FGO 6th chapter- Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot Films' Pamphlet/Booklet Translated


Together, both saw the same thing.

You saw the shining star on the ground.

You watched the star twinkling quietly.

Sooner or later, the journey of the pilgrimage will hurt you .

The journey of searching will one day change who you are .

Falsehoods, counterfeits, longings and masks.

Atonement will not praise you ,

determination will not heal you .

Even the only memories that you were sure of,

will not be protected.

In your original form, in your true shape,

you will never be able to finish that journey.

ーーーBut only that heart is like a moon embracing the star.

For what it felt is something more important than everything else.

It still continues to run even now.

Note: Star here likely refers to Artoria Pendragon, King Arthur , "Brave King of Knights, you are the one saved Britain. You are my Shinning Star."

"Brother and sister"

“Quiet, Gaheris. Don't wake Gareth up.

Please let her stay like this for a while.

In preparation for the upcoming round-table jousting competition,

Gareth seems to be training very hard every day these days.

To be honest, as an older brother, I have conflicting feelings.

Gareth's words, "I want to be a knight to protect Britain, too."

I'm really proud of her words. But......

She is not blessed with a physique like you or me.

I may be a Knight of the Round Table and Lord of Orkney.

However, at the same time, I'm also your brother.

I understand Gareth's admiration for King Arthur and Sir Lancelot.

But I still think Gareth should have other ways of living

that are more suitable for those fair hands ......

? You are saying that those are not the only two people that Gareth admires?

Haha. I see, Sir Percival was the one, wasn't he?

Indeed that Lord is a wonderful knight too,

Gareth has really found a good aim......

What's with the dumbfounded look on your face? Did I say something strange?”

“……..Nii-sama ,...... Please go wait for me ......

Gareth will catch up with you soon. ......"

Note: Nii-sama = Big Brother


“After such a glorious victory,

And yet, here by the city wall, where no one is playing,

won't you be at the banquet, Sir Tristan?”

“Yes. The heat of the battle has cooled off.
Now I'd like to be quiet and let the stars of the night hear the sound of my strings.
But more than likely,

The tune played by blood-stained fingertips is not even a requiem poem for the souls…

It would be a nuisance to the stars.”

"So. Then I'll listen to it instead of the stars.
Sir, you can't snap your fingers on your own, can you?"

“I do not mind….

But it's not good, Bedivere,
to be the king's bodyguard yet being absent at a victory feast.

My absence is the norm, but if it were you,

it would cause some problems, would it not?

You'll be ridiculed again by His Highness, the Lord Iron Consul, would you not?”

“No, I'll just say I was supervising the lamenting Tristan

to make sure he didn't get too carried away to ruffle any feathers.

I'll put half the blame on you."

“How sinister.

I am, as you can see, a lonely poet playing a poem all by myself.”

"Really? Do you dare to promise that you will be in front of the king

rather than in a tavern before a noblewoman penning poetry of your victory?”

“………..I have been wondering for some time.

Why is Sir Bedivere so stern only when he's near me?”

“Oh, well. Then you don't need an audience, do you?"

“...... If you seriously want to leave, go ahead, that's all I'll say.

Fine if you're going to stay, then I'm not going to leave here either.

Let us sing a poem about the king and the knights who accompany him.......”

"Lord and Retainer"

There was no large difference in what they wanted.

The sword loved the country where people could live peacefully.

The iron was pleased with the country that rules people without doubt.

It did not matter who became king.

If it were an upstanding king,

he would put that virtue to use.

If it were a self-serving queen,

he would turn that viciousness into a weapon.

Only the face prostrate, a servitude in appearance only.

A promise only in words.

------Another person who only looks similar.

The sword was desired by everyone.

The iron ostracized everything.

Their thoughts and beliefs,

even the worlds reflecting in their eyes were separate.

There was absolutely no hint of compatibility,

or of destinies that could coexist.

And yet------the iron laughed at the irony of it all.

The irony that, while being so different,

the thing they wanted was the same.

...The irony of, while knowing this,

how foolish his own heart is.

Note: Sword refers to Artoria as King Arthur, and Iron references to Agravain.


The king reached the farthest end after a long and unknowable time.

The knight knelt in paradise as a consequence of his long journey of atonement.

Having given up his holy sword,

The holy lance gave the king a new mission.

The knight, who had misjudged his loyalty,

Once more, he continued to search for a way to return the starlight to Sky.

The separate paths continued to go farther and farther apart.

There will never be another day when they meet.

Everything is already over.

No one can be saved, and no one will know.

The king and the knight were simply cut off and faded into the abyss of darkness.


The king, to save a world that has burned up.

The knight, to not forget what is precious.

The body that has been turned into stone is lit again.

Miracles can only come from good wishes.

At the end of this journey, a forgotten destiny is met.


"Love alone is no way to live"

"Loyalty alone is no way to live"

In Britain.

They impeached each other to the point of deciding who was the better man.

They impeached each other in this way and fought to the death.

“What are your thoughts on the Ideal Millennial Kingdom...... Lord?

A society ruled by a single king alone,

A country that continues to exist under unchanging laws,

Is this really the right thing to do?"

“If this were a world with a future, I would object.

But there is no such thing as a future or a past in this wilderness.

What exists in the present will continue to be sheltered in the best way possible.

In the holy city that the king has built.

I do not have the slightest doubt."

With his back to him, the silver white knight speaks.

There is no place for past obsessions and animosities.

The way of the knight of the lakeーーー

The only person who is alienated from that justice is the Iron.

"Ah, I see. Not that you don't have questions;

just that you don't want to have them.

That's the way it is with you, Lord.”

If that is how it is, the Knight of the Lake reminded himself more strongly.

Should the Knights of the Silver White abandon his ways of being human.

Then, he will protect them to the end.

Intense and crystal-clear.

The tranquility of a lake's surface devoid of waves,

and a fiery passion that is not afraid to ask the king questions when it comes to the matters.

He smiled at the past and said that was the ideal of a knight.

For a friend who should be honored.

Note: Lancelot's friend is most likely referring to Artoria Pendragon, King Arthur, rather than Lion King Artoria.


The night of victory in the 11th battle against the Saxons.

In order to get a good view of our surviving armies,

just only once did I rose to the same heights.

Surely this was a summit allowed only to the king.

I never doubted that it was the final destination (goal).

It was easy to achieve victory only with hatred.

It was simple to trample them with hatred alone.

War and politics are battles of fists.

The difference is whether or not you spill any blood.

They're not things you can do while holding on to love or tenderness.

Thoroughly crushing other side’s sense of justice with your own justice is war.

Worrying about your opponent's world while you're in the middle of killing each other is,

in reality, nothing more than a fantasy or idealism, you know?

As a human being, you're meant to have tenderness.

Humans conceived it, yet they can't protect it.

Because they will self-destruct.

Sometimes you have to lie, sometimes you have to shut your eyes,

and you have to protect your own heart.

That's whyーーーthat king was an ideal king.

I merely wanted to stand in that top ;I merely wanted to win.

The king was always aiming beyond their sights.

They don't understand the human heart? That's no surprise.

As if the human heart could understand such a fantasy.

From the very beginningーーーthe scenery (things) we were looking at , was very different.


You're saying we're the guardians of Human Order?

Well, I'm sorry, but that's just not true.

I'm not a guardian, and he's not a guardian, either.

Because he is knight of heaven who gave up the Holy Grail himself.

He was one of the few people who had 'served his purpose' while he was still alive.

Well, it looks like he still had some leftover feelings and opinions,

so he can be established as a heroic spirit, right?

He will not help humanity.There is no need for him to help humanity.

Selfless and disinterested.

The ultimate in purity and cleanliness.

In a way, he's the most heartless man I've ever met.

How will he be involved in your journey?

You could say this is one of the things worth seeing,

a highlight of the Grand Order concerning Human Order.

Oh I'm looking forward to it, I'm looking forward to it so much!

I wonder what's going to happen?

Will he be good or will he be evil?

As an observer, I'll be anxious to see the birth of a knight that no one has seen yet!

"Fou-fou-fou-fou" (Special translation: Spiral Merlin Crusher!)