Third Eclipse


“That's some pretty heavy rain outside.”


“E-Even though the weather was so nice until evening, hahaha.”

“Crap, I left the gardening tools outside in the garden. If I leave them like that...”

“...W-Well, I guess it saves me the trouble of washing them. It'll be fine to put them away tomorrow, yeah.”


Unable to bear the silence, I try to start up a conversation, but no reply.

The tips of Tohsaka's slippers are restlessly tapping on the carpet.

Even though it's her own room, she was as restless as a small bird shut up in a cage.

“...Of all things, why did I have to be wearing something like this.”

When she twists her body, her breasts press against that thin cloth and sway just a little.

Did she take off her bra? The creases on her chest draw a seductive pattern... This is bad. My heart won't stop pounding.

The sound of the rain is getting pretty damn loud as well.

“...Yeah, it's a bit too stimulating for me. I'm having trouble figuring out where to look.”

“I meant I don't like it because it's childish!”

“Looking like this in front of a guy must be my greatest failure ever... Why do things like this always happen when you're around?”

“...Um, well. It does make my heart pound.”

“What Emiya-kun thinks doesn't matter.

I'm ashamed of myself for being in this kind of situation.”

Even if you say that...

For me, Tohsaka is the girl I've admired since I entered Homurabara Academy.

I learned her true nature, was swept up in her wild behavior, and become close enough to trade insults with her before I knew it.

“It wasn't supposed to be like... aaah, this is so embarrassing.”

But still, that doesn't change that she yearns to be with me.

And with those pajamas, alone with me in her room at night... No matter how many deep breaths I take, there's no way I can calm down.

“But still, the cat pattern is cute.”

“Hmm. This? It's a gift from Ayako.”

“I-Is that so? I-It's really hard to believe she'd pick out something like that.”

“...Hm. As comrades with the same fancy tastes, you and Ayako get along well, don't you?

Even after you quit the archery club she invites you in all the time, right? You two get along sooo well, I might even get jealous.”

“T-That's not it, it's good because it's you that's wearing it.”


“Besides, you wouldn't wear it if you didn't like it, right?

It's just that you're always so tense. I think it's nice to see you wearing something so cute like that, it's refreshing.”

“...60 points. Can't you think of anything more clever?”

“Geh. T-Then, how about, I can relax when you look like a normal girl, or something...?”

“0 points. Even though you tried with those comments...

There's completely no mood, you fail!”

Guh, what does she want from me?

In the first place, it's a mistake to ask me to say something so pretentious.

“In that case, I'll just wait until you change into something you like.”



“...That's fine, let's do without the supplemental lesson. I'll stay like this.”

After getting caught in the sudden downpour, the situation gradually led to me agreeing to stay at her place.

Furthermore, because this all started from a competition of stubbornness, the mood is completely off.

Well, anyway, this is the third time.

We agreed with each other to do things better this time around.

Squaring her shoulders, Tohsaka crossed the room, kicks off her slippers, and climbs onto the bed, making the mattress bounce.

“...Alright. My pride won't forgive being made light of by you.”

“...It's like we're starting a war or something.”

“Now, quick!”

“Alright. No licking, no cumming inside, and no asking to see me naked either.”

“...What's that?”

“Rules so that we have an enjoyable time together.

Considering how rowdy you are, you're probably not going to listen, but I wanted to decline just in case.”


That's a harsh way to put it.

Well, even then, I didn't stop when she asked me in pain during the first and second times, I guess I did overdo it.

It wasn't on purpose of course. It was the result of being so excited that I couldn't control myself.


Thinking back, I reflect on my brutal ways.

Even when I recall the two times we had sex, it's less of a reflection on the pleasure I felt and more like sinking into self-loathing.


“...Well, if only just that last rule, I request that it be repealed.”

“Aah, hey! I won't let you strip me as you like!”

Tohsaka waves her hands in confusion, unable to decide whether to grab my hands or hold her pajamas in place.

I take this as an opportunity to carry out my invasion.

If I just accept what she says, there's no doubt I'll fail again.

“I mean, why? We can do it if I just take off the bottoms, right?”

“Didn't you say that during our last date too, Tohsaka?”


Our second real date.

The high-class hotel room we reserved in itself was the best.

It had impressionist paintings, colorful flower arrangements, and an elegant minibar.

Compared to this solemn room that emphasizes how strict Tohsaka is on herself, it was a brilliant Western-style room overflowing with its own sense of life.

The interior of the room was painted gold with the light spilling from the chandelier, Tohsaka's red dress was dazzling, and as that dream-like story began, I was trembling with anticipation.

―――Until Tohsaka destroyed the remote control to the air-conditioner.

“Because it was cold, you tried keeping the dress on. Because of that...”

She gives me a sharp glare and I stop in my tracks.

“Well, I was also at fault for being overly optimistic, given how bad you are with technology.”

“...Don't say it like that, it sounds sarcastic.”

“Girls have their own circumstances, so it's fine to cover up just a little!”

“But then your clothes will get dirty, and there'll be more laundry.”

“I can do without those old housewife worries, thank you very much!

Geez... there's no mood or even a fragment of romantic atmosphere left.”

“Aren't cat-print pajamas and romance completely unrelated?”

“! So you thought this was funny all along.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Aaaah, you forced yourself to flatter me about the pajamas, but you'd actually prefer me naked? You Pervert!

“Perv... T-Tohsaka, you were the one who said you didn't like those pajamas! If I wanted to take them off, that should be fine, right!?”

Tohsaka frowns, giving me a "Hmph!"

Crap, we're just going in circles... If I don't calm down, then this time will be a failure as well.

“...Well, I think the innocent way you're shy of being seen naked is very charming.”

“I-I'm not embarrassed from something like that! Why am I hearing this from the likes of you!?

Or, is it that you really think I have nothing to be shown off to anyone?

I can't believe it, you're making fun of me! Callous!! Worthless! Meek antisocial! Blockhead!!”

...I stepped on a land mine.

We shouldn't be fighting at a time like this and yet, it always ends up like this when I'm with her.

“I get it... yeah, getting naked is nothing, just do whatever you like then, hmph.”


We weren't getting anywhere like this, so, steeling my resolve, I reach out towards her collar.

“Wait... Then, I'll take them off myself.”

“You say I could do whatever I like, right?”


Even though she's letting me take off a single piece of clothing, I know I'll have to persuade her one by one for the rest.

Actually, for some reason she kept her kneesocks on during our first time.

“Hey... stop it... stop... it...”

“? Perhaps... are you getting embarrassed from having your clothes taken off?”

“S-Something like this isn't embarrassing at all!”

“It's weird that you're thrashing around so much then.

We're going to be doing even more amazing things from here on.”

“Shirou... you're the one acting weird today.

How can you be so calm?”


Don't think so highly of me.

For a while now, my heart has been exploding over and over again like it's hosting a huge grenade festival.

But, I can't let Tohsaka catch onto that.

Today, no, today especially, I'll be taking the lead.

I've been failing all this time because I wasn't reliable.

Tohsaka is just a beginner after all, so this'll never go well unless I properly take charge as a man.

“ sure look like you're having fun, Shirou.”

“I-It's not like that at all.

Come on, time to get undressed. Lift up your arms so we can take this off, like you're going "hooray!"”


Pretending not to notice her glare, I take my time to survey the white skin of her chest that comes into view.

Even though she was saying some harsh things, her shoulders were trembling just a little.

“Don't... treat me like a child...”

She mutters in a subdued voice.

Realizing just how exciting it is to tease her, I begin unfastening her buttons, each making a small popping sound.


I unconsciously swallow my saliva.

These innocent and adorably patterned pajamas are still laying on top of Tohsaka, hiding the mounds on her chest.

Her smooth skin is exposed like a river flowing down between them.

With enough stimulation to even make me dizzy, I hesitate to undress her even more.

“...Why did you stop?”

“Mm, I was just admiring.”

Is she getting excited from having someone else take off her clothes, or maybe she just isn't prepared for this kind of thing and is getting impatient?

It's like ripples are spreading out from that river, gently rising and falling.

“Hnn... what are you laughing at?”

“I'm not laughing at anything.”

Her breasts press upward against the strain of gravity.

Tohsaka's sensitive breasts are still inexperienced, and not used to being stimulated.

I hesitate. It was like disturbing the delicate freshly fallen snow that had piled high.

Then, ever so gently, as though to console her, I caress her over the cloth.

“Frustrating... it feels strange...”


“...I-It's nothing... aahn.”

“Hm? Didn't a really perverted sound come out just now?”

“Eeh? Hyah, nn... Aaaugh... Aah.”

...In any case, it seems that getting undressed this way is making her excited.

“Does it feel that good with only your breasts?”

“Ah... geez, y-you're such a perv!”

...It's perfect. The way her nudity was concealed just slightly by the clothes, I might even end up losing myself in this scenery.

So as to not cause her pain, I start with gentle caressing.

“Nnnagh... uu... somehow, it's like... uhn, aren't you suddenly a lot better, at... this?”

“I've been studying for your sake.”

“Mm... Ah... what's with that? That's so stupid, fuah...”

So that she doesn't become accustomed to the sensation, I change up both my rhythm and how I caress her.

I knead her breasts gently as if using a pump to send water down this river of bare skin flowing through her open pajamas.

“Ah... hnn... mmm...”

“How about it, should I touch them directly?”

“No... uu... that's still...”

Tohsaka looks away slightly. In an attempt to bring her back, I press my lips onto the back of her ear.

Right here is the source of that river. And so, as if flowing downstream, my tongue slides to her slender neck.

At that moment, I inadvertently catch the scent of her black hair.

―――I wonder what this smell is?

It's like herbs that have been preserved over a long time mixed with the scent of shampoo...

“Hey, Shirou, wait a moment.”

She stopped me as I was about to sink my face down into her dark hair.

“...Tohsaka, are you still feeling uneasy?”

“That's not it, umm...... it's fine, yeah.”

I'm a bit worried by the evasive way she's speaking.

However, as Tohsaka looks up at me with those moist and helpless looking eyes, my sadistic side rouses and any concern I had vanishes from my mind.

I'm the only one who gets to see these eyes like this.

Roused by my own joy and confidence, I begin caressing her breasts once more.

“Haah... nn... hnng... mmm...”

“Just say so if it hurts.”

Gently, gently, even more gently―――

I caution myself like this to withstand the temptation of mindlessly ravishing her.

I place my tongue near these twin mountains and like a wave, glide down the river that flows over her body.

Without letting up, I suck on her collarbone while stroking the valley of her mountains again and again, scooping up the sweat from her slightly damp skin.

While caressing her like this, I strain my ears like an antenna to pick up on any changes throughout the full length of her body.

“Shirou, that feels weird... kyaah... ow... hnn, nn.”

In the middle of my palms, I could feel Tohsaka's nipples becoming erect underneath her clothes.

When I cup them into the recesses of my hands to knead them as gently as possible, her eyebrows twitch.

“They've gotten stiff... how is it? Does it hurt?”

“No... your hands are lewd, so it's alright.”

“...At least tell me my hands are gentle.”

Is she feeling it or just bearing with the pain? Not knowing which is frustrating.

So, to ease her tension by sending pleasure by another means, I explore for other erogenous zones elsewhere with my tongue.

“...uu... uhnn... ah... it's definitely, lewd.”

But, Tohsaka rejects my tongue examination and begins twisting her body.

Her pajamas are in disarray, the river made slick with saliva changes shape as though winding like a snake.

Like this, I might not even be able to tell if I were to drift off somewhere.

A place where Tohsaka won't complain of pain―――Aah, found it.

“Shirou, that's... hnngh!”

My tongue had come to a stop at her navel, which was like a swirling whirlpool in the river.

“You're sensitive here, aren't you―――?”

I move towards and kiss it, making a 'chu' sound.

“Kyah, ngh... my belly button, it tickles... nngh.”

Like a small boat caught in the winding whirlpool and washed away, I twirl my tongue around inside the recess of her navel.

“If you're feeling it so much in a place like this, aren't you more likely the lewd one?”

“Hya... uaaaah... hnn, fuu―――...!”

I slurp back up the saliva which had pooled into that depression.

The slippery and glistening creases of her navel spread wider, like the folds of a vagina drenched in love juice.

Prodding lightly with the pointed tip of my tongue, I checked its elasticity.

“Fuwaaaaaagh... my belly button... it's tickliiing... fuuugh... you're lewd, lewd...”

Tohsaka complains feebly as though having reverted back to being a child.

“I see. If I'm lewd, then should I stop being nice?”

I press her nipples with the pads of my fingers, and her eyebrows seem to arch in pain as though the two were linked.

Without reserve, I roll her breasts and erect nipples with both hands.

“You cowaaard... get serious... Haaagh... gh... ah... Haaaugh...”

The water surface on her smooth belly shakes violently with each deep gasping breath, sending out waves like a torrent just before a flood.

“That's because my partner is being so uncooperative... Hm?”

Tohsaka is restlessly squirming with her legs underneath my body.

Her knee stuck out and rubbed at my thigh as if trying to scratch it off.

As I thought, Tohsaka was mistaken.

It isn't true at all that she won't feel this as much.

Even though the body is full of sensitive places, to insist on staying dressed is just――――――

With my chest throbbing, the words come out on their own.

“Tohsaka, you're so cute...”


Her lewd movements suddenly become rigid.

“Y-You brat... Ah, I said don't use your mouth, but you've already broken that rule.”

“But, you're feeling it, right?”

I rub slowly, as though to draw out her subsiding nipples.

“Uah...... I-I'm not feeling it at aaall, you clumsy oaf!”

Actually, I do think I'm clumsy and not that skilled.

But, I know a few things when it comes to Tohsaka's body.

“I see. In that case, I'll keep doing it until you become cute. Sound good?”

“Sure, knock yourself out. As if I'd feel anything no matter what you did, hmph.”

A completely uncharacteristic and hasty bluff.

Like an jewel that was more fragile than expected.

I guess that's why even this kind of stubbornness makes my chest pound.

I want to explore even more of Tohsaka.

“If that's the case―――”

Gently, as though opening a jewelry box, I spread open her pajamas.

“Ah, aah...”

Her soft and full breasts bulge.

With that taut shape and those firm pink nipples that swell up from each areola, I was left breathless.


Stripped of what little armor she had, her body simply becomes stiff.

“I'm going to touch you now, Tohsaka.”


No reply... Or rather, like this, she can't reply.

Tohsaka bites her bottom lip to silence herself. She was on the defensive, with her eyes closed in an attempt to hide her emotions.

That meager resistance is all that she can put up right now.

However, her nipples that stood at attention quivered lightly and her eyelashes trembled like a scared little kitten.


perhaps from sensing it, Tohsaka's shoulders cower and shiver when my hand reaches out to her breast.


Tohsaka quickly lets out a gasping breath with just a press of my palm.

Her eyes open wide, surprised that she herself let out such a sweet sound.

“No way... ahn, uu... this is... uhn...”

“Tohsaka, you're so cute.”

“Idi-... W-What are you misunderstanding, uaagh... ah, nooo.”

“You are really cute, Tohsaka.”

“Uah, I'm not cute at aah, ah, ah, aaugh... aah...”

“That stubbornness of yours is cute as well.”

“W-What are you saying... ah, what's with this...? haaah, aaah.”

This soft and smooth skin seems to stick to me as I caress it with my palms and fingers.

The pleasant shape of her breast changes like a soft marshmallow.

“You really are cute like this, but still, I'm sorry about before.”

“That's not it... aah... kuh~ stupid... Stupid, stupid!”

“If you feel even better, I bet you'll still be cute.”

“Haah... you're wrong, it's because your hand, is really lewd... ah.”

“That's cute too, you can blame it all on me.”

“Youuu... aiyhn... gh, hnn! I-I... I... What's happening to me...?”

Tohsaka covers her mouth, but charming moans slip out one after another.

This part here easily speaks out her feelings of pleasure as well.

“You're still calm after this much? That's amazing, Tohsaka.”

“Ah... hnn, no way... nugh... no waa...y...”

Her body and voice are lightly trembling.

I pinch her hardened nipple, squeezing it gently so that it shouldn't be painful.

Through the palm of my hand on her breast, I felt the strength slowly, but steadily, draining from her whole body.

“It's a new discovery. When you're cute, I'm also really happy.”

“Ah... ahn, nn... ha, ah...”

I can no longer endure the aching of my body. I'm drawn into Tohsaka, whose breathing had become frantic with excitement.

Reasoning desperately to myself, I regain my calm and stop.

I won't fail again. I have to understand and control her body better than Tohsaka herself.

So then, I bring my mouth closer to finish her off with just her nipple...

Once again, my nose catches the scent of the herbs from earlier.

“ah... um, Shirou?”

I noticed that Tohsaka was looking up at me anxiously.

Without realizing it, it seems I had lost my senses and forgotten about moving my hand.

“Aah... I spaced out, sorry.”

I'm about to start stimulating her breasts again, but... I'm pushed away by her hands.

“As I thought, it smells, right?”


“Today was unexpected, so I didn't use any fragrance, after all...”


With those words, I understood the identity of that smell.

Surely, this is scent of the magic medication that has seeped deeply into her body.

In order to restrain the crest engraved onto her body, she regularly takes a secret medicine.

But, as a side effect of the medicine, her body odor changes.

The constant use of perfume is crucial to hiding the offensive odor―――or so I had heard before.

“It's secreted when I sweat a lot.

It bothers you, doesn't it...? It's better not to bring your face too close.”

This isn't something unrelated to our last date either.

Back then, while struggling with Tohsaka and her clothes, I accidentally tore the bag of fragrance that had been fitted inside her dress.

As a result, we were met by abnormal weather as the fragrance was released all at once and the room in mid-winter was filled with the smells of spring.

Even if it was only the scent of flowers, it was strong enough to be considered a biological weapon. The offending odor not only attacked my nose, but my eyes and throat, which left me shedding tears until the next day.

“Harmful substances might be mixed in with my sweat, so it would be best if you didn't lick my body either... Sorry, I'm... a strange girl.”

“What's wrong, Shirou... are you upset?”

“...Eh? Why would I be?”

I move aside her hand that had been pushing me back and stick my nose directly onto her chest.

“Wait... S-Shirooou!?”

“You don't know how you smell, right?”

She's different from a normal girl.

It was a mysterious kind of aroma like one that could seep out from a jewelry box.

“It suits you really well. It's nice.”

“T-That can't be... I'll get the perfume, just, stop smelling me! Idiot!!”

“It's fine like this, forget about it. The way you are, you'll end up dropping and breaking the perfume bottle while rushing anyway. In the end, it'll spill everywhere and smell just like it did in that hotel room.”

“Hey... Just what do you take me for, geez... ahn!”

While wrapped in Tohsaka's smell―――I kiss her chest.

My lips rang out with a 'chu' sound against her skin.

“Do you not like me smelling your body, Tohsaka?”

“Ah, nn... That's, not it.”

I take her breast and stretch my lips out towards her nipple.

When I wrapped around it with my tongue, her body trembled.

“I can stop if you don't like it. You don't need to force yourself, you know.”

“I'm not forcing myself at all... nnha, hah... ah...”

I begin loosening her up by diligently exploring her with my lips and fingers.

To disarm the armor of her heart, I steal away her power to resist.

Each time I suck on her firmly engorged nipple, roll it with my tongue, or playfully bite down, her body quivers.

“There you go again. You really shouldn't hold that in.”

“Ah... Shirou, you jerk...”

I repeat this many times to try and change the shyness that pains her into joy.

Heat is welling up in my lower body, but I suppress it with willpower.

Above all, I'll do this without agitating her anxiety.

“Don't worry, leave it to me.”

“...Just do... whatever you want... ahnn, nn.”

Startled by the hot sigh that brushed by my hair, I look up.

The usual stubbornness had left her face and with her eyes closed, she accepted the pleasure in her own little world.

“Your body is so warm.”

“...Idiot, you're even warmer.”

I wrapped my arms around her waist, bringing her close to share our body heat with one another.

Slowly, I put some strength into my embrace, but Tohsaka doesn't resist.

...She's so very dear to me. Our overlapping bodies tremble gently.

“Ah... nn, hnn...”

Nothing but soft breaths and faint moans spill forth from her once-defiant mouth.

With her breath ragged, that composed expression of hers came undone. Could she be nearing the climax?

“Ahnn, ah, ah, aah... huh...? Shirou, I'm still... why...?”

I want to drown her deeper in pleasure.

Believing that postponing the pleasure brings it to even greater heights, I leave her hanging at the brink.

Cheated of that long-awaited moment, her abdomen begins to squirm around.

“Ah... Aaah, auu... no, it, tingles... aaaagh...”

While Tohsaka pants in a state of ecstasy, I kiss her nipples, underarms, and back, again and again, simply to tease her.

“Ah... haah, hnnn... What's, happening to me...? Fuah... hyugh, ah, ah... haann.”

Still pinned down in the throws of her own agony, her voice had begun filling with sobs.

She had no problem tampering with my bodymagic circuits, and yet she's this weak when it's her own body being tampered with.

Every pore in my body was stirred by the desire to conquer Tohsaka's senses and control them as I please.

“...Nnagh, nn, hnngh, nn, hnn.”

Abruptly, the rhythm of Tohsaka's gasps became erratic.

...No, it's not that it became erratic, it's that the right pattern for reaching my goal had manifested.

“Nngh, Nh, nn, nn, nn, hnn, kuhnnn, I feeel it... it, it's coming, nn hnnnngh.”

Drool trickles down from Tohsaka's quivering lips in a wave of pleasure I had not planned on.


There's something strange somewhere.

Without moving my hand which had been caressing her breast, I search around for what was happening.

“Uhnn, aah, kuh, hnn, kuh,fuu...”

A fingertip had slipped inside of Tohsaka's pajama bottoms.

Has the tip gone as far as inside her panties? Even over her pajamas, I can hear the sounds of an oar stirring a sticky and lustful fluid.

Tohsaka, she's... comforting herself―――

“Ah, aah, it feels... good... yes, uwa, ah, ah, aah, aaahn.”

The fabric over my crotch bulges as the outline of that finger wriggles obscenely.

“Haah, ah... a little more... Aaah, ah, nh...!”

My hair stands on end. An alluring foolishness that I couldn't even imagine is coming from this figure that was always overflowing with fearless radiance.

...Somehow, the instant I saw that face smothered in happiness, my mischievous nature gushed out from the back reaches of my mind.

“...Hey, Tohsaka.”

My voice sounded so sadistic that I even shocked myself.

“Eh, wha...t?”

“...Maybe it would be better if I did it over there as well?”

“Over there...? Huh...?”

Irritated by her slovenly response, I point bluntly without a second thought.


Her flushed cheeks suddenly run an even deeper red.

“Th-This is... I, how... ah...”

“...Tohsaka, so your clitoris is your weak spot, huh?”


“...Could you have been, doing "that"?”

“I-I haven't! H-H... How could you ask something like that!?”

“But, you were going at it so much even in front of me. You like this, don't you?”

“Ah... but... that's, because...”

“If I'm in the way, I'll sit back and just watch.”

“Uu... no way...”

Even the usually cool-headed Tohsaka can't avoid being manipulated.

“Show me, Tohsaka.”


Tohsaka's fatigue was just an illusion. She abruptly springs herself upright, sending me tumbling over.

“Geegh! What are you doing!?”

Tohsaka's knees came to rest upon my chest, easily holding me down as I lay face up.


I couldn't see her face which was turned the other way.

N-No way, is she going to claw me with her nails for revenge... or something else?



But, what came was an unexpected word.

“...Don't make me say it twice either.

I'm apologizing because it was wrong of me to let you do all the work and be the only one who got to feel good.”

Like that, she admitted her mistake while not facing me. Maybe she's embarrassed?

To think she would she take my crude remarks from earlier this way...

During my confusion, Tohsaka stoops down over my lower body and places her hands on the waist of my pants.

She's going to undress me while I'm laying like this? Eeh―――!?

“Wait! You don't need to touch it like that!”

“Hn, look, just lift up your waist.

...I don't want to be in your debt.”

“Then, now for your―――Eh!?”

“W-Wait... ah.”

The moment my pants were taken off, I felt my penis shoot upright like a spring-loaded toy.

“Wha... amazing... aah, now that I see it up close... it's so...”


...It's no good if I don't make Tohsaka feel good first.

That's my reflection from my previous failure. It's the reason I'm holding myself back from the comfort of just quickly thrusting inside her body.

“Something like this was inside of me... I can't believe it...”

I wonder what kind of face she's making.

I can't tell from this angle, it's making me a little nervous.

“W-What do you mean, it's not the first time you've seen it, right!?”

“...I-It can't be helped! There's no way, it'd be weird to get used to, seeing something... so, big... uug.”

Will she be able to do it like this? I wonder this as I stare anxiously at her curved back.

Should I tickle her sides that she left exposed?

As I thought up ideas like this while fretting, my penis was unexpectedly grabbed tightly by fingers wet with love juice.


Because I couldn't see her movements, I can't tell when the stimulation will come and it's making me lose my mind.

With this, it seems like she saw through my plan. I was shocked twice over.

“Aah, d-did that hurt?”

“No, I was just surprised.”

“...Really? This, isn't... too much?”

“I'm fine, you can keep going.”


She traces my penis, which bends back and lays swollen over my abdomen, with all of her fingers as though timidly checking its shape.

The viscous love juices smeared onto me by her fingers have become sticky with her handjob.

My groin goes numb from this clumsy caress of hers.

“Does it, feel good here...?”

Maybe realizing how sensitive the tip was, Tohsaka began kneading there with the pads of both thumbs.

“Tohsaka... make a ring with your fingers.”


Tohsaka obediently started rubbing my tip with the vaginal-like opening made from her fingers.

Each time her thin and unsteady fingers move up and down, my hips throb as though flowing with a faint electrical current.

“Kyaa... Eh, eeeh? You're kidding, it's still... no way...”

Blood rushes to my glans and I can feel my tip becoming further engorged. The overflowing heat emanating from it seems to dry up and evaporate the smeared-on love juice.

“Hot... It's like rubbing a soldering iron.”

“Tohsaka, that hurts.”

“Huh...? Ah, yeah, sorry... I see, more lubrication... right?”

She muttered as her body leaned further down.

“Geh... T-Tohsaka your elbow is, on my stomach, heavy...!”

“Geez, that's because you keep ordering me around... Es ist grosLight Weight―――!”

Gradually, her body becomes lighter.

“Eh...? You didn't have to go as far as using magic.”

It's amazing that she has the concentration to use magic even at a time like this.

Maybe with settling the debt still on her mind, Tohsaka paid no attention to appearances and was giving it her all.

“Nn... Omph.”

“Ah........................ gh!”

At that moment, my sense of perception spread out over the entire room.

“Ahu... npuu... nnchu...”

A hallucination.

In reality, a warm and wet membrane had just engulfed my engorged glans.

However, it was enough to lose track of reality―――just about everything had become so vivid.

“T-Tohsaka, licking is off-limits, right!?”

“Really, you've licked my body so much already, so how could... you say that only you're off-limits?”

Seemingly distracted, she replied in a listless voice.

“Haah... chupu... nnfuaah... mm, lick...”

While my convulsively weeping penis is sandwiched between her soft lips, her tongue roughly moves around my swelling tip.

“Mbugh... haun, does it feel good here...? Mmph, nnchu... or maybe, over here?”

Chiseling my glans with the tip of her tongue, prodding at the indentation at the underside of my head,

then prying into the opening of my tip as though trying to screw it in...

“Ha―――, ah.”

“Mmph... hyaan... aahn... hey, stay still.”

Her teeth hit me and the movement of her tongue is monotonous. Tohsaka's caress is by no means skillful.

But, that awkwardness of hers felt so good that my hips were about to start moving on their own.

“I-It can't be helped, I've been holding back this whole time.”


“What is it?”

“Sorry... You've been bearing with the pain for me.”

A great slip of the tongue.

Even though I had made up my mind to not let her see through the cracks.

“Hmmp... bit...ter... suck... smack...”

And now, my slippery head is being stroked with her pursed lips.

Her lukewarm saliva soaked into and stung the sensitive area where she had rubbed me with her fingers.


I impulsively avert my face at the overwhelming pleasure when her teeth graze my sensitive flesh.

I had impatiently complained, which made her stop in the middle of the handjob. Now this cat-patterned ass is moving unsteadily at the place I had turned away from.

“Kapuu... jyuu... haa, nn, nngh!?”

...But, I can't stay obedient forever.

In an attempt to regain the upper hand, I embrace her surprisingly slender waist.

Distracted by her fellatio, Tohsaka hadn't put any strength into her legs and I was easily able to take hold of her.

I feel thankful that she didn't bite my penis which was still in her mouth in spite of the sudden movement.

Instead of saying thanks, I peeled away her pajamas and lowered her panties, which clung to her genitals with love juice.

“Buhaa... cough cough... What are you doing!?”

“You don't want it to hurt, right? I'll get you used to it with something thin first.”

“Y-You're getting the wrong idea, hieeeeee...!”

I spread open her labia with my fingers and twist my saliva soaked index finger at the opening of her vagina.

I was faced with resistance so strong that it was hard to believe she had ever been penetrated before.

It wasn't that I couldn't do it by force. I also knew that her body would get wet from the pain.

But, I couldn't make Tohsaka suffer through something like that.

“It's fine, isn't it? You were getting excited all by yourself again, I had nothing to do...”

“Ah... I, that's not what I was... Kuh, hieeeeeeee...!”

I lick the vaginal opening, kneading with the tip of my saliva-covered tongue to loosen the seam of her lower lips, and even massage all the way up to her urethra as a salty flavor spreads inside my mouth.

“Tohsaka, relax your body.”

“It hu...rts... Shirooou, there... yessssss...”

By just prodding at her with the tip of my tongue, Tohsaka's inner thighs sandwiching my head trembled so much that it was amusing.

“...So. You're not going to do me anymore?”

“Haah... eeh...? Ah... s-sorry...”

Her lips wrap around my glans once more.

At the same time, I peeled back the foreskin of her clitoris with my lips.

“...Ah... aah... Ah―――!?”

It seems like she had a light orgasm.

My glans are shaken by the tremor of her trembling lips.

“Haah... haah... hah... uu... I-I came...”

“You really are weak, here.”

“Nooo―――don't touch me there...”

“Nope, I have to loosen up your body after all.”

“Nnh... you can put it in already... I-I'm... ready... I can do it...”

“You can't be serious. Besides, I'm doing this for your sake.”

“For my... sake...?”

“Hie... Noo... I, I'll be the one doing it... nnmph, aah, aaah, hyaaa...”

Tohsaka's lovely voice sung like a plucked chord.

Her head bobbed awkwardly as her bangs rubbed against my thighs, she even forgot about moving her tongue. She was looking for a way to distract herself.

Regardless, my tongue makes her tremble little by little.

“Nn, nha, mmmuhn... ngh!”

Her shoulders tense up and she clenches the sheets tightly as if trying to tear them off.

“Ahu... I, I'm... coming agaaain...!”

Tohsaka violently spat out my penis.

She probably thought that the moment it was released, she'd be released as well.

“Haah... hnnng... fuaaaaaah!”

I licked and sucked on her indecent core relentlessly.

Pushed into one climax on top of the other, her breathing becomes nothing but gasps.

Her first time as well, Tohsaka turned the pain of being deflowered into pleasure. She might be the type who gets turned on by being bullied.

That convenient explanation makes my sense of reason give way, and sadistic impulses rage that I didn't think could come from me.

“Horrible... everyone, full of lies...

Ugh... that know-it-all... Ayako... that liar... Makidera...”

She frailly curses while sniffling.

“Auu... eh... hn... ooh...”

I wonder if that moment of maliciousness has passed―――

She remains pressed against my glans with her lips half-open, moaning raggedly with sounds that can't even be called a voice.

Maybe she's being being driven only by the lust of her fleeting sense of awareness? Or perhaps she switched to the strategy that making me feel good will make me stop my attack?

I felt Tohsaka's lips opening slowly―――


The closed room was filled with an unladylike, carnal moan.

The terminal death throes of a shattered spirit.

That, was what came out of my mouth.

slurp slurp sluuurp... ahn, chuu... slurrrp...”

She took me into the back of her throat, as saliva spilled from her mouth and covered my entire penis.

It was a strange tingling sensation, as if being soaked in a jar of menthol.

“Uu...... uwah!”

The unimaginable leap in pleasure left me unable to silence my voice.

The sound of throbbing resonates to the very core of my body, even my bones are going numb.

Her tongue crawls, at that place―――

slurp mhmhmh... mm, Shirou... how, is it? ...nn.”

Perhaps exhausted from her first time servicing me like this, her tongue almost completely stops moving.

Could this be why she was shaking her head so furiously back and forth?

With an extremely repetitive motion like that, it would be odd if she isn't getting dizzy.

And then, using her entire tongue, she licked all the way up from the root to my sensitive tip.

“Uaaaagh, Tohsaka... Toh-sakaaa!”

slurp ...Shirou, can you feel it? ...mmchuu chuupa... aamph... hnngh!”

My throat trembles, it takes all I have just to call out her name.

While my mind was distracted with servicing Tohsaka, my body had become an accomplice to this pleasure long ago.

slurp Nngh... mm... chyuu... cough... cough!”

She goes into a painful coughing fit. I may have hit the back of her throat when she used too much force.

“...Hah, ah―――huu, nngh, gyuu, shu, nn...!”

Even then, she didn't stop moving.

I felt impatient, like I was watching a bicycle pump being pumped with no end in sight.

I could tell that the rod in her mouth was swelling steadily.

“...Ah... aah...!”

An unrefined, or rather, ineffective, desperate blowjob.

I lost count of how many times her teeth grazed my penis.

Despite that, it felt criminally good.

“Mm, hmmp...!! fuuh, fuu... hah, ah, slurp mmm, slurp...!!”

Saliva continuously overflows from Tohsaka's mouth, flowing along my penis, wetting my pubic hair, and dripping down to my anus.

My entire waist is dissolved with that corrosive liquid and a wave of pleasure hits me as my body felt like it was being split into thirds.

In the face of something like this, I felt completely powerless.

My paralyzed body felt like a bowstring pulled to the breaking point. And then, as all the muslces in my body quake, the arrow I had held back with all my might...


“Nn, mmn, mmmm......”

I pump my seed into her hot mouth.

As the bitterness seeps into her tongue, she finally stops her movements.

...At last, my body was set free.

My hips sprung upward, violently pushing up Tohsaka's body.

“Fu, fuu, uu―――......”

The hot breaths leaving from her nose rustle my pubic hair.

Without holding back, my hardened glans pushes into the depths of her soft throat and pours its semen directly into her esophagus. head was completely blank.

Only the sensation of pain and throbbing in my groin remains.

Tohsaka had performed fellatio on me for the first time and then I came in her mouth.

It was the kind of comfort that could send me soaring.

...On the other hand, I'm reminded of my debauchery toward Tohsaka.

Even though I decided to make her feel good today, I was so selfish again―――

“Nn, haaa... nn, bitter...”


“Well, if you compare it to medicine... hey, Shirou?”

I try to squeeze out just one word from my empty head.


“Um, hey... thanks.”

I was beaten to the punch by her surprising words.


“Well... ah, that's right, you're such a brute, Shiro, coming in my mouth like that. I even drank it. I wonder if that's all right?”

Is she making fun of me?

“But, I'm happy. You felt so good that you couldn't hold it, right?”


“Because, I... couldn't do anything girly for you.”

“What? Something like that is...”

“No, my personality isn't very girly, and I don't understand what kinds of things normal girls think about... On top of that, a normal girl wouldn't smell like medicine.”

I wanted to kill myself over my own stupidity.

How could I have forgotten?

―――Tohsaka, is an ordinary girl.

“Even though you've always treated me like a girl, I've just been stubborn this whole time because I was afraid that you would be disgusted with me...”


I just went along with my one-sided illusion of Tohsaka and never really looked at her.

I blamed Tohsaka's unwillingness to open her heart on inconveniences and forced responsibility on her.

“That's why I was happy that someone like me could make you feel good.”

An innocent smile, like one a child would have when reporting back to be praised after running their first errand.

Her soggy face spilled white semen from the corners of her lips and drool had soaked down to her chin, but I still felt that it was pure and uncorrupted.

“Oh yeah, I forgot something important.”

“―――Huh, what?”


I bring my face close and join our lips together.

Those lips were soft, and my chest pounded just like the day I first discovered the true identity of the honor student I had adored.

Our lips part.


As we look at each other, Tohsaka bursts into laughter.

Kissing is something to do before beginning.

It was a promise that we exchanged the first time we embraced.

“Um, I forgot... sorry.”

The words I couldn't say earlier came out easily enough to be anticlimactic.

“Ahaha... I forgot about it as well.”

“Ehh, what's with that?”

“Leaving that aside, was that alright? My lips were still slippery from what you shot out and yet...”

“Yeah, but it was something that had to be done now.”

“What's that? Ahaha...”


Neither of us were being stubborn or putting up an act anymore.

It'd be useless to put up a facade and I wouldn't want that either.


This felt like a good place to end things.

But, I wanted to be with her even longer.

And besides, the core of my body was still burning.

“Shirou... I-It's not calming down?”

“It's a little strange today, but besides that―――”


“I still haven't finished doing you yet.”

“...Haha, maybe I overdid it a bit.”

She sighed sweetly while staring at my erect penis.

“Then, erm... can I touch it?”

“Really, why are you asking that now?”

“Ah... well, that's...”

“Fufu, of course you can.”

“Yeah. Tohsaka, let's feel good together.”

“Mm... Shirou―――”

I gently wrap my arms around her.

Rather than stiff, her body had become indulgently soft.

“I'll do it gently, so help out as well, Tohsaka.”


Calmly, there's no need to overthink things.

There's no need to put on an act.

My head was filled with the desire to cherish her.


I pull away her pajamas which were still caught on her foot.

There was not a single beauty mark on her slender bare foot.

“Eh, ah, ah... mm, mm.”

Aligning myself between her legs, I gently brush her secret opening with my shaft.

Some foreplay, in order to get her used to the stimulation.

“Why―――agh, fuugh, ah...”

“There's no need to rush. Enjoy it, Tohsaka.”

Her long legs were laid bare under the light.

I grabbed hold of her defenseless thighs and calves and rub between her legs.

“Ah, ah, no way... I can't believe this.”

“Believe what?”

“That I can feel it so much, from just this... hnnaaa!”

I slide over her genitals which have become wet with her juices.

Her complex folds link around my penis like a rail line as I travel this coveted road of great pleasure.

“Haah... no way, I...

I came by myself again...”

“That's fine.”


“I said you didn't have to hold back, right? Because, I'll make you come as many times as you want, after all.”

“Sure are bold... aren't we.


“What's wrong?”

“Ah, aha... I just came again.”


“Ah, looks live I've gotten some energy back.

Heheh, so I don't have to hold back then, Shirou?”

“Ha... now you've said it, take this!”

I place myself against that sopping wet place, and thrust my hips.

“Uuu... gh...”

“Doesn't it hurt, Tohsaka?”

“Ngh... ah, it's inside... ah... nngh.”

I slowly advance deeper into her hot vagina.

Wet and inviting, her body has become one made to accept a man.


Tohsaka threw her head back and let out a deep sigh.

At long last, our hips are finally connected.

Even just staying still almost makes me tremble from the pleasure resonating at my pelvis.

“Hehe, caught it.”

“Caught what?”

“The boy who had tried again and again to surpass that high jump on the sports field at sunset.”


“You easily surpassed the wall I had given up on.

And leaped right into my stomach.”

“...Compared to before, it's more like you're bragging about how well I did.”

“Yeah, successful landing, ten out of ten. Very well done.

Would you dedicate your feelings to your teacher?”

“That's the wrong sport... mm.”

“Ah... stop, don't be so rough.

Minus points for losing your posture... Ah, ahnn.”

“That's because it feels so good just to be connected like this.”

“I feel the same... It's like the pieces that were missing have been filled in. I wonder, why was I so frightened until now?”

“Because I put you through such a bad experience the first time, right?”

“No, it's not just that. I had an almost certain premonition.”

“Of what?”

“That even I'd be dragged in by your high jump.”

“...The one who always gets dragged around recklessly is me, though.”

“Nevertheless, I believe in picking the methods with the highest possibility of success.

But at any rate, it seems to be a trait of my bloodline to always fail at the last second.”

“That's only because you had misjudged the possibilities.

I've always liked you, Tohsaka.”

“Aha, hahaha... uhn, uhnn...

Somehow, it's like I might come from just your words.”

...That would be fine as well.

But for now, I wanted to straighten out Tohsaka's undervaluation of herself.

She probably hasn't realized it.

Tohsaka's world is still far away from that.

There are still many more walls surrounding her.

That's why I want to let her know about them.

The Tohsaka now could cross over these kind of walls on her own.

But even so, I want us to jump over them together.

Without a doubt, that would be exhilarating.

“You okay, Tohsaka?”

“I'm fine... still, it's the second time and yet, it's so mysterious.”

“It's become like this by just communicating our feelings.”

“Yeah. Then, lets move on to the next match... ehe.”

I wrap my hands around her slender waist and try to pull out the wedge I had drove into her...



Her body slips clean through my fingers and floats into the air.

“That's not it...”

My hands were properly holding Tohsaka and lifting her up.

Is this right―――?

Tohsaka's body had become as light as a feather.

“Ah, yaah... y-you pulled out so fast, ah, I came a little... Aah, mm...”

“What's up with this?”

“Haah... It's because of the gravity reduction spell I used earlier...”

“Aah, so it was still going?”

It was as if she would float away if I let go.

Not wanting to be separated, her wet and hot opening coils around the tip of my cock to anchor itself.

“Geez, I did something like that again at an important time like this...”

“I'm jumping, Tohsaka...!”



hn, kuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!?”

I forcibly pull down her body and sprung my hips up at the same time.

“Uu, ah, ah, ah, aah―――”


Tohsaka's well formed triangular chin jerks upward as she bites down on her lip with a moan.

I resolutely plunged into the tunnel that had been carved out inch by inch.

A maddening sensation is probably raging through her as exhausted and sensitive membranes are lit afire in an instant.

It's the same for me.

“Nn, hnn, nha... this is... ah, aah, yaah... Shirou...”

“I'm going to keep going, prepare yourself.”

“........................! H-...Hmph.

Were you talking to yourself?”

“Haha... That's so like you.”

“Naturally... Eek...! Haah...! Haah...! Aah!”

The sound of hips clashing together echo loudly in the bedroom.

My thrusts move straight through from the entrance to the back of her vagina.

With these unbelievable movements, came an unbelievably good feeling.

While pushing my hips forward, I swing my body to move Tohsaka like a toy.

“Ugh...! I'm! Eek...! Wo-...Wow...! Nnh...! Hnn―――gh!”

Her legs squirm obscenely.

Her light kicks have no weight behind them, There's no doubt they are a sign to quicken my thrusts.

“Nhah...! H-Hya...! My...! Insides...! Are going...! To bu-...! Bu-...! Burn! ...!”

With a firm grip on her ass, I ram my hips into her.

Along with my thrusts, I swing my hips side to side, strengthening my strokes and quickening my pace.

“Hagh...! Haah...! You're...! Turning me...! Inside...! Ou-...! Ooout...!”

I come to a stiffness at the end of her depths, her hot body springing into the air as I raise her up by it.

Her legs wrap around my waist to keep my rod from slipping out, like a ship dropping its anchor so as not to be washed away by the storm.

“Eek...! I'm going to br...eak! ...Ah... hah, gh...! Y-Ye-s... more, Shiro-u...!”

Tohsaka had gathered her courage again.

We are parts of a machine driven by pleasure. One that is perpetually sustained by the limitless amount of energy we send between each other.

“Ngh...! Shirou, I'm...-ing! ...I'm breaking! ...I'm breaking!”

This broken girl begins spilling forth tears with sobs of pleasure.

With her fleeting consciousness, she's not even aware that I'd also broken a long time ago.


Already having lost my rhythm, I wildly thrust into the flesh that should have been exhausted by now.

But, even if barely conscious, her body matches my movements, sending a numbness deep into my mind.

“Ah! ...Yes! ...Shi...Shirooou! ...I love you! ...I love you! ...I love you so much!”

Enduring as I thrust into the deepest place inside of her, she wails immodestly, letting out all her emotions.

My manhood pierces her stomach and reaches her throat, as if forcing a confession.

“I truly love you! ...I love you! ...I love you!”

Still completely out of it, Tohsaka, as if words couldn't possible be enough, is madly shaking her head.

“Ah... haaagh... I... love you too, Tohsaka!”

My sweat scatters as it drips down and splashes.

It felt as though something hot was about to erupt out from my urethra.

“I...! I'm...! So Hap-...! So happy! ...Hnnngh! ...Fueee... nh!”

“Tohsaka, I'm going to cum, I'm pulling out―――”

“Nooo... don't...! No...! Don't do it!”

But, Tohsaka shakes her head unwillingly, and wraps her legs around my waist.

Her leg strength won't change even if her body has become lighter.

My manhood is swallowed up to the root as our hips come together perfectly.

“Aagh... Hey, Tohsaka―――”

“Uagh, aagh, aaahn... fuaaahn... hihnnn... hiiihnn... nnnngh!”

Instead, little by little, my penis pushes at the entrance to her womb.

Stupid, stupid, doesn't she know where I am!?

“Haah... I might cum... inside you... Hey!”

“Shirou, hnn, haah... actually, I, hnnn... have always, always...”

The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

A sign that the climax is near?

“Toh...saka, I'm, at my”

“Don't hold back... Shirou... More... More...”

“Kuh...! F-Fine, have it your way!”


A spurt flies forward at the movement of my hips.

I'm trapped by Tohsaka's legs, unable to pull back my hips.

With the intention to penetrate her womb, I thrust and drill further and further inside.

Tohsaka tightens her throat and let's out what sounds like a last dying breath.

At the same time, I embraced her tightly as though to flatten her breasts.

“Ahh, ah, aaah, aaaaauuugh...!!!!”

Her fingers, hands, knees, thighs, and neck begin to convulse one after the other.

The many overlapping waves that shake the whole length of Tohsaka's body all surge together at her genitals to become a great tsunami.

I'm at my climax. My lower body locks up.

Sticky semen spills forth from deep inside me like boiling magma, seething and swirling at the end of her depths that I remain pressed against.

The syrupy magma breaks through the hard bedrock and, at last, flows inside Tohsaka―――


“Ah―――hyaaa, nha, aaaaaaaaah...!”

“Uu, aaaaaaahhh, ah, aaah, aaaaaaah, it's coming... uu, aaaAAAH!”

I hold Tohsaka tightly and release everything into her womb with my pulsing manhood.

“KuahaaAAGHH, AAAAAAAAAAAGHH, hiee, hyaaAAAAH, AAAaaaaaaaaagh!”

There is no room left for reason in this body anymore.

Her beautiful limbs flail restlessly.

Sweat gushes out from her entire body, almost as though it had been swollen so much that it might burst.

―――But, I can't stop yet.

“No, ah, aah...! Haaaa... so hot, it's still coming out... nnaaaaaah... haaaaaagh.”

Even after becoming as stiff as a rock, my body began to shoot shot after shot while trembling in shock.

“...Ah ...haah hot... haah... amaaazing...”

Nevertheless, her body responded to it.

Tighening around me with the last of its strength, her walls wring out my semen.

Tohsaka's lips quiver while drooling, much like a how a vacuum clearer discharges air to create suction.

This pleasant feeling, it's as though my entire being was being sucked into Tohsaka. I even thought my body heat would be absorbed.

I catch Tohsaka as she was about to collapse as though pulling her very core towards me.

While breathing heavily as if coveting the air, we brought our bodies together as though melting into each other, and drifted into the gentle waves of pleasure.

...I've gone and done it again.

I do some serious reflection now that my head has cooled off.

On top of that, coming inside her is my biggest failure to date.

I lay my shoulder onto the sheets that became disheveled from our intense movements.

Bodily fluids like sweat and love juice had splattered on the bed, we were making stains everywhere.

“Sorry, Tohsaka... are you alright?”

Her exhausted body is glued to me like caramel that had just started to melt.

“Tohsaka, hey?”

I detached her clinging limbs and slowly pull my body away from hers.

As I pull out my glistening rod from a vagina so hot it was steaming, a cloudy white froth slowly spilled out.

“I'm sorry, Tohsaka... It's like this again, I...”

Abruptly, her legs reach out behind my neck.


Tohsaka's luscious legs, which she takes such pride in, take hold of my neck, and I'm pushed from the back of my head into her arms when―――

A surprise kiss.

Her tongue winds around mine. She kneads and violates her prey to her heart's content.


Her sticky saliva leisurely flows into my subdued mouth.

“Hah... ah...?”

An electric shock spreads out from the moment I swallow her saliva, causing all the nerves in my body to convulse.

A burning heat and tingling sensation return to my body.

I've felt this before.

From that blowjob earlier.

Her rough, unskilled movements that suddenly became incredible pleasant...


Is there something hidden in the saliva of this kiss―――!?

As I dramatically fell back in a spell of dizziness, a triumphantly smiling girl awaited me.

“Fufufuu... "He that is too secure is not safe," Emiya-kun.”

“T-Tohsaka... you...”

“Your thing has become so lovely as well... Ehe, take this.”

Her voice had become hoarse from crying out too much.

And now she is abusively teasing me.

Completely drained of energy, she clumsily wriggles her fingers around my penis and toys with it.

“I wish it was always this size. It's so much cuter like this.”

“Uwah, if you do something like that again―――”

With its triggering explosive replenished, my heart started beating loudly again.

And with every beat, my penis is almost crushed by the force.

Having released my load twice, you would think there wouldn't be a single drop of bodily fluids left inside me, and yet...

“This, is... gh... kh!?”

Pre-cum overflows from the tip of my cock and with its every pulse, some of it sprinkles onto Tohsaka's belly in fine threads.

It feels so good I think I might break.

Tohsaka's narrowed eyes were reveling in my sorry state.

“But, I'm getting a little tired―――”


Still laying face up, Tohsaka scoots back to her pillow.

Right there is the exact spot where this night began.

My whole penis was so stiff, it had gone past the point of pleasure into becoming painful.

“Uwaaaagh...! That's so... cruel... m-making it so big... that's so selfish...”


The entrance of her vagina wriggles enchantingly as the semen I had poured in was now flowing out.

“You can do whatever you want with me, you know.”


She announced such a thing with a faint and powerless voice.

It can't be, she was just completely exhausted. Could she still be unsatisfied?

...Wait, that's not possible.

“No way, your body should already be at its limit, Tohsaka.”

“...What do you want to do Shirou? Do you want to do it by yourself?

If that's the case, to return the favor, I'll be watching you until the end this time.”

As Tohsaka's harassment keeps coming, my false courage nears its limit.

“Go ahead, you won't be having all the fun this time around.

Don't underestimate my learning ability.”

...Aah, now I see.

What Tohsaka was unsatisfied with wasn't the ache of her body but of her sadistic urges. It doesn't seem like she's over being read by me.

The mood and romance are gone...

“Well? Have you already gotten tired of me?”

Like this, in spite of being on the verge of chickening out, she got excited by doing whatever she wanted to someone else's body and on top of that, she was acting like a total queen...

...But, that recklessness is just part of who she is. What's troubling though, is that I can't help but love her with all my heart.

A clear blue sky.

The rays streaming through the window stimulate my sleepy eyes.

The room sucked in the fresh morning air, filling it with the scent of the fresh leaves.

It feels good. I sit my weary body down onto the windowsill.

A lot happened last night.

True to her declaration, Tohsaka took in everything I taught her one after another. To be able to learn these things ambitiously is to be a fearsome genius.

On top of that, she wasn't even satisfied when I gave up on purpose.

My punishment was an aphrodisiac laced kiss. In spite of complete exhaustion, it was her stubbornness that reinforced her mental strength.

“From now on, I've got to come up with some new tricks as well, huh...? Guess I can't relax just yet.”

With Tohsaka as a partner, I can't afford to do anything halfheartedly.

But, that's definitely alright.

It won't bother me if I just think of it as being for Tohsaka's sake.

Setting that aside―――


Looking behind me at the sounds of peaceful breathing, I see Tohsaka's figure sleeping comfortably.

I feel at ease for some reason. As if it was natural, I kiss the eyelids of her sleeping face.

“Nnnnn... Fuaaah.”

“Yo. Good morning, Tohsaka.”

“Good morning, Shirou.”

We close our eyes and put our lips together.

We kiss each other lightly, a simple good morning kiss.

“Mmm... nehehehe.”

Her cheeks reddened slightly, and I laugh while reminiscing.

After all, my loss is the correct answer.

Because, I'll never win against this cute smile in my lifetime.

“Hey, Shirou?”


“As promised before going to bed, can you go make the coffee, scrambled eggs, and toast as punishment for your loss?”

“Oh? Are you sure you don't want tea?”

“Coffee is good for a morning like this. Ah, and would you please bring the strawberry jam?”

“Sure thing――”

I gallantly dash towards the kitchen.

This is the usual strong, good-humored Tohsaka.

“―――Now then...”

Lets hope we'll still have many more of these tranquil mornings with just the two of us from here on.

I began to make breakfast for my precious girl.

The backside of Kibisis

I abruptly wake up.

Barely conscious, I'm not even sure if I'm still myself.

I had been sleeping in an unfamiliar room.

A gently swaying cloth veil catches my eye.

And behind that...

...I can't see anything even if I strain my eyes.

Surely, it's not that I can't see anything, there is just nothing there.

My muddied consciousness realizes that this is just that kind of place.

“―――, ............”

My mind is half petrified.

Where am I? What time is it now?

There really is no meaning in seeking a definite axis of orientation like that.

The scent of honey clings to my skin.

Even my body's senses are ambiguous in this place.

The only thing certain was an all-encompassing sweetness of flesh laying upon flesh.

“...Fufu, Senpai.”

I turn towards the soft voice.

It's unclear where it's coming from on this circular bed.

“Shirou... Thank you for coming.”

Two voices.

It was Sakura's and Rider's.

―――Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain in the back my eyes.

In this roomworld that can only be a mistake, it's like I found the only crack.

Thinking back, I remember being drawn into this world before. I wouldn't have expected to see her here though.

“Is something wrong, Senpai?”

Even that thought was short-lived.

When her sweet voice whispered in my ears, my vague doubts dissolved.


My muddled consciousness is dyed entirely by lust.

It is a spectacle enough to make me lose my capacity for reason.

Sakura's body is voluptuous and plump, with a bewitching passion in her eyes.

Rider as well had a body that had grown beautifully ripe. Her body lines are tighter than Sakura's and more than anything else, that purple hair stimulates my senses.

“Ufufu, you're staring at us?

What do you think? Are Rider and I beautiful?”

“Are you dissatisfied with us, Shirou?”

There's no way I'll be dissatisfied.

It's just that, having two people this gorgeous in front of me, I don't know what to say.

The rationality to speak of morals is sealed away.

Anticipation is packed so tightly in my throat that it clogs the inside of my chest.


I won't let you voice such complaints to Senpai.

Because today, you too have to serve him.”

“Yes, I understand, Sakura.”

...What do they intend to do?

Answering my foolish question, Sakura softens her expression.

“What will we do?

That will be according to what you wish, Senpai.”

“What do you want to do, Shirou?”

“However, today, I already understand all of Senpai's desires.

You don't need to say anything. We'll take care of everything―――”

“――――――for you.”

...This situation is unexpected.

Because of those eyes, my ability to reason is continually folded up smaller and smaller.

“Please entrust your body to us.

We'll be doing everything.”

“What shall I do, Sakura?”

“Of course, Rider will be doing it for Senpai as well.

Shall we enjoy ourselves together with Senpai?

Besides―――if it's Rider doing it,

Senpai might enjoy it even more.”

She giggles impishly.

Excitment rises in my chest at Sakura's playful words.

A sweet fragrance envelopes the bed.

A bed so soft that my back seems to sink into it.

Their tender, full bodies move closer.

Sakura's passionate and cloudy eyes, Rider's silently burning eyes.

A tongue licked my wet lips.

“Do you want it?”

“Do you want, both of us―――?”

That question doesn't even need to be asked.

I only nod.

The two in front of my eyes, without holding back, I want them.

“Yes... Then, we'll make Senpai,

feel good. Please prepare yourself.”

“We might even make you cry,


“Hehe, really, Rider...

But, Senpai crying out, "No more, please stop, Sakura."

I guess I'd like to see that―――”

The smile that appears on her lips is like a very strong perfume that makes me suffocate.

My consciousness collapses before my body.

Buried among the cushions, my body is filled with a hot arousal, and my crotch has already swollen hard.

“―――Okay, let's begin.

Forget everything else, and please become one with me.”

A wet tongue brushes against my naked body.

Rider's pointed tongue roams about the left half of my chest. Everything beyond my shoulder is enveloped by her voluptuous body.

“Nn...... hah... it tastes so good...”

Sakura is licking the right side of my chest.

In the same way, my arm is squeezed between Sakura's breasts.

The fingers on both my hands felt the texture of their soft pubic hair.

Sakura's tongue, fully covered by saliva, licks all over me.

“Hn... What shall we do, Sakura?”

“Ehe, mmm...

You know, even men have sensitive nipples.

Then, shall the two of us―――do it together?”

Their tongues lick from the base of the imperfect protrusions on my chest.

《Ugh... ah...》

The two young ladies jump into the fray, going for my chest.

Like babies feeding on their mother's breasts, even though nothing comes out, they firmly suck on and roll their tongues around the tips.

《Hh... Haa...》

My breathing gets rougher.

I can't move. The two of them softly, but firmly, hold my body firmly in place.

“Fufu, are you looking at Rider?

Really, Senpai, you seem to be feeling good.

Your breathing is already this―――nngh, ragged.”

“That's really cute.

You want more, right? Like this...”

Rubbing against my arms, is her cold yet supple skin.

The arm being embraced by Rider is nestled against her body.

“That's unfair! Rider, really...

Let me join too...

Senpai, between me and Rider, which of us feels better?”

Sakura begins squeezing and rubbing as well.

My arm is intertwined tightly with her breasts. My fingers seem to sink into the heavy, yet pleasant softness of her skin.

“...Mmm... fufu. See, Rider...?”

Sakura whispers teasingly.

The place the two are looking at suggestively is my abdomen―――

It was towards the figure of my penis bending backward in response to this pleasure.

The intense stare of four feverish eyes. That alone is enough to make my blood run faster.

“This part looks like it's feeling good too...

Senpai's thing...

It's twitching so much with excitement...”

“That is Shirou's penis...? It's strong.”

Their hands glide across my skin next to each other.

They reach from my chest to my abdomen following a single path, finally arriving at my groin.

“Hot... It's really hot, Senpai's thing...”

“Shirou, it's so hot and swollen―――”

Their long and graceful fingers stroke my penis.

Coiling around my rod, rolling my balls between their fingers, they stroke my penis as if comforting it and I feel myself become even more erect―――

“It's really gotten this stiff...

Between me and Rider, I wonder who made it like this?”

“―――It's Sakura, definitely.”

“I wonder about that...

Eheh, then, I'll do it with Senpai first.”

After kissing my chest, Sakura raises her face.

For a moment, her hair brushed up against the erect, almost steaming, penis that stood still at my groin―――


With her tongue, she slides she wraps around the exposed glans.

Sakura begins to lick carefully, as if she were licking candy. It was as though she was cleaning it with her tongue.

“...Shirou, it also feels lonely here, right?”

I moaned as a shock ran down my spine. Rider hangs over the top of my chest, playing with my nipples with her fingers and tongue.

“Nh, haa, ah... nnu...”

Wrapping my glans with her lips and tongue, Sakura swallows my dick.

She strokes my rod, playfully moving her fingers in an attempt to get me harder.

Moreover, Rider's sticky caress covers my body.


Senpai, are you that frightened?

This place has gotten so stiff as well.”

Sakura's fingers grasp my testicles, sending a painful, yet pleasant sensation to the tip of my penis. While rolling them playfully, she sucks on the tip of my dick.

kuchu kuchu A lewd sound echoes.

Rider's long hair clings to and coils around the top of my chest.

“Come here, Rider.

Let's make Senpai feel even better.”

“Yes, Sakura.”

Their feminine bodies lean back from the left and right, staring at my wet penis―――


A tongue and lips with a different softness than before had wrapped around me.

I tightly grasp the sheets underneath me to hold my body down.

“ah―――Haa~, Rider will take the bottom... and I'll give Senpai affection from the top.”

“I understand, here, right―――?”

Rider lowers her face and moves my legs. 'Where is she―――crawling to?' As soon as I thought that...

“This part of you is cute too, Shirou.”

My backside contracts at the sudden sensation of her breath.

My secret organ, a place that was not meant to be seen or touched, much less licked, was touched by her wet tongue.

“Mm... eheh.

You got big again, Senpai...

Aahn, it's wonderful... So hard and tasty, mmm...”

The lower half of my body feels as though it could burst with pleasure.

Rider is licking my anus, while Sakura is attending to my penis.

Their fingers crawl freely around my body, rubbing and caressing without restraint.

“...This is your first time being touched here, isn't it? Your buttocks are trembling like a woman's.”

“Even though you are always licking, this is your first time being licked,

isn't it, Senpai―――?

How cute, mmm―――ahh.”

With both her tongue and words, she begins caressing the lower half of my body.

My feelings jumble together and my senses become fuzzy. The quick breaths sounding from my throat seem to be burning with pleasure.

I want to let everything out.

I wonder if spurting that muddy white fluid into Sakura's mouth, and on Rider's face, will feel good―――Accumulating all this inside my body, even for only a short while, feels far too agonizing.


“Aahn, not yet, Senpai―――”

Sakura releases her lips and laughs.

At the same time, Rider's finger presses the base of my shaft, sealing my body's ability to ejaculate.

《Saku...ra, hah...》

I can't assemble the words in my head.

Their caress on my penis feels pointed and strong, even a little hateful.

...My memories are getting fuzzy...

...In this roomworld with this relentless stimulation, all the painful memoriesSense of Reality are gone.

I wonder, if everything up until now was wrong?

“―――Shirou looks like he's in pain.”

“Fufufu, really now, Senpai. It must be difficult for you, feeling too good like this.

I wonder―――if we do him more, will Senpai cry?”

“Then... shall we make him cry, Sakura?”

Their hot breath hits my genitals from both sides as they talk with each other.

My train of thought has ceased, and my body longs for even more pleasure.

My spine quivers with the longing to release myself in those pairs of lips and tongues.

“Senpai―――you can cry out if you want, okay?

We'll treat you lovingly, right up to the end.”

“Hehe... How cute, Shirou.”

They move rhythmically.

Their lips and tongues begin playing with the tip of my penis.

It's like an obscene sexual union of entwined bodies smeared with honey. A sticky mess.

《ugh, hnng...!!!!》

My lungs contract involuntarily, and a shriek leaks out.

“Ah, hah...

Is it good, Rider?”


The taste of a man's honey is filing my mouth.”

Their voices, mingled with the sound of their lips, strike and stimulate my consciousness.

Just when I feel Sakura holding my penis in her mouth, Rider's lips overlap with hers, mouth-to-mouth.

With each time my glans is licked, my urethra sucked on, or fingers crawl around my scrotum and anus, I cry out for my powerless penis.

“Sakura... Shirou's bodily fluids, they are leaking.”

“Aah... not just Rider, give me some to drink too―――Mmn, eheh, Senpai is overflowing this quickly?”

Their tongues wipe away the leaking gland's fluid completely.

...It was like being engulfed in flames.

The pleasure causes my hips to tremble on their own.

That pleasure even pierces my brain enough to make me shed tears.

《Saku...ra―――, Rider...》

Tears stream down my dry cheeks.

Unable to understand this deep pleasurable agony, my body writhes and twists, even though it cannot escape.

“Nn, Aah haa――――――”

For some time, Sakura's lips continue to suck.

Their tongues wriggle noisily, as though trying to feel the pulsing of my penis.

“Fufufu... I made Senpai cry.”

Sakura laughs. Letting out a shallow breath from her vermilion dyed cheeks, she licks her lips.

The clear gland fluids I leaked... defile Sakura's lips.

“Oh, Shirou is really crying.”

Rider also wiped her beautiful lips with her tongue. The thought that my scent now clung inside that mouth was unbearable.

“...Senpai? So it feels good enough to cry, does it?

Senpai's... stiff and hard thing is―――”

Her fingers pinch my fully erect member.

Grasping it, Sakura starts stroking it with an intoxicated gaze as the internal pressure of my loins threatens to burst.

“I'm going to squeeze it out in that part of me.

So please cry more, over there and over here, too...

Because I plan to fully swallow all of Senpai's thing, fufufufu―――”

Sakura's behavior is different from usual.

Hot, blurred, somehow―――Strange.

“hnn... fuu... aah...”

Sakura straddles me.

I'm rubbing against her soft and wet secret orifice.

I thought Sakura was going to swallow me in her pussy right away, but it's like she's teasing me―――

“Senpai's... so hard... mmm, ahh...”

Sakura is licking me with the folds of her wet vagina.

"These―――are lips as well," she whispers.

《Sakura... quickly―――》

I want to put it in. I want to be enveloped by Sakura's warm vagina.

“You want to?

You want to put it inside me?

Are you sure Senpai?”

As she says something like that out loud, Sakura rubs her folds over my cock. The tip of my penis hits the foreskin of her clitoris.

The heresy of such pleasure seems to be frying my mind.

“Where do you want to put it inside me?

Maybe here?

That's extremely perverted. In that case Senpai, I've misjudged you.”

Sakura lifts her hips, and my tip meets with her anus.

However, she presses and turns that narrow opening against me with her body weight.

《I want it... Inside... Your... Pussy...》

My brain stops working the moment I say that.

Gazing at my quivering lips, Sakura laughs indecently.

giggle Still no good.

However, I'll give you lots of affection―――

Ha, nngh, ―――ah...!”

She rubs against me.

My aroused cock slides against Sakura's crotch.

This caress is as good as when she used her hands or mouth, no, it's even better than that. Her hips twist and move up and down, sliding her wet pussy back and forth from my pole to my glans.

《HaaAgh, kuaah...》

“Oh my, Shirou's having intercrural sex with Sakura...

Leaking out there would be shameful for any man, wouldn't it?”

Rider whispers from somewhere.

The sensation of rubbing against her vagina, dripping with love juice, is bringing me to a critical level.

“Mmm, haah, aaah, it's so good,


becoming this hot and hard...

Haa, at this rate, I'm going to cum...!”

Sakura is rubbing with her hips wholeheartedly.

...I can't hold out any longer. Withstand, endure... I'll just forget such words. Sakura's intercrural sex, her teasing... I'm going to cum without even putting it in.

《Sakura, I'm almost...!》

I thrust my hips, rubbing together with her pussy.

I slide along the juices that cover us, leaning my neck back at the sensation. If it were dry, the friction seems as though it could be enough to even catch fire.

“Ah... Oh my, it seems, that you came.

Senpai is... leaking out, so much...

Fuah, so shameful, Senpai's semen is dripping out, you can't cry, more, haa―――Hn!”

I grind against Sakura's clitoris.

The overly sensitive membrane was so stimulating that it was as though I were glued to it.

“Mmm, it's punishment time, Ahaa―――!”

My awareness is gradually fading away.

Sakura drew herself closer and inserted my penis inside her.

In its foolishness, my hips lose sensation in their desire to burst forth. As heat runs up my urethra, tears spill from my eyes.

“Haa, mmm, Senpai, good...!”

From the tip a cloudy liquid was spurting out, at that moment...

It slides up and is swallowed by Sakura's womb.

As though wrapped around by a pair of lips, my body fluids gushed out as Sakura's pussy swallowed them entirely. A sound much like a moan escapes from my throat.

“Ahh... Senpai, it's so hot...

My insides are overflowing... Fufu, it's gushing, inside with Senpai's hot thing―――spilling all out, what a waste... hn hah...”

Sakura lowers her hips.

Her hot and slippery walls squeeze every last drop out of me.

During my extended ejaculation, I sink like a stake stabbed into a swamp.

《Sakura... ah, ngh...》

I came inside.

The hot liquid that threatened to spill out and scald us had accumulated at the bottom.

To the container known as Sakura's vagina, my penis was acting as a stopper.

“Hm... fufu, the real thing starts now, you know?

The punishment is over, now Senpai and I, are going to pleasure each other.”

―――I was back in the room.

That veiled space vanished as though it were a lie.

But more importantly―――my hand was touching Sakura's breast.

“Ahn... fufu, how do you like my breasts...?”

Sakura's breasts are soft and white like marshmallows.

It's not that I want to caress her like this, but rather―――if I don't stop her body, I will reach the point of no return.

《...ugh, khh...》

I lose all composure while caressing her breasts.

Straddling me, Sakura begins to move with my penis and semen still trapped inside her.

“Haa... hn, sempai's... rubbing inside... so rough―――Ah hah... it's still getting harder... fuah, ahn... Amazing... many more times, inside me, let it out, nn, Hnng...!”

As her hips drop, semen dribbles out from her pussy.

Love juice spills out from where we are connected.

Her hips move as though controlled by a will of their own.

“Ha... it's wonderful, Senpai―――

Please do it more, Senpai. I will get bored if I am the only one doing it. If I get bored, then I will give you an awful punishment. I will break you, Senpai, ah hah―――hnn, haah...”

Sakura voices a salacious threat.

The overlapping parts of our bodies were still fervently going at it. The love juice inside Sakura mixes with my semen, and is trickles down.

“Ufufu, even if you break, I will still love you, Senpai. Senpai is going to be my toy, so―――please move, stronger, embrace me, Penetrate me! HaaaaAAAAAAH, Ahn!”

Sakura cries out.

She coils her legs around me as she presses down further.

A fire blazes in Sakura's eyes―――giving off an obscenely, a deceptive scent.

...It's different.

Even while embracing me, she had uttered such words.

My reason, which had huddled into itself, began to work again. This is the last of my resistance amidst the bottomless swamp of pleasure.

The scent of a fragmented and scattered fiction interferes with my instincts.

Could this be... just a lewd and deceptive illusion―――?

“There is no difference.”

A cold and soothing voice like a winter's rain.

Rider's voice echoes from somewhere unknown.

“Rather, if something is different, it would be you, Shirou.”

Sakura is rocking her body in a daze on top of me.

"More, more... Senpai, Senpai..." she continues to murmur. The light in her eyes are dim, this Sakura is a lie―――

“This is Sakura's true self, so pitiful...”

Rider's voice―――shows no pity.

Rather, she sounds as though she's ridiculing herself. She isn't criticizing this decent Sakura.

“Sakura normally lies and puts on an act when you embrace her. A woman cannot help but seek a man with her lewdness. Sakura is ashamed of it, so when embraced by you, she acts out a sweet, false self.”

We are still connected, but no longer moving.

Rider's voice is hollow―――even this voice isn't genuine.

“If you are Sakura's lover, you should see through that and touch upon her true self. If you do it correctly, you will not have to see Sakura... suffer from her indecent side.”

“Haah... Senpai... More...”

...What is she trying to say?

Even hearing her say such a thing, the pleasure I feel inside Sakura does not change. But rather, I feel a throbbing urge from not moving―――

“That is right. More... Please enjoy Sakura. More and more, until you smash Sakura's shell that concerns itself with her true self and prevents her from embracing the truth.

―――You are happy, right? Both you and Sakura.”

Her voice stirs up carnal desires.

An easy happiness, I pretend to be strong as my reason turns to dust.

“Now then, it would be better if you broke as well. You should become an existence that thinks only of Sakura. If you do not know how, I will gladly teach you.”

“That is why I am here.”

My mind and body are eroding.

I am overwhelmed by restraints that emerge from thin air.

They bind me tightly, as though equipping me with stirrups and horseshoes along with reins and a saddle.

The restraints aren't heavy.

I can run. My body is burning up, each and every one of my cells want to run, and each and every nerve excites and becomes numb. I stop being a human and change into a race beast, crossing the distance of one thousand mountains in the blink of an eye, enchanted by the unsurpassed landscape and headwinds as I soar by.

My voice is already forgotten, my throat bursts out with neighs and roars.

My arms change to front legs, legs to hind legs, fingernails to horseshoes, and hair to a mane.

Blood and sweat are being drawn out of my skin. My muscles burst open and throb vibrantly.

...There is no distinction.

To go as far as using Bellerophon―――!



I knocked Sakura down.

"Woman, Woman, Woman," echos in my head. This bitch in heat, holding me deep within her like this, desires to be inseminated with my seed―――

“Whoa, whoa―――Fufu, such a cute one.”

My reins were pulled, bringing my wild movements under control.

My head is bowed, hot saliva drips from my lips.

“Now, Shirou―――your training will begin. From now on I will teach you everything about Sakura, fufufu...”

“Ah―――hmm... Senpai...”

I lean on Sakura from behind. She trembles as I trample through her frothing vagina with my cock.

Kicked by the stirrup, pain from the spur begins to spread through my hips.

“Sakura prefers taking it from behind like this.”

Rider beats out a rhythm with her hands on the reins.

I press into Sakura. She hangs her head, as if that intimidating and playful attitude from earlier was just a lie.

“aha... aah, nNn...!”

“Isn't that shaking ass tempting? Move your hips more to match―――That's right, just like that.”

I start moving in twisting motions.

My body is being manipulated, this movement is not normal. I was violating Sakura with this large and strong body.

“Right there, yes, pull it―――rub it.”

“No, dont, Senpai, not there... stop...”

“You do not need to stop, because there pleases her the most.”

Pulling her waist, my glans slide against her vaginal walls.

As I twist my waist obscenely, honey oozes out and drips down.

A snort bursts from my burning throat.

“That is how it is, yes―――

You can do it if you try, right? Why did you not? Is that not cowardly, Shirou?”

“Hieee... AaAAgh, yaaaaAAAgh!”

“If you continue to rub all through there, Sakura will be the one leaking this time... Let's return the favor.”

Still being urged on, I thrust my hips faster.

My joints seem to move out of place to make all sorts of flexible movements, indulging inside Sakura relentlessly. Pecking, rubbing, and fondling.

“No, Senpai, not like, yaaah... Fuaaaah!”

“Sakura can't endure it. Isn't she cute? She wanted it to be this way for some time and tempted you.”

My hips jerk back and forth. My ears are being whipped by her words.

Sakura's sweet screams and Rider's smooth commands.

Replenishing my vitality with blood, I let loose an inexhaustible eruption.


A liquid dribbled down her inner thigh.

Sakura's back wriggles uncontrollably.

Laying face down, the sweet aroma of sweat rises from her hair and sticks in my brain―――

“Aagh... Senpai, in my vagina again...


“If you come inside, Sakura will feel better and better, you know? So―――”

My front legs―――no, my hands move.

They wrap around her hips and touch where we are connected. I feel her damp folds with my fingers and touch her swelling protrusion.

“Hi―――ii, no, ow... aaah!”

“Look, Sakura is in a haze as you give pleasure exploring her body. That's the way―――”

“Aaaah, Senpai, no, don't, Hyaaaa!”

I grind myself against her soft body. The impact makes her tremble from the inside out.

I rub my cheek on her back, and our sweat intermingles.

“Ooh―――haah, Senpai... Mmn...”

“Fufufu, Sakura is shaking so much. She is trying to hide the fact that she climaxed, you know―――?”

“Haann, waaait, ahnn, Aaaan!”

“Heh, see, even though she sounded unwilling, Sakura is pleased with you so much, she is swallowing you―――ravenously, mind and body. She is drunk on pleasure in every sense without restraint.”

The sound from our hips slamming into each other reverberates.

Sakura's pure white ass shakes. Even the valley of her rear is wet and quivering.

“Nevertheless, she cowardly tries to hide how she covets pleasure.

―――Shirou, please make Sakura act honestly today.”

―――But, who's the one yearning for that?

Through my reins, I hear a voice.

The world moving at full speed begins to fade.

―――This me is an illusion, shaped in the image of my and Sakura's souls.

“What are you doing, Shirou? Please pick up the pace.

Sakura won't be satisfied with that―――”

―――So, we are yearning for the same thing.

...I hear a heartbeat.

Due to being bound by Bellerophon, I hear the beating of Rider's heart.

Is it the unity of rider and mount caused by the Noble Phantasm, or a trap brought about by it?

―――However, she can't seek out what she loves.

《Hey, wait.》


Though I only noticed that mistake for an instant, the box containing my reason opened.

All of this is a dream.

This is Rider's dream, no, an illusion of the Noble Phantasm, Gorgon Breaker: Dark Temple ・ Self Seal.

Knowing that alone is enough.

I didn't think about why this barrier was set up for me, and the box had already closed.

What I read,

was just the the memory of her nightmare, which broke this bounded field.

My thoughts burn at an old concept from long ago, but the pain is momentary.

“Kh! Don't, please stop, Shirou...!”

The projection is easy.

This place is not reality, but inside her spirit. Because the real thing is there, I have no difficulty reading and constructing it.

I flip the Pouch of Kibisis inside out.

If the Dark Temple captures a person on the outside and brings them inside,

the bag of the goddess flips to the outside that which is on the inside.

The Noble Phantasm's barrier reverses like a reproduction of mythology, once again reversing the Gorgon's hold―――


Along with the screams that do not match her voice, I am engulfed by the dream's upheaval.

“Ah..., ugh.”

I came back to that world.

Rather than Sakura, I'm embracing Rider. Her smooth rear and back that her long, glossy hair runs down is spread out before me.

“Shirou... ah...!?”

Straddling me vacantly, Rider begins to come back to her senses.

“...Why... am I here...? Iiiee!”

As if I would know the reason why.

In the first place, Rider was the one who put on a puppet show like that.

“Stop, Shirou―――Kuh!”

Even Rider's limbs that swell with power are not actually that strong.

Her mystic eyes and superhuman strength have been sealed.

Now, the Dark Temple has caught not only me, but her as well.

“Ah... this is... impossible...”

Grabbing Rider's body, I embrace her and pull her lower.

It almost feels too good inside her. It's a pleasure reminiscent to a moment of nausea.

Unable to endure, I pull out my penis, and then rub against her wet vagina as honey sticks to my tip.

“Hii... Aah, haa...!”

I rub her folds with my glans, just as I had done with Sakura.

Her delighted pussy drips clear love juice. Her ass trembles and flinches in quick succession, does she feel it that much?

“Such a... aah... Shirou... hngh...”

Half of my glans is buried in her vagina.

I feel her trembling as she is being smeared wet with gushing honey.

...My mind clouded, I continue to move my hips for this other person.

Although motivated by pleasure, I embrace her with my warm feelings at least as much as that lust.

“Ha... Sto,op... I, not, like this―――”

Her refusal isn't for her own sake.

I rub the top of her clitoris.

I pinch the sensitive core between her pelvis.

“Hie―――eeegh, aAAH...!”

Her hair flutters as she bends back.

Her glasses shift and almost fall, but even so, Rider's distressed eyes gaze at me.

“Shirou, stop, it―――I'm, not, Sakura―――”

Sakura had already vanished.

She almost starts to cry at this point.

Cutting her words short, I grab her plump white ass.

I direct my penis toward her vaginal opening and her soft entrance invites me.

“Hah, nn, ah―――!”

Embracing Rider, I penetrate her from below.

The sensation inside her is not too soft or tight. The semen that has accumulated firmly in my balls wants to shoot out in here.

“Aaah, kuah―――Haaann!”

Rider's head bends backwards.

Her slippery walls move and wrap around me, and a throbbing pleasure seems to run from my waist to the back of my head.

I raise my hips, thrusting from beneath Rider.

“Haa, Aah, aah, Kuaa―――AAAH!”

I can't expect Sakura's daring body movements with Rider.

...But that's fine. Even now she is tightening up so much as if sipping on me, I can't endure no matter how many times I've cum.

I thrust inside and her ass shakes.

I bounce Rider's hips, exposing all the way down to the narrow opening in the valley of her tight ass while her purple hair flutters like a mane.

“Nn, Aah... Shirou, stop...

Something like this, not... not with me, but Sakura instead...”

I don't hear the plea mixed in with her heavy breathing.

She was talking about herself.

The way she cowardly hides her true self.

“Nn...! ahaah! Aaah!”

Just as with Sakura, I stop at the same spot inside her.

I rub more with the edge of my tip here, rather than further in, attacking with the very same technique I learned from her.

“I'm not...

Shirou, I, am...

Ah, nngh, haa...!”

Even though I'm the one on the offensive, this pleasurable feeling resonating in my genitals is not normal.

My blood is boiling.

Even without spurs or reins, I feel like I could continue this assault on her stunning limbs indefinitely.

“Wrong, this is wrong, Aah, Aaaah―――!”

Rider's gasping voice fails to form words.

She heaves her neck and back over and over as her thighs convulse. When I grip and rub against her hips, a tremor runs up to her stomach.


Rider's eyes are tearing up.

Warm fluid comes dripping between our bodies. A liquid with no odor, which lands on my body intermittently many times.

Not caring about getting wet, I press deep inside her.

I feel Rider clamp down and swallow me as I ejaculate inside her―――

“Hii―――ii... ah...”

Rider's lips tremble.

My condition is like a blowing tide, expelling hot desire deep within her. Stiff even during release, my aching body is not done embracing her.

“Aaah, Ugh, Haa,――― Kuh, AAaAh, Haa...!”

Rider's body jumped up as if trying to escape.

However, she is still bound by the reins while straddling on top of me.

She said herself, from behind is good.

“Ah! Shirou! If you keep doing it with such strength―――

It's so hard inside of me, yagh, Haaaaa...!”

I reach with my hand, rubbing her quivering white skin as I move up from her rear to her breasts―――

...Ah, I think she said to explore her body as well.

“Aah, hie... Haa... Ahnn...”

Using my fingertips, I play with her heavy breasts.

I rub her swaying breasts from behind as they tremble. When I pinch and squeeze her nipples, her body becomes stiff.

“Aahn, ngh, haa, kya―――ah―――”

I tug on the reins to lift her body each time she seems about to topple down.

She is like a beautiful wild animal.

Endlessly at my peak, I both give and obtain pleasure.

I feel a new heart has appeared between our hips, pumping not blood, but semen.

“Hiii―――kyaa, aaugh―――hnngh!”

I move intensely while ejaculating. Ignoring Rider as she shakes her head unwillingly, I simply thrust single-mindedly, as if to advance not only through her vagina and womb, but through her insides as well and bringing her to a climax.

“Aah,ahaa―――aa, uwa, yaahn...”

Truly... and endlessly... I climax again and again.

I divert her attention by touching the back of her neck and occasionally her secret place.

My pulse is chaotic. I don't know which of us had leaked, but my hips had become soaking wet.

A moist obscene sound repeats like a melody.

Just how many times have I climaxed inside her―――?

Her remarkably tall body bends backwards.

That long purple hair fluttered overhead.

“Ha... ah...”

It was a strange sensation. I don't know how many times I felt my body climax, but my heart has not reached that level even once.

While embracing like this, there's something I want to understand.

“ah... Hah... Ah, Hah―――”

I slowly move the body sitting on my lap.

Her body is burning hot, almost as though steam could start rising from it.

She tightens her folds rhythmically, but her consciousness seems to have flown off elsewhere.


I watch from behind as she lowers her hips flat against me.

Her body relaxes, completely exhausted. When I gently move my hips, her body sways with the same motion.


Her moan was soft and sweet.

My manhood pierces deep within her from behind, making me lose all trace of resolve.

I swing and thrust my hips upward.

Her body reacts. I stop moving, silently expecting something to happen.

Like how a child stares at a present.

“Nn... Uhn... nn...”

I slowly start rocking my hips.

This familiar invitation is tormenting me.

I can't sit patiently―――the part of me that is held inside her cannot endure this warmth.

“Ahn... nn... Uhnn......”

This is a different kind of pleasure.

Rather than lively bodies dancing with each other, I'm enjoying her fully ripe body.

...She hasn't become honest.

She is still trying to hide her true feelings.

“I am not like that, I am... not like that, I am not like that―――”

Those words roll off her lips countless times.

As though reverting to a childlike state, she continues to cry.

“I am not... I am not... I, I... hnn...”

The veil dances in the blowing wind.

But rather than the sound of wind,

“Rider? Senpai?”

A gentle and warm voice. It was a nostalgic voice that permeates deep inside my ears.

“I'm here, Senpai.”

Sakura purses her lips in lieu of a greeting.

And, she smiles while sticking out her tongue.

“Sakura, why... How are you here?”

“Because, Rider needs to become honest.

Since she won't accept Senpai...

I'll have to lend a hand.”

Sakura grins.

Aside her kindness, there is also the same air of indecency as the Sakura who was straddling me earlier.


It's because Rider is helpless with things like this,

that she can't say how she really feels.

That's why, in her stead,

I'll tell you about how Rider feels.”

Appealing with her words, Rider resists in vain.

“Sakura... stop...”

“Don't worry, Senpai is strong and gentle. Now... Let's make you feel good, Rider.”

Sakura's gentle smile tempts me.

Her soft breasts are pressing into my chest.

She licks and moistens her lips―――and I catch a draft of her fragrance as she starts to speak.

“...Did you know, Senpai?

You see, Rider likes you.”

......She empathizes strongly with Sakura.

Was it that I didn't know, didn't notice, or tried not to notice?

“But, out of consideration for me―――

She showed you that kind of dream.

She disliked herself and tried to forget.

And just like that she became dishonest.”

Rider's body begins to tremble.

“Oh Rider... Try to remember.

Don't you care about Senpai?

When you and me are alone,

you always nonchalantly ask me,

"what did Shirou do today?"―――”


“You've actually wanted to go on a date with him behind my back, haven't you? Moreover, as if you're a bit worried about things like having cute clothes that will please Senpai, you look at fashion catalogs alone or try to choose accessories to wear.”

“Even though you like him that much, you can't stand it, Rider. After all, you're just like me―――”

Our tongues intertwine, and saliva drizzles onto my lips.

“Rider. To endlessly feel this kind of pleasure, you would gladly be vulgar.”

Those words laced with lust were almost enough to melt my brain.

“Stop, please sto...p, Sakura...”

“You already know, don't you? The lewd dream you were shown is all Rider's work. Do you know why she did such a thing?”

“St―――op, stop―――already, Sakura...”

Rider's voice comes out heaving between her sobs.

Just as I was about to say "that's enough," my lips are sealed with a kiss.

Sakura giggles bewitchingly when our eyes meet, while Rider turns to look at me with eyes on the verge of tears.

...A fire ignites with lust.

My penis begins to harden and throb intensely inside her.



“Really now, Rider. Senpai's blood... you've been tasting it.”

Not wanting me to know, Rider shook her head.

Wet noises come from where we are connected as she tries to stifle her tears while wrapping around me.

“That's so dirty, isn't it, Rider?

You showed a lewd dream to Senpai, during which...

You've been licking his blood.”

“Stop, please, Sakura, st―――op...”

Tears pour out from the edges of her eyes.

She's probably ashamed at having her own disgraceful behavior exposed.

...However, even the Sakura condemning her is merely her own shadow.

Half of her heart denies it while the other half condemns her for it, leaving her spirit an entangled mess―――

“Do you know?

When she drinks blood, Rider gets extremely aroused.

She doesn't swallow it down her throat.

She just hoards Senpai's blood inside her mouth the entire time.”


“She rolls it on her tongue the whole time. While doing that, Rider's face is enchanting―――

Isn't it cute? I also want Senpai to see.”

I start moving inside of Rider.

Sakura's words arouse me, and I distract myself by moving.

“So, what do you think she does after that, Senpai?”

“Stop... please no more... Sakuraa...”

“Heh, Rider is burning up,

and she's starting to comfort herself, you know?

She's drunk off of Senpai's blood. She won't be able to endure it much longer.”

I hear the sound of coursing blood deep within my ears.

She's masturbating. Her aroused body felt as though it was tinged with a passionate heat.

“N, Noo... Nn...”

“She licks up Senpai's blood as it dribbles from her lips.

She mixes it around with her fingers―――and her inner thighs inside those tight jeans, squirm restlessly.

She pulls them down along with her panties―――”

Sakura stretches her hand and spreads Rider's pussy.

Her fingers roam about and expand that secret place.

“Nn, Aaaa―――AAAHH!”

“With her fingers soaked in Senpai's blood, she stirs up this wet place here. Like this...”

kucha kucha nucha nucha An obscene sound can be heard.

“She stirs herself up like this and climaxes. Rider really is lewd.”

“Stop, please, please stop... I am begging you...”

She pleads behind a flood of tears.

Though from my point of view, this female body is being pierced by me and groped by Sakura, oozing a bewitching scent that seemed to tremble with masochism.

“You start aching while listening to Senpai's voice from the shadow of the hallway,

and you rub yourself down there.”

“That is, wrong―――”

“You comfort yourself alone while buried in Senpai's futon―――”

“I said that is wrong―――”

“Even though you crave Senpai, you force yourself to endure it, and whisper―――"Shirou, I want you too"―――”

The tone she uses to call my name is different.

It was a sweet sound, as if the feelings within it could no longer be held back.

“Stop, please stop already, this is wrong,

as if I―――

could have... that normal kind of love.”

Rider weeps while I hold her.

Becoming motionless, her mind and body are at my mercy.

My closed off sense of reason...

found it lovely.

“When alone, you whisper, "Shirou"―――

Even if you tell yourself not to say it,

you mumble it to yourself.

You're so cute, Rider.”

“I'm not something cute. It is lewd and obscene. I have, I have had enough of this part of me, I hate it, stop it...

he will be disapointed in a woman like me,

he will be disapointed―――”

“Who will?

Rider, who are you afraid to disappoint?

All of the lies, haven't they already come out into the open?”


Sakura asks with a gentle smile.

Even though this Sakura is an illusion, that smile alone is surely real.

“――That's how Rider is, but...

Please be affectionate with her.

It's a request from me,

if Rider can't find happiness, neither can I―――”

I don't even need a reason to nod.

That thing called lust, no matter how obscene, is born from love.

“Fufu, as I thought, Senpai is amazing.

Take good care of Rider, I alone can't make her happy.”


...She endures her tears.

Her trembling shoulders are hidden by her hair as she heaves with sobs again and again.

The way our bodies come together and connect is so warm.

It's not burning, swelling, or aching.

She envelopes me gently, and a warm pulse is conveyed.

It's a satisfied feeling different from the tightening and trembling of the many times we have climaxed.

“―――Will you forgive me?”

Her tears fall and scatter on the ground.

I don't understand what's wrong.

“No... that's not how I should call you...

Shirou ―――”

I embrace Rider's tender body.

I begin to move as if to answer her, having yearning to hear that sound.

Shirou, Ah...”

...My vague consciousness turns into that of a sleepwalker, delirious with a high fever.

The body of a goddess that must not be held by the hands of man.

I dive into that blasphemous taboo, embracing the existence that must be loved even if I am to be cursed.

“Nn, Aah―――Haa―――Ah...”

Our bodies move with ease. There are no more reins binding us to one another.

Gently, like a wave crashing onto the shore or a blowing breeze, I begin engraving myself into her. Our bodies feel each other and listen carefully to the source of that distant sound.

“Aah... Haah... aah...”

Just by going all the way into her womb, my whole body is drained of strength at the sensation of pleasure.

No longer hiding her feelings, she accepts me by bouncing her own body―――

It was a supreme bliss equal to that of being embraced by Mother Earth.

In search of memories of a fertile world that I recall at a cellular level―――I want to sink and drown in her body.

“...Nn... Haa... Aaaah... nn...”

Her back, hips, arms, thighs, and cleanly kept toes, everything I yearn for makes my throat tighten. Every part is dear to me.

Shirou... why,

are you crying...?”

I can't answer even if she asks why.

I didn't even know I was crying.

However, if I really am crying, it would be from joy.

“―――Really. You are a troublesome person.”

Finally, she regains her usual smile.

“Ah... aah, Hah......”

I begin to move softly and steadily.

Our coupled bodies melt together.

I truly want my body and soul―――to be wrapped up inside her and expended.

“Hah, ahh, Aah―――”

I gradually return to stronger movements.

I become uncertain of whether I am inside her or am being engulfed by her.

Her hair tangles around my body as if telling me, "I do not want to let you go."

“Hah, Aah... Aah... uhn, ah...”

I'm enveloped by her supple vagina.

My body is warm. I feel like my mind and body can ascend through any obstacle... I hold her tight while my pulse races.

“Nn, fuah, Aaah... Haah, Aah...”

That lovely voice leaking out is gradually getting louder.

Her body moves gently without effort.

―――My heart beats quickly.

Her hair coils even more around me as pleasure moves and is multiplied between us.

The boundaries of our skin become unclear. Our warm bodies swallow everything, wanting to become one.

《, hah, Ri―――》

...But, her name alone doesn't come to my lips.

That was her final and greatest desire.

“Ah... fuah, yaa, hnn...

Yes, you are fine like that... Thank yo...u―――”

She rocks her hips, sometimes moving in deep, other times rubbing shallowly―――while still shedding tears, heaving with sobs again and again.

I tremble from the core of her body.

My insides feel like melting in pleasure, anxious to overflow and leak from my coupled body.

My head is filled with a almost burning-like euphoria.

As our self awareness becomes vague, our bodies become one―――

Shirou ―――”

That whisper from her lips vibrates in my ear.

As if inviting me with it, I release everything.

Mind and body, it all pours into her womb―――

《......, ......, ......》

...Just like that, every last drop came out.

Not able to support my upper body, I collapse onto the fluffy bed.

Her body rises to support me.

Just like that, those purple eyes,

“―――, khh.”

Fangs pierced my neck.


"Why?" Is the first thing that comes to mind.

It's rather natural reaction.

From start to finish, it was a hot and painful kiss that felt like it was melting me.

The exhaustion after sex and the lingering anesthesia from having my blood sucked overlap.

I see a clouded semi-transparent cloth dancing wildly.

My memory and consciousness are being cut off.

And just before falling into oblivion...

“Goodbye... Sleep well, Shirou.”

Everything was back to its original shape.


Eh...? Was I taking a nap?

Ah crap, how could I be napping in the autumn sunshine? I'm not like Fuji-Nee or Saber.

“Good morning, Shirou.”

“Uwah―――Did you see, Rider?”

When I raise my head, I find Rider there looking down at me.

I wasn't drooling, was I? I ask myself this as I stand up and wipe my mouth.

“Yes I thought I should wake you. You would not be able to show your face to Sakura if you were late due to nodding off.”

“Ah... that's right, I have to leave soon.”

I'm supposed to meet Sakura at Shinto to go shopping.

“But it would be good if you came too, Rider.”

“I cannot intrude upon your time alone with Sakura. If you leave now, you might be in time for the Shinto bound bus.”



“......No, it's nothing, Shirou. You will be late if you do not leave soon. Have a good day.”

She called my name in an unusual way, I was surprised.

With my shoes on, I return the shoehorn to Rider.

“Well then, I'll be off now. I'll be back sometime this evening.”

“Okay, have fun with Sakura for me too.”

“Sorry for the trouble. I'll bring you back a souvenir.”

I jog towards the bus stop.

Well then, I wonder what kind of events will be waiting for me today―――