FSN Fate Day 10 (EN)

Scene 00

I'm having a bad dream.

My injured body wants to sleep deeply to get as much rest as it can.

But my mind is still buried in that scene, and I can't fall into a deep sleep.

My still-injured body is burning, and my mind that cannot mourn enough is still burning too.

I might be having a nightmare.

As I doze, I see a dream in my unclear mind.

...How many victims were there?

Tohsaka said nobody died, but that is only from the outside.

Having had their life sucked out by force, there will certainly be after-effects.

Long-term physical disabilities and mental damage from lack of oxygen.

There were even students that had their skin melted.

That scar is something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives even if it heals.

...My body hurts.

My almost dead――no, my absolutely dead body convulses.

It was unfortunate for everyone involved, but you still did well.

You were able to stop the disaster in exchange for a wound you would normally die from.

So there is nothing to mourn or to be ashamed of.

The pain tells me to quietly fall asleep for now.


I can't deceive myself with such reasoning.

It makes no difference to the fact that the disaster occurred while I was there, but I couldn't do anything.

I say I saved lives, but...

...At the same time, I couldn't save anybody.

If that was just a mistake, if it had never happened――I bet my mind and my body could go to sleep peacefully.

...I'm pissed off.

It's ridiculous for my mind to grumble about such a thing.

There are no miracles like that.

It's a great insult to want to go back and redo things, just because I think they're inconvenient and disastrous.

It's impossible to take something that has already happened and make it so that it "didn't happen".

It's impossible, and more importantly, it shouldn't be done.

...That's why I can't pretend the event didn't happen.

There's only one thing I can do――if I hate the scene I still see even now. I should just act to prevent it from ever happening again.

Sleep ends here.

My body comes later.

If my body moves, get up and run.

If no one getting hurt is the ideal I aim for, I should do so until the point of my death――

I open my eyes.

I take a deep breath and draw air into my lungs.


The cold winter air takes away my drowsiness and uneasiness.

Habit is a great thing. It's only a bit past six o'clock.

Maybe my body has healed quite well already as I'm awake at my usual time.

"――All right.

I get up and fold up the futon.

During that normal action....

A sharp pain runs through my left arm as if there's a crack in my bone.

"...! Well, of course. There's no way it would be healed already."

But all that's left is this pain.

It's much better than when I got my stomach slashed by Berserker a few days ago.

At that time, my body was so weak that the nausea was worse than the pain.

I go out into the hallway.

The sunlight is gloomy and offers no energy.

The weather is very cloudy like it's going to rain.

"Shirou, you have awakened...?"

"Yeah, I just woke up. You're up early today. You're usually asleep at this time."

Yeah, it's unusual for Saber to be awake before breakfast is ready.

"...Shirou. I am not sleeping because I want to. I think I have told you already that I am sleeping until breakfast to save my magical energy.

Um, I wish you would not make it sound like I am always sleeping in."

"...? Why? I didn't intend to make it sound like that.

I was just wondering if it was okay for you to wake up this early."

"...Oh, I see. So you are saying it is strange for me to wake up early?"

Saber sounds cranky.

...Is it just me?

It seems Saber is stricter today, or should I say she's unreserved?

"No, not strange, but I'm wondering if it's all right.

It's my fault that you have to sleep a lot, right? I know that, so shouldn't you be sleeping until I call for you?"

"Of course. But that is only when I am on standby. I was sleeping in anticipation of an emergency. I do not think it is logical for me to sleep in this situation."

"...? Why isn't it logical? We're not fighting anyone, nor is anyone attacking us right now."

"Eh... no, I mean, that is..."

Saber is unclear as if there's something she doesn't want to say.

"Oh well. It's not an emergency right now, so you should sleep until we head out.

I'll come and get you when breakfast's ready, so save your powers until then. I'm going to need your powers all day."

I head towards the kitchen.

"――Hold on, Shirou."

"...? What, is there something else――"

"I cannot ignore what you have just said.

What did you just say you are going to do?"


I gasp without realizing.

Even though she's asking me a question, Saber glares at me as if not letting me answer.

"Your body should rest first.

Rin will prepare breakfast. What you should be doing is resting in your room and healing your body. I will not let you claim you do not understand this fact."


Saber sounds strict because she's concerned about my body.

"Please return to your room, Shirou. You are the one who needs sleep."

...She might be able to read my mind as she glares at me even harder.

But still――I can't let Shinji go.

"No, I won't go back to my room. I'm already well rested, and there's something we have to do. Let's go out into town when we're ready, Saber, we have to find Shinji before the day is over."

"Why is that? There is no reason to find Rider's Master before the day is over. If we are going to fight, we should wait until your wounds have healed. It will not be too late then."

"――That's wrong, Saber. If you're talking about importance, my body comes later."


"We don't have any time. You should know what Shinji will do. I'm going to separate him from Rider before he puts up another boundary field like that. He won't be able to do anything without a Servant."

"...So you are saying you do not want victims like yesterday. You are fighting for that reason, and not to defeat Rider's Master?"

"That's not true. I'll have Shinji take responsibility. It's just that we need to defeat Rider for that.

And anyway, it's only natural to act to prevent any victims. That's something that comes way before the reason to fight."

"...I see.

If my Master says so, I will only obey."

Saber shuts her mouth.

"Look for Shinji...? I don't mind, but you're saying this because you have some chance of winning, right?"

After breakfast.

Tohsaka reacts as soon as I declare that I can't let Shinji go.

"Huh...? You mean a chance of winning against Shinji...?"

"Yeah. I'll warn you, but if you tell me you were going to go after a Master without any hope of winning, I'll laugh at you."

"Ah... hm."


Now that she says that, I've only thought about stopping Shinji and never about how to do so.

"...Whoa. Are you serious, Emiya-kun?"

"Ugh――sorry, laugh at me if you want."

"...Whoa. Sorry, but that joke isn't funny at all."

...Ugh. If she reacts like that, she'll make me realize how stupid I am.

"Saber. Your Master's like this, but what about you? You don't have any objection to fighting Rider?"

"There should be no problem if I am only to fight against Rider. I have already gauged her ability.

I believe Shirou knows as well. He has actually faced Rider himself after all."

"Oh yeah. So Shirou knows how strong she is as well?"

Tohsaka inquires with her eyes.

She must be asking about Rider's strength.

Certainly, I have a grasp of it.

I don't know if it's because I have a contract with a Servant or because of my Command Spell.

But even though she's not my Servant, if I see her fight, I can put numbers to her abilities.

Rider herself wasn't a superior Servant.

"Rider isn't as strong as Saber. I don't think she'll win, fighting one-on-one."

"I see. Then you do have a chance of winning.

Shinji isn't a magus, so Rider won't receive support from her Master. Inevitably, the fight will be an one-on-one with Saber and Rider."


Just like Tohsaka says.

As long as Shinji is her Master, Rider has to fight by herself.

There should be no disadvantage for Saber――

"Why that grave face? Are there any other problems?"

"...Yeah. Look, Tohsaka. Even though Rider was cornered by Saber, who was far superior, she was able to escape with Shinji.

I think it was Rider's Noble Phantasm......"

The arrow of light that trampled through the hallway.

A wave of destruction, that would have surely disintegrated my body without trace if Saber didn't knock me aside.

If that was Rider's secret move, we can't be optimistic even if Rider herself is weak.

No, more than not being optimistic, I feel like we shouldn't even challenge her――

"...Hmm. So that means Rider is the type whose Noble Phantasm is superior to her own abilities."

"So, Saber. You should have been able to tell what Rider's Noble Phantasm was, right? You should have some idea since it was used right in front of you."

"...I am sorry. I was too concentrated on protecting Shirou, I was not able to tell what it was.

If I had worried about such a thing, we would have been engulfed by it."

"Engulfed... what, is Rider's Noble Phantasm a projectile weapon?"

"It was something close to it. Its classification is close to the magecraft you use. It could not have been an anti-personnel Noble Phantasm, like my sword or Lancer's lance."

"It's even stranger if it's like my magecraft.

Your magecraft resistance is godly. No magecraft in the present day can hurt you. If there is a magecraft even you have to avoid, that would be..."

"――Yes. Divine mysteries are nullified by even stronger ones.

A divine mystery that can strike through my armor is what you people call 'True magecraft' or a fantastic race with divinity."

"True magecraft――are you saying Rider is a magus...!?"

"No, I did not feel so much magical energy from her.

She is of class Rider. If there is a magus, it could only be Caster. I believe Rider's Noble Phantasm is something else."

Tohsaka gives a relieved sigh at Saber's answer.

But I don't quite get it.

"Saber. Is your armor that strong? If you say only True magecraft can go through it, then that would make Lancer's Gae Bolg a True magecraft as well."

"Eh...? Yes, Lancer's Gae Bolg is certainly a 'curse' close to True magecraft, but... Rin, could you please explain to Shirou?"

"Me? ...Well, okay. So in short, you are misinterpreting that Saber can be only hurt using True magecraft, right?"

"Uh, no... that's not exactly what I meant.

I just thought it was amazing if the armor is that strong."

"Of course it's amazing. Not just Saber, but all the Servants are heroic spirits. There's the fact that they're spirits, but they can't be hurt by normal means. That's because Servants themselves are divine mysteries.

"The only ones that can physically hurt the Servants are other Servants, heroic spirits like them. So in other words, if a Servant was using it, even a paper knife could hurt Saber."

"...So that means Saber's armor isn't that strong against a Servant?"

"Yeah. But Saber herself is skilled in combat, so it is pretty much impossible to hurt her in a hand-to-hand combat.

The remaining means would be attacking using magecraft from a distance, but since Saber has unbelievable magecraft resistance for a knight, she'll repel most magecraft."

"Curses like bad luck won't touch her, and direct intervention like shooting an arrow of magical energy is useless.

So if one wishes to defeat Saber, one must fight her head on."


Saber is listening quietly to Tohsaka's explanation.

She probably is not interrupting because it's all true.

"Hey, that's cheating.

They're attacking with magecraft because they can't beat her in combat, but if that magecraft is useless against her, what are they supposed to do?

That's really unfair."

"Yup. But that doesn't mean Saber can never be defeated in combat, right?

Berserker surpasses Saber in strength, and Lancer has his fatal lance in combat.

As we were just saying, Rider too has a Noble Phantasm that can even kill Saber, so it doesn't mean Saber is perfect.

"There are ways for even us to defeat Saber.

We just need to use magecraft that exceeds Saber's magecraft resistance, or use the weapon she uses and cut her neck while she's asleep. Servants' weapons are in spirit form like them, so they should be able to hurt them."


It's a scary example, but I understand.

――Hold on, Tohsaka.

You can't talk like that in front of Saber herself.

"I-I see.

Then, it must be that Rider's Noble Phantasm is not especially strong, but that Saber went into defense because it was an attack from a Servant?"

"Of course not. If Saber concentrated on defense, Rider herself couldn't do anything to finish Saber. If Rider herself isn't a superior heroic spirit, the Noble Phantasm she uses won't be strong either.

"Isn't that right, Saber? Rider's Noble Phantasm is unrelated to her ability, right?"

"Probably. I believe it is an automatic weapon that does not rely on Rider's skill or magical energy, or something that has an effect on the Noble Phantasm itself.

magecraft or a fantastic race.

Either way, the thing released from that magecraft circle was overwhelming. I do not think any Servant would be able to survive if it received a direct blow."

"Really? How is it, level-wise?"

"Putting it your way, I would say about an A+. It is just a speculation, so I cannot be certain."

"A+!? What is that!? That's almost at the level of True magecraft...!

Whoa, I'm surprised the school didn't get blown away if something like that was used."

"I believe it is not a Noble Phantasm that simply destroys. Perhaps it is a Noble Phantasm that has some other use."

"...I see. But that's a problem. According to Saber, it's beyond an A rank, and her immediate attack power might be the strongest of all the Servants."

"...Hmm. Well, it did seem like a Noble Phantasm superior in both attack and defense."

Saber comments to Tohsaka, who goes into pondering.


What is it?

Saber doesn't seem to be enjoying this conversation.

"...Saber? Is something Tohsaka said worrying you?"

"Eh...? Um, no, that is not correct... yes, I believe it is inappropriate for a knight to inquire into who is the strongest...."


She's acting suspiciously.

Saber mumbles on as if ashamed of what she's saying.

"...Oh well. But weren't you saying something weird earlier? Something about your and Lancer's weapons being anti-personnel Noble Phantasms?"

"Anti-personnel Noble Phantasm...? It means what it says. My 'Invisible Air' and Lancer's Gae Bolg are only weapons to defeat people.

No matter how strong the magical energy or curse it wields, it does not go beyond the level of defeating other beings."

...Well, that is true.

Saber's invisible sword is certainly an advantage in battle.

But that is only in the case of man versus man.

There would be no difference in speed, even if you used an invisible sword to chop wood.

Lancer's Gae Bolg is the same.

Even with a cursed lance that will strike the heart, if the opponent is a rock or a house, it is no more than a strong lance.

"...I see, so that's why it's an anti-personnel Noble Phantasm.

Then Rider's Noble Phantasm is――"

"I would say that it's an anti-army Noble Phantasm. Come to think of it, I heard from my father that there are Noble Phantasms specialized against others, and Noble Phantasms specialized against armies."

"To put it simply, the anti-personnel Noble Phantasms are guns with unlimited ammo, and the anti-army Noble Phantasms are one-time missiles.

Rider's Noble Phantasm is powerful, but it's not a continuous Noble Phantasm like Saber's sword, which is always invisible."


Hold on.

A gun would be no match for a missile.

It's true that Saber's invisible sword is an awesome sword, but it'll be blown away before she could swing it against such a ridiculous Noble Phantasm――

"...So in short, if we're going to fight her, you're saying we should defeat Rider before she uses her Noble Phantasm?"

"I would think so. You'll have no chance of winning if it comes down to the Noble Phantasm.

Remember if you're going to go look for Shinji and Rider,[l]

the biggest requirement is to defeat Rider before she has a chance to use her Noble Phantasm.

It'll be to your disadvantage if you let the fight last longer."

"Or you can just defeat Rider's Master while I am fighting. He has no means of fighting, so that might be more certain."

That's the conclusion.

We don't know what Rider's Noble Phantasm is, and additionally, it is too powerful.

As we have no countermeasure, we can only beat her before she has a chance to use it.

So whatever the Noble Phantasms of the other Servants are, we cannot compete in Noble Phantasms against Rider.

"...Your advice was helpful, Tohsaka.

We'll be going to go look for Shinji, but what about you? Will you stay here?"

"...Yeah, if you say so, we can go look for Shinji as well――but I guess we won't.

Rider isn't our only enemy. And we originally cooperated to fight against Berserker.

I have something I need to do as well while you guys are looking for Shinji."

Tohsaka stands up with a cold smile on her face.

"See you. I'll be expecting good results."

Scene 01


I can't just watch.

Perhaps because it's a battle with no footholds, Saber is unable to overwhelm Rider like before.

The two's conflict moves slowly up towards the rooftop.

"Oh, rooftop―――!"

If Rider came from the rooftop, chances are Shinji is there...!

There are two conditions to fighting Rider.

Beating Rider before she has a chance to use her Noble Phantasm, or get Shinji before that.

Since Saber is fighting Rider, there's only one thing I can do――!

The two shadows running up.

The ground is already far away, and the clashes occur at higher and higher altitudes.

The two need no footholds as they fly higher by kicking off the walls of the building.

In the process.

In the instant it takes them to move to the rooftop, they clash numerous times.

If there were anyone watching them from the ground, they would think it looks like pinball.

But then again, they cannot be perceived with the naked eye.

Only their tracks are barely visible, and they are a circus of death invisible to any normal beings.


But this circus is not what Saber wanted.

Even if she is a Servant, she cannot fly through the sky.

She can run up a wall, but that's it.

This is no different from freefall.

It is just the difference between rising until she loses her speed, rather than falling.

So the expression 'falling into the sky' isn't that far off.

Since she has started, she has to continue to the final destination of the rooftop.

If she takes any blows from her opponent in the process, she will just fall miserably to the ground.


Those rules do not apply to the opponent Saber has to defeat.

A trace of purple attacks Saber, who is just heading for the rooftop.

Attacking from both sides and from above, arcing from every direction, Rider is not bound by gravity.

Her long hair sways like a comet's tail, and her figure is like a snake encircling a tree.


Saber's feet touch the building.

Tilting her body to the side, she kicks off the building to head around to its side.

Saber's path that had headed directly towards the rooftop changes direction perpendicularly.

――The flowing attacks go away.

Rider cannot match Saber in instantaneous bursts.

Saber shakes Rider off with one kick and, reaching the side of the building, kicks upwards again.

Up to the rooftop this time.

If Rider is a snake wrapped around the building, Saber is almost an exploding firework.

But maybe Rider expected even that.

The distance between the two does not change.

Rider doesn't let Saber get away as she runs to the side and attacks in the opening as Saber kicks off the building――!


She flicks Rider away with her sword and jumps into the open area.

There is a limit to how much she can block Rider's attacks in the air.

The skills that were not even a match before are finally matched on this battlefield.

There are no decisive blows in this battle.

No, Rider herself is avoiding them most of all.

When Saber jumps at Rider with determination, Rider only defends and shows no intention of countering.

Rider is just keeping Saber in check as she runs to the rooftop.

"Kuh――are you unwilling to fight, Rider...!?"

Saber yells at her cowardly opponent.

As a knight, this kind of a fight is an insult.

A battle determines the victor by exchanging blows with full force.

According to that belief, Rider's behavior is only an insult.

"Fufu――it seems you don't like high places, Saber."

Rider only replies in a cool voice.

As she says, Saber is inexperienced in air battles.

One could say tonight is the first time she has engaged in such a battle.

After all, a knight runs on the ground.

They are not the type to stick to walls like the woman in front of Saber.

"Your famous sword is useless here, right? But do not worry as I will allow you comfort soon."

Rider moves higher as if to tempt Saber.

She is deliberately constructing this situation.


Saber acknowledges that as well.

The final stop of this circus.

Rider's ideal position must await at that point.

Rider's trump cannot be used readily.

That is why she is luring her enemy somewhere where nothing will interrupt them, as she is determined to settle this match with her strongest blow.

If Saber continues on to the rooftop, she will be in trouble.

If Rider's Noble Phantasm is as Saber believes, there is no way to defend against it.

But there is no turning back now.

She cannot let Rider or Rider's Master be.

Not because it is the principle of the Holy Grail War to defeat one's enemies.

Saber must defeat Rider right here to protect her Master.

...Because it cannot be helped.

Saber herself is amazed.

But she has thought, at least once, that she does not want to push her honest Master.

――The two gain altitude.

Continuing their momentous clashes, the battle is about to reach its final destination.

"Dammit, why does it only go up to the fortieth floor...!?"

I run up the stairs while cursing.

Even though I was able to enter the building through the back door, the elevator didn't go to the rooftop.

I have to run up the remaining ten floors on my own feet.

"Ha――Haa, haa, ha...!"

I run up the stairs full speed.

I don't know how long it's been since Saber left me.

I don't think it's been ten minutes yet, but that's still too long.

Nobody knows what can end a battle.

Saber isn't perfect.

It's possible that she could make a big mistake and be cornered, in big trouble.

So before that happens――if I can find Shinji and make him use up his Command Spell, there should be no need for us to fight against Rider.

"Kuh――haa, ha...!"

...My convalescent body aches the more I run up the stairs.

Running around the building and up the stairs has run me out of breath.

I don't slow down, but rather speed up.

I have a bad feeling.

I don't know why I feel it, but my heart is in pain.

It's not a pain in my body, just something that tells me of danger.

...Saber cannot win.

On the rooftop is something that must not be confronted.

Trying to shake off the bad feeling, I continue up the stairs full speed.

――The wind is strong.

As soon as I open the door, the scenery of the night town surrounds me.

The concrete ground is burned up here and there.

It's like an iron plate from a barbeque, making sizzling sounds.

In the center.

In the middle of the burned up rooftop is her figure, down on her knees.


"Shirou...!? Why are you here――!?"

Saber has nothing to spare, breathing with her shoulders.

The instant I try to run to her――I notice something strange floating up in the sky.


The overwhelming amount of magical energy forced me to recognize it.


I stare up at the sky.

The sound of wings flapping.

There's something whiter than the hazy white moon.

...It is...

...A legendary "divine mystery" spoken of only in myths.

Scene 02

――We walk through the town.

It's past eight o'clock.

At this time when the station gets the most crowded, Saber and I stare at the map of the city.

"We have gone around most of the main buildings. Are there any other places to go?"

"Let's see, there's a factory a little way away. We should look there since people gather there as well. Well, I don't think a factory is Shinji's style, though."

...Even as I answer, it's hard to look at Saber.

It must be because that conversation earlier is still affecting me.

Since Saber is acting like she doesn't care, it bothers me even more.

"How about you, Saber? Can you feel Rider's presence?"

"...No, I do not. I have fought her once, so I should be able to perceive her if she is nearby――"

A strange feeling pierces my heart.

A wave of magical energy that even I can feel.

There's no way Saber can't feel that.

"...Shirou. I believe I do not even need to say this, but..."

"I know. ...So, are they near, Saber?"

"No, I do not think they are that close yet. But they are certainly watching. ...This magical energy is probably to provoke us."

They are watching us... so that must mean they finally fell for the decoy.

If they're emitting magical energy so obviously, they must be trying to tempt us.

"――So. Is this Rider's presence?"

My mind switches.

The awkwardness from before disappears.

"I shall follow the magical energy. Please be careful, Master."

I nod silently.

The murderous intent stinging my skin is coming from the office district, empty of people.

Maybe no one is working overtime today of all days.

Most of the lights in the buildings you could call the symbol of Shinto have already disappeared.

Not many people are walking through the roads, and the view isn't that bad.

No one looks suspicious, and if Shinji is anywhere, he would be ahead of us... perhaps the park we were just in.

...The murderous intent is getting stronger.

There's no mistake that an enemy is nearby.

No, more like....


I feel a chill run down my spine.

From the intensity of the murderous intent that even I can feel, perhaps we are already in the range of the enemy.

"...Watch out, Saber. Something's strange."

"...Yes, your senses are correct. I do not think they will attack us out in the open, but we should still be careful."

Nodding silently, we head to the park.

I'll ignore the oppressive pressure that feels like having a knife stuck at my neck.

Rider and Shinji are nowhere in the office district.

If they are going to attack, it will be in the park where nobody will see――


"...? What, Saber?"

I turn to Saber.

She rushes at me like lightning-

and deflects the attack over my head.


I look up.

In my sight is a large building, towering overhead as if to reach the heavens.

And clinging on its side like a spider is the figure of the enemy.


Long hair covering her whole body, and flexible white limbs.

The figure with the masked face is none other than Servant Rider...!!


The figure clinging around the fifth floor looks at me and licks her lips.

...I feel a freezing chill.

There's no mistake.

She came down from the top of the building to kill me using my overhead blind spot――!

Saber lands on the ground.

Saber, who jumped above me and deflected the attack, has instantly armed herself.

"Saber, she's...!"

"I will follow her! Please stay here, Shirou...!"

"Huh... how are you going to follow her!?"

She kicks the ground.

The silver armor disappears from my vision in an instant.


If Rider coming down from the top of the building is ridiculous, so is Saber pursuing her just by jumping.

No, perhaps because they are Servants, normal logic doesn't apply to them.

Like Rider, Saber kicks the side of the building and charges at Rider like lightning――!

The two shadows intersect at great speeds.

They clash overhead and separate, and then kick off the building and clash again. It's like watching fighter aircrafts' dogfight.


Scene 03


...It's sad, but I guess all I can do is stay here.

I can't run up the side of the building, and even if I do go after her, I wouldn't be able to back her up in any way.


A human cannot participate in a battle between Servants.

There's nothing I can do. I can only trust Saber's words and wait here.

――Sixty seconds pass.

After a short blank period, I see intersecting sparks way above me.

"Rooftop...!? They made it up to the rooftop...!?"

I strain my eyes to follow Saber's figure.

The silver and the black light do not stop even once and disappear a few hundred meters higher.


What should I do?

Should I go into building and run up to the rooftop?

Unlike the side of the building, if it's the rooftop on firm ground, I should be able to―――――


A bright light is emitted from the rooftop.

Not just once.

It repeats in rapid succession.

"――Could that be..."

... Rider's Noble Phantasm...!?

If so, Saber has no chance of winning.

Not letting Rider use her Noble Phantasm... wasn't that the main requirement for Saber to win?

"Damn, Saber...!"

There's no time for indecision.

Gritting my teeth at my cowardice, I run to the building.

"Ha, haa, haa, haa――!"

I run up the stairs.

It was easy to get into the building, but it's not easy to get to the rooftop.

The elevator doesn't go beyond the fortieth floor, so I have to use the stairs to go up farther.

"Haa――! I... can't... be wasting time...!"

In the darkness of the inactive lights, I continue up the stairs leading to the rooftop.

―――――It's already been five minutes since I snuck in.

A normal battle should be decided by now.


The ground shakes.

The fifty-story building shakes as if bombed.

"――What was that?

That couldn't be Rider's Noble Phantasm...!?"

One more floor to the rooftop.

Shaking off an ominous presentiment, I run up the darkened stairs.


The instant I open the door, I feel hot air on my face.

A burning heat hot enough to burn my face rushes in.

"...What the hell..."

...Happened here?

The concrete ground is burned up here and there.

A dry air as if there is nothing living.


In the middle, Saber is collapsed as if empty of energy.

"...! Saber, are you all right, Saber...!?"

I run to Saber and raise her up.


...She's still breathing.

Saber is unconscious and breathing heavily as if wounded really badly.


...Saber remains, and Rider is nowhere to be seen.

So leaving the process aside, the result is clear.

If Rider was still here, she would not have let Saber go as weakened as she is.

So the survivor――the victorious one is Saber.

Rider was defeated, and Saber must have lost consciousness in exchange for that.

"――Hold on. I'll take you right home and have Tohsaka look at you...!"

I hold Saber in my arms.

...I'm amazed at her lightness.

Saber, breathing painfully, has no weight like she's just an illusion.

"I'm done.

I let her sleep in the Japanese-style room, but I don't think she'll wake up any time soon."

"...Sorry, you really helped me out. There's nothing I could have done to treat Saber."

"...Well, I just removed her armor and helped her relax, so you don't need to thank me. Saber won't get well and I haven't done anything."

...But still, having Tohsaka around was helpful.

She understood the situation with just one glance at me holding Saber.

Tohsaka quickly took off Saber's armor and examined her.

"So, what happened?

I thought you came back from searching for Shinji, and Saber was like that. I can tell that something happened, but can you explain the details?"

"...I don't know either. I only know that Saber and Rider fought, and that Saber was the survivor."

"...Hmm. I would like to know the details, but I won't ask you. You guys are in no condition for that sort of thing."

"...? What do you mean, we're in no condition?"

"It's just like I said. ...You should know vaguely by now that Saber will disappear like this."



Tohsaka mentions the result I have avoided thinking about.

"...Disappear... you mean, Saber will disappear?"

"Yup. I don't know how she fought, but her magical energy is almost empty right now.

She's in pain because she's trying to keep her disappearing self around."

"What... Saber will disappear because she doesn't have magical energy...?"

"Yeah, she doesn't have enough magical energy for someone in spirit form to stay in this world.

At a time like this, a normal Master would just send his magical energy, but you can't do that, right? To put it simply, Saber is like a fish puffing because it doesn't have enough oxygen."

"Lack of oxygen? That's ridiculous.

She was fine up to now. Saber said she'd be all right if she slept――"

"That's because Saber's magical energy capacity was extraordinary.

But that's over. There are only two ways to heal a Servant who ran out of magical energy.

To have the Master replenish the magical energy, or to have the Servant collect magical energy herself."

To have a Servant collect magical energy herself.

That would mean killing innocent people like Rider did.

"...That's impossible. Saber won't do that. She said herself that she wouldn't do such a thing."

"I would think so. But that's the only way possible. As long as the Master can't provide magical energy, the Servant has to replenish her own magical energy.

...This is a decision you need to make.

But if you want to save Saber, make her attack people and absorb their souls."


That's the most realistic course.

But that means――

"Of course Saber will protest. But if you let things be, Saber will disappear, and you will be targeted by the other Masters."


Saber will disappear...?

I can't even imagine such a thing.

I still feel her body heat in my hands, carrying her.

"――I'll let you decide.

Saber should calm down if she sleeps, but her limit is still near. If you're going to make a decision, tomorrow morning will be the time limit."

Tohsaka leaves the living room.

...I feel dizzy.

I can't even look up. I can only listen to Tohsaka's departing footsteps.

"――――It's morning."

The day starts without me getting any sleep.

Saber has not woken up yet.

She is sleeping like a corpse.

"But her face looks better."

The situation isn't that pessimistic.

Saber is breathing calmly, and there's no sign she's in pain.

Saber is sleeping peacefully.

This is just an everyday morning scene.

"――Maybe if..."

If I let her sleep like this, she might get back to normal.

Then there'll be no need to have Saber kill people.

Then, like we were doing now, Saber would be with me and――

"――How selfish of me――!"

I punch the wall.

I feel sick at how weak I am.

Saber will certainly disappear if I postpone my decision.


...I get up, trying not to make a sound.

I don't know when Saber will wake up.

But I have to make a decision before she does――

I go outside.

It's not that I have a plan.

Just seeking a sign to make me decide, I wander aimlessly.

The park is empty as usual.

Maybe it helps that it's colder today than usual.

There is no one around, and it looks like I'm the only one out at this time.


I sit on the bench and repeatedly consider the insoluble problem.

...I don't know how long I'm slumped on the bench.

But just as my fingers start to tremble from the cold...


I thought you were gone already, but you're here!"

I'm suddenly called like that.

"Aha, it is you. Hello, Shirou. You have a serious expression. What's wrong?"

"Illya...? You're here by yourself again? It's dangerous, you never know when the other Masters――"

As I start to say that, I'm amazed at my stupidity.

Illya is a Master too.

I shouldn't be worrying about this, and anyway, aren't we enemies?

"...Sorry. I can't afford to talk to you right now.[l]

We were lucky to see each other, but I can't talk with you. It's going to get cold today, so you should go home."

Sitting down on the bench, I dismiss Illya.

...There are things I need to talk to her about, but I have my hands full with Saber right now.



What's going on?

Illya doesn't say anything and she just stares at me as if I'm a stranger.

"...Illya...? No, I'm not trying to be mean to you.

I'm just really busy right now, and――"

"I know. Saber's about to disappear, right?[l]

And you're wondering what to do."


The girl in front of me says this coldly as if she is someone else.

"Illya, how――do you know about that?"

"I don't even need to tell you, right? I was at that building last night too.[l]

Well, I could only watch from inside the building."


I try to move my arms and legs, but they won't move at all.

No, it feels like they're stiffening the more I put power into them.

――It's those eyes.

Looking at Illya's red eyes makes my body go numb and――

"Oh, you're bound already?

You know you don't have any protection, right? I thought it would be easy to capture you if you're alone, but you're so cute falling for it this easily."

"Illya, yo... u――"

"It's useless, Onii-chan. You won't be able to move now.

You won't even be able to speak soon, but you don't need to worry.

――I didn't come here today to talk either.

Murderous intent seeps in into Illya's gaze.

This is the same Illya as the one that night, when she was the Master of Berserker.

"Kuh...! Are you going to kill me here...!?"

Gritting my teeth, I gather all my strength.

But I can't even twitch my fingers.

Every nerve in my body is wrapped by Illya's stare.

"Yup. Because it doesn't matter if you're a Master anymore, right? You'll be on your own once Saber disappears, so I can't let you be a Master.

Once your means of fighting is gone, I can kill you easily."

Illya raises her hand.

Her white slender fingers touch my chest.

"I'm glad I found you before anyone else killed you.

So, good night, Onii-chan. Saber's going to disappear anyway, so it should be a relief if it happens faster, right?"

My vision fades.

Sensation in my limbs is already gone, and now my vision is gone as well.

...How long has it been since I fell into this darkness?

While I wonder whether I'm dead or not, my consciousness fades away.


It... seems... I'm... still... alive――――

"...Is it all right, Illya? Isn't this boy your enemy...?"

"T-That doesn't concern you, Liz. A-And this is only a natural privilege.

I've been waiting for this moment for ten years, so I can't let him go now."


...What? ...I can't move.

No, I can't even feel my body.

What's going on?

Am I really here.....?

"Stop, Leysritt. Ojou-sama, the preparation for acceptance of the prime field has ended. All that remains is to conduct the heavenly garment..."

"Yeah... I'll begin. Stay back, you two."

My vision is shut off.

Within it, where no light exists...

Only Illya's red Command Spell is――

――My mind is taken to a different place.

Even though I have no senses, I think something grabbed my arm.

――I start to pass out.

I don't know what will happen to me in the next few minutes, but――it seems my fight has already ended.

Scene 04

And the instant Saber reaches the rooftop...

She confronts the true form of her opponent.

"Haa―― haa, ahh――"

Supporting her falling body with her sword, Saber looks up.

A white light charges instantly.

Deploying the wind wrapped around her sword, she creates an invisible wall.

Her body is blown away.

That which should have nullified any possible impact could not even slow the charge of the Pegasus.


Blown away, she rolls on the ground.

――There is no time to lie down.

The Pegasus turns in the air and continues its glide without a pause.


She cannot block that blow.

The only possible measure is to jump and evade it.

But even if she does avoid the attack, the trail is enough to chip at her protection.

She will eventually take a direct blow if she continues like this.

The white light comes swooping down.

The Pegasus glides down from high above, mows Saber down without touching the rooftop, and returns to the sky.

Pursuit is impossible.

There is no wall to run up, and even if there were one, no one would be able to catch that Pegasus.

"Haa... haa, haa――"

In that inferior position, Saber awaits a chance to counter.

Even if it is a Pegasus, if it's alive, it can be killed.

The only chance of victory Saber has left is for Rider to make a mistake with the Pegasus's reins.

"I'm surprised. You are tougher than you look."

A voice from above.

Saber looks up, holding her sword ready.

"But is there any meaning in that? You have no chance of victory. If you are just going to disappear, disappear with grace."

Rider sounds calm.

A little joy can be heard in that voice.

"...Huh. I expected a fantastic race, but I did not think you would bring out something like that, Rider."

――A fantastic race.

As it sounds, they are beings that exist only in fantasy.

Demihumans like sprites and giants.

Demonic beasts like demons and dragons.

As their very existence is a "divine mystery", it is said that they themselves surpass magecraft.

It is the law that a divine mystery will be eliminated by a greater divine mystery.

As magecraft stored its power in knowledge,

the fantastic races store their power in their long lifespan.

Even if one masters magecraft as a human, that is only about the last five hundred years.

For those who have lived since ancient times, a five hundred year old divine mystery is not even worthy competition.

But it was long ago when both humans and the fantastic races lived in the same world.

The longer-lived the fantastic race is, the farther it strays from this world.

In the present day, the only fantastic race in this world are mere few hundred years old.

That is why she thought the fantastic race that Rider rode would be only about several hundred years old――

"...Bringing out something from the time of the gods. Your deeds must have been profound."

"Yes, I am different from you. No, I am rather like your enemy. That is why I only ride the poor children that you people have exterminated."

"――I see. I thought you were crooked, but now I know you were an evil spirit, and not a heroic spirit."

"...Huh, curse me all you want. You cannot even touch my boy."

The Pegasus rests its wings in the air.

A giant arrow that will strike if it sees an opening.


Saber ponders, glaring at it.

Pegasus itself is not a strong fantastic race.

A normal Pegasus will only grow to the class of a demonic beast of the fantastic race.

If that is the case, it is an opponent defeatable just with her "Invisible Air".

But that thing is different.

As that Pegasus has existed from the time of the gods, it has grown to the level of the fantastic beasts.

That Pegasus is nearing the level of the dragon race, considered to be the strongest of the fantastic races.

...No, its defense is already at the level of the dragon race.

Because that Pegasus has divine protection exceeding even Saber, who has the strongest magecraft resistance.

Its charge, emitting vast amounts of magical energy, is like a giant castle wall approaching.

――There is no possible way to dodge or defend against such a thing.

But that is not the surprising fact.

That Pegasus is just something that Rider has summoned, and it does not have a true name.

For Rider, that Pegasus is just like the dagger she uses.

In other words――that black cavalry has yet to use her Noble Phantasm.


Saber does not think of defeat, even in this situation.

Rather, she thinks that her chance will come when Rider decides to use her Noble Phantasm.

No matter what Rider's Noble Phantasm may be, there is no problem if it is only strong enough to destroy the building.

Saber only needs to go into defense, endure the attack, then slash away at the defenseless Rider.

――That's right.

As long as her master does not appear here.


I look up at the sky.

The sound of wings flapping.

There's something whiter than the hazy white moon.

...It is...

...A legendary "divine mystery", spoken of only in myths.


The identity of Rider's Noble Phantasm.

Is that what caused the scorching of the rooftop and drove Saber to her knees?

Rider is riding on a flying horse as befits her class name.


I take my mind off Rider.

I heard a sound――

"Shinji...!? You're here, right? Come out...!"

I cannot tell how strong Rider is on that Pegasus.

I can only tell that the white beast is constructed from enough magical energy to have come from a few hundred magi.

It is only natural for the rooftop to be scorched.

That thing destroys its surroundings just by running.

If that thing charges from the sky, there is no way even Saber could block it.

"Don't hide...! I came here, so at least show yourself...!"

I'm racing against time here.

Rider's Noble Phantasm has already been used.

So――I have to take the last resort of defeating Shinji and eliminating Rider...!

"――Ha. Haha, ahaha, ahahahahahaha!"

I hear laughter.

Shinji――must be hiding somewhere.


"Do you get it, Emiya!? This is the difference in our powers!"

Only his voice echoes.


Calming my impatient mind, I listen to his laughter.

...Damn, the wind's strong...!

I can't tell where the laughter's coming from...!

"Too bad. You ended up like this because you were acting so calm and composed, you idiot...! Do you understand now, you have to kill when you can...!?"


Don't rush.

Let him talk. I should be able to determine his location if he keeps talking...!

"But I'm different. You and your Servant are done for right here. Though, it's not like we're strangers.

There's that thing from yesterday too, so I'll let you die a painless death――!"


――This is bad.

The head of the Pegasus standing by in the sky lowers toward Saber.

The swirl of magical energy rotates as if without limit.

If that thing is going to be coming at high speed, this rooftop will be blown away leaving no remains――!

"Don't worry, Emiya. You got in the way, but I'll have the idiots at school follow you in no time. If you say you're lonely, I'll let that annoying Sakura follow you as well!"

"Shinji, you――!"

"Go, Rider!

That girl first! Don't leave even a piece of her behind...!"


A white shooting star falls from above.

I ignore it, but the instant I run to Saber....

――A storm appears before me.



For the first time, she forgot about her enemy during a battle.

Angry at her master for coming to such a dangerous place.

Angry at herself for not realizing that this was likely.

But all those ideas are driven to the back of her mind.

What else could there be?

In this dangerous situation, his expression is only worried about Saber.


――Come to think of it, he has always been like that.

Even though he knew she was an excellent knight,

He did not treat her as a knight even once.

"It seems playtime is over, Saber."

Soft laughter.

Rider places her hands on the Pegasus's neck and makes it beat its wings even faster.

"As my Noble Phantasm is powerful, it is not fit for use on the ground. It will draw attention no matter what. I could not use it readily as there are still other Masters to think of.

But there is no danger of anyone watching here.

Do you understand that I led you here because it is convenient?"

Something missing until now forms in Rider's hands.

It is a mere small rein of shining gold.

"――That is your Noble Phantasm, Rider?"

"Yes, but it is not my taste.

This Pegasus is too kind and not fit for battles. So it will not get in the mood unless I use this."

The Pegasus lowers its neck.

The Pegasus rages, not from its own intentions, but from Rider's.

"――Disappear, Saber.

Even if you survive, your Master will not be able to escape. If your Master dies, that is the end even for you, is it not?"

――That is absolutely true.

Rider's Noble Phantasm will completely blow away this rooftop.

If she hurries, she will be able to get Shirou and get away from the rooftop, but Rider's attack won't destroy just the rooftop.

Her Master is not strong enough to survive a collapsing building.

So, for Saber to protect her Master...

She has to slay that enemy along with the Pegasus.


She has no time to decide if her choice is the correct one.

She looks at her distant Master one more time.

He is gritting his teeth, trying to fulfill his role.


That makes her hesitations go away.

She forgets about everything that must happen in the future.

She is only her master's sword now, and exists only to defeat the enemy.

"Go, Rider!

That girl first! Don't leave even a piece of her behind...!"

An annoying voice shouts out.

As it does, the Pegasus flies up even higher.

It disappears from view in an instant.

The Pegasus that flew up into the air has already lost its form.

After rising as if to strike the moon, it arcs and returns toward the earth.

A comet sweeps down.

Even after it becomes an arrow of light, Rider still pushes the Pegasus.

There is only one target.

She will destroy her enemy along with this isolated garden in the sky――!


The name is cast.

A Noble Phantasm bears a miracle that is released by casting its true name....

And if a miracle is a disaster that should not occur in this world――


It is truly a divine lightning.

A flashing thunderbolt.

Watching it, her eyes show no emotion.

"――You said no one will see in this place, did you not Rider?"

The wind is unraveled.

The wind centered on her turns into a raging tempest.

"I feel the same way. Here, there is no need to worry about destroying the earth―――!"

The seal is broken.

Releasing many layers of wind...

Her sword makes its appearance.

――A storm is rising before my eyes.

A white light comes bearing down.

Even though she is its target, Saber does not move.


The raging wind is coming from her.

No, not from Saber, but from the sword she is holding.


I doubt my own eyes.

I can see the sword that should be invisible.

Slowly, as if taking off bandages, her sword starts to show its form.

"A golden――sword?"

Raging winds.

Many seals develop as if a box is opening.

The wind melts into the air.

Readying the exposed sword, she faces the descending Pegasus.

Rider descends as a surge of light.

Bellerophon grows large enough to engulf the whole rooftop and speeds up to destroy not only us, but the building itself.

The 'Reins of the Heroic Cavalry' light up the rooftop.


...Time stops.

Facing unavoidable destruction, my mind freezes.


Not because of the 'Reins of the Heroic Cavalry'.

The converging lights.

Its purity is not even comparable to the light of Rider that is merely large.

In her hands...

Is an assembly of the planet's light. The strongest holy sword.



――It is literally a line of light.

It is a blade of light that slices everything it touches.

It slices Rider with one blow, soars up into the night sky, cuts through the clouds, and disappears.

...I think...

If that thing were used on the ground, a great disorder in the land would remain and never disappear.

Her sword was not invisible.

It merely did not allow others to see it.

A golden sword that captivates all who see it, and its all-too-famous true name.


Said to have existed in England, it is the sword of the king of knights known as the symbol of knighthood.

The strongest Noble Phantasm of all Servants, sealed in numerous boundary fields.

That is Saber's symbol of heroism.

The rooftop is silent.

The wind is gone and nothing makes a sound.


I can't approach Saber and I just stand there.

I don't know if I'm still confused or if my heart is still captivated by that sword.

My mind is acting strange, and only insignificant things come in my head.

Why does she have that sword?

That golden sword is the property of the well known king of knights.

I try to think how she ended up with the sword, and I notice that I'm trying to avoid the simplest of the answers.

...There's no need for complicated guesses.

That sword has always been hers.

That's why her true name is easy to figure out.

I don't know what kind of mistake was made, but there's only one person she can be if she has that holy sword.


Saber does not move from the stance that completed her blow.

I should run up to her, but my body won't move.

...Up to now, I only understood in words that Saber was a heroic spirit.

Perhaps I realized that she was a hero of the past, something "different" from me――and I hesitated to go near her.


I hear a scream.

Something is burning in the background.

"―――Who's there!?"

I look in that direction.

There, I see a book burning into ashes, and...

"Ah――Ahhhh...! It's burning, my Command Spell is burning...!"

...Shinji is there, watching the burning book.


"Hii...! Ha, aha――"

He must have realized that Rider is defeated and he's at a disadvantage.

Shinji turns his back to me as if to flee, and runs towards the exit.


Shinji jumps through the door leading to the stairs.

"Stop, Shinji――!"

I can't let him go now.

But the instant I start to follow him...

Out of the corner of my eye,

Saber collapses.


My mind freezes.

Shinji is running away, and Saber is on the ground.


Scene 05

――Shinji comes first.

If Saber defeated Rider, I have to catch Shinji and have him relinquish his status as a Master...!

"Ha, haa, haa, ha――!"

High-pitched footsteps echo in the dark.

Matou Shinji flees though the dark hallways.

"Damn――what's with that woman? How can something so ridiculous happen...!? Rider's Noble Phantasm is the strongest, so why does she have to lose...!? She's just Saber, so why does she have such a Noble Phantasm!? It's unfair, it's unfair, it's unfair...!"

Rolling down the stairs, crashing into the wall, crawling on the ground-

Matou Shinji heads for ground level.

In his mind, the image of the light that slashed Rider will not fade.

Exactly as he says, that Noble Phantasm is an abnormal existence.

The holy sword that appears divine to its allies looks like a devil's creation from an opposing viewpoint.

"Fu, faa――!"

So he runs through the darkness.

That light will come if he stops.

He will vanish without a trace if he turns around.

There's no time to pause.

He puts more weight on his life than on the fact that he has lost his Servant or the fact the he isn't a Master any more.

"Ha――damn, damndamndamndamn...!

What was that about her Noble Phantasm being invincible...! That woman, all talk, how could she trick me...! You were defeated because you were too confident, you idiot...!"

But those were Matou Shinji's orders.

Not to kill them quickly.

Ignoring Rider's advice that they should kill them with one blow if they use the Noble Phantasm, he chose to corner Saber.

"Ha――ah, hya...!?

Another tumble.

Even though he's almost out of this darkness, he hits a huge wall.

"...!! Damn, don't put a wall somewhere like this...!"

He punches it in anger.


An unlikely sound is made.

Matou Shinji looks at what he thought was a wall, and at his arm bent up like a puzzle ring, and....


...Even forgets to scream because of fear.

"You can't do that, mister maggot of Makiri. There's no running away for a loser."

Laughter fills the air.

In the tense darkness, the silver hair of a white girl appears.


The moment of recognition.

The instant he realizes what's in front of him, Matou Shinji is terminated.

I run through the dark hallway.

I can't see, but I'm able to follow Shinji.

Because there're no other sounds.

Shinji's footsteps echo through the hallway, so it's easy to follow him.

"...? His footsteps stopped?"

It's a sudden change.

The sound I was hearing was nearby, and there's still some distance to the elevator.

As far as I remember, there's no reason for Shinji to stop in the middle of the hallway.


I walk quietly and advance with caution.

...I see the change quickly.

The spot where Shinji's footsteps died...

In the hallway that was empty on my way to the rooftop, there is a red puddle.


My mind freezes.

Before I can think about what happened here, my body reacts.

―――――I can't be here.

My senses trained by Saber are telling me to go back to the rooftop as fast as possible if I value my life.

"Sorry I'm late. Are you all right, Saber?"

Controlling my nausea, I run towards Saber.


Saber doesn't look well at all.

She has sweat on her brow, and her breathing is weak yet irregular as if she has a fever.

"...No way. Hey Saber――what's wrong?"

I call out to her timidly, but she doesn't answer.

...She's unconscious.

"――Sa... ber...?"

I touch her forehead.


I automatically pull my hand back.

I-It's unusually hot.

If this is a fever, she's over forty degrees...!

"Saber! Hey, are you all right...!?"

Even when I call out to her, her only reply is heavy breathing.


I don't know what the hell's going on.

I don't know, but I'm sure we can't just stay here like this.

"I'm going to take you home...! If you want to object, do it later...!"

I pick Saber up.

...She's light.

She was light before, but she's lighter now.

No, more than that, she's...

"...She's warm. She's alive."

Saber is still Saber.

I'm angry at myself for hesitating.

...Damn it, so what if she's a hero?

No matter who Saber is, she's here right now and she's warm.

How stupid of me to think there's a wall between us in spite of that.

"――I'm going home right away. Stay still until then, Saber...!"

I run, still holding Saber in my arms.

There's no feeling of victory.

All I feel is Saber in my arms, breathing painfully.

Scene 06

――I can't leave Saber alone.

Rider is gone, and the book that holds Shinji's Command Spells has burned.

Shinji doesn't have a Servant anymore, and he has lost his Command Spells as well.

I can call the match settled.

So the priority right now is Saber...!


I run to her.

The golden sword isn't in her hands anymore.

It has disappeared and only Saber herself remains, but――


Saber doesn't look well at all.

She has sweat on her brow, and her breathing is weak yet irregular as if she has a fever.

"...No way. Hey Saber――what's wrong?"

I call out to her timidly, but she doesn't answer.

...She's unconscious.

"――Sa... ber...?"

I touch her forehead.


I automatically pull my hand back.

I-It's unusually hot.

If this is a fever, she's over forty degrees...!

"Saber! Hey, are you all right...!?"

Even when I call out to her, her only reply is heavy breathing.


I don't know what the hell's going on.

I don't know, but I'm sure we can't just stay here like this.

"I'm going to take you home...! If you want to object, do it later...!"

I pick Saber up.

...She's light.

She was light before, but she's lighter now.

No, more than that, she's...

"...She's warm. She's alive."

Saber is still Saber.

I'm angry at myself for hesitating.

...Damn it, so what if she's a hero?

No matter who Saber is, she's here right now and she's warm.

How stupid of me to think there's a wall between us in spite of that.

"――I'm going home right away. Stay still until then, Saber...!"

I run, still holding Saber in my arms.

There's no feeling of victory.

All I feel is Saber in my arms, breathing painfully.

Scene 07

"I'm done.

I let her sleep in the Japanese-style room, but I don't think she'll wake up any time soon."

"...Sorry, you really helped me out.

There's nothing I could have done to treat Saber."

"...Well, I just removed her armor and helped her relax, so you don't need to thank me. Saber won't get well, and I haven't done anything."

...But still, having Tohsaka around helped.

She was the one that yelled at me when I came home in a panic about what to do.

She worked out Saber's situation and advised me to take her armor off and let her sleep.

It's been an hour since then.

Somehow communicating with the unconscious Saber, Tohsaka took her armor off.

"So, what happened?

I thought you went out looking for Shinji, and Saber was like that. I can tell that something happened, but can you explain the details?"


I hesitate.

...Saber's Noble Phantasm.

I should avoid revealing her true name.

It's not something I can reveal by my judgment alone...

"...Rider was defeated. Shinji retired, losing his Command Spell. But Saber used her Noble Phantasm and collapsed after using it."

"...Hmm. Saber's Noble Phantasm, huh...?"

Tohsaka falls into a meaningful silence.

She's Tohsaka, so she should be able to tell that it was no ordinary matter.

"Well, I won't ask you for details. You guys are in no condition for that sort of a thing."

"...? What do you mean we're in no condition?"

"It's just like I said. ...You should know vaguely by now that Saber will disappear like this."



Tohsaka mentions the result I have avoided thinking about.

"...Disappear... you mean, Saber will disappear?"

"Of course. Saber's magical energy is almost empty. I don't know what kind of a Noble Phantasm Saber used, but it must have consumed a lot of magical energy.

Saber has used up most of the magical energy in her.[l]

She's in pain because she's trying to keep herself from disappearing."

"She's going to disappear because she doesn't have magical energy...? Are you saying she's going to disappear even though she wasn't injured?"

"Yes. Depletion of magical energy is a more serious problem than external damage for a Servant.

It's the magical energy that gives the spiritual Servants form. She will just disappear if it runs out."

"...Well, Masters transmit their magical energy to their Servant so that doesn't happen, but you can't do that, right?

So Saber has to fight using her own magical energy. It's over once that runs out. I told you this right at the beginning."


...Certainly what Saber told me.

"――But she was fine until now. Saber said she'll be all right if she slept――"

"That was because Saber's magical energy capacity was extraordinary.

...Yeah, Saber certainly has some magical energy left in her.

I think she should be able to recover enough magical energy to preserve herself."

"But that's it. Saber will end up fighting in the situation she's in right now.

It would be absurd to use the Noble Phantasm that put her in this state to begin with. Saber will definitely disappear if she uses it again."

"...She'll disappear if she uses her Noble Phantasm again..."

No, first of all, I can't let her fight in this state.

I don't want to see her slumped over in pain again.

"Do you understand now? There are only two ways to heal a Servant who ran out of magical energy.

To have the Master replenish the magical energy, or to have the Servant collect magical energy herself."

...To have a Servant collect magical energy herself.

...That would mean killing innocent people like Rider did.

"...That's impossible. Saber won't do that. She said herself that she wouldn't do such a thing."

"I would think so. Saber would probably choose to disappear if she had to sacrifice innocent people.

So there's only one other possibility. If you don't want Saber to disappear, you'll have to offer her your magical energy."

"That's――something I would have done already if I could.

But I don't know any way to give Saber magical energy. Unfortunately, I can't do everything like you can."

"...Of course. We wouldn't make it even if I taught you how to share magical energy. It would take you about a year to learn since you're not suitable as a magus, and you wouldn't be able to use it even if you learned it.

...Well, a path should have been connected at the summoning, so there might be other measures――"

Tohsaka ponders.

But it's only for a moment.

Tohsaka looks at me with an expression suppressing her emotions.

"Look. If you want to save Saber, all you can do is to make her attack people and absorb their souls.

I think you already know this."


That's the most realistic measure.

But that means――

"Saber will of course object to it.

But if you let things be, Saber will disappear and you will be targeted by the other Masters."


Saber will disappear...?

I can't even imagine such a thing.

I still feel her body heat in my hands which were carrying her.

"Then there's only one answer.

――Use your Command Spell, Emiya-kun. You should be able to avoid the worst case scenario with that."

That means...

...Ordering Saber to kill innocent people.


I can't say anything.

I resent what Tohsaka is saying, but at the same time, another part of me recognizes that this is the only solution.

"I'll let you decide. Saber will calm down if she sleeps, but her limit is still near.

If you're going to make a decision, make one by the next time we get attacked."

Tohsaka leaves the living room.

...I can't even look up... I can only listen to Tohsaka's departing footsteps.

Scene 09

Leaving Tohsaka at home, I leave with Saber.

It's seven thirty in the morning.

The hill is really quiet.

Students usually go to school at this time, but not many people are around today.

"I hear the school has closed down temporarily.

Even though nobody died, most of the students apparently cannot stand up yet."

"...It's like severe malnutrition, so it should take a few days before they'll be able to move again."

But those are the lucky ones.

Transformation of the skin, necrosis of the tips of the limbs...

I hear there were even students on the verge of blindness.

"...I hear Taiga was taken to the hospital as well. Is it all right not to go visit her, Shirou?"

"Yeah, they said Fuji-Nee's just fatigued. They told me not to worry about it and to study at home."

I called the Fujimura house and checked on Fuji-Nee's state before I left the house.

I would like to go visit her, but I should hold off on that for now.

"Then you are concentrating on the search? That is fine, but do you have any guesses?

I am able to feel the presence of Servants, but that is only possible if I am near them. I believe it will be difficult to find them without some sort of a clue."

"Yeah. If Shinji was hiding and not doing anything, it would be difficult to find him. But considering his personality, I don't think he'll stay quiet after that incident yesterday."

Shinji's not the type to stop when he's beaten.

He's the kind of guy that'll take revenge.

"...Then you are saying Rider's Master will be constructing another boundary field...?"

"No doubt. Like me, he can't provide magical energy for his Servant. If he wants revenge on us, he'll have to collect magical energy first.

So it shouldn't be that difficult to find him."

"――So we will not be looking for Rider's Master, but for the boundary field?"

"Yeah. Even if we can't perceive the Master, we can sense the boundary field if we get near it. And that will tell us about possible locations as well.

We just need to look for large buildings where lots of people gather."

"I am surprised. You are thinking pretty well, Shirou."

"Hey now. It's not like I'm not thinking, you know? I wouldn't say something like that if I wasn't confident about finding them."

...Yes, I'm confident.

There's the matter of the boundary field, but there's more meaning in us walking around.

Just as I can't leave Shinji alone, I bet Shinji doesn't intend to let us go either.

Just to be sure, we go to Shinji's house.

I have Saber check for the presence of Rider.

The result is negative.

...Well, he's not the kind of guy that would be resting at home.

"Let's go. If Shinji's going to construct a boundary field, it'll be in Shinto, and not over here. Let's go to each of the office buildings."

Calling out to Saber, I leave the Matou house.

"Is this all right, Shirou? This is Sakura's house.

Do you not want to talk to her since you are here? I believe we have time for that."


I'm certainly worried about Sakura.

According to Tohsaka, Sakura was just weakened. Fortunately, she didn't have any external wounds.

But if I can, I want to see her and take care of her since she has always taken care of me.


"I don't think I will. I can't get her involved in this war by going to see her before things are over."

...And most of all.

I can't go and see Sakura if I am to fight Sakura's brother soon.

If the worst comes to the worst and I have to kill Shinji, I'll never be able to face her.

...So I shouldn't leave any lingering affections.

I think that's the best course I can take, and I also believe it is for Sakura's best as well――

We go to every building we spot.

We went through all the larger ones first, but there's no findings yet.


Wiping the sweat off my brow, I move my heavy limbs.

Trying to calm my breathing, I stand still for a while and take a deep breath.

"...? Shirou, is there something wron―――――"

As soon as Saber turns to me, she frowns stiffly.

"Shirou, please come this way."

"Eh... hold on, that way's to the park. There are still some buildings we haven't checked out over this way――"

"Please wait on that matter. This takes priority right now."

Something must have caught her attention.

She speaks strictly and pulls me towards the park.

"Hold on Saber...! What are we doing, coming here? There's nothing here. Even you should know that!"

"It's fine, so please sit down on that bench. I will listen to you later."


Stared down by Saber, I reluctantly sit down on the bench.

And then――

I almost faint.


I hold my face with one hand.

My forehead is sweaty, and my breath is out of control even though I'm sitting down.

...Hold on.

Why am I sweating in the middle of winter?

"...That's strange. Was I this tired?"

As soon as I ask myself that, I finally realize the state of my body.

I'm not tired.

This is just my unhealed wound aching.


...Ridiculous. No matter how deep the breaths I take are, I can't catch my breath.

My body is heavy and my legs refuse to stand up.

"It seems you have finally realized the condition you are in, Shirou."

Saber is angry.

...It's only natural. It does no good when the one who suggested the idea of searching for Shinji is just resting on a bench.

"――Sorry. I'll be able to move again soon, so just wait a bit."

"That is not what I am concerned about.

It seems it is useless to say anything to you."


I understand that Saber is angry.

I understand, but I don't quite get what she's so angry about.

"Hey, Saber. You have to be clearer, or I won't get what you want to say."

"There is no need to tell you if you do not understand.

Please just rest there, Shirou.

I will keep you company if you do not wish to rest alone."

Saying that, Saber sits next to me.


The bench isn't that large.

Saber is sitting so close to me that I could touch her shoulder if I leaned over a bit.

"Hey――no, hold on Saber.

We don't have time to rest. We didn't come here to play, we――"

"We did not come here to play. Resting is part of the battle. If you have any complaints, please tell me after you catch that breath of yours."

"Uh... you say catch my breath, but..."

It's true that my body is tired and I can't breathe properly, but if you're this close, my heart starts jumping and――

"Shirou, are you listening to me? You have been pushing your body all this time, so please relax and calm down for now. Your body will not rest if you are not calm."

"Well, so..."

If she wants me calm, why doesn't she get away from me?

I don't know what Saber thinks, but for me, she's a girl of around my age.

Well, she's actually younger, but she's a girl nonetheless.

...And on top of that, she's unrealistically beautiful.

I don't know what kind of a guy would be able to calm down with her next to him.

"...Shirou? Is it just me or do you look more pale?"

"T-That's not true...! I'm not disturbed at all!"

"...Well, that is good... but it seems you should lie down. Perhaps there is some place to rest around here――"

Saber looks around.


Why is there a guy using his lover's thighs as a pillow in this desolate park?



It seems Saber is looking at the couple and thinking.

"Shirou. If you do not feel well, please lie down――"

"I'm fine! I'll calm down if I stay still, so don't worry too much! You don't have to worry, so ignore me for a while!"

Looking away from Saber, I close my eyes so I won't see her.


...Calm down.

Try to ignore Saber, who is sitting next to me. All I have to do now is to keep on breathing deeply and――

The fire died down after one night.

The red fiery walls were gone.

There was a burnt field all around me, and the blackened woods were smoldering with the sounds of sparking.

As I lay there, I think that it sounds like a small firework.

The sky starts to cloud up.

It would rain soon, and the fire should soon stop.

I was looking up blankly at the sky with a body that was even having difficulty breathing.

There are only burned corpses around me.

I have burns all over my body and there's a bad burn across my chest.

My open chest.

I feel like I could grab my heart if I put my fingers into the inflamed chest.

――Oh yeah, now that I think about it.

I didn't fall because I was tired.

My numb body wasn't kind enough to be able to rest just because it was tired.

I fell, because...

I think my wounds made me unable to move my arms or legs.

So I was manly and did not panic.

I knew I would not be saved, and I wasn't scared because everyone around me had died the same way.

I just looked up at the clouding sky and watched myself as I grew thinner.

But still...

With my dazed consciousness, I thought to seek help as long as I was alive and I reached out my hands――

...Wait, something's weird.

I shouldn't remember a burning feeling in my chest.


I wake up suddenly.

I open my shirt and check my body.

"――Yeah. There's no scar at all."

There's no scar on my chest.

I almost died because of lack of oxygen from the burn after all, and I didn't have any fatal wounds.

If I had taken something like that, I bet even Kiritsugu wouldn't have been able to save me.

No, more importantly――

"Whoa, it's night already...!? Was I asleep, Saber!?"

"Yes. You seemed to be sleeping deeply, so I did not wake you up. It seems the result is worth it. You look much better than before."

Saber is right next to me and answers as if nothing has happened.

"...You're mean. Even if it was bad for me, you should have woken me up. I told you we don't have time to be resting."

"Resting is a necessary action. And you were only sleeping for an hour, so there should be no problem."

"Hm, that's only in hindsight opinion. What were you going to do if I didn't wake up?"

"Let me see, it would not have been too different. The day has ended, and it was starting to get cold, so I was about to wake you up."

Saber answers simply.

...This is no good. No matter how I think about it, she's right in this case.

"...Well, I certainly do feel much better."

I get up from the bench and start to walk through the field.

There's no trace in the field of what came before.

No trace of when it used to be a residential district, nor any trace of when it was that red burning world.

It kind of irritates me that in spite of that, I saw that afterimage just by sleeping here.

"Shirou...? Is there a problem...?"

"Oh, no. I just thought we should have rested somewhere else if we were going to rest. There are too many bad memories here."

"Bad memories...? Do you have some connection to this place?"

"Huh...? Oh, I must've not told you yet. I used to live here. It's ten years ago, though. But there was a big fire and both my parents and my house burned up. I was saved by Kiritsugu and became his foster child."

"What...? Then you are..."

"Yeah, that means I'm not Kiritsugu's child. And I guess I'm not completely unrelated to the Holy Grail War either.

I heard that this place was the final battleground in the last war. The one person who survived it became a Master, so I guess you could call it kind of ironic."

I walk through the field.

It's been ten years since that happened, but it seems this ground isn't fertile at all.

...Maybe the regret of the dying people has seeped into this land.

"Shirou. Is that why you seek to prevent any victims?

Since you are a victim of the Holy Grail War, you do not want another victim like yourself...?"

"Eh――well, that's..."

Now that she mentions it, maybe that's logical.

But strangely, I've never thought about it that way.

"...I don't know. What you say is true, but I think it's simpler than that.

I was just happy when Kiritsugu saved me here ten years ago. There was nothing else, so maybe I admired him and wanted to be like him."

That's right, I was just happy at that time.

I can't put into words the emotion I felt when my request for help was granted.

But at the same time.

The happier I was, the guiltier I felt.

"But I didn't feel at ease because I was the only one saved. I was saved by my father, but no one else was saved and ended up like this."

Everyone wished for help, and I was the only one who received it.

Only I was saved,

And I was saved with the sacrifice of everyone else.

So――Emiya Shirou must take responsibility for it.

"But there's no way to take back something that's already happened.

If I want retribution for those that died, I should prevent what is to come.

I won't allow a disaster like the one ten years ago to repeat itself. I couldn't face the victims if that happens.

Well, I think my motive is something like that."

More importantly, we should continue searching for Shinji.

I feel better, so we should go to the buildings we haven't searched yet.

And there'll be fewer people around at night.

If Shinji wants to attack us, now would be a perfect time.

If we are going to make ourselves a decoy, the real deal starts now.

"Let's go, Saber. Let's go back to the office district for now."


"Saber...? Did you forget something?"

"No, I just remembered what happened this morning.

When I said we should go and look for Rider's Master after you healed your wounds, you told me the order of importance was wrong."


Hm... maybe I said that, but I don't remember the details.

"You said the same thing yesterday. I have felt it for a while, but I became confident about it then...

That you have no intention of saving yourself."

As if...

...Even stating that fact is a crime, she stares at me and declares so.

"You are putting others ahead of yourself. That is admirable, but you will regret it someday if you continue like that.

...You should value yourself more, Shirou."

Saber walks past me.

"Let us go. We are certainly putting a burden on you by being here."

Saber starts to walk towards the office district.

I try to call out to her, but I can't in the end.


"...Are you saying"... those words die in my throat.

It can't be that I don't intend to save myself.

It can't be true, but――for some reason, I cannot refute her words.

Scene 10

Osu! This is Tiger Dojo, the place of relaxation and refreshment that helps those suffering from unreasonable death!


Kyaaaaaa! Who are you!? I didn't call for a maid!

Bring my senior student!

...No, Illya is resting. She seems to be depressed at the moment.

Hmmm. How unreasonable. Killing at your own convenience and being depressed at your own convenience...

But that's good. I want to go to the gorgeous castle as well-nya.

Well, putting that aside.

Who are you? You're drawn differently from us.

...Leysritt. A friend of Illya's. I'm her substitute today.

Oh. Illya-chan had friends, huh?

So what kind of relationship do you have with her? Are you her slave?

...Well... it's like I look after her.

Guh. I knew the kid was from a rich family, but she's this rich?

Then is she off having a fun time with Shirou on her canopy bed right now?

...There was an event CG like that at one point. ...But I heard it was taken away due to special circumstances.

What? Did it happen to be ero-ero!?

...Yes, ero-ero.

Daaa! Onee-chan won't permit such a thing!

Geez! Anyways, this bad end is the result of Shirou being a coward!

Go back to the previous choice and see through the whole battle!

...Yes. I don't think Illya is happy about this result.

Oh. I thought you were blunt, but it seems you're pretty understanding. Good, I shall give you a Tiger Stamp!

...Oh, Tiger... Thank you.

No, no, you're danke welcome.

See ya. Let's meet in a better dead end next time!