FSN Fate Day 11 (EN)

Scene 00


The girl who had just finished her rite of passage would be known by that name from that day on.

It was a time of chaos and war.

It began with the demise of an empire.

An empire believed to be indestructible was only awaiting its destruction at the hands of invading barbarians.

To prepare for the war against these barbarians, the empire deprived this island country of any military forces.

That was the beginning.

Once her country lost the empire's protection, it could not escape becoming independent and it broke into smaller countries in no time.

The barbarian invasions.

Self-destructive strife between clans.

A long period of war, that would later be called "the Dark Ages".

She was born into this period as the heir to the throne.

It was a long period of chaos.

The king believed the magus's prophecy and yearned for the birth of his appointed successor.

But the child that was born was not the one the king desired.

The child was not a boy.

Even if the child was fated to become a king, he could not make a child that was not a boy his successor.

The girl was entrusted to the king's vassals and was raised as a child of a mere knight.

The king fell into despair, but the magus was delighted.

The sex of the one who would become king had never mattered.

He was confident that the fact of the girl being separated from the castle until the day of the prophecy was proof that she would become king.

The girl grew up as the successor under the simple and wise old knight.

The old knight did not really believe the magus's prophecy.

He just felt the same air from the girl as he did from his king, so he felt that he must raise her as a knight, and he wished her to grow.

But the knight did not even have to wish for such a thing, as the girl trained day after day to become stronger than anyone.

If only a king can save a ruined country headed for death...

The girl swore to bear a sword for that reason alone, without ever being told so.

So, the day of the prophecy arrived.

Knights and lords from around the country gathered to be selected as the king.

Every one of them expected the selection to be through jousting if the most superior one was to become a king.

But the only thing prepared at the place of selection was a naked sword stuck in a stone.

On the hilt of the sword was a golden inscription.

"Whosoe'er pulleth out this sword of this stone is rightwise King born of England―――"

Many knights grabbed the sword, following that command.

But no one was able to pull the sword out, and the knights began the expected method of selection by jousting.

As the girl was only an apprentice, she was not qualified to joust.

The girl neared the deserted stone of selection and reached out for the sword without hesitation.

"No, no. You should think things through before you take that."

When she turned around, before her was the most feared magus in the country.

The magus said...

That she would no longer be human once she took ahold of the sword.

The girl only responded with a nod.

Becoming a king means no longer being human.

She was prepared for that ever since she was born.

In short, a king is someone who kills everyone to protect everyone.

The young girl thought about it every night and shuddered until morning came.

No day passed that she did not fear that fact.

But the girl said that it would end this day.

The sword was pulled out as if it were only natural to do so, and the place was filled with light.

―――In that instant, she became something not human.

The king's gender does not matter.

No one will care about the king's appearance or even notice it if the king acts like a king.

Even if anybody noticed that the king was female, there would be no problem if she was a good king.

Perhaps because of the sword's magecraft, the girl's growth stopped at that time as well.

Many knights feared it as ominous, but most of them praised their master's immortality as divine.

―――And thus.

The time of the king who would become a legend started.

The battles of the new king were indeed the acts of a god of war.

The king always led from the front.

No enemies could stand in her way.

Arturia, the god of war.

There was no defeat for a body admired as a dragon in human form.

For ten years and twelve battles, she knew only victory.

Those were the days she ran through as the king.

She never turned back and was never disgraced.

She was raised as the king and fulfilled her obligations as the king.

Is that why I saw such a figure?

Her soul must still be on the battlefield.

Before daybreak.

Resting her body in the wind under the indigo blue sky, she just gazes into the distance.

The sky is high, and the clouds are flowing fast.

Under the clear air, she is looking at the great army she must face with her sword in hand.

―――That figure is burned in and will not go away.

She and her sword are one.

The sword from the stone that chose the king.

I think the brilliance of the sword that selected her fate is also her brilliance.

But I wonder in the dream.

That sword is different from the one she had.

It is similar, but different.

The one she used last night is different from this sword.


How did she lose such a fine sword...?

When I wake up, I'm in my room.

It's light outside.

I guess I fell asleep after coming back to my room, unable to make a decision.

"...That... dream..."

It was a strange dream.

Events I shouldn't know about, things I don't know about Saber.

Is it possible for me to dream about them?

"...But that sword was certainly different from the one Saber had...."

I vaguely think.

Saber's true identity that was hidden.

...To be honest, I still can't accept who she is.

Saber is just Saber.

I can't change my attitude just because I know who she was before, and I don't think Saber would want that either.

"...But it suited her."

The sword from yesterday suited her, but the sword in my dream also suited her.

No, you could say I was fascinated.

With yesterday's sword and the sword in my dream... it seems I fall for swords easily.

I also thought Lancer's lance was beautiful when I saw it, but my interest in swords is exceptional.

It seems Emiya Shirou is easily attracted to swords.

"Well... it's not like that only just started."

I take a deep breath and reach up to my sweaty face.

"...But it sure is hot."

I wipe the sweat off my forehead.

Even though it's winter, my body is burning.

It feels like my blood is getting hotter, and I feel restless.

"...I wonder why... ever since I saw Saber's sword..."

...My body has been strangely hot.

The hand that bears the Command Spell is hot as if it's holding a pocket heater.

"...It's like that time Tohsaka made me swallow that jewel... like it's itchy, or it makes me want to run around."

I take a deep breath to try to calm myself.

"...I guess Saber's still asleep..."

Saber has not woken up even once since last night.

But it still seems she's getting better.

Her breathing is calm now and there's no sign she is gasping in pain.

Saber is sleeping peacefully.

This is an everyday morning scene.

"―――Maybe if..."

If I let her sleep like this, she might get back to normal.

Then there'll be no need to have her kill people.

Then, just like now, Saber will be with me and――

"――How selfish of me――!"

I hit the wall.

I'm so weak it makes me sick.

"――It's my fault Saber's in this state.

Who am I to say――"

...I get up, trying not to make a sound.

I don't know when Saber will wake up.

But I have to make a decision before she does.

Tohsaka must still be asleep.

There's no energy in the house, and it feels like it's abandoned.

No, I'm just depressed.

I can't decide, so I'm wandering around in a gray state, and that causes the world to be vague.


I hear something cut through the air.

"Again... it's from the yard, but that――

I remember that sound.


I don't feel like cooking breakfast right now, so I'll take a walk and check it out.

It's much colder than usual outside.

It must be really cold if my burning body feels it.

It's so cold that it might snow.

"...It's from the shed area."

The sound is coming periodically.

I cross the yard, breathing out white puffs.

He's there in front of the shed.

...I guess I kind of knew he would be here, so I wasn't surprised.

He must have been shooting arrows until now.

He lowers his bow in displeasure as soon as he sees me.

"That's dangerous. Don't shoot bows in someone else's house. What are you going to do if you hit someone?"

"I would not have to do anything as I am not using any arrows. One cannot be hit by something that is not fired."


He doesn't need to tell me that.

The sound was Archer's bow string cutting through the air.

I don't know why, but Archer isn't using any arrows, but only pulling his bow.

"...That's a good bow. I wasn't convinced until now, but you really are an Archer."

"Well. I'm not an archer like the ones you know, so I would not be able to answer you even if you asked me about archery.

Your arrows are shot to target yourself, while my arrows are shot to hit an enemy. The archer you have in mind must be the kind that respects manners and politeness."

He curls his lips offensively.

As I thought, I can't get along with him.

"I don't intend to ask you about archery.

I was just wondering what you were doing."

"As you can see, I am merely checking my condition.

The wound Saber gave me has healed. I cannot stay on watch forever."


...I see.

He's healed now. Then that means Tohsaka should return to the war.

I turn away.

Since Tohsaka and Archer are rejoining the battle, I must make a decision.

I have to think seriously somewhere I can be alone.

"―――There is a concept called 'follow-through'."


"The time you have after you take your shot.

I believe that is the only thing common to your archery and mine."

"...What? You don't have to tell me about the eight stages of shooting."

"Just listen. They say the body stays there naturally after you shoot a bow. I heard that you call it follow-through."


Certainly, there are eight movements in archery called the eight stages of shooting.

The last one, the follow through, is the state that comes after shooting an arrow, but――

"...Yeah. So what about it?"

"I am talking about your mental preparation. Follow through is not intended to ascertain if the arrow has hit the target.

An arrow has hit the target even before it is released. The archer lets the arrow go according to that image.

So there is no need to check if the arrow has hit or not.

Because if you think the arrow will hit, it will hit the target, and if you do not, the arrow will not hit."

"――That's not true. There are shots that won't hit no matter how much you think they will. Everyone would hit the target every time if all you have to do is to think about hitting it."

"Is that so? Well, you hit the target every time."


His statement makes my heart jump.

That's certainly――

"Well, I do not care about that. There is only one thing I want to tell you. Follow through is not intended to ascertain if you have hit the target or not. What happens to the released arrow is obvious.

So follow through is a preparation to accept that result, is it not?"

"――I know. So you're saying I should be able to see through this thing until the end, right?"

"Exactly. I heard about Saber's situation. You should have known from the beginning that she would end up like this. She will disappear in time if she fights without a magical energy supply.

That fact was already determined. So――"

...All that's left is to accept the result.

Is he saying that no matter what happens to Saber because of my decisions, all I can do is see through what happens?


I turn my back to Archer.

I will leave this guy once and for all.

"...Oh, and one more thing. I will tell you since you don't seem to know."

I hear a voice behind me.

"Saber should have known she would disappear if she used her Noble Phantasm. She probably did not intend to use her Noble Phantasm until the very end."

The usual offensive tone isn't present in his voice.

"There is only one reason she used her Noble Phantasm in spite of that.

She chose to protect you over her own existence.

Never forget that."

His voice holds only honest sincerity.

Scene 01


I don't know how serious Illya is.

I'm sure it's just a metaphor or something when she tells me to be her Servant, and even if I did become her familiar, nothing would change.

I won't be of any use, and Illya already has Berserker.

Illya shouldn't need a crappy magus like myself.

"Now answer.

Will you be with me...?"

Illya's voice is full of expectation.


"...All right. I'll be your familiar."

...Answer with a lie as a temporary measure.

"Yes...! Great! Now, we'll be together forever, Onii-chan!"


She must be really happy as she is jumping around in joy.


...My heart's in pain.

I convinced myself that I could not help it since I'm a captive, and I deceived Illya.

Seeing her this happy makes me feel sorry, and makes me feel like I could listen to her selfishness a bit――


I feel dizzy.

It feels like an invisible weight is resting on my back.


I call out to Illya, driven by the unknown uneasiness.

"Hm, what Shirou? Oh, I'll take off your ropes right away."

"...That's not it, but――I feel a bit sick."

I feel like I'm about to throw up, so I desperately adjust my breathing.

"What? You don't feel well, your body's heavy, and you can't help feeling uneasy?"

――That smile.

Looking at that cruel smile that knows everything about me...


"Yeah, I know everything about you now. Because you made a contract with me.

You can't hide anything from me now."


This is bad.

Directed by the unknown uneasiness different from the former direct uneasiness, I stand up.

But my body won't move.

It's not bound by Illya's magical energy.

My body doesn't move at my will...!?

"Illya, what have you...!?

"It's you yourself that did it. You feel sick because you lied to me. You're so kind that you hurt yourself."

"...But yeah. You didn't put too much feeling in your answer, so I'll ask you again.

Onii-chan, you will be mine, right?"


The weight on my back digs through my skin and permeates inside me.

"Come on, admit it, Shirou. Your soul is mine now."


I gasp.

My mouth opens by itself and my tongue repeats the words without thought.

"All... right――I'll be.... your.... familiar――"

"Yes. I have accepted Emiya Shirou, in the name of Illyasviel.

Fufu. I've seized your soul now."


I have to get up, tear off this rope, and run away as fast as I can.

Even if Illya gets in the way, I can push her to the side.

Things will get out of hand if I don't.

Yes, things will get out of hand, so why――

"My body won't move..."

My limbs won't respond as if telling me I'm not their master.

"Oh, you don't have to worry, Shirou. It's just that all the commands to your body are shut out right now.

I'll make that body something that'll hold your soul, and I'll quickly make you a new body.

Human bodies are fragile, so I'm going to transfer your mind into something that won't matter if it breaks."

"Oh, but I guess you don't understand what I'm saying, huh?

Hmm, I guess you won't understand even if I explain, and it's more about getting used to it than learning about it.

"Sella, Leysritt. I'm going to start the Apport right now, so bring me a suitable doll."


I can't even talk now.

Even though I'm here, I feel like I'm watching it all through a screen.

"Here you go, Ojou-sama. I hear you are going to perform the Apport..."

"Yes. I really don't want to wear it, but I'll use the heavenly garment since I don't want to fail no matter what. Liz, can you get it ready?"

"...It is done. But is this all right, Illya...?"

"W-What? Are you going to tell me what to do even though you're a failure, Leysritt!? S-Shirou agreed, so I can make him my familiar...!"

"No, you are not mistaken.

You are saying too much, Leysritt. We do not care what happens to such a human. No, since he is able to feel her miracle, it should be an honor for him."

"...Sella, you indulge Illya too much. Do you realize that has the opposite effect...?"

"Leysritt! Do not speak of Ojou-sama like that...! Illyasviel-sama is the successor of Einzbern's miracle. She is different from failures like us."

"...Sigh. Illya, let's start. Sella is really annoying."



Of the two servants, the calm one approaches me.

Liz――the one called Leysritt...

"...Sorry. You won't be able to go back into this container anymore."

...Blanks my vision as if turning off a switch.

"Oh, Ojou-sama. It seems someone has trespassed in the forest. What should we do? Should we send Berserker?"

I hear their voices.

...That's strange.

My mind isn't connected to my limbs and my senses are already gone.

If I'm not connected to my body, what is listening to their voices?

"Of course not. They came a long way to come here, so it's impolite unless we welcome them properly. You two hide yourselves with Berserker.

I will have Rin and Saber see that Shirou has become mine. After that, I'll let Berserker do what he wants."

...She giggles.

I don't have any senses, but I feel like my arm has been grabbed.

――I start to pass out.

I don't know what will happen to me in a few minutes, but――I can understand that my fight has already ended....

Scene 02

――I don't even need to think about it.

And I can only take so much.

Why does everyone think that Saber is disappearing?

Saber won't disappear, and I'm going to fight with her until the very end.

I can't undermine that oath with something like this.

"...Illya, I can't do what you're telling me. I have Saber. As long as I have Saber, I will only fight as a Master."


I hear her gasp.

Her red eyes open for an instant like rigor mortis.

"...I see. You're going to betray me too, huh?"

Illya backs away.

The girl looks down at me, not getting upset.

"Fine. If you won't listen to me, I won't listen to you either.

I've let you guys off up to now, but I'm done with that."

Illya's voice is filled with murderous intent.

I feel an ominous tone to it.

"Wait here. I'll be done right away."

"Hold on...! What are you going to do, Illya...!?"

"I'm going to go kill Saber and Rin. You'll regret your action a bit if I kill them, right?"

"Wha――? Don't say such a stupid thing...! Saber and Tohsaka have nothing to do with this! I'm saying I can't be with you for my own reasons alone...!"

"Is that so? But I'm going to kill them anyways. You'll be next, Shirou. I don't need you if you're not going to be mine."

She starts to go.

She's serious.

She's going to go kill Saber and Tohsaka.

...And Illya will probably manage that easily.

"Don't do it, Illya...! They have nothing to do with this...! I'm the one you captured, so just kill me if you hate me...! There's no reason to kill them...!"

"There is a reason. I can't let other Masters live. That's the Holy Grail War, right?"

"Idiot, don't say you're going to kill people that easily...! It doesn't suit you. You're still a child, so you can't do such things...!"

After looking at me in amazement...

"Too bad. I've already killed a Master, Onii-chan."

Illya says so with a cheerful face.

"It was only yesterday though. It was unexpected in a way, since I thought you were going to kill him."


At that moment.

To my surprise, I clearly understand what she's taking about.

...Illya said she was in that building last night.


Wasn't the Master fleeing in front of her the perfect prey?


"I'm sorry. I did it because you didn't. I don't like snatching things, though."

She doesn't sound guilty at all.

For Illya, it must have been nothing at all.


...That makes me realize.

No, I should have known the last time I met her.

This girl has no sense of good and evil.

If the girl laughing innocently is Illya, the girl laughing mercilessly is also Illya.

...It's not like a devil and an angel are in her at the same time.

It's just that Illya is a devil called an angel――

"Then, I'm off.

It'll be your turn when I come back, so try your best to escape."

"But a bird is a bird because it can't escape from the cage.

I don't think you'll be able to escape from this cage."

...Illya leaves the room.

What she says is true.

As she doesn't understand threats or haggling, everything she says is true.

So I can't stay here forever.

I have to escape and meet up with Saber before Illya attacks her.


I shake my body and try to loosen the ropes.

She really must think I can't escape as there's no one in the room.

I can get out of these ropes by myself if there's no one keeping watch, but――

"――Damn, my body... is still――"

Not working well enough.

Even though I can move, my limbs are heavy as steel and just moving them will run me out of breath.

"... Illya... she must have anticipated this. That's why she said I won't be able to get away..."

...Certainly, I can't move.

Even if I can get the rope off, I won't be able to escape if my body won't move to my satisfaction.

"...It's not because I'm tired... Oh yeah, I can't move because I saw Illya's eyes..."

It must be what they call the Mystic Eyes.

They say a superior magus is able to intervene magically with a target just by looking into their eyes.

A common form of Mystic Eyes is "binding", so this must be something like that.

As eyes perceive visual information, their disadvantage is that they are weak against suggestion.

Therefore, a magus usually casts some protection over their eyes to shut out others' magical energy.

"...Who knows what Tohsaka would say if she found out I was bound by suggestion without even casting a spell..."

...Well, they're just Mystic Eyes that are acquired with the use of magecraft.

But I hear that monsters born with such eyes don't even need to look at the eyes of their target.

These people exhibit their ability just by "looking", but I hear such powers are rare.


Fortunately, it doesn't seem like Illya's Mystic Eyes are the special kind. This is just an intervention, sending her magical energy into my body.

Then there is a way to dispel myself.

I can't move my body because Illya's magical energy is invading my nerves.

So, if I remove that magical energy, I will be able to move again.

"――It's simple. If mud has collected, all I have to do is wash it out with water."

Closing my eyes, I concentrate on the inside of my body.

...I don't have the skills to detect or remove someone's magical energy from within me.

But such skills are unnecessary if the magical energy is not rooted in my body.

If Illya's magical energy is stagnant in my body, all I have to do is channel strong magical energy through me and push it out.

"...Sorry. It's a violent method, but it's all I can do."

I apologize to my body as some consolation.

All I have to do now is my daily routine.

The ritual where I drive in a nerve into my back.

...No, it's not that anymore.

There's no need to make a new one now.

I can just push a switch inside of me.

I don't have to make a Magic Circuit inside me as I just have to switch my nerves into a Magic Circuit.

"Trace, on."

I cast a spell to suggest myself.

Spells do not do anything to the world.

It is only something that one casts on oneself as one intervening with the world.

Words are the best way to make your body transform.

An order that only works on the self to create a divine mystery, a very simple magecraft called spell.

"――Basic structure, analyzed."

My circulation speeds up.

My blood gains power.

My body turns into a device for pumping magical energy.

...It must be assistance from that jewel Tohsaka made me swallow.

The creation of magical energy that usually takes me an hour now only takes an instant.

"――Composition, analyzed."

...I don't even need to push the switch.

I can just let the magical energy circulate and let my hands go.


I say push the switch, but I still haven't figured out where this switch thing is.

――The heat goes wild.

Calmly controlling my speeding heartbeat, I let my hands go from the spinning cord.


Blood spills out my mouth.

Some vein must have been cut or something must have ripped inside me.

I channeled enough magical energy to wash out the mud inside of me, so it's fortunate if I only ended up coughing up blood. And to add, I don't feel any pain.

"...Maybe I don't feel pain because of that self healing thing..."

It's an abnormality I don't understand, but I'm just happy to have it at times like this.

It's my greatest and only strength for any wounds to heal if they're not fatal.

...What I should be careful of is relying on it.

Because the cause is unknown. If I get myself injured relying on the healing, the healing might go away the next time.

So, I shouldn't rely on such a vague miracle.

"――All right, the rope next."

I loosen the rope.

My wrists are bruised, but my hands weren't tied tightly.

...I don't think it was Illya that tied me up, but it wasn't tied too tightly.

First of all, Illya wouldn't be able to carry me here.

Is there someone other than Illya who isn't too strong?

"...Definitely not Berserker. If he tied me up, my wrists would have been twisted off right then."

I get up from the chair with a stupid remark.


...It's good that I can move freely now, but it seems the movement was too violent.

I don't have any wounds, but magical energy is still raging inside of me.

Just moving causes my body to be pummeled from the inside.

...It must be the pain.

Dizziness and nausea assail me, and my limbs are senseless.

I won't be able to get back home before Illya like this――

"――I'm being too faint-hearted. This is no time to think like that."

I slap my cheeks and start walking.


As I start to lean on the wall and head to the door...

I hear a sound on the other side of the wall.


A few of them too. These people, approaching while talking, stop in front of the door.

"...A patrol...!? Damn, why do they have to come now...!?"

There's no time to hide.

I should――

Scene 03

...The one who moves first will win, so I have to fight.

It's too late to hide now, and I don't have time to waste.

I have to get out of here as quickly as possible and go home to Saber.

――The door opens.

Standing with my back to the wall by the door, I ready myself for the patrol entering the room.


The patrol just opens the door and does not enter the room.

...Hold on.

You can see the chair from the entrance.

Since I'm not tied to the chair anymore, won't they figure out the situation from that――!?


This is bad.

If they call for people right now, it'll get harder to escape.

I'll just have to go out myself and beat the patrol――!

I jump from the wall to the door.


The patrol must have known I was hiding as they enter the room as soon as I jump out.

"Kuh, damn...!"

I can't stop now.

Whoever it is, I'll just beat them and leave the room――!

"Do not move...! I will not take your life if you... huh, Shirou...?"


My body stops dead.

...My mind goes blank.

The person that I must go and save is standing right in front of me.

"S-Saber...? Why are you here?"

"I-I should not even need to tell you why. There is no need for a reason for a Servant to protect her Master. It is only natural to come and save you if you are held captive."

"Um... well, I'm asking you how you knew I was captured.

No, more importantly, why are you here?

This is Illya's hideout. This is no place for you."

Scene 04


I have no time to think.

I don't have a chance of winning with this body, so I should avoid fighting until I feel better...!

"All right...!"

I cross my arms and try to pretend that I'm tied up.


The door opens.

Is it Illya or someone from the castle?

Anyways, just before the person enters the room, I manage to sit down in the chair and put my arms behind my back――

"――Are you all right, Shirou...!?"


I'm stunned.

I seriously wonder if this is just a comfortable illusion.

"You are tied up.

I will untie you, so――"

"Oh, no. The rope isn't tied...."

I stick out my hands to show her.

"...I do not understand. Were you not held captive here...?"

"...Well, um. I managed to free myself and was about to escape. But someone came, so I pretended to still be captured..."

"――I see. You tried to take the enemy's guard down and make your escape more certain."

Saber is impressed.

...Well, I won't tell her that I didn't think about what to do after that.

"Saber, you're Saber, right!? Saber and not an illusion, right...?"

I get up and touch Saber.

"...!! S-Shirou, please hold on. If you touch me like that..."

"Yeah, you're real――oh, but why are you here?"

"I-I should not even need to tell you why I am here. There is no need for a reason for a Servant to protect her Master. It is only natural to come and save you if you are held captive."

"Um... well, I'm asking you how you knew I was captured. No, more importantly, why are you here? This is Illya's hideout. This is no place for you."

Scene 05


I have no time to think.

I don't have a chance of winning with this body, so I should do my best not to be found.

How about that bed for the time being!?

I jump into the bed and hide by pulling the sheets over me.

The sound of the door opening follows.

...Illya might be back or it might be someone from the castle.

Either way, that someone must be shocked and bewildered at the vanished prisoner and must be looking at the empty chair with blank amazement.



Ha, this is soft and perfect.

The person is standing in speechless shock at this perfect closed door trick, and...

"...What are you playing around for, Shirou?"

And says so in an utterly astonished tone.


I take my face out of the soft bed.

"I asked you what you were doing there.

I do not want to think this, but do not tell me you intended to hide in there."

"Uh――well, um..."

I climb out of the bed.

"Actually, I was hiding."

I ask her with my eyes whether I was being naive.

"Beyond belief. If I was the enemy, I would cut you in half without mercy."

"Uh, um..."

I'm unable to answer back.

...I think I just showed her something really embarrassing.

"Um, well... Saber, why are you here...?"

"I should not even need to tell you why. There is no need for a reason for a Servant to protect her Master. It is only natural to come and save you if you are held captive."

"Um... well, I'm asking you how you knew I was captured. No, more importantly, why are you here? This is Illya's hideout. This is no place for you."

Scene 06

And the battle between the two ends.

They killed and exterminated each other with all their might, and it ended with the annihilation of the red knight.

The gorgeous hall is completely transformed.

The floor is cracked in numerous places.

Many walls have been knocked down.

The stairs have collapsed and the smashed marble has scattered in the wind.

The space has been completely destroyed, leaving no trace of its former beauty.

You could say it has also destroyed time.

Because the remains of the destruction hide what the place looked like just two hours ago.


In the middle of the destruction stands a suitable sculpture.

It stands over two meters tall, looking like a figure of a man carved out of a large stone.

It does not even need to be said.

It is Illyasviel's Servant, Berserker.

The giant does not move.

His body is dyed in red and filled with holes.

There is no place on the giant's body that is not wounded.

First, both his legs are almost melted.

Second, there is the mark of a cut on his neck.

Third, his arm is barely hanging from his elbow.

Fourth, he is slashed from his shoulder to his groin.

Fifth, a large amount of blood is gushing out from his chest.

Sixth, his internal organs can be seen at his stomach.

Berserker does not move.

It is only natural.

It is a corpse, no matter how one looks at it.

The battle itself has ended much earlier.

But Berserker's Master has forgotten to act as this result is too surprising and unexpected.

She has to pursue her prey, but she is only looking at this scene in astonishment.

"――I can't believe it. Who was he?"

She murmurs angrily.

The battle that took place here was nothing but humiliation for her.

Her Servant is the most powerful.

There should only be one or two Servants able to match Hercules, the most famous of all the heroic spirits.

But Archer, a heroic spirit of unknown identity, has defeated him.

That red knight has matched Berserker equally and has succeeded in killing Berserker, something no one has been able to do before.

――Such actions cannot be forgiven.

For her, this is like being stabbed in the heart by a bug on the roadside.

The pride of a girl who considers herself the strongest cannot allow her to be cornered by someone who should be stepped on, begging for sympathy.

"Geez, that pisses me off!

Getting defeated six times... you weren't going easy on him, were you!?"


The sculpture does not answer.

It might be unable to afford an answer, or perhaps it sees no need for one.

Berserker just stands there and devotes himself to healing his wounds.

...This battle was too strange for him as well.

His "Noble Phantasm" nullifies any attack.

No attack can affect his body unless it is of the highest grade.

So, he rarely takes wounds.

In the age of gods, no one could scratch him after he had accomplished his great deeds.

But still, six times.

Archer delivered a fatal blow six times.

It does not even need to be said that every one of the attacks was by a different method.

Even the greatest attacks cannot be effective on Berserker twice.

...If one seeks strangeness, that is the strange part.

If Archer is a hero with such varied abilities, his true identity should have been clear.

But his true identity still remained unknown even after his body was pulverized.

What was really surprising was his way of being, contradictory to that of a Servant.


...A dim light grows in Berserker's eyes.

If he had been summoned as a normal Servant, he would have grieved that this battle "deserved better".

No matter who he really was, Archer was a rare great enemy.

If he had not been mad, he could have matched sword techniques with Archer to his heart's content and passed a satisfying time.

"...I won't forgive them. I will never forgive them. How could they insult me so...!"

His Master's voice echoes.

With that, the small light of rationality vanishes.

He is only a Berserker now.

His role is to defeat his opponents and to crush them as his Master pleases.

"I can't wait any longer! Have you healed, Berserker!?"


He does not even need to answer.

Wounds that are not fatal will be fully healed within few minutes.

But――restoring everything would take three days.

"I can't wait that long! It's fine, we're going to go kill them right now!"


The giant silently objects.

It is his instinct.

Berserker has an intuition like Saber's when it comes to fighting.

The enemies can certainly be mowed away easily.

But it will be a different story if Servant Saber has recovered enough to use her Noble Phantasm.

Berserker will not yield to a mere holy sword, but there is a small chance.

His instinct tells him that if he is to fight that Servant, he should engage her in perfect condition.

"...What? Five should be enough, right? They are no match for you even without the God Hand.

Or what? Are you going to let them go after they made fun of me so much?"


"Right? I won't let anyone escape my forest. Yeah, I'll give you Rin and Saber. Kill them or rape them, you can do whatever you want with them."

The girl jumps down from the stairs.

Through the rubble, she walks to the exit without a care for the bloody Berserker.

In that moment.

The girl stops once as if remembering something.

"Then let's start the hunt, Berserker.

But you can't kill Saber's Master quickly, okay?

I'm going to kill Shirou in the worst way possible."

Smiling, the girl leaves the castle.

――The sun should come up soon.

The forest is like her yard.

No matter where her prey are hiding, it should be no problem for her to find them.

As her targets, they only have a few minutes of life remaining.


I don't know why, but I was forced to leave the ruin.

...Um, it's fine that I shared my magical energy with Saber, but Tohsaka pushed me out saying that girls have adjustments afterward... changing and all that.

"――Damn, what is she saying? Guys have a lot of stuff too."

I grumble, leaning against the wall.

It sounds like an excuse because it is.


I look up at the sky.

...Is it almost dawn?

The sky in the east is getting redder, and the forest is slowly getting lighter.

The forest is calm and quiet.

When it's this quiet, I can't believe we are being pursued or that we were doing something like that until a moment ago.


Remembering, I frantically shake off my lust.

I have to forget about it for now.

I won't survive if I'm submerged in thoughts of her sensations. And more than anything, it's impolite to Saber.

After all, I made love to Saber to save her.

So I shouldn't have any other emotion for Saber.

No matter how soft Saber is and how good it felt, that was――


I'm a big liar.

I can't deceive myself about it with excuses like that.

I can't forget Saber's sensations.

But I have to forget about them for now.

...Geez, this is no time to worry about such things.

What we should be worrying about right now is how to take on Berserker――

"...That's right. I have to do whatever I can do. He told me that at the very end."

I remember Archer's back.

...I could never like him, but all of his words have stuck in my head.


I stare at a tree branch.

...There are only a few things I can do.

Even if it isn't much right now, I can only do them to the best of my abilities.

I pluck a handy branch.

And I also find a few more branches that are straight.

"Shirou! We're done, so come in!"

I hear Tohsaka's voice.

I return to the ruin carrying the branches I found.

...Well, the only other problem is...

Whether I'm able to face Saber like I did before after something like that.

"This way, Shirou. Rin has something to tell you."

――I guess such worries were only on my part.

Saber is acting resolutely as always.

She must have completely accepted the incident, unlike me.

"Y――Yeah, I'll go right away.

...Damn, I won't lose.

It's stupid to be the only one blushing, so I'll try my best to act calm.

"You're finally here. Then I'll start the strategy meeting, but we don't have the time to argue.

There are only a few ways to defeat Berserker, so can you listen to my side first?"

Saber and I nod.

"The plan is pretty simple.

We won't be a match with ordinary tactics.

We need to execute a surprise attack to win. And if we do that, the absolute requirement is that we kill him in one blow and don't let him counterattack."

"...I feel the same way. Even if I do exchange blows with Berserker, I will not be able to deliver a fatal wound. If we are to defeat him, we should do so outside of battle."

"...Outside of battle... you mean we'll attack Berserker before he notices us...?

Well, you're right that it's reckless to fight him straight on, but that plan is even more reckless. He's not the type that'll allow us to take him by surprise."

"Yeah, we won't make any optimistic plans that assume we can get near Berserker without being noticed.

They have Illyasviel. She'll sense Shirou and Saber's presence easily. I'm fine since I can hide my presence."


I don't know how it works, but Illya can feel Saber and my presence, huh?

If Tohsaka is the only one who can hide, then――

"...Don't tell me that you're going to be the one doing the surprise attack."

"Of course. You're the one she's after the most, and I'm the best suited for this role. Leave it to me to slash Berserker from behind."

"You say so, but Berserker can't be that off guard."

"Of course not. That's why I'm going to have Saber create an opening.

Saber, how much have you recovered?"

"Normal battle should not be a problem, but I should avoid using my Noble Phantasm.

With the amount of magical energy Shirou gave me, I will no longer be able to maintain my body the instant I use my Noble Phantasm. Even if I do use it, it will not be full force, so I do not think it would be able to defeat Berserker."

"Yeah, that's more than enough. I'll have you fight Berserker. Shirou as well, of course.

And I'll watch while hiding. I'm only an extra for Illyasviel, so I think she'll assume I've run away if I'm not there."

"...Okay. Well... I think that's possible, but..."

"If the probability's low, raise it.

You seem to be on good terms with Illyasviel, so you may be able to trick her."

Tohsaka looks at me meaningfully.

"...I have some objections, but I'll take that.

Illya would believe me if I told her you ran away. I don't think she would doubt anyone."

"But there is still a problem.

I am fine fighting Berserker, but I cannot have Shirou do the same. Shirou cannot stand Berserker's attacks."

"I'm not telling Shirou to go hand-to-hand against Berserker.

Shirou will support you from the back. It's going to be difficult for Saber to fight Berserker alone, so help her when she's in trouble."

"Ridiculous. Shirou does not excel in black magecraft like you do, Rin.

How would he be able to support me?"

"Shirou will think of a way.

...But, well, there won't really be any room for a Master to interfere against Berserker. Even I wouldn't be much help if I did something."

"But we don't have enough to spare to let anyone stay idle.

I know Saber is done for if Shirou dies, but I'll still have him do this. ...After all, this battle is a gamble from the very beginning."

"That... is true."

Saber grows silent with a troubled face.

As Tohsaka is silent too, she must know she's saying something unreasonable.

The two's concern is only natural.

That night I met Saber...

When we were attacked by Berserker, I could only use my body to defend her.

There's a high probability that would happen again.

So I should stay away from the battlefield, but I would have no intention of doing that even if she didn't tell me to be there.

"I know. I'll do something to back her up."


Both of them turn around.

Whoa, were my words that surprising?

"I just have to support her from a distance, right?

Then I think I'll be able to do something."

Saying that, I hold up the branch I just collected.

The length is perfect. The flexibility is good as well.

...This is the first time I've done this kind of "strengthening".

But I don't think there's any flaw in the principle.

The point is, I just need to keep reinforcing it until it becomes a real one.

And for this, I also have a reference since he had one too.

And on top of that, magical energy has been flowing in my body for a while now.

I just have to repeat the usual process now.

I analyze the basic structure and modify it.

I analyze the composition materials and reinforce them.

...But that's not enough if the original is a branch and the finished product is his bow.

I have to imagine it from the concept of creation.

If I am to get it close enough to the real one, I have to formulate every hypothesis, at least in my head.

...I open my eyes.

The branch is shaped right, but, um――

"Man. It's not even close."

It's ugly and crooked.

But I know it will work as a bow.

I just have to make the arrows in the same way.

"――Shirou, that was..."

"Yeah. I think I got the hang of it after the thing with Shinji. You said so too that I shouldn't strain myself too much."

"...I see. Well, it's good that we have a way to attack, so it's enough for now."

"Going back to the original topic.

I will have you two fight Berserker. I'll get on top of a tree beforehand and watch from above.

When Saber creates an opening in Berserker's defense, I'll skewer Berserker from above using all of my reserve jewels.

It's a simple plan."

Tohsaka's expression asks for questions.

"... Jewels... is that Rin's magecraft?

But a normal magecraft will not harm Berserker. We need a full-purity attack to injure him."

"I know. So in other words, we need an attack with an A rating, right?"

Saying that, Tohsaka takes a jewel out of her pocket.

"――What is that jewel?"

"This is like my savings that I've been building up since I was small. One of these can instantly generate an A-rank great magecraft. I had ten, but I used one on you."

"I see――if it is the magecraft from that time, Berserker will certainly not be able to block it.

He does not have magecraft resistance like I do. Even if it is magecraft, an A-rank will penetrate him without any problems――"

"That's right. I thought about using it in small amounts, but I can't be saying things like that now. I'll give Berserker two or three of these."

Tohsaka sticks out her chest in confidence.


"...Hey. Aren't you being a bit stingy?"

"...I feel the same way. I should not be saying this, but I believe you should be generous enough to at least use half of these."

"Ugh... w-what? It's my business, right!?

Do you guys know how hard it was to save this much!?"



Saber and I protest silently.

Tohsaka's life depends on this as well, so it won't be funny if she gets stingy and we end up failing because of that.

"...Fine. I'll use half of them, okay!?

"...Come on, I just wanted to say that. I get what you guys are saying too."

"――Anyways, that's the plan.

Now, we have to find somewhere where I can hide and where it'll be easy for Shirou to support Saber. Let's find a good spot before Illyasviel gets here."

...Yeah, we can't stay in this ruin now.

As Tohsaka says, all that's left is to find a spot to wait for Berserker.

But before that――

Scene 07

...I wonder if Saber's really all right.

She says she will have no problems fighting, but isn't it hard on her fighting Berserker when she was so weak before?

No, I'm more worried about her Noble Phantasm.

"I will not be able to maintain my body if I use it."

Saber said that.

That means that Saber will disappear the instant she uses that sword.


"Yes. What is it, Shirou?"

"...Can you promise me one thing before we fight?"

"...? Yes, I do not mind if it is something I can do."

"...Okay. Um, I don't want you to use your Noble Phantasm no matter what situation we end up in.

It's a serious matter if we use that on the ground, and I don't want you to disappear even if we can defeat Berserker with it."

"Yes, I understand. I do not intend to use the Noble Phantasm either. I do not think I will be able to defeat Berserker with the amount of magical energy I have, and more importantly, I will not be able to obtain the Holy Grail if I disappear."

Saber declares so.

That makes me happy.

"All right. You're the same as always. I'm relieved that you're so sickeningly calm."

"...Hm. What is that supposed to mean, Shirou?"

"No, it doesn't mean anything. Let's just go outside. Tohsaka will complain at us again if we're late."

"You are right. It seems to be Rin's hobby to complain at you."

...Saying such an ominous thing, Saber heads to the exit.


Saber's body falls forward as if she tripped on something.


I quickly grab her hand.

"Come on, watch your feet. Things are scattered around, so you have to watch out――"



Saber is blushing awkwardly.

"S-Saber...? What? Is something wrong?"

"...No, it is not that... but if you are holding my hand, um..."

Saber blushes even more.

...Her figure looks like me from earlier.


I blush too.

Her hand in mine. ...I vividly recall Saber's sensations and pull away quickly.



Unable to say anything, we just stand there.

"...L-Let's go outside. We have to go or we won't have much time."

"T-That is right. Let us hurry, Shirou."

We start to go with that forced conversation.

...Once we go outside, we won't return here.

I look back at the ruin for the last time and head to the battlefield, suppressing my beating heart.

Scene 08

...I don't want to think so, but...

Tohsaka won't be stingy using her jewels, will she...?

"Hold on. I'll say this again, but no holding back, Tohsaka. It's true that jewels are expensive, but they can't substitute for your life, right?"

"Heh. You can say such irresponsible things because you don't know the state of my financial affairs. I bet you'd fall over if you found out how expensive one of these is."

"――Hey. I won't lose my legs just from money talk!

...All right. If you say that, I'll take responsibility. I'll pay for half the jewels you use."

"Really? A man wouldn't back out of that, right?"

"No. I have some money saved up, and I'll work and repay you if that's not enough. We're having you use a weapon that you've saved up, so I have to show some sincerity."

...Well, it's more like being obstinate than sincerity.

I guess I want to show off to Tohsaka.

"...Hey, what's going on? You're smiling really crookedly."

"Yes, it's true that I'm happy, and it's also true that I've found a certain enjoyment.

By the way, Emiya-kun. Do you not need to ask how much one of these jewels costs?"

"――Well, it's not like it's only 100,000 yen, right?"

"Nope. That would be about right if it was a one-time use."

"...Then, something like 200,000 yen?"

"That's a really odd increase. But that's not it."

"...T-Then, like 250,000 yen?"

"Hey now. Wouldn't you usually move on to the next digit?

Why don't you go above six digits?"

"Guh... I don't want to say this, but maybe 300,000 yen?"

"I'm telling you. Why aren't you going to seven digits?"

"Agh... could it be 1,000,000 yen?"

I ask, feeling like I'm jumping off a bridge.

"Close. One more digit."

But what's below me is a hole leading straight to hell.

It's astronomical.

I can't imagine such a large number... if you convert it into damages, it would kill any enemy boss.

"What's wrong? You look pale, Emiya-kun."

"Uh――no, I'm okay, I can calculate fine."

I can, but it's working against me in this case.

"Really? Then I'll ask you just in case, but I can use my jewels, right? I won't spare anything. I'll use them without holding anything back."


I swallow my words, trying to tell her to use them sparingly if she can.

"――Tohsaka, can I have credit?"

I show as much courage as I can.

"Of course. I won't put interest on it, so you can take your whole life to pay me back."

Tohsaka-san answers seriously without a trace of humor.

Hey, I can't pay back an amount that large even if I use my whole life.


I don't want to think about it, but I feel like Tohsaka controls my life now...

Scene 09

We reach an open clearing in the forest.

The sun is rising and the forest is darkened by the morning mist.

Compared to the inside of the dense forest, this place has an open view.

"Tohsaka. This place is okay, right?"

"...Yeah. It meets several conditions, but I don't know about the view being so open. There aren't any escape routes for you or Saber."


She's such a perfectionist, considering even the escape routes.

"Let's look for another place. We should have time."

Tohsaka reenters the forest.


But Saber stares into the distance and doesn't move.

"Saber? What are you doing? If we don't hurry, Illyasviel will――"

I feel a chill.

I can't forget it, since I felt it once already.

I can't even see him nor feel his presence.

But this pressure on my body must be because of him.

――Fufu. Found you――

A girl's voice echoes through the forest.

Beyond the mist.

From inside the forest far away, something black comes straight for us.

――Hold on. I'll be there to kill you soon――

...Is it because we're in a clearing under the open sky?

I feel like Illya is talking to us while looking down from the sky.

"Crap, she found Shirou already...!?

This is bad, this place is too open... whoa, how fast are they going!? It won't take them even two minutes to get here...!"

Tohsaka is flustered.

"Hey, why are you two so relaxed...!?

I'm telling you this place is bad! We have to go somewhere else...!"

Tohsaka takes my hand.

――But we won't make it.

"――This place is fine. Let's fight here, Tohsaka.

We're lucky just to be able to fight with the three of us together, so we can't wish for more."

"Idiot, I'm telling you that's no good...! There's too much space here...! Saber can't stop Berserker by herself, and you'll be in his range no matter how far away you are...!"

"I know you're worried about me, but everyone's in danger now. And besides, there's no escape now, right?"

"Ugh... that's true, but..."

"It's fine with you too, right Saber? We'll take Berserker on here."

Saber nods quietly.

"G-Geez...! Fine. I'll be pissed if you die too easily...!"

She must have agreed as she disappears into the fog.

Once she goes into action, she's super fast.

She gets away from the clearing and goes up a tree in the forest.

"――They're coming, Saber. Are you ready?"

"...You too. Please do not come any closer than you are now once the fight starts. I will not let Berserker near you, no matter what."

Saber answers in a quiet voice.

...The fog flickers.

From the morning fog...

As if a black darkness is seeping out, the mad warrior appears along with a white girl.

"I'm surprised. I thought you'd keep running until the very last second. Or have you given up already, Onii-chan?"

...There's about forty meters between us and Illya.

We're facing each other on opposite ends of the clearing.

"...Oh, so Saber's recovered. I see, that's why you stopped running.

...That's disappointing. It's cute that you think you can win just because of that, but――

――I'm sorry, Shirou's going to die here."

Her laughter echoes through the forest.

Does it irritate her?

Saber, standing beside me, is so worked up that she could attack at any moment.

"Geez. This is boring since you've gotten so quiet. Are you scared of dying? That's a waste. If you beg for your lives now, I might consider forgiving you."

...Tohsaka must have finished climbing the tree.

If she's going to place herself, it will be near the center of the clearing.

Nobody would notice if she was right where the branches are overlapping, and they should be strong enough to support her as well.

"...I see, so that's how you're acting. Then I guess there's no more point in talking. I'll kill you two and Rin――

――Hold on. Where's Rin, Shirou?"

Illya's tone changes.

...I guess that's what you expect from Berserker's Master.

She has a complete understanding of what can be overlooked and what can't be.

"――Tohsaka isn't here. She left us behind a long time ago."

"You guys went your separate ways? Oh yeah, you two would just be a burden to her. She should be able to run away faster by herself."

"...That's right. Knowing her, she should be out of the forest by now. You won't make it even if you go after her now."

"――Is that so? This forest is Einzbern's boundary field.

I can tell who enters and who leaves. No one has left the forest since then. Rin is still in the forest, so I can look for her later."


...Thank God.

If Illya can only sense the boundaries of the forest, she doesn't know about Tohsaka yet.

Actually, she completely believed what I said.

...Illya is certainly a cold-hearted Master.

But still――can't that cold-heartedness still be recovered?

"...Illya, I'll ask one more time before we fight.

Won't you stop being a Master and stop this battle?"

"I can't. It's my grandfather's command.

As long as I have Berserker, I'm the Master of Einzbern. I have to kill other Masters and bring back the Holy Grail."

"...And besides, I'm the one that should be asking you.

I'm the head of Einzbern, so I won't repeat my words... but I can still listen if you're going to give me a different reply...?"

...She has a little hope in her voice.

But as long as Saber is beside me, I can't nod to her words.

"――My answer won't change. I'm Saber's Master.

If you won't stop being a Master, I'll defeat Berserker and make you quit."

I declare so while looking at Illya and Berserker.

In that instant.

The air in the clearing freezes.

"...I see. Then I'll really kill you.

I'll disintegrate you and your conceited thoughts, Shirou...!"


...What is that?

A pattern is appearing on her face.

――No, it's not just her face.

That thing is all over her body――it's a huge Command Spell, incomparable to the ones we have.

"――No more playing around. Go mad, Hercules."

A dead voice.

As if to answer it, the giant behind her roars.


A scream that shakes the earth.

The giant screams as if going insane――and its every ability increases as it deforms and swells.

"――It can't be. You were just taking his reasoning away? You have not been using his berserker abilities all these times...!?"

Saber's voice is uneasy.

It's only natural for her to feel a shudder.

Even I, unable to tell how strong a warrior is, can sense that it is not to be messed with.

"Go...! Kill anything that nears you, Berserker...!"


It's an explosive roar.

It roars out, not even a howl now, and the giant jumps in.

"――! Saber...!"

A silver light dashes forward in reply.

Berserker lands in the center of the clearing.

A huge body descends and Saber runs straight for its landing point.

――The ground trembles.

As if stopping a meteor, Saber attacks Berserker.

――It is the return of legends.

In this forest filled with the morning mist, the two shadows clash without ceasing.

Berserker is just overwhelming.

If his horizontal blow is a whirlwind, his descending blow is a waterfall. If Saber takes such an attack, it would prove fatal even for her.

Saber repels such attacks straight on without faltering.

Against storm-like blows, she deflects them with all her might.

If she doesn't, she will be slashed in half along with her sword.

The infinite blows that continue without pause are in fact a blow diverted with all her might.

The continuous sound of clashing.

Their ranges are different.

Their speeds are different.

Their strengths remaining are too different.

The only thing possible for Saber is to smash her sword into the unavoidable attack and stop it from slashing her by offsetting it with her own blow.

To speak metaphorically, Berserker is a broken rock drill.

The blade spinning in all directions will mercilessly destroy all that approach.

If one reaches out even a little, that's it.

One would get entangled in the blade and be shred into pieces unable even to run away.

...A normal human can't go up against such a thing.

If approaching it is fatal, you can only run away.

But Saber places herself within the blades and does not retreat.

So she will be cut down bit by bit.

The swords make sparks, and it's only natural for her armor to splinter bit by bit.

She is constantly putting herself in fatal situations.


I just hold my breath.

In ancient times...

The heroes that went up against dragons must all have been like her.

They know well enough that their strengths are different.

But still, they bet on the chance of a lifetime.

A great violence surpassing human.

They defend until the only opening appears――and many warriors died when no such miracle occurred.

Their fight is just that.

A dazzling battle that takes my eyes away, but...

It has only one end prepared, with it being Saber's defeat as she is hurt more by the second――


The roar shakes the ground.

Berserker's whirlwind cuts through the wind and flings back the defending Saber.

Saber's armor chips away with every blow, and as she hits the ground――she charges bravely at Berserker without falling to her knees.

...But she's already at her limits.

Saber's breathing wildly, and her movements are slowing down even to my eyes.

She's not even trying to create an opening in Berserker.

Saber will be slashed by him in a few more blows――


In my clenched fist is a bow.


Scene 10


The instant Saber is flung away, I fire at Berserker.

This won't hurt him.

But it should at least take his attention off Saber――!


The arrow that hits Berserker's temple does nothing.

I can't even get his attention.

The giant does not block... no, he doesn't even care about my attack.

"That's right, Berserker. Forget about Shirou.

We can work on him after we kill Saber."

Illya's laugh echoes through the forest.


I can't do anything.

Saber's about to collapse in front of me and I can't do anything.

――I'm too weak.

I can't hurt Berserker no matter what I do. All I'm doing is distracting Saber――!

Scene 11


I know. It's useless.

He's not someone I can affect with a bow.

Berserker wouldn't dodge it even if I shoot an arrow, and it would be impossible to hurt him either.

Actually, I think such interference would trouble Saber even more.

"Dammit――damn, damn, damn...!"

I can't do anything.

Saber is about to collapse in front of me, yet I can't do a thing.

If I ran...

If I could save Saber by running up to them and punching Berserker right now, I would have already done so.

But that's useless as well.

No matter what I do, it would only interrupt Saber.

Scene 12

――A strong blow.

Saber, repelling that attack, has her feet driven into the ground up to her ankles.

The blows are heavy and fast.

The axe-sword flying above Saber's head strikes like lightning.

The sword shaves off some of her armor as she flings herself away and breaks the ground.


I feel like I'll grind my teeth down.

Am I unable to do anything after all?

I can't protect Saber nor fight alongside her.

There's nothing I can do.

All I can do is――

――In that case, at least imagine it

After all, that is the only thing you can do.


That guy said so.

――You do not need outside enemies. For you, the one you need to fight is none other than your own image.

...That's right. What was he saying? It wasn't his usual harassment. Those words held an importance that I need to understand right now.

――No, saying that...

Weren't all of his words a warning that I shouldn't have ignored?

Saber's body is flung away.

She didn't jump to get away.

She took a blow.

That storm-like blow landed right on her side.

Saber totters.

Concentrating strength into her numb fingers, she faces Berserker again, coughing violently.

The giant will not miss the opening Saber has finally shown.


My voice won't reach them.

It's useless for me to say anything, and it's useless for me to have a bow mimicking Archer's.

Do I still not understand?

What I can do.

What I should be doing.

That's right.

What do I need in order to save Saber?

A bow won't do. Even a lance won't be able to pierce him. And that doesn't mean I should have the same weapon as the enemy.

That giant...

To defeat that mountain, I'll need a sword.

A sharp and gorgeous sword of the king that will defeat the enemy in one blow.


That golden sword so suited to her, that I saw in my dreams.


――My head hurts.

Bearing my nausea, I still stare at Saber.

But ironically, I feel like I'm going crazier the more I stare at her about to collapse.

Saber and Berserker's movements seem to be in slow motion.

Many switches are arranged in a row.

Coughing, Saber bends her body in pain for an instant.

Berserker smashes down his axe-sword with all his might.

As if making a line, the firing hammers move into position one by one.

It seems like knocking down dominos――

The triggers are pulled all at once.


Berserker's blow smashes Saber away.

It's fatal.

Saber's body is split through the waist, and her pieces are thrown into the air.

"No――that's not right...!"

The only thing flung into the air is Saber's armor.

Berserker only smashed Saber's armor.

Saber created an opening to make Berserker take a large swing――and Saber charges in at top speed using all the energy she has left...!


A black howl surges out.

But he can't retreat from Saber, who is right in front of him.

She places both hands on her sword and slashes at Berserker with all her might――!


――I can't believe it.

The giant that seemed to be rooted to the ground is smashed back a few meters by Saber's blow.

And then...

"Get back, Saber...!"

The true final attack is executed instantly.

――She must intend to fire from as close as possible.

Tohsaka jumps down from the branch high above and throws her jewels as she descends――

"Neun, Acht, Sieben――!

Stil, schie[szlig]t Beschie[szlig]en, Erschie Ssung――!"

A rain of ice whirls down.

In it, three giant icicles shaped like spears have enough magical energy concentrated in them to blow away a whole mansion――!

"No, dodge it, Berserker...!

Illya, who was only watching until now, screams.

She must have realized how dangerous that attack is, but it's too late.

The spear of ice isn't just falling.

As it's fired, it is accelerating to skewer Berserker.

There's no way he would be able to dodge it.

A once in a lifetime opportunity. A shotgun of ice perfectly coordinated with Saber's desperate attack.

It has enough magical energy in it to be able to kill Berserker――!


", ――!!!!!"

He swings his axe-sword through the air.

Even as he's pushed back by Saber, he destroys three blocks of ice with his quickly readied axe-sword.

――Splashes of blood.

Perhaps because he swung with only one arm, the ice is not completely destroyed and it lacerates his arm.

Not only that.

The ice refreezes on the giant's arm and stops its movement completely.

But still, it got only one of his arms.


Saber raises her voice.

――It's only natural.

Because Berserker's other arm has grabbed Tohsaka's body as she descended onto him.


Tohsaka's face contorts in pain.

With Berserker's power, it should be no problem to crush Tohsaka.


I run.

I don't care if I'm only dragging her down.

I don't care if I can't do anything.

I won't let him crush Tohsaka――!


Saber must not have any power left to stand, but she still lifts her body.


Tohsaka must be in pain as she reaches out with her face downcast.

"――Heh. Just as I thought."

She smiles and speaks boldly.


Everyone gasps.

Saber, I, and even Berserker must have frozen.

――She's horrible.

She knew this was going to happen, yet never told us about it――!


Berserker puts power into his grip.

But it's a second too late.

"Got you...!"

Bullets of light are fired.

Four jewels are used.

The rapid fire from perfect point-blank range kills the black mad warrior for sure this time.


It has splendidly, perfectly blown away his life.

Did Berserker's head get blown off?

Blood splatters over me and I'm at least ten meters away.

...Uh, is this his spinal fluid?

I can't be too happy about it when there are things other than blood mixed in it.

...But I'm sure it wasn't overkill.

He was a monster.

I bet Tohsaka would've been crushed if she didn't blow off his head in a single blow.


I slow my running steps.

Tohsaka is still held by Berserker, but the battle is over.

Berserker's face is still covered in white smoke.

From the smoldering sounds, it must have been a huge explosion――

"――No way."

I hear Tohsaka's voice.

She is looking into the white smoke, dumbfounded.

――Hold on.

Is it... just my imagination?

Berserker's fingers holding Tohsaka are digging deeper into her?


Tohsaka is just staring at the white smoke.

...But it doesn't last long.

The large cloud of white smoke fades away.

In it...

...Is Berserker's face, though it was certainly blown away.


Tohsaka is at a loss for words, cowed by the demonic stare.

"...Fufu. Ufufu. Ahahahahahahaha!"

Laughter echoes through the clearing.

The silver Master controlling Berserker from the edge of the clearing is laughing.

"I have a better opinion of you now, Rin. For you to kill Berserker even once.

But it's too bad. Berserker won't disappear just from that, because he has a body that won't die unless he's killed twelve times."

"...Killed... twelve times...?"

She must have figured out something important from Illya's words.

Tohsaka's eyes are strained in faint regret.

"...I see.

I should have thought of that as soon as I learned he was Hercules. Hercules should have the Bow of Hydra, but he only carried a rock.

...So his Noble Phantasm isn't something like that. The symbol of the hero Hercules is――"

"Yes, his body itself is his Noble Phantasm.

You should know too about Hercules' twelve labors. The Greek hero Hercules overcame twelve tasks to atone for his sins and became 'immortal' as a reward.

You know what that means, right?"

"...A stock of lives... multiple layers of resurrection magecraft, huh?"

"Yes. So he can't die easily. He lives through deaths equaling the number of labors he overcame, the curse of immortality.

That's Berserker's Noble Phantasm, God Hand."

"Do you get it? Berserker died from the attack right now, but he still has five more lives.

Fufu, too bad Rin. Berserker would have disappeared if you used five times the jewels you just used."

I can't hear Illya too well.

I see Saber run up to Berserker out of the corner of my eye.

"――Please run, Rin!"

Saber dashes to her.

Tohsaka tries to tear off Berserker's fingers, but they won't even budge.


"It's fine, Berserker. You can crush her."

The burning eyes glare at Tohsaka.


Tohsaka screams.

The giant's fingers dig in as if to scoop out Tohsaka's guts.

What lies ahead is[r]

that inescapable figure of her, miserably crushed.


I run.

I forget who I'm against or where I am.

My mind has already burned up.


Saber slashes at Berserker.

The invisible sword is swung at Berserker's defenseless arm as if chopping a vegetable.

But it has no effect.

The sword bounces back. Not only does it not hurt Berserker's arm, but it does not even loosen Berserker's grip on Tohsaka.


It must be painful for her to even move.

Saber swings her sword desperately as blood spills from her mouth.


Her face freezes as she sees me run up to Berserker.

"Let her go, you bastard――!"

I smack my bow against his back.

The giant does not budge.

It must think nothing of me at all.


My fingers are numb.

What kind of a body does he have if I, the one doing the hitting, have my hands go numb――!?

"Please run, Shirou――!"


I raise my face at Saber's voice.

In that instant.

My body flies through the air like a leaf.


I drop like a piece of trash.

――Berserker smacked me with that frozen sword.

The bow I instantly blocked with is easily smashed, and I'm thrown so... far――

"Gah――ah, haa――!!!"

I writhe in pain.

The breaking sound was not from the bow.

One of my arms is bent like a spider's.

Breathing hurts so much that I want to smash my lungs up.

"Ha... ah, guh...!"

I can't breathe right from the blood coming up my throat.

But it doesn't matter.

Breathing will just make me pass out.

I shouldn't be breathing right now.

"Ha――Haa, haa――!"

I get up.

Right now, I have to――

I run.

It's my turn this time. I'll break his arm and save Tohsaka.

He must have eyes on the back of his head as he swings his sword as if flinging away a bug.

I can dodge it.

I won't be hit by something swung with a frozen arm――!


Damn, my body is sinking...!

It must have scraped my leg. Damn it, don't break my leg when you haven't even hit it――!

"No way――that is enough, please get away, Master...!"

I can't do that.

I won't let Tohsaka die.

What do I need to save her?

A weapon. A blade would be good. At my feet are the remains of the destroyed bow. Above me is Berserker's sword coming down. I pick up a broken piece. Descending sword. There's no time to think. I channel my magical energy into it.

I easily succeed at strengthening it. But the sword comes down. The broken piece is totally smashed this time. My body, that should have dodged the blow collapses. So there was no meaning in strengthening such a broken piece. If I am to do it again, I have to do it from the very beginning.

Nothing should be impossible. If there's a model, anyone can imitate it. So I have to repeat the foundation, composition, work, experience, time and――


The giant turns.

It must have decided to kill this annoying nuisance before Tohsaka.


Raising my body, I glare at the giant.

I have no fear. My mind has already burned up.

But behind me...

Prepared even for her own elimination,

Saber is determined to use her holy sword.

Scene 13

――The sword of light appears in Saber's hands.

Berserker's hand squeezes Tohsaka.

I have no power, and all three of us will die as things are.


...Is that the only option?

Our only chance for victory is to spend Saber's scarce magical energy and use the Noble Phantasm that endangers her existence?



The giant releases Tohsaka and charges straight for Saber.


Berserker blocks the holy sword that breaks the ground.


...The silver armor collapses.

Turning all her remaining magical energy into light, Saber is on her knees.

In front of her is Berserker, still in full shape.

"That's it, Saber. Even the holy sword isn't enough with that amount of magical energy."

...Saber's figure starts to fade.

Saber must not be able to stand as she glares at Berserker on her knees.

"Fufu, it must have been disappointing for you too, Berserker.

If Saber's magical energy had been full, you would have been able to die!"

The giant sword is swung.

Without waiting for Saber to disappear, the giant smashes her body.

"――Sa... ber"

...Saber has disappeared.

I knew this.

If Saber used her holy sword, she would disappear no matter who won in the end.

I knew it and I still didn't stop her.

"This is it. So what will you do, Onii-chan? Will you try to run away or will you quietly let me kill you?

"Oh yeah! If you say you'll let me kill you, I can let Rin go."


My ability to think is deficient.

In front of me are pieces of meat that used to be Saber along with lumps of earth.

――I can't get away.

If I can't get away no matter what I do, then at least...

"――Heehee, that's a good boy, Shirou.

Then bring him to me, Berserker. Take his legs away first so he won't be able to run away."

A gust of wind takes away everything below my waist.

Pain and despair shut off my senses.

――I'm fading.

Left in the clearing is Tohsaka's body, already crushed.

Scene 14

The wind unravels.

I start to see the golden sword in Saber's hands.

――The one that must not be used.

The sword I told her not to use under any circumstances.


I snap.

It makes the last rope holding Emiya Shirou snap.

"Don't use it, Saber――!!!!!!"

My left hand is burning.

One of the Command Spells disappears.

"Wha――why? This is the only way now, Shirou...!"

I don't know.

I don't know anything about that.

All I know is that you'll disappear if you use that.

I won't allow that.

And I can't forgive myself for not being able to let her use her sword freely and for not being able to save Tohsaka myself.


Saber falls to her knees.

...Just releasing the sword gets her like that.

You can't use that sword in your condition.

So wait.

If you can't use that sword, I'll make one that you can use――!

――If it is an opponent you cannot match in real life, beat it in your imagination.

If you cannot beat it yourself, imagine something that you could beat it with.

With that said, it's obvious.

That's the only thing I can do.

So make it.

Make something that will not lose to anything. Always imagine the strongest. Imagine the best imitation that will deceive everybody, even yourself.

It is not difficult at all.

It is not impossible.

From the beginning, this body was...

...A Magic Circuit specialized for this purpose alone――!!


I spring up.

My whole body is burning and my left hand feels like it's on fire.

"Wha――? That sword is my...!?"

Saber's voice is filled with blank amazement.

She is staring at what I'm holding, which should not exist here.


Does the sword have a will of its own?


The golden sword does not stop and, as if pulled toward it, slashes through the giant's arm.

Tohsaka falls with the arm that was grabbing her, and the sword that cut through his arm shatters like glass.

All the blood in me regurgitates.

But there's no problem there.

The sword broke.

That is impossible. If I imitated that sword, it cannot be broken.

It broke because it was not sufficient.

My image of it fell short of the real sword.


His eyes stare at me.

The giant sword is swung to really kill me this time.

――I don't care about that.

He's not my opponent.

For Emiya Shirou, there is only one opponent.

The sword just now wasn't perfect.

The unbreakable sword broke because there was a flaw in the assumptions.

If I am to duplicate it, I cannot only duplicate its shape... I must also reproduce the maker――!


I hear a gasp.

In front of me is the axe-sword swung like a storm and a defending sword that is being made.

I don't know if I'm desperate, but I'm blocking the attack with the sword in my hand.

――But that's none of my business.

What I need to do now is make this real.

―――That is a mistake as well.

Emiya Shirou is not made for fighting.

Your fight is a mental fight, a fight with yourself.

I know that without being told.

What I must do is simple.

"――Projection, start."

I concentrate.

I am challenging myself. No deviation or compromise is allowed.

"Gi――kuu, uh, aaaa, a――"

Judging the concept of creation,

hypothesizing the basic structure,

duplicating the composition material,

imitating the skill of its making,

sympathizing with the experience of its growth,

reproducing the accumulated years,

excelling every manufacturing process――

"Kuh――ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhh...!!!!"

Now, I bind the illusion and make it a sword――!


The giant howls.

The sword blocks the numerous blows smashing madly...!


But this is it.

I'm tossed away.

As soon as my consciousness returns, the sword must have left everything in my hands.

I am easily thrown away by the attacks I was easily blocking until now.


The senses in my arms are already gone. My wrist is about to rip off as I can see the red meat.


My legs won't move. All my muscles must have stopped working.

――I can't stand up.

I made the sword that surpasses Berserker.

But that's all.

As I am only a maker, I cannot handle the sword――!

A shadow engulfs me.

He must know who he needs to kill first now.

Berserker pursues me like wind, and...

Swings his sword.

But his sword is deflected.


As I stand there in blank amazement, I notice another hand over my hand.


The air shakes violently.

The giant launches an attack with all his might to destroy everything.

But just before that...

"Shirou, your hand――!"

I hear her voice closer than anything.

If Berserker attacked me like a gust,

Saber must have rushed to me like a gale.

Having rushed to me, Saber turns around and――

The sword of rock breaks.

A flash of the golden sword smashes the giant's axe-sword, slashes into the hard body, and――

...If the shape is similar, the ability must be similar as well.

The golden sword digging deep into Berserker engulfs the giant's body from the inside.

――But that's only for an instant.

The light disappears and silence returns to the forest.


Strength departs from my body.

The body that was so hot starts to cool down.

The sword is disappearing from the tip.


I watch it absent-mindedly.

We stand next to each other, holding the same sword until it disappears completely.

――Wind blows through the forest clearing.

Neither the howling that shook the ground nor the blows that cut the air remain now.

"So that is your sword, Saber."

The undefeatable giant becomes motionless and says so in a deep voice, gazing at the knight that defeated him.

"This is Caliburn... the sword from the stone of selection. My sword that was forever lost.


"That was not your sword. That was only an illusion made by this man."

Saber nods quietly.

"It was an imitation after all. It is a sword that will never exist again.

But still――"

Berserker's chest splits open.


From the wound made by that light, he crumbles away like sand.

"――That illusion cannot be underestimated. I did not expect it to destroy my body seven-fold with a single blow."

He puts no emotion into his dying words.

The mad warrior follows his role until the very end, and his existence disperses as if fading into the air.

I feel dizzy.

It must be the cost of using such excessive magecraft. My blood that ran wild is crushing my brain with too much oxygen.

...And on top of that, I have a headache like my head is splitting open.

It's because the enemy has disappeared and the thing numbing my pain has disappeared.

The dizziness and the headache come at me as if to make up for what has accumulated.



Saber supports my collapsing body.

But she can't have any energy to spare to care for me.

"...No, I'm fine. My bones are broken here and there, but it's not fatal. That healing thing is working, so it'll be fine."

"――What are you saying? You used projection magecraft of that level, so you must rest right now."

"...No, but..."

There's someone I have to talk to first.



Saber prepares herself.

Illya is staring at the place where Berserker used to be with empty eyes.

"...Good. I do not know your intentions, but we would not wish the trouble of chasing you. Accept your――"

"...! No, Saber――don't hurt Illya. Since Berserker's gone, she's..."

I stop Saber with my remaining strength.

She must not realize we're here.

Staring at the ground, Illya murmurs,

"...No way. Did you die, Berserker...?"

She sounds like an abandoned child.


I restrain Saber with my hand and quietly call out to her.

She must have noticed me from that.

Illya slightly raises her head and...

"Ah―――n, ahh...!"


Falls to the ground like a doll being switched off.


I don't know what's going on. I just stare at the girl on the ground.

"...Gah, gohu...!"

As if to replace her, Tohsaka gets up.

Berserker's hand has disappeared and it seems she's finally free.


I must have relaxed seeing Tohsaka's safety.

I feel like I'm about to faint.

But I can't whine like that.

Even though we defeated Berserker, we're still in the forest.

We have to push our wounded bodies and get out of this forest now.

...I look up at the dawning sky.

The town is far away, and I cannot find any uninjured allies nor any place on my own body that's not hurt.

But still, we made it to the morning.

――The night I was prepared not to live through.

After driving off the greatest enemy, we leave the winter forest.

Scene 16

The park is empty as usual.

Maybe it helps that it's colder today than usual.

There is no one around and it looks like I'm the only one out at this time.


I sit on the bench sluggishly.

I came to a deserted place as I wished to.

Now that I'm here, I must decide what to do.

There are no choices that allow me to postpone the problem.

If I am to end the Holy Grail War by defeating other Masters, I need Saber to stay.

No, even without that, I don't want her to disappear.

But that means...

Having Saber attack people, like Rider did.


There's no way I can do that.

Making Saber do such a thing would be like telling her to die.

First of all, Saber would surely refuse.


When I hang my head, I see my left hand.

I have two Command Spells left.

If I use one, I can force Saber to follow my command.


I bite my lip and discard the ridiculous thought.

I don't know how long I remained slumped on this bench.

But just as my fingers start to tremble from the cold...


I thought you were gone already, but you're here!"

I'm suddenly called.

"Aha, it is you. Hello, Shirou. You have a serious expression. What's wrong?"

"Illya...? You're here by yourself again?"

It's dangerous, you never know when the other Masters――"

As I start to say that, I'm amazed at my stupidity.

Illya is a Master too.

I shouldn't be worrying about this, and anyway, aren't we enemies?

"...Sorry. I can't afford to talk to you right now. We were lucky to see each other, but I can't talk with you. It's going to get cold today, so you should go home."

Sitting down on the bench, I dismiss Illya.

...There are things I need to talk to her about, but I have my hands full with Saber right now.



What's going on?

Illya doesn't say anything and she just stares at me as if I'm a stranger.


No, I'm not trying to be mean to you. I'm really busy right now, and――"

"I know. Saber's going to disappear, right?

And you're wondering what to do."


The girl in front of me says this coldly as if she is someone else.


"It's stupid to worry about such things. That's why you let Rider's Master escape. All you have to do with the loser is to kill them."

I move my legs.

I know it's bad to stay sitting down, so I put my power in them to stand up.


My body does not move as if entranced by Illya.

"Illya, how――do you know about that?"

"I don't even need to tell you, right? I was at that building last night too.

Well, I could only watch from inside the building."


I try to move my arms and legs, but they won't move at all.

No, it feels like they're stiffening the more I put power into them.

――It's those eyes.

Looking into Illya's red eyes is making my body go numb and――

"Oh, you're bound already?

You know you don't have any protection, right? I thought it would be easy to capture you if you're alone, but you're so cute falling for it this easily."

"Illya, yo... u――"

"It's useless, Onii-chan. You won't be able to move now.

You won't even be able to speak soon, but you don't need to worry.

――I didn't come here today to talk either.

Murderous intent mixes into Illya's gaze.

This is the same Illya as that night, when she was the Master of Berserker.

"Guh...! Are you going to kill me here...!?"

Gritting my teeth, I gather all my strength.

But I can't even twitch my fingers.

Every nerve in my body is wrapped by Illya's stare.

"Yup. Because it doesn't matter if you're a Master anymore, right? You'll be on your own once Saber disappears, so I can't let you be a Master.

Once your means of fighting is gone, I can kill you easily."

Illya raises her hand.

Her white slender fingers touch my chest.

"I'm glad I found you before anyone else killed you.

So, good night, Onii-chan. Saber's going to disappear anyway, so it should be a relief if it happens faster, right?"

My vision fades.

Sensation in my limbs is already gone, and now my vision is gone as well.

...How long has it been since I fell into this darkness?

While I wonder whether or not I'm dead, my consciousness fades away.

...My body is burning.

Even though my consciousness is deep in the darkness, my burning body is appealing that it is alive.

――I see. I guess I'm alive, then.

But even if that's the case, that's only for the moment.

Illya said it too.

――Once your means of fighting is gone, I can kill you easily――

...She's right.

I can't fight at all without Saber.

The Holy Grail War is a battle between Servants.

I cannot possibly match one of those Servants.

That fact has been proven many times already.

It was a merciless beating.

As Saber said, my battle against a Servant is to survive.

I couldn't even do that.

I was cut all over my body, and on top of that, thrown to the ground from a third floor window.

I only survived because of an abnormality in my body that I don't even understand.

That fact is so vexing that it makes me mad.

I could not stop the disaster occurring around me just because the one in front of me was unbeatable.

Even though I chose to fight,

I chose to fight as a Master to stop people getting hurt, but I could not protect them.

――It pisses me off.

The superhero I've admired since childhood always has to win or it's meaningless.

...My body is burning.

My whole body is demanding that I must win.

But I don't have any means of winning nor a way to fight.

How would I be able to fight?

I don't have the skills to fight alongside Saber without being a burden to her.

――That is a mistake as well. Emiya Shirou is not fit for fighting.

Because your fight is supposed to be a mental fight,

A fight with your own self――


I remember the back of the man who said those words.

――Emiya Shirou has no chance of winning if it comes down to fighting.

None of your skills

Will be of any use against a Servant――

I know.

I realize that more than ever now.

――In that case, at least imagine it.

If it is an opponent you cannot match in real life, beat it in your imagination.

If you cannot beat it yourself, imagine something that you could beat it with.

...He doesn't need to tell me something I already know.

If I am going to win, it'll only be in my head.

But what could I win with?

I can't imagine myself beating a Servant.

I can't handily deceive myself, and an image created by deceiving myself will be full of flaws.

There's no way I would be able to match a Servant, a first-class illusion, with such a third rate image.


What will I be able to beat?

And what will I beat it with?

I am searching for the answer to that question――

――searching for the answer even now.

A golden sword.

It's a sword for her alone.

I don't want it myself.

It's just beautiful.

I just want to hold it in my hands, if it's permitted.

...Geez, it's a bad habit for an amateur magus.

Since all I can do is examine the contents, I see such dreams unsuitable for my position.

But――if this is a dream, I should be allowed to at least think about it.

First, I assume the basic structure and reproduce the composing material.

...Oh, the basic form from when I use the strengthening magecraft isn't enough as I thought.

Strengthening is changing something that's already there, so it's meaningless with something that isn't there at all.

So if I am to remember that sword, I have to put more effort into it.

――It's well before the basics.

It's the process full of waste that I came up with before Kiritsugu taught me how to use the strengthening magecraft.

Um, it was――how was it supposed to take shape...?

......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................When I come to, I'm in a ridiculous place.

"――What is this place――?"

This isn't just some place I've never seen before.

It has a bed with a gorgeous canopy, and a long carpet that makes it look like you could sink to your ankles.

A stone fireplace that is not just decorative, but actually functional.

The patterns on the wall aren't just wallpaper as they are actually engraved.

I'm used to mansions like Shinji's house, but this is on a different level.

...It's embarrassing to say, but this is like a castle you'd read about in fairy tales.


My mind almost falls unconscious.

My body is strangely heavy.

Is my blood circulating poorly? I feel like I'll fall asleep again if I let my guard down.

"――Umm... What happened?"

I try to remember with my hazy mind.

I... oh yeah, I was bound by Illya and lost consciousness.

"...So I'm caught by Illya, huh?"

No one is in the room.

My body feels heavy, but it seems I could at least raise my arm――

"Whoa, I'm tied up――!?"

My dazed mind instantly awakens.

Realizing the danger I'm in, I study my situation first.

"...I'm sitting in a chair and my hands are behind my back... handcuffs... no, they're just tied with rope."

I'm not in the worst condition, but it makes no difference to the fact that I cannot move.

My body is still numb, and I can't even get up with my hands tied.

"...How long has it been...? Clock... no, I don't see one as I expected."

There is no clock in the room.

The window is... behind me.

I turn around as much as I can, but the curtain is draped over it and I can't quite tell what's outside.

But the sun has already set outside.

I met Illya in the morning, so that means at least half a day has passed.


I can't be doing this now.

I don't know where I am, but I have to go home to Saber as quickly as I can.

...Saber is weakening.

I can't trouble her by letting her know I've been kidnapped.


I pull at my hands.

Even if I am to run away, I have to do something about the rope tied behind my back first――


The door opens.

I release my power at the same moment as she walks in.

"Oh, you're finally awake! Good morning, Onii-chan. How are you feeling?"

Illya is acting totally different from before.

Her cold eyes are gone and the Illya before me is the white girl who was talking to me in that park the other day.

"Hm? What's wrong? You don't seem energetic. Does your body still not move? ...That's odd, you should be able to talk by now."

She looks at me, tilting her head.

...It looks like she's just worried about me.

"...I'm fine. I can talk and my head's clear enough to know that I've been captured."

I glare at Illya.

"What, are you dissatisfied? We usually put our captured enemies in the dungeon.

But I felt bad about doing that to you, so I brought you into my room as a special exception."

Illya looks displeased.

I don't know if I should be thankful or not.

...But anyway, I'm starting to understand the situation I'm in.

"...I get the situation. I'm captured and this is your place, right?"

I say so sharply, killing my emotions.

As long as I don't know the full details of the situation, I should listen for now.

"That's right. I told you before that I live in a castle in the forest.

"This is a castle in a big forest, and there's nothing around here. It takes a few hours by car to get to the town you live in. Nobody will come to save you, nor will there be any nuisances."

"――I see.

I get that, but why did you do it?

If you wanted to kill me, you could have done so at the park."

"Why? I don't intend to kill you, Shirou. You're mine. I'll kill the other Masters, but you're special.

That's why I locked you up here, so there won't be any interruptions."


I automatically lean back.

Illya puts her face close to mine as if not caring about my feelings.

"H-Hey, Illya...!"

I know it's indiscreet, but my heart's beating fast from the weight of Illya on my legs.

Even though she's not heavy, she feels so alive that I can't think straight――

"Yeah, like I thought, Shirou is special.

...Hey, do you want to become my Servant? If you're going to be my Servant, I won't have to kill you. All you have to do is nod, and I can spare you."

She says so in a fawning voice.

This is nothing half-hearted.

Illya's words are so pure that I won't be able to take it back if I nod.

...And if I do betray her, all her purity would probably turn into hatred.

With Illya so close to me, my confused mind freezes.

This isn't just that she likes me.

Illya's question is asking me if I want to live or die.

"You don't even need to think about it, right? You don't have Saber already. You don't have any way to fight.

So it'll be useless to stay as a Master now."

"――No. Saber hasn't disappeared yet. I won't let that happen."

"Oh yeah? But she'll be killed easily in her condition.

It's fine, you can just stay here. If you're going to stay here forever, I'll protect you forever too."

Illya snuggles up to me.

I don't even have the freedom to push her away.

...I don't know what will happen if I disobey her.

But I still can't nod to Illya's words.

"...I can't. Get off of me, Illya. No matter what you say, I..."

Illya puts her finger up to my mouth.

The girl smiles and looks up at my bewildered face.

"Geez, you don't get it, do you?

Look, you're just a bird in a cage right now. It's my decision if you live or not, so you shouldn't say anything to make me mad.

...I've waited for 10 years. It's too boring just to kill you here, right?"


Her voice sounds like a girl who wants a toy.

I gasp, sensing a cruelty that sends a chill up my spine.

"This is your last chance, Onii-chan. I'll ask you one more time."

She looks up at me, full of hope.

"Shirou――be mine."

Illya says so as if allowing no refusal.

Scene 17

"I-I should be asking that! What were you doing?

I told you so many times not to go off by yourself, yet you were so easily captured by Illyasviel and taken to a place like this...!"

"You're disqualified as a Master. I shall not be satisfied unless you apologize to me in some way."

"Ugh... I was certainly careless. But why are you here?

You can't move properly, right? What are you thinking coming to Illya's castle in that state!?"

"No, what are you thinking?

A Servant's role is to protect its Master. You have been captured, so it does not matter if this is Illyasviel's castle."


Saber speaks clearly.

...Her figure is just as it was before.

It's different from the figure sleeping, weak and in pain.

"...Shirou? Why are you silent all of a sudden? Did you suffer any wounds while you were held captive...!?"

"Oh... no, that's not it. I'm fine. More than that, I'm glad you look well."

...I really regained my peace of mind.

I'm surprised Saber's here, but I'm happy she's back to normal.

It's just selfish prejudice.

But I think Saber is meant to act like this.

"...I'm sorry, Saber. I don't quite understand, but you came to save me, right?"

"Uh... yes. It is only natural for a Servant to save her Master."

"Thank you. You're a godsend."

――I'm glad.

There's no problem now.

All that's left is to escape with Saber and――


Why can I see Tohsaka...?



Is she really, seriously there?

"You seem to be doing better than I expected. Maybe there was no need for us come, huh?"

"That is what I said, Rin. You should have left Emiya Shirou be.

This kind of a man causes trouble for the people around him and survives. This was a good opportunity. He would have died if you had abandoned him."

"...That is inexcusable, Archer.

I am the one that asked for help, but you do not have the right to insult Shirou."

"――Heh, so you act like that now that your Master is safe, huh? The Master's like this, and the Servant's the same. I guess you have no respect for your allies.

...Well, we are to fight eventually. It will be easier to fight then if no feelings are held."


Saber falls silent as if he hit a sore spot.

...This guy... does he not get along with Saber either?

"That's it. You still remember the situation we're in, right?

We don't have time to stand around chatting. We have to retreat before Illyasviel gets back."

"...? Hold on a second.

Did you guys come here knowing this place is Illya's castle? No, first of all――"

Illya went out intending to kill them.

Then.... does that mean Illya and Tohsaka missed each other?

"――That's okay. I think Illya's heading to my place now. If you guys didn't come here, I think you would have ended up fighting her."

"Yes, it seems so. I confirmed Illya and Berserker leaving. ...Well, we wouldn't have come in like this if it wasn't for that."

...I see. Tohsaka took such drastic measures because she knew Illya went outside.

She's as direct as ever, but that turned out for the best this time.

"Anyways, we'll talk later. I came prepared when I realized this was Einzbern's base, but it'd be great if we don't have to meet them.

We can't match Berserker anyway with Saber in that state."

Tohsaka steps between me and Saber.

"...Tohsaka. What do you mean by Saber's state?

She looks fine and she's just like normal."

"Hey now. Convenient things like that never happen.

Saber hasn't healed at all. Can't you tell just by looking that she's barely even standing?"

"Rin...! I thought you promised not to talk about that...!"

"Sorry, I'm going back on that. It's bad to hide it, and it's not something we could keep from him anyway."

"...That is true, but――"

Saber hesitates painfully.

That makes me realize that her condition has not improved at all.

"――Saber. Is that true?"

"...Yes. What Rin says is true. It is embarrassing, but I cannot fight as Saber right now. All I will be able to do is to be your shield."

"Huh, that's what I thought. You wouldn't listen and you wanted to come with us when you can't even arm yourself.

I bet she intended to protect her Master instead of fighting."


My breathing stops.

What is that?

She's so weak she can't arm herself?

What ridiculous things is she saying about being my shield?

"...I am sorry, Shirou. I know I am a failure as a Servant with a body like this. But I am able to act as a shield. I am sure you are dissatisfied, but please accept that for now――"

――That's it!

Why do you always think such stupid things――!?

"Don't kid me, of course I'm not satisfied...!

Tohsaka, why did you bring Saber!?

Don't you know Saber's more important than me...!?"

"W-What? I objected too! But Saber didn't listen, and only Saber knew where you were anyway. I knew it was dangerous, but I still needed Saber!"

"But still――"

I start to yell that she shouldn't have brought her, but I stop myself.

...I'm in no position to criticize Tohsaka.

The root of all this was me getting captured.

Tohsaka and Saber just did what they thought was right.

"...Disputes are good, but you should stop for now, Rin.

A Master will be sensitive to changes in her dwelling. We do not have time to explain things in a leisurely fashion."

"...You're right. Illyasviel should be hurrying back by now.

――All right. We'll leave the conversation until later. We have to get out of this castle first. That's okay, right Shirou?"

"Shirou, we should..."

"――Well, but..."

If Saber is like she was last night, isn't it difficult for her to even walk?

I can't let Saber push herself if she's in that state.

"...Honestly. It seems you take me too lightly."

"Huh, Saber...?"

"Even though my magical energy is depleted, I can fight better than you, Shirou. To me, you seem to be the one about to disappear.

...I do not think Rin has noticed, but your magical energy is disrupted, correct?"

"Oh... no, this isn't anything serious. It's fine if I bear with it.

I'm, uh――fine, really."

"Then I am the same as well. It is painful, but it is not unbearable.

I believe things are going too fast for you to grasp the situation, but let us follow Rin for now. If we are to talk, we can do so once we get home."

Saber urges me forward.



I can't even worry if she says so with such an expression.

"...You're right. I have a lot to talk about, but I'll leave it until we get home safely."

...Yes, about Saber's body, and thanking her for coming to save me.

――That dream is not something I should ask her about right now.

"――All right. Let's go, Saber."

Nodding, I move my body earnestly.

...I sweat with each step, but I can't complain.

Saber came all the way here with her weakened body.

So as a man, I can't show weakness now――


As soon as we leave the room, I gasp.

Is this... a hallway?

From this museum-like hallway, I guess the building is really big.

"Hey, this is no time to be fascinated. Even if we leave the castle, there's a big forest outside. If we don't hurry, it'll be morning."

"A big forest――? Then is this place really on a mountain? That forest a few hours drive away from Fukuyama?"

"Yeah, this is Einzbern's secret castle.

Even if we get out of this castle, we'll have to spend a few hours getting out of the forest. It's night now, so we'll make our way out by the morning."

Tohsaka runs down the hallway without hesitation.

I guess she's heading to the back entrance she snuck in through.

"...I knew it was night already, but... how long was I captured for?"

I thought it was only half a day, but it might have been longer.

"You were captured by Illyasviel this morning. It has been half a day since then.

...The date has changed, so that means you have been captured for a day now."

"Ugh... I see. I'm ashamed."

"No, please do not be. You were safe even though you have been captured by Illyasviel for so long. That must be proof that your mind did not give in, even though your body was held captive."

"――That might be true."

"Yes. Illyasviel looks like a young girl, but she is a magus of Einzbern. If you were to yield to her, you would not have been yourself.

"...It is not like I did not consider that possibility. I came to this castle prepared to find you dead in the worst case."


"So I am glad I am able to see you again.

Since my Master is safe, I cannot lose either."

...Saber says so with a faint smile.

I feel the same way.

I was so worried, wondering whether Saber was all right.

"Hey, are you really trying to escape!?

I'll go on ahead if you're too slow...!!"

Tohsaka yells at us from the corner ahead.

"Gah, this is no time to be talking. Let's hurry, Saber."

I run, urging Saber on as well.


Every step brings unpleasantness and pain as if boiling water is pouring into my veins.

But I can run if I grit my teeth.

Forcing my aching body to move, I follow Tohsaka.

Saber is running behind me as if escorting a sick person.

...She must be in pain.

She's acting firm, but Saber's in no condition to move properly.

"Saber, if you're in pain――"

I stop myself from asking her if she needs a hand.

If I said that, Saber would stubbornly try to run on her own.

I should just watch for now.

If Saber looks tired enough that she can't make excuses, I can carry her then.

...Saber is really troublesome.

This stubborn girl won't rest unless I do something that forceful.

――And so.

Following Tohsaka's lead, we reach the exit of the castle.

"This is the main entrance, Tohsaka――!?"

"...? Why are you saying something so obvious? This is what entrances are for, right? This is the fastest way if you want to go out or come in."

Tohsaka runs down the stairs.


...Well, I'm in no position to complain.

Saber and I descend the stairs into the hall.

I guess this is the lobby.

So that must mean we'll be outside if we go through that large door at the end.

"All right, we're doing well to have gotten this far. The problems come after we get into the forest, but it's night and all, so maybe we'll be able to get out to the main road under cover of darkness.

It'll be too late when Illyasviel comes back and finds out you're not here anymore.

It'll be morning by the time she gets back.... Hey, why that unsatisfied look on your face?"

"...No, it's nothing. I was just realizing again that you're a big shot."

"...? You realize the weirdest things in the weirdest places."

...Like, entering the enemy's base from the main entrance and the way she's acting so confidently.

"Oh well. Let's go outside. I remember the way back, so we won't get lost."

We head for the entrance.

A long hall stretches from the lobby and a large door can be seen on the end.

It's amazing, the hall is about 30 meters long.

...I think to myself that this place really is a castle. And the instant I start to walk...

"――Oh, you're going home already? That's too bad, after you came so far."

The voice of the girl who shouldn't be here echoes through the room with a faint laugh.


I turn around instantly.

Everybody stops.

The instant I turn around and see the "enemy", I understand that I will be killed if I turn my back on it again.

"Illya... sviel――"

Tohsaka's voice is shaking.

Across the hall.

On the stairs we came down is something that should not be there.

――It's strangely like the time before.

Illya is standing above us with Berserker standing behind her.

Berserker's presence is overwhelming.

As I can feel the Servant's strength now, I can understand how much of a monster he is.

....How absurd.

He's not at a level Saber could match even in her normal condition.

...It probably wouldn't even be a fight.

That thing is not something that can be beaten in battle.

Defeating Berserker means eliminating it without fighting it.

In other words.

We should have avoided him if we didn't want to die.

"Good evening. I'm happy you have come to see me, Rin."

Illya's voice is cheerful.

That smile is the same as it was eight days ago. Innocent and merciless emotion that will kill any insects she catches.

――I understand now.

We won't be able to get away.

I can't stop Illya no matter what I do.

Even if I can get Illya's attention, that doesn't mean everyone else can get away.

"What's wrong? It's boring if you don't talk. I'm giving you some time, so I think it would be best if you at least leave behind a will."

She giggles.

...But we don't have such composure.

We will run for the entrance if there is an opening.

Even though we know there will be no such chance, we can only wait for it.

"...I see. Then let me ask you one thing."

But still.

Tohsaka takes a step toward Illya.

"Illyasviel. I didn't feel you coming back, so were you actually hiding all this time?"

"That's right. I didn't go anywhere. I was just watching you make a fool of yourselves."

"――I see. Does that mean the one who went out was a fake?"

"Yes. I knew you people were coming, after all.

I'm the master here, so I have to welcome the guests, right?"

The giant figure suddenly disappears.

I don't know if it jumped or just moved there.

Berserker appears in the middle of the lobby with a whirlwind.

...We're done for now.

If we retreat, we'll be slashed in half the instant we turn our backs.

But we'll be killed as well if we stay like this.

The only path left is to challenge that mass of death, knowing it'll be pointless.

"Are you done talking now? Then let's begin, Berserker."

The girl raises her hand as if performing some kind of a ritual, looks down at us, and...

"――I swear. I will not let anyone go today."

...She declares so with delight and murderous intent.

Light shines in Berserker's eyes.

...The Servant that has obeyed Illya up to now has his mind released and identifies us as his enemies.


A gritting sound.


Tohsaka grits her teeth hard as if regretting something.

"...Archer, can you hear me?"

She murmurs in a quiet voice without turning around.

"――A little while is enough. Keep him busy by yourself."

She orders her Servant to die.


Archer does not answer.

"Ridiculous...! Are you insane, Rin? Archer is no match for Berserker by himself...!"

"We'll run while you do that. Archer, buy us time until we escape."

Ignoring Saber, Tohsaka continues her instructions.

Her voice is cold, killing her emotions.


Archer, who has been silent as if pondering something, quietly nods and...

"That is a smart move. I will be able to escape if you escape first.

Independent action is a specialty of Archers after all."

...Takes a step forward as if to protect Tohsaka.

Berserker does not move.

Only Illya's laughter can be heard from above.

"Wow, I'm surprised. You're saying such an unknown Servant is going to stop my Hercules?

Wow, you have a cute side to you, Rin."


Neither Tohsaka nor Archer has the composure for a rebuttal.

Tohsaka and Archer know that fact better than anyone.

Archer steps forward.

He is empty-handed as usual.


Tohsaka is watching Archer's back.

...She must not have anything to say to him.

Tohsaka should know her command is unreasonable.

Because she told her Servant to die so that we can escape.

"...Archer, I-"

Tohsaka starts to say something.


"By the way, Rin. May I confirm one thing?"

...Archer interrupts her words in a cool voice unsuited to the situation.

"...Fine. What?"

Tohsaka looks at Archer with a downcast look.

Still looking at Berserker...

"Yeah. Buying you some time is fine, but――[r]

;// You won't mind if I beat that thing, right?"

...Archer says something unexpected.


"――Yeah, you don't need to hold back.

Give him a beating, Archer!"

"I see. Then I shall meet your expectations."

Archer moves forward.

There are only ten meters between him and Berserker.

That thing should be able to close that distance in an instant.

"...!! You're underestimating me...! Fine, go on Berserker! You can slash that stuck up guy into pieces...!"

Illya speaks in a hysterical voice.

Tohsaka turns her back, not paying attention.

"――We'll be going. Getting outside means victory for us."

Tohsaka starts to run, taking both Saber and my hands.


Saber follows Tohsaka without objection.

...I start to run to the entrance, leaving Archer behind.

But from behind me...

"Emiya Shirou."

He stops me, still with his back to me.


I turn around, letting go of Tohsaka's hand.

In the lobby, now far away, is the back of the man facing Berserker.

"――Understand. You are a maker, not a fighter."

Berserker charges.

Archer stares at his enemy without backing off, still empty-handed.

"Do not think about other things. There is only one thing you can do. So master that one thing."

Archer raises his hand.

I don't know when he got it, but in his hand is that shortsword.

"――Do not forget. What you must imagine is always that you yourself are the strongest. You do not need outside enemies. For you, the one you have to fight is none other than your own image."

The red back sinks.

Berserker's attack rages.

Tohsaka and Saber are already at the entrance.

――I run without turning around.

The red back tells me to just go.

Scene 18 [WARNING: H]

Once we pass between the exceptionally tall trees, an unexpected sight appears before me.

"...A ruin...?"

Holding Saber, I look at the building with blank amazement.

I don't know why, but this building in the woods is now a desolate ruin.

"We should be able to hide here for a while.

Archer found this as a place to hide on our way here."

I don't know what kind of nerves she has, but Tohsaka enters the ruin.

"...Well, I guess it won't crumble any more than it already has."

I head towards the entrance stepping over the rubble.

...How long has it been since it was abandoned?

The building seems like a corpse desecrated by the forest.

――The entire ground floor is taken over by trees.

The only usable rooms are on the second floor, and this is the best of those.

Miraculously, the windows are still intact.

I don't know how, but I can see the night sky from here.

"Hmm. It's pretty clean in here. Maybe someone was staying here until recently."

...Really, what kind of nerves does she have?

Stepping over the rubble, Tohsaka is dusting off the bed by the window.

"Shirou, this way. We have to lie Saber down.

It's pretty tiring being held by someone."

"Oh――yeah, I'll be right there."

I carefully make my way over to the bed and lay Saber down.

"How are you feeling, Saber? Can you still move okay?"

"...Yes, since Shirou carried me here.

It seems I can still sustain my body."

"――I see. Then I guess there's only one problem left.

It's been an hour. We should have a bit more time even if Illyasviel comes after us immediately.

...No, we might be able to hide here until morning if they have trouble finding us."


Her mumbling reminds me.

We were able to make it to this ruin, but what happened to Berserker and Archer?

He remained at the castle to keep Berserker there.

It's already been more than an hour.

So Archer should already have retreated as well――

"Tohsaka, what happened to him――?"


Tohsaka doesn't answer.

She just places her right hand on her chest as if holding something dear.

...That tells me of Archer's fate.

Tohsaka's Command Spell is on her right hand.

The Master and the Servant are connected.

As Saber sensed my danger, if the Master can sense the life and death of their Servant...

"...Tohsaka, he..."

"Yeah. And I told him he just needed to buy us some time.

He――was arrogant to the very end."

Tohsaka murmurs as if laughing off a bad rumor.

...Silence follows.

The silence that seems to last forever is...

"――But I won't let it be meaningless. Since I've lost Archer, I'll get Berserker here."

...Aborted by the sound of Tohsaka punching her left hand with her right.

"Mourning is over. I believe in acting if I have time to worry. Since it's come this far, I'm going to make sure you're resolved as well."

"...? Resolved? For what?"

"Resolved to beat Illyasviel... Berserker, of course."

We can't escape this forest with Saber, and it's going to take a long time even if we are to heal her. Illya will catch us either way."

"Do you get it? For us to escape the forest with all three of us, we have to defeat Berserker.

If we can't, we'll just share Archer's fate."

"――Beat Berserker...?"

That monster?

Beat that whirlwind of death that nullifies every attack and destroys all that it touches in a single blow...?


I can't even imagine that.

Anything that fights him will die.

Tohsaka must know that as well.

Is she saying we'll beat it in spite of that?

"―――――No, that's not right."

What am I saying?

Tohsaka isn't saying we can beat it.

She has no such false hopes.

"Oh――I see..."

That's right. We're not going to beat him to win.

...I should have realized that immediately.

"Our only option is to beat him."

It's just that.

If we don't want to die here...

We have to beat that monster.

"That's right. But it's not that hopeless.

Even if it's Berserker, he should be wounded after fighting Archer. And I have all my reserve jewels, so if Saber recovers, I can come up with a few plans to beat him."

"――Looking at it from the other side,

Since Berserker is wounded right now, don't you think this is our best chance to beat Illyasviel?"

"...That may be true.

But is there a way to heal Saber? ...I hate to say it, but I don't think there's any way to heal Saber here."

"No, the location doesn't matter for Saber's treatment.

Saber is just weakened by lack of magical energy. If we replenish her stocks, she should be able to use her abilities like before."

"Hey now, Tohsaka. Have you forgotten? The problem is, I can't do that kind of magical energy replenishment."

"There is a way. Yesterday... it's the day before now, but I explained to you then.

There is one more method other than the sharing magecraft to give magical energy to your Servant.

Back then... well, I didn't say anything because I didn't think it would end up like this."


I recall the conversation yesterday.

She certainly did say――

"...Well, a path should have been formed at summoning, so there may be other measures――"

...Something like that.

"...I remember. Something about there being another way since a path exists..."

"Yes. You and Saber have not only a spiritually connected path, but also a physical path. So there's no need to use difficult magecraft to give her magical energy. All you have to do is to give her energy."


But, I don't know of any way to do that.

"Hold on. You say the Master gives energy, but how do I do that?"

Tohsaka looks at me in surprise.

She stares at me for a while, and then tells me it's simple.

"Sleep with her. Saber's a girl fortunately, so it should be easy, right?"

She says lightly.


Sleep with her... that, um... means...

Because, since Saber's a girl, it should be easy?


H-H-H-H-Hold on, w-w-w-why are we going this way all of a sudden!!!!?

"What are you so surprised about? Unison from sex is standard procedure. The semen of a magus is a cluster of magical energy. Don't you know that poor magi sell their semen to the Association?"

"I-I-I didn't know that...! T-T-Tantrism is a heresy, and the Baphomet is just superstition! I won't fall for such cajolery!"

"...Hey now. Tantrism is a genuine secret rite, and the Baphomet is a standard contractor.

I don't know what you're panicking about, but you said you were prepared earlier.

This is the only way we can survive, so don't give us too much trouble."

"Well, but, that's..."

It's not something that can be solved that easily...!

"Geez, we don't have time to be arguing!

Archer was defeated, so Illyasviel will be here soon. We need to heal Saber if we're going to survive.

You know we need all three of us to match Berserker, right!?

So there's only one thing to do!

"I won't let Archer die in vain.

I will make sure we make use of the chance he gave us in place of his life. So I'm going to use everything I can to survive...!"

Tohsaka yells at me.

But the more she says, the more confused I get. I imagine really making love to her, and my head goes even more blank.


...Damn, my face is so hot that I know I'm blushing red.

But I can't help it.

It troubles me if she suddenly says such a thing, and Saber is breathing wildly in the bed before me.

I feel like I've wandered into another dimension and my head is mixed up――

"...! Oh, Tohsaka, that plan won't work.

Putting myself aside, Saber will definitely refuse. Saber would never give up her body just to replenish magical energy!"

"Really? Then why don't you ask her?"

Tohsaka's attitude doesn't change.


I look over at the bed.

...Still breathing heavily, Saber is looking at us, without objecting to Tohsaka.


"――No. I would not mind, Shirou."


Saber says so in a shy voice.


That's a terrible betrayal.

Why does she have to say that in this situation and take away my reasoning?

...If you're asking me if I want to make love to her, of course I want to.

Saber is a girl, she's beautiful beyond belief, and if I didn't see her that way, I wouldn't have kept on escaping from my room into the shed.

――That's why I think it's bad.

I can still feel her in my hands.

Her warm body, her sweating skin, and her light weight... all of it was in my hands until a moment ago.

If I remember that, I'm sure I'll go after her body not because I want to save her, but just because I want her.

"What? You're so indecisive. Don't you want to have sex with her?

Oh, are you impotent?"

"That's not true!!!!!

It's not that, I just――"

I feel bad for Saber, this is no time to do such things, my head is blank, and this is, um, my first time...

...I'm in such a panic that I don't even notice myself grumbling out loud.

"Oh, then you're already fine mentally.

Well, I know how you feel, but just accept it for now."

Tohsaka steps closer to me.


I prepare myself, but the enemy makes an unexpected move.

"I'm sorry, but we don't have time to slowly get you in the mood.

Shirou, hold still."

Tohsaka reaches out.

It happens in an instant.

Tohsaka grabs my face, forces me to look at her, and――

Humbly kisses me.


I can't breathe.

My confusion reaches its peak, and I can't think at all.

――But it makes me realize that this sensation is unfair.

...Tohsaka's lips are so soft.

I think it's special to feel someone else's skin on my lips.

But what I'm feeling now isn't skin, but flesh on flesh.

Her lips are soft and even though I can taste them, they're just sweet.

Tohsaka might not be used to it either as our lips are just pressed together.

...I clearly feel Tohsaka's body temperature.

Her breath is hot. ...Is it her saliva? Our wet lips exchange small amounts of water.

Our touching noses are tickling, and all I can do is bear it.


...I guess this is what they mean when they say all men are animals.

My head is still blank, but already I can't put my brakes on――

...Our lips part.

Leaving me dumbfounded, Tohsaka goes over to the bed.

"Have you calmed down?"

...It's contradictory.

Tohsaka's red herself, but she still speaks like that.

"Tohsaka, you――"

"Sorry it was me."

――That's ridiculous.

Why does she have to apologize? If someone needs to apologize, it's definitely me.

"Anyways, I have no intention of backing out now.

...You can just watch from over there. I don't think you can do it in your situation, so I'll help you out.

...So you and Saber will feel more in the mood."

Tohsaka props herself up on her hands and climbs over Saber.

"Wha――Rin, what are you doing...?"

Saber sounds confused.

"...I'm helping. It seems you two aren't used to it, so I'm going to help you both."

She smiles.

...She must have forcibly turned on her own switch with that kiss.

Tohsaka starts to run her fingers over Saber in a feverish motion.

"Wha... wha... Tohsaka...!"

She doesn't even pause.

As soon as Tohsaka lies on the bed, she touches Saber, unable to move from fever, with her fingers.

"Rin――hold on, I..."

"...Just let me handle this. It'll be hard for you to do it by yourself.

It's all right. You won't be able to think about anything soon――"

Tohsaka's fingers reach Saber's chest.

"...Here, you have to get comfortable first. It'll just be stiff if you keep these on."

"Ah――yah... nn..."

Is her breathing from her hesitation?

Saber looks up at Tohsaka with her feverish face.

And Tohsaka starts to turn red and breathes wildly as if Saber's fever has been transmitted to her.


Tohsaka... I want to say, but my throat will not move.

...Is it because of Saber's breathing?

Tohsaka's finger movements themselves are seductive.

She unties the blue ribbon and starts to undo the shirt one button at a time.

A flexible and refined movement, without hesitation.

Her fingers sequentially remove the armor from the knight, and it has a dubiousness of a ritual to expose the girl within.

"...Nn... ah, Rin, no more――we can continue without taking any more off――"

"...No, it's necessary. We're going to do that sort of thing. We have to warm your body through direct contact."

Still breathing hard, Tohsaka whispers into Saber's ear.

Saber grabs onto Tohsaka as if to stop her, but she's under Tohsaka's control, so she cannot fight against her.

And as soon as the last button is unfastened.


I desperately look away from the image before me.

...Saber's skin.

The figure that I have tried so hard not to notice is bared before me.


I close my eyes.

I keep them shut with my will as they want to open by themselves.

...I'll go crazy if I open them.

Everything I've built up with Saber will crumble.

I grit my teeth and endure my unknown urges in fear of that.

"Ah... nn... no Shirou... you have to look. We're going to start once Saber's ready... so you have to... feel, ah, like it too..."

"――Feel like it!?"

"...Just open your eyes. We're accomplices.

We're going to love Saber and have Saber save us in return.

...Or are you going to just sit there and watch...?"


Tohsaka's point is crazy.

It's crazy, but I'm contradicting myself if I keep my eyes closed.

...I have to make love to her to save her.

If I want Saber not to disappear no matter what, I have to accept this proposal.

...And I have already accepted it.

Even though I have my eyes closed, I want Saber to stay, as proven by my choice of not running away.

So――I can't just close my eyes and do nothing.

"――Is that okay? I won't be able to hold back if I open my eyes."

"...Aha. Did you hear that, Saber? Shirou's turned on just by looking at you."

She laughs.

Tohsaka looks at Saber and my red faces, and laughs.

"――Yeah. But control yourself for just a bit. You have to stay there until Saber is ready. Until I tell you――"

'Stay there and watch Saber.'

Tohsaka says so in a more passionate voice than Saber.


...I release a small breath.

I have to forget about everything when I open my eyes.

About Saber.

About Tohsaka.

I have to forget about the trust between us and my life with Saber, and make love to her to save her.


I breathe deeply and clench my fists tight.

I gather all my power into my abdomen and calm my mind so I won't be perturbed by anything.

And then――

All my protective walls are torn down in an instant.

The two colors entangled in each other.

A small body lying on top of a beautiful white girl like a sculpture.

"Fu... ah, nn... a. ...Saber's lips are small."

Just the touching of the lips.

Tohsaka's lips fall as if tasting her.

"Ha... nn.... how is it, Saber? ...It's almost gone, but can you taste Shirou...?"

Is she trying to say that's an indirect kiss?

Tohsaka says something that could kill me from embarrassment.

"...So this is Shirou's fluid――"

And Saber drinks it with a heated voice.

"...Nm, ah, n... no Rin... I cannot tell... Please give me more."

Saber pulls on Tohsaka.

Tohsaka doesn't oppose it and this time――they kiss each other deeply.

"Ha――ah――mm... Shirou is sweet."

"Yeah... mm... you're just as sweet as him too..."

The red colors intertwine.

As they lick each other's tongues, the shining flesh joins.

...No, that's wrong.

Saber is just being dominated by Tohsaka.

She has her tongue out and answering Tohsaka's because Tohsaka wants it.

Saber is trembling and looking in confusion at Tohsaka――

"Mm... Saber... stronger――"

Their hot breaths overlap.

Tohsaka gently feels Saber as if handling something precious.

From her gently sloping chest to her navel, drawing a beautiful line of ridges.

"Rin... your hand... is... on my... body――"

Her hand goes down even further and reaches the place tightly closed off.

"Ha... nn"

Saber shakes a bit.

Tohsaka looks down at it happily.

"Fu, well then... let's start, Saber."

She doesn't stop and sinks her fingers in between Saber's thighs.

"...! Ah――no, Rin. Not there――"

"...Why? What's there? I won't listen unless you tell me clearly. ...Say it clearly... loud enough so that Shirou can hear... too...!"


Saber's opposition softens.

Tohsaka pushes down Saber's body with heated breaths.

"...But then... I won't stop now even if you do say it."

"...! Ah...! Sto-ah... R-R-Rin...!!"

She sucks on Saber's lips.

"...Come on, cry out more. That's not enough, so Shirou and I will want to treat you wilder――"

"Hm...! ...Ah, your finger is――"

...Tohsaka's body covers Saber's small body.

The two's heavy breathing echoes through the ruin.

The white flower is being violated by the red flower.

"Ah, nn...! No Rin, it hurts――please get away for a while――"

Saber breathes in as her lips are released.

Tohsaka looks down at the golden-haired girl below her and takes a deep breath.

"Ah... hm... I'm surprised... I didn't think I swung this way."

Then, she takes the finger resting on top of Saber's crotch and sinks it inside.

"...! ――Ah, ha――"

...Was it a soft touch?

Saber just raises her shoulders once and does not appear agitated by Tohsaka's fingers.

"Nn... ah, haa..."

...A wet sound can be heard between her heated moans.

Sticky and slimy sounds.

Drops of the passionate juice that seems to symbolize the improper actions of two women.

It is indeed dripping from between Saber's legs.

"――Nn... You are gentle, Rin―――"

...Saber sounds impatient.

She looks up at Tohsaka as if saying that she is unhappy with her gentle――no, her overly soft touch.

"Ha... but, such consideration is unnecessary... mm...! Without your help, I..."

"...Are you saying you're all right...? Hm... no, you're not wet enough yet... It'll probably hurt if you take Shirou like this, Saber..."

Her caress echoes through the room.

Tohsaka is loving Saber's slit as if she's masturbating.

"Mm... it's so warm... and it's so cute, so I'll... take care of it more."

Tohsaka sucks on Saber's lips.

Their tongues play around making noise.

"Hm... ah, ha, mn...! ...Haa, it is fine Rin... I am used to pain, so, um..."

Saber confesses that she's scared to go wild in front of us.


"...Really? But Saber... if you do it like this, Shirou will be in pain as well. We have to get it so wet that even your butt is wet."

With an evil smile, Tohsaka replies.

"Wha――my butt――?"

"...Oh. It's okay if you don't want to. Because it'll only be a problem for Shirou."

"Eh... for Shirou...?"

"Of course. Yours is so tight even on my finger. If you do it like that, Shirou will certainly hate you. He'll just say it was just [wraͰ text="painful"]painful and it didn't feel good at all."


Saber blushes not from the caress, but from embarrassment.

Tohsaka smiles and looks at her maliciously.

"So, what will you do? I'll stop if that's enough. It won't feel good at all, but I'll let Shirou take over.

...Come on. You don't like being touched in your vagina, so what do you want done now...?"


Not just her face, but Saber's body heats up as well.

Shlick. Shlick.

An obscene sound comes from Tohsaka stirring inside the wet walls.



"I can't hear you. Say it more clearly, Saber. I won't listen unless you request it yourself."

"...! ...I will leave it to you, Rin... Please move your fingers faster――"

――Saber pleads to Tohsaka with a bright red face.

Perhaps that makes Tohsaka go crazy.


"...!? R-Rin, ow――!!"

Tohsaka pushes Saber onto the bed and climbs on top of her even more roughly.

"Ha, nha...!"

Saber's body jumps.

Trying to keep her down――no, to have her jump even wilder, Tohsaka inserts her finger deeper into Saber.

"Wha――so, deep... Rin――!"

"Ha... of course――you said I could do as I wanted――!"

She must not even hear Saber.

Tohsaka cups Saber's breasts as if she's possessed, squeezes her soft chest, and rolls her tongue over the tip as if tasting it.

"Hya...!? What, what are you doing, Rin...!?"

"Mm――Saber, you're so cute――"

An obscene and cute sound.

"...Ah, nn... nn, ah... yah, ah"

Still breathing hard, Tohsaka licks the pink bud.

"Ah...!! ...! Haa... no, please do not squeeze my breast so hard...!"

She struggles to get up and her toes curl in protest.

Has getting touched in a place that has never been touched made her sensations go past the limit?

Saber struggles frantically with her hot and weakened body.

"Nn... faa, ah...! Ah, ya――!"

Her voice and red face have lost the captivation they had earlier.

"...See. Don't lie, Saber. You're getting hotter.

...You feel good even though I'm fondling your breasts, fondling your indecent parts, and teasing you, right――?"

"Haa――n-no, I am not...!"

Sweat starts to form on Saber's white body.

"...Ha... Haaa... Mm, ahh... No..."

Her wild pose seems to be driven by something other than fever, and its obscenity increases with time.

"Aha――you really are starting to get wet, Saber. You like being teased like this...?"

"...!! ...Rin, you are..."

"Mm... Your nipples are hardening... your body is so hot...."



My throat is so dry it hurts.

Saber being teased by the red flower is so different from usual and so lovely that I want to take her right now.

"... Ah... haa, ah... Rin, any more will be..."

――That tear-stained face.

Her cute throat anguishing, embarrassed by surges of pleasure as her breasts are teased and her wet slit is fondled.

I want to snatch her away right now.

I want to feel Saber in Tohsaka's place and make her moan like that――――

"Fuaa...!! Ya, ah... ahhhh, ya――!"

Saber's reactions start to change.

The small wet splashes sound much more sticky now.

Looking down.

Tohsaka's finger, going into Saber's slit and stirring it, is wet down to her wrist.

"Hmm... it's getting wet... ah, nn――but you don't seem to be the sensitive type."

"Ag... Rin, no... please do not go... any deeper――"

"...Ah... I know... it's Shirou's role from now on... and your pussy's so tight... wow, my fingers are so wet."

"...See, can you tell Saber...? Your pussy is like it's freshly boiled――it looks so perverted."

Adding to the existing finger, she slips more into Saber's hole.

"...! Ah, hia...!"

A sticky sound.

Tohsaka keeps fondling Saber, making wet sounds.

"Kua, no, please, stop――!"

Every time, she raises her body and swallows the words coming up to her throat.

Her limit is close.

Like this, she should be able to receive me in a matter of seconds.


They don't even need to ask if I'm ready as well.

My thing is already erect and full of blood, waiting shamelessly.

My pants are tight.

My dick is almost about to explode even though I'm not doing anything, and it feels like I'll cum if I even touch it.

"Fa, ah...!! Nha, ha――!"

Saber's voice.

Tohsaka persistently fondles Saber's pussy, and Saber is too captivated by her fingers to protest.

There's no freedom for the white flower.

Tohsaka has completely enclosed Saber in her hands.

"Ah――haa, ah, Rin――! Hnn, ah, ya, I...."

"Hm... you feel odd...? ...Then I guess this will do... your pussy is wanting Shirou too. ...So――!"

"Ah, yaa, nmm...!!!!!"

Tohsaka plunges her fingers in deeper for the last time and numbs her.


"...Ha――ah, ha...Aa"

Tohsaka holds up Saber as if showing off her hot white body.

"...Mm... are you ready as well, Shirou...?"

Tohsaka is totally in tune with Saber.

Saber looks at me feebly, not knowing what to do with her heated body,

And Tohsaka fondles Saber's body with eyes that show both affection and sadism.

The two defenselessly open their bodies and watch me as I stand there.


The whiteness of Saber's body, half out of her mind, and the redness of Tohsaka's cheeks excited from embarrassment and hope.

The air in here is stenched with their smell, and it feels like this place is wet.

"...Here, hurry. Your pants are tight already... Take them off and show us. ...Saber wants it, and I want to see your erect penis too."

A voice with none of her usual firmness... a sweet and sticky voice.


My head feels dizzy.

My throat dries up instantly.

My mouth is dry and my head is cracking up inside.

――I'm completely defeated.

Saber and I are beaten by Tohsaka's sweet words, completely knocked out.


With the small amount of composure I have left, I open my zipper.

It is filled with blood and covered in veins, and looks ugly compared to Saber.


The two stop breathing for an instant.

"...Wow. Did you see that, Saber? That's going to go into you now. ...Are you nervous? Shirou's saying he couldn't wait for you."

"Ah――――Shirou is... going to..."

I don't know what they're thinking.

But the two of them stare at my cock.


T-This is torture...!

I'm already embarrassed, but having them see it erect boils my head from embarrassment――!

"...T-T-Tohsaka...! So I just have to make love to Saber, right...!?"

I bluff, frantically stopping myself from running away and take a step toward the bed.

"Yes. You're a man. You won't run away after everything's prepared like this, right?"

She laughs.


Fine, that encourages me...!

My mind that was about to be blown away moves forward as if unwilling to lose.

"―――――Shir... ou..."

Saber looks up at me.



That's not it.

I just can't stand it any longer.

I want to touch Saber.

I want to feel her white skin and hear her voice by my ear, like Tohsaka did.

But that's――

"...Is it really all right, Saber? That it's me?"

Since she's so beautiful and since I want her so much...

I didn't want it to happen like this.

"――Yes. Please, Shirou."

Saber says so with a trace of tears in her eyes.


I suppress my raging instincts with what little reason I have left.

At least, properly...

I'll finish this without being too much of a burden to her.

"...All right. Please bear this, Saber."

I place my hands on her shoulders.


"Hm, ku――!"

I burn instantly.

Not physically, but mentally.

Saber's body is so soft and hot.


I can't stay sane.

I bet I'll go crazy if I feel her skin and hear her breath.

"...Shirou...? I am fine, so please just――"

She looks up at me uneasily.


I'm infected.

Her fever has infected me.

...My head feels dizzy.

My limbs feel numb and I almost fall onto Saber.


I bear the dizziness and support myself over Saber.

"...I'm starting, Saber."

I don't have enough composure to worry that this is my first time or that Tohsaka is watching us.

I take my uncertain hands, place my erect self onto Saber's slit, and――

...I'm numbed by how hot it is.

Saber's slit, soaked in juice, is damp as if to accept me, and it feels like her soft hole is prepared.

There's nothing in my way now.

If I insert it slowly, even my erect self should go in... the instant I think that, a shock runs through me.

"――! ...Ah, haa, ha――"

...It's hot.

I only inserted the tip, but it's so wet and hot inside Saber that it feels like she's wrapped around me like ivy.

"Ah... ha, ah... Shirou... are you coming in――?"

It feels like my penis has turned into a bare nerve.

I'm grabbed by this unknown sensation and power vanishes from my waist.

I bear it, thinking that this is sexual sensation, the sensation of Saber, and slowly move myself in.

...I know I'll go crazy if I insert just the tip, because I'm already like this just from touching it.

But I don't care.

Beyond the fear, I want to be immersed in this warmth.

"Ah... nn, ah, ku...!"

With a sound, I enter Saber.


...Once I enter, it's easy to go in deeper.

Saber is relaxing and accepting me into her.

"...! Ha... nha, Shirou, please, not so hard...!"

...I'm not inserting it hard at all.

I slowly insert my erect self into her.

"Nn, kuh...!"

She must be able to feel the ruggedness of my rim as Saber raises her hips a bit.

"Ah, ha――! ...Ah, ahh... it is tight... but... is it all in, Shirou――?"

"――Sorry, not yet."

It's not in at all, and I haven't had enough either.

My mind is melting.

Inside Saber is hotter than my erect penis.

The softness and heaviness of Saber's wall surrounding me gives me so much sensation that it makes me want to bite my lips off.


It's only a few centimeters.

I only have a few centimeters in Saber, but it feels like I'm being caressed all over my body.

So――if I insert the whole thing, how much――

"...Haa... haa, ha...!!"

Saber is relaxing and frantically trying to control her breathing.


No, I can't put it into her forcefully.

I have to calm down and try to do it so as not to put too much of a burden on Saber...

"――Nope. The night will be over at this rate."


I hear Tohsaka's voice by my ear.

In that instant.

My waist is pushed violently from behind.

"Ah, nha, ah――!!!!!"


My mind starts to work again with this sudden event.

It's not slow or kind at all.

I have violently pushed myself deep inside Saber.

"...! Ah, ku, uhh...!"

Saber's voice is pained.

Perhaps because it was by surprise, the insertion went quickly.

But on the other hand, Saber's body is contorted with pain and her previous softness is gone.

"Tohsaka, you――!"

I turn my neck to yell at the idiot behind me.


"Ah, guh...!"

The thing inside Saber won't allow me to do that.


It's tightening around me.

Perhaps it's resisting a foreign object within her, but the soft walls are now tightly embracing my penis.

"Shi――rou, ha, ah, ah, ya――!"

"Hold――on, Saber, it's tight――!"

I pull my hips back, unable to stand it.

But it won't come out.

Even though it was so smooth going in, it's so tight now that I might rip my dick off if I pull on it too hard.

"Haa――no, stop, Saber...!"

My balls contract.

A lava-like impulse surges up from the base of my groin.

――It hurts.

It hurts so much that I wonder why it's so tight.

Her thin, still girl-like inner walls surround me, tighten around me, and try not to let go as if opposing the movement.

The pain stuffing my meat is like an awkward caress, and it drives me nuts.


I tighten my hips and suppress the urge.

I want to let it out, but I can't.

This is not like vomiting.

I can't just let it out just because I'm in pain or that it'll feel good if I let it out.

"Saber, please――"

I start to tell her to loosen up, and finally I notice.

The reason why Saber's body stiffened so much.

The red blood coming out between her slit and my penis makes me realize.

"Mm... Ah, haa, ha――...Nn."

...How stupid of me.

Saber would not even let out one voice of pain.

But I'm worried about the pain I'm in――!?

"...Saber. I'll pull it out quickly, so relax slowly. I'll stop right away if you're in pain."

That's a lie.

I want to make love to Saber from the bottom of my heart and I want to let it out as fast as possible, but I bluff with all my might.

"Haa...! Hm... no... I am used to it, so――please continue, Shirou."

"What do you mean you're used to it?"

"Hm... Please――I need your magical energy now, Shirou――"


I stop my hips from pulling out.

...That's right.

If I give her my magical energy, I can stop the pain she's in――

"...I'm letting it out, Saber."

Gritting my teeth, I sink in between Saber's legs.


"No, hold on...! It's no good if you just let it out... you have to share your sensations――have both of you feel good and become one."

Still breathing hard like Saber, Tohsaka stops us.

"...What do you mean, become one?"

Saber and I are connected enough already.

There's nothing else I can do――

"Idiot! I'm telling you to hold it until Saber comes as well...!"

"What? Even though it feels good enough already!?"

"That's just you! You have to make Saber feel good too, or you won't be able to induct."


So, she means I have to please Saber!?

T-That's impossible...!

I'm already at my limit, and I'll cum if I let my guard down.

As it's painful for Saber to move just a bit,

If she moves, I'll――

"Haa... I am fine, Shirou. I-I can bear this, so please do not worry and continue on."


...Saber says so bearing the pain.

Anyone who could still back out after hearing that must be crazy.

"Hm...! ...Ah, ha, ah――"

Saber's body comes alive again.

Her legs circling me are shaking in pain.

"Hm...! Haa... ha, ha, ah...!"

...It's still tight inside Saber.

Her walls feel like clay now.

A wall of flesh, completely filled.

I forcefully push them apart, pull back, and insert again.


My mind almost goes white.

Just pulling back a few centimeters drives me nuts.

Saber's tightening sensation presses to squeeze out my almost-exploding penis.

"Mm, mm, hm, ah...! Ya――Shirou――please move slower...!"


I push in and pull out, trying not to lose to the sensation.

I can't stop.

Every move makes me pass out, but I can't stop because it feels so good.

And――if I loosen Saber up like this, she should――

"...!! Ah... ha, ahhn...!"

"Nn... amazing, Saber is... so..."

...I can hear Tohsaka's voice.

I can hear a wet noise from behind me as well.

She must be excited from seeing Saber.

Tohsaka is masturbating noisily behind me as if to match Saber's breathing――

"Ahh――slower, please――Shirou, I cannot feel you too, well, huaa...!"

...It's Tohsaka's fault.

She's making those sounds behind me, so I can't hold it any longer.

A slow back and forth movement won't do.

But Saber is still in pain.

It's painful to hold what's almost coming out, but Saber's pain seems much deeper.

"Hm, kuh, uhn...! No, it is rubbing inside of me, I am going mad...!"

The pain to withstand the pleasure...

And the pain to withstand the physical pain.

I want to do something about it and...

"Saber, I'm moving behind you."

I switch our position to make it as comfortable as possible for Saber.


I lift Saber's body up and hold her in my arms.

"Eh... H-Hold on, please...! I-I do not know such a posit――"

"Just relax. It'll be easier for you in this position."

"Ah... but, this is...!"

I can't listen to Saber's complaints.

My heart is ready to burst from even the pluck of a needle.

My remaining reasoning has to go toward trying to stop Saber feeling pain and to go as easy as I can.

"Hya...! ...Ahh, nn...! You're, coming in, again, ah――"

...Stiffness starts to disappear from Saber's voice.

The embarrassment of getting hugged from behind must have overwhelmed her pain.

Stiffness starts to leave Saber's body, and my cock starts to move smoothly.

"Ha――why... is, nha, fya...!"

...Her reactions start to change.

Her wild breathing starts to change into the heated breathing she had while Tohsaka was fondling her.

"Hm... ah..."

And her hard inside starts to regain its original softness.

"...See. I told you this would be easier for you."

"Ah... ahh, no, what, am I――"

She is bewildered, showing no trace of her usual firmness.

Saber is definitely starting to feel pleasure.

She is embarrassed about starting to feel pleasure from being penetrated from behind.

"...... Aha, you're pretty slovenly, Saber. You feel better getting it from behind even though this is your first time?"

Tohsaka's finger goes up Saber's thigh.

"...! No, that is a lie...! I am not pleased at all...!"

"Really...? Then I'll help as well. Shirou seems to be reaching his limits and it's so wet here too, Saber. ...It'll get dirty unless I lick it clean."

"Wha...!? R-Rin, what are you...!"

The bed creaks and shakes.

Perhaps she's reacting to Tohsaka's tongue... Saber twists her body and tries to get away.

"...! Saber, if you move like that...!"

"Ah, eh, Shirou...!?"

I won't be able to hold it.

The slow back and forth movement starts to speed up as if to answer Saber as she gets looser.

"Haa...! No, Rin, please, do not, lick, that...!"

――I'm about to explode

I'm about to come from her many walls tracing my cock and the warmth inside her.

"Mn, nn, ha――! ...Why... is my head, going, blank...!?"

It must be the same for Saber.

She isn't feeling pain anymore.

She only has the same feelings as me and Tohsaka, the sense of our heads going blank.

...That unknown sensation must be scary for her.

Saber sheds tears that didn't even show during insertion and shakes her head in protest.

"Hm... nha, ha...! Sto-Stop, please stop, Shirou...! I don't want――"

Saber tries to get away.

But Tohsaka's caresses stop her.

Saber tries to run away from the pleasure coming from behind her, but she's trapped by Tohsaka's tongue.

"Ha, ya...! Ah, no, Shi... rou... my body, is...!"

...I feel like passing out.

Or have I already gone mad?

Saber's voice feels good.

Her slender arms and legs, and her inside walls feels so good that I can die in it.

"Ah, haa, it won't stop...! No, Shirou, I do not, want, this...!"

So why.

Why is Saber so scared, why does she not want this feeling?

"...Why? It feels good, right, Saber?"

I manage to ask so while holding what's about to spew out.

She replies...

"Ha, ah, m...! Haa, because... it makes me... uneasy, not being, able to, see your face..."

...With an answer that just finishes me off.

"...!? Shirou, please hold, ah, ahhh...!"

I can't hear her.

I don't have the composure left to listen to her.

Saber's body is going wild.

Her hips turn as she tries to get away.

I move my hips sideways, so as not to drown in that motion.

"Nn, fa, ah, ha...! No Shirou, if you do any, any more, I will go mad――"

That's not fair.

I've already gone mad.

I want to be set free.

I want to reach orgasm.


"Ya, nfu, ah...! Ahh, ya, ah, ahh, ahhhhhhhhh...!!!!!"

I push my hips forward.

A movement driven only by lust, with nothing of my slow movements from earlier.

"Ya, fua, no, ha, nn...! Haa, no Shirou, I will, really, go mad――!"

――Saber's back arcs.

As if hitting it

"Ha――kuh, Saber...!"

"Ahh――naa, ahh, ahhhhhh...!!!"

I ejaculate the sperm that I held for so long into her――

...My body loses power.

My body wants to rest from withstanding ejaculation for so long and from giving Saber my magical energy.

As I happen to look up at the sky, it's getting brighter.

Dawn is near.

...The one-night dream comes to an end.

That's right, I have woken from my dream.

This is no situation to remain in my lingering memory, and anyway, it was just a way to stay alive.

...So I have to think of this as a dream.

Saber's voice, sensations... everything.

I have to think of this as an unfulfillable dream or I won't be able to live from now on――

Scene 19

We go down the long hallway and pass through the gate.

――Unbelievably, the place really is a castle.

An old castle hidden deep in the forest.

This whole place is surrounded by trees as far as the eye can see, and neither buildings nor sky can be seen in the distance.

"This way. We'll get to the main road if we run for about three hours, so run until then."

Leading the way, Tohsaka turns to face us.


...Three hours, huh? I honestly don't know if my body will last that long. The pain gets worse the more I move.

The heat should go away if I rest, but we don't have time for that right now.

"Shirou, hurry up."

Tohsaka sounds pressed as well.

Tohsaka's the one who gave Archer that order.

She looks calm, but her mind is filled with regret.

"I know, we'll catch up right away. Saber, let's hurry."

"...Yes. Let us hurry, Shirou."

Answering and nodding, Saber starts to run as well.

Making my way through the trees, I follow Tohsaka.

Saber is visibly breathing hard.

I can't see in the darkness, but she must be in pain.

...I can't leave her alone any longer.


Saber loses her balance.

I grab her forcibly from right beside her as she falls to the ground.

"That's it. You can't go on anymore, Saber."

"What...? What are you saying, Shirou?

I have experienced difficulties like this many times before. I am still able to run."

"What are you saying? No matter how many times you've experienced it, pain always hurts. It's fine, so you can complain a bit."

I pull at the arm I'm holding.

It must be because Saber's light.

I'm able to hold her up in my arms rather easily.

"Eh――w-what are you doing, Shirou...!?"

"Just rest for now. I'll collapse first if you keep running with that expression."

"...! How rude, let me go! Do you think I will collapse from just this...!?"

Saber struggles in my arms.

But her opposition is too weak.

The arms that try to push me away are too small and too weak.

...That makes me painfully realize how weak she's become.

I never thought Saber would be unable to push away someone picking her up.

"What are you thinking, Shirou!? I will not allow such a thing even from my Master...!"

Saber is struggling with a bright red face.

...Well, certainly.

The position she is in right now must be embarrassing for a knight, but now isn't the time to worry about appearances.

"Don't lie. You can't be all right when you're so weak you can't even push me away. Just stay quiet for now. This is my order as a Master.

If you still won't listen, I'll have to use the Command Spell."

"What――? H-How unfair. There is no way I would allow such nonsense as using a Command Spell for something like this."

"Then stay quiet. Tohsaka will leave us behind if we don't hurry."


Saber reluctantly falls silent, so she must have accepted it.

――Well, that's fine for now.

If she doesn't struggle, I'll be able to run while carrying her.

My vision flashes on and off.

Does my blood accelerate the more I run?

Bearing the nausea in my throat, I run through the forest while gritting my teeth.

"Ha――Haa, haa, hah――"

I breathe wildly, but I hide my pain as well as I can.

There is only one reason to do so.

"Shirou, please let me down.

I will run myself――"

Because if I look even a bit pained, she looks up at me uneasily.

I can't stop here.

"Heh, don't take me too lightly. I have no problem carrying just you.

Compared to a broken stove, one girl is like air to me."


"Just be quiet, okay? You know the phrase 'give and take'? You've helped me out until now, so it doesn't even out unless I do something like this.

I have to return the debt now or I can't have you protecting me tomorrow."

"No, that is not true, but... if you do this, I will be the one in debt to you."

"That's good. That means this will be the only time I have to do something so hard.

I'm much more motivated now."

I let a huge breath out and kick the ground.

Tohsaka is choosing to go through narrow openings even though she knows I'm carrying Saber.

It's fine because Saber is light, but following her takes all my effort.

"Hey, you'll bite your tongue if you talk. It'll help me out if you stay quiet, so please stay still."

"――Yes. Then I will obey your command, Master."

Saying so, Saber relaxes in my arms.

It was hard to carry her before since she was unwilling, but it'll be a bit easier now.

The problem now is――whether Saber's body and my body will make it.

...How long have we been running?

It feels like thirty minutes, and it feels like an hour.

"Haa――Haa, haa, hah――"

No, running isn't that bad.

I haven't been training for nothing, and Saber really is light.

But, now――

Inside, my body is messed up.

I get dizzier the more I move, and I feel like throwing up.

We're in a forest, so I would understand if I was bitten by a poisonous snake or something...

"Kuh――I can't, let this――"

This isn't pain that'll kill me.

It's just that my chest feels heavy and I feel like throwing up.

This is nothing compared to the warmth in my arms right now.

...Saber is closing her eyes as if asleep.

She's not resting because she's relaxed.

Her body is getting hotter by the minute.

Even though it's winter, her body is sweating and she's hanging her head to try to hide her ragged breathing.

"Crap――this is really..."

A repeat of that night.

Saber collapsed from using all her energy after using that sword on Rider.

...Saber hasn't healed a bit since that night.

Was her ability to talk now just a brief spark before she disappears?

"Ha――Haa, haa, haa, ha――!"

I run, trying to deny that.

I don't care about my body.

I just make myself believe that something will be possible if I get home, and keep running――

I almost fall, and stop myself from collapsing by leaning against a tree.


...I can taste blood.

So this is the cause of my nausea.

I didn't spill it onto Saber since it was only a bit, but I still feel the cause of the nausea in my chest.

"...Well, it's better than the worst possibility if I think about it..."

Saber would be mad at me for a different reason if I threw up the contents of my stomach.

Actually, I bet Saber would seriously try to cut me in half if I did that.


...Yeah, that's funny.

Imagining a funny thing gives me some strength.

All right, I'm done resting.

"No, you are done pushing yourself, Shirou."


She wasn't asleep?

Saber speaks in my arms.

"What do you mean I'm done now?"

"You should escape by yourself, Shirou. You cannot take me with you in your state."

"Wha――!? That's not true...! I just fell down. This is nothing――"

"It is something. What are you saying with a pale face like a corpse?"


Tohsaka, who was leading the way, is back here now for some reason.

"Heh, it's your choice to bluff, but you should at least hide the blood near your mouth even if we're in a dark forest. It's only natural for Saber to worry if you're in that state."

Tohsaka glares at me.

Saber must have noticed that voice.

"...Good. Things are simpler if Rin is here."

Saber says so without looking at Tohsaka.

"I would think so. I know what Saber wants to say. We don't have time, so say it quickly, so even that idiot can understand it."

Saber nods.

"...Yes. Rin, I want you to leave me here.

You will not be able to make it with me, and most of all――I will not last long."


I can't yell at her for saying such a ridiculous thing.

I have no intention of leaving Saber.

But still――I know well enough that Saber's condition is worsening.

Saber won't last long.

I vaguely knew that she wouldn't be able to make it until morning like this.

"I see. So how about you, Shirou? Will you die with Saber here?"

"――Of course not. I have no such intention, and I won't let Saber disappear either. If she's going to disappear, I'll use the Command Spell and――"

"Okay, that's good enough. Then let's solve both problems at once.

We'll save Saber and all escape from the forest. That's our plan now."


My brain turns into tofu.

Tohsaka says the most difficult things so easily at times.

"Hold on...! I-I really want to do that, but since we can't――"

"Just come here. I'll say this, but I have no intention of letting Saber die like this either.

...Yes, I won't let this chance slip away. I'll have you fulfill your duty. You said it's okay, so you won't mind either, right Saber?"

Tohsaka looks at Saber with a meaningful expression.


Saber does not answer, but merely looks downward awkwardly.

Scene 20

Hi. I don't think I need to tell you now, but this is the place that comforts you at bad ends, the drop of water in the desert... the Tiger Dojo.

This time is the commemorative lucky number seven.

This is the memorable day of when Shirou finally became mine!

Please clap, everyone!

Yay. Congratulations, Illya-chan.

We won't congratulate you, you devil child――!

Geez! What happened to that talk from last time about getting depressed because you made Shirou yours by force!?

What? Shirou accepted my offer willingly this time, so it's not my fault.

And I bet Shirou is happy too. Because Shirou, Sella, Liz, and I are all going to live together happily ever after.

Hm. Now that you say that, it seems like a paradise.

Captured by a young princess... could that be beautiful and good?

Yes. It's a privilege that I alone have, that you and Sakura lack.

So, Shirou and I end up going on a corrupted honeymoon!

Well, the H scene was discarded though.

Ugh... that hurts, Senpai. I thought you promised not to mention that.

Don't be conceited, buruma.

Oh. Hey, you there, don't pick on my senior student!

Kuh, she got away again... who is she anyway?

Oh, are you all right, Illya-chan?

Osu, it filled me with spirit. Senpai's words are always profound.

...It feels like they have more of a relationship of mutual trust than master and student do.

Oh, by the way. You say "doll" a lot, but, um... not that doll, right......?

Oh. You don't like scary stories, Taiga? Do you like stories about dolls that are alive?

So everyone, this Tiger Dojo is finished!

You made the wrong choice again this time, so go back and choose the other one!

Hey, you're trying to change the subject. Master, I think you should listen to what your student has to say!

No! I hate scary stories and horse racing stories!

Geez. It's fine, this is just a normal stuffed toy.

The thing about the doll will come up later on, so I'll explain it to you then.

Everyone, please be patient until then and keep Saber and Rin company!

Scene 21

Osu! This is the training area that saves you people heading straight to cat hell because you made a trivial mistake, the Tiger Dojo!

Osu. I am the senior student, in perfect condition and pumped up!

Splatter house!

Auuu...! Why did you do a full swing on me, Taiga!?

Did I do something bad!?

Shut up! This is the eighth Tiger Dojo, but you've killed Shirou five times already!

There's a limit to murder too, you know!?

What? This is still on the cute side.

Because in the end, the one who kills Shirou the most is...

Hiya, Spoiler Prohibition Sword.

Heh, such an attack won't affect me.

Anyways, I'm at the bottom of the list.

See, look at this notebook.

Wow, I didn't know such a list of killers existed.

...Oh, you're right. Hey, what are these lies?

Why do you get the "good girl award"?

It's because my actions are so graceful.

People with enough time should check out all of the ends where I kill Shirou.

You'll notice that it's a bit different from ▅▅▅▅'s.

A bit different...? Well, enough about trivial things.

Thinking tires me out.

Well, about this Tiger Dojo.

I don't think the choice was wrong, so why did it end up like this, senior student?

It's just lack of magical energy.

Saber recovered enough magical energy to be able to use Excalibur, but she didn't have enough to spend on her Noble Phantasm.

I don't know if that weak Excalibur could take off even two of Berserker's lives.

I see. So this time, one lost because of a smart choice?

Osu. This is a cruel tightrope where you die if you go on the defensive and if you go on the offensive.

It's a difficult balance as usual.

It feels more like a checkmate than a balance, considering the character abilities.

I see. Then this dojo is finished.

So go back to the previous choice and try choosing the immature, reckless choice!