Mr. Dawn


One of the Holy Church's exorcists. He drives a 30-ton trailer as a means of transportation.

Dawn himself does not have the power to exorcise demons, but his main role is considered to be the transportation of another demon exorcism specialist who "easily strays from the path". They are traveling together on a visit to the country town "Aylesbury".

Dawn has no means of attack or self-defense, so the work demon exorcisms is performed exclusively by the "other demon exorcism specialist" who he transports.

He has the appearance of a sword, but he is actually a gentle and sociable character.

He looks more like a school teacher than an exorcist.

According to Dawn, he is not qualified to teach others, and it is better for someone to live a leisurely life by themselves to be happy.

Quiet pacifist. While he has agreed to go to the battlefield called Aylesbury, he doesn't carry firearms, even for self-defense.

Dawn is weak to blood, violence and even horror movies. He instantly panics at the sight of massacres caused by heretics, ending up as a liability, so other agents fear him as "the last person you'd ever want to go on a mission with".


The sixth member of the Burial Agency (tentative title). The Burial Agency's freeloader.

(After his partner is replaced, the two together will officially share their status as the sixth member.)

Dawn was originally an engineer, within the elite of the elite, and the chief of V&V Industries's 6th Development Department.

However, he resigned from V&V after a certain incident.

Impressed by his contributions in resolving the incident, he was scouted by the director of the Burial Agency, Narbareck.

Although one might say Dawn's faith, as the believer that he should be, is a little below average. A bible rests within his desk drawer, a level of piety that has not changed since the incident.

He is considered to be a valuable type of exorcist, currently, no exorcist can replace Dawn under certain conditions.

In the Holy Mother's prophecy, Dawn will exorcise three demons within his lifetime, according to divine revelation.

He is the only one from the church to exorcise a fully-formed victim of demon possession.

Source/The Dark Six (Alias)

He is the character on the side of the Holy Church in Tsukihime 2, the game inside Kinoko's brain.

Since he is an agent without a Magecraft background, supernatural powers, nor the ability to perform sacraments, he understands the perspective of ordinary people.

He is a seasoned and hardworking individual, having been bossed around by those aligned with the Holy Church, who tell him "If you're not going to take part in the killing, go work yourself to death as an errand boy."

He is mainly active on weapons transportation and procurement duty.

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