Cosmos in the Lostbelt 6: Faerie Realm of the Round Table - Avalon le Fae Part 2

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Nemo Marine: Extra, extraaa! Extra from the deeeck! Da Vinci's Tifone has returned!

Nemo: Good work. Have it rest in the cage until our reply is composed.

Nemo: ...It's cleared six different scans from the hazardous materials sensor. Musik, Holmes, Da Vinci's report is here.

Holmes: Let's see. Hm...ah-hah...I that's the situation...

Holmes: Clan heads...the Calamity...a mysterious fairy horse called Red Rab-bit...

Holmes: Quite a few more pieces of mind-blowing information. Mr. Gordolf, would you like to read it?

Gordolf: Naturally. I'm Chaldea's commander. Looking over every report is my job.

Gordolf: Captain, pot-au-feuniere, members of the Marines. I'm going to read this aloud, so I expect you to be quiet.

Gordolf: Now, Britain, the Land of the Fey...

Gordolf: The threat of the sixth Lostbelt, the Fairy Kingdom of Britain, which rejects the operation of all electronic devices inside it.

Gordolf: Chaldea's special investigation operative and Master, Fujimaru,

Gordolf: [♂ his /♀ her] exclusive Servant, Mash Kyrielight,

Gordolf: technical advisor Leonardo da Vinci...along with the summoned Servant Tristan.

Gordolf: Those four went ashore in Britain,

Gordolf: to the Fairy Territory dubbed the “Nameless Forest”.

Gordolf: As soon as they entered, they steadily lost their names and memories, and were separated due to the rules of that territory.

Gordolf: Fujimaru woke up in a village in Cornwall,

Gordolf: and came in contact with Artoria Caster, a local fairy who has since become an on-site collaborator.

Gordolf: With help from Servant Tristan, they escaped from the Nameless Forest.

Gordolf: With additional help from a new on-site local, Oberon, the so-called Fairy King,

Gordolf: Fujimaru began the investigation in earnest.

Gordolf: [♂ He /♀ She] was soon able to reunite with technical advisor Leonardo da Vinci,

Gordolf: and while their highest priority was to find Mash Kyrielight, various information about the Fairy Kingdom was collected.

Gordolf: The king of this Lostbelt is Queen Morgan, whose rule over the Fairy Kingdom has lasted for 2,000 years.

Gordolf: The fairies are divided into six clans. Human existence is controlled by the fairies.

Gordolf: The natural enemy of the fairies, known as the Mors. Fairy Knights who bear the names of Heroic Spirits from pan-human history.

Gordolf: “Calamities” that occur every 100 years. “Great Calamities” that occur every 1,000 years.

Gordolf: And...the one said to defeat Morgan, the “Child of Prophecy. ”

Gordolf: On a pilgrimage to ring the bells of the bell towers governed by the six clan heads.

Gordolf: When this is successfully done, the Child of Prophecy will defeat Morgan and become the true king...

Gordolf: There's no way Fujimaru would sit quietly by upon hearing such a story.

Gordolf: [♂ He /♀ She] selfishly proposed cooperating with Artoria Caster without waiting for further instructions from me.

Gordolf: For the sake of their mutual goal of defeating Morgan, they wholeheartedly supported the Child of Prophecy.

Gordolf: Dialogue with Aurora, head of the Wind Clan. A chance meeting with the Fairy Knight Gawain at a human farm.

Gordolf: An auction showdown with the Fairy Knight Tristan. The rescue of the Servant Muramasa, apostle of the Alien God.

Gordolf: Dialogue with Muryan, head of the Wing Clan. Contact with Koyanskaya, in yet another new outfit.

Gordolf: Joined by another local ally, the fairy Gareth. The mysterious fairy horse, Red Rab-bit.

Gordolf: Through many dangers, including Dracae's river of tears,

Gordolf: what Fujimaru saw when [♂ he /♀ she] arrived in Norwich was...

Gordolf: Another Child of Prophecy supported by the fairies, none other than Mash Kyrielight!

Gordolf: Urrrgh, I can't make heads or tails of this no matter how many times I read it over!

Gordolf: Why is Kyrielight being held up as the Child of Prophecy!?

Gordolf: And what the heck is a “Habenyan”!? This report alone gives me no idea!

Gordolf: I guess I'll just fill in the gaps with my imagination.

Gordolf: I would assume Kyrielight had been having a tough time as well.

Gordolf: Was she helping people, no, fairies in the north perhaps?

Gordolf: I suppose they were thanking her for being a hero.

Gordolf: In addition, they made contact with a Crypter hiding out in Norwich, Peperoncino.

Gordolf: And after all that, the Calamity finally broke out in Norwich.

Gordolf: With the assistance of us Chaldeans, the Child of Prophecy successfully repelled the Calamity.

Gordolf: However...

Gordolf: After finally being able to rejoin the others, Mash Kyrielight was transported elsewhere by a mysterious phenomenon,

Gordolf: and she was once again separated from Fujimaru...

Gordolf: But there was no time to be sad.

Gordolf: I'm sure that's what Fujimaru thought.

Gordolf: After all, now, in accordance with our ultimate objective...

Gordolf: [♂ He /♀ She] has received an invitation from Morgan, who holds the spear Rhongomyniad, a countermeasure against the Alien God.

Gordolf: Camelot, the castle of King Arthur in pan-human history, and the castle of evil in the Fairyland Britain.

Gordolf: Fujimaru, Da Vinci, Artoria, Gareth, Muramasa, and, uh...Habenyan?

Gordolf: These six accepted Morgan's invitation, and will depart for Camelot tomorrow morning!

Gordolf: That's all the explanation that can be given. Was it not a good review, gentlemen?

Nemo Marine: I think we got it! Thank you! Now we're going back to our posts!

Meunière: ...We've gone and stepped in it again...I hope Mash is all right...

Holmes: There's nothing foreboding in Da Vinci's report. We can be assured that Mash is at least safe.

Holmes: The problem is Morgan's magecraft, the “Water Mirror. ”

Holmes: ...As far as I can tell from the material sent to me separately, it's...

Gordolf: The dark clouds shrouding Norwich were not the “Calamity Pool,” but Morgan's magecraft.

Gordolf: To perform such large-scale magecraft from somewhere over a hundred kilometers away...

Gordolf: Queen Morgan. It must be said she's a terribly strong opponent, comparable to the Lostbelt Kings we've faced up to this point.

Nemo: ...I'm not familiar with Morgan's legend. Sorry, but could you tell me about her?

Meunière: Is the pan-human history version fine? Then let's start with the basics.

Meunière: In English folklore she was referred to as the “good lake fairy”.

Meunière: But after the Arthurian legend was compiled, she was instead considered to be an evil woman who opposed King Arthur.

Meunière: Morgan was the child of the Lord of Tintagel and Igraine,

Meunière: and later became King Arthur's older sister when her mother married King Uther.

Meunière: However, her jealousy of King Arthur lead her to perform many evil deeds.

Meunière: Stealing the sheath of the holy sword, seducing Lancelot, but more importantly than all of that...

Meunière: She had intercourse with King Arthur, bore him an illegitimate son, Mordred, and sent him to the Round Table.

Meunière: There are many factors that led to the downfall of King Arthur's kingdom, but it was definitely Morgan who gave it the final push.

Holmes: On the other hand, Morgan had a side to her that protected King Arthur...or so you could say.

Holmes: She's seen as one with Viviane, the Lady of the Lake who granted King Arthur the holy sword and guarded him after his death.

Nemo: ...a siren driven by her lust for power, huh?

Nemo: What's the general opinion of her in the world of magecraft? There's got to be more to it.

Gordolf: Hm. Ever since I received the technical advisor's first report, I've been poring over data in the Border in search of anything.

Gordolf: First of all, her very birth lacked normalcy.

Gordolf: Morgan was not a daughter of Tintagel, but was born after Igraine married King Uther.

Gordolf: She was merely the daughter of the ruler of Tintagel in appearance, but had the blood of the rightful king, Uther.

Gordolf: ...What's more, Morgan was not human.

Gordolf: She was a fairy child...the spawn of the island itself. The same as the Vile King, Vortigern.

Gordolf: Morgan concealed this fact and was brought up as a human child.

Gordolf: Until a rightful heir to Uther was born, she would have inherited his rule.

Gordolf: But then that very rightful heir appeared.

Gordolf: Artoria...Since the time when King Arthur was recognized by the holy sword and brought the lords together, Morgan's power had been considerable...

Gordolf: She began to conceal the very Mystery of the fairies itself, and corrupted Camelot at every opportunity.

Gordolf: “Artoria is no more than a king created by the machinations of humans. ”

Gordolf: “I am the heir to the Mysteries of Great Britain, I am the true king. ”

Gordolf: Morgan never failed to believe that, and eventually came to despise her father, King Uther, and her sister Artoria.

Gordolf: She hated all those who disobeyed her, and she was a major player in the fall of Britain.

Gordolf: Why did King Arthur's dear sister Morgan assault Camelot in her later years?

Gordolf: The reason appears to be something like that.

Meunière: Yes. She schemed to overthrow the faraway Camelot while serving as the queen of the lands of Orkney.

Meunière: Four of the Knights of the Round Table, Gawain, Gaheris, Gareth, and Agravain were Morgan's children.

Meunière: Mordred was...well, I'm sure we would have a problem if the person in question was here, but...she was a homunculus made by Morgan...

Meunière: Possibly a clone of King Arthur, or so some experts have come to believe.

Nemo: ...Despite some minor differences, the fact that Morgan is an adversary of King Arthur,

Nemo: and the fact that she's the witch who destroyed Britain—those are constants, aren't they?

Nemo: So where does the part where she “protected King Arthur” come in?

Holmes: A good question, Captain.

Holmes: In many legends, Morgan takes on multiple roles.

Holmes: “The good sister of King Arthur,” “the Lady of the Lake,” “the goddess spoken of since ancient Britain. ”

Holmes: These are three different roles.

Holmes: Common sense would dictate that one of them is correct, and the other two represent different beings.

Holmes: But—I believe that all three of them are the truth. Morgan had a threefold personality.

Holmes: Because of her supernatural birth,

Holmes: what it means to be a human, fairy and the personification of Britain,

Holmes: were all intermingled within her. It is impossible to balance three different roles like that.

Holmes: If that is the case, she may have three personalities—perhaps each independent from the other.

Holmes: Morgan, Artoria's good sister, the way she lived as a human.

Holmes: The way she lived as a fairy, as the Lady of the Lake, Viviane.

Holmes: The way she lived as the incarnation of Britain, Morgan le Fey.

Holmes: If you think of it that way, it's all consistent.

Holmes: The Knights of the Round Table did not attack Morgan because she was both good and evil.

Nemo: I understand. That satisfies my curiosity.

Nemo: ...Huh? By Viviane, do you mean Nimue? That's the alias of the fairy who imprisoned Merlin, isn't it?

Holmes: Yes. Morgan is the natural enemy of Merlin as well as King Arthur's longtime rival.

Holmes: Viviane hated her own magecraft teacher, Merlin, because of their love affair, and so she sealed him away.

Holmes: The magic sarcophagus inscribed with “only the innocent shall pass”...the great Bounded Field that imprisoned even the incubus Merlin.

Holmes: A magecraft from the Age of Gods called the “Garden”, unable to be handled by anyone but the embodiment of Mystery.

Holmes: It's unknown how similar the Lostbelt Morgan is to the pan-human history one—

Holmes: I suppose we should be looking at more than just Rhongomyniad.

Meunière: ...Huh. So first the Lion King in Jerusalem, and now Morgan in the Fairy Kingdom?

Meunière: How much influence does the legend of King Arthur have on us anyway? It's only natural since we're in Britain now, but come on!

Meunière: If it goes as far as Albion showing up, we're screwed! Can the Storm Border even win against that!?

Nemo: Albion?

Holmes: The name of this island before “Britain”, given by a previous civilization.

Holmes: ...Though in the world of magecraft, that name has a different meaning.

Holmes: The last pure-blooded dragon, Albion.

Holmes: A Phantasmal Beast that remained in Britain despite the end of the Age of Gods, yet died out in the end.

Holmes: What we call “dragons” are the result of the “dragon factor” left behind by dragonkind after they migrated to the Reverse Side of the World,

Holmes: and has become nothing more than “dragon territories” while maintaining their own territories.

Holmes: Pureblood dragons no longer exist on this planet. Save for Albion's corpse, that is.

Gordolf: Indeed, that's what they say in the Clock Tower! It's good to dream big!

Gordolf: But a dream is still just a dream. Albion is just another one of those tall tales.

Gordolf: More importantly, it's finally been 28 days.

Gordolf: The concentrated fruit juice extract the technical advisor sent gives us some spare magical energy resource.

Gordolf: The time we can stay here has been extended past the original 50 days. Shouldn't we call them back temporarily?

Nemo: ...Mm, perhaps. It would have been ideal to complete the mission in 30 days, but...

Nemo: Nonetheless, we don't know when the “Collapse” will start. It's best to not alter the established time limit.

Nemo: 17 days left on the schedule. Is there any chance of the mission completing in that time, Holmes?

Holmes: ...According to Da Vinci's report, the situation is in hand, so we should see it that way.

Holmes: If their audience with Queen Morgan ends peacefully, and they get information about Rhongomyniad,

Holmes: the only thing remaining would be to set aside time for an investigation into the Collapse.

Nemo: ...And if it doesn't end peacefully?

Holmes: As long as Chaldea is working with the Child of Prophecy, war is inevitable.

Holmes: We have a good grasp of the Fairy Kingdom's military strength. After Artoria completes her pilgrimage,

Holmes: if we can bring together the rebelling factions, the battle for Camelot can be settled in a single day.

Holmes: ...Probably. At minimum, it will take 18 days to bring everything to a close. Just barely within our acceptable limits.

Section 10: Camelot

Da Vinci: You can hear the song of the Child of Prophecy from the main street.

Singing Fairies: “From now, I will tell you of a future. The future of the mystical island which became the land of fairies. ”

Singing Fairies: “The innocent shall return. To the Queen's castle, bottomless as it is. ”

Singing Fairies: “Accumulating, accumulating; like rain, like ashes. Fading away, fading away; like snow, like the unbelievable. ”

Singing Fairies: “Our hopes are at the ledge; still held within the palm of the queen's hand. ”

Singing Fairies: “Yet we must only endure a short time more. The morning when two thousand years have passed, the child of salvation will appear. ”

Singing Fairies: “They who unites fairies and humans, us and them. The child of salvation who will save the world. ”

Singing Fairies: “Like a moth to the flame. Even if it begins as but an ember, even if it cannot be seen. ”

Singing Fairies: “A city of iron, a sea of soot. When the calamity has been repelled, the pilgrimage will be hailed. ”

Singing Fairies: “Guided by the Staff of Selection, watched over by the foreign traveller, the child of salvation will reach the throne. ”

Singing Fairies: “The true king takes their place on the throne. A bloodstained crown presented. ”

Singing Fairies: “Ring out, ring out; like thunderous fury, like fiery lamentation. Let the six bells toll in demonstration. Make way for the true king. ”

Singing Fairies: “Before the red calamity reaches us. Before the black calamity bites. ”

Singing Fairies: “Although our work may be neglectful, we are descended of free fairies. ”

Singing Fairies: “Ever absent is our hope. A shining tomorrow is desired. ”

Da Vinci: There's nothing in this song that says “Norwich will be destroyed. ”

Da Vinci: Oberon said that it was inevitable that such a thing would happen.

Da Vinci: Could it be...that he knows additional verses of this song of prophecy?

Oberon: I do. The song actually has 18 verses.

Oberon: At the moment only 14 of them are widely known. Actually, four of them were censored and cut out.

Da Vinci: I knew it! Why did you hide this, Oberon!?

Oberon: I'm sorry, I just forgot to tell you! Can we end this conversation here, please!?

Fujimaru 1: You shouldn't use your authority to fool us.

Oberon: ...Looks that way. But I didn't want to lie to you. It hurt me too.

Fujimaru 2: ...There was a reason you didn't share them, right?

Oberon: ...In retrospect, I might have been a little too overprotective.

Oberon: Alright, I'll fess up. The four other verses I heard go like this:

Oberon: Verse 8. 5: “Though the harbor returns to the water's edge, the Calamity heads for distant skies. ”

Oberon: Verse 9. 5: “The round fortress shall burn out, the bell of the waters shall be revealed. ”

Oberon: Verse 10. 5: “Upon the sinner who admits their guilt, the blade of decapitation is felled. ”

Oberon: Verse 12. 5: “Their duty fulfilled, the Child of Prophecy shall bid farewell to their place of origin. ”

Oberon: As you can see, there's a lot of ominous phrases in there.

Oberon: The reason they were cut may be because they were “inaccurate for a prophecy”.

Oberon: In fact, verse 8. 5 here has already been proven wrong. “Though the harbor returns to the water's edge, the Calamity heads for distant skies. ”

Oberon: It goes without saying the “harbor” is Norwich. The “water's edge” is the coast, where there's no longer a city.

Oberon: I had resigned to the fact that Norwich would be destroyed despite us beating the Calamity. But...

Da Vinci: That didn't happen. Because another Child of Prophecy appeared...I guess?

Oberon: Yeah. It proves that not even Ainsel's prophecies are absolute.

Oberon: Especially those four verses. So I've stopped worrying about them.

Oberon: More importantly, it's almost time to leave. Artoria and Gareth, Muramasa and Habetrot.

Oberon: With friends like these, I feel safe leaving you guys.

Oberon: I think I'll split off here for now, if that's alright.

Fujimaru 1: More information gathering?

Oberon: That's part of it, but I really want to hurt Spriggan.

Oberon: For the time being, I think I'll work with the Count to bring that guy down to rock bottom.

Oberon: The reason you were separated from Mash is because he took in the Child of Prophecy.

Oberon: Don't you want some payback for that?

Fujimaru 1: Certainly.

Fujimaru 2: Make him flat out broke.

Oberon: Yeah, leave it to me! It's not my way as the Fairy King to draw blood, but I'll make him shed rivers of gold!

Fujimaru 1: I know it's about time, but I have something to tell you guys.

Artoria: Oberon's going off on his own, right? I had a feeling that might be the case.

Senji Muramasa: I see. Well...he's not a combatant, so it's not necessary for all of us to act together.

Gareth: I'm sure Oberon will be fine splitting off from us, but why isn't Rab-bit here?

Da Vinci: Oh, he's currently working overtime. See, he's apparently a subject of Aurora's, so...

Da Vinci: Wouldn't Aurora get in trouble if it were known he was coming with us?

Da Vinci: So he'll stick with Oberon. If anything happens, he'll come running with his carriage.

Gareth: I see, if you say so. But...then there's this pink fairy.

Gareth: Are you coming with us, Habetrot? I think it'll be dangerous going to Camelot...

Habetrot: I'll be fine, don't worry about me! Just think of me as your spectator.

Habetrot: Not to mention, shouldn't you be worrying less about me and more about yourself, Gareth?

Habetrot: I mean, I'm probably more useful and stronger than you~. In battle, I'm an irreplaceable healer!

Habetrot: Fujimaru, I won't let you die until you meet Mash again.

Habetrot: So go ahead and run headlong into battle as much as you want!

Habetrot: No matter the wound, I'll sew it up with my magic needle! So long as it doesn't kill you instantly, it's all right!

Fujimaru 1: That's a big help, but...

Fujimaru 2: I see you practice Nightingale's form of medicine.

Habetrot: Nightingale? Sounds like some kind of fairy. So there's a nurse as sweet as me~

Artoria: ...Quiet, everyone. Her Majesty's troops are coming through the main gate.

Fairy Knight Gawain: I apologize for arriving 10 minutes past the scheduled arrival time.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Fairy Knight Gawain, and 30 fairies of the First Imperial Cavalry of the Mors Extermination Division.

Fairy Knight Gawain: We are here to receive you as honored guests of Camelot, and will guarantee your safety on your journey.

Artoria: ...

Fujimaru 1: (Artoria, at least greet her. )

Artoria: Of course! Thank you for your escort!

Artoria: You may not know how to travel comfortably with such a giant body, but keep an eye out for us, you got it!?

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...Well, that was my intention.

Fujimaru 2: We look forward to working with you.

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...Likewise. I'll be relying on your assistance as well.

Fairy Knight Gawain: You all are our charges. If you don't keep that in mind, then the soldier's duties will be more taxing.

Fairy Knight Gawain: The Child of Prophecy and the foreign magus will ride in our carriage.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Your vassals will follow on foot. Are there any obje—you!

Fairy Knight Gawain: The blackguard who tried to take Her Majesty's head! How are you still alive!? You should be at the bottom of the Great Pit!

Senji Muramasa: Oh, Lancelot beat the stuffing out of me, and tossed me headfirst down that hole.

Senji Muramasa: But sorry to say, it looks like I'm still here. Long story short, I'm the Child of Prophecy's bodyguard.

Senji Muramasa: Tell Lancelot not to let a Servant out of her sight until she finishes off his Saint Graph!

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...tch!

Gawain's Soldier: Lord it really all right to invite this fairy to Camelot...?

Gawain's Soldier: Even if he doesn't go for the Queen's head a second time...

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...It doesn't matter. I was merely distracted by an unfamiliar technique at the time.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Next time, I'll deal with him myself. Her Majesty has ensured me that slight damage to the castle would be tolerated, should the situation call for it.

Senji Muramasa: Well, isn't that something? You did seem a bit constrained back then.

Senji Muramasa: Next time, let's both cross swords without holding back. Preferably in a straight fight, with no distractions, right?

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...Hm. It seems the Child of Prophecy has a bit of a discerning eye.

Fairy Knight Gawain: However...the other vassals...

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...Can't be helped. Hey. Open one of the wagons.

Fairy Knight Gawain: The Servant goes in the same cart as the foreign magus.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Treat those two as honored guests until we reach the castle. We'll move faster that way.

Gawain's Soldier: Sir! Right away!

Fairy Knight Gawain: We'll use the western highway to reach Camelot. On the way, we'll spend one night in Oxford.

Fairy Knight Gawain: That way, we circumvent the Great Pit and head for Camelot. For those two days, we are a single party.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Under no circumstances are we to turn our swords against each other. Do you understand, foreign magus?

Fujimaru 1: (nod)

Fujimaru 2: Of course.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Very well. Then let's move out! This may be an escort mission, but keep your guard up!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Now that the Calamity has been cleansed, the Mors' poison is spreading throughout all of Britain!

Fairy Knight Gawain: As soon as they're encountered, draw your swords and annihilate them! And don't let our guests scream!


Artoria: ...I'm relieved. This is no different from being in Red Rab-bit's carriage.

Artoria: ...

Artoria: ...

Artoria: ...By the way, are you prepared yet, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: You mean, for the audience with the Queen?

Artoria: W-well, yes, that. said it so naturally.

Artoria: You must be used to this sort of thing...

Fujimaru 2: I'm nervous, but...

Artoria: You say that, but you look like you're used to it!

Artoria: I couldn't get a wink of sleep and practiced carrying my staff last night...

Artoria: Nervousness about 20%, calmness about 80%...oh noooo, my servant is too much of a heavyweeeeight...

Da Vinci: No, Fujimaru is just as nervous as you, Artoria.

Da Vinci: [♂ He /♀ She] just knows that you need to stay calm in a pinch.

Da Vinci: Because a Master is a commander who not only gives orders to Servants, but also has to be wary against them.

Da Vinci: They excel at techniques like organising their feelings, as opposed to being a frontline combatant.

Artoria: —Is that so? You've met many kings before?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, all kinds.

Fujimaru 2: Goddesses too.

Fujimaru 1: Still, I can never quite get used to it.


Da Vinci: By the way, about Fairy Knight Gawain out there...

Da Vinci: According to what I heard in Norwich, she was the first Fairy Knight in the Queen's Calendar.

Da Vinci: It was 200 years ago now, 1,800 years into the Queen's rule. There was a huge outbreak of caterpillar-type Mors in the middle of the country.

Da Vinci: A Calamity later known as the “Caterpillar War. ” Gawain was the one to quell it.

Da Vinci: It was different from the Calamity we purified in Norwich,

Da Vinci: but she's probably a fairy recognized by the Queen for resolving a Calamity, just like Artoria.

Fujimaru 1: Is that surprise?

Fujimaru 2: Is that respect?

Artoria: N-no, it's neither surprise nor respect. Ba—Gawain's nothing like that.

Artoria: But...I Queen Morgan isn't the only fairy who can cleanse Calamities...

Artoria: I'm getting more and more I always do...

Da Vinci: Crap, that didn't help, did it? Sorry, sorry.

Da Vinci: But the Caterpillar War wasn't that big of a Calamity.

Da Vinci: At least, it wasn't one of the big ones that arise every thousand years...Norwich's was certainly bigger.

Da Vinci: We saved a city. That's something you can be proud of, Artoria.

Artoria: ...Right! It was thanks to Mash and Fujimaru,

Artoria: but I helped too! I won't lose to some Fairy Knight when it comes to defeating Mors!

Gawain's Soldier: Mors smoke confirmed nearby! Approaching from 3, 7, and 11 o'clock!

Gawain's Soldier: Lightning Corps, prepare Mystic Codes! Guards, form a perimeter!

Artoria: Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: Got it, we'll help!

Fujimaru 2: You want to show off for Gawain a bit, huh?

Artoria: Yeah! We're gonna leave her speechless!

Fairy Knight Gawain: The fact that you exited the carriage must mean you have no intention of relying upon our protection.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Very well, I'll accept your help. Their numbers are too great. We'll take on casualties if we're by ourselves.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Child of Prophecy, foreign magus, with me! Do not leave my side!


Gawain's Soldier: More than ten large, they're multiplying! The difference in strength is too great, we can't handle them!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Anyone not armed with iron, fall back. We don't need to defeat them, just set a decoy and gather them into a single group!

Fairy Knight Gawain: When they gather together, I'll incinerate them all!

Gawain's Soldier: They don't seem to be taking the bait! They seem to have a different objective this time—

Fairy Knight Gawain: They couldn't...!? (No...are they after the Child of Prophecy...? )

Fairy Knight Gawain: —You.

Senji Muramasa: No need to thank me. Just striking while the iron is hot.

Senji Muramasa: More importantly, what's the plan? If you're a general, you should know when to cut your losses.

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...( vexing, but it's as this man says. )

Fairy Knight Gawain: (Should we abandon the wagons and have the troops fall back, or just have the ones we're escorting run ahead of us...)

Fairy Knight Gawain: (...No. I am a Fairy Knight. I will not permit retreat in the face of Mors. )

Fairy Knight Gawain: (But the Mors are moving in such a way as to avoid gathering together...they're clearly wary of Galatine—)

Gareth: The rearmost wagon has been destroyed! Wh-wh-what should we do, Habenyan!?

Habetrot: Wow...we've got a Fairy Knight and we still have to fight...

Habetrot: Man, she's terrible at this...

Habetrot: You're supposed to be someone who has trouble holding back their incredible, uncontrollable firepower!

Habetrot: Well, no use complaining.

Habetrot: Fighting's a pain in the ass, but so's hoofing it from here!

Habetrot: Gareth, let's take out the smaller Mors! Leave the big ones to the Fairy Knight!

Gareth: Roger! Gareth, doing her best! I'm getting a little used to killing Mors—

Gareth: ...Habenyan, Habenyan.

Gareth: Is there some sort of blue light flying in our direction from Camelot?

Habetrot: Ah! (That light, it's the same one as in Sheffield—)

Fairy Knight Gawain: Abandon the purge and retreat! Take only the carriage and the first wagon, abandon the rest!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Hurry, assemble! Lightning Corps, see to our charges, Imperial Guard, gather the luggage!

Fairy Knight Gawain: I'll keep the Mors occupied—!

Fairy Knight Gawain: —What do you think you're doing, Lancelot!? I don't remember calling for help!

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I agree. I don't think you needed help either. But these were Her Majesty's orders.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: —Inferior life forms as enemies, confirmed. Commencing sweep-up operation.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Stand back, Gawain. Crushing them all is my job.


Fujimaru 1: Amazing...she flew by in the blink of an eye...

Fujimaru 2: She's like a fighter jet...

Gawain's Soldier: Enemy Mors annihilated! Amazingly done, Lord Lancelot!

Gawain's Soldier: The “dragon fairy” who knows no defeat! Britain's most beautiful Fairy Knight!

Gawain's Soldier: To think you could take out such large Mors with such ease and efficiency!

Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: As per the Queen's orders, the swarm of Mors has been purged. Gawain, I'll leave the convoy to you.

Fujimaru 1: (And she just takes off...)

Fujimaru 2: (VTOL? )

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...Hmph. Leave it to me, she says, but she just thinks it's beneath her.

Fairy Knight Gawain: What are you all celebrating for!? Repair the destroyed wagons right away!

Fairy Knight Gawain: This is a pretty sorry showing for your first day on the job! Leave in Oxford is cancelled!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Each of you are to provide a report reflecting on your mistakes today!

Gawain's Soldier: Y-yes sir! Please forgive us, Lord Gawain!

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...Damn, how pathetic. Even you wretches should be able to bring down one or two of the large ones.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Is this what happens when you rely too much on the Fairy Knights?

Fairy Knight Gawain: Not just the humans, but it seems the fairy soldiers need to be broken in as well...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: ...uhm...

Fairy Knight Gawain: Ah! ...I apologize, it had slipped my mind. Your assistance is appreciated. Your name was—

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...I have to apologize again. I never got your name. I never had the authority to do so.

Fairy Knight Gawain: To not know the name of the person offering assistance in a time of need, such a thing is the height of rudeness.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Tell me your name, foreign magus. I am Gawain.

Fujimaru 1: It's Fujimaru.

Fairy Knight Gawain: —I see. A good introduction, full of hostility.

Fairy Knight Gawain: We're going to be enemies eventually. It's reassuring to know you have guts.

Fairy Knight Gawain: We'll resume the escort.

Fairy Knight Gawain: And don't waste your breath with idle chatter in the carriage. Under some circumstances, your voices may carry on the wind.

Gareth: I heard we'd be spending the night at an inn in Oxford, but to think we'd end up camping outside instead...

Gareth: Well, in times like these, one must pursue a meal!

Gareth: I'm very sorry, Mr. Imperial Guardsmen, but I'm eating the cake the Count gave me!

Gareth: Oh, is mine cheesecake? That's what it says! What about yours, Artoria?

Artoria: Mmm. Mine says it's roll, they look like logs, and seem really easy to eat!

Artoria: Just like the Count, to be so thoughtful! Everyone from pan-human history is so considerate!

Fujimaru 1: You could say that.

Fujimaru 2: I wouldn't say that.

Senji Muramasa: Imoyoukan...? How attentive is that guy?

Senji Muramasa: This makes me want some tea...think I'll go back to the river and get some water...

Habetrot: Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Chiffon cake? Is that what this is?

Habetrot: This tastes so joyful! There are so many kinds of sweets!

Da Vinci: Yeah, seems like a wide variety of cakes have been created in the Fairy Kingdom.

Da Vinci: There's Woodwose's restaurant chain in the south, Edinburgh's gourmet desserts in the north,

Da Vinci: or so I heard in Salisbury. But it's not just cheesecake that's popular.

Da Vinci: Why is that?

Gareth: Eh? Well cheesecake is very tasty, but it does make you kinda thirsty.

Artoria: It's because the big shot up north hates cheesecake.

Artoria: Cheese is improper for dessert, and chocolate is king...that's her way of doing things.

Artoria: But for us southern fairies, something like chocolate is far too much of a luxury item for us to be familiar with...

Artoria: It's an expensive item...lower-class fairies will never earn enough morpounds to be able to afford it...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Da Vinci: Hm? Fujimaru, is there something on your mind?

Fujimaru 1: I'm gonna go bring some food to Gawain.

Fujimaru 1: Are you in the habit of eating something sweet after meals?

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...

Fairy Knight Gawain: I don't really eat sweets. When it comes to prepared meals, I prefer meat dishes.

Fairy Knight Gawain: I won't take that, but...

Fairy Knight Gawain: Have a seat if you want to talk. I can appreciate that level of subtlety.

Fairy Knight Gawain: It's about Lancelot, isn't it? You want to know all about—

Fujimaru 1: No, I want to hear about you, Fairy Knight Gawain.

Fairy Knight Gawain:

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...I see. You're after my true name, aren't you?

Fairy Knight Gawain: Your intelligence gathering is pointless, but I have to give you credit for attempting to do what you can.

Fairy Knight Gawain: By the way, I haven't thanked you for today yet. Sit. I'll share a story with you to pass the time.

Fairy Knight Gawain: I came into this Britain 400 years ago now.

Fairy Knight Gawain: An upper-class Fang Clan fairy who lived in of the “next generation”.

Fairy Knight Gawain: But I didn't look anything like my predecessors.

Fairy Knight Gawain: A member of the Fang Clan, but my body looked like one of the Wind, I looked like a human.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Some called me a Changeling, others said it was because of the curse...from the battle with the Mors 600 years earlier.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Either way, I don't know what the reason was. I don't think I want to know either.

Fairy Knight Gawain: I was granted the honor of knighthood for ending the Caterpillar Wars.

Fairy Knight Gawain: For 1,800 years of Her Majesty's reign, the title of “Fairy Knight” had been sealed.

Fairy Knight Gawain: The Fairy Knights were considered to be the vassals of the savior Tonelico during the Fairy Calendar.

Fairy Knight Gawain: The first one was named...was Sorry, I can't seem to recall it.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Anyway, they met their end in Orkney. Since then, Her Majesty forbade them.

Fairy Knight Gawain: But in order to exterminate the endlessly-multiplying caterpillars, Her Majesty decided to break that seal.

Fairy Knight Gawain: I was gifted the name of a someone said to be a Knight of the Round Table from a foreign land...

Fairy Knight Gawain: “Sir Gawain” was the name I received, and alongside it, I received the power to strengthen my own horn, my sword.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Galatine...a Noble Phantasm, you say?

Fairy Knight Gawain: I'm confident it can match the original carried by Sir Gawain.

Fairy Knight Gawain: But I can't say the same about myself. I can't stand aside the genuine Knights of the Round Table of pan-human history.

Fujimaru 1: (...what she just said...)

Fujimaru 2: (Could she...revere the Knights of the Round Table...? )

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...No, let's not speak of the Knights of the Round Table. I don't know why, but others say it's creepy when I do so.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Instead...yes, let's talk about the war with the Mors.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Year 1000 of the Queen's Calendar. A thousand years ago from now. The story of a Great Calamity.

Fairy Knight Gawain: A time when a Mors was crowned a “king,” raised an army, and waged war on the Queen and the five clans.

Fairy Knight Gawain: It's said that “king” was a strange being. He didn't attack fairies. He didn't slaughter the humans.

Fairy Knight Gawain: He lived only for the fire and lightning.

Fairy Knight Gawain: It did not matter what it was. He burned it, destroyed it, and revelled in the clouds of smoke that followed.

Fairy Knight Gawain: He reduced cities and forests to scorched earth, burned the very ground itself, and summoned the storm clouds. The crash of thunder coming down from the storm above was music to his ears.

Fairy Knight Gawain: There were fairies that called him the “King of Storms”. Her Majesty forbid the utterance of that name.

Fairy Knight Gawain: This war against the Mors King lasted for decades, but finally the Fang Clan brought it to an end.

Fairy Knight Gawain: The “king” was defeated by Woodwose, who had just taken over as head of the Fang Clan from his predecessor.

Fairy Knight Gawain: The Great Calamity...the magical energy-devouring “Mors King” was repelled before the Fang Clan.

Fairy Knight Gawain:'s said that on the verge of death, the “king” imposed a curse on the Fang Clan.

Fujimaru 1: A curse...?

Fujimaru 2: What was it?

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...The fairy-devouring Black Dog.

Fairy Knight Gawain: After the “king” disappeared, the Black Dogs started to roam the Fairy Kingdom.

Fairy Knight Gawain: But they eat the Mors as well. To tell you the truth, they're far from being considered complete vermin.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Some of them are even trained and broken, then used in Mors extermination squads.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Just like me. You haven't heard? The Black Dog Lord, they call me.

Fairy Knight Gawain: That is what I am. Even after becoming a Fairy Knight, I'm still vilified with such a name.

Fairy Knight Gawain: It's only right. After all, I'll eat anything. Including fairies—and humans.

Fujimaru 1: Eh—

Fairy Knight Gawain: Losing your nerve now, are we?

Fairy Knight Gawain: When the woman you're asking information from is feared as a monster throughout the fairy kingdom?

Fairy Knight Gawain: Don't worry. I won't prey on you. I speak only of the strong.

Fairy Knight Gawain: My alien common sense as a fairy...enhanced due to predation...

Fairy Knight Gawain: I can take on the abilities of the fairies I consume. There are some compatibility and capacity limits though.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Right now my stomach is full of Foul Weather, the great fairy of the Earth Clan.

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...During the Caterpillar War, we desperately needed his Sacrament.

Fairy Knight Gawain: But he wouldn't come out of Cornwall. He just sealed himself in his own fortress.

Fairy Knight Gawain: I killed him in single combat as a knight and took in his flesh, and that's how things are now.

Fairy Knight Gawain: —That's enough of this for now. The post-dinner break is over. Get out of here.

Fujimaru 1: Thanks for talking to me.

Fujimaru 2: I didn't think you'd be this talkative.

Fairy Knight Gawain: I'm used to conversing with humans. After all, right now my man is one.

Fujimaru 1: Eeh!?

Fairy Knight Gawain: Ah—n-no, when I say that, I don't mean a relationship between a man and a woman, nor do I intend to eat him.

Fairy Knight Gawain: He's merely a guest I've allowed to recover at my residence for a short while.

Fairy Knight Gawain: But—

Fairy Knight Gawain: You're just like him. The way you're not afraid of me, and how you're inquisitive without being malicious.

Fairy Knight Gawain: We'll take turns standing watch tonight. You rise early tomorrow, so don't stay up too late.

Singing Fairies: Be at ease, be at ease. The prayer is over, close your eyes.

Singing Fairies: The time for fun is over. Put down your books and dim your lights.

Singing Fairies: Today has come to an end, so say goodbye. Once and forever, today has ended.

Singing Fairies: Forgive us, forgive us. Forgive us our sins, for we will forgive you your sins.

Singing Fairies: It's all in the past anyway. Just be sure to clean up!

Fujimaru 1: ...again...

Fujimaru 2: ...that song...


~2 days since departing Norwich~ ~30 days since arriving in the Fairy Kingdom~

Fujimaru 1: So that's the Camelot of the Fairy Kingdom—

Artoria: I-it really is impressive. I've seen it from the other side of the Great Pit, but...

Da Vinci: So what you can see from Oxford is the back side of the castle.

Da Vinci: I thought it looked like a wall, but looking at it from the front - it really does look like a royal palace.

Da Vinci: There are housing districts around the main gate, and even more within the ramparts.

Da Vinci: Is that what separates the general public from the upper class?

Senji Muramasa: ...So the gate's on that side, huh? The castle faces the Great Pit.

Gareth: I-is that so? Then that main gate is actually the back entrance?

Senji Muramasa: Oh, no. Just a mistake. Sorry for the confusion, Gareth.

Senji Muramasa: You have to go through that gate to enter the castle. There's no route in from the Great Pit.

Habetrot: What about fairies that can fly? They could get in easily.

Senji Muramasa: That's not gonna happen.

Senji Muramasa: The front of the castle...the side facing the Great Pit is covered by a magical barrier.

Senji Muramasa: You'll understand if you're ever unlucky enough to be tossed off the battlements. Camelot's walls are studded with gunports.

Senji Muramasa: Usually you put those on the front, right? That's why the front of the castle is the “Great Pit side. ”

Fujimaru 1: Is that...

Fujimaru 2: (It's not the front gate that Morgan is worried about...)

Fairy Knight Gawain:

Artoria: Ah! (Fujimaru, Fujimaru)

Artoria: (Gawain doesn't look too happy. She's staring to the north...)

Artoria: (Why is she in such a bad mood? Ask her, Fujimaru. You're friends now, right? )

Fujimaru 1: S-sure. (She's coming on strong...)

Fujimaru 2: We're not that close.

Fairy Knight Gawain: What is it, Fujimaru. Are you afraid to enter Camelot now...?

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...I see that's not the case. What rouses my anger, you say?

Fairy Knight Gawain: You'll understand when you see it. It's Knocknarea's army to the north.

Artoria: Knocknarea? Huh? Where? I can't see her anywhere.

Fairy Knight Gawain: I see. You can't see with your stature. How unfortunate.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Well, it's fine if you don't. It's none of your concern.

Artoria: It's totally our concern!

Note: Male Player

Artoria: Fujimaru, put me on your shoulders! Pretend you're Red Rab-bit!

Note: Female Player

Artoria: Muramasa, make a watchtower or something!

Artoria: Fujimaru and me could climb it together!

Note: Branch End

Da Vinci: Hold on a second, isn't this exactly where my handy tools come into play?

Da Vinci: Here, a telescope for long-distance viewing. With this, your eyesight's as good as Gawain's.

Da Vinci: Take a look at the plains to the north. There's a huge one glaring back at us.

Fujimaru 1: Hm?

Artoria: Wow, I can see so far! Thanks, Da Vinci!

Da Vinci: Turn the dial on the side. Now it's focusing on five kilometers away.

Da Vinci: Turn it four more notches and it'll focus on 20 kilometers. You see them?

Da Vinci: The fairies covering the plains. That's the other queen we've heard so much about in the south...

Da Vinci: The army of northern fairies led by Knocknarea, the “King's Clan. ”

Artoria: That's an army!? It's not just Fang and Earth Clan...

Artoria: There's a lot of masked soldiers! What're those, giants!? There are giants too!

Fairy Knight Gawain: That's right. Knocknarea's Rule is to distribute wealth and power equally among her subjects, no matter what they are.

Fairy Knight Gawain: She's the opposite of Muryan in Gloucester.

Fairy Knight Gawain: But it's only effective where she is. Therefore...

Da Vinci: I see. If she's leading an army, she has to be at the center of it.

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, look a little further ahead.

Da Vinci: You see that conspicuously big wagon that looks like a fortress?

Da Vinci: There's a fairy standing on top of it, looking down at us.

Da Vinci: I've never seen her before, but I can say without a doubt that is Knocknarea, the Queen of the North.

Fujimaru 1: Hm? Let's see...

Fujimaru 1:

Fujimaru 1: I know I've seen her somewhere before...

Fujimaru 2: That Celtic bodysuit...

Fujimaru 1: The one we fought in North America, Queen Medb of Connacht—!

Fujimaru 2: (No matter how you look at her, that's Medb! )

Fairy Knight Gawain: Medb...? Do you have a fairy just like her in your world?

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...Still, what is she thinking? It's not me she's fixated on, it's you...

Fairy Knight Gawain: Did you do something to incur her wrath, Fujimaru?

Da Vinci: See? Doesn't she look just like Medb? Except for a slight...well, okay, major change in fashion taste.

Da Vinci: ...But she's staring straight at Artoria, I wonder...

Da Vinci: Is it condescending? Or is she mad? Whatever it is, it's indescribably hostile...

Habetrot: I can't believe she would assemble her army so openly, even if it is 20 kilometers away.

Habetrot: Isn't this a blatant act of hostility towards Queen Morgan?

Fairy Knight Gawain: ...She's still within her own territory, if only just barely.

Fairy Knight Gawain: She insists it's “military exercises in preparation for the Calamity. ”

Fairy Knight Gawain: Up until ten days ago, she was assembling them forty kilometers away.

Fairy Knight Gawain: When she saw that Sheffield had fallen, she seized the opportunity and immediately headed south.

Senji Muramasa: 20—no, 30,000 troops? This goes beyond a show of force; this is military intervention.

Senji Muramasa: What about her supply train...oh, right. Fairies don't need to eat, do they?

Fairy Knight Gawain: Yeah. Unlike humans. That's what makes Knocknarea's army so special.

Fairy Knight Gawain: She despises humans. Even if she's fighting the Mors, she won't make use of them.

Fairy Knight Gawain: She claims to be queen of an “absolute zone of control, for fairies and by fairies alone. ”

Fujimaru 1: ...a domain of nothing but fairies...

Fujimaru 2: (Sounds like Medb...yet it doesn't...)

Fairy Knight Gawain: Either way, she won't advance any further.

Fairy Knight Gawain: She doesn't have enough reason to challenge Her Majesty, and her odds of winning are slim.

Fairy Knight Gawain: The northern fairies have hysterically rebelled against Her Majesty at every opportunity.

Fairy Knight Gawain: And every single time, they've been beaten and ran away, back to the north. This time will be no different.

Fairy Knight Gawain: —Come on, make haste. No more idle conversation.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Through the main gate. Steel yourselves further from here on out.

Gareth: So this is Camelot's castle town...!

Gareth: It's bigger than Salisbury, and more opulent than Gloucester...!

Habetrot: The only ones living here are upper-class fairies. The mana in the air here is incomparable with the other cities.

Habetrot: Magical energy gathered from fairies throughout this the existence tax from the command spells?

Habetrot: It's converging at the castle keep. I heard about this, but the amount is simply ridiculous.

Habetrot: It doesn't matter if you ignore Knocknarea's army outside, you could never match this.

Habetrot: It's insane to even think of defeating Morgan now.

Habetrot: ...I wonder if he had ever even been to Camelot before...

Habetrot: You'd never even think of treason if you came here...and yet you did, didn't you, Boggart?

Artoria: ...Um, when we went through the gate, I saw something...

Artoria: Weren't there some sort of characters written on there?

Da Vinci: Yeah. That was Old English. “Only the innocent may pass. ”

Da Vinci: But it was covered in red paint. As if to reject the contents of the text.

Fairy Knight Gawain: This is as far as the carriage will take you. Beyond here is the royal palace.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Only the Child of Prophecy and the foreign magus are allowed an audience with Her Majesty.

Fairy Knight Gawain: The rest of you will wait here. The clerks will attend you as guests of honor.

Senji Muramasa: I see. Anything we should know?

Fairy Knight Gawain: There's a hotel that serves the royal household before you. Relax and wait there.

Fairy Knight Gawain: After the audience, I'll arrange for us to meet here. However...

Fairy Knight Gawain: Da Vinci, was it? A clever fai...Servant with both appearance and intelligence.

Fairy Knight Gawain: You may come as well. An advisor is necessary for the human magus.

Da Vinci: Well, I was going to try and follow no matter what, but you sure made that easy.

Da Vinci: We may be enemies, but my thanks for your consideration, Fairy Knight Gawain.

Da Vinci: Gareth, Muramasa, Habetrot. Looks like you're all on standby here.

Da Vinci: We've learned quite a bit about the Queen's army over the past two days. She's even more strict about her rules than I imagined.

Da Vinci: Even if it's just Fujimaru, Artoria, and me, there won't be any danger.

Da Vinci: Whatever ends up happening, we'll be safe until we leave Camelot.

Senji Muramasa: Well, I guess. I was the one who broke in there in the first place.

Senji Muramasa: There's no way I would be invited back in.

Senji Muramasa: So keep your head on, Artoria. If she says something that makes you angry, don't be too quick to respond.

Senji Muramasa: You too, alright Fujimaru? Keep an eye on your partner.

Gareth: I'm worried, but...I can't imagine anything strange or bad happening...

Gareth: Right, I'll wait here with everyone else! Take care of yourself, Artoria!

Habetrot: No objections here either. I never really had any interest in Morgan to begin with.

Habetrot: I'm just along for the ride until Fujimaru and Mash meet back up again.

Fujimaru 1: —Right.

Fujimaru 2: Let's go, Artoria.


Fujimaru 1: (That staircase took almost an hour to climb—)

Fujimaru 2: (This is Camelot's keep...the throne room of the Queen...! )

Artoria: ...

Clerk Meldick: Prostrate yourselves. Offer yourselves up.

Clerk Meldick: Worship. Submit.

Clerk Meldick: The envoys that come before the throne shall hold their breath. The thirty ambassadors and one hundred government officials shall close their mouths.

Clerk Meldick: The ruler who expands the borders. The ruler who built the Fairy Kingdom.

Clerk Meldick: You are in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Morgan. You hear the mantra of Her Majesty Queen Morgan.

Clerk Meldick: Take heart, Child of Prophecy, foreign magus.

Clerk Meldick: This is Her Majesty's grace. This is Her Majesty's pardon.

Morgan: —Well done. You have all assembled without my summons.

Morgan: Remarks from the ambassadors and government officials are forbidden.

Morgan: The only ones in this room qualified to speak are myself, my guests, and...

Beryl: And me, Beryl Gut, the Queen's husband. So sorry, all you hobnobbing big shots.

Da Vinci: (Beryl Gut...! So he was in Camelot after all...! )

Da Vinci: (And what's he talking about!? Queen Morgan's husband...!? )

Beryl: Hey, it's my kouhai from Olympus! Hmm? Why the long face?

Beryl: Hey now, didn't Mash tell you? I'm Morgan's catch.

Fujimaru 1: The fact that you're here means...

Fujimaru 2: Don't tell me you're Queen Morgan's...

Beryl: You betcha. You're a Master, so you should be able to tell, Fujimaru.

Beryl: Alright, I confess. I'm Morgan's Master after all.

Beryl: The Queen's partner in ruling the Fairy Kingdom.


Fujimaru 1: There's no way that's true!

Beryl: Oh, but it is!

Beryl: Well to be honest, I'm so out of my league I don't know how I should be feeling!

Fujimaru 2: (...I can't make any careless statements in front of the Queen...)

Morgan: ...

Morgan: —Artoria. Raise your head and step forward. I will allow it.

Artoria: Y-yes!

Morgan: ...I see. The Child of Prophecy. You certainly seem to be the genuine article.

Morgan: And you, foreign magus.

Morgan: The Master of Chaldea, desperate to reclaim pan-human history.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: ...Yes. That's correct.

Morgan: I acknowledge your labors in Norwich. Well done expelling the Calamity, albeit inefficiently.

Morgan: Receive my reward. By all rights, I should pay you in the legal tender of my Fairy Kingdom, but...

Morgan: Your magical energy resources stem from the spatial magical occupancy value, the basis of which is the quantum of magical foundation...also known as QP, or Quantum Pieces, am I correct?

Morgan: One hundred million should be sufficient. Take it.

Da Vinci: That much!? Wait, do you have a QP mint here or something!?

Morgan: I have no need for such a thing. I merely looked at your form of magecraft and refined it further.

Morgan: This ends my statement. If there is nothing else, your audience ends here.

Morgan: Artoria. Fujimaru. Do you have any questions to pose to I, Queen Morgan?

Morgan: Choose your words with care. Depending on your words, I may withdraw your status as my guests.

Artoria: ...!

Fujimaru 1: (As expected, Artoria immediately froze up...)

Fujimaru 2: (I have to be the one to speak up first here...! )

Morgan: You first. Good. I'll praise your recklessness.

Morgan: You who crossed five Lostbelts to stand before me now. Speak your desires.

Fujimaru 1: Chaldea's objective is the restoration of the bleached Earth.

Morgan: Yes. Beryl Gut has informed me. I am aware of the state of the outside world.

Fujimaru 1: But there's an anomaly in this Lostbelt.

Morgan: Interesting. What do you speak of?

Da Vinci: Our observation predicts a “collapse” some time in the future. You could think of it as the same sort of thing as in Ainsel's prophecies.

Da Vinci: This “collapse” will spread out from Britain and eventually cover the entire planet.

Da Vinci: We don't know the how or why though.

Da Vinci: We of Chaldea have disembarked into your Fairy Kingdom in order to understand and rectify this collapse phenomenon.

Da Vinci: We have no hostile intentions towards a Lostbelt whose Fantasy Tree has already burned down.

Da Vinci: From the very beginning, our objective has been to stop the “collapse of the world”.

Morgan: I see. This is not an invasion, but a relief mission. Is that all you came for?

Fujimaru 1: We seek the Divine Construct capable of rivalling the Alien God.

Da Vinci: Yes. The transcendent great magecraft that you unleashed upon Olympus, the holy lance Rhongomyniad.

Da Vinci: We'd appreciate it if you could either share with us the theory or Mystic Code that makes such magecraft possible.

Fairies Gathered Around the Throne: (Olympus? Alien God? What are these outsiders talking about...? )

Fairies Gathered Around the Throne: (No, they're being too brazen! How dare they make such requests of Her Majesty! )

Morgan: —Hmph. Indeed, I know the weapon of which you speak.

Morgan: I see that it is no lie that you came here to save Britain.

Morgan: And thus, I can decisively say: your pan-human history will meet an unseemly demise.

Fujimaru 1: !?

Morgan: The outside world...the “collapse” you speak of that will propagate over the bleached Earth...

Morgan: From the beginning, this was nothing more than expansion of my territory. I am the one denying you your history.

Morgan: I am your enemy, so there is no sense in me giving you the Divine Construct.

Morgan: Fujimaru. And you, the infant born of conceit.

Morgan: If you want to save your world, then defeat me. You have no other way to save your pan-human history.

Da Vinci: ...I suppose that's a declaration of war then, Queen Morgan?

Morgan: Indeed, it is. Pan-human history and I are incompatible. If you desire it, take it by force.

Fujimaru 1: (...Even despite negotiating...we have to fight...)

Morgan: The same goes for you, Artoria. The abominable Ainsel's “Child of Prophecy”.

Morgan: At the end of the year—all the fae living in Britain will be destroyed by way of the Great Calamity.

Morgan: But no matter how many times they die, fairies will always be born anew.

Morgan: Even if all of Britain is engulfed in flames, as long as my castle still stands, the Fairy Kingdom will rise again and again.

Artoria: Are you saying Her Majesty...defends her kingdom, rather than the inhabitants of Britain?

Morgan: Indeed. I will not save the fairies. My kingdom alone is what will be protected.

Morgan: There is no need to fear the Great Calamity with the amount of magical energy stored in this throne.

Morgan: Furthermore—only a chosen fairy may rule from this throne.

Morgan: You are one of them. You are different from the other fairies or the outsiders.

Morgan: Neither a rebel nor an invader, but an arbitrator chosen by the Staff of Selection.

Morgan: By accepting my invitation, you have shown that you are the true Child of Prophecy.

Morgan: —A fairy sent down from Paradise. If it is you, you are justified in seeking my defeat.

Morgan: There is no sin in fighting me, nor in the rivers of blood that will be shed as a result.

Morgan: If you wish to save Britain, then defeat me and take my place on the throne.

Morgan: Fulfill that foolish prophecy. You should know better than anyone that it is the only way.

Artoria: ...

Morgan: It seems our talk is over. I am pleased we have come to understand each other's positions.

Beryl: I know, right! Getting all buddy-buddy through talk and not shedding any blood is a major turn-off for me!

Beryl: Well then, seems like you've come to believe in convenient things like human decency and reasoning.

Beryl: Negotiations have broken down. You don't really think you're gonna get home in one piece, do you?

Da Vinci: Ah! Aah, here we go!

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, Artoria, get behind me! I thought this might happen...

Morgan: Be silent.

Beryl: !?!!!!? (Beryl shouting something)

Morgan: Until they leave Camelot, these are my honored guests.

Morgan: I will not permit a single strand of their hair, nor a sliver of their pride to come to harm.

Beryl: !!!!!!!!!! ...! (Beryl screaming “Are you for real!? ”)

Morgan: Forgive my husband's rudeness, Fujimaru, infant.

Morgan: Daughter of Tintagel. So long as you remain Artoria, I do not see you as my enemy.

Morgan: Until you ring the pilgrim's bells, I will forbid the lords from attacking you.

Morgan: However—

Da Vinci: ...Should she choose to ring the pilgrim's bells, and rise up as the Child of Prophecy...

Morgan: Yes. I will then see Chaldea too as my enemy, and marshal my forces.

Morgan: Think carefully before you throw yourself into a battle you have no chance of winning.

Morgan: Now, begone. There shall be no further words exchanged between us.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Morgan: ...What is it?

Fujimaru 1: ...Where did you take Mash?

Morgan: —Mash? And what might that be?

Da Vinci: The magecraft you used to drive away the of our friends was swallowed by the convergence of the dark clouds.

Da Vinci: A Demi-Servant who holds the Saint Graph of the Knight of the Shield, Galahad.

Da Vinci: As someone who has bestowed the names of the Round Table on the Fairy Knights, you should know that name.

Morgan: —I see. So that's what it was.

Morgan: I have indeed captured the Knight of the Shield.

Fujimaru 1: Where!?

Morgan: I am not obligated to tell you. She is my spoil of war.

Morgan: But I can assure you that she is safe. No one— not even I, can bring her to harm.

Fujimaru 1: ...?


Fujimaru 1: ...We were escorted safely out of the castle, but...

Fujimaru 2: ...We got a lead on Mash, but...

Artoria: ...Right. We got nowhere.

Artoria: We were arbitrarily declared “enemies”, and reminded that disobedience would not be tolerated...

Da Vinci: Yeah. If I had to say anything about the results, it would be that they were subtle.

Da Vinci: We know that Morgan is hostile to pan-human history,

Da Vinci: and we know that Mash is trapped somewhere, though she's still safe.

Da Vinci: But this only “confirms” what was previously “unconfirmed”.

Da Vinci: We don't have a clear idea of how to win when we go against Morgan.

Fujimaru 1: And the Divine Construct is out of the question.

Da Vinci: I've made some progress on that, actually.

Da Vinci: During our audience with Morgan, behind the throne...there was an atrium overlooking the Great Pit, right?

Da Vinci: From there I was able to observe a magical energy pattern similar to the Lion King's in the Sixth Singularity.

Da Vinci: Rhongomyniad has definitely been prepared as a “weapon. ”

Da Vinci: And not just one or two. More than ten of them are installed in the front of Camelot's castle.

Da Vinci: There's quite a few. Most probably they've been used here in Britain as well.

Da Vinci: The Rhongomyniad used on Olympus was...

Da Vinci: “Just another use of it” as far as Morgan is concerned, or so I think.

Da Vinci: If that's the case, she could at least sell us one but, well, negotiations are impossible at this point.

Da Vinci: If we can't defeat Morgan, then our original goal of “obtaining a Divine Construct” is an impossibility.

Fujimaru 1: ...We've got a whole heap of problems...

Artoria: Still, I'm glad we made it back safely. I see that Queen Morgan honors her word.

Da Vinci: Seems like it. The amount of magical energy in Camelot, not to mention Morgan herself, is enough to send chills down my spine, but...

Da Vinci: As a queen, she thoroughly enforces her laws. She even disregarded Beryl's objections.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Da Vinci: (Yeah, I know what you mean, Fujimaru. That's why things are even more confusing. )

Da Vinci: (Beryl himself said he was Morgan's Master. Then, is Morgan a Servant? )

Da Vinci: (That can't be the case. She's been ruling over this Lostbelt for two thousand years now. )

Da Vinci: (Beryl only came here in 2017, same as the other Crypters. )

Da Vinci: (Morgan was already the queen of the Fairy Kingdom at that time. There's no way she was summoned as a Servant. )

Da Vinci: (...Is Beryl lying, or is he being led to believe that himself? )

Da Vinci: (Whatever the case, our lack of information is staggering...)

Gareth: Ah! Everyone's back! Yoo-hoo! Over here, over here!

Gareth: Welcome back Artoria, Fujimaru!

Gareth: Oh, how was the audience!? How was Her Majesty!?

Gareth: Was she scary!? Was she strong!? Was she ten meters tall!?

Gareth: She's got Tristan for a daughter, so I bet she chews through fairies!

Artoria: U-uh, ahaha...she felt like a queen...

Habetrot: Hey, don't bug the Child of Prophecy with questions, Gareth.

Habetrot: She's mumbling since she doesn't want to ruin your dreams. She really wants to say that it was “totally normal”.

Artoria: Ah—

Habetrot: I know, I'm a master of a maiden's heart! Show a little more of yourself, Artoria!

Senji Muramasa: Yeah. I don't know about maiden's hearts or whatever, but she's right about putting yourself out there.

Senji Muramasa: You're someone that hates to lose at heart, right?

Senji Muramasa: “I could never compete with the Queen. It'll take me a thousand years to catch up to her. ”

Senji Muramasa: You're probably thinking something like that, right?

Artoria: I am not! I was thinking more like a hundred!

Gareth: ...As expected, we don't get an escort on the way's like they're telling us “now get out, but on foot! ”

Da Vinci: I imagined getting out of here would be hard, but it's tough confronting the reality of it...

Da Vinci: They could at least give us a carriage, it would make getting to Norwich much easier—hm?

Oberon: Hey, what a coincidence, ladies and gents!

Oberon: I was out test-driving the new carriage, and somehow or other ended up here in Camelot!

Oberon: But fate works in mysterious ways! Don't hesitate to hop on!

Fujimaru 1: Oberon!

Fujimaru 2: You were keeping an eye on us, weren't you?

Oberon: You got it. I figured it was about time!

Oberon: How'd your audience go? I want to hear all about it, but...

Oberon: Let's get out of here first. If we hang out here forever we might provoke the Queen's soldiers.

Red Rabbit: Everyone, I am glad you were not led astray by the beauty of other carriages.

Red Rabbit: My carriage has been improved in Norwich, and has been powered up with six seats and two bunks.

Red Rabbit: I promise to make your journey throughout Britain a pleasant one.

Red Rabbit: For I am the foremost fairy horse with a reputation for putting on the pressure in the homestretch, Red Rab-bit.

Artoria: ...Ignoring the cart, did you get a powerup as well?

Red Rabbit: I revealed myself to be a vassal of the Child of Prophecy in Norwich, and allowed myself to go on a lavish spending spree.

Red Rabbit: When the Earth Clansmen heard that, they prepared this armor, saying “well if that's the case”.

Artoria: I see. Well, I hope you ponied it up yourself!


Fujimaru 1: ...and that was our audience with Morgan.

Oberon: ...Awfully blunt of her. Morgan sure seems motivated.

Oberon: I was hoping that with Chaldea and the Child of Prophecy together, there would be a chance at peace negotiations, but...

Gareth: From the beginning she had no intention of handing the throne over to the Child of the true ruler.

Oberon: And that's not all. Morgan's not even of a mind to save Britain.

Oberon: “Expand her territory and overwrite the outside world. ” That's what she said, right?

Oberon: I guessed as much too, but I had no idea of how exactly.

Oberon: But when I heard about your audience, it hit me. Morgan's planning to make use of the Great Calamity.

Fujimaru 1: ...What do you mean?

Oberon: That magecraft she used in Norwich, the Water Mirror. She used it to purge the Calamity.

Oberon: Right, Habetrot?

Habetrot: Yeah. Transference magecraft is her forte. That was just on a much grander scale.

Oberon: Even if Mash and Fujimaru hadn't played an active role,

Oberon: the Calamity would have disappeared. Rather, Morgan would have taken it.

Oberon: Meaning—Morgan decided to take possession of the Calamity.

Oberon: Then there's only one answer. Morgan is able to use Calamities as her own magical energy.

Oberon: She'll use that magical energy to turn Fujimaru's world...all of pan-human history...into her own territory.

Oberon: Using a curse to destroy the world of fairies, she will destroy the world of humans.

Oberon: That's Morgan's objective. She wants a Great Calamity to occur.

Artoria: ...Not to purge it...but to use it as a weapon...?

Artoria: ...If she even can. Like in Norwich, could she actually have purged it...?

Gareth: That can't be...the only ones who will be saved are the fairies living in Camelot...

Senji Muramasa: ...

Senji Muramasa: ...That's true, the nobles living in Camelot seem to look down on the other cities.

Senji Muramasa: They say that “only the fairies in Camelot have worth. ”

Senji Muramasa: They're spoiled by the privileged status the Queen gives them. The Child of Prophecy is probably unsightly in their eyes.

Senji Muramasa: The Queen may have said we're not enemies until you ring the bell, but Beryl is her husband, right?

Senji Muramasa: We never know when they might come after us. It's good Oberon showed up when he did.

Da Vinci: Yeah. Let's get away from Camelot first, then figure out our next course of action.

Da Vinci: The only thing I know for sure is our objective. In order to save Britain, to save the world...

Da Vinci: And in order to save Mash, we have to defeat Morgan.

Habetrot: ...

Narration: A few hours after the audience, in the throne room cleared of people...

Morgan: ...Still no movement from the Great Pit...this is rather disconcerting.

Morgan: ...Even though the Great Calamity arises once every 1,000 years.

Morgan: The fairies are all complete fools.

Morgan: I will use them to the last. To deny all of pan-human history.

Alien Priestess: ...

Morgan: —You again? You can't solve anything just by watching, woman.

Morgan: If you are the priestess of the Alien God, come and kill me yourself.

Morgan: Naturally, your apostle was defeated.

Morgan: A Servant based upon the Heroic Spirits of pan-human history is no match for my Fairy Knights.

Morgan: If all you can do is watch, then remain backstage. You are an unpleasant sight.

Morgan: If you have an opinion about me to voice, then do so—yes, just like that man.

Chaldean: I'm sorry to interrupt your fun little talk. I'd have knocked, but you don't have a door here.

Morgan: Of course. How can you welcome a visitor with just a knock? Was there not a waiting room?

Chaldean: The wraith repellent downstairs? Well-crafted, but unnecessary. I don't have that kind of time to be wasting.

Chaldean: I'm not an outstanding mage like you, nor do I have your omnipotent body.

Chaldean: I'm a man who can only do things to the same extent a human can. I can't afford to go to places I have no business being in the first place.

Morgan: ...I don't understand.

Morgan: By any measure, you're one of the Chaldeans. A man from pan-human history.

Morgan: The Alien God would undo that entirely...

Morgan: And I could destroy it even before it achieves its objective.

Morgan: Is that not what you came here to stop?

Chaldean: No. Destroy it, if you can.

Morgan: What?

Chaldean: Indeed, if you are left to your own devices then this planet will collapse. Humanity will disappear.

Chaldean: But compared to the aims of the Alien God, that is a far more preferable fate.

Chaldean: You'll overwrite a history that did not align with your feelings in order to expand both your kingdom and your rule.

Chaldean: I neither admire your wish nor your tenacity, but I do acknowledge your accomplishments.

Chaldean: Therefore, I will not interfere. I will not help Chaldea.

Chaldean: If you win and this planet becomes a dead world, then so be it.

Morgan: ...You won't raise your hand against me, you say?

Morgan: Then why are you here? You said yourself you did not have the time to spare.

Chaldean: I came to see your work. It is praiseworthy.

Chaldean: You saw through the role of the Fantasy Tree, and instead of fearing it, you decided to make use of it.

Chaldean: You wasted no time analyzing Chaldea's summoning formula, and then used it on your own flesh and blood.

Chaldean: A masterful accomplishment. It's true what they say about you, a genius whose magecraft approaches the divine.

Chaldean: Don't you get it? I came here to praise you, Queen Morgan.

Chaldean: Because there is nobody else who will.

Morgan: Hmph. I cannot be pleased by such approbation of my magecraft ability. That's nothing more than sarcasm.

Morgan: If you have nothing else to say, then begone from my sight.

Morgan: From here on out, this is my world. Be they Alien God or vile beast, there is no place for them here.

Chaldean: I know that. In any case, this is the last point of intervention.

Chaldean: At this point, even if I interfere, the outcome will not change.

Chaldean: Even should this Lostbelt be seized, it is 2,000 years too late.

Chaldean: A perfect history. A well-executed script. Victory is in sight, despite your blunder with Tristan.

Chaldean: As someone who once stood in your place, I wanted to applaud how you brought this about.

Chaldean: From my point of view, neither the Child of Prophecy nor Chaldea's Master has any chance of victory over you.

Chaldean: Although—

Chaldean: A third party has yet to appear on the board. If there are other factors at play, the story may yet change.

Section 11: Londonium

Artoria: Therefore,

Artoria: taking into account that the Queen's forces may be pursuing us, “unaware” of her orders,

Artoria: we left Camelot in a hurry, and were moving along the northern border, when all of a sudden...

Artoria: ...we set foot in a bright, brilliant field of chocolate!

Fujimaru 1: It's sprouting directly into chocolate!

Artoria: Sweeeeets—!

Da Vinci: Holy crap, this is amazing–!

Habetrot: What do you think you're doing, that field belongs to someone! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves for trespassing!

Habetrot: If you're going to sample it, start from the tip!

Red Rabbit: Ooooh, this is like the super-luxurious slab of wood that Lady Aurora once gave me!

Red Rabbit: It doesn't compare to carrots, but I must say, this is sublimely sweet...!

Fujimaru 1: (—dumbfounded)

Fujimaru 2: DIVE!

Senji Muramasa: What the hell is the matter with you morons!?

Everyone else: Yummy! Sweet!

Everyone else: The taste is a bit unrefined, but that's okay since it's SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!

Oberon: Hehe, everyone looks like they're having fun.

Senji Muramasa: How can you be so peppy, Oberon? We're supposed to be looking out for—

Senji Muramasa: What's with you, Gareth? Aren't you gonna jump in with them?

Gareth: Awawawawa...!

Gareth: Everyone, get a hold of yourselves! You'll be in big trouble if you eat that!

Everyone else: Ah...ah? (turns around with mouths smeared with chocolate)

Gareth: Aaah, I knew it...!

Gareth: These are the rumored chocolate fields of Knocknarea! The ingredients there are mesmerizing, paralyzing, and worst of all, high-calorie!

Gareth: Fairies who eat that chocolate become addicted,

Gareth: and are forced to obey Knocknarea until they die! (※Gareth's supposition)

Everyone else: ???? (doesn't understand what Gareth is talking about)

Chocolate Field Mors:


Senji Muramasa: ...Well. (casually wiping his mouth with his finger) Mors from the field...!?

Gareth: Probably Mors lying in wait to prey on fairies paralyzed by the chocolate...

Gareth: Chocolate→Fairies→Mors...a complete food chain.

Gareth: It's a shame, but we can't rely on all those affected by the toxic chocolate!

Gareth: Muramasa! It's up to us!

Senji Muramasa: R-right, I see. Well, I'm counting on you, Gareth!

Gareth: Uh, Muramasa, why are you stepping back? And why have you been hiding your right hand behind your back all this time?

Senji Muramasa: Well, it's right there, isn't it?

Gareth: OLD MAN!!


Gareth: Oh, huh? Everyone, are you feeling a bit numb?

Artoria: Sorry Gareth, but I'm feeling fine...I just hope this isn't poisonous or anything like that...

Oberon: Yes, yes. You see, they call it a chocolate addiction...

Oberon: “It's so delicious, that I can't ever forget it. ” “Then, if you want to eat more chocolate, head to the north. ”

Oberon: That's all there is to it. I don't think there's any physical downside!

Gareth: It's true! It's so amazingly good!

Gareth: It's sweet, crunchy, easy to eat, and best of all, doesn't make you thirsty! My head feels like it's spinning!

Oberon: Hahahaha. But, chocolate isn't exactly common, and I'm pretty sure this is a field owned by Knocknarea.

Oberon: If you're tasting the produce without permission, well...

Senji Muramasa: Shit! There's a huge army marching towards us from over the hill! And...what the hell is that?

Mystery Soldiers: Weeeeeeeeeeeei!!!! Hohooooooooooi!!!!

Artoria: We've been surrounded...! This, the surrounding magical energy is as thick as honey!

???: That's enough, you shameless tourists!

???: You've got some nerve, to behave as if my farmland is an all-you-can-eat buffet!

???: I wonder, is it that you desire to become my slaves for the next generation? And the generation after that? And the generation after that?

Fujimaru 1: This voice—

Fujimaru 2: Without a doubt!

H:???: Yes, be afraid. Will you bow down, and prostrate yourselves?

H:???: No matter how far you've travelled, you'll know who I am the moment you gaze upon the beauty standing before you.

H:???: So, that's why—

H:???: In the name of Queen Knocknarea, divine punishment will be bestowed upon these chocolate thieves!

Knocknarea: You are hereby charged with embezzlement of state property, smuggling of cultural goods, dining and dashing, and slandering the Queen's good name!

Knocknarea: After one hundred years of packing chocolate into boxes,

Knocknarea: you'll receive a pension commensurate with your work, and will be ordered to live out the rest of your sorry lives in Edinburgh!

Artoria: I knew it...!

Fujimaru 1: It's Queen Medb...!

Fujimaru 2: Yeah! Medb is awesome!

Knocknarea: ...Who?


Artoria: It was five years ago, in Gloucester.

Artoria: The first fairy I met after leaving the village was a tempestuous one.

Knocknarea: Hmph...well, of course, it's only natural.

Knocknarea: As a ruler, I can't help but kick around my rivals when they're all lined up like this...

Knocknarea: In the once-in-a-century Princess Contest, the crowning glory went to me...

Knocknarea: Let it be known throughout Britain that I, Knocknarea, am the new Queen of the Northern Fairies!

Artoria: ...didn't even qualify...didn't even make it up on stage...

Artoria: It's fine. I only came because everyone in the village told me to...

Artoria: A Princess Contest is a dumb thing anyway...

Artoria: I just wanted to get out of the village for once...

Knocknarea: ...sigh. How stupid of me.

Knocknarea: It's the middle of the harvest season. What am I doing here?

Knocknarea: Is it some political appeal? Or a claim that I have some prestige as the reincarnation of Mab?

Knocknarea: The elders will always treat me like a little girl...

Knocknarea: The judges' idea of “beauty” is laughable in the first place.

Knocknarea: Beauty is living a life you can be proud of yourself, not for someone else.

Knocknarea: They don't understand that it's us participants who decide, not those bystanding judges—

Knocknarea: Oh, hello. Are you that Tintagel girl from the preliminaries?

Artoria: Urk.

Artoria: No, you've got the wrong fairy...I'm more like a part-time waiter...

Knocknarea: Why didn't you come to the finals!? I thought you'd be the last one in the end!

Knocknarea: That would have been a great contest, I was all hyped up to beat the snot out of you,

Knocknarea: and you were nowhere to be seen! Did you leave because you felt stupid!?

Artoria: was kinda dumb...(especially me).

Knocknarea: That “I don't get it” look!

Knocknarea: As if you're saying “Hmph...I lost the match, but saved my dignity. A consolation prize is fine with me! ”

Knocknarea: Oooh, that really ticks me off! That's it, you and me are gonna compete right here!

Knocknarea: What are you good at? Horseback riding? Dance? Music? Fighting? Packing sweets?

Knocknarea: Whatever is fine. This will be the real finals! Don't let me down!

Knocknarea: Oh. Those shabby clothes just won't do.

Knocknarea: Mack! Dim! Tear them all off and throw them away!

Knocknarea: Put on one of my dresses instead. Then get yourself up on stage one more time!

Knocknarea: What is true beauty? What is true brilliance, worthy of a princess?

Knocknarea: Let us two remind the foolish masses of that!

Artoria: Uh—wai—no—sto—

Artoria: Shut up for a minute, you sweet-talking pompous upstart–! I'll kick your ass—!

Knocknarea: I'm sorry...I didn't think that you really didn't qualify...

Knocknarea: My instincts have never been wrong, you know? The instant I saw you, a chill raced down my spine.

Knocknarea: “She's bad news. She's different from the others. She'll turn the world upside-down,” stuff like that.

Artoria: Umm—r-really? I looked like that to you?

Artoria: Oh, I get it. I'm a late bloomer! That's right, because I'm the Chi—

Knocknarea: But it seems I was mistaken. You just have so many negatives, you came full circle.

Artoria: Oh, is that so!? Then from now on, don't brag about your “good instincts! ”

Knocknarea: Yeah. I'll observe properly and not just rely on my intuition.

Knocknarea: Anyway, what kind of village are you from, Artoria?

Knocknarea: The southwestern edge of Britain? My city is on the very northern tip, so I couldn't imagine that at all.

Knocknarea: Does the ash fall? What color are the forests? Can you catch fish? Are the people nice?

Knocknarea: Also, what's up with that exploding lamp you just threw at me?

Narration: The northern fairy who got close to me simply because she was curious. A happy memory from back when neither of us knew who the other one was.

Narration: Her name was Knocknarea.

Narration: My first friend, destined to one day clash with the Child of Prophecy.

Artoria: ...and so we spent time getting to know each other in Gloucester for...two days? Three days?

Artoria: As you can see, she's a hopeless one who never listens to people, so she gives off a bad impression...

Knocknarea: So do you, Artoria!

Knocknarea: You seem so docile, but you're awfully sharp-tongued! I'm relieved to see you're the same as ever!

Oberon: Well this is unexpected. You had a true friend who argues with you like that?

Oberon: I is it you're able to quarrel with THE Knocknarea like this?

Red Rabbit: Impossible...I've been so nervous my tongue has been sticking out of my mouth for some time now.

Red Rabbit: The Queen of the North. Head of the King's Clan, Knocknarea. Her magical energy conceals this campground.

Red Rabbit: Truly a great fairy of the highest degree...although her combat potential is not as great as a Fairy Knight's,

Red Rabbit: there is nobody in the Fairy Kingdom who can match her in terms of alien common sense or size of territory...

Fujimaru 1: Is it that great...?

Fujimaru 2: (I'm not a fairy so I don't really get it...)

Gareth: But how very like you, Artoria!

Gareth: Whenever Knocknarea says something snide, you fire back twice as hard!

Senji Muramasa: Yeah. They're perfectly matched.

Senji Muramasa: Artoria seems docile at a first glance but is troublesome at heart, while Knocknarea is flashy on the outside but a hard worker on the inside.

Senji Muramasa: It's like uneven craftsmanship. Arguing while being close-knit.

Knocknarea: Shut up over there! I don't remember asking for your opinion!

Knocknarea: You all are aware you've been apprehended as chocolate thieves, right?

Fujimaru 1: We are.

Fujimaru 2: I'll pay you (because I'm rich now).

Note: Male Player

Knocknarea: ...

Knocknarea: ...Artoria. Come here for a sec.

Artoria: What is it? It's not like you to be discreet. You want me to keep all the bad stuff that happened in Gloucester a secret?

Knocknarea: ...That's not it, we didn't do anything wrong. It's about...that one that talked back at me just now.

Knocknarea: ...Is that a human? Your servant? Did your dream come true?

Artoria: N-no, he's my ally, a magus from the outside world.

Artoria: He's pretending to be my servant, but if anything, he's done nothing but help me so far.

Knocknarea: ...I see. So they're nothing more than your guard.

Knocknarea: What's his name? I don't get why you haven't collared him. Tell me. Please.

Artoria: So polite...are you really Knocknarea? Did you eat something bad? Or too much chocolate?

Knocknarea: Uh...(No, I've got to be patient...)

Knocknarea: Yeah, I've gotten sweeter lately. So what's his name? When did you meet?

Artoria: His name is Fujimaru. We met around twenty days ago now...

Knocknarea: Meaning it's nothing serious yet. Well, I guess it doesn't matter who you associate with.

Artoria: Huh?

Note: Female Player

Knocknarea: ...Aren't you a human? You're a human, and you're talking to me like that?

Artoria: You're wrong, Knocknarea. She's Fujimaru.

Artoria: A magus from the outside world and my ally.

Knocknarea: Oh...the prophecy did mention that, I guess. The traveler from a foreign land. Whatever.

Knocknarea:'ve got a good air about you. I mean your spirit, not your body.

Knocknarea: If you look closely, you're covered in nicks and dings, but nothing's been damaged. It's almost encouraging.

Knocknarea: Fujimaru. If you need a place to stay, come to my castle.

Knocknarea: It would be a shame to see you enslaved by the southern fairies. Maybe you can cure me of my misanthropy.

Note: Branch End

Knocknarea: Sorry, I got off track. Anyway—

Knocknarea: The Child of Prophecy of all people, how pathetic. Can you really manage with such a ridiculous entourage?

Knocknarea: I can't believe you don't have an army.

Knocknarea: Looks like my intuition really doesn't work on you.

Knocknarea: The Child of Prophecy who saved Norwich. When I heard that fairy's name was Artoria,

Knocknarea: I was all, “I knew it! ”, but turns out I was wrong again. You're still just as pathetic as you were back then.

Knocknarea: Can such a timid, low-class fairy really obtain nothing but third-rate friends?

Artoria: —Correction, Knocknarea.

Artoria: Don't make fun of my friends. They're much better than I deserve.

Artoria: They're always smart, always brave, always adorable, and that one's always an old man.

Artoria: If nothing else, they're much stronger than all the soldiers you always have waiting on you.

Knocknarea: Is that so? Then let's test that, Artoria.

Knocknarea: Your friends, my soldiers. Let's see who's stronger.

Knocknarea: If you win, then I'll pardon your crime of stealing chocolate. After that, you're free to go.

Knocknarea: But—

Artoria: Hmm? But what?

Knocknarea: But, if my soldiers win, Fujimaru is mine.

Artoria: —Eh. Wait, Fujimaru is your type, Knocknarea!?

Knocknarea: Wh—no way! I just want a magus to prepare for my war with Morgan!

Knocknarea: Now let's get this started, Artoria! Who's the real savior of Britain, you or me—

Knocknarea: Let's begin the preliminaries!


Fujimaru 1: We managed to win somehow! (Thankfully...)

Knocknarea: ...hmph. Whatever. My predecessor did say you can have up to three chances.

Knocknarea: Probably because love isn't easy to come by, I guess?

Fujimaru 2: By the way, that fairy commander just now...

Da Vinci: Yeah, I thought they looked familiar, but it was just an illusion. Let's forget about it and move on.

Artoria: Yeah! You're all amazing! Victory goes to Team Fujimaru!

Artoria: Now let us all go! A queen should keep her promises!

Knocknarea: Of course. I don't have time to play with you anyway.

Knocknarea: I'm right in the middle of military exercises. My enemy is Queen Morgan, not the Child of Prophecy.

Knocknarea: I've got no use for a lower-class fairy who's still a nobody. Go wherever you like.

Oberon: Oh? I guess the King's Clan doesn't see the Child of Prophecy as a problem.

Oberon: You would really think you'd be better off capturing us than letting us go.

Knocknarea: ...

Knocknarea: I do see you as a problem.

Knocknarea: I'm the only ruler of Britain. For me, Morgan and the Child of Prophecy are both eyesores.

Knocknarea: Be that as it may, Morgan's military strength is not to be underestimated. To ensure victory, I'll make use of whatever I can.

Knocknarea: Either my provocations will get Morgan to leave her castle, or I'll lay siege to it myself after completing all my preparations.

Knocknarea: Whichever happens, the other clans need to be held in check. Which is why I want the Child of Prophecy to play an active role.

Knocknarea: You get it? All you have to do is hang around and Morgan's military power will start to wane.

Knocknarea: I'm not saying you have to ring all of the pilgrim's bells. Could you ring at least a couple or so?

Knocknarea: If you do that, I can take care of the rest.

Knocknarea: I'll take Camelot, overthrow Morgan, and banish all the humans from the island!

Knocknarea: As the daughter of the great Mab, descendent of the northern fairies, I shall restore Britain to its former glory!

Knocknarea: ...Well, I can allow a few exceptions, since I am so generous.

Knocknarea: If the humans would mend their ways, I could consent to establishing an autonomous zone in Britain.

Knocknarea: As proof of that, I shall allow you to speak, Fujimaru.

Knocknarea: Is there anything you want to ask me? As a special favor, I'll answer anything you ask.

Fujimaru 1: Well then, I'll take you up on that...

Fujimaru 1: Why are there hearts scattered everywhere?

Knocknarea: (Hearts? Is that a figure of speech? )

Knocknarea: care about me that much, do you? Well it's only natural, since it's me.

Knocknarea: You probably wouldn't believe it, human, but this is uncontrollable magical energy spilling out from within.

Knocknarea: As a member of the King's Clan, I'm not supposed to show my dreams and desires until I have the throne, but...

Knocknarea: My, my passions, I guess? That's what's leaking out of me.

Artoria: That's not something you should say with a smug face, you know.

Fujimaru 2: Why don't you work with the Round Table Army against Morgan?

Knocknarea: No. A very big no.

Knocknarea: I may tolerate humans, but I will not join hands with them.

Knocknarea: The human Round Table Army is even more of a disgusting eyesore than Morgan's army is. If they ever appear before me, I'll crush them without a second thought.

Northern Fairy: Pardon me, Lady Knocknarea. We've received an appeal from Edinburgh.

Knocknarea: What is it? This is a good Mab Chance. We can continue the exercise later...

Northern Fairy: No, it's about the response to the Mors disease. Lend me your ear, please.

Northern Fairy: ...specimens for transcription...insufficient...several refugees from Sheffield...

Knocknarea: ...I'll make the selections. Tell them they'll receive my list soon.

Knocknarea: We're done talking here. You all are free to go. I don't care where.

Knocknarea: Ah, but I have to say one more thing.

Knocknarea: At least show some dignity, Artoria. Nobody's going to follow a shabby king, you know?


Da Vinci: Well, we've gone south through the chocolate fields, and are now back in southern Britain.

Gareth: We're almost to Gloucester. Can we stop there for a bit?

Gareth: You've never been to Gloucester, have you, Habenyan?

Habetrot: I haven't, but that's Muryan's city, right? I can only imagine what it's like.

Habetrot: Sounds interesting, but there probably aren't any brides. I'm fine managing Fujimaru.

Gareth: I see...that's too bad...

Fujimaru 1: Let's head to a safe area for now.

Fujimaru 2: What about returning to Norwich?

Artoria: No, on the contrary, I think Norwich would be too dangerous at the moment.

Artoria: The Count may be there, but there's no way Spriggan hasn't taken any new precautions.

Da Vinci: Yeah. I'm in favor of thinking things over in a safe location.

Da Vinci: Do we fight the Queen, or do we just escape? It's a crucial decision. We need to sit down and think about it.

Senji Muramasa: Gloucester is out then. Muryan aside, I don't trust Koyanskaya at all.

Gareth: What about the Welsh forest? It is Oberon's territory, after all.

Red Rabbit: Or perhaps Salisbury? We could inform Lady Aurora of our doings.

Fujimaru 1: We have too many candidates...

Fujimaru 2: What do you think, Oberon?

Oberon: Hmm...

Oberon: Well first of all, I can't recommend my forest. It's not suited for a base of operations.

Oberon: And Salisbury and Norwich aren't safe.

Oberon: We can't put too much faith in Morgan's promise that she won't interfere.

Oberon: If Beryl Gut comes after us with the Queen's army, Aurora won't be able to protect us.

Da Vinci: Like Knocknarea said, from here on out, we're going to need military strength.

Da Vinci: Should we return to the Storm Border? I'd like to show it off to Artoria and Gareth.

Da Vinci: If we circumvent the Nameless Forest, we can reach the coast.

Da Vinci: I wonder if we could stop by Artoria's home of Tintagel on the way?

Oberon: No, let's keep that as a last resort. We're not evacuating.

Oberon: If we want military strength, there's only one thing to do.

Oberon: As a matter of fact, the safest place for the Child of Prophecy is not a fairy city at all.

Oberon: The capital of England in pan-human history, southeast of Oxford.

Oberon: The base of the humans—the abandoned city of Londinium.

Oberon: With Norwich's Calamity cleansed, Artoria has no need to worry about any of them.

Oberon: As the Child of Prophecy who will save Britain, why don't you pay a visit to the Round Table Army?


Oberon: I appreciate you pushing this far after staying up all night and getting no rest. Londinium is just over those two hills.

Oberon: But let's take a short break first. after all, it's almost lunchtime.

Oberon: You'd rather enjoy a leisurely lunch outside than in a bumpy carriage, right, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Thanks. Honestly, you're a lifesaver...

Oberon: No, I just wanted to get out and stretch.

Oberon: This six-passenger carriage is convenient, but it's also a little cramped in there.

Fujimaru 2: Is it safe here?

Red Rabbit: We passed through every major city on the highway overnight. The Queen's soldiers shouldn't be deployed in this area.

Da Vinci: We've finally made it to Londinium...what do you know about this place?

Oberon: Over 2,000 years ago...

Oberon: It's said to have been the largest city in Britain before Morgan rose to power.

Oberon: The five clans lived together as equals, humans were elected as the city lords, and so on.

Artoria: —Huh? Then, Londinium was a human city!

Oberon: Yeah. But it was destroyed by civil war towards the end of the Fairy Calendar.

Oberon: It was the grandest fortress city in Britain, but it was susceptible to malice from within.

Oberon: I never could figure out why it was abandoned after that.

Oberon: The Queen never did restore it, and she built herself a new castle at Camelot.

Habetrot: Well well. I guess Oberon isn't as well-informed as he appears.

Habetrot: Listen up. Londinium was destroyed by the clans.

Habetrot: After Tonelico brought the war between the clans to an end, they named a human knight as the new king.

Habetrot: A single human boy who led the Round Table Army.

Habetrot: A new king for a new age, and all of Britain celebrated.

Habetrot: But a riot broke out during the coronation ceremony by an anti-fairy group of humans,

Habetrot: and some fairies living in Londinium were killed.

Habetrot: The clan heads were angered by this and invaded Londinium, massacring the Round Table Army.

Habetrot: The knight who was to become king died, and Tonelico was executed after taking blame for the riot.

Habetrot: Grimm the Wise managed to escape,

Habetrot: and the Black Knight wouldn't die no matter what they did, so they dumped him in the ocean with both ears crushed.

Habetrot: Ashamed of what happened, the remaining Fairy Knight crossed over to Orkney with Tonelico's coffin.


Senji Muramasa: ...Tonelico, the fairy that was hailed as a savior?

Senji Muramasa: The Wise. Black Knight. Fairy Knight.

Senji Muramasa: The four of them are said to have saved Britain many times...but what was the Fairy Knight's name?

Da Vinci: I heard it from Mike in Salisbury. It was...huh?

Da Vinci: What was it? Weird...I'm sure I heard it somewhere...

Habetrot: Don't think too hard about it.

Habetrot: The point is it's an old human stronghold, cloaked in a bad history.

Senji Muramasa: ...Camping in a castle destroyed by the fairies long ago?

Senji Muramasa: Isn't that bad luck? Not that I want to appear superstitious.

Habetrot: Heheh. You'll understand once we get there, Muramasa.

Habetrot: If you ask me, both Morgan and the clan heads are dumb.

Habetrot: It's ridiculous to ignore Londinium just because it has already fallen once.

Gareth: You're familiar with Londinium, Habenyan? And yet you don't know about Salisbury or Gloucester.

Habetrot: I know about Salisbury. The place with the cathedral?

Habetrot: I've even seen Aurora. It's just not something I care about.

Gareth: Is that it really okay that we didn't stop in a beautiful city even once?

Habetrot: It's fine. It's not like it's my job to enjoy the trip.

Habetrot: But why are you fussing over me so much, Gareth? Oh, do you want to order a bridal gown?

Gareth: Ah! It's way too early for me to be a bride, I haven't even met someone yet...!

Gareth: No, it's not's just...

Habetrot: Just?

Gareth: It's nothing! Gareth, going to get some water!

Habetrot: ...?

Gareth: ...haah...haah...I almost said too much there...

Gareth: But...are you really okay with this, Habenyan?

Gareth: ...despite the fact I can see the future for Artoria and Fujimaru...

Gareth: ...I can't see Habenyan' all...

Gareth: —Mors?

Gareth: Oh no, I've got to take it out before it touches me...! Hiyaaaa—!

Gareth: Guh...! That's lance has gone through so many times before...

Gareth: ...I see. Artoria was helping me with her magecraft.

Gareth: But now I'm all alone—


Gareth: ...That's just like me. I'm weak, yet I get carried away and get the wrong idea...

Gareth: I'm going to die here, unimportant, unable to do anything—

???: So close! If you had taken six, or even just three more steps, you could have run it straight through!

???: You're still too small. You can't pierce a Mors' hide with just the weight of your lance.

???: Keep in mind the leg you pivot on should be facing forward, not to the side, and make use of the weight of the earth.

???: But that's something to worry about later. For now, can you stand up?

Gareth: Ah—Y-yes. Um, you are—

???: Just a passing-by waterboy. I saw you going into the woods.

???: I came here to warn you about the Mors lurking in this area—

Mors: –!

???: ...but it looks like I was a little late.

???: Luckily, there's just the two of them. I could really use your help, if that's alright.

Gareth: Y-yes, of course! I'm Gareth!

???: I'm Percival. You can handle the one on the right, gallant knight.

Gareth: P-Percival—Eh? Eeeeeeehhhhhh!?


Gareth: We won...I can beat Mors all by myself...

Percival: Yeah, good job. You're plenty strong, and you'll get even better with some training.

Percival: By the way, Gareth, was it? I've never seen your face around here.

Percival: This is going to be a battlefield soon. If you want some friendly advice, it would be better for you to head to Manchester or Norwich.

Percival: came to join the Round Table Army in Londinium?

Percival: Hmm...well, we're always in need of one more trustworthy ally, but...

Percival: Such a cute little girl coming to Londinium, I wonder...

Percival: The roofs will never be fixed in time...and the ghosts come out at night...

Gareth: U-um, I'm sorry to bother you!

Gareth: If I'm not mistaken, you said your name was Percival, is that right!?

Percival: Yeah, Percival. Good name for a human, right? I think so too.

Gareth: Let me introduce myself again! My name is Gareth, a follower of the Child of Prophecy!

Gareth: The Child of Prophecy—Artoria, has come to Londinium!


Artoria: (Gareth is's probably nothing to worry about,'s bugging me...)

Artoria: Excuse me, I'm going to get some water too. We can go over the hills afterwards.

Fujimaru 1: Then, I guess we can all

Da Vinci: Gareth's back, but why is she jumping up and down and waving at us?

Red Rabbit: There's a tall man next to her. He appears to be quite the stallion as well, but...

Oberon: Ah! That sturdy chest armor!

Gareth: Heeey! Heeeeey! Everyoooone! Listeeeeen!

Gareth: Percival, Percival!

Gareth: The strongest human, the leader of the Round Table Army, Percivaaaaaal—!

Percival: ...

Percival: Sorry about this. Somehow, this has turned into a bit of an impolite first meeting.

Percival: It's an honor to meet you, Child of Prophecy. And you, foreign magus.

Percival: I am Percival. I serve to manage the Round Table forces as their representative.

Percival: I may look like a knight, but I've never been taught proper etiquette.

Percival: My ill manners as a country bumpkin may show through, but I look forward to working with you.

Fujimaru 1: The pleasure is all mine.

Percival: Yes. Glad to see you're so full of energy.

Fujimaru 2: By the way, why is Red Rab-bit so jittery?

Red Rabbit: What do you mean why!? Percival is said to be the one human in the Fairy Kingdom...

Red Rabbit: the one and only human spiritually strong enough to ride into battle atop a fairy horse...!

Red Rabbit: The way they synchronize their breathing, and how they trust each other with their lives is enough to make any horse emotional...

Red Rabbit: It's amazing, the union between rider and horse. It's like a dream of mine come true.

Percival: Kundry would be delighted to hear that as well. She's saved me more times than I can remember.

Percival: ...oh right, we were in the middle of a conversation, and I start rambling on about my partner...

Percival: I understand your plight.

Percival: You need a safe place to use as a base to prepare for your confrontation with the Queen's army.

Percival: In that case, Londinium welcomes you with open arms.

Percival: I'm afraid we couldn't repair it in time for the arrival of the Child of Prophecy, but...

Percival: It's one of the most defensible locations in Britain. Everyone there will protect you.

Human Soldiers: We've got the lumber from the supply corps! Hurry and start repairing the ramparts!

Human Soldiers: Use 80% on the walls, and 20% on the interior! Priority goes to the kids' houses!

Q:Fairy Soldiers: This afternoon, we're sending a merchant to Norwich in disguise! If you need anything, put it on the list!

Q:Fairy Soldiers: We've got the Count's backing, so there's no need to hold back! But keep the luxuries to a minimum!

Soldier in Training: Hi-ya! Hi-ya!

Instructor: We can't match the Fang Clan's movements! Countering them is more important!

Instructor: Wait for the spear, then attack! If you thrust too early, you're easy to dodge!

Instructor: When you feel it coming, put your shield forward! Place your sword so it pierces the side at the same time!

Instructor: Arrows are unlikely to hit their mark! They'll sense you as soon as you take aim on them!

Instructor: Sweep in groups of ten from the ramparts! If you hit one, great! It's effective as disruption, so don't get discouraged!

Blacksmith's Young Apprentice (Male): I can only sharpen it, but it's still useful! Hey you, your spearhead's missing!

Blacksmith's Young Apprentice (Male): You'll lose to the Fangs that way, just get over here for a sec!

Senji Muramasa: This place is pretty lively despite being run-down. Everyone's running around occupied with something.

Habetrot: At first glance I can see about 300 soldiers who can fight. Maybe a few more?

Habetrot: That doubles if you bring in the refugees. Are the weaker ones doing needlework in the back?

Habetrot: This is great! They're more like a revived civilization than an army!

Habetrot: Maybe this is where I'll find that bride!

Da Vinci: Yeah. The walls and streets are in shambles, but it's more lively than any city we've seen up till now.

Da Vinci: The land that would eventually become the capital city of London in pan-human history. It's so full of life!


Fujimaru 1: Artoria...?

Fujimaru 2: Is something wrong?

Artoria: No—It's nothing like that.

Artoria: —How can a place like this be so beautiful?

Gareth: ...Artoria?

Soldier Running In: Commander, you can't just jump off the walls and go running into the woods like that!

Soldier Running In: You're the core of the Round Table Army, the hope of everyone gathered here in Londinium!

Soldier Running In: I'd appreciate it if you would stop acting on impulse all the time from now on!

Soldier Running In: —Ahem. Please excuse me.

Soldier Running In: Are these potential new recruits? If so, then you should first register yourselves in the plaza...

Percival: No, it's nothing like that, Magre. They're not new recruits.

Percival: They're important guests. Isn't that right, Oberon?

Oberon: Yeah, at least for now. Whether or not we join the Round Table Army is up to Artoria.

Soldier Running In: Oberon? Whoa, it's Oberon! When did you get back to Londinium!?

Soldier Running In: Hey everyone, it's Oberon! That no-good Oberon is here–!

G:Londinium Citizen: Oh wow, it really is him! Oberon the Heartless–!

Q:Londinium Citizen: He popped up out of nowhere again! Where the hell have you been all this time?

I:Londinium Citizen: You're gonna stay for a while this time, aren't you!? Don't make the kids cry all over again!

I:Londinium Citizen: The instant you disappear, we all get too depressed to do anything!

H:Londinium Citizen: Especially the women! They get all hooked on your sweet talk, and they think they're all princesses or something!

H:Londinium Citizen: It's fine for you to be nice to them, but don't make such a mess! They still have work to do!

Fujimaru 1: Even here...

Fujimaru 2: Oberon...

Oberon: Whoa, don't get the wrong idea, okay? I swear, I'm being serious here.

Soldier Running In: Yeah, you were serious. Seriously putting on a show!

Soldier Running In: When you show up, the Round Table Army becomes nothing more than a rowdy bunch of folk. This whole city becomes nothing but a festival when you're here.

Soldier Running In: It's days like those that keep us all laughing...hey, wait.

Soldier Running In: You said the next time you came, you'd bring the Child of Prophecy with you, so...

Soldier Running In: Don't tell me...

Artoria: (Aw crap...)

Oberon: Yep. She's the rumored Artoria. The savior who protected Norwich.

Oberon: She bears the Staff of Selection sent from Paradise, just like Percival's Spear of Selection.

Oberon: In a nutshell, she's the one who you've been waiting for, the Child of Prophecy who will save Britain.


Da Vinci: The festival's in full swing now. Will we not be able to talk to Artoria for a while?

Da Vinci: They're caught up in “Child of Prophecy fever”, but is it really okay to not intervene, Oberon?

Da Vinci: I don't think she's good at handling this kind of attention.

Oberon: Yeah, I guess so. Imposing too many expectations on her would probably be rough on Artoria.

Oberon: But, shouldering the hopes and dreams of the people is her specialty.

Oberon: What do you think, Fujimaru? Should we pull Artoria out of the crowd?

Fujimaru 1: She'll be alright.

Fujimaru 2: She's not making her usual face.

Da Vinci: Oh, you look happy, Fujimaru. Can you tell Artoria's behaving differently from usual?

Oberon: Exactly. That's not the girl who lacks confidence in herself, or looks away while stammering.

Oberon: ...Yeah. This is Londinium. The city that dreams of a righteous future for Britain.

Oberon: This is different from the self-serving, self-preserving dreams that have been foisted on her up until now.

Oberon: What Artoria is experiencing right now are hearts without lies.

Oberon: She's probably taking pride in being the Child of Prophecy for the first time in her life.

Oberon: As if using one's hands to wipe eyes clouded by seeing far too much.

Attention! Crucial Dialogue Select

Fujimaru 1: What does that mean...?

Oberon: Oh, just a hunch.

Oberon: I am a fairy king after all. Aren't I allowed to wax poetic once in a while?

Fujimaru 2: ...(Could it be that Artoria's and Oberon's eyes are...? )

Percival: I'm sorry the residents kept you for so long. I hope you weren't too bothered by it.

Artoria: No, it was no trouble at all. They were very good to me.

Artoria: Please, let everyone know that I had a lot of fun!

Artoria: However...

Artoria: Muramasa is the only one missing. Is he still making friends with the residents?

Senji Muramasa: Sorry to keep you waiting! I had a small errand to take care of.

Senji Muramasa: There's a workshop here, but it was in terrible shape. Worse off than Norwich's.

Senji Muramasa: They've got so many furnaces, and only one guy who can take care of them.

Senji Muramasa: You should stop by later, Artoria. Wouldn't it be interesting to see what you can do to help fix them?

Senji Muramasa: There's a ton of quartz crystals. You can make as much glass as you like.

Artoria: Really!? Great! I can't wait!

Artoria: Or not. Percival is going to show us to the Round Table Army's war room right now.

Artoria: As the Child of Prophecy Party, we have to restrain ourselves from any meaningless activity. Got it?

Senji Muramasa: The “Child of Prophecy Party”? What are you acting all high and mighty for? You were too much of a coward to ring even one bell.

Senji Muramasa: You're like a king being waited on...oh, I see. Like Knocknarea, I get it.

Senji Muramasa: Your old friend turned out to be a genuine queen. So you can't afford to be careless.

Senji Muramasa: Well, the difference in where your “raw materials” are is pretty clear! Too bad you're not nearly enough of a woman to be queen!

Artoria: Muramasa! You're missing the point, Muramasa!

Fujimaru 1: There are many types of kings.

Senji Muramasa: ...Mm. That's true. Sorry, that was thoughtless of me.

Senji Muramasa: Knocknarea's got a, what the hell is it? She's got a weird aura that's way too strong...

Fujimaru 2: Something like...that...isn't necessary to be queen in the first place.

Artoria: That's right, Fujimaru. But what do you mean by “that”?

Percival: Hahaha. You're very close, aren't you? And not just the two of you, everyone.

Percival: I was worried that the Child of Prophecy might be shouldering a heavy burden, but...

Percival: Looks like my fears were unfounded. We could learn from your example.

Artoria: ...No. It's the people of Londinium.

Artoria: I've been to many cities up till now. The disparity of living conditions, dissatisfaction with Her Majesty...

Artoria: There were many differences, but the point of “wanting someone to save them” was the same.

Artoria: But the people of this city are different. Not only are people more truthful, but they don't rely on others.

Artoria: I understood by talking to them just now.

Artoria: The fairies stand up for the humans, and the humans stand up for the fairies.

Artoria: They're determined to denounce Her Majesty for the sake of their neighbors, not just for themselves.

Artoria: I'm sure they're the real “Knights of the Round Table. ”

Artoria: There are no upper or lower classes. Everyone stands side by side in cooperation.

Percival: I don't know what a “Knight of the Round Table” is, but...

Percival: It is true that the Round Table Army isn't an organization that's just “by humans, for humans. ”

Percival: We want to change the way things are for humans, but before that, we want to change the way things are in Britain.

Percival: We're not humans or fairies. We just want a shared future.

Percival: Lord Oberon gathered these kinds of people. I'm just another one of them.

Fujimaru 1: Eh?

Fujimaru 2: Lord Oberon...?

Da Vinci: Oberon? Don't tell me...

Habetrot: I did think he was strangely popular here...

Percival: Yeah. The one who organized the Round Table Army was none other than Lord Oberon himself.

Percival: He saved me when I had nowhere else to go, he removed the curse on Londinium,

Percival: and he quickly and carefully recruited supporters for us from all throughout Britain.

Percival: On top of that, every month he works hard to get us financial aid. Well, we hear about how deep in debt he is all over Britain.

Percival: Many of the soldiers have the mistaken idea that I'm the one leading the Round Table Army,

Percival: but I personally think Lord Oberon is the one leading us.

Oberon: Quit talking about me like that. I've said it over and over, I'm just an investor.

Oberon: You're the leader, Percival. The one who grew it so large is you.

Percival: Heh, that's true. Let's put it that way.

Percival: It's not luck we're blessed with good comrades, but the efforts of one person.

Percival: Now that things are settled, let me show you to our headquarters.

Percival: Security is tight, so right now the headquarters is the only place with a roof.... Sorry about that.

Da Vinci: Wait a second, Percival. What are these paintings on the wall?

Percival: Painting...ah, that's a mural painted during the Fairy Calendar. We don't know anything else about it...

Artoria: This is...six fairies and a large animal...? It looks like they're celebrating somehow, but...

Artoria: I've never seen a creature like this in Britain...

Senji Muramasa: Looks like more of a monster than an animal. Could it be a personification of the Calamity?

Gareth: Hmm, I don't get that sense...I get a strong feeling that it's both charming and reliable.

Habetrot: I feel the same way. Muramasa is a Heroic Spirit of pan-human history, so he can't feel the love put into this beast.

Habetrot: You don't feel any dread from this mural if you're a fairy from Britain. If anything, you see it reflecting something grand.

Senji Muramasa: Because I'm a pan-human history Heroic Spirit...?

Da Vinci: ...something grand, huh?

Da Vinci: I'm not a fairy either, so I don't get the feeling Gareth and Habetrot do, but...

Da Vinci: Percival. Could this mural possibly be religious?

Percival: Religious...? Sorry, I don't really understand the term.

Percival: This mural originally belonged to the fairies of Orkney...the Rain Clan.

Percival: When Londinium was being built, this was brought in from the ruins of Orkney by the “Knight of Londinium”,

Percival: or so the story goes.

Percival: It shows the creation of Britain, and has a name in the old fairy tongue.

Percival: “The Insect of the Abyss. ”

Fujimaru 1: Insect of the Abyss...

Fujimaru 2: This huge beast-like thing is...?

Fujimaru 1: !

Percival: What is it, Fujimaru? Did you see someone strange over there?

Fujimaru 1: ...(It felt like someone was watching me from behind...)

Fujimaru 2: ...No, it was just my imagination.

Senji Muramasa: Da Vinci. You said this was a religious painting. Are you saying this is a “god”?

Da Vinci: ...Possibly. The fairies here are clearly supposed to represent the six clans.

Da Vinci: They're the ancestors of the fairies of Britain's Lostbelt.

Da Vinci: They're, they're offering something to it.

Da Vinci: Then it's a higher being than the fairies...something you have to call a “god”.

Oberon: Hm. But there aren't any gods in the Fairy Kingdom? Didn't I say that the cathedral was only for appearance's sake?

Oberon: I've been to almost every city in the Fairy Kingdom gathering information, but there's no other murals like this one.

Da Vinci: That's why. This mural was painted before Morgan took control of Britain...before the Fairy Kingdom was founded.

Gareth: Oh! It's talking about the Fairy Calendar, before the Queen's Calendar!

Gareth: Huh? But does that mean...Her Majesty doesn't know about this mural?

Senji Muramasa: No. She probably knew and deliberately left it out of history.

Senji Muramasa: As Queen, Morgan is now the sole target of the fairies' devotion...

Senji Muramasa: The concept of a “god” is a hindrance to the rule of Britain, so by ignoring it, it's been erased.

Da Vinci: ...Why do the Calamities occur? Why is there no god in Britain?

Da Vinci: Maybe part of the answer can be found in this mural.

Da Vinci: But it's too bad. There's something written on it, but since it's in old fairy script, it's beyond me.

Da Vinci: Can you read it, Oberon?

Da Vinci: Right here, there's something that looks like a character for a single word.

Oberon: ...I'm ashamed.

Oberon: I've somehow managed to read fairy script before now, but something this old is beyond me.

Oberon: You'd need a civil servant working for Camelot to understand this...

Da Vinci: I see. That's too bad.

Percival: ...It was something so valuable...sorry, I had no idea.

Percival: We just left it outside until now, but we'll begin preparations to preserve it immediately.

Percival: Let's recruit some people who know a lot about fairy history, and we'll start excavating the surrounding areas as well.

Percival: Who knows what other valuable records might turn up?

Oberon: That's good. If we take Norwich, we'll get some more skilled labor.

Oberon: In any case, Londinium's restoration takes priority. The sooner we have a plan, the better.

Fujimaru 1: Eh...

Artoria: —Did you say...taking Norwich?


Percival: We're going to use this as the operations room.

Percival: This was a room in the bell tower, selected for its panoramic view of Londinium.

Percival: The room just downstairs is being used as a guest room, so you can all rest there.

Fujimaru 1: No, more importantly...

Artoria: Were you serious about conquering Norwich?

Artoria: The Round Table Army opposes the Queen.

Artoria: You should be attacking Camelot. There's no sense in targeting the other cities.

Percival: Yes. This goes against our creed. But we can't overlook the current state of Norwich.

Percival: Thanks to your efforts, the Calamity was repelled. But afterwards...

Percival: As soon as the Child of Prophecy departed for Camelot, Spriggan appealed to the Queen to dispatch troops.

Percival: He claimed that the citizens of Norwich were supporting the Child of Prophecy and were showing defiance to the Queen.

Percival: ...He's just using you as an excuse to eliminate the fairies and reclaim the land.

Percival: We only learned about this a day ago in a secret message from a human calling themselves “the Count”.

Percival: The Queen's forces will probably reach Norwich tonight. We have perhaps two days to spare.

Percival: We're currently recalling our like-minded compatriots back to Londinium from various operations across the land.

Percival: As soon as they're all assembled, we begin our march to Norwich.

Percival: Before Spriggan can begin his massacre, we'll storm Norwich's gate and take the city.

Percival: Even if we're labelled as barbaric invaders.

Oberon: It's a long shot. The people of Norwich won't be cooperative.

Oberon: From the fairies' point of view, the Round Table Army is still seen as “an armed band of humans”.

Oberon: They'll probably see no difference between being killed by Spriggan or the Round Table Army.

Artoria: ...An armed band...of humans...

Gareth: ...

Percival: Please don't worry yourselves. This is something we all discussed and agreed upon together.

Percival: This isn't your fight. Please, get some rest.

Percival: No matter what, Londinium is safe. The Queen's magecraft won't reach here.

Artoria: ...

Oberon: Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: (Oberon...)

Fujimaru 2: (I understand how Artoria feels...)

Fujimaru 1: (You want me to say it here...)

Fujimaru 2: (But if we miss this chance, you'll regret it. )

Fujimaru 1: —Let's go ring the bell, Artoria.

Artoria: ...Yeah, I's too demanding.

Artoria: But I get it. I've made my choice as well.

Artoria: Knight Percival. You never asked for my assistance, not even once.

Artoria: Neither did the people of Londinium. They worried about me, they encouraged me...

Artoria: But none of them asked for help. All they said was, “do your best. ”

Artoria: That's why—I'll play my role as well.

Artoria: I cannot ring the bell of Norwich by myself. Everyone, please lend me your strength.

Artoria: Show them the Round Table Army is not a mere band of armed humans,

Artoria: but trusted allies of the Child of Prophecy, dedicated to the salvation of Britain.

Percival: It would be my honor. —Thank you, Artoria.

Percival: Whether or not our war will be just or evil is not my place to say, but—

Percival: I swear on the lands of Britain that I will fight as your comrade without shame.

Percival: The Round Table Army is made up of about 400 individuals, with both humans and fairies mixed together as a single company.

Percival: I serve as commander. This is our main force.

Percival: Besides that, we have five platoons of about 50 each.

Percival: You'll meet them later,

Percival: but there are the former knights of the Queen, Aurelia and Etwar, and the human knights Kenwood, Landon, and Karwas.

Percival: The latter are the commanding officers of the platoon.

Percival: In addition, like-minded individuals have gathered into five squads.

Percival: Right now, they're in the middle of battlefield training. Their instruction has been entrusted to Secretary Magre, who you met before.

Percival: Also, as you have seen, we have many non-combatants living in Londinium.

Percival: Architects, clothiers, cooks, blacksmiths, administrators, teachers...

Percival: We have about 300 people living here now, so we can't cover all our bases, but everyone is doing a great job.

Percival: Furthermore, there's the schedule for the city's restoration plan, and the necessary collection of monthly resources...

Da Vinci: Wait, hold it. Tell me all the details at some point later, Percival.

Da Vinci: Stick to the plan for the assault on Norwich for now. Because, well...

Gareth: Zzzzz...

Artoria: — (Expression of someone desperately trying to stay well-behaved. )

Da Vinci: You can see they've hit their limit. We've just been a party of seven up till now,

Da Vinci: so you can't just suddenly start talking about managing a battalion of 1,000 people, alright? These things have to be done in stages.

Percival: Y-you're right, I'm sorry. I was so happy to hear Lady Artoria's words earlier,

Percival: I suddenly started blabbering on about ourselves...I'm so embarrassed...

Artoria: Yeah, I can understand why you might do that.

Artoria: But please don't treat me with such respect. “Lady” is a little...

Percival: I understand. Then I'll start over, Artoria.

Percival: Heading to Norwich will be half my company and three platoons, about 400 soldiers in total.

Percival: The Count is gathering anti-Queen...or, anti-Spriggan military police and residents in the city.

Percival: We've heard it amounts to another 400.

Percival: Put together, our military power comes to about 800.

Percival: With these forces, we'll suppress the Queen's soldiers dispatched from Camelot,

Percival: and head for the belltower...the tower Spriggan rechristened as the Vault Fortress.

Senji Muramasa: 800, huh...Not enough to take the city, but enough to take that bastard's stronghold.

Senji Muramasa: But you're facing fairies, and half your force is comprised of humans. Isn't the difference in strength too great?

Percival: ...Don't worry about that. The Round Table Army's tactics and weapons are geared towards anti-fairy combat.

Percival: We know how to get around the difference in ability. That said...

Percival: Taking the Vault Fortress will be beyond us.

Percival: It's an impregnable iron tower that refuses entry to humans and fairies alike.

Percival: Therefore, I'd like to ask for your help in taking it.

Percival: Fujimaru. I've heard of your magecraft from Lord Oberon.

Percival: He said that while you usually are alone, you can summon a force stronger than a platoon in battle.

Percival: The gates of the Vault Castle can't be taken by an army. The only way is to break in and open them from the inside.

Percival: It's a dangerous mission, but will you accept?

Fujimaru 1: (Nod)

Fujimaru 2: This is my specialty. Artoria's as well.

Artoria: Could you pleeeease stop bringing up Merlin's magecraft, Fujimaru!

Percival: Thank you very much. I can see our victory now.

Percival: The platoon operating in the south will be back by the evening. As soon as they return, we leave Londinium.

Percival: We'll travel under cover of darkness, slip into Norwich before dawn, and take control of the city before Spriggan can counter us.

Percival: It may be presumptuous, but I'll be taking command of the operation. Is that all right, Artoria?

Artoria: Yes. We'll obey your orders. Please use us without restraint.

Percival: Then I'll plan the operation with that in mind.

Percival: We've also received a map of the city from the Count, so we can plan out our route to gain control.

Fujimaru 1: Count Peperon really doesn't miss a thing...

Fujimaru 2: He's fundamentally a man who can just do anything...

Percival: We have about three hours before we depart, so everyone, please feel free to get some rest.

Habetrot: I see. Well, I'm off to the clothier's.

Habetrot: There's a mountain of scraps to work with.

Habetrot: I know we're busy, but with that I can make cute clothes for all the kids!

Habetrot: So even if it's only for a short while, you can rely on me, Habenyan!

Gareth: I've been apprenticed to Percival!

Gareth: I'd really like it if you could teach me how to properly handle a lance in the training grounds!

Percival: Of course, if only for a bit before the mission brief arrives.

Senji Muramasa: I'm off to the forge to bug the brats there.

Senji Muramasa: There's only a single proper smith in the whole town. The rest are all just apprentices.

Oberon: ...Hm. I guess I'm out of work then?

Oberon: I can't fight on the battlefield. You got anything on your mind, Percival?

Percival: I want you to look into Oxford's movements.

Percival: Woodwose is the most excitable of the clan heads.

Percival: After we take Norwich, it's possible—

Oberon: Yeah, I feel the same.

Oberon: Let's keep him in check with Aurora's cooperation.

Da Vinci: Aurora? Doesn't she only have a self-defense force, instead of an army?

Oberon: An army isn't the only strength she can have, Da Vinci.

Oberon: You see, Woodwose has a bit of a crush on Aurora these days.

Oberon: If a beautiful woman who wouldn't even give you the time of day no matter how much you spoil her suddenly tells you “I want to see you right now,”...well?

Fujimaru 1: Are you completely heartless, Oberon?

Oberon: Oh no. Despite what you might think, Aurora has her hobbies too. There's nothing wrong with showing Woodwose some appreciation.

Oberon: ...Actually, no. Aurora's a philanthropist, so she might accidentally go all the way with him.

Oberon: I'll give her a warning first. If she's too nice to him, he'll get the wrong idea.

Fujimaru 2: You're toying with a man's heart!

Oberon: No! If anything, I'm looking out for him!

Oberon: Woodwose is awful at romance, so this is my chance to set him up for a date!

Da Vinci: I've never met him, but I actually feel pretty bad for the guy now.

Oberon: Welp, I'm off to Salisbury first. If all goes well, I'll see you in Norwich!

Da Vinci: Then I'm off to chat with secretary Magre.

Da Vinci: What about you, Fujimaru and Artoria?

Artoria: I'll take Percival's advice and have a nap downstairs.

Artoria: It looks like we'll be marching all night. We should refresh ourselves while we still can.

Fujimaru 1: I see. Then I'll do the same.

Fujimaru 2: We should probably check on Red Rab-bit...

Da Vinci: Yeah, he was left in the plaza surrounded by a bunch of kids.

Da Vinci: It's about time we went and rescued him.

Percival: Then everyone, we meet back here in three hours.

Percival: At sunset, we begin the operation to capture Norwich.

Section 12: Norwich (II)

Percival: I was born in a farm and grew up in Salisbury.

Percival: I guess they needed humans to fight the Mors.

Percival: There were many other kids taken in besides me, and we were all treated very well.

Percival: We didn't just get food, clothing, and shelter. A school was even made for us to attend.

Percival: “There is no freedom for humans beyond the farm. ” That's what I had always heard, so I was surprised.

Percival: Because of those experiences, I can't hold any ill will towards the fairies.

Percival: It's because of that I ended up with a great physique and was granted this spear.

Percival: But...

Percival: I don't know much about the fairy that took me in.

Percival: It's probably because they took in and raised so many human children.

Percival: Around the time I became a full-fledged human soldier,

Percival: I heard the fairy who had taken us all away from the farm had passed away.

Percival: The school where we were all raised was closed down, and I left Salisbury.

Percival: After that, I traveled around to hone my skills, and was working as a bodyguard in a certain forest,

Percival: when I received a nomination for the Games in Camelot and was told “I'm sure you'll get good results. ”

Gareth: The Tournament of Robins five years ago, I heard about that! A human knight advanced all the way to the finals!

Gareth: So that was you, Percival!?

Percival: Yeah, I was lucky enough to make it that far. I didn't do so well at the end though.

Percival: But I'm glad I was able to talk to Queen Morgan in person. That's how I was able to make my decision.

Percival: The Queen saw humans and fairies alike as “tools”.

Percival: She had no intention of reforming the Fairy Kingdom. After realizing this, I thought about it in my own way.

Percival: I would create an organization that would support the Child of Prophecy that would soon appear.

Da Vinci: Ah, I see. Well, you started out as just a rebel.

Da Vinci: Did Oberon put you in charge of the Round Table Army?

Percival: Yes. We were working as guards protecting merchants from the Mors when Lord Oberon appeared.

Percival: He told me, “you won't achieve anything doing that, Percival. Your painstakingly-cultivated white light will go rusty. ”

Percival: He then started managing us. Before I knew it, our rebel band had become the Round Table Army.

Attention! Crucial Dialogue Select

**Fujimaru 1: I see. Oberon is a real smooth talker, huh!

**Fujimaru 2: ...(It happened that early...? )

Senji Muramasa: Oh? What's that “white light” you mentioned?

Senji Muramasa: You can beat the crap out of fairies despite having a human's body, so it must be a pretty amazing skill...

Percival: No. The white light is this spear.

Percival: This is the Spear of Selection. It's a weapon Tonelico used to carry.

Percival: The fairy who took me in gave it to me.

Percival: They said, “this spear answers only to the innocent. It cannot be handled by fairies. ”

Habetrot: ...

Fujimaru 1: it the same as Artoria's staff?

Artoria: I wonder. They are a little different. One's a staff, and one's a spear.

Artoria: I get the same feeling from it, but it has no “substance” anymore.

Artoria: This spear is amazing, but I feel like it's not “chosen” anymore.

Percival: You too? When I hold it, I get the same sensation.

Percival: A strong feeling of sadness and regret that flows into me, and rips at my body.

Percival: The lamentations in the spear pour out as magical energy, and shines like tears when it's swung.

Percival: This is why it's called “white light”.

Percival: This spear has become something that defeats fairies instead of saving them.

Percival: In truth, it's not a weapon that should be used,'s the only thing that can stand up to the Fairy Knights.

Percival: But it's said to be “only for the innocent. ” Sooner or later, I won't be able to use it anymore.

Gareth: That's not true! You're a fine, upstanding man, Percival!

Gareth: You're the ideal knight, protecting the weak and reforming the selfish! There's no way you're guilty of anything!

Gareth: If that was the case, I'd have been thrown in prison for the crime of weakness long ago!

Percival: That's an exaggeration, but they say weakness is a sin, Gareth.

Fairy Officer Aurelia: Percival, it'll be dawn soon. It took a forced march, but we made it in time.

Fairy Officer Aurelia: Should we deploy as soon as we crest the hill?

Percival: Yeah. I'm leaving command to Landon. I'd like you two to hold out for an hour.

Percival: The Child of Prophecy and I will flank Norwich ahead of you.

Percival: We'll get in through the sewer systems the Count opened up, and rendezvous with the anti-Spriggan forces in the city.

Percival: We'll then start a riot inside and take advantage of the chaos to open the gate from inside.

Percival: As soon as the gates open, your troops will wrest control of the ramparts from the Queen's soldiers.

Percival: We'll then reconvene, spread out, and crush the remaining soldiers inside of Norwich.

Percival: After all hostile enemies have been taken out, we'll surround the Vault Fortress.

Fairy Officer Aurelia: Understood. Don't get too reckless, Commander...

Percival: Same to you, Aurelia. Sorry to leave you with the difficult job again.

Fairy Officer Aurelia: I've gotten used to it. Child of Prophecy, take care of Percival.

Percival: You heard the plan. From here on, we're on our own.

Percival: Before daybreak, we'll sneak into Norwich and make a big ruckus.

Percival: This will be a long battle. I hope you're prepared, Fujimaru.


Count Peperon: Welcome, welcome! You're right on time, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: Count Peperon!

Fujimaru 2: You came to meet us in person! Thanks!

Count Peperon: I'm the one who asked this favor, so I'd show up whether you came in through the sewer or the morgue.

Count Peperon: Let's see, the ones who came in are...

Count Peperon: Miss Da Vinci, little ol' Muramasa and Gareth, Habetrot, and...

Count Peperon: OH MY GOODNESS!!!

Percival: An enemy!?

Count Peperon: What!? Where!? Where are they!? Oh I'm scared! Save me, Percy-boy!

Percival: Percy-boy!?

Fujimaru 1: We really don't have time for this.

Fujimaru 2: Use his real name, Pepe.

Count Peperon: ...Right. Sorry about that.

Count Peperon: I've never seen his type before, so I got a little carried away.

Count Peperon: Welcome to the sewers of Norwich. You're Percival of the Round Table Army, right?

Count Peperon: I'm Count Peperonna. Just call me Count.

Percival: Ah, you're...I'm sorry for my rudeness. I thought you were some kind of Fairy Deadlord living under Norwich...

Percival: It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Percival of the Round Table Army.

Percival: You have my thanks for bringing the crisis here to our attention.

Count Peperon: I should be thanking you. You're the ones who will be shedding your own blood.

Count Peperon: Oh, there's one missing. Where's that kiddo, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: You mean Oberon?

Count Peperon: Oberon doesn't set foot on a battlefield. He's more of a chess grandmaster type, putting all the pieces in the right place.

Count Peperon: I'm talking about that spirited little bunny, Red Rab-bit.

Fujimaru 2: You mean Rab-bit?

Count Peperon: Yes. That spunky colt.

Da Vinci: Red Rab-bit stayed behind in Londinium. He said he wouldn't come if he couldn't pull his carriage.

Count Peperon: Oh, what a shame...though, he might actually be pretty smart. That must be Aurora's upbringing at work.

Count Peperon: Well, shall I show you the way? Once we're above ground, we'll split into two groups.

Count Peperon: B Team will draw the Queen's soldiers into the main street, and C Team will open the main gate.

Count Peperon: B Team will be Artoria and Muramasa, C Team will be Percival, Gareth, and Habetrot.

Count Peperon: Chaldea...Fujimaru and Da Vinci should support both teams.

Count Peperon: We're outnumbered, so if you don't run around, both teams will be overrun.

Count Peperon: You can do that much, can't you? You've come this far, after all.

Fujimaru 1: —Of course.

Fujimaru 2: I see there's no A Team.

Count Peperon: Maybe one day! When you finally get big enough, Fujimaru,

Count Peperon: you, me, and Kadoc can call ourselves the A Team! Oh, that will be such fun!

Percival: Understood. Then—

Count Peperon: Yes. So begins the Battle of Norwich. Let's run Spriggan down.

Spriggan's Guard: Lord Spriggan! The Round Table Army has begun assaulting the main gate!

Spriggan: ...Hmm.

Spriggan: The Round Table Army is different from other rebel groups. They are fundamentally a proper army, in their own way.

Spriggan: There is no way they would assault the walls with merely 300 men. Perhaps...

Spriggan's Guard: Milord, we have a report from soldiers stationed in the city! Residents are up in arms throughout the city!

Spriggan's Guard: The resistance has raised their flag against the Queen. And with them is...

Spriggan: Is the Child of Prophecy among them?

Spriggan's Guard: Sir! She is why the citizens' morale is so high, and the soldiers are at a loss as for what to do!

Spriggan: ...Heh. Kuheheh...Hahahahahah!

Spriggan: Aaahaahaahah! Ah, how perfect!

Spriggan's Guard: M-milord...? Please calm yourself, we need your orders—

Spriggan: Worry not, I have perfect command of my faculties. Relay this to the soldiers.

Spriggan: “Stay at your posts until the Queen's army is overrun. After that, either surrender or fall back to the Vault Fortress. ”

Spriggan: “Keep from harming the citizens as much as possible. Stay on the defensive. ”

Spriggan: Understood? Only the Queen's soldiers will fight the Child of Prophecy.

Spriggan: We are merely protecting Norwich. Think of it that way.

Spriggan: And have the bell tower garrison stand down. I'll greet the [♂ boy /♀ girl] there.

Spriggan's Guard: Yessir!

Spriggan: Now—it's time to show us what you can do.

Spriggan: I'm counting on you, Fujimaru of Chaldea. Everything depends on you.

Spriggan: If the Child of Prophecy has even a chance of winning, then investing in her isn't a bad idea.

Spriggan: I'm getting sick of deceiving the eyes of all these fairies anyway.


Senji Muramasa: Right! We're just about done here! We'll take care of the rest on our own!

Senji Muramasa: Head for the gate ahead of us, Fujimaru! Don't rely on Percival!

Artoria: Gareth tends to bite off more than she can chew, so please look out for her!

Fujimaru 1: Copy that!

Fujimaru 2: Both of you, be careful!


Round Table Army Soldier A: Report from Captain Landon! We've gained total control of the south district!

Round Table Army Soldier B: Report from Captain Aurelia!

Round Table Army Soldier B: The Queen's forces surrounding the main gate have lost 20% of their forces and have withdrawn!

Percival: All right, advance to the north district! We're heading for the Vault Fortress!

Percival: Take the ones who surrendered into custody and leave them with Aurelia's unit!

Round Table Army Soldier: Sir, yes sir!

Gareth: Haah...haah...

Habetrot: ...I'm beat...this is harder...than I thought...

Percival: Gareth, Habetrot, you two stay here.

Percival: Muramasa, Artoria, Da Vinci, Fujimaru.

Percival: We'll break into the Vault Fortress ourselves. All clear?

Senji Muramasa: Good or bad, I'm coming regardless. I want my shot at Spriggan.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah. Just one more push...!

Count Peperon: So lively. Good thing I went to the effort to prepare a way in.

Count Peperon: None of the Queen's soldiers are stationed at the Vault Fortress. From now on, we'll only be facing Spriggan's guards...

Count Peperon: —Wait. Is the fortress door already open?

Count Peperon: Actually it looks like there's no soldiers inside. Has even the bell tower been left undefended?

Percival: ...!

Fujimaru 1: Is it...a trap?

Count Peperon: ...Well, yeah, probably. But not one set for us.

Count Peperon: This is a trap for Artoria...for the Child of Prophecy and for Queen Morgan.

Count Peperon: Spriggan's a shrewd one. He's offering us the bell himself.

Count Peperon: Well, I'm not sure what to make of it, but he probably thinks there's no profit in protecting the bell.

Count Peperon: He's probably trying to surrender. And in such a way that doesn't appear to be rebelling against the Queen.

Count Peperon: He'll be saying, “it was the Child of Prophecy who rang the bell, I had nothing to do with it. ”

Percival: ...This is unexpected.

Percival: I thought we wouldn't be able to take over Norwich without ringing the bell.

Percival: Spriggan is withdrawing his forces. He's showing that he no longer has the will to fight.

Percival: In terms of gaining control of Norwich, we've already finished. There's no need to ring the bell anymore.

Percival: But...

Count Peperon: What comes next is up to the Child of Prophecy.

Count Peperon: If you ring it, there's no turning back. The real war will begin.

Count Peperon: ...It peeves me to play into his hands, but this is the best chance we'll get.

Artoria: ...Let's do it. The bell aside, Spriggan's in there.

Artoria: From the way he handled the Calamity, and now this, we can't let him run loose anymore.

Artoria: I want to know exactly what he thinks he's the leader of the Earth Clan.

Da Vinci: We've seen none of his soldiers, to say nothing of Spriggan himself. It was almost too easy to get this far.

Senji Muramasa: ...this is giving me some really bad vibes. There's something in here. Be careful.

???: Oooh...oooooooh...

???: Capless...Capless...where are you...Capless...

???: I can smell Paradise...I can hear Avalon...I've finally come...

Percival: Ah! Magical energy is converging on the ceiling! This's a Nightcall!

Fairy Deadlord: ...The one who will save us...the one who will unfasten Britain...

Fairy Deadlord: dead flesh is accursed...but the Earth Clan will gladly give up their souls...

Fairy Deadlord: ...Yes. In exchange for your abominable flesh and blood!


Percival: ...It's completely dissipated. Seems like it remained here as a Fairy Deadlord for a long time...

Senji Muramasa: ...Probably didn't have a very good death. May you rest in peace now, old man.

Da Vinci: Anyway, it doesn't seem like there's anything left in our way. All that's left is to ring the bell...

???: Oh, splendid, simply splendid!

???: You've done a wonderful job exorcising the wraith haunting this tower for the last 100 years.

Spriggan: This is exactly what it means to solve a problem quickly and skillfully. Truly the most heartwarming sight since I came to this Fairy Kingdom.

Spriggan: I, Spriggan, am enthralled by your power once more.


Fujimaru 1: Spriggan—!

Spriggan: Oh? It seems the air is still hostile. Even though the battle is over.

Spriggan: The Round Table Army has defeated the Queen's soldiers sent to Norwich.

Spriggan: Thanks to you, Norwich has been freed from the Queen's tyranny.

Spriggan: As the city's lord, I could not be more pleased.

Spriggan: What do you say? Allow us to toast your victory.

Spriggan: Oh, are you lacking in etiquette? My apologies, how insensitive of me.

Spriggan: If you are leaving, then please do not mind me. My soldiers will make way for you.

Percival: ...I heard it was you who asked for aid from the Queen's army.

Percival: And now you're saying you have nothing to do with them.

Spriggan: I have certainly conveyed so to Her Majesty. Norwich was badly damaged by the Calamity.

Spriggan: I requested soldiers to assist with the reconstruction. This is only the natural act for a lord.

Spriggan: It seems that some of them were rather harsh in their actions subduing the rebels,

Spriggan: but you prevented that as well. You have my thanks.

Da Vinci: You're saying that the Count's tip we got that said you intended to purge all the anti-Queen rebels here was wrong?

Da Vinci: Fine. We have no way to verify that now.

Da Vinci: But what will you do now?

Da Vinci: Your city has been conquered. The citizens' frustration with you has boiled over.

Da Vinci: Do you really have the leeway to be chewing the fat with us?

Spriggan: How can you say that? You are quite the mean-spirited one, Leonardo da Vinci.

Spriggan: It is true that Norwich has been conquered, but that is merely temporary.

Spriggan: If the Round Table Army is being led by the Child of Prophecy, then your only objective is this bell.

Spriggan: You should have no intention of taking control of Norwich for yourselves.

Spriggan: Well, if you plan to use it as your base, that is a different story...

Spriggan: This city is not defensible in the least.

Spriggan: But if you prefer to repeat the mistakes of Sheffield, then I will not stop you.

Senji Muramasa: You—

Oberon: Ah ah ah, no point in that. No need to deal with him.

Oberon: It would be a waste of time questioning him about his crimes.

Oberon: Because he doesn't think he's done a single thing wrong.

Artoria: Oberon!? When did you get here?

Oberon: Just now. The trick with the restaurant worked pretty well.

Oberon: Glad to see everything went well here too. As expected of Percival.

Oberon: But there's nothing more to be done.

Oberon: If you couldn't kill Spriggan during the confusion of the battle, then now you must leave him be.

Oberon: Unless, of course, you want to lose control of Norwich. You don't want that, do you?

Fujimaru 1: Lose control of Norwich...?

Spriggan: Oh? Must I explain it to you, [♂ Lord /♀ Lady] Foreign Magus?

Oberon: Yeah, no. I'll sum it up.

Oberon: Spriggan's shown his neutrality to the citizens. He's done his “job” as Lord.

Oberon: For this reason, the fairies still see him as one.

Oberon: Therefore, if you kill him while he's open to negotiations, the citizens will be angered.

Oberon: That's not all. The craftsmen who live here hate the guy, but the citizens who aren't...

Oberon: The ones using the craftsmen here can't make do without Spriggan.

Oberon: Remember how Norwich is in the middle of becoming a city of humans?

Oberon: For those who want to make money, Spriggan's policies are a must.

Oberon: He's a skeevy son of a bitch who's got half of the people here backing him and the other half calling for his hide.

Oberon: We can't just kill him without reason. We're more likely to raise the public's ire that way.

Oberon: More importantly—

Percival: Without Spriggan to negotiate with the Queen, Norwich will be occupied by the Queen's forces as a rebel stronghold.

Percival: We can't protect this city. Norwich will be that what you're saying?

Spriggan: Quite so. No matter what, when you kill the head of state, you kill the country.

Spriggan: If you wish for Norwich's destruction, then you should execute me here and now.

Artoria: ...This isn't a bluff. You're being serious.

Artoria: You don't care about the safety of the Earth Clan, and you don't want to protect Norwich.

Artoria: But you don't value your own life either. I don't understand...

Artoria: I can't understand what your objective is. You're acting like a—

Da Vinci: Yes, like a human. You're no fairy, Spriggan.

Da Vinci: A Changeling who drifted into the Fairy Kingdom of Britain from pan-human history...right?

Fujimaru 1: —!

Fujimaru 2: ...(...I had a feeling, but...)

Percival: Don't even joke about that...there's no way a clan head could disguise something like that!

Da Vinci: For fairies, the distinction between human and fairy comes down to smell, magical energy, and looks.

Da Vinci: Each fairy has their own unique look. So if there are fairies who “look like humans,”

Da Vinci: if you can clear those three hurdles, then you can pass yourself off as one. For the scent you can make perfume.

Da Vinci: The amount of magical energy you have can be falsified by wearing a Mystic Code. And as for your looks—

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, if only your ears look close enough...

Da Vinci: If you just perform cosmetic surgery on your extremities, then the human body won't be adversely affected.

Da Vinci: The only thing I'm wondering about is your age. It's been 100 years since you became Lord of Norwich.

Da Vinci: You can only hide aging so much. What's going on under that makeup?

Spriggan: Well, I don't know what you could possibly be talking about. But I'll indulge you.

Spriggan: Suppose I was a human from the same lands as Master Fujimaru.

Spriggan: Does that give you some idea of what my objective might be?

Spriggan: I would have no attachment to the Queen, fairies, or Britain in the least.

Spriggan: However, I am no longer able to return to where I came from. I could no longer even return to being who I was before.

Spriggan: What's most important to me is—

Fujimaru 1: ...A home where you feel safe.

Fujimaru 2: ...Nothing aside from this Vault Fortress.

Spriggan: You're rather out of touch with reality, but you get the general idea.

Spriggan: Who sits on the throne makes no difference to me, be it Her Majesty or the Child of Prophecy.

Spriggan: So long as I can protect this Vault Fortress. I am the Lord of Norwich, after all.

Spriggan: Nevertheless, the trick to surviving is to serve the strongest.

Spriggan: For now I serve Her Majesty. —What happens next depends on you.

Oberon: See? He's not your ally nor your enemy. Guys like this are the absolute worst to deal with.

Oberon: Well, as long as the bell is rung, we have no need for Norwich. It's a town without an army after all.

Oberon: No matter how far they go, Spriggan's forces are just a private army. They're no threat to the Round Table Army even if we ignore them.

Spriggan: Indeed. Do you all understand? Is there no value in killing me? Splendid.

Spriggan: Then the jester will hide himself in the corner of the stage. Please use the Pilgrim's Bell as you please.

Spriggan: ...But, that's right. Jesters should be jesters in their own way.

Spriggan: When the Child of Prophecy casts down the Queen, my days will be numbered.

Oberon: Now, let's get down to business. Artoria, have you made up your mind?

Artoria: ...

Artoria: (Salisbury...Gloucester...Norwich...and Londinium. )

Artoria: (The city of wind where human and fae live together...the glamorous, yet lonesome city of flowers...)

Artoria: (The city of smiths, where fairies and humans came together to compete, deceive, and help each other...)

Artoria: (And the abandoned city...full of injured, anxious people, who yet thought of others with a smile...)

Artoria: (...Sixteen years. The time I spent in Tintagel as the Child of Prophecy...)

Fujimaru 1: Artoria...?

Fujimaru 2: ...(watch in silence. )

Artoria: Right. I'll ring the bell.

Artoria: I know what I need to do. Everybody, please stand back.

Artoria: “The song of Paradise. The Chant of the Inner Sea. That which is born chosen, predestined, confirmed. ”

Artoria: “The Bone Bell of Beginnings, showing the lost child the way home. —Their sins, be forgiven. ”

Fairy Tavernkeep: What, isn't it too early for lunch? Wait, that's not the cathedral's hourly chime, is it?

Fairy Tavernkeep: ...That's weird. I feel strangely happy, yet sad...

Coral: ...A nostalgic sound that makes my heart wrench...Lady Aurora. Could this be the Pilgrim's Bell?

Aurora: Yes. The bell of Norwich, signalling the Earth Clan's acknowledgement.

Aurora: seems that thing went well, Oberon. I feel a bit sorry for Woodwose, though...

Aurora: Congratulations, Artoria. Thank you, Fujimaru.

Aurora: Now we too can finally move forward as well.

Koyanskaya: (...This seems to be resonating throughout all of Britain...)

Koyanskaya: (This's more like joy...)

Koyanskaya: (...It makes sense now. That's what they meant by “pilgrim”...)

Muryan: —The first.

Muryan: I'm relieved. That girl is finally showing her worth as the Child of Prophecy.

Muryan: I wondered what was going to happen when she accepted that invitation to Camelot—

Muryan: Hehe, now the war really begins! I'm looking forward to this, Koyanskaya!

Muryan: Her Majesty or the Child of Prophecy, the Fairy Knights or the Round Table Army!

Muryan: Who will fall first! Who will have the last laugh!

Muryan: Who will you bet on, Koyanskaya! Ah, could Chaldea be the dark horse?

Koyanskaya: Chaldea has no chance of winning. After all, they're not even a piece on the board this time.

Koyanskaya: However—indeed.

Koyanskaya: For you, betting on Chaldea is not a bad choice.

Koyanskaya: After all, from here on out, stock in the Fairy Kingdom is going to crash, and hard.

Koyanskaya: If you know that, don't you think you should look into alternatives?

Muryan: Don't be silly. After preparing the board for this long, there is no way I'm dropping out of the game.

Muryan: —Just watch, Koyanskaya. No matter what happens, I will carry out my justice.

Koyanskaya: ...Lady Muryan.

Knocknarea: Huh, so that's the sound of the Pilgrim's Bell. It doesn't resonate with anything in my soul, but...

Knocknarea: Good thing Norwich caved in. Looks like that girl finally grew some backbone.

Knocknarea: That's how my rival should be. Just ring a bell or two for me, would you?

Fairy Official: Th-this awful this the sound of the Pilgrim's Bell!?

Fairy Official: What of the soldiers sent to Norwich!? What does Lord Spriggan have to say for himself!?

Fairy Ambassador: It's the Child of Prophecy! That girl collaborated with the Round Table Army to invade Norwich!

Fairy Ambassador: What in the world was Woodwose doing!?

Fairy Ambassador: How could he miss the Round Table Army marching while in Oxford!?

Fairies Gathered Around the Throne: It's just as Beryl Gut said! We should have captured and killed her when we had the chance!


Clerk Meldick: Quiet. Quiet, please.

Clerk Meldick: The 30 ambassadors and 100 government officials gathered here will cease their discussion.

Clerk Meldick: It is the edict of Her Majesty, Queen Morgan. It is the mantra of Her Majesty, Queen Morgan.

Morgan: The pilgrim's bell has been rung. Tell all the lords. Tell all the fairies.

Morgan: From here on, I no longer recognize the Child of Prophecy as a subject of mine.

Morgan: She is now an enemy of the Fairy Kingdom. Those who join her are to be considered the same.

Morgan: In my Fairy Kingdom, such enemies are to be crushed. To be destroyed. They deserve not even a shred of mercy.

Morgan: I hereby order Woodwose, the Lord of Oxford, to assault Londinium.

Morgan: The result of this battle will determine the charge of neglecting the march on Norwich.

Morgan: Hearken. There is no land in Britain that shall welcome the Child of Prophecy.

Fairies Gathered Around the Throne: (Ooh, Her Majesty the Queen has made her decree! The evil of the Child of Prophecy comes to an end here...! )

Fairies Gathered Around the Throne: (War! A war has begun! Oh man, this is gonna be so much fun! )

Fairies Gathered Around the Throne: (The last century has been so dull! I'll be able to hear the screams of those squirming low-class fairies again! )

Fairies Gathered Around the Throne: (Thank you, Child of Prophecy! Thank you, Round Table Army! Thank you for letting us kill each other again! )

Morgan: ...Hmph. When they saw they could prepare for war, they all raced to be the first one back.

Morgan: So easily bored, so easily bloodthirsty. Two thousand years, yet fairies remain the same as ever.

Morgan: —Portunes. Awaken, Knight Portunes.

Knight Portunes: Sire. Guard Knight Portunes, at your command. It is an honor to be released from the chessboard.

Knight Portunes: It has been 200 years, yet Her Majesty's beauty has not diminished in the slightest...

Morgan: A fine greeting. As for the current state of the kingdom—drink. This is the Water of Conveyance, containing a record of the last 200 years.

Knight Portunes: Then, if I may be so bold—

Knight Portunes: ...I understand. The Child of Prophecy, that bothersome prophecy left behind by my lady Ainsel...

Knight Portunes: What of the rest of the Mirror Clan? Who is the current head after Ainsel?

Morgan: Every last one of them has vanished. You are the last of your kind, Portunes.

Knight Portunes: That's...quite an ironic fate.

Knight Portunes: To think that I would be the survivor after parting ways with Ainsel and becoming Her Majesty's knight.

Morgan: This is the best future someone like you could see.

Morgan: You judged correctly. The truth is you survived long enough to see this year.

Morgan: Now put your crisis-avoiding foresight to good use.

Morgan: You will be aiding Fairy Knights Gawain and Lancelot.

Morgan: If the time understand your part?

Knight Portunes: ...Yes. We of the Royal Guard understand the will of Her Majesty.

Knight Portunes: You want the two Fairy Knights to conquer Londinium...but first they will be stationed at Oxford, correct?

Morgan: Has your mind grown dull as well? Woodwose is sufficient for Londinium.

Morgan: The Fairy Knights will be given a different mission.

Morgan: ...There are other bugs to squash. The attack on Londinium is but a sideshow.

Fujimaru 1: At last, the bell...

Fujimaru 1: Artoria...!?

Artoria: Eeh? Whaaaaaaaaat!? I'm glowing!? I'm glowing all over–!?

Oberon: Water, get some water! She's hot, she's about to burst into flames!

Oberon: Da Vinci, don't you have some rapid-cooling thing or something!?

Da Vinci: I did as a grown-up, but not now~!

Fujimaru 1: She's cooled down, but...

Fujimaru 2: What the heck was that just now?

Oberon: Y-yeah. Sorry, I lost it myself there for a second. That wasn't part of the prophecy, so...

Oberon: Still...

Senji Muramasa: Yeah, I know...that was...

Da Vinci: Yeah, you're's...

Fujimaru 1: I might not be a fairy, but I get it...

Artoria: ...When you look at me that way, I start to feel anxious...

Artoria: Did I do something...?

S:Everyone else: No, it's not that—

S:Everyone else: Artoria, aren't you feeling incredibly strong?

Artoria: —?

Fragment / 5

Mash: Nn...My body is tingling all over— what happened—

???: Whoa! Whoaaa!

???: She's awake! She's awake!

???: She's waking up, Tonelico! The weird person! The one wearing the iron armor!

???: Can I beat her up? Can I beat her up? She's definitely a bad fairy!

Mash: Habetrot! I'm glad you're safe!

Mash: Thank goodness...there was an awful lightning strike and I thought Norwich might've burned down...

???: No-witch? What are you even talking about? Did you come from those woods there?

Mash: Huh—This is, the coast...? Where's Norwich—

Mash: Where's Senpai, and Artoria—

Mash: What in the world happened, Habetrot!? What happened in Norwich—

B:???: What the hell is Nowitch!? Never heard of it! And that isn't my name!

B:???: I am Totrot, Fairy Knight Totrot! Don't mistake me for someone else, don't you dare!

Mash: Huh? Tot...rot...? Are you not...Habenyan?

Totrot: —Habe—nyan?

Totrot: That sounds way better! Better than the cries of a Grimalkin!

Totrot: Tonelico, Tonelico! This is amazing, this girl's amazing!

Totrot: She speaks amazing words! I don't even know what they mean, but they're amazing! She's definitely a mage like you!

Tonelico: Yes yes, let's stop lumping in magecraft with things you simply haven't heard of, Totrot.

Tonelico: Hello, nice to meet you. I am Tonelico, and this is Totrot.

Tonelico: And this is Britain, Land of the Fae. Can you tell us your name, stranger?

Tonelico: It is destiny that we met here. If the stars align, we may be able to lend you our strength.

Mash: Y-yes—my name is Mash Kyrielight...

Mash: Tonelico. Are you...the savior Tonelico—?

Tonelico: Wow. So you know who I am. Are you from Londinium?

Tonelico: But I must have at least caught word of a fairy as powerful as you...

Tonelico: Hmm...I came to the eastern shore because I detected a great magecraft being used here, similar to that of the Infinity Mirror.

Tonelico: Oh. Are you perhaps a fairy from the north?

Tonelico: Did your transport fail, and you got flung out in the middle of nowhere like this?

Totrot: A fairy from the north!? Are you an ally of Mab!? How can that be, when you're this cute!?

Totrot: Then, she is our enemy! Should we attack her, Tonelico?!

Tonelico: Of course not. Shut your mouth for a second, Totrot.

Tonelico: Let's relocate for now, Mash. Our camp is in the woods over there.

Tonelico: We could be rudely interrupted by the Mors around here, so let's continue talking in a safer place.

Narration: So, let's continue with this side of the story, shall we?

Narration: Mash, having protected Fujimaru and Artoria,

Narration: was spirited away by Morgan's Water Mirror.

Narration: After a moment of darkness, she woke up on a beach she had never before seen.

Narration: Thick fog all around obscured her view, and the sound of crashing waves filled her ears.

Narration: On the northern horizon was a Fantasy Tree that had grown tall enough to reach the heavens. The fairies called it the World Tree.

Narration: And what surprised her more than anything was that—

Mash: —There aren't any walls! There isn't a wall of light surrounding Britain anywhere...!

Narration: Nothing existed around the island of Britain, except for a sea of white.

Narration: This was the island of Britain around 2,400 years before Mash's arrival in the year 2017 of the Queen's Calendar.

Narration: The year 400 of the Fairy Calendar. The story of the Age of Destiny, and the last battle of the Savior known as Tonelico.

Section 13: Wales (II)

Artoria Caster: ...Ah, I can hear the tolling of the bells...

Artoria Caster: ...Even though half a day has passed...even though everyone praises me with smiling faces.

Artoria Caster: ...I want to close my eyes and grab the back of my head.

Artoria Caster: ...Over and over, over and over, can I hear the bells ringing.

Artoria Caster: Another Britain, likely in pan-human history. There is not a mage, nor a fairy,

Artoria Caster: but an entirely distinct, imposing version of myself, seemingly a hybrid of human and dragon.

Artoria Caster: Artoria Pendragon.

Artoria Caster: The one who united the lords of the island, who defended Britain from foreign invasion.

Artoria Caster: The one who built the Chalk Castle of Camelot. An ideal king.

Artoria Caster: Trusted by all, loved by all,

Artoria Caster: righteous above all else, radiant above all else.

Artoria Caster: With the twelve Knights of the Round Table, her many loyal soldiers, and with ■■■■ ■■■■■ in hand, she was a king who created numerous futures.

Artoria Caster: ...Truly magnificent. I have never seen anything like her.

Artoria Caster: I don't want to see her. I don't want to be shown her. She's too much. I don't want to believe it. I don't want to acknowledge it.

Artoria Caster: —After all.

Artoria Caster: She has no equal. Takes no refuge. No one who understands her. None who can comfort her.

Artoria Caster: She receives no reward. No goals. No rest. She cannot afford failure, not even a single mistake.

Artoria Caster: Ah—from the bottom of my heart, I think: “No. ”

Artoria Caster: Just how cruel must it be for everyone to smile and acknowledge a king like that?

Artoria: ...Morning. I see, the sun rose while we were on the move...

Artoria: I had the most amazing dream. Maybe it was because I rang the Pilgrim's Bell.

Artoria: ........................................................................................................................Ah.

Artoria: —Who would want to live like that?

Fujimaru 1: It's quite lavish, even with the carriage bouncing around...

Da Vinci: Sunrise, and only a bit further until we reach Londinium! Good thing our return trip didn't hit any snags!

Oberon: Yeah. We traveled under cover of darkness when we went to Norwich, so we wouldn't be seen.

Oberon: They prepared this carriage for our return trip.

Oberon: The Queen might have banned animal labor, but there's no real punishment for doing it.

Oberon: I guess it's a trend. Only the clan heads do it now, but sooner or later everyone's going to be doing it.

Oberon: But why did the Queen ban carriages? Does she just really like horses?

Habetrot: There is that, but it's more a warning to the fairies. If horse-drawn carriages become the norm, fairy horses won't be born.

Habetrot: We fairies are simple-minded in our cruelty, you know.

Habetrot: Once something becomes popular as “that sort of thing,” we don't want anything else.

Habetrot: We're serious about mimicking human culture, and it's already 2017, right?

Habetrot: The fact that Red Rab-bit and Percival's favorite horse Kundry are doing so well is due to Morgan's concern.

Da Vinci: Ah, I there's such a thing as “Mystery Maintenance. ”

Da Vinci: Copying human society is fine, but as for the fairy ecosystem...or rather, their phylogenetic tree?

Da Vinci: She won't allow this “cultural imitation” to start pruning off its branches, will she?

Senji Muramasa: ...she's shrewd.

Senji Muramasa: So she's not just a tyrant who drains her people of their lifespan once a year.

Artoria: ...

Fujimaru 1: (...Artoria doesn't look so well...)

Oberon: (...Ha, that's my cue from Fujimaru! )

Oberon: No, Morgan is a monstrous queen!

Oberon: It's just like her to do something nice to make you think she's a good person!

Artoria: Oberon?

Fujimaru 2: But the fairies in the woods of Wales...

Oberon: You raise a good point. The Queen isn't concerned about the future of fairykind.

Artoria: Oberon...?

Oberon: Remember the fairies in my territory, the forests of Wales?

Oberon: It's the only land in Britain with the colors of autumn. All the fairies driven there are weaklings.

Oberon: Those without a place in the Fairy Kingdom. Those that fled to escape harsh treatment.

Oberon: Those that were persecuted simply for being, told not to “spread their evil influence. ”

Oberon: Insect-type fairies who lost their homes due to Morgan's hatred of bugs.

Oberon: Small, simple-minded fairies of low intelligence, unable to enter the society of the Fairy Kingdom focused on mimicking human culture.

Oberon: All these fairies gather, cling together and die without hope in my forest.

Gareth: ...That's true. Her Majesty's Britain does not suffer the weak or those without worth...

Gareth: She's a ruler who values not the fairies living in the country, but the country itself...

Oberon: Yeah. But it's not like you're unwanted because you have no worth.

Oberon: Those that have no place to go anymore.

Oberon: Those that can only rot away, hated and forgotten.

Oberon: In the middle of their forest, I was summoned.

Oberon: In a land that won't permit any sort of intervention by pan-human history, my summoning was especially dangerous.

Oberon: I couldn't move my arms and legs and had to sleep it off.

Oberon: If I had been on my own, I would have likely disappeared then and there.

Oberon: Remember when I told you before I had only a cape when I came here? Well that was a lie.

Oberon: I didn't even have that. It was kinda cold.

Oberon: But it wasn't scary or lonely.

Welsh Fairies:

welsh1-lightA fairy we've never seen before?

welsh1-lightHe's all alone, how sad.  Are you sad?

Welsh Fairies:

welsh1-lightBut he looks so pretty and kind!

welsh1-lightLike a prince!  Like a prince!

Welsh Fairies:

welsh1-lightHe's definitely our king!

welsh1-lightOur king has come!

Welsh Fairies:

welsh1-lightProtect, protect, protect the king!

welsh1-lightAll of us together, help the king!

Oberon: They couldn't touch me, but they formed a tight circle around me,

Oberon: trembling in excitement, waiting for me to open my eyes.

Oberon: What, don't you perk up when someone helps you out?

Oberon: I used the sound of their voices to stay conscious, and eventually my Saint Graph stabilized to the point where I was able to wake up.

Oberon: That's why I'm so much more invested in Britain than I probably should be, because they're here.

Oberon: It's ridiculous to think that because they're worthless, they can't do anything. Those helpless ones were the only ones to help me.

Oberon: So I gotta return the favor☆. That's why I'm working so hard to overthrow Morgan.

Oberon: Same as you, Fujimaru.

Oberon: I may be powerless and a king of the weak, but I'm not going to half-ass it.

Oberon: I'm putting in my full effort. Even if it means I can't save anyone.

Attention! Crucial Dialogue Select

**Fujimaru 1: So that's why...

Fujimaru 2: That's right, we never heard about when Oberon was summoned.

Oberon: Yeah, that's how it went down.

Oberon: I was summoned to this land several months before you even arrived here.

Oberon: It was at the same time that Beryl Gut arrived in this Lostbelt.

Oberon: When he intervened here, pan-human history probably noticed the danger.

Round Table Army Soldier: ...and that's it for the report from Captain Karwas.

Round Table Army Soldier: The enemy has already deployed on the north side, but it's easier to enter from the south.

Percival: Understood. As planned, we'll return to Londinium with the Child of Prophecy.

Percival: Tell Karwas to hold his position. It's still too early for an all-out battle.

Round Table Army Soldier: Yessir!

Fujimaru 1: What was that about, Percival?

Percival: As we expected, the Queen's forces have begun their march on Londinium.

Percival: It's the army stationed at Oxford...the Fang Clan, led by Woodwose himself.

Senji Muramasa: That was fast. They shouldn't be able to mobilize so quickly...

Senji Muramasa: It's only been a day since Norwich's bell rang. Are they on a forced march because the Queen is demanding some kind of response?

Artoria: ...Woodwose's forces are made up of nothing but Fang Clan fairies.

Artoria: Essentially, they carry no weapons and fight using only their bodies. That's why they can prepare for battle so quickly.

Artoria: They have no equal in open battle, but they're not as adept at occupation or holding a siege.

Artoria: There's no threat from an army like that assaulting Londinium.

Artoria: Why not simply whittle them down during the siege,

Artoria: and then kill Woodwose when he loses patience with waiting and takes to the battlefield himself?

Gareth: ...

Artoria: Huh? What is it, Gareth?

Gareth: just...seem different from how you usually are...

Artoria: I really?

Artoria: I'm the same as always...haha...maybe I got a little more confident...?

Oberon: Nope. Be as confident as you can be. After all, you rang the pilgrim's bell.

Oberon: From here on, more and more anti-Queen forces will gather under the Child of Prophecy from all over.

Oberon: Artoria has every right to be proud of herself. In fact, she's gotten stronger somehow, right?

Habetrot: That's right~. Just in terms of magical energy, she's probably equal to one of Morgan's fingers.

Habetrot: I had no idea the pilgrim's bell had that kind of power.

Habetrot: Must be why the clan heads won't just let you ring them so easily.

Gareth: There are five left, right!? Ah, but...

Gareth: The Wind Clan's in Salisbury, Wing Clan's in Gloucester, Earth Clan's in Norwich, and Fang Clan's in Oxford...

Gareth: That's only four. Where could the bells of the King and Mirror clans be?

Oberon: Leave that to me. The Mirror Clan's bell is a big question mark, but I've found out where the fifth bell is.

Oberon: It's on the edge of Britain. At the base of the burnt-out husk of the World Tree.

Oberon: In a city at the ends of the earth, completely destroyed and now a forbidden zone, the ruined land of Orkney.

Habetrot: ...

Da Vinci: Wait wait, hold on. All this stuff about bells is important, but right now we're talking about Londinium.

Da Vinci: Woodwose's army has already deployed, right? Is it really okay to return like this, Percival?

Percival: Yes, we're heading back.

Percival: Artoria's right, the Fang Clan isn't cut out for siege warfare.

Percival: With their current forces, Londinium can probably hold out for ten days if they just defend.

Percival: We'll work on countermeasures in the meantime.

Percival: Woodwose's army is making camp on the plains about two kilometers north of Londinium.

Percival: He can't perform a siege with his forces alone.

Percival: If he wants to take the city, he has no choice but to go through the gate and attack the inside of the city itself.

Percival: So...

Fujimaru 1: Since it'll be a standoff...

Fujimaru 2: Have a detached force whittle him down?

Percival: Yes. The one thing we have going for us is that we have a base we can fall back to at any time.

Percival: We'll continue our retreat to Londinium,

Percival: and the forces we sent to liberate Norwich will be divided into two groups, for Londinium's east and west.

Percival: If Woodwose launches an all-out assault on Londinium, we'll attack his rear...and keep him in check.

Percival: But if we get the chance, we'll attack isolated platoons of his to reduce his strength.

Percival: We don't have a chance of winning outright with our current strength, but in a defensive battle, it could go either way.

Percival: In the meantime, let's change the state of the war a little bit.

Percival: Through the Count, we have Norwich's support now. And resupplying doesn't seem to be an issue.

Senji Muramasa: But even if we go back to Londinium, it's under siege, right?

Senji Muramasa: Is there a secret way into the fortress, or some kind of underground passage? Then it would make sense.

Percival: No, that's...there's nothing like that in Londinium...

Percival: Or at least we haven't found any...

Artoria: —Then, what we're going to do from now is...

Oberon: Yes, we'll break through Woodwose's lines where they're thinnest!

Oberon: This will be great! The perfect debut for the all-new Artoria!


Woodwose's Army・Soldier: Tch...! Damn it, we can't stop them...!

Woodwose's Army・Soldier: It's not just Percival, even the human soldiers are moving with unusual ease...!

Woodwose's Army・Soldier: Is this the blessing of the Child of Prophecy!? It's just like Her Majesty Morgan...!

Percival: We've broken through the enemy platoon! Everyone, push through to Londinium!

Percival: As soon as the east gate opens, fall back! I'll be the anchor, and I won't let a single one of them past!

Percival: Fujimaru, I'm leaving the Child of Prophecy to you!

Fujimaru 1: Right!

Fujimaru 2: I'm going ahead!

Percival: Good response! I'll see you back in Londinium!

Percival: There were a few skirmishes here and there, but our side took almost no casualties.

Percival: It seems that victory is ours today. Great work, everybody.

Fujimaru 1: Clocking out for the day~

Fujimaru 2: Londinium is really sturdy, isn't it?

Gareth: Yes. Looking over the construction of the walls, there are Mystic Codes embedded in them.

Gareth: They resemble Mash's armor. Armor's amazing! It really is what makes a knight!

Gareth: Maybe I should try some on too...or maybe it's still too early for me...

Gareth: It's not like I have any clue what I'm doing in the first place...

Senji Muramasa: On the other hand, we're still outnumbered. If this drags on, they'll get reinforcements from Camelot.

Senji Muramasa: We can't keep playing defensively. Let's not miss our chance to strike.

Oberon: That's for when our own numbers go up. Our supplies from Norwich include personnel.

Oberon: Tomorrow, the anti-Queen fairies who helped us in Norwich will join us as volunteer soldiers.

Oberon: We'll assault Woodwose's main camp after that. We'll settle it all in one go taking them by surprise.

Percival: Yes, that's the plan. Let's rest and recuperate so we're ready.

Percival: The men of Londinium will take the night watch, so everyone please get some rest.

Narration: ~North of Londinium - Woodwose's army camp site~

Woodwose: Did I hear you correctly? Say that again, Beryl Gut.

Woodwose: I'm forbidden from going into battle...? I'm to refrain from attacking Londinium directly?

Woodwose: Like hell Her Majesty would give such an order! I see through your lies, you filthy human!

Woodwose: Not only are you brown-nosing the Queen, you aim to taint my strategies as well!?

Beryl: Whoa, wait a minute there, boss-man. I'm not so sure about this myself, alright?

Beryl: Would be nice to take the castle right away, but it's “a good chance to gather the rebels all in one place. ”

Beryl: Obviously a bad move, right? I'd like to raise a complaint with her.

Beryl: Hey, you know what? Why don't you throw in some critique of the Queen for me?

Beryl: I'll take your response back to Camelot.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Oooh yeah, I want to hear that too!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Come on, whine, little puppy! If you've got a problem with Mother, then let her hear!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Weren't you busy being shot down by Aurora in your own restaurant while Norwich was under attack?

Fairy Knight Tristan: That would shock anybody. “Don't let Woodwose fight as he is now. ”

Fairy Knight Tristan: Only you can make Mother go that far. Maybe you need a good-luck charm to avoid further trouble, huh?

Woodwose: Keep your mouth shut, you brat...!

Woodwose's Army・Officer: Lord Woodwose...! I understand your feelings but please, I beg you...!

Woodwose: Phew—phew...phew...phew...

Woodwose: Fine, I get it. I'm not going to end up like Boggart...

Woodwose: ...Understood. If that is Her Majesty's will, I will follow her orders.

Woodwose: We of the Fang Clan are loyal vassals of Her Majesty. We're different from those Earth Clan fools who dance to Spriggan's tune.

Woodwose: Fine. I'll play along with their little siege for now.

Woodwose: The Child of Prophecy and the Round Table Army. I was entrusted with the task of disposing of both of them.

Woodwose: Having Her Majesty's trust is a joyous thing, I should not be upset in the least.

Woodwose: But...

Woodwose: If they march out, that's a different story.

Woodwose: We'll have no choice but to hit them at full force. Do you understand that, Beryl Gut?

Beryl: Yeah, of course! I would prefer that myself!

Beryl: But I can't lend out Tristan to you, alright? She's my bodyguard, after all.

Beryl: If it turns into a serious battle, you guys will be slaughtering the Round Table guys by yourselves.

Beryl: You can do that, right? You may be a bit long in the tooth, but you are the head of the Fang Clan after all.

Woodwose: ...

Woodwose: No, this won't require me personally. My elites will be more than enough.

Woodwose: The Child of Prophecy and the foreign magus pose no larger a threat than anyone else.

Woodwose: The problem is the one who stood up to Lancelot, that cocky Percival...

Woodwose: Hmph. Well this is a battle, not a duel. What good is it if he alone survives?

Woodwose: If all the humans in his fortress die, he'll give up and surrender.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Well that was a waste of time. Woodwose is completely spineless.

Fairy Knight Tristan: It's like he's not willing to fight himself.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Didn't Mother forbid him from fighting himself because he might actually die if he did so?

Beryl: Yeah, he's really lost his nerve...

Beryl: I haven't seen shivers like that since I was scouted by Marisbury...

Beryl: I guess you're that much of a chicken, Woodwose...

Fairy Knight Tristan: Hey, can we go home? We're done with Mother's errand here.

Fairy Knight Tristan: I know, let's stop at Gloucester on the way!

Fairy Knight Tristan: It's so much fun there, perhaps even better than the world you're from!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Let's check out the Count's shop together! Or rob a bank? I'd love to try that!

Beryl: Ah...well, maybe next time. I'll think about it when I have some free time.

Fairy Knight Tristan: But you're not doing anything right now. I'm so booooored.

Beryl: Well...there's something bugging me about Morgan's order.

Beryl: “Don't let Woodwose fight,” huh...don't you think that sounds backwards?

Fairy Knight Tristan: Huh? Backwards how?

Beryl: —Well, let's hang around a little longer, Lady Spinel.

Beryl: If we're lucky, we'll get to see one hell of a show.


Gareth: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeew! That was rough!

Gareth: Woodwose's soldiers tried to sneak in through the west gate, but we fought them off!

Gareth: What the heck was with those Fang Clan? “We're here to deliver food”!?

Gareth: The gatekeeper almost let them in!

Fujimaru 1: He didn't mean to, I think he was just dumbfounded.

Fujimaru 2: Every army has a trick or two like that.

Artoria: But how did you realize it, Gareth? None of the fairies on the castle walls even caught on.

Gareth: could say I've got an ear for this sort of thing. I always know where danger lurks, somehow.

Gareth: Now that we've prevented the surprise attack, let's get back to the operations room! The relief from Norwich should be here any minute now!

Percival: What do you mean, there are no reinforcements from Norwich!?

Percival: Nobody who can fight, no smiths, not a single person will join the Round Table Army...!?

Norwich Messenger: N-no, I'm just saying they can't right now. The Count is trying to persuade them, but...

Norwich Messenger: The fairies of Norwich are grateful to the Child of Prophecy, but this is completely different...

Percival: ...

Percival: ...I understand. So that's what they're saying.

Percival: They just want to protect Norwich. They don't care about anything else.

Percival: Despite the fact that Artoria rang the pilgrim's bell with the determination to save Britain...

Percival: Even after she saved them twice over, the fairies of Norwich won't dare fight the Queen's army,

Percival: let alone the other clans.

Norwich Messenger: I-it's not like that...we're willing to fight.

Norwich Messenger: But starting a war you have no chance of winning is...

Senji Muramasa: ...

Senji Muramasa: Well, that's how it is.

Senji Muramasa: “If the Child of Prophecy appears, comrades from all over will gather...” It sounds good, but that's just wishful thinking.

Senji Muramasa: Everyone in the Fairy Kingdom has been living under Morgan's thumb for the last 2,000 years.

Senji Muramasa: The terror of it has gotten to them. Plus, there's the Fairy Knights on top of that.

Senji Muramasa: Ringing just one bell isn't going to bring in allies.

Oberon: ...I'm sure I laid all the groundwork to bring down the Queen when the chance came...

Oberon: I guess there really was a limit to what could be done with just gossip...

Gareth: ...We worked so hard to get this far...yet once we left Norwich, none of it mattered anymore...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Artoria: As long as there is no clear chance of victory, the fairies of Norwich cannot join the Round Table Army.

Artoria: That's only natural. Please don't worry about it.

Artoria: Relay this to the Count.

Artoria: We'll manage somehow, so please continue to give us material aid.

Norwich Messenger: Y-yes! Now, if you'll please excuse me!

Da Vinci: You're not disappointed, Artoria? I thought you'd be taking this the hardest.

Artoria: No, I'm actually quite shocked. But bouncing back is my specialty.

Artoria: Let's do what we can for now. We'll follow Oberon's example, where he persevered without even the cloak on his back.

Oberon: You do know that was a metaphor, right? I wasn't actually streaking.

Fujimaru 1: If one wasn't enough, maybe two will do.

Artoria: Yes. If a second bell rings, perhaps the fairies that chose to wait and see will rise up as well.

Round Table Army's Messenger Soldier: Please excuse me! I have urgent news, milords!

Round Table Army's Messenger Soldier: Word from our comrades in Gloucester! I'll read it aloud!

Round Table Army's Messenger Soldier: “I've confirmed sight of the Queen's army. They're advancing on the forest of Wales. ”

Round Table Army's Messenger Soldier: “They carry the standard of Fairy Knight Gawain. This unit is under the Queen's direct orders. ”

Round Table Army's Messenger Soldier: “We can't stop them. We can't guarantee the safety of the Welsh forest. ”

Round Table Army's Messenger Soldier: “Please take immediate action. ” That's all!

Oberon: Sorry. I have to go. I'm leaving the rest to you, Percival.

Fujimaru 1: —You can't, Oberon!

Fujimaru 2: There's no point in going by yourself!


Oberon: ...You're right. If I head off by myself, I might make it in time, but I wouldn't be able to do anything.

Oberon: Would you lend me your strength, Fujimaru, Artoria?

Oberon: I'm going to save the fairies in Wales. They never had anything to do with me in the first place.

Oberon: I'm the only one who should suffer Morgan's wrath.

Fujimaru 1: Not just you, Oberon.

Fujimaru 2: They helped us all as well.

Oberon: Yeah, they sure did. It's been so long, I'd forgotten about that.

Oberon: Percival, go talk to the fairy horses. Red Rab-bit won't be enough by himself.

Oberon: We'll need four of them, fully harnessed and up to speed. Count me out since I'll be flying.

Oberon: The five of us; Fujimaru, Artoria, Muramasa, Gareth, and Da Vinci will all go together.

Percival: I'll arrange it immediately.

Percival: And there are six of us, not five. I'll be coming along with Kundry.

Habetrot: Guess I'm staying behind...well, it can't be helped. I can't fly all that well right now.

Habetrot: You need to keep the carriage as light as possible.

Gareth: Don't worry, we'll be back soon!

Gareth: Don't push yourself too hard while we're gone, Habenyan!

Habetrot: Worry more about yourselves. You're going up against a Fairy Knight.

Habetrot: A fairy whose true name has been transformed is a tough opponent. Got any sort of plan?

Artoria: Of course. If anything, I've been anticipating this moment.

Artoria: I won't let Gawain get the best of me again.

Habetrot: Heh, what a promising Child of Prophecy. Then there's only one thing left to say.

Habetrot: Listen up, whatever it takes, get under her skin once! That's your chance!

Habetrot: Uncover the cracks in the armor of her gifted name!

Habetrot: In the end, she's just playing the Fairy Knight! All you have to do is get her to deny that!

Artoria: Thanks for your straightforward concern and advice! We're off, Habetrot!


Da Vinci: I see it, it's Wales! But—the forest is burning...!

Oberon: There's still time. . ! They're probably all hiding themselves!

Oberon: Let's split up! Take out the enemies and put out the fires!

Oberon: Artoria, Da Vinci, Fujimaru! This way, come on!

Senji Muramasa: We'll take the other side! Percival, Gareth, let's go!

Queen's Army・Knight: By the order of Her Majesty, burn! Burn this vile Forest of Decay to the ground!

Queen's Army・Knight: You scum who named the Fairy King...! Repent for your sins!

Welsh Fairy:

welsh1-lightIt hurts.  It hurts.  It hurts.

welsh1-lightStop it.  Stop it.

Welsh Fairy:

welsh1-lightDon't burn the forest.

welsh1-lightDon't break Oberon's house.

Welsh Fairy:

welsh1-lightDon't be mean to everyone.

welsh1-lightDon't be mean to us.

Welsh Fairy:

welsh1-lightIt hurts.  It hurts.  It hurts.

welsh1-light We'll die.  We'll die.  We'll die

Fujimaru 1: ...!

Fujimaru 2: (...they're...already...)

Artoria: —ah.

Artoria: A-ah—

Queen's Army・Knight: There he is, the Fairy King! Seize him and drag him before Her Majesty!

Queen's Army・Knight: ...Hm? Is that the Child of Prophecy next to him?

Queen's Army・Knight: No, but...when I saw her in Camelot, she didn't have such absurd magical energy—

Artoria: AAAAAAAAAAAA! You bastards, YOU BASTARDS—!

Oberon: Artoria...!? —oh crap, she's remembering Tintagel...!

Oberon: Fujimaru, go after her!

Oberon: She's completely out of control! If she's not careful, she'll get herself killed here!

Fujimaru 1: Got it, leave it to me!


Artoria: Haa...haa...haa.... ! They're running, they're running away after all this!

Artoria: I won't forgive this, I won't forget it...they killed them all—!

Fujimaru 1: Artoria, calm down...!

Fujimaru 2: We should be helping everyone in Wales right now!

Artoria: Let go, they're getting away! I've got to...I've got to make them pay—!

Artoria: —ah.

Artoria: ...I'm sorry. I just saw red—

Fujimaru 1: ...It's fine. I'm sorry too.

Fujimaru 2: Let's look for survivors for now.

Artoria: ...Yes. If they escaped up the trees earlier, maybe...

Fairy Knight Gawain: It's useless. We already sweeped the area. All that remains is to burn the forest to the ground.

Fairy Knight Gawain: You're half a day too late to save them. This is what you get for ringing the bell, Child of Prophecy.


Artoria: Fairy Knight Gawain...!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Why did you come here in the first place?

Fairy Knight Gawain: Did you leave Londinium in the middle of a standoff with Woodwose?

Fairy Knight Gawain: —I don't understand you at all. Your actions are full of contradictions.

Fairy Knight Gawain: The weak should follow the strong. If they obey, the strong will eventually entrust them with their corpses.

Fairy Knight Gawain: If they don't understand that way of things, then they can't be protected.

Fairy Knight Gawain: Child of Prophecy. Foreign magus. If you surrender here, I'll accept.

Fairy Knight Gawain: My task is to purge Wales. Not to deal with you.

Fairy Knight Gawain: But—if you're going to fight, then so be it. My flames will burn you and this forest alike to ash.

Fujimaru 1: (We have to defeat Gawain to protect the forest...! )

Fujimaru 2: (But...if she absorbs my magical energy again...)

Artoria: It's alright, I'm prepared to fight her! I'll use decoys to counter her eating our magical energy!

Artoria: I only have three, so we can only hold out for so long! Let's finish her off quick, Fujimaru!


Senji Muramasa: Wow, we caught a big one here! Not bad, Artoria!

Fujimaru 1: What are you doing here, Muramasa!?

Senji Muramasa: Hey, I had a bad feeling! I couldn't just leave the girl on her own!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Kuh...! Protecting the magus with such toys...!

Artoria: Heh, did you think I'd just sit back and let you whale on us? Snap out of it, you fat, gluttonous knight!

Fairy Knight Gawain: Y—how dare you mock me!

Artoria: No shit I'd be mocking you! You're a Fairy Knight, you damn moron!

Artoria: You do nothing but follow the Queen's orders, you don't even protect the fairies! Calling yourself a Knight of the Round Table is insulting!

Artoria: It's true that Sir Gawain was a humorless honor student, and he regarded the word of his king like law.

Artoria: But even he wasn't a hound blinded with faith, like you are!

Artoria: I know you. I've seen your true name on Ector's manifest.

Artoria: Listen well, and remember!

Artoria: Your true name is Barghest! The Black Dog Lord, the Thundercloud-Eating Barghest!

Artoria: Enough of your “knightly” pretence! Face us without your gifted name!


Da Vinci: Barghest! The black dog fairy from England,

Da Vinci: the one who heralds disaster in cities, the fairy with shining horns and eyes of fire!

Barghest: ...That's right. That's how I should be in pan-human history, isn't it?

Barghest: You've shared your accursed knowledge with me. You have my thanks, girl. That helped calm me down.

Barghest: But don't think too highly of yourselves, weaklings! Revealing my true name won't change anything!

Barghest: Sir Gawain's “Morning Light,” the “Numeral of the Saint” that gives power during the day,

Barghest: it is nothing but a hindrance to a creature of the night like myself!

Barghest: I may be a fairy-eating beast, I may have lost my Gift, but I am still a knight!

Barghest: My horn, dedicated to the Queen, is undimmed! And I will use your lives to prove it!

Artoria: Uh...wait a minute...we revealed her true name...shouldn't we win?

Artoria: Bageko just got stronger than she was before!?

Senji Muramasa: THIS is where you get cold feet!? You really just get high off the moment, don't you!?

Da Vinci: No, I know how she feels! I can't gauge Barghest's magical energy!

Da Vinci: What's going on? Now that her true name has been revealed, the additions to her Saint Graph should have vanished, and she should be weakened...

Da Vinci: It's as if—

Fujimaru 1: —ugh.

Fujimaru 2: (We can't afford to run away, but)

Oberon: No. We won't retreat. We take down Barghest here.

Oberon: Unless one of the Fairy Knights are defeated, there will be no rebellion.

Oberon: And—

Oberon: It may only have been for a short time, but I am the Lord of Wales, Oberon, King of the Fairies!

Oberon: Artoria, Fujimaru, lend me your strength!

Oberon: Let us show the Queen's dog who trampled this forest the pride of the weak...!


Percival: Setting fire to a forest, slaughtering the defenseless...! So this is how the Queen controls her people!?

Percival: You don't deserve to call yourselves knights!

Senji Muramasa: Two soldiers with a single thrust!

Senji Muramasa: So they don't just say you're the “peak of human ability” for nothing, Percival!

Senji Muramasa: Still, this isn't like you. What happened to your usual composure?

Senji Muramasa: You're reasonable despite being so huge. “Big body, and a bigger heart” is your selling point, right?

Percival: ...That's right. I'm the commander, so I should keep a level head...

Percival: Thank you, Master Muramasa. You've brought me back to my senses.

Percival: There are no more soldiers here. Gareth and I can wrap this up.

Percival: We'll look for survivors. Master Muramasa, please go to Artoria.

Percival: You've been worried about her for some time now, haven't you? It's written all over your face.

Senji Muramasa: Is that so?

Senji Muramasa: Well, sometimes she just lets her feelings get the best of her.

Senji Muramasa: Fujimaru has been through a lot too, but [♂ he /♀ she]'s still just a kid.

Senji Muramasa: You sure it's alright for an old man like me looking after them?

Percival: Come now, you don't even look the part. Please take care of them all.

Senji Muramasa: S-sure. Sometimes you can be that kind of guy too, huh?

Gareth: Percival, there's no one here either! No soldiers, or forest fairies!

Percival: So it seems. Looks like this is a bust. I found one, but it was too late...

Percival: Let's circle around the west and head north to where Artoria and the others went.

Percival: There's a possibility there might be people in need of help on the way. I won't have us come this far without saving anyone at all...

Gareth: Percival...wha—wait!

Gareth: Behind you! The enemy's coming, get out of the way!

Percival: Behind...? There's nobody there, I can't sense—

Percival: What is that!? You can see it!? That's amazing, Gareth!

Gareth: N-no, what I saw was you in a tough spot...

Gareth: I mean, look at that, it's unnatural! It's a mirror! It's reflecting its surroundings!

Gareth: Ah, it escaped under that shrub! It's getting away! Get it, Percival!

Percival: On it!

Knight Portunes: To have my mirror camouflage shattered...this is a black mark on the name of Portunes, the assassin knight.

Knight Portunes: Well, I've been out of work for 200 years, so I'm quite rusty. It's not a simple blunder.

Knight Portunes: Still...a fairy who can see through my invisibility...

Knight Portunes: I'll take your head, girl. As a precaution.

Percival: I won't let you, you coward! Give me a hand, Gareth!

Percival: I'm counting on your eyes! Tell me where he is!

Gareth: P-please leave it to me! I'll do my best!


Knight Portunes: What was I thinking, calling that a precaution!? It's already been decided!

Knight Portunes: Argh, what awful luck! How could I come across the one person in the world who can catch me?!

Gareth: Percival, he's running off! It looks like he can't turn invisible anymore...

Percival: Yeah, he's quite a bothersome fairy. We've got to be sure to take care of him here—


Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...I do not believe my eyes. What is such a renowned knight doing in this penal colony?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: You should be in Londinium, shouldn't you?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: No wonder Her Majesty doesn't see your rabble as a threat. You lack the conviction to do what it takes to win.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Seriously—it's disgraceful how naive you are, Percival.

Percival: —It's you.

Gareth: ...Lancelot...the strongest Fairy Knight in Britain—


Fujimaru 1: We did it...!

Fujimaru 2: We defeated a Fairy Knight...!

Artoria: Yeah, how's that!? Now you know the resentment I've held all these years!

Barghest: You didn't just win on your own! Oberon, Muramasa, and that foreign magus—

Barghest: You won only with Fujimaru's help! Don't act so high and mighty, you brat!

Artoria: E-even so!

Da Vinci: Barghest.

Da Vinci: We may have forced you to your knees, but I can see you still have strength and willpower to spare.

Da Vinci: I suppose we could keep beating on each other, but do you really want to keep at this until we all die?

Da Vinci: We've managed to exchange words several times by now. But that doesn't mean we understand everything...

Da Vinci: You're the type who will listen sincerely to the victor. As such, I'd like to talk to you now.

Barghest: ...Quite a chatterbox of a Servant, aren't you. Fine. I'll listen.

Da Vinci: We, Chaldea, have no intention of attacking Britain.

Da Vinci: And that's because—so long as the Fantasy Tree is destroyed, this Britain will eventually disappear.

Da Vinci: I believe that the fate of Britain should rest in the hands of you fairies.

Barghest: ...Britain will disappear? You're speaking nonsense.

Barghest: Your argument is contradictory to begin with.

Barghest: So long as you assist the Child of Prophecy, you are all enemies of the Fairy Kingdom.

Barghest: That's no different from attacking Britain.

Da Vinci: ...That's where you're wrong, Barghest.

Da Vinci: We're working with the Child of Prophecy to save Britain.

Da Vinci: Morgan is the aggressor here.

Da Vinci: She and Beryl Gut have no intention of saving you fairies.

Da Vinci: Even if all the fairies in the land die out, Morgan will just turn a blind eye to the Great Calamity.

Da Vinci: Because she's going to make use of it to invade our own world.

Da Vinci: That's why she did nothing to help Norwich. You know the truth, don't you?

Da Vinci: This may be Morgan's idea of justice,

Da Vinci: but her methods cause nothing but suffering for the fairies.

Barghest: ...I suppose so. I cannot deny this.

Fujimaru 1: Then, we can work together from now on...!

Barghest: Don't even start. You may have a point, but that doesn't mean I approve of you.

Barghest: Let your guard down, and I'll kill you without hesitation. Do not forget what I have done here.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Barghest: ...

Barghest: ...However, I have a question for you all as well.

Barghest: You just said you were here to save Britain, but Beryl Gut says differently.

Barghest: He says that Chaldea has destroyed many worlds while claiming they are in the right.

Barghest: If that is the case, then you should have come here for the same reason.

Barghest: You won't raise your hand against us because we'll destroy ourselves? That's not a reason to “save” us.

Barghest: I ask you this, Fujimaru, and your wise and beautiful Servant.

Barghest: Putting the Child of Prophecy aside—why would you, from the outside world, protect us?

Barghest: ...First Norwich, and now this. You should have just left the fairies be.

Da Vinci: That's—

Fujimaru 1: That's wrong.

Fujimaru 2: ...We saved them because we wanted to, I guess...

Fujimaru 1: Even if this world is gone tomorrow,

Fujimaru 2: I know it's a contradiction, but,

Fujimaru 1: I won't let that be reason enough for today to be ruined.

Barghest: ...

Senji Muramasa: Take it easy. There's no fight left in you, Gaw—no, my bad, it's Barghest now, is it?

Senji Muramasa: How about we call a truce here? I used to fight these guys too, you know.

Senji Muramasa: It's not a bad thing to be honest with yourself if you really want to—

Barghest: Ggh...—! Aah, aagh—!

Artoria: Barghest! Is she turning into a Mors...

Artoria: No, that's not it...what is this—!?

Barghest: Haa—aaa—name—name—

Barghest: Don't—call—my—name—!

Fujimaru 1: (What on earth...huh? )

Fujimaru 1: (That guy...he's targeting Barghest...! )

Fujimaru 2: Barghest, look out...!

Artoria: Bageko protected Fujimaru!?

Barghest: What the hell are you doing!? Do you want to die!? Why are you trying to save me!?

Barghest: No, that's not—

Barghest: What are you doing, Portunes!? You're attacking me!?

Knight Portunes: —I should be the indignant one, Barghest.

Knight Portunes: Not only did you listen to their nonsense, but you protected the foreign magus...

Knight Portunes: An obvious treason against Her Majesty. If you have proof otherwise, show it now.

Knight Portunes: Kill the human beside you.

Knight Portunes: It should be easy for you. Just reach around and snap [♂ his /♀ her] neck.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Barghest: ...that's...

Barghest: To return the favor—of fearing for my life—

Knight Portunes: Then, suffer Her Majesty's punishment! May you sleep in terror, you foolish Black Dog!

Artoria: Oh shoot, he's getting away...! Is this really alright, Barghest!?

Artoria: If he gets back to Camelot, won't you be found guilty of treason!?

Barghest: ...It doesn't matter. I was true to myself. That's all.

Barghest: If Her Majesty is going to pass judgement on me, then as a knight, there is nothing I can do.

Barghest: ...A traitor who sided with the Child of Prophecy. The sweeping of the Autumn Forest, Oberon's hiding place, is complete.

Barghest: My mission is over. I'm withdrawing. As soon as I get back to the castle, I'll probably be dismissed—

Barghest: And at the same time, it will show that Fairy Knight Gawain was defeated in battle.

Barghest: You've won, Round Table. Celebrate in the streets to your heart's content.

Fujimaru 1: (...Barghest is gone, and our fight is over, but...)

Fujimaru 2: (...Oberon...)

Oberon: ...

Oberon: Good. Whatever the outcome, the forest is finally at peace.

Oberon: Defeating a Fairy Knight puts a huge feather in our cap.

Oberon: I'm glad at least something good came from all this.

Da Vinci: Oberon...

Oberon: But I think I'd like to be alone for now. Sorry, but would you mind heading out to the road ahead of me?

Oberon: It's going to take some time to say goodbye to each and every one of them.

Senji Muramasa: ...Yeah. We'll go and wait in the carriage.

Artoria: ...Let's go, Fujimaru. If we're here, then...

Fujimaru 1: Yeah...

Fujimaru 2: ...

Red Rabbit: Everyone is safe. I'm relieved.

Red Rabbit: Oh? I don't see Oberon with you...

Artoria: Oberon's going to be late. We'll wait here until dawn.

Artoria: Speaking of, where are Percival and Gareth?

Percival: We're over here. We had to take a break first.

Percival: There were no survivors in the southern or western parts of the forest. I'm deeply sorry for my inability to do anything...

Gareth: But you were amazing, Percival! You drove away Lancelot!

Senji Muramasa: Lancelot!? That bastard was here too!?

Senji Muramasa: Tch, I screwed up...I should have stayed with Percival...

Senji Muramasa: I've got to pay her back for slamming me into the wall of the Great Pit while I'm still here...

Artoria: So there were two Fairy Knights here. And we drove them both off...!

Percival: ...No. Gareth is exaggerating things. In truth, it was more like she overlooked us...

Percival: Once she confirmed the forest fire was out, she flew off towards Camelot.

Percival: She's a dragon fairy who soars through the sky. As a human, I have no way of shooting her down...

Da Vinci: Yeah, we've seen ourselves how maneuverable she is.

Da Vinci: Her aerial mobility is unbelievable, on par with our records of Enkidu from Babylonia.

Percival: Yes. Because she's the most graceful fairy in the entire kingdom.

Percival: But she can't make full use of that mobility in this forest.

Percival: I think the reason I was able to hold her off was only because we were fighting in an area with so many obstacles.

Da Vinci: The fact of the matter is you managed to stop her. We've only heard she beat up some Alter Ego.

Da Vinci: We don't have a lot of information on Lancelot. Combat data would be a big help.

Da Vinci: Did you notice anything particular during your fight? Any remarks on the violence?

Gareth: Yeah, actually...

Percival: No, nothing worth mentioning. I was on the defensive the whole time. I'm sorry.

Percival: Isn't that right, Gareth?

Gareth: ...Well, I guess so. Anyway, it was a great fight.

Senji Muramasa: Still...I'm a little worried about Oberon. He'll probably recover mentally from this, but...

Senji Muramasa: That's a lot of bodies to bury...I should at least help him...

Red Rabbit: Hm? Bury?

Senji Muramasa: Yeah, you know, a burial. What, do you only do cremations here in Britain?

Senji Muramasa: If you leave a corpse alone, it'll decay. Somehow or other we've got to make graves for them.

Artoria: Oh...did you not know, Muramasa? You neither, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Know what?

Fujimaru 2: ...Fairies in Britain don't disappear when they die?

Senji Muramasa: Ah! Oh, yeah! Now that you mention it!

Senji Muramasa: I thought something was wrong, but that's it! Even if they die, their Saint Graphs don't dissipate!

Artoria: Yeah. We don't know what fairies in your world are like, but...

Artoria: Fairies in this Britain stay around when they die. They don't break down, they don't decay, they just change and remain.

Artoria: Human corpses are burned because they rot, but fairy corpses are just left to the land of Britain.

Artoria: Look—you see all those fallen trees? Those are “fairies who lost their life force”.

Artoria: This Britain is a land littered with the bodies of dead fairies.


Knight Portunes: Hmph. To think a knight like myself would be forced to retreat in disgrace. There were too many factors I did not foresee.

Knight Portunes: The Child of Prophecy and the foreign magus should have been holed up in Londinium.

Knight Portunes: Lancelot refusing to obey orders. Gawain doing nothing but burning down the forest.

Knight Portunes: No, she's merely Barghest the Black Dog now. I must report her treachery to Her Majesty.

Knight Portunes: With all that happened, she should not object to my retreat.

Knight Portunes: ...But the biggest problem of all is...that girl who saw through my camouflage...

Knight Portunes: I would have gotten the truth out of her but...that damn Percival...he had to interfere...

Knight Portunes: Well, no matter. I know where they are. As soon as I report to Her Majesty, I'll go to Londinium—

Knight Portunes: —what?

Knight Portunes: Ugh!? What, what's—my legs, my legs are vanishing...!?



Knight Portunes: You—damn you—! I know your foul stench, your curse...!

Knight Portunes: The stench of the Mors War...!



Knight Portunes: Impossible—you should be dead—My Queen—I have to tell the Queen—

Knight Portunes: ——

Fragment / 6

Narration: The year 400 of the Fairy Calendar. The island of Britain in which the Fantasy Tree still stood.

Narration: Mash followed Tonelico and Totrot to their camp in the forest to rest.

Narration: Puzzled by the similar yet different landscape, she recited them the story of everything that had occured, to the best of her ability.

Mash: other words, the Fairy Kingdom is the island of Britain that I know.

Mash: Was that of any use...?

Totrot: Tonelico. Could it be that this guy is one of those pitiful sorts?

Tonelico: Totrot, don't say such rude things.

Tonelico: There is no lie to her story. What she just told us seems to be a story from the distant future.

Tonelico: ...Britain, known there as the Fairy Kingdom.... Morgan, who brought all the clans together.

Tonelico: ...and the Child of Prophecy, alongside an invader from pan-human history.

Mash: ...

Tonelico: Excuse me, invader may have been an exaggeration.

Tonelico: I'm still trying to process all of this, so have some patience.

Mash: No, it's a given that you would think that, so it's alright...

Mash: Tonelico, do you believe me when I say that I'm from Britain in the future?

Tonelico: ...Yes, I do. I know that what you say is mostly true, but I also feel like I cannot fully believe it.

Tonelico: Especially about the “Child of Prophecy,” was it? The fairy who becomes the next Savior, rather than being created for it.

Tonelico: Because the simple fact that she exists in the future means...well, it means that I will fail.

Totrot: Hogwash! Tonelico will succeed this time!

Totrot: You will bring peace to Britain! That prophecy from the Mirror Clan is nonsense!

Tonelico: I guess you're right. We have to succeed this time. Would you help me, Totrot?

Totrot: You know it! I'm an ally of any girl who does her best!

Totrot: You've also had some bad luck, haven't you! So first I'm going to help Tonelico be happy!

Totrot: Mash, was it!? I'll help you after that as well, if it's alright with you!

Mash: Yes. It would be a pleasure, Habe—Totrot. I'm counting on you.


Tonelico: Mash. If you have nowhere else to go, we can protect you but...

Tonelico: There's one thing I want you to promise me.

Tonelico: If you wish to return to your own time, you must not speak any further of the future whilst you are still here.

Mash: intervening in the past, the future as I know it might be that it?

Tonelico: Hmm...well, that's about right.

Tonelico: No matter what you do or say, it will not change the Queen's Calendar, but...

Tonelico: Here in this Fairy Calendar where the Fantasy Tree still stands, there will be fairies whose fates could become distorted.

Mash: No matter what I do, there will be no change in the Queen's Calendar...? Tonelico, what do you mean...

Tonelico: Come on. You're talking about the future again, aren't you?

Mash: Ah...y-you're right!! The very mention of the Queen's Calendar is taboo, isn't it!?

Tonelico: Exactly. This is a measure to safeguard your fate rather than safeguarding ours.

Tonelico: When you return to the time from whence you came, you mustn't have any knowledge that contradicts what you already know.

Tonelico: The greater the contradiction, the greater the void in your memory will appear.

Tonelico: You don't want to lose those precious memories of yours, do you?

Tonelico: In that case, just try not to do anything here that would interfere with the future.

Tonelico: But still...Queen Morgan...

Tonelico: About her idea of sending the Calamity to the past in order to rid herself of it...

Tonelico: If you hadn't cleansed the Calamity of Norwich...

Tonelico: Those big hands...was that what you said? Those things would have appeared on the shore.

Tonelico: The Knight of Londinium has finally been born, and it almost ruined everything...

Tonelico: We can't ever thank you enough for that, Mash.

Tonelico: All thanks to you and, what was [♂ his /♀ her] name, Fujimaru?

Tonelico: Our fight here will go down much more smoothly.

Mash: ...Um, your are referring to the savior's war, right?

Mash: Is it the one that took place in the year 4000 of the Fairy Calendar, or is it the Summer War that took place in the year 2000...?

Mash: Which period are we even in right now?

Totrot: Huh? Wasn't the Summer War in the year 10000?

Totrot: The only war that happened in the year 2000 was the Garden Dispute between the Earth and Wind Clans at a time when Britain was still rather small, wasn't it?

Tonelico: Ah, you've got it backwards, it seems.

Tonelico: From Mash's perspective, the Fairy Calendar years count backwards from the time when it switched over to the Queen's Calendar.

Tonelico: So, for clarity's sake, let's just refer to everything by how long ago it was from now.

Tonelico: The Summer War was 1,600 years ago...or the year 2000 of the Fairy Calendar as Mash would think of it.

Tonelico: That was the great invasion from the Shadow Island, Ireland.

Tonelico: Led by Queen Mab, who exploited her humans as soldiers, it was the second time the northern fairies waged war in the south.

Tonelico: It was really horrible, wasn't it, Totrot?

Totrot: Yeah! Everyone from every clan were all on the verge of dying!

Totrot: What would they have done without Tonelico and the Black Knight! Right, Black Knight!?

Black Knight: ...That's right. Queen Mab was a very powerful fairy.

Black Knight: It wasn't just that she had the Blessing of Albion. She possessed a primordial strength that the southern fairies did not.

Black Knight: If Tonelico had not stepped in and stalled for time, all the clans would have been wiped out then and there.

Black Knight: But in the end...even though Mab was just one step away from winning, she suggested a peace treaty.

Black Knight: And, as a result of that, Mab took up the vacant position left from the Rain Clan, and became a great lord up north in Orkney.

Mash: O-oh, I see. Thank you for the explanation.

Mash: ...By the way, who is this person?

Tonelico: This is my bodyguard, Master Black Knight. We've been working together for a long time, haven't we?

Black Knight: Yeah, ever since you showed yourself on the stage.

Black Knight: I've been fighting by your side for over 2,000 years now. It's getting difficult to keep this up, even as our bodies cheat death.

Black Knight: Whether you're able to save Britain this time or not, please just give it up after this time.

Tonelico: Don't worry, it'll work out just fine this time around! All that is left is the coronation!

Black Knight: ...Well, I guess you're right. If you can't succeed after that, then nothing else will work.

Black Knight: The war between the clans has finally ended after 10,000 years. A new king has been born in Britain.

Black Knight: think that the person who would unite the five clans is not a fairy, but a human...

Black Knight: It couldn't have been foreseen. Then again, fairies can't even put up with other fairies.

Mash: Hold on, what were you just saying...? Britain's king...? A human?

Totrot: Yup, exactly! Mab is still complaining about it! Saying stuff like “I'm more fit to be King of Britain than any human! ”

Tonelico: Mab has her own pride after all, Totrot, especially after what happened in the Summer War.

Tonelico: Ah, sorry. Let us get back on track. Right now, it would be year 400 of the Fairy Calendar from Mash's point of view.

Tonelico: So, 400 years from now Queen Morgan will make her entrance...

Tonelico:'s something that I must not think about, but I can't help myself...

Tonelico: It's true that since Uther is a human, he will not live for more than another 10 years.

Tonelico: After that, there will be several generations of his heirs, and then 400 years later Morgan will be queen...?

Tonelico: How would that work...?

Mash: Even you don't know, do you, Tonelico...

Mash: But I think it's a sure thing that the conflicts between the clans will cease.

Mash: After all, in the Fairy Kingdom I know of, there are very few conflicts between them...ah—

Mash: Sorry, I talked about the future again...

Tonelico: If it's just that, which is within the margin of error, it's fine. Either way, the future will be a peaceful one, it seems?

Tonelico: Britain has always been a land filled with warfare as the clans fought for their territory...

Tonelico: If that all ends with our generation, I couldn't be any happier.

Totrot: It's all because we were able to put a dent in the Earth, Wind, Fang, and Mirror clans with the help of Muryan of the Wing Clan and Uther's allied forces.

Totrot: Mab and her King Clan were the only ones who we ended in a draw against.

Totrot: Wasn't Mab gonna try for a marriage of convenience? Imagine that! If Mab and Uther joined forces, they would be unstoppable!

Totrot: ...Well, Uther fancies Tonelico, so Mab may become rather pitiful.

Tonelico: That's not at all how it is. Uther will receive his crown,

Tonelico: and I will return to Paradise as soon as I ascertain that I have received the Bone Bells from the clans.

Tonelico: I think Uther and Mab would look great together! I bet the next 400 years will be a time of peace!

Black Knight: That is all for after the coronation in Londinium.

Black Knight: Tonelico. Why won't you just use the cathedral in Salisbury? That place has more history, doesn't it?

Black Knight: Londinium may be an impenetrable stronghold, but it still has the stench of blood. Mors do show up every once in a while.

Black Knight: For safety's sake, I think Salisbury would be the better choice.

Tonelico: That's because...Salisbury is closer to the Great Pit. I'm just being wary of that.

Tonelico: No one in Britain knows what is at the bottom of the Great Pit.

Tonelico: No, actually, no one in Britain dares to find out what is at the bottom of the Great Pit, because their consciousness won't let them.

Tonelico: I'm the only one who dares to look inside, but the bottom is too deep for me to investigate alone...

Tonelico: If there's another person or fairy who could use magecraft, or had the strength and courage...

Tonelico: If there were such a person who was not from Britain, who would be willing to collaborate with me, I could investigate—

Tonelico: Investigate—

Mash: W-what is it, Tonelico?

Tonelico: I goooot it!!! Yaaaay!!!

Tonelico: Everyone, change of plans, let's go to the Great Pit! Right now!

Tonelico: Mash and I will solve the biggest mystery in all of Britain!

Section 14: The Night Before the Final Battle (I)

Narration: A bell rings out in the distance.

Narration: All through sixteen years, I'd heard the Pilgrim's Bell ring in Tintagel.

Narration: It was crude, nothing like the real things, fashioned to sound out the Child of Prophecy's coming of age and departure.

Narration: The fairy hamlet of Tintagel was located on the coast, north of Cornwall.

Narration: It was little more than a footnote like that to Her Majesty and the clan heads.

Mother: Caster, I got you a new book today.

Mother: A book on etiquette among the noble fairies. You'll be leaving for the castle at some point, after all.

Mother: Let's start studying it right now. Hmm, is this table alright?

Mother: —Incidentally, has your Fairy Pattern matured yet? You'll turn 16 in two years, you know?

Mother: For now...I'm just a little worried about you. You have a very trying journey ahead.

Village Leader: Caster, you did a splendid job today. You're truly a diligent, sincere, and efficient girl.

Village Leader: You always manage to find what the village lacks, never losing yourself in games.

Village Leader: I wish the other fairies would follow your example. Looking after you has been a big help for us.

Village Leader: And yet...this year's tax collection will be rough.

Village Leader: Thanks to you, the village still has a surplus, but...

Village Leader: At this rate, Tintagel may be ruined before you even get to turn 16.

Village Leader: Oh, I worry so, so much...why must you be so—

Friend: None of them have even the slightest shred of subtlety. Better not to live to old age if it means being so frail.

Friend: Don't you agree, Caster? You gotta distance yourself from the stuff you don't like.

Friend: Or is being treated all special as the Child of Prophecy what you want?

Friend: Come play with us. The headman won't care if it's just for a while.

Friend: They say merchants are coming in by the east road. Maybe we can get some instruments made in Gloucester!

Friend: I bet they'll be convinced to sell one if the great Child of Prophecy asked!

Friend: By the way, have you been growing?

Friend: The old folks said you're different from us. That you're a fairy who grows up.

Friend: That's a gross thing to imagine, but probably for the best.

Friend: With such measly magical energy capacity, a single Black Dog would probably kill you.

Friend: So you need to grow up quickly and protect us. 'Til then, we'll protect you!

Narration: Every last one of them had such high hopes for me.

Narration: In such a small village, where even the next day was an uncertainty, they put their trust in me.

Narration: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Narration: I'm sorry for being weak, for not being strong.

Narration: The village— I'm sorry I couldn't protect Tintagel.

Woodwose: Damn, what's possessed this village!?

Woodwose: They resisted when they knew it was plainly futile! Have they all gone mad?

Woodwose: Forget the fairies of Tintagel! Find the Child of Prophecy!

Woodwose: We'll never live it down if she escapes now! I'll never be able to face Her Majesty Morgan!

Narration: A voice bellowed like thunder. I had never heard a “powerful fairy” roar in anger.

Narration: I was too scared to even put up a fight, so I fled the village alone and in tears.

Narration: —But I really did want to stay in the village too, old man.

Red Rabbit: We made it to Salisbury in half a day's time. This new carriage has a rather comfortable pull to it.

Red Rabbit: Now that the war with Her Majesty has commenced, I've no intention of obeying the speed limits.

Red Rabbit: We should be able to make Londinium by sunset. What do you think?

Fujimaru 1: You', all right...

Fujimaru 2: I think we need a little break...

Gareth: butt and back feel like they're in pieces.

Oberon: I may need a breather myself. I think I may have a touch of motion sickness.

Da Vinci: Then let's take a break at Mike's place. There's something we should discuss.

Da Vinci: What about you, Percival?

Percival: I'll press on from here to Londinium.

Percival: The Child of Prophecy is welcome here, but not so much the commander of the Round Table Army.

Senji Muramasa: ...? That's an odd conclusion, Percival.

Senji Muramasa: Aren't there rebels in Salisbury? Why can't you just cooperate?

Artoria: No. The Round Table Army and Salisbury rebels are two different groups.

Artoria: You could call it a difference in discipline...

Artoria: For starters, Aurora is maintaining her status as leader of a clan allied with the Queen.

Artoria: Any sign of collaborating with the Round Table Army would lead to them being crushed first.

Senji Muramasa: Sure, I suppose...but it doesn't feel right to keep quiet at this point, does it?

Percival: It's the right choice, Master Muramasa. One becoming of Lady Aurora.

Percival: Kundry says we can make the distance too. You'll be returning to Londinium on our heels.

Poem Sang Outside: O lovely Child of Prophecy ♪ O hopeful Child of Prophecy ♪

Poem Sang Outside: Courageous savior Norwich went ♪ The Queen in Camelot shall bend ♪

Poem Sang Outside: Londinium to retake and Fairy Knights to all unmake ♪

Fujimaru 1: Gosh...a real festival's broken out outside...

Gareth: Yes, an Artoria festival! They were selling hard-baked cakes and sweets too!

Gareth: I'll buy a dozen or so later!

Fujimaru 2: Suddenly you're a star, Artoria!

Artoria: Some star I am...they shouldn't make confections shaped like people's faces...

Artoria: This one even looks prettier than me. Well, the Wind Clan are insults personified!

Fairy Tavernkeep: It's Dabinchi! Dabinchi's back!

Fairy Tavernkeep: Who goes away for “a while” and shows up two weeks later, for crying out loud?

Fairy Tavernkeep: Never mind, it's over and done with. Have I got new goodies to show you, Dabinchi!

Fairy Tavernkeep: I made a brand new menu, and made friends with the Wind Clan...

Fairy Tavernkeep: I'm even attending human gatherings! It's a handful, but each day's been fun.

Da Vinci: Good to be back, Mike. Sorry to have worried you.

Da Vinci: But aren't you spreading yourself too thin with all the new stuff?

Da Vinci: You're the type who homes in on impulse. Don't you think focusing on one thing at a time works better?

Fairy Tavernkeep: Hey, you might be right. But that alone couldn't do it for me!

Fairy Tavernkeep: Not a bit of it compares to what I learned from you, Dabinchi!

Da Vinci: ...Man, I can't rebuke you after you put it like that.

Da Vinci: Sorry, Fujimaru, I'll be in the kitchen.

Da Vinci: There's going to be some wacky flavors if I don't evaluate Mike's revamped fare.

Oberon: Sounds good, take your time. We'll just be sitting in the back.

Senji Muramasa: Da Vinci must have made good friends here. Though that one's more like a disciple.

Oberon: I hear tell he's a fairy that Da Vinci met while wandering about.

Oberon: Thanks to that relationship, we have free rein to use this shop,

Oberon: to the extent of holding secret meetings such as this in the back.

Fujimaru 1: ...Oberon?

Oberon: Right, here's where we get serious.

Oberon: Between here and the Welsh forest, you've all kept quiet out of consideration for me, right?

Oberon: It's very thoughtful of you, but we can't afford that luxury anymore.

Oberon: In order to rout the army of Woodwose laying siege to Londinium, I'll be wanting one thing—

Senji Muramasa: You'll want what?

Oberon: A katana. Won't you make me a katana, Muramasa?

Senji Muramasa: Ha?

Oberon: I have reservations about fighting with a tree branch. I'm a boy at heart, you see.

Oberon: And wouldn't it be way cooler to have a katana of yours, Muramasa? I'd like to wear one in my belt, if you'd let me.

Senji Muramasa: I can't see anyone wearing a blade for looks alone. Not to mention, you can't handle iron in the first place, can you?

Oberon: Don't worry, it's all for appearances! I'd never use something so dangerous!

Senji Muramasa: That's even worse, you doof! Hold your damn fashion-samurai horses and I'll make you a bamboo sword.

Fujimaru 1: Honestly, Oberon...

Gareth: (Hee-hee. It's nice to see Oberon back in good spirits, Fujimaru. )

Artoria: (Yes, it may sound like a joke, but Oberon seems quite serious about wanting a sword. )

Oberon: Goodness, you're stingier than I thought. Back in the woods, you couldn't have won against Barghest without my help.

Senji Muramasa: That is another concern entirely. You don't give a sword to someone who doesn't even know how to cut.

Senji Muramasa: I should say you were able to handle yourself fine. Or was your fight all flash and no form?

Oberon: Be that as it may...well, I tell no lies here.

Oberon: I don't like pain, so I'm a support-type Servant.

Oberon: I didn't want to stand out with the Child of Prophecy nearby.

Oberon: If one of her companions showed her up, Artoria may have just returned to Tintagel in a huff.

Oberon: I was ready to fade into the background until she built more confidence.

Artoria: T-true, I may have gone back to Tintagel.

Oberon: As I said.

Oberon: Although, that's all I have left to fight for...after losing my mind in the forest.

Oberon: The Child of Prophecy will be guided by the foreign magus, and not me.

Oberon: There are no more airs to put on. From here on out, I fight for all of you.

Oberon: After the Welsh forest went up in flames, my turn in the spotlight may well be coming to an end.

Fujimaru 1: Oberon...?

Da Vinci: You guys! Mike just passed on some fresh intelligence!

Da Vinci: Huh, how'd things get all serious here? Did you already hear from the bar customers?

Oberon: Oh, nothing. I'm interested. Do tell, Da Vinci.

Da Vinci: Right, there was a refugee who fled here from Norwich.

Da Vinci: The fairies there headed for Londinium this morning to join the Round Table Army.

Fujimaru 1: Could it be because...we beat Gawain?

Da Vinci: Yeah. Somehow, news about Fairy Knight Gawain's defeat has spread all over Britain.

Da Vinci: I might know one fairy who can propagate gossip as fast as this, but I'll leave that aside.

Da Vinci: The key thing is that the hopes for the Child of Prophecy have come to life.

Da Vinci: The enemy thinks the Round Table Army will stay besieged, but if we can just slap together enough of a force—

Gareth: We can crush Woodwose before Her Majesty's reinforcements arrive!

Da Vinci: Right. Provided we can remobilize from all corners of the land.

Da Vinci: That's the only way to pull this off. Can we rely on you, Oberon?

Oberon: But of course. You guys already make the grade to begin with.

Oberon: Now then, it's Aurora's turn to keep her word.

Oberon: Let's puff our chests and go claim our reward for saving Norwich!


Fujimaru 1: Aurora willingly gave us access to the bell!

Red Rabbit: Yes. I was outside the city composing a verse and I could hear it quite well.

Red Rabbit: But I am worried. Aurora's position may be in jeopardy now.

Da Vinci: She insists on telling the Queen that “somebody broke in and rang the bell” while she was away.

Da Vinci: It's a rather transparent lie, but let's trust Aurora's skill at negotiation for that.

Da Vinci: Even if the Queen ends up seeing her as an enemy, if she can stall long enough for us to defeat Woodwose's army,

Da Vinci: we can advance the Round Table Army to Salisbury. Then we can protect her if the Queen marches her army.

Gareth: Right! And what's more, the second bell has been rung!

Gareth: Even I can tell that Artoria's “pressure” is amazing!

Gareth: Power, strength, destructive force! She's powered up in every way!

Gareth: “I declare that I am the strongest. As I am now, not even Barghest can stand against me! ”

Gareth: Or something like that! Gareth is impressed!

Artoria: Uh, you think so? I don't remember ever saying anything like that, did I?

Artoria: What about you two, Oberon, Fujimaru? Do you think I could take on Bageko alone?

Oberon: Isn't that normally impossible?

Oberon: If it was Tristan, you could just about scrape by, but Barghest is a strong opponent even without her gifted name.

Oberon: She was more than ten times stronger than you to begin with. Wouldn't taking her on alone be suicide?

Artoria: Yeah, no kidding...and I was pretty weak originally anyway...

Fujimaru 1: Well...

Fujimaru 2: It's true you've gotten stronger.

Da Vinci: Yeah. Artoria's magic circuits...well, her Fairy Pattern, since she's a fairy.

Da Vinci: It's clear they're increasing.

Da Vinci: Both fairies and humans are generally born with these nerves.

Da Vinci: It's not a case of “training them to become stronger,” but more “increasing the number of circuits themselves. ”

Da Vinci: It's unprecedented. This is definitely a sign that you're something special.

Da Vinci: But that makes me wonder. There are two kinds of fairies in the Fairy Kingdom,

Da Vinci: “The ones that don't change from birth,” and “the ones that change every step of the way. ”

Da Vinci: Or so I've heard. I think you're the latter, but...

Da Vinci: Still, there aren't many examples of fairies whose abilities change as drastically as yours.

Da Vinci: But there are those who lose magical energy due to losing their “purpose” or “shine” though.

Da Vinci: I wonder if you've experienced that yourself.

Artoria: Hmm...I'd like to know myself, but...

Artoria: Well, maybe it's because I'm the Child of Prophecy! Without that kind of bonus, I wouldn't be doing this!

Oberon: Hahaha. I see, you have a point.

Oberon: The mediocre Artoria has to defeat the genius Morgan. The game was rigged from the start!

Artoria: Urgh. Well then, where does your ability rank, Oberon?

Artoria: I didn't get a good chance to see in the forest, so show me one more time.

Oberon: Didn't I already tell you that I'm not a fighter? Also, I don't have anyone to—

Artoria: You do. Muramasa is here. Gareth is here. Red Rab-bit is also here.

Artoria: Da Vinci is here too. And of course Fujimaru is here.

Artoria: Right, we're all divided into teams. Let's begin, Oberon.

Oberon: Well, all right then! You with me, Fujimaru!?

Fujimaru 1: You know it.

Fujimaru 2: Sorry, man.


Aurora: The bell of Salisbury has rung. I cannot declare it yet, but...

Aurora: As the leader of the Wind Clan, I acknowledge the legitimacy of the Child of Prophecy.

Aurora: When she rings all the bells, the Wind Clan shall rise up against the Queen's rule.

Aurora: The war will reach Salisbury eventually.

Aurora: I'm very sorry to ask this of you, but will you agree to this...?

Aurora's Guards: We have no objections!

Aurora's Guards: We can't trust Queen Morgan with the Fairy Kingdom.

Aurora's Guards: Every one of us has been waiting with baited breath for your decision, Lady Aurora!

Aurora: ...

Coral: Just what you'd expect from the guards of Salisbury. Your loyalty is most gratifying.

Coral: The Child of Prophecy has returned to Londinium. She will soon engage in battle with Woodwose.

Coral: When the bell of Oxford is rung, things will change dramatically in the Fairy Kingdom.

Coral: Continue to prepare your forces in case of emergency.

Aurora's Guards: Huh? Please wait, Lady Coral.

Aurora's Guards: We've already organized our forces. We can depart for Londinium at any time.

Aurora's Guards: Should we not also cross swords with Woodwose to show the power of Salisbury?

Coral: —Watch your tongue. That is not for you to decide.

Coral: The Fang Clan is an honorable clan that has long defended Britain. Do you understand?

Coral: The Wind Clan shall not wage war on the Fang Clan.

Coral: The ones we should fight are the witch Morgan, the Earth Clan who broke the ban, and the Queen's backers in Camelot revelling in their peaceful lives.

Coral: And finally, the anti-fairy band of humans who do not think about their actions.

Coral: Lady Aurora will only stand as leader when the siege of Camelot becomes a reality.

Coral: I will not allow you to jeopardize our city's safety unnecessarily.

Coral: Until then, Salisbury will remain neutral. Ignore the humans of Londinium.

Aurora's Guards: That's...

Aurora's Guards: So should the Child of Prophecy be defeated, Salisbury will remain blameless...?

Coral: So you do understand. I trust there are no objections?

Aurora's Guards: ...Understood.

Aurora's Guards: Should the residents of Londinium evacuate, our gates will remain closed.

Aurora: Is that so? I believe that is enough, Coral.

Coral: Lady Aurora!?

Aurora: Certainly, it would be difficult to take in a defeated Round Table Army.

Aurora: But if they did not participate in the fighting, they would be nothing more than refugees.

Aurora: As clan head, I cannot abandon those who have no place to go.

Aurora: And...

Aurora: If we abandon the weak, then do we have any right to rise up against Her Majesty?

Coral: But then we will have to battle the Queen before the Child of Prophecy can complete her pilgrimage—

Aurora: It will be all right. There won't be a problem, Coral.

Aurora: You've seen Artoria, haven't you? She can protect Londinium now.

Aurora: And Oberon and Fujimaru are with her.

Aurora: ...But, even so, should the Round Table Army be defeated—

Aurora: When that happens, we too must stop observing and rise up.

Aurora: For the fairies and humans seeking refuge from Londinium. To protect their lives and their freedom.

Aurora's Guards: Ooh...Lady Aurora...! Your generosity knows no bounds...!

Aurora's Guards: Reaching out to them despite how they refused our aid and stubbornly insisted on their own independence!

Aurora's Guards: Truly, Lady Aurora is the ideal queen...the one who can bridge the gap between humans and fairies!

Aurora's Guards: We of the Liberation Army dedicate our lives to the protection of our lady and her city!

Coral: ...(What are you saying, you lesser beings...)

Coral: (You can't protect Salisbury or Lady Aurora...)

Coral: (...No. We can't rely on humans. We have to place all our trust in the Child of Prophecy...)

Coral: (...The Pilgrim's Bells...please, ring them all before we go to war with the Queen...)


Fujimaru 1: We managed to make it back before sundown, but...

Fujimaru 2: It's only been two days...

Artoria: Yeah, but there are noticeably more people here, aren't there?!

Habetrot: I know, right? From the east gate to the south, it's been bustling ever since this morning!

Habetrot: This is all because you took down a Fairy Knight. Even I was surprised by the news.

Percival: Welcome back, everyone.

Percival: I wasn't worried, but I'm still glad there wasn't anything serious.

Fujimaru 1: We're back, Habetrot, Percival.

Habetrot: Yep, welcome back. I like that you're greeting people properly.

Artoria: Percival, are all these new fairies and humans here for...?

Fujimaru 2: Does this crowd mean...?

Percival: Yes. They're new recruits from Norwich, and people wanting refuge in Londinium.

Percival: Even so, we only took in about half, and the rest we had to send back to Norwich.

Count Peperon: That's right. They took advantage of the night to sneak in under the cover of darkness, but as you might expect, we can only take in so many, you know?

Count Peperon: Woodwose has started sending out patrol units, so the rest will come after the battle, won't they?

Da Vinci: Pepe! You came too?

Count Peperon: Oh, yes. It really feels like it's time for the decisive battle, don't you think?

Count Peperon: Sitting in Norwich, listening to reports alone would feel like such a waste, so I decided to pop on over♡

Fujimaru 1: Glad you could make it, Pepe.

Fujimaru 2: Thanks for everything, Count.

Count Peperon: It's nothing. If you want to thank me, you can do that a little later.

Count Peperon: You see, I have my own agenda too. You could say that I'm using you all as bait.

Count Peperon: If the defensive battle commences here, you'll be sticking around, won't you, Fujimaru?

Count Peperon: In a situation where his target is “clearly located”, Beryl will always make the effort to show up in person.

Count Peperon: I wonder why that's the case. I'll know where to aim, at least.

Count Peperon: Unwinding after a tough battle is something I always look forward to.

Senji Muramasa: So then, we're all in the same boat. Well, if it's one less thing to worry about, then I'm all for it.

Senji Muramasa: Don't get too reckless now. If you die here, we'll have to fix up Norwich all over again.

Count Peperon: Oh my, are you worried about little ol' me? That makes this whole trip worth it!

Senji Muramasa: You're worse than Spriggan, you moron. My duty is to bodyguard the Child of Prophecy right now, remember?

Count Peperon: Yes, let's run with that then.

Count Peperon: Then, as someone who once knew a thing or two about “Chaldea”, let me share something with you.

Count Peperon: Percival, Artoria, Fujimaru, Da Vinci.

Count Peperon: Can you come to the operations room? I have a proposal for you concerning what comes “after the prophecy. ”

Fujimaru 1: After the prophecy...?

Count Peperon: I'll get straight to the point.

Count Peperon: This Lostbelt is different from the others. It won't disappear even if the Fantasy Tree has been completely removed.

Count Peperon: This land has moved far past simply being “a divergence from pan-human history”.

Count Peperon: A world with the same “strength” as pan-human history...a new human history, no longer a fantasy.

Count Peperon: Isn't it ironic that a world of daydreaming fairies would become “human history”?

Da Vinci: ...even I can't call this a Lostbelt anymore, it's more of a Lostworld at this point.

Da Vinci: During the attack on Olympus, Britain's Fantasy Tree was torched and burned down.

Da Vinci: But that's not when it ceased functioning.

Da Vinci: That was much earlier. Most probably, when Morgan took control of Britain, in the first year of the Queen's Calendar—

Da Vinci: This Lostbelt broke off from fantasy long before the year 2017.

Da Vinci: It's probably safe to assume that it's not the Fantasy Tree that sustains this Lostbelt, but Morgan's actions.

Da Vinci: ...But, how so? If Morgan is defeated, then the Lostbelt will return to normal.

Da Vinci: I don't think there will be any change from the gradual “pruning” we've seen up until now.

Count Peperon: Yes, for Britain itself. The inhabitants are a different matter, though.

Count Peperon: In the other Lostbelts, the fate of its residents was a given.

Count Peperon: But here, it's different.

Count Peperon: At the very least, fairies born after the change to the Queen's Calendar won't disappear if they exit the Lostbelt.

Count Peperon: Because their existence is of the same “strength” as someone from pan-human history. That's the discrepancy I'm talking about.

Fujimaru 1: You don't mean—emigration?

Count Peperon: Yes. A human ma– ...born in in this land can only live here—

Count Peperon: But if you're a fairy of this land, then it's possible to move over to pan-human history.

Count Peperon: It means there's a possible future together.

Fujimaru 1: —!

Artoria: So, uh...

Artoria: What is he talking about, Da Vinci?

Da Vinci: He means that after we defeat Morgan, even if this Lostbelt were to disappear,

Da Vinci: you can save yourselves by fleeing to the outside world.

Da Vinci: There's still the problem of getting past that Wall of Light though.

Count Peperon: Yes. To disappear along with the Fairy Kingdom, or to attempt a new life in pan-human history—

Count Peperon: You're free to make that decision, Artoria. No, more than that—

Count Peperon: You could stop being the Child of Prophecy and just run away if you wanted.

Count Peperon: With Chaldea's Storm Border, you could start a whole new life.

Da Vinci: ...You sure say some wild stuff, Pepe. And in front of Percival, of all people.

Count Peperon: I can say this because he's here.

Count Peperon: Percy-boy already knows about pan-human history, Lostbelts, Chaldea, and the Fantasy Tree.

Count Peperon: I've also told him about you, Fujimaru, and Artoria.

Count Peperon: I'm just trying to be fair and clean up all the loose ends by myself, in my own way, you know?

Fujimaru 1: Percival...

Fujimaru 2: Now that you mention it, how...

Percival: Yeah...I don't know as much as the rest of you, so I can only make childish assumptions...

Percival: If Artoria wants to deny her status as Child of Prophecy, it would be a shame, but I think that's fine.

Artoria: You're alright with it!? Even after creating the Round Table Army!?

Percival: Yes. The Round Table Army was something I built because I wanted to.

Percival: It's not forced on anyone, nor does it control anyone.

Percival: ...Besides, I'm not cut out to be called anything like “commander”.

Percival: So you don't need to decide your path based on us, Artoria.

Percival: Even if we don't defeat the Queen, there's a way for the fairies to escape to the outside world—

Percival: Isn't just knowing that a huge step forward for the Fairy Kingdom?

Artoria: Y-yeah, I guess so...but still...

Artoria: ...I don't think it's that simple. Morgan will never leave you be.

Artoria: If the fairies of Britain are to be saved, Morgan le Fay must be defeated.

Fujimaru 1: I see...

Fujimaru 2: le Fay?

Da Vinci: I think it was used to mean “fairy” in Arthurian lore.

Da Vinci: It's the same thing as “fae” in modern parlance. But...

Da Vinci: (There were no fairies here who ever called Morgan that...)

Count Peperon: So, Artoria wants to follow the prophecy and defeat Queen Morgan.

Count Peperon: Maybe then, I'll stick around until the end.

Count Peperon: If Beryl's the Crypter here,

Count Peperon: then just think of me as Fujimaru's meddlesome senpai.

Count Peperon: Right, that's enough serious talk for now. Oh, and I probably shouldn't have to mention it, but...

Count Peperon: If Artoria is sticking to the prophecy, than all of this was off the record.

Count Peperon: Saying “we might be able to escape to the outside world” would be a little demoralizing for our rebels, you know?


Percival: Well then, on to present matters.

Percival: The volunteers from Norwich have increased our strength, but they cannot be fielded quite yet.

Percival: They may have training to act as soldiers, but it takes time to build communication and cooperation among troops.

Da Vinci: That's for sure. It's reckless to move a unit of over a hundred without some practical training.

Da Vinci: So that's a no to ambushing Woodwose's main force? We'll stay on the defensive and strengthen our skills that way?

Percival: That's the safer option, but we lack the time for it as well.

Percival: Any reinforcements to Woodwose from the Queen stand to frustrate Londinium's defence.

Percival: As such, we're going to use hand-picked crack troops from my company to show our commitment there.

Percival: Both Etwar and Kenwood's platoons will take a day to discreetly circle behind the enemy lines.

Percival: Once ready, we will march a company out of Londinium bolstered by the Norwich volunteers.

Percival: With the confirmation that Woodwose's force has been lured to Londinium,

Percival: our main force will strike hard at Woodwose himself from the enemy's rear.

Percival: The fall of a clan head will rob its fairies of their sense of purpose. Such a thing will be their downfall.

Percival: Begging your pardon, but I have to make use of the advantage present this time.

Artoria: So...the decisive battle is tomorrow night?

Percival: Yes, today will be the eve of the decisive battle.

Percival: Our assault force is scheduled to depart Londinium before sunrise.

Percival: I would ask all of you to remain in Londinium to defend the walls should the worst come to pass...

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Fujimaru 2: Then, you're heading out with them?

Percival: Your help would be appreciated, but the march will be through the river's upper reaches.

Percival: If you're not used to it, you'll likely be completely exhausted on arrival.

Da Vinci: Okay, loud and clear. We'll be put to best use in the sortie.

Da Vinci: Battles on the flatland are your domain, Percival.

Da Vinci: We'll handle things here, so put all your focus into claiming victory.

Percival: —Yes, thank you, Lady Da Vinci.

Percival: Leave it to me. I swear, by my holy spear, that I shall eliminate Woodwose.

Habetrot: Hm-hm-hmm ♪ Nyah! Hm-hm-hmm ♪ Nwah!

Habetrot: Bwa-bwah! Look, it's Oberon!

Habetrot: “Surprised? Even a smiling blockhead prince like me shows anger when his dominion burns down! ”

Habetrot: But it's a little underhanded! One trap in the woods and Barghest's shanks turn to shreds!

Fujimaru 1: Habetrot?

Fujimaru 2: On a desk, legs swinging, quill in hand...

Habetrot: Hmm? Oh, it's Fujimaru.

Habetrot: This is a diary. I'm super forgetful, so this is a fun way to keep my days on record.

Habetrot: It's you who sought out an empty operations room.

Habetrot: I take it you ran here out of guilt over the upheaval in the square?

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: ...You could tell?

Habetrot: I could. You're worried about Mash.

Habetrot: You can stow it away during a fight, but you're sure to dwell on that in this kind of situation.

Habetrot: I've told you enough times that you and she will be together again. You have my guarantee.

Habetrot: I couldn't tell you where Mash is or how she's doing.

Habetrot: But you have trustworthy friends, as well as Heroic Spirits of pan-human history searching for her.

Habetrot: All you need to do is help Artoria. That's your shortcut back to Mash.

Fujimaru 1: Isn't Mash being held captive by Morgan...?

Habetrot: ...No one is eavesdropping, right? This might suffice...

Habetrot: Yeah, Morgan probably was the one who spirited Mash away. Beyond that, it becomes a matter that Morgan can't touch.

Habetrot: No one just captures Morgan. All she has to do is send things away, as always.

Habetrot: But that's not even on the table. You guys are gonna beat Morgan outright.

Habetrot: I only have my bride on my mind. After that comes supporting you.

Habetrot: After all, what goes better with a joyful bride than a strapping groom?

Habetrot: For Mash's and my sake alike, I won't let you die.

Habetrot: After all, my dream is to send off a hundred happy brides!

Fujimaru 1: I get it. That's a nice dream.

Habetrot: Right? I bet I've got a good shot at being a bride master by that point!

Habetrot: Ah, but mind that Beryl Gut. He's kind of a prospective groom, himself.

Fujimaru 2: What bride number is Mash?

Habetrot: The very first.

Habetrot: I don't know about the Habetrot from your side in pan-human history, but my dream started with Mash.

Habetrot: Oh, and kindly introduce me to any Servants of yours struggling with wedding planning, would you?

Habetrot: I can tailor any dress to any need!

Habetrot: Human or monster, male or female...Habetrot will help anyone with dreams of bridedom!

Londinium Boy: Oh, here you are. Hey, ever-cheery fairy girl!

Gareth: ...? You're talking to me, right? Me, Gareth?

Londinium Boy: So you're named Gareth! It's short but sounds brave! I like it!

Gareth: W-well, hello. The whole Gareth thing is...

Gareth: (I just kind of started going by the name...It's not something anyone gave me...)

Gareth: Well, never mind that! Do you have business with Artoria?

Gareth: You were engulfed by your platoon in the square a while ago. Doesn't a kid have trouble forming up like that?

Gareth: If you'll wait, I can bring you back—

Londinium Boy: Naw. All the grown-ups are here for the Child of Prophecy and Percival.

Londinium Boy: But we want to stand with you, Gareth.

Gareth: With me!? But for what—

Londinium Boy: Just come on with us. The rest are waiting for you.

Gareth: Awawa, don't pull me by my hem! I'll follow, okay!?

Boys and Girls: Look! Shem's bringing the charging girl!

Gareth: (Wow, so many human kids. Did this many escape to Londonium? )

Gareth: Huh, isn't this the castle smithy?

Londinium Boy: That's right, we're helping out since she's shorthanded!

Londinium Boy: Hey, old lady! We brought her! Go on, get it off!

Earth Clan Blacksmith: Yes, yes. I know. Come here, young lady.

Earth Clan Blacksmith: The youngsters wouldn't quit bothering me to make you a new suit of armor.

Gareth: —Huh? My armor...?

Gareth: Wow, is this a mithril shield!? Not even the knights in the Queen's army have these!

Gareth: N-n-no, ma'am. I can't take something this expensive!

Gareth: Besides, this should be a gift for Artoria! It's not for someone like me to wear.

Earth Clan Blacksmith: Now now, no more of that. Are you doubting the eyes of these children?

Earth Clan Blacksmith: The ones abandoned by Norwich raised most of the money on your behalf.

Earth Clan Blacksmith: And not for the Child of Prophecy or for Percival.

Earth Clan Blacksmith: I was downright charmed, seeing you charging into battle with your small body. You really think you're just “someone”?

Gareth: ...But I'm just a random fairy with no clue of my purpose.

Londinium Boy: ...? What's the big deal? Fairies are fairies, aren't they? Who cares what their job is supposed to be?

Londinium Boy: You protected Londinium.

Londinium Boy: When you first got here, you helped Juli when she tripped and lost the fruit that fell out of her bag.

Londinium Boy: You saved Samaria from being captured by Woodwose's soldiers when she was out looking for food.

Londinium Boy: Human kids like us aren't much help to anyone.

Londinium Boy: We're lucky to live six months. Nobody was around to protect me...

Londinium Boy: But you didn't give it a second thought, and fought like crazy.

Londinium Boy: So we wanted to give you our thanks. Samaria, go ahead.

Londinium Girl: Yes! Here you go, Miss Knight! Thank you for saving us so many times!

Londinium Girl: But you're always getting whacked around, so we got real worried!

Londinium Girl: So we asked the old smith lady to make something to keep you safe!

Gareth: —So that I'm kept safe? You all have more scars than I do.

Earth Clan Blacksmith: See, it makes no difference to them what kind of fairy you are.

Earth Clan Blacksmith: I had nothing left after Norwich, so I came here to find a place to die.

Earth Clan Blacksmith: But I saw I had plenty more to do, as you can see. Back in active service.

Earth Clan Blacksmith: I thought all this time that we were all born for a specific purpose.

Earth Clan Blacksmith: Lending someone help or being asked for it gives oneself a new “role”.

Percival: There you are, Gareth. Come, let's start training.

Percival: Today we'll polish that charge utilizing your rushing power. Your instincts are good as is, so anticipate the enemy's movements and...

Percival: Gareth? What's wrong with you? You don't look well.

Gareth: ...No, it's nothing...Really, it isn't...

Gareth: Yeah, it was nothing...

Gareth: I didn't have any lofty desires to save Britain, or anything else...

Gareth: It just seemed like something simple that anyone could do...

Percival: ...I see. Yes, there are happy things like that which can still bring you to tears.

Percival: I'm glad you had that meeting. This is a big day for you, so let's leave things here.

Gareth: No, I'd rather work harder! Can't I work twice as hard!?

Gareth: Because, I'm a knight of Londinium! There's got to be more I can do!

Percival: Haha, another knight of Londinium showing her worth! You always know just what to say, Gareth.

Gareth: Huh? I couldn't be more serious. Percival, you don't have to be rude just because you're strong.

Percival: You're right, please excuse me. But Gareth, you don't seem to know the tale.

Gareth: ...?

Percival: Right, the knights of Londinium were those who fought the clans during the Fairy Calendar.

Percival: The human king who brought victory...

Percival: That was what they called the Last Knight, who was the savior Tonelico's consort.

Gareth: I'm sorry, it was me who was rude and disrespectfullll!

Percival: That's well and good for a knight of Londinium. Finer than even the Round Table Army.

Percival: You're at least more worthy of the name than I, because you sincerely try to protect this place.

Gareth: Um...

Gareth: I didn't feel right to ask at the time, so I kept quiet...

Gareth: But you didn't mention your fight with Lancelot back in the Welsh forest to Artoria and the others...

Gareth: Back then...

Percival: Tsk...!

Percival: (I can read her movements, but can't defend against them...! Is she truly something that human eyes cannot track? )

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Oh, your skills managed to compensate. Then, you've managed to grow up a little after all?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...Even so, you can't keep up with me. You never could.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Too much difference in basic structure, magical energy capacity, and time spent. It's time you gave it up.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: No, that won't do either. After all, you never were a boy who took to good advice.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: So—it may be pointless, but I'll tell you one thing.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Do NOT use that spear, Percival. It's too much for any human.

Gareth: Could it be that...

Gareth: You and Lancelot already know each other?

Percival: Well...

Percival: ...Yes, Lancelot is a fellow student who honed her skills along with me.

Percival: But nothing more. We were only together for a few years.

Percival: I'm sorry if it's been bothering you. Now I am merely Percival, commander of the Round Table Army.

Percival: Lancelot and I are enemies. We've neither mercy nor words for one another.

Percival: Why, I'm sure to triumph when we next fight.

Percival: You and everyone else will be lending a hand when that time comes, won't you?

J:Round Table Army Soldier A: I've heard so much about your efforts in Norwich!

J:Round Table Army Soldier A: Morgan probably couldn't drive off a Mors the size of a castle!

Artoria: That was the power of the foreign magus and the Knight of Sheffield.

Artoria: The achievement isn't mine alone. It's thanks to all of you.

J:Round Table Army Soldier B: The battle just now was astonishing! Power like a raging storm despite a feather-light body!

J:Round Table Army Soldier B: That cowardly Woodwose is no match for Lady Artoria's magecraft!

Artoria: Thank you, but my magecraft isn't limitless.

Artoria: Please don't strike out too far ahead. If you feel tired, fall back at once.

Round Table Army Fairy Soldiers: May I tell the tale of what happened in Gloucester, Child of Prophecy?

Round Table Army Fairy Soldiers: Not only was Tristan browbeaten, but also given a direct taste of her own medicine!

Round Table Army Fairy Soldiers: So many fairies have been slain by Tristan without cause, while there's no defying the Queen's daughter...

Round Table Army Fairy Soldiers: Indeed, fairies all across Britain have been praying for that girl to be brought to justice!

Round Table Army Fairy Soldiers: Following Barghest, please strive to next destroy that wicked Fairy Knight!

Artoria: I will, if the opportunity presents itself. Confronting the Fairy Knights is inevitable.

Artoria: Queen Morgan's daughter will receive her just deserts for her misdeeds.

Round Table Army Soldiers: Ah, reliable indeed! Truly the undefeated king, the savior of the battlefield!

Round Table Army Soldiers: Hooray for the Child of Prophecy! Hooray for Artoria!

Artoria: Sigh...

Artoria: They're not bad people, but they tire me out twice as much as usual...

Artoria: I'd forgotten what this felt like, not since Tintagel...

Artoria: With no trace of confidence in me, I might have blundered...

Senji Muramasa: It ain't that obvious with you. You put on a good show of innocence.

Senji Muramasa: The Child of Prophecy oughta be used to entertaining. Was it anything like this in your hometown?

Artoria: ...No, it really wasn't.

Senji Muramasa: They must've gotten to you worse than it looked. Normally, you'd bite my head off here.

Senji Muramasa: Was it really so debilitating that you don't even have the vigor to snap back at me?

Artoria: Oh, I have Muramasa fussing over me? That's even more ghastly...

Senji Muramasa: Well, sorry to have disturbed you then! I'm sure you'll be fine if I just let you be!

Artoria: Sorry. I'm kidding, really! You actually are worried for me, Muramasa.

Artoria: I didn't mean to bother you, but thanks!

Senji Muramasa: ...Nah, I've got tomorrow's battle on my mind more.

Senji Muramasa: Having the standard-bearer looking so down isn't any way to bring in victory.

Artoria: I see. A pity.

Artoria: But there's really no cause for concern. I've been fighting all day, so I'm just a bit tired.

Artoria: And you see, I don't really get along well with the people in the Round Table Army.

Artoria: Everyone's got their own reasons.

Artoria: For the fairies, or for humans, vengeance against the Queen, or just a better tomorrow...

Artoria: Reasons as heavy as that are enough to put me off my nerve.

Artoria: After all, the only reason I'm here is because I'm the Child of Prophecy!

Artoria: I like to fight, and I'm fighting well. But I'm aghast at the idea of being praised for it!

Senji Muramasa: —To fight well, huh?

Senji Muramasa: I don't think anyone great in battle would wish for all that.

Senji Muramasa: Fujimaru still retained a lot of [♂ his /♀ her] good charm despite diving for Holy Grails.

Artoria: Um...Muramasa, what exactly did you see in that...?

Senji Muramasa: What the hell's a Child of Prophecy good for if that's all she wants out of it?

Senji Muramasa: This old fart hates to rain on anyone's parade. But if nobody's going to say it, then I will.

Senji Muramasa: Artoria. You're not cut out for fighting, kid.

Artoria: —But...if I stop here, won't everyone be in danger?

Artoria: So it's okay. Everything's fine!

Artoria: I know it's beyond me to try, and I lack all confidence in my attempts...

Artoria: But, I think I can at least succeed at ringing the Pilgrim's Bells! Tomorrow, I'll do my best as the Child of Prophecy!

Da Vinci: That's it for contacting the Border...

Da Vinci: Oh? What are you doing up at this hour, Fujimaru?

Da Vinci: Other than the soldiers on guard duty, it's time everyone got their rest. I was about to turn in, myself.

Da Vinci: But if you can't sleep, why don't we chat for a bit? There's stuff on your mind, isn't there?

Fujimaru 1: Back when we were talking to Count Peperon...

Fujimaru 2: What was it that humans can't manage?

Da Vinci: Ah, you mean that...

Da Vinci: ...Right, I can't keep that a secret forever.

Da Vinci: “A human born in the Fairy Kingdom can only exist there,”

Da Vinci: is how Peperoncino put it, but I think what he really meant to say was:

Da Vinci: “A human made in the Fairy Kingdom cannot exist in the outside world. ”

Da Vinci: You've seen a lot of sides to this realm. The prisons housing humans, that farm being one of them.

Da Vinci: You understand what that place was really for, don't you?

Fujimaru 1: ...A factory for manufacturing humans, right?

Da Vinci: Right. The facility Artoria warned us to look away from was a huge factory for producing human beings.

Da Vinci: I thought it'd be more akin to homunculi.

Da Vinci: But, after observing the human denizens of the Fairy Kingdom, I could tell that wasn't the case.

Da Vinci: The people of the Fairy Kingdom are clones of “a single human being”, made by rearranging their elements.

Da Vinci: Piling on rearrangements and duplications, maybe hundreds of millions of times over, from the first person's raw material.

Da Vinci: The genealogy here is as rich and varied as that of humanity in our history.

Da Vinci: Only the humans in the Fairy Kingdom have no ability to reproduce, and live with a predetermined lifespan.

Da Vinci: That probably wasn't by design, but caused by the limitations of the cellular foundation.

Da Vinci: When I arrived in Salisbury, the first thing that struck me was the absence of any elders.

Da Vinci: There were many old fairies, but no old humans.

Fujimaru 1: But how does that determine they can't exist...?

Da Vinci: Yes. This depends on the lifespan back then of the single human they were founded on.

Da Vinci: The Queen's Calendar, which began with Morgan's reign after withering the Fantasy Tree.

Da Vinci: The Fairy Kingdom that Morgan rules over can no longer be called a Lostbelt, but a Lostworld.

Da Vinci: A new “Compilation Event”, if you will. The lives born here could exist in pan-human history.

Da Vinci: But before that...Britain's Fairy Calendar, established after the Fantasy Tree took root in this place, was itself a “Pruning Event”...a Lostbelt.

Da Vinci: Life born in a Lostbelt can only exist in a Lostbelt.

Da Vinci: The Throne of Heroes...crossing the bounds as a higher-order phenomena is a different story, of course.

Da Vinci: But it isn't a simple thing to be engraved there.

Da Vinci: ...Still, it's all speculation. There are simply no humans native to Britain.

Da Vinci: The positions of fairies and humans have been reversed with the latter's forced conception.

Da Vinci: Fairies have become real, and humans have become fantasy. They're what we call “fictional”.

Da Vinci: That's why humans from the Fairy Kingdom can't live in the reality which we call pan-human history.

Da Vinci: ...It's your decision how to feel about the state of humanity here.

Da Vinci: You might think you can change or stop it, but don't leave the decision to anyone else.

Da Vinci: Others might call it illusory, but it's the only life those here have ever known.

Da Vinci: Everybody who lives has a limit. A set amount of time to be up and running.

Da Vinci: Don't grieve because it was short. It may be a little sad, but that's all.

Da Vinci: What's important is where the goal is and how far towards it you ran.

Da Vinci: And I don't mean distance here. It's about direction in life and meaning of existence—

Da Vinci: This just goes to affirm that we're domesticated lifeforms, capable of reaching an eventual endpoint.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Da Vinci: Aw come on, why do you look like you're about to cry?

Da Vinci: I said there's no reason to grieve.

Fujimaru 2: Chatting with you can really wrack the brain.

Da Vinci: But of course. I'm the perfected genius, made by the renaissance genius!

Da Vinci: ...Still, you see the danger when looking at things the opposite way.

Da Vinci: Humans in the Fairy Kingdom can't leave Britain, but fairies can break free.

Da Vinci: If Morgan expands her dominion as she said she would—

Da Vinci: Some of those fairies might try to emerge into pan-human history.

Da Vinci: And if one of them has malice comparable to an Evil of Humanity—

Fujimaru 1: The Collapse...!

Da Vinci: Yeah, so I'd like you to take a look at this mural.

Da Vinci: The one titled “Insect of the Abyss”.

Da Vinci: Basically, the legends of the Fairy Kingdom were prophecies left behind by the Mirror Clan.

Da Vinci: To that end, this mural is very likely a prophecy of a possible future.

Da Vinci: In a Britain without gods, the six clans did revere a great beast.

Da Vinci: There were too many ears around earlier, so I kept my mouth shut.

Da Vinci: This pattern here, below the mural?

Da Vinci: It's not a fairy language, so the fairies here might not comprehend.

Da Vinci: But these are probably hieroglyphics, older even than ancient Hebrew.

Da Vinci: Maybe...14,000 years old. It's a language used by prehistoric civilizations in pan-human history.

Da Vinci: Or possibly—the one who left this behind purposefully used a language only humans in the future could understand.

Fujimaru 1: Can you read it...?

Da Vinci: Of course. Only one word is inscribed.

Da Vinci: —Cernunnos.

Da Vinci: The name of an old Celtic god...and proof there once was a god in this land.


Clerk Meldick: Fairy Knight, Lord Lancelot. Former Fairy Knight Gawain, Lord Barghest.

Clerk Meldick: They have both returned from your task of gaining control over the forest of Wales.

Clerk Meldick: Both Fairy Knights shall deliver their report to Her Majesty Queen Morgan.

Morgan: State your reports. Tell the truth of what transpired, and only the truth.

Barghest: Your Highness. As you commanded, the Welsh forest has been purged.

Barghest: In the midst of this, we engaged in battle with the Child of Prophecy, the foreign magus, and the rebel Oberon.

Barghest: I have lost the gifted name Your Majesty bestowed upon me, and have returned to my former form as Barghest.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Kyahahahaha! Oh, this is rich! Sir Gawain, defeated!

Fairy Knight Tristan: It's so cute when a puppy comes crawling back home with her tail between her legs.

Fairy Knight Tristan: So? What's your excuse? This is the second time you've let the Child of Prophecy escape.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Even Mother won't be so kind to you this time, you know.

B:Fairy Knight Lancelot: The mission Her Majesty gave us was a success. The forest was cleansed.

B:Fairy Knight Lancelot: Barghest ceased combat because it was no longer necessary.

B:Fairy Knight Lancelot: Fairy Knight Gawain was not defeated. —unlike you, Tristan.

Fairy Knight Tristan: ...sorry, did you say something? It's hard to tell with that mask of yours.

Fairy Knight Tristan: If you wanna back talk with me, how about not hiding behind it for once!

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I'm not back-talking. I simply state the facts.

Fairy Officers: L-lord Lancelot has shown her face...!?

Fairy Officers: They say you can only see it during ceremonies...! We must be blessed!

Fairy Officers: Hair like strands of silver, golden eyes that sparkle like crystals—Truly, the one and only dragon fairy who split the heavens themselves...!

Barghest: ...Lancelot. Please don't trouble yourself. I don't need you trying to defend me.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: It's nothing. My mask was a nuisance, so I took it off. It has nothing to do with you.

Fairy Knight Tristan: What, Lancelot's joining the band of losers!? You're not even pretending to be proud of it!

Fairy Knight Tristan: (...what's up with Lancelot? Did something happen...? She's easily provoked, but this is different...)

Barghest: Your Highness. The truth is that I was defeated.

Barghest: I've besmirched the name of Fairy Knight and the trust you have placed in me.

Barghest: Please hand down your punishment. I humbly accept it.

Morgan: Indeed. It is unthinkable that a Fairy Knight would be defeated by the Child of Prophecy of all people.

Morgan: I sentence you to confinement in your holdings.

Morgan: You must be tired after ceaselessly protecting the Fairy Kingdom these past 200 years.

Fairy Officer: She's been relegated to Manchester...! The Black Dog Lord is retiring from the capital!

Fairy Officer: This is our chance! Let's quickly raise a knight to replace her. To be given the Gifted Name of a Fairy Knight...!

Fairy Knight Tristan: (Morons. There's nobody who could possibly fill her shoes. )

Fairy Knight Tristan: (...But are you really sure you should just dismiss her, Mother? Won't Woodwose need her as backup? )

Fairy Officer: Please wait, Your Majesty! Barghest must atone on the field of battle for her crimes!

Fairy Officer: We are currently receiving reports of a growing insurgency in Londinium.

Fairy Officer: We can't rely on the Fang Clan alone. Take Barghest here,

Fairy Officer: and send her off to defeat the Child of Prophecy!

Morgan: Don't make me laugh. You think Woodwose can be defeated by humans?

Fairy Officer: B-but Lord Woodwose is already over 1,000 years old. Surely he is no longer able to wage war—

Morgan: ...My, such ignorance truly is bliss.

Fairy Officer: ...?

Morgan: I've already dispatched reinforcements to Oxford. They'll meet Woodwose's army tomorrow.

Morgan: That will be sufficient to bring down Londinium. There is no need to expend Barghest's life.

Fairy Officer: I-is that so? A-as expected of Your Majesty, such an enlightened decision...haha...

Morgan: Barghest. What of the knight Portunes?

Morgan: I have received no word from him. I don't suppose he died in battle?

Barghest: Hm?

Barghest: (Portunes hasn't returned...? What happened after that...? )

Barghest: ...Knight Portunes and I went our separate ways after the forest was purged.

Barghest: I have no knowledge of his current whereabouts.

Morgan: I see. If you don't know,

Morgan: then perhaps he was defeated by the foreign magus, or ran into a pack of Mors.

Morgan: Whatever the case, he will be presumed dead now that his reports have ceased being delivered.

Morgan: The quality of fairies has fallen. Even knights who once survived the Mors War have ended up in this mess.

Morgan: Very well. Stand down, officer. Looking at your incompetent face depresses me.

Fairy Officer: you wish. Please, excuse my embarrassment...

Barghest: Please wait, Your Majesty. Allow me to make a recommendation.

Morgan: —Are you offering up your head? As sincere as ever, I see.

Morgan: Very well, I shall allow it. This is obviously nonsense, but speak.

Barghest: Your Majesty, I do not think that the foreign magus is an invader here to destroy Britain.

Barghest: [♂ He /♀ She], along with the Child of Prophecy, purified Norwich of the Calamity,

Barghest: answered Her Majesty's summons, and appeared in Wales to defend the forest.

Barghest: [♂ He /♀ She] is a far more trustworthy individual than Knocknarea, who seeks only to disrupt the harmony of our kingdom.

Morgan: —Barghest.

Barghest: ...the Great Calamity draws near, so we should not seek fights needlessly.

Barghest: If [♂ he /♀ she] is not our enemy, then [♂ his /♀ her] knowledge becomes a powerful weapon.

Barghest: Please allow me to enter into negotiations with pan-human history.

Barghest: The Child of Prophecy is nothing more than a rebel, but the foreign magus is an ally to we fae—

Morgan: That's enough. I can no longer dismiss this as nonsense, Barghest.

Morgan: No matter what danger we face, collaborating with pan-human history is out of the question.

Morgan: It is indeed as you fear, the fairies who exist now will all be killed by the Great Calamity.

Morgan: But that is all I will say. So long as Britain and myself remain safe, that is all that matters.

Fairies Gathered Around the Throne: Y-yes, Your Majesty! Your unwavering determination is most amazing!

Fairies Gathered Around the Throne: (Killed by the Great Calamity? But Camelot will be spared, won't it? )

Fairies Gathered Around the Throne: (Of course it will be, how could she rule Britain by herself? )

Fairies Gathered Around the Throne: (After all, Her Majesty is a fairy. Without us, there's no point in preserving the kingdom! )

Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...

Fairy Knight Tristan: Yeah! You don't know anything, do you Barghest!?

Fairy Knight Tristan: How many times do you need to be told, Mother doesn't care about the fairies!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Aah, seeing all you losers get all flustered...this is the best!

Fairy Knight Tristan: If this what a farce is like, I bet the real thing is even better!

Barghest: (—what is she saying? )

Barghest: (Does Her Majesty...really have no intention of saving the fairies...!? )

Beryl: ...I see. I get the gist about the Queen's reinforcements.

Beryl: Nothing from me. Depending on how things go, I may take advantage of it.

Beryl: Fujimaru is the main dish this time. I'm less interested in the battle between Woodwose and the Round Table Army—

Beryl: Whoa now, Peperoncino's in Londinium?

Beryl: ...Seriously? Had I snuck in, I would have stepped on a huge landmine.

Beryl: I owe you for the tip-off, mate.

Beryl: I'll be sure to steer clear of Londinium then. Yeah, we'll have plenty more chances down the road.

Fairy Knight Tristan: That was the absolute best–! Barghest was shaking all over!

Fairy Knight Tristan: I'm back, darling! Hey listen, Mother did the absolute worst—

Fairy Knight Tristan: ...Hey. Was there someone here just now?

Beryl: Hm? Oh, you're back early, Lady Spinel!

Beryl: Wow, so that's Morgan's Infinity Mirror, huh? It's like True Magic!

Beryl: We couldn't move around so easily back in pan-human history.

Beryl: The only ones who could do that are the witches left in the dust by the ages. That alone is worth respecting.

Beryl: These fairies don't get how truly horrifying Morgan is.

Beryl: In their hearts, they're laughing at her as “a fairy who can't perform Sacraments without using magecraft. ”

Beryl: If I had to say, it's the other way around. She's “a cheating monster that can use magecraft on top of being a fairy. ”

Beryl: This could be called shifting between dimensional connections itself, by connecting a parent mirror with a number of child ones.

Beryl: The twelve “Spears at the World's Edge” situated on Camelot's main gate.

Beryl: The great Bounded Field, the “Tower” that covers the island of Britain. The “Garden” where Merlin is sealed.

Beryl: And on top of all that, Rayshifting without a coffin, something Chaldea has never been able to do!

Beryl: And nobody would have thought she would dispatch the Calamity to so long ago, and push her debt into the “past”!

Beryl: No, she's more than enough all by herself! Having Fairy Knights just makes her super broken!

Fairy Knight Tristan: I know, right~! I knew you'd get it, Beryl~!

Fairy Knight Tristan: She doesn't even need three Fairy Knights. Why doesn't Mother just use only me?

Fairy Knight Tristan: I've told her so many times...I'm the only one who needs to be special...

Fairy Knight Tristan: I'm her only daughter...and Mother almost never speaks to me...

Beryl: Hey, Morgan's just embarrassed.

Beryl: You're growing to be every bit the adorable little princess she expected you to be.

Beryl: You know how much she cares for you, right? After all, she gave you one of the Infinity Mirror's child terminals.

Beryl: No matter what happens, no matter where you are, you're always close at hand if Morgan calls.

Beryl: If that's not her showing affection, then what is?

Fairy Knight Tristan: O-oh? Then does she really love me? Am I worthy of being her daughter?

Beryl: Yeah, as an outsider, it's almost sickening! Morgan wants you to be free.

Beryl: Who cares what the fairies think? Do whatever you want, Princess!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Of course. The more I hear them scream, the more excited I get!

Fairy Knight Tristan: I came to Woodwose's battlefields so that I could see all the corpses littering the ground!

Fairy Knight Tristan: It's too bad my Noble Phantasm is Anti-Unit though. I'm jealous of Barghest.

Fairy Knight Tristan: I could ask Mother to swap...but I don't think “Gawain” can be used anymore...

Fairy Knight Tristan: What's more annoying is that Child of Prophecy...I didn't expect her to take down Barghest.

Fairy Knight Tristan: Is the Chaldean Master really that strong? Strong enough to defeat a Fairy Knight?

Beryl: ...That's true. [♂ He /♀ She]'s come this far, so I'd better seriously evaluate [♂ him /♀ her].

Beryl: Setting aside how [♂ he /♀ she] is as a magus, as a Master, [♂ he /♀ she] is first-rate.

Beryl: If you think about it, [♂ he /♀ she]'s amassed a ton of experience by now.

Beryl: You couldn't beat Kirschtaria Wodime on just luck.

Beryl: [♂ He /♀ She] beat that aristocrat, so [♂ he /♀ she]'s more of a Master than I am.

Beryl: A good Master should have a genuine connection with their Servant.

Beryl: A Master and Servant act as one. It was the strength of that bond that defeated Barghest.

Fairy Knight Tristan: ...Acting as betrayal...

Fairy Knight Tristan: You're a Master too, right Beryl? Do you have a Servant already?

Beryl: I wonder? Maybe I just haven't made a contract yet?

Fairy Knight Tristan: What's that all about!? Seriously, you're slacking, Red Beryl!

Fairy Knight Tristan: But this must be fate! Wonderful, wonderful fate!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Hey! Hey Beryl! How about I become your Servant!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Even though I'm a fairy, even though I'm hated, have I met my fated partner!?

Beryl: Aah. I wonder, can a fairy even be a Servant?

Beryl: I'll contract with you if I feel like it, Princess. But let's talk about tomorrow's murders together first.

Beryl: I'm just about done with my business in Londinium. There's just one last thing to do.

Beryl: Then, all that's left is to build towards the future. I'd like your help with that.

Section 15: Londonium Defense

Habetrot: Wow, all the soldiers are eating together in the plaza. It really does feel like the calm before the storm, huh?

Habetrot: Fujimaru and the others are all here too. Weren't you supposed to get started later?

Gareth: Yeah, but we thought it would be wrong if we were the only ones who got to take a break in the operations room.

Gareth: Have you tried these jam buns, Habenyan? Aren't they tasty?

Habetrot: Nah, stuff like that gives me heartburn. Anyway...aren't you missing someone?

Habetrot: Hey, Muramasa. Quit looking so sleepy and tell me where Oberon is.

Senji Muramasa: Hm? Oh, Oberon...come to think of it, I haven't seen him.

Senji Muramasa: I've been in the workshop since last night working on some minor stuff...

Senji Muramasa: But, you see, Oberon's always flying all over the place.

Senji Muramasa: Londinium isn't exactly filled to the brim with women, you know?

Senji Muramasa: He's that sort of guy. Maybe he snuck off to Salisbury to schmooze with Aurora.

Artoria: ...Hmm. I want to say he wouldn't do that since he's not a slob like you are, but I can't exactly deny the possibility...

Oberon: Hmm? You're on the right track there, Muramasa, but you made a mistake. Honestly, Coral is more my type than Aurora is.

Habetrot: Speak of the devil! Oberon!

Gareth: Good morning, Oberon!

Oberon: Yeah, morning everybody. Habetrot and Gareth, you two are angels.

Oberon: Don't grow up to be like these two who gossip about other people's relationships every chance they get.

Senji Muramasa: Sorry about that. But you should be more careful with how you act.

Oberon: I'm fine with it, I got my fame from dramas originally anyway.

Oberon: My job is to sell dreams to anyone and everyone who loves stories. Isn't that right, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Well, maybe so.

Fujimaru 2: Who might that be?

Oberon: Oh, what's with the serious face all of a sudden? Well, let's see...

Oberon: Those who love the life they have. Those that know the value of their own life.

Oberon: On top of that, you can dream of a “what-if” fantasy different from your current life.

Fujimaru 1: It's almost midday...

Fujimaru 2: The battle starts in half a day...right?

Count Peperon: Yes. I wonder if Percy-boy and his merry men have come ashore yet.

Count Peperon: To keep Woodwose from finding out, we've posted soldiers on the ramparts to show that we're still ready to defend, but...

Count Peperon: Now that we've sent out commandos, our defenses here are undermanned.

Count Peperon: I just hope this standoff lasts until the evening.

Artoria: Woodwose is the Fang Clan leader. I've heard he's cautious and calculating due to his position as Head.

Artoria: Refugees from Norwich who fled to Salisbury. Volunteers from Norwich.

Artoria: Woodwose knows that our forces are increasing in strength,

Artoria: so unless there's a serious problem, he won't attack the fortress with his current forces—

Londinium・Sentry Soldier: —Here comes trouble. They're coming...they're coming!

Londinium・Sentry Soldier: Enemy attack, enemy attack—! Woodwose's command unit is heading this way!

Londinium・Sentry Soldier: What is he doing!? Has he lost his mind!?

Londinium・Sentry Soldier: He should know that he can't take Londinium with just two companies...!

Fujimaru 1: There's your serious problem...!

Fujimaru 2: Artoria! Oberon!

Oberon: I know, we need to move now! We can't hold the fortress in this condition!

Oberon: The archers' arrows bottomed out yesterday! They'll be out of ammo in an hour!

Oberon: Aurelia Platoon, take the front, Landon Platoon, hurry up and head out from the east gate!

Oberon: Count, can I trust you to take command of the Norwich volunteers!?

Count Peperon: I'm on it. I'll head out the west gate and hit Woodwose on his right flank.

Count Peperon: Most of them will probably be turned back though, but it should make it easier for the front and left.

Count Peperon: If we can buy time with Aurelia and Landon, then—

Artoria: Percival and his men can hit Woodwose's back lines!

Oberon: That's right. If Woodwose was in such a hurry to win, he should take better care of his defenses!

Oberon: If we can keep them from entering the fortress, we win. But if they make it through the front gate, we lose!

Oberon: Artoria, Fujimaru! Cover Aurelia...wait, no,

Oberon: you'll be protecting Londinium as the core of the defense!

Fujimaru 1: ...We're off!

Fujimaru 2: We're leaving the inside to you, Oberon!


Woodwose's Army・Messenger Soldier: Our battle formation in front of Londinium has been completed!

Woodwose's Army・Messenger Soldier: The Round Table Army has deployed 200 troops from the north gate of Londinium, as well as the east and west gates on either side.

Woodwose's Army・Messenger Soldier: They're preparing to attack our main camp from three sides!

Woodwose: Excellent report. A suitable expression for a human soldier.

Woodwose: How do you see the situation? As another human being, I permit you to express your opinion.

Woodwose: Do they seem to be preparing for a skirmish, only to then escape to the castle as before?

Woodwose's Army・Messenger Soldier: That' I can't put it into words, but these guys seem serious, I guess...

Woodwose's Army・Messenger Soldier: It feels like they have no intention of withdrawing.

Woodwose's Army・Messenger Soldier: Somehow they have vigour to do whatever it takes to keep Lord Woodwose back.

Woodwose: Ha—

Woodwose: Hahahahaha! Yes, that's right, certainly, they're buying time!

Woodwose: That most likely means Percival is not here. I'm well aware of the fact that we're being attacked by a detached force.

Woodwose: After all, if I were him, I would do the same. But he's a day too late.

Woodwose: At this very moment, he will have shedded his skin after seeing our campground, his face having turned pale.

Woodwose: And that's not all. When he was rushing over here, he would have come across the reinforcements from Her Majesty the Queen.

Woodwose: Even if he could fend off the reinforcements, he'd be pincered between my main camp and Her Majesty's army.

Woodwose: Whatever the case, he cannot return to Londinium. As such—

Woodwose: The Round Table Army without its main force is nothing more than glasswork. Let's break it head-on.

Woodwose: Hurry up, advance! Let loose on the mishmash from the west gate.

Woodwose: It's about time we thin out their numbers on the ramparts. Send in the footmen from the scouting unit!

Woodwose: Show no mercy, unarmed or otherwise. Same goes for women and children.

Woodwose: ...This is it. To defy the Queen, who has been protecting Britain for 2,000 years—

Woodwose: Everyone who lives in Londinium is a sinner! Kill them all! Don't let any of them escape!

Artoria: The battlefield is too wide for my Enchantment to reach...! That unit over there isn't covered!

Da Vinci: This is bad, Landon's unit are facing off against a second line of troops! There are siege machine operators amongst them!

Da Vinci: Artoria must remain here! Muramasa, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: Leave it to me!

Senji Muramasa: Yeah, I'll be right back once I've cut that papier mâché to pieces! Habetrot, you too, come on! We've got a lot on our plate, give us a hand!

Habetrot: It's not my field, but screw it!

Habetrot: It's time to get my hands dirty and assist Fujimaru!


Senji Muramasa: That was an awfully out-of-place weapon...could that have been another one of Koyanskaya's interferences!?

Senji Muramasa: That vixen sure is a pain in the ass! She'll conduct her business with anyone and everyone!

Habetrot: This is no time for complaining, Muramasa. There are three more of them coming our way!

Senji Muramasa: Damn, there's no end to them! There's too few of us! We can't defend the east gate like this!

Senji Muramasa: Some of the Fang Clan troops have jumped over the gate and entered the fortress!

Fujimaru 1: ...!

Queen's Army・Knight: Weak. Too weak. Without their weapons of Mors toxin, these humans are nothing.

Queen's Army・Knight: Siege operatives, find a way to remove the magical energy barrier on the ramparts! There must be a control panel somewhere!

Queen's Army・Knight: Tear anyone who gets in your way into pieces! They're long out of date anyway. We have no further use for them!

Queen's Army・Knight: Hm? ...Oh, speak of the devil. It seems we have another human thoughtlessly running their mouth on our hands, don't we?

Queen's Army・Knight: Hey, brat. Where are the headquarters? If you know, tell me, and I'll grant you a swift end.

Londinium Boy: Ha...haa...ha...! Huh, uuu, uuuuuuu...!

Londinium Boy: (Eeep, he's coming! What should I do? He's coming...he's coming...he's coming...! )

Londinium Boy: (B-b-but, but I have to drive them away...! Granny, Yuri, and the others will be next...! )

Queen's Army・Knight: ...You're trembling too much to speak. Fine, this is a waste of time.

Queen's Army・Knight: Probably a defective product that was discarded at the farm. How could it have survived until now?

Queen's Army・Knight: You escaped like a rat and ended up in this dump. It makes my insides turn. You're forcing our hands until the end.

Londinium Boy: —ah

Gareth: Get the hell out of here, you disgusting son of a bitch! I'll throw you down the Great Pit and you're never coming out, you idiot!

Londinium Boy: I-it's big sister Gareth! She's so awesome, so cool—!

Gareth: Y-yeah? Does the armor and shield you guys gave me look good on me!?

Londinium Boy: It suits you perfectly! But you're cool with or without armor!

Londinium Boy: Knocking down the Queen's knight, big sister Gareth, that's just really awesome!

Gareth: Really? I'll finish off any soldiers who come in, so you guys should just run further back!

Londinium Boy: Right! We're counting on you, Lady Knight! Thank you for getting angry and helping out!

Gareth: ...Of course. It's a war, there is no choice but to kill others.

Gareth: But it should be soldier on soldier! Don't you dare touch an unarmed child!

Gareth: If Britain doesn't have an ideal knight, then I'll become one!

Gareth: Come on, you cowards! I'll protect all the people of Londinium!


Fujimaru 1: No good, we can't push them back...!

Fujimaru 2: Crap, the castle moat is right at our heels...!

Artoria: The Round Table troops are holding their ground, but it's becoming too difficult...!

Artoria: They've got better soldiers, bigger numbers...! We have to retreat into Londinium!

Da Vinci: No, if we leave now, they'll storm the castle and take it over!

Da Vinci: Then when Percival returns, the Round Table army will be the ones who have to besiege the castle!

Da Vinci: Woodwose has no intention of taking any prisoners to begin with. If we let him through, there will be nothing left to protect!

Artoria: Y-you're right! Well, in that case, we just have to fight to the death!

Artoria: Uwaa, I can't believe this! How many more times am I going to have to do this from now on!?

Fujimaru 1: Calm down, Artoria!

Fujimaru 2: Stay calm, Artoria!

Artoria: Only after you calm down! There's no way I can calm down like this!

Artoria: You're so accustomed to fighting yet you can't even keep your cool right now! That's just weird!

Artoria: Look at that grin on Woodwose's face! He's there in the middle of his squad looking pompous, and he's even wearing a suit!

Artoria: Oooh, I've had it with this! I'm gonna chuck a bomb! I can reach him from this distance, just watch–!

Fujimaru 1: ...Eh?

Fujimaru 2: ...You can reach Woodwose from here?

Artoria: Ah.

Artoria: I can reach him, so I could snipe him from here...! Woodwose is so confident in his victory that he's coming out to the front lines!

Artoria: Huh? No, that's not Woodwose's main force coming to join the fray at the front...

Da Vinci: Yeah, that's Percival! Percival's troops made it just in time—!


Woodwose: Hahahahahahahaha! That's it, let us crush them once and for all!

Woodwose: After all, they're nothing more than Percival's army! Without him, they're no more than rabble!

Woodwose: Heh, the Child of Prophecy must be trembling right now. Is she cowering in the castle like a fawn?

Woodwose: This will atone for the failure at Tintagel! It's a relief to finally forget about that damned village!

Woodwose: Hey, have there been any reports from those who stormed the castle earlier?

Woodwose's Army・Soldier: No, nothing has come as of yet! I think they might be having trouble finding the Child of Prophecy!

Woodwose's Army・Soldier: ...Um, Lord Woodwose. What does the Child of Prophecy look like?

Woodwose's Army・Soldier: “A female fairy about 16 years of age, with an evil look on her face. ” Is there anything else of note?

Woodwose: No. I have not seen the face of the Child of Prophecy.

Woodwose: I wasn't allowed to attend the Queen's audience with her.

Woodwose's Army・Soldier: O-oh, I see. However, I thought you saw her at Tintagel?

Woodwose: I just said that I have never seen her. I don't even remember seeing so much as the back of the Child of Prophecy.

Woodwose: Whatever, we'll occupy the castle and resolve this ordeal. Continue the assault and annihilate the Round Table army—

Woodwose: Wait. What are those footsteps I hear? They're coming from behind us—

Woodwose: The Queen's, it's something else. The sound of these frivolous military boots, lacking both history and honor...

C:Woodwose's Army・Soldier: L-l-l-lord Woodwose! Lord Woodwose!

C:Woodwose's Army・Soldier: The enemy is attacking! They're attacking from behind! Percival of the Round Table Army has gotten behind our main camp!

C:Woodwose's Army・Soldier: We won't be able to rebuild the main camp! They've really bitten us in the ass!

C:Woodwose's Army・Soldier: I don't understand, you said there would be no attacks from behind!

Woodwose: It can't be, have they defeated Her Majesty's reinforcements!? And in such a short period of time?!

Woodwose: No, it can't be. It can't be! They'd never be able to do such a thing!

C:Woodwose's Army・Soldier: But the truth of the matter is that they're approaching us completely unscathed...!

C:Woodwose's Army・Soldier: We're completely exhausted from that unreasonable siege, and they have more troops than us!

C:Woodwose's Army・Soldier: At this rate, we will be surrounded! Lord Woodwose, give us orders!

C:Woodwose's Army・Soldier: Please command your clan on the battlefield!

Woodwose: A siege...a siege!? You want me to expose myself to the horrors of war, you bastard!?

Percival: Aurelia on Londinium's side, Landon's troops circle around the right flank!

Percival: Second platoon, cut through the right flank and circle around to Londinium!

Percival: First platoon, assault the main camp with me and annihilate the enemy commander before he can reroute his forces!

Percival: If the Child of Prophecy wants to prove herself a leader, she won't miss this opportunity! We must join forces and crush Woodwose's army!

Round Table Army Soldiers: Ooooh! Follow Commander Percival!

Fujimaru 1: It's Percival! Just in time!

Senji Muramasa: No need to worry about the ramparts anymore, it's all about Woodwose's main force now! I heard Percival's voice, Artoria!

Artoria: I got it, he's signaling us to come out to the battlefield right now! Everyone, are you ready!?

Da Vinci: Of course! The Fang Clan are still really strong, and if we miss this opportunity, they will retaliate!

Da Vinci: Let's attack at once and settle this, Fujimaru.


Da Vinci: We've got you completely surrounded! This battle is over, Woodwose!

Woodwose: This is impossible...! How could Percival have made it in time!?

Woodwose: How did you make it past Her Majesty's reinforcements!? Did you ally with the King's Clan!?

Percival: ...Reinforcements...? I'm not sure what you're referring to, but...

Percival: You foresaw our pincer attack from behind and took action beforehand.

Percival: Our strategy was foreseen and we nearly lost the fortress, but everyone managed to hold on until the last minute somehow.

Percival: That's all there was. Please, surrender, Lord Woodwose.

Percival: We'll treat those who surrender respectfully as prisoners of war.

Percival: Our only quarrel is with the Queen. Shedding fairy blood is not our objective.

Woodwose: Impossible...the didn't come in contact with them...? You had, no, there's no way...!

Woodwose: This can' can't...! Your can't have abandoned me...

Woodwose: This can't possibly be happening—!

Woodwose: No more acting like a gentleman! How dare you mock the trust between Her Majesty and I!

Woodwose: Huff...huff...huff—!


Woodwose: Phew.... phew—

Woodwose: —Fine then. I'll take care of you, humans.

Woodwose: Face the true ability of Woodwose, Head of the Fang Clan—I'll shred you into mincemeat!


Woodwose: —So this is it? It's exactly as I imagined it.

Woodwose: No matter how much it accumulates, dust remains dust. Battle can only be carried out by a truly powerful fairy.

Woodwose: Under Her Majesty's Fairy Kingdom, “soldier” is merely a job given to the incompetent.

Woodwose: No matter how heavily you outnumber me, you can't kill one with true strength.

Woodwose: Now then, time to feast. This form is rather bestial, so I hope you're not expecting fine manners from me.

Fujimaru 1: ...No good, I can't move...!

Fujimaru 2: (I've got to do something...! )

Percival: (...Well, time to get scolded again...)

Percival: ...hah—haaaaaaah...

Woodwose: —Oh?

Percival: (...The very power of a king, the personification of beautiful wildness. Essentially, it isn't something we humans should lay our hands on...)

Percival: (...However! I have my own reasons to not die here...! )

Percival: Holy spear, call to order—! My actions, my barbarity...pass judgement unto them...!


Percival: ...hah—haaaaaaah...

Woodwose: —Oh?

Percival: Haaaaaaah...!

Percival: Holy spear, call to order—! My actions, my barbarity...pass judgement unto them...!

Percival: ......!

Woodwose: Of course I know this. Aurora told me of that spear's power.

Woodwose: I wish you had used it in the Tournament of Robins. It would have been great to see Lancelot brought to her knees.

Woodwose: By the way, I was the one who named that tournament. Did you know that, pitiful Percival?

Woodwose: I had hoped the false bird would bring down the dragon. But now that possibility has passed.

Woodwose: Kuh—kuhuahaha...


Gareth: Ggh, gah...! Aagh, aaaaah...!

Oberon: What is it, Gareth!? Don't tell me you took an arrow!? Let me see!

Red Rabbit: No, I can't see any arrows in her back or head! But something is clearly wrong with her!

Red Rabbit: Gareth, get a hold of yourself! Deep breaths, deep breaths!

Gareth: —Rab-bit? Oberon? Thank goodness, you're both alive—

Gareth: No, that's wrong...! It was those visions again...!

Gareth: Think, Gareth, think...! If you don't do something, everyone's gonna die!

Oberon: ...Gareth? What are you talking about...

Gareth: Ah! Yeah, that's it! Rab-bit, I need your help!

Gareth: You were jealous of Percival and his knight-on-horseback fighting style, right!?

Gareth: Then, you're Kundry now!

Red Rabbit: Wha–!?

Percival: (...Well, time to get scolded again...)

Percival: ...hah—haaaaaaah...

Woodwose: —Oh?

Percival: (...The very power of a king, the personification of beautiful wildness. Essentially, it isn't something we humans should lay our hands on...)

Percival: (But if I don't defeat him, I can't save that person...! Fang Lord, I'm sorry—)

Percival: Holy spear, call to order—! My barbarity...

Gareth: WAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIT!!! Hold it right there—!

Percival: Gareth!?

E:Red Rabbit Running In: No, it is I!

C:Horseback Gareth: And Gareth!

Woodwose: —! (Red Rab-bit!? )

Woodwose: (Why would the manservant I gifted to Aurora turn against me!? No—it can't be, it can't be—)

Woodwose: (Aurora—have even you sided with the Child of Prophecy—!? )

Gareth: Uuuooooooooooorryyaaaaaaaaaaagh—!

Woodwose: Fools, even iron weapons won't work on me! You should know your difference in rank as a fairy—ughuahh!?

Woodwose: It worked after all!?

Gareth: Percival, now!

Percival: Understood—! My thanks, Gareth!

Percival: Holy spear, call to order! My actions, please pardon them by virtue of my friends' courage—!

Woodwose: Ggh...! This chill, this vertigo...! That insolent, unpleasant Spear of Selection...!

Woodwose: You dare judge our clan!? Abominable voices from Paradiiiiiiise!

Fujimaru 1: Woodwose's pressure has weakened...?

Fujimaru 2: Now's our chance! Keep at it!

Percival: Yes, Gareth has given us an opening! Let's all bring down Woodwose!


Woodwose: KuuaaaaaaAAAAAAAAGH.... !

Woodwose: Impossible, impossible!

Woodwose: I, head of the Fang Clan, heir to the Archduke, will not be laid low by mere humans.... !

Woodwose: Absolutely not! This can't be happening, this is unthinkable!

Da Vinci: Woodwose is escaping...! He's heading for...the River of Tears!

Da Vinci: This is bad, if he gets away, we won't get a second chance! Somebody catch him...!

Fujimaru 1: (No good, I'm out of breath, I can't do it...! )

Percival: Oh...oooh— Uoooooooooooahhhhh!!!!!

Woodwose: Ggh, aagh—I can't stop the bleeding...! I can't take it...anymore...!

Woodwose: Stay away...stay away, you failure! You bastard, who do you think raised you!?

Woodwose: It was I! I chose you!

Woodwose: Out of all the humans who grew and piled up like trash, I chose you!

Woodwose: You were the only sapling with the potential to become a warrior! I recommended you on that basis!

Percival: I know! I owe who I am to you, and I have no ill will towards you for it!

Percival: Nonetheless, I will defeat you! The boy who was scooped up will end the life of his savior!

Percival: Now—Lord of Oxford, forgive me!

Woodwose: Stop, don't kill me, don't kill Britain!

Woodwose: Without the Fang Clan, who will defend Britain— Stop, STOOOOOOOOOOP!!!

Percival: ...Farewell, Father. You will surely find recompense in Paradise.


Round Table Army Soldier: Woodwose's army is routing! The battle is over!

Round Table Army Soldier: All non-combatants can leave the shelters! Sanitation teams, assemble at the main gate!

Round Table Army Soldier: The surrendered soldiers will be taken to the planned living quarters in the west! Anyone planning to interview them, meet with the Kenwood unit!

Round Table Army Soldier: I repeat, Woodwose's army is routing! Victory is ours!

Fujimaru 1: Somehow or other...

Fujimaru 2: It's over...

Artoria: Yes...somehow...everyone is safe, thankful—

Artoria: Wait, no...! Percival's collapsed over there and isn't moving!

Artoria: He needs treatment! Gareth, Gaaaaareth!

Artoria: Get over here with Red Rab-bit! We need to get to Percival!

Oberon: ...Woodwose died in battle.

Oberon: Twenty percent of the Fang Clan on the battlefield surrendered, and were taken as POWs by the Round Table Army.

Oberon: The rest retreated back to Oxford.

Oberon: Now that Woodwose is gone, they probably won't be able to function as an army.

Oberon: ...Yeah. We've crossed our second hurdle, though it cost us dearly.

Oberon: With this, our obstacles in the south are almost cleared. What do you think, Count?

Count Peperon: Right. We've got a foothold for our march on Camelot, don't we?

Count Peperon: Artoria has rung two bells now and drove back Woodwose with her friends.

Count Peperon: On top of that, it's great that they're not chasing down the Fang Clan.

Count Peperon: They're not pursuing the retreating enemies, and they treat their prisoners of war with respect.

Count Peperon: The Round Table Army's slogan...

Count Peperon: “What we are aiming for is coexistence between fairies and humans. The only thing we condemn is the Queen's rule. ”

Count Peperon: They've really stuck to that up 'til now. Now the Child of Prophecy has just as much standing as the Queen.

Oberon: Yeah. It's not like we wanted to overthrow the fairies.

Oberon: We had no choice but to fight Woodwose, but the Fang Clan is a necessity to keep Britain safe.

Oberon: It's not like the Great Calamity is going to stop at just Norwich. They might be strong, but the Fairy Knights can't be everywhere at once.

Oberon: The Fang Clan's warriors are gonna be needed if there's going to be a battle against a huge outbreak of Mors.

Oberon: As soon as the Round Table Army gets reorganized, we can have them occupy Oxford...

Count Peperon: The question is, who's going to consolidate the Fang Clan at this point?

Count Peperon: Percival would be the man for the job, but the Fang Clan won't follow him after he personally killed Woodwose.

Count Peperon: If only Sheffield's Lord Boggart was still alive...

Oberon: Leave finding a candidate for that to me.

Oberon: Artoria's become the Child of Prophecy in both name and actions by now.

Oberon: We'll get more collaborators from places besides just Norwich and Salisbury now.

Oberon: We'll just have to find someone among them who can understand the Fang Clan's culture and behavior, and has the talent to lead.

Oberon: More important is what comes next. We don't have to worry about being attacked from behind now...

Count Peperon: Do we march on Camelot, or go after the remaining bells?

Count Peperon: When you've got an army, you can't move around so easily...

Narration: ~Round Table Army, first aid tent~


Narration: I can hear the sound of the rain...

Narration: 2011...Salisbury Cathedral foster birthday that year.

Narration: A memorable day of celebration when, of the many candidates, I received the Spear of Selection...

Narration: ...the day the Mirror Clan vanished from Britain, leaving behind the foretelling of the Child of Prophecy.

Narration: And...

Narration: ...the final day, when the person I loved most despaired over the thing I loved most.

Round Table Army Soldier: Thank you for waiting, Lady Artoria.

Round Table Army Soldier: Please be at ease, Commander Percival awoke a short time ago.

Round Table Army Soldier: He's surprisingly resilient and has no lingering hindrances. As expected of the pinnacle of human ability!

Round Table Army Soldier: When I told him you were here, he asked that I bring you to him right away.

Artoria: Oh thank goodness...for a moment there I was wondering what we would do.

Fujimaru 1: Then, let's go celebrate our victory!

Artoria: Yeah! Let's go tell him of the Round Table Army's great victory, and congratulate him as much as we can!

Percival: Thanks for taking the trouble to come here Artoria, Fujimaru.

Percival: I heard about what happened from the soldiers. Unfortunately, I collapsed, but...

Percival: The battle wasn't dragged out, there was no pointless killing, and everyone did well.

Percival: I'm glad they're sticking to the ideals of the Round Table Army. This should open the way to reconciliation with the Fang Clan.

Percival: Hm? Both of you are frozen with your mouths open...ah, I see...

Percival: No, I'm not a Deadlord. Look, I'm a human, so if I died, that would be it.

Percival: As you can see, I'm already recovering. After all, my only good point is my resilience.

Fujimaru 1: No, it's just...

Fujimaru 2: Umm, how do I say this...

Artoria: How can you say you're okay!? Percival, your hair changed color!

Percival: Hm? Something's wrong with my hair?


Aurora: Hehe, I can hear the cries of joy from all over the city. It seems the Round Table Army is victorious.

Aurora: Salisbury too is all caught up in the Child of Prophecy craze. Now we can welcome Artoria at any time.

Aurora:'s such a shame about Woodwose...

Aurora: Oberon requested that I occupy him somehow while the Round Table Army marched on Norwich, but...

Aurora: ...I wonder if I went too far...Woodwose, his expression was so adorable, I just...

???: It's not your fault. Woodwose lost only because of his lack of ability.

???: He placed too much trust in Morgan's faith in him.

???: Such is the overconfidence of being born as an A-Rei. He shouldn't have taken the abilities of humans so lightly.

Aurora: ...You mustn't do that, my darling child. You mustn't speak ill of Her Majesty just because we're alone.

Aurora: The Wind Clan has excellent ears. You can never be too sure someone is not eavesdropping.

???: ...I guess so. If Coral overhears us, she'll scold us again.

???: Where is she? She's always at your side.

Aurora: She's off greeting a messenger from Gloucester.

Aurora: Muryan has some special news for us. Hehe, I'm looking forward to it.

Aurora: She has ever been sensitive to the changing trends.

Aurora: I believe she's sponsoring a new event to celebrate the Child of Prophecy's victory.

???: ...And you? Are you going to play along with her?

Aurora: Naturally. She's a dear friend of mine. No matter what happens, I will be there.

Aurora: You'll be coming as my knight, won't you?

???: ...I suppose. I can't let you go to Gloucester by yourself.

Aurora: Oh, wonderful! Ah, then we'll have to find you some suitable clothes!

Aurora: You'll frighten all the fairies around you if you wear your armor!

Aurora: What do you think of this dress? Or perhaps this one? Aah, how adorable!

Aurora: You really haven't changed at all since then!

Aurora: My most precious treasure, the most wonderful princess in Britain! I love you so, ■■■■■■■■!

???: —Thank you. But you are the most beautiful thing in the world, Aurora.

???: I am a knight only for you. I am not in Morgan's service. Don't forget that.


Aurora: That's right. You're absolutely right. That makes me so very happy, ■■■■■■■■.

Aurora: But I don't think you should say things like that. You're so often misunderstood...

Aurora: You shouldn't praise me such. From now on, Britain will be centered on the Child of Prophecy.

Aurora: Please don't mistake who to place your trust in. Her Majesty's reign will soon come to an end.

???: I don't care. You are my only star, Aurora. I don't really understand the current trends among fairies, or who they follow.

???: All I want is for you to be safe—

Aurora: Oh, you'll always be such a child.

Aurora: But perhaps that means you can give a true evaluation of the Child of Prophecy.

Aurora: Do you think she will become the shining star of Britain, as was foretold?

Aurora: Tell me your thoughts, won't you, ■■■■■■■■?


Knocknarea's Army・Messenger Soldier: I-I beg your pardon, my Queen.

Knocknarea's Army・Messenger Soldier: You've received an invitation to a ball from Muryan of Gloucester...

Knocknarea: Huh!? She's holding a ball at this time of year!?

Knocknarea: ...Oh yeah, that's right. She wants to play with the Child of Prophecy now.

Knocknarea: Her hobbies remain as sick as ever and her insides are still twisted, huh?

Knocknarea: Just send it back. The King's Clan won't be making an appearance. Why would I ever go to a city full of humans in the first place?

Knocknarea's Army・Messenger Soldier: U-understood.

Knocknarea's Army・Officer: We have a report from our soldiers watching the south!

Knocknarea's Army・Officer: The Round Table Army and the Child of Prophecy have defeated Woodwose's army!

Knocknarea's Army・Officer: The Round Table Army suffered casualties of about 20% of their total strength, but as they're quickly replenishing forces,

Knocknarea's Army・Officer: they're expected to take only seven days to regroup and begin their march!

Knocknarea: I see. So Woodwose was all bark and no bite after all.

Knocknarea: All right then. Regardless, that's one less wall between me and Camelot.

Knocknarea: As soon as the Giant Corps is complete, we'll cross the southern border. Inform the officer corps.

Knocknarea's Army・Officer: WoHoooo—! Ah-ahem. Please excuse me.

Knocknarea's Army・Officer: But I can't contain my excitement. The day has finally come when we march on Camelot!

Knocknarea: All that's left is to prepare.

Knocknarea: This is the continuation of a 1,000-year plan dating back to the previous King's Clan. Warn the officers to not get too excited.

Knocknarea: Well—if you want the greatest, most out-of-this-world punishment, I won't stop you.

Knocknarea: Are you prepared to be turned into pathetic chocolate and skewered on my heels for a thousand years?

Knocknarea's Army・Officer: M-my lady! Until we receive your blessed order, not a single one of the northern fairies will move a limb!

Knocknarea: ...Tch. Did that girl and her friends really beat Woodwose...?

Knocknarea: He was an A-Rei, much more of a problem than the Fairy Knights. Morgan's strongest guard, the one who defeated even the Mors King, and still...

Knocknarea: Heh, not bad. Not bad at all!

Knocknarea: You've got no shortage of enemies, Artoria!

Knocknarea: You're competing with me for the throne, so this is the least you can do!

Koyanskaya: I've returned. Did anything happen while I was out, Lady Muryan?

Muryan: Yes. The preparations for the banquet are going steadily. I've just sent out the invitations to everyone.

Muryan: What about you? It was a sudden job, but I trust there were no problems with it?

Koyanskaya: Just so. I haven't let my true nature run wild since Olympus—

Koyanskaya: Flesh and screams, souls and despair. I was able to fully enjoy it.

Koyanskaya: It seems that Lord Woodwose has passed away as a result, but I had no control over that.

Koyanskaya: The Child of Prophecy and the Chaldeans must have cooperated in their usual manner.

Koyanskaya: A cornered cat will bite back, after all, though I hate using such words.

Koyanskaya: More importantly, are you really okay with this? Another clan has dropped out of the game.

Muryan: ...I suppose so. It's a shame about Woodwose. To think he died in battle against a human...

Muryan: But the Fang Clan remains in the game.

Muryan: If they made it back to Oxford, they won't be so easily absorbed into the Round Table Army.

Muryan: If what they need is time to rebuild, then I'll gladly provide it for them.

Muryan: They can no longer rely on the Queen for deterrence...Britain's protectors, the Fang Clan, are all mine.

Muryan: As if I would let the Child of Prophecy have them, much less some outsider.

Koyanskaya: Well then, do you mind if I ask for some time off?

Koyanskaya: That information I bartered from Oberon...I'd like to pay a visit to the husk of the dragon.

Muryan: ...Huh. I really don't approve, but I suppose it's not my place to say.

Muryan: I was hoping you'd have more time to talk, but this is the whole reason you came to Britain, wasn't it?

Muryan: As your friend, I can't stand in your way. Stay safe on your journey.

Muryan: But finish as soon as you can and come back, alright? I'm looking forward to hearing the extraordinarily wicked good news.

Koyanskaya: Why, of course. After all, I'm a woman who doesn't call a break just to waste time♡

Woodwose: Haaah...haaaaah—!

Woodwose: I won't...I won't die...! Who the you think I am...!?

Woodwose: The heir to Archduke Wryneck! The hero who defeated the Mors King in the Mors War...!

Woodwose: I've protected Britain for Her Majesty for so long...I'm the pride of my clan...!

Woodwose: And yet, I—in such a meaningless battle—!

Woodwose: Gah, aaaaaaaagh...! My wounds, my wounds won't close...!

Woodwose: Damn you, Percival...! No, it was that damn fairy that did this!

Woodwose: How could that little girl's spear do this to me...? Could it be...

Woodwose: And that wasn't all...Red Rab-bit...Aurora's guard...

Woodwose: If he's with the Round Table Army—

Aurora: You deserve better, Woodwose. We've worked so closely together, don't you think I know that?

Aurora: Her Majesty has changed in the last two hundred years. She's not just promoting Fairy Knights,

Aurora: she's even adopted a fairy from who-knows-where as her foster daughter, and taken a human from the outside as her spouse.

Aurora: And yet, all this time, I thought you were most suited for that...

Aurora: ...this is just too sad for me to step back from...

Woodwose: it really true? I thought you hated me...

Aurora: Oh my. Why should I hate you?

Aurora: You're a brave warrior who has saved Britain on so many occasions. Among the six clans, your blood remains the most pure.

Aurora: There is not a single fairy who doesn't idolize you. But—you swore an oath of allegiance to the Queen.

Aurora: If a woman such as myself became close to you, it would open a rift in your relationship with her...

Aurora: were the one who truly kept Britain safe. That's what I've always thought.

Aurora: Ainsel's prophecy was mistaken.

Aurora: Britain's true king is neither Her Majesty nor the Child of Prophecy.

Aurora: —Woodwose. You are worthy of being our king—

Woodwose:! Aurora, only you can...!

Woodwose: Red Rab-bit turned traitor on his own, and now that I think about it, he's always been incomprehensible!

Woodwose: ...Yes. Salisbury...Aurora will shelter me...

Woodwose: Now that I'm defeated, Oxford will be occupied, but...

Woodwose: When my wounds have healed, I'll return to Oxford and destroy the Round Table Army!

Woodwose: I am Woodwose, Head of the Fang Clan, and Britain's strongest warrior!

Woodwose: Who needs the Fairy Knights!? If I kill them all, Her Majesty will see! She has to!

Beryl: Wouldn't that be convenient, Woodwose?

Beryl: How can you expect to show your face to her after losing so badly?

Woodwose: Beryl Gut...! You bastard, what are you doing here...

Woodwose: came here to laugh at me...!

Beryl: No, no, I don't have time for something so inconsequential! You sure are strong, Woodwose, but you're such a dunce right 'til the very end!

Beryl: That's why Morgan gave up on you. Don't you get that you've outlived your usefulness by now?

Woodwose: —What. What are you saying, you son of a bitch!?

Woodwose: ...No. No, stop. Don't say anything more! Her Majesty wouldn't...!

Beryl: So you DO get it.

Beryl: There's only one reason Percival could have struck you from behind, isn't there?

Beryl: There were never any reinforcements to begin with.

Beryl: She never even listened to you. You were seduced by another woman.

Beryl: You were just a hindrance, you mutt. She took the opportunity to get rid of you, along with the Round Table Army.

Woodwose: No–no–the Queen—the Queen—I—


Beryl: Now. Do it, Tristan.

Fairy Knight Tristan: You got it! Just leave it to me~!

Woodwose: Gaa—gaa——aa—.........a.........

Beryl: Aaaaaaand we got it! Great work, Lady Spinel!

Beryl: I knew you had talent as a witch! I never thought you'd be able to master my dear old granny's Curse Arts so easily!

Fairy Knight Tristan: R-really? I'm happy to hear it, but...

Fairy Knight Tristan: That felt REALLY gross just now...I don't want to use that “magecraft” any more...

Beryl: Oh don't worry, you won't have to! That was a once-in-a-lifetime secret art!

Beryl: (After all, it rots the soul of the one who uses it. Best to let someone else do it for you. )

Beryl: Now hand that over, Princess. It's scary how it throbs like that, right?

Beryl: Your cute little fingers won't be able to hold onto that forever.

Fairy Knight Tristan: ...Okay. I'm growing fond of the sensation, but here you go.

Fairy Knight Tristan: But...what is that, exactly? Woodwose's liver, or something?

Beryl: Well, something like that.

Beryl: You know how back in pan-human history, we had stories about witches who could turn into animals?

Beryl: That's a kind of magecraft that can't be performed on a whim because it has so many prerequisites—

Beryl: But there are shortcuts to everything. Like this, you get it?

Beryl: Gather up parts of the creature you want to become and gobble them up. It's a little gross, but this is the fastest way.

Fragment / 7

Narration: The savior Tonelico, the stubborn Black Knight Ector, and the Fairy Knight Totrot.

Narration: And then there was Mash, the marvelous knight with the great shield who arrived from a distant 2,400 years in the future.

Narration: This group was headed for the Great Pit, and so they travelled through Britain, where the conflicts between the clans had subsided.

Narration: It was the year 400 of the Fairy Calendar. The coronation in Londinium would take place six months from now.

Mash: Then, it's not that the savior Tonelico was reborn over and over, you just lived on for a long time?

Tonelico: Yes. After cleansing a Calamity, I would hide away in a cave and rest in a “coffin”.

Tonelico: Hmm...I've been sleeping for about 20 years this time, I think?

Tonelico: So it's really no wonder people think I die after cleansing a Calamity!

Mash: Um...why would you do that?

Mash: After driving away the Calamity, wouldn't everyone be thankful and welcoming to you?

Tonelico: No, they aren't.

Tonelico: I am Caster, the one who chants the voice from Paradise. Most of the fairies of Britain hate me.

Tonelico: Having cleansed a Calamity, I would be seen as their next cause of disturbance.

Tonelico: Therefore, I leave the worldly matters following the Calamity into the hands of the clan heads and go into hibernation.

Mash: And, when you say hibernating, you mean like hibernating over winter!? Like, where you barely eat anything and sleep all winter long...!

Tonelico: Yes, exactly. I can also replenish the magical energy I used to cleanse the Calamity. Two birds with one stone!

Tonelico: But that won't happen this time. Everything in Britain will change when Uther becomes King.

Tonelico: This Lostb—...Britain will no longer be a world where its people kill each other without true purpose.

Tonelico: The “Queen's Calendar” that you spoke of is proof of that. The calendar had changed, as did the world.

Mash: That's...true.

Mash: It's true that Fairy Britain was a world completely ruled by a single fairy, but...

Mash: Tonelico, has Britain always been in such a state?

Mash: I was told that there had always been conflicts between the clans, but I didn't think it was to this extent...

Tonelico: ...Britain's land was very limited in space.

Tonelico: Nowadays, each of the clans has their own territory, but our land used to be much smaller.

Tonelico: The land of Britain is a world formed by piling up the corpses of dead fairies.

Tonelico: Fighting and killing was the norm, and every day, thousands and thousands of fairies passed away. Britain has taken its current form because of that.

Tonelico: The conflict between clans was a “fight for limited land”, but it was also an act of “creating more land”.

Tonelico: Their mutual hostility and hatred made them feel like that they had the right to kill the other fairies.

Tonelico: If they hadn't, Britain would have remained narrow and small. That's why...

Tonelico: At the very least, I try to prevent all the fairies from being wiped out by a Calamity, while I stay out of the conflict between the clans.

Mash: This Britain is an island made from the corpses of fairies...I heard the same from Totrot.

Mash: Conflict was necessary to expand their sphere of existence...that may have been the case, but...

Mash: Why was the island of Britain “small and narrow” in the first place? In my world, the island of Britain was much bigger.

Mash: The only thing I can think of is that there must have been some sort of difference in the past that required the use of fairy corpses.

Tonelico: I know...I asked myself the same question. How did the island of Britain come to be like this?

Tonelico: But, since I was born 3,600 years ago, or to put it your way, year 4000 of the Fairy Calendar...

Tonelico: I was never taught anything about the beginning of Britain, which was 10,000 years ago–or year 12000 of the Fairy Calendar.

Mash: 12,000 years ago...(That's around the same time as Olympus' divergence point...! )

Mash: S-so, there's no history of anything before that? The Fairy Calendar started 12,000 years ago, then!?

Tonelico: There's no doubt about that. Orkney's records said the exact same thing.

Tonelico: “In the beginning, there was an empty sea. Nothing but six fairies, a priestess, and a beast. ”

Black Knight: That's wrong. How many times do I have to tell you? If you want to dye it yellow, you need onion skin.

Black Knight: In order to prevent color loss, you need salt. Dissolve it in boiling water before applying. I told you this yesterday too.

Black Knight: If you don't feel like doing it, then don't bother. You can just tie your enemies up with string.

Totrot: ...

Totrot: ...What was it...? What was it...?

Totrot: ...How do I use the string...? How do I put the cotton to good use...?

Totrot: Ugh...uggghhh...uggghhhhhhh...I don't know...I don't knoooow...

Totrot: I have to do this right...but why am I always like this...?

Mash: Totrot...? Were you asleep?

Totrot: What?

Totrot: Oh, oh, you're awake too! Go to sleep! Tomorrow is the day we go to the Great Pit!

Totrot: I'm on watch duty! I'm totally not practicing or anything!

Mash: ...? When you say're practicing to not make a mess with your tools, aren't you?


Mash: Ahh, I'm sorry, really! I must have got it all wrong!

Mash: Umm, this're sewing something, right!?

Totrot: ...Exactly. An outfit for Tonelico to wear at the coronation.

Totrot: ...Tonelico told the people in the city that she didn't need one,

Totrot: so that's why I thought I'd make it for her. Sewing with thread is the only thing I'm good at. But...

Totrot: ...I can't. I've been trying to do it for months, but I just can't.

Totrot: Even if I hear something three, or even two days ago...

Totrot: I just forget everything so quickly. I can't do anything that I didn't already know from birth.

Totrot: The Black Knight says that I can just keep fighting, and that was my role from the beginning...

Totrot: ...but, ever since I saw the pretty dresses in the city, there's been a pain in my chest.

Totrot: For no reason whatsoever, I get sad and want to cry.

Totrot: ...I get the feeling that something very important is missing from me.

Totrot: So...if I could make clothes like a human craftsman, maybe I could learn something regarding that.

Totrot: I'm really just an idiot...

Totrot: No matter how much others try to teach me, I can only do what I've always done...

Totrot: Ughh...ughhhh...I don't know why...I don't know...

Totrot: But...I want to try...I want to try, at least...

Totrot: I really want to do something other than just fighting...I want to do something different...

Mash: Totrot...

Mash: Then, what about keeping a diary?

Mash: Everyone's a little forgetful sometimes! But, we can use words!

Mash: We can write down anything we need as a memo!

Mash: To be honest, I'm a diary person too! I can teach you how to use one!

Totrot: B-but, I can't even write. And I forget everything...

Mash: I can't write the language of fairies either! So let's study together!

Mash: Don't worry, even if you forget, your body will remember and you'll write with just muscle memory!

Mash: Writing is all about taking what's in your head and putting it down on paper. If you can have a conversation, writing should be no problem!

Mash: Without a doubt, it's something you were born knowing!

Mash: This is the Great Pit...(So Camelot hasn't been built yet. )

Totrot: Tonelico, are you really going to go down there!? I'm against it! I get a bad feeling from this place!

Tonelico: But there's no danger. There aren't any Mors around here.

Tonelico: The fairies won't come near this place, so we won't get attacked by anti-Londinium organizations.

Tonelico: Totrot, you focus on lowering the string, and I'll take care to protect the string with magecraft.

Tonelico: We will lower Mash down using the string. As long as she doesn't let go, it'll be fine.

Mash: Me!?

Totrot: Mash is going down the hole!?

Totrot: Then I will go too! If Mash goes alone, she'll get lonely!

Tonelico: You're playing the part of the winch, so you have to stay here.

Totrot: I see! Then what am I supposed to do!?

Mash: I'm surprised by your initiative, Totrot, but I'm fine alone.

Mash: I've done things like this many times, like surveying ruins.

Mash: I can trust your string. It's like a sturdy wire rope!

Mash: I'm going to do my best, so help by keeping me safe, Totrot.

Totrot: Of course! You're so brave, Mash!

Tonelico: Well then. Over here, Mash.

Tonelico: Wrap it once around your waist as a lifeline...make a foothold from the main thread. Yes, that will do.

Tonelico: Your voice can transmit through the thread, so call us if there's any danger.

Tonelico: If your foot slips from the hold, we (Ector) will hoist the lifeline as hard as he can.

Tonelico: My Enchantment can allow Totrot's thread to stretch to 8,000 meters, but we're not necessarily trying to reach all the way down.

Tonelico: How deep the Great Pit is, and what might be at the bottom...

Tonelico: Please let us know if you come close enough to see.

Tonelico: This trip is just for reconnaissance, all right?

Black Knight: There's no “justs” about it. You're the only one thinking it'll progress beyond that.

Black Knight: I humbly think you should attack at once if you spot anything dangerous.

Black Knight: If it weren't for me and Wryneck, your strategies would never succeed.

Totrot: The Black Knight is right! I'm finally seeing it since Mash got here!

Totrot: You're too reckless, Tonelico! Even against an enemy, there's no blood or tears!

Tonelico: Huh~? Aren't I just taking things in stride~?

Tonelico: It's true that everyone ends up fawning over me.

Tonelico: After all, no matter how tough a fight gets, I always get through it with a smile.

Tonelico: I've fallen on a lot of tough times where I started hating myself, but I've made it this far with everyone's help.

Mash: I'm going down then. Navigation is up to you, Tonelico.

Mash: ...One hour since at 7,000 meters.

Mash: ...No change in the pit's dimensions...or any sign of life.

Mash: ...but, I this ash? It's rising from the bottom...

Mash: (...So the ash in the atmosphere of this Britain's Fairyland has risen from here...)

Mash: (...And if there's ash, that means something's burning...)

Mash: (Just what is at the bottom...? )

Tonelico: Hmm...I didn't expect it to be this deep...

Tonelico: Can you see the bottom yet, Mash? I mean, dark as it must be?

Tonelico: Are you cold down there?

Mash: Yes, the light from above is gone. But the temperature is warm. Only...

Mash: (The more I descend, the heavier the air gets...)

Mash: (I can breathe thanks to the protection of Heroic Spirit Galahad...)

Mash: 7,400...7, change in dimensions.

Mash: Can you still stretch the line, Tonelico? We'll have to go down much deeper to see whatever's at bottom—

Mash: —Wait.

Mash: Something is in the depths—

Mash: A glowing, red light is—

Totrot: What is that sound!? What is going on, Tonelico!?

Tonelico: Mash, take your foot off the catch! The thread's been infected by the lethal amount of magical elements coming up!

Tonelico: (It's not just Britain. Is there a curse behind this Lostbelt that's covering the entire planet...!? )

Tonelico: That space is not of this world! You'll be drawn in if you gaze on it—Mash? Mash!?

Tonelico: No, she's lost consciousness! Ector, pull as hard as you can!

Tonelico: Oh, no—it's him at the bottom...!

Tonelico: Cernunnos!

Tonelico: But why!? Why has an ancient Celtic god gone to die in a place like that...!?

Mash: Haaaaa—...!

Totrot: Oh, whaaaaa! Mash finally came to, Tonelico!

Totrot: You big goof! You had me worried, you goof!

Mash: T-Totrot...!? Please calm down...!

Mash: The last thing I remember...I was descending into the Great Pit—

Tonelico: ...I'm so sorry, Mash. My presumptions were all wrong.

Tonelico: This is the cathedral in Salisbury. We brought you here after you fell unconscious.

Tonelico: You had a terrible curse all over your body when we pulled you out of the pit.

Tonelico: My magecraft alone couldn't exorcise it, but with the cleansing power of this land and that of the Wind Clan...

Tonelico: We finally rid you of the curse.

Mash: ...I remember...I fainted at the sight of those flames.

Mash: Thank you for helping me, Tonelico.

Mash: I'm just sorry for the inconvenience brought about by the bad judgement on my part.

Mash: So...about the fire at the bottom...?

Tonelico: We can talk about that later.

Tonelico: It's a bit of an issue...that might take a couple centuries to fix, never mind decades.

Tonelico: Just knowing that such a thing is lurking at the bottom of the Great Pit is fortuitous.

Tonelico: Thank you for your cooperation. From here on out, after Britain is unified...

Tonelico: I'll be consulting with Uther on how to deal with the Great Pit.

Totrot: There you go again, Tonelico! Mash could've died down there!

Tonelico: But leaving that aside...there's no thanks or anything I can offer you...

Tonelico: I didn't learn any magecraft that could return you to the future, or anything of the sort...

Mash: No, please don't worry about it. I was also interested in the Great Pit.

Mash: In the Fairy Kingdom, everybody took its presence for granted.

Mash: But no matter how you look at it, having a giant hole in the center of your island is a bizarre situation.

Mash: So I was wondering why nobody had investigated it.

Totrot: So the Great Pit is still there in the future! It can't be plugged up!?

Tonelico: Hmm, so it's that deep...maybe it's truly bottomless...

Tonelico: It can't exactly be sealed like the Spear of Selection.

Tonelico: I guess we'll have to wait and see for a while...

Mash: Hm? By Spear of Selection, do you mean the Staff of Selection?

Mash: I've been meaning to ask, Tonelico. You're the Savior, but you don't have the Staff of Selection with you.

Mash: Did you lose it somewhere?

Tonelico: Well, I don't know about any Staff of Selection, but the Spear of Selection is no longer in my possession.

Tonelico: I came to Britain along with the Ritual Tools of Selection from my homeland that washed ashore with me.

Tonelico: That one became corrupted by my feelings and turned into a “weapon gone bad”.

Tonelico: So I sealed it and was given leave to store it in this cathedral.

Totrot: It's a real shame, though!

Totrot: The Garden and the Spear are Tonelico's super moves!

Totrot: The Garden is a Bounded Field used to lock up incubi, and the Spear is a weapon for punishing fairies!

Totrot: But the last time we had a Calamity, the fairies acted so selfishly.

Totrot: Tonelico flipped her lid, and the Spear inverted!

Mash: ...If you don't mind my asking, what became “bad” about it?

Tonelico: ...Hmm, how do I say it...the spear's strength itself didn't change, but...

Tonelico: It's like a limiter popped off and made the charging function all wonky...

Tonelico: To put it frankly...

Tonelico: The Spear of Selection doesn't draw from a wielder's magic energy, but their lifespan.

Section 16: Gloucester (II)

Percival: Good morning, everyone.

Percival: I'm sure you're all still tired from the battle yesterday, but there's a reason I've gathered you here so early in the morning.

Percival: You see...last night, Artoria and Fujimaru received an invitation to a fairy ball, or the “Faerium”.

Percival: The invitation was sent by Lady Muryan of Gloucester.

Fujimaru 1: An invitation to a fairy ball?

Fujimaru 2: More importantly, Percival, your body...

Percival: Yes, some of my hair has changed color, but rest assured, there are no other changes.

Percival: It has a nice stylish look about it, too.

Percival: I'd secretly been admiring the Count's own look, so I'm actually rather happy with it.

Percival: ...ah, sorry, my inner thoughts slipped out. How embarrassing, it's time for me to grow up.

Percival: Sorry. Back on topic, the invitation from Lady Muryan.

Oberon: The timing on're definitely up to no good, aren't you, Muryan?

Da Vinci: Regardless, what's this “Faerium” anyway? Can someone give me a little context here?

Gareth: Let me, Gareth, who has always desired to attend a ball, explain it to you!

Gareth: The Fairy Ball, the Faerium! The soirée that fairies all around Britain yearn for!

Gareth: Not only the clan heads, but other prominent fairies recognized for their service that year to the Fairy Kingdom are invited to speak at this evening of laudation.

Gareth: There are sights never before seen, food never before eaten, dances to music never before heard...

Gareth: It's also the pinnacle of high society, where the most “dazzling” fairy of the year is chosen.

Gareth: Right, Artoria!? There isn't a fairy around who doesn't long for an invitation to the Faerium!

Artoria: Y-yeah, right. I guess so? I've been longing for it too, haven't I?

Artoria: But you know, with the way everything is going at the moment, is it really a good idea for us to be going...?

Artoria: I really can't say anything good comes to mind when I think about it either...!

Senji Muramasa: ...

Fujimaru 1: Oh, we're going to Gloucester!?

Count Peperon: Indeed. Such a blatant invitation is a chance for us to turn the tables.

Count Peperon: Is that your plan, Muryan, my dear? It's so terribly kind of you to offer up Gloucester's bell like this, you know?

Fujimaru 2: You know, this is our chance to ring another bell!

Da Vinci: In all likelihood, that's probably what Muryan is intending to happen by inviting Artoria.

Da Vinci: Muryan is giving us an opportunity. What her end goal is, however, I'm not sure.

Oberon: Right. This is likely Muryan's own way of expressing her support for both the Queen and the Child of Prophecy.

Oberon: It's only natural that the head of Gloucester should be the one to hold a ball. Even more so when it's the historic fairy ball Faerium.

Oberon: Of course, Artoria and Fujimaru aren't the only ones invited.

Oberon: Morgan...she'll never leave her throne, but others may come in her stead.

Oberon: Fairy Knight Tristan. And of course, Lancelot. There's no reason why we shouldn't see them there.

Gareth: Right? Especially since Lancelot is chosen every single year...

Senji Muramasa: ...That bastard.

Senji Muramasa: I'd love to return the favor, but Gloucester is under Muryan's Rule.

Senji Muramasa: Neither side will be able to wage war against each other at the ball, I guess.

Oberon: That's right. It makes this an even greater opportunity.

Oberon: We, who rang the bells and defeated Woodwose, are considered traitors, and would be forbidden from entering Gloucester.

Oberon: But this will be different. We'll be attending the ball as guests of nobility.

Oberon: And what follows should be obvious, no?

Oberon: Sneaking out of silly old-fashioned ceremonies and into secret rooms is what Artoria does best, right?

Artoria: I knew that's what it was gonna come down to!

Fujimaru 1: You'll bust out some shady magecraft this time for sure, right?

Artoria: Don't call it that!

Percival: Then it's settled. I'll have a carriage prepared for you right away.

Percival: After all, the ball is tonight! Let's do our best to reach Gloucester by nightfall!

Everyone else: Muryan, isn't this a little short notice!?


Oberon: Phew, we made it. Gloucester, we meet once again.

Oberon: Red Rab-bit and Percival have been left to stand guard outside the city...

Oberon: ...and, to make matters worse, there were only two invitations, one for Artoria, and one for Fujimaru.

Oberon: Each invitation allows for just one extra companion. I wonder what's with that...

Senji Muramasa: Myself and Da Vinci will do. I've already met Muryan.

Senji Muramasa: Gloucester is a battleground of words, not weapons, so having Oberon with us would be a great help...

Senji Muramasa: Well, Oberon? You'll be able to sneak in without any issue, won't you?

Oberon: Naturally. I'm glad that we're on the same page, Muramasa.

Oberon: I've got a bit of a thing going with some ladies here in Gloucester. I'll sneak in as one of their companions.

Habetrot: Well, break a leg, everyone. I'll just be taking a stroll through town.

Gareth: I'm Gareth, and I'm disappointed now that I've realised I can't go to the ball...

Gareth: Then again, I've changed my mind! Habenyan, let's go to the Count's shop!

Gareth: When we left Londinium, he gave us a reference letter to allow our entry!

Gareth: “I hope you two have a ball,” Count Peperon said. He's too clever by half!

Habetrot: Ah, the Count's store...I suppose I miiiiight be a little bit interested...

Habetrot: All right, let's go!

Habetrot: I don't want to have too much fun, but that much will be just fine!

Oberon: Mmm, friendship really is a thing of beauty. Now then,

Oberon: someone's completely frozen on the spot. What do we do, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Muramasa, we'll have to carry her in by force.

Senji Muramasa: It can't be helped. You on the right, me on the left.

Artoria: Uwaaa—! I knew it—!

Artoria: There's no WAY I'm going to the ball dressed like this! And I don't want to meet anyone I know either, absoluuutely not!

Artoria: Oberon, you're a prince, you go! Go and ring the bell too!

Artoria: And don't forget to bring me back some of Gloucester's finest cuisine while you're at it!

Oberon: Don't say such selfish things! A child who says things like that is not a “Child of Prophecy”!

Oberon: There are some Fresh Blood Demonesses in this world who would just LOVE to go but can't! You should be ashamed!

Fujimaru 1:'re sounding like her stepmother...

Fujimaru 2: I don't know, maybe you're going a little overboard here...

Oberon: ...Yeah, I'm sorry. I wasn't expecting Artoria to have this much loathing towards the ball...

Oberon: Maybe she has some kind of underlying trauma? Were you mistaken for a waiter at a ball once?

Artoria: C-could something that miserable ever have happened in the past!?

Artoria: But you see, I'm already the face of the Round Table show up wearing something so shabby, it's just...

Oberon: In that case, there's even less to worry about. For a warrior, their combat attire is their formal attire.

Oberon: Or would you rather Fujimaru headed in first?

Oberon: It might be difficult for you to rejoin us once you're inside. You'd be attending the ball with Muramasa as your partner.

Fujimaru 1: Right then, let's go.

Fujimaru 2: That shouldn't be a problem, right?

Artoria: W-wait a moment, I'm going, I'm goiiiiiiing! Don't leave me behiiiiiind—!

Fujimaru 1: Amazing...

Fujimaru 2: So pretty...

Da Vinci: Yeah, this is terrific. Who knew there was a place as amazing as this right next to the auction house?

Da Vinci: A Fairy Territory within a Fairy Territory...truly the mark of an Alien Common Sense, an ultra first-class Reality Marble.

Da Vinci: After all, the size of the building as seen from the outside and the size of this hall on the inside don't match.

Senji Muramasa: It's quite the accomplishment. Muryan is second to none when it comes to building this sort of stuff, isn't she?

Senji Muramasa: It's so spectacular that even Artoria is beginning to calm down...

Artoria: This is the second time I've been here. It's not like I'm going to be standing here in silence, captivated by my surroundings.

Artoria: So then, where's Muryan? She invited us here and doesn't even have the damn common courtesy to say hello...

Da Vinci: (Artoria is getting worked up again...we can always count on her to take the offensive, can't we? )

Senji Muramasa: Yeah, that's more like it. I don't see that bastard Muryan anywhere, do you?

Senji Muramasa: You'd think her first move would be unveiling the “Child of Prophecy” to get the crowd going, but—oh?

Auctioneer Fairy: Ladies and gentlemen. Please excuse my interruption.

Auctioneer Fairy: The owner of this establishment, Muryan, has yet to make her appearance. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay.

Auctioneer Fairy: Today's special announcement will be revealed in one hour from now. In the meantime, please enjoy the atmosphere.

Artoria: ...I don't think Muryan is anywhere in the ballroom. Oberon doesn't seem to have arrived either...

Artoria: What do we do, Fujimaru? Should we sneak into the bell tower already?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, we could...

Fujimaru 2: I mean, we've come all this way...

Da Vinci: Oh? It seems new guests have arrived. Wow, everyone's making way for them—

Fujimaru 1: Whaaaa—?

Artoria: Baaaaaa—?

Senji Muramasa: Seriously?

Da Vinci: My my~♪

Senji Muramasa: Oh, oh. Who was that, the girl next to Aurora?

Senji Muramasa: ...Aurora's beauty is remarkable, but the fairy next to her is also...well, she's very pretty, isn't she?

Artoria: ...Huh. Muramasa's into that kind of “lady-like” appearance, then.

Senji Muramasa: No, it's not that I like it or hate it, but I'm allowed to give an objective opinion, you know?

Da Vinci: Beryl! And Fairy Knight Tristan!

Senji Muramasa: Well, of course she'd come. As Morgan's daughter, it's to be expected.

Senji Muramasa: (...Damn it. Muryan, is this your plan? You're so damn vindictive...)

Senji Muramasa: (Or are you just a perfectionist? Setting up all her opposition for a single chance to take each other out...)

Fujimaru 1: ...The buzz seems to have settled.

Fujimaru 2: ...Is this the last of the arrivals?

Artoria: ...

Fujimaru 1: Artoria?

Fujimaru 2: Are you looking for someone?

Artoria: N-no, it's nothing. I was just wondering if Knocknarea was here.

Artoria: Oh, thank goodness she isn't! I don't have to put up with her arrogant attitude or listen to her snide remarks!

Coral: Good evening, Child of Prophecy. Congratulations on your victory in Londinium.

Artoria: C-Coral! Sorry, was I too loud!?

Artoria: You see, I'm not really used to this sort of situation, I'm sorry for acting like a country fairy bumpkin...

Artoria: A-a-anyway, thank you for your polite greeting!

Coral: Fufu. I know how you feel, but you don't have to be so nervous.

Coral: This hall is under the effect of Muryan's magic. As such, one cannot see the face of someone they don't know.

Coral: You don't have to worry about a stranger seeing your face here. There is no need to be so tense.

Coral: Evenings like these are a rarity. I hope you will take the time to enjoy yourself.

Artoria: I-is that so? C-Coral, so you can be like this too...

Fujimaru 1: It's a lot more fun here than in Salisbury, isn't it?

Coral: No, as Aurora's bodyguard, I mustn't allow myself to get carried away.

Coral: Foreign Magus. Do not forget that despite being invited here, you are still a human.

Coral: Do not speak your opinions so carelessly, as you have been doing. Know your place.

Da Vinci: Thanks for the heads-up. Deep down, a part of you is always worried about the humans, right?

Da Vinci: You were just giving [♂ him /♀ her] a warning to stay out of trouble by not doing the same to other fairies.

Coral: I have no such intentions. Presumptuous interpretations are a bother.

Coral: I am not like Lady Aurora. I don't like humans, and I don't consider them to be my equals.

Da Vinci: Really?

Da Vinci: Aurora, who lets humans live freely; and you, who imposes strict discipline.

Da Vinci: It appears to me that you're a lot kinder to humans than I originally thought—

Coral: Silence. No matter what clan you hail from or which fairy you are, such slander against Lady Aurora is an insult to the Wind Clan.

Coral: Moreover—comparing me to Lady Aurora is just unacceptable.

Coral: I was foolish enough to try and work with the Child of Prophecy.

Coral: This is a soirée for distinguished guests. You should learn civility before you come.

Da Vinci: That's a little rude. Ah, but could I ask you one more question?

Da Vinci: That fairy who was standing next to Aurora earlier—is she Aurora's bodyguard?

Da Vinci: I mean, aside from you, Aurora's right-hand fairy.

Coral: ...

Coral: The most beautiful fairy stands next to the most brilliant fairy, Lady Aurora.

Coral: When she is present, I respectfully give up my seat.

Coral: ...That is the way of things. Even if she is a repulsive​ creature who crawled out of the black mud.

Fujimaru 1: ...and off she goes...

Senji Muramasa: I'm not sure who's to blame for that. What's the matter, Da Vinci? That wasn't like you.

Fujimaru 2: That was a tough one, wasn't it, Da Vinci?

Da Vinci: Hmm, better luck next time.

Da Vinci: I've always wondered about the difference in values between Coral and Aurora.

Da Vinci: I had hoped to use this opportunity to get to the bottom of that, but I guess I overdid it a little☆

Senji Muramasa: A difference in values?


???: What did you say to Coral? She seemed very upset about it.

Fujimaru 1: You...the one who was next to Aurora...

???: ...? Oh, right. I'm not wearing my armor today. Excuse me.

I:???: I've seen you all a few times now. It's not as if we've never met before, but it's the first time I've given my name.

I:???: I'm Lancelot, the Fairy Knight.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Welcome to the ball, Artoria, Fujimaru.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: And who is the young lady over there? Do you mind if I ask your name?

Da Vinci: Y-yes, of course! I'm Leonardo da Vinci. N-nice to meet you, right?

Fujimaru 1: (Da Vinci!? )

Da Vinci: (Don't blame me, I was an artist before I was Chaldea's technical advisor! Beautiful things are my weakness! )

Senji Muramasa: ...You're surprisingly soft-spoken tonight, aren't you? Is your sheep's clothing all zipped up?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...Who are you? Do I know you?

Senji Muramasa: I'm the man you threw out of the castle! You stabbed me over and over and you don't remember any of it!?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Oh! Oh, of course, Muramasa! Sorry, I never saw your face or anything!

Fairy Knight Lancelot: But cutting you down felt amazing, it left such a strong impression on me!

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Yes, I knew you'd be alive! I had the feeling we'd be able to fight again!

Fairy Knight Lancelot: So, when's the rematch!? Will you slice my head off next time!?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: It's going to be so much fun! I'm going to gouge out that patchwork Spirit Core of yours like driving in a stake!

Senji Muramasa: ...Y-yeah. (What's with this girl...she's got the same air about her as Oberon!? )

Da Vinci: (She's a prince-type, all right! There's no doubting the power of Lancelot's gifted name! )

Artoria: Umm...I don't suppose you're...from Avalon–

Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...Well, that is that. Aurora told me to keep a low profile about my origin.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Well done on your victory in Londinium. Even though we are enemies, I commend you for your good fight.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...One more thing. I'd like to ask you something.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I need to know if anything has happened to Percival. I'm told he's not dead, but...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: he in good health? Nothing bad has happened to him, right?

Fujimaru 1: He's fine, but...

Fujimaru 1: ...Who is Percival to you?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: He's my little brother.

Da Vinci: I see, you're his sister! I'm sure you're awfully worried about hi—wait...


Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...?


Artoria: Fairy Knight Lancelot...

Artoria: She just told us that she was Percival's older sister and then left...

Fujimaru 1: The type to say whatever's on her mind.

Fujimaru 2: The strongest fairy and human are siblings!?

Senji Muramasa: ...Percival never even hinted at any such thing.

Da Vinci: I don't think he was hiding it. More the fact that it never came up in a conversation.

Da Vinci: Is this something generally known in Britain, Artoria?

Artoria: No, not at all. I don't think anyone would believe it if you told them.

Artoria: Lancelot herself told us, so I don't think we have any choice but to believe it.

Senji Muramasa: ...In that case, I guess Percival wants to keep it a secret.

Senji Muramasa: If word got out that their commander was Lancelot's brother, you can imagine how it would affect the morale of the Round Table Army.

Senji Muramasa: But that airheaded Fairy Knight just blurted it out and exposed the secret...

Senji Muramasa: What's with that? Aren't all the Fairy Knights a bit too free-spoken?

Fujimaru 1: The thing is...

Artoria: It's not really a problem. I think you should just keep shut about it.

Artoria: This isn't as though the two are in cahoots, and they wouldn't be meddling in each other's affairs.

Senji Muramasa: S-sure, if it's all the same to you, I'll keep quiet about it...

Senji Muramasa: Percival's a human, and Lancelot's a fairy, right? How can they be siblings?

Artoria: It's not unheard of for fairies to “adopt” humans.

Artoria: Maybe Lancelot was an old friend of the fairy who took in Percival.

Da Vinci: ...That sounds plausible. It's probably why he didn't want to go anywhere near Salisbury...

Fujimaru 1: Da Vinci?

Fujimaru 2: (Could it be that the fairy who took in Percival was...)

Invited Fairy: Oh, there's the human [♂ boy /♀ girl]. Yeah, you. Come here.

Invited Fairy: The Fairy Knight says she wants a word. Hurry up and head over to the terrace. Don't make her wait.

Fujimaru 1: Huh?

Fujimaru 2: She called for me?

Da Vinci: Yeah, you're the only human in this hall, Fujimaru.

Da Vinci: What do you think? Will you go?

Fujimaru 1: As long as you guys join me.

Artoria: Naturally. Even with Muryan's Rule in effect, this is still enemy territory.

Artoria: The terrace is reserved for private use, so no other fairies will be coming. It's great for secret talks.

Artoria: Lancelot left rather suddenly after the big reveal, so maybe she still has other questions to ask.

Senji Muramasa: No objections here. To be honest with you, I'd like to have observed her a little longer.

Senji Muramasa: The clothes, I mean, obviously her clothes. There might be some references there to tie things up with.

Artoria: Gag.

Barghest: It was good of you to accept an enemy's invitation...Not that I doubted you wouldn't.

Fujimaru 1: Fairy Knight Gawain!

Barghest: I can't use that name anymore. Barghest is fine.

Fujimaru 2: That dress looks good on you.

Barghest: ...Of course it does. I am a lord. I'm not so barbaric that I would wear my armor to a formal event.

Da Vinci: Good evening, Barghest. It's been some time since the forest in Wales.

Da Vinci: Since then, we haven't known if you were punished or not.

Da Vinci: If we're going to talk, perhaps you could explain that first?

Barghest: ...

Da Vinci: Barghest? Will you only speak to Fujimaru?

Barghest: No, that's not...

Artoria: That's not it. She's just fascinated by you, Da Vinci.

Artoria: Come on, Barghest, if you've got something to say, spit it out! We're on a schedule here!

Barghest: I know. I don't have time either. I'll make this brief.

Barghest: Da Vinci, as you said, I have been relieved of my post as a guardian of Britain.

Barghest: I'm under house arrest within my own land. At this time, I have no reason to attack the Child of Prophecy.

Barghest: I didn't feel like making an appearance at this ball either, but I guessed you would be here.

Barghest: So I swallowed my pride and came to talk to you. —Is that enough of an explanation?

Da Vinci: Yeah, that works. I didn't mean anything by it, but I just had to be sure, you know?

Barghest: Don't worry about it. It's an understandable question. You're the foreign magus' adjutant, after all.

Barghest: ...Now I have a question for you.

Barghest: I'd like for you to tell me of the outside world...of pan-human history. As much as you can.

Barghest: Her Majesty has told me what is necessary, but I know none of its inner workings nor its history.

Barghest: Are you merciless arbitrators? Savage invaders? Or are you—

Barghest: Are you harmless visitors, here to learn about our own history?

Da Vinci: ...That's all. It was a bit of a rush job, but I explained as much as I could.

Da Vinci: We've conquered Lostbelts in order to reclaim our history and our future.

Da Vinci: We're not targeting Britain for attack, but in the end, as a Lostbelt it will have to be “pruned. ”

Da Vinci: However, that doesn't mean we deny the history of the Lostbelt itself, or the people living in it.

Da Vinci: The Lostbelts and pan-human history may be embroiled in struggle for survival where only one can survive,

Da Vinci: but that is world versus world, not people versus people.

Barghest: You think that too, don't you, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: (nod in approval)

Barghest: ...I see. You're an honest one, aren't you?

Barghest: On that note, I'd like to ask, do fairies exist in pan-human history as well?

Da Vinci: Yes. The conditions may be harsh, but in pan-human history, fairies still live and breathe in Britain's forests to the present day.

Da Vinci: In Ireland and the Isle of Skye, and across the sea in France.

Barghest: Ire...Sky...Fra...? W-well, I'll ask you about those places some other time, but...

Barghest: Are there no such things as Calamities? They don't have to live in fear of being cursed by Mors?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah. Those don't exist.

Barghest: ...What a peaceful world. I envy those fairies.

Barghest: ...Well. Then...what if...

Barghest: ...if we—

Barghest: ...No. Nevermind. That would be too good to be true.

Barghest: I've heard everything I've wanted to. I apologize for taking up your time.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Da Vinci: What? You were wondering if such a thing was possible? You want to talk about the possibility of emigrating to pan-human history?

Fujimaru 2: You could go there, Barghest.

Barghest: !

Barghest: ...How did you know? I didn't think that would be an idea to come from you.

Da Vinci: We understand. After talking to you, you probably feel the same way as Fujimaru.

Da Vinci: Barghest. You care more about protecting the fairies than you do about protecting Britain itself.

Da Vinci: You serve Morgan because she protects Britain.

Da Vinci: But if she doesn't want to protect the fairies, you have to find another way.

Da Vinci: As one of them, it's only natural to think of emigration to a peaceful land—to pan-human history.

Barghest: ...But that's impossible. Residents of a Lostbelt can't live outside of one.

Barghest: The fairies of this land have no choice but to be consumed as Morgan's tools.

Da Vinci: That's been true in the Lostbelts up 'til now. But not with Britain.

Da Vinci: You can live in pan-human history too. The possibility is there, Barghest.

Da Vinci: There are a few major hurdles to that though.

Da Vinci: But that's all something we can discuss.

Da Vinci: We only need kind-hearted fairies such as you and Artoria to unite all fairies.

Barghest: ...I see...I'll have to steel my resolve as well.

Barghest: Da Vinci. Fujimaru.

Barghest: I'd like you two to visit my estate in Manchester at some point. I have a proposal for you.

Barghest: ...If I lack your trust, that's fine. What you've told me is more than enough.


Oberon: About time, I finally got in! That was Barghest just now, wasn't it...?

Oberon: She had a very serious air about her...did you challenge her to a duel?

Fujimaru 1: Not quite...

Oberon: ...I see, emigration...I hadn't really considered the possibility, but...

Oberon: Yeah, it's such a grand idea to put forward...As big as Barghest herself! It's worth considering!

Oberon: I wish I could've been there. So? What did you guys say?

Da Vinci: That's as far as the conversation went. It's a rather dangerous topic, after all. We couldn't discuss it any further here.

Da Vinci: She asked us to meet her in Manchester. What do you think, Oberon?

Oberon: Manchester...that's a little scary...

Oberon: Barghest's territory abides by the rule of survival of the fittest. The weak are fodder for the strong.

Oberon: I'm not talking about the laws of nature. They all truly believe that from the bottom of their hearts.

Oberon: The weak offer themselves to the strong. And the strong exploit the weak as a matter of fact.

Oberon: Even the thought of 'resisting because you don't want to die' is futile.

Oberon: ...Gloucester is a Fairy Territory where the weak can stand on equal footing with the strong.

Oberon: But Manchester is one where the strong are free to do as they please.

Oberon: I don't mind you going if there's a guarantee that Barghest will not lay a hand on you.

Artoria: ...Hmm...Bageko wasn't hostile, but for the record, she is a carnivore......

Artoria: Like, if she decides, 'alright, I'm going to eat you' in the spur of the moment, we'll get eaten?

Oberon: More or less. You know how the anecdote of the Black Dog Lord goes, right?

Oberon: Barghest had many lovers, yet not a single one of them lasted long.

Oberon: Apparently, she eats them alive a day after inviting them into her mansion.

Oberon: Barghest, the Black Dog, is known throughout Britain as the one who feeds on fairies.

Oberon: She's trying, within reason, to act like an upper-class fairy. But she always ends up caving to her carnivorous nature.

Oberon: She isn't known as the Fairy Eater for nothing. I can't just let you go on your own.

Da Vinci: So she's known as the Black Dog Lord. I believe Mike also mentioned that.

Da Vinci: “Gawain the affectionate, Gawain the gluttonous. Constantly ravenous, finding love only to consume,” he said.

Senji Muramasa: ...She didn't seem that frivolous to me. Well, not like I know much about a fairy's habits, though.

Oberon: Enough about Barghest. We have our own agenda.

Oberon: The bell tower is just around the corner. We can sneak in from this terrace.

Oberon: Let's wrap this up before the ball ends. Are you ready, Artoria?

Artoria: ...Oh, well. Yeah, I'm not so nervous anymore after all that.

Artoria: Let's go ring the third bell, Fujimaru!

Oberon: But emigration is a bold move. You really are thinking big, Barghest.

Oberon: Even though you burned down the forest of Wales.

Narration: ~Bell Tower, 3rd floor~

Fujimaru 1: (She finally busted out Merlin's magecraft. )

Fujimaru 2: (Alright, no trace of magical energy being used. )

Senji Muramasa: (That's some lock-picking alright. Not bad, Artoria. You're just like Nezumi Kozou or Jiraiya. )

Artoria: (Somehow, I don't feel like that's a compliment. Who are they, fairies from pan-human history? )

Da Vinci: (Speaking of which, I've heard of fairies who play pranks but I've never heard about fairies who steal money. )

Oberon: (I mean, fairies have no need for that. It's just Morgan who went and created a monetary system. )

Oberon: (Lock-picking techniques blossomed as a result of safes being made to store savings and assets. )

Oberon: (It's hard to open something made with human technology using just a fairy's Sacraments. As a result, lock-picking came into play. )

Artoria: (Merlin also said that. He told me to learn it because it'd be useful on my journey. )

Fujimaru 1: (Did he really? )

Fujimaru 2: (By the way, I haven't asked you about Merlin yet. )

Da Vinci: (Artoria, you said you learned magecraft from Merlin. Did he use to live in Tintagel? )

Artoria: (I've never actually met him before. I just heard his voice whenever I was alone. )

Artoria: (“The scary queen has me imprisoned so I can't come meet you. If you're fine with distance learning, I will teach you. ”)

Artoria: (And with that, he taught me the basics of magecraft. I somehow managed to improve on my own. )

Da Vinci: (I see...the Artoria of pan-human history was trained as a knight by her adoptive father during her waking hours. )

Da Vinci: (While Merlin reared her as a king in her sleep, or so it's said...)

Oberon: (Yeah, that much is true here as well. )

Oberon: (...Hmm? Hold on, isn't it oddly noisy in here? )

Muryan's Voice: The Faerium is just a surface level distraction. Dazzling as it may be, it's still just child's play.

Muryan's Voice: This is Gloucester, city of trends, brands and pleasure. It's not complete without thrill and ruin, excitement and tragedy—

Muryan's Voice: We have a very special stage prepared for you.

Muryan's Voice: A battle that will determine the very future of Britain. An audition to decide the true queen.

Muryan's Voice: Now let us start the main event, dripping with scorn and envy!

Artoria: Woah!? T-there are a bunch of masked fairies around us!?

Oberon: —As I thought. I figured this would happen, Muryan!

Muryan's Voice: Once more, allow me to introduce you.

Muryan's Voice: The splendid man and gorgeous girl on the stage, the royal pair, the pride of our Fairy Kingdom.

Muryan's Voice: Her Majesty's beloved daughter, Fairy Knight Tristan. And the man who has been made Her Majesty's fiancé, Lord Beryl Gut!

Muryan's Voice: In the other corner, basking in attention, is the wind of revolution. The savior of Britain that Ainsel sang of.

Muryan's Voice: Artoria, the Child of Prophecy. And the Foreign Magus, Master Fujimaru!

Muryan's Voice: The feud between Tristan and Artoria began right here.

Muryan's Voice: And I hear Lord Beryl and Master Fujimaru share an even deeper connection.

Muryan's Voice: There can be no match-up more appropriate than this. Now, please take the stage!

Muryan's Voice: Should you best Fairy Knight Tristan, the bell of Gloucester shall acknowledge you, even if I don't.

Masked Fairies: How brilliant, as expected of Lady Muryan! You always live up to our expectations!

Masked Fairies: Lady Tristan is serious! That is her time-honored “battle fairy”-form! I know it well!

Masked Fairies: Oh my...Beryl Gut...even though I've seen him countless times before...for some reason...he's still so...dreamy...

Masked Fairies: Those supple, yet sturdy those of a first-rate dancer...

Masked Fairies: The Child of Prophecy is also bound to have a magnificent figure! After all, we're talking about the fairy who defeated Lord Woodwose!

Masked Fairies: Show us the figure worthy of leading Britain!

Fujimaru 1: The way things are going—

Fujimaru 2: Oh no, Artoria...

Da Vinci: She's quietly trying to slip away! There's no choice but to get up on stage! Give it up!

Artoria: No, let go of meeee! I can't, I really can't! Give up on me!

Oberon: That's it, let's kick her onto the stage. Once she's on it, it's all the same.

Artoria: OBERON!!!

Fujimaru 1: Damn it...! (I get how Artoria feels...! )

Fujimaru 2: What should we do, Muramasa!?

Senji Muramasa: Muryan! Where's the dresser? There's got to be one, since this is a stage!

Muryan's Voice: Oh my, I'm glad to see you're still alive, Muramasa. There is a dresser backstage...what's the matter?

Senji Muramasa: Okay. Give me a moment here.

Senji Muramasa: Fujimaru, come here for a sec.

Fujimaru 1: Huh?

Beryl: What? Are they bowing out? After all this setup, they're not even going to fight?

Fairy Knight Tristan: I mean, of course they'd flee!

Fairy Knight Tristan: This won't end like last time, after all.

Fairy Knight Tristan: It's not magecraft-only, I came dressed for the occasion, and I have you with me, Beryl.

Fairy Knight Tristan: It's a shame I won't be able to cut off those cheeky lips of hers, but seeing them flee already makes me feel better.

Fairy Knight Tristan: I even pity them!

Fairy Knight Tristan: It's laughable how she's still just a lowly fairy, both inside and out, even though she's been propped up as the Child of Prophecy.

Fairy Knight Tristan: You won't find someone more pathetic in all of Britain!

Fujimaru 1: I wonder—

Fujimaru 1: about that!

Fairy Knight Tristan: You!

Beryl: !?

Artoria: 05: 51, 19 December 2021 (EST)

Fujimaru 1: Artoria, your face, your face!

Fujimaru 2: Let's get this over with!

Artoria: T-that's right...deep breaths, deep breaths...

Artoria: That's a lot of mouthing off you've done, Tristan! What's with that lewd getup!?

Artoria: I am Artoria, the Child of Prophecy! In the name of Caster, the one who chants, I have come to ring the Pilgrim's Bell.

Artoria: I will not hold back if you get in my way! I will smite that haughty pride of yours along with those expensive heels!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Huh, big words for a bumpkin fairy. I'll at least praise you for knowing the value of these heels.

Fairy Knight Tristan: But if you get too cocky, it'll just make your defeat sting more, you know? My sympathies, but I won't be hearing any pleas for your life, okay?

Artoria: Ehh? Wow, she actually thinks she's stronger. That's harsh.

Artoria: I'll tell you right now. I have no sympathy for you.

Artoria: You're used to running back to your castle in tears, aren't you? And this will be your second time!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Not going to happen! I'll tear you limb from limb!

Beryl: I'll be damned, did Tristan just get verbally flattened? As expected, someone with a chip on their shoulder can be tough.

Beryl: We're finally in a tag-team battle. I actually wanted to have a nice chat with you...

Beryl: But I'm going to have to commit. After all, this is my first battle as a Master.

Beryl: And my opponent's a veteran Master who's overcome countless predicaments.

Beryl: I guess I've got something to prove with a challenge. Let's kill one another with a smile, kouhai.


Fujimaru 1: Yes! The bell rang!

Fujimaru 2: Artoria wins!

Fairy Knight Tristan: Aaah, ahhhh......!

???: Coming's coming off...wait...stop...Mother's going to scold me again...!

???: “Why are you like that? ” “Why are you always like that? ” I'm going to get scolded...!

Masked Fairies: The Fairy Knight has fallen! Another knight falls after Barghest! Excellent!

Masked Fairies: Ainsel's prophecy held true after all...we should all bet on the Child of Prophecy from now on!

Masked Fairies: But Tristan...I feel like I've seen that fairy before somewhere...

Masked Fairies: Oh! I know, I know! No doubt about it, it's her!

Masked Fairies: I saw her 100 years ago at Greymalkin's mansion!

Masked Fairies: Her real name is Baobhan Sith! Darlington's maidservant, the vampire Baobhan Sith!

Masked Fairies: A vampire, you say...!? What is Her Majesty even thinking!?

Masked Fairies: Oh dear, to think she's been feeding on human blood...! No wonder she stinks, she reeks of sewage!

Masked Fairies: How many humans has she sold her body to, I wonder!

Masked Fairies: Her resurrection 100 years ago! Darlington turned into a sea of corpses!

Masked Fairies: She's the reason Darlington fell, and the reason Greymalkin became a Fairy Deadlord!

Masked Fairies: There's no doubt about it, she and Morgan are responsible! Damn vampire, you alone survived. How dare you!

Baobhan Sith:, that's wrong...I...I—

Baobhan Sith: Stop, stop it...! Don't badmouth my mother, she did nothing wrong!

Baobhan Sith: What's wrong with sucking blood from a corpse! What's so wrong about the living dead!?

Baobhan Sith: How did Darlington turn into a sea of corpses? Hell if I know!

Masked Fairies: She ran! She fled! Baobhan Sith has fled!

Masked Fairies: I knew it, the queen is mad! Choosing a lowly fairy like that as her successor!

Fujimaru 1: Things have gotten heated...

Fujimaru 2: ...I can't really say I'm happy about this...

Artoria: You can say that again...Everyone's a liar. In the end, that's all it amounts to.

Beryl: My goodness, I've lost! You really are strong, Fujimaru!

Beryl: Looks like I can't beat you as a Master anymore.

Beryl: So, what'll it be? Will you have the lady over there kill me?

Beryl: Or would you rather finish it with your own hands? As you can see, I'm unarmed.

Beryl: My bodyguard, Baobhan Sith, has also fled. Without a doubt, this is the perfect opportunity, no?

Artoria: ...Fujimaru...

Fujimaru 1: This is Gloucester. We can't fight.

Fujimaru 2: (...I can't take his word for it. He's got something else up his sleeve...)

Beryl: ...Is that so? I thought this would be the end, but I guess not.

Beryl: Man, you're better than Kadoc when it comes to sniffing out danger! You're looking more and more reliable!

Beryl: Well, I'll take you up on that and take my leave then.

Beryl: As long as Mash isn't around, there's no point in playing with you.

Beryl: See you later, savior and companions! I'll be seeing you in Camelot!


Muryan: Kyaaa~☆ Thank you all for coming~! I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves~!

Senji Muramasa: Really? You're the only one here who had fun.

Senji Muramasa: That was a tedious show you put on. To think I had to pull out my trump card for that mess...

Muryan: Oh? What might you be talking about? Were you in the fight, Muramasa?

Senji Muramasa: Whatever, shut up.

Senji Muramasa: (...Damn it. I was hoping to save it for Camelot. )

Artoria: ...

Artoria: By the way, Fujimaru, thank you very much for this outfit.

Artoria: You've been preparing this for a while, haven't you? In secret.

Artoria: Aw, did you say nothing because you were embarrassed? You're so thoughtful, you know!

Fujimaru 1: No, actually...

Senji Muramasa: — (※silent pressure to not say anything)

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, I think it looks good on you too.

Artoria: Yes. It's very dignified, despite being so extravagant.

Artoria: It kind of makes me want to be seen, despite being a shy person.

Muryan: Hmph. You all seem to have improved your teamwork since you were here last.

Oberon: Oh? Are you feeling left out? Well, it's only natural, you being a bug and all.

Muryan: On the contrary, I sure don't now.

Muryan: How about you, Oberon? Are you perhaps feeling left out as well?

Oberon: A little, to tell the truth. I can't believe you had those clothes ready.

Oberon: Aah, I wanted Artoria's debut as Child of Prophecy to come later on,

Oberon: and to make a huge show of it in Londinium!

Da Vinci: Now, now. This served the same purpose. All the fairies in attendance were nobles, right?

Da Vinci: Artoria defeated Tristan with her own strength. Now she also looks the part of Child of Prophecy.

Da Vinci: The news'll spread throughout Britain by itself. And now that the third bell has been rung...

Da Vinci: Muryan. Does this mean the Wing Clan recognizes Artoria as the Child of Prophecy?

Muryan: Of course. Now that the bell has acknowledged Artoria, there's nothing more for me to say.

Muryan: However, this doesn't change Gloucester's position.

Muryan: You can thank Tristan for that this time.

Muryan: I didn't offer you the bell, so that means I'm not rebelling against Her Majesty's rule.

Muryan: Please don't get the wrong idea, I will not offer any aid to the Round Table Army.

Muryan: Gloucester is a town that places fashion first. Under this rule, fairies and humans are equals, but—

Muryan: Fundamentally, I hate humans. Therefore, I also hate the Round Table Army.

Muryan: Please think of me as not lending any support to you, unless I stand to make a large profit.

Senji Muramasa: I see. So you're saying if there's a big enough problem, you'll switch sides?

Muryan: Could you please not think that everyone you meet is your friend!?

Muryan: Muramasa, your way of constantly acting like the main character is really irritating!

Senji Muramasa: ...? The hell are you talking about?

Muryan: It's nothing. I'm very busy.

Muryan: Wage whatever war you want. I'm going back to being a bookworm.

Muryan: I bought a lot of Fairy Calendar materials off an archaeologist from Camelot.

Muryan: Now that Baobhan Sith has learned her lesson and the bell has been rung,

Muryan: could you please leave now if you have no other business?

Fujimaru 1: Sure.

Fujimaru 2: Where's Koyanskaya?

Muryan: Oh, Lady Fox? She's...

Muryan: She's away on other business. From what I understand, she finally found what she was looking for.

Muryan: I'd wish her luck in her endeavours but...she wouldn't need such empty words, would she?

Artoria: Sorry to keep you two waiting! We've safely returned from the demonic ball~!

Gareth: Unbelievable~! I'm not very good at saying it, but Artoria is SOOOO COOOOOL—!

Gareth: Your last outfit was really cool too, but this one really suits you!

Artoria: You think so? Yeah, I guess you're right! Your new armor looks really awesome as well, Gareth!


Fujimaru 1: Habenyan?

Habetrot: Haa!?

Habetrot: Ah, no, I was just shocked at Artoria's new outfit. Don't worry about it.

Habetrot: ...It's surprising. I guess the Fairies of Paradise all have the same taste in fashion...

Oberon: Good. Glad to see Gareth and Habetrot didn't run into any trouble either.

Oberon: Well then, let's get out of Gloucester. Percival's waiting for us.

Oberon: Oh, and I bought Red Rab-bit a souvenir. He seems a bit naïve, you know?

Senji Muramasa: Awfully sensible of you.

Senji Muramasa: I can think of someone who could probably learn from your example!

Da Vinci: Speaking of souvenirs, you bought some before you left Gloucester last time, right?

Da Vinci: I wonder how those fairies are doing. Do you want to go see them, Artoria?

Da Vinci: You could introduce yourself as the Child of Prophecy now and nobody would suspect you.

Artoria: Ah—the fairies from back then?

Da Vinci: ...?


Oberon: No, it's too late in the day to be doing that. We'll thank them next time.

Oberon: Right, Artoria? You can see them whenever you come back to Gloucester.

Artoria: Yes. I'm empty-handed at the moment, so the next chance I get I'll repay them many times over.

Oberon: Well, time is money! We've got to talk about what we'll do next!

Attention! Crucial Dialogue Select

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Fujimaru 1: Yeah, let's meet back up with Percival and the rest!

Note: Crucial Branch Begin

Fujimaru 2: (...I want to confirm something with Oberon...)

Oberon: Oh? What's up, Fujimaru? You've stopped in your tracks.

Oberon: Did you forget something? Want to buy some fairy tea?

Fujimaru 1: ...I want to ask you some questions, Oberon.

Oberon: Sure. Ask away.

Fujimaru 1: ...Where were you the night before the battle at Londinium?

Oberon: ...I see. Beryl Gut has quite the discerning eye.

Oberon: You've got quite the nose for danger, and good instincts to boot. Well, I suppose you would need them.

Oberon: ...No point in hiding it now, and since you seem vaguely aware of what's going on, I'll speak frankly.

Oberon: I was here that night. I came to negotiate, for the sake of our victory against Woodwose.

Oberon: I wasn't talking to Muryan. The one I was talking to was your enemy, Koyanskaya.

Oberon: I've had the constant sense that she's some sort of horrible monster, maybe just as disturbing as Morgan.

Oberon: But she can still be used as a poison. No matter how you use it, poison is poison, right? That's how I see it, at least.

Oberon: That's why I used it not on ourselves, but on Woodwose.

Oberon: The Queen would have sent reinforcements to him. That was a given. After all, he's one of her most important warriors.

Oberon: And if those reinforcements came, there would have been no way for Londinium to hold out.

Oberon: Percival's definitely become an outstanding knight, but...

Oberon: It's easy to make the mistake that everyone else is as capable as you are.

Oberon: Percival loves every member of the Round Table Army, so he consequently overestimates their abilities.

Oberon: Not that that's a bad thing. It's a weakness of his, but it's a strength of the Army itself.

Oberon: ...So, well...shady business like this has simply become a necessity.

Oberon: Woodwose could see right through the Round Table Army's structure and tactics.

Oberon: With the forces we could send out, he would counter them no matter what.

Oberon: So I threw in something he couldn't foresee, something that doesn't exist in Britain. The poison known as Koyanskaya.

Oberon: I knew where to find what she was looking for.

Oberon: In return for telling her where it was, I asked her to intercept the Queen's reinforcements.

Oberon: But...she surprised me.

Oberon: I never expected them to just vanish completely without a trace.

Fujimaru 1: (I see...she does have her juvenile Beast form...)

Oberon: ...but man, what an underhanded scheme. I feel disgusted with myself.

Oberon: But if this badge of shame is enough to lead us forward in the war, I won't hesitate.

Oberon: When this is all over, you can punish me with your own hands.

Oberon: That's why you brought it up, isn't it?

Oberon: You could've just said nothing. But as a friend, you couldn't ignore it.

Note: Crucial Branch End


Narration: The last days of the Edo period.

Narration: To prepare for the coming era, the clans in Satsuma were recruiting talented youths,

Narration: to send them to distant countries across the ocean.

Narration: One such final destination was London, capital of the British Empire and the most advanced city on earth.

Narration: That man was not chosen to study abroad.

Narration: He was born into a poor samurai family with neither the rank nor wealth to leave a mark on history.

Narration: That man was not chosen as a student, but could serve as a sailor on the ship that carried those who were.

Narration: He couldn't remember why he left his country anymore.

Narration: Did he not desire to witness the changing of the times? Did he harbor disgust towards his native culture?

Narration: Or was it simply to experience the culture of a foreign land? He couldn't recall.

Narration: But the man adored art more than his country, family, and fellows. In a sense, more than humanity itself.

Narration: The one thing he could vaguely remember was the premonition he had when stepping onto the port.

Narration: His eyes lit up at the world that lay before him.

Narration: Compared to his hometown where all lay stagnant, it was hard to believe this landscape was of the same planet.

Narration: The man abandoned his duty as a sailor and ventured through the foreign city with the aid of a map.

Narration: Time passed like a dream. He wished he could stay longer.

Narration: Nevertheless, the man was calculating enough to know reality. Dreams must be awoken from and commitments must be honored.

Narration: If he returned to the harbor by sunrise, he could go back to his homeland, although he would be punished.

Narration: Upon confirming he had time enough, he slipped into a third nobleman's mansion.

Narration: The art housed within was wondrous.

Narration: Especially the strangeness of the paintings, the sight of which took his breath away.

Narration: As though leaving his heart behind, he slipped out of the mansion in time to make it back to the port at which his ship was docked.

Narration: It took a day to realize he had wandered into an even stranger land.

Man: Send me home. Send me home, please! Someone, anyone, please let me go back to Japan!

Narration: The rest of his life was a true adventure.

Narration: He was captured by the fairies, tasted the bitterness of slavery, then was discarded and set free at the end of his thirtieth year.

Narration: Yet the man, not human by the Fairy Kingdom's standards, had life left in him still.

Narration: The environment of the Fairy Kingdom proved too much for his 55-year-old body, but the man had three decades of observing fairies to draw on.

Narration: He concealed his true self. Employed fairies. Eked out a business. Set fairy to kill fairy, then dissected and studied them.

Narration: He made an elixir to slow his aging. The effect was minor, but better than nothing.

Narration: After another 40 years, the external result was a young fairy, with an old man in his 90s within.

Narration: His deception was confined to that of the Earth Clan.

Narration: They were oddballs who respected technology, trusting others not for their character but the quality of their goods.

Narration: At the end of the day, they were bad businessmen.

Narration: The man became secretary to the one who headed the Earth Clan. The two barely stayed on good terms.

Narration: But they kept a vague friendship alive. The Earth Clan chief valued the man enough to enter into business together.

Narration: Spriggan & Capless. It was the birth of the first department store in the Fairy Kingdom.

Narration: Afterwards, the man plotted to kill the head of the Earth Clan.

Narration: For Norwich's further development, and to other ends, only the partner's name was necessary.

Narration: There was no one in the Fairy Kingdom who knew the man's original name, probably not even in pan-human history.

Spriggan: Damn, I can hardly sleep at night with the torrent of orders we've taken since yesterday.

Spriggan: Between Camelot, Londinium, and Edinburgh iron weapons are flying off the shelves.

Spriggan: Woodwose's army in ruins. The Pilgrim's Bell in Gloucester.

Spriggan: Anti-Morgan voices are growing not only among the fairies in the major cities, but even in the remote forest villages.

Spriggan: After all...this is the result of 2,000 years of rule. I can scarce begin to imagine what Her Majesty's motives must be.

Spriggan: Her Majesty Morgan is a great ruler, but the rabble cannot comprehend her achievements.

Spriggan: Too few could measure the extent to which Her Majesty has acted.

Spriggan: Those who live in the city cannot see past their homes. Rather, they cannot see the foundations upon which their cities lie.

???: That's surprising. From the way you talk, one might think you want Morgan to rule.

Spriggan: Not at all. I'm simply discussing facts.

Spriggan: The opinions of the public, as well as yours truly, are that Her Majesty ought to take a rest.

Spriggan: I speak not of the Queen being evil, but that her reign has gone on for too long.

Spriggan: Her Majesty has created a fine kingdom, but its values are antiquated. She's 2,000 years old, after all.

Spriggan: The fairies have long since improved their values after many generations.

Spriggan: Standing policy to keep harmony with nature and continuing to shepherd will keep this island small.

Spriggan: Nothing dies harder than old ways. Obsolete parts have to be replaced.

Spriggan: Naturally, I have no need to consider whether I should be King.

Spriggan: In the pan-human history I once lived in, England was a land ruled by a queen.

Spriggan: A queen is the only one suitable to sit on the throne of this Kingdom. Don't you agree?

???: —Then who would you like to be Queen next?

Spriggan: If there needs to be a new ruler, I'd hope to see a radiant fairy who loves her people.

Spriggan: One more beautiful than all others, surpassed only by her wickedness; and oblivious to her own stupidity.

Spriggan: That's one worth supporting. I've had a bellyful of serving crafty leaders.

???: I know who you mean. You and I just might get along fine.

???: But she's got real dull eyes. She'll never defeat Morgan, much less seize the throne.

Spriggan: Indeed. There's only one person I judge capable of defeating Morgan.

Spriggan: They were discovered earlier by soldiers who had been monitoring the battlefields.

Spriggan: It's only a matter of when to put them into play. My, I'm glad for my time in England.

Spriggan: Everyone is unfamiliar with the rule allowing the use of captured pieces.

Spriggan: One doesn't gain a secret weapon by birth, but through development while fighting.

Spriggan: Still—I only speak of a game I've had no one with which to play this last century.

Baobhan Sith: Overlooked, overlooked...! The queen's daughter shown mercy...!

Baobhan Sith: Even though Beryl was helping me, and this time I even got serious...!

Baobhan Sith: And yet...and yet—

Baobhan Sith: Why? Why couldn't I win!? I'm my mother's only daughter, so whyyyyy!!!!

Baobhan Sith: ...Haa...haa...haaa...

Baobhan Sith: ...I'm the only daughter she'll ever need...and the only one who can use magecraft...

Baobhan Sith: ...If I just...had my own personal magecraft, worthy of a queen's daughter—

Baobhan Sith: —ah.

Baobhan Sith: Well, in the end, victory is mine.

Baobhan Sith: I'll just borrow the Garden off of Mother's throne.

Section 17: Manchester

Gareth: Percivaaaaaaaal! We're baaaaaaack!

Percival: Oh good. I'm glad you're all okay.

Percival: And great work, Artoria.

Percival: It seems the sound of the Pilgrim's Bell has echoed throughout Britain.

Red Rabbit: As a Knight Rider under exclusive contract with all of you, I am deeply moved as well.

Red Rabbit: By the way, did you get me a souvenir?

Red Rabbit: In case you've forgotten, all of us fairy horses had a rough job hoofing everyone from Londinium to Gloucester.

Oberon: Of course. Here you go, some hair tonic and suntan oil. We got them from some shady back-alley shop.

Oberon: Because of Artoria's success the last time we were there, they're selling a lot of magic items at the moment. These are some of them.

Red Rabbit: Hair tonic for a horse is a bit...

Oberon: No need to hide it. We know you're a very style-conscious fairy who cares a lot about fashion.

Oberon: And as you can see, Artoria has changed her look too. The truth is—you did too, right?

Red Rabbit: You're a wonderful man, Oberon. A dodgy back-alley shop, how very romantic.

Oberon: Alright, now that Rab-bit's in a good mood, let's get back to Londinium.

Oberon: Next is Oxford's bell. When the fourth one rings, it'll finally be all-out war...

Da Vinci: Yeah, but before that, hold on a minute. We've got other things to take care of first.

Da Vinci: I'd like to discuss our plans for the future, so let's go someplace else.

Oberon: Hm? A secret discussion? Then should we go to that forest off the main highway?

Mors: –!

Oberon: Sorry, bad choice! It's a Mors den!

Percival: Fairies, please stand back! Leave this to us of the Round Table Army!

Red Rabbit: Your concern is not needed! Mors will never be able to touch my body!

Red Rabbit: Behold, my boiling flesh! I am Red Rab-bit, the Flying Fairy Horse of Flame!

Red Rabbit: Lord Percival! Lord Gareth! Now is the time for the Round Table Knights to show their true strength!


Da Vinci: I meant the order in which we ring the Pilgrim's Bells.

Da Vinci: The one in Oxford can be rung at any time. We know where it is, and Woodwose is no longer in the picture.

Da Vinci: So before that, I propose we head for Orkney.

Da Vinci: Right now, Morgan's eyes are fixed on Oxford. She shouldn't be paying any attention to the north.

Percival: I're certainly right. And we have to go to Orkney regardless.

Percival: We also have a chance now that the Queen's army hasn't been dispatched.

Oberon: Still, we're not out of the woods yet.

Oberon: If we head for Orkney, the Queen's army will be dispatched to pursue us, and we'll run into Knocknarea's army as well.

Oberon: Wouldn't it be safer to move the Round Table Army towards Camelot, and then head there guarded by the troops?

Da Vinci: No. If we move with our army, so will Knocknarea.

Da Vinci: She's declared herself Artoria's rival, and thinks the whole “Child of Prophecy” thing is an irritant.

Da Vinci: If Artoria moves publicly, she'll have no choice but to interfere due to her position as Queen.

Da Vinci: But the northern fairies are the power we need to wage war on Morgan. I'd rather not fight them if we can avoid it.

Da Vinci: Am I right, Percival? Artoria?

Percival: Yes. I would very much like to forge an alliance with the northern fairies.

Percival: Not to oppose the Queen, but as fellow Britons.

Percival: Unfortunately, we can't even sit down to discuss it. We've sent envoys several times, but...

Artoria: Knocknarea hates humans...or, it's more like...

Artoria: Well, that's more or less the case.

Artoria: I agree with Da Vinci. I think Orkney is a good choice for the fourth bell.

Artoria: On the way back, let's stop by Knocknarea's main camp. I'm sure we can negotiate with her now.

Gareth: Since you're the genuine Child of Prophecy now! The Chocolate Queen can't ignore Artoria any more!

Gareth: But how can we make it all the way to Orkney without being spotted?

Percival: ...Why not go through the Lake District?

Percival: The northwestern part of Britain is all wetlands covered in forests and fog. The terrain is unsuited for marches and it's full of Mors.

Percival: Neither Knocknarea's nor the Queen's armies will even go near it.

Percival: Naturally, it's a more dangerous route than using the main roads, but...

Senji Muramasa: No, that works, doesn't it? Let's do it.

Senji Muramasa: We're a small party. We're better suited to fending off Mors than dodging an entire army anyway.

Oberon: ...Well, that's certainly true. What do you think, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: If we can move in secret, all the better.

Fujimaru 2: Well, if it's Da Vinci's idea...

Oberon: I see. It's decided then.

Oberon: I'm not a fan of separating you from the army, but you guys have been an elite bunch from the start.

Oberon: You probably won't have any trouble getting through the Lake District. Good luck, guys.

Artoria: You're not coming along, Oberon?

Oberon: Nah, I'm not. The Round Table Army's in the middle of a huge expansion. I can't take my eyes off it now.

Oberon: Powering up the Child of Prophecy using the Pilgrim's Bells is important, but we also need to strengthen the army.

Oberon: I'd like to secure Oxford's bell for that, and I want Percival at the Round Table Army's head.

Oberon: Londinium will be a little understaffed, but if we can secure Oxford,

Oberon: I'd say Londinium will have fulfilled its role by now. The Queen's army will have no reason to send troops to occupy it.

Percival: ...Then it's settled.

Percival: Artoria, Fujimaru, Muramasa, Da Vinci, Gareth, Habetrot.

Percival: You six will head for Orkney's bell by way of the Lake District.

Percival: Red Rab-bit, can I ask you to lend your aid to them?

Red Rabbit: Leave the trip up to the Lake District to me.

Red Rabbit: Once you enter there, you won't be able to use a carriage. I'll see you all off there, and then...

Red Rabbit: I'll conceal myself in Edinburgh as a wandering knight.

Red Rabbit: You'll all stop by there on your way back, won't you? We'll meet back up there.

Oberon: What a tidy plan. You're surprisingly capable, you know that?

Oberon: What were you doing as a valet in Aurora's service?

Oberon: You could have gone far if you served under Woodwose.

Red Rabbit: Hahaha. As you can see, I am like the wind, so the Wind Clan's city suits me better.

Fujimaru 1: But you said flames just a second ago...

Fujimaru 2: Red Rab-bit, faster than the wind.

Percival: Then we'll return to Londinium with Oberon.

Gareth: Please wait. I'll go back too.

Gareth: ...I'm sorry, Artoria.

Gareth: I know it's selfish of me to say as the Child of Prophecy's first knight, but. .

Gareth: I'm not sure one more person like myself will make much of a difference...

Gareth: Still, there's something I can do. I can't leave the people of Londinium behind.

Artoria: You don't need to apologize, Gareth. You've found the place where you belong.

Artoria: Don't worry! I'll have Fujimaru, Da Vinci, and Muramasa with me!

Artoria: I'll miss you, but we'll see each other again soon! When we meet in Londinium again, we'll both have grown a little more!

Gareth: Yeah! I'll be listening for the bell to ring!

Fujimaru 1: Well, we're off.

Fujimaru 2: You take care too, Oberon.

Oberon: Yeah. Have a safe trip.

Oberon: The coast up there is full of ash and is pretty dang cold.

Oberon: Neither Blanca nor I can cross the sea, so I can't tell you anything about Orkney.

Oberon: But there's no way it can be worse than the Russian Lostbelt you guys went through.

Oberon: Oh, and look after Artoria. As much as she puts up a brave face, she's still a wreck on the inside.

Fujimaru 1: You think so?

Oberon: I know so. She's been through a lot. She's the best in Britain at hiding her true feelings behind a smile.

Oberon: So don't pay it too much heed. I'd like you to lend her a hand.

Fujimaru 2: ...Yeah, I know.

Oberon: Haha, looks like I handed out a bit of unnecessary advice. If you can see through that, then I can send you off without any worries.

Oberon: ...Right then. Once Orkney and Oxford's bells ring, there will be no more sitting around.

Oberon: Where could the sixth bell be? We'll find it, somehow.

Oberon: And then comes the decisive battle with Morgan. Our odds of winning are slim, though.

Oberon: Moreover, I don't get the feeling that taking her out will solve everything.

Oberon: ...There's someone, something in Britain that's cursed all living things.

Oberon: ...What it is exactly, we don't know, but...

Oberon: Listen, Fujimaru. We still don't know enough about Britain's history.

Oberon: Orkney may have some kind of clue about how this world came to be.

Oberon: Knowing that might give us the key to Morgan's defeat.


Narration: ...I can hear the tolling of the bells.

Narration: For the past 16 years, I have heard my own voice call out to me in a completely unchanging dream.

Low-Class Gloucester Fairies: It's all we can do right now. I think it'll definitely be useful for something.

Low-Class Gloucester Fairies: So please, take it. I'm begging you.


Artoria: Yes. I'll gladly keep it safe. The Child of Prophecy will definitely be overjoyed to hear that.

A:Low-Class Gloucester Fairies: I see...yeah, of course! Everyone, be sure to keep the Child safe!

Narration: I didn't really want to take it, did I?

Narration: Everything they offered was junk. In the eyes of an upper-class fairy, it would be seen as a heap of worthless trash.

Narration: But to them, trying to live day by day, those things were indispensable treasures.

Narration: I could see it. I could see their feelings and their future.

Narration: The feelings they clung to so tightly. The joy of believing in something warm.

Narration: Those tearful eyes of gratitude, as if saying they were happy to be alive, even if life had been trying.

Narration: And then...the next morning, it would be gone. All of it.

Narration: The next time I visited Gloucester, they were nowhere to be found.

Narration: They didn't have much time left, so they had never put their hopes in the Child of Prophecy.

Narration: They wanted to live on for longer, but even more than that, they wanted to help the Child of Prophecy, so they offered up all they had left.

Narration: —So really. Seriously, give me a break.

Narration: An unfamiliar Britain in an unfamiliar world.

Narration: On the outskirts of a deserted town, the figure of a squire—a young boy—stands under the setting sun.

Narration: A girl—me—who was raised as a boy.

Narration: The girl—Artoria—holds the Sword of Selection, even though no one told her to do so.

Merlin the Magician: “In a Britain where destruction is a foregone conclusion, a king is akin to a human sacrifice. ”

Merlin the Magician: “People will wholly entrust you with the hope that all will be well in the end. ”

Merlin the Magician: “At the same time, they will wholly curse you for all that goes wrong. ”

Merlin the Magician: “There will be nothing good about it. Honestly, it will be nothing but hardship, won't it? ”

Narration: Behind her stands a magus with a kind face. “Don't do it,” he reproves her.

Merlin the Magician: “Think long and hard before you make your decision. ”

Merlin the Magician: “The very moment you pull it out, your life will no longer be that of a human. ”

Narration: That's right. Think well. No, there's no need to think about it. Considering something like this is laughable, isn't it?

Narration: If the world should come to an end, everyone should shoulder that responsibility. Everyone should curse everyone, and it should all come to an end impartially.

Narration: And yet, why?

Female Squire: “—Many people were smiling. ”

Female Squire: “As such, I cannot think this a mistake. ”

Narration: That was the result.

Narration: Despite having restored people, cities, and a country, she was ostracized by people and knights alike.

Narration: Never knowing joy; crushed bearing the weight of others' desires.

Narration: In the end, she saw everything she had built fall to ruin, friends tearing each other to pieces.

Narration: In the end, she died alone, as all others died before her.

Narration: It's absurd. It's absurd. It's absurd.

Narration: Take advantage of the situation and disregard it forever. Just forget it all, as easily as you would after you're done enjoying a story.

Narration: Why would you go that far? Why would you decide to go that far?

Narration: There was no reason at all for you to become King. You just had the “strength to do so”.

Narration: I just don't understand.

Narration: Looking at her life—my life—this way, there is just no way I can see it as noble in the slightest.

C:Artoria Caster: After all, you could have left it all to someone else, couldn't you?

Narration: The worst words come spilling out. She was facing away from me, but gently looked back, and said:

Female Squire: You're right. I also think there was someone better suited for this.

C:Artoria Caster: Then why? Why did you do it?

Female Squire: Well—

Female Squire: You know that better than anyone, don't you?

Red Rabbit: We've traveled north along the main road all night, and it's almost noon now.

Red Rabbit: Everyone, at this pace we will reach the edge of the Lake District before nightfall.

Red Rabbit: I'll be bidding you farewell there for a short while, but please don't forget about me.

Da Vinci: Oh, actually, I'd like to make a small detour. Could you change course, and head west on the highway?

Da Vinci: Manchester is that way, right? I'd like to stop by there before we head to the Lake District.

Artoria: Manchester is Barghest's domain! Is that alright, Fujimaru!?

Fujimaru 1: It can't be helped.

Fujimaru 2: I thought this would be the case.

Artoria: Aagh, you're a dog person too! T-then, what about Muramasa!?

Senji Muramasa: Huh? Are you surprised?

Senji Muramasa: You didn't think it would come to this when Da Vinci suggested going to Orkney?

Artoria: Oh well, I'm sorry I didn't see this coming! Habetrot! Did you pick up on this!?

Habetrot: Da Vinci asked me about it when we boarded the carriage.

Habetrot: She said we should make a detour before Orkney, if that was okay.

Artoria: Even Habenyan knew...I'm supposed to be the leader here, and yet...

Da Vinci: Sorry, sorry. If I asked you, you'd have disagreed immediately...and even if you didn't say it, I'd see it on your face.

Da Vinci: Barghest is still a Fairy Knight loyal to the Queen. I didn't want Percival or Oberon to hear about this.

Artoria: ...W-well, if we said that we would be going into enemy territory, it would cause Percival unnecessary worry...

Artoria: And Oberon wouldn't have liked it, after his forest was burned to the ground...

Red Rabbit: Manchester is a nice place.

Red Rabbit: It's a rather idyllic fairy town, an opposite to Oxford, which is becoming overrun with restaurants.

Red Rabbit: In Gloucester there is a “rule” against fighting, but in Manchester, everybody generally hates violence.

Artoria: Even though the rule there is “survival of the fittest? ”

Red Rabbit: Hahaha. There are some rather subtle differences between your definition of that and Barghest's.

Red Rabbit: But seeing is believing. If that is the case, I shall make a magnificent turn and head towards Manchester.

Red Rabbit: The place is peace itself, a wild garden.

Red Rabbit: Under no circumstances will there be a fight. Trust the words of me, Red Rab-bit!

Fujimaru 1:

Fujimaru 2: (Well, now I know there will be one. )

Narration: ~Manchester, Main Street~

Narration: ~Stopping by a bar for a short visit~

Partygoing Fairy: Hyaa–! Strong-looking tourists—! I can't help myself–! Get them!


Barghest: Uugh...uaaagh...uaaaaaah...!

Narration: I have dreamt of this “act” countless times before.

Narration: I am sobbing. As I do so, the one I call my lover is being ■■■en.

Narration: Delicious. Delightful. Joyful. Painful. Sorrowful. Despairing.

Narration: Predation is a natural part of life in the wild. In order to survive we have to seek out, love, and become one with others.

Narration: The law of the wild—this rule—is my pride.

Narration: Even among the Fang Clan, I am especially gifted in body and soul.

Narration: If you are born strong, you have a duty to protect and rule over the weak.

Narration: I have to be strong, and in order to be strong I have to e■■ the strong.

Narration: You see? My rule is correct. My love is only for the strong.

Narration: E■■ what you love, and become one with the wild. I was born with such a principle.

Narration: To protect Britain—to protect the weak—I need to continue ea■■■■ the strong.

Narration: But, in truth...

Narration: The truth is—

???: You're crying again, ■■■■■■■■. Hey, come here.

???: It's alright, just let it all out. Tell me what happened to you today.

???: Was it something difficult? Something sad?

???: If it had to do with me, I'll laugh. If it was about someone else, I'll get mad.

???: Whatever it was, tell me how you feel.

???: It's okay. No matter how shameful it was, I won't hate you for it.

Narration: A body that seemed to be on the verge of collapse. A voice that seemed like it would be lost any day now.

Narration: He, the weakest creature I'd ever known, protected my broken heart.

???: Hey, when you have a rough time, you should talk about something you like. How about your beloved Knights of the Round Table?

???: The flotsam that washed ashore in the Changeling. Showy, prideful, and rather lonesome.

???: The story of those gallant knights you so adore.

Narration: They didn't do it because they were forced to, they did it because they were born that way.

Narration: Lordly. Prideful. They protected the weak, enacted justice.

Narration: Even though it was a story from another world, I adored them.

Narration: I'm sure a base fairy such as myself could never measure up to them.

Narration: Whenever I voiced such complaints, he would smile softly...

???: Look at the garden. The flowers you planted are coming in beautifully.

???: You put in a new one for me today, since I can't walk.

???: You're very kind. Thank you.

???: I pray the day comes when the pain in your heart may be eased—

Narration: That's right. She truly loves others, living her life by devouring her lovers,

Narration: hoping that this time she herself won't fall prey to her cravings.

Narration: She is at her limit. She would have reached it long ago.

Narration: I don't know how many times she has tried to ease the burden on herself, but—

Narration: She's a responsible one who cannot accept the end that came to be, so to atone for the sin of devouring her lovers,

Narration: she has continued to maintain the peace in Britain, all the while concealing her shattered feelings.

Narration: She's incredibly admirable; that's why I want to help her.

???: It's far too sad that you, the most upstanding of fairies, would end your life.

???: Let's form a contract, Barghest. It's far too early in the story for you to fall under this curse.

C:Festive Fairy: Sorry! Jenny's really sorry!

Store Owner: ...I'm truly sorry about this, sirs and madams.

Store Owner: I'll give these morons a proper scolding later, so please let this slide.

Store Owner: They're just a bunch of trend-chasing fools...

Store Owner: You know how there are rumors that Camelot is preparing for war?

Store Owner: Well, these guys decided that they wanted to play soldier too. Up until now they were content with tabletop games, but...

C:Festive Fairy: But listen, they're really strong fairies and humans, you know? Jenny thought it'd be lots of fun!

Store Owner: You idiot. We're in the midst of welcoming Lord Barghest back, remember?

Store Owner: All of us would have lost our heads for breaking the rules, had there been any casualties.

Store Owner: You should be thankful of these guys' strength and open minds. Also, I'm not serving you any more drinks.

C:Festive Fairy: What, no fair! Just when we got our hands on human alcohol!

Da Vinci: Well, after all that, would you care to amend your assertion, Red Rab-bit?

Red Rabbit: How strange...

Red Rabbit: Manchester was a city full of smiling faces, kindness, and now violence...

C:Remorseful Fairy: It's not violence! The Rule of Manchester is survival of the fittest!

Fujimaru 1: You followed us from the tavern...

Fujimaru 2: Huh? The same type of fairy as in Wales?

C:Remorseful Fairy: Jenny's name is Jenny! Jenny was born here just recently!

Artoria: Aah, no wonder...

Artoria: So you don't know much about Manchester, Jenny?

Artoria: Do you know where the city's lord lives?

Jenny: Lord Barghest lives over there! Look, all the way at the end of the main street!

Da Vinci: Yeah, you can definitely see it. The huge mansion with a magnificent garden.

Da Vinci: Still...I thought Manchester would be a city housing mostly the Fang Clan, but I guess there are even fairies like you here as well.

Da Vinci: Are there fairies of the Earth Clan here as well?

Jenny: Hmm, maybe...We don't see much of them. There are lots of humans though. About half humans, half fairies.

Habetrot: Hm? There's nothing but fairies roaming around, though. Are there really that many humans?

Jenny: That's the survival of the fittest! “The weak have to be protected by the strong! ”

Jenny: It protects Jenny too! Lord Barghest is strict, but kind and fun!

Senji Muramasa: “Survival of the fittest,” huh...I see.

Senji Muramasa: I kind of got that from Barghest's attitude...

Senji Muramasa: but that doesn't mean “the strong eat the weak,” does it?

Artoria: Yeah, she's always been like that.

Artoria: “The strong eat only the strong. The weak aren't worthy of being eaten. They deserve protection. ”

Artoria: That's what she says.

Fujimaru 1: (...may as well ask now...)

Fujimaru 1: Artoria, are you and Barghest childhood friends?

Artoria: H-how could you think something like that? I mean, Barghest had no idea who I was, right?

Artoria: She doesn't know me, and I don't know her...

Artoria: Yeah, I don't know the first thing about Barghest!

Jenny: Hah? If you're looking for Barghest, you should've just asked Jenny. She's at home right now.

Jenny: They say she's got a new lover, so she comes home often. Everyone in town is so happy.

Artoria: She acts like a Fairy Knight, but she's the only one who gets herself a lover!

Red Rabbit: But, Barghest's lover, you say...Neigh...I can't say anything more out of fear...

Senji Muramasa: Well, rumors are rumors. She never mentioned it, so we should take it with a grain of salt.

Senji Muramasa: Even if it's true, they're living as husband and wife, you know? If they're okay with it, then what's the problem?

Da Vinci: Even if it's done out of love, a crime is still a crime. This is the Fairy Kingdom, after all. Each law is absolute.

Da Vinci: Anyway, we've come this far, so we may as well meet with Barghest.

Da Vinci: You can wait here if you're afraid, Red Rab-bit. We're the only ones who have to talk to her.

Red Rabbit: No...I've accompanied you this far, so I will come as well.

Red Rabbit: I cannot help being the idol of men and women of all ages. It's the price of fame.

Red Rabbit: Should the need arise, I will use my flesh as bait to buy time for you all to escape. No, I shall become a wall of delicious meat!

Red Rabbit: Now, to the hall of the demonic lord! The horrible, fairy-devouring Black Dog is no match for me!

J:Barghest: Welcome to Manchester, everybody.

J:Barghest: I didn't think you would come to call on me in less than a day.

F:Horse: —Beautiful—

Red Rabbit: Who could call you repulsive...this is the form of a, a true king...

Red Rabbit: I, Red Rab-bit, feel as though I have been overtaken at the final corner of a race.

J:Barghest: Th-thank you very much? Uh...where is this Fang from, exactly?

Artoria: Ignore him. He's just a packhorse who doesn't understand that he's not the main character.

Artoria: Habenyan, could you take him for a walk?

Habetrot: You got it~. Come on, let's go into the garden, Red Rab-bit. There's a fun-looking clearing for you.

Red Rabbit: Oho...that's called a paddock, Habetrot.

Red Rabbit: A clan fairy's mansion sure is many facilities they don't even use...

Fujimaru 1: Thanks for making us feel welcome.

J:Barghest: No need to thank me. As Lord, it is my duty to entertain guests.

J:Barghest: I was the one who invited you in the first place. I should be thanking you.

Fujimaru 2: You're wearing a dress today too?

J:Barghest: This is...I just got home myself. I haven't had time to change.

Da Vinci: Well, whatever the case, I'm pleased you're showing us in without frisking us.

Da Vinci: I know you don't feel like fighting. We can safely talk in—Barghest?

Barghest: No. I bear no enmity towards you, but I am more than willing to fight. Behold.

Artoria: ...! What do you think you're doing, Barghest!?

Barghest: This has nothing to do with you. Could I ask you to please stay out of this?

Barghest: Master of Chaldea, Fujimaru. And Servant, Leonardo da Vinci.

Barghest: It may be selfish of me, but I challenge you.

Barghest: Once more, would you show me that power...please?

Fujimaru 1: —Of course.

Fujimaru 2: (You want to see Chaldea's power for yourself, don't you, Barghest. )

Da Vinci: I see. You want to take measure of Chaldea's power before talking to us.

Da Vinci: So you're saying that unless we can defeat you without the Child of Prophecy's help, you won't place your trust in us?

Barghest: I am. And more than that, Fujimaru has piqued my curiosity.

Barghest: How far can a mere human go against a fairy—no.

Barghest: Prove to me that your victories before weren't mere flukes!


Fujimaru 1: Just when I thought the battle was over...

Fujimaru 2: We were served this fantastic meal.

Da Vinci: Wow, this gnocchi is amazing! Seems like you can't go wrong with potatoes no matter the world!

Senji Muramasa: These oysters are great too!

Senji Muramasa: I was a little unsure when they served them on a huge plate covered in ice, but I get it now, it's so they stay delicious!

Artoria: Everyone, please don't be fooled by this amazing-looking food. This isn't a big deal at all.

Artoria: The meat pie in the center of the table, as big as Gareth's shield, is a good representation of Bageko's vanity.

Artoria: She's obviously trying to break everyone's focus. Well, I won't fall for it.

Fujimaru 1: So she says, shoveling meat pie into her mouth...

Artoria: Oh's good...

Barghest: The battle and cooking are finished, so I've had a change of clothes.

Barghest: Unfortunately, I am currently under house arrest, so I gave the cooks some time off.

Barghest: I made all this, so I'm happy you enjoy it. I'm sorry it's all so simple.

Fujimaru 1: Barghest's...homemade...

Barghest: That's right. It's no big deal.

Barghest: After all, I just used wheat as the basic ingredient, threw it in the wood stove, and imitated human cooking methods.

Barghest: It's nothing like the real thing in Camelot. This is just a hobby of mine.

Artoria: H-heh're surprisingly homey for how you look, o great Fairy Knight.

Artoria: It must be hard to act as a lord when you have to work in your own kitchens.

Barghest: Hm? Isn't it only natural for someone looking for a mate to be good at household chores?

Fujimaru 1: Let's not talk about it.

Fujimaru 2: Thanks for the meal. Now, onto the main point.

Barghest: Right. Now that we've come this far, there's nothing left but to get down to brass tacks.

Barghest: I want to protect the inhabitants of Britain. It was for that reason I swore my horn to the Queen.

Barghest: However...Her Majesty has no such intentions, and actually seems to be seeking out the Great Calamity.

Barghest: What she treasures is not Britain's inhabitants, but the kingdom itself.

Barghest: Therefore—Child of Prophecy.

Barghest: If you ring the Pilgrim's Bells and truly aim to save Britain, then I will lend my strength to your endeavours.

Barghest: The battle for Camelot can no longer be avoided, so I too will raise the flag of rebellion against the Queen.

Artoria: You're serious...

Artoria: That's all well and good, but what happened to your pride as a knight? You destroyed that farm and burned down the forest of Wales.

Artoria: You've been so faithful to the Queen's orders, and now you're going to join our side?

Barghest: Yes. From hereon I will join you.

Barghest: You can put me on trial for my crimes after the battle for Camelot.

Barghest: I will accept any punishment, and expect no pardon.

Senji Muramasa: ...

Barghest: But first, I would like for you to promise me something.

Barghest: Fujimaru, Da Vinci. You mentioned that emigration was possible.

Barghest: If that is the truth, and you have the magnanimity to accept fairies...

Barghest: Will you please consider letting them emigrate?

Barghest: Her Majesty has told me that Britain is what is known as a “Lostbelt. ”

Barghest: A transient world that will dissipate in the face of pan-human history.

Barghest: So I supposed...this Britain is a world that should not be.

Da Vinci: ...why do you think this, Barghest?

Da Vinci: You yearn to protect Britain, yet you deny its existence. Isn't that a contradiction?

Barghest: That's because...more than anything else, we're afraid of this land.

Barghest: That's probably why...Ask any fairy and they'll give you the same answer.

Barghest: In any case, under Her Majesty's rule, all fairies die out by the end of the year.

Barghest: I don't know how the reign of the Child of Prophecy will change the way things are, but—

Barghest: If there are any fairies who wish to relocate to the “outside world,” I ask you to accept them.

Barghest: Even—even though this Britain may come to disappear...

Barghest: I have no greater hope than the fairies born here being able to live in your world.

Fujimaru 1: I'd like the opinion of my technical advisor.

Da Vinci: Right. It's a very interesting proposition. We don't really have a reason to turn you down.

Da Vinci: The Storm Border can accept up to 500 refugees.

Da Vinci: Relocation will have to wait until after we solve the problem of the Earth's bleached state,

Da Vinci: but there's no problem with you living in the Border. That was its original purpose anyway.

Da Vinci: Call it a Noah's Ark of sorts.

Da Vinci: There's only a few ships in pan-human history whose purpose is to preserve life forms for the future.

Senji Muramasa: Five hundred, huh. Though that's only a fraction of them. You okay with that, Barghest?

Barghest: —Yes. Better than being able to save none. This is fine.

Barghest: If that, if my wish is honored, I shall gladly bear the shame of being labelled a traitor.

Barghest: Though I'm sure the real Sir Gawain would despise me for it...

Barghest: Even if it was only in mind, how could one bearing the name of a Knight of the Round Table betray their lord?

Fujimaru 1: Gawain would probably scold you, but also praise you for it.

Barghest: Y-yes, of course. I'd be scolded first...

Da Vinci: But are you really okay with this? Think of your position. You're placing your trust in your enemies.

Fujimaru 2: ...but are you really okay with this?

Barghest: I am. It is as you said, Fujimaru.

Barghest: “If the world were gone tomorrow, I wouldn't let that ruin today. ”

Barghest: Those words resonated with me...I should do all I can now, before concerning myself with the future.

Artoria: Ugh. Guess that's how it'll be. Though I can't say I don't like it when you look like that.

Artoria: I'll tell Oberon about this later...

Artoria: Fairy Knight Barghest is cooperating with the Child of Prophecy, and will play an active role in the battle for Camelot.

Artoria: Once the battle for the castle begins, you must absolutely not attack the Round Table Army.

Artoria: What else...well, neutralize whatever Queen's soldiers you see if the mood strikes you.

Artoria: Those are my only instructions to you. Do you have anything to say, Barghest?

Barghest: didn't tell me to open the gates to the castle from inside. There's no need for you to concern yourself with my...

Artoria: I simply don't trust you enough to rely on you for anything else.

Artoria: I will knock down that gate with my trusted friends here. You just fight what's in front of you.

Barghest: ...I see. If my words turned out to be false, you would be locked in a stalemate.

Barghest: Then that is the correct response.'re more unforgiving than I imagined you would be.

Fujimaru 1: Well, it probably won't come to that.

Fujimaru 1: By the way, sorry to change the subject...

Barghest: What is it? I'll answer if I can.

Fujimaru 1: Could you introduce us to your lover, Barghest?

Da Vinci: Yeah, that caught my interest too~! We heard about it outside.

Da Vinci: That you're always coming back to Manchester, since you've got a new lover here!

Barghest: —Well, not, as much as I can...?

Barghest: And we're not in any sort of relationship like that. It's just a human boy I'm watching over.

Barghest: I, Barghest, only love the strong.

Barghest: There is no way I would take someone with no strength, no vitality, and no future prospects as my lover.

Senji Muramasa: Is that so? They say love is blind. Can't you fall in love with someone who doesn't live up to your standards?

Barghest: Y-you have an idiom like that...? Human culture in pan-human history is truly enlightened...

Barghest: But that has nothing to do with it.

Barghest: Adonis is weak and sickly. Right now he's recuperating in a room in a quiet wing of the mansion.

Barghest: When I told him about Fujimaru, his eyes lit up and he wanted to meet you, but...

Barghest: He hasn't stopped coughing lately...It's a symptom of the Great Calamity, and medicine has become difficult to acquire.

Barghest: I'm sorry, but he needs rest now. However...

Barghest: After the battle for Camelot, I'd like for you to return to meet him.

Barghest: I don't know if I'll be able to return here, but I'm sure you would become great friends.

Artoria: ...

Senji Muramasa: I see. Sorry for the insensitive remarks.

Senji Muramasa: You never did want to protect just the fairies, did you?

Barghest: Of course not. Uneducated humans are disciplined, but that's just fundamental survival skills in Britain.

Barghest: Fairies and humans are one and the same. I don't see a distinction between them. After all, protecting the fairies means protecting the humans as well.

Da Vinci: Well, this was a fruitful discussion. It was worth making a detour to Manchester.

Da Vinci: Seems like it was a nice break for Artoria as well. Must have been fun for her to talk with a fairy she shares a connection with, huh?

Da Vinci: And she got to munch on pie the whole time!

Artoria: No, it's the exact opposite! This was more exhausting than acting as “Child of Prophecy” for the Round Table Army!

Artoria: Well, now that you're all done making friends, let's hurry up and go! We've got to reach the Lake District before the sun sets!

Barghest: The Lake District...? I're going to Orkney.

Barghest: There aren't as many Mors up north, but they're much stronger individually.

Barghest: The ones lurking in the Lake District are all powerful individuals. Tread with caution.

Fujimaru 1: Thanks for the warning.

Fujimaru 2: We'll be seeing you, then.

Barghest: ...

Da Vinci: Barghest? You look like something is still bothering you.

Barghest: Yeah...During the meal, you taught me about the relationship between Master and Servant.

Barghest: Her Majesty has given me some knowledge of Servants.

Barghest: Spiritual bodies drawn from a “compiled record of human history” that exists outside of time...the Throne of Heroes.

Barghest: They are summoned by the Master and used in times of crisis.

Barghest: The Servant stays with one Master and leaves when that Master dies.

Barghest: —Am I correct thus far?

Da Vinci: Yeah. What of it?

Barghest: ...don't you think it's strange?

Senji Muramasa: What about it? That a Servant would obey a Master weaker than themself?

Barghest: I've had that concern since the beginning, but the problem I am referring to...

Barghest: ...concerns Beryl Gut.

Barghest: That man said that Queen Morgan was the Servant he summoned.

Barghest: But Her Majesty has never once referred to him as a Master, and what's more—

Barghest: Beryl Gut only arrived here a few months ago. Her Majesty Morgan is a great fairy who has lived for 2,000 years.

Barghest: It doesn't add up. Even before Beryl Gut arrived here, Her Majesty was very much alive.

Barghest: Or is it possible to summon someone who already exists as a Servant?

Fujimaru 1: ...I've never heard of it, but...

Fujimaru 2: To tell the truth, that's been bothering me too.

Da Vinci: Summoning the future state of someone who is alive in the present...

Da Vinci: Well, if you take into account Heroic Spirits with extremely twisted, complex personal histories, there is precedent for that.

Da Vinci: Pan-human history's Morgan was a Heroic Spirit with three personas, so I can't say it's impossible.

Da Vinci: But...if that were the case, there would be two Morgans in this kingdom.

Da Vinci: Have you witnessed anything like that, or heard any rumours?

Barghest: No. There is only one of Her Majesty. And she is not a Servant.

Barghest: She is without a doubt a fairy. After two hundred years of service, I can assure you of that.

Barghest: That is why I wanted to ask you. That man from pan-human history...

Barghest: Is Beryl Gut truly Her Majesty's Master?


???: —Situational changes have been confirmed. The toll has been paid.

???: I propose to you thus, the chosen; and present to you thus, the discarded.

???: If you desire glory, choose revival. If you desire idleness, choose eternal sleep.

???: It is all the same to a god.

Narration: All the same, eh? Cruel to put life and death on those terms.

Narration: Being alive means a lot of work. Being dead means no more troubles.

Narration: I like keeping everything simple. Extra baggage stops you from carrying on the way you want.

Narration: Glory or power, the future of mankind, or just wanting to be a good person...

Narration: I'm not special enough to get stressed out over all that.

Beryl: Hey, Alien God, mate. I've got one question for you to answer.

Narration: I asked if there were any “things” in that world which I would find important.

Narration: There was an immediate answer, as expected of a god.

Beryl: Hey, Kirschtaria!! You came back to life too, mate!

Beryl: Man, that's a relief. I was sure I'd be up first!

Beryl: I mean, this Alien God stuff? Talking about negating human history?

Beryl: All that'd only be music for the ears of me, Peperoncino, or Daybit, right?

Kirschtaria: Not necessarily. I'm just as greedy as anyone else.

Kirschtaria: Creating a new history for mankind is a very tempting proposition. I'd be mad to turn it down.

Beryl: No shit? You're showing your true colors, Wodime!

Beryl: But you were always the type who'd say the most outlandish things.

Beryl: You've got a much better smile on your face now, really. That gets me right in the heart.

Beryl: “I'm gonna be king of the earth, and leave humanity to perish. ”

Beryl: When you're buckling from the pressure of playing the nice guy is exactly when to decide what to do with yourself.

Kirschtaria: Hm. Has your impression of me changed that much?

Beryl: No, and that's what makes me glad! I mean, you were already a madman before.

Kirschtaria: Well...I came to realize that everyone in Team A had misunderstood me in different ways.

Beryl: Hah? Don't be so down. You're making a good impression on me now.

Beryl: So Wodime, what do you have in mind for me? You're the team leader.

Beryl: I'm finally getting the hang of things. This is what being one who conceals—a Crypter—is all about, right?

Kirschtaria: Well, you were chosen for emergencies during the Singularity reparation mission.

Kirschtaria: And you were made aware of the secret details regarding the Great Command Spell, the Sirius Light, like how to force it to take effect.

Kirschtaria: The singularities that were to eventually appear were theorized to be seven key points in human history.

Kirschtaria: And the Sirius Lights were the decisive factor for preserving the human order.

Beryl: ...That was a secret between me and Marisbury, but I guess you've been clued in too now.

Beryl: Did the Alien God fill you in? It's really piling more trouble on me.

Beryl: So, what's your move? Like you figured, I'm the hired gun who cleans up traitors to the cause.

Beryl: Am I to be quietly killed off to keep teamwork copacetic?

Kirschtaria: No, I'd like to hire your ruthlessness. Everyone on Team A will eventually be revived.

Kirschtaria: And each of us assigned to a “Lostbelt”.

Kirschtaria: Then, the Alien God will hand us each a ticket to become king of the world, provided we cultivate a “Fantasy Tree”...

Kirschtaria: I want you to tear up this ticket of yours. It's given in bad faith anyways, so why keep it?

Kirschtaria: But keep that a secret. Discreetly maintain a facade that you're still trying to succeed.

Beryl: Wait, hold on. You want me to screw over the Alien God?

Beryl: After discarding my ticket to rule the world?

Kirschtaria: You'll be in charge of the isle of Britain. I chose for you in advance. It's your homeland, isn't it?

Beryl: Don't you think you're asking too much? Not even Marisbury took charge to this extent.

Kirschtaria: Is that so? Well, there's no turning back now that I've filled you in on this much.

Kirschtaria: If you refuse, I'm afraid you'll have to die here...

Beryl: Not exactly fair. It's not like I have any choice.

Kirschtaria: Thank you for your consent, Beryl. You're the only one I could turn to for this.

Kirschtaria: I don't know the current state of Britain's Lostbelt, but the land is a cornerstone for the world of magecraft.

Kirschtaria: There's no predicting what will happen if the Alien God moves to inhabit something from that island.

Kirschtaria: I'd like to nip the Lostbelt in the bud before it can grow to maturity. The details will be up to you, but in short...

Beryl: You want your hands kept as clean as ever. Okay, roger that.

Beryl: Hey, I wasn't that interested in a race to be king of the earth to begin with. This could be much more fun!

Beryl: Nevertheless, we have a deal. Don't forget my compensation, Wodime.

Beryl: After you become king of the earth, I get my fill of the spoils, okay?

Beryl: Man, there's really not a damn thing here!

Beryl: Sure, you got phantasmal beasts and fairies and other dangerous crap prowling around as they see fit.

Beryl: But this is supposed to be a threat to his “new human history”? I have no idea how Wodime read the situation.

Beryl: ...No, his face was dead certain.

Beryl: Did he have some way unknown to us of knowing London was gonna be bad news?

Beryl: All the same, it just makes my job easier!

Beryl: I can get rid of the Fantasy Tree without any real opposition.

Beryl: And to that end, I guess I'll summon a Servant.

Beryl: Much obliged, Marisbury. We Crypters have a guarantee to summon one Servant of our choice.

Beryl: The Sirius Light is a pretty bitchin' thing to be marked with. No sense not making use of it.

Beryl: Only question is, what kind of Servant to call forth?

Beryl: Heh, that's obvious enough.

Beryl: I've only got one condition here. If need be, I want someone who can demolish this world.

D:Servant: Ruler Servant, Fairy Queen Morgan, has answered your summons.

D:Servant: You, descendant of witch waste. Are you my summoner?

Beryl: Man, I slept great! It was a good decision to stop here before heading back to Darlington!


Beryl: Oops, my darling consort must have more pressing business alone on her throne.

Beryl: Still, Morgan, aren't you taking things too seriously here?

Beryl: The Fantasy Tree has withered, and our greatest enemy, Kirschtaria, lies dead.

Beryl: The Alien God failed to take the vessel it wanted.

Beryl: There's nothing to be afraid of anymore. We're going to win this thing.

Beryl: So why don't you relax already? Chaldea and the Child of Prophecy are no match for you, are they?

Morgan: Meaningless. I never recognized them as enemies to begin with.

Morgan: The humans who once expelled me, and the isle of Britain which denies me my Fairy Kingdom...

Morgan: —Pan-human history itself, so to speak, is my enemy. There is no time to yield the throne until it has been overthrown.

Morgan: Beryl Gut. I hold you responsible for Baobhan Sith's disgrace at Gloucester.

Morgan: If you cannot even babysit one child, I shall have to reconsider your treatment as my husband and standing as my Master.

Morgan: Inform Baobhan Sith that she will have no more chances.

Morgan: I have overindulged her. As the queen's daughter, it is time she learns some dignity.

Beryl: But of course, she'd be happy to hear that from you. But it's a lost cause, isn't it?

Beryl: You don't love anyone, do you? Even keeping a successor is unfathomable.

Beryl: Bloody hell—Baobhan Sith is yet another horrible woman I'm stuck with.

Fragment / 8

Narration: Since the discovery in the depths of the Great Pit, Mash and Tonelico began investigating ruins in various parts of Britain.

Narration: Solely guided by the legends passed down by the Mirror Clan and murals left behind by the Rain Clan.

Narration: With that came a grand adventure searching east to west for books left behind by humans!

Narration: They encountered Mors, and were attacked by the anti-Londinium fairies.

Narration: And they ran into trouble fighting a big monster because of Tonelico's whims.

Narration: But it's all good memories now that it's over, since Mash carried herself so well and looked so cool!

Totrot: Hey Mash, didn't you call me a funny name when we first met?

Mash: Y-Yes. Um, I said...

Mash: You looked like someone I'd met before, Totrot. So I just made a mistake! I'm sorry!

Totrot: Someone just like me? I'm shocked! What's she like?

Mash: I only spent a short time with her, but she's a very wonderful person.

Mash: She was brave, dependable, and kind. And she fashioned a lot of clothes in her workshop.

Mash: Her name is Habetrot. She's the fairy of happiness who sends off brides.

Totrot: —I didn't know the future had someone like that! But you're right, the name is pretty similar.

Totrot: Maybe she's using a pseudonym just like Tonelico is! True Name Concealment!


Tonelico: That will do, Mash. You promised not to say too much, remember?

Mash: I'm sorry...I just wanted Totrot to be happy...

Totrot: I-I see. Your intentions were good. Sorry.

Totrot: Still...

Totrot: Sending off brides is a great thing! I wish I could live like that!

Narration: Well, let's just make a note of that conversation.

Narration: Their adventure to uncover the secrets of the ruins lasted five months.

Narration: None of it amounted to anything, but the two patiently worked their way back through Britain's history.

Narration: And so, they arrived at the “Priestess' Prophecy”.

Narration: The first “prophecy of ruin” uttered in Britain. A curse left by the first human, the priestess of a forgotten god.

Narration: She predicted a spring, summer, fall and winter war. But the Winter War hadn't happened yet.

Narration: In the end, I still have no idea what it refers to.

Narration: The only things we took away from the investigation were fun memories.

Narration: I've written this many times to the point of irritation, but the year is 400 of the Fairy Calendar.

Narration: The coronation at Londinium, which will decide Britain's destiny, is only a few days away.

Narration: It's time for the leading lady, Tonelico, to return to the castle.

Totrot: Sewing is done, hurray! Now we just need an embroidered motif!

Totrot: Purple roses for Tonelico and blue for Mash will do nicely!

Black Knight: Let's see...hmm, well done. I find no fault in this.

Black Knight: To think our crybaby Totrot would master this so quickly. Crafts are truly fascinating.

Black Knight: And are you embroidering a decoration on the chest area?

Black Knight: Tonelico is to be our queen, so let's go with something lustrous. Sew a selection of beads to create the pattern of the World Tree.

Black Knight: Give it here. Like this.

Totrot: Woah, what's with your hands' dexterity? Were you once a maiden, Black Knight?

Tonelico: Totrot has completely changed, hasn't she? It's thanks to you, Mash.

Tonelico: We've been together for centuries, and I never knew she had that side to her.

Tonelico: It's really no good. All I've known is fighting. I never even noticed how my friends who supported me suffered.

Mash: No, I only acted in the moment.

Mash: It's the coronation that has moved Totrot to embrace her sewing.

Mash: She said she'd make a dress fine enough for the greatest fairy in Britain.

Mash: So I'm sure that she would've become a great tailor even without me.

Tonelico: ...

Mash: Tonelico...?

Tonelico: ...Alright. Let's talk about my true feelings for a moment.

Tonelico: Mash, I'm not the Savior I've been made out to be. I just want to preserve the Britain I know.

Tonelico: I'm not going to try and save every fairy anymore. And I don't want to protect the humans either.

Mash: —Huh? —

Mash: But you've managed to protect them so far. Why the change of heart?

Tonelico: That may be true...

Tonelico: For 3,600 years, I've cleansed the Calamity every century and the Great Calamity each millennia.

Tonelico: I said before that I sleep in a coffin, leaving what comes after to the fairies.

Tonelico: That's not the case. Every time...every time, I'm hunted and persecuted after the fact by the fairies.

Tonelico: There was never a time I could be at peace. Each time, I had to run and resume sleeping.

Tonelico: In the beginning, I must have had the desire to build a land of ideals.

Tonelico: But all that is gone now.

Tonelico: If you work twice as hard and resolve to do better next time, you get twice as many stones thrown at you.

Tonelico: Imprisonment, crucifixion, beheading, drowning, immolation. Poisoning is about the only thing remaining on the list.

Tonelico: So I've stopped holding out any hope for the fairies.

Tonelico: My only companions are Totrot, the Black Knight, and Wryneck. As for's too soon to say.

Tonelico: They're no different than “important tools” to me.

Tonelico: I will protect Britain only for my own sake, because this is the only place I belong.

Tonelico: To this end, I will unite the fairies and give humans the right to build their own kingdom.

Tonelico: That's the kind of Britain I seek. It's a story not permitted in pan-human history.

Tonelico: I am Tonelico, the witch. I was never a savior to begin with.

Mash: But...even then, not one of them was there for you?

Mash: A fairy who believed in you? Who understood you?

Mash: There wasn't a single fairy you'd want to save?

Tonelico: No, not one. That's why we're in this mess.

Mash: ...

Tonelico: Mash. I don't know by what kind of power, or by whom, you were sent from the Queen's Calendar...

Tonelico: Since if I knew, it would affect the future.

Tonelico: I keep wavering between whether I should be their destroyer or savior...

Tonelico: That doesn't really mean anything now. This is the Fairy Calendar, the history of the Fantasy Tree.

Tonelico: As long as that tree remains, it doesn't change that anything can happen in the Lostbelt.

Tonelico: Each time an element is added, history will adjust in real time.

Tonelico: The world with the Fantasy Tree doesn't have to keep consistent.

Tonelico: Morgan used the Water Mirror to send a Calamity to the Fairy Calendar.

Tonelico: Because, no matter how the Fairy Calendar's history changes as a result, the certain beginning of the Queen's Calendar has already been set in stone.

Mash: A world with a Fantasy Tree allows for a certain amount of that what you mean?

Tonelico: Yes, that's why I'm here. It's fine to be vague as far as the Fairy Calendar goes.

Tonelico: When you mentioned the Queen's Calendar, I had an inkling of what the future holds.

Tonelico: “Oh, all the magic energy in the Fantasy Tree may have been used to change a Lostbelt into a Singularity. ”

Tonelico: I won't know the purpose for such a choice until the time comes.

Tonelico: But Mash, you can only exist until the end of the Fairy Calendar.

Tonelico: Whether you are alive or dead, you will cease to exist in 400 years once the Queen's Calendar comes to be.

Tonelico: You also understand that, don't you?

Mash: the year 2017 of the Queen's Calendar, I came to Britain.

Mash: Since I didn't exist there prior to that, it may be that when the Fantasy Tree withers...

Tonelico: Honestly, no matter how flexible the Fairy Calendar is in regards to being modified...

Tonelico: How does one come up with the crazy idea of sending your unsolvable problems to die off here?

Tonelico: And on top of that, it's not a Calamity, but a lone Servant that's sent for disposal.

Tonelico: That's disgraceful beyond words.

Tonelico: So I'll return fire.

Tonelico: It's the responsibility of all those concerned to send you back to the future where you belong.

Mash: A-are you sure? More importantly, is that possible?

Tonelico: Hmm, it might be.

Tonelico: As long as history doesn't face any contradiction before the Norwich Calamity of 2017 in the Queen's Calendar.

Tonelico: How do you feel about being locked away in the furthest reaches where no one will find you?

Section 18: Albion

Fujimaru 1: There's the Fantasy Tree. This is the Lake District!

Da Vinci: You can clearly see its size on the other side of the river. It's much larger compared to those we've seen already.

Da Vinci: Here in Britain, it withered 2,000 years ago. And then, a few months ago...

Da Vinci: Morgan set it on fire in order to do the same to the Fantasy Tree in Olympus?

Fujimaru 2: Is the Lake District a real part of England?

Da Vinci: Of course. It's no exaggeration to call it one of England's best tourist destinations.

Da Vinci: Gentle glacial lakes, and plateaus with harsh yet pristine rock faces.

Da Vinci: Unlike the more developed urban areas, the countryside has remained unchanged for centuries.

Da Vinci: Fancy clothes, food, and entertainment are good and all, but passing the time here is the greatest luxury.

Artoria: ...

Senji Muramasa: ...

Senji Muramasa: (Hey, Fujimaru, the girl's not looking well. Something must be up. )

Fujimaru 1: Is this your first time here, Artoria?

Artoria: Huh? Oh, yes. I thought the Lake District would be like this.

Artoria: The view is as beautiful as I'd heard! Quiet, followed by more quiet!

Senji Muramasa: Man, is she bad at dodging questions...

Fujimaru 2: It's a bit lonely without Oberon.

Artoria: That's times like this, Oberon would be quashing our fears ahead of time...

Artoria: I can tell he's also living a thankless life.

Artoria: He focuses so much on everyone around him, that he never has any time for himself.

Senji Muramasa: Yeah, but we're not talking about Lord Obbey here.

Senji Muramasa: You're still worried about what Barghest said, aren't you? Wouldn't it be better to just be out with it instead of worrying all by yourself?

Da Vinci: “Is Beryl really Morgan's Master? ” That's a big question, but more to the point...

Da Vinci: Everything else relies on if Morgan herself is a servant or not.

Da Vinci: I admit that the contradiction has me at my wit's end.

Da Vinci: Both Fujimaru and I had to revise our knowledge again and again since arriving in this world.

Fujimaru 1: At first, I thought that Morgan was the Lostbelt King.

Da Vinci: Yep. If she's been ruling the Fairy Kingdom for 2,000 years, she can't be anything but the Lostbelt King.

Fujimaru 1: But then we met Morgan and Beryl at Camelot...

Senji Muramasa: Beryl called himself her Master, and she didn't deny it...did she?

Senji Muramasa: Morgan ain't Beryl's Servant, yet Beryl is Morgan's Master—

Senji Muramasa: It's an enigma I can't help with. Can't you work out a hypothesis, Da Vinci?

Da Vinci: There's way too little intel to work with.

Da Vinci: If Holmes were here, he'd be linking inferences from his reasoning to form a deduction of his own.

Fujimaru 1: It's got me worried. Artoria, how about you?

Artoria: There is one thing...maybe. I've heard you explain the Servant and Master system,

Artoria: and plenty more regarding what Chaldea's been doing, but...

Artoria: Look...I don't want to think about this anymore. If that were all true, then there's simply no way—

Habetrot: There's no way we can defeat her. Or rather, you don't even want to fight a fairy like that, am I right?

Artoria: —Habetrot?

Habetrot: It's okay if you don't want to put up a fight. Is there any need to go on the offensive?

Habetrot: Chaldea's goal is Morgan's Rhongomyniad. The Child of Prophecy's is to ring the six bells.

Habetrot: I heard Ainsel's song about the Child of Prophecy a bunch of times in Londinium.

Habetrot: There's nothing in it that says you have to to slay the Queen.

Artoria: But she herself said: “defeat me. ”

Habetrot: I guess she did.

Habetrot: No sense trusting anything after that hooey. She just wants everyone else to be her enemy.

Habetrot: Still, my only interest is in reuniting Mash and Fujimaru. So I'll leave it at that.

Habetrot: You'll suffocate from trying to meet the expectations of everyone around you. Sometimes you gotta say “I don't care, stupid! ”

Artoria: ...

Senji Muramasa: —Enough chit-chat. A bunch of Mors are coming right for us.

Senji Muramasa: You remember Barghest's advice, Fujimaru? Well, good.

Senji Muramasa: No more being sloppy. From here on out, you're the center of our formation!


Fujimaru 1: That last one seemed weird...

Senji Muramasa: Yeah. She's around here somewhere. Is she on vacation or something?

Fujimaru 2: The Mors really are getting stronger...

Habetrot: The fairies they were formed from were pretty strong. This land used to be sacred to the northern fairies.

Da Vinci: It'll take us a whole day to make it through the Lake District and reach the northern shore.

Da Vinci: We're about halfway there. Let's look for a forest to set up camp before the sun goes down.

Da Vinci: By the way, are you familiar with this area, Habetrot? You're from up north, aren't you?

Habetrot: Well, I guess.

Habetrot: I'm more familiar with this place because it hasn't changed as much as the south has.

Habetrot: Why, Da Vinci? You want a Habenyan History Lesson?

Da Vinci: We didn't hear much about the Lake District in the south. It'd be a big help if you would be so kind as to indulge us.

Habetrot: Alright then, but only until the sun sets!

Habetrot: A long time ago, Britain used to be much smaller. Everything you see now was underwater.

Habetrot: In all the world, Britain was the only land. At least, that's what the fairies thought as they moved to expand the island.

Habetrot: Once they reached the point where Manchester lies now, they came to notice a forest on a shore opposite.

Habetrot: What they saw was this place, the Lake District of the British Lostbelt. A forest sprung from the middle of the sea.

Habetrot: And the ones who prospered thanks to that forest's blessings were none other than the northern fairies.

Artoria: The northern fairies...wait, you mean Knocknarea's ancestors!?

Habetrot: Yep. The six clans and the northern fairies are of different lineages.

Habetrot: This was the year 6000 of the Fairy Calendar. That would be...about 8,000 years ago now.

Habetrot: It was here that Britain's first war erupted. A battle between the fairies of the north and south.

Habetrot: Nowadays, it's just known as the “Spring War. ”

Habetrot: The northern fairies envied the lands of the southern ones, so they crossed the sea and invaded their land.

Habetrot: But, clan heads aside, the southern fairies were individually much stronger than those of the north.

Habetrot: Back then, there were no humans among the northern fairies. They could only be found in the south.

Habetrot: Consequently, the war ended with the victory of the southern fairies. It is said to have been a complete massacre.

Habetrot: After all, any new generation of northern fairies that appeared was killed on the spot.

Habetrot: Their bodies—those fallen trees filled the sea all the way to the Lake District.

Habetrot: And so, the northern fairies were slain to the point that no new generation of them would ever come to be.

Fujimaru 1: So what happened to them after that?

Habetrot: They went extinct...or so everybody thought. Yet they're alive and well today.

Habetrot: Their chief was a far more impressive fairy than any who led the six clans.

Habetrot: Though, they weren't the “six clans” back then.

Habetrot: After she escaped, the Queen of the North abandoned the Lake District and created the Western Island, alone in the Sea of Emptiness.

Habetrot: The Western Island...Ireland has become something of a legend, “unseen but existing”.

Habetrot: It became the final hope of the fairies sentenced to exile from Britain.

Habetrot: Following that, the north and south clashed once again in the Summer War,

Habetrot: but that has nothing to do with the Lake District, so we'll just forget about it.

Habetrot: After that first battle, the Spring War,

Habetrot: the southern fairies took over the Lake District and developed it further.

Habetrot: Eventually, this became the home of the Mirror Clan. And in the northernmost part lived the Rain Clan.

Habetrot: Both built their capitals here and prospered. As you can see, however, they eventually fell into ruin.

Senji Muramasa: You don't say!

Senji Muramasa: Well, if you look at it from the outside, it's weird for a country to last more than 1,000 years, isn't it?

Habetrot: Morgan's Fairy Kingdom has endured for over 2,000 years, hasn't it? Well, I don't know if I'd call it thriving since they're not exactly making any progress.

Da Vinci: The Rain Clan...I see, Britain's sky is always twilit, but it rains...

Da Vinci: It's only natural there would be fairies who control the weather.

Da Vinci: But how did the Rain Clan die out? Was it a natural occurrence?

Habetrot: They...well, I'll tell you once we get to Orkney.

Habetrot: Either way, they died off along with their capital. That was in the year 4000 of the Fairy Calendar.

Fujimaru 1: About 6,000 years ago now.

Fujimaru 2: 2,000 years after the Spring War?

Habetrot: Yeah. Their capital was built in the year 5000 of the Fairy Calendar, so it remained Britain's foremost city for a millennium.

Da Vinci: I get that's why Ireland is nowhere to be found...

Da Vinci: The northern fairies have to be Irish.

Da Vinci: And the only one of them to survive the Spring War was their Queen...

Da Vinci: But the Western Island is gone. What does that mean?

Habetrot: Isn't it obvious? The northern fairies all moved back to Britain!

Habetrot: The island was made so that Mab could protect her people, and following that, she invaded in order to return the entire island to herself!

Habetrot: That was the Summer War, when the savior Tonelico and the first Fairy Knight were active, back in the year 2000 of the Fairy Calendar.

Habetrot: The northern fairies' leader, Queen Mab, was really strong!

Habetrot: Since the failure of the Spring War, she had coexisted with humans on the Western Island for 4,000 years.

Habetrot: The southern fairies saw humans as nothing more than “tools who give us entertainment,”

Habetrot: but the northern fairies built their civilization with them as partners.

Habetrot: The southern fairies had numbers on their side, but the difference in strength was obvious.

Habetrot: Queen Mab was of a mind to wipe out all the southern fairies in revenge for the Spring War,

Habetrot: but Tonelico showed up to mediate, and peace was achieved.

Habetrot: Because of that, the northern fairies were welcomed as the King's Clan, and claimed the northern part of Britain as their territory.

Habetrot: That's when the six clans you're all familiar with came to be. You know what happened next.

Habetrot: The reason the northern and southern fairies have such bad relations even after the switch to the Queen's Calendar is because of all that.

Fujimaru 1: I see. Fairy history...

Fujimaru 2: This is all a little over my head...

Habetrot: All you need to remember is that the clans were killing each other in the latter half of the Fairy Calendar...right before the switch to the Queen's Calendar.

Da Vinci: Do you know of anything related to 14,000 years ago...the beginning of the Fairy Calendar?

Habetrot: I don't. There shouldn't be any records left related to the time of creation.

Habetrot: Tonelico and the first Fairy Knight tried their absolute best to find some, but all they found out was the story of the “six fairies. ”

Fujimaru 1: By six fairies, you mean...

Habetrot: You catch on quick. Yeah, it's the story of that mural.

Habetrot: I only vaguely remember it, but if that's good enough, I'll tell you before you go to sleep.

Habetrot: It's better suited as a bedtime story anyway!


Da Vinci: Yeah, this place is perfect! Everyone~! That's it for today~! Let's set up camp!

Fujimaru 1: All right, I'll get some water!

Fujimaru 2: All right, I'll pitch the tent!

Senji Muramasa: I'll head up the mountain to gather some wood...or maybe, I'll just gather firewood from around here instead.

Da Vinci: I'll submit a report to the Border!

Habetrot: I'm tired, so I'm just gonna lie here!

Artoria: Then, I'll set up a bounded field to ward off beasts and insects!

Artoria: Setting up camp is fun no matter where you are!

Fujimaru 1: You bet! All hands on deck!

Fujimaru 1: Whew...that hit the spot...

Fujimaru 2: Now to get some sleep for tomorrow...

Artoria: Yeah, I think we should hit the hay. I don't think there are any dangerous creatures in this forest, so—

Habetrot: Wait! I promised to tell you about the “six fairies”!

Artoria: Oh, right...! Sorry, Habenyan, go ahead!

Artoria: Don't worry, I'll listen. This is an important story after all.

Habetrot: Ahem. Let's see, where was that...aha, here. Page 153 of History According to Habenyan.

Habetrot: “At the end was the sea. At the beginning was the sea. ”

Habetrot: “As the falling star passed, all the earth became a stream...”

Narration: This is a story from long, long ago.

Narration: When the six fairies went outside, they found the whole world had turned into an ocean.

Narration: There was no dirt and no rocks, no fish and no birds.

Narration: Naturally, the mountains and forests that they loved so much were also gone.

Narration: The six fairies were so distressed, they thought about going back.

Narration: “I'm sorry you had to face this, and I'm sorry things are this way. ”

Narration: Just then, a tremendous shadow arose from the sea.

Narration: It was a huge body covered in fluffy, bushy hair.

Narration: On its shoulder sat an animal that should have no longer existed.

Narration: The animal called the fluffy thing “Cernunnos. ”

Narration: Cernunnos and the animal made friends with the six fairies.

Narration: The empty sea was boring, and difficult to live in,

Narration: but Cernunnos held back the waves so that the six fairies could live in comfort.

Narration: However, because Cernunnos was a god, the animal said he needed offerings.

Narration: The six fairies gave their joy to Cernunnos.

Narration: The six fairies gave their pleas to Cernunnos.

Narration: “The ocean without waves is nice, but we still miss the land! ”

Narration: Their wish was granted.

Narration: The festival came to an end.

Narration: The god grew tired and went to sleep.

Narration: The six fairies revered Cernunnos,

Narration: and treasured what he left behind.

Narration: That was how Britain came to be. Salvation upon the original six.

Habetrot: And that's the end. What do you think? You learn anything, Artor—

Artoria:, Habenyan...I learned a lot...good for you...

Habetrot: She's talking in her sleep...? Is she pretending to listen...?

Habetrot: Everyone else too!? Muramasa, Da Vinci, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: It's alright...I'm sleep...studying...

Habetrot: You can't learn anything in your dreams!

Fujimaru 2: It's fine, I'm still up.

Habetrot: Good! Patience is a virtue for finding that special someone!

Da Vinci: But that was really informative.

Da Vinci: Not just about the ancestors of the six clans, but that giant beast on the mural...seems like Cernunnos was real after all.

Da Vinci: What do you think the “animal” riding on Cernunnos was?

Fujimaru 1: If it was a fairy, the story would have said so...

Fujimaru 2: ...could it have been a human?

Da Vinci: Yeah, I think so too. A god needs a spokesman, after all. Most likely, that “human” was Cernunnos' priestess.

Da Vinci: They were probably akin to some form of medium, conveying the god's words to the people.

Senji Muramasa: I see. So you had gods, priestesses, and fairies all together at Britain's creation.

Senji Muramasa: And now there are neither gods nor priestesses. Only fairies, and humans fashioned by them...

Senji Muramasa: There's more to this. Could this place be what Morgan's trying to keep hidden?

Da Vinci: Maybe. Once they switched to the Queen's calendar, oral traditions of “god” completely disappeared.

Da Vinci: I've got one more question, though.

Da Vinci: The south...the ancestors of the six clans were gifted the land by it seems.

Da Vinci: So who made this forest in the Lake District, the land of the northern fairies?

Habetrot: Oh, I know the answer to that.

Habetrot: The fairies born during the Queen's Calendar don't know this, and it was a secret kept by the Mirror Clan...

Habetrot: But there's the corpse of a creature hidden in the Lake District.

Habetrot: It didn't matter that the world turned into a lifeless sea and started anew,

Habetrot: it's the one thing that didn't decompose, and eventually it grew into this forest.

Habetrot: Albion of the Boundary. Last of the dragons.

Habetrot: The land of the northern fairies was formed from the remains of the dragon that failed to return to Paradise—to Avalon.


Fujimaru 1: ...and that's all from last night.

Artoria: Thanks, Fujimaru...and sorry I dozed off last night, Habenyan.

Habetrot: It's fine, I don't care anymore. You said “it's fine even if it's a bedtime story” yourself anyway.

Artoria: Yeah! Thanks to that I slept really well! I haven't dreamt like that in a loooong time!

Artoria: So how awesome is this “Albion” thing, exactly?

Da Vinci: In pan-human history archaeology, it's the name given to Britain by a prehistoric civilization,

Da Vinci: and in the world of magic, it's known as the “Age of Gods' Dragon” or the “last pure-blooded dragon. ”

Da Vinci: If you're asking how awesome something like that can I put this...

Da Vinci: You could say a Servant, a Heroic Spirit, is a being that stands at the pinnacle of humanity in terms of spiritual power,

Da Vinci: but Servants can be ranked according to the “scale of their Saint Graphs”.

Da Vinci: Superhuman even by Heroic Spirit standards. The special of the specials, if you would.

Da Vinci: We call those Grands, so Albion is like the Grand of dragons...I guess?

Da Vinci: If it's been around since the creation of the Earth, it's probably accumulated 4. 6 billion years worth of knowledge.

Da Vinci: A primordial super-being, different from gods shaped by human cognition and discovered through religion.

Da Vinci: But humans are pretty special too, you know?

Da Vinci: It only took them a few hundred thousand years to analyze, learn, and extrapolate what it took 4. 6 billion years to accumulate.

Da Vinci: As a single life form there's no contest, but as a species, humanity is the clear victor.

Da Vinci: Looks like the “strongest being on Earth” is all talk, huh?

Senji Muramasa: You said it! I can always count on you for that, even if you're my enemy!

Da Vinci: Always glad to be of help. Glad to have you too, even if we're not on the same side.

Fujimaru 1: What an odd friendship...

Artoria: They still see each other as strange...

???: I know. Men have always been like that, haven't they?

Everyone else: !?


Da Vinci: Alright, stop right there! You're the fairy that's been following us since yesterday, aren't you?

Mira: You betcha. I'm Mira the Nightcall! Hey there!

Mira: I got a good feeling from the aura you guys put out, so I was just observing you!

Da Vinci: By the way, I used to be a guy too, so could you not discriminate based on our sexes?

Artoria: A Fairy Deadlord is a wraith who doesn't disappear after they die! But this one doesn't seem to be malicious or harmful?

Mira: Yeah. I don't have any lingering regrets or resentments. My being is just too heavily concentrated to dissipate.

Mira: It's kind of a pain for me as well. Even after all these years, I'm still here.

Senji Muramasa: Uh, yeah, that's rough. Well, if you have a grave, how about we leave an offering of food?

Mira: You put food on gravesites? But there's nothing in them. Weeeird.

Mira: Thanks, though! You guys are good fairies!

Habetrot: Well, aren't you a cheery Nightcall? Seems like you certainly didn't die of losing your purpose.

Habetrot: Was it a sudden death? Did you lose your life in some unfortunate accident?

Mira: It wasn't an accident, but an incident. We were all massacred six years ago.

Mira: Chief Ainsel of the Mirror Clan predicted the future, where we were destroyed with “fire” and “wind”.

Mira: Ainsel died back then, too. There should be none of the Mirror Clan left.

Mira: At least...that should be the case...but isn't it strange? Well, I guess things like this happen sometimes!

Artoria: ...?

Mira: Anyway, I have a small request for you guys. I think it'll be fun for you.

Mira: We've been protecting this place, but a few days ago this weirdo showed up,

Mira: and now they're just living here. Could you get rid of them, please?

Da Vinci: I'm more than willing to do a favor for a fairy in need...or a Nightcall, I guess...

Da Vinci: But we're in a hurry too...

Da Vinci: Just out of curiosity, what kind of person is this weirdo that's living here?

Mira: Well, she's wearing a dress like some kind of fairy noble, she's got what looks like glasses on,

Mira: she's got a bunch of minions, and a pink tail, I think?

Senji Muramasa: Wait a second. You don't think...

Fujimaru 1: Tamamovitch Koyanskaya...!


Artoria: Koyanskaya was the Servant who was with Muryan, right?

Artoria: Oberon deemed her a threat, but is she someone Chaldea can't afford to leave alone?

Fujimaru 1: Honestly, in a place like this...

Fujimaru 2: I'm not too sure...

Da Vinci: She definitely stands on the opposite side of humanity. But we've never directly confronted her up until now.

Da Vinci: Her attack on Chaldea's base was clearly hostile, but was probably carried out under orders from the Alien God.

Da Vinci: She's toyed with the humans in each Lostbelt, but that was probably her own form of retribution.

Da Vinci: It was an extension of the exploitation that takes place between people in each world. A caricature of the relationship between the ruling class and the proletariat.

Da Vinci: She hates humanity, but won't destroy it.

Da Vinci: But—

Da Vinci: The fact that she's been going around Lostbelts collecting creatures that don't exist in pan-human history,

Da Vinci: and that she's a juvenile Beast–a humanity-destroying evil–is a clear indication she's bad news.

Da Vinci: If Koyanskaya is just playing around as Muryan's bodyguard, then that's her business. We can't interfere.

Da Vinci: But if she's “collecting” here in Britain as well, we can't ignore her.

Da Vinci: After all, she'll eventually turn it all on us! It's in our own interest to stop her while we can!

Artoria: Uh, I see. I guess she's a dangerous opponent then.

Artoria: So she came here for...

Artoria: Mira, she's heading for the Dragon Husk Swamp now, right?

Mira: That's right! She's heading for the dark swamp nobody should know of, carrying a fluffy umbrella!

Mira: She also kicked out all the Mors, and is doing bad things to the dragon corpse!

Senji Muramasa: Dragon corpse—Albion! That bitch, she's always trying to get her hands on these rarities!

Senji Muramasa: If it's been around for that long, it's an important piece of cultural heritage! Tourists shouldn't be messing with it!

Fujimaru 1: Let's hurry!

Fujimaru 2: That would give pan-human history a bad name!

Mira: Mors, Mors~~! So many Mors~!

Mira: Sorry, you should all run away~! Your lives are more important~! Please give up on the dragon's corpse and get out of here!

Da Vinci: Well, luckily, not many of us are actual fairies! A few Mors are no issue!

Da Vinci: Oh, you stand back, Habetrot! Just in case!

Habetrot: Don't give me that! Their poison is pretty strong!

Habetrot: Fujimaru, prepare the recovery team! I'll get this done, whatever it takes!


Fujimaru 1: It was hard enough with just three, and they keep multiplying...!

Da Vinci: This feels intentional! There's no way this many would group up just for some fairies!

Da Vinci: This is probably Koyanskaya's trap! She really doesn't want us to go any further!

Artoria: She can control the Mors!? Is she that dangerous!?

Artoria: I mean, if you've dealt with this up till now,

Artoria: how could you just greet her like, “Hey there” in Gloucester, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: You're right about that.

Fujimaru 2: I don't think that's how it went, exactly.

Senji Muramasa: We had no choice, Muryan was there! Quit your yapping and focus on the Mors!

Senji Muramasa: We'll have to keep firing off our Noble Phantasms until we're out of juice! Artoria, counting on you for enchantments!

Senji Muramasa: I've got no choice but to burn out my Saint Graph with three slashes from Tsumukari!

Artoria: Whaaaat!? Servants can burn their Saint Graphs, Muramasa!?

Senji Muramasa: —Well, I don't have anything else, so here goes!

Senji Muramasa: Don't worry about it, come on! After all those years standing in a forge, you're bound to lose a limb or two!

Fairy Knight Lancelot:

Da Vinci: Fairy Knight Lancelot!? What's she doing here!?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I don't care what you're doing here, but I'm mopping up the Mors! Get out of the way, Child of Prophecy!

Mira: (No way, that girl's the Child of Prophecy!? I didn't quite recognize her since I became a Fairy Deadlord, but...)

Mira: (Yeah, that's right! I can feel it! I can finally return to Paradise! )

Mira: (It's's really happening...we finally achieved our goal...)

Mira: (Hail, bells that toll for Britain's end. The second Avalon le Fae, on her noble mission! )


Fairy Knight Lancelot: No casualties confirmed...Well, it's of no relevance to me.

Fujimaru 1: (She exterminated all the Mors on her own...)

Fujimaru 2: (To fire Noble Phantasms successively like that...)

Artoria: It's not meant to save us, right?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I suppose not...I could have simply let you be...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: But this place is special to me. I didn't want the Mors to damage it, that's all.

Fujimaru 1: Shouldn't a Fairy Knight fight the Child of Prophecy?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I should, but not at the moment. You are all well aware that war is looming on the horizon.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: We Fairy Knights, the Child of Prophecy, and the Foreign Magus shall have a confrontation on the front lines.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: And so, there is simply no need to rush.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: When the time comes, I'll swiftly gouge you to death. To the point that your souls will leap out from sheer pain.

Artoria: How cruel and ruthless of you...Even more so, coming from the one said to be the most beautiful fairy in the kingdom.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: The most beautiful?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I'm glad to hear that, but you are incorrect. I am not the most beautiful in Britain.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I'd be more amenable to the phrase 'beauty in performance'. But there's a difference between 'combat ability' and true beauty.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: No...we're not in a relation where such things should be discussed...I still don't have a solid grasp on the distance between fairies...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: You are here to ring the 'Pilgrim's Bell'?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: If so, you had better leave now. Nothing remains here for you.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: What's left has been burned to the bone— kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?

Fujimaru 1: ?

Fujimaru 2: ???

Mira: You gave me a fright there. Did you happen to see a ghost?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I did! I'm looking at one right now! You guys, are you not seeing this!?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: That's a Fairy Deadlord!

Fairy Knight Lancelot: And...the fact that it is here's part of the Mirror Clan...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I the one who's been calling me was...

Mira: No, no. It's not like that. We're not holding any grudges or anything.

Mira: That which needs to be done has been done. I have nothing left to say to you.

Mira: More importantly, shouldn't you hurry along to the swamp?

Mira: Your birthplace is going to get snatched away, you know? The one who came from outside is trying to carry it away.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: !

Senji Muramasa: We're going too! We can't leave Koyanskaya be, whether Lancelot's with us or not!

Fujimaru 1: The skeleton of a massive creature, and...

Fujimaru 2: Out of place NFF-labelled no-entry tape!

Fairy Knight Lancelot: What are these brazen strings!

Fairy Knight Lancelot: How dare you defile our lake!

Koyanskaya: Oh my, defile is a strong word.

Koyanskaya: I've just so happened to take a fancy to the dress Muryan gave me...

Koyanskaya: So with all due respect, I've been undertaking a salvage operation from the air in this manner.

Koyanskaya: However, the Mors I've just turned into my familiars can neither carry it out nor break it.

Koyanskaya: So I've been wondering if I made a bad investment...

Koyanskaya: But it looks like giving it a good shaking was the right answer, even if it happens to be a worthless piece of junk now.

Koyanskaya: Because, Fairy Knight Lancelot, my long-awaited heart's desire has fallen right into my hands.

P:Fairy Knight Lancelot: —This presence. You're a juvenile Beast!

Fujimaru 1: That's enough, Koyanskaya!

Koyanskaya: Chaldea!? I didn't hear about this, why are you all here!?

Fujimaru 2: Lancelot, you know about Beasts!?

P:Fairy Knight Lancelot: I should be the one asking you. I Pan-human History has been driven to that point as well, huh.

Da Vinci: (That skeleton is the corpse of Albion...! Either way, it's not something we can hand over to Koyanskaya...! )

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, let's assist Lancelot!

Da Vinci: We don't know what Koyanskaya's aim is, but it's surely nothing good!

Da Vinci: Let's cut that tail off this time and drive her out of this Lostbelt!

Koyanskaya: Eh, what's that? That's no good, narrow-mindedly seeing a beautiful woman purely as a femme fatale.

Koyanskaya: This time I'm quiiite actively doing charitable work; the kind that will benefit all of humanity—

Koyanskaya: Well, there's no point in reasoning with people who can't see through that sort of troublesome stuff.

Koyanskaya: And it'd be a waste of my hard work if you interrupted this opportunity to acquire excellent weapons...

Koyanskaya: So let's have everyone's lives go poof, along with all your collective karma☆

Artoria: Everyone, step back! Something really bad's rising up from the swamp...!

Artoria: A dragon? Is that what they call a dragon!? Could this be Albio—

Fairy Knight Lancelot: No! It's just your average Mors, look closely!

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Compared to your skills, your judgement is lacking! You'll never measure up to Morgan like this!

Senji Muramasa: No, Artoria's misunderstanding is no surprise. This much magical energy isn't normal, you know!?

Senji Muramasa: There's at least as much as the Calamity at Norwich, if not more!

Da Vinci: Hmm, I thought as much. All the water in this swamp has properties similar to Mors!

Da Vinci: It's brimming with hostility towards fairies! And we're surrounded by Mors, there's no retreating!

Koyanskaya: Yes. This is where Albion's carcass rotted, the most defiled lake in all of Britain.

Koyanskaya: And that's not all. The 'Spring War' occurred here during the Fairy Calendar.

Koyanskaya: It's a melting pot of 8,000 years worth of grudges from the Northern Fairies who were massacred here.

Koyanskaya: As for Albion itself, its skin and flesh have both melted away, leaving only its skeleton, a defective product, but—

Koyanskaya: It's no difficult task to gather up the magical elements that dissolved into the lake to recreate 'what once was'.

P:Fairy Knight Lancelot: You fiend—you mean to take Albion, the rotten dragon that expired in the Sea of Nothingness, with you as a corpse!

Koyanskaya: Of course not, zombies have no value as a commercial product.

Koyanskaya: This is a temporary service sale. It will return to being a carcass after wiping out all of Chaldea.

Koyanskaya: Didn't I say so? My heart's desire is you.

Koyanskaya: The confidential information I've received from Beryl—

Koyanskaya: I'll be helping myself to your entire being, 'still-living Albion'.

Fujimaru 1: Lancelot is Albion...?

Fujimaru 2: But she looks like a fairy!?

Koyanskaya: Now, I do apologize but that's all for business.

Koyanskaya: Everyone from Chaldea, I truly thank you for your long standing patronage.

Koyanskaya: I shall guide you to the underworld one step ahead of the destruction Britain brings.

Da Vinci: (This isn't anything like Norwich...! )

Da Vinci: (It's suicidal to fight a Mors of this scale in a situation like this without Mash's protection—! )

Fujimaru 1: Ugh...!

Fujimaru 2: (We need to escape to the ruins somehow...! )

Habetrot: As if—! Don't be fooled. This is a paper-thin bluff!

Habetrot: Sure, the curse of the swamp is awesome, but this is just a Calamity without a host!

Habetrot: It's just something that strange woman temporarily awakened. It's not your enemy!

Habetrot: Now let's defeat it and move on, Fujimaru!

Habetrot: We don't have time to be dawdling in a place like this! Mash is waiting for you at Orkney!

Fujimaru 1: Really, Habenyan!?

Fujimaru 2: In that case!

Koyanskaya: ...! (They've regained their will to fight...! That fairy, she went and did it...! )

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Very well. I shall lend a hand, Chaldea of pan-human history.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: For this moment alone, I shall discard the name gifted by Her Majesty.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: If that is Albion's carcass, then only I can incinerate it.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Hear me, I am not the knight Lancelot!

Fairy Knight Lancelot: My True Name is Mélusine. Mélusine of the Dark Lake!

K:Mélusine: Named by the fairest of them all, I am the descendant of Albion!


F:Mélusine: Beast!

Fujimaru 1: It hit...!

Senji Muramasa: Yeah, that's Fairy Knight Lancelot's Arondight. It definitely punched through the Spiritual Core.


Habetrot: She disappeared! Lan–no, Mélusine! What happened? Did she escape?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...Lancelot. In this form, I am the Fairy Knight Lancelot.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I will not respond unless you call me that...not that I have any answers to give you.

Da Vinci: Got it, Lancelot. I'll make sure the name we just heard is off limits.

Da Vinci: It seems your powers don't change, with or without a gifted name.

Da Vinci: If anything, you're weaker with than without. That's a boon for us.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: That's right. You speak very practically. Thank you.

Da Vinci: R-really? I'm flattered by the compliment, but...

Da Vinci: Now, about Koyanskaya. Is it safe to assume she escaped?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Well...perhaps.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: In order to crush her, you would need to target her head, not her heart.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: She may have been a weak and immature Beast as of yet, but her vitality was unparalleled.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I guess...she has a lot of lives. She'll be stuck for a few days now, though.

Fujimaru 1: I'm glad we were able to drive her off.

Senji Muramasa: True. She is likely to be flailing about by now, trying to cover the gaping hole in her chest. That'll teach her a lesson.

Fujimaru 2: It's thanks to you, Lancelot.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Oh, good. You seemed aware at first, but did it strike you as self-evident?

Mira: Thank goodness! Master Bones will stay put now!

Mira: Without him, the plug would be pulled on the lake, and we would be returned to the ocean.

Mira: Then the boundary between the earth and the Spirit Cave would disappear, and Princess Ainsel would weep!

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Master Bones? Is that what the Mirror Clan called Albion?

Mira: Yup. Isn't it easier to understand?

Mira: We'd better head back. If we stay too long, you'll grow ever more sickly.

Da Vinci: So it seems...A toxin that can affect a Saint Graph could mutate a living being on a genetic level.

Da Vinci: I'm not interested in Albion's corpse. Besides, we have other things to attend to.

Fujimaru 1: Let's head back to those ruins.

Fujimaru 2: What about you, Lancelot...?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Why do you bother to ask? I will remain here a while longer. I have a responsibility to uphold.

Artoria: By that, you mean keeping Albion's bones out of more mischief?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: To put it simply, yes. My thanks for the loose translation.

Senji Muramasa: ...

Da Vinci: ...

Habetrot: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: What are you staring at me for? I'm sorry, but you won't find any gaps or weaknesses.

Artoria: No, I was just wondering what was meant by “the still-living Albion”.

Artoria: Oh, and the name Mélusine, it's pretty.

Senji Muramasa: (Even Habetrot balked, but she went straight for it! )

Fairy Knight Lancelot: None of your isn't a topic of discussion between us.

Mira: Lancelot is Albion's “left hand”.

Mira: When the stars formed the Sea of Nothingness, Albion, who had not returned to paradise, ran out of strength and crashed to his death.

Mira: But even as the core shut down, the still-living flesh dismembered the left hand at the moment of putrefaction.

Mira: That was the early state of Mélusine.

Mira: I've been in the lake for so long, I had no idea whether she was alive or dead!

Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...

Habetrot: Huuuh. I never saw anything like that down here before.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: You wouldn't have...Before I took this form, I was a filthy pile of meat.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: No muscles, bones, cilia, or body hair. Neither joy nor pleasure. Neither sadness nor agony.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I didn't know what I was as a dragon, or what I wanted to be.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I simply existed as a living thing, if you could even call that life. I was just “something” squirming in that dark swamp.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Until—

Fairies: Please stop, Lady Aurora...! Your body will be soiled!

Fairies: It's only a bottom-feeder nesting in the swamp. Filth no better than a Mors!

Aurora: Why do you say that? It's struggling so much, trying so hard to reach the light.

Aurora: Don't worry. The lake is shallow. I'm sure I can help.

Fairies: Eeeep...! How horrible, it's like rotten fruit!

Fairies: Please keep away, Lady Aurora...! Your dress will be soiled!

Aurora: must have been so cold and chilly. Maybe you're not a water fairy at all?

Aurora: Tee-hee. Hello, sweetheart. Or should I say, good morning?

Aurora: I am Aurora. Do you have a name?

Aurora: Since we've become friends, why don't we have some tea? As long as it's not too much trouble...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: —Until someone whimsically plucked me out.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: That was when my self took shape. For the first time, I'd seen something beautiful.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: My self as a mere cell found admiration for, and discovered my will in trying to emulate her.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: This body is the result of that. The name Mélusine was also given to me by her.

Da Vinci: No muscle, bone, or even cilia for cells to move with. You were like an amoeba.

Da Vinci: But then you found a role model, and transformed into a fairy. That's how it was?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: That's right. Isn't it amazing. I mean—an honest-to-goodness miracle.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Who else but her would have considered picking me up out of that dark and muddy swamp?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: My life is hers. I became who I am in order to fulfill her wishes.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: But she has a position to protect. We couldn't be together forever.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: A hundred years ago, the clans of Earth and Wind, King and Fang, were so afraid of the Calamities that they started fighting again.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I became the Fairy Knight Lancelot at Her Majesty Morgan's suggestion in order to quell the fighting.

Artoria: And you were the only one not to have your own troops or a dominion.

Artoria: Tristan—Baobhan Sith, hates fairies. Gawain—Barghest, loves them, and humans as well.

Artoria: What about you? What do you think, Lancelot?

Artoria: What sort of impulse led you to care so much about Percival?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: It's no impulse...I'm madly in love with Percival.

Artoria: Love...!?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I watched over him since he was very little...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: For ten years. My heart filled with delight and confusion; with gratitude and loneliness as he grew.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I couldn't have been a good mentor, sister, or friend to him...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I even dreamed many times of a future where Percival could live like a human of pan-human history.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Yet not only did he reject Her Majesty Morgan's invitation, he organized something as trivial as the Round Table Army...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: Percival...has gone stray. And I, a mother dragon...don't know where I went wrong raising him...

Fujimaru 1: If you're worried about Percival...

Fujimaru 2: Even now, the Round Table Army...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I cannot...

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I obey Her Majesty Morgan, as a Fairy Knight is bound to do.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: It means nothing to me whether the Child of Prophecy is in the right. I have sworn myself to Her Majesty according to my beliefs.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: We can get back from this point.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: I can't stay away from Camelot forever. I'll see you again on the battlefield, as an enemy.

Fujimaru 1: Even if it means fighting Percival?

Fairy Knight Lancelot: That's the choice I've made...You should respect that freedom.

Fairy Knight Lancelot: But don't tell Percival that we spoke. It will only serve to hurt him.

Mira: Well, byyye~! Good luck in the battle at Camelot~!

Fairy Knight Lancelot: ...

Mira: There she goes. Just like before, she's away as quickly as she came.

Fujimaru 1: Mira, I've been wondering...

Fujimaru 2: Was the Mirror Clan destroyed by...

Mira: Oh, it's fine. What's done is done. Don't worry about it.

Mira: Everyone in the Mirror Clan could see the future. It's no different from being dead at the moment of birth.

Mira: You know when you're going to die, but where you are in the instant is just a haze.

Mira: That's why I'm not all that sad or vengeful. It just hurt like crazy when it happened.

Mira: Still...I feel bad about what happened to Princess Ainsel.

Mira: Ainsel was our leader, and she was always concerned about our future.

Mira: “There must be a way to save them,” or “somehow, I have to protect them all. ”

Mira: She had nothing else on her mind, and went on apologizing until the very end.

Mira: It ought to have been Princess Ainsel who became the Fairy Deadlord...

Mira: It ought to be difficult to apologize after dying, so it fell on me to take on the role of messenger☆

Artoria: Messenger...A message for the Child of Prophecy?

Mira: Yeah, exactly~!

Mira: Sorry, but there's no Pilgrim's Bell here. That was only for the clan heads.

Mira: It faded with Princess Ainsel, so you'll need to find a substituuute.

Mira: And, uh, I don't want to say too much....

Fujimaru 1:

Fujimaru 2: Hey, Mira

Senji Muramasa: Leave it, Fujimaru. Shut up and listen.

Mira: Princess Ainsel said this at the end of her life:

Mira: “The Child of Prophecy's second coming is nigh. ”

Mira: “The first time to live, and the second to die. ”

Artoria: I see...Take heart that I've received this important prophecy.

Artoria: Thank you, Mira. You're an ace.

Mira: Heheh. I'm just glad the Child of Prophecy can see that much!

Mira: No more hesitation or reservation, save Britain and your fellow fairies!


Koyanskaya: Ouch, owowowow!

Koyanskaya: This is seriously bad. Did the sixth tail alter ego I dispatched on-site get its heart blasted out!?

Koyanskaya: Oh, darn it...what a loss. To think I'd lose a tail I went through all that trouble to foster...

Koyanskaya: The authority of one tail for each Lostbelt. Nine Lost Tails...

Koyanskaya: Each possessing a unique trait based on the Lostbelt.

Koyanskaya: I never imagined that my plan to become a beast surpassing that Celestial Fox would be rendered naught on the sixth one in...

Koyanskaya: Well, I suppose giving up doesn't sound too bad!

Koyanskaya: Now that I think about it, there are only seven Lostbelts☆ That's two short from the get-go!

Imaginary Fou-kun: Fou, fou!

Koyanskaya: Let's stay positive here. Right now, it's a matter of whether I cut my losses here or not.

Koyanskaya: The real Albion is a carcass. Since it has no fur, I can't make it part of me.

Koyanskaya: As for Lady Mélusine...she's a fae, not a beast. Quite similar to a Heroic Spirit. Too late for her, as well.

Koyanskaya: Folding here would be a big loss, but there's really no reason to keep fixating on this Fairyland anymore either.

Koyanskaya: My very own casino resort. It's been a good reference for building my own Primatosphere.

Koyanskaya: I'm sorry, Muryan, but...

Oberon: Are you leaving the Fairy Kingdom? You're as cold-hearted as you look, huh?

Koyanskaya: Oh, my. Well, well. Thanks for the other day.

Koyanskaya: “Keep this a secret from Fujimaru, but I want you to eliminate the reinforcements sent to Woodwose. ”

Koyanskaya: “As compensation, I will tell you where Albion is—”

Koyanskaya: If it isn't the self-proclaimed Fairy King who compensated me with garbage information.

Koyanskaya: You knew Albion no longer had any value, didn't you?

Oberon: Naturally. Why would I ever help an enemy of Chaldea? I just made use of Albion's grave as a bargaining chip.

Oberon: Can you really say your losses following that are my responsibility? Of course not.

Oberon: Now, let's stop pointing fingers. I'd rather not end up heaving up my breakfast from this discomfort.

Koyanskaya: No matter...Even if it's just the leftovers, it's still the last pure-blooded dragon.

Koyanskaya: I couldn't make it a part of myself, but the information I've obtained from the skeleton has proven useful.

Koyanskaya: It should serve as a fine foundation for the Avenging A-Grade Armaments...the Grand TamaMo Shrine that's being manufactured at NFF Services HQ.

Koyanskaya: A good day to you then, gallant and cunning prince. Do your best to serve as Chaldea's guide.

Oberon: You want a weapon that can destroy the world, no?

Oberon: I don't really want to suggest this...but right now, I'd ask for assistance no matter the kind of beast it may be from.

Oberon: I know of a stronger product that'd be more to your liking.

Oberon: Isn't it a little early for you to be leaving Britain?

Fragment / 9

The end of the 400th Year of the Fairy Calendar. After the fall of Londinium. At Orkney.

Mash: Totrot...have you seen Tonelico?

Totrot: She went to check up on the World Tree...What you called the Fantasy Tree.

Totrot: She said she'd have it wither, and bring about the end of the Fairy Calendar. That she'd build a new kingdom.

Mash: Is that so...? I have neither the right nor the words to stop her...

Mash: Tonelico...after losing everything and everyone...

Mash: That which everyone built up was prematurely torn down, with no rhyme or reason.

Mash: There' way left to save this Britain, is there?

Mash: But...for me alone to survive...remaining into the future......

Totrot: Mash...

Totrot: That's not true, Mash. You're not remaining. You're going back.

Totrot: You don't belong in the Fairy Calendar to begin with!

Totrot: Tonelico even said that everything will fit together perfectly like this! That's why this is a good thing!

Mash: ...

Totrot: Oh dear, no can do about that, huh. Are you really that anxious? If so, let's make a promise.

Totrot: A special promise. A promise to prove that your being here wasn't a mistake.

Mash: A special...promise?

Totrot: Yep. Before I lost to Tonelico, I used to be violent and selfish. I was shunned by the Wing Clan.

Totrot: But as I spent time with Tonelico, becoming her companion, and beating up bad guys to save Britain...

Totrot: I really enjoyed all of that, but for some reason, I always felt lonely. There was a hole in my heart.

Totrot: I thought to myself, “what do I want to do? What should I do? What brings me joy? ”

Totrot: You filled that hole for me. You told me that story, didn't you? Of a fairy named Habetrot in a place called Scotland.

Totrot: I don't care who's in the right, the me from this Lostbelt or the me from that side.

Totrot: It's just that I envied the me from that side. I mean, she would be so happy!

Totrot: You gave me a dream, Mash. And in saying that, I don't mean I dream of becoming the Habetrot of Pan-human History.

Totrot: Mash, my dream is to see you as a bride.

Totrot: And I will forever continue to protect you, the one who gave me that dream. I will remain ever grateful to you for coming here.

Totrot: So don't worry, and just wait here.

Totrot: While you're asleep, I will become an excellent artisan and see off at least a hundred brides.

Totrot: If I do so, then maybe this little wish of mine may come true.

Totrot: I mean, I'm going to be making a hundred people happy. Surely if I do that much, I can become an adult!

Mash: Yes...yes...! I'm sure you can do it, Totrot—

Mash: I'm sure you can become the greatest seamstress fairy!

Totrot: Yep. It's a promise then. You can forget it if you want, just sit tight and wait for me.

Totrot: I will work hard and will surely make a dress wonderful enough to suit you.

Narration: Thus, Mash was laid to rest as the first Fairy Knight. The girl known as 'Mash' could not be part of the Fairy Calendar.

Narration: That's why, by asserting that it was the first fairy knight that entered the coffin here...

Narration: We would be able to avoid a paradox within the Queen's Calendar. Smart move, Tonelico!

Totrot: But Tonelico, why are you helping Mash?

Totrot: Even I can tell there's no profit in it for you.

Tonelico: She possesses a unique Saint Graph. It would be for the best if, in the future, I could have her as a subordinate.

Totrot: I see...

Totrot: Well, I don't get any of that, so I won't ask!

Totrot: You're going to wither the Fantasy Tree now, aren't you, Tonelico!? A lot of fairies are going to die!

Totrot: Then our journey ends here! I had fun. See you later, Tonelico!

Totrot: I'm heading back down south to undergo some fairy training myself!

Tonelico: I see...Bye-bye, Totrot.

Tonelico: For your own sake—that'll be good. Just don't forget what I taught you, okay?

Narration: My diary. Page 14800.

Narration: 400 years have passed since then. I am now a famous seamstress fairy.

Narration: I've seen off more than a hundred brides. But my wish did not come true. Of course it didn't.

Narration: In the end, I still haven't made a dress for the first and most important bride of all.

Narration: These days, my legs don't move. My vision has blurred and I can no longer even hold a pen.

Narration: On the other hand, it's business as usual in Britain.

Narration: Due to Tonelico abandoning her role as Savior, the conflicts between the clans became unsightly.

Narration: This year is the 12,000th year. The year where the once-in-a-millennia Great Calamity will occur.

Narration: Originally, Britain would've perished here. That day, Tonelico shared as much.

Narration: But I knew such a thing would not come to pass. Because Mash told me that Britain still exists in the future.

Totrot: —Alright, no one will notice me here.

Narration: I sat in the corner of a cave in the north.

Narration: As soon as I did so, I lost my vision, my mouth stopped moving and my mind went blank.

Narration: I see. I was so very tired.

Totrot: Umm...2017...2017...the fortified city of Sheffield......

Narration: I sprinkle the petrification powder Grimm made over my head.

Narration: I hear the sound of the world itself breaking in the distance. I hear the screams of the clans.

Narration: The winter tempest that tolls the bell of vengeance. Tonelico has returned from the furthest reaches of the world, Orkney.

Totrot: A final war...

Totrot: No Uther, no Round Table, no Ector, no Grimm.

Totrot: A lonely Winter War, huh...?

Totrot: I'm sorry I couldn't stand by your side, Tonelico. But I really am tired of fighting.

Narration: That marked the end of the Fairy Calendar. The moment our pilgrimage was rendered meaningless.

Narration: The moment a lone savior disappeared from the annals of history, forgotten by all.

Section 19: Orkney

Senji Muramasa: We've finally arrived. This'd be the northernmost part of Britain...

Da Vinci: This would be somewhere around Edinburgh in terms of Pan-human History Britain.

Da Vinci: If we continue further north, we should reach Scotland. However, in the Fairy Kingdom, this seems to be the northernmost point.

Artoria: I'd heard that it's cold up here couldn't even begin to imagine this sort of cold down south...

Fujimaru 1: Is this white stuff snow?

Fujimaru 2: Not as cold as Russia, but it's still freezing.

Habetrot: These are the tears of the Rain Clan.

Habetrot: The vestiges of the Rain Clan that was wiped out in the year 4000 of the Fairy Calendar.

Habetrot: A song of lament, a warning to the other clans, and tears of apology meant for the Fairy of Paradise.

Fujimaru 1: The Fairy of Paradise?

Habetrot: Just like the name implies, it's a fairy sent from paradise. You'll know the meaning soon enough.

Fujimaru 2: Is Mash really in Orkney...?

Habetrot: She sure is. I'm sorry I didn't say anything until now. Just a little bit further now, do your best.

Artoria: Tears of apology for the Fairy of Paradise...

Artoria: Why did the Rain Clan even perish in the first place? Mors? Northern fairies?

Habetrot: Wind, Earth, Fang, Wing; four clans joined forces and wiped them out overnight.

Artoria: An alliance of four clans...then it's no wonder a single clan was done in like that...

Artoria: But the clans should have all been on bad terms with each other until Queen Morgan unified Britain.

Artoria: To think there'd be an alliance. And between multiple clans, at that.

Da Vinci: Yes. Quite difficult to imagine. It'd be hard to pull off unless they had a 'common enemy'.

Da Vinci: Was the Rain Clan powerful enough to warrant such fear?

Habetrot: No. The Rain Clan, much like the Mirror Clan, was a gentle and peaceful clan.

Habetrot: Even the reason they settled in the north was because they didn't want to compete with the other clans down south.

Artoria: Then why?

Habetrot: Because they protected the Fairy of Paradise.

Habetrot: The Rain Clan took pity on the fairy who drifted from paradise, and raised her as their own princess.

Habetrot: That was what set off the other clan leaders.

Habetrot: “We will never let the pilgrimage happen. Accursed traitors, we will destroy your entire clan,” they said.

Fujimaru 1: Traitors...?

Fujimaru 2: What did they mean by 'pilgrimage'?

Habetrot: Enough chit-chat. The welcoming party from Orkney is here, everyone.

White Wolf:

Artoria: Woah, that's a fine wolf! Looks warm!

Senji Muramasa: Yeah, it even feels divine...wait, this guy's actually divine, isn't he?

Senji Muramasa: (There are no gods in Britain...which means there's a Divine Spirit Servant nearby? )

White Wolf:

Da Vinci: It's heading over there. Maybe it wants us to follow it?

Habetrot: Yeah. There should be a small boat I used a long, long time ago. We can use it to cross over to Orkney.

Habetrot: After all, it takes less than 30 minutes to get to the other side. And that will mark the end of my adventure.


Fujimaru 1: There's a...bonfire where the white wolf is headed towards?

Da Vinci: Yep. And there's another wolf in front of that bonfire...and also...

F:???: Woah there, so you've returned, Freki. Here's a fish Muninn caught. Want some?

Senji Muramasa: That's a Servant, Fujimaru.

Senji Muramasa: Did a Servant from Pan-human History other than Oberon also make it here?

Fujimaru 1: No, those robes are...

F:???: ...Hm?

F:???: Hey, Fujimaru! What took you so long? I was beginning to think you weren't coming!

Fujimaru 1: It's Cu Chulainn!

Senji Muramasa: Cu Chulainn!?

F:???: Sorry, but could you not call me by that name? It'll make my Saint Graph's output plummet.

F:???: Here, I've been going by Grimm for a while now. I'd appreciate it if you'd call me that.

Da Vinci: that you mention it, there used to be an ancient fairy who went by that name in Europe...

Da Vinci: (Wasn't that another name for the chief god of the Norse pantheon? )

Grimm the Wise: What? You didn't tell them about me, Habetrot?

Grimm the Wise: That's cold. Even though I helped you out at Sheffield.

Habetrot: Woah, I didn't notice back then with all the ruckus but you've become an old man, Grimm...

Grimm the Wise: Not an old man, more like an older brother!

Grimm the Wise: I don't know what the previous me was like, but the second generation turned out like this. Sorry about that!

Habetrot: Seriously...? Time is a cruel mistress...Tonelico would die of shock if she could see you now...

Fujimaru 1: Cu Chulainn is Grimm the Wise?

Fujimaru 2: Please explain further!

Grimm the Wise: Yeah, I'll explain all you want, alright. We're hardly strangers, after all. However...

Grimm the Wise: Only after I make sure the Child of Prophecy over there is the real deal!

Senji Muramasa: That bastard, he's raring to go. Is it okay to fight back, Fujimaru!?

Fujimaru 1: M-maybe...?

Fujimaru 2: Isn't this just your usual test of mettle?

Artoria: Roger that! He's quite a violent person for being Fujimaru's acquaintance!

Senji Muramasa: Yeah, that face and voice gets on my nerves for some reason! Let's rough him up a bit!


Grimm the Wise: Beating the pulp out of a Heroic Spirit you just met. Is that how the Child of Prophecy acts? I get it now.

Grimm the Wise: I have no intention of talking with someone that violent. May I ask you to leave?

Artoria: B-b-but, you're the one who told us to bring it on!?

Artoria: Right, Fujimaru!? No, Fujimaru is the one who said go for it in the first place!

Fujimaru 1: I guess Grimm didn't say that...

Grimm the Wise: Yeeeep, I didn't say anything. I just got a fire going cause it's cold, is all.

Senji Muramasa: Are you a kid!? Don't sulk just because you lost!

Fujimaru 2: I didn't say that either...

Artoria: Ehh...You're deflecting just like Oberon...

Habetrot: Yeah. This terrible personality. It's the real one. This is Grimm all grown up, alright.

Habetrot: Hey Grimm, explain! Since when did you return to Britain!?

Da Vinci: “Since when”? “Return”? Hm, so then...

Da Vinci:, Grimm. Could this be your second summoning?

Da Vinci: You were first summoned during the Fairy Calendar and your second summoning was now during the Queen's Calendar. Something like that?

Grimm the Wise: Well, your advisor's eager to get down to business I see. I guess the ones who restored the Human Order once aren't all talk.

Grimm the Wise: I suppose I'll stop joking around now.

Grimm the Wise: Just by crossing wands with you...I can tell you're the Child of Prophecy, the Fairy of Paradise.

Grimm the Wise: Allow me to introduce myself again.

Grimm the Wise: I am Grimm the Wise. My True Name is Cu Chulainn. A Heroic Spirit on Pan-human History's side.

Grimm the Wise: 6,000 years ago, I acted as the Divine Spirit Odin.

Grimm the Wise: Now, I act as Odin's proxy. I've been standing vigil here since last year.


Artoria: Divine this the 'God' you've all been talking about!?

Artoria: But he's surprisingly friendly and doesn't seem dignified at all!?

Grimm the Wise: Oh, that's a nice reaction. The girl's far more candid than I imagined.

Grimm the Wise: Well, undignified sounds about right. Even though I'm acting as a Divine Spirit's proxy, I'm still an ordinary Heroic Spirit like that old man over there.

Grimm the Wise: Feel free to just call me Grimm. Think of me like a casual older brother, okay?

Senji Muramasa: Huh? Older brother, my ass. Being the proxy of a Divine Spirit means you're also an old man on the inside, aren't you?

Grimm the Wise: I'm young in both mind and body regardless! I died before I grew old!

Artoria: (For some reason, these two don't get along. )

Fujimaru 1: (Maybe it's fate. )

Fujimaru 2: (Maybe they hate how similar they are. )

Grimm the Wise: Anyway...the explanation comes first.

Grimm the Wise: It's troublesome, but my role has become strangely complicated.

Grimm the Wise: Let me start by explaining that.

Grimm the Wise: Listen up now, Fujimaru and Child of Prophecy.

Grimm the Wise: Firstly, my relationship with Chaldea. I'm the same guy who entered a contract with you back in Fuyuki.

Grimm the Wise: Although I did get reset after returning to the Throne of Heroes, I still retain memories of Fujimaru and Olgamarie.

Grimm the Wise: Even of King Arthur, who even now stands her ground there.

Da Vinci: Singularity're talking about the Fuyuki in 2004 that Chaldeas also defined as Singularity X.

Da Vinci: I too, have it on record.

Da Vinci: But Servants who have been unsummoned should not be able to retain those memories.

Grimm the Wise: That's where the Divine Spirit interfered. In my case, you could call it a deterrence.

Grimm the Wise: To assist Chaldea. That's what the god who transferred his authority to me wanted.

Grimm the Wise: This god is a god of magecraft and wisdom, you see. He predicted that 'it'll be checkmate unless I act here'.

Grimm the Wise: Fuyuki and Britain are the 'here'. As for the 'act'—

Grimm the Wise: put it simply, it's about 'recovery'.

Grimm the Wise: In the first place, this god has been watching this Lostbelt for a long time now with his multidimensional eye.

Grimm the Wise: The first summoning took place 6,000 years ago in order to help the Fairy of Paradise.

Grimm the Wise: The first Grimm the Wise used the body of a native fairy as a host and became what you'd call a Pseudo Servant.

Habetrot: Yep. In human terms, he looked about 14 years old! And all he had was a sword!

Grimm the Wise: I see. Well, I'll be damned. What kind of kid was it?

Habetrot: Unruly and mischievous. Tonelico relied on him regardless, though!

Grimm the Wise: Was he your comrade-in-arms? That'd be great if so.

Habetrot: Yeah. After we parted ways with Tonelico, the two of us talked a fair bit.

Habetrot: Grimm gave me a magical powder and left me with a plan. After that, he disappeared during the Great Calamity, no?

Grimm the Wise: Yeah. Perhaps because Tonelico severed the contract, Grimm disappeared after the Fantasy Tree withered.

Grimm the Wise: But our friendly god left behind a means before he disappeared. A countermeasure for after this Lostbelt has replaced reality.

Grimm the Wise: The bad end revision of the Human Order that awaited after resolving the dead end incineration.

Grimm the Wise: It was something that could no longer be averted. In other words, the prerequisite conditions had already been met.

Grimm the Wise: That's why he thought he would at least shoulder the problems of this Lostbelt and lighten Chaldea's load, if only a little.

Grimm the Wise: And I'm the Pseudo Servant chosen to be the one who will take on the task of 'solving this problem'.

Grimm the Wise: First off, that god transferred his authority to me at point X, Fuyuki, and I became a Caster. Then I forged a connection with Chaldea.

Grimm the Wise: After that, I was dispatched to this Britain which would checkmate the Human Order if left alone.

Grimm the Wise: I didn't know about Grimm the Wise until I arrived, though.

Grimm the Wise: All I knew was 'what I have to do as a Divine Spirit of pan-human History'. That's all.

Grimm the Wise: In that sense, I was no different from Fujimaru in terms of what I knew about this Fairy Kingdom.

Grimm the Wise: That's why, for a whole year after I was summoned, I've been investigating what happened during the Queen's Calendar.

Grimm the Wise: Calamities and clans. Morgan and the Fairy Knights. The turning point between the Fairy Calendar and the Queen's Calendar.

Grimm the Wise: And after seeing what was in the bell tower here, I was able to get a grasp on the overall situation.

Grimm the Wise: That my role was to wait for you guys here.

Grimm the Wise: To ensure the success of the 'pilgrimage' and send the Fairy of Paradise back to paradise.

Fujimaru 1: other words?

Grimm the Wise: Don't think too hard about it, it's the same as it was in Fuyuki.

Grimm the Wise: I shall accompany you on your journey henceforth. Please make us of me as a Servant in battle.

Grimm the Wise: And in exchange—

Grimm the Wise: I will, at any cost, fulfill Ainsel's prophecy. The promise Tonelico could not fulfill.

Grimm the Wise: Although it seems like the first generation me was too naive, this is the role of Grimm the Wise.

Da Vinci: Welcome, Grimm the Wise. This is irregular, but I take it to mean you're an allied Servant summoned on-site.

Da Vinci: I'd like you to tell me what you know about the Fairy Calendar and Queen's Calendar, but before that...

Grimm the Wise: I get it, I get it. The girl with the shield takes precedence, no?

Grimm the Wise: The safety of your comrade is more important than even the restoration of the Human Order. This will disqualify me as a sage, but I totally agree with you.

Grimm the Wise: In the first place, that girl will know more about the Fairy Calendar than I do anyway. There's no need for me to even explain.

Fujimaru 1: Thank you, Cu Chulainn!

Grimm the Wise: Oh, holding my hands firmly with both hands. Is this a handshake of gratitude? That's nice, this is how you young ones should be!

Fujimaru 2: Is that alright?

Grimm the Wise: Our destination is the same regardless. All that needs doing is to fulfill our objective here.

Artoria: You know where Mash is. I thought.

Grimm the Wise: Yeah. The Pilgrim's Bell.

Grimm the Wise: See that crumbling castle over there? There's a bell tower on its rooftop.

Senji Muramasa: If we can see it, that makes things simpler. Let's head over there, Fujimaru.

Grimm the Wise: It's not that simple. Something bad's loitering around up ahead.

Grimm the Wise: It's like ghosts wandering about in the mist, but they're nothing to sneeze at.

Grimm the Wise: We'll overcome this, but don't underestimate them as mere ghosts, okay?

Grimm the Wise: They'll end up being tougher than any opponent you've faced up until now if you don't watch your step, got it?


Fujimaru 1: That's some thick fog...

Fujimaru 2: (That ghost just now...)

Grimm the Wise: Don't stray now. The bell tower isn't going anywhere. With this fog, we'll get split up if we rush ahead. Proceed calmly.

Senji Muramasa: Hey Grimm...we should've arrived at the bell tower already, with how far we've walked.

Senji Muramasa: We just climbed that grand staircase. But this is...

Grimm the Wise: Well, these things happen. It's not exactly a druid's job to hear the voices of the dead...

Grimm the Wise: It's asking 'are you worthy? ' It seems it doesn't want us proceeding any further.

Grimm the Wise: What'll it be, Fujimaru? Want to wait it out until the fog lifts?

Fujimaru 1: This fog probably won't ever lift...

Fujimaru 2: Not worthy. But I'm moving forward anyway!

Grimm the Wise: That's how it is, gentlemen. Thanks for the warning, but it's of little use.

Grimm the Wise: In the first place, the soul is something to be reincarnated. What's the point in lingering? Time to move on!


Da Vinci: We made it to the roof...! This is definitely the bell tower! And—

Fujimaru 1: Mash!

Fujimaru 2: Is she...sealed in ice...?


Grimm the Wise: Yeah. That's a coffin that's been here for 2,400 years, since the year 400 of the Fairy Calendar.

Fujimaru 1: That long!? How did that even happen!?

Grimm the Wise: You'll have to ask the little lady herself. I don't know the reason either.

Grimm the Wise: Based on what was passed down from the first Grimm, the magecraft of that coffin will break if the Master touches it.

Grimm the Wise: When you get up there, you'll get your lady friend back.

Grimm the Wise: But—

Grimm the Wise: There's one hurdle left. If we don't take care of that, we can't get anywhere near the coffin or the bell.

Grimm the Wise: Time to get serious, Artoria. Without you, there's nothing I can do.


Artoria: Is everything alright, Habetrot...? It's calling your name.

Habetrot: You're just mishearing it. Finish it off, Artoria.

Habetrot: This is the sanctuary of Orkney. A terrace loved by fairies of peace and serenity.

Habetrot: It's not a place where the dead should linger. Their once-upon-a-time is over.


Fujimaru 1: That was...

Fujimaru 2: Where...

Grimm the Wise: Well done, Artoria. Seems like both of you made up your minds.

Grimm the Wise: Now all that's left is to ring the bell, and your task in Orkney will be done. But first, let's take care of this.

Grimm the Wise: Touch the coffin, Fujimaru. Get your girl back.

Fujimaru 1: (Approach slowly)

Fujimaru 2: (Rush over)


Tonelico: Ahh—ahh—AUUUUUGHHHH!

Tonelico: Why, why, why...!?

Tonelico: It should've been the happiest day in Britain. The day when everything was going to change for the better!

Tonelico: They killed Uther...! They killed the entire Round Table like they were mere trash...!

Tonelico: After all we did for them, and all the praise heaped onto Uther!

Tonelico: Poisoning his wine—the easiest and ugliest method, not even allowing him resistance—!

Tonelico: Uther...Uther, Uther, Uther! Please, talk to me. Say anything, just once more...!

Tonelico: Every time I've failed, I've gotten back up. I've worked so hard for thousands of years!

Tonelico: Come, can't you do this!? Can't you do even this much!?

Tonelico: Don't you know that I can't save Britain!? That I can't provide the Britain yearned for!?

Tonelico: Ugh...uggh...unnnggggh!

Tonelico: Peace and equality were the wrong path to take...!

Tonelico: I won't forgive them, ever...! Not a single one, not ever...!

Tonelico: Haa...haa...haa—

Narration: I was born here in Britain over 3,000 years ago. Since then, I have defeated all manner of Calamities.

Narration: But afterwards, I was always rejected as a nuisance.

Narration: I would escape the gazes of the fairies, prepare my hiding place, then awaken from sleep who knows how many times.

Narration: I have come to understand that my enemies are not merely the calamities, but also the fairies of Britain.

Narration: They were pure and innocent creatures who relished both in genuine goodness and unblemished evils.

Narration: They were, when all was said and done, the same as the ugly human beings who had driven “me” from Britain.

Narration: That's why I suppressed my ill intentions–my entitledness, prejudice, persecution, enviness, and joviality.

Narration: It was mutually agreed upon to bring these evil seeds back to harvest.

Narration: Most, if not all, fairies understood and supported the cause for a better future.

Narration: Yet malice lingered. The foundations of peace so many fairies had worked so hard to build...

Narration: ...was overturned on a whim by those who found it unpleasant.

Tonelico: Ha—Haha. Ahaha. Hahaha. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!!!!

Narration: I don't know anymore. If even this can't work, I have no faith in the innate goodness of living things.

Narration: What point is there in understanding? The effort turned out a total waste.

Narration: Despite the many times I knew I had been betrayed, I still clinged to a thin thread of hope.

Narration: I failed again this time because I fixated on such a thing.

Narration: If I want Britain to survive, then 'saving' it is the wrong course of action.

Narration: I will humor this no longer. No longer will I play the role of savior. I will establish a different, better system.

Tonelico: Yes...

Tonelico: I will not save the fairies. I will not pardon the fairies.

Tonelico: The mission of Avalon le Fae matters not to me. I merely seek to rule. That alone will suffice.

Soldiers of the Clans: There she is! Tonelico, the agitator! Capture her alive and bring her to justice as the clan heads command!

Tonelico? : No, stop...! I'm not her, I'm not...!

Tonelico? : But, who...who am I!?

Narration: In the distance, far from here, I hear the shriek of a fairy unrelated to me.

Narration: The woman who had sold us out to the clan heads. I used magecraft to wipe her memory and gave her my face and body.

Narration: Thus, the savior Tonelico dies yet again. This time never to rise again.

Narration: I don't care if a Calamity comes. I cannot be bothered with every piddling disaster.

Narration: Only 400 years remain until the millennial Great Calamity. There's much work to be done before then.

Tonelico: —The Fantasy Tree. A lynchpin forged on an alien planet for the sake of closing in the universe.

Tonelico: I already know its workings. The design concept is beautiful, but irrelevant to me.

Tonelico: You may have the universe, Celestial One. But Britain is mine.

Tonelico: I shall bring an end to this fantasy and make my own dream come true.

Tonelico: I will sew my reality of Britain to this planet, and not some “what-if” of yours—

Tonelico: Londinium lies in ruins. Salisbury will be where the savior is put to death.

Tonelico: Ector has been lost, leaving just us heading to Orkney like this.

Tonelico: You were right all along, Mash. Our whole pilgrimage was meaningless.

The First Fairy Knight: Don't say that it was meaningless—

Tonelico: Please don't look so sad. I'm used to this, and most of all—

Tonelico: We only get to speak like this thanks to the hypothetical “what-if” calculated by the Fantasy Tree.

Tonelico: No matter what, the end of the Fairy Calendar converges with the Queen's Calendar as you know it.

Tonelico: It was probably inevitable that Tonelico would fail.

Tonelico: It's just, well, an ending that I couldn't put up with all the way.

The First Fairy Knight: Tonelico...

Tonelico: Londinium is in ruins, Tonelico is put to death, and the first Fairy Knight crosses to Orkney with her coffin.

Tonelico: That is the end of the Savior you heard about in the Queen's Calendar.

Tonelico: So if things don't happen as they should, there will be a contradiction when you awaken.

Tonelico: The Fairy Calendar will go on for another 400 years. And when it reaches the 12,000 year mark...

Tonelico: The world will be destroyed by the millennial Great Calamity. Afterwards begins the Queen's Calendar, where no Fantasy Tree stands.

Tonelico: After Britain switches to the Queen's Calendar...

Tonelico: cannot take action as Mash until the Calamity of Norwich in 2017.

Tonelico: If by chance you do, you will vanish as something brought in from the fluctuating world of the Fairy Calendar.

The First Fairy Knight: So, my life in the Fairy Calendar must cease until the point where I was spirited here by the Water Mirror.

The First Fairy Knight: And the only way to return to the Queen's Calendar...has to be by entering a “quantum coffin”.

Tonelico: Yes. Even if you could figure out how to rayshift, you couldn't make the return trip without a coffin.

Tonelico: These drawbacks must be why Morgan only sent Calamities to the Fairy Calendar.

Tonelico: All is well if the Queen's Calendar is secure. Some inconsistencies in the Fairy Calendar are acceptable.

Tonelico: I guess she doesn't care about the suffering of those in this time period who deal with the Calamities.

The First Fairy Knight: ...

Tonelico: Also...I have to confess, I already knew how this was going to end.

Tonelico: Whether you were rayshifted from the future or not, I knew from the very start that the Savior would fail.

The First Fairy Knight: Huh...? Are you saying you always knew that there would be a Queen's Calendar after this...?

Tonelico: No, I didn't know about the Queen's Calendar. It's just that, 2017 AD, when you would have arrived...

Tonelico: In Britain, it would've been the year 14,017 in the Fairy Calendar, and by that time, Britain would've already been destroyed.

Tonelico: That was the “first time”, the true Lostbelt of Britain.

Tonelico: I didn't want that to happen. So I came here from the future, just like you did, and arrived in the Fairy Calendar.

Tonelico: From my point of view, this world was the “second time” from the very start.

Tonelico: Now that you're here, I guess this would be the “third time” or something.

Tonelico: Ah, or is it a “new second time”? I've tried to keep the basic flow unchanged, after all.

The First Fairy Knight: Um...then that means—your real name is...

Tonelico: It looks like Totrot has found us a small boat. Let's go then, Mash–

Tonelico: No, Galahad, the first Fairy Knight. That is your name going into the coffin.

Tonelico: Have you said your goodbyes to Totrot? I see, that's quite a promise...

Tonelico: Let me explain one thing. When we change from the Fairy Calendar to the Queen's Calendar...

Tonelico: ...any information added in the 'new second' Fairy Calendar will be erased.

Tonelico: The Queen's Calendar is a continuation of the results of the 'second time'. The 'first' or 'new second' will cease to be.

Tonelico: The only thing to pass over unchanged is you, who will continue to sleep securely in this coffin.

Tonelico: I'm sure when I live another 400 years and change to the Queen's Calendar, even I will forget you.

Tonelico: That is, I'm sure to return to the 'second' version of me. So—

Tonelico: Any fairy that may try to bring memories of this 'new second' Fairy Calendar into the Queen's Calendar...

Tonelico: ...will be recognized by the world as something different, not belonging to the 'second' Fairy Calendar.

The First Fairy Knight: The 'second time'—were you never here in the real history...?

Tonelico: Let's take steps to prevent this from happening.

Tonelico: As long as nobody realizes the contradiction in history, you should be able to survive.

Tonelico: In any case, what I'm about to say will be forgotten as long as I'm in Britain, so it's not an issue.

Tonelico: Listen, Galahad...Here are the circumstances for after you awaken.

Tonelico: If you and the rest of Chaldea are able to tear down the Fairy Kingdom that Morgan built...

Tonelico: ...then the battle awaiting you in the Lostbelt is the same one that awaits me.

Tonelico: A coming to terms with your spirit, and an analysis of your life.

Tonelico: You had a reason to fight, but insufficient will to do so.

Tonelico: You were running away from the power to hurt the world and to hurt others, unconsciously deeming it a bad thing.

Tonelico: But people all have the freedom to hurt others, and also bear the responsibility for it.

Tonelico: Humans aren't out to do the 'right thing'. You're creatures who keep trying to make the best choice for a 'better tomorrow'.

Tonelico: And...there is no right choice to make, however many people it may save.

Tonelico: Since there is no right choice, you must decide with your own will what to protect and what to defeat.

Tonelico: You're going to know a lot more people's hearts in the future.

Tonelico: A heart that tries to understand. / Don't give up, don't give in.

Tonelico: A heart that tries to accept. / Don't discourage, don't detest.

Tonelico: A heart that tries to repel. / Untainted, unbanished.

Tonelico: But not even the best of us have a heart free of conflict.

Tonelico: Every heart has a battle inside. Please don't turn a blind eye to yours.

Tonelico: When the empty space in your chest is filled by your own reason to fight—

Tonelico: The Heroic Spirit Galahad will once more entrust his being to you.

The First Fairy Knight: —No heart free of conflict— —No matter whose it is—

Tonelico: Yeah. You'll probably forget this by the time you wake up, but try to remember when the time comes.

Tonelico: Will you change into something different, like I did? Or will you remain as you are and keep developing?

Tonelico: That's the one thing in the future I can't predict.

Tonelico: So, here's where I leave you. Oh, but be careful.

Tonelico: Because when you wake up, I won't know any of this if you see me again.

Tonelico: If you were swallowed by the Water Mirror at Norwich, you might want to think about the coffin that remains here.

Tonelico: You might come to realize the purpose of what the coffin is for.

Tonelico: Probably because, I won't be Tonelico anymore in that future time.

The First Fairy Knight: ...T–

The First Fairy Knight: Thank you for everything you've done, Tonelico! Even if the conclusion was foregone—

The First Fairy Knight: I wholeheartedly believe your journey brought no shame to the name of Savior!

Tonelico: Well, sure! We gave it our best, didn't we?

Tonelico: Goodbye, brave knight from the confirmed future. In respect to your deeds, I will reveal my secret to you.

Tonelico: Tonelico the Savior is only a pseudonym. It was the name my stepmother gave me when Orkney was destroyed.

Tonelico: My true name is Morgan.

Tonelico: The Fairy of Paradise—Avalon le Fae—who drifted from the Inner Sea of the Planet with a mission to save Britain.

Tonelico: And in pan-human history, the witch who destroyed Britain in her bitter rivalry with King Arthur.

Tonelico: In a distant future, this is the name of the Lostbelt King whom you and Chaldea must defeat.

Fujimaru 1: —The ice is—

Fujimaru 1: —cracking—

Fujimaru 1: –up, Mash...!

Mash: Is this...Orkney...?

Mash: ...Oh, something...very, very important was said to me—

Fujimaru 1: Have you come to?

Mash: Sen...pai...?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah...Welcome back for real, Mash.

Mash: Yes—Mash Kyrielight has finally returned.

Mash: It's been such a long journey—and I have so much to tell you.

Mash: About Sheffield, the Fairy Calendar, and—

Mash: The story of the savior Tonelico, who brought me here—

Narration: Just like that, Fujimaru was reunited with her.

Narration: [♂ He /♀ She] held her after she was released from the coffin.

Narration: A quiet, caring embrace respecting each other's mutual presence.

Narration: When I saw that bright/dazzling scene, I breathed a sigh of relief/thankfulness.

Narration: A magus from the world of humans.

Narration: A [♂ boy /♀ girl] forced into the leading role by those around [♂ him /♀ her], not of [♂ his /♀ her] own free will.

Narration: Though there were times I had lied, deceived, bungled, and shown other shortcomings.

Narration: It was obvious you were putting up a tough front and holding back frustrations, so I couldn't leave well enough alone and followed you.

Narration: I'm glad. Fujimaru had a friend [♂ he /♀ she] really cared about, didn't [♂ he /♀ she]?

Narration: After all, that's the story everyone around here has had faith in.

Narration: —There's no way they could've been like me.


Mash: That's all. That was the Britain I experienced personally.

Mash: There was a first and a second Fairy Calendar.

Mash: The savior Tonelico was a fairy who has stayed alive for 6,000 years, and is also Queen Morgan.

Mash: Tonelico couldn't do it, but Queen Morgan is able to Rayshift.

Mash: And she gave herself the title “Fairy of Paradise. ”

Mash: Was all this information useful to everybody?

Da Vinci: It's complicated. At the very least we can guess now how the Queen's Calendar, or even how the Fairy Kingdom came about.

Senji Muramasa: Can we? I mean, I, uh...

Senji Muramasa: I can't help but wonder if island nations do nothing but fall into civil wars.

Da Vinci: What, you think Europe is any different?

Da Vinci: Doesn't matter where, war will break out over land, faith, and the disparity of wealth.

Da Vinci: Because they don't have neighbors...or invaders therefrom, island countries will always fall into conflict within their own borders.

Da Vinci: Still, Britain is as strange as expected.

Da Vinci: The island is small, there weren't any humans, and it had foreigners settled on it in the form of the northern fairies...

Da Vinci: There were a lot of problems to get around, but it should have been unified sooner than it was.

Da Vinci: And yet war always broke out in the Fairy Calendar. No matter how many times the Savior tried to stop it.

Da Vinci: And the reason for that being—do you know, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: The Calamity?

Da Vinci: No, that's also a trigger for conflict, but as it's a deeper issue we're setting it aside for now.

Fujimaru 2: The Fairy of Paradise?

Grimm the Wise: That's right. The “Fairy of Paradise,” Avalon le Fae.

Grimm the Wise: Aside from territorial disputes, the clans were split evenly on how to deal with her.

Grimm the Wise: What is a “Fairy of Paradise” in the first place? If we don't clear that up, we can't discuss it.

Grimm the Wise: Isn't that right, Artoria? You've known since the day you were born...

Grimm the Wise: No, start talking about the mission you were given at birth, here and now.

Artoria: ...

Fujimaru 1: Grimm, you're being too harsh.

Fujimaru 2: ...

Artoria: O-oh, didn't I mention it? How strange, I must have just been careless.

Artoria: Then let's talk about it here. I mean, it's not like it's a secret or anything.

Artoria: “Fairies of Paradise,” as the name implies, are fairies dispatched from the Inner Sea of the planet...from Avalon.

Artoria: Exactly why though is a little vague.

Artoria: I just heard a single voice when I was born. “Go to Britain, and make things right. ”

Artoria: That was all I was given.

Artoria: I'm sure it was the same for the generation that came before...for the lake fairies.

Artoria: “Fairies of Paradise” are said to be “seeds of a star” that flowed down from Paradise to earth.

Artoria: If one of these is lucky enough to reach the ground, it sprouts as a juvenile.

Artoria: It then grows up as a human does until reaching adulthood.

Artoria: For that reason, they're called “growing fairies,” hated by some and loved by others.

Artoria: Tonelico—Morgan—was probably one of those “star seeds” that washed up here in Orkney.

Artoria: The head of the Rain Clan raised her as a daughter, and Orkney was destroyed.

Artoria: I think that I washed ashore in the Lake District, but the head of the Mirror Clan threw me back into the sea.

Artoria: Luckily, I was saved by the people of least, I think that's how it went.

Fujimaru 1: So there are clans hostile to the Fairies of Paradise...?

Artoria: Yes, but not all of them.

Artoria: At the very least, the head of the Rain Clan raised Morgan as if she were family.

Grimm the Wise: And as a result, the other clans formed an alliance and destroyed Orkney.

Grimm the Wise: The clans, especially the highborn members, hate and fear the Fairies of Paradise.

Grimm the Wise: Because—

Fujimaru 1: They don't want a "new clan"?

Senji Muramasa: No, that can't be the case, can it? The Rain Clan was replaced by the King's Clan. after all.

Senji Muramasa: There's precedent for switching clans. They can't hate doing it all that much.

Grimm the Wise: That's where what we talked about earlier comes in. The “presence of outsiders”.

Fujimaru 2: Because they're not born in Britain?

Da Vinci: —Yeah. They may be fairies, but they're not British fairies.

Da Vinci: From where the clans stand, Morgan and Artoria are invaders from the foreign land of Paradise—

Da Vinci: Actually, it's more like they're the legitimate heirs to the island.

Da Vinci: The Rain Clan heard the “voice of Paradise” and followed its emissary.

Da Vinci: Morgan is the rightful sovereign of this island.

Da Vinci: The Pilgrimage was most likely a rite to return Britain to its rightful ruler.

Da Vinci: But the other clans didn't accept it.

Da Vinci: And so Orkney was destroyed through an alliance of Wind, Earth, Fang, and Wing.

Mash: Yes...That's what happened in the year 4000 of the fairy calendar, the fall of Orkney.

Mash: The Fairy of Paradise survived the war, took up the name of Tonelico, and began a journey to save Britain.

Da Vinci: Yeah. That's probably the point.

Mash: Da Vinci?

Da Vinci: Right, let's break this down.

Da Vinci: Sorry Artoria, but for the sake of convenience I'll be using our own pre-era calendar, B. C.

Da Vinci: 12000 B. C. : The British Lostbelt is created, a world of fairies alone.

Da Vinci: 11000 B. C. : Most likely when the first Great Calamity occured.

Da Vinci: 6000 B. C. : The lands of Britain extend to where Scotland should be.

Da Vinci: There is a confrontation with the northern fairies, who survived in the forest created by Albion's corpse. The Spring War begins.

Da Vinci: Later, the Rain and Mirror Clans establish kingdoms on the grounds where the Spring War was fought.

Da Vinci: 4000 B. C. : The Fairy of Paradise washes ashore in Orkney. Orkney is then destroyed by the alliance of the other clans.

Da Vinci: 2000 B. C. : The northern fairies once more make landfall after having hidden themselves on the Western Island, Ireland.

Da Vinci: The Summer War begins. The clans are almost annihilated, but are saved by Tonelico's intercession.

Da Vinci: The northern fairies are welcomed as a new clan, the King's Clan.

Da Vinci: 400 B. C. : An armed uprising dedicated to coexistence with humans flares up, under the banner of the Round Table. The Autumn War begins.

Da Vinci: In the end, the human knight Uther defeats the clans, and is recognized as the first ruler of a unified Britain.

Da Vinci: However, on the day of his coronation in Londinium, the Round Table collapses due to internal strife.

Da Vinci: Uther is poisoned, Tonelico is executed, and the Savior never appears in Britain again.

Da Vinci: And then, 1 B. C.

Da Vinci: The Great Calamity kills off all the fairies in Britain and ends the Fairy Calendar.

Da Vinci: That's a rough summary of the events of the Fairy Calendar based on what we've learned so far.

Mash: ...

Senji Muramasa: So? What was the point?

Da Vinci: Isn't it obvious? The divergence point between the two of them.

Da Vinci: The first one...I guess you could call it the original history.

Da Vinci: Here, the Fairy of Paradise would have been killed during the destruction of Orkney in 4000 B. C.

Da Vinci: And what happens because of that? Based on multiple flashpoints,

Da Vinci: by 1 B. C. , Britain would become a dead land.

Da Vinci: There might be a few survivors, but they would not be able to get their numbers back to thrive as a species.

Da Vinci: Most likely, nothing would happen for the next 2,000 years aside from the expansion of wilderness.

Da Vinci: Without any civilization to emulate, it would just be a land of low-class fairies barely managing to scrape by.

Senji Muramasa: But in 4000 B. C. , if the Fairy of Paradise survives, it becomes the Fairy Kingdom we know.

Senji Muramasa: I see...All because they protected Britain.

Grimm the Wise: That's right. And in 1 B. C. , 90% of the fairies die to the Great Calamity.

Grimm the Wise: The butcher's bill for Londinium is paid. The Great Calamity grows to a state far too large to be controlled.

Grimm the Wise: The city-devouring Beast of Calamity. The land-destroying Flames of Calamity.

Grimm the Wise: Those two destroyed this Lostbelt, according to the first Grimm's records. But...

Da Vinci: Morgan managed to start again “afterwards,” though I'm not sure exactly how.

Da Vinci: Presumably by using magecraft strong enough to wither a Fantasy Tree.

Da Vinci: She pulled Britain back from the brink at the last second, and revived it as the Fairy Kingdom of Britain.

Grimm the Wise: Yeah. The fairies on the edge of extinction rose again as the “next generation”.

Grimm the Wise: Within a few months, Britain was restored to its original state, and the clans started fighting again.

Grimm the Wise: —Then, an invader strong enough to make them all tremble appeared.

Grimm the Wise: From the farthest reaches of the forgotten land of Orkney, accompanied by a storm, she came.

Grimm the Wise: Once again the clans banded together to fight her, but her power was overwhelming.

Grimm the Wise: Britain was conquered by a single fairy, and to symbolize her rule, she built her castle of Camelot aside the Great Pit.

Grimm the Wise: Her name was Morgan. The name of the conflict was the Winter War.

Grimm the Wise: The first year of the Queen's Calendar...or as you might know better, the first year of the Common Era.

Grimm the Wise: But, that's not the point.

Grimm the Wise: How it happened doesn't matter, the fact is that Morgan is a threat to pan-human history that has to be defeated.

Grimm the Wise: Take her down, and set right the Britain turned Fairy Kingdom.

Grimm the Wise: As a Fairy of Paradise just like her, that's something only you can do, Artoria.

Artoria: Y-yeah...I guess so, huh...hahaha....

Artoria: Uh...what do you think, Mash? Do you want to fight her?

Mash: fight, Queen Morgan...

Mash: ...I'll do it. Boggart, Rob, Wag, Winkie...

Mash: I promised so many that I would save the fairies of Britain.

Mash: I will talk to the Queen, and if I have no choice but to fight her in the end, I will use all of my strength to do so.

Mash: I am a friend of Tonelico the Savior, not a knight of Queen Morgan.

Artoria: I-I're so level headed...

Habetrot: Done talking now? Then let's ring the bell and get back to Britain already.

Habetrot: It's freezing here. Also, aren't Percival and the others gonna get worried?

Fujimaru 1: Oh, that's right! Habenyan!

Fujimaru 2: Mash, Habetrot is here too!

Mash: Huh? Habe...who?

Mash: Oh, are you a local collaborator working with Senpai? I'm glad to meet you

Habetrot: No need to be so formal. I'm just here for the ride, so no need to worry.

Fujimaru 1: Wha...Habetrot?

Fujimaru 2: What are you saying?

Habetrot: What do you mean “what am I saying”?

Habetrot: Did I ever say that she and I met or were friends in the first place?

Habetrot: I'm just here as a guide. Now that my job is done, I'm just gonna relax and enjoy what comes next.

Da Vinci: It's true, we don't know very much about Habetrot.

Da Vinci: She's a strange being who appeared out of nowhere and started supporting Fujimaru, but...

Da Vinci: Why are you here then? You and Grimm seem to know each other.

Habetrot: Oh, Grimm and I first met here. Isn't that right? You planned all this after all, didn't you?

Grimm the Wise: Well...yeah. I did write the plot, I guess.

Grimm the Wise: Great work, Habetrot! With this, everything's fallen into place.

Habetrot: See? I'm worried about the Fairy Kingdom in my own way, even if I'm just a low-class fairy with no power.

Habetrot: Now, ring the bell, Child of Prophecy.

Habetrot: With this, you'll finally stand where Morgan stood.

Artoria: I know...

Artoria: Well no, I really don't know. But when you say it like that I can't really refuse.

Artoria: “The song of Paradise. The Chant of the Inner Sea. That which is born chosen, predestined, confirmed. ”

Artoria: “The Bone Bell of Beginnings, showing the lost child the way home. —Their sins, be forgiven. ”

Fujimaru 1: Getting back was pretty easy.

Fujimaru 2: We made it all the way back to the mainland before nightfall.

Mash: So are you going to Edinburgh from here, like you mentioned in Orkney?

Senji Muramasa: Yeah. We're going to negotiate with Knocknarea. She threw us out awfully quick last time...

Da Vinci: Since then, Artoria's become the figurehead of the Round Table Army and she's rung four of the Pilgrim's Bells.

Da Vinci: The two of them seem to be old friends, so we should be able to talk to her now.

Da Vinci: Isn't that right, Artoria?

Artoria: —Eh?

Artoria: Ah, what? We're—at the coast of ashes...?

Fujimaru 1: What is it?

Fujimaru 2: Something on your mind?

Artoria: Ah...right, we've already made it back. I was a little out of it.

Artoria: So did the bell ring? Am I any different this time?

Grimm the Wise: Don't worry. The bell rang, and your Saint Graph grew stronger.

Grimm the Wise: No ordinary fairy could stand up to you now, though Morgan's still a bit out of your league.

Da Vinci: Yeah. Even Knocknarea can't complain about having you as an ally now.

Da Vinci: Let's head for Edinburgh with our heads held high! Anti-Queen alliance, unite!

Artoria: (Anti-queen alliance, huh...)

Artoria: (I admit if I teamed up with Knocknarea our military power would be about equal, and we'd have a decent chance of winning, but...)

Artoria: (Her Majesty Morgan, the queen who defended Britain all by herself for 2,000 years...? )

Artoria: (There's no way I could stand up to someone as strong as that, it's just too much for me...)

Senji Muramasa: ...

Section 20: Choco Empire Edinburgh

Artoria: I hear the tolling of bells...I hear the sound of bones.

Song of Prophecy: “Though the harbor returns to the water's edge, the Calamity heads for distant skies. ”

Artoria: A testament to the apologies of the fairies. The sound of souls accepting their sins.

Song of Prophecy: “The round fortress shall burn out, the bell of the waters shall be revealed. ”

Artoria: —And when all are rung...

Song of Prophecy: “Upon the sinner who admits their guilt, the blade of decapitation is felled. ”

Artoria: —The Fairy of Paradise will...

Song of Prophecy: “Their duty fulfilled, the Child of Prophecy shall bid farewell to their place of origin. ”

D:Morgan: Indeed. I will not save the fairies. My kingdom alone is what will be protected.

Narration: I will save the fairies. I will remain faithful to the duty conferred to me.

D:Morgan: There is no need to fear the Great Calamity with the amount of magical energy stored in this throne.

D:Morgan: Furthermore—only a chosen fairy may rule from this throne.

Narration: A testament to the pilgrimage's completion. That throne is the key to maintaining Britain.

Narration: The lynchpin of paradise—Avalon le Fae.

Morgan: You are one of them. You are different from the other fairies or the outsiders.

Morgan: Neither a rebel nor an invader, but an arbitrator chosen by the Staff of Selection.

Morgan: You are justified in seeking my defeat. There is no sin in fighting me, nor in the rivers of blood that will be shed as a result.

Narration: I have been chosen. I am different both from the fairies of Britain, and different from the King of Knights from Pan-human History.

Narration: Neither rebel nor invader. I will not bear any sin for inciting conflict and killing the fairies.

Morgan: If you wish to save Britain, then defeat me and take my place on the throne.

Morgan: Fulfill that foolish prophecy. You should know better than anyone that it is the only way.

Narration: That's right, it's the only way to save Britain. I have to defeat Morgan, the Fairy of Paradise who abandoned her task.

Artoria: ...and then what?

Artoria: What comes after I do what I never wanted to do–after I do what I never wished for?

Artoria: Where should the I, a Fairy of Paradise, return to...?

Red Rabbit: Good morning, everyone! Glad we could rendezvous earlier than expected!

Fujimaru 1: In the middle of the road...

Fujimaru 2: Red Rab-bit awaited us, just like Benkei.

Mash: Hah!? Senpai, Da Vinci! Who is this that looks identical to Red Hare!?

Da Vinci: Oh, that's Red Rab-bit. He's a native fairy and a dependable companion of ours now. Don't worry, he doesn't bite.

Mash: I-is that so? Nice to meet you, Red Rab-bit.

Mash: My name is Mash Kyrielight. I look forward to working with you.

Red Rabbit: The pleasure's all mine, bashful lady. A polite greeting, palatable indeed.

Da Vinci: But didn't you say you'd be waiting in Edinburgh?

Red Rabbit: That was the plan, but I get restless if I don't sprint.

Red Rabbit: I figured I could meet up with you if I waited on the way out from the ashen coast. Hahaha.

Red Rabbit: Now then, hop on the chariot. I shall promise a comfortable trip to Her Majesty's city of Edinburgh.

Grimm the Wise: That sounds mighty fine, I'd just about grown tired of walking! My legs give out when I'm in the spellcasting class!

Red Rabbit: Hmm? Please wait a moment. You over there. You're an unfamiliar face, may I ask who you are?

Grimm the Wise: The name's Grimm. I'm an acquaintance of Fujimaru's. Pleased to meet you.

Red Rabbit: Fujimaru's acquaintance......Ban Heman History's......

Mash: Did you mean to say Pan-human History?

Red Rabbit: Yes. Pan-human History. Thank you, Mash. Such deft consideration, I might just get hooked.

Fujimaru 1: Come here for a minute, Mash.

Fujimaru 2: Don't spoil Red Rab-bit too much.

Mash: Y-yes. I haven't quite grasped how close everyone is yet, but I'll be cautious.

Red Rabbit: If he's an old friend from Pan-human History, would you say Master Muramasa and Master Grimm are similar?

Senji Muramasa: Hm? Yeah, categorically speaking, I guess? What about it?

Red Rabbit: No, it's just my animal instincts are telling me you two are rather close, so this might be a pointless question but...

Red Rabbit: If Master Muramasa and Master Grimm were to fight, who would come out on top?

Senji Muramasa: What are you doing asking something you already know the answer to! Obviously, it's me!

Grimm the Wise: Yeah, totally! It's such a pointless question! Ten out of ten people would say it's me!

Senji Muramasa: That's right! What's with this idiotic prattling!? Get over here, I'll let you off with a slash from the blunt edge.

Grimm the Wise: Sounds great! It's good for nothing anyway, so you'd be better off using it as a club. See, you get it!

The Strongest Pair: Hahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

The Strongest Pair: Alright, let's go for a round!


Artoria: Both fighters disqualified! Strong people don't quarrel in the first place!

Fujimaru 1: Artoria makes a good point...

Fujimaru 2: This is just how versus stuff goes...

Senji Muramasa:'s not like I was losing, okay?

Senji Muramasa: That bastard Grimm loses because he has no support skills despite being a mage, okay?

Grimm the Wise: I just didn't think there could possibly be a warrior who can't even defend himself!

Grimm the Wise: Even Vikings have Guts!

Artoria: Get on the chariot already! We better get to Edinburgh before nightfall!

Senji Muramasa: ...

Grimm the Wise: ...

Da Vinci: Play nice and get on the chariot. Grimm's wolves...can tail us.

Da Vinci: But the chariot holds six and there are seven of us. We're one too many. Should I skate along?

Habetrot: In that case, I'll ride on Red Rab-bit's back. You don't mind, do you?

Red Rabbit: That might work. At your size, it shouldn't impact my performance any.

Mash: But...the north is chilly. Maybe I should just run along—

Habetrot: Don't sweat it. I'm used to the north's cold. Now, let's be off, Fujimaru.

Habetrot: There used to be a settlement of fairies in Edinburgh, but I don't know what's happened since the Queen's Calendar began.

Habetrot: Well, Knocknarea hates humans so it can't be much more than a campfire gathering though!


Northern Fairy: Attention, people of Edinburgh! Lady Knocknarea has returned! For the time being, she is home!

Northern Fairy: Starting today, she will be resting at the tomb of the former queen to regain her strength, after which she will return to the front lines!

Northern Fairy: Businesses on the main road may stay open after dark! Keep all the lamps burning!

Northern Fairy: Lady Knocknarea loves a nightless city! May the King's Clan and the City of the Queen prosper!

Main Street Merchant: Aaahhhh, war at last! I can't wait! It's been far too long!

Main Street Merchant: I fled the south ten years ago, and now I'm a member of the King's Clan!

Main Street Merchant: Knocknarea shares her power even with a nobody like me!

Main Street Merchant: For her sake, I'll do anything! I'm having a fire sale, so name your price and I'll give it to you!

Shopping Fairy: Do you have the latest news? Can I see it?

Shopping Fairy: “The 29th military exercise has come to an end. Victory for the north. ”

Shopping Fairy: “The writer cannot help but shiver at the dreadful precision making up our King's Clan's main force. ”

Shopping Fairy: “The much-maligned Giant Corps were able to show its true potential. ”

Shopping Fairy: “Even Camelot's walls will be destroyed in a matter of hours in the face of a force strong enough to annihilate a large group of Mors. ”

Shopping Fairy: “According to 1st Division Commander Gervais: 'Capturing Camelot would be simple with our current strength'. ”

Shopping Fairy: “'Should the war start, it will take us but a day, maybe two, or perhaps three, but most likely four to attain victory. ”

Shopping Fairy: Hmm. Not very reassuring, but Lady Knocknarea will be leading from the front, won't she?

Shopping Fairy: Then there's no way we'll lose! She's the Queen of Victory, who never fights a battle she can't win in the first place!

Fairy Soldiers: Lady Knocknarea is always looking for those willing to work! Military service, medical treatment, clerical work, transportation, manufacturing, doesn't matter what you can do, you're hired!

Fairy Soldiers: You're guaranteed the compensation appropriate for your ambition! Everything else depends on your spirit!

Fairy Soldiers: If there are any more fairies with Mors disease, I want you to immediately place them under protection and bring them here.

Fairy Soldiers: It's treatable if you catch it in the early stages. I'm a survivor of it, myself.

Fairy Soldiers: Like Queen Morgan, Lady Knocknarea doesn't place value on whether you're a highborn or lowborn fairy.

Fairy Soldiers: She just respects those who have the will to live!

Fairy Soldiers: The King's Clan believes in their people and gives freely, they deserve to be Britain's next rulers!


Fujimaru 1: Wow.

Artoria: Whoa.

Da Vinci:whistle

Fujimaru 1: This is the evil empire...!

Fujimaru 2: Knocknarea's pushing for an all-out empire...!

Habetrot: I don't believe this, these are the northerners!? They're more prosperous than Salisbury!

Habetrot: What the hell went down during the Queen's Calendar!?

D:Grimm the Wise: No kidding. I was surprised too when I came here before. After all, the original records said:

D:Grimm the Wise: “The fairies of the north are a tribe of nomads and never stay in one place for very long”!

D:Grimm the Wise: The King's Clan...I guess Mab was a pretty capable leader.

D:Grimm the Wise: In the span of a single generation, she built this city with not only the northern fairies, but also southerners who trickled up north.

D:Grimm the Wise: It's built strong enough that it would put the pan-human history's Edinburgh to shame.

Senji Muramasa: Kinda pisses me off that you're so proud of something you had nothing to do with...

Senji Muramasa: But you're right that it's a bustling city. The flow of people and trade are so brisk.

Fujimaru 1: So there's a cathedral here too.

Da Vinci: Yeah. In our world, Edinburgh is home to Saint Giles' Cathedral.

Da Vinci: I suppose that similarity is due to the convergence with human history,

Da Vinci: but the exact location is different from pan-human history.

Da Vinci: This Edinburgh is built on a rocky hill.

Da Vinci: Unfortunately, neither Calton Hill or Arthur's Seat probably exist in the fairy kingdom.

Artoria: ...?

Artoria: Mash, Mash. Do you know what Arthur's Seat is?

Mash: Yes, though I've never seen it. Arthur's Seat is a famous tourist attraction.

Mash: It's a steep rocky hill just outside of Edinburgh.

Mash: There is a legend that King Arthur once sat there, so it's called Arthur's Seat.

Artoria: I-I see. King Arthur's legend is everywhere, huh.

Da Vinci: Yeah. It's very popular, so it features in a lot of major tourist attractions. Winchester, Glastonbury...

Da Vinci: Tintagel in Cornwall is especially famo–

Artoria: Oh, by the way, about negotiating with Knocknarea. They said she had come back here.

Artoria: You think she's in the castle? She has to be. Are we attacking it?

Senji Muramasa: Y-yeah. We are definitely her enemies.

Senji Muramasa: Getting an audience won't be easy...wait a minute.

Senji Muramasa: (Hey, Fujimaru. Artoria's acting like a wild beast again...)

Senji Muramasa: (I give up...this whole thing was Oberon's plan anyway...)

Senji Muramasa: (Just look at her face. )

Artoria: Finally, a chance to beat up Knocknarea! She'll taste all my years of jealousy!

Fujimaru 1: I just hope she doesn't try to break down the front door...

Senji Muramasa: No kidding. We haven't even settled on a cover story are we gonna do this...

Fujimaru 2: Maybe we can just say we're fans of hers?

Senji Muramasa: Fans...are you thinking straight? Did you get enough sleep?

Mash: Um...everyone? I'm very sorry to cause you trouble, but...

Mash: We've been surrounded for some time, so...

Mash: No matter how you look at it, we're trapped. It looks like we'll have to fight...

Artoria: See! I knew this orderly city was complete bunk!

Artoria: This is Knocknarea's land, where they just attack strangers without reason!

Artoria: Everyone, prepare to counterattack! First we'll break through this, then we'll assault her castle!

Edinburgh Guards: We have been waiting for you. Artoria, the Child of Prophecy, and her party correct?

Edinburgh Guards: I know you are tired after your long journey, but please try to compose yourself.

Edinburgh Guards: Lady Knocknarea is waiting for you. Will you please come to the cathedral?

Artoria: Eh.

Red Rabbit: Oh, that's right. I made an appointment before we arrived.

Red Rabbit: “Greetings, Your Majesty, Queen of the North Knocknarea. We will come to call on you tomorrow, so please be ready. Signed: A Horse.

Red Rabbit: It was such a paltry missive, but she responded quite promptly.

Red Rabbit: “As Queen, I shall gracefully meet with the Child of Prophecy. Respectfully yours. ”

Red Rabbit: Well, I had thought that the fairies of the north were barbarians who solved everything through force,

Red Rabbit: but Queen Knocknarea is a magnificent individual!

Artoria: I-is that so? Well, she went to all this trouble, so we may as well go see her...

Knocknarea: Wait, she just meekly accepted the invitation? Seriously? She's not going to try to break down my door or anything?

Knocknarea: Oh shi–Everyone, get out of here! I want you out the back door in two seconds! Hurry!

???: Are you sure?

???: Just a second ago weren't you proudly declaring throughout the cathedral:

???: “She's definitely gotten a big head now that she's rung four bells. I'll show her that I won't lose to some Child of Prophecy, oh ho ho ho ho. ”

Knocknarea: There's been a change of plans, alright!?

Knocknarea: I mean how would I look if I showed up with a full platoon and they came in unarmed!? That's just vulgar!

???: Seriously? You're worried about your dignity now? What are you, an apple that didn't get picked during harvest?

Knocknarea: Haa, you calling me rotten? Sounds like someone's asking for a good. old. beating.

???: Welp, I'm outta here~☆

Edinburgh Guards: Thank you for your patience...Now, please enter the cathedral.

Fujimaru 1: ...seems like...

Fujimaru 2: There's a mental battle being waged at the same level...

Knocknarea: Well, you've made quite the grand entrance, haven't you, Artoria?

Knocknarea: Seems like you went out and learned a little more self-confidence, courage, and decorum, did you?

Artoria: Why are you wasting time with small talk, Knocknarea? We just heard all the soldiers rushing out in a panic a second ago.

Knocknarea: You heard nothing, those were my footsteps. That's the end of it!

Knocknarea: Hm...? One, three, five, seven...Oberon aside, aren't you missing someone?

Knocknarea: That puffy-cheeked girl, who scarfed down my chocolate with glee. Gareth, was it?

Artoria:, Gareth the Knight is off protecting Londinium right now.

Artoria: There's no way she would set foot in such an evil empire.

Knocknarea: Well, that's too bad. I was thinking of giving her a tour of the chocolate factory.

Knocknarea: Next time, I guess...Anyway, you all went to Orkney without telling me.

Knocknarea: The north belongs to me and the King's Clan. No matter the reason, trespassing is forbidden.

Knocknarea: Sheesh, you're not bandits living in the mountains...looks like you still don't get your position.

Fujimaru 1: If we told you, would you have seen us off?

Fujimaru 2: We went through the Lake District.

Note: Male Player



Artoria: ...? Knocknarea? Why'd you freeze up?

Knocknarea: I didn't! Hey, what are you guards doing!?

Knocknarea: You let a human into the cathedral! You're getting the “special reward” later!

Artoria: Uh...what exactly is...

Note: Female Player

Knocknarea: Ah, Fujimaru. You seem to be doing well. That's very good to see.

Knocknarea: She's awfully reckless, isn't she? I can only guess what she's put you through by now.

Knocknarea: Shall I get you an appointment at a high-end beauty salon later?

Artoria: That's none of your business. Fujimaru isn't that frail to begin with.

Note: Branch End

Grimm the Wise: I hate to break up a meeting between good friends, but you do know that Orkney's bell has been rung, don't you?

Grimm the Wise: We'd better speak quickly. Orkney's bell belonged to the Rain Clan,

Grimm the Wise: but the King's Clan has inherited its position from them.

Grimm the Wise: So looking at it from the outside...from Morgan's viewpoint, that means that the King's Clan acknowledges the Child of Prophecy.

Grimm the Wise: You do know what that means, don't you?

Knocknarea: What do you...wait, who exactly are you?

Grimm the Wise: I'm Grimm. The second, actually.

Grimm the Wise: I'm the one who took care of Orkney's bell here in Britain, in place of Merlinus Ambrosius.

Da Vinci: (Shoot, we forgot! If she's Queen Medb—! )

Fujimaru 1: (Oh yeah! Medb was—)

Fujimaru 2: Grimm, get out of here!

Knocknarea: Ah, Grimm the Wise. I've heard of you from the previous queen.

Knocknarea: She said: “that ruthless man will definitely show up. ” You were the savior Tonelico's magecraft teacher, weren't you?

Knocknarea: I see. If even Grimm has appeared, I guess you're the genuine Savior.

Da Vinci: Huh? Are you alright, Knocknarea? Do your Saint Graphs not recognize each other?

Knocknarea: ...? What are you talking about? Do I have some sort of history with him?

Grimm the Wise: Nope. Nothing of the sort.

Grimm the Wise: You are Knocknarea. The proud Queen of the North.

Grimm the Wise: Your life here takes precedence, not some insignificant fate in human history.

Grimm the Wise: Well—I'm actually glad about that part.

Knocknarea: Is that so? I don't quite understand, but thank you. Your smile just now was quite pleasant.

Knocknarea: More importantly, Grimm's right. Now that Orkney's bell has been rung, I've reached a turning point.

Knocknarea: I received an ultimatum from Queen Morgan this morning.

Knocknarea: “When the Child of Prophecy returns from Orkney as she sets foot upon the shore of ash, kill her. ”

Knocknarea: “If you cannot do so, the pact made with the previous King's Clan will be broken. ”

Knocknarea: That was it.

Da Vinci: A pact made with the previous generation...? What's that all about?

Knocknarea: That's none of your business. All you need to know is she's saying “kill the Child of Prophecy, or I declare war. ”

Knocknarea: I've been preparing to go to war against her from the very start, so I don't really care about that, but—

Knocknarea: The problem is you, Artoria. Do you remember what I said before?

Artoria: Have an army. Ring at least two bells. Show the dignity becoming of the Child of Prophecy. Right?

Knocknarea: Must be pretty frustrating for you to say it, huh? It was worth dealing with each other.

Knocknarea: And you cleared every single one. You're worthy to join forces with me now.

Knocknarea: That's why you stopped by Edinburgh, isn't it?

Knocknarea: An alliance between the King's Clan and the Child of Prophecy. Not bad, not bad.

Fujimaru 1: That was so easy!

Fujimaru 2: You did it, Artoria!

Artoria: No...Knocknarea isn't such a pushover.

Artoria: That's the face of someone who licks their lips while strangling a person who just let down their guard!

Knocknarea: I would never make that face!

Knocknarea: But you're right...I may be a honey fairy, but I'm not so sweet myself.

Knocknarea: I'll form an alliance with you. But it goes without saying that I'm in charge here.

Knocknarea: The condition is that you're under my command. I'll be giving the orders now.

Knocknarea: And I'll only accept fairies as an allied army. As for the humans in the Round Table Army—

Knocknarea: I'll turn them all into bees and put them to work in my chocolate factories, or something.

Knocknarea: If war breaks out, they'd be the first to die anyway. Wouldn't they be happier that way?

Fujimaru 1: ...!

Artoria: Wait, Fujimaru. You don't have to say anything.

Artoria: The Round Table Army is the greatest military force in Britain.

Artoria: Me serving under you is about as impossible as a fallen apple returning to the tree.

Artoria: If you want us to serve you, you're gonna have to force us, Knocknarea!

Artoria: You and me, one on one! Show me what you've got!

Knocknarea: All right, fine then! I accept your challenge!

Knocknarea: A battle to determine the next queen of Britain—her throne, her pride, and her beauty at stake!

Knocknarea: I swear on the name of my predecessor to fight fairly as a single fairy!

Knocknarea: The winner claims the sole right to command the entire army, and the loser is forced into submission!

Knocknarea: And as an added bonus, the winner takes the foreign magus as a consort!

Mash: WHA—!?

Artoria: ...? I didn't quite catch that last part, but you're on!

Artoria: So how are we competing this time!? Chocolate packing like before!?

Knocknarea: Heh—of course not.

Knocknarea: This is Edinburgh. The headquarters of all the sweets distributed throughout Britain.

Knocknarea: In a battle for pride and beauty, the method has already been decided.

Knocknarea: “Valentine Mab Match”—the ancient and revered tradition of a fiery baking contest!

Fujimaru 1: A fiery

Fujimaru 2: baking contest.

Artoria: Umm...what?

Knocknarea: Oh, don't you know? are a country girl to the bone...

Artoria: Enough with that already! Don't underestimate me just because I'm from the sticks!

Mash: I'm sorry, I refrained from commenting since this is a negotiation between Knocknarea and Artoria,

Mash: but as a member of Chaldea this concerns me too, so I have a question!

Mash: What exactly is a Mab Match!?

Knocknarea: (Huh. She's got as much magical energy as a Fairy armor and a huge shield...could she be from Sheffield? )

Knocknarea: Very well. I'll forgive your rudeness. The Mab Match is the last will and testament of our previous ruler, Queen Mab.

Knocknarea: The law of “whoever makes the most delicious chocolate is queen. ” Crazy, isn't it?

K: ? : And the judge will be me, the chocolate fairy! Devil Caren is here!

Fujimaru 1: What is this—!


Devil Caren: Both have qualified! A Mab Match shall be held, in the name of the chocolate fairy!

Devil Caren: The contest will be decided tomorrow at noon! The allocated cooking time starts now until then!

Devil Caren: Both players are required to use the kitchen provided in the cathedral. You may elect one other fairy as an assistant.

Devil Caren: Are we clear?

Knocknarea: You bet. There's someone I want to give it to this time, so my motivation's at an all-time high.

Knocknarea: I'll make it the chocolate of the year. The likes of which you won't see even in Gloucester.

Artoria: Wait a minute, are we really going to make chocolate!? Are we actually going to decide who's superior with that!?

Devil Caren: Yes, we will! That is the law of Edinburgh which spans 1,600 years.

Devil Caren: Now then, Lady Artoria will be assigned the Star Kitchen and Lady Knocknarea will be assigned the Moon Kitchen.

Devil Caren: Accommodations will be provided for Lady Artoria's companions.

Devil Caren: Duelists are not permitted to interact in the kitchen, but you may act freely outside.

Devil Caren: May you have an excellent time making chocolate. Fate smiles upon the devoted♡

Mash: ...and just like that, they went ahead and arranged accomodations for us...

Fujimaru 1: Mash...if we're done here...

Fujimaru 2: I'd like you to go lend a hand...

Mash: I understand. Supporting Artoria, yes?

Mash: I'm a Demi-Servant, but I'm treated as a fairy so it shouldn't be a problem.

Da Vinci: Yes. That'd be great.

Da Vinci: But before that, let's share information with each other. Just between members of Chaldea.

Da Vinci: I've already heard about what happened after you were blasted away at Norwich, but I'd like to hear about what happened beforehand.

Da Vinci: I'd also like to discuss our actions thus far.

Da Vinci: We won't be disturbed here. Not to mention, Muramasa and Grimm are in separate rooms.

Mash: I that's what happened. Salisbury, Gloucester, Londinium...

Mash: Then Manchester and the Lake District. I understand the circumstances of the Round Table Army as well.

Mash: But to think Pepe is here, and as a Count at that. I think it suits him very well!

Da Vinci: Not just Pepe. Beryl's here too. We first ran into him at Camelot.

Da Vinci: But you encountered him before us, didn't you, Mash?

Mash: Yes...Once, in Sheffield. And then...

Da Vinci: You lost the Black Barrel...Beryl must have retrieved it...

Mash: I apologize, Da Sion too.

Mash: Even though the two of you poured all your heart and soul into designing it......

Fujimaru 1: No worries. We just need to take it back.

Fujimaru 2: It's fine. We can come up with a trump card if need be.

Mash: I'm truly tell the truth, back then...

Da Vinci: You were still amnesiac due to the effect of the Nameless Forest, right?

Da Vinci: Then it can't be helped. It's not worth your life. We can take our time searching for the Black Barrel later.

Da Vinci: Fortunately, it doesn't seem like we'll be needing it this time around.

Mash: Is that so? No, it's for the best if we won't have to use it.

Fujimaru 1: Gadgets aren't working too well.

Fujimaru 2: The Child of Prophecy isn't half bad either, besides...

Da Vinci: Yep. We have a power more reliable than the Black Barrel.

Mash: Hm? Could it be something on the Shadow Border, that the new director Gordolf and Holmes have?

Da Vinci: No, no. I'm talking about you, Mash. Ortenaus may be out of commission,

Da Vinci: however, in exchange, your Saint Graph's output is in its prime. No, even greater.

Da Vinci: It's probably the rule of being a Fairy Knight. Barghest and the others have been gifted the names of the Round Table.

Da Vinci: But in your case, you have received the gifted name of Fairy Knight Galahad on top of the power you originally borrowed from the Heroic Spirit Galahad.

Da Vinci: In other words, you're worth Galahad-squared. Makes sense you'd be able to go toe-to-toe against Lancelot.

Da Vinci: Right now, Mash is close to being a High Servant. Truly the best of the best.

Da Vinci: As her Master, you can feel that too, right Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Right now, Mash is Super Mash.

Fujimaru 2: My kouhai is super amazing.

Mash: —!

Mash: T-that's right, t-t-then Kyrielight will do her super best!

Senji Muramasa & Grimm: Heeey, we're heading out to tour the city, want to tag alooong?

Fujimaru 1: Sure.

Fujimaru 2: Intelligence gathering, huh?

Grimm the Wise: After all, unlike Artoria, who's stuck in the kitchen, we're free.

Grimm the Wise: We need to do at least that much. What about you, Da Vinci?

Da Vinci: I'm going to take the day off. I still have to write up a report.

Senji Muramasa: Where's Mash? Wasn't she with you?

Fujimaru 1: She's off to support Artoria.

Fujimaru 2: Mash's skill with kind of awesome, you know?

Senji Muramasa: I see. Then we might just win this one. I figured I'd make it myself in case of an emergency.

Grimm the Wise: You're far too soft on Artoria. What happened to being the Alien God's apostle?

Senji Muramasa: Shut it, you boor. I'm still in debt for my life being bid for.

Senji Muramasa: And speak for yourself, you also had a soft spot for Knocknarea. Don't tell me she reminded you of an acquaintance?

Grimm the Wise: Yeah, but the resemblance is superficial. They're different people. She has nothing to do with me.

Grimm the Wise: Knocknarea led her own life without being tossed about by the whims of the Human Order.

Grimm the Wise: I follow my destiny, but that woman's mastered hers.

Grimm the Wise: She's such a free spirit–Can't blame me if I let a chuckle slip out, can you?

Senji Muramasa: Heh, so the previous queen, Mab, vanished during year 400 of the Queen's Calendar. And Knocknarea was born 100 years ago in 1900.

Senji Muramasa: So for almost 1500 years, this city didn't have a leader?

Grimm the Wise: Yeah, seems to have been the case. I also thought that was strange.

Grimm the Wise: But it seems like during that period, the northern fairies followed the decree of the previous queen.

Grimm the Wise: That the 'next generation' of the King's Clan will eventually be born, and to obey Morgan until that time comes.

Fujimaru 1: So since Knocknarea was born, the northern fairies have...

Grimm the Wise: Of course, they've regained their past momentum. As a result, they ended up in a standoff against Morgan.

Grimm the Wise: Knocknarea spent a century drilling discipline and doctrine into the northern fairies, building them up as an army.

Grimm the Wise: When Ainsel prophesied the coming of the Child of Prophecy, Morgan wasn't the only one who panicked.

Grimm the Wise: Knocknarea must have been livid deep down as well.

Grimm the Wise: “I've spent a century preparing, like hell I'd let some fairy who popped up out of nowhere upstage me! ”

Senji Muramasa: Ahh, I see. So that's why the queen gets along with Artoria so well.

Fujimaru 1: Get along? Don't you mean they're on bad terms?

Fujimaru 2: Like they love to hate each other?

Senji Muramasa: I suppose it's the weight of the responsibility they bear. One's the Child of the Queen and the other's the Child of Prophecy.

Senji Muramasa: They probably didn't have anyone who could stand beside them. As in, their positions are different but they stand on equal footing.

Senji Muramasa: I have no problem with either side winning this! Let's leave them be, Fujimaru!

Senji Muramasa: Still, you're surprisingly knowledgeable, Grimm.

Senji Muramasa: Is there anything else you know? Come on, spill it. Speaking of which, how did the Queen's City get its name?

Grimm the Wise: I don't know how the name originated. This is the extent of what I know...

Grimm the Wise: ...and we've wandered off the main road quite a bit...

Habetrot: What's this? The three of you going for a walk together? Well, I suppose staying cooped up in your room since noon must've been boring.

Red Rabbit: We were also taking this chance to go sightseeing in Edinburgh. I rarely visit the northern cities.

Fujimaru 1: Is this...the backstreet?

Habetrot: Not'll understand when you see it, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 2: Did something odd happen?

Red Rabbit: No, not really...nothing in particular.

Senji Muramasa: What's the matter, Red Rab-bit? It's not like you to stutter.

Red Rabbit: Well...I might just be imagining things...

Red Rabbit: It's just that there are more Wind Fairies here than I expected.

Residents of Edinburgh: Ohh, a newcomer? Welcome to the Edinburgh Development Zone.

Residents of Edinburgh: This district is where the refugees who still haven't received a portion of Lady Knocknarea's 'power' live.

Residents of Edinburgh: Everyone holds citizenship though. We all have jobs, and the tents here all have roofs too.

Residents of Edinburgh: As soon as the war with the queen ends, I'm sure Lady Knocknarea will accept you all into the King's Clan.

Residents of Edinburgh: That's why there's nothing to fear. Feel free to set up a tent anywhere you like.

Residents of Edinburgh: If you're in luck, you might be able to get a job in the medical district. There's no need to fear the Mors disease.

Fujimaru 1: Accepted into the King's Clan...?

Fujimaru 2: What do you mean by Mors disease?

Residents of Edinburgh: What!? A-are you human!?

Residents of Edinburgh: To bring a human into Edinburgh, how much of a risk-taker can one be!?

Residents of Edinburgh: If Knocknarea finds out about this—

Residents of Edinburgh: No, don't tell guys are...

Red Rabbit: No, sir. We are just travelling fairies. A breeze blowing past Edinburgh.

Red Rabbit: We will be on our way tomorrow. Please don't mind us.

Residents of Edinburgh: I-is that so? Sorry about holding you back then. I'll be off now...

Senji Muramasa: That certainly wasn't a local. That is one dubious look.

Senji Muramasa: Most likely Morgan's spy, wouldn't you say? In a city this big, there's bound to be a few rats.

Fujimaru 1: Should we inform Knocknarea?

Grimm the Wise: Let's not. This is just Muramasa's gut feeling. Can't go around accusing the locals without any evidence.

Grimm the Wise: Rather, all the fairies around here have markings on their legs.

Grimm the Wise: Either these fairies lost their place down south, lost their purpose or—

Red Rabbit: ...are criminals who broke the law. Fugitives, criminals, you say?

Senji Muramasa: So this is a city for sinners, huh? Either its underbelly runs deep or it's in need of laborers...which is it?

Red Rabbit: Isn't it both? No matter what kind of fairy you are, you will return to the earth when you die.

Red Rabbit: The more fairies you have tied down to that land, the more your territory will expand.

Red Rabbit: It's been 1,600 years since the previous queen vanished. Edinburgh must have established itself as a city in this manner.

Habetrot: Hmm...if that's the case, isn't it a little strange...

Habetrot: If fairies have been living in this area for 1,600 years in the Queen's Calendar unlike the Fairy Calendar...

Habetrot: Why hasn't anything on the border of Britain changed at all?

Habetrot: This city, could it be...Mab would certainly do something like that...

Habetrot: A city built in a single generation in the wilderness...the successor born 100 years ago...

Habetrot: Oh no, it's starting to make wonder Morgan hasn't touched it...

Habetrot: That Knocknarea fairy, under different circumstances, could've ended up as a Calamity...

Fujimaru 1: Habetrot...?

Habetrot: No...I must be overthinking it. There's no way something like that could be the case.

Habetrot: Never mind, let's head back, Red Rab-bit. There's nothing but wilderness up ahead, nothing left to see.

Red Rabbit: Is that so? And just like that, you got on my back.

Red Rabbit: Of course, I did say you could get on...but aren't you heavier than you look?

Habetrot: Nyahaha, I'm packed on the inside---!

Habetrot: Habenyan's going to become an adult with a nice body one day!

Red Rabbit: You're the type of fairy that doesn't grow, aren't you?

Habetrot: Don't wander around too much, Fujimaru, okay?

Habetrot: Knocknarea may have accepted you, but if you run into a northern fairy with a good memory, you'll get beaten to a pulp!

Grimm the Wise: Oh, I see. Since I only have the records left behind by my predecessor, seems like you know more than me.

Grimm the Wise: Hey, Habetrot.

Grimm the Wise: The Northern Fairies were the first ones in Britain to coexist with humans. Like that time during the Summer War.

Grimm the Wise: But their descendant, Knocknarea, hates humans. What gives?

Fujimaru 1: That's what I was wondering too.

Fujimaru 2: Do you know why, Habetrot?

Habetrot: Oh, you don't know about that? Guess I'll have to tell you then!

Habetrot: About 4,000 years ago, in the year 2000 of the Fairy Calendar, the Summer War took place.

Habetrot: Queen Mab invaded Britain from the western island and the clans were driven to the brink of annihilation.

Habetrot: Tonelico intervened and convinced Mab to make peace with the clans.

Habetrot: Mab was recognized as the King's Clan, or so the story goes. But the truth is a little different.

Habetrot: In the first place, Mab was all but guaranteed to win. And as such, she refused to make peace with the clans.

Grimm the Wise: Yeah, well. I also thought that was way too convenient for those clans but, don't tell me...

Habetrot: That's right. Mab narrowly lost at the very end. Her husband and right-hand man, a human warrior, betrayed her.

Habetrot: And Tonelico did not miss that opportunity!

Habetrot: Tonelico cornered Mab while she was still reeling and beat the snot out of her!

Habetrot: And with that, she was made to join the clans and swear to never raise her hand against Britain again!

Senji Muramasa: Kicking someone while they're down, huh...? Well, it's as valid a strategy as any though...

Red Rabbit: Brr...then I can see why she'd hate humans...or rather, wouldn't she want to wipe them out?

Grimm the Wise: If she wanted to wipe humans out altogether, Edinburgh couldn't have been built.

Grimm the Wise: Shouldn't the real crux of the matter at hand be why she was reeling in the first place?

Fujimaru 1: ...


~Fujimaru's room at night~

Fujimaru 1: (Who is it? ) Come in.

Mash: Excuse me, Senpai! It's Mash Kyrielight, I'm back!

Mash: Since Artoria's chocolate making is a very fierce battle, I'll head back soon!

Fujimaru 1: R-right.

Fujimaru 2: A fierce battle, huh...(I can only guess)

Mash: In line with this, I'd like you to answer this survey!

Mash: Frankly, what do you think is the supreme shape for chocolate?

Fujimaru 1: (...There's a lot to choose from...)

Fujimaru 2: (Considering my first experience with Artoria's technique...)

Fujimaru 1: Maybe just a standard one?

Mash: I agree! Yes, that's very helpful...

Mash: Then I will return to the battlefield! Good night, Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: (Who is it? ) Come in.

B:Fairy: Woooooo↓↓Hooooooooooooooooooooo↑↑!!

B:Fairy: Don't be surprised, Human. I'm Aiken, Lady Knocknarea's faithful soldier.

Aiken Drum: Lady Knocknarea has finished the 8th stage of the process and is currently taking a break.

Aiken Drum: After the break, she will go to work through the night until the 19th stage...

Aiken Drum: But during the break, she wants to talk to someone as a refresher.

Aiken Drum: Yes, you, who's looking all around. You get it. Only you are in this room.

Aiken Drum: Accept it and come with me. And don't try to escape through the window.

Aiken Drum: Needless to say, Lady Knocknarea holds a position. This refreshment shall be kept in secret.

Aiken Drum: There are no guards around, and I'll wait here too.

Aiken Drum: Tosh! Lady Knocknarea, who's well-known for hating humans, is not as unreasonable as a Nightcall.

Aiken Drum: Hold your breath, don't make noise, don't argue, and yet make interjections to show you're paying attention.

Aiken Drum: With that– I wish you good night and good conversation!

Knocknarea: You're here. I didn't think you'd come alone.

Knocknarea: Are you enjoying Edinburgh at night?

Knocknarea: It's not as good as Gloucester, but the main street should be worth seeing.

Fujimaru 1: I stayed in my room and prepared for tomorrow.

Knocknarea: Even if it's none of your business? Can't you just have fun by yourself?

Knocknarea: Yes. You're attentive to others' concerns. Hmm. A sense of solidarity that fairies lack. Hmm.

Fujimaru 2: When I came here, I had some fun.

Knocknarea: Or rather, it wasn't necessary to ask. I can tell by the sparkle in your eyes.

Knocknarea: On your way home, you'll stop by a boutique to look for a scarf of insect thread, then relax at a cafe, and treat yourself to some chocolate liquor.

Knocknarea: As expected from my Edinburgh. A magical city that turns even the “foreign magus” into a tourist.

Knocknarea: But I digress...

Knocknarea: I invited you here for one reason only. To talk about the outside world...

Knocknarea: Tell me, what is this 'pan-human History' that Morgan speaks of on her throne?

Knocknarea: I'm not interested in it at all, but I need to know as the Queen who controls the Northern Fairies.

Knocknarea: Or are you too scared to speak without your friends?

Knocknarea: Even if you're the foreign magus, you're still a frail person.

Knocknarea: I don't think you can make such a decision to leak confidential information to the enemy—

Fujimaru 1: Well, let's start with the story of Chaldea.

Fujimaru 1: —Up 'till now, that's about it.

Fujimaru 2: (I talked for almost an hour ...)

Knocknarea: Wait. You were so polite and smooth, and explained everything so clearly...

Knocknarea: But I'm a little over my head, so stop here. Let me get things straight.

Knocknarea: Chaldea, Heroic Spirits, Lostbelts, Pan-human History...

Knocknarea: Okay...I've got it.

Knocknarea: Well, it's useless to think about it now, right? It's a problem that we should take care of after defeating Morgan, right?

Fujimaru 1: (Nod)

Fujimaru 2: That's right. We'll talk about this later.

Knocknarea: I hope so. Thank you for your valuable information. I'm grateful as your Queen.

Knocknarea: As a politician, fighting against political opponents is of course important, but the policy that comes afterwards is as well.

Knocknarea: Outside Britain, there is not a “sea of nothingness”, but a wider world.

Knocknarea: Well, I don't like the idea of fairies hiding in the woods and it basically being a human world...

Knocknarea: But there will be plenty of ways to do this!

Knocknarea: I can't tell you how encouraged I am that there is so much work to do!

Fujimaru 1: you mean a war of aggression?

Fujimaru 2: you mean the chocolate factory?

Knocknarea: That's right. In a world with so many resources, why don't we make another “West Island”?

Knocknarea: And the North American continent, you said? In addition, I will run up onto the entire island and give my regards.

Knocknarea: Then we'll be enemies again, you and me. I'm looking forward to it.

Fujimaru 1: (That will be a failure...I can't say it freely. )

Fujimaru 2: (Your personality doesn't change after all. )

Knocknarea: Just now. You make that face sometimes.

Knocknarea: You made strange remarks when you were in the chocolate field. Maybe about me too?

Knocknarea: Oh wait. Don't say it, don't tell me!

Knocknarea: I really want to hear a story of my other self, but I can't! If I hear it now, my skin will start to crawl!

Fujimaru 1: Seems like it already is...

Fujimaru 2: (Crap...I really want to talk about it now...! )

Knocknarea: ...Huh. I managed to hold on...My queenly dignity was preserved...

Fujimaru 1: Yes, you're covered.

Knocknarea: We're covered! Now if we can just dispose of those who speak too much!

Fujimaru 1: I said nothing.

Knocknarea: Very good. The ideal answer as a servant of the Queen.

Knocknarea: But...I think I'll just ask this.

Knocknarea: Assuming I were in your world as well. That “me”—what was the end of that me?

Knocknarea: Was I betrayed by my lover...? Was I a ruthless queen until the end?

Fujimaru 1: —I would say so.

Fujimaru 2: Good or bad, you struck a very good figure.

Knocknarea: Yes...Hee—Hehe. Hehehehe!

Knocknarea: Right! It's so obvious! There is no way for me to die from the pain of a broken heart!

Knocknarea: So? What kind of hero was the one who defeated me? A tough fairy, right?

Knocknarea: Ha? Cheese? Cheese...that cheese? Made from sheep's milk, that kind?

Knocknarea: Oh, there is a cheese fairy over there. I wonder if they're kin to Aiken Drum.

Fujimaru 1: Cheese was the weapon. It was a human who threw it.

Knocknarea: ...!

Knocknarea: In other words...I was killed by a human. Is that what happened?

Knocknarea: Did you tell me such a silly story, knowing that I hate humans?

Fujimaru 1: It's not a silly story at all.

Fujimaru 2: It’s a story about the last moments of a queen.

Knocknarea: —What's that?

Knocknarea: Don't say it with such a serious face. I do not care for it.

Knocknarea: Well, the cause of defeat of my predecessor Queen was also a human. So she tripped over a pebble and died under her own weight.

Knocknarea: To think of it, maybe it's possible to be killed by a human. At least they won't put a weird curse on you.

Fujimaru 1: The cause of the defeat of the predecessor queen...

Fujimaru 2: Maybe, that's...

Knocknarea: Yeah. The pain of losing her lover made her unable to fight and wound up defeated by Tonelico.

Knocknarea: Mab trusted humans too much. She loved them too much, thinking they were creatures just like her.

Knocknarea: She ran through the battlefield with her beloved warrior who met her demands, but...

Knocknarea: He died at the last moment.

Knocknarea: When Mab turned back to share her joy after winning the decisive battle against the clans,

Knocknarea: her beloved warrior drew his last breath alongside Mab's victory.

Knocknarea: Of course. Humans cannot keep up with fairies, let alone an A-Rei like Mab.

Knocknarea: Their promise to stay together was not kept. That's what it means to be betrayed.

Knocknarea: Mab lost the will to fight then and there.

Knocknarea: She realized her foolishness in how much she loved the warrior.

Knocknarea: Well, that wound was healed by the time of the Queen's Calendar, and she had regained the ambition to conquer Britain.

Knocknarea: Mab built Edinburgh and retired, and for a long time no King's Clan were born.

Knocknarea: The seat was vacant for about 1500 years. Then I was born.

Knocknarea: I'm the second head of the King's Clan. I, the great fairy who inherited Mab's power and is worthy of being queen.

Knocknarea: I hate humans because they're useless in battle.

Knocknarea: I've learned from Mab's mistakes. I will defeat Morgan with just my clan.

Knocknarea: So...Artoria's Round Table is just in the way. Quite the eyesore.

Knocknarea: You should be prepared too. If I win in tomorrow's game, all humans will be my property.

Knocknarea: You'll be working in a safe chocolate factory with full benefits until the day you die.

Fujimaru 1: It's all right. Artoria will win.

Fujimaru 1: Humans aren't that weak, Knocknarea.


Knocknarea: Well, refreshment's over. I'd better get back to work.

Knocknarea: Do enjoy yourself, Fujimaru. Tonight will be your last time spent free.

Fujimaru 1: ...It's been a long night...

Fujimaru 2: I have to sleep soon....

Fujimaru 1: (Who is it...? ) Come in...

Fujimaru 1: (I have a bad feeling about this...)

Fujimaru 2: (Are they opening the door stealthily. . ? )

Oberon: And then, the fairy king splendidly flew in from the window after drawing attention to the door.

Fujimaru 1: Oberon!?

Oberon: Oops, don't yell. It's already a pretty late time of night.

Oberon: And this time I'm playing ninja! Regarding the point raised, I want to get our stories straight!

Oberon: Hmm? Why am I a ninja?

Oberon: I got fed up with the drudgery of the Round Table Army and ran away...that's certainly true.

Oberon: But that's not my true nature. The Fairy King doesn't stay in one place for a long time.

Oberon: Well, the truth is, I snuck away because I was concerned about you guys.

Oberon: Isn't it natural to worry about your friends' well-being?

Oberon: I disturbed you for this reason. That's right.

Oberon: Good evening, Fujimaru. And good work with the fourth bell.

Oberon: It was heard even in Londinium. Thanks to that, the morale of the Round Table Army is at its peak.

Oberon: Percival has arranged a meeting with the Fang Clan, who have fled to Oxford.

Oberon: Gareth and the children are also making Londinium lively. A new plantation has been set up.

Oberon: I'm a little worried that Spriggan is still planning something...

Oberon: It can be said that the southern part of the island has been almost entirely pacified. The rest is up to you.

Oberon: You came to meet with Knocknarea, didn't you? Rumors of tomorrow's Mab Match are the hot topic in town tonight.

Oberon: If she'll follow the Child of Prophecy, the attack on Camelot will be secured.

Oberon: Forming an alliance with Knocknarea, ringing the bell at Oxford,

Oberon: and the attack on Camelot. All in about three days, I think.

Fujimaru 1: But what about the sixth bell?

Oberon: I'm ashamed. I've been looking for it all this time, but ...

Oberon: The Pilgrim's Bell is a way to be “recognized by the clans”.

Oberon: There is no point in ringing the sixth and the final bell that corresponds to the Mirror Clan.

Oberon: Because there is no Mirror Clan anymore. The fifth bell is enough.

Fujimaru 1: That's fine, but...

Fujimaru 2: The bells...

Oberon: What are you worried about...?

Fujimaru 1: Every time she rings one, Artoria torments herself with the thought...

Oberon: Really...well, I guess that's right.

Oberon: Every time she rings the bell, Artoria grows stronger. At first, I thought it was about growing up, but...

Oberon: That's not it. She isn't “growing up” so much as she's being “released”.

Oberon: I think that the Fairies of Paradise are probably born with limitations on their abilities.

Oberon: The Pilgrim's Bell may be a way to let loose those limitations.

Oberon: At the same time, I think it evokes the knowledge—the memories and fate—that she originally had.

Oberon: Every time Artoria rings the bell, she becomes aware of her “mission” and “own destiny. ”

Oberon: Now it's at four. It can be said that she is a different person from the one we met in the Nameless Forest.

Fujimaru 1: A different person? In what way?

Oberon: Her sense of duty has become stronger, and her priorities should have changed significantly.

Oberon: I think her judgment as the Child of the Prophecy is stronger than her own personal values...

Oberon: Oh, am I mistaken?

Fujimaru 1: I don't know...I don't think it has changed.

Fujimaru 2: Rather, she's getting more and more free, right?

Oberon: Is that so...well, it might be a good thing to be stubborn.

Oberon: But I understand that you're worried. I know you didn't mention it to her so she wouldn't fuss about it.

Oberon: ...

Oberon: Do you remember what I told you before?

Oberon: “In this Lostbelt, we're just bystanders. Our role is to see things through. ”

Fujimaru 1: Of course, I remember.

Oberon: That's how it is. We can neither save Britain nor change Artoria's fate.

Oberon: Once you have a countermeasure against the Alien God, your mission is to leave immediately.

Oberon: But...

Oberon: I respect your resolution and your will.

Oberon: Not in regards to Chaldea. The path you've taken personally.

Oberon: After defeating Morgan. Whether you wish to save Britain...or to help Artoria,

Oberon: I will support you. For the sake of pan-human history, though, it would be an additional detour.

Fujimaru 1: Is it all right for me to be selfish...?

Oberon: Sure thing. In the end, the ones who can do big things are those who work hard “for themselves”, Chaldean.

Oberon: I've come this far alone. I know a little bit about that sort of thing.

Oberon: What is it? Isn't it okay to indulge yourself for about 10% of what you've done?

Attention! Crucial Dialogue Select

Fujimaru 1: Thank you.... .

Fujimaru 2: ...(but, that's...)

Oberon: But Artoria is a bit different. I don't want to spoil her.

Oberon: She's got low self-esteem, but she hates to lose. It is a rather annoying personality trait.

Oberon: If she doesn't push back with her sense of duty, she may run full speed in a strange direction.

Fujimaru 1: Oberon, you're harsh with Artoria.

Oberon: And why not!? I don't know what I'm so worried about here. It's unexpected!

Oberon: I can't tell you how many times I've had to pull strings behind her back! I wanted her to grow up as a graceful princess!

Oberon: —Oh, no. My apologies. That was a matter of my taste.

Oberon: Artoria, well, she's fine as she is, right? I never get tired of watching her. I feel excited.

Fujimaru 1: (I see now that Oberon likes Artoria. )

Oberon: Your lips are swollen. Let's end this conversation right here.

Oberon: I mean, we've been talking too long!

Oberon: If I don't return to Londinium by morning, they'll find out that I've snuck away! See ya!

Fujimaru 1: To you, isn't Artoria like Titania, your queen?


Oberon: My goodness, I don't know about that. True, I'm still searching for her.

Oberon: It was the very edge of a story conveniently cut, even within one so convenient.

Oberon: She was just a convenient stage device for the moment. No one thought about her happy ending.

Oberon: Well, it's all right to play a minor role. If you need to think about it all the time, you will lose your grip on reality.

Oberon: The reader is not required to have that much imagination, nor the playwright who wrote the script.

Oberon: It's a fairy tale either way. Anything superfluous can be left out on the page. That is the way in which she was born.

Oberon: So, it's all right. My queen really needn't exist.


Devil Caren: To everyone gathered here, we apologize for the long wait.

Devil Caren: The Valentine Mab Match to determine the will, dignity, pride and determination as a fairy—

Devil Caren: Starts here and now!

Fujimaru 1: The cathedral is packed with spectators...

Fujimaru 2: This is a little different that what I thought.

Devil Caren: From the Moon Kitchen, leader of the northern fairies, daughter of Queen Mab, Lady Knocknarea.

Grimm the Wise: Wow, that's a load of chocolate in that wagon behind her! Some are as big as Mash's shield!

Devil Caren: From the Star Kitchen, the Child of Prophecy now famous enough to reach Her Majesty, Lady Artoria.

Senji Muramasa: Damn, is there chocolate in the wagon behind her? Does Mash's shield look like food?

Devil Caren: Are the both of you prepared? The finishing touches will be made here in the cathedral.

Devil Caren: You have one hour. Chocolate is poison, so give it a fiery finish!

Fujimaru 1: It's started.

Fujimaru 2: Do your best! You can do it, Star Kitchen!

Devil Caren: Please pay attention to the Moon Kitchen and Lady Knocknarea.

Devil Caren: No confusion or panic, yet she does not take her hands off the whip. You could say her flow is perfect.

Devil Caren: When I visited her in the kitchen this morning,

Devil Caren: “I am not creating a mere luxury product. It is a sublime piece of art that melts your heart,”

Devil Caren: is what she boasted...

Devil Caren: I see, it's taking shape! A shame the viewers on the second floor can't see.

Da Vinci: We can't even see it on the first floor! Get a monitor, a monitor!

Devil Caren: Unfortunately, only the arena seats allow the viewing of the players in live action. Please understand.

Devil Caren: Next time, please buy your arena seats for 60,000 morpounds☆

Red Rabbit: That is ten times the price of the second floor seats. How very conscientious of them.

Devil Caren: Next, please look at the unparalleled collaboration between Lady Artoria and her assistant in the Star Kitchen.

Devil Caren: Is that a cake? It seems to be. What painstakingly detailed, elaborate decoration!

Devil Caren: The assistant releases magical energy like a storm! No, they're concentrating!

Devil Caren: Crafting millimeter by millimeter in the middle of the rapids! If anything, this is crazy!

Devil Caren: This is an unforeseen dark cheat, or a dark horse, you could say.

Devil Caren: Lady Knocknarea was the overwhelming favorite before the match began, but at this stage the Star Kitchen's strategy means they are evenly matched—

Artoria: Wow, it looks delicious! Great work, Mash!

Artoria: All right! Now for a pinch of the secret ingredient!

Devil Caren: Are you stupid!?

Devil Caren: Ahem...

Devil Caren: Please excuse me, and do appreciate the new methods of making chocolate.

Habetrot: ...

Red Rabbit: ...

Da Vinci: ...

Grimm the Wise: Do we run while we still can...?

Senji Muramasa: No. I don't really understand what just happened, but the match isn't decided yet.

Senji Muramasa: A Valentine is more about impact than taste, right? Then the possibility is still there, that it is.

Fujimaru 1: Why are you talking like that?

Fujimaru 2: Taste is still important though.

Devil Caren: That's it! Preparations complete~☆

Devil Caren: Both players please show us your creations. First is the Moon Kitchen, Lady Knocknarea's...

Devil Caren: Majestic splendor, superior technique. Luxury upon luxury piled up into the highest form of craftsmanship.

Devil Caren: A reproduction of Edinburgh Castle, created with 19 layers of special coating. How very appropriate for the queen.

Devil Caren: Certainly a masterpiece created to destroy your rival in love. But in truth, isn't it a heavy thing to receive (in many ways)?

Knocknarea: Hmph–While that may be true, you don't have to be so frank.

Knocknarea: Aiken Drum did splendidly this time. It was a victory for my splendid assistant.

Devil Caren: Thank you for your comments. Now for the Star Kitchen, Lady Artoria's...

Devil Caren: And the only question that can be asked is: what is this? What an original chocolate.

Fujimaru 1: Oh thank God, It's just a normal heart.

Fujimaru 2: But still, against that castle chocolate...

Red Rabbit: Im...possible...

Habetrot: What...

Knocknarea: Is...that...?

The Audience: Woooooo...? Hoooooooooooo...???

Fujimaru 1: ...? The venue...?

Devil Caren: Ladies and gentlemen, I understand how you all feel. I share the same feeling.

Devil Caren: But! As master of ceremonies and the judge, I must have the courage to say it before anyone else!

Devil Caren: It's smooth, plump, slimy, and yet despite all that you can't help but feel like it has body heat!

Devil Caren: Nice Valentine! It's the birth of an entirely new design of chocolate!

Senji Muramasa: The heck?

The Audience: WoHoHooooooooooo!

The Audience: It's filled with blood and bursting with power! The power of this heart is on another level!

Devil Caren: It's all I can do to listen to your comments. Lady Artoria, why this chocolate?

Devil Caren: What about that wonderful cake that your assistant Mash was making?

Devil Caren: This shape is the very symbol of the creed handed down by the northern fairies; “Prove yourself as the strongest. ”

Devil Caren: However did you come up with the idea of using it for a chocolate? Are you a genius?

Artoria: Ahaha, it's nothing like that. I just learned it from Mash.

Artoria: Uh,'s a heart shape.

Artoria: It's simple, so it was easy to make! That way, I think it's easy to put your feelings into it!

Devil Caren: Easy to put your feelings into it...what wise words.

Devil Caren: I may be a chocolate fairy, but I forgot the most important thing of all...

Devil Caren: Yes, it isn't the cost or brand of ingredients that matters! It's love!

Devil Caren: As chocolates go, Lady Knocknarea's is by far the more delicious,

Devil Caren: but in terms of passion, Lady Artoria is the clear victor.

Devil Caren: In the future, I will be sure to give you due respect.

Devil Caren: Therefore victory goes to–Lady Artoria, of the Star Kitchen!

Senji Muramasa: Heh–Well done, Artoria. You've finally found your strong point. (Making a pleased master's face in the background)

Knocknarea: I give up...So that was your ace in the hole, huh? You mind if I buy that idea from you?

Mash: We did it, Artoria!

Artoria: Thanks to you, Mash! It was worth going through 212 prototypes!

Fujimaru 1: Does this mean...

Fujimaru 2: There's no such thing as a heart shape in the fairy kingdom...?

Da Vinci: Looks like it.

Da Vinci: Or maybe they just didn't connect it with the “heart. ”

Da Vinci: Because of the shape of Knocknarea's magical energy...get it?

Fujimaru 1: can't see your own aura...

Grimm the Wise: I don't really get it. The castle one is stronger. It's like a great story!

Da Vinci: Well, this time is just special! Or something.

Da Vinci: Knocknarea will adopt the heart design for her own castle—hm?

Knocknarea: ...? Artoria, your chocolate is thumping somehow. What did you put in it, exactly?

Knocknarea: It's not going to explode, is it? I just want to make sure.

Mash: I don't think even Artoria would mix up sugar and gunpowder...

Artoria: Of course I didn't. I did a proper taste test and only put in what was delicious.

Artoria: All of it.

Knocknarea: All of it...meaning what, exactly? Again, I just want to make sure.

Artoria: The ingredients here. All of them.

Artoria: It would be a waste to not use them after they were all prepared, right?

Devil Caren: Yes, I was watching. While Mash was cleaning up the kettle,

Devil Caren: Lady Artoria did something strange to the ingredients and stuffed them all into the chocolate.

Devil Caren: As a result, a huge amount of magical energy was poured into the chocolate, the ingredients all fused together, and it's come alive.

Devil Caren: And thus, the Calamity that would destroy the world was born. Gulp.

The Audience: It's the Child of Prophecy's superweapoooon! Run awaaaaaay!

Knocknarea: Aah, the cathedral is ruined! It's turning my fairies to chocolate one by one!

Knocknarea: What did you think you were doing! You can't just mix everything together!

Knocknarea: Are you the type who thinks ten minutes on low is the same thing as two minutes on high!?

Artoria: (nodding in acknowledgement)

Mash: Master, we have an emergency! We have to protect Artoria's honor...

Mash: No, we have to fight to destroy the evidence! That chocolate is something that should not exist!

Fujimaru 1: It's sad, but we have no choice.

Fujimaru 2: Well said, Mash.

Artoria: Be gentle! Kill it softly! That way it'll still taste goooood!


That Which Should Never Have Been Made:


Fujimaru 1: Look out, Knocknarea—!

Fujimaru 2: No matter how strong you are, that instant-death bullet...!

Knocknarea: Huh? Seriously?

Artoria: Knocknarea!

Narration: It was five years ago in Gloucester.

Narration: Several days after that awful experience at the fairy ball.

Artoria: You're Knocknarea, from the King's Clan! I've never seen one of your kind before!

Knocknarea: Yeah, well...we haven't really moved into the south yet.

Knocknarea: But just you watch, eventually we'll be living in every major city down here.

Knocknarea: That's my destiny. The cherished desire of the northern fairies I inherited from the previous queen.

Artoria: Carrying on the will of your predecessor...

Artoria: But aren't you the only one of the King's Clan, Knocknarea?

Artoria: The northern fairies may move down here, but the clan itself won't multiply...

Knocknarea: Oh yes, they will. Anybody I bestow my blood to becomes one of the King's Clan.

Artoria: Huh? Uh, is that some kind of psychological thing? Like the bully and the bullied?

Knocknarea: Why do you have to make it sound so seedy? Can't you say “ruler and subjects” or “queen bee and drones”?

Knocknarea: As far back as anyone can remember, the King's Clan has stood alone.

Knocknarea: Mab was born among the corpses of many fairies. The ones who lost their lives during the Spring War...

Knocknarea: Their bodies became the lands of Britain, but they refused to be born again as the next generation.

Knocknarea: No, because there was no land where they would be reborn, they would be born, die, and be born again...

Knocknarea: Rather than go through that over and over, they decided to use up all their lives to give birth to a new ruler.

Knocknarea: That was the great fairy Mab. She was like Queen Morgan for the northern fairies.

Knocknarea: Alone, Mab was “all of the northern fairies. ” Her Rule was to “dominate and prosper. ”

Knocknarea: She was a fairy who would share her power with anyone who would swear allegiance to her.

Knocknarea: She gifted power to those who wished for it, and constructed a sphere of influence known as the “Western Island. ”

Knocknarea: Well, as compensation, when it was complete her power weakened considerably...

Knocknarea: She never knew what would take advantage of that.

Knocknarea: Eventually the weakened Mab took on guards, and because of that, she came to take a spouse who pledged their love to her.

Artoria: She got hitched!?

Knocknarea: Oh it was sooooo, sooooooo lovey-dovey! As though it became spring!

Knocknarea: Ah, no good. Not in spring, not in spring. You can only do that in fall or winter.

Knocknarea: Anyway, the King's Clan divides power among those who swear allegiance to it.

Knocknarea: Any fairy I grant my blood to becomes a member until their loyalty is broken.

Knocknarea: I, the queen bee, receive devotion in the form of labor, and the vassals gain my power.

Knocknarea: The more assemble under me in the north, the more the King's Clan will grow.

Artoria: Sharing your power...does it ever return to you?

Knocknarea: Well...that's the problem. It's not like I'm lending it out.

Knocknarea: The power given will not return. The more of the clan there are, the more the queen bee deteriorates...

Knocknarea: It's kind of self-destructive, don't you think? Though Mab wasn't that thoughtless.

Knocknarea: If she expanded her territory over all of Britain, there would be only one rule.

Knocknarea: “As long as the vassals are of the King's Clan, the power of the clan as a whole becomes the power of the queen. ”

Knocknarea: The queen becomes poor by distributing wealth among the masses, but she doesn't actually lose anything because the country itself belongs to her.

Knocknarea: Mab took national power over her own personal power. I wholeheartedly agree with that policy.

Knocknarea: Personal values don't develop a country.

Knocknarea: A country becomes affluent and beautiful through lots of hard work and talent.

Knocknarea: Like here in Gloucester...though it's a bit twisted here.

Knocknarea: My mission is to unify Britain and to sit on the throne in Camelot.

Knocknarea: Would have been nice and easy if Her Majesty had taken me as her heir, but there's Tristan, you know?

Knocknarea: So long as that weird brat is still around, there's no choice but force, is there?

Narration: “Wanna go out for a bit? ” she asked in an absurd tone like it was no big deal.

Narration: At that time, she was a splendid queen.

Narration: She said it was her queen's last wish, but was acting on her own desire to be queen.

Narration: Greedy, selfish, and unashamed to talk about her dreams in front of anybody...

Narration: The hardest-working fairy in Britain. That's how Knocknarea was.

Artoria: T-that's an amazing goal to have...but is it okay to tell that to someone like me?

Artoria: I mean, that's rebelling against Her Majesty, isn't it?

Knocknarea: Oh, you gonna snitch? Well, can you even do that in the first place?

Knocknarea: “With a body like that, everyone in her clan should die! ” or something like that.

Artoria: I-I see. I don't know if I'm giving off that energy, but...

Knocknarea: You are. I know I generally do too, but you're really giving off that vibe.

Knocknarea: Basically, you seem to view “you” and “other fairies” as two fundamentally different things.

Knocknarea: Like your whole existence is irregular. As if you're outside the social ranks of “upper” and “lower” that Her Majesty laid down.

Knocknarea: You're Like a completely different being of some kind.

Knocknarea: To sum it up, you look down on all the fairies in Britain.

Artoria: Hey, don't judge me, you idiot! I'm the one being looked down on!

Knocknarea: Yeah, that's right. You need that energy.

Knocknarea: Your style of listening is fine, but too much of it will kill your heart. Just like me.

Artoria: —Knocknarea, are you dead? With your brazen attitude?

Artoria: Oh, it's the other way around. You're dead because you're brazen! Darlington's zombie scandal!

Knocknarea: Now-what-are-you-talking-about?

Artoria: Awawa, ow, ow! That's too violent!

Knocknarea: That's just a fable...I mean, that was a long time ago!

Knocknarea: You were apologizing to that fairy accompanying you in the hall. The head of your village? Well I guess it's none of my concern.

Knocknarea: “I'm sorry for my weakness. I'll do better, I swear. ”

Knocknarea: That was disgusting. Never do that again, at least not in front of me.

Knocknarea: What's wrong with being weak? Who's going to lose because you can't do it?

Knocknarea: It's not others that are frustrated by your weakness, it's you. Others won't try harder next time, you will.

Knocknarea: It's only natural to feel sorry for your mistakes, screwups, blunders, or overeating,

Knocknarea: but don't apologize just for being weak in itself. Nothing is more wasteful.

Knocknarea: Just so you know. I'm not saying this out of pity.

Knocknarea: I'm angry because apologizing to others for your own weakness solves nothing.

Knocknarea: If you have that kind of power, hold your head high. Do more things for yourself.

Knocknarea: Your persistence is like a volcano, huh? You're like a cat that beats up dragons.

Knocknarea: Don't worry about what happens around you, just focus on your dreams.

Knocknarea: After all, there are those in this world who can't even do that.

Narration: That brief comment surprised me.

Narration: Despite being born into wealth of power, or maybe because of it,

Narration: she innately understood just how lucky someone was to have what they did.

Artoria: Huh...Easy to say when you think it's someone else's problem.

Artoria: All right then, my turn. What's your dream, Knocknarea? I'm sure you achieved it a long time ago.

Knocknarea: My dream? Isn't it obvious?

Knocknarea: —It's love!

Knocknarea: I'm going to find someone who moves my very soul, and we're going to fall in love so hard the rest of the country will follow us!

Artoria: Are you crazy?

Artoria: I mean, that's not a dream. Don't you already have a lover?

Knocknarea: Well, that's the problem. I actually don't.

Knocknarea: Did you just laugh at me!? You did, didn't you!?

Knocknarea: Well, don't get the wrong idea. I'm actually very popular. I have tons of suitors back in Edinburgh.

Artoria: S-sure you do. You are really attractive, Knocknarea. So, why then?

Knocknarea: Hmm...I guess it's more of a vow, or a way to distance myself from Mab.

Knocknarea: If you hold back too much on the things you want most, it reeeeeally builds up in your stomach, you know?

Knocknarea: And then I'll use that frustration to take the throne. I won't fall in love until I rule Britain!

Narration: I couldn't help but burst out laughing at how ridiculous her wish was.

Narration: Because her objective and her dream were the complete opposite. And she didn't even realize it.

Narration: She didn't want to be a queen and fall in love,

Narration: she was rushing to do what her predecessor forced on her so she could hurry up and fall in love!

Knocknarea: What? Then what's your dream? Is it that much better than mine?

Artoria: Hmm. I guess it's more or less the same.

Artoria: I want to walk down the streets as a noble fairy. As grand and as cool as you, Knocknarea.

Artoria: It must really feel good.

Narration: If she was my rival, then fine, I thought.

Narration: Up until now I'd had very little, but it seems like I had been blessed with competition.

Knocknarea: Idiot. There's nothing grand about it, it's just fashion.

Knocknarea: I guess I could help you—but then it wouldn't be your dream, would it?

Knocknarea: Maybe after we both get rid of our baggage. You want to race and see who makes it first?

Narration: I saw the same sky as her that night. With a friend who spoke of her dreams, who I had to respect.

Artoria: Bah!? What was that awful memory I sealed away!?

Fujimaru 1: Oh thank God, she's woken up!

Fujimaru 2: Looks like it was just a temporary concussion.

Artoria: ...? What's wrong, everyone? You all look so serious. Did something happen...

Artoria: ...right, I remember. I took a direct hit from the chocolate attack...

Artoria: Damn you, devil chocolate! How dare you raise a hand against your creator! I'll smash you into small pieces, then everyone can enjoy you!

Knocknarea: I guess you really did just pass out. You seem like you stayed up all night. Did you have a good dream?

Artoria: I did not, and I did not stay up at all. I slept well last night. Didn't you concede!?

Knocknarea: Yeah, yeah. I gave up. You won the Mab Match.

Knocknarea: The spectators all ran away, but the judge called it.

Knocknarea: As promised, I relinquish the right of command to the Child of Prophecy.

Knocknarea: I'll be serving under you, so show me what you're capable of.

Artoria: ...? Are you okay, Knocknarea? You eat something weird?

Fujimaru 1: She's talking about your alliance.

Artoria: Oh, that's right!

Fujimaru 2: Well, you did try to feed her something weird.

Knocknarea: Fujimaru...don't you think you give Artoria a little too much slack?

Knocknarea: You're not letting her eat in the middle of the night, are you? She'll only get dumber.

Artoria: Hey! What's wrong with a midnight snack!?

Mash: Artoria. We were talking about the alliance with Knocknarea...

Artoria: —! That's right!

Artoria: Are you sure about this...?

Artoria: After this whole mess, I can't exactly say I've won...

Knocknarea: Good, you're aware of the disaster you caused. I'm relieved you're able to make such composed judgements.

Knocknarea: Well, it's obvious I'll win next time. But we can't exactly waste more time on this.

Knocknarea: I'm sure by last night, the Queen learned that you came here.

Knocknarea: If we were to join forces, Camelot would just recall all the soldiers they have scattered throughout Britain.

Knocknarea: We need to strike before that happens. Are you ready, Artoria?

Knocknarea: You hurry back down south, ring Oxford's bell,

Knocknarea: pick up the rest of the Round Table Army, and come back to my forward camp.

Knocknarea: By then, I'll have advanced up to Camelot's main gate.

Artoria: But Knocknarea, you said you wouldn't work with the Round Table...

Knocknarea: It'd be a pain if you died in front of me. Humans can't be vassals of mine, so they can't take responsibility.

Knocknarea: But I can admit that human knights like Percival are effective against the Queen's.

Knocknarea: We can't exactly handle Mors-poisoned weapons like they can.

Knocknarea: So yeah, I'll tolerate them a little. Seems like humans aren't that fragile.

Knocknarea: Isn't that so, Fujimaru?

Artoria: When did you two get so close? Were you up all night practicing making chocolate?

Artoria: By the way, do you remember our night in Gloucester?

Knocknarea: Of course I do. What do you take me for!?

Knocknarea: Anyway. In the name of Knocknarea, the northern fairies will fight alongside the Child of Prophecy.

Knocknarea: Now, please leave quickly. You don't have a day to lose.

Artoria: —I know. I'm the one who rang the bell in Orkney, after all.

Artoria: Fujimaru. Mash. Da Vinci.

Artoria: Muramasa. Habenyan. Rab-bit. Grimm.

Artoria: We're hurrying to Oxford. Pack your bags.

Grimm the Wise: Nope. If that's the case, I'm staying here. You'll need a liaison with the north, won't you?

Grimm the Wise: And it doesn't look like there are any mages here. I'll teach you a bit about how to counter Morgan's spells.

Knocknarea: You? Well, if it's to our advantage then I don't mind.

Grimm the Wise: Just leave it to me. I'll use this time to carve runes on all your soldier's shields.

Grimm the Wise: Morgan's magecraft is nothing to sneeze at, so I'll make sure they can take at least one blow.

Knocknarea: So you're some kind of mage strategist, huh? Not too bad, this makes me feel like a real queen now!

Knocknarea: See you soon, Artoria and Fujimaru.

Knocknarea: I wanted to show you around Edinburgh, but we'll do that another day.

Knocknarea: Next time I see you will be on the battlefield. We'll both be at our best for the final battle!


Artoria: Wheeew! A lot happened, but there's a heap of good news!

Artoria: I can proudly inform Percival...

Artoria: that Knocknarea is finally listening to us!

Fujimaru 1: Yep! Now, onto Oxford!

Senji Muramasa: You're in high spirits, just like a city girl. Was your duel with Knocknarea that fun?

Artoria: Ehh...yeah, I suppose. I didn't have any dreams...haha...probably because I pulled an all-nighter.

Artoria: But...yes, looking back at it, I had a lot of fun.

Artoria: Not just Edinburgh, but our journey so far was loads of fun.

Artoria: It's almost a shame's going to end after we defeat Queen Morgan.

Mash: ...

Artoria: Oh...that's right, Tonelico and I look identical, right?

Artoria: If I say stuff like this, Mash won't know what sort of face to make.

Artoria: I'm sorry if I made you feel awkward, but...

Artoria: I'm glad you're mourning her like that. Makes me think that both Tonelico and I are blessed with good friends.

Mash: No...I'm the one blessed with good company.

Mash: Tonelico, Mister Black Knight, the slightly scary Wryneck, and—

Mash: ...and—umm, I feel like there was...someone else who always stood by my side—

Habetrot: ...

Fujimaru 1: What happened!?

Fujimaru 2: Red Rab-bit!?

Red Rabbit: Enemy attack, it's an enemy attack! It appears we have been ambushed!

Red Rabbit: We are surrounded! Everyone, please step out and return fire. Please protect the carriage.

Senji Muramasa: Damn it, to think the Queen's army would be here even though we're still in Knocknarea's territory!

Senji Muramasa: Let's do this Fujimaru, Da Vinci, Mash!

???: A—aa, a—iiiiiyaaaaaaaaa…………

Fujimaru 1: Wh—what's that...?

Fujimaru 2: Could it be...a human...?

Senji Muramasa: ...Tsk, sorry about getting you all fired up. But stay back, Fujimaru.

Senji Muramasa: That's not something you should be near. Da Vinci, Habetrot...

Senji Muramasa: We'll handle this, alright?

Da Vinci: Yes, I agree.

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, Mash, stay back. That's probably—

???: aaa……aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!


Mash: Master, this way! Let's get away from the carriage for now!

Mash: That enemy is...most likely...a living human afflicted by the Mors curse!

Artoria: (A human afflicted by the Mors curse...? That's unnatural—)

Artoria: Watch out!

Baobhan Sith:, amazing! She negated my magecraft again...!

Baobhan Sith: Hey, how did you do it...? How did you know that was me?

Baobhan Sith: Even though I went through the trouble of scattering human trash everywhere...why are you just running to safety...?

Fujimaru 1: Fairy Knight Tristan...!

Fujimaru 2: Baobhan Sith...!

Baobhan Sith: Don't you dare call me...! It's not my fault, it's not my fault...!

Mash: You—! You're Fairy Knight Tristan...!

Baobhan Sith: Yes, that's right! I am my mother's daughter! The only fairy in the kingdom who inherited mother's magecraft!

Baobhan Sith: That's why—

Baobhan Sith: You'll die here, you bastards! I won't let the likes of you take my place!


Baobhan Sith: Ahhh...I lost. I lost. I lost...

Baobhan Sith: Poor, poor Baobhan Sith...everyone's darling Baobhan Sith...

Baobhan Sith: Of course, she's the Child of Prophecy after all...she's not like me at all...

Baobhan Sith: Not like me at all...not like me at all...

Baobhan Sith: There's no way I can win against her skills...that's why...that's why...

Baobhan Sith: I'll be better off going for the human. You're doomed to be my toy.

Fujimaru 1: Huh?

Artoria: That's— Fujimaru!

Mash: Senpai and Artoria...disappeared...

Baobhan Sith: He–Hehe, kehehehehehe! What's this, this is amaaaaazing!

Baobhan Sith: What a great bargain. The Child of Prophecy would've evaded it.

Baobhan Sith: So I thought I'd torment the human instead...

Baobhan Sith: To think she'd dive right into the trap, what a laughable idiot!

Baobhan Sith: Well, they were both trash to begin with. They deserve to be in a trash heap!

Mash: You were aiming for this...!

Baobhan Sith: What, avenging Boggart? You fool, as if I'd fight you!

Baobhan Sith: “Mirror, mirror, reflect my image”!

Baobhan Sith: Hahahahahahahahahaha! Curse yourself for having nothing other than brute strength!

Baobhan Sith: Now both the Child of Prophecy and the foreign magus are done for!

Baobhan Sith: Britain belongs to mother! Oh, I wonder if she'll finally praise me this time!

Mash: No, wait...! I said wait, Tristan! Tristaaaaaaan!

Section 21: Lost Will

A:Low-level Fairies: Have you heard about the apartment on 6th Avenue? The fairies who lived there never came back.

B:Low-level Fairies: Lady Tristan did it again...she never seems to take a break, that one.

B:Low-level Fairies: “I can't stand your laughter. ” “I can't stand your silence. ”

B:Low-level Fairies: She'll kill you no matter what you do. Why did Her Majesty bring back a fairy like that?

A:Low-level Fairies: You can say that again. Camelot would be a utopia without her around.

B:Low-level Fairies: Damn it...will someone, anyone, punish that lunatic...?

B:Low-level Fairies: I envy Salisbury. Lady Aurora would've long since sent a fairy like that to the dungeons.

Advanced Fairies: Fairy Knight Tristan? What a joke. Who even respects that little girl?

Advanced Fairies: Going around saying she's the queen's daughter. How stupid. She's the only one who actually calls herself that.

Advanced Fairies: Did Her Majesty ever once cast a kind word her way?

Advanced Fairies: She's just some country bumpkin in an extravagant dress. She has neither culture nor grace.

D:Advanced Fairies: Yes, truly so. I'm sick of hearing about the 'beloved daughter'.

D:Advanced Fairies: The entire city of Cambridge disappearing is also Tristan's doing, no?

D:Advanced Fairies: To leave such a poisonous moth go unchecked, Her Majesty is getting up there in age...

D:Advanced Fairies: No, of course this is not my opinion. It's just the word on the street.

D:Advanced Fairies: I just pray for Her Majesty to see the light. If only that girl weren't a Fairy Knight—

Knight of the Queen: New Darlington's beyond saving. It's no longer a functioning city.

Knight of the Queen: The fairies who tried to flee the city have all been sent to the underground dungeons, and only criminals come in to fill their place.

Knight of the Queen: There are no more decent fairies there. Not to mention, every night, someone always dies at the Slaughter Theatre without fail.

Queen's Guard: That ball game was the reason Preston joined the King's Clan, Knocknarea's faction, right?

Queen's Guard: Saying something about gathering football teams from each city to hold a tournament......

Queen's Guard: With immediate execution for the losing team, but even the winning team from Preston was...right?

Knight of the Queen: My word...Such wantonness.

Knight of the Queen: If only she were as skilled as Lord Lancelot or Lord Gawain, we may still have been able to tolerate her...

Knight of the Queen: That little girl's magical energy is that of a lowly fairy. If she hadn't been gifted the name of Sir Tristan, she'd be third-rate at best.

Knight of the Queen: No...she's still third-rate even with it. If it weren't for Her Majesty's blessings, she'd be inferior even to us royal knights.

Knight of the Queen: Like they say, the weaker the dog, the louder it barks.

Knight of the Queen: If she only stopped being Her Majesty's daughter, every fairy in Camelot would line up to kill that boisterous dog.

Narration: Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. They're the boisterous ones.

Narration: I am the Queen's daughter, no matter what those small fry say.

Narration: Because my mother taught me magecraft, clothed me, and gave me a name to bear.

Narration: And she gave me New Darlington to tinker with, break, and play with to my heart's content.

Narration: By that, she means 'kill any fairies that anger you,' right? By that, she means 'shatter any happiness that annoys you,' right?

Morgan's Voice: Why?

Narration: But it didn't work. Mother wouldn't praise me.

Morgan's Voice: Why are you like this?

Narration: Even though I'm trying so hard, I still don't know what mother wants from me.

Morgan's Voice: Why are you always like this, Baobhan Sith!?

Baobhan Sith: Aaa, aaaaa, aaaaaaaaaa! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Lady Morgan!

Baobhan Sith: I'll do better next time. I'll kill more next time.

Baobhan Sith: I am whimsical, cruel, and cute. Britain's sweetheart. Everyone's darling, Baobhan Sith.

Baobhan Sith: I will act in such a manner. I will conduct myself like the queen's heir.

Baobhan Sith: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for always ending up like this.

Baobhan Sith: But I am trying. Even though I don't understand, I am trying!

Baobhan Sith: Oh, Mother, Mother—

Baobhan Sith: My mother, kinder than anyone, who adopted someone like me—

Baobhan Sith: Huh...? This room...on my bed...

Baobhan Sith: Why...? Even though...I did it properly...this time......

Baobhan Sith: I trapped them in the Garden, entered the mirror, and then—

Baobhan Sith: I feel...heavy. What's wrong...with me? Need to get up...

Beryl: Hey, hey, don't push yourself, Lady Spinel. You've got dark circles under your eyes, you know?

Beryl: Have you not been sleeping well? Or have you been brought to your limit? I mean, you did filch a treasure from the throne.

Beryl: Going behind Morgan's back is applaudable. Morgan is incensed, no thanks to that though...

Beryl: I'll give you that! It's through troubling their parents that children grow!

Baobhan Sith: Beryl...? I'm sorry, I'll get up now—what?

Beryl: No need to get up. You need to stay in bed if you're feeling tired, right?

Baobhan Sith: —Yes. But Beryl...that thud...just now. I heard something...fall.

Beryl: Don't worry about it. It's just your body rotting and your fingertips falling off. It doesn't hurt, does it?

Baobhan Sith: —But, why?

Beryl: No idea. Isn't it because you used the Garden of Dejection? That's one hell of a curse, isn't it?

Beryl: Oh, or perhaps–you finally fell out of favor with Morgan and her magical energy is wearing off?

Beryl: Hm? In that case, it wouldn't do for you to have the Garden of Dejection. It'll get worse and worse for you.

Beryl: Alright now, hand it over. I'll keep it somewhere safe.

Baobhan Sith: I-is, that so? But Beryl...I need to...take care of it.

Beryl: Don't sweat it, it'll be fine. I'll leave it in the crypt. That should be for the best.

Beryl: You just rest here. Until you can get up by yourself, ok?

Baobhan Sith: Wait...hey, wait. Why...the crypt......?

Baobhan Sith: Beryl...where...are you?

Baobhan Sith: I can't move...

Baobhan Sith: I can't move...

Baobhan Sith: I wonder why...? I can't...move my arms...or legs...not one bit—


Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: Deep down inside. I awoke to the sound of overlapping hearts chipping away at each other.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: I wonder...where is this? This isn't the moor we were just at.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: This is somewhere further away. This looks like the plane of 'nothingness' that exists between Britain on the surface and the inner sea of the planet.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: This is probably that Garden where Merlin is said to be confined in.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: But I heard there are several types of Gardens: “New Home”, “Horizon”, “Lost Will”, “Heavenly”.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: The properties of this Garden are probably—

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: I thought as much...this is Lost Will, the Garden of Dejection.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: A hell of self-harm that chips away at the heart of those that fall into it. A cold Garden that strips away all warm falsehoods.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: They say you can escape the Garden if you can endure until the very end...

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: But it's a vicious setup that will make you lose your mind before that comes to pass.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: Whatever...

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: If I can cut the line in the right place, my heart won't shatter.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: It means I won't be able to escape, but there's no way Baobhan Sith will be able to maintain the Garden with her magical energy.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: Either way, I should be out eventually. Until then, I will...

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: I will simply see that which I don't want to see.

Fairies: Yes, the prophecy held true. That child is our star of hope.

Fairies: We are saved now. We are forgiven now.

Fairies: The savior, bearing the name Artoria, who drifted ashore.

Fairies: We pray you grow strong and healthy until your sixteenth year. We pray the Queen’s soldiers do not find you.

Fairies: —Now. Quick, quick, quick, quick.

Fairies: You must turn sixteen as quickly as possible. We put all our faith in you.

Fairies: That's why—

Fairies: You must devote everything you have to us.

Mother: Caster, I got you a new book today.

Mother: A book on etiquette among the noble fairies. You'll be leaving for the castle at some point, after all.

Mother: Let's start studying it right now. Hmm, is this table alright?

Mother: The stable is quite cramped, but bear with it.

Mother: —Incidentally, has your Fairy Pattern matured yet? You'll turn 16 in two years, you know.

Mother: For now...I'm just a little worried for you. You have a very trying journey ahead.

Village Leader: Caster, you did a splendid job today. You're truly a diligent, sincere, and efficient one.

Village Leader: You always manage to find what the village lacks, never losing yourself in games.

Village Leader: I wish the other fairies would follow your example. Looking after you has been a big help for us.

Village Leader: And yet...this year's tax collection will be tough.

Village Leader: Most of the ornaments you were wearing, and the treasure on the boat, have already been sold...

Village Leader: The fairies in the village are beginning to think you may be a fraud.

Village Leader: Oh, I worry so, so much...We're not going to make it through the winter like this.

Village Leader: Why must you be so—weak and undependable?

Friend: None of them have a bit of subtlety. Better not to live to old age if it means being so frail.

Friend: Don't you agree, Caster? You gotta distance yourself from the stuff you don't like.

Friend: Or is being treated special as the Child of Prophecy what you want?

Friend: I'll treat you right. A slave is a slave, right? Even if you're the Child of Prophecy, I won't give you special treatment.

Friend: By the way, have you been growing? If you don't give something back, we'll have nothing left.

Friend: There's nothing left to sell. At this rate, you're going to get sold to Her Majesty, you know?

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: The Child of Prophecy, the Child of Prophecy. The Child of Prophecy, raised in a stable.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: The Child of Prophecy, who was the village's slave.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: Even when they made you do something you didn't want to do, Child of Prophecy, you would simply smile and tell them to leave it to you.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: After all, you'll be killed if you rebel, and refusing is just tiresome.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: In that case, it's far easier to just shut up and go with the flow. I thought I was fine with that.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: If I just kept my head down and turned sixteen...

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: No matter how impossible the task, I would be able to leave that village behind.

Fairies: Show us proof, show us proof.

Fairies: Show us proof that you are the Child of Prophecy. That blacksmith living on the hill is one of the ■■■■■■ ■■■■■ ■■■■■.

Fairies: You're the only one that blacksmith isn't wary of. The only one he opens up to.

Fairies: If you are the fairy that will save Britain, then go k■■■ that blacksmith.

Fairies: Please. Please. Every day is nerve-wracking.

Fairies: That's why—you must protect us by taking care of him...!

Child of Prophecy: Yes—

Child of Prophecy: Yes, yes—

Ector: ...

Child of Prophecy: —Yes.

Narration: I can't.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: No more. Isn't this enough already? Cut the line and shut out the path to the exit.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: Thus, the Child of Prophecy left Tintagel behind. My speciality is bouncing back even if I get down.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: A lot of things happened after that. Nothing of note though. Until I entered the Nameless Forest.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: There, I met Fujimaru.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: The person who, right now, in front of my very eyes, is on the brink of collapsing from the pitfall of dejection.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: For a moment there, I thought I saw Artoria behind that wall.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: But that can't be right. After all, that's a wall.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: There's no way I can see through walls, so the fact that I could see her at all is strange.

Da Vinci: What are you looking at, Fujimaru? Are you so tired you're hallucinating?

Da Vinci: It'd be bad if you're in that condition, since we're about to go take down a Lostbelt.

Da Vinci: Replacements are a dime a dozen, but you're humanity's last Master.

Fujimaru: can find a replacement? Did you find another Rayshift-compatible candidate?

Da Vinci: Hmm, did you not know? You don't need Rayshifting to take down a Lostbelt.

Da Vinci: As for the Master candidate, we have Kadoc now. Once his treatment is over, you won't be alone anymore.

Da Vinci: But Master candidate isn't exactly the right word. Since originally, you were meant to be a plain candidate.

Da Vinci: Hmm? It's a broadcast. Hello?

Da Vinci: Kadoc woke up? He's in good health? That's great! Contact the control room as soon as possible.

Da Vinci: Good news, Fujimaru! Kadoc has recovered!

Da Vinci: Now you can go back to being a spare! Navigation's also going to be easier for us!

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: I see.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: Even though you raised me up that much, it's this easy for you to say 'that's enough'.

Meunière: Hey, Fujimaru. Where are you off to?

Meunière: Come long are you going to keep acting like a Master?

Meunière: You're supposed to be on standby in your room, right? You'll get scolded if you keep walking around like that.

Fujimaru: But I need to train my body, just in case. I don't know when we'll be headed for the Lostbelt.

Meunière: Huh? There's no need for that at all! Both your training and your mission are a thing of the past.

Meunière: You're just a civilian with no accomplishments. You don't need to force yourself to work hard anymore.

Meunière: Leave that stuff to us and go relax in your room.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: Relax...what exactly does it mean to relax?

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: Someone dying in front of me, a body torn to pieces in front of me...

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: Training those legs that are desperate to flee, training to clear my mind...

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: (Even though I was made to do all that) I can't even recall any other way of life now, you know?

Fujimaru: I don't get it...Am I really fine with this?

Holmes: [♂ Mister /♀ Miss] Fujimaru, you are scared of understanding the current situation, of analyzing the world, are you not?

Holmes: I understand. To tell the truth, it's always been on my mind too.

Holmes: Whether it's 'truly alright to solve this case'.

Holmes: Isn't that so?

Holmes: Even if you avoid a bad end, it won't necessarily bring back what was lost.

Holmes: What awaits you after the resolution of the case is a despairing view of the planet that has lost everything.

Holmes: Compared to that, the current situation which still leaves room for a hopeful reading, may be a better sphere of existence.

Holmes: We can't see the future, but if we work at clearing one obstacle after another, there is still the possibility that we may be rewarded—

Holmes: See? Doesn't that make you feel better?

Holmes: As long as there is no way to recover what was lost, you need not dwell on it.

Holmes: Rest assured, no one blames you. After all—

Holmes: The humanity who would've blamed you, the people who knew you, have all disappeared long ago.

Artoria: I wonder if I should stop it now...Fujimaru can't cut the line.

Artoria: Or rather, I can't watch this. Even if it's someone else's dejection.

Artoria: Fujimaru's eyes are slowly losing focus.

Artoria: And [♂ he /♀ she]'s grasping at [♂ his /♀ her] chest, almost like [♂ he /♀ she]'s suffocating in a vacuum.

Gordolf: Are you listening, Fujimaru? There is no need to feel sympathy for them.

Gordolf: They are but a what-if of human history. A history that has been unanimously discarded.

Gordolf: I do understand why they'd act hostile towards us. From a logical standpoint.

Gordolf: But that's the extent of it. At the end of the day, they are the losers.

Gordolf: A celestial collision that caused an ice age? A world scorched by Ragnarok?

Gordolf: Yes, it's heartbreaking. But it has nothing to do with us.

Gordolf: Don't go around listening to what the inhabitants of the Lostbelts have to say. In terms of heartbreak, we are far worse off than they are.

Gordolf: We are the winners from Pan-human History, the proper route. We cannot afford to fail...we cannot...

Gordolf: But what can twelve people even do...? Restoration and prosperity have long since gone out the window!

Gordolf: You know how doomed we are! Do they understand this loneliness, this pressure!?

Gordolf: They are the ones who should concede! They are the ones who will disappear!

Gordolf: Their suffering pales in comparison to ours!


Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: In the end, it's just an imposition of negatives. After all, what's best for you is what's best for the world.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: That's right.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: They kept telling me it's for the present, that it's for the sake of getting a normal life back.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: That's how I got this far, but the truth is...

Oberon: Yes. You are a peculiar one.

Oberon: You've had many brushes with death, and fortune saved you each time.

Oberon: You've abandoned the world many times, and misfortune saved you each time.

Oberon: You have forsaken many lives. You have killed many worlds.

Oberon: To think you're still doing fine even after all that?

Fujimaru 1: —Stop it.

Oberon: Or perhaps you're putting up with it 'just for the time being'?

Oberon: “It's not my fault that I'm forced to fight. It's not my fault that I couldn't save anyone. ”

Oberon: This is no time to be complaining. Just cover that tear-stained face of yours with your hands.

Oberon: “It's alright. Once the Human Order returns, I can go back to how I used to be. ”

Oberon: But while the human heart may be malleable, it can't go back to how it once was.

Fujimaru 1: —Stop it.

Oberon: You'll go back to your normal life after the fighting ends? Could something that convenient even happen?

Oberon: Your heart isn't going anywhere.

Oberon: Those sceneries burned into your memories won't fade. The smells that you're steeped in won't wash off.

Oberon: There is no way back.

Oberon: But you're still trying to convince yourself otherwise, aren't you?

Fujimaru 1: —I'm begging you, please stop.

Narration: See, you're already at your limit. I've noticed it for some time now.

Oberon: That's the beauty of pan-human history. Everyone is equal, and no one is special.

Oberon: There's no “eternity” or “change” the same way there is for fairies, so the outside world is constantly changing.

J:Artoria: Woah—I see. It really is a very human land, isn't it?

Narration: In that moment, what I thought was the exact opposite.

Narration: “So it's full of liars. How disgusting. ”

Narration: Sugarcoating it with words like 'everyone is equal, no one is special'. How repulsive.

Narration: As long as there is life, hierarchies will exist. As long as hierarchies exist, greatness will come about.

Narration: But Oberon said that in pan-human history, such things can be solved through dialogue.

Narration: Everyone is given a chance, yet no one is allowed to succeed.

Narration: Jealousy, prejudice, wrath, fear...They're all dragging each other down.

Narration: They're all deceiving each other so that none of them can rise from the dirt.

Narration: That is pan-human History, Oberon said paradoxically.

Narration: That's why I asked. Are you fine with that?

Narration: Working for the sake of such a world, living in it. What do you yourself think of that?

Note: Castoria's Flashback of Fujimaru's response depending on what you chose.

Fujimaru 1: I think I'll like it as much as anyone else...

Fujimaru 2: I think it makes me just a little anxious...

Narration: It was all too much, and so I hid behind a bitter smile.

Narration: Really. Why are you acting tough even though you've been so thoroughly beaten down?

Narration: [♂ His /♀ Her] body is on the verge of collapse, on the brink of falling apart.

Narration: I know it's none of my business, but I need to stop the replay of Lost Will before that happens.

Narration: Even though we're separated by a wall, I should at least be able to stop the magecraft from working—

Fujimaru: —No. Even then, still.

Artoria in the Garden of Dejection: What?

Narration: What?

Narration: Is it even possible to recover from that point...?

Oberon: That's why you can just stop. You can let go now, Fujimaru.

Oberon: Your actions, this Grand Order of Chaldea, are all just a bit too heavy a burden for you.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: His words were spoken out of concern for me.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: That's right. I always wanted someone to tell me that.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: That it's enough. That it's fine to leave everything unfinished.

Doctor: Then, let's talk about a hypothetical situation.

Doctor: From the standpoint of a species, the 'act of survival' is considered moral. But it's a little different for individuals.

Doctor: The desire to continue and the desire to let it end. Continue or game over.

Doctor: People are constantly in flux between these two. A game over isn't evil.

Doctor: After all, everything ends eventually. To deny that is to deny life.

Doctor: We have to be ready to accept it.

Doctor: No matter how much you win, eventually it will all come to an end.

Doctor: Hmm? That doesn't satisfy you? You're asking what you should be aiming for then?

Doctor: Haha, sounds like you alright, Fujimaru. That's a good question.

Doctor: That's an easy one. You don't want to stop the game, but finish the game instead.

Doctor: The end comes for both you and me. Accomplish lots by then.

Doctor: Whether it's joy or sadness, success or setbacks, as long as it's something new.

Doctor: You still have plenty of those, don't you?

Doctor: Live life with no regrets.

Doctor: I believe, above all else, that this is what it means to be moral for an individual—

Doctor: And if you can do that, that would make me very proud.

Doctor: Oops...even though it was supposed to be break time, I ended up getting carried away by strange topics.

Doctor: Off you go then. Have a nice day. If there's something you'd like to discuss, we'll meet again.

Fujimaru 1: That's right, even then.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: —Even then?

Fujimaru 1: I can't afford to run.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: Why is that?

Narration: At first, it was a curse. I thought I had no choice but to fight. But now it's different.

Narration: I've trampled on so many things, I've discarded so many things.

Narration: Even then, I still have 'something' that gives me affirmation.

Narration: Back then, I shouted 'to live'.

Narration: With those words, I overturned that 'virtue'.

Narration: Then, I need to give my own answer.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: Hmm. What might that answer be?

Fujimaru: I don't know yet. All I have is the desire to live.

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: Hah. You call that a desire?

Fujimaru: I do. Is that wrong of me? Wishes usually tend to be self-serving.

Fujimaru: I've come to this point for the sake of seeing that selfishness through.

Fujimaru: To understand why I think so, I will continue to move forward.

Fujimaru: I won't say something like 'I'm not confident' or 'it's not worth it' at this point.

Fujimaru 1: I won't let it end for a reason like that—!

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: Seriously?

Fujimaru in the Garden of Dejection: Well, I'll be damned. Have humans always been this stubborn?


Fujimaru 1: —Huh?

Fujimaru 2: This place...

Mash: Senpai! Artoria! Oh thank goodness you're both all right...!

Artoria: Uh, Mash? Is this...real?

Artoria: The Garden of Dejection wasn't out of magical energy, so why did it stop...

Artoria: Oh wow, you smashed it to bits! Whoa, that's ballsy! And it was like a national treasure too!

Mash: Ah...I don't know what to say, I panicked...!

Mash: It was radiating such malicious magical energy, and I didn't know what to do...!

Mash: D-did you say ballsy!?

Artoria: No, that was the best thing you could have done. I was too absorbed with its value to do that.

Artoria: Thanks to your judgement, both Fujimaru and I are safe now.

Artoria: The Garden of Dejection, Lost Will, is a suicide charm. It's a spell that robs the will of those it imprisons.

Artoria: I...didn't have anything like that, so it didn't hurt me too bad, but...

Artoria: If Fujimaru had stayed in there for any longer, [♂ he /♀ she] might have—

Artoria: Might have...

Artoria: —or maybe you wouldn't have! After all, I don't know what happened to you!

Artoria: What's wrong with you, Fujimaru!? Are you as dense as Bageko!?

Fujimaru 1: Well, you got upset awfully quick.

Artoria: Lay off! You're starting to sound like Habetrot!

Fujimaru 2: ...???

Mash: Alright. Artoria is in a state of just waking up.

Artoria: Well no, but if I did see something like that I'd be more pissed off than surprised.

Artoria: I mean, how serious are you? It makes me wonder...

Mash: I see, I understand.

Mash: Senpai's mental state does not change whether acting as Master or not.

Mash: When [♂ he /♀ she] eats at mealtime, [♂ he /♀ she] seems very relaxed too, but actually [♂ he /♀ she] is very into it.

Fujimaru 1: What's that?

Fujimaru 2: What do you mean?

Artoria: No, that's not it...

Artoria: ...actually, yeah, it kinda is. You don't run away, do you?

Artoria: It was the same in Norwich. You ran off to the harbor even though everyone else stopped.

Fujimaru 1: But you didn't run either.

Artoria: Oh yeah, that's right! But I didn't go to the harbor.

Fujimaru 1: Well no, it's not like that.

Fujimaru 1: You were the Child of Prophecy long before that.


Count Peperon: Oh dear, is that love in the air!? But it's a different type of love I'm sensing!

Fujimaru 1: Pepe!

Fujimaru 2: Our Fairy Deadlord!

Mash: T-that's right, it's thanks to Peperoncino that I found this place!

Mash: I chased after Baobhan Sith, but before I could find out where she was,

Mash: Peperoncino dashed in!

Count Peperon: Yes. I've gone west and east on these long legs of mine. It was a little unbelievable♡

Count Peperon: I was worried that I might have to lend a hand too, but little Mash here was like a runaway freight train.

Count Peperon: She ran from Edinburgh all the way to New Darlington in a huge cloud of dust.

Count Peperon: When you see something like that you just can't ignore it, right? So I just joined in without thinking.

Fujimaru 1: Thanks, Count Peperon. By the way, where are we...?

Count Peperon: New Darlington.

Count Peperon: I noticed Mash since I was watching New Darlington from atop a nearby hill.

Count Peperon: This is where Beryl's castle is. I've been looking for a chance to sneak in for a long time.

Count Peperon: Morgan's laid down so much surveillance magecraft we haven't had a breakthrough until now, but...

Count Peperon: If she had continued on her way, Mash would have charged straight into New Darlington.

Count Peperon: So I guessed this must have been fate, stopped her, and we snuck in together.

Mash: Yes. We found you thanks to Peperoncino's Shugendou...magecraft, Senpai.

Count Peperon: I just tugged on the thread connecting Mash and Fujimaru.

Count Peperon: If anything, she saved you.

Count Peperon: Nobody knew there was a place like this outside the city.

Fujimaru 1: The outskirts of New Darlington?

Count Peperon: Yeah. It's a sanctuary built underground.

Count Peperon: In the forest near the beach there's a deserted church. That's where we entered from.

Count Peperon: Seems like it's full of bad things now, though...

Count Peperon: But let's get outside first. This is the lowest level, a prison 80 meters underground.

Count Peperon: The path up above ground is a winding one, so make sure your body is all limbered up.

Count Peperon: You were locked up in that little box, so your limbs should be all stiff–Artoria?

Artoria: I don't know what the Count is sensing...stuff like love is a bit much for me...

Fujimaru 1: It's been a while since I've seen that face.

Fujimaru 2: Artoria. Artoria.

Artoria: Ah! Y-yes, I'm ready! Of course I am!

Count Peperon: (Her shoulders are so stiff...Artoria needs to give herself more time to unwind...)

Count Peperon: Well, let's take it step by step. Seems like you don't need my meddling. I guess time will tell.

Artoria: ...?

Count Peperon: Nothing, nothing at aaaaaaall! Let's hurry back to the surface!

Count Peperon: There'll be some obstacles on the way, but I'll leave it to you, Fujimaru!


Narration: When I was dispatched to the Lostbelt of the British Isle, I was met by nothing but wilderness under the vast expanse of the Fantasy Tree.

Narration: It was no country. Britain's “what-if” history had ended in complete disaster.

Narration: This history had fallen into ruin a long time ago. Wodime's fears were unfounded.

Narration: But truth is, I was bored as well.

Narration: So I thought I'd summon a Servant, since I was still a Crypter.

Servant: Ruler Servant, Fairy Queen Morgan has answered your summons.

Servant: Heir to the witches of the end. Are you my Master?


Narration: First impressions? The absolute worst. She saw through my backbone with a single glance.

Narration: But still, Morgan. The fairy queen, Morgan!

Narration: The woman who despised King Arthur. The witch who destroyed Camelot.

Narration: What a perfect counter to boredom. It wouldn't be a bad idea to take her and have some fun at the other Lostbelts' expense.

Beryl: Yeah, I'm your Master! Nice to meet you, Morgan! We're really going to enjoy ourselves together!

Narration: Doesn't matter what, I won't complain so long as I can kill something.

Narration: I welcomed her, placed my trust in her, and, well, after a good night's sleep...

Beryl: —Ha?

Narration: I should have been sleeping outside, but realized I was in a bed so luxurious it made me want to puke.

Morgan: Welcome to the Fairy Kingdom, Beryl Gut. Did you sleep well last night?

Morgan: The Fantasy Tree is already dead. The Alien God's calculations are none of my concern.

Beryl: What are you...whoa, you really did it, didn't you!? What have you done!?

Morgan: It's no longer necessary. This Britain is no longer a Lostbelt.

Morgan: Nor am I a Servant any longer—

Morgan: Beryl Gut. I welcome you as my husband.

Morgan: Simply for appearances' sake. This is more convenient for the both of us.

Beryl: Uh, what do you mean?

Narration: In the span of one night, an entire country and civilization had sprouted up where there once was just wilderness.

Narration: I couldn't report this to Wodime. So I just gave in and accepted my position as Morgan's husband.

Beryl: After that, well, it's been a crazy six months.

Beryl: I told Fairy Knight Tristan—Baobhan Sith—nostalgic tales about pan-human history.

Beryl: She was adorable. She'd get this twinkle in her eye and beg me for stories about the outside world.

Beryl: She loved the fashions of it. She seemed to love being told all about the latest designs of shoes.

Beryl: Looking back on it, she didn't really have any place to stay in the new kingdom.

Beryl: That's why I built the National Slaughter Theatre in New Darlington's dumpy pleasure quarter,

Beryl: and held as many shows as I could think of.

Beryl: There had always been animosity towards Baobhan Sith, but I get the feeling it really exploded when I showed up.

Beryl: Ah...I see. Maybe that's why?

Narration: Eventually, I figured it out in my own way.

Narration: I summoned the Morgan of pan-human history. But the following morning, it was the Lostbelt Morgan who was there.

Narration: It's not like there were ever two Morgans in Britain. She's always been a one-woman show.

Narration: The answer is simple. At some point, she changed into the Lostbelt Morgan.

Morgan: Yes. “I” was summoned by you, and perceived the end of Britain's Lostbelt.

Morgan: Even if this Britain were a “what-if” that died out 2,000 years previously—

Morgan: Such a state is unacceptable.

Morgan: I immediately comprehended the history of this Lostbelt and the techniques of Chaldea which summoned me—

Morgan: I unraveled the concept of Rayshifting, and put it into practice.

Beryl: I knew it! You're a monster among monsters, a genius among geniuses!

Beryl: You Rayshifted yourself back in time! And you rewrote history!

Beryl: After you were summoned, you only took a few hours to grasp the situation, find a method, think of a plan, and execute it!

Beryl: Wait a second.

Beryl: Were you in such a rush because it wouldn't have worked if I'd known the former Lostbelt better?

Morgan: Yes...You needed to be unconscious for me to alter the past.

Morgan: The only thing that can be sent via Rayshift is information.

Morgan: A physical body requires a coffin to transform it into pseudo-spiritrons to be sent into a Singularity.

Morgan: It is a well-documented theory of magecraft, possible only because Singularities are outside normal space-time.

Morgan: But in the end, it is nothing more than a correction of a “distortion. ” The system only works within the limits of a Singularity.

Morgan: As Rayshifting is not truly time travel, you cannot use it to alter the past.

Morgan: However–“I” existed in this Lostbelt.

Morgan: In the year 4000 of the fairy calendar. The Fairy of Paradise, dispatched from Avalon.

Beryl: You sent “yourself” as information...

Beryl: Servants are Ghost Liners—Boundary Record short, they're information.

Beryl: If the destination is anything other than a Singularity, the Servant will naturally just vanish.

Beryl: But–if someone receives that information...if they have an account that can receive the e-mail, that's a different story.

Beryl: The witch who defeated King Arthur and lost her dominion over Great Britain.

Beryl: She who was denied control of the island by the very land itself, Queen Morgan.

Beryl: So the summoned Morgan entrusted those memories, that information, to the Morgan born in this Lostbelt?

Morgan: Correct. Upon the Rayshift, the pan-human history Morgan that you summoned was no more.

Morgan: But in exchange for her sacrifice, the Lostbelt Morgan gained knowledge of her own fate.

Morgan: The original Fairy Calendar—the “first” one—fell to ruin when the Fairy of Paradise was murdered.

Morgan: This was because all the prominent fairies died in the Great Calamity by the year 12000.

Morgan: I was taught this fact by the “me” of pan-human history, so I escaped the blades of the fairies and survived.

Morgan: And so...I averted the ruinous future and made wither the Fantasy Tree.

Morgan: A Lostbelt will disappear if the Fantasy Tree is destroyed, but conversely, that presents an opportunity.

Morgan: If someone can maintain the “world” after that, it would cease to be a fantasy and become reality.

Morgan: That is the world you are in now. A world that has changed from the Fairy Calendar to the Queen's Calendar.

Morgan: I built it, and it is mine. No one may take it from me anymore—my Fairy Kingdom of Britain.

Narration: Sheesh, what an awful woman.

Narration: While I was asleep she sent just her “will” to the past, then she died.

Narration: And afterwards, the Lostbelt Morgan who inherited said will withered the Fantasy Tree and created a history all of her own.

Narration: Gives me chills to think about, but I might have actually died at that point.

Narration: After all, I had seen the Britain of 2017, where the Fantasy Tree was still in one piece.

Narration: I died that night, and by the next morning, Morgan had prepared a double of me.

Morgan: You disapprove?

Beryl: No, not really!

Beryl: After all, this is the second time I've been brought back to life for someone else's convenience, so it's no big deal!

Beryl: But from here on, it's different. So long as there's no Fantasy Tree, the Queen's Calendar is fixed.

Beryl: You can't bring back the dead and make them fit in. You can't even mess with the visitors who will come later.

Beryl: Those Chaldeans will trample all over your Britain without mercy, you know?

Morgan: —They are inconsequential. Only your comrade can stand against me—

Morgan: The Lostbelt of Olympus, whose Fantasy Tree will grow until it covers the planet.

Beryl: Whoa. You want to attack a different Lostbelt?

Beryl: Well, I guess that is a bit of an urgent issue for you...

Beryl: Wodime's one tough customer. And the gods of Olympus seem like they'd be a problem too.

Beryl: I mean, Wodime's not especially pitiful or interesting, so...

Beryl: As a murder victim, the risk and reward don't really add up.

Morgan: Are you saying you don't want to fight the Crypter of Olympus...?

Morgan: I thought that all you Crypters were competing with each other.

Morgan: Were you not all resurrected to see who would become ruler of this planet?

Beryl: Nope. I don't know about the rest of them, but that ain't for me. I don't want to be a king in the least.

Morgan: Then why did you answer the call of the Alien God? Was it merely to keep on living?

Beryl: You got it. I died without warning, and if I hadn't taken the offer, I'd still be dead.

Beryl: It's only human nature to take the chance to come back to life, isn't it?

Morgan: No. You are not so obsessed with your own life. Be it your own or someone else's, you do not believe that life is special.

Morgan: Your nature is to simply revel in the moment. You do not bother with thinking about what comes next.

Morgan: Nor do you care when it comes to an end. A man such as yourself would never come back “just to live. ”

Beryl: You're thinking too highly of me, Your Majesty. I'm just a hedonist.

Beryl: Living is a pain in the ass anyway. But so long as that's outweighed by my fun, I'll keep plugging away at it.

Beryl: Like that Fairy Knight Gawain. She seems interesting, so I'm sure that would be fun.

Beryl: Or that Spriggan guy. He's boring. Worse than watching a B-movie.

Beryl: I'm that kind of guy, Morgan.

Beryl: By the way, you're the boring type. I can't spend my time with someone like you.

Beryl: Don't worry, you can keep playing queen. At my level, there's no way I could kill you anyway!

Morgan: ...

Morgan: Then what of Tristan? Which type is my daughter to you?

Beryl: Ah, Lady Spinel. A beautiful ruby. What a cute girl. She's something to be treasured. Still—

Beryl: She's “already finished. ” It's not that I pity her, but she doesn't seem interesting.

Morgan: ...

Beryl: Just hurting someone like that is painful. It makes me want to ruin her future in a glorious way.

Beryl: Even I think I'm a total bastard.

Beryl: Killing such a pitiful thing now—that's what love means to me.


Mash: Did you feel a tremor just now? It almost feels like the prelude to an earthquake...

Artoria: An earthquake? Earthquakes rarely occur in Britain, though...

Fujimaru 1: Let's hurry. I have a bad feeling about this.

Count Peperon: ...

Mash: Pepe? Uhm...are you not feeling well?

Mash: I feel like you've been acting strange for a while now...

Count Peperon: Dear me, you're paying attention to me even at a time like this.

Count Peperon: Don't mind me, I just felt a little sad. Just a little apprehensive, is all.

Count Peperon: But I am happy that you care about me. —Thank you, Mash.

Count Peperon: Now, after we pass through that door, we'll be in the hallway and out of the maze. After that, we make a beeline for the surface.

Count Peperon: Let's make a dash for it. You're still just halfway through, aren't you?

???: Aaa–...aaaaaaa–...uuuuuuuuu–...

???: Haaaa...aaaaaa...aaaaaaaa—

Fujimaru 1: !?

Fujimaru 2: What are these people...!?

Artoria: Ah! These people are rotting...! They're the corpses of Darlington!

Artoria: The Calamity that attacked Darlington a century ago, the reanimated dead...!

Artoria: I see, so this was a human cemetery...!

Mash: —Since they're attacking us, we have no choice but to fight! Let's minimize combat and secure a path upstairs!


Beryl: What? You're not going for it? What a let down.

Beryl: Even though I unlocked the observation room and let out all those Mors humans?

Fujimaru 1: Beryl!

Beryl: Hey Fujimaru, if it isn't our third meeting! At this point we aren't strangers anymore, are we?

Count Peperon: Mors humans, you say...? Is that how it is?

Fujimaru 2: Mors humans...?

Beryl: What, no hello? That's cold, kouhai.

Beryl: Even though I rushed all the way here from the lord's chambers of New Darlington.

Beryl: Yeah, as you can see, they're humans. Calling them undead isn't exactly the right term.

Beryl: There's only one undead left in Britain. These fellows here are the result of my six months of research.

Beryl: To see what would happen if I infected humans with the Mors curse. As you can see, this is the result.

Beryl: Living yet dead. Dead yet living.

Beryl: All they can do is seek help from anyone that's around since living is suffering for them...

Beryl: Not bad for a “parting gift,” though.

Beryl: After all, the Mors poison that used to only kill fairies now affects humans as well, see?

Fujimaru 1: ...!

Fujimaru 2: (If we had engaged...we would've also been...)

Beryl: Still, I had taken Mash into account. But to think even you would be here, Peperoncino.

Beryl: To think you'd come stomping all the way over to Britain to avenge Wodime.

Beryl: Were you always like that? Weren't you more like me, if anything?

Count Peperon: Well, yes. You're the cleanup crew and I'm the hitman. I was never a 'good person' to begin with.

Count Peperon: So this isn't about good and evil. I came here to kill you. To settle the score.

Count Peperon: I am inhuman, after all. Killing someone because they pissed me off is a good enough reason, no?

Beryl: I see, sounds about right! It's all about acting on feelings and no room for discussion!

Fujimaru 1: Another earthquake...!

Fujimaru 2: This tremor, it can't be

Beryl: Well, as you can see, this is an old cemetery. I figured some redecorating was in order!

Beryl: I went overboard with the experiments, so I'm going to get rid of the evidence before Morgan finds out!

Beryl: I could have kept my mouth shut about this, but it's the least I can do for my fellow A-Team buddies, you know?

Beryl: Peperoncino, Mash, if you stick around here, you'll be buried alive.

Beryl: Fujimaru aside, you guys might just make it out in time.

Fujimaru 1: Wait, Beryl...!

Mash: But Beryl said they—these people are still alive—

Fujimaru 2: We need to get these people out too...!

Count Peperon: Stay away from them! There's no saving them anymore!

Count Peperon: We're still underground, and just as liable to die here!

Count Peperon: First, secure an escape route! Helping others comes after that!

Fujimaru 1: Roger!

Artoria: I'll shield you with magecraft! Let's hurry upstairs, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: Did we make it...!?

Mash: No, we're still underground. The way to the surface is at the end of the cathedral—

Count Peperon: Get back! Go back to the stairs!

Fujimaru 1: The door closed...!?

Fujimaru 2: Pepe!?

Count Peperon: —Whew, that was close. I made it just in time.

Count Peperon: Are you hurt? No? Thank goodness, sorry about sending you flying there. I know I'm rather leggy♡

Fujimaru 1: What's the matter, Count Peperon!?

Count Peperon: Hmm, poison gas? Something like that? It's being disseminated.

Count Peperon: Wait a minute, I'll go turn off the gas.

Count Peperon: It'll be fine. I've been trained in Shugendou. I have a strong karma. I should be able to handle several peoples' worth.

Mash: Karma...? Umm, what exactly do you mean—

Count Peperon: Hm, let's say three minutes. If I wasn't so tired, it'd go faster.

Count Peperon: Fujimaru, Mash. Will you have faith in me and wait until then?

Fujimaru 1: —Of course.

Fujimaru 2: Three minutes, right...?

Count Peperon: Yes. Well, I'm off to finish the job then.

Count Peperon: It's been a while since I went all out. Fufu, this is getting exciting!


Mash: ...

Artoria: ...

Fujimaru 1: It's been three minutes. I'm opening it...!

Count Peperon: Oh dear, it's already been three minutes? How time flies.

Count Peperon: As you can see, I'm done with the cleanup. Now then, shall we head to the surface before this place collapses?

Mash: As expected of Pepe, but...

Mash: What kind of gas was it?

Mash: It's 40 meters above us, but there's a skylight. Was the gas heavier than air?

Count Peperon: Something like that. We're in a crypt, after all, there's no telling what's been festering.

Artoria: should I put it, Count Peperon, you...

Fujimaru 1: Artoria?

Count Peperon: Oh my, what a passionate look. I wonder if this is the continuation of that love gossip from earlier!

Artoria: No, it's nothing...

Count Peperon: No? How unfortunate. Even though that was our chance to have a girls' talk.

Count Peperon: This must have been how you've lived your life so far, Artoria.

Count Peperon: I wonder if that's a fine thing, but it came in handy this time. Well then, I'll be counting on you 'till the very end, okay?

Artoria: ...

Count Peperon: Looks like the lower floors have completely collapsed. We aren't safe here either. Let's hurry.

Mash: Yes! The exit is right over there, please follow me!

Fujimaru 1: That's the exit—!

Mash: Master! There's a strong magical energy signature up's hostile!

Beryl: Come on, don't tell me you actually got here safely!? What the hell's going on here!?

Beryl: There's got to be at least one or two casualties here, you know!? More importantly, Fujimaru—

Beryl: What's with that face? Man, I misjudged you! Still the heroic Master protecting the Human Order!?

Fujimaru 1: What is Beryl even saying—

Fujimaru 2: ...

Count Peperon: There's no point in wasting your time with someone like tell the truth, I wanted to take care of him myself...

Count Peperon: Fujimaru, Mash, Artoria. Will you do me the favor of sending him flying?

Count Peperon: Beat him into submission. Make sure he can never do any evil again.

Mash: Roger...! There's no time, if he's going to get in our way, we'll force our way through!

Beryl: —Oh, is that so? You never did like games, did you?

Beryl: No helping it. Guess I'll have to use my trump card too.

Fujimaru 1: He repelled Mash's attack...!?

Fujimaru 2: (That's not human strength...! )

Artoria: The color of this magical energy...! Get back, everyone! He, he's—

F:Beryl: —aaaaa—haaaaaaa...

F:Beryl: My apologies...I didn't want to show you this either...

F:Beryl: But I really, really want to be alone with Mash already. I'm going to have to ask everyone else to leave now.

Artoria: Woodwose...! That Saint Graph, it's Fang Clan–it's Woodwose's Saint Graph!


Beryl: What's the matter? Out of breath? That's no good. I'm in the zone over here.

Beryl: I went out of my way to copy Woodwose's Saint Graph. Let's go hard, real hard.

Mash: That form just now was Woodwose's!? Not Wryneck's!?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, the chief of the Fang Clan.

Fujimaru 2: Wryneck?

Mash: He was one of Tonelico's companions! No, their abilities are incomparable...!

Artoria: Either way, it still doesn't change the fact that he possesses the Saint Graph of an A-Rei...!

Artoria: But right now, we have no means of breaking through the Archduke of Exhaust Heat's hide...!

Beryl: Fu—fu, fuuuu—

Beryl: Man, the Child of Prophecy is a smart one. She knows there's no point in resisting.

Beryl: It'd do you good to know your own fates. That 'you have no option other than to die here'.

Beryl: Ain't that right, Peperoncino!? I know you're coming at me from behind!

Fujimaru 1: Pepe...!

Beryl: There we go, one down! So long, Peperoncino!

Beryl: Well, I could've killed the likes of you whenever I wanted! I've only been letting you off the hook because we're birds of a feather–what?

Beryl: Ugh, uuuuuuuuuuuegh...! I feel sick, I feel sick...!

Beryl: What the hell did you do, you bastard, this is, it's—

D:Count Peperon: You know full well what it is, no? The stuff you've been experimenting on others with.

D:Count Peperon: I took on 500 people's worth all at once. And now you have too.

H:Beryl: Wha–you bastard, what's that look? Don't tell me, you've already–!

D:Count Peperon: That's right! I was already on the verge of death!

D:Count Peperon: After all, it's a curse that's 'transferred to the one who kills you'! How's the taste of the damned curse you came up with yourself!?

H:Beryl: Kh—khh, ueeeeeeeegh...!


Count Peperon: Get back! Go back to the stairs!

Count Peperon: ...200...300...goodness, they're endless.

Count Peperon: It feels like everybody he messed with in the lower levels was brought here.

Count Peperon: Beryl's specialty was botany. I knew he was a specialist in witch's drugs and magecraft...

Count Peperon: To think he can abuse the curse to this extent. English witches sure are scary...

Count Peperon: It's a bit unreasonable to try and avoid this and still make it to the exit.

Count Peperon: Draw close, and they chase you for help. Touch them, and you get infected. Kill them, and the curse spreads to you.

Count Peperon: Well, the poison doesn't work on Mash, so it probably won't have an effect on [♂ him /♀ her] either so...

Count Peperon: That's the point. “Have them kill innocent people who can't resist. ”

Count Peperon: It's just harassment, but it's the most effective.

Count Peperon: To both Fujimaru and Mash, that is. In that case...

Peperoncino: I might be a wretch, but I am the senpai here. How could I leave this to those guys?

Peperoncino: —Well done. Now for the illusion...

Peperoncino: Pull these kids to the edge, hide all the splatter...

Peperoncino: Oh no, I'm in trouuuuble! My makeup and outfit are all ruined!

Peperoncino: That's right. If you kill someone, you have to carry that weight.

Peperoncino: My internal organs are all messed up and my skin's all dried out. Guess I shouldn't worry about how I look anymore♡

Peperoncino: If I was a decent person, I'd exit the stage here, but...sorry, everyone.

Peperoncino: Can we hold off the curtain call for a little while longer? Let me take care of the unfinished business in front of me first.

Beryl: Ge—ghhh, uraaaaaaa...!

Beryl: You bastard, this is the Fang lord's body...! How could the Mors curse affect...!

Peperoncino: Yet it did! My curse was mixed in!

Beryl: You reversed it!? That's pretty unmanly even for someone with a face like yours!

Peperoncino: Ah, ow...! Don't make me laugh, Beryl! My stomach really hurts!

Mash: Pepe! Please don't laugh! We'll treat your—

Peperoncino: Thanks! But I don't need it!

Peperoncino: Take it away—Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: —You got it!

Fujimaru 2: Let's do it, Mash...!

Mash: —Right!

Mash: Enemy unit, designated Black Wolf— commencing all-out counterattack!


Beryl: Haah, aaah, gaaaaaaah...!

Beryl: D-damn it, how the hell did it end up this way...!? You really outdid yourself, Peperoncino!

Beryl: Fine, I get it, I screwed up! I lost, so time to make tracks...!

Artoria: Wall-jumping all the way up to the skylight...there's no way we can follow him...but more importantly...

Peperoncino: ...

Fujimaru 1: Pepe!

Mash: Pepe!

Peperoncino: Ah. Did I doze off!? How did I miss the whole scene!?

Peperoncino: But...looks like it all worked out. I can tell from your faces. You both look like you're about to cry.

Peperoncino: That's no good, if you win you have to smile and high-five. You'll ruin the mood like this.

Mash: But—but...! Pepe...Pepe, you—

Mash: All on your own—and we never even knew you were helping us—!

Peperoncino: Oh dear, whatever are you talking about?

Peperoncino: I'm just a man who tried and failed to take Beryl by surprise.

Peperoncino: Naturally, this would happen.

Peperoncino: So of course I'll have to take responsibility for it, won't I?

Peperoncino: More have to hurry and get out of here. After all, this was always just a detour, wasn't it?

Peperoncino: I'm done for. I'm already dead, so don't worry about me.

Fujimaru 1: At least come outside...

Fujimaru 2: Of course I'm worried about you...!

Peperoncino: Now, now. It'd be one thing if it was Mash, but you can't be this way, Fujimaru, alright?

Peperoncino: A corpse is a heavy thing to keep as baggage. Especially if it's soaked in curses.

Peperoncino: Remember, we're supposed to be enemies. We could have parted ways at any time—

Peperoncino: Plus, I'm a ghastly murderer, you know? I just happened to have good intentions this time.

Peperoncino: The life I've led isn't something you should feel sorry for.

Fujimaru 1: But—

Fujimaru 1: That's not the you I know.

Peperoncino: Yeah...

Peperoncino: I'm glad it wasn't. I was really glad that my wonderful kouhais didn't have to hate me.

Mash: Pepe...

Peperoncino: That's why you shouldn't cry. Me and Beryl, we're the same.

Peperoncino: The both of us are fundamentally awful people. We thought more about the end than the journey.

Fujimaru 1: —That's...

Peperoncino: You understand why people like us break the rules? It's not because we want to do bad things.

Peperoncino: We just wanted to get out of “continuing to be. ”

Peperoncino: The laws that humans impose are so they can thrive longer and more's human nature.

Peperoncino: So if you go against them, disregard them, or break them—the bill eventually comes back to you.

Peperoncino: But, you're different. You're the type who wants to keep going, right?

Peperoncino: Then see it through. Run, run, and never stop running—

Peperoncino: Run so far that you can't see someone like me behind you anymore.

Peperoncino: I can't go that far, but I can't die alone. I'm a coward.

Peperoncino: Come on, take Mash with you. You're a Master, aren't you, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah...Thanks, Pepe. It was a lot of fun!

Peperoncino: Yeah, it sure was.

Peperoncino: You've come this far. Save Britain and save Artoria.

Peperoncino: Hehe. We're in the same boat. You can get a sense of the curses spreading throughout Britain.

Peperoncino: You get it? Your true enemy is whoever's trying to kill you.

Peperoncino: Make sure you remember that. Don't let your guard down until it's all over, alright?

Myourenji Arou: Aah...we've finally made it to the exit. This means I'm finally done with everything.

Myourenji Arou: It's not scary or painful now...but the memories remain a little painful...

Narration: —Killed. —Killed.

Narration: While everyone was asleep, the moon disappeared behind the clouds for a few minutes.

Narration: Every single member of my clan in Oyama was killed.

Narration: Just like the sick people I saw earlier. Those helpless people were cut down like they were grass.

Narration: When I was ten, I had a lot expected of me. I was called the greatest genius since the founder.

Narration: I wanted to live up to those expectations, but it was basically impossible.

Narration: I was born with different tastes. My body and mind weren't in sync with each other.

Narration: My spirit ran against the format prescribed by the world and society alike.

Narration: My family wanted me to become a father and have a bunch of kids so I could pass on all my good genes, but...

Narration: Of course, that was impossible.

Narration: Some people understood, but things would never go back to how they were.

Narration: “If you couldn't do it, you should have given up. ” Whispers like that never bothered me.

Narration: I never had resentments or complaints.

Narration: “Really. Why was I born this way? ”

Narration: Nobody begrudged me, hated me, or pitied me.

Narration: I was just born this way, so there was nothing to be done about it.

Narration: It wasn't something to complain about, and it wasn't something to claim rights for.

Narration: Still, I did feel a little sorry.

Narration: “So this is the end of my reincarnations, huh? There won't be any more after this. ”

Narration: Roshintsuu allows us to perceive our own fate.

Narration: When I was ten, I realized this life would be my last reincarnation.

Narration: If this had been one in between, I might still have gotten sad. But since this was the “last me”,

Narration: I remembered the pity I had for the fate handed down to human beings, and the imperfections in this transient world.

Narration: And so, ten years later.

Narration: Since there was nothing more I could learn there, I decided to come down from the mountain.

Narration: Before that, I did what I had to do.

Narration: Right before they died, everyone's face was asking “why. ”

Narration: Comrades who shared their joys and sufferings together. People who were like family to me, even if they were outsiders.

Narration: Still, I loved all the Myourenji.

Narration: “That child isn't a sprout. We should just be easier on him. ”

Narration: “What are you saying? You're still naive. Blind him and kill his brother. That'll bring him to his senses. ”

Narration: “Yeah, you're right. Rather than killing two people, let's take the chance of one of them remaining. ”

Narration: “Yeah, that's good. That's usually how it is with us, no? ”

Narration: When I overheard that conversation, I cried as I thought this karma should be removed from modern society.

Narration: That was the last memory of Myourenji Arou. Since then, I've completely forgotten what happened on Oyama.

Narration: I don't think of it as my past anymore. It's a sin to me.

Myourenji Arou: —We really are bastards.

Myourenji Arou: After everything I've done, it's all turned into beautiful memories.

Myourenji Arou: Well, it's my karma to die alone, right? I killed them all myself.

Myourenji Arou: It's not fair for me to ask for a good ending—ah.

Myourenji Arou: That's why, huh...? Even if you come now, it's too late.

Myourenji Arou: Hah...hahaha...really—

Myourenji Arou: Hehe. No matter how you look at it, I thought it was sudden.

Myourenji Arou: Thank you, Daybit. For back then—

Myourenji Arou: You used your one-time express ticket to come see me when I was at my most beautiful.


Fujimaru 1: That rumbling just now was probably—

Fujimaru 2: Pepe...

Mash: ...

Artoria: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Artoria: My acquaintance with the Count was not a long one...

Artoria: But just as he himself said, I knew he had killed a great many people.

Artoria: He had no sympathy for those he killed. And he would not feel sorry for his own death either.

Artoria: That was the sort of cold-hearted person he was, and why we don't have to worry about him here.

Artoria: —However...

Artoria: At the same time, he held no hesitation or deceit in him. Not once did he lie to you all.

Artoria: It was almost scary how true he was to himself, and he did what he wanted to do.

Artoria: Uhm...that's why, even should I put it?

Fujimaru 1: He did what he loved.

Fujimaru 2: Myourenji was always a helpful person.

Artoria: —Yes. The Count surely would have laughed and said the same.

Artoria: He was a mysterious person, all the way...

Artoria: Of all the people I've met, he was the most impartial one, both towards himself and those around him.

Fujimaru 1: ...Alright,

Fujimaru 1: Let's go!

Red Rabbit: Found them! I've found them! As expected of Master Da Vinci, what excellent tracking!

Da Vinci: Yes, thank goodness I added a camera function to Tifone!

Da Vinci: Heeey, Fujimaru, Mash, Artoria~!

Da Vinci: Are you alriiight!? I'm here now~!

Da Vinci: I Pepe...

Senji Muramasa: ...

Red Rabbit: We've lost a good man...if possible, I would have wanted him to govern Norwich...

Senji Muramasa: Let's cut the condolences. Da Vinci, you have something to report, no?

Senji Muramasa: I don't mind saying it but I believe that's your role.

Da Vinci: That's right. Artoria, Oberon has sent you an urgent message.

Da Vinci: “The Round Table Army has taken Oxford. ”

Da Vinci: “Preparations have been made to ring the Pilgrim's Bell. I would like you to come before the Queen's army returns. ”

Da Vinci: While we were on a northward pilgrimage, Percival has triumphed over the Fang Clan.

Da Vinci: There's no need to fight this time. Let's head for Oxford immediately!

Section 22: The Last Knight

Oberon: My, arriving here from New Darlington in only half a day is nothing short of super-express.

Oberon: Do we have Red Rab-bit to thank? It seems replacing the carriage with an improved model was worth it.

Fujimaru 1: We're back, Oberon!

Fujimaru 2: My back and butt are a wreck.

Oberon: Good, good. You're looking well. Welcome back, everyone. You're more dependable than ever.

Percival: Everyone looks safe and sound. Well done on your expedition to Orkney.

Senji Muramasa: Hm, just you, Percival?

Senji Muramasa: Gareth is...right, still in Londonium. It's a shame, but no point lingering on it.

Senji Muramasa: I'm impressed, Percival. Taking a city with walls like this is quite the feat.

Percival: No, it was all thanks to Artoria.

Percival: After laying siege to the city, there were a few talks that were, let's say, less than productive.

Percival: We were poised for a battle of attrition, until the sound of Orkney's bell came our way.

Percival: The toll of the fourth bell boosted the morale of the Round Table Army and spread havoc through Oxford.

Oberon: Yes, Percival is humble enough to call the battle protracted. But in truth, the city could have fallen in a matter of days.

Oberon: The Fang Clan aren't the only inhabitants within. The Earth and Wind Clans also reside in the city.

Oberon: With their discontent, the atmosphere in Oxford was at a fever pitch.

Oberon: It isn't so much fear of the Round Table Army's encirclement as it is resentments among those in the Fang Clan whom have seen little advancement in their ranks.

Oberon: It created a lot of internal pressure. Enough even to cause the Fang Clan to change allegiances.

Oberon: They never served Morgan wholeheartedly. Woodwose was merely enthralled with the Queen.

Oberon: With him out of the picture, and the clan left without a leader, they were honestly lost on what to do.

Da Vinci: I see. So that's how the negotiations went.

Da Vinci: But what was it that you discussed?

Da Vinci: The Fang Clan are a clan that specialize in combat. I wouldn't think they'd be quick to make neither peace nor new allies.

Percival: Right...aside from my army, there are many fairies among the other cities' volunteers with grievances against the Fang Clan.

Percival: In particular, some of Woodwose's officers were personally engaged in the looting of many forest villages.

Percival: I have received many pleas for vengeance, as well...

Percival: To that end, it would be difficult to integrate the Fang Clan into the rebel force under present circumstances.

Da Vinci: But you couldn't leave things as they were. On the other hand...

Da Vinci: It would prove impractical to confine them all at Londinium as prisoners of war until the rebellion against the Queen was over, right?

Percival: That was a point of concern for us as well. But then, Muryan made a suggestion.

Da Vinci: Muryan? From Gloucester?

Percival: Yes. If the safety of the Fang Clan is guaranteed, Gloucester will side with the rebel army.

Percival: As an emergency wartime measure, the Fang Clan will be accepted at Gloucester as a last resort.

Percival: “Surrendering soldiers will be guaranteed safety at Gloucester. ” That was the winning move for this bloodless siege.

Percival: I had to restrain the Fang Clan who surrendered as a gesture for our soldiers.

Percival: However, upon arriving in Gloucester, they will be released and be free to move about.

Percival: Lady Muryan will enlist them as mercenaries and assign them as Gloucester's guards, and its de facto army.

Fujimaru 1: It was touch and go for a while, but you did it...!

Fujimaru 2: More Anti-Queen forces, but...will it work out?

Oberon: Yeah, it's two birds with one stone. We take the yahoos off the table, and make nice with Muryan.

Oberon: As long as we were ringing the bells in the first place, Gloucester was already halfway in our camp.

Oberon: With this, we've bought a bit of breathing room. Isn't it refreshing?

Artoria: That may be true...

Artoria: But then, were the Fang Clan taken to Gloucester yesterday?

Oberon: Yeah, every one of them who surrendered here along with the prisoners already at Londinium.

Oberon: There are still more Fangs scattered through the country. Any but those who live in Camelot are welcome here.

Oberon: Woodwose had forbidden his clanfolk from indulging themselves outside of their restaurants.

Oberon: By now, I'm sure they should be arriving with relief in the glitters of Gloucester!

Muryan: ...

Koyanskaya: You don't look well, Lady Muryan. Is something the matter?

Koyanskaya: If you're tired, you should rest.

Koyanskaya: If you would like me to show you to the Fang Clan, I can do that.

Muryan: Whatever do you mean, Koyanskaya? I couldn't be in better form.

Muryan: The time has finally come. No, I've been ready for it for a very long time.

Muryan: I haven't felt this light since I was in the library at the royal palace. Muryan is flying high!

Muryan: Oh, but would you like to look at this piece, since you're here? It's quite the jewel of my collection.

Koyanskaya: Oh, of course I would! I was quite interested~☆ I do love unknown technology~☆

Koyanskaya: Wow, so this goes like that. And that goes like this. Look at that, even the water quality is reproduced!

Koyanskaya: Whereas the building...yes, it's quite detailed...even with double beds...well...

Muryan: What do you think? Does it meet your standards?

Koyanskaya: Yes, you have me green with envy.

Koyanskaya: The quality draws the eye, and the originality fools it.

Koyanskaya: Elaborate, exquisite, first-rate in beauty. There is no tool in our company quite so...thorough.

Muryan: Thank you, Lady Fox. Now that you're feeling better, I'm off to work.

Muryan: May I ask you to guard the room, just in case?

Koyanskaya: Oh...? Should I be the one to—

Koyanskaya: Of course, I'll see to it. No rodent shall get past me in your absence.

Koyanskaya: Although...

Koyanskaya: Are you sure you want to do this? If it's something you can do at any time, can't you save it for later?

Muryan: That doesn't sound like you. When a chance presents itself, should you not take it?

Koyanskaya: In that case...

Koyanskaya: I cannot claim to know how you feel, Lady Muryan...

Koyanskaya: However, it's natural for fools to commit foolish actions. Nothing can change the big picture, but...

Koyanskaya: Ruin looms when a wise man does so. Do you understand that, Lady Muryan?

Muryan: I do apologize for the inconvenience. All your shackles have been removed.

Muryan: Was anyone injured along the way? If you're in any pain, please don't hesitate to make it known.

Head of the Clan of the Fang: Ha! The Fang Clan will not be harmed by human-made shackles! We could've ripped them off at any time!

Head of the Clan of the Fang: See here, we didn't come all this way just because we gave in to the Round Table Army.

Head of the Clan of the Fang: You begged for our services in order to save face, just so we're clear.

Muryan: Why, but of course...and I thank you all for doing so.

Muryan: Her Majesty and the rebel army. The chaos following the battle to come at Camelot is inevitable.

Muryan: Gloucester is a neutral city, but I can't make that any clearer to the starving insurgents.

Muryan: It's against the rules of the Wing Clan, but Gloucester needs to be able to fight for a time.

Head of the Clan of the Fang: Hmph. That's just how a winged bug would see the situation.

Head of the Clan of the Fang: Your people have always sponged off the more powerful.

Head of the Clan of the Fang: No, there isn't a “your people” anymore, is there? It's just you all alone now in the Wing Clan. They're as good as extinct.

Head of the Clan of the Fang: And yet you still cling to the pride of your clan. Such a greedy insect.

Head of the Clan of the Fang: And like an insect, getting crushed to death underfoot would suit you just fine!

Young Fang Clan A: ...(There goes Baingan, running his mouth without reading the room...)

Young Fang Clan B: (He's become the clan head by default following Lord Woodwose's death...)

Head of the Clan of the Fang: Hey boys, don't you agree? The Wing Clan isn't part of the six clans anymore!

Clans of the Fang: Y-yeah, you can say that again! Hahahahahahahaha...ha.

Muryan: Hehehe, you put it so well! I completely agree! Ahahahahahaha!

Head of the Clan of the Fang: W-well, t-that's good. I'm glad to see you know your place.

Head of the Clan of the Fang: How about you show us to our lodgings?

Head of the Clan of the Fang: The Fang Clan's got 1,200 claws for general combat, 600 auxiliary claws, and 400 claws in training.

Head of the Clan of the Fang: There was a pledge to welcome all the Fang Clan from Oxford as high-ranking citizens of Gloucester.

Head of the Clan of the Fang: So, where are the ones who arrived ahead of us, and the prisoners from Londinium?

Muryan: Naturally, they've all been released and are chatting among themselves throughout the grounds.

Muryan: Please, proceed through that door. The party's arrangements are all in place.

Muryan: It may not measure up to Oxford's restaurant district, but Gloucester has some unique methods of cooking.

Young Fang Clan: (I'm looking forward to Gloucester's cooking! ) (Woodwose's vegetarian policy was killing me. )

Young Fang Clan: (Just walking through the city was fun! ) (Gloucester's cuisine must be really opulent! )

J:Clan of the Fang, Old Guard: Oh...very pretty. It's good to have such a view of the city.

J:Clan of the Fang, Old Guard: Gloucester is a wonderful city. Too great by half for a winged bug!

Head of the Clan of the Fang: Well, that all changes today now that Muryan has invited us in.

Head of the Clan of the Fang: Without the Fang Clan, there's no repelling the Mors. Not to mention with war on the horizon,

Head of the Clan of the Fang: Gloucester will be ours sooner or later. The humans can keep Oxford in our absence.

Head of the Clan of the Fang: That wretched Muryan. She may think she's protecting us, but it's the other way around.

Head of the Clan of the Fang: At any rate, she'll be amazed by our strength and come to rely on us.

Head of the Clan of the Fang: That's exactly what the welcome party is for! She knows the best host to leech off of!

Clans of the Fang: Hahahahahahaha! You got that right!

Clans of the Fang: Just like when we were imitating the humans, the weak follow the strong in the end.

Clans of the Fang: With that logic-lover Woodwose gone, we of the Fang Clan are now free to wield our power!


—Sigh, I'm thoroughly amazed. Even after 1,200 years, nothing changes.


Not one of you seem to find anything strange about so odd a venue.


Oh, did your heads shrink smaller to make the rest of you look bigger by comparison?


Well, that's just how it goes. It takes a real piece of garbage to not remember your own deeds.

Clans of the Fang: Wh-what the hell is that loud voice? Just where is it—

Clans of the Fang: Wh—at? What in the...Hey, look outside!

Clans of the Fang: Up in the sky...!

Muryan: You've finally noticed me? I've been watching you for a whiiiile now.

Muryan: Good evening, Fang Clan. Welcome to Muryan's game board.

Muryan: We have the whole place to ourselves tonight. You'll entertain me thoroughly, won't you?

Clans of the Fang: M-Muryan!?

Clans of the Fang: So she's got some kind of Sacrament that makes her grow!? She's not like Spriggan at all!

Muryan: Eh, is that your final answer for an explanation? Well, I can never have too many unsightly pieces.

Muryan: The City of Gloucester is my Fairy Territory, where I've spent a thousand years fixing the rules.

Muryan: The common sense of the outside world doesn't apply here. My judgements alone are law.

Muryan: The weak are for the strong, and the strong are for the weak.

Muryan: An example of such is this alien common sense that reflects my mentality—a Bug Space that “shrinks” any and all who enter.

Muryan: Do you follow?

Muryan: I'm not any larger. You've all become smaller.

Muryan: Just like the bugs you've been stepping on all this time, aren't you?

Head of the Clan of the Fang: Damn you, Muryan! You don't get to look down on the Fang Clan...!

Head of the Clan of the Fang: Stop this nonsense and turn us back! You're still just a winged bug who can't survive without our help!

Muryan: My, just what I'd expect from the third strongest of the Fang Clan. Your toughness is enough to be enchanting.

Muryan: Although...

Muryan: You lacked the intelligence to anticipate being crushed by this bug's index finger, didn't you?

Clans of the Fang: Baingan is...dead? The strongest warrior of the clan, after Lord Woodwose...?

Muryan: Hehe, I'm sorry. He was making noise, so I crushed him♡

Muryan: As long as you are on this game board, your power is inferior to that of an ant. If you can get outside, you'll return to being the old, burly Fang Clan.

Muryan: But then...

Muryan: The only way to get out is to kill me. Any other clan would give up outright.

Muryan: But yours is the most powerful in Britain. I might just be defeated! ♡

Clans of the Fang: Ee—eeeeep! We have to get out of heeeere!

Clans of the Fang: Out of the hall and into the woods! If we stay here, we'll be crushed! Gyah!?

Muryan: Ah–I can't get enough of this feeling...those screams erupting from between my fingertips.

Muryan: I mean, you really are all stupid. Can't you tell that there is no “outside”?

Muryan: Escape to the forest and you'll be rolled right over. Run to the lake and you'll be drowned.

Muryan: Even if you escaped to the moon—I would swallow it whole.

Muryan: However many times you die, your “next generation” will awaken in this miniature garden.

Muryan: I shall thoroughly exterminate you until your souls are so diminished that no more next generations are born.

Muryan: The best course you can take is to beg me for mercy.

Muryan: If you're lucky, I might just indulge you. Well, maybe—

Muryan: Maybe just one of you.

Muryan: Now then, my itsy-bitsy Fang Clan...

Muryan: The night is young. Enjoy the game you've been playing for the last thousand years, okay?

Koyanskaya: ...

Muryan: There. There. There!

Muryan: You can't run to the woods. You can't run anywhere. You can't, can't, CAN'T, CAN'T!

Muryan: Get crushed! Run back to the start in disgrace and collapse in your own tears!

Muryan: Ugh...ungh...! No resisting, no obeying, and no escape...!

Muryan: You've killed us, all of us...! Eating us alive, limb from limb!

Muryan: You're the guardians of Britain...! Yet you can't make anything, can't create anything!

Muryan: You only claim to be strong because you were born that way...! Every day, you've done as you pleased!

Muryan: And so because we were overtaking you, you started hunting us for fun!

Muryan: Even after all this, you couldn't even be bothered with cleaning up after yourselves...

Muryan: That's what I hate most of all...! Stinking wolves living only by their own instincts...!

Muryan: You'll pay for this, I swear. I SWEAR...! However many years it takes, I'm going to do the same to you...!

Muryan: There will be no discussion or reasoning, just a one-sided slaughter at my hands...!

Muryan: I swear I'll stay alive until that day...! Even if I'm the only one standing—

Muryan: I'm going to wipe out the Fang Clan, every last one, from all of Britain...!

Muryan: Ahaha. Ahahahaha. Ahahahahaha!

Koyanskaya: ...

Koyanskaya: (Whether Morgan or the Child of Prophecy wins, Britain will continue to exist...)

Koyanskaya: (And yet...the loss of the Fang Clan will change its fate to a great degree. )

Koyanskaya: (You should know what you're doing. You do, yet you won't turn away from foolishness. )

Koyanskaya: I pity you, Muryan...

Koyanskaya: How could so proper a creature as you be unable to escape your past hatreds?

Koyanskaya: You're no better than a human...and not worthy of my services.

Artoria: The fifth bell has been rung. One more to go in the prophecy, but...

Percival: The bell of the Mirror Clan, correct? We've done all we can to find it.

Percival: But I am sorry we couldn't be of any help.

Oberon: Right. I also flew all around in search of it, but a sixth bell doesn't exist in Britain.

Oberon: I hesitate to say that we should give up on the sixth bell...

Oberon: Norwich proved Ainsel's prophecy wasn't so set in stone, you see?

Oberon: Artoria's amount of magical energy is enough to cover all of the Round Table Army.

Oberon: With Knocknarea's forces reinforcing that, the Queen's army will be no match for us.

Percival: I suppose so...

Percival: Now that Knocknarea has agreed to form an alliance, we cannot afford any delay.

Percival: Let's recall the third platoon and the volunteers we left behind in Londinium.

Percival: As soon as we meet up with them, we shall depart for Camelot.

Artoria: ...

Fujimaru 1: Are you okay with this, Artoria?

Artoria: Why ask whether it's okay?

Artoria: The Pilgrim's Bells are a sign of recognition from the clans. I don't need any from the Mirror Clan if they've died out.

Fujimaru 2: Now we can finally meet up with Gareth!

Artoria: Ah, that'll be nice! I bought some souvenirs for her from Edinburgh!

Senji Muramasa: By the way, and I know this is belated, but what exactly is a Pilgrim's Bell?

Senji Muramasa: I know that the clan heads were guarding them, but are they some kind of special item?

Senji Muramasa: Their sound echoes all across Britain, and Artoria gets a boost every time we ring one.

Senji Muramasa: Bells are made to mark time, right? What's that got to do with a pilgrimage?

Da Vinci: You're not wrong about being belated, Muramasa.

Da Vinci: But I've actually been wondering about that too.

Da Vinci: (Leaving aside the knowledge from pan-human history that bells were originally used to ward off fairies...)

Da Vinci: Why did Ainsel use the word “pilgrimage” when there aren't any gods in Britain?

Da Vinci: And how long have those bells existed in the first place? Until now, no fairy has been able to tell us.

Da Vinci: I'm sure Morgan might have an idea...

Mash: Um...may I cut in here?

Mash: The Pilgrim's Bells are the transformed corpses of clan heads whose lives had expired.

Mash: Done so in deference to the Fairy of Paradise, and in accordance with her mission to “liberate Britain”.

Mash: In that era, the six clans abdicated their status as A-Rei brood and became fairies of the land.

Mash: I was told it's the sound of an apology, indicating such an arrangement.

Fujimaru 1: You knew that, Mash!?

Fujimaru 2: (Right, she was with Tonelico...)

Da Vinci: The sound of an apology from Britain, a pilgrimage...

Artoria: The corpses of the clan leaders...not that of their founding fae...?

Mash: Yes. At first, they belonged to the founder. But it seems that some were destroyed by Calamities.

Mash: In that case, the body of the current head will become the bell. Or the last—

Artoria: Percival! Where's Gareth!? Where is she!?

Percival: Gareth wanted to protect the children of Londinium—

Percival: I'll have Kenwood's recon unit check in with them. We'll be ready to send word to Londinium.

Round Table Army Soldier: Commander Percival! Urgent news from the scouts!

Round Table Army Soldier: There's fire coming from the south! A large-scale conflagration!

Percival: Conflagration—could it be?

Round Table Army Soldier: It's Londinium! It's under attack by the Queen's forces!


Gareth: Morning patrol, done~! No sign of hostiles on the perimeter, yet another day of peace in Londinium~!

Gareth: I heard the battle of Oxford ended with negotiations.

Gareth: I wonder if the Round Table Army folks are having a merry time at that restaurant city right about now? I bet their menu have all kinds of stuff~!

Gareth: Hm? What's all that noise? Something in the fortress—

Gareth: —Why? Why does everyone have their swords out? Why are everyone fighting?

Rebel Soldier A: There she is, that fairy! The one who was with the Child of Prophecy!

Rebel Soldier B: Is she alone? Good, let's kill her now! She's part of the filthy Round Table Army anyway.

Gareth: E—ehh? Wait—what do you mean?

Gareth: Why are the rebels attacking Londinium...?


Gareth: Haa, haa—I did it...I killed them, but—

Gareth: The castle! Londinium is under attack! No time to think, I need to hurry...!

Round Table Army Soldier: this...weren't arms—

Rebel Soldier: Hah, who're you calling your comrade, you fool! A shabby army of beggars, aren't you!?

Rebel Soldier: The third platoon is a medical unit. We're the ones with combat training. They're no match for us!

Rebel Soldier: Don't let anyone in Londinium escape!

Rebel Soldier: Same goes for women and children! Our Britain has no need of these defects!

Rebel Soldier: Know your place, you misfits!

Rebel Soldier: What Percival will witness when he returns won't be hope, but despair!

Gareth: You—

Gareth: You're all—!

Londinium Girl: ...Grandma, Grandma...! Shem, she's been killed!

Londinium Boy: Quiet! Be quiet! Hide here, Samaria! Help's on its way...!

Londinium Boy: Uuuu...ugh...! Damn it all, she protected me and...!

Londinium Girl: Shem, where are the others!? Where's Yuri? Where's Odd? Where's Camry?

Londinium Girl: Are they alright? Is everyone alright!?

Londinium Boy: ...O-of course they're alright. I'm sure they escaped the castle.

Londinium Boy: Everyone's fine—they're just fine. we need to hide too...!

Soldier's Voice A: One, two, three...hey, the numbers aren't adding up here. Weren't there five kids?

Soldier's Voice A: Two left. They should be here somewhere. Find them, we can't afford to leave any witnesses.

Soldier's Voice A: The hearth's gone out...go take a look inside.

Soldier's Voice B: What are you talking about? It's already hot enough just being beside it, you know? I'll get baked if I go inside.

Soldier's Voice B: What sort of fool would hide in there?

Soldier's Voice A: That's precisely why. These beggars aren't exactly smart. They'll do anything once cornered.

Soldier's Voice A: Whatever, I'll take a then, let's see what inside...

Londinium Boy: ...! (Someone, help us...! )

Soldier's Voice B: Guh!?

Soldier's Voice A: Did you drop your sword? What the hell is happ—

Gareth: Aaaaaaaaaa!

Gareth: Shem, Samaria, are you alright!? Where are you? Answer me if you're still alive!

Londinium Boy: It's Gareth! We're saved, Samaria. Gareth is here!

Londinium Girl: Ah! (cough)'re right, it's the Knight!

Londinium Girl: Did she beat them all alone? Amazing, she's amazing!

Gareth: Thank goodness you're both safe—

Gareth: (No, they're not safe. These are terrible burns...they won't last unless I get them treated quickly...)

Gareth: We need to hurry outside—no, we can't use the gates anymore.

Gareth: Let's head to the operations room! We'll be safe there, and there should be some medicine as well!

Gareth: Percival and the others will be here soon! We'll hunker down there until they get here!

Londinium Boy: R-right...! Thank you. Thank you, Miss Gareth!

Londinium Boy: Let's go, Samaria. Don't slow her down, okay!?

Londinium Girl: Yeah, I'll be fine! I mean, everyone's alright after all!

Gareth: ...

Gareth: I'm going to break through, follow me!

B:Rebel Soldier A: Wah! So there were still fairies here! Over here, rally the men! Surround them and finish them off!

B:Rebel Soldier A: Guh—!?

C:Rebel Soldier B: Hey, this one's strong! Why is one of their main fighters still here!?

D:Rebel Soldier C: I know her, she's Gareth the half-hearted!

D:Rebel Soldier C: She's the coward who couldn't follow the Child of Prophecy and came back to Londinium!

D:Rebel Soldier C: She'll throw in the towel soon enough, she's no match for us if we surround her, guh!?

Gareth: You're the real cowards here! The cowards who used an ambush to kill everyone!

Gareth: It doesn't matter how many of you there are, you're no match for me! You better run with your tails tucked between your legs if you want to live—

???: ...


Soldier's Voice: Kill them all! They have sinned by shunning the mercy of the exalted one!

Soldier's Voice: To hell with “coexistence between humans and fairies”! They're slaves with herd mentality to the very end!

Knight's Voice: Looks like it's mostly over...

Knight's Voice: Even Woodwose couldn't take Londinium, but it's still vulnerable from the inside.

Knight's Voice: They'll easily trust 'humans'. A fitting end for a bunch of fools.

Knight's Voice: Rejects like them have no need of a home. Burn it down.

Knight's Voice: If Londinium goes, the Round Table Army's footing and the Child of Prophecy's reputation goes with it.

Knight's Voice: Make sure you thoroughly destroy the operations room. Show that impertinent Percival his place.

Gareth: ...H...uh...I...why can't I...

Gareth: my...right eye...that's...strange—

Gareth: What happened to...the city?


Gareth: Aaa—aaaaaa—

Gareth: Waa—aaaaaa—

Gareth: Again—this again—how many times, how many times must I see—

Gareth: Ehh, but—I've seen this many times? This scenery, many ti