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Prologue/Or, an inquiry on the perfect human

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Da Vinci:

“An inquiry on the perfect human”? That’s fine, but isn’t the subject too vague?

Let’s discuss what constitutes as “perfect”.


Alright. Then how about this.

“A perfect human is someone who does not make any errors”.

I’m not talking about overcoming obstacles or making the impossible possible, but rather defining perfection as “an individual’s judgment” being flawless.

Da Vinci:

Ah, that’s more specific now.

Even if they’re a genius or have superpowers, there is no error in their judgment.

On the other hand, if there was a person who possessed outstanding skills then slight errors and oversights would be compensated, and the issue would be resolved.

Though I can’t say they made a “perfect decision”.

That’s why “perfection means flawless”.

Even if a person were to be very average, as long as their judgment is at least optimal then I’d consider them to be a perfect human with perfect behavior.

Hm. In other words, “a perfect human doesn’t make any oversights”.

Once such oversight is made, they are no longer a perfect human… Is that what you wanted to hear, Sion?


I suppose so.

Sadly, a system would deduct 100 points for a single honest mistake.

However, if I were to borrow your words then there’d be a paradox.

“A perfect problem will exist when the perfect person commits an oversight”.

Da Vinci:

That’s if there’s a problem that’s capable of deceiving the “person human” and their flawless judgment.

Ah, aren't there also other scenarios?

An error isn’t an error because the person simply overlooked the problem.

Since a “perfect human” is naturally and solely perfect, it causes them to “overlook” the problem themself.

This problem is something that needs to be resolved.

Overlooking a problem itself is proof of “perfect decision making and judgment”...

Something like that? Guess I did too much word play.



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Nemo emerges and states that they’re ready to depart from the Arctic. With Nemo, Sion and Da Vinci all present in one room, they come to an agreement to review some information regarding certain events.

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Several days after the destruction of the Britain Lostbelt, we achieved peace negotiations with the immature Beast, Koyanskaya. Afterwards, Novum Chaldea was invaded by the Alien God. The Wandering Sea, which was our temporary residency, was lost. However, staff made an emergency escape. We redirected the gravitational collapse of the Wandering Sea back towards the Alien God named U-Olga Marie. Sion considers it effective based on the fact that she didn’t pursue any further, though her abilities and personality make it hard for Sion to draw logical conclusions. TRISMEGISTUS II was transferred over to the Storm Border along with Sheba Lens. While the Storm Border flew east and west of Eurasia, it made occasional landings in order to convert building remnants into spiritrons and also to replenish supplies.

Nemo says that the ship isn’t used to cold climates and states that we’ve been in the Arctic for quite some time now. Sion apologizes and says that TRISMEGISTUS II suggested that the Arctic was the safest place for them to lay low for a while. After acquiring the Holy Sword Essence from the Britain Lostbelt, all that’s needed is simulations to be run.

By going through North America, we’ll be heading towards the final destination which the final Lostbelt, South America.

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Irregular conditions detected. Irregular conditions detected.

TRISMEGISTUS II future predictions and Sheba’s near future observations have resulted in errors.

A newly discovered impediment is not listed within Novum Chaldea’s “Alien God” subjugation protocols.

Pan-Human History certification value decay within the Bleached Earth confirmed.

Risk of transient state within the present due to an interference from the past confirmed.

This is urgent for all Chaldea staff. Please transition to the Rayshift initiation sequence.

Sheba has observed this to be the largest “direct assault on Pan-Human History” from the past.

This is a large-scale singularity.

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Section 1: Mausoleum is My Only Friend

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■■■ cannot grasp ■■■

Are they alive, dead, standing, sitting, feeling, emotionless, desiring or praying?

I’m afraid I do not know anymore. They do not feel pain or rejoice.

No anxiety or reassurance.

They are informed of their end through impending premonitions and chills.

Being here, behaving as such, to be meaningless, to just die.

However, something hidden within me allows them to live a little longer.

To the bitter end. They beg to be humans.

Not through prayers, but through songs. That is all they can do for ■■■.

  • ■■■■ the ■■■■■■—-

—My monologue.

Ah, indeed. I am a traitor.

I have betrayed Pan-Human History and their honesty.

This is most likely due to my incompetence. Or should I call it competence?

My sins, my deeds, my duties. The end to those days have finally arrived.

Beneath the waterfall that which is named, Reichenbach.

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I’ll start it off by explaining the large-scale singularity this time around.

The era is irregular, but it should be no later than 1700 A.D. But deviation could be 100 years at the very least.

Location is unknown, but observations done on vegetation distribution means that the Far East, Africa and Europe are exceptions.

We assume it to be within America.

While the mana isn’t as strong as the Age of the Gods, there are exceedingly large observed value disturbances.

There are also mana ripples that are being continuously produced similar to that of a rainy pond.

I’m starting to think that there’s some Anti-Army Noble Phantasm randomly rumbling over there.

But lastly, the Foundation Rank is ERROR.

Da Vinci and Mashu are baffled by the sudden ERROR rank and try to ask whether it could be an E- which is the lowest or the highest, an EX. Gordolf asks if there’s a bug within the system to which Sion responds by wishing it were the case. Sion wants you to unravel the mystery of this singularity and when there’s a mystery, there is always an answer which makes Holmes get involved. However, only three people can accompany you to this singularity and Mashu cannot go due to her Ortenaus being under maintenance due to Tunguska and the British Lostbelt. Mashu will be there to serve as reinforcements and Da Vinci introduces your second partner.

Vlad III:

There is no need for such suspense. It is I.


Vlad III!

Vlad III:

Indeed. While this might be a grand role, I shall accept nonetheless.

Vlad III makes a grandiose speech about how you should stay on the objective and not give in to enemies and reminds you to do as you wish as he goes into spirit form. Sion says that a “special guest” will join you on this rayshift and hints that if there were two Masters, there’d be more ground to cover.

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Yea, I know. Former A-Team Master, Kadoc Zemlupus.

Gordolf still doesn’t trust Kadoc. You question about Kadoc’s collar which Sion explains that the collar is an instant kill collar that activates if Kadoc tries to remove it rupturing his mana circuits. Kadoc advises you to stop so much hand movement since it’s imperative that you possess Command Seals. Da Vinci requests Kadoc to teach you more about how to be more like a mage which he accepts.

Sion and Holmes talk about his Sirius Light. Sion says that it was very difficult to remove it and suggests putting it off for the time being. Holmes says that being overly nervous about it isn’t good for her since if the Alien God were to remotely activate it, she would have already. Sion, on the other hand, is very confident that the collar should kill him before his Sirius Light triggers. Afterwards, Sion has additional information on this singularity.


“No problems. Rebel. Double eyelids.”


What does that even mean?


I’m also confused by this as well.

The facts that lie before us are that “This Singularity is something that cannot be overlooked” and “This is on a similar scale to the seven Singularities”.

Afterwards, Da Vinci rayshifts us into the singularity.


Foundation Rank: ERROR  

A.D. XX17 Parting Thoughts Manifestation Realm: Traum  

Life and Death of a Certain Fantasy  

No matter the era, no matter the location, no matter the ideology.

There is nothing more difficult than achieving victory in war.

Death. Death, Death, Death.

Nothing but careless death here. Race, gender, or age are unrelated.

People sustain themselves through luck, endeavors and skills. Even then, they still die a disappointing death.

In death, they become a lump of flesh, the essence of a human being. Servants, on the other hand, are exempted from such a thing.

When they die, they disappear. No evidence or records of their existence.

Death. So disappointing that it drives towards insanity.

It may be a hero who's saved their countries or an anti-hero who has brought suffering. Regardless, they will die as if it were natural for whatever reason it may be.

War does not change. Regardless of the progression of the eras or the advancement of civilization.

Killing one another is the final stage of negotiations.

They only bear one goal. —-To rebel.

Not against a king, nor a god, not even the world.

But rather, rebelling against Pan-Human History itself.

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Do you all understand why you were summoned?

For veteran heroes who were summoned as Servants, they couldn’t endure this castle.

This castle was covered in deep crimson ornate and jet black insanity. An ordinary person’s mind would fall ill here.

The beautiful woman right before their eyes was the embodiment of insanity.

Her name was Kriemhild.

According to the Nibelungenlied, she’s a princess who killed her husband, Siegfried, and vowed to take her revenge.

Class Saber, Rider and Archer are being stated their crime for which they have committed. One of them had deserted the battlefield, let their enemy escape and caused a disruption and over pursued. Saber blames Rider and would’ve died if he stood his ground, Archer says that they were children, Rider humbly accepts punishment. Kriemhild kills all of them after saying that there is meaning in holding your position, children are also Servants and acting obediently isn’t going to save your life. Kriemhild realizes that she has made a mess and when someone enters her throne room, she says that cleaning is not their duty.

Zhang Jue:

Indeed, but that is a job for my puppet soldiers. Now, go on.

Zhang Jue and Kriemhild discuss the battlefield. Kriemhild asks about Zhang Jue progress which he says that his Way of the Taiping and puppet knowledge are being mobilized but this is something that cannot be done in a brief period. They proceed to talk about how there are newly summoned Servants here but seem to have either climbed their ranks or gone to other realms. Kriemhild asks about the Nobility Realm which Zhang Jue mocks for not being aggressive. Kriemhild orders the assassin to be on standby.

Zhang Jue:

There’s also one more thing. Your star of fate has shined.


Star of fate…?

Zhang Jue:

Those who have come to commit a major alteration to this Singularity. Namely—



Kriemhild is thinking of ways to torture them and make them suffer while Zhang Jue is trying to calm her down but she doesn’t bother to care in the slightest. Kriemhild eventually calms down and orders Zhang Jue to make some Assassins spies towards the Nobility Realm. Salome interrupts by asking questions about Chaldea, but ultimately she doesn’t know anything about Chaldea or torture in general. All Salome wants is a head and Kriemhild takes into consideration the prisoners they take in. She leaves to go out and asks if Kriemhild wants cake which she refuses. Zhang Jue is concerned about Salome’s selfishness which Kriemhild says that as long as she’s strong then she can be exploited. Class Caster comes in to inform Zhang Jue that preparations for an experiment are ready and Zhang takes his leave.


Chaldea, der Große, that Emperor. I hate them all.

Every one of this and all of it is that hero’s duty. He must be summoned quickly or I will start to break down.

Hurry, hurry, hurry…

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Class Lancer:

That concludes my report!


Well done. You may now be dismissed.

Class Lancer:



…Another hero has lost his life yet again.


Do not mourn for them, Pope. Your sorrow is just, but it can only be just.

They offer their lives up only for you. That is the reason why everyone is prepared to fight for you.


I—do not consider myself of such value…


An individual's value is decided upon by others, not themselves. No matter how much you deny it, despise it or blame yourself for this dream-like fairytale, we will always love and respect you.

The Pope admits that this is all too much for her and wishes that she could face death with laughter and contentment, but the Emperor does not allow it because it is an oath and his vow to not let her die. The Pope asks the emperor a question about the acts of violence and cruelty being for her wishes and not trying to find a place to rest in her final moments, which the Emperor responds by saying that his life is of no significance and will give his life for her wishes. His responses are confusing for her to understand which the Emperor tells her to not think about it anymore or it will lead to restlessness and insolence. The Pope gets angered and responds that she is an intelligent person.

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The Emperor wants to formulate strategies with his men so the Pope leaves, but before she leaves she advises him to not overdo his schemes otherwise, it’ll ruin his appearance. The Emperor is impressed by this but says that he has more cards to deal with.

Class Saber:

Sir. Three hours ago, the Vengeance Realm started an invasion with a medium-sized army. They appear to have mobilized to collapse Trigonion Fortress.

Thirty Class Archers that have deployed prior have used their Noble Phantasms simultaneously and repelled them back.


Indeed, exactly how I predicted it’d happen.

Class Saber:

Indeed. However, ten warriors have been killed due to an attempted pursuit before enemies could retreat.


I ordered them to maintain their position, not to engage.

Class Saber:

Those who have departed were several Class Lancers, Berserkers and Riders.

They had already begun to pursue before others. As well as…

Class Lancer steps in front of Saber which the Emperor questions whether he ordered the pursuit to which Lancer gravely apologizes for his actions. The Emperor continues asking if Lancer thinks that he’ll be spared or feels any remorse to which he hesitates to answer. The Emperor apologizes for making threatening remarks and says that they are all here to prove themselves worthy if they can succeed at doing so of course.

Archer states that Saber and Berserker are arguing and the Emperor orders them to be the rear guard on the battlefield as punishment. Caster presents himself to which the Emperor questions what he did this time to which Caster whispers his misdeeds in the Emperor’s ear. This results in Caster being slayed by the Emperor.

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—Unacceptable. We only have one taboo in this realm.

We do not acknowledge Pan-Human History. We do not acknowledge anything other than rebellion.

No cooperation, no mercy for them. It is absolute.

I thought you understood that the moment you joined our side.

Class Caster:



Yes, heroes.

We are beings who either deny the flow of history, get swallowed up or vanish. Our shackles to defend humanity have already disappeared. I—

I shall never forgive Pan-Human History. This is completely personal.

I have gathered individuals in this realm for that very purpose. But it seems you were summoned a bit distorted.

Class Caster:

You people…are the ones…who are distorted…


—Perhaps. However, I shall never stop.

…I will be heading off for worship. Leave me be.

Class Saber:


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I am correct. I am just.

Her prayers originally weren’t for herself, but for others.

Praying for something. Praying for someone.

That itself was right. She proved herself through devotion.

But this time around, her prayers were for herself.

Her sins were not her sins. Her atonements were not atonements.

Yet, contradiction comes into fruition through the results of her devotion.

Contradiction is the result of her unruly suffering.


Please grant me salvation.

A wish which was directed to someone unknowingly, she simply just mumbled.

The Emperor arrives and apologizes for being late and the Pope says that she only just started. The Emperor asks if there was something wrong, but the Pope dismisses it and suggests to continue praying.

No matter how much blood is on his hands, I hope we can shoulder some of it.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Even then, I…

I cannot think of anything else.

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They stopped their skirmish. They’re always weary of us, huh.

What do you think, Roland?


…It’s to be expected.

Our strength may be low, but the quality of our soldiers are by no means inferior.

Investing all your strength and you’ll be guaranteed to produce great rewards.

The other classes start mocking the other emperors. Der Große mocks them as well and proceeds to encourage the assassins to keep up their valiant efforts. Astolfo says that he and Roland are up for the next task which der Große assigns to Roland, making Roland head off. With the troops gone, Astolfo and the two mysterious figures are relieved that another day has passed with this disguise. They’re convinced that this disguise cannot be eternally held up since Karl der Große isn’t making his debut. Astolfo jokes about a fourth party arriving so that they can maintain the disguise. As Astolfo leaves, the woman in the back tells the der Große to hold strong on this disguise.

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If there’d be any fourth power, it’d naturally be that organization, I presume…

I wonder what happens next.

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The rayshift is temporarily normal until it turns distorted. The group which consists of you, Vlad III, Holmes and Kadoc. The group lands successfully, considering this as a successful rayshift. Communication lines are maintained clearly. The group has decided to head north. Holmes offers to be rear guard with both Masters being at the center of the formation with Vlad being in the front.


Clear blue skies.

Relaxing winds and the grassland making comfortable sounds.

Nothing but peace.


It is for that reason.

There was a frightening and sinister premonition.

The one who held such a premonition wasn’t Kadoc Zemlupus or Guda.

It was not Vlad III. Nor was it Sherlock Holmes.

Da Vinci:


It was this girl that dispatched them towards this Singularity.

Section 2

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The group arrives at a ruined village. Vlad doesn’t sense anyone within the vicinity which makes Holmes speculate that this destruction wasn’t man-made, but from magecraft. Kadoc analyzes the scene and concludes that this was highly likely from a Servant. The area was intertwined by magecraft. He deduces that this was the work of a Servant. Vlad III raises the question of who destroyed it if it were someone other than a Servant created this town.


Firstly, this destruction was not caused by a disaster. It wasn’t trampled by natural wildlife either.

It appears that there are arrows stuck and holes in the walls as well as remains of weapons and furrows.

This is something we should awfully be familiar with.

A battle between Servants.

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Mashu and Da Vinci inform you that there is an army approaching their location. Da Vinci shockingly tells that the army of one hundred troops are attacking here, but says that they are all Servants, but Holmes asks for reconfirmation which Da Vinci repeats and advises them to hide. Mashu notices another army of Servants heading this way meaning that this area will become a battle ground and the only thing they can do is hide. Vlad advises to use Command Seals as a last resort. Holmes says that gathering information is vital. Both Servants aim to try to slip past the armies to find an escape route and information.


Guda and Kadoc dig a hole and Kadoc uses camouflage magecraft to mask their presence. Guda takes an interest, but Kadoc says that this is basic magecraft. Kadoc’s magecraft is an anti-beast magecraft which is outdated. He says that humanity in ancient times had to fight wild animals as well, but now as time progressed wild beasts have become obsolete just like his magecraft. Guda asks about Kadoc quitting magecraft. But he responds by saying that he’d be killed for asking that, but then apologizes for saying something rude.


The army from the Vengeance Realm are prepared to face off a medium sized army and plan for Archers to use their Noble Phantasms while Riders lay waste and disorient the opposing force and Sabers and Lancers will follow up by charging at the same time. The plan relies on the timing of the Noble Phantasms.

Kadoc and Guda believe that they might be stray Servants with different nationalities, eras and the like. Kadoc admits that the Holy Grail can only summon so much which leads him to question the Singularity itself. He also believes that since this is a battleground, they’ll be wiped as well. Kadoc says that they should be escaping, but says to wait and see what happens next. The two armies clash.

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Class Saber:

Fire! Load the Command Seals, unleash your Noble Phantasms! The order of deployment is Phantoms then Heroic Spirits!

Both sides clash with Archers firing their Noble Phantasms, Lightning Longbow (Armor-piercing Lighting). Their Noble Phantasms are deflected and are ordered to retreat. The Vengeance Realm army is losing to the Restoration Realm army with Assassins abusing them. A Saber utters Kriemhild’s name which Kadoc notes and tells you when you guys are escaping.

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Roland makes his appearance and destroys the Restoration Realm army’s backline which makes them retreat since they are the army that’s being pincered. Saber from the Restoration Realm orders smokescreens and cover fire for them to retreat. Kriemhild’s army retreats as well.


Class Lancer:

Lord Roland. Kriemhild’s goons have metamorphosed the surrounding area into a swampland.


I see.

Our Casters can’t freeze over a swampland…

…Well, whatever.

This time both armies are at a stalemate, but we gave those Restoration Realm goons a good beating.

This victory goes to our Nobility Realm’s Karl der Große.

Shout your victories out to him!






How can that person say something like that!


Shut up, I can even hear your yelling from here so stop it…!



Both of them:




Must be my imagination.

Alright, let’s head back! Tonight, we’re getting completely naked till morning!



Vlad and Holmes reassures you that after Roland’s army retreated, it is now safe. Holmes suggests we find somewhere to share newly found information.

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Section 2: Young Emperor

Chapter 2 - Young Emperoropen in new window

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Holmes tells everyone to recall what they’ve seen and heard. After such, Holmes is interested in such Servant wars such as this. Da Vinci compares it to Solomon, but this takes it to a very different level. Kadoc mentions the many varying Servants that originate from Japan, Europe, etc. Holmes deduces from Kadoc’s report that all Servants have not made their mark in Pan-Human History and were summoned here and makes an analogy to nameless knights or people who’ve fought in wars, but their deeds weren’t enough. Holmes asks the everlasting question of who their Masters are if they were summoned here. You, then, mention the realms.


—Vengeance Realm, Restoration Realm and Nobility Realm.

Each faction’s feature represents something about them. Taking the names of what you guys heard into consideration…

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Vengeance Realm and the name, Kriemhild.

Firstly, Kriemhild undoubtedly made her appearance in Siegfried’s mythology.

I would assume her class is either Saber or Berserker. Avenger is also possible.

Judging by the formation of her Heroic Spirit army, she either has a considerable intellect or has a high adjutant.


Restoration Realm…Constantine.

There are multiple Constantines, but my deduction would be on the 11th.

Constantine the 11th. He was the last remaining emperor of the Byzantine Empire.

Restoration is a very interesting name for a realm, but remains obscure for now.


The final one, Nobility, Karl der Große.

…What an extremely renowned person to appear here. If it is really Karl der Große, then this would be overwhelming.

This war would undoubtedly be Karl der Große’s victory to say the very least.

Vlad III:

I concur with this statement.

Kriemhild and Constantine are beings that cannot be compared favorably with him.

Kadoc teaches you about how famous Karl der Große is. His name is famous internationally. He was the King of the Franks and was the successor to the Holy Roman Empire. He is also a top-ranked Servant most likely.

Holmes and Vlad talk about how the Nobility Army was handled. Vlad gives his expertise on the situation and said that it was roughly handled since it could have been handled better by waiting a bit longer or subjugating them all since they were in the backline already. Holmes talks about the basic nature of Heroic Spirits and the Singularity which Kadoc calls him out for.

Holmes says that most things like ideology, agriculture and the likes have been discarded. These circumstances would be feasible to begin with. There must be something these three realms disagree on. Kadoc questions whether they are our allies or not. Holmes hopes that one of them is able to make an alliance with us. Vlad alerts us that enemies are here. Kadoc backs out to save himself from injuries.

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Vlad III:

Now… Hunting for survivors, huh.

I shall ask once. Which realm do you hail from?

Class Assassin:


Vlad III:

Silence, huh. Regardless, it does not change the fact that you are my enemies.

Now let us hunt mercilessly.

—Here I come. Be prepared to be struck by my stakes of remorse and sorrow.

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After the battle, Da Vinci and Mashu state that their communications equipment are being jammed and are getting static with their communications. They predicted that this is something similar to the Britain Lostbelt, but Holmes says that such a thing was rejected but this place doesn’t seem to reject it.

Vlad III asks if there was anything to note within the battle. Kadoc mentions that they had Command Seals similar to Chaldea where it was supported and loaded. The question had been raised as to who is the Master supplying the seals. With Command Seals comes a light from a person’s hand, Kadoc concludes that the light of the opposing Command Seal came from far away. Holmes states that this town should have residents but there is fortunately none here.

A special warning has been alerted. Da Vinci states that with Muramasa’s help, they can detect Apostles of the Alien God. Holmes deduces that it can only be Grigori Rasputin since we’ve eliminated Limbo and Muramasa was incinerated. Kadoc senses that this is not Rasputin.

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Greetings, dear Holmes. Well, I shouldn’t act like that in front of an older gentleman.

How about, Sir Holmes.


You are…?

No, it can’t be…! (If you played through Shinjuku)

Fujimaru 1:


Oh, you never met me before, huh. Then I shall introduce myself.

Fujimaru 2:


Ah, so you’ve met me before. This makes things faster.


Greetings. My name is James Moriarty.


I am a mathematician, consultant—and as you would’ve predicted, an Apostle of the Alien System.

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Section 3: The Sin Known as Pan-Human History

Chapter 3 - The Sin Known As Pan-Human Historyopen in new window

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I responded to a summoning from an overwhelmingly huge being before me.

…I see, oh, I see.

—-I understand now.

I understood everything that needed to be done.

An influx of knowledge and acquitted strength. Above all else, I understood everything about myself.

Very well. I shall humbly accept this decree.

I am the Napoleon of Crime, the Apostle of the Alien World. James Moriarty.

I shall do what must be done.

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—-So. What’s your motive here, Professor.


Even you, Sir Holmes, are still too immature.

My objective here is to eliminate you all, of course. To me, Chaldea is nothing but an impediment.

I am an Apostle of the Alien World after all.


(Apostle of the Alien World… So he’s not an Apostle of the “Alien God”?)

As Da Vinci tries to identify him, Moriarty cuts off their communication. He proceeds to name everyone in the group. Holmes asks him again what his motives are.


Suppose I said that I’m here to subjugate a traitor, what would you do?


That’d be an honor, of course.

I’d be laughing to my heart’s content at how intolerant the “Alien God” is.

But I’m not the one after all.


Of course you aren’t. The “Alien God” has no interest in you at all.


Then that’s a relief.


I’d go as far as to say that you weren't even the traitor to begin with.

Kirishtaria Wodime. He was the only person that the “Alien God” desired.

Those who came after him were just toys that came with the meal.


I’m aware of that. (What does he mean by “toys that came with the meal”)


There’s only one reason why I appear before you today.



Everyone, run! Avoid confrontation at all costs!

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You are slow after all, Sir Holmes.

If you were the genuine Holmes, you would’ve seen through me before I arrived.



Vlad III:

Kazikli Bey (Bloodstained King Demon)!

Vlad is surprised that his attack felt like it landed, but did not damage Moriarty at all. Unbeknownst to Vlad, Moriarty states his disappointment and that he has been bestowed by two authorities. Kadoc recognizes that he has Divine Spirits embedded with him just like with Limbo and Senji Muramasa. Kadoc also figures out that the Noble Phantasm did hit him, he just wasn’t harmed by it. It was as if he’d never got hit with it in the first place.


Infringing upon another person’s…no, another God’s powers is quite unnerving…

No, it is quite refreshing.

Vlad III notices that his attacks prove utterly meaningless.


You never realized it, haven't you, Sir Holmes?

You never realized anything about me.

Yet it’s the other way around. I am capable of it.

To your thought process, to the actions you’ll take.

This is all asymmetric in the end. I am the predator that preys on you.

Vlad III:

As if!

Moriarty gets behind Vlad and restraints him mentally and not physically. Moriarty states that he knows what everyone will do next, not just Holmes. Moriarty asks if you’ve played shogi and explains that the more you capture, the more attacking options you gain. He continues saying that if you were up against a predator like him, you would have dropped everything and started fleeing. Moriarty uses his powers to corrupt him by saying “begin the rebellion”.


It is unclear which realm you shall choose to reside in.

I wish you best of luck, Romanian Hero, Vlad III.


Lord Vlad!

Vlad III:

Don’t come near!

This is…unfortunate… Rebel…rebel…

I see, that’s how these Servants…became like this



—Lord Vlad.

Vlad III:

I have now switched sides. I am now a traitor to humanity.


Life is very dramatic. Your journey doesn’t start if you don’t accept it.

Vlad III:


There is only one thing I hate in this world and it is coercion upon other people.



Vlad III:

Kazikli Bey (Bloodstained King Demon)!

CURRENT OST: FGO Salem OSTopen in new window


…I see.

It seems renown Servants do have their own spirit in a way.

Not to die, not to yield, but to confine themselves to their own stakes.


A wise judgment. Escaping simultaneously with the activation of the Noble Phantasm…no, just before, huh.

They sacrificed their Servant, huh. No…

It was as if someone shouted, “we’ll be back for you” in the end…

At any rate, I’d like to start the chase. That being said—

Class Saber:

You there, Servant. Who are you?


Oh my. I guess I stayed for too long.

With that, they’ve gained some more time. All that lies ahead is where they’ll hide.

—-Well. No matter where they hide, the result will be the same.

Whether it be in Vengeance, Restoration or Nobility, it does not change that they will rebel against Pan-Human History.

Class Saber:

What have you been blabbering about?


Ah yes, pardon me.

Please forget everything you people have witnessed here.

To be more specific. —Die.

End of Chapter 3 - The Sin Known As Pan-Human Historyopen in new window

Section 4: Run, Run, Run Away

Chapter 4 - Run, Run, Run Awayopen in new window

CURRENT OST: FGO OST: Urgencyopen in new window

As Holmes, Kadoc and you run towards the forest, an Archer spots the group. Kadoc says that the Archer might have either good eyesight or clairvoyance. Kadoc says to stay focused and run and questions whether Holmes thought this far. He also says that we might have encountered a patrol group. Holmes admits that this wasn’t his best idea, but the best that they had for now and has a few ideas. You almost reach the forest until someone paralyzes you.

CURRENT OST: FGO Olympus OST: Death Melodyopen in new window


Oh no, no, no. I didn’t expect those from Pan-Human History to appear so soon.

This world is truly the Three Kingdoms period.

Ah, I presume you’re already familiar with the trouble situation we’re in. That is why I’d gravely request that you avoid causing any further intervention.


I can’t move…!


This is the death of the Azure Sky. For now, we, the Vengeance Realm, will bring about prosperity throughout the world.

You tell Holmes to escape to which Kadoc questions if Holmes is alright with that to which he is. Holmes attacks the Archer and the mysterious man. Afterward, the man says to the Archer to leave them be but Archer insists by calling his name: Zhang Jue. You either don’t know him or do know him. Zhang Jue might have to kill him, but Archer states that Kriemhild wanted him alive.

Zhang Jue:

We must do what must be done for now. Now, take him away.

Class Archer:

Yes, sir!

Zhang Jue:

—Ah, that’s right, that’s right. Are you accustomed to torture?



Zhang Jue:

It might be better to be accustomed to it? Fuhahahahahaha!

CURRENT OST: FGO OST: Into the Dark Cloudsopen in new window

Cutting over to Kadoc and Holmes’s perspective, they choose to report before doing anything further. Mashu angrily stands up and tries to get them to Rayshift her into the Singularity. Gordolf slightly agrees about sending in reinforcements even if the situation isn’t in their favor. Da Vinci is very much against this and tells Mashu to check his vital signs. Mashu states that Guda’s vitals are a bit unstable, but overall still normal and healthy. Sion is also against a rescue operation.


As your superior, I am also against an immediate rescue operation with the current state that we’re in.

According to SHEBA’s near future observations—

It’s been observed that he’ll be alive for three days, but seven days at the very most.

Da Vinci asks Holmes for his input on the situation and what they should do. Holmes states that Guda will be interrogated or tortured or killed. This can be avoided unless he becomes hostile towards his captors. Gordolf hesitates before taking a bold step and stating his orders to Mashu.


Until the maintenance of Ortenaus is fully completed, you will be on standby for Rayshift.

As long as we have evidence that he is still alive, launching our most valued fighter while she’s still in recovery is utterly foolish.

We have been reassured of the current situation. Now, we must increase our chances of rescuing him.

Meuniere comforts Gordolf by asking how many times Guda has escaped death which makes Gordolf nervous. Da Vinci advises that they’ll negotiate his release when their communications are back online. Gordolf asks how they’ll negotiate to which Da Vinci responds by using the best trick which is to beg for their life. Gordolf goes into the back to get his stomach medicine. Holmes asks Kadoc about the Caster, but doesn’t know much.

CURRENT OST: FGO Salem OSTopen in new window


I don’t know much either, but I do know that phrase. The phrase “the death of the Azure Sky” is an old Chinese declaration.

However, the phrase continues. The Yellow Sky soon arises.

“Yellow Sky” was a name given to a certain leader of a religious association. It was a renowned person who was an exceedingly outstanding Taoist.

The name of the religion was the Way of Peace, the leader’s name was the legendary Taoist, Zhang Jue.

As long as he exists here, our infiltration will nearly be impossible.

Holmes advises that breaking into the strong hold without any allies or information is prohibited. Da Vinci asks them where they plan to go. Holmes thinks about heading over to the Restoration Realm. Kadoc doesn’t mind it at all. Holmes plans to negotiate with them and search for the meaning of “Restoration”. They head out seeking an alliance which will increase their odds of saving Guda.


CURRENT OST: FGO Lostbelt 2 OST: Girl of the Snowfieldopen in new window

Saber and Rider chat with one another about their background. Saber gets a bit annoyed that Rider forgot since they’ve been working together for several days. Saber tells Rider that he’s from the Hundred Year War, but doesn’t bother to share his real name. Saber mentions that Rider’s from Sicily, a country within Italy and Rider’s birthplace. Rider asks Archer about where they’re from as well. Archer is one of the knights of Fianna, but Saber cuts them off saying that no one will remember their true name. Saber tells them that they should only remember three warriors.

Class Rider:

The first warrior is our great sage, Zhang Jue.

The second warrior is the one who possessed the name of our realm, the Vengeance Queen—Queen Kriemhild.

The final warrior…well nobody cares.

There were also several warriors who did great efforts in the current war.

Not long ago we had the Juvenile Rascal King, Billy the Kid, the Frenzy Pirate, Edward Teach.

The Off-Season Flower, Kijyou Kouyou and the artificial berserk soldier, Frankenstein.

Those people made their names out there with some of them choosing to die or die in battle…it’s different for everybody.

Besides, having your name being remembered means you’ll be famous.

Saber and Rider have a friendly conversation with you. Rider says that you’re not a Servant or a civilian since it’d “be surprised if we saw one” so Rider deduced it down to you being a Master.

Class Rider:

Alright, first try! So, where you from?

Class Saber:

Probably Japan. You can just tell by his face.

Class Rider:

Woah, a japanese person, huh. Oh, there was a Japanese person in another squad come to think of it.

CURRENT OST: FGO OST: Urgencyopen in new window

Zhang Jue asks if you’re uneasy which you respond by saying you are. He offers to tell you your fortune while Rider says that you’re lucky. Zhang Jue states that your fortune is both lucky and unlucky at the same time, but it’s overall bad luck which you are saddened by. Zhang Jue informs everyone that enemies are approaching.

Zhang Jue:

They are approaching from the northeast. Now then, prepare for battle.

I don’t know which realm they’re from, but let’s assess their ill fortune. I, the great sage Zhang Jue, stand before you.

CURRENT OST: FGO Ominous FGOopen in new window

After the battle, they think that they’ve won the battle with no casualties, but Archer was killed in the midst of battle which was unfortunate. Even then they resume the march back to the Vengeance Realm where Kriemhild lies.

Zhang Jue:

That is our defining feature.

The Vengeance Realm has eroded places, thus staining the sky red.

Plain and simple, right?

CURRENT OST: FGO Salem Map OSTopen in new window

You enter into the Vengeance Realm. Rider escorts you through the gate and inwards towards the castle. Zhang Jue lays Saber off for the day and orders Rider to escort the prisoner to the castle. You question Rider if everyone here is a Servant. Rider informs you that everyone here is a Servant, not to mention the children that reside here as well. Rider also informs you that there’s also a marketplace, employment and culture here as well.


You arrive in the palace where Kriemhild resides. There, Zhang Jue states to the Queen that he has captured you. She states that this place is where fury and rage are justified and accepted. Kriemhild states that everyone here is a rebel towards Pan-Human History. Kriemhild desires to execute you as swiftly as possible, but Zhang Jue tries to prolong the notion by stating that they must interrogate him for information first before executing him. Zhang Jue also questions who’d be best for execution and thinks of Sanson. Kriemhild states to you that Pan-Human History is a foolish history where it has brought pain and suffering and she wants to eradicate it without a speck left. She calms down and tells Rider to throw you into your cell.

CURRENT OST: FGO Halloween OSTopen in new window


Heyy, heyyyyy. Can you hear me over there?


Who might you be, sir?


Yes, you can hear me. What a relief.

Man, it’s been a long time since someone new came in. You alright?


I’m not doing well, I guess…


Well that’s a shame. Hm? Hmmm? Huh?

Are you not a Servant?

You tell him that you’re a Master which is surprising to him.


Well I’m…just a minor Servant that’s all.

I can’t even unleash my powers here anyway. A lot has happened, alright!


You can’t unleash your powers…?

???: put it into words… My powers, right now, are weaker than an ordinary Caster!


Are you really fine over there!?


No, I’m not, that’s why I’m imprisoned here. Wahahaha.

Well, there’s no use anyways. I’m on the side of protecting humanity, by the way.




Yea, that’s right.

I’m not a Servant that was summoned to rebel against humanity.

Well, in this Singularity, there’s a few of them… Servants who protect humanity.

End of Chapter 4: Run, Run, Run Awayopen in new window

Section 5: Countdown

Chapter 5 - Countdownopen in new window

CURRENT OST: FGO London Map OSTopen in new window


So this is the Restoration Realm, huh.


It seems somewhat disappointing after smoothly sneaking into the kingdom.

It does have an image of a very solid fortress. Though this place is…I see.

(...Dear me. Slow, huh, Sherlock.)

(Has the Professor really outwitted me and destroyed my mannerisms? That’d be unusual. Stop dozing off and wake up.)

Da Vinci states that this is similar to Camelot and when Holmes and Kadoc walk by several Servants, Da Vinci expresses her shock at how everyone is a Servant. Holmes also deduces several Servants’ nationalities. Afterwards, they end up near an alleyway and Holmes says that all of these Servants most likely serve under one Master. Kadoc seems to be in disbelief, but Holmes moves on to how it’s impossible if the Holy Grail were to be divided into three. Holmes notices a commotion and goes over there to check it out.

CURRENT OST: FGO Heian-kyo Story OSTopen in new window

Archer seems to be giving a report to the Emperor of the Restoration Realm. He says that one of the platoons have engaged with the Nobility Realm and has suffered no casualties since the opposing side retreated. Lancer says that platoons have engaged with the Vengeance Realm and some platoons were eliminated, but in the end, they managed to capture Fort Ortorus. The Emperor is saddened by the unfortunate outcome that came with scouting the Nobility Realm in search for valuable information. Saber asks if they should do an all-out assault which the Emperor turns down due to how foolish it seems.

Holmes and Kadoc look at the Emperor and Holmes deduces that he must be Constantine. A Caster mysteriously tells them to follow the Caster otherwise they’ll be spotted to which they comply. The Emperor silently notes his confusion and tells the men to give him the latest report.


—I see how it is now.

Class Saber:

Your Majesty?


Assemble the men. It appears we’ve been infiltrated.

Class Saber:

By who—



CURRENT OST: FGO Arc 1 OSTopen in new window

Inside the church, the Caster unveils herself. Before Holmes and Kadoc introduces themselves, the Pope introduces herself first.


Yes. My name is Johanna.


Johanna…the Johanna!? Pope Johanna!?


Indeed. I am the fabled Pope Johanna.

Sherlock and Kadoc give their introductions and Sherlock states clearly that Kadoc is a Master. Kadoc asks Johanna if she is on Pan-Human History’s side to which she responds by saying that she is on the rebellion’s side and adds that she doesn’t like it too much. She expresses her hate for the violent aspect of it which she thinks Holmes and Kadoc would find comedic. Holmes states that it is quite valiant of her.

Holmes diverts from the topic to tell Johanna that they are in need of information. Of course, Holmes doesn’t want Johanna to start from the beginning so he substitutes in his working theory.

CURRENT OST: FGO Gudaguda 5 OSTopen in new window


Now then.

This singularity has three forces that are warring against each other. Each one possessing a territory known as Realms.

Vengeance Realm, Kriemhild.

Restoration Realm, Constantine.

Nobility Realm, Karl.

However, this war is ultimately a power struggle…or perhaps could grant a second objective.

The only reason why this Singularity exists is due to the fact that every Heroic Spirit here rebels towards Pan-Human History.


…You are precisely right.


They are going around and contesting for the Holy Grail.

However, one Holy Grail isn’t enough for all of this.

There are three Holy Grails in each respective Realms and each of them wants to snatch it.

A very tremendous reward that anyone would wage war over.

Kadoc and Johanna are very impressed by Holmes’s “simple deduction” to which he continues on.


And—-the Master who should originally be bound to you does and does not exist.

Additionally, Command Seals are used in battle, but never appear anywhere in sight.

We are certain of its existence, but are unable to sight the person.

It is an enigma—it’s very enigmatic that the Servant themselves only prefer to rebel.

It’s as if their Master has no concrete orders for them. That is why they started as they pleased.

This caused forces to accumulate heavily through close interactions, behavior and ideology.

Yet, you are not able to comprehend when and how this will all end.

They have all devotedly continued this war.

Johanna compliments Holmes on his analysis. Johanna adds that this rebellion cannot be disobeyed, which Holmes questions about how much power does the Master have. Johanna doesn’t know the answer. She states that the Vengeance Realm is the Restoration Realm’s fiercest foe currently. Kriemhild’s Realm is basically about vengeance, despair and anger. Johanna says that her Realm has more Servants and is more organized than theirs. Holmes and Kadoc figure out that the Vengeance Realm focuses on quantity while the Restoration Realm focuses on quality.

Holmes asks about the Nobility Realm which Johanna responds by saying there is very little information on them currently and apologizes for being useful in that regard, which Holmes forgives her for. Kadoc and Holmes silently talk to each other that they’re surrounded and ask if it was her who alerted them. Holmes responds by saying that they were figured out. Before they leave, Holmes asks his final question.


Are you the reason why this Realm is called Restoration?




Whoops, pardon us!

CURRENT OST: FGO Arc 2 OST: Into the Dark Cloudsopen in new window

Johanna asks Assassin to stop. Constantine arrives and is relieved that she has not betrayed them to which she responds by saying there’d be no point in doing so. Constantine apologizes for being highly cautious lately. Johanna says that she has gained valuable information about Chaldea. She reports that the Servant was Sherlock Holmes and the Master was Kadoc Zemlupus. Constantine gives the impression that they are a two man team which makes him decide to put them off since they are not an immediate threat. Before Constantine leaves, he says to come by to the castle since her presence lifts the soldiers’ morale.


…Shall I sing a hymn, I wonder.


Save that for another time.

—Constantine. I am lost.

Your wishes and my wishes are nothing but the same.

However. I…I am nothing but myself.

I, Pope Johanna, am nothing more than a temporary dream.

CURRENT OST: FGO Salem Story OSTopen in new window

After Kadoc and Holmes’s escape, Holmes deduces that she didn’t do this for them, but for herself to gain information on Chaldea. He also deduces that she was suffering in her own way with how she handled the situation. Holmes thinks that Moriarty is feeding them intel on them. Holmes is impressed by the fact that she was trying to gain information on them, but wasn’t successful. Holmes says that while they were giving out information, she was as well in order not to contradict herself leading them to believe that she did this for her Realm and for humanity.


Understood. Well, what are we going to do, Holmes? If we can’t go to the Vengeance Realm, then—


Of course, we’re going to the Nobility Realm.


Are you insane? Do you know it’s Karl der Große?


Wouldn’t you think it'd be better to talk to him than Kriemhild, the famed insanity queen of revenge?


…I guess so…


Let us head off. This is just my deduction.

—I think his is the only safe zone out there. His realm, I mean.

End of Chapter 5: Countdownopen in new window

Section 6: Do I Want Your Head?

Chapter 6 - Do I Want Your Head?open in new window

CURRENT OST: FGO Arc 2 OST: Typical Melodyopen in new window

The chapter opens up with your prison neighbor figuring out a name for himself, but seems to be too difficult for him. He says that escaping is near impossible since this place seals off skills, Noble Phantasms, magecraft and many other things. He compares his conditions as like a self-destruction Noble Phantasm. You remember that he needs to tell you your name, but he doesn’t know yours either. He asks if you’re alright, but at the same time you pass out and someone comes into your cell.

CURRENT OST: FGO Arc 2 OST: Oath to Humanityopen in new window

Before me was a renewed place, nothing but a white wilderness that stretched beyond with no remnants of what it was before.

There was no sight of other beings or a turnabout. Every action made was futile.

Regrettably, I tried to search for any past records.

I drove across this wasteland that had changed into a blank world, straddled on my automatic motorbike with the one way ticket of fuel I had.

In the end, all of this was weird. There were too many questions. At least before I die, I’d like someone to explain to me, “why”.

You wake up questioning whether that was a Servant’s dream or not. An unknown woman appears before you and asks if you can eat some fruits. You eat it and express your gratitude for her.

CURRENT OST: Mystical Calming FGO OSTopen in new window


Master of Chaldea, I am Salome. The daughter of Herodias, Salome.

Salome goes on to offer you more fruits like apples, oranges, etc. She states that she didn’t get to eat fruits during her time alive. She says that fruits aren’t enough for you so she’ll bring some later, but she has a request for you.


Umm, you see, please tell me about yourself!

There’s a reason why I said that.

Every one of these Servants are all the same.

Fight, kill, fight again, kill again, lose, win, lose, win.

What about their stories and legends? Aren’t they paving way for a new era?

Yes, yes, but they are excellent people after all.

Everyone, everyone is amazing. They’re people who’ve spun history after all.

That’s right, there’s only a few who’re like Jokanaan though. Even then, everyone is…a hero.

The Restoration Realm has people who’re holy, clean and precious… I wonder if a lot of them are like Jokanaan.

Ah, I spoke for too long. I’m sorry about that.

You’re— You’re different, aren’t you?

You’re not a hero, not a Servant, yet when I look at you, you look awfully terrible.

So please tell me? Please, please, pretty please. Anything’s fine.

Please, tell me a story?


Alright…anything’s fine, right?


Yes, absolutely!

Even a boring story will do. I won’t do anything to your head, ok?


Alright then—

Guda entertains Salome by telling her about your adventures. She finds them very entertaining as she comments on Edison and Jekyll, none of whom are like Jokanaan. Your prison inmate neighbor calls out to Salome to get you, and not for him, some food which Salome realizes and quickly goes to get some food for you.

The prison inmate talks about how innocent yet cruel Salome is as a Berserker and says that she is like a disaster level Servant that could kill you in an instant. He asks you if you’re scared, but you feel slightly scared which the prison inmate compliments you for. He notices somebody coming which isn’t Salome or people from Chaldea to which he says not to resist them.

CURRENT OST: FGO Salem Story OSTopen in new window

Zhang Jue arrives and says that it is time for you to be tortured which the prison inmate saves you by saying that he’d be tortured instead which Zhang Jue is surprised by. Zhang Jue asks if he associates bad taste with old people, but no matter how the prison inmate answers, it’ll all be the same for him. Salome enters and this time with food and says that Zhang Jue can’t torture them since she still wants to hear your stories. She, then, proceeds to kill off the torturers. Salome, then, asks Zhang Jue if he’s fine with what she did.

CURRENT OST: FGO Salem Story OST 2open in new window

Zhang Jue:

…Well, it doesn’t matter.

Kriemhild has a soft spot for you anyways. Even then, I’ll be able to make some excuses for you.

Sorry to threaten you like that.

If his health starts to get worse, dissolve this talisman in water and drink it.

Now then.

Oh, one more thing. Clean up after yourself.

CURRENT OST: FGO Calming OSTopen in new window

Salome asks if you’re alright and asks if you also lost your appetite. You say that you’re fine and you proceed to eat more. Salome is very delighted by this. The prison inmate asks what you’re eating to which you respond by saying that you’re eating meat, fish and bread. Salome says that the meat is roast beef, the fish being a fish she doesn't know very well but was captured in a nearby lake, and she chose soft bread.


I see. Thanks for telling me that!


Captive Servant whose voice I can hear.

I’m sure that you’re very heroic.


You can tell by my voice?


Yes…Of course, I’d know. More or less.

I’m sure that you’re an amazing hero. Are you a great adventurer?


Yep, it can be a hit or miss though.

But as you can see, I’ve been spending my days here meaninglessly since I was captured.


I see. Did you know that you can always get out anytime?


I wonder… I don’t think I’ll be able to do that…

It’d be the end if I did that.

Salome is interested in that, but is more interested in you. She asks you to tell her a story and endorses you to tell her as you eat since there’s no need for manners here in this prison cell. Then, you proceed to tell her about Uruk and about you which she is very glad to hear. She says that Servants probably wouldn’t enjoy the food. You tell her that you’ve eaten everything.


My! Fufu, it’s fine, it’s fine. It’s completely fine.

Thank you for eating so much. I’ll bring more food tomorrow.

When the time comes, let’s eat together, ok?


Hey. I’d like to join in–.


No. Sit still there, hero.


Damn it! Well, whatever!


You won’t let him join him with us?


Fujimaru 1:


…. I・can’t♡

Fujimaru 2:



If that’s the case, I’ll give him our leftovers after we’re done eating.


Okay, that’s alright with me!


You seem to be a very easy-going person. It’s as if you have no heavy responsibilities.

Either that or you’re just ignoring it.


T-this person is perceptive…


I am me after all.

You say your goodbyes to Salome. The prison inmate asks if you’re okay and hopes that Salome doesn’t forget that humans need three meals a day. He also asks you how much you know Salome.


I know her quite well.

Not that much…

Fujimaru 1:


I see. I mean, I probably wouldn’t say the same.

Fujimaru 2: (Which causes another branch)


Then, would you like me to explain it briefly?



Another time, please.

Fujimaru 1:




That being said, I can only say so much with how much knowledge that’s been poured into me.

Salome was the step-daughter of the ruler Herod Antipas.

Then she went ballistic for Prophet Jokanaan.

She fell in love with him and I don’t blame her for it.

Till then, whether her love for him was fulfilled or rejected, it was all a tragicomedy in the end.

Salome wanted her beloved’s head.

It was like some sort of fetish? Something along those lines.

Or perhaps that love was so intense that she wanted him to be hers for all eternity.

Hey, I’m just a third party so I wouldn’t really know much.

Well, at any rate. She begged King Herod and acknowledged it.

This resulted in Jokanaan’s head being lopped off and being presented to Salome.

Then. Afterwards, Salome gained the death penalty for herself.

…So, that’s how it went.





You state that you were saved by her and the prison inmate agrees and says that her past doesn’t matter and emotions are a hassle. He advises you to just confront her and states that what we love and cherish can pollute our passions. If you chose the second option, then you can just learn from her as well.


End of all Branches

The inmate says that after being hydrated and full, you should sleep. But before that you tell him to tell you his name which is Chaton.


Back at the throne room, Kriemhild asks Zhang Jue about Salome. Zhang Jue says that she’ll be interested in “that person” since she’s already crazy about him and gave him food. Kriemhild adds that the more she likes him, the more likely he’ll die.


No, I’m talking about the manifested Servant.

Him, Zhang Jue.

The more she loves the person, the more they’ll look like Jokanaan to her.

When a conversation doesn’t initiate, she’ll initiate it.

She doesn’t seem like it now, but she’ll set her eyes on him soon.

I’m sure that Salome can’t endure it any longer.

Kriemhild advises to leave one or two guards for her. Kriemhild diverts from the conversation to go talk about the “usual”. The “usual” presents themself.

Kriemhild asks if it’s ready to go into battle when the decisive battle comes and Zhang Jue says that they can utilize it anytime. Kriemhild asks Zhang Jue to carry out some orders when Caster. Caster states that “he” is already no longer the framework of the Servant and wants Zhang Jue to take the throne in “that person’s” stead. Zhang Jue is amused by this and decides to put another reason to rebel. Zhang Jue realizes that the Caster originates from Sichuan under the surname Liu.

Zhang Jue:

Now, I have one question for you.

What do you think of Queen Kriemhild?

Oh, no, that’s too vague. Do you acknowledge the Queen you serve under?

Or perhaps, do you acknowledge her strength if not acknowledging serving under her?

Class Caster:

—-No. I do not acknowledge either of them.

Zhang Jue:

I see. Then die.

Class Caster:


CURRENT OST: FGO Heian-kyo Story OSTopen in new window

Zhang Jue:

It does not matter if you do or don’t serve her. We are all egotistical heroes in the end.

However…it is unacceptable that you do not acknowledge the Queen’s strength.

That would mean that you are incapable of being able to conjecture her.

Listen here, you are about to die, Caster. That is just a simple-minded monster.

Think about it. She murdered her own beloved—

She instigated being queen of a foreign country with one determined purpose, mobilized soldiers and caused a war.

And she trampled her own older brother for the sake of her revenge.

With the unwieldable demonic sword she possessed in her hands, she beheaded her enemy.

Afterward, she was told something along the lines, “this deed isn’t that of a hero” and she appeared to be killed as well.

She most likely didn’t care what happened after she got her revenge.

In a way, she is, undoubtedly, a Berserker. However, she still retains her expertise.

How do you not realize this? How do you not understand this?

Your will to rebel against us has been duly perceived.

Those orders were instructed to eliminate you.

Class Caster:


Zhang Jue:

What made you think we didn’t notice?

No matter what you were scheming in your head, you were going to be eliminated once you began those preparations.

To put it simply, you weren’t aware of how completely ill-prepared you were until you got here.

Thoroughly communicating with like-minded people, forming an emergency escape plan. Escaping to the Restoration Realm or the Nobility Realm via negotiations. Now did you do any of that?

Class Caster:


CURRENT OST: FGO Arc 2 OST: Into the Dark Cloudsopen in new window

Zhang Jue:

You have gravely underestimated our dreadful queen. To think someone would support your puny rebellion.

Good grief. Hey, everyone.

…Do perhaps seem untrustworthy? Do you seem like the kind of person who’d betray you when the chance occurs?

Class Assassin:

Forgive my moderation. …Yes. Very much so.

Class Archer:

It’s unusual that you haven’t yet betrayed us.

Class Saber:

Hahaa. It is indeed unusual you haven’t betrayed us yet.

Zhang Jue:

I wonder what do you people take elders for.

No matter. Now then, begin Test Trial No. 28.


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Back to Holmes and Kadoc, they manage to extract information on the Archer concerning the realms. The realms are divided by a multitude of barriers that separate all the other Realms. Holmes suggests that they head southwest since that is where the Nobility Realm is since their location is at the center of the singularity.


—Do you like rock climbing?


…Hey, you’re giving me a very bad feeling about this…!


It’s alright, Kadoc Zemlupus. Don’t you like rock?


That’s the wrong type of rock!! Is that some sort of dad joke!?

Mashu tells Kadoc that Gordolf is offended by his comment. Da Vinci suggests Gordolf takes off his mustache to look younger. Kadoc asks Holmes if he had some sort of tool to help him climb more easily. Kadoc also asks for rock climbing equipment and protection from the cold. Gordolf compliments Kadoc and says that Guda can learn from his survival techniques. Holmes says that they should depart now and that they should arrive within two days. Afterward, they head off towards the Nobility Realm.

End of Chapter 6: Do I Want Your Head?open in new window

Section 7: I Do Not Want Your Head

Chapter 7 - I Do Not Want Your Headopen in new window

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—I changed to lighter lipstick.

I changed my costume from bright red to mature black.

It’s not like I changed my appearance for anything.

I just wanted to attract him just a bit.

I couldn’t forget about the meals.

I am merely a dancing girl. I’ve never cooked anything in my life.

Unfortunately, I entrusted it to somebody else.

I said to the Servant who was the assigned chef, “can you slice this fruit for me?”

They sliced the apple up so casually. I see, it's so simple.

You just peel the skin off, cut into slices and now, it’s all done ♪


My. That was so easy.

Look my apple I cut myself. The Servant sighed when he saw it.

I wonder what’s wrong with it, I did it and it looks so delicious.

I had my apple and a lot of other stuff from the other chefs.

I hum a tune as I walk towards his cell.

And there I saw. I saw a horrifying scene.

There were so many Servants. So many Servants in his cell.

All of them surrounding that frail man.

My head aches. I feel like I’m about to drop all the food.

What do they think they’re doing?

To my.

To my precious.

My precious—■■■■■■■■.

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You talk about pirates, specifically Bartholomew. The other guards have mixed reactions to it being a brave and sad story, to think that pirates are all perverts, to commending Bartholomew. Lancer tells Berserker to stop acting like a gorilla and Berserker takes it as an insult to his physique. Caster calms him down by saying he can speak normally here. Assassin tells them to be quiet for you to tell the next story which is about being chased by Hercules.



What are you guys doing? Are you bullying him?

Class Rider:

Eh, no, you can tell by looking. We’re talking to him.



Class Rider:

What do you mean “why”---

CURRENT OST: FGO Arc 2 OST: Typical Melodyopen in new window

Rider tells you to wake up and Zhang Jue arrives to tell them to stop idly chatting with him and extrapolate information from you. You tell him to lighten up when all the guards are surprised and commend him for talking back to Zhang Jue.

CURRENT OST: FGO OST: Bygone Daysopen in new window

You go back to talking about the Knights of the Round Table. Salome doesn’t get it but you say that the story was getting interesting. Salome is annoyed that these guards are here. Rider says that they were ordered to be here and suggests that you and her eat. As you eat, she presents her apple that she made. Assassin and Rider insult the poorly made apple. You defend Salome by saying that she probably did her best with this.

—I don’t really get it.

I don’t understand, it’s so strange.

It was not the brilliance of a dazzling holy person. It was not the glory of an extremely odd bond.

It was a peaceful and ordinary moment. It was like being exposed to the sun for a bit.

The feeling wasn’t from the dinner party, but a faintly similar feeling she had.


I was certain I muttered his name.

CURRENT OST: FGO Relaxing OSTopen in new window

The guards have to leave to repair Fort Jovinus and search for Restoration Realm enemies. Salome has to go do some busy work as well. Before she leaves, you say goodbye to her and she says that when she comes back, you’ll tell her a story. She’s pleased that Chaton didn’t interrupt the conversation. When Salome leaves, Chaton states that she was in a good mood. He tells you to secretly exercise in order to be fit when the time comes.

End of Chapter 7 Section 1open in new window


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Chapter 7 Section 2open in new window

Kadoc has slight trouble rock climbing since it is steeper than he expected. Mashu alerts them by saying that there are flying monsters ready to attack them which they can’t afford to be pushed over. After the battle, Da Vinci says that there’s a Servant above them disappearing and reappearing from the monitor.


Wahaha! Wahahaha! All these strange birds, good birdie!


Quiet, you. Though we can't do anything about it.


However, this crime cannot go unnoticed! To think you’d feed them to your little fledglings!

…No, is it a bad thing? Is it? But I can’t overlook this! Sorry!

I mean those people are our precious guests, it’s Chaldea after all!


(I see…It seems like they won’t be a problem. We’re Chaldea after all)


Well, I’m going to have to use my Noble Phantasm—

La Black Luna (Magic Flute That Evokes Panic)!


This Noble Phantasm defeats the birds but also affects Kadoc and Holmes as they are temporarily deaf. As Astolfo descends to talk to them, Kadoc and Holmes do nothing but stare at Astolfo as they continue to be temporarily be deaf. Kadoc is poked and dragged by Astolfo until Kadoc says that he can’t hear anything. Da Vinci forces Gordolf to talk to him when Astolfo reveals his name to him. Mashu informs the crew about his achievements which Astolfo is flattered by.


When Kadoc and Holmes are able to hear again, Astolfo tells them that he was the one who used that horn to drive off the birds. Astolfo tells them that his Noble Phantasm he used earlier can drive an entire army into a frenzy if he blew into it with all his might. Holmes introduces themselves as well as identifying themselves as Chaldea.


Ah, I introduced myself earlier. Eh. Were you guys deaf? Why?

…Was it my fault!?


Absolutely it was.


Ohh, sorry sorry. But I guess it’s better than being the fledgling’s snack.

You guys would’ve lasted three minutes on that scaffold.

I mean, it could have been my fault or not my fault.

…Huh? Who’s fault was it in the end?


Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s not like there were other side-effects that came with it.


Yea! Probably!


Right? …What did you just say?



Well, anyways— Hello everyone from Chaldea.

We at the Nobility Realm (I don’t really get it all that much) have been awaiting your arrival.

(I still don’t really get it) Right this way please!

Holmes whispers to Kadoc that they won’t be a problem. Astolfo says to not tell the other people in the other Realm about their Realm since it’ll make “him” sad. Kadoc thinks that Astolfo will be the one sad, but Astolfo says that it’s actually Roland. Astolfo says that Roland can sometimes wander around butt-naked. Kadoc is completely shocked by this while Da Vinci is glimmering about it.


Kadoc is surprised that Astolfo has a very eccentric nature to him. Kadoc and Holmes talk about how in the numerous legends that are associated with Astolfo, there is one that involves Orlando losing his common sense which Astolfo went to the moon to retrieve, but when he returned, Orlando already disappeared which makes it seem that Astolfo has no common sense here.



As you can see, that hero has already got on his mount and already forgot about us!

Let’s catch up with him with all we have!


You’ve got to be kidding me.


A-Astolfo-san has separated from you two at incredibly high speeds.

I do know the direction he’s headed, so please hurry!

Both of them:



(What a rare voice I’m hearing…)

Nemo Marine:

I’ll be recording this for memory-sake.

End of Chapter 7 Section 2open in new window


Chapter 7 Section 3open in new window


We’ve arriveeddddd!

…er, huh? Felt like I forgot something.

Well, doesn’t matter!



It does!


…! (Remembers)



It’s fine as long as you reflect on it. But for now just give me…



Gordolf and Kadoc are surprised that this Realm is quite the opposite of what they expected considering how Karl Der Große is. They expected more conquering and ruling, but found an ordinary town with Servants living almost a normal life. Holmes shares that Astolfo routinely goes at full speed when returning to the Realm so that the Realm remains hidden to outsiders. Astolfo leads Chaldea to Karl Der Große, but before doing so, Gordolf reminds them that in the event the communication line is severed, Holmes will be the negotiator and Kadoc will be the Master in Guda’s stead. As expected, the communication line is severed.

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In the throne room, the Der Große is being told reports and numerous other things. A Saber presents livers from a demonic beast which the emperor tells him to give to each imperial guard. A Rider gives a report on the usage of Noble Phantasms, the Emperor orders him to punish those who have used their Noble Phantasms. As Astolfo announces that he brought “those people”, the Emperor tells all imperial guards to leave the room.


—Now then. Servant, Sherlock Holmes.

What is the purpose of your visit here in the Nobility Realm?

That is what I ask of you. Perhaps I shall impose that question onto you.

Not the Servant, but the Master.

Kadoc states that he is not Holmes’s substitute Master, but just a Master without a Servant. The Emperor’s right hand man deduces that Guda is already in jail in the Revenge Realm. Kadoc states that they'll pay graciously if they can lend a hand. The Emperor’s right hand man responds by saying that in exchange for their cooperation, Chaldea will have to give them their complete allegiance.


“Very well” says Der Große.

You all have eliminated five Lostbelts at the very least, brilliant stargazers.

In anticipation of everyone’s hard work, first, we shall deal with the Master…

Master Guda.


Are you able to do it?


Though there will be a suitable number of sacrifices made. Now, go, Minerva.




(Was that…Minerva…from Olympus? Although it looks slightly different…there’s no mistaking it)

(How did technology from a Lostbelt end up in a Singularity like this…?)


The Emperor’s right hand man states that there are already spies already embedded within the Revenge Realm. This is due to the barriers that surround the realm, so acquiring information from the Realm is inefficient. Security is lax, but Der Große says that there will be inevitable sacrifices made. Kadoc is worried about this since they haven’t signed any sort of contract or anything, so he wonders if there’s some kind of gimmick to it like Lostbelt Six. The Emperor lays out accommodations for them like rooms and the likes. It’ll take two days for them to return from the operation. Astolfo shows them around.

However, before that, Holmes asks a question about the identity of the woman’s identity who serves next to Der Große.


Ah, I am merely his secretary.

I am a mere secretary from around Spain who has done small heroic deeds.


I understand, thank you very much.


Heyyy, let me give you a tour.


If you’ll excuse us, Karl Der Große.

Karl Der Große (?):

…Very well.



…Pheww. That great detective gives me a hard time.


Eh, are you alright?



It’s all going to shit…sorry. It’s all going downhill, he already figured us out most likely.

I don’t think he’ll expose our True Name, but he’ll probably narrow it down.

We sent out Minerva, that was a mistake after all.


…Now, we are in Chaldea’s debt. We must return the favor somehow.

Nooo matter what.


I do not think we owe them any favors or repay them.


…Then I shall think of it as a personal debt and personal emotional attachment.

With that, I’ll be counting on you.


Yes, yes, as you wish, my lord. I shall accept whatever you request.


I apologize…

End of Chapter 7 Section 3open in new window



Chapter 7 Section 4open in new window

—-Now then.

Today is just a day where I bring him food.

I suddenly remembered that humans need three meals a day.

Meaning. I get to meet him three times a day.

I wonder why I’m realizing this so naturally.

While I'm delighted and overjoyed. I made food for him.

Jokanaan, Jokanaan.

My beloved, my dear Jokanaan.

He..he’s obviously, not, Jokanaan, though.



My head hurts…

I have a headache.

I hear whispers close to my ear.

Jokanaan, Jokanaan, Jokanaan!

Be obsessed with him, be obsessed with him, be obsessed with him.

He is my beloved—



I will say this now.

That person is no saint or hero.

I am surrounded by lots of them, they’re everywhere and it could be anyone, they’re just ordinary beings.

He’s just one person within a vast category of ordinary people.

My headache has gone away.

Now, let’s go meet him.


Salome arrives at Guda's cell saying that she made rice balls for him and wonders if they taste good. Whether you share it with Chaton or not is up to you. Salome worries about how it’ll taste and says that it probably tastes bad, but you say that it tastes good. Salome admits that every food she tried cooking ended up poorly, so you try to make a compromise by coming up with a common food that they like. You and Chaton end up with Kykeon since Chaton thinks that Salome can make it pretty easily.

Salome says that you can leave whenever you want, but Rider minds that. However, Rider makes an exception for them to go to the kitchen and not outside. You and Salome head to the kitchen.

Class Rider:

—-Well, this is pretty bad. I hope they don’t stick out much.



…Wait. Who are you affiliated with?

Class Rider:



You and Salome arrive at the kitchen where you meet a Berserker who’ll help you on your dish. Salome says that she got the recipe from a Caster.


—Cooking to me. It was something that could change into something from nothing.

I mean I was a princess pretty much.

If I felt hungry, someone would bring something out immediately for me.

Of course, it was food, which someone cooked, that was presented to me.

I knew that much. I knew it, I didn’t understand it, but I ate it.

And now, I finally understand it now. Cooking that is.

You and Salome finish the dish by adding mint to it. Berserker offers to offer it to Kriemhild and you and Salome go back into the cell to taste it together. But before Berserker leaves, he tells you that he will do his best. Before you two can taste it, Rider apologizes before he commits to a certain action. A Saber and Lancer from yesterday appear.


Class Rider:


We at the Nobility Realm have come to rescue you by the orders of Karl der Große.

The other members of Chaldea are already over there.

They have requested us that we rescue you from this Realm.

Do you have any objections? …If not, then let’s go.



Class Rider:


Class Saber:

Good, let’s hurry. We don’t have much time.

Rider, Saber and Lancer outnumber Salome, but in any case, Salome would win since their hands subtly tremble before her. Salome admits that Guda is nothing and a nobody so they can do as they please. Salome continues by saying that she can’t be held responsible for what happens here anyways. Rider exclaims for them to go, but you tell them to give you ten seconds with her. You express your gratitude for the meal that you’ve made together with Salome.

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As you enter the corridors of the castle, Rider tells you that the cover story is going to be that we are scouting the Restoration Realm. Rider adds on that Berserker from yesterday is buying them time.


Hold up!

Class Rider:



I’m coming with you.

Class Saber:

…Eh, really, you…ehhhh…?


It’ll be more difficult if you don’t let me tag along, you know?

It’ll also get pretty crazy. I don’t think you’ll be able to escape though.

Class Rider:

Alright, let’s go then!

Class Saber:


Class Rider:

Right now, we don’t have time to deal with this! She can come if she wants!


Thank you, people who look nothing like Jokanaan.

Now let’s head off. This is the start of a journey!

Class Saber:

This is nothing of the sort, Salome.


What is this then?

Class Saber:

We have a fitting phrase for situations like this. It’s called, “being prepared to die”.

Class Rider:

…Let’s go.

Guda. No, Master.

Let us depart.

We are Servants of the Nobility Realm, we will protect you with our very lives.


As Berserker rampages in the throne room, Kriemhild completely halts his insolence and finds out that he is not from the Vengeance Realm which makes her think that this is all a diversion for the Master. Zhang Jue informs her that the party who captured him are the ones escorting him out with Salome coming along. Kriemhild is saddened by this and says that Guda’s execution date was drawing very near. She responds by mobilizing one Archer and Assassin.



Assassin of Hundred Faces. The usual sniper Archer. Both will be under my supervision.

Zhang Jue, follow me in this pursuit.

Zhang Jue:

Yes, ma’am!

(My, this does not stop us. If this Berserker were to be a diversion…)

(Then he died in vain. The time they bought for themselves was zero)

(Now, to fulfill one more job.)

End of Chapter 7 Section 4open in new window


CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window

Caster notices that Berserker is dead. This gives the others the signal to run faster. Salome informs them that Zhang Jue has extended his network to the entirety of the Vengeance Realm.



The Servants of the First Scout Unit and the dungeon Master are escaping.

I shall not say it again.

Kill them all. Yes. Kill the Master as well.

That is better than our enemies having them.

You shall be rewarded Zhang Jue’s strengthened Mystic Code for killing them all.

Rider asks if Lancer and Saber can destroy a fully shut gate which they can’t because they aren’t refined Servants after all. You and Salome get on Rider’s chariot and get going since it is a matter of time before Assassins catch up to them.

After the battle, the gates are reluctantly not closed yet so you pull through and get through the gate. However, Lancer gets chained up while Archer stays behind to buy time. Kriemhild kills Lancer before Lancer could reveal his True Name. Kriemhild sets him as an example of what not to be for the imperial guards. Kriemhild notices that they’ve escaped through the gate which she decides to pursue.

From your perspective, you feel bad knowing that Lancer is dead, but Rider and Salome reassure you that you are not obligated to feel sorry for them as it was their job to protect you with their life. Caster attempts to buy time by turning a grassy plain into a swamp.

CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window

CURRENT OST: FGO OST: Into the Dark Cloudsopen in new window

As Caster casts the chant to turn a grassy plain into a swamp, Zhang Jue kills him before successfully doing it. Zhang Jue notes Caster’s foolish errors, but Caster’s diversion made Zhang Jue break formation which Zhang Jue gives his respects towards the Caster.

Class Assassin:


Another uproar has outburst within the Retribution Gate! There seems to be another escapee from the dungeon…!

Zhang Jue:

Hm? Is it that Servant who’s weaker than a Caster?

Class Assassin:


It seems like he prepared an offensive Mystic Code in advance…

The mayhem of explosions and lights have confused Servants into thinking it is an enemy invasion.

Zhang Jue informs Kriemhild of his leave. Kriemhild orders Archer to be prepared to play her role. Assassin has picked up their scent and informs Kriemhild that they’re heading in a different direction from the Restoration Realm. Kriemhild realizes that they’re heading towards the Nobility Realm which she orders Assassin and Archer to eliminate before they arrive there.

End of Chapter 7 Section 5open in new window


CURRENT OST: ![]( in new window

Rider states that Caster is gone too. Salome asks why they are so willing to put their lives at stake for one ordinary person. Rider answers that they were ordered to, no one would want to be there and you aren’t even a bad person in the end. Assassin appears and ends Saber while Archer shoots a poisonous shot at Rider making him very weak. Before Saber dies, Saber activates his Noble Phantasm defeating multiple Hassans. Hundred Face Hassan advises her to come back and stop this farce.


I only take orders from nobody, but Jokanaan.

Hundred Face Hassan:


CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window

—This feeling, this pounding in my chest. I think it’s my usual fit though.

I still have a tiny bit of sanity left. I’ve said that he is not Jokanaan. Hey, get it together, me.

Keep doing deep breaths, deep breaths.

I have to—use my last resort.


You. No…Master.

Please command me. Command me to destroy them!


Go, Salome.


Yes. Yes. I—will stand by your side!

After the battle you and Salome defeat Hundred Face Hassan. Salome coughs up blood after outputting too much power. Rider can’t fight for much longer and can’t walk for much longer, but he is able to show you the way towards the Nobility Realm. You and Salome grab Rider by his arm over your shoulders and carry him for him to show the way.

CURRENT OST: FGO OST: Lostbelt 1 Mapopen in new window

Hurry, hurry, hurry. She’s truly persistent like a snake.

They continue to chase us.

As I shoulder the Servant whom she doesn’t know, she looks forward.

He is a person who carves a path, a person who keeps fighting, and a person never hesitates.

Ah, that is truly what makes a saint.

…”Stop this”, is what I think to stop myself from being too attracted to him.

If I were to stop, then I’d be determined to hate myself after being summoned.

But I can’t stop. I desire and search for a Jokanaan.

That is, precisely, what makes me a Berserker.

Whether I side with Humanity or rebel against it, that is the one thing I can never say no to.

—That is why Kriemhild was never worried about me. That I would definitely pick him as my Jokanaan.

I don’t get it all too well. That’s why I shouldn’t have followed him.

I silently pray for his safety on this journey. My love could have undoubtedly burnt out.

That kykeon was the finishing blow. I should have thrown it away instead of drinking it.

I drank it and got separated from him. Something so magnificent was such a fatal wound.

Love, love, love. In another way, love is a dream, a flower, a path.

Yet, yet all of this. He won’t look over to me.

It’s always straight ahead. I think he’s looking in the right direction.

Ah, yes. Exactly. My beloved. That’s the type of person you are.

I’m sure you won’t even remember anything about me.

After how much, how much love I had for you.

I love you so much, please give me your head.

Hey, Jokanaan. Jokanaan, Jokanaan, Jokanaan!

Ah, I used my last resort (contract with Master). I can’t hold it in any longer.

Is a provisional contract not enough? Would it be better if it was a longer contract?

Do you think I’d be able to tell you, “you’re not Jokanaan (prophet)” if I was with you for a bit longer?

I don’t know. I don’t know (I can’t feel anything), I don’t know (I can’t recognize anything).

I can endure this pain, but not the love I have for you.

That’s just, how I, am.

It’s so hard and painful being aware that I’m evil.

I can’t control my urges.






I’m fine…yea, I’m fine.

Class Rider:

We’re almost at Assassin’s rendezvous location. Let’s push a bit further!

End of Chapter 7 Section 6open in new window


CURRENT OST: FGO OST: Summer 5 Story OSTopen in new window

We meet up with the Assassin, but collapse due to being slain by an imperial knight of Kriemhild. Salome gets angered by this and uses Master and Jokanaan in different sentences. After the battle, you collapse and Salome gets worried and blames herself. Rider tells Salome that he’ll shoot his Noble Phantasm up into the air and hopes that the others will get it. Rider also tells Salome that the Nobility Realm is not far from here.

CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window


…! What about…you…

Class Rider:

This is for…the mission… Listen…get out of here…

You’re…my…last…hope… So…please…endure it…

He…that person, is, not, your, Jokanaan.


…I know that…

Class Rider:

If you know that, then run…run!

CURRENT OST: FGO OST: Olympus Battle OSTopen in new window

Class Rider:


I don’t…wanna die…

I don’t wanna die… yet my life is worthless anyways….

Shatter, Spiritual Core! Take this, Humanity!

Releasing Noble Phantasm—!

A beam of golden light shot up into the sky behind Salome.

Of course, this was a very frail light. Veteran heroes who take pride could never attain a holy sword or a demonic lance.

But there was no doubt about it.

It was the best and purest glimmer an ordinary warrior has ever thrown.


I have to hurry…!

I hurry, ignoring what was behind me.

It goes without saying that the Vengeance Realm pursuing units witnessed the light.

We’re so slow that they could catch up anytime.

Master’s wound, his wound— He’s still breathing. He still has a pulse.

He didn’t get poisoned like Rider, he’s just heavily bleeding.

I have to stop the bleeding, but to do that we’d have to stop.

And there I realized the desperate truth.

I didn’t know how to stop human blood in the first place.

There is several information I gain when I manifest as a Servant—but there are still things I don’t know about.

I was just a girl that was loved during my time alive, I was never taught how to treat a person’s injuries.


It’s alright, you’ll live, you’ll live. You’re Jokanaan after all…!




… I’m sorry, that doesn’t matter now.

We have to hurry! You’ll feel some pain, but bear with it a bit longer…!

I have to hurry, I have to hurry.

Anymore and he’ll suffer more. Anymore and I won’t be able to see his virtue.

I, Salome, before I turn into a loving monster—



The day has come.

His straight, honest and sincere eyes pierced mine so suddenly.

CURRENT OST: FGO OST: Lostbelt 1 Map OSTopen in new window






Jokanaan. Please.

I have something to ask you.

I’m falling into a nonsensical nightmare.


Please, please. My beloved.


—will you give me your head?

End of Chapter 7 Section 7open in new window


CURRENT OST: FGO OST: Lostbelt 1 Map OSTopen in new window

Chapter 7 Section 8open in new window

I waited for his simple-minded answer.

I waited for his faintly pained choice.

Say yes, say yes. I’ll cut his head clean off.

Jokanaan, Jokanaan, Jokanaan!

To think you were this close to me, to think you loved me this much!

Go on, say it.

I am a Servant. I am a force to be reckoned with.

Refuse to give in. Or offer a prayer to God.

I wonder if your final moments will be with you smiling. Or scolding me with a serious look.

Either is fine. Either is very Jokanaan-like.

Answer me. Answer me. What is your answer?


I want to live on.




Don’t kill me, please.

I don’t want to die just yet.


I have friends waiting for me on the other side…!


Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh?

CURRENT OST: FGO OST: Lostbelt 2 Map OSTopen in new window

It was such an absurd answer. Begging for their life.

If he was Jokanaan, if he was a saint.

He would have asked for a virtuous and noble death. Or perhaps to live through honest persuasion.

In any event, they don’t fear death.

Choosing life or death would be like cleansing your soul.

But he begged for his life. He looked at me and said he wanted to live.


…I, see.

You, weren’t, Jokanaan, after.

Then I have no interest in him. He’s worthless, no need to save him.


Sorry. Let’s move..Master.

But my feet are unusually energized.

I stay cautious in order to ease his pain and so that he won’t die.

CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window

Salome notices Kriemhild’s personal unit approach them. Being in Kriemhild’s personal unit means that she can grant her influence to others. Salome says that she was bestowed with such, but regrettably lost it. She tells you to part ways and you do as such.

My mana supply is low. But the Command Seal (the thing that has bestowed me) is still active.

But it’s not from my current Master. It’s from my Original Master.

—It made me think. I, a Berserker, think about this.

It’s strange.

Where did this Command Seal (power) come from?

Nobody thought about it—-No, it was a question that couldn't be thought of.

This power replenishes each battle.

“It doesn’t matter” as I smile carefree. There is no need to think about it anymore.

I fight for him, I die for him.


Goodbye, Krimehild. My…that’s right.

Get in Master’s way and I’ll kill you. Nothing will be left of you.


After the battle, Salome is shocked since you didn’t leave her behind. You collapse on her. You wake up in a late 1900’s-ish cafe. Moriarty knows that you’re not interested in talking, but he has a deal. He explains that the Alien God cannot peer into dreams such as this. He proposes that you give up your position in order to be spared. The others will be inevitable sacrifices, after hearing that you refuse. He says that there’s no need to give such a hasty answer and boldly advises Guda to think it through.


Ah, I have no connection to this Singularity. What lies at the core of this Singularity is revenge.

Moriarty says that there is someone waiting for him and he departs.

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Salome, drenched in blood, teases you about how you could sleep in this peril situation. She says that your pulse is getting better thanks to your Mystic Code. Salome is relieved that you are not Jokanaan.

Even so, I didn’t have any duty or obligation to help you. Yet, I did so out of compassion.

It’s different from the emotion of love, but the emotion is like a smoldering flame.

So this, is what it means for a Servant to have a Master.

—I don’t want his head. —But, I want to protect him.


Yes. Hey—



Was that…the sound…of a gun…?


…It was. I think our pursuers have arrived.

Let’s hurry.

Just a bit more, just a bit more.

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I slowly go past the hill. We walk believing that there’ll be someone on the other side of the hill waiting for us.

I might be at my limit. I’m bleeding heavily.

I’m losing consciousness. But, just, a bit, more.

More, more, more.


There he is—!!

We look up towards the voice.

We catch a glimpse of a recognizable Servant waving their hands frolically.


Heeeeey! Heeeeeeeey!

We were relieved from the bottom of our hearts to see a Paladin rushing towards us.

Salome asks you if you’re okay. Salome continues to say that she has to head back since she’ll look weird standing beside some Paladins. She remarks that we’ll be enemies the next time they lay eyes on the battlefield.

Ah, really. This person just wanted to live.

As death encroaches towards us, we crave to live once more.

In order to live, he stands up.

He is a person who shouldn’t have been near a person who takes pleasure in snatching heads.

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This is goodbye. Goodbye.

Reluctantly, he turns his back on me.

While I turn back on him as well. Together, we’re on opposite sides of the coin.

—And he slowly begins to walk away.

As I feel his steps fading further, I slowly walk as well.

In fact, it’s hard to run. It just proves that I’m in such a hopeless situation.

A gunshot. Breaks my Spiritual Core. It’s painful to live for another second.

Yet, I don’t Master to see me like this.

I am Salome who is fearsome, beautiful and reliable till the very end.

That is why I deceive him with all my body and soul.

I cleverly put on an act better than any actor in this world and one that can deceive anyone.

—I was shot the first time. I realized the bloodlust that surrounded me was the second shot.


Fufu. …It’s useless.

Perhaps you could call it mercy.

It’s painful to live another second that is why it undoubtedly is salvation for me.



It doesn’t hurt anymore. There is certainly salvation.

I am mad. I am broken.

There was no mistaking that. But, but—

But still, this faint feeling I had wanted me to believe that I wasn’t broken.

I am very satisfied. I had a lot of fun.

Those few days, were really really the most enjoyable days ever.



I look up at the sky. The evening sunlight shone through the trees.

That orange color was warm like him—

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Archer says that it is practice to say a few prayers, but ends up saying that it is how it is in a Warring country such as this. Kriemhild arrives and asks Archer if she completed the job to which Archer replies that there are no traces left of Salome. Assassin arrives and asks if they should charge in, but Kriemhild refuses and retreats, but now knows the direction the enemy is headed towards. She tells Archer to head back and Assassin to scout.


Pitiful woman.

The feel you had for him was not love or affection.

It was nothing more than the strong pitying the weak.

You mistook him for the most precious thing in the world.

—How truly pitiful.

It is an emotion that everyone universally has, but you treated it as precious as a gem.

End of Chapter 7 Section 8open in new window


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Chapter 7 Final Sectionopen in new window

Conscious disconnecting.

My back is burning.

Couldn’t respond to the summon.

Physical limit reached.

I hope that Servant is fine now.

I hope we meet again.

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Mashu calls out to you. You wake up and Mashu is relieved that you’re okay. She asks if there’s still anything hurting you which you respond by saying you’re getting better. Mashu goes on to say that there was a Caster that healed you. You ask where that healer is to which Mashu responds that they’re gone since they’ve done their job.

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Holmes and Kadoc arrive and Holmes asks to hear your side of the story. You recount what happened back in the Vengeance Realm. Holmes says that when Rider shot his Noble Phantasm towards the sky, Astolfo saw it and ran off to you immediately. Holmes sympathizes with you and Kadoc informs you of the situation that they were in. Some Servants believe that he’s on the rebellion side while others believe the contrary. Holmes and Kadoc suggest going to go say some few words to Karl der Große and Astolfo comes into the room to introduce himself while knowing that they’re heading off to speak to Karl der Große. Roland arrives into the room to give you a tour of the place.

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Karl der Große personally asks you to tell him about the Servants that gave their life to you.

After this, Roland and Holmes tell Karl der Große (?) that it’s time to stop playing an act and raise the curtains to reveal who they truly are.

CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window

Karl der Große (?):

Woah! We’re committing to this, Sancho?


Yes, we’re committing to this. It was bound to happen sooner or later.



That would mean that your name would be Alonso Quixano. Or—Don Quixote!

Don Quixote:


My name is Don Quixote de la Mancha! A pilgrimage knight from Spain!


Well, it is as you say. I am Sancho Panza.

Mashu admits that she doesn’t know much about Don Quixote’s story. Sancho says that she is Sancho, but not at the same time as she is the amalgamation of all the characters in the story.


I will make my guess—Rocinante, Don Quixote’s favorite steed. His extolled imaginary princess, Dulcinea. Finally, the princess’s maid, Altisidora, right?


Es perfecto. You’re correct.

Sancho exposes Don Quixote by saying the word “windmill” to shake him up. Mashu adds on to this by saying that he would mistake windmills for giants.

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Don Quixote:

Oh, there’s those heinous giants! Alright, we’re charging in, Rocinante!


Oh, milord? They’re windmills no matter how you look at it, though?

Don Quixote:

Hah…you don’t quite get it. This domain (level)...


No, hold on, milord.

Don Quixote:

Now, we’re going, Rocinante!

Witness me in all my glory, my princesssss—-


Wow, he really went for it.

Don Quixote:



See, I told you so.

Don Quixote:

Kuh, those sly sages turned them into windmills…

Giants are giants. I’ll have to attack with all my might—


My whole body hurts. I guess I’ll stop here…


My, my, poor Rocinante. Are you still there? Are you okay?

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Sancho says that was the most renowned episode of the book. Roland admits that he’s lost his reasoning to the point where Astolfo looked like a beautiful lady. Astolfo shanks him for talking about sleeping and drooling on his Hippogriff. Sancho says that the moral of the story is that it’ll be more troublesome if you react to assumptions with hostility. Sancho diverts the topic to the nature of this singularity when they were summoned.

CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window


…When we were summoned into this Singularity.

Sancho says that many Servants planned to rebel against Pan-Human History. While Servants from the Counter Force were summoned in response to that, they were wiped out due to being vastly outnumbered while some joined the cause to rebel.

Don Quixote and Sancho, first, gathered allies as not all rebelling Servants were corrupted and had their own morals and beliefs. Roland and Astolfo were the two that they recruited and established a realm with, securing a balance between the other two Realms. The greatest flaw of this Realm was that Karl der Große was not Karl der Große, but Don Quixote and Sancho. Though it kept things sustainable for the time being. It was just a matter of time before subordinates had their doubts. The Servants that aided Guda were on the side of Pan-Human History. Other Servants were misled by them to think that Karl der Große was a rebellion Servant.

Holmes thinks that this is strange and connects this to Babylonia with the event of Ushiwakamaru’s corruption there. But here, it’s not the case since their intellect is not corrupted in any way. Sancho says that Servants in either Realm who have a weak feeling about rebellion are top priority to be eliminated. Kadoc adds that Servants’ emotion and personality are affected by their Master.

When Gordolf brings up James Moriarty, Holmes falls silent.

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Section 8: Late Night Conversation

Chapter 8: Late Night Conversationopen in new window

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Sherlock Holmes is my nemesis, and we are eternal light and shadow.

—However, well.

Since I have manifested as an Apostle of the Alien System, an existence such as his should be completely meaningless to me.

But the problem lies with his abilities. His investigations, reasonings, and finally, piecing the truth.

Displaying such abilities in this Singularity is vexatious.

Thus, I have planted the seed.

I appeared before him and smoothly spoke nonsense.

Nonsense…hm. It is nonsensical.

My role here still stands. It is because of me that he’ll keep oversighting.

As Holmes unravels the truth. I am the wall that keeps getting in his way.

A wall he cannot climb over.

I understand now, very thorough thinking. Alien God.

Vlad III has isolated himself off with his stakes. A powerful Servant such as him could have made for a good pawn.

There’s no use now. I shall move my other pieces.

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Back at the Nobility Realm in the throne room, Holmes says that he cannot say that Moriarty is a possibility since he cannot be sure. Kadoc calls out Holmes by saying that he’s being unusually vague.


In this Singularity, the Master has no significance.

Sancho says that they recruited Chaldea so that they could kill the Master and be done with it. Holmes offers other alternatives as well. One of them being taking on the Restoration and Vengeance Realm and claiming victory by obtaining their Holy Grails. Sancho asks about their strength and, of course, Holmes accounted for their strengths already and the obstacles that lie ahead and claims that they’ll do fine.

Don Quixote:

Please, I beg of you. Save Pan-Human History.


…Leave that to us.

That being said… First, our available options are very limited.

First, we must form an elite team.


Then we’ll gather several Servants.

They’re very reliable people, excluding Roland and Astolfo.


Thank you, that helps a lot.


(They’ll watch us as well. Other than that…)

(Sancho has been leading this situation since they revealed themselves…)

(Come to think of it, she’s been the one who relayed Karl der Große’s words)

(Considering Don Quixote’s origin, isn’t Sancho strong in politics…?)

(It’s not just Sancho….)

(“Don Quixote” has a delusional princess, a deceitful maid and an unnamed prince.)

(...Well, whatever. If the situation takes a turn for the worse…)

(It’ll be Chaldea…no, it’ll depend on his judgment.)

(I’m here to present the facts.)

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Sancho tells them to relax in their personal rooms. Sancho and Don Quixote talk in private after everyone leaves. Sancho says that it’ll be difficult to resolve the Singularity by just killing a Master. Don Quixote answers as if there is something bogging his mind which makes Sancho worried. Don Quixote says that he still needs to be on the throne since there is a mission he must fulfill. Sancho obliges to this and says that she’ll be the one to pick their Servants and missions.

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Back in the room, Kadoc puts up a soundproofing barrier. Holmes discusses that the other two opposing Realms are very self-sufficient on their own and are opposed to Pan-Human History. Gordolf congratulates you for surviving this far. Kadoc is impressed as well. Gordolf is surprised by Salome’s change in behavior which Holmes adds that Servants can have a new perspective which can lead to a change in personality and such since they have thoughts and emotions as well. The group decides to review the information they’ve gained so far.

RealmScaleMilitary PowerServantNotes
Vengeance RealmAB[Leader: Kriemhild] [Second in Command: Zhang Jue]Most powerful army
Restoration RealmBA[Leader: Constantine the 11th] [Pope Johanna]Top Class military power. Has greater discipline than the Vengeance Realm
Nobility RealmCC[Leader: Karl der Große (Don Quixote)] [Others: Astolfo, Roland, etc]Allies of Pan-Human History, applies to some Servants

Kadoc is not impressed by how the Nobility Realm stands between their two enemies, but is impressed that they’re still standing. Holmes says that they excel in mobility and an impenetrable fortress with the mountains being their advantage if an enemy Servant starts climbing. Da Vinci asks Holmes what their options are. Holmes says that they can either pursue Moriarty which won’t bring them closer to solving the Singularity but he is doing something behind the scenes. The other is to fight the other Realms. Someone knocks at the door and Da Vinci enables hidden mode for the communication line.

CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window


Excuse me.

This time, I am a Nobility Realm Servant and the new member of the Karl Commando Unit. Class is Caster—

I am Xu Fu.

Holmes introduces everybody, but is interrupted by Xu Fu as she says that she already knows everybody. Xu Fu comments on how there’s two Casters and one Extra Class. She’s also aware that they are talking about something in secrecy and wants to know as well in order to assist, but Holmes laughs and makes a sly remark. Another warrior comes in and makes his entrance.


My name is Diarmuid O’Dyna. One of the knights of Fionna.

Otherwise known as Shining Diarmuid. Pleased to make your acquaintance.


Diarmuid O’Dyna…!


Oh, it seems you are familiar with me. I did not realize how renowned I am….

Ah, we must have met in a Singularity or a Holy Grail War.

Unfortunately I do any memories of such a thing… Now I have come here as your ally this time.

As one of the members of the Commando Unit, command me however you wish.

Holmes asks for the details of the mission we’ve been assigned to. Xu Fu states that we’ve been assigned to eliminate a Reconnaissance Party and secure a fort. Unfortunately, they’re short staffed so they’ll have to complete it within a day. Diarmuid says that he’ll do his best to escort you and Xu Fu and the group complain about Diarmuid’s shining face. At any rate, Xu Fu advises Servants to go back into spirit form or rest.


Someone opens the door as you’re trying to sleep and it’s Kadoc.


Don’t say anything. …We need to talk outside.

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Outside, Kadoc puts up a soundproof barrier and checks on Mashu if she’s available. Mashu states that Da Vinci is doing maintenance and everyone else is asleep. The purpose of this conversation was to deduce “the person who cannot be trusted”. This is due to Kadoc reviewing all the information regarding the events that happened after Anastasia like the Doctor and whatnot.

Kadoc is aware of Mashu’s report as it contains Mashu’s thoughts on who might be the person who cannot be trusted. Mashu hesitates and makes excuses that her guess was through logic and rationale. Kadoc slowly persuades her to do so. Mashu states that there’s no sufficient evidence, reasoning or motive to suspect one another.


“Whydunit” is what it's called in mystery.


Ah, I’ve heard that before.

“Since mages are capable of almost every supernatural phenomenon, howdunit is useless.”

“But, why did they do it…whydunit has some meaning without any exceptions.”

Mashu cannot find any reasoning or motive that the Chaldea staff would harbor to cause the bleaching of Earth. Kadoc says there’s no lamenting it now since the deed is already done and there’s no point for the evildoer to attempt to undo it. Mashu continues to deduce every possible Servant and Master down to Sion since she has a different goal than the rest of us. However what rules her out is how she saved Chaldea from the Alien God’s attack. Kadoc is next on the list, but he denies it saying that he’d never have the guts to do it since he has a death collar on him. Mashu tells him that he does have the guts if he wasn’t confined to the collar.

Kadoc tells Mashu to have the database up just to have it double check anything. Kadoc goes down the list of Servants that have been summoned and their Masters. Nemo is a phantom and divine Servant bonded to Sion, Da Vinci bonded to Chaldea and Mashu bonded to you.


…Kadoc-san, so it can only be…


That’s right. Sherlock Holmes.

When, where and who summoned him?

CURRENT OST: FGO Lostbelt 1 Map OSTopen in new window


What do you mean?


A Servant needs a Master not just to have a simple mana tank.

The contract. It plays a vital role in pouring their existence into reality, similar to an anchor.

Fundamentally, that’s the main reason why they need Masters since they can’t charge into battle towards a hero without them.

Compared to backup magecraft, it’s irrelevant.


But there’s also rogue Servants…



So far in this Singularity, Servants didn’t come into being from Chaldea or enemy bases.

But summoned Servants are the result of the land itself using the power of the “Holy Grail that formed this Singularity”, so that they can make an effort to restore the “original history”.

To put it simply, the land is their “vessel”. They’d naturally fight without a Master.

Yet, there were rogue Servants that didn’t rely on the Holy Grail in Lostbelts.

Beowulf within Russia is a good example of that.

You and Mashu recall that Holmes was in London through a statement in which Holmes mentioned London and the Mage Association. Kadoc questions how he arrived in Shinjuku and Camelot. Mashu answers by quoting Holmes that he extended his manifestation by doing brute force rayshifts, but not in the same way that Musashi did it since if he did more than two, he’d be unable to fight. After those events, he contracted with you and recovered at the expense of being able to Rayshift independently.

Kadoc gives up and says that the pieces aren’t coming together. Kadoc advises using sealing magecraft to forget this conversation existed if they trust Holmes, since Kadoc doesn’t want those intrusive thoughts to linger any longer. Kadoc informs Mashu that the sealing memory magecraft is very basic, but needs consent. Kadoc teaches her by telling her to check the files AG134468 and write and time and date to utilize it.


Guda, Mashu.

I know this is just a seal in the end, but I suspect you won’t be able to forget everything.

The contents of this conversation should lie deep within your consciousness. If you trust Holmes…

In order to trust him, keep observing and doubting him. Got it?

Alright, see you tomorrow.

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Section 9: We're the Karl Commando Unit!

Chapter 9: We're the Karl Commando Unit!open in new window

Everyone is up and about. Xu Fu arrives while she’s eating her breakfast. She says that she wants to go home and take a break, since she realized how much of a hard worker she was back then after being summoned, which has led her to take as much time off as possible. Diarmuid arrives with his glistening face and very excited demeanor which annoys Xu Fu. Holmes is determined to prove Chaldea’s usefulness.


Alright, let’s go with what we arranged yesterday. I will be the vanguard.

Middle guard will be Holmes-dono and Guda-dono.

Lastly, the rear guard will be Xu Fu-dono. Are we satisfied with this?




I’ll accompany you guys with this mission for now. I don’t have anything to do anyways, other than house-sitting.


Then let us depart! Let’s head towards the north gate through the main street.

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In town, Kadoc asks if there’s a market here and Xu Fu replies saying there is and the currency they use to buy and sell is QP as utilizing resources from demonic beasts would be pointless since they’re there to reinforce Servant Saint Graph. Xu Fu decides to go shopping while they’re in town.

Chaton appears hidden and greets you. He, first, congratulates you and his escape out of the Vengeance Realm. He tells you that he has his reasons for concealing himself and admits that he’ll wander around for a while since this Realm is more relaxing than the other ones. Before Chaton leaves, he recognizes that you’re on a mission and he wants to help, but he can’t.

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Kadoc and Xu Fu come back and Xu Fu says that they have to descend the mountain and wishes there was some sort of path to go down and up consistently. On the way down, Xu Fu says that they have to do this excruciating process down and up the mountain everytime, Kadoc requests for a small break. Diarmuid denies such a thing because he warns that there are creatures like Orochi that lie here. After the battle, Xu Fu, Diarmuid and Holmes commend your ability as a mage to summon shadow Servants. Diarmuid announces to everyone that they’ll be arriving at the designated Reconnaissance Site.


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Holmes asks Xu Fu about the Elixir of Immortality, but Xu Fu says it didn’t matter in the end. You ask why, but Xu Fu would like to keep it a secret in case Qin Shi Huang gets summoned. Diarmuid interrupts before Xu Fu gets to reveal the details and announces that they are near Xanten Tower.


It is a watch tower that is located in the middle of the Nobility Realm and Vengeance Realm.

There’s still no red sky over it, so it shall be considered on Nobility Realm grounds.

Kadoc asks about the red sky and you reply that the Vengeance Realm has a red sky which indicates where the border lies between their Realm and other Realms. Holmes requests Diarmuid to restate the mission that they’ve been assigned.


Of course. Just a while ago, we’ve received confirmation that a small scale unit has formed here.

To be specific, no matter who’s there, we have to survey and withdraw.

Eliminating them is allowed depending on the situation.


How small are they?


I’d say there are around 10 to 12 of them. Though we are outnumbered here…

I’ve heard that our opponents are just Phantom Servants, so we should be able to sweep them.

Now, how do we initiate this?


A tower, huh…

CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window

You reach the tower and comment on how unusual the tower looks. Xu Fu agrees that it’s too big. Holmes points out that there’s patrol and that there might be Assassins guarding the doors with Presence Concealment. He elaborates that there would be three of them, and he imagines that two would be assigned at the left and right gates and the last being in the back. Xu Fu will provide support by using her taijutsu to create a soundproof barrier on the inside. They’re all set and go in to reveal the first Assassin.

CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window


Let’s go, Karl Commando Unit!


What kind of name is that? I don’t remember being a part of this!


Hahah, let’s put that aside and eliminate them.


CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window

After the battle, the group heads into the tower with the hunch that there is no one inside. To Holmes’s surprise there are some papers lying in the building. Holmes finds out that one of the papers is the blueprint of the towers and the other that contains information that states that this tower might be connected to the land’s leyline.

The group split up. Holmes and Kadoc to the roof while you, Diarmuid and Xu Fu down to the basement to search for evidence that this tower is connected to the land’s leyline. While the three of you are down there, Xu Fu tries to make some progress by asking somebody over there, but to your and Diarmuid’s surprise, there’s no one until Xu Fu reveals an invisible Caster.

After the battle, Xu Fu tries to analyze the remnants that the Caster had left behind.

Xu Fu:

Yep. This is what I guessed.

They’re trying to extract mana from the leyline and construct it to send it to the top of the tower.

Though it’s not activated yet. Were they about to start experimenting?


I see. I wonder how much mana they planned on extracting.

Xu Fu:

I think…enough to form a Holy Grail?


That’s a big amount.

I wonder if they intended on conducting a special summoning here.

Mashu secretly tells you that Holmes wants you three to meet up with him on the roof which you tell them and they head up. When they arrive, Holmes apologizes and Kadoc says that Diarmuid was the one that did all the work. Diarmuid says that they didn’t pose a threat along with Xu Fu’s help which Xu Fu is sickened by which also makes Diarmuid very confused. Holmes starts talking about the purpose of the tower.


The purpose of this tower is to sabotage the Nobility Realm.

They extract the mana from the leyline and convert that energy into a physical offensive attack.

Thereafter, shoot it.

…Meaning, this place was enshrined to be a turret fort. But as you can see, there’s nothing here.

I think they pulled too much mana which couldn’t be completed to make a well-suited turret since it couldn’t balance with it.

Xu Fu:

Such a harsh outcome…


At any rate, we should investigate the Vengeance Servants that were involved with this.

If we shut them down, we’ll prevent them from inevitably forging the turret.

Perhaps if we sense such movements from them, then we should destroy the tower.


The patrolling Servants will come soon.

Let’s retreat quickly.


CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window

Diarmuid says that they will attempt to secure and maintain the tower since it is all within their Realm’s boundaries. Though it will take hours and days to get from the main fortress to the tower so they’ll go into a safe room and ride it there. Holmes asks for elaboration which Diarmuid explains that they did it under the Sancho’s orders and that there's four in their Realm, two in the Vengeance Realm and one in the Restoration Realm.

Diarmuid further explains that there are keys that they use to get in, a barrier and it’s heavily disguised. If a Servant were to use the wrong key, it’ll explode on them even if they are in spirit form.

CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window

The safe room is under a broken carriage and you arrive. There’s a golem horse since they can’t afford to have a living horse down here. They are also emergency weapons down here, but Diarmuid says that you can take however much they’d like. Kadoc notices a Mystic Code down here, but stops since he doesn’t want the collar activating. They set forth on the horse.

They get off and Kadoc asks if there’s anything to remedy the motion sickness he had from the horse ride here which you have for him. On the walk, Xu Fu calms everyone down to review some information.

CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window

Xu Fu:

Up ahead is a fort that the Vengeance Realm has created as a bridgehead invasion against the Nobility Realm.

The Nobility Realm barely won at the end of the battle. The Vengeance Realm had to retreat from this area.

That being said, we’ve also received enormous casualties. Thus, we abandoned it.

But, we cannot leave it as is forever. We tried to avoid any conspicuous actions.

That is why to preserve its appearance, we’ve secretly stockpiled resources here.

But we need to solidify its robust defenses.

Now it’s just an abandoned fort attracting demonic beasts. I feel like we should eliminate them first.

Rear guard unit will take care of the aftermath while we deal with eliminating the demonic beasts.


Then let’s quickly deal with them. By the way, are there boars there?

Xu Fu:

Can’t say that there’s any. Are you not very good with them, Diarmuid?


I died to one…

Xu Fu:

Well then, that’s a R.I.P for you.

Xu Fu says that she’ll keep up a barrier that will bound the beasts within the fort so that they won’t escape and that the group can focus on eliminating them. Xu Fu uses her taijutsu and they begin the attack.

CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window

Demonic Boar:



Temporary retreat!

Xu Fu:



…Sorry, it’s a habit…

It’s just that demonic boars are my general weakness!

CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window

You head into battle either with the emergency weapons you brought or the others will handle the boar for Diarmuid. After the battle, Mashu secretly tells you that there are no other enemies detected and everything is cleared. Diarmuid praises you and expresses his gratitude for eliminating the very thing that was his shortcomings. The rear guard arrives just in time. Xu Fu makes Caster sign some transfer paperwork before they leave.

CURRENT OST: **![]( in new window

On the way back, Holmes states that this was our first successful mission. Kadoc says that there’s something wrong, but disregards it since he figures that the Singularity is wrong as well. You say that they’ll have to play the long game in this Singularity. Holmes is worried that they left Lord Vlad behind like that since he hasn’t disappeared and he still has an active contract. Holmes considers consulting with Karl der Große to help them get Vlad back. As they say that they arrive at the safe room and proceed to walk back on foot.

End of Chapter 9open in new window