FSN Fate Day 09 (EN)

Scene 00

The sounds of the shinais echo.

The substance of the fight is the same as always.

I attack desperately, while Saber blocks my blows easily and counters with an attack twice as sharp as mine.

I manage to block it, attack even stronger, and lose――we are repeating the same match over and over.

"Ha――Haa, haa, hah."

I stand still and breathe deeply.

Wiping the sweat off my forehead with my arm, I calm my breathing.

"What are you resting for? You would not have given up at this point yesterday. Here, come attack me."

"No――hold on. I need to catch my breath. Let's rest a bit."

"What are you saying? If you will not attack, I will just attack. You do not mind that?"

Saber stares at her bad student.

But I cannot move my body to my satisfaction, even if she looks at me that way.

"...Sigh. What has gotten into you, Shirou? You are like a different person from yesterday.

Your blows that came straight for me were the only thing that amazed me, but I do not feel any power from you this morning."

"...I know that myself, but... I just can't do too well."

Well, uh, the situation is too different from yesterday.

"Is the heat in your body still present? But it is no good if your performance decreases just because of that. Please cool down a bit and calm your mind."

"――No. Before that, do something about that thing."

I point to the observer by the wall.

"What? Don't mind me and just continue your training."


Tohsaka doesn't understand at all.

When she's staring at me like that, I can't concentrate on fighting with Saber.

"You are worried about Rin? That proves even more of your lack of training.

"...I understand. In that case, I will make it so that you will not worry about observers."

Saber grips her shinai hard.

"Whoa, hold on Saber, my breath isn't――"

"There is no problem. You should fix such a problem during battle."

Saber disappears from my view.


The instant I realize this is bad and block my face, Saber's shinai hits me right on my head.

...And so, the training this morning was severe.

I wasn't worried about Tohsaka watching after I got knocked out once. As I devoted myself to blocking Saber's blows, it was lunchtime before I knew it.

"But man, Saber really is calm.

You didn't even twitch your brow during the whole three hours you fought with Shirou. You don't talk much normally, but it's even more true when you're in a battle. It feels like you're a machine or something."

Tohsaka is in a good mood, I think because she saw me getting beat around a lot.

The two are in the living room, resting.

As for me, I'm preparing lunch by myself as a punishment for not being serious this morning.


I want to cut corners and finish quickly by making something like white noodles.

"Machine-like...? I see, I have never been conscious of it, but I may be turning off my emotions while I wield the sword. It must be the same even in training."

"Hmm. Could that be in preparation for holding a sword even though you're a girl? Like, not losing in spirit because you're inferior in physique?"

"That is incorrect, Rin. Being calm is part of readiness for battle, but that should be no different for a man or a woman.

Even you should shut down your emotions during battle. You are the kind who is able to."

"Hm... you're pretty direct. Well, it's true, though.

But yours is definitely different from mine. I only shut out my generosity. I can't be as objective as you are."

"It seems so. That must be why you are so gorgeous.

You keep the elegance of a woman even during battle."

"What, is that sarcasm? I can't beat you in gorgeousness. ...I'll admit it since Shirou is way over there, but I was fascinated by your beauty when I first saw you."

...No, I can hear you, Tohsaka.

"――You must have been misunderstanding. If my figure looked gorgeous, it must be that my class of Saber looked gorgeous."

"That's not it. I just felt like I've lost as a woman. ...I wouldn't have been so shocked otherwise."

"...I am saying that you are mistaken. I have never thought of myself as a woman, and I have never been treated as one.

It cannot be true that I am gorgeous."

Saber's comment stops the conversation.


As I use the kitchen knife, I feel irritated by Saber's comment.

"...I've been wondering for a while, but just what does she think she is?"

I take a big swing at the chicken meat.

For some reason, I'm getting annoyed.

――I have never thought of myself as a woman

"――Heh. It's none of my business...!"

I strike hard at the cutting board with my knife.

But doing so doesn't make me feel even one bit better.

"These are today's task.

We've got more than yesterday and you seem calmer today, so you should succeed."

I don't know how she brought them here, but Tohsaka brings out about forty lamps.

"I'm going outside. I'll be back in a while, so finish up by then."

Saying goodbye, Tohsaka leaves the room.



Yesterday night was bad, so I should at least succeed at one or two tonight.

"...Phew. Half done, for now."

It took me one hour to try "strengthening" on about twenty lamps.

Half of them broke, and the other half showed no change.

But out of the ones that didn't break, five of them had magical energy successfully channeled into them. All I have to do now is to challenge the twenty that are left, but――

"...... Hold on. Maybe five is enough as a test?"

It seems like all the lamps are antiques.

I feel bad about breaking any more of them.


Yeah, I should――

Scene 01

――Let's go and get Tohsaka.

I shouldn't break any more lamps.

...Well, I don't think that's much of an excuse for someone that already broke forty lamps...

"Hey Tohsaka..."

There's no reply even when I call out.

...That's weird, maybe she's not in the house.

The only other place Tohsaka could be is――

"...There's someone in the shed."

It seems Saber and Tohsaka are inside, talking.

"Hey, Tohsa――"

As I raise my hand to call out to her...

I feel a chill run through me.

...I think it was a wave of Tohsaka's magical energy filled with enmity, that came flowing out from the shed.


The voice that was calling out to her stops.

...It seems Tohsaka is so irritated that I can feel it from way over here.


Their conversation can be heard.

Without realizing it, I'm eavesdropping on them.

"――Just who is he?"

Tohsaka murmurs in a tone that could be angry or horrified.

Saber is standing silently behind her.

"I can't believe it. Saber, you knew about this...?"

"...No, I did not know. I am a knight, not a magus. There was only an odd feeling here, so I do not understand the situation as well as you do."

"――I see. Then I'll tell you. He's not a magus at all."

In a voice filled even with hatred,

Tohsaka spits those words out.

"...Rin. What does that mean?"

"Just like it sounds.

magecraft is an equivalent exchange after all. No matter what kind of magecraft it is, it can only bring what's elsewhere here to use it."

"...But this is different. He's bringing something that comes from nowhere. He's forming something that should not exist here.

That can only be a concept that violates reality.

His magecraft is probably a deteriorated version of that one magecraft."


I don't understand what Tohsaka is talking about.

But this is something that I should not be listening to.

...I get away from the shed.

I'll be lying to Tohsaka, but I should return to the room and pretend I was waiting for her return――

Scene 02

No, I'll stay here obediently.

Tohsaka must have gone outside for a reason, so I should handle the part assigned to me.

"...Right. After yesterday's mistakes, I should succeed at as many as possible today."

I face the lamps with renewed spirit.

There's twenty more left. I should finish them up before Tohsaka gets back.

Scene 03

It's two o'clock.

There's no sign of Tohsaka returning, and I diligently finish the task assigned to me.

"Oh, phone call."

The phone is ringing far away.

"...It's the living room. Tohsaka is――wait, it's a call at my place, so she shouldn't answer it."

I don't think it's important, but I can't just ignore it.

I get up and head to the living room to pick up the phone.

There's no one in the living room.

Saber and Tohsaka must be somewhere else, like in the yard.

"Yes, this is Emiya."

"Hey Emiya. It seems you're absent again today. Are you sick or something?"

As soon as I pick up.

I hear Shinji's voice, mixed with hidden laughter.

"Shinji? Do you want something? I don't think there's anything to talk about."

"Don't be angry. I just called to tell you something."

"...Tell me something...?"

"Yeah. There's something I needed to tell you, but you never came to school.

I don't want to wait any longer and I can't stand it, so I contacted you. ...So, is Tohsaka there?"

...Shinji's tone is strange.

I can't tell much from just his voice, but he sounds like he's really excited or pressured.

I can hear students in the background, so he must still be at school.

It's past two. It must be break time right after the fifth period.

"Hey, I'm asking you, Emiya. Is Tohsaka there or not?"[r]

"...She's not here right now. She's gone at the moment."

"Oh, that's great. I wanted to talk just between us. ――I'll tell you something good, so come to school now. Keep it a secret from Tohsaka, of course."


I don't know how to answer.

Shinji is acting strange, and anyway, we're already talking.

There's no need to go to school, and going there without telling Tohsaka would mean betraying her.

"――No. I'm sorry, but I can't go to school. If you have some business with me, wait until next week. I'll go back to school after the weekend."

"...Huh? What are you being so selfish for?

That's too late. I just told you I can't wait any longer...!"

Shinji screams at me.

He must be excited as I can hear his heavy breathing even over the phone.

"...Huh. I guess you're thinking a bit. You're right, there's no way you'd come by yourself now. This call sounds too strange no matter how you take it. I guess even you found it strange."

Completely changing, he laughs.

"Hold on. Calm down, you're acting weird. I don't know what happened, but――"

"Ahahahaha! Don't lie, Emiya. It's Tohsaka, she would have told you everything. You don't have to hide it. You're right, you're Saber's Master. That means you're a better murderer than I am...!"

Shinji sounds cheerful.

...I've known him for five years now, but I've never seen him this high.

"Shinji, you..."

"Anyways, I'll be waiting at school. Hurry up, Emiya. You should make it in time for sixth period if you leave now. It's Fujimura's class, so there won't be a problem if you're late."

"No, even Fuji-Nee would get mad if I was late. And if I go there for only the sixth period, I get the feeling I'd be scolded more than if I skipped the whole day."

"That's your own fault. Oh, and if you tell Tohsaka, I'll really end our friendship. I let you go about Sakura until now. You can at least fulfill your duty as a friend in the end, right?"

The conversation ends there.

The phone is repeating a boring beeping sound.

"――What's with him?"

...But what should I do?

I haven't been able to find Tohsaka in the house, and if I'm going to school, I can't take Saber.

Still, I'm worried what Shinji will do if I refuse his invitation.

He seems distraught after being refused by Tohsaka last night, and he might hit Sakura again if I leave him be.

"...Right. It's still light out, so there should be no problems."

If that's decided, I should hurry.

I'll make it for sixth period if I run.

There's no one at the school gates.

As it's classtime, it looks from outside like the school is empty.

There must not be any PE classes at the moment, as nobody is out in the yard either.

Well, this will all change in a little while.

School's over once sixth period ends.

The schoolyard and the gate should be filled with students.

I reach the third floor.

Of course, the hallway is empty as well.

Class is in session, and it feels a bit awkward walking to class C like this.

"...Well, it's not like I'm completely visible, so let's hurry to the classroom."

Class C is down the hallway.

This class by the stairs is class H, so I'll have to walk past five classes to get there――


The dizziness hits me suddenly.

It attacks my whole body with nausea.


My stomach crawls around.

My senses are reversed.

My vision is filled with crimson.

As if blood has seeped into my eyes, everything in my vision tints red.

"Ha――ah, guh...!!"

The temperature hasn't changed, but my body is strangely hot.

"――What... is this――!?"

My feet tremble.

I can't put any power into my body.

I'm weakening like an hourglass, unable to stop it.

It's as if I'm breathing out my insides with every breath.

"Kuh, ...!"

I'm suffocating.

My throat hurts.

Could it be that the oxygen has disappeared from the hallway, no, from the whole school?

As if urged by my gasping lungs, I lean against the wall and open the window unconsciously.


My mind freezes.

The scale of the situation erases even my confusion.

Outside the window.

Around the schoolyard is a field of red.

It's as if only this school is cut out, surrounded by a red world.

The school building is an altar covered by a red canopy.

And with that, finally...

I understand that this is "that kind of a thing".


I move away from the window.

Holding my wobbling legs firm with my will, I enter the classroom in front of me.

Inside is the result.

There are no students sitting in their chairs.

All the students are on the floor, and the teacher that was probably standing on the platform is lying on the ground as well.

――They are still breathing.

Everyone is convulsing as if asking for help.

There are no fatalities yet.

It's just that they don't have the power to stand up, and they'll soon rot away.

Seeing their miserable condition on the floor...

...I even think that they look like scattered garbage.


My nausea gets stronger.

But I deal with it calmly.

I observe the students on the floor.

Even though it's hard to breathe, it doesn't mean they can't breathe.

If they are only weakened, I can still save them if I hurry.

And the instant I check the face of a student nearby, a sound goes click inside my head.

"――The... skin..."

It's melting.

Not everyone, though.

There must be individual differences, as the most weakened students are starting to have their skin melt away.


Inflamed arms like a keloid, and eyes that look like that of a dead fish.


I know this.

I know a scene like this.


This is just hell.

I know it from a long time ago.

"―――――So, stop."

And so, eclipsing fear,

Anger overtakes my body.


My left arm throbs.

The Command Spell on my hand tells me an "enemy" is nearby.

"Hah, ah...!"

I run, still breathing hard.

My mind has already gone insane.

"Hey Emiya. Thank God you look better than I thought.

How is it? Do you like this idea?"

Across the hallway.

Matou Shinji is standing right in front of class C.

My arm throbs.

The Command Spell tells me that the man standing there is the cause of this.

"――This is your doing, Shinji?"

Unable to breathe properly, I stand there and glare at Shinji's distant figure.

...He must really like how I'm acting.

Shinji spreads his arms exaggeratedly and laughs aloud in the red hallway.

"That's right. I knew you were here, so I quickly activated the boundary field. I had trouble getting the right timing, you know? You'd have run away if I did it too early, and we'd have met up if I did it too late.

As for me, I wanted to see you go pale, so I didn't want to make this too simple."

"――I see. So you were lying about having something to talk about."

"Talk? That starts now. I have to show Tohsaka which one of us is superior, and I also have to apologize for lying to you.

See, I didn't tell you, but I'm the one that set up the boundary field at school."

Ahahaha, Shinji laughs cheerfully.



Makes me realize from the bottom of my heart.

"Huh? You're not as surprised as I thought you'd be. What, I told you the boundary field wasn't mine, but I guess you didn't believe me. ...Haha, that's great. That means for once, even you didn't believe someone!"

His laugh drills into my skull.


I'll make this clear, but I'm surprised enough.

I was only prepared for the discovery that the Master who constructed the boundary field was either Shinji or this other Master.

That's all.

This is the result of the optimistic view.

Back then――as soon as I figured out Shinji was a Master, I should have settled this matter.

So this is my mistake.

"...Shinji, why did you set up something like this? Were you lying when you said you had no intention of fighting?"

"Nope, it's true, isn't it? I didn't intend to activate it either. This was only for negotiation.

If I set a bomb, Tohsaka won't attack me so readily, and it can be my trump card in case something happens."

"...I see. But Tohsaka said the boundary field needed a few more days' preparation. Was her estimate wrong?"

"Heh, I knew she'd think like that. The boundary field is not complete, but its shape is already there, you know? There's no problem just activating it.

Well, the effect is lower because of that. It should take at least a few more minutes to kill anyone."


The nausea has already gone away.

I say so, staring directly at Shinji.

"Stop? Stop what? Don't tell me you're telling me to stop this boundary field. That'll be such a waste. I can't just stop something I've already started."

"Stop. Do you know what you're doing?"

"...You're annoying me. Are you ordering me around?

This is my power. The only one who can decide whether or not to stop it is me, and if you want it stopped, isn't it logical to at least kneel and beg to me?

Geez, you and Fujimura, you guys don't know your positions."

"――Hey. What about Fuji-Nee?"

"Huh? Oh, Fujimura? She could move pretty well after I activated this boundary field. Everyone else was falling to the ground, but she was still wobbling, you know?

And she came to me, still upright, and told me to call for an ambulance. It's amazing, wouldn't you say she's a model teacher?"

"But I shouldn't call for something like that, and I don't even want to. That Fujimura kept clinging to me and it got annoying, so I kicked her and she ended up not moving at all!

Hahaha, in that state, I think she'll die first!"


I've switched over completely.

Tohsaka said something about pushing a switch in my head, but it's not like that.


A hammer strikes in my head and the inside of my body completely changes.

"――This is your last warning. Stop the boundary field, Shinji."

"You don't get it, do you? The more you ask me, the less I feel like stopping the boundary field. If you dislike it so much, why don't you stop me by force?"

"――I see. Then it's simple."

So basically.

I need to stop him before I can stop this boundary field.

My body leaps.

My body is burning like a fire.

There's less than twenty meters between me and Shinji.

For me right now, that will only take an instant.

My body is full of energy vastly higher than when I have a Magic Circuit inserted in me.

"Ha, you really are stupid――!"

The shadow wiggles.

The shadow settled in the corner of the hallway starts to take form and move.

A sharp edge made of black.

Like a guillotine to cut anything that approaches Shinji.


I don't know what kind of magecraft it is.

There are three shadows.

With that number――

Scene 04

――There's no need to stop.

No matter how strong it may be, it's useless if it can't hit me.

The three sharp edges approach me.

"――You're the stupid one, Shinji...!"

An attack like this is easily avoidable compared to Saber's attack――!


I pass through the opening between the three shadows.

There's nothing dangerous about them.

I felt no threat in the shadows.

So there's no problem.

Saber has taught me that if it doesn't make me sense death, I should not hesitate.

Scene 05

――I can't block them myself.

No, I can manage to avoid them.

But if I am to dodge and attack Shinji, I don't know if my body will move well enough to do so.

The three sharp edges approach me.


I stop in my tracks and concentrate on avoiding the attack, while watching Shinji.

Taking a step to the left, I dodge the edge that jumps to stab my stomach.

I turn my upper body to avoid the second one that tries to assault my chest from the left side, and avoid the third attack that reaches for my forehead by taking a step forward.

"――No problem, I can see them clearly...!"

Such attacks are like dodgeball compared to Saber's attacks.

"Damn...! You're insolent...!"

He fires three shadows once again.

――I don't even need to keep watch this time.

I know its range and speed now from the first attack. I can avoid them with no trouble――!

I pass through the opening between the three shadows.

There's nothing dangerous about them.

I feel no threat in the shadows.

Saber has taught me that if it doesn't make me sense death, I should not hesitate.

Scene 06


I close in on him.

There're no shadows to protect him.

A few more steps, if I close three more meters, I can――

"Stop, don't come near me...!"

Shinji runs away.

The instant I reach out to his back...


I feel a chill run through my whole body, and I quickly withdraw my extended arm.

Something cuts through the air.

A sharp black edge cuts through the space I was in a moment ago.


I stop.

I don't know where it came from, but in front of me...

...Is a woman in black who makes even the red seem faint.


My mind stops in fear.

I'll be killed.

I don't want to think about it, but an image of my head being ripped off pops into my head.

――This is...

...A sense of death that the previous shadows cannot even compare to.

"G-Good, Rider...! Don't restrain yourself, you can do what you like with him...!"

Rider's figure becomes vague.


Scene 07

――I have no chance of winning against a Servant.

I'll certainly be killed if I fight.

So all I can do is to beat Shinji before that and make Rider retreat...!


I kick the floor, not being pushed back by Rider's pressure.

There's only six meters to Shinji.

If I can avoid Rider even once, I'll be able to run and get Shinji...!

The Servant in black stands in my way.

I concentrate my senses to her every move so I can react to any attack.

――Her target is my left side.

Her left fist made a small motion. I manage to dodge her first attack, go through the space between Rider and the wall, and run toward Shinji.

Her figure disappears.


My plan to go through the opening is meaningless.

Rider's figure disappears from my view in an instant, and in front of me is an open path.

――This is bad.

I have to stop myself.

I screwed up. Saber told me that many times, but I still did not get it.

I can't go forward.

I can't face Rider.

Even if it's just one blow, I shouldn't have made a plan that required me to dodge a blow...!

The impact comes from behind me.

Rider, sticking to the ceiling like a spider, stabs my afterbrain with a blow following a crescent track.


Air leaks out from my neck.

The movement of Rider's arm was really beautiful.

It had grace as if it were touching a daffodil.

With a movement of fingers that would not cause even a ripple in water, she has taken away my life.

"Ha, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

What is that!? You're just like a specimen sample! That's awesome, your neck is making great sounds...!"

"I have gone easy on him. I believe he can still be saved if you heal him."

"...Hey, what are you doing, making choices on your own? Who said to go easy on him? ...Geez, Servants shouldn't give opinions to their Master."

――My blood flows out.

No matter how much I move my lungs, I can't breathe in and my throat only wheezes.

"Then you have no intention of saving this person?"

"Nope. First of all, I can't use any healing magecraft. He's just going to die, so let him be at ease."

"――I understand. I shall not melt him in my boundary field. I shall quench my thirst directly."

A heavy metallic sound echoes.

...My body is lifted a little.


...She is staring at my bloody neck.

The Servant in black opens her mouth delicately and...

...Bites into my neck as if kissing it.

――My blood is being sucked.

My already scarce blood is sucked up by Rider, not leaving a drop.


My mind starts to fade.

...This bloodsucking is like euthanasia.

I feel no pain, and as if slowly being melted by spider's poison, I――

Scene 08


I retreat instantly.

Now is not a good time.

I have to regroup, and make Shinji stop the boundary field after that――


I desperately retreat, not knowing what's going on.

"Ha, ah, ah...!"

My vision turns white from fear.

I don't even know what I'm scared of.

But I raise my hand, still not knowing what's going on, and block my neck.


A sharp object is thrust into my arm.

The dull sound that scrapes my bone tells me I will be killed next.

"Hah, kuh――!"

I run.

I don't even have time to turn my back.

I cover only my vitals with my hands and retreat desperately.


The sound of cutting echoes through the hallway.

With an annoying sound, the sharp object cuts my body apart.

My vision is blocked by the spray of blood coming out of my body.

Beyond it...

...Is Rider coming at me at a speed I can't even see.


Every time I get cut, a voice that doesn't seem like my own escapes my mouth.

But I still continue desperately to retreat, saving my life from numerous fatal blows.

"Ha――Hah, hah, ah―――!"

I don't know what I'm doing.

My arm is blocking Rider's dagger.

My clothes are ripped apart, and my flesh is as well.

But it must still be working as a shield as it desperately blocks the blows coming at my neck, forehead, and heart.

Force of will is not there.

My body reacts to Rider's blow purely from not wanting to die.

"Ah――Ah, ha――"

I'm already out of breath.

I'm only running because I'm being hurried by the presence of death in front of me.

I will just run out of strength, get caught, and die.


That's why she told me.

She told me not to fight against Servants, and that I would be no match for them.

Even though I listened to her, why――what am I doing now? I have to catch Shinji quickly and have him remove the boundary field, so what am I doing――!?

"What are you doing, Rider?

That's enough. Just kill him now. He won't be able to do anything anyway."

Shinji's voice is filled with triumph.

Nodding, Rider swings her dagger in a large arc.

――A blow directed at my head.

I cannot dodge it.

All I can do is to stop it hitting a fatal point.


The dagger stabs me in my shoulder, right below my collarbone.

A loud metallic sound, and the cluck of a tongue.


What is this...? The end of Rider's dagger is breaking apart――

"This is surprising. I cannot kill him with my dagger."

Rider stops.

In the instant that I consider how to make use of that opening...

"――Then, die falling."

I feel an impact like being hit with a sledgehammer, and I'm knocked out the window.


I only took a roundhouse kick to the stomach.

But that blows my body away and I'm thrown out of the window.

It's the third floor.

I should die from loss of blood even without anything, so falling from this height should finish me off.

No, I should have died the moment I received the blow that flung me a few dozen meters.


I reach out.

Maybe I'm not falling yet, or it's just an illusion.

My body is still in the air.


I reach out my arm, as if to cling onto something.

The sky is red.

The school building is throbbing as if it's the stomach of a living thing.

――Am I...

...Going to die overlooking something like this?

Like this?

Like this?

Like this?

Like this――am I going to die selfishly, unable to save anybody――!?


I grit my teeth in vain.

I cannot beat her. I cannot even be a match. I knew that, but I made a mistake.

I don't care about the pain in my body.

I'm just going insane from the anger.

――This is the result of...

...Saying I can handle things myself, and saying I won't let Saber fight.


I was the stupid one.

I can't save anyone by myself.

If I really wanted to end this war, there was just one thing to do from the beginning.

He said it.

If I am to not fight anybody, not kill anybody, or not let anyone kill...

That if I realized I was wrong, I should decide what to correct and what to punish.

And so.

On my arm, reaching out as if to grab the heavens, is the Command Spell waiting for my order――

Scene 09

"―――Please, come."

I murmur as if praying.

I don't care about my life.

But only to stop the cause of this....

"No――I order you to come, SABER!!!!"

With all my might, I call for my sword.

A Command Spell disappears.

And at the same moment, a winding occurs in space.

It must have been True magecraft.

Because Saber in her silver armor shoots forth from it, as if breaking through the ripple in space.


I fall to the ground on my back.

"Ah――ha, ah...!"

My breath stops.

My organs will explode from the impact.

A few of my ribs must have broken or at least cracked.


But still.

My body did not break apart, and my bloody arms are still attached.


...Saber runs toward me.

Forcing my numb arms and legs, I manage to stand up to show her I'm all right.

"I don't have time to explain. You know the situation, right Saber?"

"Hold on Shirou. I understand, but first, your body needs to――"

"Please go get Rider. Only you can beat her."

"No, your treatment comes first. You will die like this."

"――That's wrong. There's something that needs to be done before that."

Forget about me, as we have to beat Shinji and Rider as quickly as possible.

Nothing takes priority over that.

"But that's..."

Saber is stubbornly worried about my body.

...I would be lying if I said I wasn't happy about it.

But we don't have time to argue.

If Saber doesn't want to, I'll just have to use my second Command Spell.


My determination must have got through to her.

Saber accepts my decision.

"I understand. Please give me an order, Master."

"Defeat Rider. I'll get Shinji."

There's no hesitation in Saber now.

She nods silently and runs to the school building like the wind.

Scene 10

"――Sa... ber"

I wish for her help.

In the space between the sky and the ground, in the sea of thought, like time has stopped, I wish upon the Command Spell on my left hand.

――One more second until the ground.

Believing that she can overturn this death unavoidable by normal logic...

"――Please come, Saber...!"

With all my might, I call for my sword.

A Command Spell disappears.

And at the same time, a winding occurs in space.

It must have been True magecraft.

Because Saber in her silver armor shoots forth from it, as if breaking through the ripple in space.


The silver armor runs toward me.

Saber appears suddenly in the school grounds, sees me falling before she is surprised by this event, and...


...Catches me just before I hit the ground.

"Ah... guh... Sorry, Saber. You saved me."

I manage to get onto the ground, still bloody.

Even though I escaped the fall, my body, lacerated by Rider, is way past its limit.


But I cannot fall down.

Forcing my numb arms and legs to move, I manage to stand up to show her that I'm all right.

"――I don't have time to explain. You know the situation, right Saber?"

"Wait, Shirou. I understand, but first your body needs to――"

"Please go get Rider. Only you can beat her."

"No, your treatment comes first. You will die like this."

"――That's wrong. There's something that needs to be done before that."

Forgetting about me, we have to beat Shinji and Rider as quickly as possible.

Nothing takes priority over that.

"But that's..."

Saber is stubbornly worried about my body.

...I would be lying if I said I wasn't happy about it.

But we don't have time to argue.

If Saber doesn't want to, I'll just have to use my second Command Spell.


My determination must have got through to her.

Saber accepts my decision.

"I understand. Please give me an order, Master."

"Defeat Rider. I'll get Shinji."

There's no hesitation in Saber now.

She nods silently and runs to the school building like the wind.

Scene 11

――No, I can't use my Command Spell here.

My mind hesitates for an instant.

As I'm an unskilled Master, the Command Spell is a trump that I can only use three times.

Right after I calmly analyze that I can't use it without giving it more thought...


I fall on my back.

I fall onto the ground, after being kicked off the third floor.

――It's fatal. Well, it's effectively fatal.

I blocked my fall to avoid hitting my head, but it would have been enough to break every bone in my body.


I'm bleeding.

A ridiculous amount of blood is pouring out of me.

But it's all coming from my chest.

My back is fine, and I've endured the impact of the fall, so why?

Why is such a strange


sticking out of my chest?


My chest is open.

Something like the blade of a sword is bursting from inside my chest to outside.

It's as if a bomb was set in my body and it went off from the impact of the fall.


I don't know why.

My chest has holes in it.

Like a rib sticking out, a group of swords is sticking out from my stomach.

My body starts to melt slowly while I blankly stare at it.

"A――Ah. Quick, I have... to... stop it――"

My body won't move.

The miracle that cured even that blow from Berserker doesn't seem to have any effect on these swords.

My thoughts are being cut apart.

Even if I want to use the Command Spell, my left hand has already melted.


I breathe in just once.

The air I breathe in is painful.

And coughing up regurgitated blood, my heart stops.

Scene 12

――I run up the stairs.

Rider and Shinji are on the third floor.

I can tell from the Command Spell's reaction that Shinji is still on the third floor.

The instant I get to the third floor, sparks fly out.


I couldn't see it, but Saber must have seen Rider attacking from above and deflected her attack.

"――Shirou, I will defeat Rider here.

Please take care of Rider's Master...!"

She doesn't need to tell me.

Saber won't be beaten by Rider.

That's something I'm sure of from fighting Rider and knowing even a little about her power.

Saber's power vastly exceeds that of Rider.

"I'll leave it to you...! But don't go too far. It'll all end if I stop Shinji...!"

I pass Saber and run.

Rider's dagger instantly comes to kill me, and Saber attacks to deflect it along with Rider――!

I run through the hallway.

In front of me is Shinji, completely flustered.

"...I guess I'm at a disadvantage barehanded――!"

A long object that can serve as a weapon, like――the mop in this locker...!

"――Trace, on."

I pass my magical energy through it as I run.

Perhaps I don't have any other thoughts or I don't have enough energy to do anything else.

But I "strengthen" the plastic mop as naturally as breathing.

The shadows move.

Even though I'm hurt so badly, I don't feel any sluggishness in my body.

And on top of that, I have a weapon now.


I don't even need to dodge them now.

I smack away all the shadows attacking me using the mop.

The mop breaks, but that's to be expected from a weapon so hurriedly constructed.

And besides, there's no need for anything like that when I'm this close.



I punch him straight on.

My slashed arm hurts so much that it almost knocks me unconscious.

I punch Shinji in the stomach and drive him against the wall.

"Guh, you...!"

Shinji reaches out to fling my arms off.

I kick his arms away without hesitation.

――Even I can't control myself.

I take the arm that I kicked and ram it against the wall, and break it.


I can't hear Shinji's scream too clearly.



I'll faint if I let my guard down.

I have to hurry, while my body can still move――


I grab Shinji's hair and push him up against the wall.

"――Scream later. Stop the boundary field right now, Shinji."

"W-Who are you kidding. Who would listen to... your..."

I take my other arm and grab his throat.


The blood soaked into my clothes stains Shinji's body.

"Then I'll just kill you before the boundary field. I don't care which it is. Make up your mind quickly."

I put power into the hand grabbing his throat.

――It must be because of the magical energy flowing through my body.

I feel like I'd be able to break this neck.

"Ha――you're lying. You wouldn't be able to do that. A-And I haven't killed anyone yet. I just had everyone share their life with――"

"――Okay. Bye, Shinji."

I tighten my grip.

There's no hesitation.

Just a little sympathy.

It's because Shinji wasn't taught the basic rules of magi――that there's no problem with killing other magi.

"H-Hold on! Hold on, all right, I lose...! I'll stop the boundary field right now...!"


I loosen my grip on his throat.

"――Haa, haa, haa... damn it. ...Hey, Rider! Stop your Bloodfort!

Your Master's life's in danger...!"

Shinji screams to Rider in the distance.


There's no response from Rider.

But Saber takes a step back from Rider with those words.

Rider lowers her dagger and moves her lips slightly.

"...This is okay, right? I guess this boundary field is special, so it seems it's hard to reconstruct a boundary field somewhere she's already constructed one.

...I won't make another boundary field here, so let go."

"Who would do that? Since I won, I'll have you obey me. ――Shinji, get rid of your Command Spells. Then we'll never have to fight again."

"What――don't be ridiculous, how can I do something like that!?

I won't be able to control Rider if I lose my Command Spell. If that happens, I'll――"

"You won't be a Master anymore, right? So you can just go to the church in Shinto. It seems it's a place that shelters Masters who have dropped out of the battles.

...Or what? Were you lying when you said you constructed this boundary field to protect yourself, and you actually constructed this to beat the other Masters?"

"...I didn't say that. I just thought that if I became a Master and worked with a Servant..."

He thought he'd be able to be a magus?

...But what would be the point even if he became one?

"――This is it, Shinji. If you won't get rid of your Command Spell, I'll have that arm cut off. I hear you'll lose your right to be a Master if that happens."

"Huh...? Cut off my arm...?"

Shinji questions like it's a real mystery.

He's not faking it. It seems he really doesn't understand what I'm saying.

"Well, it's――"

"Shirou, get away...!"

Saber's voice.

Maybe it's the result of training at the dojo, but my body reacts to Saber's voice before my brain.

I let go of Shinji and jump back.

And at the same time, Rider's dagger is swung through the space I used to occupy.


"Please stay back, Master. We shall retreat from here."

"Please stay back, Shirou...! Rider intends to release all the magical energy she was using to maintain the boundary field...!"

"...!? Release her magical energy...!?"

Looking at Rider, she certainly seems strange.

Like the way she appeared here instantly when she was confronting Saber, and the chill she's releasing... Her pressure is much stronger now.

"R-Rider...!? What are you thinking? Don't do selfish things when you can't even beat Emiya's Servant...!"

"Yes, I certainly cannot match Saber.

But please be rest assured. My Noble Phantasm exceeds those of other Servants. No matter who the opponent is, they will not be able to stop my charge."

Rider raises her dagger.


Everyone here lets out a voice of surprise.

For some reason, Rider takes her dagger to her neck and――

Slashes it in one breath.

...Fresh blood splatters around.

Blood gushes out from the neck of the black-garbed Rider.

"W-What are you..."

Even her Master, Shinji, is surprised at her actions.

Even if Servants are beyond human, that wound is fatal.

Rider will lose large amounts of blood and will just disappear.


But that's just a needless worry for people who know nothing.

The splattered blood stops in the air and slowly forms a circle.

It's a magecraft circle drawn in blood.

A pattern I've never seen before.

A creature-like figure that looks creepy.

...A big lump of magical energy, created by Rider.

The boundary field Rider was supporting until now seems small compared to this.

"What...!? M-My body's being pushed back――"

The huge amount of magical energy must be leaking.

My body is pushed back as if blown by a strong wind.

"Shirou, please get away...! Rider is about to use her Noble Phantasm. You will be in the way if you stand there...!"

Saying so, Saber pulls my body away by force.

Protecting me, Saber confronts Rider's magecraft circle.

"――Are you planning to run?

If you will involve your Master in this as well, I will just defeat you here. I will not let you use that Noble Phantasm."

"...Fufu. Of course not. It is the role of a Servant to protect its Master. I am just going to run taking my Master with me.

If you do not like that, come after us, Saber."

"Well――that is if you still have the will to fight after seeing this."

――I hear a throbbing.

With a sound like flesh wrenching open, Rider's hair whirls up and――


"Shirou, please get down...!"

Dragged by Saber, I fall to the ground.

A loud sound and a flash.

I close my eyes at the raging wind.

But even with my eyes closed, I'm forced to feel it.

Something white passes by.

I feel like something is blazing through the hallway with great speed like a giant arrow of light――


When I raise my head, the scene in front of me is the remains of cruel destruction.

Shinji and Rider have disappeared.

...The light just now wasn't aimed at us, but was probably just to escape from here.


My wounds hurt.

The firing hammer that was pulled inside me is released.

The heat flowing through me quickly fades away.


I can't hear Saber's questions anymore.

In that manner, my consciousness falls into white darkness.

Scene 14

...I'm having that dream.

Maybe this is the image of "death" for me.

The closer I get to death, the more the scene that I don't want to see revives in my head.

A mountain of corpses.

People crumbling away.

A time when everyone wished for help, yet none received any.

That was painful.

It was so painful that even living was painful, and I even thought I would be at ease if I just disappeared.

With faint consciousness, I reached out for no reason.

I didn't reach out seeking help.

I just thought that the sky was a long way away.

...In my last moments, that's what I thought.

And then, my mind faded away, and the raised hand fell to the ground.


It should have fallen to the ground.

A big hand grasped the falling hand.

That person came into the fire to save anybody, and found me.

...I remember that face.

A figure of a man, with tears welling in his eyes, delighted from the bottom of his heart that he has found someone alive.

――It was because he looked so happy...

...I even thought that he was the one that was saved, not me.


Looking enviable even in my dying eyes, the man saved an unfamiliar child as if thanking something.

――That was the turning point.

My weakness accepting death turned into the strength of a desire to live.

The mind that could not think of anything was filled with joy of being saved.

I moved my fingers with all my might, so as not to let go of the man's hand, and lost consciousness.

After that, I was in a hospital when I came to, and I received a visit from the man who saved me.

That was ten years ago.

Since then, Emiya Shirou just chased after Kiritsugu.

I could only think of becoming like him.

Not because I was saved.

It's just because I could not forget his face at that time, and I tried to acquire that illusion.

I ran, aiming to be like that.

Somewhere in my mind, I didn't want to realize.

That's right―――that one day...

Hoping about how much I would be saved if I could smile the way Kiritsugu did back then――


...When I open my eyes, I am in my familiar living room.

The sound of the clock is awfully loud.

I seem to be sleeping on the floor and when I raise my arms, both of them are wrapped up in bandages.

"――It's dark outside."

I push myself up.

The clock says it's already past 10PM.

"It's not 'it's dark outside', you ingrate. Isn't there something you should say when you wake up?"

"――Tohsaka, I didn't know you were here."

"Don't say something like that.

I was by your side nursing you all this time, and that's your attitude?"

...I see.

I've done something bad.

"Sorry. My head's still not working. I can't think straight, but... thanks. I owe you one again, Tohsaka."

"――! W-Well, it's fine since it's nothing important. You had such a bad wound, so I'm sure it's only natural for your mind to be hazy.

"...So, does it hurt anywhere? It seems the external wounds have already healed, but I can't tell about your insides. We have to heal the wounds if there's anything wrong, right?"

"――No. I just feel dull, it doesn't hurt anywhere.


I feel like I'm floating in the air.

I don't know how I came to be here.

I can't even remember what I was doing toda――

"――! Tohsaka, how's the school!? What happened to me after that...!?"

"It's all right, you don't have to worry about them. Kirei went to follow-up on the school.

He'll handle the repairs on the hallway and take care of the aftermath, so you don't have to think about it. He's a priest, so he'll get divine punishment if he doesn't at least do that."

"――Him? Then, the school's..."

"It didn't end up as a serious matter. Many students were taken to the hospital, but none of their lives is in danger. Everyone's being treated for malnutrition, and they only have to stay there for a few days."

"――I see, that's..."


The boundary field was stopped late, but that didn't mean I was too late.

As soon as I relax, strength escapes my body.

I take a deep breath and lean against the wall.

"...Then did Kotomine heal my body too?

Even you can't heal such wounds, right?"

"What are you saying? You healed them yourself.

It's just like with Berserker. Your ability to close your wounds is excessive... but you don't know anything about it, right?"

"Of course not. I don't understand at all either. I had a normal body until I made the contract with Saber."

"...Hmm. Maybe you just don't know, but could it be that one of your ancestors is a lizard?"

"...Hey now. Don't make such scary jokes with a straight face. This feels weird for me too. It's kind of like my body isn't my body."

"I guess it's fine. Whatever the reason, you've survived because of it.

You've been saved twice already, so I guess turning into a lizard is an acceptable bargain."

"...Tohsaka. Do you enjoy making fun of a seriously injured person?"

"You mean someone who used to be seriously injured, right?

Well, anyway, thank Saber. I don't know the reasoning behind it, but it's because of Saber that your body's like this."


That energizes my beaten-up mind.

The thing I have to do now.

There are words I need to say to her, asking for her help and being saved by her.


I get up quickly.

Moving causes pain throughout my body, but I can't worry about that.

"Tohsaka, where's Saber?"

"She's in the dojo. I'm going to my room to get some stuff."

Tohsaka heads over to the outbuilding with light steps.


My joints cry out in pain.

I bear it by gritting my teeth and hurry to the dojo.

I arrive at the dojo.

Saber is sitting Japanese-style by herself, as if meditating.

"Shirou...!? Are you awake!?"

Saber notices me coming in, stands up, and comes to me instantly.

"Sorry. I just woke up. So, Saber..."

"It is not 'sorry'! I have many things I need to say to you...! You accepted a call from the enemy without me, you tried to fight by yourself, and you did not take care of your body...!

"Do you understand that all of those actions were foolish actions that would have been fatal!? No, you really were almost dead. What enjoyment are you getting out of causing me so much trouble...!?"

"Uh――well, um..."

"What is it!? I will not back down because of lame excuses.

I will totally hear you out today!"

Saber flares up at me.

It's certainly an intense pressure, but seeing Saber being so emotional is rather pleasant.

"...I know. I'll tell you.

So let's talk, Saber. My body is fine, as it appears."

"Eh... Shirou, you are healed?"

"Yeah, I guess so. I'm alive for now."

"I see――that is good."

Where did that threatening attitude go?

Saber takes a relieved breath and smiles softly as if congratulating me on my safety.


...That really makes me realize... I made her feel so uneasy that even the expressionless Saber made such a face.

I wasn't relying on Saber.

But still, she accepted me as the person to fight with.


...I was the stupid one.

I didn't notice such pure trust.

And I could not even give her the simple trust of letting her fight.


I speak naturally.

I can stare directly at the person I was so embarrassed to look at until now.

"...Yes? What is it, Shirou?"

"――I'm sorry. I was being stupid."

I bow my head.

"What... Shirou, please do not do such a thing. My previous expression was just a figure of speech. I was certainly angry, but there is no such need for you to apologize to me――"

"There is. It's natural to apologize to you, as my partner.

I'm sorry I let you worry. As long as I'm with you, I will never fight alone."

"――Shirou, that..."

"Yeah. Saber, please lend me your strength.

I can't beat the other Masters by myself. I need your help."

"...Then you will admit that your actions until now were a mistake? That it is my role to fight, and that you will devote yourself as backup as a Master?"


...No, that's wrong.

I am not mistaken in that regard.

I still don't want to see Saber hurt.

That's why I have forbidden her from fighting.

...That was the only thing I had wrong.

If I decided to fight with her, I should just have protected her with all my might―――――

"...No. I don't think I was mistaken.

If you are going to protect me, I'll protect you too. I can't let you fight alone."


...Saber doesn't respond.

Cold air flows through the dojo.


...But this is one thing that I cannot give up.

I raise my head, thinking that I'll just need to beg her until she accepts it.

And then...

"...Sigh. That obstinate personality is just like you."

"Huh...? Um, Saber?"

"Honestly, there is no need to answer now.

I am your sword. Who else but me will be your help, Shirou?"

Saying that, Saber puts out her left hand.


With no sensible words coming to mind, I silently shake her hand.

...A certain feeling of a handshake.

A few days after we met, we finally exchange a real contract.

"...? Why are you two shaking hands?"


Why do you have to show up with such timing...!?


We release our hands quickly.

"...? You guys are acting weird. Could it be that you two were having a secret conference?"

"No, that is not true. I was merely taking his pulse to check if Master's body was okay."


I'm dumbfounded.

Saber is offering a really suspicious lie.

...No, before that, why is Saber panicking too?

"Oh. You sure take his pulse in a strange way."

Tohsaka looks at Saber curiously.

Perhaps because she's not accustomed to lying, Saber starts to act even more suspiciously.

...I have to help her or we might end up in an even worse situation.

"Hey, what do you want? Didn't you say you were going to your room to get something?"

"Oh, yeah. Here Saber, this is it."

"Thank you. I am sorry for the trouble, Rin."

Tohsaka gives Saber a bag.

...Saber takes it with a happy expression.

"That's the last set, so be careful. Even if it was an enforced summoning, your clothes will scatter if you arm yourself by force."

"I am sorry. It was so sudden, I did not think that far ahead. But I am glad you had the same clothes."

"Yeah. It's a simple design like a uniform.

That Kirei, forcing me to wear these plain clothes. ...Well, it's fine since those clothes don't look good on me. Why are you so concerned with them anyway, Saber?"

"――Shirou said they look good on me."


I don't understand the situation too well, but it seems that's the third set of clothes for Saber.

We don't have any women's clothes here, so that means Saber is borrowing clothes from Tohsaka.


But, um...

I'd prefer it if you two did your girl talk elsewhere.

I'm a guy too.

We were having a serious conversation, but if you talk about this sort of thing, I can't help but feel let down――

Nothing much happens after that and Saber and Tohsaka force me to sleep.

Even though I regained consciousness, my body is still badly injured.

My arms were cut up by Rider so badly that I would normally have had to cut them off at my elbows, and my body is filled with cracks and strains from falling from the third floor.

I guess they share the opinion that I should sleep and rest for now, even though there are lots of things to think about.


But I have to settle things as quickly as possible with Shinji.

Shinji activated that boundary field without hesitation.

Even I know how dangerous it is to let such a Master roam freely.

"...Dammit... This is no... time... to... be... sleeping..."

Emptiness like dizziness.

...Only my mind is back to normal.

As soon as I lay down, my body demands sleep as it's still not fully healed.

"...Tomorrow... tomorrow, I'll――"

...I can't rest like this.

Even if my body isn't fully healed, I have to go and find Shinji――

Scene 15

...I'm dreaming.

It must be because my blood is hot and my body is pulsing.

I am reliving the scene I don't need to remember.

It's my oldest memory.

At the same time, it is a memory that can't be separated from me.

A scene from ten years ago that never goes away, even though I usually never recall it.

It's not that I forgot it.

It's not that I want to forget it.

For me, it is just something that has already happened.

So it's not something I feel pain over.

It's not something I feel particularly angry about.

What's past is past.

I cannot redo it, nor go back to it.

I have escaped from that scene and still continue to live.

All I can do is look forward.

...No one told me to.

I just vaguely thought like this ever since I was a child.

Not forgetting or denying the past.

The only way to make use of what has gone away is to acknowledge it―――


I wake up because of the burning heat in my body.

...How long was I asleep?

I guess I fell asleep while feeling the night wind, without returning to my room.

In the dim shed, there's me and―――

"...! Saber...!?"

"You have awakened, Shirou. I do not mind you escaping out of your room, but it is slovenly for you to sleep here."

――There is Saber's figure, looking like she wants to complain to me.

"Oh, morning. Well, I was hot last night and went outside, so I guess I fell asleep then."

"I can tell. Please do not worry about excuses, but take more care next time. My position will be in question if my Master sleeps in a place like this."

"Ugh... sorry, I'll try to sleep in my room as much as possible from now on."

"If you understand, I am glad.

By the way, Shirou. Taiga has been calling for you."

"Fuji-Nee is? What would she want me for?"

"It must be about breakfast. It is already past time for breakfast."

"Eh――whoa, it's already past seven...!? Damn, I overslept...!"

"It seems so. It is unusual for you to wake up last. Rin's training last night must have tired you quite a lot."

Saber analyzes the situation calmly.

But I don't have that much composure.

"Sorry for making you wake me up, but could you go back first? I'll change and head to the kitchen too."

"Yes. Then I shall try to calm Taiga down as much as possible."

Saber leaves with calm footsteps.

But, calm down Fuji-Nee...? Saber has already adapted quite well to the mornings at our house.

I run into the kitchen.

Ignoring Fuji-Nee's vilification, I prepare breakfast in about five minutes.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. There isn't much time till school starts, so eat quickly."

I put the breakfast onto the table.


And then.

"What is this!!?"

Fuji-Nee explodes.

"What is this!? There's only toast! Shirou, why is this the only thing for breakfast...!?"

"...Hey now, I slept in, so it can't be helped. There's no time to make anything else. Anyways, a meal with bread is basically just this. We're just missing salad and egg, so there's not much difference."

"Of course there's a difference!

Don't the rest of you think so too!?"

Fuji-Nee asks Tohsaka and Saber, who are eating silently.

But she shouldn't be so optimistic.

Those two aren't as greedy as Fuji-Nee is. They won't agree with her.

"...You're right. I'm not Fujimura-Sensei, but I cannot forgive such laziness. I can only consider this an insult to the bread."

...Hey, hold on.

I thought you don't usually eat breakfast!


Whoa, what was that sigh that sounded like obvious disappointment!? Did your character change, Saber!?

"See, everyone agrees Shirou is the one at fault. It's decided by majority rule, so go and make a proper breakfast when you've repented your actions."

"I can't follow such an unfair match! First of all, you'll be late if I make something now. It's already seven thirty. You won't make it in time unless you run while eating, so I suggest you give up on that idea!"

"It's fine. If I have to choose between being late and being hungry, I'll choose breakfast."

"Don't do that! What teacher in the world would do that...!? It's fine, so eat and go to school quickly. I'll tell you this, but I won't be cooking any breakfast other than this."

"Hmmm. Geez, you're diligent in the weirdest places. If you keep talking like an old man, you'll become really old quickly."

"You don't need to tell me. I already have the tastes of an old man because of you, Fuji-Nee."

So saying, I start eating my toast.

...Well, it's true.

There is something desolate about having only toast for breakfast when there's this many people.

Scene 16

Good evening! This is the hint corner that supports all of you who want to die instantly, the Tiger Dojo!

I'm the senior student, Illya!

The main storyline is almost up to the middle stage. Onee-chan is happy that Shirou is willing to fight.

But this choice is troublesome. Were you really listening to Saber-chan's advice?

Of course not! Saber and Rin's explanations are too long. I found it too annoying, so I skipped the entire training scene.

You stupid student.

Ouch... I-I'm sorry. It's just a small lie.

Geez. Look, unless you're in a lot of danger, avoid fighting a Servant head on.

There'll be a chance if you keep holding on. You should be patient for now, and let your opponent do as they wish.

Osu, I understand.

By the way, you push a stamp of something every time we come to this dojo. What is it?

That's called a Tiger Stamp. If you collect them, you'll feel good, and they're also a good way to see how much of the game you've completed already.

And if you collect them all...


Your screen will be filled with paws!


Kyaa! Perfect world!

So I can't be held responsible even if you go through lots of trouble to collect them.

So I'll be waiting at the next Tiger Dojo!

We'll be waiting!

Scene 17

Stop, Tiger! You ate the Fleur cake I hid in the fridge, right!?

Heh, it's your fault for keeping it!

Don't you know what expiration date means!?

Who cares! Just give me back my cake, you big tiger!

Fuhahaha, I cannot give back something I've already digested.

Actually Illya-chan, that dissection-like red cake with tons of raspberries on it is bad taste.

Is that really Fleur cake?

Yeah. Its name is Rafflesia Umbrella.

It's a monstrous and deadly new product that uses the world's biggest flower, Rafflesia, as its motif.

I hear that to get the rotten smell, they use real Rafflesia flower instead of a rose.

Guh, no wonder the texture felt like steak.

...Fleur's management has reached its limit. It's in its closing years if a sweet store starts to make new products.

What? That cake wasn't good? It looked really red and pretty.

Uhh... Illya-chan, we have to do something about your aesthetic sense first.

Well, the talk about cakes ends now!

We're starting Tiger Dojo, the corner that saves you people who yield to irrational choices!

Osu, all preparations are ready, master!

Yes. Then the state of your death this time is...

Oh, you died from falling. Even though you have this mysterious healing power, you'll die if you fall from the third floor.

Heehee. Incidentally, you would normally die from Rider's roundhouse kick going through your stomach.

Hmm... it really is Die Hard.

It's not strange for Shirou to be killed at any time, so if something like "use the Command Spell" appears as a choice, you should use it without hesitation.

So go back to the previous choice and redo the scene!

Summon Saber-chan quickly and beat that sexy battle Onee-chan!