for time may lead to something...

Field Fairy: My...!

Field Fairy: Are you a genius...?

Tristan: Heh, I will not deny it...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: (That's not how scarecrows work, you know...)

Artoria: Tristan always like this?

Da Vinci: Yeah. He's a knight with his head stuck in the clouds...

Da Vinci: If he had a partner that kept him more down-to-earth, he'd be the perfect knight...

Da Vinci: More importantly, what about the fields of Salisbury? They're nothing more than another imitation of human society, made by the fairies.

Fujimaru 1: They're enormous.

Fujimaru 2: For what it's worth, they're real.

Da Vinci: Yeah, regardless of the method to get there, the finished product is the genuine article.

Da Vinci: I'd heard that agriculture has thrived in the northern parts of Britain for a long time, but not so much in the south.

Da Vinci: Under Aurora's direction, they finally started in earnest here in Salisbury.

Artoria: There were small fields in my village too, but this is the first time I've seen one so large!

Artoria: But why has it been so unpopular until now?

Field Fairy: That's because when the Mors appeared, we had no choice but to abandon these fields.

Field Fairy: It seems like there's not a lot of Mors up north, so you're free to tend your own fields as you please.

Field Fairy: Down south, there are frequent outbreaks of Mors, so only the strongest fairies can leave the cities.

Field Fairy: I've heard that the Fang Clan just say “death is a part of war! ” and bear it up to a point, but...

Field Fairy: A low-ranking fairy like me, with no Astrality—no Alien Common Sense—I can't even approach the Mors...

Field Fairy: Besides, even if you cultivate a farm, you have to rebuild it every hundred years or so...

Artoria: The Calamity that occurs once every hundred years. Even those of you without long lives fear it, huh?

Field Fairy: Of course we do! When the disaster comes, only the fairies allowed inside Camelot will survive.

Field Fairy: We'll all suffer and die. There isn't a single fairy in Britain who doesn't fear the Calamity!

Field Fairy: Even Lady long can her radiance last? After what happened to Norwich...

Field Fairy: If Norwich is swallowed by the Calamity, Salisbury is definitely next.

Field Fairy: If that happens...this time, Lady Aurora will...

Fujimaru 1: Can't Lady Aurora escape to Camelot?

Field Fairy: Yes...Lady Aurora was granted permission to enter, but none of the other fairies were...

Field Fairy: “If the people of Salisbury are not accepted, I shall not enter Camelot. ”

Field Fairy: When Lady Aurora responded that way, Her Majesty became extremely mad,

Field Fairy: and forbade Lady Aurora from entering Camelot.

Fujimaru 2: What exactly is a "Calamity? "

Field Fairy: I don't know...The Calamities don't have a fixed form.

Field Fairy: It's said that different forms of Calamity appear at different times.

Field Fairy: If I recall...last time Darlington disappeared in the “Resurrection Calamity”, or something like that.

Field Fairy: I wonder what terrible thing will arise this time...

Field Fairy: Ah, why did I have to be born at this time? Why couldn't the previous generation endure another ten years...

Field Fairy: No, why can't Her Majesty just open the gates of Camelot to everybody in the first place...

Field Fairy: It would be great if they could shelter us in Camelot, even if it were just one year...

Artoria: I see...You're dissatisfied with Her Majesty as well, aren't you?

Artoria: There have been demonstrations against the Queen occurring all over lately. If you want to protest against her, why don't you join one?

Field Fairy: Ah...

Field Fairy: No, I'd rather not go that's not like I'm disobeying the Queen in the first place...

Field Fairy: The Calamities are terrible, but the Queen's army is even worse.

Field Fairy: Her Majesty's magical energy extends beyond simply covering all of Britain.

Field Fairy: She has trained Fairy Soldiers, and blessed Knights to command them—

Field Fairy: Tristan of the Bewitched Strings, Gawain of the Sun, and Lancelot of the Shining Lake.

Field Fairy: As long as those three Fairy Knights stand in the way, nobody can rebel against Her Majesty.

Tristan: —Wha?

Da Vinci: —Huh!?

Fujimaru 1: —Say what?

Artoria: ...? (Why is everyone so surprised? )


Da Vinci: The emergency meeting is called to order!

Da Vinci: The topic of discussion is the fairy knights! The three Fairy Knights in the service of Queen Morgan!

Da Vinci: By the way, did you know about this, Artoria!?

Artoria: Yes, it's common knowledge around here. Is this really such a big deal, though?

Tristan: Yes, a great surprise for sure, akin to Sir Bedivere awakening from his sleep...

Tristan: Artoria, could you please elaborate on this?

Artoria: Huh...well, it's something everybody here simply knows.

Artoria: The Fairy Knights are fairies gifted the names of knights from an alternate world by Queen Morgan.

Artoria: Their magical energy is the greatest in the land, second only to the Queen herself.

Artoria: Also, they can't be corrupted through contact with Mors. So when a swarm of them appears, they subjugate them.

Artoria: Ah. Now that I mention it, they have another name.

Artoria: Guardians of Britain who have all taken an oath under the Queen: the Knights of the Round Table.

Fujimaru 1: The Fairy Round Table...!

Da Vinci: Ah! You beat me to it! I was going to say that too!

Fujimaru 2: Does Morgan actually like King Arthur, then?

Tristan: No, 'tis nothing but mere mockery...the Witch Queen finds amusement in such harassment...

Tristan: That is, if the Morgan of this Lostbelt possesses the same character as the Morgan I know.

Artoria: Guys, do you all have some emotional attachment to the term? It's just a table, right? A round table?

Da Vinci: There's no getting around it. I guess we have to tell you about your pan-human history self.

Da Vinci: Artoria. In our world, Queen Morgan existed as well.

Da Vinci: But she's from a tale from the fifth century, so she's about 1,600 years old.

Da Vinci: At that time, there was a king who bested Morgan, united Britain, and led it into an age of peace.

Da Vinci: That king's name was Arthur. Her hidden name was Artoria Pendragon.

Artoria: Ooh, Artoria. The same name as me.

Da Vinci: More than that, she was probably the same being.

Da Vinci: Alright, listen. Don't be surprised by what I'm about to tell you.

Da Vinci: In our world, you're the sovereign of Britain, a king commanding the respect of many knights.


Da Vinci: Indeed. The ideal king, chosen by the “Sword of Selection” and trained by the magus Merlin.

Da Vinci: She ruled by disguising herself as a boy, though.

Da Vinci: King Arthur had many lords in her service. Think of them like the Fairy Kingdom's six clans.

Da Vinci: And the most outstanding knights among these lords were the “Knights of the Round Table. ” Knights unparalleled throughout history.

Da Vinci: To tell you the truth, Sir Tristan here is one of them.

Da Vinci: Meaning, from our point of view, the Knights of the Round Table under Morgan are:

Da Vinci: “Heroes of justice, unknowingly following an evil dictator,”

Da Vinci: more or less. It's a shock, don't you think?

Da Vinci: Hello? Are you listening, Artoria?


Fujimaru 1: Oh shoot, she froze in astonishment!

Fujimaru 2: I know how you feel, but pull yourself together!

Artoria: H-hah, haha...

Artoria: I I really was the Child of Prophecy after all...

Artoria: I was thinking maybe, just maybe, everybody had the wrong idea...

Artoria: Well, that's how it is!

Artoria: After all, the old man said I was born together with the “Staff of Selection”!

Artoria: All right, I feel a little more confident now!

Artoria: Pendragon, was it? I'm going to follow their example and save Britain!

Artoria: And there's a Knight of the Round Table here too!

Artoria: Well, you had the same name as that Tristan, so I wondered if you were actually just really bloodthirsty,

Artoria: but you really were a Knight of the Round Table! So cool!

Tristan: As a knight, I am overjoyed to hear you say so, but...

Tristan: What did you mean by “bloodthirsty”? You could not mean...the Tristan of the Fairy Kingdom...

Artoria: They say she's the most brutal, ruthless, irritable, and indiscriminate fairy at the Round Table.

Artoria: She's known as the “Fairy Slayer,” or “Tristan of the Bloody Heel. ”

Artoria: Since she became a fairy knight 100 years ago, she's killed roughly 400,000 fairies, or so they say.

Artoria: But you're the complete opposite.

Artoria: The way you fought together with Fujimaru was, how can I say it, like a flower amidst a tempest.

Artoria: Keeping your poise and dignity, and doing your best no matter how rough it gets—

Artoria: There aren't many people like that in this land.

Artoria: It may have been a different world, but it's encouraging to think that someone like you placed your trust in me.

Tristan: That is...

Tristan: Yes...

Tristan: Quite so. I shall remember to conduct myself accordingly.

Artoria: Though, now I get it. I guess “Fairy Knight” is more than just a title, huh...

Artoria: Hm...? Huh? But what you said about Fujimaru's world...

Artoria: (Fairy Knight Tristan was appointed 100 years ago...after pan-human history's Tristan...)

Artoria: (The original–the prototype Tristan is here, and the Fairy Knight is an imitation...)

Artoria: (Has Her Majesty known about pan-human history for some time...? )

Da Vinci: What an unexpected unfolding, to end up telling Artoria about King Arthur...

Da Vinci: Well, that much is probably fine. And we now know more about the Fairy Knights.

Da Vinci: Seriously, had we met one without any prior knowledge, I might have died of shock!

Da Vinci: Well, they won't necessarily look like the Tristan and Gawain we're familiar with...

Da Vinci: Either way, seeing as they have the same name, they probably share some characteristics.

Da Vinci: Tristan would have Failnaught and Lancelot would have Arondight, I assume.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah.

Fujimaru 2: By the way, where is Tristan?

Da Vinci: Artoria's room. He wanted to talk to her privately.

Artoria: The white dragon who called for the destruction of Britain when it was an “ancient island of Sacraments”...

Artoria: The vile king, Vortigern.

Artoria: The wrath of Britain...the incarnation of the will that tried to reject the age of man.

Artoria: And created to oppose him, raised as the incarnation of the red dragon...

Artoria: Artoria Pendragon.

Artoria: The king who protected the people of Britain, preserved the country, and established the world of man.

Artoria: Afterwards, fairies and Sacraments faded from the island,

Artoria: but the result was the preservation of Britain's culture, passing it on to future generations.

Artoria: ...King Arthur didn't become King because she was strong,

Artoria: but because she fought for the future of Britain.

Artoria: That is why the Knights of the Round Table ceased fighting and sat at the same table.

Tristan: Yes. Each and every one of us saw hope in the king.

Tristan: Level-headed in war, yet just in rule.

Tristan: In addition, she cherished all of Britain.

Tristan: With her small body, she was willing to fight and be injured by enemies many times stronger than her.

Artoria: That's...she must have been an amazing king...

Tristan: Yes...

Tristan: She was the bravest, most poignant, and...proudest person I ever knew.

Tristan: However, the king was not flawless from the onset.

Tristan: She spent the years after pulling the Sword of Selection training with Merlin and Sir Kay.

Tristan: As such, there is no need to be in a rush now...or so I believe.

Tristan: You do not just share her name, Artoria. You have her eyes.

Tristan: Please believe in yourself. I believe you can do it.

Artoria: King Arthur...a greater me from a different world...

Artoria: Amazing. She must have worked so hard.


Artoria: We're baaack! Tell us we did a good job, Mike!

Artoria: We finished three tumultuous Oberon Quests in a row, or something!

Fairy Tavernkeep: O-oh. That means you're desperate or something, right? Is apple juice good? I'll get you some.

Da Vinci: Thanks Mike, you're so thoughtful~☆ You're getting used to being a tavernkeep!

Fairy Tavernkeep: Oh stop it~. You're an angel~. It's all thanks to Dabinchi~.

Tristan: Arbitrating a sunshine rights dispute between the Wind and Earth Clans on Main Street...

Tristan: Confirming the safety of a mysterious gift sent to the head of the Wind Clan (which turned out to be a massive bouquet)...

Tristan: Suppressing a Wind Clan member who became desperate after falling in love with a human they met thirty years ago...

Tristan: With that all finished, they were quite difficult, but I believe they were all worth doing.

Fujimaru 1: I was nervous at first, but...

Fujimaru 2: In the end, everyone was smiling and happy!

Fairy Tavernkeep: Oh yeah. You, the human. Fujimaru, right?

Fairy Tavernkeep: You've got a guest in your room. She gets scary when she's kept waiting, so get going.

Da Vinci: A visitor for Fujimaru?

Coral: So...this is a room for's not too different from ours...

Coral: No, we're the ones following their example, we really must thank them for that...

Fujimaru 1: Coming in~

Fujimaru 2: Excuse me~

Coral: It seems you've returned, human.

Coral: Your work at the fields yesterday is appreciated. As a member of the Wind Clan, you have my thanks.

Coral: ......

Fujimaru 1: Uh, what is it...?

Coral: We've received some information...

Coral: Every human captured in southern Britain is housed in a farm to the west...

Coral: It seems that three days ago, a new human was interred there.

Coral: It may be the person you have been searching for. If you are going to rescue them, I will prepare guides.

Coral: Tonight, I will station a few soldiers outside of Salisbury.

Coral: Meet with them, and finish your work for tonight.

Coral: “I pray for your safety, and that you are reunited with your friend,” Lady Aurora wished me to say to you.

Fujimaru 1: —!

Fujimaru 2: Thank you, Coral!

Coral: Thank Lady Aurora, not me. Now, I must return to my duties.

Coral: I do not know what situation you are in, and I am in no position to offer my opinion, however...

Coral: The farm is under Her Majesty's control. Security will be tight, so prepare accordingly.

Fujimaru 1: —and that's what she said.

Da Vinci: They told us it would take two or three days, but it took them the shortest time, two days exactly. Not bad.

Tristan: Interred three days ago...we have no time to lose.

Tristan: We do not know what sort of facility this “farm” is, but we should not hesitate.

Da Vinci: Yeah. Oberon hasn't come back, but I won't complain as long as we have some guides.

Da Vinci: Now, as for Artoria?

Da Vinci: This is our own problem, so you should stay here...

Artoria: Of course I'll help you.

Artoria: Our fates crossed when I ended up using her name, so I would like to meet her in person.

Artoria: More importantly, I've gotten a lot more confident in the last few days! Breaking and entering, lockpicking, sleeping pills...

Artoria: With Merlin's magecraft I can do a little bit of everything, so you can count on me!

Fujimaru 1: Alright, let's go!

Fujimaru 2: I'll ask about "Merlin's magic" later...

Note! Scene Change

Tristan: It seems those soldiers are our guides...

Tristan: How surprising. They are human soldiers, and not fairies.

Da Vinci: Yeah, there are a lot of human soldiers in Salisbury. Their strength doesn't compare to the fairies,

Da Vinci: but humans aren't opposed to carrying weapons, and more importantly, they can approach the Mors without fear.

Da Vinci: “Human soldiers” are an anti-Mors measure. The clans probably feel that they're expendable.

Da Vinci: Still, Aurora treasures human soldiers, and promotes the most able as her guards.

Da Vinci: Remember the cathedral guards?

Da Vinci: The fact that they were so strong is proof that Aurora bestows all sorts of privileges onto humans.

Fujimaru 1: Artoria?

Fujimaru 2: Are you not be feeling well?

Artoria:, I'm just a little anxious. It's my first time working with so many people, so...

Artoria: Ahaha, Fujimaru is so calm, it's funny...

Tristan: Please be quiet. It seems they've noticed us.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: Hey, weird folks over there. Are you the ones Coral told us about?

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: So you came after all. Why go to all this trouble at this time of the year...

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: Well, it can't be helped. This too is for Lady Aurora's sake. All right, follow me.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: I'll guide you to the farm. From here, it's two hours on foot. You all set?

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Fujimaru 2: Please do.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: Sigh...what a bunch of weirdos...Lady Aurora sure is weak to the unusual...

Note! Scene Change

Da Vinci: Hm. Seems like we're not welcome somehow.

Da Vinci: From their point of view, do we look like a bunch of creepy suitors trying to woo Lady Aurora?

Artoria: Still, they're helping us out of good faith, so we should be thankful.

Artoria: Let's go, Fujimaru. Looks like there won't be any small talk from hereon out. Too bad.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: We're here. This is the western human farm.

Fujimaru 1:

Fujimaru 2: Is this the right place...?

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: Yeah. We once lived here too.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: I was assigned to an awful fairy. They broke me in just about every way, then tossed me aside like garbage.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: Lady Aurora gave lost humans like me a place to belong.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: We became soldiers in order to win the freedom that Lady Aurora showed us.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: We have the will to oppose the Queen.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: Rebels these days don't need to rely on something like the Child of Prophecy.

Tristan: A rebel army...we heard mention of them before, but are there other movements opposing the Queen, aside from Salisbury?

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: Yeah. A bunch of them have taken over a ruined castle out east. They're campaigning for the liberation of Britain.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: But they named themselves the “Round Table” of all things...still, they're no joke in terms of warpower.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: The one in charge managed to survive against Lancelot in the games at Camelot.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: Morgan was so impressed that a human was able to stand up to a Fairy Knight, she awarded him a position as one of her soldiers.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: I think his name was—yeah, Percival. Percival of the White Light, the pinnacle of human ability.

Tristan: —!

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: Because of his ability, Morgan ordered him to enter Camelot, despite being a human.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: But the weirdo defied her, and founded the rebel army instead.

Soldiers of Salisbury, B: Hey, that's far enough. Going any farther is dangerous.

Soldiers of Salisbury, B: If we're seen here, it'll make trouble for Lady Aurora.

Soldiers of Salisbury, B: This is as far as we stick with you shabby country fairies. We're heading back to Salisbury.

Da Vinci: So you just came along to show us the way...

Da Vinci: You're saying that sneaking into the ranch and looking for someone is our own job?

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: Less your job and more your own problem now. You should be grateful we led you this far.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: The Wind Clan may be versatile, but we're not suited for combat.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: If Morgan sees us as hostile, she'll destroy both Salisbury and Lady Aurora.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: And Lady Aurora asked us to help you lot out, despite the danger.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: So listen...if you manage to get yourselves caught, don't mention Salisbury.

Soldiers of Salisbury, A: There will be no need to return the favor. Provided you have even a shred of dignity towards humans.

Note! Scene Change

Artoria: Let's hash out our plan here. I've just finished the structural analysis.

Artoria: The sense I got from it is that there are six large factories inside, and about thirty smaller workshops.

Artoria: There are no sources of heat inside the larger ones, so they seem to be shut down at the moment.

Artoria: The smaller ones have a much larger heat signature, and probably accommodate about 60 humans.

Artoria: What should we do, Fujimaru?

Artoria: We could climb the walls and get in without being seen by the guards.

Fujimaru 1: You're really good with your hands, Artoria.

Artoria: I-it's not like I like doing this...

Artoria: It's a skill that lets me grasp the inner workings of a structure by sending a wave of magical energy out in a cone, then reading the response through the wall.

Artoria: Basic burglary magecraft taught to me by Merlin, since he thought I'd need it!

Tristan: Heh, how nostalgic...Merlin is the same in any world...

Fujimaru 2: Has something upset you...?

Artoria: No, not at all. I was just focused on figuring out the situation inside.

Artoria: Forget about those people who just said whatever they wanted and ran off, and go look for Mash!

Da Vinci: Hrm. Do you feel a connection through your contract with Mash, Fujimaru?

Da Vinci: It's the quickest way to be sure.

Fujimaru 1: Maybe yes, maybe no...

Fujimaru 2: It's close, yet far...

Da Vinci: I wonder if you're confused or unsure. To tell the truth, I'm getting the same feeling.

Da Vinci: The Fairy Kingdom has far too many “contracts” formed in it.

Da Vinci: Maybe when fairies come to own humans, they forge a bond similar to a Servant's contract.

Da Vinci: Looks like the only way to find out if Mash is captured or not is to check directly.

Da Vinci: Tristan, can you carry Fujimaru and Artoria over the wall?

Da Vinci: Ah, I'm alright, I'll skate up.

Tristan: Of course. Silent, magnificent wire action...

Tristan: No, I shall display my lyre action. This way, you two.

Artoria: I'll lead the way. The western wall is undermanned, so let's go up that one!

Note! Scene Change

Fujimaru 1: It's a city inside too...

Fujimaru 2: (There's nobody around, but...)

Tristan: Artoria. By large factories did you mean building complexes, and by smaller ones did you mean residences?

Artoria: Yes. Humans kept on a farm are shipped with their creativity preserved.

Artoria: Therefore, their imprisonment takes the form of a residential dwelling.

Artoria: You can disregard the big factory. Mash won't be there.

Artoria: It's not the birthing period now, so there shouldn't be anything inside there.

Da Vinci:



Fujimaru 1: Artoria, behind you!

Fujimaru 2: There's something there!

Artoria: A surveillance familiar...! I see, it was disguised as the light of a lamp...!

Artoria: I screwed up again...sorry everyone! If we don't beat that thing, a lot more will show up!




Da Vinci: We've defeated so many, but there's no end to them! There's got to be a fairy somewhere controlling them!

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, can you look for them!? Our hands are full with the familiars!

Fujimaru 1: —Leave it to me—!

Fujimaru 2: (Stay calm, and keep your eyes open...! )

Fujimaru 1: There! There's something in the shadow of that building!

Tristan: Certainly, that is the only place with no sound. They seem to be able to hide in the shadows—

Tristan: No shield can protect from my Fantasia...shall I divide your torso into four?

Fairy in Armor: D-damn—what the hell are you? That weird trick you just're neither human nor fairy.

Fairy in Armor: And you're not Mors or part of the Round Table...could you be the Child of Prophecy?

Fairy in Armor: Hah. Hahahah! This is great, it's my lucky day!

Fairy in Armor: My name is Grant, Grant the Knight! The Child of Prophecy's magecraft is no match for the Queen's power!

E:Knight Grant: Don't assume this armor will break from one or two hits! It was granted to me by Queen Morgan herself...!

Artoria: Wha! What's in that thing? Not only a fairy, but...!?

Artoria: Be careful everyone! That's probably one of the Fairy Knights we've heard about...!


D:Knight Grant: Gah—

D:Knight Grant: How shameful...for a knight of lose to one so small—

Fujimaru 1: He's down and not moving...

Fujimaru 2: Did we beat him...?

Artoria: ...

Artoria: We did it, we won! He was super strong, but we defeated a Fairy Knight!

Artoria: Well, it was thanks to you all!

Tristan: No...he was probably just a regular knight.

Tristan: There is no Knight of the Round Table by the name of Grant. Moreover, over there.

Da Vinci: Aah, there's still three of them left, and they have as much magical energy as the one from before~!

Da Vinci: Just one was a handful. This is too much for us!

Da Vinci: Let's fall back for now, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: But—

Fujimaru 2: We still don't know about Mash!

Armed Soldier: All right, we're through the gate–! Squads 1 and 3, you're with me! Let's hit Morgan's troops from the front!

Armed Soldier: Squad 2, take control of the factory! Release our comrades inside before they can be processed!

Morgan's Soldier: Reinforcements from the gate!? The Child of Prophecy was a diversion...!

Morgan's Soldier: Never mind that, first we have to retake the gate! That's Londinium's rebel army!

Morgan's Soldier: Some of them are armed with Mors-poisoned iron! Don't underestimate them, they're tough!

Tristan: seems we have some unexpected reinforcements. Are they the rebel army we heard about...?

Tristan: They may be weaker in individual abilities, but their numbers are vastly overwhelming.

Tristan: It is only a matter of time. The three Fairy Knights are sure to be killed.

Da Vinci: Yeah, sure looks that way. They saved us in the nick of time, but...

Da Vinci: After they defeat the fairies, they might not be so friendly to us.

Da Vinci: Let's look for Mash while we can, Fujimaru.

Da Vinci: We should contact the rebels after that. Artoria, can I ask you to lead the way?

Artoria: T-that's right! Leave it to me, lockpicking is my specialty!

Artoria: It's as da Vinci says, they may be rebels, but they're not necessarily on our side.

Artoria: Let's find Mash before anything else happens, and escape before we're discovered!


Artoria: Aw shucks...

Artoria: As expected of a facility under the Queen's direct control...this magic lock is top-of-the-line...dang it...

Tristan: While we worked on just one, the Round Table forces opened all 29 others...

Artoria: They even opened that last one for us...hahaha...

Da Vinci: Don't be so down, Artoria. Well, as an engineer, I can understand how you feel.

Da Vinci: But thanks to these efforts, all the people imprisoned in the residences were able to be freed.

Da Vinci: It's too bad Mash wasn't among them...but that doesn't mean this was all a big waste of time.

Da Vinci: At least Mash hasn't been caught. Depending on how you look at it, this is actually the better outcome.

Fujimaru 1: —Yeah. I'm sure Mash is alright.

Round Table Army Soldier: Everyone, this way please. We've got more than enough food and coats to go around.

Round Table Army Soldier: After we've checked everyone's names and conditions, we'll move out.

Round Table Army Soldier: Are there any humans left inside? If you have any information, please let us know.

Incarcerated Man: army of humans. An army of humans defeated the Queen's soldiers!

Incarcerated Man: So the rumors of the Round Table Army are true! We won't have to live at their mercy anymore!

Incarcerated Child: I can go outside...?

Incarcerated Child: But the knights told me to study until I grew up, since the outside is dangerous and humans would die right away.

Incarcerated Woman: Two years...I haven't been outside in two years...I need to get back to Gloucester soon...

Incarcerated Woman: I left behind someone important. We were separated.

Incarcerated Woman: My have they fared without me?

Bound Soldiers of Morgan: ...

Tristan: Nevertheless, these Round Table soldiers are splendidly managed.

Tristan: The defeated and surviving knights were restrained, rather than killed.

Tristan: They are a well-organized army, not a mere murderous horde.

Tristan: The greatest of the human knights who founded the Round Table Army, Percival...

Tristan: I am overjoyed...

Tristan: It may not be the same Sir Percival that I know, but he has earned the name he shares with him...

Round Table Army Soldier: Ah, you guys. Thanks for earlier, you were a big help.

Round Table Army Soldier: We've been watching this place closely for the last few months, so we knew they were short handed today.

Round Table Army Soldier: But I never thought anyone would break in ahead of us. And it only took four people to take down one of Morgan's knights.

Round Table Army Soldier: We were prepared to take casualties of up to 20%, but thanks to you, we've only sustained a few injuries.

Round Table Army Soldier: So which city's rebel group are you from? I've never seen you guys in the south...are you from up north?

Round Table Army Soldier: That's right...I heard there was an uprising in Sheffield...


Fujimaru 1: Artoria...?

Artoria: —Um, are all of you really...?

Round Table Army Soldier: Huh? Oh, right. We're the only ones who call fairies “people” nowadays.

Round Table Army Soldier: It doesn't matter if you're a fairy or a human, everyone in the Round Table Army is a “person. ”

Round Table Army Soldier: That's why I called you four people...was that rude?

Artoria: N-no, that's not it...

Artoria: — the Round Table Army, is everyone like you?

Round Table Army Soldier: Hahaha. Well, I don't know about that. Everyone has different motives and ways of thinking.

Round Table Army Soldier: But we all believe in the boss. The ideals Percival set forth are enough reason to fight.

Round Table Army Soldier: “The Child of Prophecy will definitely come forth. Gather comrades for that moment. ”

Round Table Army Soldier: “To support the Child of Prophecy who bears so heavy a responsibility, lay the groundwork to oppose the Queen. ”

Round Table Army Soldier: The boss always says that...oh, it's getting too noisy.

Round Table Army Soldier: Seems like the muster's over. We'll escort the people to Londinium.

Round Table Army Soldier: What about you guys? Good fighters are always welcome there.

Artoria: That's...

Fujimaru 1: I'm sorry. We have to decline.

Fujimaru 2: We've got something else to take care of right now.

Artoria: Yes. We're honored by your invitation, but we're in the middle of looking for someone right now.

Round Table Army Soldier: I see...that's a shame. But if you've decided, there's no helping it.

Round Table Army Soldier: Take care, everyone. I hope you find who you're looking for safe and sound.

Da Vinci: And there he goes...I gotta say, that seemed like a good offer. Why'd you turn it down, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Well, Artoria didn't seem to like the idea...

Tristan: If I said I was not interested in the Round Table Army, that would be a lie. However...

Tristan: Our highest priority is to reunite with Mash. We have not yet had that chance, I think is what they want to say.

Da Vinci: Of course! As expected of one of the original Round Table's gentlemen!

Tristan: Heh...I am Tristan the Lamenting, a knight who lives not only for the greater good...

Tristan: However, if it were Sir Bedivere here in my place, the choice before him would be quite grave—

Tristan: —! Fujimaru! On the ground!

???: I didn't think the gap in our security would be exploited. Only the most clever could have gotten this far.

???: But it's not enough. Such poor, weak conviction. How very human.

???: If you're going to hide in the shadows and steal all our work, then you'll have no objections to being trampled, will you?

Da Vinci: What a bizarre magical energy reaction...! I can't measure it, what the—!?

Fujimaru 1: (Living things, bound with chains...! )

Fujimaru 2: (Those flames just now...the Round Table Army)

Round Table Army Soldier: Squad 2, Squad 3, are you all right...!? Crap, how many of them got swallowed up!?

Round Table Army Soldier: Are we the only ones left!? It can't be, this wall of fire—

???: Hm. A few left over. If we were in the plains, I would have swallowed you all...

???: This farm is the property of Her Majesty Morgan. Such destruction is unacceptable.

???: My horn will butcher the rest of you. Resist if you dare, humans.

???: I have no time for cowards. If you are brave, I will show mercy.

Round Table Army Soldier: That's impossible...why is SHE here...?

Round Table Army Soldier: That greatsword of black flames and silver armor...the fairy-devouring Black Dog...

Round Table Army Soldier: Fairy Knight Gawain! Why is the Queen's right hand here!?

Fairy Knight Gawain: —You.

Fairy Knight Gawain: If all you're going to do is butter me up and not draw your sword, my horn has no need to cross with you.

O:Gawain's Soldier, A: Lord Gawain. We've captured all the escaped humans.

P:Gawain's Soldier, B: We'll round up these thieves. One human and three fairies will pose no problem.

Fairy Knight Gawain: No...they are my prey. Stand down.

Fujimaru 1: (This intimidating air, it's just like Gawain in the Holy City...! )

Fairy Knight Gawain: You as well...? I had expected a bit more from you than the other humans.

Fairy Knight Gawain: They've become nothing more than this land's livestock. Such frail meat barely sates the appetite.

Fujimaru 2: (I can't get swallowed first...! )

Fairy Knight Gawain: —Got a bit of a backbone, do you? Good, my appetite's riled up and my tongue is itching for a taste.

Fairy Knight Gawain: There is no need to give me your name. I have no interest in such things.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Her Majesty already told me. [♂ Boy /♀ Girl], you're the Master from pan-human history, aren't you?

Da Vinci: !

Fairy Knight Gawain: Do not be so surprised. The outside world...pan-human history,

Fairy Knight Gawain: Her Majesty gifted all of us Fairy Knights with that information. —She said to capture you, given the chance.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Hm...a capture is unusual for Her Majesty.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Shameless intruders.

Fairy Knight Gawain: How dare such arrogant garbage set foot in the Fairy Kingdom of Britain.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Isn't it proper decorum in your world to extend a reception to guests?

Fairy Knight Gawain: Very well, draw your swords! As you wish, I'll welcome you with open arms!

Fairy Knight Gawain: My name is Gawain! One of Britain's protectors, a Knight of the Fairy Round Table!

Fairy Knight Gawain: By this name bestowed upon me by the Queen, I shall annihilate you!


Fujimaru 1: (Consciousness...fading...! )

Fujimaru 2: (No...I have to push on)

Da Vinci: Hang on, Fujimaru...! No good, you're way too weak...!

Da Vinci: That Fairy Knight, the Command Spells, she...she ATE the magical energy!? What kind of sense does that make...!

Fairy Knight Gawain: I've never tasted resistance like this before...

Fairy Knight Gawain: Weak yet not, powerless yet

Fairy Knight Gawain: What's that face for, you wretch? It's not fear or despair. Is that...hate?

Artoria: Good, you've learned to understand that much.

Artoria: It's been a while. I can't believe we've met again, though I had hoped we wouldn't.

Fujimaru 1: You know her, Artoria...!?

Fairy Knight Gawain:

Fairy Knight Gawain: —I don't know you.

Fairy Knight Gawain: I wouldn't remember inconsequential small fry like you. Are you a weed I stepped on somewhere?

Fairy Knight Gawain: In any case, try and grow up a little more before speaking to me. You make my neck ache. With a body like yours, you'll likely never deal with such issues.

Artoria: Y-you...!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Enough joking around. I have no compassion to extend to aggressors.

Fairy Knight Gawain: You'll die here with the human, Servants. I won't waste my time on you all.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Hm? Is that...a string?

Tristan: It is...

Tristan: That is my unrestricted, inexhaustible, and indestructible magical bowstring.

Tristan: No matter your persistence, you will never be able to get past it.

Fairy Knight Gawain: So it would this the Wing Clan's magic thread? I'm surprised it's still around.

Fairy Knight Gawain: To what end? You're not saying you'll beat me with this, are you?

Tristan: No...but it should suffice to restrain you.

Tristan: Da Vinci. Artoria. I shall hold her off here.

Tristan: Use this opportunity to get Fujimaru out of the town.

Da Vinci: Yeah, no problem. Honestly, it'll be tough, but getting away is our responsibility.

Da Vinci: I'll take Fujimaru on my arm.

Da Vinci: Get up, Artoria. Sorry, but I can't carry you.

Artoria: Yeah, but—just us?

Tristan: Yes. Do not worry about me. It appears that this place is where I must meet my death.

Fairy Knight Gawain:

Artoria: Why...are you seriously saying that...?

Artoria: Talking about getting killed so casually...First of all, what do you think you're doing in a condition like that...!

Tristan: Oh? When your opponent is Sir Gawain, you get accustomed to this.

Tristan: I have already devised a trump card against him. If all goes well, we shall meet up with each other soon.

Tristan: However, I cannot use it while you are all here.

Tristan: Hurry now, my King...your journey is yet to begin.


Da Vinci: I'm all set, let's go!

Da Vinci: If you're not up for it, I'm leaving you behind! You understand!?

Fairy Knight Gawain: —Let me guess. You are going to sacrifice yourself, aren't you?

Tristan: Oh. You think to mention something so obvious?

Tristan: I see, you truly are Sir Gawain. Both your body and mind are as dense as rock.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Tell me one thing. Is this what a Servant is?

Fairy Knight Gawain: A mere puppet that will throw away its own life for the sake of its Master? Not fearing death, nor ever really knowing life?

Tristan: Well, I don't know about that. I think we all want to avoid death, Servant or not.

Tristan: No, if anything, my fear of death is even greater now than when I was alive.

Tristan: Heroic Spirits know what a miracle each summoning is.

Tristan: A one-time opportunity. A posthumous dream that is inherently unattainable.

Tristan: We are all familiar with the sensation of death. Dark, painful, cruel—sorrowful to the bitter end.

Tristan: It is not something that is so easily endured from having tasted it once already.

Tristan: As far as life is concerned, death can only be handled once.

Tristan: Experiencing the pain of your own death over and over—Forcing the grief of your death onto others again and again—

Tristan: I cannot bear it. So, to be honest, I am hoping you will have failed to notice.

Fairy Knight Gawain: That is your choice. I will only kill your Master.

Fairy Knight Gawain: If you retreat here, I'll turn a blind eye to it. Your skill is impressive.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Even if your Master dies, there are other ways to sustain yourself in the Land of the Fae.

Tristan: No. Above all, I shall stop you here, Fairy Knight Gawain.

Tristan: For the sake of those who fought beside me in my weakness, and placed their trust in me as a “knight. ”

Tristan: I have no knowledge of your circumstances, nor any interest in your justice.

Tristan: I will lay down my life for those I love, and in a manner more ruthless than anyone else.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Strings all over my body...!? When did you do this!?

Fairy Knight Gawain: No, what of it? If you think you can restrain me with human strength—

Fairy Knight Gawain: Ggh, nnrgh...! is this even possible!?

Fairy Knight Gawain: You've strung up the whole city without moving or using magic...!

Tristan: You're right. What binds you is not sheer force, but restraint through weight.

Tristan: What seals you is the very mass of this city itself...that is to say, the accumulation of human technology.

Tristan: I grasped your power during the previous battle. Your body will not be able to simply shrug this off.

Tristan: —The fingers on my right hand may be shredded.... but I still have my mouth.

Tristan: Prepare yourself, foreign knight, to receive the full force of my aerial attack!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Ah! The weight...of human technology...!

Fairy Knight Gawain: I see, you'll die foolishly after all, Servant!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Along with your hubris, having faith in such petty tricks—!

Note! Scene Change

Gawain's Soldier, A: L-Lord Gawain, are you injured!? The farm is...!

Fairy Knight Gawain: It doesn't matter. I'll bear the repercussions from Her Majesty. Now, as for the human and Servants that escaped.

Fairy Knight Gawain: I'm a bit slow on my feet. Assemble the fast ones and give chase.

Fairy Knight Gawain: You will be able to catch up quickly...they're not like the man who just fell.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Surround them and keep them from moving. Don't kill them until I get there.

Gawain's Soldier, A: Yes! Leave it to us, Lord Gawain!

Fairy Knight Gawain: That affected me a little...My body is slightly numb all over.

Fairy Knight Gawain: I should have asked his name. He was too good a human to simply...defeat.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Wait...what was that sound?

Fujimaru 1: Uh...what was...that noise?

Da Vinci: Sorry, I'll explain later! We're being chased by fairies right now!

Da Vinci: Can you stand? Or run? Then I'll let you down. Run as hard as you can!

Artoria: You're fast for someone from the Earth Clan! Ah, da Vinci! They've caught up!

Da Vinci: Aaah~ ~! And despite the opportunity Tristan gave us!

Da Vinci: But we're out of options. There's nowhere to hide on these plains.

Da Vinci: Eh? What's that noise?

Oberon: Alright, made it just in time! Fairy King Oberon, making his appearance to save you all!

Oberon: You know about carriages? Okay, that's great! Get on, get on! We'll talk about this later!

Artoria: Eh...a carriage? That carriage!? The thing only clan heads are allowed to ride in!?

Horse: Yes. Tools that exploit animals are forbidden in Britain.

Horse: However, there are also fairies that voluntarily enter the working world.

Horse: I am the Fairy Horse Red Rab-bit of the Fang Clan, enthralled by the culture known as the “horse-drawn carriages. ”

G:Red Rabbit: I serve Lady Aurora, but have neigh'd a special exception for Lord Oberon this time.

G:Red Rabbit: I hoof a feeling this is a most fateful encounter, so please enjoy the splendor of my carriage.

Fujimaru 1: The carriage is a carriage, but the engine is a fairy...!

Fujimaru 2: Red...Rabbit...?

Da Vinci: There's a lot to say here, but nice timing, Oberon!

Da Vinci: Everyone, get on! We can shake off the soldiers with this!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Nicely prepared. Do we know who owns that carriage?

Gawain's Soldier, A: We do not. There's a fairy among us who used to build them, but he said:

Gawain's Soldier, A: “It's a design I've never seen before. It was probably built by a clan without Her Majesty's permission. ”

Gawain's Soldier, A: ...and that's all he had to say. I apologize for the lack of usefulness...

Fairy Knight Gawain: Fine. Recall the men. We're returning to Camelot.

Gawain's Soldier, A: Is this outcome all right?

Fairy Knight Gawain: I don't have the time to spare chasing rats. No, I take that back. They're not even rats.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Britain is the Queen's garden. It's not unusual to find a few insects crawling around.

Fairy Knight Gawain: They just caught my ire this time. The next time we face one another, I'll crush them for sure.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Although—I doubt that will be my job.

Fairy Knight Gawain: There are others more qualified to crush scampering insects.

Gawain's Soldier, A: Ooh, fair Lancelot! Britain's strongest Fairy Knight!

Gawain's Soldier, A: If she is set on them, she'll bring them down in the blink of an eye, no matter where in Britain they run!

Fairy Knight Gawain:

Gawain's Soldier, B: (What the hell are you saying, do you have a death wish!? Talking about Lord Lancelot in front of Lord Gawain is...)

Gawain's Soldier, A: Ah! O-Oh, I pray your forgiveness, Lord Gawain! It goes without saying that the strongest of the fairy knights is of course Ga—

Fairy Knight Gawain: True, your appraisal of the strongest was correct. Don't make that mistake again.

Fairy Knight Gawain: And, not just among the fairy knights. The strongest being in the fairy kingdom.

Fairy Knight Gawain: We are not even in the same class as her. Keep that in mind.

Gawain's Soldier, A: Y-yes—! I understand!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Bring along the confined humans. We'll process them before we return.

I:Prisoner: A-ahh...! Wait, no! It's not our fault!

I:Prisoner: They're the ones who opened the doors...! I told them I didn't want to!

I:Prisoner: Don't kill me, don't kill me...! I'll never wish for my freedom ever again!

I:Prisoner: I still have ten years left in me! Don't I still have worth as a slave!?

I:Prisoner: So please help—Aaaaah!

Fairy Knight Gawain: —Don't be so conceited.

Fairy Knight Gawain: A human who thought even once of running away has no worth, even as a slave.

Fairy Knight Gawain: That is the appearance you all deserve. Until you become like slaves once again, I will break you.

Fragment / 2

Rob (Older Brother): The cart's heavier than usual...

Rob (Older Brother): Let's dump that weapon! There aren't any buyers for stuff like that, it's too dangerous!

Wag (Younger Brother): What are you on about, brother? Annis is gonna cry again!

Wag (Younger Brother): She was so thankful that we agreed to take the weapon along!

Winky (Rob and Wag's Evil Friend): If you say so. It was Wag who was flying high when Annis grabbed his hand, wasn't it?

Winky (Rob and Wag's Evil Friend): In the city where Annis is from, they call it a handshake, I hear.

Winky (Rob and Wag's Evil Friend): It's a custom I've never heard of, even in a diverse place like Norwich or a trendsetting city like Gloucester.

Annis: Um, Rob, if you're tired I can take your place...

Annis: Even if I don't have any memory, I can still pull a cart...

Rob: It's fine! I can do it by myself just fine!

Rob: Get some rest, Annis! We're almost at Gloucester, and we need to get you properly cleaned up!

Narration: The girl who had lost her memory, and the mangy fairy peddlers, Rob, Wag, and Winky.

Narration: The odd group headed northward, away from the Nameless Forest.

Narration: There had been a suggestion to sell the girl to a ranch along the way, but Rob hated Woodwose, head of the Fang Clan.

Narration: His stubbornness not to sell such a beauty to such a violent person had landed them in this situation. Way to go, big bro!

Annis: Whoa...I can see a city in the distance! What kind of city is that, Winky?

Winky: That's Gloucester, Annis. Isn't it amazing? It's a very special city in Britain.

Winky: A city of fashion and pleasure. A high-class city run by the Wing Clan head, the beloved Muryan.

Winky: As long as you have money, you can get anything you want. Lovers, slaves, fairies, humans, aaaanything.

Winky: I don't like it, though. The only thing that attracts people to that city is whatever forms the latest trend.

Winky: Most stuff is gold-plated, but as soon as you bite into it, you'll know it's really dirt on the inside.

Annis: Is that so?

Annis: But that knife of yours, Winky, you bragged about it being made in Gloucester, didn't you?

Winky: If it were real, it'd be too valuable to use, wouldn't it? It's a fake, so I don't care if it breaks.

Annis: I see. That is very like you, Winky.

Wag: You hate Gloucester, Winky? Then why'd you choose this route?

Wag: We could've gone to Norwich, you know. I mean, the “Calamity” is a scary thought, but still...

Rob: You can't use the eastern route this time of year, you idiot. It's after the rainy season, so Dracae's territory is larger than usual.

Rob: Plus, apparently they haven't even fixed the bridge over Norwich yet. That's why Gloucester is the only way.

Rob: Oh, no, no, no! I'm going to have to bow my head to that vain Muryan!

Annis: Fufu, you two like Muryan, don't you?

Rob: No, what!? I just told you, I hate her!

Annis: I can tell, since you have such a kind face. You've even gone a little red.

Winky: Huh, goho, goh...?!

Wag: Whoa, look, bro! Winky's so startled, he's coughing his face off!

Wag: What are you so embarrassed about? Is it 'cause what she said is true?

Winky: Loudmouth. It's not like that, just shut up.

Winky: Ahem. More importantly, did you hear about that fiasco in Camelot?

Winky: About 10 days ago, some thug made an attempt on Lady Morgan's head.

Rob: Yeah. I heard he made it all the way to the throne, beating up the soldiers all by himself.

Rob: Apparently, neither Lord Gawain nor Lord Tristan could stop him.

Rob: But didn't Lord Lancelot fly in and stop him?

Rob: They say the thug was dropped in the Great Pit after a chaotic air battle.

Wag: Wow...well, it is Lord Lancelot, after all.

Annis: Gawain...Tristan...Lancelot...

Winky: Hmm? What's the matter, Annis, are you sick? Rob, you're pulling too hard. Go a little slower.

Annis: Huh...? No, it's not's head hurts.

Annis: When I heard the names of those people just now, I felt so excited...

Annis: Um, what kind of people are they?

Rob: (Ah...right, she might not remember what a Fairy Knight is...)

Rob: (Best keep my mouth shut about it...)

Wag: Don't you know, Annis? They are the Fairy Knights of the Round Table!

Wag: Gawain, the most feared Fairy Knight in Britain.

Wag: Tristan, the most hated Fairy Knight in Britain.

Wag: Lancelot, the most beautiful Fairy Knight in Britain.

Wag: With these three fighting off the Mors, we can keep peddling at our leisure.

Wag: Well, Lord Tristan wouldn't bother to protect us.

Wag: I'd rather be on edge than a Mors, though! Plus, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near New Darlington!

Narration: The younger brother, Wag, laughed innocently.

Narration: Meanwhile, Rob and Winky were nervous that Annis may have remembered something.

Narration: —Then...

???: GuRuuuuuuuuu...!

Rob: Aah, it's a Black Dog!

Rob: Wag, you idiot! All that talk about Tristan has attracted trouble!

Rob: Everybody, abandon the wagon and run! It's a fairy eater! It'll eat us!

Rob: Annis, quick, get away! I'll stop this thing—

Rob: Huh—!?

Annis: I don't know why it's attacking us, but I won't allow you all to get hurt!

Annis: I'm your opponent. Come at me!

Annis: Hah. Haah.

Annis: Thank God. My body moved instantaneously, but I managed.

Annis: Is everyone okay...?

Narration: With a thud, she bravely stood her shield on the ground, and looked back at the fairies.

Narration: All three of their faces were shocked. Naturally, they had never seen such a dainty knight before!

Wag: That—that was amazing! You got rid of the Black Dogs all by yourself, Annis!

Narration: Black Dogs are feared in the Fairy Kingdom. They follow the rotten smell of mortal life.

Narration: They're evil fairies, from the Unseelie Court, unrelated to the six clans, and they appear out of nowhere.

Narration: The only kind of villain in Britain to eat fairies!

Rob: Hold on, isn't it weird, that strength? Could she be the one—

Rob: Are you the Child of Prophecy!?

Winky: Huh? Rob, no matter what, that is simply...

Rob: It's true, isn't it? Iron armor, iron shield, and now we've seen her power!

Rob: As good as a Fairy Knight! If that isn't special, I don't know what is!

Wag: Yes, yes, yes! Annis is the Child of Prophecy! Because she saved us!

Annis: ...? The Child of Prophecy...? Me...?

Wag: Yes, I'll start from the beginning!

Wag: The Child of Prophecy, who will save Britain! The Child of Prophecy, who will defeat the queen!

Wag: The Child of Prophecy, who we've been waiting for a long, loooong time, destined to save all the fairies!

Narration: Rob, the greedy older brother, and Wag, the obedient younger brother.

Narration: One spoke from self-interest, the other from his heart, eagerly telling the story of the Mirror Clan's prophecy.

Narration: But, for the girl with no memories, seeing the two of them so very happy,

Narration: seemed like truly a good thing, and so she believed it without question.

Winky: Idiots...they don't get it. If you tell a lie, it'll become the truth.

Winky: If the world believes Annis is the Child of Prophecy, it's over.

Winky: She'll be snatched up in a heartbeat, by someone much greedier than us.

Section 4: Gloucester (I)

Oberon: I Tristan stayed behind at the farm.

Oberon: He was an outstanding knight. Even someone as averse to combat as me can see that.

Oberon: That was his decision. It was probably the best course of action, but...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: (If only I'd held on a bit longer...)

Oberon: ...

Oberon: What's the matter, Fujimaru? You want to go back to the farm?

Oberon: There's nothing left there, but you could go to pay your respects.

Oberon: The farm is in ruins. The fairy knights have already left. There's no danger in going back.

Fujimaru 1: No...we have to do what we can now.

Fujimaru 2: We can grieve after we find Mash.

Da Vinci: I agree. Tristan did everything in his power to ensure we could escape.

Da Vinci: He fought to keep us moving forward. Tell him that when we find Mash.

Artoria: ...

Oberon: I see. If that's how you feel, then forget I even mentioned it.

Oberon: By the way! Wasn't my timing awesome, all things considered?

Oberon: It's the prince's prerogative to rush in on a white steed. I begged Aurora to let me borrow her carriage.

Oberon: The problem is...

Red Rabbit: (Whinny) Do you have a problem with my fur coat?

Oberon: Well, I guess he does look white in a certain light...

Oberon: And that's it. That's the end of the story.

Fujimaru 1: Haha.

Fujimaru 2: Thanks for looking out for us.

Oberon: Feeling better? Then I've got one more recommendation.

Oberon: The city of Gloucester is a day's ride north of here.

Oberon: Every day they hold an auction of curious and rare items there.

Oberon: Seems they just got a very special new product. “An unusual fairy, armed with iron. ”

Oberon: They were brought in from the Nameless Forest by some merchants,

Oberon: and are being put up for auction as early as tomorrow morning.

Artoria: Ah! An “unusual fairy armed with iron” in the Nameless Forest!

Da Vinci: Yeah, there's no doubt! It's got to be Mash this time!

Fujimaru 1: We need to get to Gloucester right away!

Fujimaru 2: By the way, what about those merchants that found her?

Oberon: They didn't want to sell the fairy off at a low price...

Oberon: It's alright if you tell the head of Gloucester “I can't sell at that price,”

Oberon: but they were arrested for previous charges of theft, fraud, and anti-Queen beliefs on top of all that.

Oberon: The head of Gloucester punishes criminal acts with death. I heard they were all hanged last night.

Oberon: When I heard that, I rushed back to Salisbury.

Oberon: Then I heard you guys had already left, which gave me a bad feeling.

Oberon: I was able to rush over in a carriage made for transportation, so now I'm in Aurora's debt.

Artoria: I see. That's why you have something so valuable. What fantastic tact.

Oberon: Yeah. To be honest, I'd like to take a break in the autumn woods, but time is money.

Oberon: At this rate we can head straight to Gloucester, right? So long, Salisbury.

Fujimaru 1: Of course!

Fujimaru 2: Onward, to Gloucester!

Note! Scene Change

Red Rabbit: Excuse me. Colt I say something first?

Da Vinci: Wh-what is it, Mr. Horse? We had a pretty good atmosphere here...

Red Rabbit: Yes. I am a proud fairy horse, the most well-bred restive horse in Britain.

Red Rabbit: My back is solely for those I acknowledge as my Lord.

Red Rabbit: Up to now I have towed you as ordered by my Lady Aurora.

Red Rabbit: However, if you are to head to Gloucester—you understand, correct?

Artoria: How about a carrot?

Red Rabbit: TO BATTLE!


Red Rabbit: Neeeeeeeeigh! Contract complete!

Red Rabbit: Such calm, to be so unfazed by my secret techniques...

Red Rabbit: I see that you are a fearless warrior, who has weathered many battles.

Red Rabbit: From mare onwards, I am your feet. I shall accompany you as long as the road travels well.

Oberon: Stuck with a fairy horse like this, doesn't Aurora seem surprisingly unpopular?

Fujimaru 1: No, in a way, this is great.

Fujimaru 2: Maybe she's...too popular...

Oberon: There's nothing more that has to be said, right? Then let's get heading to Gloucester.

Oberon: Setting myself aside, Fujimaru, Artoria, and da Vinci are all worn out.

Oberon: Drive as safely as you can, please.

Red Rabbit: Please, leave it to me. Not once have I ever broken the speed limit.

Da Vinci: By the way Oberon, what's with those clothes? I liked your cloak from before.

Oberon: Oh, I use this when I'm asking around for gossip.

Oberon: You'll get questioned by the Queen's soldiers if you run around asking about the state of the world right now.

Oberon: That's why I keep a low profile, wearing simple traveler's clothes.

Artoria: I see, not bad Oberon. Even in something like that you're seen as “plain. ”

Oberon: Oh, are you into fashion, Artoria? Perhaps, you'd like to try dressing like da Vinci?

Artoria: N-no, that's not true...

Artoria: If I were to mimic da Vinci, I'd be a laughingstock...

Oberon: Mmm, well, you might be right. It's still a little early for you.

Artoria: Hey!

Oberon: Well, that's enough messing with Artoria for today.

Oberon: Fujimaru, da Vinci.

Oberon: Can you tell me what you learned about the state of affairs in the Fairy Kingdom while I was away?

Fujimaru 1: ...and that's about it.

Oberon: Hmm. A series of Calamities. Mors. Fairy lifestyle imitating human society.

Oberon: The rebels of Salisbury and the Round Table Army of Londinium.

Oberon: And the three Fairy Knights.

Oberon: Great work. If you know that much, then I only have one thing to share with you.

Fujimaru 1: One more thing...?

Oberon: Queen Morgan's objective.

Oberon: She inscribes Command Spells on fairies, draws out their magical energy as a tax, and kills those who can't bear it.

Oberon: The reason she's imposed such despotism over the past two thousand years isn't to control this Fairy Kingdom.

Oberon: Morgan's true objective is to assault pan-human history in its entirety—to “fairify” the entire planet.

Oberon: To expand this Fairy Kingdom, paint over pan-human history, and make Earth a planet of nothing but Britain.

Oberon: It's hard to believe, but it's the truth.

Oberon: Queen Morgan is tormenting the fairies for just this reason.

Oberon: Do you get it? For the sake of both the fairies and the humans, we have to defeat Morgan.

Note! Scene Change

Morgan's Soldiers: Prostrate yourselves. Offer yourselves up.

Morgan's Soldiers: Worship. Submit.

Morgan's Soldiers: The six clan heads, thirty ambassadors, and one hundred government officials gathered here shall bow their heads.

Morgan's Soldiers: The ruler who expands the borders. The ruler who built the Fairy Kingdom.

Morgan's Soldiers: You are in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Morgan. You hear the mantra of Her Majesty Queen Morgan.

Morgan: —The same faces as always, is it? How tedious. How very tedious.

Morgan: I will not pardon any of you. I will not save any of you.

Morgan: Do not forget. Britain is my property, down to the smallest pebble.

Morgan: Know that without my protection, there is no future for the Fairy Kingdom.

30 ambassadors, 100 officers: “We understand, Your Majesty. ” “We are but your loyal servants. ”

30 ambassadors, 100 officers: “We offer all our time to you. ” “We swear our undying loyalty to you. ”

Morgan: —Hmph. Very well. All you clowns, back against the wall.

Morgan: I shall allow the clan heads to speak. Each of you may share your opinions.

F:???: Ooh, thank you for your generosity, Your Majesty. Then, I shall take the first honor.

Clerk Yttri: Head of the Earth Clan. Lord of Norwich, Lord Spriggan, you may speak.

Spriggan: Yes. According to our observations, the Calamity Pool of Norwich will reach critical mass in about ten days.

Spriggan: Among those here, are there any lords who have left property in Norwich?

Spriggan: If there are, please consult with me later.

Spriggan: Even as the city is swallowed by waves of Mors, Norwich's bell tower remains an impenetrable vault.

Spriggan: It has walls made of Mors-repelling iron, so it would be good to take advantage of this one-time opportunity.

G:???: You're talking about money at a time like this? You seem content with the disappearance of your city.

Clerk Yttri: Head of the Fang Clan. Lord of Oxford, Lord Woodwose, you may speak.

Woodwose: I give the same advice as always. Your Majesty, please think of building up your army.

Woodwose: The Mors increase in number by the year. There are also rebels such as the Round Table Army to deal with.

Woodwose: I humbly request that you increase the number of human shipments, and allocate them to the barracks.

Spriggan: Oh? The Fang Clan alone are not enough for you?

Spriggan: It seems even the great Lord Woodwose, once known as the Sword of the Fairy Kingdom, cannot fight the advance of age.

Woodwose: Shut up, greenhorn. Don't flap your disgusting tongue at me. If you weren't in front of Her Majesty, I'd bite your head off!

Aurora: Now now, please calm down, Woodwose. You are a man of respect among the fairies right now.

Aurora: As the Lord of Oxford,

Aurora: and the owner of a major restaurant franchise that feeds the Fairy Kingdom, you should be more well-mannered. No?

Woodwose: M-mrgh...I know, I know, Aurora.

Woodwose: I'm no longer a thug on the front lines. I'm a reasonable clan leader.

I:???: How boring...

I:???: If this is to be a repeat of our usual bantering, may I leave, Your Majesty?

I:???: I'm busy prepping for the auction. The item in question is very, very rare this time, you see.

Clerk Yttri: Head of the Wing Clan. Lord of Gloucester, Lady Muryan, you may speak.

Muryan: I've already expressed my opinion.

Muryan: The Calamity Pool and “countering the Mors” have nothing to do with my Gloucester.

Muryan: Between fairies of warped character, there will always be quarreling.

Muryan: Ah, but Norwich's products have been superb lately, so I wouldn't mind providing a little assistance.

Muryan: Spriggan, give my regards to Count Peperon.

Muryan: If he is thinking of moving to Gloucester, please convey to him that he would always be welcome.

???: —.

Clerk Yttri: Head of the King's Clan. Lord of Edinburgh, Lady Knocknarea. No statement due to absence.


Clerk Yttri: Head of the Mirror Clan. Guardian of the Lake District, Lady Ainsel. No statement due to absence.

Clerk Yttri: Next, by special dispensation from Her Majesty Morgan, the Fairy Knight of New Darlington—

Clerk Yttri: G-aagh—!?

???: Are you for real!? A mere clerk speaking my name, what kinda nerve is that?

???: Hey, Mother, how long until you quit letting the clerks run things?

???: At least use better-looking ones.

???: Like people with their limbs sewn to the wall. Or someone who's been guillotined.

???: Mother, aren't you being a little soft on both the humans and fairies lately? Aren't they getting enough encouragement?

Government Officials:

L:???: Oh? Why so silent? It's your job to make a bunch of noise, isn't it?

L:???: If you can't even do that much, then just die. Are you all going to fall prey to my strings here?

Government Officials: O—ooh! Fairy knight Tristan! You honor us with your presence!

Government Officials: The knight among knights who protects Britain! And more than that—

Government Officials: Her Majesty's grand and beloved daughter! She who alone in Britain, shall inherit Her Majesty's magecraft!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Yeah yeah, that's enough. So you all can do it if you try.

Fairy Knight Tristan: But there wasn't that liiiittle twist, was there? It wasn't pathetic enough.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Sooooo, you and you and you. Why don't you be a nice little example for the rest, hmm~♡

Government Officials: Ha-gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

Government Officials: My foot! My ankle! It's gone, it's gone, it's goooone!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Kyahahahahahaha!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Yeah, bounce bounce! Bounce up and down on the severed part! ♡

Fairy Knight Tristan: Oh, but such bloody violence isn't allowed here. Whatever happened to your manners?

Fairy Knight Tristan: Open the window and jump into the great pit. Don't dirty the floor of the throne room more than you have already.

Government Officials: Ah, no, my body, I can't stop it...! No, no, no no no,

Government Officials: If I fall down that hole, I'm done for! Help, somebody help me! Stop that girl!

Government Officials: Aaaahhhhhh—!

Fairy Knight Tristan: All right, that's all settled☆

Fairy Knight Tristan: What do you think, mother? This is such a boring conference. Isn't it more fun when it's this noisy?

Woodwose: What the—that was Camelot's Minister of Justice!

Woodwose: Know your place, Tristan, you madwoman! You're nothing more than a dreg taken in as “daughter”—

Morgan: Enough. Be silent, Woodwose. This is a family matter.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Look, Her Majesty is pleased. The only one who should know their place is you.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Too bad, so sad, you stupid puppy♡ Why don't you retire already? No matter what, we're stronger than you.

Woodwose: Tch, get off your high horse, little girl!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Cease, Woodwose. Why do you play along with Tristan's games?

Fairy Knight Gawain: You are the head of the Fang Clan. Don't ruin our reputation with your petty temper tantrums.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Damn...the ever-uptight Lord Gawain finally makes her appearance, huh?

Fairy Knight Tristan: She just saved your life, old man. Next time, your ankles are mine.

Morgan: Give your report, Gawain. What occured at the farm south of here?

Fairy Knight Gawain: Yes.

Fairy Knight Gawain: The insurgents calling themselves the Round Table Army were allowed to take control of the farm.

Fairy Knight Gawain: The guards appointed by the staff of Your Majesty were captured, and the humans in custody attempted to escape.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Without word from Your Majesty, I departed on my own initiative.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Despite wiping out the rebels, the facility was destroyed, and we failed to apprehend three of them.

Fairy Knight Gawain: In addition, the recaptured humans are currently being transported for re-education.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Please pass down your judgement.

Fairy Knight Gawain: I will accept any made by you, the ruler of Britain.

Morgan: Enough. I shall forgive this disgrace at the southern farm on account of your distinguished service in Sheffield.

Morgan: Raise your head, Gawain. That farm was scheduled for demolition at any rate.

Morgan: This saves me the trouble of having to mobilize the Earth Clan. Although, it was slightly excessive.

Morgan: —Is there anything else you must tell me?

Fairy Knight Gawain: Yes...among the three who escaped, there was a human...

Fairy Knight Gawain: It was the one Your Majesty spoke of, the Master of pan-human history.

Ambassadors: The Master of pan-human history...! Then the words of Beryl Gut were correct after all!

Fairy Knight Gawain: There is one more thing.

Fairy Knight Gawain: The fairy that accompanied the human appeared to be one from the Fairy Kingdom...

Fairy Knight Gawain: If I am not mistaken, her appearance is that of a human 16 years of age. A fairy who uses magecraft, the same as Your Majesty.

Fairy Knight Tristan: —What was that?

Woodwose: Gawain. Are you implying that this fairy might be the Child of Prophecy?

Woodwose: That's nothing more than Ainsel's lies! There is no true ruler of Britain other than Queen Morgan!

Woodwose: You put stock in gossip like one of those plebeian fairies! How shameful for a servant of the Queen!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Shitty mutt. You're far too loud.

Spriggan: No no, Lord Tristan! Lord Woodwose's irritation is understandable.

Spriggan: To speak of the Child of Prophecy is to speak of the Tintagel affair. Don't you see? The coastal village that sheltered the Child of Prophecy.

Spriggan: The one who razed that village was none other than Lord Woodwose. Unfortunately, he failed to capture the child in question.

Spriggan: The one who broke through the Fang Clan surrounding the village was a blonde girl of about 16 years.

Spriggan: Among a stormy battle, the soldiers whispered to each other.

Spriggan: “The girl uses magecraft. ” “The return of the King. ” And even—“Queen Morgan's daughter. ”

Fairy Knight Tristan: How dare you duck? Die, Capless.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Got it? I'm Mother's only daughter.

Fairy Knight Tristan: I don't care about any Child of Prophecy, so keep that shitty rumor to yourself.

Spriggan: I hold no such opinion. It is idle gossip of the Fang Clan.

Spriggan: Still, representatives of the upper class, gathered here before the throne of Camelot, what do you think?

Spriggan: The continuing increase of Mors, the omen of disaster for Norwich, Knocknarea in the north, Londinium in the south.

Spriggan: The uprising in Sheffield a few days ago.

Spriggan: And now the trespasser from the outside world, who Sir Beryl Gut warned us of!

Spriggan: I do not place trust in Ainsel's prophecies either, but the circumstances align far too well.

Spriggan: The Child of Prophecy is real.

Spriggan: At the very least, that is what the lower-class fairies unaware of our politics would believe.

Spriggan: This is not a situation where our clans can squabble with one another. We must not increase the anxiety of the people any further.

Spriggan: Why don't we all band together, and settle the issue of the Calamity Pool of Norwich first?

Aurora: I agree. Setting aside the issue of the Child of Prophecy, the Calamity Pool over Norwich cannot be overlooked.

Aurora: Would it be possible to dispatch Her Majesty's armies to Norwich, for the purpose of targeting the Calamity in the near future?

Aurora: Was not such an appeal made by the Lord of Sheffield, Lord Boggart?

Woodwose: Aurora. I understand your feelings, but we can't send out the soldiers of Camelot.

Woodwose: It's true that if Queen Morgan fully mobilized her forces, the Calamity could be wiped clean away.

Woodwose: However, there is a danger of Camelot falling in that time.

Woodwose: Knocknarea of the north is keeping a sharp eye out for just such a gap. We can't leave the castle undermanned.

Muryan: Mm. The way things are, it'll be the War of Spring and War of Summer all over again.

Muryan: The battle this time will be between Her Majesty and the self-proclaimed queen, Knocknarea.

Muryan: It seems like our warpower is only barely better than hers.

Spriggan: The Spring and Summer Wars...the name in the fairy calendar for the wars between the northern and southern fairies, if I'm not mistaken?

Spriggan: The fairies of the north have claimed dominion over Britain for many thousands of years before.

Spriggan: They've been quietly obeying Queen Morgan for the past several hundred years, but to think they'd try to take the throne again...

Spriggan: Aah, this is most distressing! We all swore an oath of allegiance to the Queen!

Spriggan: This is no time to be preoccupied with Norwich.

Spriggan: As Lord of Norwich, I am ashamed to say it, but the citizens of Norwich must be abandoned—

Morgan: Do not fear. I shall use the Water Mirror on Norwich.

Morgan: The Calamity will destroy the greater part of the city, but the bell tower shall remain.

Morgan: So long as the fortress remains standing, the job of reconstruction is yours and yours alone, Spriggan.

Morgan: Show me once more the prowess that allowed you to snatch control of Norwich from your predecessors.

Spriggan: If such be your will, Your Majesty. Then, how much is my grant?

Morgan: I shall grant you thirty percent of the flotsam in the western vaults.

Morgan: It is little more than garbage drifting ashore from pan-human history, but what could be a better reward for you?

Spriggan: Ooh, oooh...! How marvelous, my eternal thanks, Your Majesty!

Aurora: But...this does nothing to save the people of Norwich...

Aurora: Can you not begin evacuating the citizens now, Spriggan?

Spriggan: We have already issued an evacuation order. However, nobody wants to leave the city.

Spriggan: Attachment to their land or job, a lack of appreciation for the danger, faith in the Child of Prophecy...

Spriggan: It could be any mixture of these reasons. Although my own from the Earth Clan should not be so stubborn.

Spriggan: And even should they be evacuated, where would they go? Your own Salisbury, city of the Wind Clan?

Spriggan: You know that the Earth and Wind are at loggerheads. It is a problem even Her Majesty has difficulty with.

Spriggan: Things rarely work out the way they should. The sacrifice of Norwich is unavoidable—

???: As a matter of fact, I disagree on that point. I believe that the poor, displaced refugees can be well taken care of.

???: Isn't that right, Lady Spinel? Wouldn't New Darlington be able to welcome them with open arms?

Fairy Knight Tristan: !!! Yes, you're right, Red Beryl! You've been listening to this boring twaddle!

Beryl: Oh no, my sharp-tongued young lady. It's not boring in the least.

Beryl: Haven't all the normally-bickering clan heads gathered here together to worry about Britain's future?

Beryl: There's no show quite as entertaining as this. Well, there's no other shows in this Fairy Kingdom!

Spriggan: Please excuse me, everyone. I've suddenly changed my mind.

Spriggan: Lady Aurora. We shall meet to discuss the details of Salisbury accepting the refugees later.

Spriggan: It is better than sending them to the National Slaughter Theatre in New Darlington. Let the problems of the Fairy Kingdom be solved by its people.

Woodwose: Oxford will accept them as well.

Woodwose: The smiths of the Earth Clan who break the rules are a pain, but letting them die helplessly is against my principles.

Muryan: Gloucester's neutrality will not change.

Muryan: We shall accept not just refugees, but fairies who wish to escape the bonds of their clan.

Beryl: Huh? Suddenly you're all buddy-buddy with each other? Do you all hate me that much?

Beryl: How sad. And yet I'm Her Majesty Morgan's first ever lover, and the future King of Britain!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Yeah, Beryl! Hurry up and get married with Mother, get married!

Fairy Knight Tristan: It's so wonderfully twisted that the greatest fairy in Britain will end up wed to a human!

Fairy Knight Tristan: And then you're going to marry me next, right?

Fairy Knight Tristan: Humans can get married to as many partners as they like, right?

Beryl: Of course, Lady Spinel. But you should give it a little more time.

Beryl: No matter how big a crush you have, as soon as they're in the hands of someone else, it matters no longer—

Beryl: Stuff like that is common in love affairs. You can't be sure it won't happen to you too.

Beryl: When you see me become the husband of your mother the Queen, that fever of yours might suddenly cool down.

Beryl: Be careful about your decision to get married. You might be closer to your soulmate than you know, right?

Fairy Knight Tristan: Ha, as if! I'm crazy about you!


Morgan: Very well. I have received all your expectations.

Morgan: As I have declared, my plan will not change.

Morgan: “At the end of 2017 of the Queen's Calendar, my Fairy Kingdom will become the ruler of this planet. ”

Morgan: I shall destroy the wall of light surrounding Britain, and overwrite the evils of the outside world with our own world.

Morgan: Only then will you all be freed from the hands of the Calamity, and a new era shall be ushered in.

Morgan: I will build a new Fairyland on the Earth's surface. The death of your clans will lay its foundation.

B:Fairies: —By your will. All according to the Queen's will!

Morgan: Hmph. Then I shall hand down my decision.

Morgan: Norwich shall remain as it is. There is no need for an evacuation order.

Morgan: I consider the Child of Prophecy to be slightly more dangerous. For they pose a direct threat to my throne.

Morgan: One more thing. The invader from pan-human history that Beryl Gut speaks of...

Morgan: When they are found, I want them captured, not killed. I wish to evaluate them myself.

Morgan: If Gawain's confirmation that the Master is travelling with the Child of Prophecy is true, then that is convenient.

Morgan: Woodwose, Spriggan, Muryan, and Aurora.

Morgan: Each of you will begin searching with your troops.

Morgan: Traitors and invaders. Bring them all before my throne.

Morgan: I shall bestow five hundred acres of territory on the clan that achieves this.

Morgan: This ends your audience. The clan heads may withdraw.

Morgan: I shall grant the Fairy Knights their next task. As before, there shall be no need for you to search for the Child of Prophecy.

Fairy Knight Tristan: I don't get it. What use are the clans, Mother?

Fairy Knight Tristan: If you want a hunt, then am I not good enough? Lancelot's just fast.

Fairy Knight Tristan: I can go anywhere with the Infinity Mirror you gave me, so...

Morgan: No need. You shall not lay a hand on the Child of Prophecy.

Morgan: This is my decree. Fairy Knight Gawain, I entrust the rest to you.

Fairy Knight Gawain: By Your Majesty's command. Try and behave yourself, Tristan.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Our Queen was strict with you because she was in front of the clan heads.

Fairy Knight Gawain: No matter how powerful Her Majesty is, she must behave as a queen.

Fairy Knight Gawain: She cannot speak to you as a daughter. It is your behavior towards Beryl Gut that is the problem in the first place.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Her Majesty's daughter becoming intimate with a human man...and the Queen's lover? Even in jest, what's gotten into you?

Fairy Knight Gawain: Consider Her Majesty's position, the rumors about you, and your morals as a knight.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Huh? Shut it, who do you think you are, you ogre?

Fairy Knight Tristan: It's hilarious that you, the one who's been EATING your lovers one after another, would be worried about my reputation!

Fairy Knight Tristan: How many new boyfriends have you made this year? You're pretty slutty for someone with a body like that, you know.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Could you give me some lovemaking tips sometime?

Fairy Knight Tristan: Well, you discard them right after you've taken a bite, so I guess it's more an appetite than love!

Fairy Knight Gawain: You insolent little—

Fairy Knight Tristan: Oh, just kidding! I know, I know, don't look at me that way!

Fairy Knight Tristan: I know that your love is always the real thing.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Because you're awkward, Gawain. You'd never two-time or anything like that, would you?

Fairy Knight Tristan: “Gawain of many lovers,” “Gluttonous Gawain. ” Aah, how pathetic! The world doesn't understand at all!

Fairy Knight Tristan: You only become lovers with those you truly care about!

Fairy Knight Gawain:

Fairy Knight Gawain: I'm returning to the castle. You, too, should wait like a good little girl for orders.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Seriously, what an irritating meeting. I didn't get to spend time with Mother again, and...

Fairy Knight Tristan: Woodwose's stench is the worst. It's like the stink of a beast mixed with perfume.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Spriggan's forced laughter is nauseating, and Muryan's goody two-shoes act is so transparent.

Fairy Knight Tristan: And that Aurora is the worst of all! I'd tear her to shreds, if only I had a reason!

Fairy Knight Tristan: I hope she screws up soon.

Fairy Knight Tristan: If she was involved somehow with the rebels, I could crush all of Salisbury...

Fairy Knight Tristan: Are you listening, Beryl!? Huh, he's gone? He was in front of the mirror just a second ago.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Ah, I see. He's at the theatre, huh?

Fairy Knight Tristan: Today, there's a show on featuring the humans we caught.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Forcing the humans to fight each other, and letting the winner survive...slave swordsmen, was it?

Fairy Knight Tristan: At first I thought it was a pain, but it turned out to be fun!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Especially at the very end! Like, the champion can earn their freedom!

Fairy Knight Tristan: How can humans be so hilarious! There's no way that's happening, idiots!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Wait...this is no time for me to be laughing.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Mother did say that...but I can't stand it...I can't let this pass...

Fairy Knight Tristan: Who does this Child of Prophecy think they are anyway? Using magecraft? Morgan's daughter? Someone other than me?

Fairy Knight Tristan: A piece of trash like that, I'll kill you! Aaaagh, geez, this pisses me off so much!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Well then☆times like this call for shopping!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Where's the newspaper...ah, now let's see...

Fairy Knight Tristan: Gloucester's Knocker Company withdraws...time to switch up the trends...

Fairy Knight Tristan: Huh, Spriggan's is going out of business.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Hmm. Spriggan himself aside, I really liked that place...

Fairy Knight Tristan: Huh? But wait, the one coming next is...

Fairy Knight Tristan: Just as I thought, it's the Count's shop! As expected, Muryan, you always know what's hot right now!

Fairy Knight Tristan: After all, if you're shopping, Gloucester is the place to be. She said she was preparing for an auction...

Fairy Knight Tristan: All right, then. I'll give you an auction you'll never forget♡


Artoria: Look, look Fujimaru! You can see the city in the distance!

Artoria: It took all day, but we finally reached Gloucester!

Oberon: Aah, if we've made it this far, we shouldn't have to worry about the Queen's soldiers chasing us.

Oberon: Gloucester is the territory of Muryan, of the Wing Clan. Fighting is strictly forbidden here.

Oberon: There's no fighting with the other clans, nor are they completely beholden to Queen Morgan.

Oberon: According to Muryan, this is an independent autonomous region, and they're “only engaged in diplomacy with Her Majesty's Fairy Kingdom. ”

Oberon: Or so she once declared, to all of Britain.

Fujimaru 1: So Morgan's army can't attack us here?

Oberon: Morgan can't raise her hand against Gloucester that easily. You see...hey, da Vinci.

Oberon: Don't you think the atmosphere is different in this area? Like the density of mana.

Da Vinci: Yeah, I wanted to confirm that.

Da Vinci: Mechanical devices work fine, but the ones powered by magical energy are under-operating.

Da Vinci: Could this be because the very characteristics of Mystery in the atmosphere here—the rules of this world are different from elsewhere?

Oberon: You got it. Let me tell you a little fairytale.

Oberon: This isn't exclusive to the Fairy Kingdom of Britain, but is shared by pan-human history. You might learn something useful here.

Oberon: In pan-human history, there are various types of fae.

Oberon: Those that have fallen from the rank of a god. A collection of human and animal grudges, and dregs of their souls.

Oberon: Latent thoughts with nowhere else to go, reborn as empty human gossip.

Oberon: These fae arise from human society, and aren't the genuine article, strictly speaking.

Oberon: Genuine fae are those that come from the inner sea of the planet, disconnected from human civilization.

Oberon: Those born in the inner sea of the planet are known in the world of magecraft as “Great Fathers” or “Great Mothers”.

Oberon: You can think of them like...something like bunrei of the planet's soul, or something to that extent.

Oberon: They're on the same scope as divinity who personify nature, but unlike those gods, they're not clothed in human rules.

Oberon: Great Fathers and Mothers are pure, transcendent existences.

Oberon: Fae of these ranks who appear on the surface on a mission from the planet are known in this Lostbelt as “Sub-bells”, or “A-Reis”.

Oberon: The fairy who lent King Arthur the holy sword in pan-human history is one of these “Great Mothers”.

Oberon: Pan-human history Morgan also probably inherited the authority of such a Great Mother.

Oberon: Well, Morgan's father was Uther, Britain's former king, so I guess that makes her a hybrid of both human and fairy.

Oberon: King Arthur, on the other hand, is a hybrid of human and dragon.

Oberon: The two of them may seem similar, but there are some fundamental differences.

Artoria: Hmm. Where does that difference lie?

Oberon: The difference is in what they protect in the end, is it the 'human side' or the 'mystical side'?

Oberon: King Arthur chose the Britain where humans live, whereas Morgan chose the Britain where “Mystery” lives.

Oberon: Well, in hindsight, pan-human history proves which was the correct choice.

Oberon: If it had remained a place where Mystery ruled, Britain would have departed from the stage of human history.

Oberon: Sorry, I'm getting off-topic here.

Oberon: “A-Reis” are Great Mother-class fae who have come into “a will of their own”,

Oberon: their own truth...the essence of a fairy like that is capable of reshaping the world as they see fit.

Oberon: This is the fairy's territory. The greatest Mystery possessed by powerful fairies.

Oberon: Furthermore, just by existing, A-Reis increase their number of terminals, called “offspring”.

Oberon: These offspring are the “Children of the Forest” or the “Children of the Stone”, and make up the greater majority of the fairies in the fairy kingdom these days.

Oberon: Compared to an A-Rei, their power is infinitesimal, but offspring are still offspring.

Oberon: Some of them inherited more A-Rei blood than others. Gloucester's Muryan is one of those few.

Oberon: That's the reason Gloucester sits in the middle of such a troublesome fairy territory.

Oberon: Muryan's mentality is given form here through a rule called “denial of strength”.

Da Vinci: Denial of a reversal of some sort?

Oberon: That was fashionable back in the day, but not anymore.

Oberon: Currently, you can't bring “acquired strength” into Gloucester.

Oberon: Anyone and everyone—even Morgan, returns to their level of strength at birth when they enter Gloucester.

Fujimaru 1: Meaning, a city where everyone becomes level 1...!

Fujimaru 2: It seems impartial at first glance, but...

Oberon: Right. The more rules people make, the more loopholes they introduce to exploit.

Oberon: Maybe Muryan is an exception to that rule.

Oberon: Consequently, in Gloucester, nobody can oppose Muryan. Be sure to remember that.

Da Vinci: Hmm. Is the term “A-Rei” unique to this Lostbelt?

Da Vinci: They sound similar to what we call things like “Elemental” or “True Ancestor”.

Da Vinci: So, are there any other fairies that have inherited the A-Rei's powers?

Da Vinci: The clan heads, for example. Is Aurora within a fairy territory?

Artoria: No. Fairies with that kind of power fall outside the clan structure.

Artoria: They're pursued by fairies from their own clan, or perish when they can no longer handle their own territorial rules...

Oberon: Yeah. Among the six clan heads, the only ones who can force their territory on others are Muryan and Knocknarea.

Oberon: Most of the other “territory holders” have perished, and have become wraiths wandering around Britain.

Oberon: They're called the Fairy Deadlords, or Nightcall. Some believe they're even more terrifying than the fairy knights.

Red Rabbit: Everyone, we will soon reach Gloucester.

Red Rabbit: As you can see, as a member of the Fang Clan, entering Gloucester would be too difficult for me...

Red Rabbit: I shall make camp in this area, so please call me when it is time to leave.

Red Rabbit: Is that all right? Please do not misunderstand.

Red Rabbit: I may look like this, but I am definitely one of the Fang Clan. Not one of the Wind Clan. This may be surprising.

Fujimaru 1: Sure...seems that way...?

Fujimaru 2: I can see that.

Oberon: All right, gang, let's split up.

Oberon: Myself with da Vinci, Fujimaru with Artoria.

Oberon: The auction's tonight. You're free until then.

Oberon: Any sort of behavior is acceptable in Gloucester. Everyone can make as much of a racket as they want.

Oberon: You've got the money you earned in Salisbury? You can use it in Gloucester too, so spend it however you want.

Note: Male Player

Oberon: Oh, just think of it as a date and the time will just fly by!

Note: Female Player

Oberon: I heard it's fun to shop with your girlfriends! Enjoy, Girl's Holiday!

Note: Branch End

Oberon: Well, da Vinci, is there anywhere you'd like to go?

Oberon: The cafe is nice, but I recommend the Distortion Observation Deck. It's so amazing, you'll get dizzy and want to throw up!

Da Vinci: Wait, you're already heading there! You just decided on your own!

Da Vinci: You two, I know this is sudden, but you'll be fine, right? Right? Then you do the same as well.

Da Vinci: Hold on, Oberon! Isn't there an art museum or something here!?

Da Vinci: There's so many different kinds of fairies in this Lostbelt, shouldn't there be some sort of “painter fairy” too!?

Fujimaru 1:


Fujimaru 1: ...and off they go...

Artoria: S-seems so.

Artoria: It's just me and you now, Fujimaru...

Fujimaru 2: ...anyway, should we go?

Artoria: That was fast!

Artoria: Oh, ah, I'm sorry...It was just so sudden I lost my composure...deep breaths, deep breaths...

Artoria: Well, there's no point in coming all this way just to hesitate!

Artoria: We're finally in Gloucester, so let's enjoy ourselves! Let me show you around!

Fujimaru 1: Wow, so this is the city of Gloucester!

Fujimaru 2: Something's not quite right here!

Artoria: It really is strange, isn't it? The first time I came here I felt the same way.

Artoria: Things in the distance appear larger, things that are closer appear smaller...

Artoria: Sometimes it rains pink, or the main street is covered with rainbows...

Artoria: Boys turning into girls, girls turning into boys...

Artoria: Anyway, what's trendy here changes rapidly. When I came before—when I came I—

Artoria: ...scored a the princess contest...

Artoria: ...stripped of my a girl wearing a scarf made of worm silk...

Fujimaru 1: That's enough, that's enough! I don't need to know more!

Artoria: I see...I was only just getting started...

Fujimaru 2: Why your clothes!?

Artoria: ...what I was wearing was unfashionable...I wonder what she's doing now...

Artoria: ...If she's doing fine I'll be devastated...I have to get revenge next time...

Passing Fairy: Oh. Haven't seen you two around. Are you visiting because you heard about today's auction?

Passing Fairy: My. You sure can make a human stand out.

Passing Fairy: The current trend in Gloucester is “possessions that make others envious”.

Passing Fairy: Going for a plain look while dressing up your human squire to be eye-catching, huh...

Passing Fairy: Great idea, I'm going to copy that!


Fujimaru 1: (Artoria's making that face again...)

Fujimaru 2: (I'm starting to understand...little by little...)

Fujimaru 1: Sorry. Could you tell us more about the auction?

Passing Fairy: You mean, in detail, like, the goods that are being auctioned off? “A fairy with an iron weapon”, right?

Passing Fairy: I heard it's a vile creature from another world that opposes the Queen. .

Passing Fairy: If you're a criminal, there's no problem with others treating you like a slave. I'd participate in the auction too, but...

Passing Fairy: They're saying you need an invitation this time, so I won't bother. Instead, I'll go have some fun at a soiree.

Artoria: I'm sorry...I just froze up. I was supposed to ask her for information...

Fujimaru 1: It's alright, it's alright. Take it easy.

Artoria: Yes. I was so nervous. Thanks to you, I was able to relax.

Artoria: So, about that invitation we were told about...

Fujimaru 2: More importantly, about the invitation...

Artoria: We can't get one. They're only given to high-ranking fairies.

Artoria: I can't say this out loud, but we have no choice but to sneak into the auction venue.

Artoria: But don't worry, infiltration is my magecraft's specialty!

Artoria: All riiight! This time I'm going to show you how cool I am~!

Fujimaru 1: S-sure.

Fujimaru 2: (What is this feeling of déjà vu...)

Voices from Afar: Somebody! Anybody out there!

Voices from Afar: Catch them, catch theeem! The breeding rats have escaped from their cages!

Voices from Afar: I'll give you a reward if you catch them! Pleeaaase!

Artoria: ...? There's some kind of small creature coming from over there in droves...

Artoria: What do we do, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Let's catch them!

Fujimaru 2: (This is turning into a really long sidequest chain...! )

Artoria: ...ah, I see, you're still not used to this...well, it can't be helped...

Artoria: No, I'm just talking to myself. We're about to get into a fight, so don't worry about it.

Artoria: I'm sure you won't like it, but...Just look at it like another lesson free of charge.

Fujimaru 1: ...?


Fujimaru 1: Rats, huh.

Fujimaru 2: My eyes still sting...

Artoria: Big things look small...and small things look big...

Artoria: Things like this happen in Gloucester. Did you learn something from this?

Grateful Fairy: Thanks! You sure like to do some weird things in your free time! Here's a coupon in appreciation.

Grateful Fairy: See ya! I'm gonna make a fortune with these rats!

Artoria: We got a coupon. “The Safe and Amazing Knocker Company...”

Artoria: Wait, this is from S&C! You know, Spriggan & Capless!

Artoria: The first comprehensive department store in the kingdom, built 100 years ago! The old man told me about it!

Artoria: And, according to the map, we're close! Let's go, Fujimaru!

Artoria: ......

Fujimaru 1: Looks like they're going out of business...

Fujimaru 2: That fairy from before...

Artoria: There's already a new store being built...the brand is “Count”...I've never heard of them, but...

Artoria: The shoes, bags, the hat, that dress...

Artoria: Wow, the stuff on display in the window is all so coooool!

Artoria: It's so cute and sparkly, yet so elegant and fun to wear!

Note: Male Player

Artoria: I waaaant them! Oh, now that I think about it, they'd be wasted on me!

Artoria: They look like womens' designs, but this is probably something different!

Artoria: This is unusual...“Japanese clothing”? I think they would look good on you, Fujimaru!

Note: Female Player

Artoria: You'd also look great in those boots over there!

Artoria: They're such a brilliant blue!

Artoria: So clean and gentle, yet so crisp and clear!

Note: Branch End

Red-haired Fairy: I know what you mean. You've got a pretty good sense of style.

Red-haired Fairy: But could you pipe down a bit?

Red-haired Fairy: I'd rather not stand out. I came here in secret.

Artoria: I-I'm sorry...I was born in a small village, so I just...

Red-haired Fairy: Ah, I see. What, with your village about to be hit by the Calamity, you escaped to the city before you died?

Red-haired Fairy: You're lucky. You're not just another cocky Gloucester fairy.

Red-haired Fairy: And your ankles aren't to my taste. Be thankful you've got such awful boots.

Artoria: I-Is that so? .... they're unfashionable, huh? I see...

Artoria: They're practical'd be fine if you got bitten by an Awd Goggie...

Red-haired Fairy: Pfft. What kind of country bumpkin story is that, being bitten by a Goggie!

Red-haired Fairy: Judging by your looks, you're with the Wind Clan, right? And not bad-looking even by their standards.

Red-haired Fairy: Yet you're working in a field despite that? Well, there aren't many slaves on the frontiers—

Red-haired Fairy: At least—

Red-haired Fairy: ...Strange. Too strange. Isn't this conversation a little weird?

Red-haired Fairy: ...

Fujimaru 1: (She's eyeing me up and down...! )

Fujimaru 2: (This is bad, she's getting suspicious...! )

Artoria: I-i-it's not that strange, is it?

Artoria: Fujimaru and I, we're just not used to city fairies yet....

Red-haired Fairy: ...not used to it yet, huh...I see, that's why you're not scared when you see me.

Red-haired Fairy: ...but what is it? It's not just that...

Red-haired Fairy: (Why am I not irritated...? I hate all fairies, and yet...)

Red-haired Fairy: ...well, I guess it's an off day for me. I'm headed to the auction later today.

Red-haired Fairy: Oh, you're interested in the auction? But, do you have an invitation?

Artoria: Uh...yeah.

Artoria: Actually, we came all the way here for the auction...

Artoria: But we didn't know you needed an invitation to get into the venue, so...

Red-haired Fairy: Is that so. Invitations...

Red-haired Fairy: Hehe. I have some left over, but I'm not sharing~.

Red-haired Fairy: I'd rather feed them to the goats than give them to you!

Red-haired Fairy: Yeah, yeah, those faces suit you! Know your places, bumpkins!

Red-haired Fairy: You got it? Kids like you are a hundred years too young to be taking part in an auction.

Red-haired Fairy: Try again when you're a little more grown up. Ahh, but—

Red-haired Fairy: Low-class fairies don't even last a hundred years, do they? Why don't you crawl on your hands and knees in the dirt for the rest of your sorry lives?

Artoria: — (dumbfounded)

Fujimaru 1: ...what an uncanny fairy...

Artoria: ...wasn't she? I must have said something she didn't like...

Fujimaru 2: I don't know...there was something off...

Artoria: Did we just become friends in some strange way?

Artoria: W-well, maybe. I didn't get a bad impression just now, so...


Oberon: Oh, the invitation? Naturally, I already got my hands on one. What about it?

Fujimaru 1: I'd expect nothing less, Oberon.

Fujimaru 2: Guess we'll use Artoria's grand magecraft some other time.


Da Vinci: Unfortunately, we couldn't prepare any formal attire. Well, Oberon is already pretty flashy,

Da Vinci: and we're his friends, so...I guess they'll let us in.

Oberon: Of course. Muryan and I have a bit of a thing going. We'll be able to get into the VIP section.

Oberon: The real problem will be when the auction begins. Mash is the main lot, so she won't be brought out until the end.

Oberon: I've got 70 million morpounds on me. It's counterfeit, but so long as they don't figure that out tonight, it won't be a problem.

Oberon: The question is, if we're able to compete with the other bidders.

Oberon: I can't afford to lose more money, but this time the product is what it is...

Oberon: This is gonna be rough...If we're unlucky, I might have to remortgage the entire Welsh forest...

Artoria: Seventy million is enough to buy an entire estate, with a full suite of servants, isn't it?

Artoria: If even THAT isn't enough, than what the heck are they advertising this fairy as?

Oberon: Well, try and keep your hats on when you hear this: “A fairy armed with iron weapons, a traveller from another world. ”

Oberon: And—“The new Child of Prophecy. ”

Note! Scene Change

Auctioneer Fairy: Ladies and gentlemen who have gathered here.

Auctioneer Fairy: I bid you all welcome to Gloucester's auction house.

Auctioneer Fairy: From the dreams of tomorrow, to the dreams of today. From pride in one's clan, to pride in oneself.

Auctioneer Fairy: In order to meet your desires, we have prepared a variety of items for you tonight.

Auctioneer Fairy: Have you all sampled the catalog yet? Here it is! Have you found an item that catches your attention?

Auctioneer Fairy: Magnificient. Everyone appears to be completely absorbed. This concludes the opening remarks.

Auctioneer Fairy: Well then—Please enjoy Lady Muryan's exhibition to your heart's content!

Artoria: (The auction is starting...! I see, you have to announce your bid directly...)

Da Vinci: (Usually, the buyer signals secretly, and the one who bids on the item is generally their agent. )

Da Vinci: (I guess this auction doesn't recognize agents. You have to bid with your own voice to the bitter end, huh? )

Oberon: ...

Fujimaru 1: Huh? What is it, Oberon?

Fujimaru 2: Are you getting restless?

Oberon: (You see lot number 3 in the catalog? “Shakespeare's Dead Manuscript. ”)

Oberon: (It might be flotsam washed ashore from pan-human history in the exchange the changeling...)

Oberon: (Now I'm interested...I can afford to spend just a, now I have to...alright, here comes my bid...! )

Da Vinci: (Oh no you don't! We're here for lot 9, the “Child of Prophecy! ” And, if you bid on something now, they'll know the money is fake by the time they bring her out! )

Da Vinci: (Patience, patience! I mean, if you're an artist too, then one of my works should be enough! )

Oberon: (Wait, seriously!? I thought I'd look too much like a fanboy if I ever asked, but you'd really do it?! )

Oberon: (Promise, da Vinci! Make it a portrait of me, please! )

Fujimaru 1: (He's having a little bit too much fun...)

Artoria: (...I guess he's used to this sort of thing. I was nervous, but thanks to him, it's not so bad anymore. )

Artoria: (...We should keep a low profile until the end. It'll be bad if we stand out too much. )

Auctioneer Fairy: And now, the last lot of the day.

Auctioneer Fairy: We finally come to what you have all been waiting for. The accursed traitor and threat to our Queen,

Auctioneer Fairy: the victorious child, foretold to save Britain by the honorable Lady Ainsel herself!

Auctioneer Fairy: Attacking Camelot wielding a never-before-seen iron weapon,

Auctioneer Fairy: the brave hero who escaped certain death in the Great Pit, and who returned alive from the Nameless Forest!

Auctioneer Fairy: Is the prophecy actually true? Ascertain that with your own eyes, ladies and gentlemen!

Auctioneer Fairy: Lot number, Final! I give to you, the “Child of Prophecy”!

E:Child of Prophecy? : ...

Artoria: Huh?

Da Vinci: Whaaaaaaat!?

Fujimaru 1: —Old maaaaaaaan!?

E:Muramasa of Prophecy: Well, I'm SORRY for bein' a geezer!

E:Muramasa of Prophecy: Wait, who the hell called me that just now!?

S:Auctioneer Fairy: Everyone, if you could please calm down!

S:Auctioneer Fairy: This man may have a very foul mouth and attitude, but his magical energy is considerable!

S:Auctioneer Fairy: He can produce marvelous items, beyond even the skill of the smiths of Norwich.

S:Auctioneer Fairy: It is said the Child of Prophecy was the student of a master craftsman.

S:Auctioneer Fairy: Lady Muryan gave her approval, saying “Isn't he at least 20%, no, 30% of the Child of Prophecy? ”

E:Muramasa, 30% Child of Prophecy: Shut up. I told you a thousand times, I ain't no “Child of Prophecy”!

E:Muramasa, 30% Child of Prophecy: I'm Senji Muramasa, a lone wolf Servant! Now let me out of this goddamn cage!

Da Vinci: I can't even comprehend this, but that's Muramasa! Senji Muramasa, one of the Alien God's apostles!

Da Vinci: What is he doing in Britain!? No, wait, why is he up for auction!?

Artoria: You know him!? Then, that person isn't Mash!?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah. He's definitely not Mash...but...

Fujimaru 1: He's not enough of a stranger to just ignore!

Oberon: —a Servant. So he's a Servant too, huh? Well then—

Oberon: The fairies here don't know what Servants are. They can't tell the difference between Servants and fairies.

Oberon: “Comes from the outside world. ” “Armed with iron weapons. ” “A traitor who opposes the Queen. ”

Oberon: How could that not be the Child of Prophecy!? But this all just feels like a scam!

Artoria: What are we gonna do!? The bidding's already begun!

Fujimaru 1: Of course, we're gonna save him!

Oberon: Got it, leave it to me! Good thing the folks around us are all “what, were you expecting someone different? ”

Oberon: Seventy million is enough to compete in this atmosphere. Let's test the waters with a 1 million opener!

Auctioneer Fairy: We start the bidding at 1 million morpounds! Two million! Three million! Four million! Four and a half million! ...Five million!

Auctioneer Fairy: Lady Artoria and her entourage bid five million morpounds! Are there any other bids?

Artoria: (Why drop my name like that!? )

Oberon: (It's more exciting this way, right? “The Child of Prophecy, bought personally by none other than the Child of Prophecy...”)

Oberon: (A hilarious twist of fate like that will definitely go down in the history of Gloucester! )


Auctioneer Fairy: Five million, five million morpounds, going once, going twi—We have another bid! Ten million! Ten million! The bidding is heating up!

Auctioneer Fairy: Ten million, ten million, do we have any other interested parties!?

Oberon: (Damn. This is bad. Stop, stop! Seriously, we've got to fold here! )

Artoria: Twenty million! Twenty million morpounds! Aaah, what a pain! Seventy million! How do you like me now, HUH!?

Oberon: (Artoria! Are you actually some kind of wild animal!? )

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, she gets like that sometimes.

Fujimaru 2: She might have gone a bit overboard this time.

Auctioneer Fairy: Seventy million! Seventy million morpounds! We have a winner, sold to—

The Other Bidder: —One hundred million morpounds.

The Other Bidder: I don't know what sort of nouveau riche clan you come from, but you should know your place.

The Other Bidder: If I'm outbid by someone like you, it'll be the end of Britain.

Artoria: There's no way we're losing here! Then...then—

Artoria: One hundred and one million morpounds, putting Oberon's land down as collateral—!!!

Oberon: (Have you gone insane!? My land isn't worth even ten million! )

Auctioneer Fairy: Ooh...ooh...this auction has fallen out of my control.

Auctioneer Fairy: Lady Muryan, please deliver us your verdict!

Auctioneer Fairy: Which one of these buyers is actually going to be able to pay!?

N:Voice from the Stage: Very well. The auctioneer will stand down, please.

N:Voice from the Stage: Because the judgement has become such a difficult matter, I, Muryan, will take over from here.

N:Muryan: The item up for auction is the Child of Prophecy, regardless of whether or not it's the genuine article.

N:Muryan: The one who buys it must have not only capital, but also sufficient dignity.

N:Muryan: Will the two remaining bidders please come up to the stage?

The Other Bidder: Hah, so true. I like the way you think, Muryan.

The Other Bidder: When it comes to grace, I can't possibly lose. This'll be a public execution of some upstart new-money clan.

Da Vinci: Wah, inviting them up to the stage!? How is this even still an auction!?

Da Vinci: Oberon, is this also one of Gloucester's quirks!?

Oberon: Nope, I've never seen this before either. Damn it, Muryan...what are you up to?

Oberon: Artoria, take your seat and calm down. This is some kind of trap.

Oberon: Once you get onstage, this is going to turn out very badl—why is her seat empty?

Da Vinci: Too little, too late, Oberon.

Da Vinci: Artoria's already taken Fujimaru's hand and gone up to the stage.

Oberon: You're acting on the first thing that pops up in your head, girl!

Fujimaru 1: Before I knew it, I was brought up on stage.

Fujimaru 2: What have I done to deserve this?

Artoria: Please fight by my side! I'm hopeless all by myself!

Muryan: Then, would you be so kind as to introduce yourself, Lady Spinel?

Muryan: Or should I refer to you as Lady Tristan, the Fairy Knight?

Fairy Knight Tristan: Sure. I have no problem with that name.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Daughter of Queen Morgan, and the expression of blood. The fairy clad in the most gorgeous of dresses.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Fairy Knight Tristan. Daughter of the Queen, who will one day come to own all of Britain.

Fairy Knight Tristan: —your turn now, sweetheart. Why don't you share your shabby name with us?

Artoria: (What do we do, Fujimaru! She's the fairy from earlier today...! )

Artoria: (She was actually one of the Fairy Knights...and Morgan's daughter on top of that!? What kind of sick plot twist is this?! )

Fairy Knight Tristan: Ah, as I expected, no introduction.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Well, it's no wonder. There's no fairy with greater pedigree than me, after all.

Fairy Knight Tristan: You were all talk, but in the end—...hey, you're...the ones from earlier today...

C:Muryan: Allow me to introduce them.

C:Muryan: This girl is a fairy from Tintagel, and will be turning 16 this year.

C:Muryan: The miracle child who escaped Woodwose's siege, and taught herself magecraft just like Her Majesty.

C:Muryan: Ladies and gentlemen, please take a good look. The staff in her hands is the Staff of Selection.

C:Muryan: Her name is Artoria. The true Child of Prophecy.

Muryan: And the servant standing beside her is a traveller from another world.

Muryan: The traveling star said to guide the Child of Prophecy. One of the lights that will save Britain.

Muryan: A Master from pan-human history, a human named Fujimaru.

Artoria: Wh—They don't just know about me, they know about Fujimaru too!

Muryan: Please do not get violent, Lady Tristan. The bidding has not ended yet.

Muryan: Once you two step onto the auction stage, you are obligated to bid on the item.

Muryan: troublesome...the Fairy Knight, Lady Tristan, and the Child of Prophecy, Lady Artoria...

Muryan: Your worth has been assessed as roughly equal.

Muryan: Competition between wealth and dignity is no longer possible.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Me, the same as her!? Have your eyes turned rotten!?

Fairy Knight Tristan: I'm better in every single way! She can't compete with me in either strength or beauty!

Muryan: So you say. What do you think, our guest from another world?

Muryan: In your eyes, who has more merit, Tristan or Artoria?

Fujimaru 1: Artoria.

Fairy Knight Tristan: I'll kill you, you son of a bitch!

Fujimaru 2: Tristan.

Artoria: Shaddup! I think so too, but you don't have to say that, Fujimaru!

Artoria: This isn't about merit anymore. It's a battle of the soul!

Artoria: Girl–the only thing that comes out of your mouth is boonies this, hicks that, is that all you can say!?

Artoria: Maybe take a good look at your own upbringing first, stupid IDIOT!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Wh—What did you just say...!?

Muryan: Then, what of magecraft?

Muryan: Both of you are practitioners of magecraft, considered “useless” in Britain.

Muryan: Magecraft on its own has little value, however the fairies who practice it are few and far between.

Muryan: The “Child of the Queen” and the “Child of Prophecy. ”

Muryan: If both possess equal worth, why not determine superiority by use of magecraft?

Muryan: After all, for you two, that is what is truly valuable.

Muryan: Isn't your attitude towards magecraft the one thing you won't lie about?

Artoria & Fairy Knight Tristan:

Fairy Knight Tristan: Fine. So I just have to kill this little shit with magecraft?

Fairy Knight Tristan: All right, I'm in. You're just going to screw up anyway, aren't you?

Artoria: —Hmph.

Artoria: If you're the Queen's daughter, then I bet you've been living life cooped up in a grand castle, sheltered away from any slight discomfort!

Artoria: There's no way I'd ever lose to someone like that! Who cares if you're a Fairy Knight!

Artoria: Don't underestimate the guts of a country girl! I ate my vegetables every day for sixteen years!


Fairy Knight Tristan: That doesn't count, I need a do-over! I wasn't ready yet!

Fairy Knight Tristan: I can do magecraft as much as I want back at the castle! This isn't my true strength!

Artoria: Magecraft is built on steady preparation.

Artoria: Even if you don't have any magic items on hand, there are heaps of things in the venue here that can be used as substitutes.

Artoria: (Like this extremely flammable carpet, or that lamp I could turn into a bomb with magical energy. )

Artoria: And yet, now that you're out of tools, you're too clumsy to do anything about it.

Artoria: Now listen up, you got it?!

Artoria: You're a hundred years too young for magecraft, so go back to school and start from scratch!

Artoria: (Yesss, I did it–! )

Fairy Knight Tristan: You can't talk to me that way, you goddamn brat—!

Muryan: That's enough. The victor is decided. The one superior in magecraft is Lady Artoria.

Muryan: Therefore, the false Child of Prophecy will be purchased by her.

Muryan: That concludes tonight's auction. Everybody, please be safe on your return trip.

Muryan: It'd be best if you'd return as well, Lady Tristan.

Muryan: If I recall...aren't you in the middle of a period of house arrest in New Darlington?

Muryan: If rumors begin to circulate that you were in Gloucester tonight, would Her Majesty not be displeased with you?

Fairy Knight Tristan: Tch...! So you're taking the Child of Prophecy's side, are you, Muryan!?

Muryan: Not at all. I am merely showing deference to Her Majesty, who bestowed the position of Fairy Knight on you.

Muryan: The venue can always be cleaned, but upholding the Queen's dignity is most important.

Muryan: There are some fairies who grow tired of your selfishness, and may begin to lose their faith in the Queen.

Muryan: You know well how mercurial fairies can be, don't you?

Muryan: From my position, I'd rather Knocknarea not get any more supporters in the north.

Fairy Knight Tristan: —. —fine, I get it. I'm leaving.

Fairy Knight Tristan: See you soon in Camelot, Muryan?

Fairy Knight Tristan: As someone with the same taste in art, I'd love to show you my collection.

???: Ah—hahahaha~ ~!!!

???: I was so nervous...! I thought she would kill us all!

???: That's amazing. It really felt like she would, but then that girl really won against Lady Tristan!

???: We have the same build, and roughly the same amount of magical energy,

???: and yet she's got such an amazing air about her...just wow, so cool!

Fujimaru 1: Phew...guess we made it through somehow.

Artoria: legs are starting to shake...

Fujimaru 2: Do you hear something coming from backstage?

Artoria: Sorry, I'm trembling all over, and there's a ringing in my ears...

Artoria: But I couldn't just let it slide. She's a fairy dozens of times stronger than I am, and yet...

Artoria: She acts like that despite having the same name as Tristan, so I just got so angry...

Da Vinci: Yeah, I didn't expect we'd catch the attention of a second Fairy Knight so quickly.

Da Vinci: But Artoria won the magecraft showdown! Now that that's over with, the only problem left is—

Senji Muramasa: Oh, everything's fine and dandy now that the cage is gone. What kind of trick is that?

Da Vinci: And now Muramasa's out of the cage.

Da Vinci: Artoria, Oberon, I haven't explained this to you yet, but...

Da Vinci: He may be a Heroic Spirit from the “outside world”, but he's not exactly a friend of ours.

Da Vinci: He's an apostle of the Alien God. A Servant of a force hostile to pan-human history.

Artoria: Fujimaru's enemy, huh? But didn't you call him “old man” earlier?

Fujimaru 1: Well, he is an old man...

Fujimaru 2: It's a bit of a long story...

Senji Muramasa: Don't bother explaining. We've just had a bit of a connection up 'til now.

Senji Muramasa: We're not out to kill each other...but we ain't exactly friends either.

Senji Muramasa: To put it bluntly, we've got a troubled relationship. Wouldn't you say, Fujimaru?

Senji Muramasa: If you want to fight, I'll fight. If not, then that's that.

Senji Muramasa: I'll even make tea to pass the time. It's just the way things go when you bump into someone.

Senji Muramasa: More importantly, little girl. That staff, and that figure—


Senji Muramasa: That was quite the show you put on! You even got the last pose right!

Senji Muramasa: A true master of your craft! British magi sure are something!

Artoria: S—sure. Uh, thanks.

Artoria: (Fujimaru, Fujimaru...! )

Artoria: (What's with this man!? )

Artoria: (He looks so young, but he's an old man on the inside! He has a very bad air to him, but he isn't hostile at all! )

Da Vinci: Alright, hold it right there, Senji Muramasa. The fact remains that you're still a threat to us.

Da Vinci: And on top of that, I just have to know. How in the heck did you get here?

Senji Muramasa: ...Well, I'd rather not say.

Senji Muramasa: But, I guess I owe you now. All right, I'll make this brief.

Senji Muramasa: After you all left Olympus, I got orders from the Alien God.

Senji Muramasa: “Go to the British Lostbelt and deal with the Lostbelt King. ”

Senji Muramasa: It said that Britain's growth was “outside the plan”.

Senji Muramasa: That bastard Rasputin was occupied elsewhere, and we couldn't get in contact with Limbo.

Senji Muramasa: That being the case, I came here on my own, and broke into the castle at the center of the island.

Senji Muramasa: Took even the Fairy Knights by surprise. I could've easily made it all the way to the throne, but...

Senji Muramasa: Just as I was about to lop off the Queen's head, some crazy thing flew out of the sky.

Senji Muramasa: Next thing I knew, it blew me off the throne.

Senji Muramasa: We crossed swords a bunch of times in the air, but I got dropped down the pit without getting a good hit in.

Senji Muramasa: Took a little less than ten seconds to be dumped down there. How many times was my Spiritual Core hit in that timeframe?

Senji Muramasa: A normal Servant would have died, what, twelve times over?

Senji Muramasa: Too bad I'm a blasphemous creation tempered by the Alien God.

Senji Muramasa: As long as I narrowly escape death, I just have to keep opening my eyes.

Senji Muramasa: Took me about three days to get to the point I could move enough to crawl up and out of the hole.

Senji Muramasa: I'd run out of steam, so I stayed in a village as a master smith for about three days.

Senji Muramasa: Wasted three more days collapsed on the road after I wandered into that weird forest.

Senji Muramasa: And then I got captured by a bunch of rowdy fairies, which wasted three more days.

Senji Muramasa: I've spent the last five days stuck in this crazy town, forced to talk and show off my skills.

Senji Muramasa: And that's all there is to it. It's a pretty pitiful story, but nothing worth writing home about.

Artoria: Isn't the fact that you made it all the way to Morgan's throne amazing enough!?

Artoria: No warrior has ever made it that far in all the Queen's Calendar!

Senji Muramasa: ...Is that so?

Artoria: On top of that, you have experience as a blacksmith! The catalogue said you can make anything!

Senji Muramasa: ...I guess?

Artoria: But you're an evil I guess we have to kill you right now, just to be sure...!

Senji Muramasa: ...Hey now.

Oberon: Good Servants, evil Servants...What matters is what you've done up to the present.

Oberon: Servants are like mercenaries, you know. The important thing is who their current contract is with, and what they do from then on.

Senji Muramasa: ...who are you? From the looks of it, you're a Servant.

Oberon: I'm Oberon. A pan-human history Servant summoned to Britain one step ahead of you.

Oberon: Senji Muramasa, huh? From the looks of it, you're after Queen Morgan.

Oberon: Then it looks like we all want the same thing. How about that? Yesterday's enemy is today's ally, or so they say.

Oberon: Let's work together until Morgan's defeated. Don't you think it would be better to present a united front?

Senji Muramasa: ...I guess so. Not like I can expect any reinforcements here.

Senji Muramasa: Seems like your proposal is a bit of a godsend to me.

Da Vinci: ...hmm. What do you think Fujimaru?

Da Vinci: He may be an apostle, but he's a reasonable one.

Da Vinci: This Alter Ego Muramasa isn't the same one that saved our lives in Shimousa, but...

Da Vinci: His nature and disposition should be the same. Once he makes a promise, he won't work against it.

Fujimaru 1: ...I'm hopeful, but...what about you, Artoria?

Artoria: Eh? He's coming with us?

Artoria: Then in that case, welcome aboard! There's no such thing as an evil blacksmith!

Da Vinci: Uuh, leaving Artoria's mysterious opinions about smiths aside,

Da Vinci: are you sure about this, Muramasa? The Alien God is hostile towards us.

Da Vinci: Isn't this a betrayal? Are you gonna blow up out of nowhere?

Senji Muramasa: Of course not. What's going through your head?

Senji Muramasa: This ain't any kind of betrayal.

Senji Muramasa: I'm just a swordsmith contracted to work for the Alien God. There's no loyalty involved.

Senji Muramasa: If you want to talk about moral obligations, then that's firmly on the side of you guys.

Senji Muramasa: You saved me, so I'm returning the favor. The Child of Prophecy, huh? I keep hearing about you.

Senji Muramasa: I'll stick with you guys until the Queen is taken down. That doesn't conflict with my contract with the Alien God.

Fujimaru 1: Muramasa joined the party!

Auctioneer Fairy: Ahem. It appears you have much to discuss, so would you mind proceeding?

Auctioneer Fairy: Thank you very much for your patronage.

Auctioneer Fairy: In accordance with this, the manager would very much like to meet you all and receive your payment.

Auctioneer Fairy: Please, proceed to the lord's manor. The Lord of Gloucester, Lady Muryan, is waiting for you.


Muryan: Nice to meet you, Artoria! And everyone from pan-human history, as well!

Muryan: That was quite some battle you had! Thanks to you, the great fashion trend of tomorrow has been decided~☆

Muryan: It goes as follows,

Muryan: “Daily DIY necessities that can be quite convenient! Simple! Worth trying! Magical items that bring you good luck! ”

Muryan: Fufufu. This is going to be the most drab fashion trend Gloucester has ever seen!

Muryan: Ah. Did I say something strange?

Muryan: Hmph. Well, it's not impossible that you would be stricken with nerves when I, the charismatic producer of the Fairy Kingdom,

Muryan: would summon you, a bunch of no-name fairies and humans with no money and no power to speak of.

Muryan: So I thought I'd go out and meet you with an uppity attitude and gain some more popularity all at once...

Muryan: I guess you shouldn't do things outside of your comfort zone...still, first impressions are important, so...

Fujimaru 1: You're...Muryan?

Fujimaru 2: (...She reminds me of a certain devilish kouhai...BB...)

Muryan: Yep. No need for lengthy introductions, right? I'm Muryan. At your service.

Oberon: Sigh...finally, you're back to your normal self. I almost thought you were an impostor there for a second, Muryan.

Oberon: What was that all about? Are you gonna turn yourself into a Mors next?

Muryan: There's no need for such discourtesy, Oberon. I'm an eternally-perfect lady.

Muryan: That was nothing more than a freebie.

Muryan: I'd been looking forward to meeting someone from pan-human history, aside from Beryl Gut.

Muryan: These Fairy Eyes of mine may have declined, but I can still see some “color. ”

Muryan: Fujimaru, right? Just as I thought, a fine young [♂ man /♀ woman]!

Muryan: If every human from the outside world was like Beryl, I'd be killing them all in a fit of rage,

Muryan: so I'm glad there's a decent look about you. It gives me a little bit of hope.

Da Vinci: You're most kind. I'm still a little bit baffled by this hospitality, though.

Da Vinci: Despite knowing all about pan-human history, you're welcoming us with open that right?

Muryan: Don't get the wrong idea, pan-human history isn't my enemy!

Muryan: ...

Muryan: Excuse me, that was a mistake. I don't have any enmity towards pan-human history, rather.

Muryan: The one who I am on guard against is you, the organization called Chaldea.

Muryan: I heard that you have crossed many other worlds before now.

Muryan: I will need to determine your intentions in this Fairy Kingdom.

Muryan: ...well, I heard the gist of it from Muramasa, so my assessment is as good as done.

Da Vinci: Muramasa? Did you tell her about us?

Senji Muramasa: Now now, I never dreamed I'd end up working with you lot.

Senji Muramasa: I couldn't stand Muryan's interrogation, so I let slip a few things about Olympus.

Muryan: It wasn't an interrogation, more like tea party.

Muryan: Still...the Alien God...Fantasy Trees...Crypters and Alter Egos...

Muryan: I heard so many very, very interesting things, that I may have gone a little overboard with excitement.

Senji Muramasa: Just a little?

Senji Muramasa: From what I heard, the Wing Clan are the most gentle of the fairies. Was that complete bunk?

Oberon: Yeah, it's true that they were.

Oberon: The mild-mannered Wing Clan is no more. Because...

Muryan: Oberon.

Oberon: Whoops, my bad. I'll shut up now. Please continue, o korpokkur princess.

Muryan: It was Muramasa who was out of line. It was not your error, Oberon.

Muryan: ...Fujimaru. There is one thing I wish to confirm.

Muryan: You have no intention of turning against this Lostbelt, correct?

Muryan: Your business is only with Her Highness Morgan, who made the foolish decision to attack Olympus.

Muryan: Can you assure me, that Chaldea has no mind to turn on Britain itself?

Fujimaru 1: That's...

Fujimaru 2: I can't confirm that yet.

Muryan: ...I see. You won't say, but you remain prudent.

Muryan: Who is your enemy and what do they want? That is what you're still trying to figure out.

Muryan: You've yet to even meet Her Majesty. You can't give an answer so easily.

Muryan: Very well.

Muryan: Normally, I would capture you all and present you to Her Majesty, but...

Muryan: Just as you have reserved judgement, I shall do the same.

Muryan: As long as Chaldea does not attack Britain, I shall not raise a hand against you.

Muryan: Please enjoy your stay in Britain. And—

Muryan: Lady Artoria. Have you memorized the prophecy Ainsel left behind?

Artoria: Y-yes, a bit.

Artoria: “From now, I will tell you of a future. The future of the mystical island which became the land of fairies. ”

Artoria: “The innocent shall return. To the Queen's castle, bottomless as it is. ”

Artoria: “Yet we must only endure a short time more. The morning when two thousand years have passed, the child of salvation will appear. ”

Artoria: “They who unites fairies and humans, us and them. The child of salvation who will save the world. ”

Artoria: “A city of iron, a sea of soot. When the calamity has been repelled, the pilgrimage will be hailed. ”

Artoria: “Ring out, ring out; like thunderous fury, like fiery lamentation. Let the six bells toll in demonstration. Make way for the true king. ”

Artoria: I think that's how it went?

Muryan: cut out the majority, but that's the gist of it.

Muryan: Oberon. Is she really the Child of Prophecy?

Muryan: You can't even weaponize your best selling point, can you?

Oberon: Don't be like that. She covered the important parts.

Oberon: Even for you, only the last verse should matter. You're the guardian of the bell tower up here.

Artoria: I don't know if I would call this a bell tower.

Muryan: He's right. Of the six bells in the prophecy.

Muryan: One of them is up here. What about the one in Salisbury?

Muryan: Wait a minute. Did you not come here to ring Gloucester's bell?

Artoria: That's...uh, how do I put this...

Fujimaru 1: We're looking for someone here.

Fujimaru 2: Do you know a human girl named Mash?

Muryan: say?

Muryan: My apologies, but such a word has never been uttered in Gloucester.

Muryan: Could they be in another city?

Senji Muramasa: I see. The little girl isn't here, I thought something was amiss.

Senji Muramasa: What, did she get lost? And you came to Gloucester to look for her?

Da Vinci: Yeah, because they said they were auctioning off a “fairy with iron weapons”!

Da Vinci: But it was the wrong guy!

Oberon: Yeah, I'll take some of the blame for that one. I should have done a little more research.

Oberon: If I could have snuck into the auction room, I would have at least known if it was a man or a woman.

Muryan: Hehehe, that's impossible.

Muryan: My auctions are strictly confidential and absolutely secure. Nothing gets in, not even a single ant or a drop of blood.

Oberon: Seems that way. “Violence is not allowed in Gloucester. ”

Oberon: That's the faith you've been protecting for the last several hundred years, right Muryan? Or is it your purpose?

Oberon: But let's get back to the bells, Muryan.

Oberon: For someone who believes Artoria is the Child of Prophecy, aren't you being a little cold towards her?

Muryan: be honest, I'm despondent.

Muryan: Her Majesty is undoubtedly a magnificent sovereign. But she is far too ruthless.

Muryan: It's not just her existence tax. The treatment of humans. The persecution of non-clan fairies.

Muryan: How she's handling the Calamity. Her monopoly on the flotsam. Her awful law on the cessation of imitating human civilization.

Muryan: The declaration of Darlington's relocation and the subsequent construction of the National Theater of Slaughter in the last hundred years.

Muryan: She's always been merciless against those who oppose her, but appointing Tristan as her successor was simply going too far.

Muryan: ...Yes. For a time I'd hoped she would be a queen who would protect Britain from the Calamities, but...

Muryan: Now, she's nothing more than a witch who runs Britain as she sees fit.

Muryan: I...we have been waiting for you, Lady Artoria. However—

Muryan: As you are now, you do not inspire much confidence. I cannot imagine someone like you overthrowing the Queen.

Muryan: If the other clans were to take sides, I would consider it, but neither the Earth Clan nor the Wind Clan will make a move.

Oberon: So, you're not going to show us to Gloucester's bell?

Muryan: Not at present.

Muryan: I am the Lord of Gloucester. Until the end of time, I have reason to protect this city.

Muryan: Backing Lady Artoria at this juncture would only be seen as treason against the Queen.

Muryan: My Fairy Territory would easily be cancelled out and fall under Queen Morgan's power.

Muryan: So, that's why...

Muryan: Please, return to Gloucester after you have gotten stronger.

Muryan: It can be any kind of strength. Connections, magic, money...

Muryan: Whatever it takes to defeat Her Majesty.

Muryan: Don't forget, Artoria. You're the shining star of hope for the fairies.

Muryan: You're the chosen Child of Prophecy, the one to bring Britain out of its long twilight.

Fujimaru 1: ...the star of hope, for the fairies...

Fujimaru 2: ...get stronger, and come back...

Muryan: Yes. For that reason, please do everything in your power to help Lady Artoria, Fujimaru.

Muryan: You're good at dealing with the bad guys, right? I've heard you have quite a bit of experience...

Da Vinci: Muryan. I understand you are not our enemy.

Da Vinci: But where are you getting all this information? Even if Muramasa told you stories, we're still strangers to you.

Da Vinci: In terms of danger, we're probably about the same level of “nuisance” to you as Queen Morgan is.

Da Vinci: And despite that, you trust Chaldea...or rather, you trust Fujimaru.

Da Vinci: Something isn't adding up here. Is there something you're hiding?

Muryan: Ah, I see how it is—

Muryan: Of course. Just as well then, I'll introduce you.

Muryan: Another visitor from the “outside” who has told me stories of you and Chaldea.

Muryan: Please, come and join us, Lady F. Umm, your real name was—

???: Koyanskaya. Tamamovitch Koyanskaya, Princess.

Koyanskaya: Good day to you, Chaldea. I'm glad to see you are doing well.

Fujimaru 1: Koyanskaya—!

Fujimaru 2: Another new outfit!

Muryan: You musn't. Please calm down, Fujimaru.

Muryan: I told you, I won't tolerate violence in my Gloucester.

Muryan: And, she's an important client of mine. Actually, you could call her a business partner.

Muryan: She bears no enmity towards Britain, nor any desire to fight Chaldea.

Muryan: As a matter of fact, she isn't supposed to be in Britain at all right now.

Muryan: I've convinced her to stay here for my own selfish reasons.

Da Vinci: Hmm, what do you mean, “selfish”?

Muryan: As my personal bodyguard, of course!

Muryan: Her one fault is her tremendous thirst for money, but her fighting prowess more than makes up for that!

Muryan: And best of all, she can fight against the Mors! No longer do I have to bow down to the Fang Clan or the Fairy Knights!

Senji Muramasa: ...I see.

Senji Muramasa: I heard that once she transported Beryl out of Olympus, they lost contact...

Senji Muramasa: Are you scrounging for something here in Britain as well? What are you up to, Koyanskaya?

Senji Muramasa: You were aiming for Chaldea and the Alien God to wipe each other out, but you were found out by the Alien God.

Senji Muramasa: You've persevered up until this point, and now you're ready to show your true colours?

Koyanskaya: No no no, not at all. The Alien God and I have an equal partnership.

Koyanskaya: “Until such a time as we have achieved our goals, there will be no interference between us. ” That's the contract between me and that strange god.

Koyanskaya: My outset has been completely different from that of you three Alter-Egos from the very start.

Koyanskaya: Lords Muramasa, Rasputin, and Limbo are Servants summoned by the Alien God,

Koyanskaya: But I am a Servant who has manifested by my own power. Therefore, I'm free to do as I please.

Koyanskaya: This time, Lady Muryan's proposal was too attractive, so I'm staying here for now.

Koyanskaya: It was brash of you to make an unnecessary detour to Britain. Regardless,

Koyanskaya: I have no interest in the Queen's endeavours, the humans of this Fairy Kingdom, or in any of you.

Koyanskaya: I hope I make myself perfectly clear! ♡

Fujimaru 1: don't have any schemes planned, then?

Koyanskaya: My, of course not. You see—

Koyanskaya: I don't need to interfere with this world, because it's already a complete disaster.

Fujimaru 2: what on earth are you doing here, then?

Koyanskaya: Why, replenishing my stock, of course♡

Koyanskaya: I have obtained many a rare item unique to this fairyland.

Koyanskaya: Up to now the Lostbelts have been limited, crude, cluttered, science-fiction-y...

Koyanskaya: Honestly they've all been somewhat lacking, but this one is absolutely perfect! No complaints!

Koyanskaya: Strange, beautiful, and so wonderfully gruesome.

Koyanskaya: Such wonderful designs, despite being a threat to all of humanity.

Muryan: Koyanskaya. Please stop provoking confrontation when we are about to reach a settlement.

Muryan: You are beautiful in both body and soul, so why do you debase yourself?

Muryan: We're going to cooperate with them anyway, so can you not be cordial?

Koyanskaya: Oops, there goes my mouth again. If that is what the client desires, so be it.

Koyanskaya: That's how it is, [♂ Mr. /♀ Ms. ] Fujimaru, and da Vinci.

Koyanskaya: We've been through a lot, but here in Britain, we will be fellow members of pan-human history.

Koyanskaya: I think it's best to let bygones be bygones, and devote ourselves to our mutual goals.

Koyanskaya: At least, until you meet up with Mash. Isn't that right, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: ...

Da Vinci:'re right. The situation is what it is. We can't afford to deal with you on top of everything else.

Da Vinci: If you stay out of our way, we won't mess with you.

Senji Muramasa: I ought to slay her here and now. Well, can't shed any blood in front of Muryan.

Artoria: Um, ummm...I don't know this person very well, so...

Artoria: I don't know what to say...I-I'll leave it to you guys to decide!

Koyanskaya: A wise decision, ladies and gentlemen. I was in the mood for some casual sightseeing myself, as well.

Oberon: You disgust me.

Koyanskaya: —Oberon, was it? What was that?

Oberon: Shut it. Don't talk to me, your drivel rots my ears.

Oberon: As your friend, I must warn you, Muryan. This creature is utterly despicable.

Oberon: No matter the trust extended to this vixen, it will fall short. I suggest you cut ties with her while you still can.

Muryan: And we close in the worst possible fashion.

Muryan: You must have ruffled their feathers rather badly, Koyanskaya.

Koyanskaya: Yes, indeed.

Koyanskaya: Master Gordolf's mercenary forces were all but annihilated. Chaldea's main base was overrun, and all the staff's lives were...put on ice, shall we say?

Koyanskaya: No wonder [♂ he /♀ she] despises my guts enough to want me dead. It's not surprising...

Koyanskaya: Who's that Oberon Servant? He doesn't seem to be from the Fairy Kingdom, but...

Muryan: Oberon is a fairy who materialised in the Welsh forest about two months ago.

Muryan: Ah, “Servant”, they call him. A heroic spirit from the past of pan-human history.

Muryan: He's been visiting cities all across Britain, proclaiming himself to be the “Fairy King. ”

Muryan: He eventually ended up in Gloucester, and that's when we first met.

Muryan: first I was overjoyed to meet him, because he looked so much like one of my fellow clansmen, but...

Oberon: ...sorry. There's no obligation for me to tell you, but since not saying it would be dishonest, I'll just put it out there.

Oberon: I'm not part of the Wing Clan. I just look a bit like them. After all, your fellow members are already—

Oberon: Hmm, never mind that, you're the head of Gloucester, aren't you?

Oberon: I need an unsecured loan! The world is at stake here, you know!

Muryan: Well, as you could no doubt see, he's a jolly fellow. He's not a fairy king, maybe a clown king would be more fitting...

Muryan: He told me in advance that the “Child of Prophecy” would be paying a visit today.

Koyanskaya: Is that so...

Koyanskaya: (Call it keen intuition, but I have a feeling squashing that horrisonant fly ahead of time might save us a LOT of trouble...)

Muryan: Oh, right. It looks like I can get you some of that “past history” that you've been so eager to learn about.

Muryan: Over 2,000 years of history...and very few people can speak of the “Fairy Calendar” any more.

Muryan: I bought up the treasured collection of a former librarian who was exiled from Camelot.

Muryan: It'll be arriving shortly.

Muryan: But I'm surprised. I can't believe you want to know about our history...

Muryan: It's completely different from pan-human history, so how would it be of assistance to you?

Koyanskaya: That's exactly why.

Koyanskaya: My goal is to find a Magical Beast that doesn't exist in the history of mankind.

Koyanskaya: It doesn't matter what sort of creature it is. As long as it has “bodily hair”, it can be copied...

Koyanskaya: I'm able to take it in as information and make it a part of me.

Koyanskaya: Nonetheless, I can only take up to nine big ones. I came to Britain to secure my sixth tail...

Koyanskaya: But now, I'm much more interested in the origins of the Fairy Kingdom itself.

Koyanskaya: But, I must apologise, Lady Muryan...You've spent so much more than was necessary on my account...

Muryan: Don't worry. I too was a scholar, before I became lord of Gloucester.

Muryan: I used to disobey my father and stay in the library until late, immersing myself in the legend of Tonelico...

Muryan: A true bookworm, I was...until the Queen allowed such brutality to take place.

Koyanskaya: ...Then.

Koyanskaya: You're going to wait for the Child of Prophecy to grow strong, and rebel against the Queen, aren't you, Lady Muryan?

Muryan: ......No. Not at all!

Muryan: The hope of all fairies? The saviour of Britain?

Muryan: The Child of Prophecy who will end the tyrannical rule of Her Majesty Morgan...

Muryan: I wasn't expecting it to ever happen...but there was never a time when I wasn't thinking about it.

Muryan: And the fact it was such a lowly fairy was quite a surprise!

Muryan: Her magical energy is average, her beauty is average. Her size is average. She doesn't even have her own Fairy Territory!

Muryan: Who is going to be saved by a fairy like that? The only thing you should trust in is your own power, after all.

Muryan: Senji Muramasa. It's a shame you didn't become mine after spending so much time here, but...

Muryan: With your help, there wouldn't be any need for a “Child of Prophecy”.

Muryan: I can make good use of both Chaldea, and the “Child of Prophecy”.

Muryan: If that filthy human Master defeats just one Fairy Knight, it's all over.

Muryan: If one of the Fairy Knights falls, there'll be no stopping Knocknarea in the north.

Muryan: Her Majesty Morgan, and Knocknarea. The Child of Prophecy, and Fujimaru.

Muryan: To the brave who survive, I hereby invite you to my “gameboard”—


Da Vinci: Aww. We finally had the chance to talk to a clan head, then Oberon screwed it all up.

Fujimaru 1: Telling us to "please go home" in the worst possible manner...

Fujimaru 2: "Ochazuke is delicious, hooray! "

Oberon: That was my fault, I'll own it. I was immature.

Oberon: But I'm not apologizing. I said what I had to say.

Senji Muramasa: Mm. I like you, Oberon.

Senji Muramasa: It takes a lot of courage to say something like that in front of that vixen.

Senji Muramasa: Or maybe it was all an act? Either way, you're a top-class orator.

Senji Muramasa: You must come from a pretty good-natured legend. Tell me about it sometime.

Artoria: ...but is this really alright? Putting aside the Child of Prophecy...

Artoria: Muryan seemed like she wanted to cooperate with Chaldea...with Fujimaru...

Da Vinci: Oh, don't worry about that.

Da Vinci: Muryan was in no mood to help us in any case.

Artoria: Is that so?

Fujimaru 1: Why?

Da Vinci: Muryan wanted military strength that was not of the Queen or Child of Prophecy, but only of Gloucester.

Da Vinci: I guess she had her eye on Chaldea at first. But now, she's gotten her hands on—

Fujimaru 2: I see, because Koyanskaya's already here...

Oberon: Yeah. Muryan's got her hands on a trump card that she can use at her leisure.

Oberon: That's why she doesn't have to ally with us anymore, and she doesn't need to waste time endorsing the Child of Prophecy.

Artoria: I-I see...there's no use for me here either—

Low-Class Gloucester Fairies: Ah, there you are! Hey, wait up–!

Low-Class Gloucester Fairies: Child of Prophecy! Everyone, you're friends with the Child of Prophecy, right!?

Low-Class Gloucester Fairy: Where did she go? Did she leave already? Maybe already to the next city?

Low-Class Gloucester Fairy: Well of course! If she stays in one place too long, Woodwose's soldiers will track her down!

Low-Class Gloucester Fairy: Aah, I just wanted a single glance...but it can't be helped. It's the Child of Prophecy after all!

Artoria: A-ah, everybody, um—

Low-Class Gloucester Fairies: But it's all right, you guys can take it. Here, it's not much, but I want you to have this.

Low-Class Gloucester Fairies: One day the Child of Prophecy will appear. I've been saving up, believing in that.

Low-Class Gloucester Fairies: It's nothing but a bunch of cheap stuff like small change, secondhand clothes, stones, and tree roots, but...

Low-Class Gloucester Fairies: It's all we can do right now. I think it'll definitely be useful for something.

Low-Class Gloucester Fairies: So please, take it. I'm begging you.


Artoria: Yes. I'll gladly keep it safe. The Child of Prophecy will definitely be overjoyed to hear that.

Low-Class Gloucester Fairies: I see...yeah, of course! Everyone, be sure to keep the Child safe!


Oberon: Wow. That's a mountain of gifts. Can you carry it in your arms, da Vinci?

Da Vinci: Of course. Getting them out of the city will be no problem. I'll hold on to them until we get to the carriage.

Da Vinci: This is great, Artoria. They didn't recognize you as the real thing, but...

Da Vinci: Even here in Gloucester, the Child of Prophecy has become everybody's hope.

Artoria: Yes. With this we won't have to worry about components for magecraft or food for Fujimaru!

Senji Muramasa: ...

Oberon: All right then. After going through so much trouble to get here, I'd at least like to spend the night in Gloucester, but...

Oberon: If even the common folk know about that dustup in the auction house,

Oberon: the Queen's men will already know we're here. We shouldn't linger.

Artoria: T-that's true. But Mash's trail...

Oberon: ...if Muryan hasn't heard anything, then there's nothing to be learned in Gloucester.

Oberon: With no sightings in either Salisbury or Gloucester, we're out of luck.

Oberon: We're still being hunted for that one incident at the farm. It's likely we'll be caught by the Queen's soldiers if we move recklessly.

Oberon: I think we should temporarily call off the search on foot at this point, but what do you think?

Fujimaru 1: ...sorry. Would it be suicide to head to another city?

Oberon: Yeah. It's dangerous to go back to Salisbury at this point.

Oberon: Therefore, how about we continue our search for Mash via other means?

Oberon: I'll have you guys go into hiding, and in the meantime I'll send spies out to gather information on Mash.

Oberon: I said “the search on foot,” didn't I?

Oberon: In three days we'll have all of Britain's latest news. We can go back to what we've been doing after that.

Fujimaru 1: Thank you, Oberon...!

Oberon: No, it's nothing worth thanking me for. The truth is, it's just a half-hearted plan of action.

Fujimaru 2: But where are we going to hide...?

Oberon: Of course, I've already thought of that. I came up with this plan because the geographic conditions are good, you could say.

Artoria: So we'll be camping outdoors for a bit. Let's look for a place where we won't be seen.

Artoria: Hehehe, leave the tent to me! I know all sorts of Bounded Fields for warding off evil spirits!

Oberon: Really? That's reassuring, but we won't need them this time.

Artoria: Huh?

Oberon: Ah, I see...sorry to take away your moment in the spotlight, Artoria.

Oberon: But I want to go somewhere I can trust for now, so be patient.

Oberon: With that said—we finally get to use my secret base!

Oberon: You see that forest over the hills to the west? That's the forest of Wales.

Oberon: It's a place of relaxation for “withering things,” fairies and humans that have been abandoned.

Oberon: It's the domain of the Fairy King, good ol' me.

Section 5: Fragment / 3 - Sheffield (I)

Wag: Look Annis, you can see it! That's the cornerstone of the north, the city of Sheffield!

Annis: It's a very imposing citadel! Is that castle on a hill!?

Rob: Yeah, and the only places with walls like that are Camelot and here.

Rob: Did you know? The castle walls of the Fairy Kingdom are special.

Rob: Wall-building fae spent a long time building them, and they act as Bounded Fields.

Rob: Essentially, you can only enter or exit through the “gate”.

Rob: If the gate is open, you can easily pass through. If the gate is closed, it prohibits passage.

Rob: It's a magical wall built with those “rules”.

Rob: With exceptions of water circulation and windows, as long as the gates are guarded, they are well protected.

Rob: I heard that Boggart oversaw the construction of everything, including the castle.

Annis: Boggart? Is he the Lord of Sheffield?

Rob: You got it! Boggart, the embodiment of big talk, Boggart the loveless!

Rob: A thug who not only lost the battle for the head of the Fangs, but also got himself kicked out of Norwich!

Annis: He competed for the position of head of the Fang Clan...he must be a very imposing person.

Annis: I kind of get why you call him a big talker, but...what do you mean by “loveless? ”

Winky: He means that literally, Annis. Boggart's arranged himself marriages with human women.

Winky: Every fairy he's had as a wife up until now has hated him.

Winky: Battles of manners with Woodwose. Money games with Spriggan.

Winky: His wives betrayed him at the last second in both of those, so he cast them out.

Winky: Ever since then, Boggart has had a human mistress by his side.

Winky: He thinks that if they're slaves, they won't betray him. That's why he's called “Boggart the loveless. ”

Winky: Well, if you ask me, he just doesn't believe in love anymore.

Annis: That's...he must be so miserable.

Annis: But, he still built such an amazing fortress. He seems like such an honorable man!

Rob: You really get into buildings, or rather, castle walls, Annis. I wonder if you were somehow involved with castles after all...

Rob: You remember anything about that? It would be great if you could at least remember where you were born.

Annis: No, everything from before you saved me is still...just, how do I put this...

Annis: I get the feeling...I came here with a very important purpose...

Wag: Of course you did! You are the “Child of Prophecy! ”

Wag: A Fairy Knight here to protect us! The savior of Britain!

Annis: ...Yes. I'd be glad if that was the case.

Annis: I've seen many different places in Britain up to now.

Annis: I've been here less than ten days...but I think it's a very, very beautiful country.

Annis: If I really do hold the power to protect this country, I couldn't be any happier.

Winky: ...Hey Wag, Rob, we're almost at the checkpoint.

Winky: It's now or never. Call an intermediary and let's get this over with.

Rob: R-right. This isn't a good time to be in Sheffield.

Rob: But, what the hell? We've come this far, so what's the harm in sticking together a little while longer?

Wag: Hm? We're introducing Annis to Boggart, aren't we? Then we have to head to the castle.

Winky: ...Haa, all right, whatever you want.

Winky: This is too heavy a load for stingy peddlers and wannabe bandits.

Annis: ...?

White Wolf: ...

Narration: And so, the wagon reached Sheffield.

Narration: It was about the same time as when Fujimaru was still asleep in the Nameless Forest.

Narration: About the same time as when da Vinci had reached Salisbury, and first met Mike at the tavern.

Narration: In the turbulent city of Sheffield, where the flag of rebellion was raised against Queen Morgan,

Narration: the “other Child of Prophecy” entered the stage.

Note! Scene Change

Boggart: The Child of Prophecy? That little girl?

Rob & Wag: Y-yes! There's no mistaking it, Master Boggart!

Rob & Wag: Iron shield and armor, and a dangerous-looking iron cylinder! And on top of that, she's got monstrous strength, strong enough to crush rocks!

Rob & Wag: Please forgive the lack of information about her hometown, for that is a maiden's secret!

Rob & Wag: This is Annis, the Child of Prophecy, destined to save Britain!

Rob & Wag: Please, give her the highest appraisal and treatment she deserves!

Boggart: —Idiots. This girl is no fairy.

Boggart: Don't think you can fool my nose. She's a human.

Rob & Wag: —Huh? Annis is a human...? Don't mess with us like that!

Rob & Wag: Her body and magical energy are on par with a fairy's! To begin with, there's no way a human could possess that kind of strength!

Boggart: Humans can be mighty warriors too, although it is rare.

Boggart: This girl...she does indeed have the scent of a fairy, but she also smells very slightly of a human.

Boggart: Coming here, to sell me such a product. You've underestimated me.

Boggart: In my Sheffield, liars are criminals and fraud is a capital offense.

Boggart: Guards. Seize them. Imprison the girl. Hang the merchants.

Human Guard: Sir!

Rob & Wag: Aaaaaah! S-save us, Annis!

The Human Guards: Uaaaaah—!?

Annis: I'm sorry, but please stand back! What's more, Rob and the others are not liars!

Annis: I don't have my memories, so I don't know if I'm really the Child of Prophecy myself, but—

Annis: If the two of them believe in me, then I'm the “Child of Prophecy” for them both!

Annis: If you think they're bad, then please treat me the same way!

Rob & Wag: Annis—

Human Guard: Tch, this girl is absurd...! Call in the Fang soldiers!

Human Guard: We can't handle her on our own. Protect Lord Boggart!

Boggart: —Wait. Don't waste your energy. She's not hostile.

Boggart: ...So it wasn't a trick after all. Very well, I'll hear you out.

Boggart: Give the merchants their payment. What is your name, brave girl?

Annis: Ah, yes...they gave me the wonderful name of Annis.

Boggart: ...Good grief. You don't eat children, do you?

Boggart: Forget the name “Annis”. Hey, are there any guards that can still move?

Human Guard: Y-yes. I can somewhat...everyone else is still numb from that impact...

Boggart: Take her to Habetrot's atelier. As soon as the preparations are made, show her to the princess' chambers.

Boggart: While I am not impressed with her slender build, the way she demonstrated her strength was to my liking. I have yet to savor the sight of such a woman.

Boggart: Rejoice, young lady. For you will be my partner this evening.

Boggart: Bathe yourself and wait for nightfall, my 62nd “bride”.

Rob & Wag: Briiiiide!? Annis is getting married!?

Annis: Huh?

Note! Scene Change

Narration: And so she arrived.

Narration: To the fairy destined to protect her until the very end. At the atelier of the jolly and ever-popular Habetrot.

Human Guard: Habenyan.'ve got a new job, Habenyan...

Human Guard: I know you've got a mountain of stuff to do already, but please hear me out without losing your temper, Habenyan...

Habetrot: Quit talking to me like I'm your cat–! I told you to stop bringing me more work–!

Habetrot: I came here because you said I would be sewing dresses, but every day it's nothing but armor, spears, and bags!

Habetrot: Who do you think I am!? I'm the finest dressmaker in Britain, the great Habetrot!

Annis: —S-sorry.

Annis: Boggart told me to get changed in here, so...


Habetrot: ...did it......did it...

Human Guard: Habenyan? Have you finally broken down? Well, you've always been a little bit funny in the head, but...

Habetrot: I did it, I finally got a decent job–! Oh, but this was worth the wait–!

Habetrot: No problem. She needs a dress, right? I'll get it done in a jiffy!

Habetrot: You're adorable, after all! It's decided, I'll make you my bride too!

Annis: addition to being Boggart's bride, will I now also be this fairy's bride?

Human Guard: Oh, pay no attention to her. She's just that kind of fairy.

Human Guard: A while back we put out a call for “fairies who can make wedding dresses”, and she just showed up suddenly.

Human Guard: She's good at what she does, but the way she acts is a little strange...Old-fashioned, or maybe it's better to say she goes at her own pace...

Human Guard: I don't even know whether she understands that we're rebelling against Morgan or not.

Human Guard: But her skills are the real deal. According to her, she's “a bride's best friend. ”

Habetrot: That's right. I'm the yarn spinner, Habetrot. A professional seamstress.

Habetrot: I'm a fairy who secretly helps brides who're all in a tissy before they get married.

Habetrot: Well, that's beside the point—

Habetrot: I've been ready to go for a long time. Let's get your measurements done right away.

Habetrot: Guard, out, out! Leave me alone with her!

Habetrot: And tell Boggart he has to wait a day! He thinks everything can be done in a rush!

Human Guard: S-sure. You want me to bring you some milk later?

Habetrot: As reward for my work, of course! Heat some up and bring it back!

Habetrot: Hello, young lady. It's all right, there's no need to be scared.

Habetrot: All these sudden developments, and you don't know what to make of it all, is that right?

Habetrot: But I'm your new best friend. After all, I'm the sworn ally of all future brides, Habetrot!

Habetrot: Enough of that iron armor. Let me prepare a special dress for you.

Annis: H-hello, nice to meet you, Habenyan. I'm, I mean...

Annis: Boggart told me not to use that name.

Annis: Annis...could it be an important name to Boggart?

Habetrot: Oh, Annis. That's definitely not good.

Habetrot: A long time ago, there was a scary fairy called Black Annis. She kidnapped children and ate them.

Habetrot: You're nothing like her. Let's see...excuse me for a second.

Habetrot: Ah, I thought so. I'll call you Mash. Is that alright?

A:Mash: Yes. It's hard to throw away the name Annis, but I'm not uncomfortable with the sound of that one either.

A:Mash: But why Mash, exactly?

Habetrot: It's written on your shield, see? Look, on the back. It says “Mash” in chalk.

A:Mash: Ah! Oh, it does! So big too, I hadn't even noticed it!

Habetrot: You've got a few screws loose for someone who writes their name on all their belongings!

Narration: Thus, she rediscovered her true name. But, it was still a mere formality.

Narration: There would be some time yet until she was truly “Mash” once again.

Habetrot: All right, done with the measurements, let's get to wor~k! Oh, do you have a favorite color?

Habetrot: Your armor was black, but I think you'd look great in white!

Narration: Habetrot was in a good mood as she skillfully cut the fabric with scissors.

Narration: —And so, the next day.

Narration: Habetrot's greatest, most joyous occasion came to an end.

Habetrot: All right, I've finished with the adjustments. You can open your eyes, Mash. Take a look at yourself in the mirror.


Mash: Oh my goodness...! Such a wonderful dress, Habenyan!

Mash: It's easy to move around in, warm, and best of all, it's very soft on the skin.

Mash: It's like I'm covered in stars...

Mash: I'm such a lucky bride, for you to have done this for me so soon after I arrived!

Habetrot: Yeah. Good morning, Mash.

Habetrot: It's a relief. I'm so glad you like it.

Narration: And now, the true story begins.

Narration: No longer the Knight of the Shield, but a princess envied by all.

Narration: A time of peace, unlike any other in the Fairy Kingdom. The truly shining days had begun.

Narration: For you see, it would only be a short while before the fortress of Sheffield would crumble in flames.


Narration: In the early morning, the castle town was bustling, as if celebrating a festival.

Narration: Rumors of the princess spread like wildfire. A knight adorned in iron armor, who could hold their own against Mors and Black Dog alike,

Narration: a princess stronger than Boggart himself—more on that later.

Fairy Soldiers: Did you hear about the new princess!? The one who blew away Lord Boggart!

Fairy Soldiers: Lord Boggart can withstand a blow to the face from Gawain, so that's a considerable feat!

Townspeople: The merchants who brought her here say she's the Child of Prophecy.

Townspeople: If she's the real deal...maybe, just maybe, we can return to Norwich!

Human Soldiers: Yeah, I caught a glimpse of her at the castle yesterday. That is the real Child of Prophecy.

Human Soldiers: The very air around her is different! She's no ordinary fairy!

Human Soldiers: Best of all was the lovely smile on her face when she looked my way! She's a match even for Lancelot!

Rob: Heh, you hear that Wag, Winky?

Rob: The whole town is talking about Annis...I mean, Mash!

Rob: That Boggart guy paid us a lot of money for her! Now we'll have nothing to worry about this winter!

Wag: But we haven't been able to see Mash since...never thought she'd be living in the castle...

Wag: I thought she'd stay with us forever...

Rob: D-dumbass, have a little patience! Boggart will be bored of her soon enough.

Rob: Then we'll just pick up Mash, and head to Edinburgh next!

Rob: Knocknarea in the North will pay an even higher price for the Child of Prophecy!

Winky: Hey now. Aside from how much of an idiot Wag is, what are you thinking about, Rob?

Winky: Mash is just a commodity. Once she's sold, that's it. She has nothing to do with us anymore.

Winky: It's about time we departed Sheffield. If we stay too long, we'll never be able to leave.

Wag: What are you saying, Winky? We can't just run away. We've got money, so why don't we just stay here until the spring?

Rob: Right, Mash protected us! She protected outcasts like me and Wag!

Rob: We're staying here until we can return that favor. If you want to leave, you're on your own, Winky.

Rob: Unlike us, you've got a good head about you, and you're from this Kingdom to begin with.

Rob: You're not like us outcasts who drifted here. You could make it anywhere!

Winky: ...that's a bit of a stretch.

Winky: The cleverer you are, the more cynical you'll end up, and the less you can overturn your beliefs.

Boggart: For the record, I don't recognize you as the Child of Prophecy.

Boggart: I let the townspeople say what they like because it is a convenience for them.

Boggart: Do you understand? Don't think you have any right to speak of this.

Boggart: Strength alone is not enough to stand against Morgan. The dignity and grace of a king are required.

Boggart: You need not be anything more than a decoration. To stand by my side and represent the image of a good princess.

Mash: I understand, Lord Boggart. The dignity expected of the Princess of Sheffield, you mean?

Mash: By the way, did you get enough rest last night? I'm so very sorry for my rudeness...

Boggart: I'm not even scratched. You don't need to worry.

Boggart: Guards. I will be going to the barracks now. I have to see to the condition of the soldiers.

Boggart: Keep an eye on the princess. And make sure she doesn't leave the castle.

Fairy Guardsman: Sir! Leave it to us, Lord Boggart!

Narration: Boggart may have been a cold-hearted fairy, but was an ideal fit to be Lord of Sheffield.

Narration: For the coming confrontation with the Queen's army, he gathered mercenaries, trained his soldiers, and fortified the walls of his castle.

Narration: For the sake of not wanting to lose more than he already had, he strengthened his army.

Narration: Despite his underlying fear, Boggart made for a good king at this time.

Mash: — (※Mm, acting dignified. )

Mash: — (※Mmmm, puffing up her chest in a dignified manner. )

Mash: — (※ Realizes that's probably not what she should be doing. )

Fairy Guardsman: Uh, Lady Mash.

Mash: Y-Yes! I'm the princess, what about it!?

Fairy Guardsman: Yes, I know.

Fairy Guardsman: Uh, Lady Mash is Lord Boggart's wife. So does that mean you'll be the ruling Lady of Sheffield?

Fairy Guardsman: If that's the case...Um, for the sake of the people, I have a favor to ask...

Mash: ...?

Fairy Guardsman: Lately, there have been a lot of Mors sightings west of Sheffield!

Fairy Guardsman: According to the merchants, Lady Mash can touch the Mors and not get corrupted!

Fairy Guardsman: We of the Fang Clan are relatively more resistant to the Mors' toxin than the others, but...

Fairy Guardsman: It's still...really painful, so...please, lend us your strength!

Mash: So that's why you've brought me outside! Of course, leave everything to me!

Mash: I'll do my best, as the one who accidentally destroyed the castle walls last night! Mmph!

Habetrot: Mmph! So cuuuuuute! But that's wroooooong!

Habetrot: What are you doing with Mash, you well-mannered guaaaard!?

Habetrot: At what point did the Kingdom become so dangerous that we need princesses to fight for us!?

Habetrot: Should I tell Boggart!?

Fairy Guardsman: But protection of one's land is the duty of a lord (and his wife)...and besides, Queen Morgan (the princess) is a villain to begin with...

Habetrot: Did you just call my bride evil, you bastaaaaard! Take a good look at how pretty she is!

Habetrot: She couldn't hurt a butterfly, or even trample a flower! She's the happiest bride on the face of the Earth—

Habetrot: Why are you wearing armor!? You didn't rip my dress, did you!?

H:Mash: It's no problem! I put it on over the dress, and it fits perfectly!

Habetrot: You'll wrinkle it doing that...and I'll have to finish up a new one later...

Habetrot: But, this comes first!

Habetrot: I won't let Mash fight all by herself! I'll fight by your side!

H:Mash: can't, Habenyan! If you touch the Mors, you'll...!

Habetrot: Stuff like extermination of Mors only requires a little creative thinking. Fairies these days have just gotten lazy.

Habetrot: More importantly! My name is Habetrot! Mash, even you are forbidden from calling me Habenyan!

H:Mash: Eh, no way...! Why not!?! —


Habetrot: Hah...hah...

Habetrot: I knew that fighting would be tough, but all that hard work is no fun at all...

H:Mash: Habetrot, you're amazing!

H:Mash: I've never seen a fairy with such sharp movements before!

Habetrot: R-really? That was a craftsman's once-a-day finishing touch dive.

Habetrot: Working on wedding dresses from dusk 'till dawn. Speed Star Habenyan, they call me.

Fairy Guardsman: Y-yeah...I was surprised as well. Lord Boggart's judgement is superb.

Fairy Guardsman: That thread-spinning contraption, could it be a creation from the Wing Clan?

Fairy Guardsman: But, the Wing Clan left Muryan behind 1,200 years ago...

Habetrot: Muryan? By Muryan, you mean Game Master Muryan?

Habetrot: Huh, so she's still alive, then. Or maybe her “daughter” has taken over.

Habetrot: Well, doesn't matter. What's important is that we beat the Mors.

Habetrot: We'll be thanked for this, right? You should treat us to a nice lunch.

Habetrot: It might be against the rules to enjoy a meal in front of Boggart, but in town, there's no need to worry.

Fairy Guardsman: Yeah, of course! And since we can introduce Lady Mash to everyone, we'll be killing two birds with one stone!

H:Mash: Is this really alright?

H:Mash: Lord Boggart told me to make sure to keep a low profile, so...

Habetrot: It's fine, it's fine! Besides, he won't be back until this evening!

Habetrot: You've had it rough up until now, haven't you? You should enjoy yourself as much as you can.

Habetrot: The fairies of Sheffield love human culture, so there's no bias against humans here.

Habetrot: If we go to the tavern, we can have a big party with you as its focus. Everyone will be happy, Mash will be happy, and I'll be happy!

Fairy Guardsman: That's right. Lord Boggart's forbidden the treatment of humans as slaves here from the get-go.

Fairy Guardsman: We're all fellow outcasts, after all. Everybody's on equal footing here.

Fairy Guardsman: No, if anything, the humans saved us...

Fairy Guardsman: Personally, I also have a human woman I'd like to propose to...

Habetrot: Ah, that's right. Sheffield is a free town.

Habetrot: I was sure it was just Boggart trying to act cool. Queen Morgan's opposite, or something like that.

H:Mash: ...Um, by fellow outcasts...?

Fairy Guardsman: Oh, did you not know? Until a hundred years ago, this city was abandoned.

Fairy Guardsman: Then Boggart and the rest of us rebuilt it, into the Sheffield you see today.

Fairy Guardsman: We were originally citizens of Norwich, but were banished by Lord Spriggan,

Fairy Guardsman: and had nowhere else to go, so we drifted here. That's why—

Fairy Guardsman: ...That's why we can't overlook what's going on in Norwich.

Fairy Guardsman: The Queen has taken no measures against the Calamity Pool that sprung forth above the city.

Fairy Guardsman: We may have been exiled, but Norwich is our home.

Fairy Guardsman: In an effort to save it, Lord Boggart is flying the flag of rebellion against the Queen.

Narration: In the moments just before the curtain of night fell. In your world, it would be the hour of dusk.

Narration: She stood alone atop the castle walls, looking out over the Fairy Kingdom.

Narration: The twilit sky stretched out without end, over the image of Britain, ever beautiful, yet ever sorrowful.


Boggart: What are you doing? Did you forget the way back to the castle?

Mash: Boggart. The view is quite beautiful here.

Boggart: Address me as Lord when you speak to me. Don't forget to show me proper respect.

Boggart: It's only natural we should have a good view. This place is meant for keeping an eye out for invaders of our territory.

Boggart: However, what you and I see as “good” is entirely different.

Boggart: This was once a battlefield. Only recently have the bloodstains begun to fade.

Mash: ...I'm sorry. I did not know about the circumstances of this town, it was selfish of me.

Boggart: ...

Boggart: you.

Mash: Yes? What was that, Lord Boggart?


Boggart: ...nothing. This scenery, it looks good to you?

Boggart: These desolate hills as far as the eye can see. These hills, not of the world of man, ruled by us fairies.

Mash: Yes. To me, they appear irreplaceable.

Mash: When I look at them, I get a feeling of profound loneliness, but also of affection.

Mash: Rob, Wag, Winky...

Mash: All the people who have ended up here, everyone in Sheffield...

Mash: I understand everyone is suffering. I don't quite understand why that is, but...

Mash: Everybody desires “to live here”. They want to live in this city, no matter how difficult.

Mash: I don't think a Britain that wishes for no more than that can be ugly.


Boggart: ...What a foolish opinion. This is why humans are so troublesome.

Boggart: Return to the castle. You can be seen from the barracks here. Your being here is a distraction to the soldiers.

Boggart: I'll be late tonight. Have Habetrot keep an eye on you.

Mash: Yes. Thank you for your concern, Lord Boggart.

Mash: ...and that's what he said. Lord Boggart is a fine lord, isn't he?

Habetrot: You're just being deceived, Mash! There's nothing decent about a man who makes his wife call him by his title!

Mash: I-is that so? I thought that was because of his position as a lord.

Mash: Since when I called him that, he had a very pained look in his eyes...

Habetrot: What the hell, that's even worse! Old lion-face is actually a devoted husband!

Habetrot: Don't mess with my bride, even if your marriage is only for appearances' sake!

Mash: For mean, this is a fake marriage...?

Mash: A-am I actually a deceitful vixen who's using her womanly charm to seduce the gentle Lord Boggart...

Mash: Am I actually an unmatched seductress in addition to the Child of Prophecy!?

Habetrot: Hahahahahahahaha, well, maybe you are!

Habetrot: This is too much for Boggart to handle! He's the kind of guy who needs to be hated!

Habetrot: You're his natural enemy! Your predecessors must have really screwed up, Boggart!

Mash: Huh? What do you mean “needs to be hated? ”

Habetrot: I'm talking about the underlying desires and special traits of fairies.

Habetrot: “I want to be loved,” “I want to be hated,” “I want to be protected,” “I want to be hurt. ”

Habetrot: Human emotions change over time, but the desires of fairies have a fixed direction.

Habetrot: Boggart's trying to suppress his violent impulses through reasoning.

Habetrot: He wants someone to hate, and he can't display his true quality without that.

Habetrot: Well, as long as Mash is Mash, Boggart can't be too rough.

Mash: As long as I am who I am...

Mash: can I do that?

Mash: I have no memories. I didn't even know my own name.

Mash: Until I came here, no, until Rob and the others called me the Child of Prophecy...

Mash: I didn't know what to do or what I should be doing.

Mash: No, from the very start—

Mash: Did I even have a “self”, before I lost my memories?

Habetrot: ...What do you mean?

Mash: ...There is one thing I've come to learn from losing my memories.

Mash: There's a void in my heart, like a big hole.

Mash: All fairies have a purpose. You could say it's the “gain they desire”.

Mash: Helping someone for money. Hurting someone for money.

Mash: But I don't have that—

Mash: It always becomes apparent after I help others.

Mash: I ask myself, “What do I want, now that I've come to help? ”

Mash: It's such an empty feeling.

Mash: ...And as someone with a heart, that wasn't something that could be endured forever.

Mash: Before I lost my memories, I was probably not even aware of this emptiness.

Mash: But now I understand. Because I can't remember anything else, I can't fool myself anymore.

Mash: There was some part of me missing.

Mash: No, there's a gap waiting to be filled by something, but I stubbornly refused to let it be filled.

Mash: And...I really feel like there's nothing I can do about it.

Narration: Habetrot blinked at the unexpected confession.

Narration: Losing her memories wasn't all bad. She had become aware of an even grander problem.

Habetrot: Right. Not many people understand what kind of personality they have, or what they really want.

Habetrot: They say that you finally understand right before you die, but unfortunately, we're still alive.

Habetrot: What you need is the urge to live in the “present. ” A purpose you can be proud of, to become someone you can love.

Habetrot: You said there's a gap, huh?

Habetrot: It's not just the contemplation of what you should do as a person. It's the desire to act as yourself, what they call an ego.

Habetrot: You don't notice it until you're being supported by someone, but—

Habetrot: Finding that is a journey for you and you alone, Mash.

Narration: It might seem like a big deal to leave off right in the midst of it, but do not fret.

Narration: She won't get her hands on the answer until much, much later.

Narration: For now, a few small words of encouragement will suffice,

Narration: so that one day, the wheel of time may spin a story just for you.


Narration: Oops, I forgot an important scene. How about we go back in time for a bit?

Mash: I've been waiting for you, milord. Thank you for your hard work as lord of the city.

Boggart: Hm. The image of a wife showing devotion to her husband, is it?

Boggart: How shrewd. I see through your shallow wisdom, young lady.

Boggart: Your fate is decided if you act obediently.

Boggart: My objective is the throne. I will kill Morgan, even if I have to defeat the clans.

Boggart: Everything is no more than a tool to achieve that. You are no different, “Child of Prophecy”.

Boggart: I'm used to embracing humans. Let's scatter some flowers here.

Boggart: Resist if you so desire. However, don't expect to be treated gently, alright?

Narration: In the room for honored guests at Sheffield Castle, the room reserved for Mash,

Narration: the Child of Prophecy was told to don her wedding gown and await Boggart's visit that evening.

Narration: To put it simply, she was the 62nd bride, and this was her wedding night.

Boggart: Gwaaaaaaaagh—!?

Boggart: Yeeaaaaaaargh!?

Garden Guard: What's going on, is it a siege!? —Lord B-Boggart!?

Garden Guard: What on earth!? Aah, the wall near the throne is collapsing!

Garden Guard: Everyone, to arms! Lord Boggart's been assassinated!

Boggart: Stop that nonsense, I'm still alive! Don't call the guards! I merely slipped!

Garden Guard: Ah! M-my apologies!

Garden Guard: How very like the Rock Lion, to be unscathed after falling more than 50 meters!

Voice from Above: I-I'm so sorry, Boggart! I'm coming right now!

Mash: Are you hurt!? I'm sorry, I was so very nervous...

Mash: You tried to use my shoulder as support when you stumbled from exhaustion, but—

Mash: It was so sudden, I reached out...and he just flew off...

Garden Guard: ...(silently realizes what has happened)

Boggart: Guardsman. Not a word of this to anyone, understood?

Garden Guard: Sir! I understand! I didn't see a thing!

Garden Guard: Now please excuse me! (The Child of Prophecy is amazing! I can't wait to tell everyone! )

Boggart: ...

Mash: Uh, Boggart? Shall I rub your back?

Boggart: No need! You are not to touch me ever again from now on! What sort of wife throws her husband out of his castle on their wedding night!?

Narration: The rumors spread overnight.

Narration: A princess of iron who made even Lord Boggart kneel. She was strong, gentle, and somewhat eccentric.

Narration: It was the arrival of a heretofore unseen Fairy Knight, they said.

Fairies Gathered in the Tavern: I'm telling you, Sheffield's been reborn, ever since Lady Mash came here!

Fairies Gathered in the Tavern: Not only can she fight off the Mors, she's happy to help with anything,

Fairies Gathered in the Tavern: but best of all, she scolds Lord Boggart if he gets too violent! Thanks to her, the old Lord Boggart is back!

Fairies Gathered in the Tavern: This way, we won't lose to the Queen's army! We will take Norwich back!

D:Wag Toasting with Everyone: Three cheers for Lady Mash! Three cheers for Lord Boggart!

D:Wag Toasting with Everyone: Three cheers for our very own knight—for the Knight of Sheffield!

Fairies & Wag: Hip hip, hooray!

Rob: ...Man, Wag sure doesn't have a care in the world. Knight of Sheffield, my ass.

Rob: Mash is the Child of Prophecy, not just a knight for this town.

Rob: I mean, the princess dress is nice,'s something special, after all.

Rob: If you ask us, Mash looks elegant even wearing that iron armor of hers...

Habetrot: You jealous of Boggart, Rob? You're the ones who brought her here.

Rob: Of course not, it's just weird how the people here keep putting her on a pedestal!

Rob: ...Not that we didn't do the same thing.

Rob: Every morning, I see Mash on top of the castle walls, looking off into the distance.

Rob: ...She seems so lonely. Like she's unhappy, even though she's always smiling.

Rob: I have to wonder if we might have made a mistake in bringing her here.

Habetrot: ...Hmm.

Habetrot: Then you think she might not be the Child of Prophecy, Rob?

Rob: ...Hm. We just picked her up off the side of the road at first. To begin with she was...well, just another piece of merchandise.

Rob: And despite that, we had feelings for her before we knew it. We talked with her like she was one of us.

Rob: ...Wag and me aren't from the Fairy Kingdom. We're just fairies from somewhere else that washed ashore.

Rob: They call us flotsam. Objects, humans, fairies...

Rob: It just happens sometimes. We're Changelings like that.

Habetrot: (Flotsam? I've never heard of this...but I guess that's what happens under Morgan's rule. )

Rob: We don't belong to any clan, and we aren't Nature Spirits either. So there's no place for us.

Rob: Her Majesty Morgan's soldiers will capture you, draw Command Spells on you, and then leave you for dead.

Rob: Even if they leave you be, at the end of the year you will die when your tax is squeezed out.

Rob: Killing isn't necessary. That's why I was desperate to do whatever jobs I could find.

Rob: Wag's just that kind of guy. No matter what's happening, he's just oblivious...

Rob: Well, I'm the older brother, so I gotta take care of him.

Rob: Every year, survival became the only thing I cared about. I guess I have that to thank for why I haven't turned into a Mors yet, then.

Rob: Well, I forgot a few things in exchange. Hesitation. Wonderment. Compassion.

Rob: Before I knew it, I started thinking of myself as a legitimate scoundrel, and just did whatever I wanted.

Rob: That would have been easy enough.

Rob: With that girl though, I knew I hadn't forgotten.

Rob: ...the Child of Prophecy will save the fairies of the Fairy Kingdom. We're just outcasts. It doesn't matter to us.

Rob: So maybe she's not the real deal. The Child of Prophecy won't save us.

Rob: Annis is but a fake...she's something more than the Child of Prophecy...

Habetrot: Maybe then, you're still in town because—

Rob: What do you know, idiot!? Get the hell out of here! You're just the princess' tailor! Quit selling your bullshit!

Habetrot: That's right. I'm Habetrot the Seamstress, friend of all brides.

Habetrot: Leave guarding Mash to me. If we're ever in trouble, I'll come to you first.

D:Rowdy Fairies & Wag: Yeah! Who's afraid of the Queen or the Mors!? We'll protect Mash!

Rob: ...Sigh. You were right after all, Winky.

Rob: If we had parted sooner, none of this would...? Winky? Hey, where'd he go?

Fairy Guardsman: Lord Boggart. The 4th Platoon has returned from Edinburgh.

Fairy Guardsman: They were unable to meet with Knocknarea personally, but negotiations went smoothly.

Boggart: We've managed to get the iron weapons. Send the weapons to the fairies, and the armor to the humans' barracks.

Boggart: The humans will assist the fairy soldiers with their presence.

Boggart: I don't expect much from their raw strength. It's enough if they avoid dying.

Fairy Guardsman: Sir. I'll have the tailor fit your armor right away.

Boggart: Has the Child of Prophecy gone into town again? I thought I told her to stay by the throne.

Boggart: A lord's wife should not be so thoughtless. Who is giving her these ideas? Is it Habetrot?

Boggart: She thinks she can push her luck just because she's useful as a tailor. Tell her there won't be a next time, even in regards to the Child of Prophecy.

Fairy Guardsman: Ah, well...

Fairy Guardsman: Lady Mash said she wanted to be helpful to Lord Boggart in her own way.

Boggart: Only those who obey are of any use to me!

Boggart: In Sheffield, I am the law! No matter the reason, the punishment for disobedience is death!

Fairy Guardsman: Aaaah...!

Habetrot: Heya, I heard you got your hands on some weapons? I just came to check if you got a bunch of garbage or not!

Habetrot: Hm? What, is Boggart in a mood again?

Habetrot: Are you upset that Mash isn't here? I see, I see, Mash is real strong after all.

Habetrot: I heard troops are on their way here from New Darlington.

Habetrot: Does the great rebel lord want his wife by his side to protect him?

Boggart: I need no one's protection! I don't want to be bothered by having that girl anywhere near me!

Habetrot: Then, it doesn't matter where Mash is! ☆

Habetrot: As far as you're concerned, all you need is for her to be in Sheffield, right?

Boggart: ...tch. You don't know when to shut up. I'd twist your head off if I could replace you.

Boggart: Very well. The Child of Prophecy can do as she pleases during the day hours.

Boggart: But you're taking quite the tone with me, Habetrot. I expect you've brought some appropriate results.

Boggart: The iron cylinder that was brought in with that's similar to the spear Morgan carries.

Boggart: Can you figure out its inner workings? Is it something we can make use of?

Habetrot: ...I don't know how it works, but if you just want to shoot it, that should be fine.

Habetrot: I can tell that's not its original purpose, though...somehow, just touching it makes me feel sick.

Habetrot: I think it's a weapon that shouldn't exist in this world...

Habetrot: Mash, why do you have something like really doesn't suit you at all...

Boggart: Indeed. She never mentions the cylinder.

Boggart: Perhaps she's unconsciously avoiding it.... you could even say she's trying to escape it.

Habetrot: Wow, that's pretty perceptive for you, Boggart. I'm of the same opinion, but let's be honest—

Boggart: I don't care about the Child of Prophecy. Can it be used as a weapon?

Habetrot: Well, yeah. I mean, it's a cannon. Do you know what that is? No?

Habetrot: You put a bullet, or magical energy in this case, in the chamber, compress it, and with combustion it's forcibly expelled.

Habetrot: But it sucks up a lot of magical energy. The fairy who shoots it will likely succumb to fatigue.

Habetrot: If you want to make use of it, do so yourself, Boggart. Don't force it on your soldiers.

Habetrot: It's not something your average fairy can withstand.

Boggart: So you're saying it's only to be used by the strong?

Boggart: Hmph. How appropriate. A good representation of my ability as king.

Habetrot: Guess there's nothing you can say to someone with a rock for a brain...

Habetrot: More importantly, about what I said before...

Habetrot: The Queen's army is coming here. Are you ready for them?

Habetrot: As the lord of this city, what countermeasures do you have planned?

Boggart: Thanks to our supporters in Camelot, we know who we'll be facing.

Boggart: It's the Queen's 3rd Division.

Boggart: About 2,000 men. The Queen probably judged that as sufficient.

Boggart: —hah.

Boggart: Hahahahaha! How naive of her!

Boggart: They won't even get past Sheffield's walls.

Boggart: Our walls are made from bark peeled off the World Tree. They can't be destroyed so easily.

Boggart: Without Fairy Knights, the Queen's soldiers pose no threat. I'll let them wear themselves out against the castle walls.

Boggart: Now that Knocknarea is prepared to head south, the Queen doesn't have the luxury of sending reinforcements.

Boggart: Seven days. If we hold out for seven days, the 3rd Division won't have the strength to keep up the siege.

Boggart: After that it's up to me and my elite. We'll unleash all the resentment we built up during that time.

Habetrot: I see, you've thought this through. I've got no need to worry.

Habetrot: So have you told Mash this is going to turn into a battleground in the next few days yet?

Habetrot: In terms of fighting strength, she's on par with a Fairy Knight. Aren't you going to tell her?

Boggart: No. How many times must I tell you? She's not needed!

Boggart: The Child of Prophecy only needs to raise the morale of the troops. Anything else is a distraction.

Boggart: Don't presume too much, Habetrot. She's nothing more than window dressing.

Mash: Good evening, Lord Boggart. I see you've come to see me tonight as well.

Boggart: I didn't come because I wanted to. The gate guards are nearby, I had no choice.

Boggart: It's a disgrace for a member of the Fang Clan to visit the chambers of a woman he doesn't even embrace...

Boggart: It's against my principles to waste time. Tonight is...

Boggart: Let's discuss the Child of Prophecy. I'm told you have no memories, but how much do you know?

Mash: ...I'm sorry. A fairy turning 16 this year, who will save Britain. That's all I know.

Boggart: —How crude. This goes beyond even a lack of knowledge.

Mash: ...

Boggart: ...It was 16 years ago now.

Boggart: The head of the Mirror Clan, Ainsel, possessed the Sacrament of being able to predict the future.

Boggart: “A savior that will save Britain has been born. In due time, a true king will appear to defeat the false king. ”

Boggart: That was her prophecy.

Boggart: Queen Morgan rounded up all the fairies born that year and executed them, but her purge was incomplete.

Boggart: There are many villages that hide their opposition to her.

Boggart: Some of them sent away their newborn fairies, entrusting their hopes to them.

Boggart: That being the case, there were also towns which raised fairies that year, in an attempt to bring about the Child of Prophecy.

Boggart: Or perhaps they wanted to present them to the Queen 16 years a neatly wrapped gift.

Boggart: Whatever the case, the “Child of Prophecy” is very valuable, even by itself. Every faction was searching frantically for it.

Boggart: Nobody doubted Ainsel's prophecy.

Boggart: Why, you ask? Because they knew the precedent. There will be a savior born in Britain.

Boggart: One to purify the great calamity every 1,000 who can sing with the voice of paradise.

Boggart: However, records from the Fairy Calendar are lost to us. There are only two things that remain.

Boggart: The first is from the year 4000 of the Fairy Calendar. That would be more than 6,000 years ago.

Boggart: When Britain was on the verge of collapse due to a war between the clans, a single fairy brought about salvation, at the cost of their own life.

Boggart: The second is the Summer War in the year 2000 of the Fairy Calendar. The war with the northern fairies who came ashore from the Island of Shadows.

Boggart: Our ancestors were driven to the brink of extinction by iron-wielding soldiers led by Queen Mab.

Boggart: Once again, a single fairy stepped between both sides, subdued the conflict, and laid the foundation for the six clans of the present day.

Boggart: The name of this savior was “Tonelico”.

Boggart: After stopping the war between the clans, the savior was laid to rest in the lands furthest to Britain's north, the shunned land of Orkney.

Boggart: ...Hrm. The ignorant masses claim that the “Child of Prophecy” is the reincarnation of that savior, but...

Boggart: I don't care either way. No matter how many times they save Britain, in the end, we cannot win.

Boggart: Because the Calamities still come back. You can hardly call them a “Savior”.

Boggart: If those abominable Mors and the incessant Calamities had vanished along with them, then I'd permit them that name.

Mash: ...“Calamity. ” Everyone in this town fears that word as well.

Mash: No, even before we came here, fairies in every city feared it.

Mash: No matter how ruthless Queen Morgan is, she has quelled the Calamities up until now.

Mash: That's why you need to follow her, even though you fear her. I guess...

Boggart: That's right. Morgan declared that she was forsaking Norwich.

Boggart: The perfect opportunity. The first huge gap in the Queen's defenses revealing itself since Tristan's designation as heir.

Mash: ...? Lord Boggart, are you pleased?

Boggart: One needs a reason to raise an army. Rather, to recruit troops, you need a cause.

Boggart: Norwich is a unique opportunity, Mash, for me to take the throne for myself.

Boggart: I have no intention of saving Norwich. But I will make good use of it.

Boggart: My declaration is a simple one. The restoration of Norwich and the elimination of the “Calamity Pool”.

Boggart: Until those are fulfilled, Sheffield will not obey Camelot.

Boggart: The Queen will to have to accept my conditions, or suppress Sheffield's army.

Boggart: To tell the truth, it doesn't matter what she does. Her armies will be exhausted either way.

Boggart: In the meantime, by colluding with the fairies of the north and joining arms with the Round Table Army in the south,

Boggart: I will raise an army of my own, one to rival the Queen's.

Boggart: You are the catalyst of that cause, “Child of Prophecy”. I do not expect you to save Britain, or anything of the sort.

Boggart: Understand? The fact that you remember nothing matters not.

Boggart: At best, keep up appearances for the hope of the people.

Boggart: For someone like you, that's about as much as you are good for.


Hooded Fairy: ...that's the current state of things in Sheffield.

Hooded Fairy: There's about 3,000 of Boggart's soldiers, 2,000 assorted fairies, and 300 humans.

Hooded Fairy: They're still steadily gathering forces now, so...won't they become more of a problem, the more time we give them?

Queen's Army・Knight: ...Seems like it.

Queen's Army・Knight: Shit. Her Majesty gave Sheffield dispensation to assemble military force to prepare against the northern fairies, but...

Queen's Army・Knight: To assemble 5,000 rebels...We've never had an insurrection on this scale before.

Hooded Fairy: Seems like Lady Tristan's games have gone too far...

Hooded Fairy: The number of fairies she's killed without reason since the founding of New Darlington has finally come to light.

Hooded Fairy: All of Britain has doubts in both Lady Tristan,

Hooded Fairy: and of Queen Morgan's judgement in knighting her, so...

Queen's Army・Knight: Quell thy tongue...there is no need to state that which is so painfully obvious.

Queen's Army・Knight: We swore an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty. Save your frivolous opinions.

Hooded Fairy: Sorry for that...just a slip of the tongue.

Hooded Fairy: So, what about my payment?

Queen's Army・Knight: ...Fine. Hey, pay him.

Queen's Army・Knight: He may have lost his position, but Boggart is still a Fang Clan head. He's worth more than a thousand fairies on his own.

Queen's Army・Knight: Send word to Camelot as soon as possible, so that we may obtain Lord Gawain's aid.

Hooded Fairy: ...What about the Child of Prophecy? That was the crown jewel of my tip-off.

Queen's Army・Knight: Don't make me laugh. We caught one of those yesterday.

Queen's Army・Knight: It's probably just Boggart's entourage, and as such, it's not even worth confirming.

Voice from Behind the Tent: Oh, I'm not so sure that is strictly true, Officer.

Voice from Behind the Tent: There was no lie in his story. The part about the Child of Prophecy was especially good.

Voice from Behind the Tent: “Black iron armor, a large shield, the appearance of a 16-year-old girl,” and—

Voice from Behind the Tent: “A black iron cylinder that makes you uneasy just by looking at it,” was it?

Beryl: Well well, now you've got my attention. Tell me a little more, bro.

Beryl: Well? What's her name? You do know it, right?

Beryl: You came here to sell some information, yet you've conveniently left that part out.

Beryl: Bit shady, don't you think? I think you know, and yet you're choosing to not tell us.

Hooded Fairy: ...Is that how it sounds? Sorry, but you're imagining things. I really don't know.

Hooded Fairy: You'll have to excuse me, if there's no further payment. I'd like to be back in the south by tomorrow.

Beryl: There's no need to rush. You've come all this way, so why don't we take our time, and have a nice little chat?

Beryl: Hey, I'm sure you'll remember soon enough, Winky. After all, that's what your expression is telling me.

Section 6: Wales (I)

Fujimaru 1: It's so peaceful...

Senji Muramasa: Yeah. You should get some rest while you can. Now that we've left Gloucester, the strength of enemies will return to normal.

Senji Muramasa: Even something that appears to be a single squirrel might be on the same level as a Servant, you know?

Fujimaru 2: How far is it to Wales?

Oberon: Hmm, we're not using the national highway, and since we're trying not to stand out by taking the back roads...

Oberon: Well, at this pace we might make it there by nightfall? Provided nothing weird happens☆

Artoria: ...

Da Vinci: What is it, Artoria? You've been strangely quiet for a while now.

Artoria: ...I don't want to make Fujimaru nervous, but how do I put this...

Artoria: ...I keep having this sinking we're being watched by someone...

Artoria: As if, in about five seconds, the carriage will be flipped over...

Red Rabbit: Hahaha, you jest. I am Red Rab-bit, fairy horse with the grace of the Wind Clan.

Red Rabbit: Overturning my carriage when I have passengers is simply prepos—

Oberon: Are we under attack!? Everyone, out of the carriage!

Senji Muramasa: No, the carriage itself wasn't attacked, a wheel just ran over something.

Senji Muramasa: Master Red Horse! Is the road really that bad!?

Red Rabbit: No, it' sincerest apologies, I was composing a poem while looking up at the sky,

Red Rabbit: so I didn't notice all these fairies lying collapsed in the road!

Red Rabbit: Amazing! Terrible! One, two, three, four...there are six obstacles in all!

Six Fairies: Uuh...alive...I'm still help us...

Six Fairies: We lost control...of our cargo...and it attacked us...hi-ho...

Six Fairies: We don't seem too badly hurt, if at all, but,

Six Fairies: it took one of a secluded cave beyond that hill...right?

Six Fairies: Please...won't you help us...somehow? You are...kind...suckers, right?

Fujimaru 1: Wasn't the end of your statement a little suspicious?

Fujimaru 2: "Most Suspicious Fairies", position #1 updated!

Artoria: —We're on it! It's that hill, right!?

Artoria: Everyone, follow me! If we don't hurry, we'll have major trouble!

Da Vinci: Wait, really!? Ah geez, you're so stupidly honest!

Senji Muramasa: Amazing, that girl's gone full circle. I don't know how she's managed to survived this long...

Fujimaru 1: Oberon, keep an eye on the carriage!

Fujimaru 2: Keep an eye on those fairies!

Oberon: Sure, see you later. I'll hold down the fort.


The Seventh Fairy: Hi-hoooooooo! I thought I was done for, but we made it!

The Seventh Fairy: I'm done shopping in Gloucester! I shouldn't have let myself be suckered into that deal!

Senji Muramasa: You were...really in trouble...?

Da Vinci: ...Yeah. That was actually dangerous...

Da Vinci: We should have listened no matter how shady they shameful...

Artoria: Are you hurt at all? Did any other fairy get taken?

The Seventh Fairy: Naw, we're seven fairies in one, so there's no such thing as an eighth!

The Seventh Fairy: But you guys are pretty strong. As far as the redheaded dude is concerned at least, aren't ya?

The Seventh Fairy: The lass just posed a different kind of danger, though.

The Seventh Fairy: There was this huge bang, and we were almost killed, along with our guards.

The Seventh Fairy: Follow the other little miss' example, why don't you?

The Seventh Fairy: She threw all kinds of stuff around too, but none of it came near us.

The Seventh Fairy: It's alright to be rowdy, but be aware of your surroundings, okay? Especially when there's hostages involved.

The Seventh Fairy: If I were someone else, I might have sued you.

Artoria: Y-yes...that was...

Artoria: I know I'm clumsy so...I'm hoping I'll be able to grow in the long term...

The Seventh Fairy: Oh, good luck with that! You've got guts, kid! I'm rooting for you!

Da Vinci: Hey, Mr. Cheerful Fairy. If you're fine, can we go already?

Da Vinci: No need for your thanks. (He seems like an awful pain in the neck! )

The Seventh Fairy: Oh yeah? I let you help me, and I thought I'd hang around and have some fun...

The Seventh Fairy: Well, we're on our way home from work too. Gotta tell the boss we finished throwing out the trash.

The Seventh Fairy: Sheesh. Buy a trustworthy guard to escort you and this is what you get.

The Seventh Fairy: You saved our lives. For that you have our thanks, little miss simpleton.

Artoria: Garbage mean, the Great Pit at Camelot?

Artoria: I heard that soldiers took over as escorts for that, due to the Mors...

The Seventh Fairy: Oh, they can't spare them for that these days. Why do you think we bought one in Gloucester?

The Seventh Fairy: From a real beauty. Said “the adjustment was a failure, so I'll give it to you at a discount. ”

Fujimaru 1: Koyanskaya...

Senji Muramasa: To force a sale of something so useless on you...she's a real piece of work, she is.

Fujimaru 2: Garbage disposal...?

The Seventh Fairy: Eh? Don't you know, [♂ son /♀ girl]? Ah, fresh off the farms, are you?

The Seventh Fairy: Still, there were no Mors gathering near the Great Pit. I guess they really must all be gathering at Norwich.

The Seventh Fairy: Aah, what will become of this land in the future?

The Seventh Fairy: The nuisance of the Fang Clan, Gawain. Her Majesty's eccentric daughter, Tristan.

The Seventh Fairy: The only sane one is Lord Lancelot. I'd rather just escape up north...

The Seventh Fairy: No, no way!

The Seventh Fairy: We're the seven merry brothers, servants of Lady Aurora!

The Seventh Fairy: Hi-ho, Hi-ho! Off to work we go!

The Seventh Fairy: See you, everybody! You watch out for the Mors too!

Artoria, Muramasa, da Vinci & Fujimaru: (Dumbfounded)

???: ...I see. I see...!

Oberon: For the record, the fact that we didn't make it there by the end of the day wasn't my fault.

Oberon: Artoria just kept getting into the same kind of trouble over and over.

Oberon: You understand, right?

Oberon: Also, are you a magnet for disaster, Fujimaru? Do you not have any luck at all?

Fujimaru 1: ...Now that you mention it...

Fujimaru 2: No, none at all.

Senji Muramasa: Still, that was great for landing a few test blows.

Senji Muramasa: The Fairy Kingdom has differed a little too much from the Lostbelts up 'till now. I finally have a grasp on how hard my blades have to be.

Senji Muramasa: Artoria's magecraft ain't so bad, either.

Senji Muramasa: I don't get why such a skill is said to be “without value” here, but...

Senji Muramasa: It's a great match for me. The run of the scabbard is in a league of its own. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with you all.

Artoria: S-sure. I'll be the one in your care, though.

Artoria: (I Muramasa's case, unlike the fairy soldiers, he doesn't fight with just his own magical energy...)

Artoria: (He makes use of external enchantments—magical energy bestowal—as if they were his own...)

Oberon: Muramasa's strength is definitely a cut above.

Oberon: You said you're an Alter Ego, but could it be you're not a pure Servant?

Da Vinci: Oh, that's...might we explain it, Muramasa?

Senji Muramasa: Sure, I don't care. Let's take this opportunity to discuss a few things, Fujimaru.

Senji Muramasa: It'll be troublesome to explain if you say something like “I trusted you, but you were really my enemy all along?! ” later on.

Fujimaru 1: ...It's a long story, but...

Artoria: So you're saying, he's some kind of impure Servant produced by something called the Alien God?

Artoria: And before now, he's been Fujimaru's enemy...?

Da Vinci: Pretty much. He did something especially extraordinary during our last moments in Olympus.

Da Vinci: Muramasa. You're a powerful Servant who severed the Saint Graph of the Titan Atlas.

Da Vinci: And yet you failed your assassination attempt on Queen Morgan, and were defeated by another fairy entirely.

Da Vinci: I'm having a hard time believing that. Can you offer some sort of explanation?

Senji Muramasa: There's really nothing odd about it. I'm an Alter Ego who specializes in slaying gods.

Senji Muramasa: The Alien God incorporated that kind of Divine Spirit into me.

Senji Muramasa: Some kind of blind God of War, who brought about the Twilight of the Gods.

Senji Muramasa: The other god dearest wish, or rather, my aspiration. Well, I'd rather you don't ask me about that.

Senji Muramasa: What? It's not like I'm especially strong. I just don't have to expend my magical energy when “slaying gods”.

Senji Muramasa: It was most suited for Olympus, but Scandinavia...well, it would have been another matter, I guess.

Senji Muramasa: Scáthach-Skadi, right?

Senji Muramasa: If this Alter Ego of mine would have met her, I imagine she would have been pretty upset.

Senji Muramasa: If only that blind God of War hadn't been deceived...

Senji Muramasa: Well, that about sums it up.

Senji Muramasa: In worlds where gods and Divine Spirits are prevalent, that's where I shine as an apostle, you know.

Fujimaru 1: You're strong, so long as you're fighting gods...

Fujimaru 2: Then conversely...

Da Vinci: ...I see. I had a bit of an inkling, but you cleared it up.

Da Vinci: There's no concept of “religion” here. Meaning—

Senji Muramasa: Yeah. There aren't any gods in Britain.

Senji Muramasa: I don't know the particulars of how the world ended up this way though.

Senji Muramasa: A world dominated by fairies, but there's no sign of the greatest Mystery of them all: a god.

Oberon: Well, isn't that to be expected? Don't only humans pray to the gods?

Oberon: Fairies are all-powerful, so there's no need for them to seek salvation from beings greater than themselves.

Oberon: Inevitably, the concept of “a god” will never come to exist in their society.

Da Vinci: Hmm...well, when you put it like that, it definitely makes sense...

Da Vinci: ...I'll have to compile some notes on all this later. I need Holmes' take on this...

Artoria: I don't really get all this “god” stuff, so I can't comment...

Artoria: Muramasa, you're definitely Fujimaru's enemy, aren't you?

Artoria: You saved us by coming along, but mutual enemies travelling together is...

Senji Muramasa: You don't need to worry, Artoria. Didn't I tell you in Gloucester?

Senji Muramasa: Now that you saved me, I'm part of the Child of Prophecy's retinue. That's easier for me.

Senji Muramasa: I don't want to nitpick my job, but...this way, I can finally get motivated.

Fujimaru 1: You don't like working for the Alien God?

Senji Muramasa: Of course not, it's all a bit of a bad joke, if you ask me!

Senji Muramasa: I don't even know who or what this “Alien God” is!

Senji Muramasa: Summoning me and fusing a bunch of stuff into me without my consent, then unilaterally compelling me to do its dirty work.

Senji Muramasa: I'm an arms dealer, so I don't really want to comment on good and evil at this point, but...

Senji Muramasa: When I was alive, as someone sworn to the Buddha, I couldn't perform any heretical work.

Senji Muramasa: Well, I'm fused with a bunch of other things now. There's no right or wrong to speak of.

Senji Muramasa: That's why I do what I have to do, in order to get the job done. As Muramasa, it's the least I can do.

Fujimaru 1: ...Yeah. Muramasa was that kind of Heroic Spirit.

Senji Muramasa: Well. If I were true to the Heroic Spirit Muramasa, it'd be without doubt.

Senji Muramasa: As you can see, I'm but a more humble Muramasa. But I'm useful in my own way.

Fujimaru 2: So now you're saying you took the job to help Artoria?

Senji Muramasa: ...well, that's what I meant.

Senji Muramasa: What? What are you smirking at me for? You're kind of a brat, you know that?

Da Vinci: I see. Well, if that's the case, we'll put our trust in you as well.

Da Vinci: We need as much strength as we can get, and if it's from a Heroic Spirit we know already, then all the better.

Da Vinci: Nice to be working with you, Senji Muramasa. Even if it's only during this Lostbelt, I'm glad to have you with us.

Senji Muramasa: Yeah. After all, you've already paid in full, so I'll gladly lend you a hand, no strings attached.

Senji Muramasa: ...Well, that aside...

Senji Muramasa: I don't really want to ask, but we were associates, after all...

Senji Muramasa: What was Limbo's death like?

Fujimaru 1: It was the worst.

Fujimaru 2: It sucked.

Fujimaru 2: It was the right thing to do.

Senji Muramasa: ...I see.

Senji Muramasa: Alright! Pretend I never asked! Let's get to sleep!

???: ...are you awake?'re not awake, are you...?

???:'re all sleeping so soundly...that's a good thing, I think...

???: .... Hwaaaa, I'm sleepy too, but I gotta guard, gotta guard...

???: sign of any shady characters.... no sign of Mors...

???: ...leave it to me...leave it to me...I'll take care of you, Artoria...

???: ...I'll protect. . protec...

???: ......zzzzzz......


Oberon: We've arrived. This is my domain, the Autumn Forest of Wales!

Fujimaru 1: The colors of autumn are everywhere...!

Fujimaru 2: (There doesn't seem to be any city or village...)

F:Welsh Fairy A:

welsh1-lightLord Oberon, it's Lord Oberon!

welsh1-light Everyone, Lord Oberon's returned!

J:Welsh Fairy B:

welsh1-light Tell them!  Tell them!

welsh1-light Go tell everyone outside!

Oberon: Hey everyone, I'm back. I brought guests today.

Oberon: Of the same standing as me, the one who beholds for themselves, Fujimaru.

Oberon: The cute little renaissance genius, da Vinci. The one who probably makes a lot of stuff for everyone, kind old Muramasa.

Oberon: And the Child of Prophecy, Artoria.

Oberon: How about that? No matter how forsaken this place is, the Child of Prophecy will always come.

Oberon: I told you I wasn't lying, didn't I?

Artoria: A-ah...! Oberon, what do I do with them!?

Oberon: You don't have to do anything. They're just overjoyed that you're here.

Oberon: Ah, they may look cute, but don't hug them.

Oberon: They're not used to being touched, especially by fairies from the outside, you understand?

Da Vinci: This is right out of a storybook. I feel like we've finally arrived in an actual “fairyland. ”

Senji Muramasa: Well a fairy's a fairy, right? There's nothing special about this place—

G:Welsh Fairy:

welsh1-light Make!  Make!  Make a helmet!

welsh1-light Wanna be a soldier, wanna be a soldier!

Senji Muramasa: ...Okay, they're a bit different. I don't quite understand, but...

Senji Muramasa: You want a helmet that fits you?

Senji Muramasa: True, you can't use human armor if you look like that.

Senji Muramasa: Oberon, you got space for me to set up a workshop?

Oberon: Of course. Make yourself at home. Ah, but keep the materials to tree branches and leaves.

Oberon: They all just want to play soldier. They just want something that looks the part.

Senji Muramasa: I know, I won't make the real thing! They'll just be imitations!

F:Welsh Fairy:

welsh1-light And you?  And you?

welsh1-light Oberon's friend?  A real friend?

F:Welsh Fairy:

welsh1-light Then you're our friend!

welsh1-light You saved Oberon!  Thanks for Oberon!

Fujimaru 1: Whoa, whoa, whoa...!

Fujimaru 2: (I know they're being very welcoming, but I don't really understand! )

Oberon: You're all being welcomed.

Oberon: Everyone who washed ashore in this forest doesn't know the concept of mistrusting others.

Oberon: There's no imitation of human culture here, but we can at least prepare some tents.

Oberon: You guys should get some rest. I'll gather information from the outside.

Oberon: Guys, I'm leaving the guests to you.

Oberon: It's alright, there's nobody here who will hurt you.

Oberon: Right. Then it's goodbye for a short while, ladies and gents!

Oberon: But I'll be back by evening, so be sure to leave some dinner for me!

Da Vinci: Ah, wait a minute, Oberon, at least teach us the language—

Da Vinci: ...and he's gone.

Da Vinci: Well, I get that the fairies are welcoming us, but...

Red Rabbit: Indeed. The Welsh fairies are a bit difficult to understand, are they not?

Red Rabbit: Also, he neglected to introduce me. Am I really so unobtrusive?

Red Rabbit: Is Lord Oberon like that? A bit of a scatterbrain, perhaps?

Fujimaru 1: No, that was just by chance...I think?

Fujimaru 2: (Dang...I forgot he was here too...)

Welsh Fairy:

welsh2-lightAre you hungry?  Are you hungry?

welsh2-lightIf you came with Lord Oberon, you're definitely hungry, right?

Welsh Fairy:

welsh1-lightWe'll treat you, we'll treat you!

welsh1-lightThe chestnuts of Wales are delicious!

Artoria: Everyone, it looks like they're going to feed us. Wait, chestnuts! They've got chestnuts!

Artoria: Wow, these are prohibited!

Artoria: “Sweet foods” are restricted and a rarity in the south, but here they can get around that!

Fujimaru 1: Restricted...?

Fujimaru 2: Prohibited...?

Da Vinci: Oh, Mike mentioned that too. You can't get your hands on sweets unless you're a high-class fairy.

Da Vinci: The Queen prohibits the processing of things like fruit. Sugar is a rare commodity.

Red Rabbit: I too once received a small piece of what appeared to be a black slab from Lady Aurora, but...

Red Rabbit: To be honest, I prefer carrots. The nature of the sweetness is different.

Welsh Fairy:

welsh1-lightThis way!  This way!

welsh1-lightTell us about Oberon!  Tell us about Oberon!

Da Vinci: Seems like there's a dining table over there.

Da Vinci: I don't understand a word, but let's take them up on their offer, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, let's.

Fujimaru 2: Only the sweets!

Artoria: Thanks for the food!

Fujimaru 1: Thanks for the food!

Da Vinci: Yeah, it was really good! Especially the grapes, they were suuuuuper gorgeous!

Da Vinci: Even the fruit has a bit of Mystery to it.

Da Vinci: They're pretty good as a means of replenishing magical energy for a Servant's body.

Da Vinci: Maybe I'll pack some for emergencies...or to deliver to Holmes and the others...

Red Rabbit: Chomp, chomp. (Devours a pear in one bite)

Senji Muramasa: Still, this is a lot of food. Is this Oberon's share? Is it alright to just leave this?

Welsh Fairies:

welsh3-lightIt's here, it's here!  The Black Dog!

welsh3-lightHide, hide, first come first serve, hide!

Da Vinci: Huh? They all suddenly shot up the trees and into the tree trunks—

Red Rabbit: (Chomp. ) You can see a Black Dog over there. (Chomp. ) I believe they all went to hide?

Artoria: Ah! Let's get rid of them in return for them feeding us!

Red Rabbit: I sink sho as well. Excuse me. I think so as well.

Red Rabbit: Black Dogs are terrifying creatures, and the fairies here have no means to fight.

Red Rabbit: Until now they have had no choice but to sacrifice themselves, but now that we are here, that is not the case.

Red Rabbit: Let us teach them a lesson, everyone! The Dog! Is no match! For the Rabbit!

Fujimaru 1: Are you sure you're not actually a Servant?

Fujimaru 2: Is this really what pan-human history amounts to?


Artoria: Wh-what was with that Black Dog? It was absurdly strong...

Red Rabbit: Was that not a fairy bitten by a Black Dog, driven mad by the pain?

Fujimaru 1: Is that different from the Mors?

Red Rabbit: Yes. When fairies become Mors, they lose their purpose, their brilliance, and become “meaningless,”

Red Rabbit: and the fact that such “meaninglessness” is contagious when touching Mors is the cause.

Red Rabbit: On the other hand, a fairy who becomes so absorbed in their purpose that they lose sight of themselves will continue to generate magical energy without end,

Red Rabbit: to the point that they will be unable to maintain their form. I suppose you could call them evil fairies.

Artoria: The fairies of the Nameless Forest were like that...

Artoria: When they got hold of a human, they lost control of their inhibitions, and in the end they all killed each other.

Fujimaru 2: What's a Black Dog?

Artoria: Evil fairies that devour their own kind. They've been appearing here for some time now.

Artoria: Black Dogs are the only fairies that eat other fairies...well, with one exception.

Red Rabbit: Originally, “fairy eating” was one of the Great Calamities that occured a long time ago,

Red Rabbit: but it is said that it was sealed by the head of the Fang Clan at the time.

Red Rabbit: But in return, the Fang Clan was cursed...or so the story goes.

Welsh Fairy:

welsh2-light They're gone!  They're gone!

welsh2-light Vortigern!  Vortigern!

Welsh Fairy:

welsh2-lightOberon will be sad, Oberon will be happy!

welsh1-lightCan rely on friends!

Da Vinci: It looks like the fairies are happy we got rid of them.

Da Vinci: Right. We'll probably stay here a few days, so let's set up camp.

Da Vinci: Now that we're here, I can't help but worry about what's going on outside.

Da Vinci: Let's get some rest for now and wait for Oberon to come back.


~After dinner~

Da Vinci: You know, I've wondered for a while now...

Da Vinci: When it comes to fairies, what is the structure of “family” like?

Da Vinci: I saw relationships like brothers and sisters in Salisbury, but I didn't see any of parents and children.

Oberon: Of course you didn't. All fairies are born independently, after all.

Oberon: Fairies with similar attributes will refer to each other as siblings,

Oberon: or, as in the case of the “seven fairies” we saw yesterday, they could have been a “set of seven” since they were born.

Oberon: I suppose that's just what it is to be a fairy.

Da Vinci: Then what about “daughters? ”

Da Vinci: I heard that Fairy Knight Tristan is Morgan's daughter, so how does that work?

Oberon: Hahaha, Tristan isn't Morgan's daughter! It just means she's the heir to the throne.

Oberon: In human terms, you could say Morgan adopted Tristan.

Oberon: Among fairies, their “daughters” and “sons” are actually those born in the “next generation” to come after their own deaths.

Oberon: Let's see...Hm, for example: let's say there's a “spool fairy A”.

Oberon: Having lived for 100 years, “spool fairy A” has fulfilled their purpose and will go to sleep.

Oberon: But the position of a “spool fairy” and the way of being one will not have disappeared from Britain.

Oberon: After the passing of “spool fairy A,” a “spool fairy B” will be born in Britain.

Oberon: This relationship is simply called the “previous generation” and the “current generation”.

Da Vinci: I see. So then what is passed on to this new generation?

Da Vinci: As humans, we inherit our genes, records, names, our family tree, and so on...

Oberon: Yes. Fairies are born independently, so there is no such connection.

Oberon: The “previous generation” and the “current generation” are completely different fairies. A “record”, or...maybe “stories”, “memories,” well...

Oberon: Fairies who are powerful enough could be able to continue something like that, but it's basically still a brand new “next” part to it.

Oberon: Even so, if their positions are the same, their abilities and appearance would be similar between generations too.

Oberon: That's why no matter where or when they were born, a fairy will always know whether they are a “spool fairy”.

Oberon: In some cases, even though the “current generation” is still alive, a new fairy who resembles them is born.

Oberon: These are rare instances, but in those cases, the new fairy could be considered the “son” or “daughter” of the current generation.

Oberon: That's why fairies who are able to use magecraft are called “Morgan's daughters”.

Oberon: In this Britain, the only ones who are able to use magecraft are Queen Morgan,

Oberon: Tristan, who was given the ability as her successor,

Oberon: and Artoria, who has been able to use it since she was born.

Oberon: Those two would seem, to the rest of the fairies, to both be of the same nature as the queen...hence they are called “Morgan's daughters”.

Artoria: ...So, that's why...that Fairy Knight was so hostile toward the Child of Prophecy.

Artoria: There's a rumor going around...that the Child of Prophecy is the daughter of Her Majesty...

Oberon: That's not quite the case, Artoria.

Oberon: It's not because she is Morgan's daughter that she is able to use magecraft. It's because a fairy who wields magecraft can become the next ruler of the Fairy Kingdom.

Oberon: That's how I think it is. That's why Morgan gave Tristan the ability to use magecraft.

Oberon: Something like, “you'll be the next Queen, so you can lay waste to Britain as you please. ”

Oberon: This is probably Morgan's way of “breaking the prophecy,” to not let the throne fall into the hands of the Child of Prophecy.

Oberon: But the truth of the matter is, you were born with magecraft. So to Morgan—

Oberon: No, to Tristan, it's like “there's no way the real one showed up now! ”

Oberon: Perhaps the reason she was panicking at the auction house, was because she couldn't stand the fear of what could happen?

Artoria: ...I-is that so. Do I...make people scared...

Oberon: Perhaps. Either way, the conflict between you and Tristan isn't one that will be avoidable.

Oberon: But don't worry about it. Let's just take it easy.

Oberon: When you use your magecraft, you are the Child of Prophecy, the one destined to defeat the queen.

Oberon: No matter how strong Morgan is, or how powerful the Fairy Knights are.

Oberon: As long as you are the Child of Prophecy, you are the protagonist of Britain right now.

Oberon: If you do all that is required of you, ultimately, the prophecy will come true.

Oberon: We're just here to help you achieve that. In the end, if you are the one still standing, Britain will be saved.

Oberon: —Even if we lose a few people along the way.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...No good, I can't sleep at all...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Oberon: Can't sleep because you have too much on your mind, huh?

Oberon: Ah, sit down. You don't have to get up.

Oberon: I saw you all alone, before I left to gather information.

Oberon: Do you mind if I sit next to you? Great, then I'll help myself.

Oberon: Well then. Do you want to talk about everything that's happened, just to take your mind off things?

Oberon: The story of everything before you arrived in this Lostbelt. The long, long story of your journey here.

Oberon: I see. So that's the story of yours and Chaldea's journey.

Oberon: The future of Earth, the survival of mankind, all the Lostbelts up until now, and the person in front of me here and now.

Oberon: Yeah, I wouldn't be able to sleep with all that either. Especially not that last bit.

Oberon: You feel guilty about the “Child of Prophecy”.

Oberon: No, I think “left out” is what you feel.

Oberon: Artoria will shed a lot of blood going forward. But none of it will be on your hands.

Oberon: Until now, you have been the one who had to do that. That's why you could fight, even if it was difficult.

Oberon: No, that's why you had to fight. Because the burden was all on you.

Oberon: But not this time. You have to leave it to have no choice but to leave it all to Artoria.

Oberon: So you don't know what to think or feel.

Oberon: You might even think of yourself as a coward in this Lostbelt.

Oberon: “We don't actually have any intention of saving this Fairy Kingdom,” you said.

Fujimaru 1: That's—

Fujimaru 2: ...maybe...that is the case...

Oberon: “Our missing teammate is what's most important. If anything happens to Mash, it would be my responsibility. ” Right?

Oberon: Oh? Surprised, are you? I can tell if you're pretending to be alright.

Oberon: But, you know...

Oberon: Down the line, if Mash dies in an accident while alone in the streets, is that really your fault?

Oberon: Because you didn't watch and protect her all the time?

Oberon: It wouldn't be. That's not worrying for her. That's just self-criticism and self-harm.

Oberon: Mash is a human being, and it's in humanity's nature to be able to lead their own lives.

Oberon: If you respect her and see her as an equal, then you shouldn't worry so much about her, but trust in her.

Oberon: Taking on the burden all on your own won't do anyone any good. When the crucial moment comes, you'll be too weighed down to act.

Oberon: ...Well, from what you told me about your journey so far, it doesn't seem like your mind is getting any lighter.

Oberon: You've always been much less grounded.

Oberon: You're the kind that lives life on your own terms, aren't you?

Fujimaru 1: Live on my own terms...?

Oberon: Yeah, living the way you want doesn't mean living without hardships.

Oberon: What you enjoy, what you desire most.

Oberon: Fighting for them with all your heart, pushing yourself for the things you love, that's what living life on your own terms is all about.

Oberon: That's what was going on during the Incineration of the Human Order. Well, not like I was there to witness it, right?

Oberon: In a way, the two of us are alike. You could say...we have the same role here in Britain.

Oberon: We're just bystanders. Unfortunately, neither you nor I are the main characters of this story.

Oberon: Just like the Fairy King Oberon in “A Midsummer Night's Dream”.

Oberon: The only thing we can do is watch. Support those who have to rush into battle for us.

Oberon: But that doesn't mean you have to beat yourself up.

Oberon: After all, there will definitely be a moment where you have to do what's necessary.

Oberon: The kind of moment where there's no one else by you, with something only you can do, and it will turn the tables.

Oberon: Doesn't that sound cool? But for the time being, we'll have to be patient and continue to look forward to that moment.

Oberon: What's wrong with “just being a bystander”!? Even the audience plays their part!

Oberon: At the very end, we have to show them the grand play that even God himself wouldn't have seen coming!

Oberon: Revealing the tip of fate seems like it'll be a lot of fun!

Fujimaru 1: ...Pfft, That's just like you, Oberon!

Fujimaru 2: Thank you. I'm feeling a lot better.

Oberon: There's no such thing as too crazy. That's what I've always lived by!

Oberon: ...Fujimaru.

Oberon: There aren't many people that can explain exactly what kind of person they are.

Oberon: Unlike a tool with a clear instruction manual, we're living beings. We're born uncertain.

Oberon: But you know, everyone knows that there's at least one thing that they're good at.

Oberon: I'm embarrassed to say this, but,

Oberon: in this instance, I don't really think I'm a coward. Of course, neither are you.

Oberon: Oops. Sorry Blanca. I got carried away whilst chatting.

Oberon: We should gather intel on Manchester tonight. It's finally time to gather information about the north.

Oberon: Well, that's it from me. I'll see you again tomorrow night, I don't want to be left without dinner, after all.

Fujimaru 1: [♂ Wait up. /♀ Wait. ]

Oberon: Hmm?

Fujimaru 1: What exactly is your purpose, Oberon?

Oberon: To overthrow Morgan, of course. It's not really my part, but that's why I was summoned.

Oberon: Hm, not because of the Human Order, or something along those lines? Ah, that's what you're asking about.

Oberon: I didn't want to tell you...but I can't pretend that I want something great like what I just said.

Oberon: —Yeah. I'm looking for Titania.

Oberon: The one I told you about. Oberon's queen in “A Midsummer Night's Dream”.

Oberon: Titania, the Fairy Queen. The only one who could love the eccentric Oberon.

Oberon: If possible, I'd really like to meet her in person.

Oberon: Though—it's probably a pipedream.

Oberon: Titania is a fictional fairy. She doesn't exist in pan-human history.

Oberon: Yeah, she was an existence permitted only within fiction.


Artoria: Ow, ow ow ow...!

Artoria: Come on! I said it was just a light spar, but Muramasa treated it so seriously!

Senji Muramasa: That's because I'm old. I have to give the young'uns a hard time without any mercy.

Senji Muramasa: It doesn't look like Fujimaru needs any more of a hard time though.

Senji Muramasa: The unfolding of the battle in relation to simple summoning, that's very important.

Senji Muramasa: It would be better for me to guard you than to go out into battle.

Senji Muramasa: With the right strategy, you might even be able to beat a Fairy Knight!

Fujimaru 1: A Fairy Knight....

Fujimaru 2: Could you do it?

Senji Muramasa: Oh, if I use everything I've got and expend all my magical energy, then I could!

Senji Muramasa: They've beaten you to a pulp before, huh? Well, this time it's our turn.

Senji Muramasa: As the strongest here, the Fairy Knights are not to be feared, I tell ya!

Artoria: Mmh.

Artoria: Muramasa, your weapons are made of iron, right? Could I have some of the materials?

Senji Muramasa: No, sorry, but I'm the only one who can use these. Like, they've been paid for in advance with my magical energy.

Senji Muramasa: If you want to use them, you'll have to prepare them from scratch by yourself.

Senji Muramasa: If you want iron, the only way to get that is for you to head to the mines. Norwich is in charge of those, right?

Artoria: I see...then I guess I'll have to find it elsewhere...

Artoria: (I finally thought of a way to defeat Gawain, and yet...)

Senji Muramasa: What, you look like you're scheming something. Want a hand with it?

Artoria: I don't! Stick to Fujimaru, gramps!

Senji Muramasa:

Da Vinci: Artoria has entered her rebellious phase, hasn't she? Or is that just the way she's always been?

Fujimaru 1: Maybe, she's just a sore loser.

Fujimaru 2: Maybe, she doesn't like having Muramasa as her grandpa.

Artoria: That's wrong, I'm just acting like the Child of Prophecy!

Artoria: I'm the Child of Prophecy after all! So I'm going to be very serious from now on!

Da Vinci: Serious from now on?

Da Vinci: You've always been serious. There isn't anyone who thinks you haven't been.

Da Vinci: Haha. Is this because of what Oberon said last night? How he said a direct confrontation with that Fairy Knight is inevitable.

Artoria: That's right...but...

Artoria: ...I can't be lost forever.

Artoria: I don't really get the feeling of being on a pilgrimage to save Britain or to ring the bells, but...

Artoria: ...Gloucester, and all the fairies we met along the way, are all expecting it to happen.

Artoria: Even in the village where I was born, Tintagel, they all believed in me, and so they sent me on this journey.

Artoria: I'm not sure if I can meet everyone's expectations, and that's what I worry about the most...

Artoria: That's why! I thought I'd start off by proudly announcing “I am the Child of Prophecy! ”

Artoria: W-w-well, I just have the spirit of hit-or-miss, I don't have any concrete ideas...

Senji Muramasa: What's up with that? You sound like a little girl who can't decide whether she's brave or cowardly.

Fujimaru 1: ...Yeah, exactly.

Fujimaru 2: (I can't afford to lose my way either. )

Artoria: Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: I too, will partake regardless of Chaldea's mission.

Fujimaru 1: I'm here to help you, Artoria.

Artoria: B-but what about Mash!?

Artoria: The only reason we're on the same team right now is because we're searching for Mash.

Fujimaru 1: Of course we'll still look for Mash. That part is obvious.

Fujimaru 1: But on top of that, I want to help the Child of Prophecy too.


Da Vinci: I agree. We weren't clear on our position before.

Da Vinci: Searching for Mash is our top priority, but that doesn't mean we leave Britain to fend for itself.

Da Vinci: We're not working with you for Mash's sake, we're working with you for Britain's sake.

Da Vinci: I want to leave this country with a smile after I've helped the friends I've made along the way, so I can be pleased with myself.

Da Vinci: Isn't that what all of this is about, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Yes!

Fujimaru 2: Even though I'm sure the new Director will scold me.

Da Vinci: Yeah, I agree! In the end, even Gordolf would say the same thing!

Artoria: That means—not only Muramasa,

Artoria: but Fujimaru and da Vinci, will also accompany me on my pilgrimage?

Da Vinci: And of course, Oberon, who isn't here right now, as well. Our victory will be rewarded handsomely, after all☆

Da Vinci: How about it, future King? If it bothers you, we can always part ways.

Artoria: No—not at all! You're all welcomed! I would have never even dreamed of this!

Artoria: The first alliance as the Child of Prophecy! Wow, somehow I actually seem like a king! Yay!

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, you really seem like a king.

Fujimaru 2: (I'm glad you're so happy with this! )

Senji Muramasa: Well, even if we're excited, that doesn't change the fact that we don't know what to do.

Senji Muramasa: It's good that you're motivated as the Child of Prophecy. But seriously, what are we supposed to do now?

Artoria: Ghh, the reality of it makes me want to die...!

Artoria: Let me be happy for now at least, just for this moment, Muramasaaaa!

Senji Muramasa: No, as the oldest one here, I have to offer a different view, don't I?

???: I've heard your conversation. Hm, if that is the case, I have a suggestion.

Fujimaru 1: That voice—

Fujimaru 2: Oberon!

Oberon? : The time has come earlier than expected. Now is the time to show the Child of Prophecy what she must do.

Oberon? : This is where we must be headed. The fork in the road of destiny, the trial that will prove the rumors of the Child of Prophecy once and for all...

Oberon? : Yes! It's time to go save Norwich!

Artoria: I can hear your voice, but I can't see you at all!? Oberon, is that really you, Oberon!?

Oberon? : Huh? What's with that reaction. Ah, I see. That's right.

Oberon? : Everyone, down, below you. Look further down.

Oberon: Phew. Long distance traveling is very tiresome. But I had to see the intel with my own eyes.

Oberon: Hello, everyone, is it the first time you've seen me like this?

Oberon: The miniature, dapper speedster, who travels around Britain on a Mach-speed Hawk-moth.

Oberon: The Fairy King riding in the hand of Robin Goodfellow, Rider Oberon, that's me!

Everyone else: You—

Everyone else: You're so tiny!?

Section 7: Fragment / 4 - Sheffield (II)

Narration: Military boots resounded across the northern lands, as the Queen's army continued their march forward.

Narration: In amongst the vanguard of the army heading for Sheffield, the standard of “Black Flame and Fortress” was fluttering.

Narration: Fairy Knight Gawain was advancing towards Sheffield.

Narration: Her goal was neither to suppress the rebels, nor to negotiate with Boggart.

Narration: Beryl Gut, who had joined them yesterday as the Queen's representative, gave a broad grin.

Narration: It was just one day before the city of Sheffield would disappear from Britain.

Mash: Lord Boggart, have you still not gotten any rest?

Mash: I would like to ask if something is troubling you.

Boggart: Hmph. You can't even pour me a drink? What a useless wife you are.

Boggart: Well, either way, it's not as if I am familiar with the taste of alcohol. I don't really understand mankind's cuisine in general.

Boggart: To exercise one's ingenuity, and go through the trouble of complicating the flavor of meat. To me, it is a meaningless waste of time.

Boggart: The Fang Clan has no need for the likes of humans, let alone restaurants...

Boggart: Haven't you heard? The city of Oxford is brimming with restaurants.

Boggart: Everywhere you look, there's one of Woodwose's restaurants. Like a poor joke taken too far.

Boggart: Imagine if all the shops on the main street of Sheffield were restaurants.

Boggart: You would likely laugh out of sheer astonishment.

Mash: It's.... yes. It would be rather strange and laughable.

Boggart: Indeed. It's nothing more than an amusing appearance. At some point, I will have to show you—

Boggart: ...No. Forget it. There's indeed something wrong with me.

Boggart: “Child of Prophecy”. You exterminated Mors at the request of the townspeople.

Boggart: Soldiers witnessed you fighting in that armor. This in spite of me telling you not to stand out.

Mash: Yes. I apologize. I'm unfit to be Lord Boggart's bride.

Boggart: That has always been the case, you fool.

Boggart: You are capable of fighting the Mors, but you fear carrying a weapon.

Boggart: You didn't come back for the “Iron Cylinder”.

Boggart: I heard of it from the merchants. They found you with that “Iron Cylinder”.

Boggart: But not once have you mentioned it. As if you want to forget about it.

Boggart: That thing can rival Morgan's Holy Lance.

Boggart: Why are you running from such power?

Mash: I do not know. But that “Iron Cylinder” is going to make everyone....

Mash: I have a feeling that it's going to hurt Britain itself...that is what frightens me.

Boggart: No.... You aren't just scared of that “Cylinder”.

Boggart: You fear battle itself—

Boggart: No, never mind. I don't think I'll ever know what your true feelings are.

Boggart: Only records and achievements shall be considered. Your memories from before coming here have yet to return, is that so?

Boggart: Whether it's your calling or not, you are without a doubt a knight. You've known battle for a long time.

Boggart: But I don't remember seeing you in the Queen's army, nor was the appointment of a new Fairy Knight ever mentioned.

Boggart: I've never seen a fairy like you. Where did you come from?

Boggart: Are you really...are you really the Child of the Prophecy who will save Britain?

Boggart: If so, then your destination will be nothing other than a battlefield. The pilgrimage of “The Child of Prophecy” is built on a path of war and blood.

Boggart: Would you be capable of such a feat? Not merely to overthrow the Queen, but to seize control and rule over all six clans by force?

Mash: That's...that's...

Boggart: Hmph, you couldn't. Even should your memory return, you are unfit for this.

Boggart: Fairies live for the sake of their purpose. What will you do if it's something you do not want?

Boggart: You are not the Child of Prophecy, after all. You are merely a mislead imitation, a lost child.

Boggart: I have known battle for a long time. Ever since I was born, I have been fighting against the Mors.

Boggart: The Fang Clan has fought Mors and suppressed them. They are the most powerful Clan in Britain.

Boggart: Woodwose and I were the strongest of them all. I couldn't tell you how many times we saved Britain from the Mors.

Boggart: For our service, Woodwose was made Lord of Oxford, and I of Norwich.

Mash: So I've heard. Lord Boggart was the Lord of Norwich.

Mash: But, what brought you to Sheffield?

Boggart: I was done in by a man named Capless. He has since taken the name Spriggan.

Boggart: No, enough talk about a low-lives like him. It is not for you to hear.

Boggart: Do you know about the Caterpillar Wars of 200 years ago? The only war in which the Queen gave off a womanly shriek.

Boggart: Fufu. How very unlike you to be afraid of insects, Morgan.

Boggart: During that war, Morgan granted the knightly title of Gawain to ■■■■■■■■.

Boggart: It is impossible to further recall her name, due to the Queen's True Name Redesignation.

Boggart: Until Gawain is defeated, no one can utter her original fairy name.

Boggart: Woodwose persecuted ■■■■■■■■ for being the daughter of that abominable Black Dog, but I came to admire her strength.

Boggart: In a sense...I am also somewhat responsible for that thing becoming a Fairy Knight.

Boggart: “If you don't want to be called a dog, don't fight with your claws and fangs. ”

Boggart: “■■■■■■■■. Child of noble blood. You shall fight with your sword—your great horn. ”

Boggart: She took a liking to my words, and has since carried her sword. Soon after, did the Queen recognize her as a knight.

Boggart: She became a Fairy Knight, and volunteered herself to be the shield to protect the fairies from the Mors.

Boggart: Perhaps because she herself was despised as the daughter of a Black Dog...

Boggart: She came to understand the feelings of the weak and sought the responsibility of being strong.

Boggart: The Queen referred to it as “noblesse oblige”. Good grief, I wasn't even aware of that part of human culture.

Boggart: You remind me of ■■■■■■■■ as a newborn.

Boggart: Troubled about the fact you were born strong, hating yourself for having to exploit the weak.

Boggart: That little girl's unseemly crying face.

Mash: ...You still cherish her, don't you? That person, Gawain.

Boggart: Never! 200 years ago, when that thing became a Fairy Knight, I stopped thinking about her.

Boggart: ...No. What's up with me...

Boggart: Something's wrong. This is not a matter of valor, but of personal history...

Boggart: This was nothing but idle talk. Forget about tonight. Do not lay it on your mind. I'm returning to the war council.

Mash: Yes. Take care, Lord Boggart. But, please, don't stay up too late.


Boggart: I have wondered this for a while. Why are you not afraid of me?

Mash: Most likely, it's because Sheffield is a beautiful city.

Mash: I heard that Lord Boggart rebuilt this city from the ground up.

Mash: Even though it is a fortified city, it is a bright and pleasant city that cherishes the fairies who live here.

Mash: I don't think I could feel afraid going up against something like that.

Boggart: ...That's true. Compared to Norwich, Sheffield is indeed a beautiful place.

Boggart: However, such things conclude today. From tomorrow onwards, the gates will be closed.

Boggart: Morgan's army is drawing near. If it comes to will find it difficult to call it “a beautiful city” any longer.

Mash: Lord Boggart, what was that...!?

Boggart: It's a warning from the scouts. But it's early, way too early...! Hey, what the hell is going on?

Boggart: Give me a status report!

Boggart: Are you saying the Queen's army crossed the eastern Vein Corridor in just two days?!

Fairy Guardsman: Sir! The Queen's army is assembling at the front gate as we speak!

Fairy Guardsman: Also, a message was delivered a moment ago. Do you wish to read it?

Boggart: Read it. Just the important parts. What does Morgan have to say?

Fairy Guardsman: Ha, ha.... . this is......that......

Boggart: Report! Why are you hesitating?

Fairy Guardsman: Yes, milord!

Fairy Guardsman: “Deliver the Child of Prophecy to me. If you comply, I shall grant Sheffield its freedom,”

Fairy Guardsman: says!

Fairies: Deliver the Child of Prophecy.... . Lady Mash? Why?

Fairies: What about Norwich? Is this the solution to our return to Norwich?!

Fairies: No, what do they mean by granting freedom in the first place? Do they not see Lord Boggart's expansion of armaments as a problem!?

Boggart: —Gaaaaaaah!!!!

Boggart: Whatever...!

Boggart: You don't care about our rebellion, Morgan!

Boggart: Your insults to the Fang Clan know no bounds—!

Fairy Guardsman: Message, message!

Fairy Guardsman: Scouts have identified the standard of the Queen's army!

Fairy Guardsman: Gawain is at its front! The Fairy Knight Gawain!

Boggart: Oh. So that's how it is.

Boggart: My Queen. You were boastful in your letter, but your true intentions are showing in your command, aren't they?

Boggart: Sending your right-hand, Gawain, proves that you fear our army.

Boggart: As long as Knocknarea's army remains in the north, Sheffield cannot fall.

Boggart: The Queen has chosen negotiation over subjugation. The army outside has no intention of fighting.

Boggart: It's no wonder they marched so fast. They are not equipped for battle.

Boggart: Now...will you return Norwich to us, or will you dispatch troops to purge the “Calamity Pool”?

Boggart: Let us hear which one you will choose, O Queen of the Fairy Kingdom.

Fairy Guardsman: ...

Fairy Guardsman: ...and, another thing, Lord Boggart. The standard was not only that of Gawain.

Fairy Guardsman: The enemy lines fly the standards of three knights. Tristan, Lancelot—

Fairy Guardsman: The sighting of all three fairy knights has been confirmed! What sits at our door is the largest military force in Fairy Kingdom!

Boggart: All of them are here—!?


Gawain's Soldier: All the troops are in position. Is there anything else, Lord Gawain?

Fairy Knight Gawain: Stand by until the messenger we sent to Boggart returns. Tell Tristan's troops to do the same.

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...And what about Lancelot?

Morgan's Soldier: Lord Lancelot is waiting in the skies. She will descend on the castle when the battle begins.

Morgan's Soldier: Since Her Majesty's orders were to not only cleanse Sheffield, but to annihilate Boggart's army,

Morgan's Soldier: anyone in the castle, military and civilians alike, will be caught in Lord Lancelot's attack.

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...I see. Either way, it's a bother for her to fall in line with us.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Tell Lancelot to descend on the back gate. That is where the Child of Prophecy will escape, should they attempt to do so.

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...Boggart. If you surrender the city now, we can spare this forthcoming bloodshed. There will be no need to wield my horn in vain.

Fairy Knight Gawain: This is the difference to our strength. If you are a man of reason, do not resist needlessly—

Gawain's Soldier: Message, message!

Gawain's Soldier: The messenger you sent to Sheffield has returned with a reply from Lord Boggart!

Gawain's Soldier: “There is no Child of Prophecy within my castle. Only the flag of rebellion against the Queen resides here. ”

Gawain's Soldier: “This castle is my lifeblood. Only when my life returns to the earth will it have served its purpose. ”

Gawain's Soldier: That is all!

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...The fool.

Fairy Knight Gawain: First squad, second squad, switch to anti-fortress gear! Sheffield's walls are tough!

Fairy Knight Gawain: It may even surpass my “Foul Weather”! Be prepared to lose 20% of our men before taking the castle!

Gawain's Soldier: Sir! Under Her Majesty the Queen, we are all willing to accept any fate!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Boggart...! You've got more ambition than you can handle...!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Did you really think Her Majesty would let Sheffield off easy, just to keep Knocknarea in check?

Fairy Knight Gawain: Do not underestimate us! Even if you strike under the cover of Knocknarea, Camelot will not fall!

Fairy Knight Gawain: If you misread the big picture like that, you do not have what it takes to stand as a leader!

Fairy Knight Gawain: You're an old soldier left behind by time, and I will drive you out with this horn of mine!

Boggart: Gather our troops! Hold the siege!

Boggart: Send an envoy to Knocknarea! We will hold for two days, and she will send reinforcements by then!

Narration: Under Boggart's command, Sheffield's resistance began.

Narration: “With three Fairy Knights instead of one, there's no hope for us! We should just hand over the Child of Prophecy! ”

Narration: Many people clamored to such thoughts, but in the end, Boggart curbed them all.

Narration: No one knew for certain if he wanted to keep the Child of Prophecy safe, or to use her as his trump card.

Narration: Regardless, it was the right decision. Had he offered up the Child of Prophecy,

Narration: the fairies of Sheffield would have been slaughtered much sooner, and with much less mercy.

Soldiers of Sheffield: There's a report from the watchtower! It is as if the weapons of the Queen's army are on fire!

Soldiers of Sheffield: One layer of the bark has already melted...! Despite being built by the Earth Clan with sturdy oak wood,

Soldiers of Sheffield: it won't last until morning! We need reinforcements as soon as possible...!

Soldiers of Sheffield: We have to deal with the Queen's army climbing over the wall!

Soldiers of Sheffield: Although there are not many of them, the enemy soldiers are highly trained. We will eventually be overrun!

Soldiers of Sheffield: Our soldiers have put up a good fight. There's still no fighting inside the castle, but—

Boggart: What!? Is Gawain engaging alone!?

Soldiers of Sheffield: It's an aerial assault by Fairy Knight Lancelot! She is destroying all of the barracks!

Soldiers of Sheffield: It's no use, even the eyes of the Wind Clan cannot track her...! She's too fast, we can't shoot her down...!

Boggart: I don't care if the barracks have been taken out! Drop her to the ground! Then I'll deal with her myself!

Boggart: Lancelot may have the agility of a honey bee, but that is all she has going for her. Once she's on the ground, she will be no match for me.

Boggart: What happened this time!? Did they fire a cannon at us!?

Soldiers of Sheffield: No, it's Gawain!

Soldiers of Sheffield: She is standing in front of the main gate by herself, and she is swinging Galatine!

Soldiers of Sheffield: The bark at the main gate only has 10 layers left! At this rate, the regrowth will not be able to keep up!

Boggart: That little girl...! What is happening in the castle, what happened to the soldiers' formation!?

Soldiers of Sheffield: That's...The residents started panicking, and we cannot deploy the formation fully!

Soldiers of Sheffield: Some fairies started demanding that the back gate be opened, and so a riot broke out—

Boggart: The back gate shall not be opened! If even one person escapes outside, our collapse will start from there!

Boggart: Guard Captain, you have defended the throne well, now take control of suppressing the riots!

Guard of the Throne: Understood! Let's go, everyone!

Soldiers of Sheffield: There is chaos both inside the walls and outside! If only the fighting was all in one place...!

Soldiers of Sheffield: Please give us orders, Lord Boggart! What should we do!?

Soldiers of Sheffield: You were the one who claimed that we could hold back the Queen's army when they attacked! Or should we offer up the Child of Prophecy now—!?

Boggart: I know, I know! All we have to do is stop one of them!

Boggart: We have a cannon powered by magecraft here! Let's test the power of the Child of Prophecy!

Narration: Boggart, exasperated, ran to the “Iron Cylinder” attached to the castle's keep.

Narration: Boggart himself did not think that this would change the tide of the battle.

Narration: Nonetheless, he placed his finger on the trigger in the hopes that it would at least bring about a stalemate.

Narration: This was the beginning of the end for Sheffield.

Narration: The coup de grâce which turned the siege into a raze.


Narration: The ray of light emitted from the castle's keep quite literally swept away the atmosphere of the battlefield.

Narration: More than 600 of the Queen's soldiers, who had been attacking the main gate of the castle, vanished in an instant.

Narration: Even the soldiers of Sheffield who had fought valiantly on the ramparts met their end, blood spurting from every orifice of their bodies.

Narration: All the fairies in the vicinity of the trajectory of the blast had dropped dead, as if falling asleep.

Narration: The castle walls, the same walls which withstood direct attacks from Galatine, had melted down into not even a shadow of their former selves.

Narration: The Fairy Knight who had stood in front of the main gate was now nothing more than a hazy figure in the white smoke.

Gawain's Soldier: Lord Gawain—Lord Gawain—

Narration: For but a moment, fear ruled the battlefield. The morale of the Queen's army plummeted,

Narration: and even the soldiers of Sheffield, who should have been crying out in jubilation, had the same peace of mind as if they were in the midst of a nightmare.

Narration: Amidst the white smoke, a single shadow arose with the roar of a beast.

Boggart: Ha—

Boggart: Haha—

Soldiers of Sheffield: Lord...Boggart...Lo...gart...

Boggart: Haha, hahaha, hahahahahahaha!

Boggart: What is this, what in the world is this!? Amazing, truly amazing!

Boggart: Behold, soldiers! If this isn't a good blessing, then what is!?

Boggart: We can win, we can win! With this Cylinder, even Fairy Knights are nothing to be feared!

Boggart: No need to stop at Morgan! That fool Woodwose too!

Boggart: And Knocknarea in the North! And that “Calamity Pool” that has fallen on Norwich!

Boggart: We can exterminate them all, blow them all away! This is splendid, simply SPLENDID!!!!

Narration: But Boggart did not notice. Although he saw it, he did not notice it.

Narration: Not the anomaly of the Queen's soldiers, who lacked so much as a corpse. Not the soldiers who suffered and lost their lives on the castle walls.

Narration: Not the fairies falling in the streets. Not even the soldiers falling like withered trees right beside him.

Mash: Ah— Aah, ah—

Narration: The Child of Prophecy fell to her knees, in despair of her sins.

Narration: It wasn't just that she had hurt the people of the city she so loved.

Narration: It's true that she had brought the Cylinder here.

Narration: And she hadn't been able to stop Boggart, that was true as well.

Narration: But her real sin, she thought, was her own weakness. In using her amnesia as an excuse,

Narration: she never once stopped to think about the impact her actions would have on those around her; about the lack of foresight regarding the consequences of her presence here.

Boggart: Next, who's next!? Lancelot, where are you flying to!?

Boggart: Child of Prophecy, come over here! If you do it, you can surely fire this thing more accurately than I!

Boggart: That blue bee is next! Drop her from the sky! Burn the entirety of the Queen's army to the ground, fwahahahaha!

Narration: Unaware of the anomalies surrounding him, Boggart turned to look behind him.

Narration: And there he saw,

Mash: Why do I—

Mash: have to hurt a world as beautiful as this...?


Habetrot: Leave him here, we have to go, Mash! We cannot stay here with him, we have to escape!

Mash: —B-but, to leave Lord Boggart alone,

Boggart: —Tsk, I don't need you! You were always too soft at heart!

Boggart: A queen who cries in battle will only get in my way! Take her wherever!

Habetrot: See what I mean! Boggart has already set his mind on killing all his enemies!

Habetrot: Even if you stay here, nothing will change! What do you want to do here!? What CAN you do here!?

Mash: Outside...! We have to help everyone in this city!

Habetrot: Ok, let's get going! I had planned to run, but I'll go with you!

Habetrot: Goodbye, Boggart! For all the work I have done for you, I will take this bride as payment!

Mash: Oh, and—please stay safe, Boggart!

Gawain's Soldier: Aah...Lord Gawain! I can't believe you're alive!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Hah? You can't believe...? Oh, the bullet of light just now.

Fairy Knight Gawain: It was nothing more than hot light filled with magical energy! It tinged with poisonous iron, but there was nothing more to it!

Fairy Knight Gawain: It had no skill, no conviction! It was nothing compared to a strike from Her Majesty Morgan!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Resume the advance, you weaklings! You are still the elites of Camelot!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Boggart has, in his foolishness, destroyed his own strongest line of defense!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Go through that fool's front gate and capture the castle!

Fairy Knight Gawain: We need not pursue those who fled. The priority is for the castle of Sheffield to fall!

Narration: As the Queen's army passed through the front gate, the soldiers of Sheffield fought back.

Narration: Those holed up in their homes, clasping each other's hands, had no choice but to surrender to the Queen's army breaking through their doors.

Narration: Seeing the fall of the front gate, those who were able rushed to the back gate in order to escape.

Narration: Fairy Knight Gawain did not move from the front gate, and instead gazed up at the tower of the castle one kilometer away.

Narration: As if to tell Boggart, whose mind had been transfixed by the destructive force of the Cylinder: “Aim here. ”

Boggart: You think you stand a chance against me...! You think you can bait me, little girl?

Boggart: Damn you, knight of Morgan! Next time, you shall not endure!

Narration: Boggart, in all his excitement, had not even noticed that the poison from the “Cylinder” was felling him as well.

Narration: All that remained to him in this moment was hostility towards the blasted Fairy Knight Gawain, and his admiration for ■■■■■■■■'s excellent leadership.

Boggart: Hu...that little girl, how dare she—

Narration: Boggart's mouth hung agape at the thought of her having become such an impressive knight.

Narration: At the same time, what came to his mind was the tears he had seen before.


Narration: For the first time on this battlefield, he stopped to wonder “why? ”

Narration: Why had that girl cried? Why had she been so distraught?

Narration: There was nothing to be distraught about. For in the end, Boggart would never come to understand the sensitivity of that girl.

Boggart: No, this is a battlefield! What are you confused about!? Weapons are to be used, and enemies are to be defeated!

Boggart: Sheffield is mine...! It will not relinquish even one of my people as long as I live!

Narration: There was a thinly veiled sense that his anger was not directed at the Fairy Knight, but at his own inadequacy.

Narration: Fingertips beginning to numb, Boggart placed his finger on the trigger one final time.

Mash: It seems the inside of the castle is still safe. Is it possible to evacuate everyone from the streets into here!?

Habetrot: It's possible, but there would be nowhere to run if we had to! We'd either be caught or killed!

Habetrot: If we want to save as many people as possible, we should open the rear gate and secure an escape route!

Habetrot: Sheffield will fall faster, but it will whether we do this or not, so who cares!

Habetrot: Whether it's to be captured and killed by the Queen's army, or to flee to the north and become one of Knocknarea's slaves,

Habetrot: to disappear into the fields, or to escape into the realm of a Fairy Deadlord!

Habetrot: You should at least have the freedom to choose for yourself! Let's go to the back gate, Mash!

Habetrot: But if we run into a Fairy Knight, we'll run away, okay? Those guys are only after you, Mash!

Mash: Yes...! I'm coming, Habetrot!

Sheffield Fairy: Quickly, quickly, open the gates! The Queen's army is coming!

Sheffield Fairy: If we get caught, won't we get taxed!?

Sheffield Fairy: I don't have that much life force left, so if they do that, I'll die!

Sheffield Guard: Calm down, even if we open the gate, the situation won't change! You can't get out of this place!

Sheffield Guard: Go back to your homes, go back! Lord Boggart will drive away the Queen's army in no time!

Sheffield Guard: Hold on until then! If you are without a home, head to the castle!

Sheffield Guard: We have to get to the front gate, we can't afford to lose time here...!

Sheffield Fairy: It's no use! Flames are raining from the sky...! If we stay in the house, we'll only burn to death!

Sheffield Fairy: Isn't the inside of the castle already packed with the Queen's soldiers?

Sheffield Fairy: We have to run outside, Knocknarea's army will be arriving soon, right!?

Sheffield Fairy: They'll definitely help us! After all, we're with the king!

Sheffield Fairy: Just get out of here, there's nothing to be gained by staying here!

Sheffield Fairy: There's no way we can rely on Boggart! He's been a loser from the Fang Clan from the very beginning!

Sheffield Fairies: That's right, that's right! Lord Boggart has failed! Even though he was the ruler of this territory, he was weak!

Sheffield Fairies: It's 2,000 years too early for him to be pointing his blades at the Queen!

Sheffield Guard: You—!

Rob: Aah, what the hell! It feels like this place is about to explode at any minute!

Rob: It seems like there's going to be in-fighting here before the Queen's army can even capture us.

Rob: We can't even get any help from the guards, it seems. I get it, but...

Rob: Come on, this way's blocked too! Master Boggart was way too thorough with this.

Rob: Wag, how are those sewers? You think we can get through there?

Wag: No use, the walls extend down here too! Even if it's to prevent invasion, this is just too much!

Rob: This is really bad, there's really no way to escape. Wag, have you checked how to get the rear gate open?

Wag: Of course I did! I overheard the guards like you said I would, brother!

Wag: The two of us could probably handle it. On both sides of the gate, in the left and right guardrooms,

Wag: there are levers behind the third pillar with a vine pattern on it. If we flip those, we're good.

Wag: Oh, but don't step on the picket of the scaffolding below the lever. They say that it's a safety device that renders the lever useless.

Rob: If you know this much, then you're good to go. Good job, Wag. You'll be able to finish the job by yourself now.

Wag: Hehehe, is that so? Is that so!?

Wag: I wonder if I'll be able to do everything by myself like Winky!

Rob: Oh, we'll see, we'll see. Think about it more when I get caught.

Rob: Well then, let's grab the guards' attention and get that gate opened.

Rob: The fairies in Sheffield have treated me to a lot of drinks.

Rob: This is the least I can do for them—Damn, it's the Queen's army! They're already here!

Rob: Forget about opening the gate, Wag. Let's hide in here and see what happens!

Rob: We were a little too late, whatever we do now won't go well! Hell is gonna break out all around us!

Wag: Huuh!? B-b-but, all we have to do is open the gate, right!?

Rob: Idiot, I've taught you to not do more than you're supposed to.

Rob: What's the most valuable thing in this world? Your own life, right?

Rob: Then you have to take great care of it. If it's worth the most, you have get the most out of it, right?

Wag: I see. That's right. It's not good to barely get any use of something that's very precious.

Wag: Then let's wait a little longer in here, in these sewers— Brother, over there!

Wag: The Queen's soldiers are being blown away! That's— that's Annis, brother!

Wag: Annis came to help!

Rob: I told you, she's Mash now! But well, this changes things!

Rob: Let's sneak into the guardroom now, while Mash has the attention of both the Queen's soldiers and the guards!

Wag: Phew, she did it! That's our Mash, our Child of Prophecy!

Note! Scene Change

Narration: Fairies streamed to the back gate, as the Queen's army rushed to capture them.

Narration: The guards stepped forward to intercept the army, but the escaping citizens blocked their way, rendering them unable to do so.

Narration: The Queen's soldiers swung their blades on the fairies struggling to escape their inevitable death through the gate.

Narration: Once the blood began flowing, it would not cease.

Narration: The fairies were gripped with fear as the soldiers dealt with them, in a way befitting insurgents.

Narration: The back gate had become an ocean of blood. Not a single person could escape.

Narration: Of course, there was no way she would let such a thing come to pass.

Mash: Haaaaaaah!!!!!

I:Sheffield Guard: Lady Mash!? Why are you here!?

Mash: I'm here to assist! Lute, can you open the back gate!?

I:Sheffield Guard: O-on my own accord...! But, yes, I will!

I:Sheffield Guard: If the Lord's consort, Lady Mash, is passing through, there's no other option but to open it!

Mash: Yes...! Thank you so much!

I:Sheffield Guard: Think nothing of it.

I:Sheffield Guard: ...I'm about to do something I will regret. I've failed my job as a guard.

I:Sheffield Guard: I'm opening the gate, someone come help me! Hurry! Don't let the Queen's army proceed past the guardroom!

I:Sheffield Guard: Don't let anyone touch the safety device! If you see anyone suspicious, go ahead and cut them down!

Queen's Soldier: We have sighted the fairy who is suspected of being the Child of Prophecy. She must be dealt with here.

Queen's Soldier: Four of you, come with me. The rest stay here and finish off the citizens.

Queen's Soldier: Do not let anyone who dares defy the Queen escape.

Mash: Ha—! I am your opponent!

Mash: Shed any further blood, and I will respond in kind.

Mash: I am the Knight of Sheffield, Fairy Knight Galahad!

Mash: I am your enemy, and I will be the one to defeat you...!


Sheffield Fairy: The gate has been opened! The Child of Prophecy has opened the gate!

Sheffield Fairy: I don't see the Queen's army outside! Hurry up, hurry! We can take this chance to escape!

Habetrot: Alright, we're done here! We should escape too, Mash!

Habetrot: Leave Boggart to fend for the city.

Habetrot: He may be a brute, but he's still an actual knight. If he planned to rebel, I'm sure he was prepared to be defeated.

Habetrot: You don't have to stand with him. This is his final battle, and his alone.

Mash: ...Habetrot!

???: ...escaping is prohibited.

???: ...death by the noose, or death here. The choice is yours to make.

Sheffield Fairy: La, la—

Sheffield Fairy: Lancelot! It's Fairy Knight Lancelot!

Sheffield Fairy: Ee, eeeek! I'm going to be killed, I'm going to be killed!

Habetrot: Wha— What's that? Fairy...? Fairy Knight? THAT thing?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...Sighting of the Child of Prophecy, confirmed. I was hoping it would not fall to me, but I have no choice. She must be captured.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...more importantly. What did you say just now?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Galahad, was it...That's a grand statement for a nobody.

Habetrot: This is bad, she's coming for us. You have to give it everything you've got, Mash!

Habetrot: And yeah, why did you call yourself Galahad anyways!?

Habetrot: Just who is that even, what kind of sugar daddy are you keeping on the side, you...!

Mash: N-no, I don't know either, I was just spurred on by the heat of the moment...!

Mash: Never mind that, I will fight back! Everyone, please escape...!


Mash: Ugh-ghhhhh...!!!

Mash: I can't...stand up to...even one of powers are...already...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...I see. I figured you would would endure a little, but—that shield...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Relying on the protection of the Round Table is without sense. Such Mystery is completely different.

Sheffield Guard: Shit! That explosion just now was from the castle tower—did something happen to Lord Boggart!?

Habetrot: (Aha! It's nice to see you're not giving up, but that face! Oh come off it, don't tell me you're planning to save him—!? )

Fairy Knight Lancelot: have regained your strength, then. A stubborn one, aren't you?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Is it simply for the fact that you call yourself Galahad?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: But you can't, Child of Prophecy. This is the end for you.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: You cannot leave here. There is no need for two Children of Prophecy.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Farewell. You were far too hasty to name yourself a Fairy Knight, and to falsely assume the name of Galahad.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: —Who's there?

???: Sorry, but that young lady is my acquaintance.

???: I didn't want to involve myself, but it'd be no good for her to die here.

???: Stand down, Lancelot. That way, we can both return to our lives before long.

Mash: Are you—are you perhaps the wolf who's been watching over me constantly...?

???: Come on, does something so obvious really need to be said?

???: I guess you have good intuition, or rather, good discernment as always, young lady.

???: Leave this one to me and run. I can at least buy you some time.

Mash: Y-yes, I'll take your word for it! Thank you very much, robed man!

???: Huh, you're not going outside!? What are you doing, heading back into the castle!? Heeeeeyyyy!?

Habetrot: I knew it...

Habetrot: But it can't be helped, that's just how Mash is!

Habetrot: Grimm! You're Grimm, right! Sorry it's been so long, but I'm looking forward to working together again!

Grimm the Wise: Yeah, leave it to me. Though, if my enemy is her, there's no way I'd end up surviving!

Grimm the Wise: Nevertheless, I ask of you, will you be my enemy? I'll at least fight you with the determination to drive you out of this castle.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...Grimm. So, you are Grimm the Wise...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: A familiar of the savior who once lived during the Fairy Calendar. Now a Servant summoned in the Queen's Calendar, seemingly not having learned his lesson.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Her Majesty the Queen has given me leave to handle you...Out of curiosity, do you have any last words?

Grimm the Wise: It'd take too long to tell. Well, we're both outsiders in this Fairy Kingdom,

Grimm the Wise: so let's not worry about our surroundings, and fight to our heart's desire!


???: Huuuh, he deflected that one too. It seems true then, that he's as hardy as Gawain.

Fairy Knight Tristan: But hooooow sad ♡ I'm not interested in the hardness of his hide.

Fairy Knight Tristan: I want to touch his throbbing muscles, and scrape out his rumbling knotty intestines.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Look, your insides are a disarranged and suffering mess! I'm gonna make you look like an unsellable doll!



Beryl: Uh-oh, careful with that, Lady. You're making blood splatter all over us.

Beryl: I'm about to reunite with a very dear friend of mine. I can't have my only good suit getting stained.

Fairy Knight Tristan: What are you talking about? You were already covered in blood.

Fairy Knight Tristan: But hey, better yet, look, Beryl, how miserable Boggart is.

Fairy Knight Tristan: A spell that reflects the soul to create a projection...Look, look, it works just as I imagined!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Bend your arms ~ ♪ Bend your legs ~ ♪

Fairy Knight Tristan: He's just like some ugly marionette! This magecraft you taught me is too much fun!

Boggart: Agh—, agh, ah—!

Beryl: Yeah, they call it Fetch!

Beryl: I couldn't use it, because it was a little too advanced for me, but it is no problem for a fairy such as you.

Beryl: It's quite the perfect match, actually! Well, I didn't imagine you would become so addicted to it!

Fairy Knight Tristan: It's called Fetch, oh~~! I've decided, I will use this as my Noble Phantasm!

Fairy Knight Tristan: I'm going to use you as my plaything from now on, but you won't know what is happening.

Fairy Knight Tristan: You'll be in my hands, but won't know what they're doing to you.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Aaah— this is the best!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Shake your head from side to side, put your hands together in prayer! There is no better way for a fool to die!

Boggart: .... Screw you...Tris.... sow, as if— I—.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Shut it. Just die already. How are you still alive even after I dismantled your heart, damn it?

Beryl: Hold on, it's still too early for that. Stay calm. Please, Lady.

Beryl: Boggart still has to be useful one last time. He just has to stay alive a little longer...until...

Beryl: Speak of the devil, here she comes. Good. She really did love you, didn't she, my lord?

Mash: Are you all right, Boggart?

Boggart: —wh...y? —

Habetrot: Wait, Mash, slow down for a secon— Woah, what's that!?

Habetrot: Boggart is all bloody and floating in the air! The ones on the throne, is this their doing!?

Mash: ...guh. We're here to help now, please hold on...!

Beryl: Hooooooold it right there. If you move even an inch, Lord Boggart dies, okay?

Beryl: You came to help, right? Then let's be friendly, and talk it out first.

Beryl: Isn't that right, Mash? You're not a belligerent woman, are you?

Mash: You're—

Mash: ...someone I know. But my memory...

Beryl: Ah, I get it, I get it. Lost your memory, have you?

Beryl: What was it...Mikey? Minky? No, Funky?

Beryl: I got all the details from a guy with a name like that.

Beryl: But what a disaster, Mash! I can't even begin to imagine your troubles.

Beryl: Struggling so much in such a strange land! I, Beryl Gut, have come for you!

Beryl: I know everything about your past! Now, let's go to New Darlington together!

Beryl: We'll have lots of fun conversations there, just like old times, won't we?

Habetrot: ...Mash. This guy's no good. Lancelot was a troublesome opponent because she was so strong, but...

Habetrot: Whether he's strong or weak, this guy's bad. The stench of blood permeates his soul.

Mash: ...I agree with you. Even if he seems like someone I know...

Mash: We can't take his words for granted. That much we can be sure of.

Beryl: Oh, come now, Mash. What, you lost your memory and became peevish?

Beryl: Ah I see, it was was the poor nature of the fairies you kept company with, wasn't it?

Beryl: You're right. If I'd been around filthy bandits, I would be very suspicious too.

Beryl: But rest assured, I've always been your...

Mash: What happened to the fairy who told you about me?

Mash: —Tell me, where is Winky now?

Beryl: —I can't tell you that.

Beryl: After all, I don't know where dead people go when they die, nor do I really care to find out.

Mash: You—!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Hey! Don't you dare move another step!

Fairy Knight Tristan: No way!

Beryl: Oh...!

Beryl: H-how cruel, huh— I've never seen such a fierce romantic gesture—

Beryl: Scary, scary. At this rate, we'll be chopped to pieces.

Beryl: To be honest, neither I nor the Fairy Knight over there are any match for you right now.

Beryl: After all, you are the Fairy Knight who took the name of Galahad, the greatest of the Knights of the Round Table, the Knight of Heaven.

Beryl: Why, in that case we have no choice but use dirty tricks. If you will, Tristan.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Leave it to me. Are you sure this is what you want?

Fairy Knight Tristan: Look, I'm going to lead your beloved Lord Boggart over this wall. If I release the string, he will fall head first to the ground.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Falling from this height would be nothing for him normally, but this guy's been beaten to death's door.

Fairy Knight Tristan: It will be the finishing blow for him.

Fairy Knight Tristan: So, how long will you be courting my man for?

Beryl: Bless you, Lady Spinel!

Beryl: How did you even know what I wanted you to do? You're a genius!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Of course I understand you, it's you and I! I know exactly where this is going!

Mash: ...What on earth is your goal here?

Mash: You haven't come to capture the Child of capture me, have you?

Beryl: No, to be honest, I came here to kill the Child of Prophecy.

Beryl: But well, the situation is a bit tricky. It looks like we're in a tough spot.

Beryl: We're no match for you.

Beryl: You won't forgive us for hurting Boggart.

Beryl: Frankly, if Boggart dies here, we'll die next.

Beryl: We couldn't stop you if you flew into a rage.

Mash: ...That's right. I'm not sure you could either.

Beryl: Right, then! Let's do a bit of gambling!

Beryl: I'll share a secret with you. I am Morgan's Master.

Beryl: Ah, you don't understand the meaning of Master. Well, think of it like I'm Morgan's husband.

Beryl: If you kill me, Morgan's army and power alike will be halved.

Beryl: As the Child of Prophecy, you can't possibly pass up on this opportunity.

Beryl: As I said before, even the two of us are no match for you.

Beryl: It's a shame I set all this up to bring you here, because if it comes down to a fight between us, all will be lost.

Beryl: Unless there was some sort of...hindrance, I guess?

Mash: You're asking me to let you escape in exchange for saving Boggart?

Mash: You want me to choose one or the other.

Beryl: No, there'll be no need for you to choose, will there?

Narration: The thread that held Boggart in the air snapped.

Narration: Beryl Gut knew her all too well.

Narration: He knew full well that she would not hesitate to jump after Boggart to save him.

Mash: Boggart...!

Beryl: You see? No matter what's going on inside her head, her reaction will be the same regardless.

Beryl: Whether she lost her memory or not, it doesn't matter!

Narration: Beryl Gut's laughter echoed through the air. After laughing for a while at her do-or-die rescue...

Beryl: Now then, let's retrieve the Black Barrel— where would it be—

Beryl: Hey, Lady. The cannon that was up there until a little while ago. Big thing, three meters long.

Beryl: Where'd it go? Did it maybe just...fall down? Seriously?

Fairy Knight Tristan: Eh...sorry, I didn't see it. I was busy daydreaming about you, so...

Beryl: Ahhh...

Beryl: Well, nothing can be done about it! It's all right. Not a big deal!

Beryl: So we've had enough fun. Let's go home, Lady Spinel.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Huh? Is it alright to leave the Mash girl alone? You wanted her so badly.

Beryl: Yeah. Morgan told us not get into a fight with the Child of Prophecy, right?

Beryl: In the first place, everyone but Lancelot had the tables turned on them. I'll have to think for a little longer on how to get my hands on her.

Fairy Knight Tristan: ...That's right. She's stronger than me...

Fairy Knight Tristan: What's with that, that's so boring. She was so cocky, I wanted to mess her up.

Fairy Knight Tristan: I'm so stressed, I feel like I'm going to die. May I go and butcher the fairies here?

Beryl: Come now, it's better to just change the way you do things.

Beryl: I told you, didn't I? If you can't hurt them on the outside, then let them rot from the inside.

Beryl: As the Child of Prophecy, she will help others to her heart's content.

Beryl: What awaits her at the end is a guilty conscience.

Beryl: The more she acts the part of the Child of Prophecy, the more she'll despair at the end of it all.

Beryl: After all, that's the foundation on which this Fairy Kingdom was built, right?


Narration: She fell for a few seconds from the throne room, down into the castle courtyard.

Narration: She sprung down the castle wall, taking Boggart's dying body in her arms, and fell to the ground on her back.

Mash: Guh...ah—

Narration: She had moved to protect the dying Boggart, but his weight had been added to hers,

Narration: and as expected, she had become dizzy from the impact.

Mash: No, this is...nothing—! But Boggart, are you safe?

Boggart: —guh—

Boggart: I'm alright., it's only the second time I've fallen from this height.

Narration: Despite his gasping for air, Boggart's harsh tone remained.

Narration: The girl was relieved, but that relief was short-lived.

Narration: Boggart's body was cold as the stone around him, his breath short and sharp.

Mash: We'll get you medical care soon...but, all the people in the castle...

Boggart: No matter. There are no more medics.

Boggart: I could hear the clashing of swords. The sound of fires. The soldiers screaming as they fought.

Boggart: ...So that's it. They even took the castle?

Mash: the time I returned to the castle, it was already lost.

Boggart: You...why...

Boggart:'s all right.

Boggart: Take me to the rear gate. You returned to assist me, so will you do that?

Mash: Yes. Ah, no, Habetrot hasn't...

Habetrot: I'm right here~! What were you thinking, jumping off the castle walls like that!

Habetrot: Thankfully, it turned out to be the fastest escape route.

Mash: Thank goodness...! As one would expect of you, Habenyan, you're light and nimble!

Habetrot: That's right! My spinning machine can even fly for a while! It's got all the bells and whistles you'd expect!

Habetrot: But you're not allowed to call me Habenyan! That would make me the happiest of all!

Mash: Right.

Mash: Now then, I will escort Boggart to the rear gate! Habetrot, can you cover us?

Narration: “Of course,” Habetrot replied with a nod.

Narration: All the while, the girl tried her best to hold Boggart's large frame in her arms.

Narration: She came to the realization that the magical energy which had overwhelmed her earlier had now dissipated.

Narration: With her fight against Lancelot, and the fall just now, she had long since reached her limit.

Boggart: You fool. You might be a Fairy Knight, but you are still part human.

Mash: You mustn't, Boggart! You cannot carry me with that body of yours...!

Mash: I can walk on my own, so just set me down!

Boggart: If you don't even have the strength to remove my grip on your body, you will not convince me of such a thing.

Boggart: The rear gate is this way. Let's go.

Narration: Boggart lifted her aloft in his arms and, with his body covered in blood, began his stride.

Narration: Laboriously, painstakingly, but as steadily and earnest as a groom running away with his bride in his arms.

Habetrot: Woah, it's even worse than before!

Habetrot: This is bad, Boggart. The rear gate is crowded with fairies! If we approach now, the Queen's soldiers are sure to spot us!

Narration: Until this moment, Habetrot had managed to lead them past the Queen's army undetected.

Narration: But such good fortune was drawing to a close.

Narration: Once they entered the street leading to the gate, the Child of Prophecy and Boggart alike would be seen by everyone.

Boggart: Indeed...It is quite fortuitous that the gates are open, but this...hmm?

Boggart: ...No, we will exit from that gate. If we stay here, we're sure to be found out.

Boggart: With your help, some of my strength has returned. We will run from here.

Boggart: I will also have to lead the people who are still confused about whether they should stay in the city or escape.

Boggart: Child of Prophecy. You stand out. Keep your head down until we're outside.

Mash: ...? Y-yes, I understand.

Boggart: ...Alright, let's get going.

Boggart: Why are you dawdling, you fools!?

Boggart: The castle has fallen, the fighting in the main street has come to an end! The Queen's soldiers are coming this way!

Boggart: Escape through the back gate into the twisting cave of Thistle Hill! If you are a citizen of Sheffield, you know what this means, don't you?

Sheffield Fairies: Lord Boggart! You're alive!?

Sheffield Fairies: B-but, the twisting cave of Thistle Hill is a place of no return. That's where the Fairy Deadlord...

Boggart: I will be going. Should you have other plans in mind, do as you please. But you cannot stay here.

Boggart: Hear them now, their footsteps! The largest body of the Queen's army, Gawain's Black Dog squad, approaches!

Sheffield Fairies: Damn it!

Narration: At Boggart's command, the fairies all rushed out of the rear gate, one after the other.

Narration: Boggart held the girl, as if to relieve the fairies' confusion.

Narration: And then he himself slowly marched through the gate.

Habetrot: You did great, Boggart. But what will we do if they make it outside?

Habetrot: Look behind you, the Queen's army is chasing after us!

Habetrot: As long as the gates remain open, they will soon catch up to the people—huh?

Habetrot: The gates are closing...What a contraption, Boggart.

Habetrot: It's designed to close after you walk through it?

Boggart: ...It seems so...once again, we have been blessed with good fortune.

Mash: Huh?

Narration: There was a tone of anguish to Boggart's voice. Through it, you could sense that something was not right.

Narration: She raised her head with all her might, and faced the now distant gate.


Mash: Wait. Please wait! Wait...! Aah...aah...!

Mash: G—...G—.

Mash: Good—Goodbye, goodbye!

Mash: Thank you for...for saving me that day...!

Mash: Thank you for granting me a name...! Thank you for always making me smile...!

Narration: With Boggart still holding her in his arms where they stood,

Narration: she frantically waved toward the two brothers, thanking them with the most genuine smile she could muster.

Rob: Master Boggart, he's alive! Is that Mash?

Rob: So they got there in time to help this situation, we should do something to help, as well...

Rob: ...but...this...

Wag: How awful, Mash's face is so pale! I can see it all the way from here!

Wag: I bet Lancelot got to her, and that's why Boggart is supporting her!

Wag: But what a relief that they're able to run away!

Wag: We should go too, bro! We could travel with Mash once again!

Rob: ......Right. That wouldn't be so bad.

Rob: I bet we could even get Master Boggart to join us. He'd be a great bodyguard.

Rob: And if he was there, things would be a lot easier for Mash. Hehe, Winky might object to that, though.

Rob: But you know, before we do that, there's something else we have to take care of.

Wag: Huh? What could that possibly be? What could be so important right now?

Rob: Yeah, someone's gotta do it. I can't do this alone.

Rob: Wag, I can't do this without you.

Wag: Brother? What's with that scary face?

Wag: Come on, tell me. We're brothers, aren't we? If there's something you want to do, I'll help you.

Rob: Oh, right, right. Well then, let's go close that gate.

Rob: We overheard how to do it earlier, so it should be easy.

Rob: We lower the lever to close the gate, and trigger the safety mechanism so that it can't open again.

Rob: That should be enough. The Queen's army won't be able to get outside for a while.

Wag: Haaah!? Bro, what are you saying?


Wag: —Alright. I see, I see. Alright, brother! Let's do it!

Wag: But we can at least say goodbye first, right? I wouldn't want to worry Mash!

Rob: Sure. We'll have to break into the guardroom either way, so let's go to the top of the stairs and escape to the top of the gate.

Rob: And then...alright, alright, Master Boggart has his eyes on us.

Rob: He's a real stickler for detail, he is. I'm sure he's guessed the plan.

Boggart: Why are you dawdling, you fools!?

Narration: Boggart's sturdy voice resounded throughout the square.

Narration: It gathered the attention of the confused fairies, but at the same time, it called the attention of the Queen's army.

Rob: Well then, let's go, Wag. This is the first time I've been this excited since we came to the Fairy Kingdom.

Wag: Yeah, you're right, bro! We've made people angry, been scolded, hated...

Wag: We've been through a lot, but in the end, I'm glad we ended up here!

Narration: And so the gate shut.

Narration: The Queen's soldiers were, of course, furious.

Narration: When they found the two fairies hiding in the guardroom, they would slash them without end to try and drive them out.

Narration: Outside they could see Boggart moving away, and in his arms, the face of the girl who turned to face them.

Wag: Look, brother, Mash spotted us! She's looking right here!

Wag: Heey, heey! I'm glad you're okay! Take caaaaaare!

Wag: I'm too much of an idiot to make myself clear but...Thank you for everything, I mean it!

Wag: Thank you for saving our lives!

Narration: Rob looked on sorrowfully, yet pridefully, as his younger brother waved and gestured.

Narration: The sound of military boots echoed downstairs. Soon, their journey would meet its end.

Rob: ...Hey, it isn't all bad. When you put your life on the line for something, you know you're doing it for what matters the most.

Rob: Aah, screw it, I'm waving too! I don't give a shit about the Queen's men!

Rob: So long, and good luck, Mash!

Rob: Don't worry about us, we've already gotten our payment!

Rob: Despite the prophecy, you saved us, you whimsical knight!

Rob: It was a great journey! My most cherished memory, I'll never forget it for as long as I live!

Narration: Following this, some soldiers gave chase, but Boggart and his people were able to escape undetected.

Narration: This is how the battle of Sheffield came to its end.

Narration: Above that rear gate, the voices of those two fairies, seeing their friend off until the very end, lived on forever and ever.


Narration: The fairies who escaped from Sheffield were in a certain cave in the north.

Narration: The twisted cave in Thistle Hill. An evil cave inhabited by a lone Fairy Deadlord.

Narration: Boggart had prepared this place for use as an emergency shelter.

Narration: The Fairy Deadlord had been done in by Boggart, and it was now a sanctuary.

Narration: Naturally, there were stockpiles of food prepared for humans. There were even the oak trees that the fairies liked.

Narration: As Lord, Boggart had done what was required of him. Even so, Boggart was now—

Sheffield Guard: Lord Boggart, please, at least have a drink of this. It's morning dew of the thistle flower.

Sheffield Guard: It might at least moisten your throat...

Boggart: ...

Narration: Boggart did not move any longer. The heat had all but left his body, and the light all but left his eyes.

Narration: It had been a lie that his strength had returned. It was the last remaining stubbornness of him as a lord.

Boggart: ......Hey, where is the Child of Prophecy...?

Mash: ...Yes, I'm right here with you, Lord Boggart.

Boggart: ...You? Well, that'd be right...the fairies are here too.

Boggart: ...This place leads to the Eastern Vein Corridor, Odovena. The Odovena is Britain's leyline cavern...

Boggart: can get to any city without going up to the surface...if you wish to escape, use it well.

Boggart: .... Guards. If you have scattered the Queen's pursuers, remain here for a while.

Boggart: Remember, do not seek sanctuary from Knocknarea in the north.

Boggart: She is generous to those who come, but ruthless to those who leave.

Boggart: As a ruler, she's no better than Morgan. If you must seek help, go to the Round Tables in the south—ugh...!

Sheffield Guard: Lord Boggart! Please rest!

Sheffield Guard: Leave it to us, the people of Sheffield, your people, we will protect them!

Boggart: ...the people of...Sheffield...

Boggart: For 100 years...I came here, stirred by the anger of being driven out of Norwich...

Boggart: ...I had it better than I thought...I now realize that.

Boggart: ...I had land, had people...had a burning purpose.

Boggart: ......Oh, indeed, I hated Morgan. I hated Woodwose, I hated Spriggan.

Boggart: I desired the throne of the Fairy Kingdom for vengeance, but...

Boggart: I wanted to protect Norwich...I really did.

Boggart: I wanted to live up to the expectations of me as a lord. I wanted to save my people. More than anything—

Boggart: I wanted to return to my hometown. That bustling city of sea breeze and busy craftsmen...

Boggart: ...I wonder why. I thought I hated that restless place.

Boggart: Are you familiar with these strange feelings, Child of Prophecy?

Mash: ...Yes.

Mash: ...It's called homesickness. From the beginning, you...

Mash: Lord Boggart, you raised your troops just to save Norwich.

Boggart: Ha.... it's as can see right through me, hahaha.

Boggart: You, the “Child of Prophecy”, who despises war. What happened to that “Iron Cylinder”...?

Narration: She shook her head. I wonder if Boggart noticed the look on her face.

Boggart: ...I see...I have given you an excuse to escape.

Boggart: ...I never had any doubt about myself as a lord, but...

Boggart: .... Mash. Until the very end, to you I was never—

Narration: And so, Boggart drew his final breath in peace.

Narration: The fairies mourned the loss of their lord, and felt the anxiety of what might happen tomorrow crashing down on them.

Narration: Muffled air filled the cave. In the midst of it all, she alone looked up with strength.

Sheffield Guard: Lady Mash, that shield in your hand...what are you going to do...?

Habetrot: Well, you're not Boggart's wife anymore. So? What are you going to do from now on, Mash?

Mash: I'm heading to Norwich.

Sheffield Guard: Lady Mash!? No, are you going to Norwich all by yourself!?

Mash: Yes. Not because I am the Child of Prophecy. I'm going to save Norwich from the danger it faces.

Mash: That's what I want to do most now. It feels as if it is my duty.

Sheffield Guard: That' that case, we will accompany you! We have to protect the Child of Prophecy!

Habetrot: How-ev-er! Your job is to guard the people.

Habetrot: I get how you feel, but if you're so heartless, Boggart will definitely come back to haunt you, don't you think?

Sheffield Guard: Well, that's...that's true, isn't it! But is it really okay to go alone, Lady Mash?

Habetrot: She's not alone, I'm with her. Besides, I'll be able to show her the way.

Mash: Wolfie! I knew you'd be following me still!

White Wolf: ...

Narration: The wolf did not give a single howl, but merely turned it's back on Mash and walked away.

Narration: Deeper and deeper into the cave. Into the long, dark labyrinth they knew as Odovena. .

Habetrot: Eh, leaving already? You're so impatient. But well, we don't have much time, so we should hurry up.

Habetrot: Using the Vein Corridor, it will take no less than a week to get to Norwich.

Habetrot: There's no telling when the rumored “Calamity Pool” will come alive. We can't afford to waste any time.

Sheffield Guard: ...That's right. Odovena is a perilous place.

Sheffield Guard: We would be a burden to Lady Mash.

Sheffield Guard: ...We wish you the best of luck, Lady Mash. You have our gratitude for saving Lord Boggart.

Mash: —Yes. But it is I who should be grateful for everything.

Mash: Please, everyone, don't make any rash decisions. Take good care of yourself.

Mash: I am the knight of Sheffield, leave saving Norwich to me!

Narration: And so, she departed on her journey, this time in the truest sense of the word.

Narration: She would have various adventures in the Vein Corridor, but I'll spare you the details for the sake of brevity.

Narration: After breaking through the labyrinth, and meeting with all kinds of different fairies, this lone Child of Prophecy would arrive at the city of her destiny, Norwich.

Narration: To find out what would happen there, and what happens after—you'll just have to wait for the rest of the story!

Section 8: River of Dracae

Oberon: And that's all there is to know about the current situation in Britain! I hope you got all that!

Artoria: You managed to tour all of Britain in only two days!? Even though you're this tiny!?

Oberon: We're on such a tight schedule, it makes the end of the year seem like a time to relax! I hope you realise that!

Da Vinci: Sorry, but I don't understand a thing! It feels like you only showed me snapshots from your vacation!

Da Vinci: You need to give us something more concrete to work with!

Da Vinci: All I got from it was “peace,” “peace,” “danger”, “peace”, and “made you dumbfounded”!

Oberon: Zzz......

Da Vinci: Don't fall asleeeeeeep! Wake uuuuuuuuup!

Oberon: Sorry. When I'm in my reconnaissance form, I end up a little less intelligent.

Oberon: Anyways, there wasn't much movement in either Gloucester and Salisbury.

Oberon: There's a rumor coming from Camelot that the Queen has begun preparing some large-scale magecraft.

Oberon: And supposedly, the Calamity Pool in Norwich will rupture in a few days.

Oberon: As for Sheffield, the cornerstone of the north—

Oberon: ...Well, I wasn't able to gather much, since there wasn't anyone left there any more.

Fujimaru 1: But why suggest heading to Norwich now?

Fujimaru 2: I thought you said it was still too early to tell?

Oberon: To that end, actually, I think the time is ripe.

Oberon: Fujimaru and da Vinci are serious about saving Britain.

Oberon: Artoria's made her first reliable companions. And with Muramasa joining us, we've gained some ability to fight, too.

Oberon: To be honest, even more fighting power would be ideal, but we can't be too greedy.

Oberon: We're running out of time. Now is our last chance to head to Norwich.

Artoria: Is that all there is to it? Is there not another reason?

Artoria: When you talked about what happened in Sheffield, you seemed more shook up than usual.

Oberon: There isn't another reason. None at all.

Oberon: It's not as if I was thinking, “if everything goes well, we may be able to make a powerful ally in Sheffield. ”

Oberon: We only stopped here for a small break, didn't we?

Oberon: It's not good to stay in one place. You guys are the center of attention in Britain right now.

Oberon: Well, it'd be nice to have a base, but my forest isn't at all suitable for that.

Oberon: If we were attacked, we wouldn't last a single day here. After all, that's what happened to Sheffi—

Oberon: No, forget I said anything. It was a slip of the tongue.

Oberon: Now's the time to gather allies. I strongly advise that we head to Norwich next.

Oberon: Don't you agree, Fujimaru? I heard your proclamation earlier, after all.

Oberon: You know it too, right? As the “Child of Prophecy”, Artoria lacks both self-confidence and...

Fujimaru 1: Accomplishments.

Oberon: Exactly! As a savior, nothing is more important than having “saved a city”!

Fujimaru 2: True strength.

Oberon:, well, it's good to be strong, but I'm talking about something else. You know, that thing.

Oberon: ...if you would, da Vinci?

Da Vinci: The accomplishment of having “saved a city”. Artoria isn't a knight who fights alone.

Da Vinci: If she's to lead a large number of fairies, reputation matters more than strength.

Senji Muramasa: I see. If we can repel this Calamity, where even Queen Morgan has thrown in the towel,

Senji Muramasa: the Child of Prophecy will no longer be but a mere rumor, and instead become reality. There wouldn't be anyone left who would doubt Artoria.

Artoria: I'm sure you're right, but...umm...I wonder if the current me could really purify the Calamity Pool...

Senji Muramasa: Without a doubt! You can do anything with that vigor you displayed at the auction house!

Senji Muramasa: Worst case scenario, you'll get hit and shatter into a million pieces! I'll be right there to pick up your remains if you do!

Senji Muramasa: You've got this far being reckless, haven't you? Isn't that right, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: With the same energy, you can do it!

Fujimaru 2: If anything, getting shattered is when the real fight begins.

Artoria: I'll have you know, I'm actually really cautious!

???: That's right! Zooooooom!

???: Artoria is a bear full of courage, vigor, and the power to lead us forward!

???: She'll absolutely, absoluuuuutely be able to do something about Norwich, no doubt about it!

???: Let's get going right away, and start on our journey! Our destination is Norwich, the City of Calamity!

???: To save Britain, with all of our powers combined!

Everyone else: ...who are you!?

I:???: Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Gareth!

Gareth: Gareth the Wanderer, aspiring to be Artoria's squire!

Welsh Fairy:

welsh1-lightHere you go, here you go!

welsh1-lightLunch, lunch!

Gareth: Aha. Thank you again for the food today. (Munch munch munch. )

Gareth: Both the fruit that you gave me yesterday and today are absolutely delicious, thank you! The forest here is truly wonderful!

Da Vinci: Sorry, but could we return to our earlier conversation? In summary, so far you've—

Gareth: Yes! I've been following you since your time in Gloucester!

Gareth: Ah, since you attended the auction, to be exact! Even against an enemy like Tristan, someone that every fairy fears,

Gareth: you took her verbal slugfest head on, cool as a cucumber! And then even had a magecraft duel, like KABOOM!

Gareth: “I ate my vegetables every day for sixteen years! ” “Go back to school and start from scratch! ”

Gareth: Yes...Just thinking back on it, your choice of words filled me with determination!

Gareth: That's when I became convinced! Artoria is the lord whom I will serve!

Gareth: And of course, I've been spying on what you've been doing since the auction, too!

Gareth: Artoria was always the first to lend a hand, no matter how suspicious the person asking for help was!

Gareth: I don't know anyone in Britain these days who would be so trusting towards other fairies!

Gareth: I don't know much about Ainsel's prophecy, or even the rumors going around, but...

Gareth: Artoria. I know that you are the one destined to save Britain.

Gareth: So please...let me join you on your pilgrimage.

Gareth: I'm a low-class fairy who has been wandering from city to city, but I, Gareth, will make myself useful for sure...!

Artoria: Umm, uhhh...what should I do, guys?

Artoria: I'm not the great fairy she makes me out to be, and being called a lord is just so...

Fujimaru 1: Artoria. You're smiling, you're definitely smiling!

Artoria: Huh, really!? Wait wait, deep breaths, take deep breaths!

Fujimaru 2: (This is definitely Gareth...)

Da Vinci: (Yeah. Gareth, also known as Beaumains. One of the Knights of the Round Table in pan-human history. )

Da Vinci: (But let's just keep quiet about that for now. After all, Artoria looks genuinely happy! )

Oberon: ...Can I ask you something? Why do you want to be Artoria's squire?

Oberon: You said you don't care about Ainsel's prophecy, or the rumors going around.

Oberon: So, you don't believe in the “Child of Prophecy”. That being the case, what is it that you see in Artoria?

Gareth: That's...well, yes.

Gareth: ...To tell you the truth, I've been wandering for so long, I don't even know what kind of fairy I am.

Gareth: I'm not part of the Wind Clan, nor the Earth Clan, nor the Fang Clan. I'm no good at any of that kind of stuff.

Gareth: But ever since I was born, I've had this “purpose” in my heart...

Gareth: This time, I will protect everyone. This time, I want to become a fairy who can fight for real.

Gareth: ...I want to actually help those who are suffering. That's the purpose in my heart right now.

Gareth: But I'm not very strong, so the only thing I've been able to do is be patient.

Gareth: I managed to get my hands on an iron weapon, and I'd been managing to defeat some of the Mors.

Gareth: At the same time, I saw some Fairy Knights working for Her Majesty from afar. And then I thought, from the bottom of my heart,

Gareth: “I want to become a knight like that, too. ”

Gareth: I want to become a knight who protects everyone, and become powerful enough to serve a ruler whom I really respect.

Gareth: But soon after, I heard that Her Majesty Morgan was actually a bad ruler, and that the Fairy Knights were just knights who can defeat the Mors...

Gareth: And so, I was convinced that my dream would never come true, as long as Britain stays the way it is.

Gareth: However!

Gareth: When I heard there was an auction for a fairy who would save Britain, I snuck in at the last possible moment.

Gareth: After my fateful encounter with Artoria, my dream of becoming a knight came true!

Gareth: Err, no, I haven't fulfilled my dream yet, feels like I have.

Gareth: Well, that's all I have to say!

Gareth: I hope you understand why I want to serve Artoria now!

Oberon: I see. Well, it can't be helped.

Oberon: I suspected that she was a spy sent by Morgan, but there's no way someone this awkward and clumsy works for her.

Oberon: And it looks like Artoria and Fujimaru support you.

Oberon: So of course, I support you too. The more people we have on our side, the better. Let's work together from now on, Gareth.

Oberon: Also, you mentioned you didn't know what kind of fairy you were, but I guess that's all sorted now.

Oberon: You're the first subject of Artoria. Gareth, the “apprentice knight”.


Artoria: Nice combination! We did it, Gareth!

Gareth: Yes! We may have been an inch from certain defeat, but that was a total victory!

Fujimaru 1: You two are really getting along well!

Da Vinci: They seem to be about the same age too. Are you jealous, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 2: What's an Okikuchan?

Senji Muramasa: Yeah, I have a bad feeling about this...I hope it's not the first in a series to come.

Oberon: I have never seen a fairy like that before. Maybe it was a stray fairy who made this place its territory?

Oberon: Either way, good work everyone.

Oberon: Fujimaru, da Vinci, and Artoria can return to the carriage.

Oberon: Gareth and Muramasa, can you continue guarding Red Rab-bit for now?

Oberon: Without proper protection, we're sitting ducks for bandits and beasts alike.

Gareth: Leave it to me! Running is my specialty!

Senji Muramasa: Da Vinci would attract the wrong kind of attention. We need someone who exudes toughness, I guess, huh?

Fujimaru 1: At this pace, how long will it take to get to Norwich?

Oberon: About two days or so, I believe. That is, assuming there's no trouble along the way.

Oberon: Sure, stray fairy attacks like the one we just encountered don't really count, that's just par for the course.

Oberon: What we should be worrying about is running into the Queen's guard patrols. They are also the reason why we don't go any faster than this.

Oberon: A carriage going down the road in a hasty manner is an obvious case of someone running away from something, isn't it?

Oberon: If they stopped us and looked in the carriage, we wouldn't be able to fool them.

Da Vinci: The Child of Prophecy...are you saying there are wanted posters of Artoria out there?

Oberon: No, not of Artoria. They would just see her as another country fairy.

Oberon: It's Fujimaru who would be in danger.

Oberon: In most cases, it's strictly forbidden for non-military personnel to go outside the city.

Oberon: They would question [♂ him /♀ her] about which clan they belong to, and they would find out the truth.

Da Vinci: Just like a police questioning...Morgan even has that stuff figured out.

Oberon: Right. That's why we're maintaining this speed. We'll only let it fly when we're “completely hostile”.

Oberon: By the way, Artoria, is this your first visit to Norwich?

Artoria: Yeah, it's my first! Norwich, the city of blacksmiths! I've always wanted to go there!

Fujimaru 1: Huh? But, don't fairies hate iron?

Artoria: The Wind Clan does, but the Earth Clan treats it as a commodity.

Artoria: Fairies hate “weapons made of iron”,

Artoria: but when used in everyday items or constructions, they're not so averse to it.

Artoria: Well, frequent handling of iron may get you complaints from those in the neighborhood, but that's just proof of your ability as a craftsman!

Oberon: Hmm, it'll be your first time in Norwich, so I'm sorry you'll be seeing it in such a shocking state, but...

Oberon: To be perfectly honest, this will be the first major turning point.

Oberon: I believe Britain's fate will be decided by how well we fare in Norwich.

Oberon: See, it's just as the prophecy said:

Oberon: “A city of iron, a sea of soot. When the calamity is repelled, the pilgrimage will be hailed. ”

Da Vinci: That's definitely about Norwich, isn't it? The prophecy of the Child of Prophecy might be abstract 80% of the time,

Da Vinci: but that line very clearly indicates a “where” and “what”.

Da Vinci: Both for us, and for Artoria alike, it's a battle that we cannot afford to lose.

Oberon: Right. Whether real or fake, the Child of Prophecy must save Norwich.

Oberon: However, on the other hand, you could argue that no calamity will strike Norwich until the Child of Prophecy arrives there.

Oberon: In that case, there's no need for us to worry too much right now.

Oberon: This might be our last chance at a peaceful journey, so let's just enjoy it while we can.

Oberon: Oh, right. This will be Fujimaru's first time east of Salisbury too, right?

Oberon: We'll be passing Oxford soon. I'd suggest you get a good look.

Oberon: Oxford is the home of Woodwose, chief of the Fang Clan. The city houses another bell that the Child of Prophecy must toll.

Da Vinci: Huh, aren't we going to stop by?

Oberon: Sure, I'd love to show you around the restaurant district by the main street, but Woodwose is a very violent man. If we meet, there will inevitably be a battle.

Oberon: He wouldn't even try to test our mettle like Muryan did.

Da Vinci: There would be no room for talking it I guess Oxford's is a bell that must be rung by force?

Oberon: You're right. It would be impossible for us to ring the bell there without the use of force.

Oberon: Although the appearance of the Fairy Knights has diminished the extent of Woodwose's authority, the Fang Clan remains the dominating force in the Fairy Kingdom.

Oberon: We won't be able to take on Oxford for quite some time still.

Fujimaru 1: ...and we would turn the city into a battlefield?

Oberon: ...Well, that's the thing. You could say that's what ringing the bells is all about.

Oberon: Aurora and Muryan are exceptions in that they don't want to turn their cities into battlefields.

Oberon: But from the very start, Oxford is a place of bloodshed.

Oberon: In year 800 of the Queen's Calendar, about 1,200 years ago now, this area was the domain of the Wing Clan.

Oberon: But the Fang clan took it from them by force, and killed all the members of the Wing Clan.

Fujimaru 1: In other words, Muryan in Gloucester is...

Artoria: There may have been others in the clan who survived, but...

Artoria: From what I've heard, Muryan is one of the sole survivors of the Wing Clan.

~Oxford, the Clan Head's private chambers~

Fang Fairy: Welcome back, Lord Woodwose. Thank you for your service at Camelot.

Woodwose: Hmph, what a waste. Forced to spend my time in such inconclusive meetings.

Woodwose: The number of tagalongs have also increased. Year by year, Her Majesty's audiences become increasingly suffocating.

Woodwose: No, that's not the issue. The issue is the other clans!

Woodwose: Spriggan and I are the only heads who attend!

Woodwose: Knocknarea the rebel, Muryan the coward, and Ainsel, who remains forever in hiding!

Woodwose: They only care about their own wants and needs, with no regard for the future of this realm! The only sane heads remaining are me and Aurora!

Fang Fairy: So it is, indeed. Lord Woodwose is a patriot who truly concerns himself with the Fairy Kingdom.

Fang Fairy: Please, as soon as you can, you should proceed with your marriage plans with Her Majesty...

Woodwose: M-mm. That's right. The king of the Fairy Kingdom should be a man of strength.

Woodwose: And yet, Beryl Gut...!

Woodwose: While we were carefully laying the groundwork, he swooped in and took Her Majesty's hand as if it were his to take!

Woodwose: The fact that he claims to be a “foreign magus” matters not, why should I be deceived by a mere human!

Fang Fairy: ...L-Lord Woodwose...

Human Guard: Excuse me, Lord of Oxford! I am here to report on the resource management at the ranch!


Fang Fairy: (Manoy...what awful timing...after all the trouble you went through to become a soldier...)

Human Guard: Uh, uhm...Lord of Oxford. I'd l-like to state my report, if I may.

Woodwose: I do not care. Speak.

Human Guard: Sir! Of the 60 humans housed at the West Ranch, 10 were sent to Camelot, and the remaining 50...

Woodwose: Were sent here. Hm...Well, that's good. With 50 men, we'll be able to let everyone with advancing Mors symptoms—

Human Guard: About's...the remaining 50 were all taken to Manchester, into Gawain's custody.

Human Guard: She said they were in need of re-education. .

Woodwose: She can't do that! She confiscated them, that brat!

Human Guard: Hyaa!?

Fang Fairy: P-please calm down, Lord Woodwose...! The soldier merely stated his report!

Woodwose: Quiet! Why should we suffer so for the sake of such a fragile being!?

Woodwose: We can increase the number of humans as we wish, and yet the Queen hasn't increased the number of shipments at all!

Fang Fairy: That's...because only humans with emotions have functioning creativity that can nurture us fairies...

Woodwose: We cannot afford such flexibility in Britain right now!

Woodwose: The Mors grow in number every day! If we don't increase our manpower, this city will be devoured!

Woodwose: Or does the Queen think that it's of no issue, as long as she has her Fairy Knights!?

Woodwose: You have no idea about the hardships our Fang clan has gone through to fight for our Queen...!

Human Guard:

Fang Fairy: ...Lord Woodwose...

Woodwose: Huuu...

Woodwose: ...Be tolerant...for I am a warrior worthy of serving my Queen...

Woodwose: Discard of the body. I will be having dinner.

Woodwose: Aurora has brought some good wine. It seems the Wind Clan is also struggling to survive.

Fang Fairy: J-just like that...

Fang Fairy: were a talented chef...but you said you wanted to be of help to Lord Woodwose, despite being human...

Fang Fairy: If fairies and humans are so different...then why can't humans know their place...?


Senji Muramasa: This was the third one...Exterminating monster cats is not exactly my forte...

Artoria: Since we spent the night by Oxford, we've been on the road for two days...

Artoria: The animals are growing increasingly ferocious here. Could it be because we're so close to the Great Pit?

Fujimaru 1: Great mean the one you can see over there?

Artoria: Right, the Great Pit at the center of Britain.

Artoria: And that wall rising up on its north side, as if to shelter the Great Pit, is Camelot Castle.

Artoria: The capital of sin, Camelot, where Her Majesty Queen Morgan resides.

Da Vinci: That Great Pit...Mike told me about it. He said it was a place to dispose of sinister things.

Da Vinci: A fairy who lost their name may vanish from the city and end up in the forest in the west of the island.

Da Vinci: However, some things are simply no longer needed, or just cannot be gotten rid of or destroyed. Things that are simply obstructions.

Da Vinci: Such unwanted things are what we might call non-combustible waste. That hole is a place for disposing of such things.

Da Vinci: It looks pretty deep, but I wonder just how deep it is. Could you tell, Muramasa?

Senji Muramasa: Oh, that? It's likely near 10,000 meters deep.

Senji Muramasa: I fell in, but didn't reach the bottom. As I fell, Lancelot blew me off course.

Senji Muramasa: Thankfully, I was able to catch myself on the wall.

Fujimaru 1: Ten thousand!?

Fujimaru 2: That's as deep as the Mariana Trench!

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, how do you know how deep the Mariana Trench is?

Da Vinci: Is there a connection here, or what?

Red Rabbit: My friends, please stop talking about the Great Pit. You'll bring bad luck over yourself and me alike listening to this.

Red Rabbit: That Great Pit is something “everyone knows” of in the Fairy Kingdom, but “nobody should speak of”.

Red Rabbit: It is simply bad luck. Do you remember the fairies who had gone there to dump their waste?

Red Rabbit: They are ones who have sinned, and been put in charge of the Great Pit as punishment. The Pilgrims of the Landfill.

Red Rabbit: Regular fairies shouldn't even be looking at the hole, so just forget about it.

Da Vinci: Pilgrims in spite of being offenders...that's...

Gareth: It's strange, isn't it? I thought it was strange too.

Gareth: I don't understand why they're called pilgrims in the first place. “Pilgrim” is a word coined for the sake of the Child of Prophecy, isn't it?

Gareth: A memento left behind by the six fairies who were there in the beginning.

Gareth: They were enshrined, and the bell towers are a means of representing our roots.

Gareth: And so, I heard that Ainsel named this journey to the bell tower shrines in order to govern the clans a “pilgrimage”.

Da Vinci: I see. That's right, there shouldn't be such a concept as a “pilgrimage” in the Fairy Kingdom.

Da Vinci: It's something made up specifically for the Child of Prophecy. That makes sense.

Artoria: Huh? In Fujimaru's pan-human history, is “pilgrimage” a common word?

Da Vinci: Yeah.'re not familiar with that, are you?

Da Vinci: If many people believe in, find salvation in, and cooperate under a single teaching...

Da Vinci: If those people were to travel to the place where that teaching them, that place would be sacred,

Da Vinci: and that's what you'd call a “pilgrimage”. In our world, it's something anyone can do.

Da Vinci: It is the simplest and most important ritual you can partake in.

Artoria: Anyone! You don't have to be chosen by a prophecy to go on a pilgrimage!

Oberon: That's the beauty of pan-human history. Everyone is equal, and no one is special.

Oberon: Even if you do something bad, you can be forgiven if you atone for your misdeeds. And even if you've done something good, you can still be punished for your wrongdoings.

Oberon: Basically, it's a world of discussion. Though it's not always that simple.

Oberon: What happens today carries over to tomorrow, and what happens tomorrow carries over to the next day.

Oberon: There's no “eternity” or “change” the same way there is for fairies, so the outside world is constantly changing.

Artoria: Woah—I see. It really is a very human land, isn't it?

Artoria: As someone who is always falling behind, I think a world where everyone helps each other out sounds really nice.

Artoria: No, everyone in the Fairy Kingdom are alike, so we shouldn't bother comparing who's better!

Fujimaru 1: You're right.

Fujimaru 2: At least Britain is lovely.

Artoria: What about you, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Huh?

Artoria: Ah, what? Did I ask that in a strange way just now maybe?

Artoria: I just want to know how you feel about your own world.

Artoria: How do you see yourself in the future, is what I'm trying to ask...

Fujimaru 1: Oh, like that...

Artoria: Yeah, like that.

Fujimaru 1: I don't know how to put it, but...

Fujimaru 1: I think I'll like it as much as anyone else...

Fujimaru 2: I think it makes me just a little anxious...

Senji Muramasa: Oh, that's a surprise! The Fairy Kingdom has splendid bridges too—

Senji Muramasa: —hold up, is that it?

Senji Muramasa: It's awful, the entire thing has collapsed from the piers up. Did they make a mistake in the structural analysis of the framework or something?

Oberon: Some time ago, there was a rainy season in the Fairy Kingdom. The river probably flooded,

Oberon: and that in combination with the Mors' violent rampages probably lead to this.

Oberon: But we have other issues. On the other side of this “River of Tears”, beyond that hill, you can see Norwich, but...

Fujimaru 1: Is the river too deep to cross?

Oberon: Yes, it's much deeper than it seems. According to some it's even bottomless.

Fujimaru 2: Can fairy carriages fly...or something?

Red Rabbit: Flying would be nonsensical! What do you think the ground is for!?

Red Rabbit: Romance! Romance needs to be considered! Even had I wings, I would run on the ground! That's just how I am!

Oberon: S-sure? I don't really get it, but I've received your complaint.

Gareth: So this is the end for the carriage then? Thank you for your service, Red Rab-bit!

Red Rabbit: What was that, you dog-eared mutt!? In this moment, I am Fujimaru's faithful steed.

Red Rabbit: On our journey here, as I composed my poems, I swore to accompany [♂ him /♀ her] until the end of [♂ his /♀ her] journey.

Red Rabbit: I would rather beat you here and now and return home, than be left behind by you lot.

Red Rabbit: I hope that you will remember that I am prepared to go to such lengths, neigh-bour.

Artoria: The River of Tears...! Then, this must be the river of Dracae!

Da Vinci: What's that? Dracae? I recall there was a fairy of that name in pan-human history, however...

Oberon: The Fairy Deadlord, Dracae. A great fairy once known as the Holy Grail of Water.

Oberon: Her special trait was to “summon the treasures one desired”...

Oberon: Well, it'd be easier if you just saw it, right? Look over there.

Oberon: See all those fairies hanging around under the bridge? They're likely searching for Dracae as well.

Earth Fairy: If you go into the river, you can't get out? That's because you guys are weak!

Earth Fairy: Out of the way, cowards, I'll go first! Dracae, Dracae, can you hear my voice?

Earth Fairy: What I wish for is a “silver axe”! I accidentally misplaced mine recently!

Earth Fairy: I'd appreciate if you could bring me a new one—I knew it, yahoo! It's coming!

Fang Fairy: I-it's not exactly what I wished for, but...

Fang Fairy: Lord Woodwose ordered me to procure a hair ornament that would suit Lady Aurora...

Fang Fairy: If I could get a “rainbow-colored hair piece” or something...ah, no way, something's actually coming...

Fang Fairy: ...I need to get it...need to get it...but all fairies who enter the river of Dracae, they all...

Fang Fairy: Aah, my hand, something just...haa, something just grabbed me!? No, I knew it! I don't want it!

Fang Fairy: I don't want it! This isn't what I wished for! Help me, somebody! Uwaaaaaa!

Red Rabbit: Pardon me, may I leave you all here and go live with my parents?

Gareth: Can you just keep your horse ears shut for a bit? You're ruining the story.

Oberon: As you can see, Dracae is a most dangerous Fairy Deadlord.

Oberon: “She lures you to the river with the treasures you desire, and once you grab them, she pulls you into the river to kill you. ”

Oberon: You could call it the scales of desire and life. That bridge was probably made to avoid Dracae.

Senji Muramasa: So, it's dangerous to even be near the river.

Senji Muramasa: However, we simply continue on foot from here, then.

Senji Muramasa: I'll carry Fujimaru and we can jump across the decrepit bridge.

Senji Muramasa: How about it, Artoria and Gareth? Could you make that jump?

Artoria: Don't be absurd, Muramasa. How many meters is that even–

Gareth: No problem, Gareth can handle it! I'm quite good at jumping, you see!

Artoria: O-o-of course I could too, just like that, va-voom! Wouldn't be a problem! I'm the Child of Prophecy!

Da Vinci: Hmm, it's not that I couldn't jump it, but I'm a bit unsure.

Da Vinci: Oberon, this river, can it really be crossed like that?

Oberon: No, it can't. The “treasures” would appear in the stream in the middle of the jump.

Oberon: If you were to see any of it, that would be it. You would dive straight into the river.

Senji Muramasa: Ah...I see. It seems I underestimated the Mystery of this fairy...

Artoria: See what I mean, Muramasa!? You've got to think about what you're doing, Muramasa!

Fujimaru 1: Stay, Artoria. Stay.

Artoria:'s just... Muramasa just reminds me of the old man from my village, so I just...

Da Vinci: Then, we'll have to go around the river. Is it possible to go upstream?

Fujimaru 2: So, we'll have to go around the river?

Oberon: Right, if we go upstream, we'll be outside of Dracae's territory.

Oberon: We'll lose about half a day doing so, but it's better than taking any risks.

Oberon: Just don't look at the river. If you see “something you want”, ignore it even if it comes near you.

Oberon: Dracae is invincible within the river, but she'll never leave it either.

Oberon: As long as we stay away, there won't be any problems.

Artoria: ...“Treasures” floating up...uhm, Oberon.

Artoria: If we were able to ignore what came down the stream, couldn't we then cross the river without having to worry?

Oberon: No, as long as Dracae has magical energy, “treasures” will keep flowing endlessly.

Oberon: If we try to just ignore them, we'll be locked in a constant struggle against Dracae.

Oberon: ...I guess something like that could work.

Oberon: It's not so much something “you want”, more something you would give your life for.

Oberon: Since we as a group have high aspirations of saving Norwich,

Oberon: we might not be enchanted by Dracae's “treasures”. We might be able to force our way across.

Gareth: Ah! Something's coming down the stream! Is that—

Gareth: An Artoria plushiiieee!

Oberon: There's no way you're not a dog fairy!

Red Rabbit: A carrot over TWO METERS long!?

Fujimaru 1: Is that—no way, a Holy Grail!?

Da Vinci: Grails are coming up the stream!

Da Vinci: But that's nothing! A Grail or two now and then isn't too rare!

Da Vinci: Don't underestimate Fujimaru's self-control–

Da Vinci: Is that a dozen Grails!?

Fujimaru 1: I can't get them out of my head...guh!

Da Vinci: This is bad. I didn't imagine it would be this good at nailing people's desires...however, I am the renaissance genius, Leonardo da Vinci.

Da Vinci: No matter what, I won't be coerced–

Da Vinci: Dinosaur fossils—!

Senji Muramasa: How the hell did you guys ever make it through five Lostbelts!?

Senji Muramasa: No, that's not it. That's just how strong Dracae is!

Senji Muramasa: Don't look at the river, Artoria! I'm going to save those idiots who got dragged down!

Senji Muramasa: Normally I wouldn't, but right now I am an imitation, so there's nothing I want!

Artoria: Eh—ah, really!? Are you really that lacking in greed, Muramasa!?

Senji Muramasa: Don't look over here, you idiot! The river's right there!

Artoria: —Oh.

Oberon: We just lost five people in under a minute! What are we gonna do, Muramasa!?

Senji Muramasa: ...that thing just now, was that really what she wished for?

Senji Muramasa: You've gotta be kidding me—

Senji Muramasa: Oh, Oberon! Go find a rope and toss it into the river!

Oberon: Like there'd be something as convenient as a rope...ah, crap, I looked at the river too!

Oberon: I've done it now! What the hell is that coming down the river!?

Oberon: Magical energy sold out!?


Senji Muramasa: Hey, what do you have to say for yourselves, you morons? I'll give you one chance before I bonk you over the head.

Everyone else: You seeeeee,

Fujimaru 1: there was no way we weren't gonna get that stuff!

Everyone else: Ouch!

Senji Muramasa: Do you really have no remorse!? When we deal with things in Norwich, you'll have an entire day of zazen to look forward to, you hear that!

Artoria: Muramasa's so strict...

Artoria: By the way, Fujimaru, what's zazen?

Fujimaru 1: A discipline to make you feel calm and refreshed.

Artoria: That's so interesting! I wonder if the soul ever separates from the body!

Fujimaru 2: A discipline to make you feel refreshed through beating.

Artoria: T-that's a really special kind of's too early for me to try that, I think.... haha...

Da Vinci: Aaaah! I thought I got the treasure, but it's gone!

Da Vinci: You tricked us all along, Dracae!

Gareth: For Artoria figure disappeared too...I lost it when Muramasa whacked me...

Senji Muramasa: Just as I thought. Basically, there's no way someone could manage to prepare the things everyone desires.

Senji Muramasa: What you saw was merely a figment of your imagination. It was all just foam in the water.

Red Rabbit: Your sweet tongue always knows what to say. Your sweet tongue.

Senji Muramasa: O-oh, thank you.

Senji Muramasa: Well, hopefully you've learned from this that not all that glitters is gold.

Fujimaru 1: I'll think about what I've done...

Fujimaru 2: Now what?

Artoria: It seems like we're at the bottom of the river...but I can't even see the surface if I look up.

Artoria: This is without a doubt the fairy territory of Dracae.

Artoria: Swimming straight up to get's not something that will allow that.

Senji Muramasa: We won't be able to return to the surface unless we deal with Dracae.

Senji Muramasa: Well, now that it dragged all of you down here, I expect it to come to us...

Senji Muramasa: What kind of fairy is Dracae even? Is she human-like? Fish-like?

Gareth: A mermaid, they say...although, no fairy that's been dragged in has ever returned, so...

Gareth: Oh, but I've heard it attacks more humans than fairies! She drags men down to make them her lovers!

Gareth: They say that if you're human, you'll be let go before she kills you, and that's how the name Dracae came about in the first place.

Senji Muramasa: Huh? Make them her lovers? As in, get hitched?

Senji Muramasa: So when Dracae lures her prey to the river, she's looking for someone to what you're saying?

Gareth: Yes! She's the terrible marriage hunting fairy!

Da Vinci: ...Hmm. That's just like our Dracae in pan-human history.

Artoria: Yours, you mean...Dracae existed there as well?

Da Vinci: Yeah. It's part of folklore passed down throughout Europe.

Da Vinci: She disguised herself as gold rings and dishes floating downstream, then dragged in men who would come to pick them up.

Da Vinci: However, she wasn't just trying to find a lover. Dracae's purpose was to—


???: I beg of you...beg of you...please, I...

???: Far...I to...looked in vain...

???: AA—AA—aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Senji Muramasa: She's coming, get ready! If she's attacking us, we have to respond! We can finish that thought later!

Senji Muramasa: From the looks of it, this thing's serious! Don't be caught off guard, Fujimaru!


Dracae: Nowhere.... nowhere...why...why...

Dracae: What is...wish for...don't know...don't know...don't know...

Dracae: But...a



Gareth: Dracae is dispersing...But, uhm...

Gareth: What's that “bae bie” she mentioned? Do you know, Artoria?

Artoria: No, I've never heard that word either. Baybie...(glances)

Red Rabbit: I don't know why you're looking at me like that, I have never heard of such a thing either.

Fujimaru 1: ...Huh?

Fujimaru 2: No, "baby", as in

Da Vinci: ...Yeah. Just as I thought, it seems.

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, let's discuss this later, just the two of us. Alright?

Fujimaru 1: Huh? S-sure, got it.

Artoria: The flow of mana is normalizing! Dracae's fairy territory seems to be rescinding!

Gareth: We did it! —guh—

Gareth: Blub, blublub, blublublub! Blublub—

Da Vinci: Bluuubblub! Blububulub! Blublublubda!

Oberon: I see. You fought Dracae at the bottom of the river and defeated her.

Oberon: Then as you were having a casual conversation, you didn't realize the river turned back to normal, and so you almost drowned.

Oberon: But you were swept downstream and managed to make it out alive, and then you walked back here.

Oberon: Is that about right, ladies and gentlemen? Well, I was just here keeping an eye on our stuff, but that's fine I guess.

Senji Muramasa: Don't be so down, Oberon. I'm sorry for leaving you here.

Senji Muramasa: Oh, you can put that rope away now. How'd you even find one?

Oberon: You have Blanca to thank for that. She flew all the way out here to find us.

Fujimaru 1: Sorry you were left out, Oberon.

Oberon: Oh, it doesn't bother me. It's my fault for being late.

Oberon: As an acquaintance of Shakespeare, I simply wanted to be involved if it was a comedy.

Fujimaru 2: You should've come in as well.

Oberon: No, I'm no good with water...thankfully Dracae's magical energy was sold out...

Da Vinci: Either way, the threat of Dracae is no more. We can now cross the river.

Da Vinci: Red Rab-bit, travel upstream until you find a bridge, then meet us at Norwich.

Da Vinci: You stand out. If you remain outside the city, we'll easily spot you.

Red Rabbit: ...It seems that's how it will have to be. It is unfortunate I cannot offer you a comfortable journey in my carriage.

Red Rabbit: Two days! No, as long as I don't run into some carrots on the way, I shall arrive at Norwich only one day after you.

Red Rabbit: Until then, stay safe. And I sincerely ask that you not accept the service of any fairy horse but me.

Oberon: Well then. The sun will set soon. Let's hurry across the river.

Oberon: We'll set up camp on the other side to spend the night. Hey, there's no real rush to begin with.

Oberon: Norwich is just a stone's throw away. We're on schedule, and we'll be right on time for our destiny.


Gareth: Facing such a terrifying enemy, and then getting to taste bread as delicious as this.

Gareth: I hadn't really given much thought to the importance of a good meal before now, but,

Gareth: it looked so delicious when Artoria ate, and after I tried copying her, I couldn't stop!

Oberon: Come to think of it, Artoria eats a lot for someone from the Wind Clan.

Oberon: If you're looking for someone whose purpose is food, it'd be the Fang Clan. Do you happen to be from the Fang Clan?

Artoria: No, I'm actually not from any of the six clans. I'm just a low-class fairy who's not even good enough to be in a clan.

Artoria: My habit of eating so much is because everyone in the village of Tintagel used to give me lots of food.

Gareth: The village of Tintagel!

Gareth: Then, you really did survive Woodwose's “hunt for the Child of Prophecy”!

Artoria: No...well, I did survive, or I guess you could say I managed to escape using Merlin's magecraft...

Artoria: It wasn't some sort of flashy show...that's a bit of an embellishment...

Oberon: Speaking of which, do you know why restaurants are so prevalent in the Fairy Kingdom, Gareth?

Gareth: N-no, I don't. I've never been let into one...

Oberon: You see, they're actually a means of suppressing the Fang Clan's violent urges.

Oberon: “The Fang Clan lacks decorum. You are an embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen's army. ”

Oberon: “Your cravings will be satisfied through meals. I, Woodwose, will give you an upbringing worthy of this clan. ”

Oberon: More or less. Before they knew it, it had grown into a huge franchise.

Oberon: Being the owner of a restaurant was suddenly a sign of success in the Fairy Kingdom.

Artoria: ...Then, Woodwose fusses over his demeanor and dresses like a human, because...

Oberon: Yeah, it's to draw attention from his own barbarous nature.

Oberon: As the chief of the Fang Clan, he has to act like a gentleman, but his true nature remains the same.

Oberon: He's savage, greedy, and the very personification of the Fang Clan, who take pleasure in preying on the weak.

Oberon: Although that aspect has also calmed down with the rise of the Fairy Knights, so now he's mostly just an old man with authority.

Gareth: Then, Woodwose isn't all that strong?

Oberon: Yeah, he's just another old-timer by now. You, who defeated Dracae, are much stronger.

Oberon: So, we should visit a restaurant after we defeat Woodwose.

Oberon: I've only eaten at one a handful of times myself, but their food is exquisite. Their salads are especially good.

Oberon: Even battles need their own rewards. I promise you that much, just as we'll help Artoria.

Note! Scene Change

Da Vinci: Right, Artoria and Gareth are still over by the campfire talking to Oberon.

Da Vinci: Now then, as long as we keep our conversation all the way out here, Artoria and the others shouldn't be able to overhear us...

Senji Muramasa: What, am I not supposed to be in on this? I'm also a Servant of pan-human history, aren't I?

Da Vinci: Guess we have no choice...well, I guess we'll just have to tell Muramasa as well?

Da Vinci: Alright, let's pick up where we left off. We were talking about Dracae in pan-human history.

Da Vinci: Dracae would drag the opposite sex into the river, but not because she sought a lover.

Da Vinci: Her purpose was to cross-breed with men. In the case of women, they were taken as wet nurses for the children she bore.

Da Vinci: Meaning—

Fujimaru 1: She didn't want lovers, she wanted babies...

Fujimaru 2: She wanted to make children...

Da Vinci: Yeah, that's the goal. But in the case of the Dracae in this world, that has not come to pass.

Da Vinci: Even though numerous men have been dragged into the river. Do you know why this is?

Fujimaru 1: Could it be...

Fujimaru 2: Because in the Fairy Kingdom, no children can be born?

Da Vinci: That's the conclusion I came to as well. However, there is a more concerning issue.

Da Vinci: We have learned so far that fairies mimic human society.

Da Vinci: It would imply that both of them share the same “way of being”.

Da Vinci: What fairy society lacks, human society also lacks.

Da Vinci: In other words...humans in the Fairy Kingdom don't have the ability to reproduce naturally.

Da Vinci: The concept of “giving birth” is lost here.

Da Vinci: I became certain of this when they used terms like “previous generation” and “current generation”, as opposed to “parent” and “child”.

Senji Muramasa: Hold up. It makes sense for fairies to come about naturally. In the first place, they're like nature's limbs.

Senji Muramasa: But how could a human just come into being? They can't exactly come about by themselves.

Da Vinci: Human beings are “produced”.

Da Vinci: I don't know if it's a technique similar to artificial insemination, or the alchemical process of creating a homunculus.

Da Vinci: But they are created “individually”, without parents or siblings, carefully nurtured, and then shipped off.

Da Vinci: Of course, marriage customs like “husband” and “wife” exist, but they cannot produce offspring.

Da Vinci: That is what it means to be human in this world. From our point of view, it's something rather inhumane.

Da Vinci: But to the fairies in this world...Even to Artoria and Gareth, it would just be how things are. There would be no room to question it.

Da Vinci: At this point I'm not sure what to make of this whole thing...

Da Vinci: But if Fujimaru suddenly told them of this, they might be shocked.

Da Vinci: It would create tension with Artoria and the others. I suggest we keep this information amongst ourselves.

Fujimaru 1: ...I'm fine with that, but...

Fujimaru 2: ...Here, humans are limited to one generation...

Oberon: ...Alright. Is this far away enough?

Oberon: I don't want to wake anyone when they're resting for tomorrow.

Oberon: Something just flew out of Fujimaru's tent, but...

Oberon: What was that just now, a bird? It couldn't be that they...secretly kept a bird, could it?

Oberon: Oops, I'm sorry. Welcome back, Blanca.

Oberon: What's the situation in Norwich? Will the Calamity strike tomorrow, you think?


Oberon: Still no signs...I see, just in time...

Oberon: As I thought, Ainsel's prescience can't be changed.

Oberon: “On the contrary, no Calamity will strike Norwich before the Child of Prophecy arrives”...huh?

Oberon: If Artoria arrives there, Norwich will fall. Knowing this, I still brought her here.

Oberon: I asked her to repel the Calamity and shoulder the fall of Norwich.

Oberon: ...What a despicable and cowardly guide I am. I can't even let those involved determine their own fate.

Oberon: ...And yet, until we pass through this, none of it can begin.

Oberon: According to the prophecy, the first bell of the pilgrimage is in Norwich.

Oberon: Alright. Thank you, Blanca. You must be tired, be sure to get some rest.


C:Oberon: No, I'm not going to tell any of them that we can't save Norwich.

C:Oberon: It's not their sin to carry. I will shoulder this burden, should I have to.

C:Oberon: Don't beat yourself up over it. It's all just as foretold, Blanca.

C:Oberon: Besides, we'll have some time before the Calamity strikes, right?

C:Oberon: Both Fujimaru and Artoria are in need of some happy memories.

C:Oberon: Tomorrow, they can enjoy Norwich at their leisure. Our final battle will commence after that.

Section 9: Norwich (I)

Human Soldiers: Hey, old fellow! Did you repair that armor I asked you about?

Earth Fairy: Yeah, it's all done! I knocked it out in just two days!

Earth Fairy: I know you value it, but it's high time you retire that thing!

Earth Fairy: You better head over to the “brass shop” and get yourself a new suit of armor!

Fang Fairy: Roasted apple!? Wouldn't that be hot!?

Fang Fairy: There's something on it, it's covered! It's transparent! Glimmering!

Human Shop Keeper: Master Fang, you must have just arrived in Norwich, is that right?

Human Shop Keeper: This is the newest menu item thought up by the Count. You won't even find it in the poshest place in Oxford.

Human Shop Keeper: If you think I'm lying, go ahead and try one. Free of charge! It's from a soup kitchen in the shopping district, after all!

Well-built Man: Heeey, where's that soot-sweeping fairy!?

Well-built Man: Is he off loitering somewhere instead of doing his job sweeping up!?

Street Fairy: There's no problem, Master Human. THAT thing is gonna come down soon anyway, right?

Street Fairy: The soot will all disappear then. Well, so will your apartment, I guess!

Well-built Man: That's not what I'm talking about!

Well-built Man: Even if it rains tomorrow, the windows should be cleaned! Even if there was a storm coming, the garden should be tended to!

Well-built Man: Because, next thing you know, you have a new tenant at your door!

Well-built Man: You should never miss out on a new customer! That's what business is all about, you hear me!?

Street Fairy: Haha, you're right! When you're right up on main street, you gotta have gutters cleaner than even Spriggan's!

Street Fairy: When it comes to money-making principles, you can't beat human beings after all! Don't go dying on me, old man!

Back Alley Fairy: ...Is this all you made yesterday? You guys aren't sleeping on the job, are you?

Back Alley Fairy: Everyone's up in arms with all the talk of Morgan abandoning the city.

Back Alley Fairy: The guards are even assembling at Spriggan's tower to patrol there.

Back Alley Fairy: This is the perfect opportunity, you get it?

Back Alley Fairy: We'll just borrow a little from those who've saved up lots...

Earth Fairy: Damn it, the harbor is off-limits! That ocean-going ship is the Fairy Kingdom's first—

Earth Fairy: The Inabamaru's construction was going so well! Do you wanna lose to the Count's cutty sark?

Human Carpenter: Seems the lumber isn't gonna come either...What is Lord Spriggan planning...

Everyone else: So overwhelming...

Fujimaru 1: So noi—sy!

Oberon: Isn't it? This is Norwich. The only harbor town in all of Fairyland Britain.

Oberon: One of the new laws introduced during the Queen's Calendar was that “no new iron weapons can be crafted”.

Oberon: So for nearly 1,900 years, no new “iron weapons” were made in the entire Kingdom.

Oberon: However...

Earth Fairy: Ooh!? I thought I saw a fairy sticking out like a sore thumb! Is that you, Oberon!?

Earth Fairy: You came all the way to Norwich? Even with the sky looking like that!?

Oberon: Hm? Oh, that little rain cloud over there? You know, I thought the rainy season had already passed.

Oberon: But well, one little rain cloud won't kill the bustling of Norwich, will it, Nack?

Oberon: If a place seems interesting or fun, then the clever men are bound to go there.

Oberon: Norwich is the place to go for a once in a lifetime frenzy, isn't it? As such, even the Fairy King will attend!

Earth Fairy: Ha—haha, quite right! That's my Oberon!

Earth Fairy: Yeah, we're all a bunch of misfits in Norwich, the city of illegal blacksmiths!

Earth Fairy: Compared to the Queen's hammer, the Calamity Pool is nothing to be afraid of!

Earth Fairy: Thank you, and please, stop by my store later! My wife's a fan of yours!

Senji Muramasa: Hey, hey...that Earth Clan fairy just now, he had an outrageous aura...

Senji Muramasa: 200, 300 years? Just how many hundreds of years has he been swinging that hammer around?

Artoria: I see. That fairy...Nack, was it? Just like Muramasa, he seemed totally unreasonable! What an amazing aura!

Senji Muramasa: No, I didn't mean it like that...

Oberon: Hahaha. Are you interested in Nack? If so, I'll show you to his forge later.

Oberon: As far as I know, he's a low-class fairy who has lived for nearly 400 years. He's well versed in the history of blacksmithing in the Fairy Kingdom.

Artoria: 400 years! And he's a low-class fairy!?

Oberon: He probably just never lost sight of his “purpose”. He's still active as a blacksmith, after all.

Oberon: That's what I was trying to say earlier.

Oberon: A hundred years ago, Spriggan lifted the ban on iron weapons, and Norwich expanded a lot as a result.

Oberon: “Iron weapons” are able to hurt fairies. There would be an increase in homicide...or rather, fairycide, among the fairies.

Oberon: Such apprehensions were the cause for the ban, but there was turbulence among the fairies in the north and the Mors were growing in number.

Oberon: Above all else, the processing of iron was absolutely essential to the development of human technology.

Oberon: Spriggan put such advice of its importance forward to the Queen, who acknowledged it.

Oberon: Ever since then, Norwich was no longer simply a “city of fairies,” but a “city where the law of smithing came first”.

Oberon: Salisbury is a place where humans might find freedom from the “rules of the Fairy Kingdom”.

Oberon: But Norwich is a place where “all are equal under the rule of smithing”.

Oberon: Some fairies still use humans as slaves, while others simply value them as skilled craftsmen.

Oberon: But more importantly, even some fairies are only treated as labor force by human businessmen.

Da Vinci: You're saying that regular humans are employing the fairies?

Oberon: Yeah. Not in their shops on the main street, though. You know, like sweatshops.

Oberon: Fairies are so pure that they're really easy to swindle.

Oberon: Exploited until death, dying of overwork without receiving a single Morpound...

Oberon: There are a lot of fairies like that here.

Oberon: In simple terms, Norwich is a place where smiths and vices intermingle, you could say. Yeah.

Oberon: But that's what a human city is supposed to be like, isn't it? The main streets are clean and well-kept, while the back streets are filthy and run-down.

Oberon: The chief of the Earth Clan, and the lord of this city, Spriggan, is pushing for such a notion very blatantly.

Oberon: It's almost as if he wants to turn Norwich into a “human city”...or at least that's what it seems like.

Fujimaru 1: I see...

Fujimaru 2: ...A human city, huh...

Gareth: Uhm...then, the reason for the Calamity Pool in the sky,

Gareth: is because Norwich is a bad town? Did the Calamity come to this place because bad things happen here?

Oberon: Not at all. No matter what city you're in, there's always gonna be good and bad. That's not exclusive to Norwich.

Oberon: That this is the “location of the Calamity” is simply coincidence.

Oberon: Right...looks like we still have plenty of time, so let's enjoy some leisure.

Oberon: You're all free to go wherever you so please.

Oberon: After all, we're here to deal with the Calamity Pool.

Oberon: It will only be advantageous to have knowledge of the city we're meant to be protecting.

Da Vinci: Yeah, I'd have to agree with that sentiment.

Da Vinci: The Calamity Pool...I'd like to gather information about those rain clouds in the sky, as well.

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, do you want to come with me?

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Artoria: I'd like to head to the smithy of that Earth Clan fairy from earlier, Nack.

Artoria: I have some some magecraft items I want to try out. I was hoping a skilled blacksmith could make them for me.

Senji Muramasa: I'll come with you. I'm curious about these fairy blacksmiths.

Senji Muramasa: I'm supposed to be your bodyguard in the first place.

Gareth: Blacksmiths...I think I'd just be in your way if I came along...

Oberon: How about we eat our way around town, then? I need to find a place to stay, though.

Gareth: Can I!? Gareth joins Oberon's party!

Oberon: It's settled then. Meet me on the main street at lunchtime.

Oberon: In Norwich, they won't be suspicious of Fujimaru walking around alone.

Oberon: However, if the guards were to question [♂ him /♀ her], we'd be in trouble. Please take care of [♂ him /♀ her] should that happen, da Vinci.

Da Vinci: I'll handle it. I'll assume the role of Fujimaru's big sister!

Da Vinci: Now then. It would be nice to tour around Norwich, but there are a couple things we need to do first.

Da Vinci: First, as I mentioned earlier, is to gather information on the dark cloud above us, the Calamity Pool.

Da Vinci: How much actual damage has it caused at present, and how much damage will it continue to cause henceforth?

Da Vinci: In practice, seeing whether it's possible to get rid of the rain clouds.

Da Vinci: That's about it for the first one. Other than that, we have one more “thing to do”...

Fujimaru 1: Gather information on Mash!

Da Vinci: Yeah, I didn't even have to tell you!

Da Vinci: Let's start going around the shops on the main street.

Da Vinci: We don't have a lot of time, and we might end up looking a bit suspicious, but we're going to really have to rush through this!

Bartering Merchant Fairy: A human girl in black armor?

Bartering Merchant Fairy: Hmm, folks from the Round Table Army stop by here to purchase goods, so I see people in armor on a daily basis, but...

Bartering Merchant Fairy: I haven't seen one that's both a girl and wears black armor. Oh? But I do think I heard about something like that recently...

Bartering Merchant Fairy: Well, now that you've come all the way here to talk, why don't you purchase a copy of my “Child of Prophecy” story?

Bartering Merchant Fairy: It has the fight against Gawain at the West Ranch, and the fight against Tristan at Gloucester!

Bartering Merchant Fairy: They're both really exciting, so if you're interested then I'll let you buy them for a Morpound!

Bartering Merchant Fairy: I am certain that the Child of Prophecy has appeared!

Bartering Merchant Fairy: When they come to Norwich, the Calamity Pool will be gone for good!

The Best Shoemaker Around: Has the Calamity Pool caused any trouble? It should be easy enough to tell. The weather.

The Best Shoemaker Around: It's gloomy, the winds are harsh, and it's growing colder! You'd think there'd eventually be some rainfall, but there never is!

The Best Shoemaker Around: In the beginning I was afraid that Mors would rain down, but now, as you can see, it's business as usual.

The Best Shoemaker Around: No one really knows what will happen once the Calamity Pool crashes down.

The Best Shoemaker Around: Not to mention getting rid of it, I've never even thought about such a thing!

The Best Shoemaker Around: Until now, Morgan's guys have been taking care of the Calamity Pool.

The Best Shoemaker Around: But we can't rely on them this time. The Queen declared that she will be abandoning Norwich, damn it!

The Best Shoemaker Around: ...Ah, but now that you mention it, it is weird.

The Best Shoemaker Around: Until now, how did the Queen get rid of the Calamity Pool?

Café Waiter with a Red Beard: A human girl adorned in a black armor?

Café Waiter with a Red Beard: Yes, of course I know of her! My other customers keep talking about her!

Café Waiter with a Red Beard: She's famous up north! I don't really know the details though!

Café Waiter with a Red Beard: Eek! Don't come at me so fast! I just about dropped these potatoes!

Café Waiter with a Red Beard: Are you not keeping a close eye on your servant's training, young lady? Ah...

Café Waiter with a Red Beard: Come to think of it, at one point there was a trend like that in Salisbury!

Café Waiter with a Red Beard: You would purchase a human from a farm when they were but a child, to raise them as your own!

Café Waiter with a Red Beard: If you raised them well, they could grow up to be something more than farmhands! That's right~!

Barbershop's Owner (Human): I'm sorry. I'm a human, just like you. I don't know anything about the Calamity.

Barbershop's Owner (Human): After all, I've never seen one happen.

Barbershop's Owner (Human): They say the Calamity strikes once every 100 years, and the Great Calamity strikes every 1,000 years, but...

Barbershop's Owner (Human): The Queen's Calendar will have passed over 2,000 years this year, won't it?

Barbershop's Owner (Human): Everyone here is scared that a Great Calamity will strike.

Barbershop's Owner (Human): My wife fell ill, and for the time being, I'm in charge of this establishment.

Barbershop's Owner (Human): Every day, I wake up and crush my eyes...and then, the next morning, they've completely healed, and so I repeat crushing them over and over.

Barbershop's Owner (Human): If people are so scared, why don't they flee from Norwich? Yeah...I've asked myself that too.

Barbershop's Owner (Human): But we all have our reasons for not leaving this land. I don't want to say this out loud, but—

Barbershop's Owner (Human): No, nevermind. If this got out, Spriggan's soldiers would kick my door down.

Barbershop's Owner (Human): I don't want to worry the missus any more than she already is. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to ask you to go somewhere else.

Da Vinci: Hmm...well, that was about what we could have expected, wasn't it?

Da Vinci: So that's it for the Calamity Pool, I guess. If there was a solution, they would have already executed it.

Fujimaru 1: But we did learn some things about Mash.

Da Vinci: Yeah, it went from “people have never even heard of her” to “people have heard of her somewhere”.

Da Vinci: I'll try to gather some more information this afternoon. To our surprise, Mash may be closer than we thought—

Artoria: We're back! Nack's smithy was just amazing!

Artoria: “I don't know how to put this, but I wish I could do something like this,” I thought as he easily made me magecraft items~!

Senji Muramasa: Yeah, he had some great ideas! He invented Fairy Kingdom-style vacuum insulation!

Senji Muramasa: The question is how light he can go...

Senji Muramasa: Old man Nack had some surplus alloy steel, so hopefully he can forge it into some stainless steel.

Oberon: You two getting along with your sinister schemes? Well, at least it seems you're getting your money's worth.

Gareth: I have returned~...Amashing...the lounge in Norwich is just amashing~

Gareth: There's a place called a's really hot, but so relaxing...

Gareth: And then...I had some of the best fruit juice...

Gareth: If I'm going to stay anywhere, it has to be that inn...

Fujimaru 1: Thanks for today, everyone.

Fujimaru 2: A hotel with

Da Vinci: So recreational facilities are that developed here...

Da Vinci: It seems just because they don't share the same advancement in industrial technology, the concepts remain the same as in pan-human history.

Oberon: Well, I'll spend some more time looking for a lodging place.

Oberon: I didn't hear anything we haven't heard before.

Oberon: It was all just complaints about Queen Morgan and people's hopes in the Child of Prophecy.

Oberon: “When will the Child of Prophecy arrive? ”, “When they come, they will be welcomed by the entire city! ”

Oberon: “There's no doubt they're a great-looking fairy! ” , “I've never seen them, but I would definitely recognize them immediately! ”

Oberon: “Stronger than even Queen Morgan, more fair than even Lancelot,”

Oberon: “More imposing than even Gawain, more tender than Tristan without a doubt! ”

Oberon: Well, they don't have the wildest idea you're already here!

Artoria: Lower your voice, Oberoooon!

Fujimaru 1: Only that last one is true.

Artoria: that so...maybe...there was that thing with Tristan...

Artoria: But it wasn't even a competition, so I feel both happy and sad...

Fujimaru 2: Don't worry, you come out on top in all of them.

Artoria: D-do you think so? Is that how you see it, Fujimaru?

Artoria: True, I haven't really gotten serious yet! But I'll be in big trouble if I don't have some hidden power!

B:Fairy by the Side: Eh...ah, woaaaaaahh! Seriously, my eyes and ears didn't deceive me!

B:Fairy by the Side: Hey everyone, look! The Child of Prophecy is here!

Artoria: Eh, ehh...! Wait a minute, can I have some time to prepare!?

Artoria: Wrong, wrong, um, well, you're wrong, you're wrong, but...

Artoria: I may not look like much, but you're right, I am the Child of Prophecy—

Fairies in the Square: The knight from Sheffield who crossed the supposedly unsurmountable Vein Corridor!

Fairies in the Square: She punished the despot Boggart, and has now come to help in Norwich!

Fairies in the Square: The Child of Prophecy donned in black armor is here—!

Spriggan: Good evening to you, my beloved citizens of Norwich. And please, be silent.

Spriggan: Normally, I would announce something like this after getting word out for all of you to gather by the bell tower, however...

Spriggan: If you all found out, there's no other choice. Let me introduce you all on this occasion.

Spriggan: This knight is the hero who drove back the three Fairy Knights at Sheffield, and delivered the death penalty unto Boggart the exile.

Spriggan: The Child of Prophecy, the Fairy Knight Galahad.

Fairies: The Child of Prophecy! The Child of Prophecy! She has really high magical energy capacity, without a doubt!

Fairies: But Spriggan, why is the Child of Prophecy here with you?

Fairies: The Child of Prophecy is an adversary to Her Majesty Morgan, no?

Spriggan: It is merely a misunderstanding. Her Majesty has never ordered such a thing as killing the Child of Prophecy.

Spriggan: “Once located, politely take them into your custody, and invite them to Camelot. ”

Spriggan: That is the order the clan chiefs have been given by Her Majesty, Queen Morgan.

Spriggan: So in accordance with that request, I personally went to receive Galahad, who had come through Odovena.

Spriggan: We couldn't disregard the risk of something happening along the way, and so she was escorted here by my elite guard.

A:Fairies: So that's how it is...the Child of Prophecy will soon be brought to Camelot...

Spriggan: No, no!

Spriggan: Her Majesty Morgan never ordered such a thing to occur “immediately”!

Spriggan: I am Spriggan, chosen by your vote as head of the Earth Clan!

Spriggan: My loyalty to Her Majesty Morgan is without doubt, but above all else, I prioritize the safety of everyone in Norwich.

Spriggan: As such...for the time being, Lord Galahad will stay in my Vault Fortress.

Spriggan: The Child of Prophecy has arrived in Norwich! The Calamity is no longer to be feared!

Spriggan: Citizens, please find peace in keeping your businesses open!

Spriggan: Let me, Spriggan, shoulder the responsibility of the Queen's scolding!

Artoria: The c-c-child of prophecy...huh? Huuuuh?

Artoria: Could it be that I have perhaps been incredibly embarrassingly mistaken? Ahahaha...

Gareth: That cannot be right. Please have faith in yourself, Artoria!

Gareth: I don't know who this Galahad is, but surely she's either a sham or the real deal!

Gareth: Right? Isn't that right, Fujimaru? You've been with Artoria all this time and...

Gareth: Why do you have an expression as if time stopped? If you betray us, I'll stab you, just so you know.

Fujimaru 1: Because—because...

Gareth: Because?

Fujimaru 1: That's Mash—!

Oberon: What—!?


Da Vinci: Ah, you can't! Calm down! You can't rush into the square right now...!

Spriggan: Oh? I am in the middle of my speech, and you have strolled right through the crowd, up onto my stage.

Spriggan: You are not from Norwich, are you?

Spriggan: If you were, you would be aware of the consequences of such a thing—

Spriggan: Hold it. Stand down. He's only human, hardly dangerous.

Spriggan: Your features, they are Japanese, right? Then, you are the one of whom Beryl spoke...

Fujimaru 1: Out of my way, I have no business with you!

Spriggan: If you have not come to see me, whom is it you have come to see?

Fujimaru 1: That's obvious—it's you, Mash!

Galahad: Mash...uhm, how did you know that name? You and I have never met, yet...

Galahad: Ah...I see, it's what I called myself in Sheffield, so it must have spread from there.

Galahad: Yes. I am Mash, Knight of Sheffield. I am also known as the Child of Prophecy.

Fujimaru 1: Eh—?

Fujimaru 2: (Don't tell me...Mash doesn't remember either...? )

Galahad: Just as Spriggan said, I have come to repel the Calamity from Norwich.

Galahad: Though I cannot promise I will definitely be able to do so...

Galahad: I hereby vow to fight until the very end with all my power. I would be blessed should you wish to lend me your power.

Fujimaru 1:

Spriggan: That's our Child of Prophecy. What a wonderful announcement. These citizens will be able to rest soundly through the night.

Spriggan: Enough talk. Guards, get this [♂ boy /♀ girl] away from me.

Spriggan's Guard: Sir! Hey you, let's go! You should be glad you don't get a beating!

Galahad: Ah...pardon me, could I have a few more moments with that—

Spriggan: I am sorry, but we should return to the castle before long. Lord Galahad, this way, if you would.

Spriggan: I have arranged a special carriage for you, fit for the Child of Prophecy...oh?

Spriggan: Is all well with you? Your tears are falling.

Galahad: Eh—huh, I am—why am I—

Spriggan: You must have gotten some of Norwich's soot in your eyes. That's how it is in this town.

Spriggan: Please rest for now, Child of Prophecy. My castle is the most secure location in all the Fairy Kingdom.

Spriggan: ...Guards. Keep an eye on the human for now. Should [♂ he /♀ she] go someplace outside of public favor, you may arrest [♂ him /♀ her].

Spriggan: I don't care if they feel it a little. As long as you don't kill them.

Spriggan: They are another of Her Majesty's visitors. In times to come, they will be useful as a bargaining chip.

Oberon: Phew, that was tense. I never thought we'd square off against Spriggan.

Oberon: That guy was Spriggan, head of the Earth Clan. He's also the lord of Norwich.

Oberon: And that girl he had with him. The one they called Child of Prophecy...

Oberon: That was Mash, wasn't it?

Fujimaru 1: (Nodding)

Da Vinci: Yes, I'm certain. I could only see her from a distance, but that was definitely Mash.

Da Vinci: ...I don't know why she claims to be the Child of Prophecy, or why she didn't recognize Fujimaru...

Da Vinci: No, it's a familiar case. The Nameless Forest.

Da Vinci: I have a special memory capacity configured, compared to everyone else, so I could mitigate loss of myself, but...

Da Vinci: Just like Fujimaru and Artoria,

Da Vinci: it's very likely that she is experiencing temporary amnesia.

Senji Muramasa: ...However, Fujimaru's memories came back rather quickly, didn't they?

Senji Muramasa: So why hasn't the shield girl gotten hers back yet?

Da Vinci: Hmm...before remembering her true self, maybe she acquired a very strong “role”...

Da Vinci: Perhaps? Whatever the case, we'll have to speak to Mash to find out what her condition is...

Fujimaru 1: ...Still, she was safe.

Artoria: That's right. You were right all along, Fujimaru.

Artoria: I was quite surprised when I heard her being called the Child of Prophecy,

Artoria: but other than that, this is good. Now we know that she is staying here in Norwich.

Oberon: Yeah. Spriggan may have beaten us to her, but the very least, it appears she'll be treated as a guest of honor.

Oberon: We can try to create a situation where we're able to speak to Mash at some point. It's all just a matter of time.

Oberon: On the other hand, a more immediate issue—

Senji Muramasa: I got it. That group there, right?

L:Spriggan's Guard: You, human, and your crew. You are all under suspicion of criminal activity.

L:Spriggan's Guard: Please come peacefully. If you resist, you will be punished here and now as guilty criminals.

Gareth: Spriggan's soldiers...! What are we gonna do, guys!?

Artoria: We'll beat them up, of course! Right, Fujimaru!?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, let's break through!

Fujimaru 2: Our goal is just to retreat! Let's go!


Senji Muramasa: Tch, a second group. Form up around Fujimaru!

Senji Muramasa: Don't spread out too much, they'll pick us off one by one if we're separated!

Gareth: Y-yes! You're right, they're much stronger than me...

Da Vinci: Yeah, they might not be on the same level as the soldiers from Olympus, but these soldiers are way too good! They're fairies!

Artoria: (Let's see, in a case like this I need flash magecraft, flash magecraft...ah, I used it up at Nack's place! )

Fujimaru 1: Even more troops...!?

Fujimaru 2: I've got your back...!

Spriggan's Guard: Good, the military police must've heard the commotion and come over. You guys, block off that alleyway!

Spriggan's Guard: This is the end for your shady troupe! Lord Spriggan shall judge—what!?

Norwich Military Police: It is you for whom this is over. This place is under the jurisdiction of us, the Norwich Business Association.

Norwich Military Police: The City Lord's private army has no right to arrest here. You are the ones committing a crime here.

Spriggan's Guard: What the hell is wrong with you? You're no more than humans...! What even is a Business soldier!?

Norwich Military Police: We are a temporary security force acknowledged by the Business Association as a countermeasure against the Calamity Pool.

Norwich Military Police: Our financier is the “Count”—do I need to answer any other questions?

Spriggan's Guard: You're backed by the Count...!? No, we won't cause any trouble...!

Spriggan's Guard: Guh...forget about it, let's go...! I'll remember that face of yours, Mr. Military Policeman!

Gareth: They retreated quietly along with their wounded...but...

Senji Muramasa: Oh, you guys are also soldiers of Norwich, I can tell. Why are you helping us?

Norwich Military Police: We do not know the specifics either. However, those two...

Fujimaru 1: Me?

Da Vinci: And me?

Norwich Military Police: Yes. The Count has asked me to extend an invitation to you both to his mansion as his guests.

Norwich Military Police: As his guests, you are important visitors as far as we are concerned.

Norwich Military Police: If you can spare the time, please make your way over to the Count's mansion.

Norwich Military Police: And let me welcome you all warmly as the true saviors of Norwich—

Norwich Military Police: Indeed, Count Peperon has relayed those words.

Da Vinci: Huh?

Fujimaru 1: Count Peperon—?

Note! Scene Change

Count Peperon: Of cooouuurse it's me! Long time no see, my deeaaar Fujimaru!

Artoria & Gareth: Watch out, a Fairy Deadlord—!

Fujimaru 1: Wait, wait, wait.

Fujimaru 2: I know what you're thinking, but put your weapons away!

Count Peperon: What's this~♡ I haven't seen you in so long, and suddenly you have two new cute girls with you!

Count Peperon: Lady luck smiles on you! I guess you're not only popular with Mash, but also with the local girls!

Senji Muramasa: Ah...Is that really Peperoncino? How flashy, I hardly recognized you...

Senji Muramasa: No, it's not that I didn't recognize you. You're no longer merely a hungry raven. You're something more menacing, aren't you?

Oberon: Oh, Muramasa knows him too? We've never met before. I would appreciate if someone introduced us.

Count Peperon: Oh my! (Who's this handsome man next to Muramasa!? )

Count Peperon: —Ahem. I am so sorry, I haven't introduced myself.

Count Peperon: I am Count Peperon. An extraordinarily charismatic designer who flew in like a comet.

Count Peperon: With my can-do spirit, I launched a brand which rivaled the Knocker Company in just a month.

Count Peperon: Don't you worry too much about our past, okay Muramasa? Also...

Oberon: Hello, Count Peperon. So this is you. It's an honor to meet you.

Oberon: I am Oberon. Servant of pan-human history, Fairy King Oberon.

R:Count Peperon: My! Oberon, THAT Oberon!? From “A Midsummer Night's Dream”!?

Count Peperon: How wonderful, you're just like I imagined! You and I will get along splendidly!

Count Peperon: Our names are similar after all! Peperon and Oberon, it must be a sign of talent~!

Oberon: ...Fujimaru. Do you really know this guy?

Oberon: I don't think he's human in many senses of the word...

Fujimaru 1: Pepe is a splendid person.

Fujimaru 2: I have my doubts, but Pepe is human.

Count Peperon: Fufu. With support like that, I can't help but feel calmer already.

Count Peperon: Now then, shall we talk properly?

Count Peperon: Why am I in the Fairy Kingdom? How did I acquire such a magnificent mansion?

Count Peperon: I bet there's so much on your mind that you can hardly breathe, right?

Da Vinci: No, we get it.

Da Vinci: You followed Beryl here on your own in order to avenge Kirschtaria, didn't you?

Da Vinci: While we were taking care of Limbo, you had a month's or so headstart on us.

Da Vinci: And so, with your knowledge of pan-human history, you were unmatched in the Fairy Kingdom, and reigned under the guise of a charismatic designer.

Da Vinci: Though maybe you got a bit carried away when you started calling yourself Count Peperon...

Da Vinci: That's what I think. What about you, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Agree completely.

Fujimaru 2: (Da Vinci seems like she's seriously about to burst...! )

Count Peperon: Thank you for the explanation! You really saved me there, da Vinci!

Count Peperon: But I'm surprised how quick you were to point out Beryl. Do I seem like that much of an affectionate companion to you?

Da Vinci: Eh?

Fujimaru 1: Eh?

Count Peperon: ...You can tell, right? How I'm both happy and sad.

Count Peperon: When people put that kind of faith in you, it's difficult to keep acting as a Crypter.

Da Vinci: Oh. You're still acting as a Crypter, then?

Da Vinci: Kirschtaria came at odds with the Alien God. Rather, they were enemies from the onset.

Da Vinci: You, who leaned so strongly on Kirschtaria...we assumed you were a Crypter no longer after Olympus...

Count Peperon: I can't get off that easily. Daybit is still around, as well.

Count Peperon: But this isn't about that. This isn't for Wodime's sake.

Count Peperon: This is a matter of personal integrity.

Count Peperon: As a member of the A-team, I have to clean up our own mess, you know?

Count Peperon: Tell me, how was your fight against Wodime, Fujimaru?

Count Peperon: Was it fun? Or perhaps bothersome?

Fujimaru 1: It was both.

Fujimaru 2: Kirschtaria was an amazing Master.

Count Peperon: Right—

Count Peperon: Well, let's talk some more about it.

Count Peperon: And please, could you tell me as much as you can about the state of affairs in Chaldea?


Count Peperon: I see...a crisis of the earth, separate from that of the Bleaching.

Count Peperon: So, Fujimaru came to the Fairy Kingdom in order to prevent this “collapse” from happening.

Count Peperon: You've convinced me. It's definitely a problem we cannot ignore.

Count Peperon: But what went down after you arrived here is an issue. The reason why Mash isn't here.

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, Mash, and I all took different paths through the Nameless Forest.

Da Vinci: Somehow, Mash ended up going north, and was treated as the Child of Prophecy by the fairies there.

Da Vinci: Do you know anything about how that happened, Count Peperon?

Count Peperon: No, I don't. I have only heard that Mash is called the Child of Prophecy.

Count Peperon: But...she most definitely is not. She's not even a fairy.

Gareth: That's right. The Child of Prophecy is definitely Artoria!

Artoria: Noo~~...Gareth, you don't have to be so assertive of you?

Count Peperon: No, I am certain you are the Child of Prophecy. You are with Fujimaru, after all.

Count Peperon: I've heard Ainsel's prophecy too. A staff of selection, and a foreign traveler to act as a guide.

Count Peperon: Those two things you definitely have. I'm certain Artoria is the savior of this world.

Count Peperon: Not only does it match the contents of the prophecy, but the very color of your soul tells me as much.

Count Peperon: Have faith, Artoria. You are much more tenacious than you might believe.

Artoria: Huh—ah, yes. Thank you, Count Peperon.

Count Peperon: But, is this really okay?

Count Peperon: Speaking so lightly of pan-human history around Artoria and Gareth.

Count Peperon: Have Chaldea's security measures really become so lax?

Da Vinci: ...It's as you say, and I'm sure Gordolf is going to lecture me about it later...

Da Vinci: But our Master requested that we at least disclose our goal here.

Count Peperon: My, how honest. But won't they grow suspicious?

Count Peperon: If you speak openly about pan-human history in the Fairy Kingdom, people might come to question your sanity.

Artoria: No need to worry about that. We don't understand a single word of what they've told us anyway!

Gareth: What she said!

Gareth: However, we do know that Fujimaru is working very hard, so it'll be alright!

Count Peperon: You have such wonderful companions, don't you? I really do envy the fortune bestowed on you.

Count Peperon: There may be people stronger than you, smarter than you, or what-have-you.

Count Peperon: But to be “blessed with people who care for you” is only afforded to those who live their life like that.

Count Peperon: It isn't allowed for someone like me who lived their life doing as they pleased! Only those alike yourself will join you, right?

Da Vinci: That's not right, Count. Those soldiers from before, they trust in you.

Da Vinci: That's not the kind of trust that money can buy. You're not as bad a person as you might think you are.

Count Peperon: Really? Well, if you say so.

Oberon: Count, may I ask you something?

Count Peperon: What would that be? I wouldn't turn down a question from a prince, now would I?

Oberon: I want to know what the deal is with Norwich and Spriggan.

Oberon: Why haven't the fairies of Norwich evacuated?

Oberon: What is Spriggan planning to do when the Calamity strikes?

Oberon: Those two things are what I'm asking of you.

Count Peperon: There's a simple answer, Oberon.

Count Peperon: The fairies of Norwich haven't been evacuated because they don't fear death in the sense that we do...

Count Peperon: However, the biggest contributors are “work” and “land”.

Count Peperon: Fairies value their “purpose” above all else, right?

Count Peperon: For the fairies of Norwich, “purpose” amounts to “work” itself.

Count Peperon: They can't abandon their “work” so easily, and so they are mentally shackled.

Count Peperon: In addition, before the dark cloud appeared in the sky, Spriggan put Norwich's land up for sale.

Count Peperon: In the past, Spriggan stole the land from the previous lord.

Count Peperon: The former lord, and all the fairies who had owned the land, were exiled to the north.

Count Peperon: After that, Spriggan owned all the land by himself.

Count Peperon: Until now, the blacksmiths in Norwich had simply been renting the land to conduct business here.

Count Peperon: But now it was finally up for sale, so the fairies all bought their own piece of “land”.

Count Peperon: Until now, those fairies had been exploited by Spriggan,

Count Peperon: but now, after paying with everything they had, they finally owned their “own land”.

Count Peperon: The tension in Norwich had lifted, but shortly afterwards—

Da Vinci: The Calamity Pool appeared in the sky above Norwich...

Da Vinci: The reason the fairies won't leave Norwich is because they now own their own plot of “land”.

Senji Muramasa: For a blacksmith, his workshop is more important than even his life.

Senji Muramasa: Which means, no matter how scared they are of some “Calamity Pool”, they can't leave this place.

Gareth: Is that why you organized those soldiers? You were worried about Spriggan's soldiers acting alone.

Count Peperon: No. Spriggan's soldiers have no intention of protecting Norwich in the first place.

Count Peperon: They'd rather let the Calamity come.

Count Peperon: I assume that they would rather all the fairies and buildings in town simply disappear.

Fujimaru 1: Why, though?

Count Peperon: Well, you know...

Fujimaru 2: Right...then the contract is annulled, I guess.

Senji Muramasa: Ah, I understand. It's land sharking, isn't it?

Count Peperon: Right. As expected of you, Muramasa, you're accustomed to this kind of talk.

Count Peperon: Spriggan never had any intention of giving up his land. He simply knew the Calamity was coming.

Count Peperon: Well, it's just as the prophecy says, “Calamity will come to a city of iron and soot”.

Count Peperon: As such, he initially sold off the land to the fairies at extortionate prices.

Count Peperon: Afterwards, when the Calamity in Norwich has been dealt with, he would reclaim the rights to the land.

Count Peperon: The inheritance tax in Norwich is very high. It's not something the “next generation of fairies” could afford.

Count Peperon: With minimal effort, Spriggan was able to pocket the profit of selling the land.

Count Peperon: And later, he will have the opportunity to redevelop Norwich as he sees fit.

Count Peperon: He struck two birds with one stone. You'd think such a crooked fairy could only exist in pan-human history, wouldn't you?

Oberon: Even compared to pan-human history, he's a villain! Spriggan, how can you be so shameless...!

Artoria: So the fairies of Norwich just “continue their daily lives”...

Artoria: No, it's as if they have to. Because if they leave...

Gareth: They would be penniless...and as it stands now, in the Fairy Kingdom, that means being unable to pay next year's “existence tax”.

Oberon: It's improper.

Oberon: There are still fairies in Norwich who care for their human servants...

Oberon: But when the Calamity strikes, the humans will die.

Oberon: Even though the fairies sympathetic to humans want to escape Norwich, they cannot find the resolve to do so.

Da Vinci: Hold on. Spriggan doesn't have any intention of protecting Norwich, you said?

Da Vinci: Then, him taking in Mash before means...!

Oberon: Yeah, though there's no need to worry about her. When I saw her earlier, she exuded the magical energy capacity of a Fairy Knight.

Oberon: Spriggan wouldn't be able to take her on. His best bet would be to distract her in his castle to keep her away for long enough.

Oberon: The issue is...that means there's no way for us to meet with Mash anymore.

Artoria: Ah, you're right...

Artoria: Spriggan wants to save his own hide, so there is no way he would let the Child of Prophecy outside...

Artoria: If she started talking to the citizens or the like, she would immediately catch wind about his plans...

Fujimaru 1: ...We won't be able to meet with Mash?

Fujimaru 2: ...So we have to sneak into Spriggan's castle?

Count Peperon: I would recommend against doing such a thing. Spriggan's castle is the most well-guarded castle in all the Fairy Kingdom.

Count Peperon: It's like Spriggan's personality—“no one can get it”, “no one is allowed to disturb”—given form.

Count Peperon: It's also known as his Vault Fortress. Even a Fairy Knight would find it difficult to break in there.

Count Peperon: In hindsight, it might have been a mistake to let Mash be taken by Spriggan in the first place...

Count Peperon: If you want to see Mash, she will have to come out of the castle.


Count Peperon: Alrighty, that concludes the battle~☆ You lovelies really showed me what you're capable of~!

Gareth: Ooh...those were Norwich's specialty, golems, “treasures that come alive with use of fairy dust”!

Fujimaru 1: Good job, everyone~☆

Fujimaru 2: Why were we suddenly brought to this mountain side, I don't get it...

Senji Muramasa: We were in the middle of a conversation when he interrupted, saying “how about some exercise? ” and I was taken aback...

Senji Muramasa: But the fight turned out to be a cakewalk! I do appreciate being able to take the backseat!

Senji Muramasa: Count, can I grab this thing as my reward?

Count Peperon: Of course. Anything for the Child of Prophecy. They deserve to live a rich life after all, don't they?

Gareth: Right you are! Thank you so much, Count!

Gareth: Artoria, Fujimaru! Let's go to the shops when we get back to Norwich!

Gareth: There's some wakame-flavored ice cream, and they say it's just so delicious!

Fujimaru 1: ( this Tokushima? )

Fujimaru 2: (Well...a seaside town would have that...)

Artoria: Hmm, I think I'll wait and see! Gramps...I mean, Muramasa said he'd taste it first!

Senji Muramasa: Haa, wakame-flavored sweets? You want me to eat seaweed sprinkled with sugar?

Senji Muramasa: ...Well, can't knock it til I try it, can I? Can't you just let me have normal ice cream, though...?

Note! Scene Change

Da Vinci: Hmhm, that was a great way to ease the tension everyone was feeling about the situation in Norwich.

Da Vinci: Combining a distraction and a test of our mettle into one and the same? You're cunning, Count.

Count Peperon: It was simply a chore that had to be taken care of. I had been asked to get rid of the golems in the area.

Count Peperon: Don't put too much faith in me, okay, da Vinci?

Count Peperon: As I said, I'm still a Crypter. Once Beryl has been dealt with, I will return to being your adversary.

Da Vinci: ...Crypter. Myourenji Arou, that was your birthname, right?

Da Vinci: According to Chaldea's records, you were handling dirty work for the Mage's Association at the time you were recruited by Marisbilly,

Da Vinci: and after joining the Astromancy department, you finally ended up at Chaldea.

Da Vinci: ...That's as much as you told us in India. However, there are no records of what you did before all that.

Da Vinci: You helped us out in both India and at Olympus. And now we're to cooperate here in Britain as well.

Da Vinci: I'd say it's not too much of me to ask for a fellow companion to share his backstory, is it?

Count Peperon: My! What a line, it struck right at my heart! You really are a universal genius! What a perfect pick-up line!

Da Vinci: Wow, I've never attempted pick-ups before, but I guess that WAS a perfect pick-up line just now.

Count Peperon: Yes, a fantastic one, I must say.

Count Peperon: Because you didn't say that for the sake of Chaldea, but for my own sake.

Count Peperon: Then, what kind of man would I be if I did not give an answer. —It's not a very exciting story, shall I tell it anyway?

Count Peperon: Myourenji Arou. What happened during the time when I still carried that name?

Count Peperon: What sort of person was I?

Count Peperon: Well, since you knew about my dirty work for the Clock Tower, you likely have some idea already.

Count Peperon: My family was one of Shugendou practitioners. More specifically—of tengu techniques.

Count Peperon: A school of Shugendou with the premise of arriving at hell by corrupting into a tengu.

Count Peperon: I seemed to be exceptionally talented, and was praised for it, but...

Count Peperon: I only wanted to be myself, you know? Ultimately, that ended up getting me excommunicated.

Count Peperon: After that, I no longer had any business with my family, and so I—settled things, and left Japan.

Da Vinci: Settled things, what does that mean?

Count Peperon: I massacred my family and their disciples.

Da Vinci: ...That's why no one knows about your past...and why there aren't any records of it, isn't it?

Da Vinci: Just in case, I'll ask you, why?

Count Peperon: ...I don't really have an answer, just that I thought they were bad.

Count Peperon: For one generation, the Myourenji were a family of Houjutsu practitioners.

Count Peperon: When the founder fell to the world of the tengu, he connected a path to the Maouson on the mountain, but...

Count Peperon: The issue was, that path was only for the “founder”. As such, his descendants faced some trouble.

Count Peperon: Long training were forced on us in order to superhumanize our bodies without the help of the Maouson.

Count Peperon: In terms of magi,'s probably more accurate to say we were like Muramasa.

Count Peperon: Through rigorous work they would create a special “body”—special “circuits”—that would only be around for a single generation, as they died without passing it on to their descendants.

Count Peperon: That wasn't my issue, though. My issue was how the family was set up.

Count Peperon: I'm a direct descendant of the “founder”, so I was born and raised on the mountain, but...

Count Peperon: The other children in the Myourenji family were kidnapped from the world below the mountain, you see?

Count Peperon: Back in the days, when the mortality rate of childbirth was higher, kidnapping children to raise them and act as their foster parent...

Count Peperon: Such a thing might have been fine, but—

Count Peperon: If they couldn't keep up with the training, you'd be thrown down the mountain. Even if you endured the training, you were only bound to descend into hell.

Count Peperon: There is nothing to gain from meddling in other people's fate, only to corrupt them into tengu.

Count Peperon: There was nothing to be gained for those people. That is why I killed every single one of them as I climbed down the mountain.

Da Vinci: Even though they were your family?

Count Peperon: Because they were my family. If they were mere strangers, I would have been able to ignore them.

Count Peperon: But because we were family, related by blood, I had to assume full responsibility, wouldn't you say?

Count Peperon: I might be a man of compassion, but my fastidiousness takes priority. In the end, a clean slate took priority over even my feelings for my relatives.

Count Peperon: Just as I am now a brute who prioritizes settling the score over my sentiment as Crypter.

Count Peperon: I'm convinced this is the reason I have cooperated with you all these times.

Count Peperon: Do you understand now?

Da Vinci: Indeed. You've displayed strength far beyond what I imagined.

Da Vinci: Although, I am curious about something. When you said you were talented, what extent are we talking about?

Count Peperon: Let's see...

Count Peperon: The Shugendou practitioners of the Myourenji family would acquire an abhijñā after 100 years of training...

Count Peperon: If you were able to acquire even one of the six abhijñā, you would qualify as a tengu...

Count Peperon: By the age of 10, I had acquired three of them.

Count Peperon: Shinsokutsuu, to run long distances; Tashintsuu, to read others' minds.

Count Peperon: And then...Roshintsuu, awareness of one's own lifespan and destiny.

Count Peperon: That's the kind of stuff you'd expect from the family's greatest genius!

Count Peperon: Dear me, I'm SUCH a luxury! I've been a deceitful man since I was born!

Count Peperon: But about this, don't go telling anyone!

Count Peperon: I hope this can stay between just me and you, da Vinci!

Da Vinci: Thank goodness Count Peperon is such a gourmand~!

Da Vinci: It's been 26 days since we arrived in the Fairy Kingdom, and during all that time we haven't had a full course meal!

Fujimaru 1: A mix of Italian and Japanese cuisine.

Da Vinci: Yeah, Artoria and Gareth seemed apprehensive about eating at first, but they devoured it in the end.

Da Vinci: Oberon was out of his seat, though. Now that I think about it, it's rare to see him eat.

Fujimaru 2: Huh...? Hasn't it only been 16 days?

Da Vinci: Ah, I knew there would be a discrepancy there.

Da Vinci: I've suspected it since Salisbury, but now is as good a time as any to explain it.

Da Vinci: Most likely, the time you have spent in the Fairy Kingdom is 10 days more than what you think.

Da Vinci: You told me you were in the fairy village in the Nameless Forest, but it had already been 10 days before you woke up there.

Da Vinci: About 10 days after I started working for Mike is when you guys finally showed up.

Da Vinci: Anyway, it's getting late. We'll have a lot to think about tomorrow, so I think it's best we rest now.

Da Vinci: One party will scout out Spriggan's Vault Fortress, while another investigates the Calamity Pool in the sky.

Da Vinci: We can split up first thing in the morning, and afterwards we'll know what we need to plan for.

Da Vinci: Well then, good night, Fujimaru. The Count prepared private rooms for us.

Da Vinci: So take it easy tonight, okay?

Oberon: Oh.

Fujimaru 1: Oberon.

Oberon: Good evening, Fujimaru. I was just heading out for a bit.

Fujimaru 2: More reconnaissance, dressed like that?

Oberon: Unlike the rest of you, I can't fight. I have to at least do some scouting for you.

Oberon: You're heading to bed, are you? We've been out on the plains for a long time now, so it must be nice sleeping in a proper bed again.

Oberon: Not only did Artoria reach Norwich, but Mash appeared as another Child of Prophecy.

Oberon: In this case, there's no way Morgan won't act. I'll have to keep a careful eye on Camelot for now.

Oberon: No sweat, I'll be back by sunrise. Well then—

Oberon: ...No.

Oberon: ...Excuse my curtness, but are you alright?

Fujimaru 1: ...What?

Fujimaru 2: ...Do I seem overworked?

Oberon: Yeah. When we were talking about Spriggan and Mash earlier, I thought you were gonna get up and storm the Vault Fortress then and there.

Oberon: But you kept quiet. You didn't change your priorities.

Oberon: All you wanted was to see Mash, but your responsibility as Master of Chaldea held you back.

Oberon: It was a smart decision, but I could tell it bothered you. I could see it on your face.

Fujimaru 1: Worry and trust are different, aren't they?

Fujimaru 2: You're the one who taught me that, Oberon.

Oberon: Hmm, well, I did say that, but...

Oberon: ...I just didn't expect you to meet her so soon...I shouldn't have said those things...

Oberon: No, it was nothing. I just had something I need to tell you.

Oberon: ...You said Mash hadn't recovered her memories yet, that she had forgotten her name in the Nameless Forest.

Oberon: Da Vinci's hypothesis was correct. If someone loses their name in that forest,

Oberon: and before recovering their memories, acquires a more powerful role than their former self—

Oberon: Having acquired a “new self”, sometimes, it might not be possible to go back to their “old self”.

Oberon: I don't know how she got caught up in the whole “Child of Prophecy” thing,

Oberon: but do you believe that the girl you knew as Mash once held a greater role than that of the Child of Prophecy?

Oberon: A herculean burden of shouldering the hopes of countless people. The indescribable torment of being responsible for the fate of an entire world.

Oberon: ...Yeah, I'm sorry, but I cannot imagine anything greater than that. The Mash you sought is gone.

Oberon: But to expose the riddle of the Fairy Kingdom, we only have need of one Child of Prophecy. And we already have Artoria.

Oberon: So—is there a need for you to care?

Oberon: If Mash will never remember you? If she will never return to being the girl you once knew?

Fujimaru 1:

Oberon: ...of course there is. I can see it on your face.

Oberon: It was a dumb question. I'm sorry I wasted your time.

Oberon: If this is what you've decided, I'll do what I can. Leave it to me to figure out the state of this world!

Oberon: Let's go, Vesper! Speedstar, prepare for take-off!


Count Peperon: HEY, GOOD MORNING! Did you all have a good night's sleep?

Fujimaru 1: All thanks to you.

Fujimaru 2: It even beats the Ritz.

Count Peperon: Doesn't it, doesn't it? You can simply get lost in the exquisite upholstery and the bedding, can't you!

Count Peperon: But when you say Ritz, which Ritz do you mean, I wonder—! There's so much going on, little me can't keep up—!

Count Peperon: In any case, we should have a serious talk before breakfast.

Count Peperon: I want to consult with you about Norwich's security, but...

Count Peperon: Oberon, you go first. You have something to share with everyone, don't you?

Oberon: Thank you for the thought, Count. I'll share a few words, then.

Oberon: Last night, I scouted the area around Norwich, as well as the circumstances at Camelot.

Oberon: As for the rain clouds over Norwich...the Calamity Pool, it's gaining momentum.

Oberon: The rotational velocity of the vortex is increasing, that is. I hadn't noticed until now, but it's giving off a tremendous amount of magical energy.

Oberon: If we likened it to pure fuel, it would be enough to burn all of Norwich to the ground.

Da Vinci: I have confirmed the same.

Da Vinci: Yesterday, it was nothing more than rain clouds. But this morning, I was able to measure an amount of magical energy comparable to a super-sized nuclear reactor core.

Senji Muramasa: A super-sized nuclear reactor core. Huh, what would that be like? The Machine Gods of Olympus?

Da Vinci: Not on the level of a Machine God, Chaldea terms, it would be the equivalent of two months of electricity used.

Fujimaru 1: An amount on the scale of Singularity Restoration Rayshifting...!

Fujimaru 2: (Does that amount include the upkeep for Servants...? )

Oberon: Hmm, Chaldea really is an amazing place, isn't it? To be able to consume that much magical energy in such a short time, you know?

Oberon: Anyway, the situation in Norwich has degraded compared to yesterday. The citizens were on edge this morning.

Oberon: As for Camelot, fortunately, there has been no signs of movement as of yet.

Oberon: No sign of an army leaving the castle. At most, about 20 soldiers have gone out to deal with Mors.

Oberon: One more thing...let's see, right, Morgan has apparently sent everyone away and shut herself in her throne room since last night.

Artoria: ...

Artoria: So then, Spriggan hasn't told Her Majesty about Mash...I mean, the Child of Prophecy?

Oberon: That's a safe bet. In part due to Spriggan's own greed, I'd assume.

Oberon: He wants the Calamity to occur, but he also wants his Vault Fortress to remain safe at all costs.

Oberon: That's where he keeps all the treasure he collects, after all.

Oberon: He claims that it won't be destroyed by the Calamity, but it seems he still wants some insurance.

Oberon: In the worst case, he'll let Mash...the Child of Prophecy, protect his castle.

Gareth: That's not really my idea of a great clan head.

Gareth: Once, I would have thought he needed to suffer some and reflect on his least, that's what I would have thought.

Oberon: I fully agree. As such, let's make protecting Norwich our top priority for now.

Oberon: The city of Norwich remaining safe—that will deal the biggest blow to Spriggan.

Oberon: After all, it's not difficult to imagine what will happen to a disliked lord who can't get his valued land back once the new year comes, is it?

Gareth: Ah! I get it!

Oberon: That's all I had to share. I'm sorry I couldn't figure out more.

Da Vinci: Don't say that. The information about the Queen's army not having moved yet is valuable enough on its own.

Da Vinci: We'll be able to focus on the issues at hand in Norwich. First, we'll investigate the rain clouds in the sky—

Norwich Military Police: There's an emergency, Count Peperon!

Norwich Military Police: A massive number of Mors have emerged from the sea, and are moving into the residential district!

Norwich Military Police: More than a thousand of them! —The Calamity, it has begun!

Norwich Military Police: Those who own houses, remain indoors! If you go outside, the Mors will kill you!

Norwich Military Police: Those with no homes, evacuate to the shelter, hurry now!

Norwich Military Police: Shit, more of them...! Where the hell are these things—

Fairy Opening Shop: Whaaaaaa! Don't come near, don't come near!

Mors: [[File: Npc_language_1. png200px]]

Mors: [[File: Npc_language_1. png200px]]

Fairy Opening Shop: Heeeee! They're everywhere, everywhere! Help me, help meeee!

Fairy Opening Shop: I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared—! Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me, forgive me...!

Fairy Opening Shop: What the hell is this, it hurts, it hurts, it huuuuuuurts! Aa, aaaa, aaaaaa.... !

Norwich Military Police: What the hell was that just now? The Mors devoured that fairy whole and grew in size...!?

Norwich Military Police: I've never heard of such a thing happening...No, this time it's the Calamity...

Norwich Military Police: Alright, report to the Count! “We cannot hold our position. We must withdraw! ”

Norwich Military Police: “The hostile Mors are growing as they feed on fairies! Human soldiers will face huge issues trying to take them on! ”

Norwich Military Police: Quickly now, at this rate the northern district will fall in no time! Focus on evacuating the residents of the southern ward only!

Norwich Military Police: That was all the squad leader had to report! Please provide evacuation advisory to leave the city, Count!

Count Peperon: Hm, I thought we'd have more time, but this is just the way the cookie crumbles, I guess.

Count Peperon: Seeeeeriously, the more unpleasant things happen at an unpleasant timing, the more it all becomes unpleasant.

O:Norwich Military Police: My...Count?

Count Peperon: Calm yourself, I haven't lost my mind. —What will you do if I give order to evacuate the city?

Count Peperon: Spriggan's soldiers have most likely closed the gates by this point. They want the fairies to succumb, after all.

Count Peperon: Escort the citizens to the evacuation shelters we prepared. Have the military police withdraw to the shelter as well.

Count Peperon: You, the human soldiers, will protect the citizens and hold the Mors off at the port.

Count Peperon: Your priority should be to safeguard the people. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can fight the Mors.

O:Norwich Military Police: But, if we don't deal with the Mors, the shelter will fall—

Count Peperon: You're right. But that's why they are here. Isn't that so, Child of Prophecy and company?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, leave it to us!

O:Norwich Military Police: Ah! So that one is the Child of Prophecy!

O:Norwich Military Police: Rather ordinary, but she seems good to me!

Artoria: Ah...ahaha, yeah. I appreciate your honesty, thank you.

Gareth: W-wait a minute, this...I don't know about this.

Gareth: We're going up against Mors. Fairies don't stand a chance.

Gareth: ...I cannot even imagine what it would take for us to win. I think we have to retreat here and wait for things to...

Oberon: Hey. That's not something the courageous Gareth would say.

Oberon: The Mors may be the natural enemy of fairies, but that doesn't mean you can't fight.

Oberon: Artoria can backup Muramasa and da Vinci from the backlines.

Oberon: We also have Fujimaru's summoning technique. We'll be able to drive off at least some of the Mors.

Oberon: What do you say, Artoria? You came here to save Norwich.

Oberon: Whatever the Calamity is, it's something you need to confront in order for your story to begin.

Artoria: O-of course! Leave it to me!

Artoria: And don't worry about the Mors! My body won't corrupt even if I come into contact with them!

Gareth: Is that so!? In that case—yeah, we can do it!

Count Peperon: It's decided, then. You will hold off the Mors on the street in the southern district.

Count Peperon: I will need to remain in command here, so I cannot accompany you.

Count Peperon: Hold them off for one hour, and that should be enough time to evacuate the entire southern district.

Fujimaru 1: Roger that!

Fujimaru 2: Let's go, Artoria!

Note! Scene Change

Shoemaker Fairy, Hiding under a Shelf: Waa...waaa...

Shoemaker Fairy, Hiding under a Shelf: I shouldn't have come to check on the shop...shouldn't have come to check on the plantation with all this rain pouring...

Shoemaker Fairy, Hiding under a Shelf: Completely surrounded...they're gonna find me, unless...

Shoemaker Fairy, Hiding under a Shelf: Help me...Lady Savior...Lady Tonelico...

Shoemaker Fairy, Hiding under a Shelf: The fairies of my previous generation, and the one before that, and the one before that all spent their time making worthless shoes in Norwich...

Shoemaker Fairy, Hiding under a Shelf: They even made shoes for Lady Tonelico, or at least that's how legend has it...

Shoemaker Fairy, Hiding under a Shelf: So please save me...spare me...spare me...ah, why do the Mors seem frightened...?

Fujimaru 1: There, a shoemaker fairy!

Artoria: Stay where you are! We'll take care of the Mors!


Artoria: Now or never! Quickly, get to the Count's shelter!

Shoemaker Fairy: You s-s-saved me! Thank you, girl with the staff!

Senji Muramasa: Gareth, you have good vision, right? Can you see what the harbor's like!?

Gareth: Eh...!?

Gareth: Y-yes, I see it! A swarm of Mors are coming from the harbor!

Gareth: 30...60...more than 100! Ah, they split up! Half of them are going elsewhere!

Fujimaru 1: Towards the northern district!?

Fujimaru 2: (What do we do...split up...!? )

Senji Muramasa: We can't save them, abandon the thought! If we lose even one man here, we're all dead!

Senji Muramasa: You felt the power of the Mors just now, we all know it!

Fujimaru 1: —but—!

Fujimaru 2: (I know that...but, still...! )

Senji Muramasa: Good grief, you don't know when to give up, do you, [♂ boy /♀ girl]? Screw it, use a Command Spell on me!

Senji Muramasa: If I'm strengthened, I should be able to hold them off on my own! This is where I'll retire from here, then!

Senji Muramasa: It's a poor end to our agreement, but it's better than being wiped out because we're being burdened by our thoughts!

Artoria: Eh—hold on, it's not that easy,

Oberon: No, that won't be necessary! Look, something's kicking up dust in the northern district!

Gareth: That's the Child of Prophecy in black armor!

Gareth: She jumped from the castle's bell tower and is kicking Mors left and right!

Gareth: Amazing, amazing! Ah, it seems she's all alone, that can't be good!

Gareth: But still, she isn't losing! She'll be able to handle the Mors in the northern district!

Fujimaru 1: Mash...!

Oberon: Yeah, I guess Spriggan's little lies didn't work on that girl.

Oberon: If she can hold down the northern district, then it'll be fine! We just have to keep defending the south!

Oberon: Everyone, this is our moment of truth! This is when we stand to defend Norwich!

Gareth: Yes, we won't lose to that Child of Prophecy over there!

Gareth: We will stand our ground here, and let everyone see that Artoria is the real thing!

Artoria: ...


Senji Muramasa: How many are there now!? They just keep coming! I'm not even gonna count past fifty!

Senji Muramasa: We're about to fall apart over here, how about you!?

Fujimaru 1: —, —

Fujimaru 2: Still, somehow...!

Da Vinci: Fujimaru!? Hold on, take a deep breath!

Da Vinci: You're relying too heavily on your Mystic Code! You're exceeding the limits of your Magical Energy Life-Force Conversion!

Da Vinci: You need to get back and rest! Immediate administration of active ampoule!

Fujimaru 1: Roger...that...!

Gareth: There's another swarm of Mors coming in from the harbour! No way...there are probably over 500 of them! No, even more!

Senji Muramasa: That bastard's finally pulled the trigger. Da Vinci-chan, how's our time!?

Da Vinci: Yeah, we made it! About an hour!

Da Vinci: There aren't any residents left to evacuate, so we should retreat to the shelter!

Gareth: ...Huh? That's not...those aren't Mors...

Gareth: They're fae...they're coming from over there...they were hiding in that building.

Gareth: Are they fleeing this way? Why? They were safe inside—

Gareth: — What? Huh?

Fujimaru 1: Gareth...?

Fujimaru 2: What's happening at the harbour...?

Gareth: — Uh. Ugh, buh...!

Artoria: Gareth!?

Oberon: She's just frightened. She's not hurt! It's because she was looking directly at that thing!

Oberon: It seems to be causing mental disruptions in fairies!

Oberon: Even the fairies that were hiding in the harbor district are fleeing here in panic!

Da Vinci: That's not good. We can't fit all those people in the shelter!

Senji Muramasa: We've got an even bigger problem. If that thing touches ground, the entire city itself will be destroyed!

Da Vinci: Can that thing move!? No, of course it can, it just came out here!

Da Vinci: Is this what they call the Calamity!? Then, what's with the rain clouds in the sky!?

Senji Muramasa: We can think about that later, da Vinci! Artoria, Fujimaru, what's the plan?

Senji Muramasa: Earlier, we decided to ignore the northern district, but that's no longer feasible.

Senji Muramasa: We can stay here and go down with Norwich, or we can prioritise our own lives.

Senji Muramasa: Those are the only two options, there's no other way. —If we hurry, we can still make it out.

Senji Muramasa: You get it, right? Your job is to cleanse the Calamity, protecting Norwich is just a bonus.

Senji Muramasa: Think about it from that perspective.


Fujimaru 1:

Fujimaru 2: ...(I get it too. We have no chance of winning...)

Oberon: I know how you feel, but we have to retreat now! We couldn't win even if you could fight properly!

Oberon: Let's withdraw for the time being, and figure out the Calamity's weak spot!

Oberon: It's not your fault Norwich is going to fall, this is just the way things have to be!

Artoria: That...may be so...but...we'll take that thing down somehow—

Artoria: Take it down—

Fujimaru 1: Artoria...?

Fujimaru 2: What are you seeing...?

Castoria Monologue: —Faintly.

Castoria Monologue: I awoke to the sound of a bell ringing out, far away.

Castoria Monologue: When I woke up in my warm bed, I had a clear premonition.

Castoria Monologue: “Perhaps today, the Calamity will come. ”

Castoria Monologue: I would always wake up to the sound of bells. Suddenly, a storm would arrive without warning.

Castoria Monologue: It was the same in Tintagel.

Castoria Monologue: It was an ordinary morning, but that day was the end of my normal routines to come.

Artoria: ...No way...I'm not confident enough...

Castoria Monologue: Thanks to everyone else, I've gotten better, but it's still unreasonable.

Castoria Monologue: I lack confidence. I lack strength. I lack qualifications. Saving Britain is still but a dream.

Castoria Monologue: Shall I run away? That is what I think every time I wake up.

Castoria Monologue: But I am the Child of Prophecy. That is who I was raised to be.

Castoria Monologue: Everyone in the village saw me off with that expectation, even at the cost of their own lives.

Castoria Monologue: That is why I have to do my best. I have to overcome the weakness inside me.

Castoria Monologue: —To be honest, I don't really care about anything else.

Castoria Monologue: But I absolutely won't betray that star. Not a chance.

Castoria Monologue: Ah—but this is impossible. It is simply impossible. I know it is.

Senji Muramasa: Those are the only two options, there's no other way. —If we hurry, we can still make it out.

Castoria Monologue: I can run. That's what everyone is saying. No one will blame me for running here.

Castoria Monologue: They will only be disappointed, that's all.

Castoria Monologue: You can always make up for disappointments. You can always be forgiven through further achievements.

Castoria Monologue: So I wanted to tell them we would run away, but I am surprised at how I was so hesitant to say so.

Castoria Monologue: “I want to run. I can't do it. I'm scared. No, but...but...but...”

Castoria Monologue: When I look to my side, there [♂ he /♀ she] is, looking up at that thing with the same face as me.

Castoria Monologue: Fujimaru is the same as me.

Castoria Monologue: Forced to do things we cannot possibly do. Sent into battles we don't have the strength to fight.

Castoria Monologue: And yet we cannot turn it down, so here we stand.

Castoria Monologue: Then I'll be the first to say, it's okay to run.

Castoria Monologue: That's right. I chose in [♂ his /♀ her] stead. I was about to tell them all we should run away for [♂ his /♀ her] sake.

Castoria Monologue: Then I saw that figure.

Castoria Monologue: A star pushing their way through the crowd, rushing toward the Calamity.

Castoria Monologue: Running straight at that thing with firm determination, having swallowed their fear.

Narration: The image of the other Child of Prophecy. And so...

Narration: Seeing this, power returned to Fujimaru's eyes.

Oberon: ...Mash...what a shame. Didn't she have any friends around who could stop her?

Oberon: But it can't be helped...she's already a “Child of Prophecy”.

Oberon: This is what the people around her wished for, and what she has chosen to do.

Oberon: I guess dying here is the story she has chosen to tell.

Oberon: Fujimaru...I don't really know how to say this, but...

Fujimaru 1: —Hold the fort here!

Fujimaru 2: I'll be going, da Vinci!

Oberon: What the hell!?

Da Vinci: What are you saying!? I'm coming with you! Oberon! Take care of evacuating the fairies, please!

Oberon: —Amazing. I didn't expect this kind of development...

Oberon: It's alright, you should go! Sometimes brute courage is what's needed!

Oberon: I believe in the power of you Chaldeans, after all, you've made it this far!

Da Vinci: That giant, it's descending towards the harbour! That's an amazing way to attack. Or maybe it's prostrating!?

Da Vinci: Either way, it'll completely annihilate the harbour! Fujimaru, is there anything on your mind!?

Fujimaru 1: Where did Mash go!?

Da Vinci: She's already at the pier! She's deploying her Round Shield!

Da Vinci: She's going to take that thing on by herself! Even Mash can't handle that kind of mass!

Da Vinci: Here's my suggestion as your technical advisor: “if you turn back now, you can save yourself, Fujimaru! ”

Da Vinci: Is there really any reason for you to win this fight!?

Oberon: So—is there a need for you to care?

Oberon: If Mash will never remember you? If she will never return to being the girl you once knew?

Fujimaru 1: That—

Fujimaru 1: —is why!

Narration: —Now then, let's resume her story for just a moment.

Narration: “If you do as I say, the other chiefs will never know. I can keep you hidden, even from the Queen's eyes. ”

Narration: Those were the silver-tongued words of Spriggan, which had not sat right with her.

Narration: When she found out that the Mors had appeared, she did not bother with the heavily guarded ground floor exit.

Narration: She climbed up the castle's bell tower, and jumped down into Norwich without hesitation!

Narration: With a thunderous roar, a thunderous boom, and thunderous movement! No, thunderous movement isn't quite right, that was simply gravity at work.

Narration: Once down in the city of Norwich, she attracted the horde of Mors and evacuated the fairies to safety.

Narration: Then came the big one. The cursed hand of ■■■■■■■■■ rose from the sea.

Narration: As one would expect, she stumbled at the sight, but when she saw the screaming fairies, she pulled herself together.

Narration: She rushed into the harbour without hesitation and confronted the cursed hand at the end of the pier.

Mash: (This is—)

Narration: She realised at once that she could not stop it on her own. Even if she gave everything she had, she could not stop the inevitable destruction.

Mash: Even so—!

Narration: Even so, she could mitigate some of the damage.

Narration: Even though the harbor would be destroyed, the damage could be lessened somewhat, and the residential district might be saved.

Narration: That prospect was enough for her, and when she deployed her shield, she saw something unbelievable.

Mash: That...person—

Narration: Running into the harbour was the human she had met at the square.

Narration: An inexplicable surge of joy and relief overflooded her heart, and so she could not help but raise her voice.

Mash: Run away! Don't come over here! I can't hold it off for more than a few more seconds...!

Narration: But her desperate shouting did not prevent the human's approach.

Narration: Could [♂ he /♀ she] not hear her hesitant voice over the shield clashing against the curse?

Narration: Unbelievably, [♂ he /♀ she] ran across the pier with a voice louder than even hers, shouting “I'm not gonna let you lose! ”

Narration: [♂ His /♀ Her] hand touched her back, as if to support her. As if to tell her that [♂ he /♀ she] would not leave her side.

Mash: Ah—

Narration: That concern for her filled her with so much joy, and she finally remembered being human.

Narration: Indeed, and because she was human, she felt the pain, and the fear.

Narration: The fear that she would let those who believed in her be hurt.

Mash: I'm the Child of Prophecy, leave me be...! I'll be fine, just run away—!

Narration: And so she held on strong until the very end. Saying it would be all right, like a child telling a lie they knew were poor.

Fujimaru: I proclaim through my Command Spell!

Mash: Eh—?

Fujimaru: I don't care whether you're the Child of Prophecy or not—

Narration: The voice resounded from behind her. From her heart to her fingertips, her fiery blood pumped throughout her body.

Fujimaru: Mash, give us all a show we'll never forget!!!

Narration: With this, the Prophecy had been overturned.

Narration: Even Ainsel's own premonition could not have foretold this scene.

Mash: (Ah—I get it now. I'll do that, Master. )

Narration: The chalk wall repelled the cursed hand. That thing could not stand against the walls of Camelot.

Narration: The thing recognized the creature in front of itself as its enemy, attempting to thwart the collapse.

Narration: Something that would prevent the Calamity. A small-scale adversary, standing there to save the Fairy Kingdom.

Fujimaru: You're doing it, Mash! Push it back!

Narration: The familiar voice awakened what resided within her. It was neither Annis nor the Child of Prophecy that was found there.

Narration: It was the knight who had inherited the holy shield. A servant of Chaldea. Indeed.

Mash: Yes, Master!

Mash: Please lend me your strength! I'll do everything I can to purge this place of the Calamity!

Mash: Because—because! I may not be the Child of Prophecy, but even so...!

Mash: My heart! It's crying out to protect this city!

Narration: That girl's name is Mash Kyrielight.

Narration: She, who everyone had believed to be the Child of Prophecy, was finally allowed to be selfish.


Mash: No way...the Calamity is vanishing...

Mash: ...We did it. We did it, we really did it, Senpai!

Mash: Amazing, we really managed to beat the Calamity!

Fujimaru 1: You did it, Mash!

Mash: Ah...yes. T-this isn't the time to rejoice, though...

Mash: Mash Kyrielight has returned. I apologize for any inconvenience I've caused.

Da Vinci: Yeah. Welcome back, Mash. We're so glad you made it back safe.

Da Vinci: I'm sure you've got a story to tell, but we'll get to that once we're settled in.

Da Vinci: We have a local associate you'd probably like to meet. Or should I say, “companion”?

Da Vinci: Oh, here she comes. Hey, over here, over here!

Da Vinci: Let me introduce you. This is Mash, Fujimaru's main servant.

Da Vinci: Mash, this is Artoria Caster. She's Fujimaru's owner.

Da Vinci: She is the King Arthur of this Lostbelt, the Child of Prophecy, and a powerful magus.

Artoria: Eh—nononono, I'm not that strong or King Arthur or the Child of Prophecy or...

Artoria: I'm so embarrassed that you would say that in front of the likes of the incredibly strong Mash, I could just die...

Artoria: I'm sorry that I couldn't lift a finger to help you out of the Nameless Forest,

Artoria: I'm sorry that I couldn't be of any help against the Calamity, I'm so sorry that I'm so weak...!

Mash: A-Artoria...! But you're the real Child of Prophecy...!

Mash: No, no, no, what am I saying! I should apologize for introducing myself as the Child of Prophecy! I was just trying to comprehend what you meant when you said Senpai's “owner”, and then my mind went completely blank but then I realized da Vinci, that pain in the butt, was using it as a distraction to hide the fact that Senpai is a human from Chaldea!



Fujimaru 1: They hit it off just like that!

Fujimaru 2: All thanks to da Vinci-chan...I guess?

Da Vinci: Nuh-uh, it's the high spirits!

Da Vinci: I knew you two would hit it off, even though you are so different!

Da Vinci: Well, then. “Cleanse the Calamity” and “Meet up with Mash”.

Da Vinci: We've completed those two things in one go, but there's still one more thing we need to do in Norwich.

Da Vinci: Indeed, the Pilgrim's Bell. Now that we're here, why don't we ring it?

Artoria: That's...a little...I couldn't do something like that...

Artoria: It was Mash and Fujimaru who drove back the Calamity.

Artoria: I don't think I'm qualified to ring the bell right now...

Mash: That's not true.

Mash: I'm sure you tried to protect Norwich as best as you could.

Mash: It was just a coincidence that I was the one who managed to drive back the Calamity.

Mash: Just because I did that, doesn't mean I'm the Child of Prophecy.

Mash: I just did it because it's what I wanted. I'm no different than you, Artoria.

Mash: So please, ring the Pilgrim's Bell. I'll have a talk with Spriggan myself.

Artoria: I s-see!

Artoria: You're a good person, Mash!

Artoria: From what Fujimaru told me, this isn't how I pictured you.

Fujimaru 1: ...Is that the sound of rain?

Fujimaru 2: ...By the way, the Calamity Pool is still there...

Da Vinci: You're right. We repelled the Calamity, so why are those clouds still—

Note! Mash Protects Us From Water Mirror cutscene

Mash: Everyone, look out—!

Fujimaru 1: ...Mash?

Da Vinci: Oww...I was sent flying like a ball...

Da Vinci: Huh? Mash?


Fujimaru 1: gone—

Fujimaru 2: Mash. Mash...!

???: Ah, you saw it happen right in front of you, so don't you get it? She was protecting you, and now she's gone.

???: That right there was Morgan's Water Mirror. Originally, it was supposed to be used against the Calamity.

???: It was such a flashy plot twist, but it's taken a long time to set up.

???: Seriously, you outsider humans are so careless. Or were you led wherever the wind took you?

???: Well, it doesn't matter either way. It doesn't change what I have to do.

???: Come now, this is no time to be falling on your ass, Fujimaru.

???: Don't fret, Mash is fine. She's just not here.

???: The Water Mirror is a transference spell. She's somewhere else in Britain by now.

???: Don't worry. You'll be reunited before long. If you don't, I'll be upset.

???: When that time comes, the bride's prince will have to rise up as graceful as ever.

Fujimaru 1: Who are you...!?

G:???: Ooh, you've got spirit, don't you? You've just barely made it out.

G:???: Pleased to meet you, Chaldeans. I am Habetrot.

Habetrot: I am...Well, let's just say I'm like Mash's personal assistant.

Habetrot: A friendly fae who will help you out on your journey, free of charge.

Habetrot: That is, until you're reunited with Mash, at least. You should feel honored!


Habetrot: Whaa, the food here is too delicious! The stuff back at Sheffield has nothing on this!

Habetrot: Ah, is that pasta? Is that what you call it? Can I have some more? It's so fun to twirl!

Red Rabbit: M-hay I have another slice of the carrot-colored cake, or perhaps another two?

Red Rabbit: I went around the river and hurried to Norwich, only to find that everything is already over...

Red Rabbit: If I don't suppress this heartbreak with things of sweet nature, there is no way I will be able to go back to pulling that carriage.

Count Peperon: It's a good thing you were able to save Norwich. And without pause we have gained several more odd companions, it seems?

Count Peperon: However, the situation has grown somewhat complicated.

Count Peperon: You were able to reunite with Mash, but were immediately separated again.

Count Peperon: And outside—

Fairies Gathering Outside: Child of Prophecy! Child of Prophecy!

Fairies Gathering Outside: The Child of Prophecy saved Norwich! The Child of Prophecy will defeat the Queen!

Fairies Gathering Outside: We are no longer at Morgan's mercy!

Fairies Gathering Outside: The Child of Prophecy saved us! It is time for us to return the favor!

Fairies Gathering Outside: Route all weapon shipments to Londinium! Stop all deliveries to Camelot!

Fairies Gathering Outside: Child of Prophecy! Child of Prophecy! Let's hear it for the true king of Britain!

Gareth: We did it! This is a huge win for you, Artoria!

Artoria: ...

Count Peperon: ...It seems so. Perhaps a bit too huge. You protected Norwich without fault, and even managed to repel the Calamity.

Count Peperon: But the fairies of Norwich are now devoting all their sympathies to the Child of Prophecy. With this, there is no way the Queen will sit idly by.

Senji Muramasa: Her army will come. The Calamity has passed, but a war will soon break out between fairy soldiers.

Gareth: Ah...I see, this will clearly turn into an insurrection...

Da Vinci: I'm also concerned by Mash, who was spirited away by Morgan's Water Mirror.

Da Vinci: And the fairies keep going on about how “there's no more danger” and “we'll all be able to reunite”.

Habetrot: Right, right. Habenyan is out of ideas, too.

Habetrot: However, I do know going on a desperate search right now would be a bad move. All good things must come to an end, inscrutable are the ways of heaven.

Senji Muramasa: Habenyan? Is that what you're called? You're a bit of a proverbial fairy, aren't you...

Count Peperon: Either way, for the time being, you shouldn't carelessly just rush outside.

Count Peperon: If you do, it might further incite the fairies of Norwich to rebel against the Queen.

Count Peperon: It would be best to sneak out of the city under the cover of night. That is, assuming you know where to go.

Fujimaru 1: Where to go...

Fujimaru 2: Should we head back to Salisbury for now?

Oberon: No. We managed to exorcise the Calamity and save Norwich.

Oberon: We can't let this feat go to waste.

Oberon: In the first place, we were never supposed to be allowed this opportunity. “The Calamity will be repelled, but Norwich will fall. ”

Oberon: That's part of the prophecy. I've kept it to myself until now.

Note! Scene Change

Count Peperon: ...Then you will go to meet Spriggan? To have him compensate you for protecting Norwich.

Oberon: Yeah. The fairies of Norwich will back us up against Spriggan.

Oberon: “Let her ring the Pilgrim's Bell. The citizens of Norwich will break down your door if you don't! ”

Oberon: Stuff like that.

Spriggan: I'll comply, of course! I wouldn't dare refuse the saviors of Norwich!

Fujimaru 1: Just like that!?

Fujimaru 2: ...Huh? This fairy...

Spriggan: What is it? Is there something on my face? Huh, there isn't. Then, shall we continue our conversation?

Spriggan: The bell tower is just beyond here. As my loyalty still lies with Her Majesty the Queen, I cannot take you there myself, but...

Spriggan: If you were to go and ring it on your own, I wouldn't be able to stop you.

Spriggan: It would simply be my fault for being careless around you, that's all.

Spriggan: She would be able to take such a thing into consideration.

Senji Muramasa: Right, you're too scared of animosity from the public, after all.

Senji Muramasa: Let's go up, Artoria. We'll ring it and get out of here.

Senji Muramasa: ...Artoria?

Artoria: ...I'm sorry. I can't ring the bell of Norwich.

Artoria: To ring this bell would mean declaring war against Her Majesty Morgan.

Artoria: ...It isn't something I'm ready to do.

Artoria: Not to was Mash who saved Norwich.

Artoria: It wasn't me the people of Norwich hailed.

Spriggan: Ho-ho. Well, well.

Spriggan: Someone with an eye for the times, huh? I'm quite impressed.

Spriggan: You're such a naive-looking thing, after all...Indeed, to ring the bell here would go against your morals.

Spriggan: Unless of course, you would have armies march and further blood spill.

Senji Muramasa: Ha? Why's that?

Spriggan: Because there remain countless people loyal to Her Majesty the Queen.

Spriggan: After all, she is the one who has protected Britain from the Mors for the past 2,000 years.

Spriggan: Regardless of how despotic her rule might be, her accomplishments are rock-solid.

Spriggan: Most would not go against someone like that just because it was “spoken of in a prophecy”.

Spriggan: Who would be in the right? Who would hold the position of integrity?

Spriggan: If they cannot answer that, the Child of Prophecy is nothing more than an invader...

Spriggan: You would be barbarians, no different from the Saxons.

Oberon: In other words, you're suggesting we send a message before we act? A declaration of our cause, and our denunciation of the Queen.

Spriggan: Exactly. In fact, if you were to prepare such a thing, I would personally see that it was delivered to Her Majesty...

Spriggan: Although there is no need for such things now. Just before, I was in conversation with Her Majesty.

Spriggan: “In recognition of their good luck in saving Norwich, the Child of Prophecy and her foreign visitors are hereby invited to an audience with the Queen. ”

Spriggan: With cause of their unusual accomplishment, they will be treated as honored guests, and I will hear any proposal they put forth,“ she said.

Fujimaru 1: —!

Fujimaru 2: (The Queen wants us to go meet her in person...! )

Oberon: No way. If we go, we'll definitely be killed!

Oberon: Did you really think we would fall for such a blatantly obvious trap, Morgan!?

Spriggan: No, no. Her Majesty may be ruthless, but she abides by her decorum.

Spriggan: As Her Majesty has stated that you shall be received as her guests, your safety is absolutely guaranteed.

Spriggan: A ruler is one who stays true to their word, after all.

Spriggan: How else could the six clans be consolidated?

Senji Muramasa: ...I see. Just like we require a declaration to start a war,

Senji Muramasa: the Queen can't simply kill the Child of Prophecy without pretext.

Senji Muramasa: In fact, that's how Norwich was saved.

Senji Muramasa: As a political figurehead, she would need to prove to the people who is right and who is wrong.

Senji Muramasa: In that case, it's just a matter of mutual questioning. To gauge the other party's worth.

Da Vinci: I see it the same as Muramasa. Moreoever, I would really like to know more about the Queen.

Da Vinci: So far, we only really know that her name is Morgan.

Da Vinci: I want to question her myself, to confirm what it is she wants, what it is she desires.

Da Vinci: However, I will only go if our safety both there and back will be guaranteed.

Da Vinci: If antagonism arises during the audience, I need a promise that there will be a truce in place.

Spriggan: Of course. All that has already been promised.

Spriggan: All the details are in this letter. A copy has already been sent out to all the clan heads.

Artoria: So, with all that...what do you think, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: If she's this thorough, we'll face her.

Artoria: Why are you being so belligerent about this!?

Fujimaru 1: ...I mean, this means she has us cornered...

Artoria: Aa...what a grim face...

Artoria: ...Yeah. I get it. To be honest, I'm pretty pissed off as well.

Artoria: What the hell does she mean, “lucky”?

Artoria: We all worked so hard, Mash too! “Luck”, my ass!

Oberon: I see. If everyone has made up their mind, I guess that will be our decision.

Oberon: In this case, Artoria's decision to not want to ring the bell also makes sense.

Oberon: If she rings the bell now, the Queen and Child of Prophecy would become political enemies.

Oberon: In such a case, I imagine this invitation would become void, is that right, Spriggan?

Spriggan: Who knows, I wouldn't be able to say.

Spriggan: Oberon, was it? A troublesome fairy, aren't you? The kind not found in the Fairy Kingdom.

Spriggan: I'll send a messenger to the Count's mansion first thing in the morning. Afterwards, I would like for you to meet up with the soldiers outside the city.

Artoria: ...Her Majesty's troops will escort us. Just in case, may I ask who will lead this escort?

Spriggan: Of course. The unit sent will be the First Imperial Cavalry of the Mors Extermination Division. Their captain's name is Gawain.

Spriggan: Indeed, our pride and joy, Fairy Knight Gawain will most definitely lead you safely to Camelot.

Note! Scene Change

Beryl: Huh? What was that? I couldn't quite hear you, Lady Spinel.

Beryl: Could you repeat that, please? What was that about the black Child of Prophecy?

Fairy Knight Tristan: I told you, she died in Norwich. She was struck by mother's Water Mirror.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Her body and armor both disappeared completely. There wasn't even a finger left.

Fairy Knight Tristan: It's no surprise! She was surprisingly strong, but against my mother she couldn't last for a single second. Kyahaha!

Fairy Knight Tristan: She no longer has to suffer just on the inside.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Beryl? Hey, Beryl, what's wrong? Did I say something wrong?

Beryl: —What's that? That's just hogwash.

Beryl: That's just ordinary news, Lady Spinel. Your typical spread of misinformation. It's hardly even enough to call a joke.

Fairy Knight Tristan: ...? Mash, she was your sweetheart, wasn't she? She died, how's that ordinary news?

Beryl: Mash simply DISAPPEARED, didn't she? If there's no body, that means she's alive.

Beryl: In the first place—

Beryl: I have to die first. Mash would never go and die before I do. Not a chance.

Beryl: That's how the goddess of love made this world.

Beryl: No matter what, Mash will always fall into my lap.

Beryl: There might be ups and downs along the way, but it's bound to happen. Isn't that what being soulmates is all about?