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- The Hidden Truth, the Man-made Artifact Found on the Moon

By Keith Blackmore

The Lunar Exploration Program that was progressing in secrecy

After the establishment of NERO[1], the 45 countries that joined the organization all forsook their space and lunar development programs in one coordinated action a long time ago. However, the intel-gathering team of the Resistance “Hack&Crack”, which placed their headquarters at the Republic of Bangladesh and were mainly active in the Middle East, discovered a group that based itself in the lunar resource exploration headquarters of Akalabeth, which was abandoned by humans in the 2010s, and is continuing lunar exploration. Since large scale data jamming occurred when this gathered intel was being released, its contents are not completely clear. However, a shocking piece of information was revealed in the fragmented contents. That is – the lunar surface exploration being carried out at Akalabeth is highly likely to be related to the Western European Conglomerate.


[1] – NERO = North Earth Resource Organization. An organization of 45 countries that was created due to the urging of the Western European Conglomerate in 2015. Its main goals are to strictly limit the excavation and utilization of earthly and lunar resources, and also suggested a complete ban to space exploration. Since most of the countries in the northern hemisphere had joined it, all resource excavation activities on Earth are in fact controlled by NERO.

Soon after this revelation, the Hack&Crack’s headquarters were discovered by the Indo-American ally force and destroyed with large scale aerial bombing[2]. When this is taken into account, the possibility that ‘the Western European Conglomerate has obtained and has solely kept some designated-to-be-sealed space exploration technology’ can be regarded as exceedingly strong.


[2] – It is well known that the United States of America, the Kingdom of Britain, and the Republic of India are allies of the Western European Conglomerate, and provide for large amounts of the Western European Conglomerate’s military operations.

Since the forbiddance of new satellite launching in 2015, all artificial satellites in orbit can only act through the Western European Conglomerate’s assessment system[3]. Therefore, it is impossible to physically survey the lunar surface. This current event can be said as the solo act of the Western European Conglomerate, which regarded sealing up technologies as correct and as a contribution to world peace.


[3] – It is no easy task to evade the assessment of INQ-EXIT, which is the assessment system that enforces all databanks to allow its operation. Communication that did not go through INQ-EXIT had been seen as a breach to International Agreement 404 for a long time.

With gratitude to Hack&Crack’s release of information, the anti-NERO alliance – comprised of the 68 countries that oppose NERO – produced an accusing declaration. This, however, was ignored by the NERO countries. As a punishment towards those repetitive and incorrect accusations that threatened the maintenance of peace, NERO decided to impose commercial sanctions to the anti-NERO alliance.

Also, NERO had been accused by over a thousand not-for-profit investigation organizations for breaching the International Agreement 404[4]. After this, it carried out considerably severe measures[5]. Therefore, all talks of this had ceased.


[4] – International Agreement 404. This agreement is also called the designated-to-be-sealed agreement. Its target is chosen by the Western European Conglomerate and would become enforced once the NERO countries agree to the decision. This agreement forbids all forms of contact, investigation, analysis, and declarations related to the target. It is truly a sealing designation.

[5] – All inmates on the death row in North American Union prisons were executed last month. Rumour has it that it was done to ensure there will be places to instill criminals that may breach the Agreement.

Based on the fragmented report that the Hack&Crack intel-gathering team had brought back at the risk of their lives, our editorial group grasped, to some degree, detailed information on what the Western European Conglomerate discovered on the lunar surface.

We would like to present it here.

The discovery of the giant hole, and the giant mineral vein slumbering in the Moon


What the Akalabeth exploration team discovered is a giant hole with a depth of a few kilometers. What they discovered within this hole, which can be compared to a crack that bore through the Moon, are pure photon crystals[6] of a shocking volume. According to survey results, its diameter appears to be up to 30km. If this is true, then it would become apparent that apart from its surface portions, the entire Moon is made of a giant photon crystal.


[6] – A nano-substance that periodically changes its light refractory index. It is a substance that can control the transmission of light. Apparently, it can create a quantum computer using light itself as the media. Although some progress was made when it was discovered in the early 21st century, humans have only managed to successfully crystallize barely a few centimeters of it. The giant photon crystal slumbering beneath the Moon can be considered as a resonator of light with wave conductors, a super computer of giant size and incredible complexity that was created using nano-particles.

At the same time, the Western European Conglomerate made this enormous photon crystal – that is, the Moon itself – a designated-to-be-sealed target. This may appear ridiculous, but us inhabitants of Earth and of NERO countries are forbidden by International Agreement 404 to even discuss about ‘the Moon’.

According to their analysis, this giant photon crystal is a substance that can be considered as a quantum computer. That is, a super computer with a processing power that we can’t even measure. Although most super computer development had stopped on Earth since the 2010s and shifted the focus onto cloud computing, the processing power of the entire Internet on Earth cannot hope to match the abilities of this substance. Just who made this giant photon crystal? That remains a mystery. Perhaps the Western European Conglomerate grasped its truth, but the report left by the intel team gave no clues. The Western European Conglomerate called that pseudo-quantum computer, our Moon, as the ‘Holy Grail’.

The Divine Automatic Recording Device, the Holy Grail

The ‘Holy Grail’ scans the entire Earth about once per nanosecond and compile the results of its scan in its database. Although the time the ‘Holy Grail’ began operating remains unknown, even a conservative estimate based on its composing substance shows it to be older than the Moon itself[7], at an age of approximately 4.6 billion years old[8]. In other words, it is the oldest entity in the Solar System and had been observing us since the birth of Earth. That existence can therefore be called the Eye of God, the Divine Automatic Recording Device.


[7] – According to radioactive carbon dating of lunar rocks, the creation of the Moon is about 4.55 billion years ago.

[8] – According to radioactive carbon dating, it seems to be a substance created 4.6 billion years ago.

Unfortunately, we could no longer extract any more information from the analysis report that Hack&Crack members left behind at the risk of their lives. However, taking into account the fate that Hack&Crack suffered and the reaction of the Nero countries (centered around the Western European Conglomerate), we naturally felt the credibility of the Conglomerate initiating lunar exploration and discovering the ‘Holy Grail’ to be high.

Since we have already received 651 lawsuits from the Western European Conglomerate, the follow-up articles this time would no doubt be sued as well.

We eagerly pray that one day someone would be able to know the full scope of the great event of human history that is occurring on the surface of the Moon, and bring truth and hope to this world suffocating inthe control of the Western European Conglomerate.

Conspiracy Theory

The Conflict of WIZARDS

Conflict of Wizards: The Eruption of the War of the Holy Grail!?

【The key phrase “War of the Holy Grail” suddenly became very popular online recently.】

We had reported, in our November issue in 2031, the clandestine lunar exploration initiated by the Western European Conglomerate and the discovery of the man-made artefact… While we still had vivid memories of the impact of the “Holy Grail” that shook the world, currently these events are progressing with new leads.

【The Earth that is related to the Moon】

We still do not know just who made the “Holy Grail” and placed it deep beneath the Moon. However, one thing that we can be certain of is that it is an extremely dense and enormous data bank[1]. It is also called the Divine Automatic Recording Device that recorded all of history since the creation of human beings, a pseudo-intelligent being that has the supreme ability to affect the outside world with its internal scintillations[2].


[1] – According to investigation, the processing power observed from the Moon Cell Automaton cannot be estimated. However, we can at least be certain that its memory capacities far surpasses that of all digital media on Earth combined.

[2] – After the discovery made by the Western European Conglomerate, all the Internet inspection systems in the world fell into lament. The reason is hacking from the Moon Cell Automaton. Every system around the world formed a passage with the Moon Cell Automaton within 2 seconds, and a situation where anyone can log on to this path (as long as they can log on the net) was established. It shouldn’t be too far-flung to suppose that the Moon Cell Automaton, which completed this work in 2 seconds, harbours some kind of intelligence – or even a super-intelligence that humans can’t even fathom. It was proposed that the hacking itself was conducted through the static satellites managed by the Western European Conglomerate.

【The observed abnormalities

At the same time that the Western European Conglomerate discovered the “Holy Grail”, abnormal phenomena were observed on the Internet. In terms of absolute length, it was such a short period of time that it was almost undetectable by us, but the entire Internet on Earth received a great amount of unknown visitors and many Internet users were momentarily disconnected. It was presumed to be a reverse-connection of the lunar “Holy Grail” towards the Internet on Earth. This report was immediately propelled through the Internet, but it was probably banned soon afterwards and all related news was deleted.

【The “Cyber Deaths” that followed】

Soon after, an event consisting of the disappearance of famous hackers around the world occurred. After that, the report of the discovery of the bodies of large numbers of hackers also stared at us starkly across newspaper titles. This event that was initially thought of as the doings of some terrorists working for the Western European Conglomerate was later proven to be caused by the hackers themselves, something that has been called “Cyber Death”.

All the disappeared hackers were already corpses when they were discovered at their homes or work places. It has been established that all of them died due to heart attacks of unknown causes. Strictly speaking, we still haven’t established what caused their hearts to stop. However, after analysing the records in the terminals they used to connect to the Internet, the result showed that their own souls were etherised[3]. After autopsies were conducted, it was confirmed that almost all of their cerebral neurons suffered a tremendous overload that caused their cardiac and pulmonary functions to stop. Although the etherisation of souls is a technology still in the middle of being researched, some kinds of humans… those humans who have the ability to digitalise their own souls have taken an appropriate step onwards.


[3] – Something that digitalises the soul, the root and core of all things. Frankly, a concept that should be called the soul; in other words it is the ‘primordial form of existence’ that can unite all elements. It is something that digitalises a figurative concept and make it materialise, and can also be interpreted as information with life energy, data that gained life. Of course, etherising the soul requires ridiculously large processing powers and memory storage that’s too big even for cloud computing service. A technology that simplified these steps and solely uses the power of the human will to etherise the soul has also been acknowledged as existing.

【Matou Shinji, Asia gaming champion】


At the same time, we should all be able to recall the news report about how Matou Shinji, famous as the Asia gaming champion[4], was hospitalised due to sickness. The reason was fatigue caused by continuously logged on in the virtual world for 78 consecutive hours. After he was released from the hospital, something immensely interesting was written in his blog. He declared that “The Holy Grail will become mine”.


[4] – The winner of the 2030 world game championships VAMP (Virtual Arcade for Massive-multi Players). Infamous as a freelance hacker.

He seems to be physically fine according to his immediate update of his blog after his release from hospital. However, there are a few points of interest in his words…

【The Western European Conglomerate’s inspection intensifies】

At the same time of Matou Shinji’s “survival”, the Western European Conglomerate’s Internet inspection also intensified[5]. As of now, Matou Shinji seems to have avoided the government’s charge; however, many hackers have been arrested and imprisoned.

The aftershocks of International Agreement 404, which forbids access to classified intel and overwrites all laws with its punishment, did indeed suppress the world’s discussion. It also subdued the build-up of inconvenient truths for the Western European Conglomerate. However, judging from the hasty moves so far, it’s hard not to feel the distressed state the Conglomerate is trying hard to hide.


[5] – The enforced update of the inspection system INQ-EXIT that kept up with the version updates of basic OS. In fact, it’s impossible to connect to the net without going through INQ-EXIT. Of course, there existed exceptions in the ways to save your data, but the INQ-EXIT version update this time added on the ability to follow saved data. It’s true that INQ-EXIT had literally become the “Inquisitor”

【The hero of Resistance, Tohsaka Rin】

Moreover, the famous Tohsaka Rin, who is known as the hero of Resistance, also made some strange comments in our interview. Please look to her interview for details. In it, she had clearly stated that “The War of the Holy Grail has begun”. The “Holy Grail” that far surpasses human intelligence, the pseudo-quantum computer on the Moon, and the war beneath the surface surrounding the ownership of this man-made artefact that has yet to be claimed by any man; is this what has been called “the War of the Holy Grail”? All reports and news articles about the “Holy Grail” has been sealed and it hard to discern the truth in it. We would like to pool all that we know together and end this report thus.

【The inspection also relates to academia】

The Second University of Tokyo’s High-Tech Intel and Science Research Institute is famous for its research of the Internet. The latest research topic here is the digitalisation of the soul; in other words, turning the soul into ether. Although it is widely recorded that certain unique talents are required to digitalise the soul, only a very small number of humans in the entire world have such talents. A list of people with the ability to digitalise souls[6] are stored in the Institute’s research subject list. According to our investigation, 97.2% of hackers who have been arrested and exposed by the Western European Conglomerate are recorded in this list in the form of symbols.

In other words, isn’t the Western European Conglomerate trying to seal the connection with the “Holy Grail” through sealing the Wizards able to etherise souls?

Large portions of the truth are buried in the darkness. Many people who have the right to connect to the “Holy Grail” have been buried by the Western European Conglomerate. Just what is the truth that they are trying so hard to hide? After this, we would like to tear apart the darkness of the Western European Conglomerate’s savage control of information, and convey the truth to our readers.


[6] – They are called ‘Wizards’ by the Institution.

Red-hot SCOOP


An exclusive interview with the beacon of the Resistance – Tohsaka Rin

We have successfully obtained an exclusive interview with the special technology consultant of the previously-destroyed Hack&Crack, and the hero of Resistance who became famous for participating in many Resistance battles – the modern magician, Tohsaka Rin. We will now lead you closer to the real, unconcealed Rin, who is now wanted by the Western European Conglomerate as an international terrorist and praised as a hero by the Resistance fighters.

Interview: Jeremiah Cromwell / Photo: Marcus Bogard


If you want to be freed from this ruled and suppressed world.

It’s just that the way the Western European Conglomerate does things is against my personality.

Even if I wasn’t hired by the Resistance, I would probably still fight against them in some other way.


Originally a tech staff with no affiliation, she has many skills including hacking and cracking, a rare Average One Wizard. The Middle East is her main area of operations. Moreover, the Tohsaka house fell into obscurity since the 1990s.

— Thank you very much for kindly agreeing to our interview today.

Tohsaka: There’s no need. It's all because my employer was nagging me about how promoting us is also a part of our job, so I had to accept it. Cos it gives us money, and we can’t turn that away.

— Really? You were originally a tech staff with no affiliation. Now, it seems you use the Middle East as your headquarters most often. Were you alright when Hack&Crack was attacked by NERO?

Tohsaka: I simply detected the attack by the Western European Conglomerate and escaped to a safe place. Although I passed that information to other members, they prioritised our equipment, materials and data over their own lives… I don’t think I need to repeat the outcome of that. At that time, we only managed to save the things most important to us.

— What kind of work does Hack&Crack do?

Tohsaka: We’re a coordinated effect in investigating novel hacking skills. I provide the resource known as ‘me’, and they provide the equipment and materials.

— Can you be more specific?

Tohsaka: Our goal was to ascertain the skill needed to infiltrate the Moon Cell Automaton. After all, Hack&Crack wasn’t eliminated just because we obtained the evidence of lunar development by the Western European Conglomerate. Rather, it was us having clues on how to infiltrate the Moon Cell Automaton that angered the Western European Conglomerate.

— Did the Western European Conglomerate want to eliminate that technology – or rather, you – along with Hack&Crack?

Tohsaka: The Western European Conglomerate is attempting to infiltrate the Moon Cell Automaton, but their technology is something from 30 years ago. They cannot communicate with the Moon Cell apart from physical contact, and they can only literally go to the lunar surface to attempt to directly contact the Holy Grail. However, we have another portal. The Moon Cell completed the reverse-connection of almost the entire Internet on Earth, right? We can manage to log on over the Net too. As long as we can make an etherised saved file and be able to read it.

— Etherisation… what is this concept that was publicized in the latter half of the 90s, and was called a magical theory?

Tohsaka: True. We can’t match the Holy Grail’s processing powers if we intervene using older programming. Even if we’re talking about the extent of cloud computing utilizing the calculating power of a few continents, we can’t even manage to indirectly infiltrate it. We can only connect to the Holy Grail via the Net if we etherise the soul itself. Even so, only those humans whom can accomplish this… Wizards… are allowed to connect to the Holy Grail.

— Does the Western European Conglomerate know this too?

Tohsaka: Yes. That’s why they’ve exposed and arrested Wizards who have yet logged on. It’d be troublesome if the Moon Cell is easily infiltrated. In other words, the only thing they don't have are those Wizard-grade hackers. Since I don’t like the Western European Conglomerate either and got hired by the Resistance, I want to provide results that exceed my employer’s expectations.

— It seems you want to start a war against the Western European Conglomerate.

Tohsaka: But I don’t want to start something as wasteful of resources as a war. It’s just that the way the Western European Conglomerate does things is against my personality. Even if I wasn’t hired by the Resistance, I would probably still fight against them in some other way. And as for the international manhunt for me, all I have to say is that unfortunately, the war has left the Earth and moved to the Moon… to the Moon Cell itself. Also, there are many other Wizard-grade hackers apart from me. They’re probably being very busy right now because before I agreed to this interview, I have revealed to the entire world the method of logging onto the Holy Grail.


— You mean that document currently stirring up the entire inspection system? Are the things written in it true?

Tohsaka: It’s what the Hack&Crack research team and I compiled after 3 years. Of course, not everyone can master it. However, those hackers who can apply these novel infiltrating methods… those outstanding Wizards… may be able to implement them.

— We would also like to help via distribution of this interview all over the world. Speaking of which, can you tell us the way to connect to that document?

Tohsaka: Right. Since digital media are untrustworthy, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to leave an entrance in the virtual media. However, there were quite a few levels of security. It’s my little challenge to everyone else. The final information is hidden on the Net, away from INQ-EXIT’s inspections. Although I imagine the Western European Conglomerate have yet to find it, it’s only a matter of time before they intervene. The key needed to connect to the place where the information was hidden is located in the UVD-ROM, and it was scattered everywhere. I don’t know who will have possession of it at the end, but for those of you who have the ROM, please have a go at connecting.

— How can someone obtain that UVD-ROM?

Tohsaka: As for that… embarrassingly, there aren’t a lot of it. The guy responsible for promotions was too stingy. However, because of it was of a make that anyone can obtain if you get proactive with the hints I left outside of the ROM the best way that I could, those who read this interview should be able to detect it. Although I do not know who might have them, please challenge it – those of you who managed to obtain the ROM.

If you want to be freed from this ruled and suppressed world.

— Thank you for your time at such a busy moment. We wish you the best of luck in your future ventures.


What’s the truth of the Ghosts that stirred up the Internet?

The myth of Cyber Ghosts that created a ruckus with the alternative web surfers.

Something that we can catch glimpses of in the virtual sea called the Internet.

Are Cyber Ghosts just an urban legend?

Or a paranormal event that surpasses our understanding?

A strange rumour has appeared in alternative websites lately. It’s the topic about Cyber Ghosts[1].


[1] – Cyber Ghosts are regarded as the tragic end of the Personal Data that wandered within the unfathomable sea of processing power, which is created from billions of mini local connections that supports the basic Internet infrastructure. In other words, it is the phenomenon that Personal Data, which is the user’s personality during life that has been scattered over the Net and has been copied, started to move autonomously and ceaselessly. To put it simply, a copy of the soul maintained its consciousness after the death of the human and continued to live on the Internet.

Those people with outstanding Magic Circuits[2] are thought to be able to move in the virtual world as ‘unique individuals’. This is especially true for those outstanding ether-hackers, who can accurately re-materialise their physical bodies as etherised forms[3] [4].


[2] – The quality needed to etherised one’s own soul. It is said to be an inborn latent and not something that can be obtained via training; something inherited through genes. It is one of the vital talents people need in order to become a hacker in this world where mana, the root of all Magic, has dried up. There are also hackers who can etherise their own souls and directly interfere the digital world that way, and are called ether-hackers. It has been said that the more Magic Circuits one has, the less limits one would encounter in the digital world.

[3] – Something that is the result of having digitalised the root of all things, the root of the soul. The third element that makes up the universe. The experience gained in the virtual world through re-materialisation into ether forms is said to be as real and flawless as the real world.

[4] – Most virtual-reality services that use ether provide their virtual experiences through manipulating virtual scenes and appearances that are pre-prepared. It is vital to have ether both in the body and in the soul to re-materialise a physical body in the virtual world. It is extremely difficult for normal humans, and is a manipulation that is too cost-inefficient.

However, those with this outstanding special ability are rumoured to easily become vengeful spirits after their deaths – Cyber Ghosts. That is, even if their souls and memories have physically disappeared, their outstanding Circuits continued to live on their own and became independent.

Nonetheless, no matter what kind of super computer we use, the re-formation of personalities is so difficult that it can be regarded as impossible due to the physical limitations placed upon processing power and data storage.

Actually, the basic Internet infrastructure that evolved rapidly since the 2010s and the quantitative leap of processing powers that used distributed processing to spread the load[5] expanded our abilities and made large and advanced programs able to be run.


[5] – An idea that has also been called Cloud Computing. A virtual computer has been set up, which is connected by the entire Internet connecting the world in the 2030s and use these individual computers to run all sorts of large programs.

From those, then perhaps the Cyber Ghosts that has been stirring up rumours really are able to exist.

As for now, the main rumours that have emerged are as follows.


He is one of the original authors who’s rumoured to appear in the virtual-experience gaming platform enjoyed by 20 million people around the world, ‘Heaven’s Feel Online’. However, before he released his latest work “Moon Princess”, which was eagerly expected by gaming fans all over the world, he had disappeared without a trace. No one knows whether mysterious novelist (we aren’t even sure of his gender) is dead or still alive. It had been more than 10 years since his disappearance. Also, it is still a mystery whether the character that appeared in “Heaven’s Feel Online”, which is similar to the said novelist, is actually himself or a NPC. At least, the management company have denied the NPC theory.

[Bryn's notes: The above is Nasu taking a stab at himself...]


Jessica Hilton has been emerging in “Real Life”[6], famous as a large-scale dating sit-com digital communication hub. People have witnessed her in all corners of the virtual world since “Real Life” opened its services. Endless rumours started, such as ‘it’s as if she’s existing in the virtual world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year”. There was also the contemplation that she is a NPC prepared by the managing company, but the company had denied the theory that Jessica Hilton = NPC.


[6] – A virtual communication hub service. A total of 35 million people have used since its launch in 2025. It is also famous for its high charge. Since the majority of its users are of an older age and are likely to be married, it has been slandered as “Second Wife”.


The rumour that ‘the ghosts of the residents who lived in the experimental city on the sea, which was destroyed in a large-scale disaster last year, have been emerging in all sorts of virtual-reality services”. There were no survivors from this city.


The white-clad man that became the hot topic amongst hackers. It has been said that he would appear if you connect to the net for long enough. Rumour has it that he would chat to the user in a gentle tone and call for people to participate in ‘the War of the Holy Grail”. It is still unclear what the “War of the Holy Grail” that the white-clad man spoke of is.

Also, there are some who thought of this simply as things we can dismiss as stories and urban legends. The development of Autonomous AIs, things that can truly be called Artificial Intelligence, has been stagnant for a long time. On the other hand, although humans gave up trying to complete it, the development of intelligence-mimicking and limited AIs has rapidly accelerated in the extremely-digitalised modern era. This is especially so in the sex industry[7].

Such an overwhelming number of complicated service programs are related to the urban legend of Cyber Ghost… Although we cannot prove this possibility, we can neither deny its existence in this vast sea-like Internet, which has ignored the stagnant scientific development of the world and endlessly progressed towards further complexity and advancements.


[7] – In the 2020s, all countries in the world have started to make the sex industry government-owned, and 32.7% of the market is actually virtual-reality AI experience. This data is quoted from the 2028 Annual Research on Global Sex Industry.

Report from UNDER WORLD

【Truth behind the Atlas temple】

The darkness of the continent of Africa, the modern mystery realm, Atlas

It has been said that the world has been split in two.

One is the world governed and ran by the Western European Conglomerate, which enjoyed its peace as its advances stagnated[1].

The other is the third world countries that lost their momentum and fell into an age of darkness[2].

In this report, we aim to target the darkness of the African continent, which manufactured clones large-scale[3] and provided a vast market for them.


[1] – The Western European Conglomerate has made strict resource utilisation agreements and formed alliances centred on the developed countries. As of now, 48 countries are supervised by NERO, which is in turn governed by the Western European Conglomerate. It has been said that using these 48 countries, the Western European Conglomerate controls 67% of the global economy and 90% of the global military force. In fact, the majority of the ‘world’, when we speak of the word, refers to countries governed by the Western European Conglomerate.

[2] – This refers to the countries and regions not controlled by the Western European Conglomerate. It mainly refers to areas where Resistance powers are active and are only weakly influenced by the Western European Conglomerate, namely the Middle East and up to north India and the eastern seaboard of China. Of special mention is the African continent, where the two forces are in conflict.

[3] – The manufacture of clones is designated-to-be-sealed by the Western European Conglomerate due to the International Agreement 404. Of course, it is also prohibited by the law of the majority of countries in the world.


This is a fragment of the report gained through infiltrating Atlas for investigational purposes, and having ascertained the manufacture of clones. It can be used as evidence towards crimes such as modifying genetic codes.

[Chasing the darkness of manufacturing clones]

Within the African continent, which was contested by the Chinese and the Western European Conglomerate, the issue of manufacturing and trading clones have been brought up numerous times since the mid-2010s. It is conducted in a scale that can now be paralleled to slave-trading. As goods, these clones are not only sold within the continent, but are continuously exported in secret to developed countries concentrated in Europe, Asia, and North America. Therefore, it became as complicated as the firearm export routes back in the 2000s, and each good would have been through tens of countries to hide their origins. Therefore, the investigational bodies could not uproot the clone manufacture and trading network. Truth is, they can’t even obtain evidence for these transactions.

Due to our exclusive sources, we have ascertained that the headquarters of an international criminal organisation involved in clone transactions is located in the Republic of Egypt.

The Resistance force has spread throughout the Middle East towards the north of India and the Far East, and the Western European Conglomerate has encircled the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans with its centre in Europe, India, and North America; an empty space where neither powers could reach is the African Belt that starts from the Republic of Egypt and extended to United States of Beafera[4]. The criminal organisations placed their power centre at this African location, and shipped the ‘goods’ that are gathered by northern African states such as Egypt from the north to the southwest, and export them from the United States of Beafera.


[4] – A small country in southeast Africa that became independent in 2016. Some international organisations have pointed to it as ‘a puppet regime that relies on criminal organisations’.

Then, their origins became concealed as they were shipped into the embraces of the buyers through a complicated route. That is where our investigation currently stands.

There are some accusations on the lines of ‘the United States of Beafera is just a puppet regime of the criminal organisations’. Because the United States of Beafera didn’t join NERO and gave up the right to excavate resources, even NERO does not have a reason to undertake military action against it. The truth is, in the current world where countries have in fact lost their power, it is impossible to attack the United States of Beafera on a humanitarian basis. After all, in the modern era, the 2030s, the United States of Beafera is one of the only countries left that refused to connect to the Internet. In fact, there are no ways to investigate it apart from slipping in through its physical borders.

We have given up on the idea of investigating in the United States of Beafera, where information is tightly censored, and focused on Egypt, which is regarded as the purchasing and wholesale centre of these ‘goods’.

What emerged was the fact that ‘with regard to the providers of the vast clone market, a large amount of them are within the African continent’.

Afterwards, a very mysterious organisation emerged as one of the main buyers in the African continent. Its name is the Atlas Academy.

[The modern mystery realm, Atlas Academy]

The origins of Atlas Academy are terribly ancient. It is a collective organisation made up of fringe scientists who call themselves ‘the father of magecraft’. However, it has been an organisation of alchemists in the past, and to this day it is still active in the darkness of history. They constrain themselves with their unique creed, and would never interact with the outside world[5].


[5] – The Atlas Academy that stirred in the darkness of history… according to their creed, there once existed on the world something called ‘magecraft’, which controlled the ‘magical force’ – Mana – that exists within nature and the environment. They also held that many magi had existed. However, Mana became exhausted in the world, and they believe only the Atlas Academy preserved the knowledge and skills required to lead towards ‘magecraft’. On an objective viewpoint, although they are an existence that is infinitesimally close to scientists, they probably never communicated with the human world due to their unique creed. Therefore, their existence has almost been wiped out from orthodox history records.

Endless dark rumours encircled Atlas Academy. In detail, it concerns purchasing large amounts of clones, nurturing them in the Altas facilities, and apply all sorts of human modification. To go a step further, there are also rumours that they have added requirements on the genetic DNA of the ‘goods’.

According to the documents we have acquired, Atlas Academy began to touch upon clone transactions in the year 2021. Hundreds of ‘goods’ are purchased every year, and in the recent years this number had been gradually increasing.

What we will introduce next is a photo we have taken when we infiltrated Atlas Academy. A girl was lying on the floor of the facilities, not even wearing undergarments, and gazed at the journalist with an empty stare that didn’t even have any feelings of shame. Judging from the photo, she can be presumed to be of Indian origin, and we couldn’t help but feel that the criminal organisation’s clone-transaction network has extended to all areas of the world.


↑ A picture that was successfully captured during the undercover investigation. The girl on the floor was connected to a machine, and just laid there listlessly.

It is very difficult to expose the full extent of the clone market. However, after having thoroughly investigated their purchasing records, we have discovered the special properties of the ‘goods’ that the Atlas Academy purchases. The Atlas Academy is currently purchasing, in large amounts, ‘goods’ that have special genetic codes that they call ‘Magic Circuits’[6]. Moreover, some purchasing records also hint that there are clone manufactories within Africa that specifically supply to Atlas.


[6] – An ability that enables a human to understand his own soul as a material, and enables the digitalisation of the soul. It should be a physical trait that is inherited and cannot be learnt through training.

The clone market in Africa is extremely advanced due to the large demand, and it is very difficult to uproot it due to the reasons listed above. Even if they are to break the International Agreement 404, the Western European Conglomerate cannot launch military attacks as long as these countries give up the right to resource utilisation.

The countries oppressed by the Western European Conglomerate have suffered innumerable trampling of human rights. However, in the continent of darkness that their eyes couldn’t reach, repulsive events that threaten the very dignity of life are currently increasing. For us, and for the Western European Conglomerate, there is currently no method to solve this problem. However, we’d like to expose this problem through our continuing investigation and reports.