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Arika Ishizue

The perpetually lethargic, masochistic, but also positive demon user.

Chronic memory loss.

Despite being outside of the spotlight, he is the main protagonist.

A weak creature who cannot live without being alone.

Arika agrees with most things, but he is reluctant to share things with other people.

After his left arm was eaten, his mental response to "threats" was lost, so he stumbles into situations that would be obviously dangerous to anybody else.

This results in a typical protagonist's personality with Arika getting involved in trouble when he doesn't need to.

The key that opens up the case in each episode.

Once you've used it, the key has served its purpose, so just leave it in your pocket and forget about it ーーーーー

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DDD's main protagonist, but he isn't the main protagonist of each chapter.

He aims to have a relaxed, carefree demeanor, but he also lives day by day using abusive language.

Although Arika shares the same basic design as the main character of Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, "Avenger", they are exact opposites.

Angra searches outwardly, while Arika looks within himself.

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Kaie Karyou

Cellar of demons. Ill-natured. Cruel and heartless. An inhuman person.

A boy with the appearance of a girl. A strong creature who cannot live by himself.

He is full of emotion, so he cackles when there is joy in the world, and smiles like an angel when there is misery in the world.

His artificial limbs are prefixed with the names of emotions.

By the way, the black dog always sleeping near the sofa always barks in reaction to “Hatred”.

Kaie can do anything but at the end of the day, he can’t do anything by himself.

He hates people but he’d die if he ever felt lonely.

It's said that if God is flawless because of his almighty power ーーーーー demons must be formless because of the incompetent minds of humans.

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DDD’s Kaie shares some similarities with Tsukihime’s Merem Solomon, but they are not directly connected.

DDD itself doesn’t have a connection with Fate or Tsukihime; Tsukihime and Fate are fundamentally positive, DDD is overall quite negative.

However, such a gloomy artstyle was powerless before the amazing Mr. Koyama’s enchantingly cute depiction of Kaie!

“Who the hell decided that Kaie should be a guy!?”

A certain fungus shouted into the mirror.

(TL note: He's just talking about the tone and this predates Back Alley Satsuki. DDD is canon as per Back Alley Satsuki (TM April Fools 2013) and Kara no Kyoukai Shuumatsu Rokuon)

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