Loop 10

Day 1

Emiya Residence・Day 1 Dialogue- Lost Loop II

For no reason whatsoever, I end up in the storehouse.

“―――Huh? Did I forget something here...?”

I don't remember leaving anything of importance in the storehouse, but let's check it out, anyway.

“―――So, what am I doing?”

After fumbling around with the junk and cleaning up the shelves, I finally remember my original intention.

Although the storehouse is overflowing with junk, there's nothing "misplaced" here.

No, since this "lost" object had no clear definition in the first place, it is now destined to be forever missing.

“...Man, this sucks... what is it that I've left behind, I wonder?”

Let me try applying my fist to my forehead...

Sadly, the external application of force brought no flashes of insight with it, leaving nothing but pain behind.


Did I bump my head on something while I was asleep?

I only hit it lightly, yet I feel numbingly sharp pain in my forehead.

Bad enough to bring up disturbing images of an arrow piercing through my skull.

“Seeing how I've already searched for it all over, I bet it's not even in the storehouse.

...It's not like I use it for anything but repairing broken stuff, no way I'd leave anything important in here.”

Thus having reached consensus with myself, I leave the storehouse.


As I step outside, a strong sense of unease hits me one last time.

Nothing to do with the storehouse, just with my own frivolous self, it seems.

Emiya Residence・Day 1 Rider, bicycle, and the jealous Sakura

I step outside the storehouse.

Having completed a bunch of tasks, I'm heading back to the house...


Rider is outside.

Just heading out, or so I thought. She looks suspicious.

Rider... What is she doing?

I immediately run upstairs and look out to the courtyard from the window.

She's keeping an eye on the house. Is she hiding from someone?

Rider acting that suspiciously is a rare sight.

Does she want to secretly buy something...?

I can see Sakura or Saber trying something like this, but Rider going out in this state of alertness...

“...No. Her objective is inside.”

If Rider wants to sneak out, all she has to do is jump over the roof.

If she does that, no one other than Saber can catch her, or even notice her.

So that means her goal isn't outside, it's inside the yard―――

“...I see.”

What Rider is interested in...

That something is where the bicycles are stored, that I know.

“Really... Rider...”

I run downstairs towards the front gate.

“Hey! Rider!”

I call out.

Just as I thought, Rider is currently crouching down and examining bicycle Number One... my one beloved bike.

“S-Shirou? Heading out?”

“No, just came out of the shed. What about you? If you're going out to buy something, Number Two is over there.”


Bicycle Number Two is exclusively for shopping. A typical "mama-chari," complete with a basket installed in front.

Number One, on the other hand, is a race bike with flat handlebars.

“...I have a good reason, Shirou.”

“Ah, let's hear it.”

“Of course, it is only for you to hear.

You cannot let anyone else know, Sakura included―――As you can see, there is nothing else in the world I love more than a fast ride.”

“Oh, I know that.”

Is that the so-called secret?

“―――You should really let people finish their sentence, you know.

Even though I respect your insight, you're still not quite clear of the reasons involved.”


I'm perfectly aware of her reasons, but I remain silent.

Rider is right, I should let her finish first.


It is true that Number Two has large carrying capacity and is easy to maintain, making it ideal for casual outings or shopping.”

“...However, um... a vehicle that goes so slow no matter how fast I pedal just does not suit me.

No, this is not even a matter of my taste. If I really start pedaling, it breaks. What kind of vehicle is that? A vehicle is one that, for one hundred units of energy taken, produces one hundred units of work.

That is to say, in terms of speed, bike Number Two defies the laws of thermodynamics.”


No, this is the law of physics.

Driving something that was designed to go 20 km/h at 100 km/h is nothing short of suicidal.

“But Number One is different from the sluggish Number Two, being equipped with a high-speed gear system.

With this, none of my concerns should be an issue.

It should also solve the power delivery problem.”

...Now I have absolutely no idea what in the world Rider is planning.

“...Whew. What do you think, Shirou?

With that said, I thought you could perhaps understand my humble request.”


I'm sorry, but I don't, not really. And since I don't, the answer is straightforward.

“Let's see... No.”

“...That was a quick decision, Shirou.”

Of course.

Running wildly around neighborhood, a rocket of this kind shall not be allowed to be born in our garage.

“...Maybe... if I continue to ride Number Two, the slow speed stress will cause alopecia areata. Don't you think so?”

“...Will it really? Even though Sakura will cry, the answer is still no.”

The birth of a Crazy Train isn't the only issue here.

If she uses this chance to increase her sphere of influence, the power balance at our house, already precarious at best, will start to slide even more.

To put it bluntly, my position is diminishing.


If you refuse to let me use Number One, I have no choice but to resort to the radical measures.”

“...Uh. Rider, d-does that mean... you are going to snatch my beloved Bianchi away by force...?”

“No, that's the last resort. I am not the same as Saber.”

Suddenly, Rider's view on Saber became very clear.

“Shirou, Number One is not the only good transportation method in this world.

It is fine if you will not let me borrow it. I shall just have to look for even faster rides.

Starting with Taiga's scooter, then I shall borrow the Fujimura Group's big bike.”


She's venting her anger, and is venting it on me.

The big bike... would that be the old man Raiga's that I worked on? By my strength alone I can't lift that monstrosity if it were to fall.

“You still think it is all right, Shirou?”

“...It's fine either way.

Rider, do you have your bike license?”

If she is going to charge around on the road, she needs to follow the traffic laws.

No one can interfere if Rider is on her Pegasus, but if she's riding a motorcycle, she has to follow human society's rules.

“...Riding skills have nothing to do with a license.”

“No. If you want to ride a motorcycle, you need to take a course and get a license.

To put it bluntly, if you get in trouble with the police, our house is done for. Sakura will cry for sure.”


Sakura's influence is not to be underestimated.

...But then, I can't see Rider letting herself get caught by police, either.

Looking at the defeated Rider...

...Looks like she's finally given up.

Number One is a no-go, but when I have time, I'll try to assemble a Number Four for her to use, something better than a "mama-chari"―――


Suddenly, a low voice appears beside my ear.

Rider walks up to my side, her icy hand stroking the back of my neck―――

“Then... we shall play by your rules, equal trade.”


“If... you will let me use Number One, I will reward you... hehe.”

Her fingers slide under my chin.

Lips almost biting my ear and an unimaginably sweet voice.


“As Shirou desires... the things Shirou wants to do to me...

No part of me is off-limits... Shirou, what do you want to do...?”

Her voice echoes like an incantation.

What I desire from Rider...

What I want to do to Rider... Anything...

...Did she use some kind of a seduction spell?

My body is burning up. But the feel of Rider's skin is as cold as ground water.

My head starts spinning, the surroundings are muddled, and it feels like I'm about to say something unthinkable―――

“...Rider, that's...”

“Anything... is allowed. Shirou and I can―――fufu.”

She gently caresses my cheeks.

Facing her, there is no escape from the seductive eyes that are now piercing me.



That's strange, is Sakura staring at us?


That was a joke, of course, Shirou.”

With a swoosh, Rider's hand slipped away like a snake. Nonchalantly, as if nothing had happened―――

““Ri-Ri-, Rider!””

“I am heading out, you two can take your time.”

“Ah... no, Sakura... Nothing happened!”

“Senpai... um... What did you want to do!?”

She heard everything word for word!

“Wait... it was nothing like that! Rider!”

She sure can change gears fast.

Rider's peddling the Number Two like she saw a ghost, disappearing into Miyama in the blink of an eye.

“Oh, for the love of...! It's not like that, what I want to do with Sakura... not with Rider!”

“So the things you want to do with me... Didn't you already...”

“It's not like that! I mean, could I ever!?

It was nothing, Rider just wanted to ride Number One, that's all!”

“Yes... that's right, I'm number two to Senpai already...”

This is such a strange misunderstanding―――

Aah, I'll have to find Rider later... need to get her to explain things to Sakura.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night・Ritual window

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Day 2

Emiya's・Day 2 Maron pie temptation

It's not even lunch yet, and something smells great already.

...Hm, I guess someone's making something?

“This sweet aroma... this is...”

The smell of a cake or a pie being baked.

In our house, only Sakura is good with pastry.


I peek into the living room and kitchen, but no one's there.

...Does that mean that the smell is coming from Sakura's room...?

“Sakura, you there?”

“Ah, yes, Senpai, come in?”

“...Is that Shirou?”

Oh, Saber's in Sakura's room?

“Excuse me, the―――ah, I knew it.”

I enter the room and nod.

Smells good.

There's a freshly baked pie and a fork on the desk.

The fresh butter and wheat flour duo in the pie's fragrance stimulates a pre-lunch stomach like nothing else.

“Shirou... um, I was not trying to keep this a secret from you, Sakura just invited me, this is...”

Saber mumbles out an excuse, feeling guilty for munching on it all by herself.

Yep, I can sure see the evidence―――

“It's alright, Saber, continue eating.

So, did Sakura make that pie?”

“Yes. The fruit of autumn is persimmon, but you know, chestnut is also good, after all.”

“Yeah, like sticky rice with chestnuts... so a Marron pie?”

It's a small, neat one-person shape.

While a whole big pie is also good, it's more elegant this way.

“Yes, we did our best, all the way from the pie dough.”

“That is... Sakura looked like she really needed help, and so I was allowed to lend a hand.”

Saber making pastry... now that sure is unusual.

“That's right, folded pie dough makes for particularly great taste, but it does take quite a bit of work.”

“Folding it back like that several times is something that even I could do.”

It certainly seems like endlessly folding that pie dough is pretty laborious. Frozen dough exists for a good reason.

“It was very interesting work, Shirou.”

“So, my collaborator Saber got the first taste...”

Ah, so that's why Saber was eating in Sakura's room.

A sampling that became an extra snack between meals.

“So it's actually the result of cooperation between the two of you. How is the taste, Saber?”

“Yes, the sweetness of the chestnut and the texture of the dough work exceedingly well together. My hat is off to Sakura's skill with pastries.”

“Thank you. And to you, too, the dough work was worthy of a royal title.”

“Is that right...”

How do I say it, the atmosphere between these two is unusually friendly.

They usually get along, but today, the sweet atmosphere is not unlike some secret girls' tea party bond.

“Oh, right. Saber, how were the cakes in your country? Were there lots of unusual fruits and fillings?”

“Ah... Unfortunately, sugar had not yet seen much use around that time. Such sweet confections had yet to be developed.”

“Ah... is that so?”

“For the banquets, the cooks tried their best with the skills they had......”

When she talks about her country's food, Saber dulls in an indescribable way.

However, England is the birthplace of afternoon tea. The rest of the cooking aside, shouldn't the snacks taste good even if they're a bit simple?

“Then... a cake like Mitsuzuri-senpai's was the usual fare, was it not?”

“What? Wait, Mitsuzuri? She bakes cakes?”

“Yes, I got a few from her. She's pretty good at making the kind with baking powder, didn't you know?”

“American... that's right, mass production like that is something she would sure be great at.”

Finding a breakthrough technique to improve a sketchy taste would certainly be Mitsuzuri-style.

I want to see her try making okonomiyaki one of these days.

“The New World's cake... quantity before quality, and who cares what the others think.”

With a clink, Saber puts down her fork.

The sampling of the marron pie seems to have promptly come to a conclusion.

“This was a splendid display of skill. A sample like this will hold its ground even against La Fleur's Western confectioneries.”


Personally approved by the Saber, the picky gourmand herself, the pair's marron pie is set to be a big hit.

Then, one more thing...

“Hey Sakura. Is there still some left?”

“Yes, everyone's portion is still baking, so let's have it as a dessert after lunch.”

“Good. Now the dessert for lunch is decided.

The thing is, I can't really think of a good lunch to go with it. After all, even after udon, a marron pie is...”

“I don't have a problem with noodles.”

“Then pasta? We have some canned anchovies, olives and vegetables to go with it.”

“All right, then we'll go with a light lunch.

The masterpiece you two made cannot be truly appreciated with a full stomach.”

“It's okay, Senpai, everyone has a separate stomach for sweets.”

Saber nods vehemently in agreement.

―――Such overwhelming persuasive power. Our females' formation is really reliable at times like these.

“Okay, let's not worry about making it lighter.

Since you made the pie for all of us, I'll prepare the lunch by myself. You two can take it easy for a while.”

“Yes, we will accept that kind offer.”

The two respond at once in harmony with each other.

Nodding and smiling, I leave the room.

Well then.

Let's go make some extra special tasty pasta to be a worthy match for the marron pie.

School・Day 2 One day at the archery club


The sound of rippling wind comes from the practice floor.

Is the archery club holding a holiday practice session?

It's been a while since I quit, but the sound of a quivering bow string still makes my footsteps stop.

“...I guess I'll just watch for a bit...”

If a competition is coming up, it'd be best to leave them alone, though.

At least Fuji-Nee or Sakura should be there, so just watching shouldn't be a problem.

“Excuse me. I'm Emiya, third year. I'll just be watching―――”

“Oh, it's Emiya. How nice of you to visit on a day like this.”

The one greeting me is the former captain, Mitsuzuri.

And as I look for any other familiar faces―――


The present captain, Sakura, silently nods in my direction.

She doesn't run up to me, I guess she's busy.

Fuji-Nee, the advisor, seems to be absent.

“I just wanted to watch the practice. Can I come in?”

“Holidays are an odd choice of time for that.

Even some of the regular members are absent.”

She says that, but the club looks just as full as on a weekday. The atmosphere is tense, as if everyone is meticulously preparing for a competition.

“You guys are picking up pace, right? I'll go if I'm a bother.”

“It's okay. It's our club's tradition to not block passage to anyone who enters.

Come on in, Emiya.”

“Alright, then―――excuse me.”

I take off my shoes and step onto the wooden floor of the practice range.

“Here, this way.”

“Oh, thanks.”

Walking along the walls, I sit down in the corner in the waiting room.

“It's okay without a cushion, right?”

The club members do seem to be aware of my presence, but being preoccupied with practice, do not look at me directly.

“So, what are you up to with this weekend visit?

What, did your own training start going downhill?”

“Nah, nothing like that. I just came here on a whim.”

“Oh? And here I thought you couldn't take it any longer without your bow, and came to pay the piper.”

“If that were the case, I wouldn't have come empty-handed. I still take care of my bow and arrows.”

“Right. Well, I do wish you'd come at least once before graduating. The fact that we still have unfinished business between us is what bothers me.”

“...Ugh. I would like to agree, but I have to say that it's not in my control to do so.”

That is, it's a question of principle.

Similar to a mental trauma, unable to do what was simple before, I guess.

“Good grief, don't let yourself get rusty to the point of having to start from the basics again.


I turn to see what she's been looking at, still maintaining her bitter smile.

“Yamazaki-kun? You are turning the bow as you release, aren't you?”


YugaeriBow turning around happens not because of your wrist, but more like this―――Relax your grip and let it happen, don't turn it by force.”

“Yes, Captain Matou.”

“Fujiki-kun, your uchiokoshiraising the bow is too quick, no?

It should be more like... steam rising up, you see it?”

“Right, I see.”

“Owaki-san, you seem to be leaning on it.

Relax a bit more, and you can confirm in front of a mirror later.”

“Yes, Captain.”

“......Who'd have thought.”

Sakura briskly gives out instructions to everyone.

She looks completely different from her usual self.

“Hey, Mitsuzuri.”


I ask quietly, so as to not let others overhear it.

“Has Sakura always been that resolute?”

“What did you think she was like?”

Asked a question in return, I scratch my chin in thought.

The way she usually is, it's really hard to imagine her as a captain...

“...I thought that, being under such pressure, she'd try to take on all the problems by herself, fighting them alone, fruitlessly, maybe... something like that.”

“Mmm... Well, she was like that right after she took over.”

Mitsuzuri reminisces with a sigh.

“I thought that being a captain might have been just too much for her, but I guess it all worked out? But I sure had a lot of doubt at first.

Although I've been helping out, too, trying not to interfere too much―――”

“Well, my intuition was correct, after all.

Matou matured beyond all reckoning, and is now the one true representative of the club.”

Mitsuzuri grins, as if boasting about a piece of art she painted herself.

When I first heard that Sakura was about to become the new captain, it took me completely by surprise.

And while I might not get a chance to talk to her, seeing how busy she is, watching her become one fine captain makes me pleasantly surprised.

“It's the seniors' practice next.”

“That is, our turn.

Watch and admire, Emiya.”

Mitsuzuri stands up and heads toward the range.

As I think that her self-confidence is very well justified―――

“Aah, Sakura.”

“We greatly appreciate you coming all the way here on a holiday, Emiya-senpai.”

She comes to the waiting room, and greets me with a deep bow.


My eyes widen.

Sakura here is not the Sakura at home, but rather Captain Sakura of the Archery Club.

“...What is it, Senpai?”

I must have sat there dumbfounded for quite a while, as she asks in quiet voice.

“Um, did I say something wrong?”

“No, not at all. Your greeting was so courteous, I was completely unprepared for it.”


“Oh, I'm impressed.

The captain's role really fits you well, Sakura.”

“Really? Me?”

“Now that you're the archery club captain, I, ah...”

“Yes, Mitsuzuri-senpai helped me out a lot at first.

And thanks to that, I was able to hold on and even receive the praise from you, Senpai―――”

“Captain Matou, I have a request!”

As we're speaking, someone calls Sakura from the range.

That voice... Ah, it's Mitsuzuri's little brother. It looks like he's glaring this way.

“I'm sorry, the freshmen are...”

“It's okay. The captain's duty comes first.”

I see Sakura off.

The moment she stands up, her expression changes to that of the club captain.

I return the quiet bow she gives me on the way out.


On her way to the makiwarastraw target, Sakura looks back.


“Um, it's a little difficult to talk here, so... would you mind going home together after practice?

If you could stay around for that long, of course...”

“Okay. I'll wait until it's over, so do your best.”

“I will. Then I'll see you later, Senpai―――”


Sakura's changed a lot.

When she came to our house, she was a girl that always cast her eyes downward and never smiled.

It's all thanks to―――Fuji-Nee that she's become so bright.

“If I didn't have Fuji-Nee...”

I was still but a kid when I took over Kiritsugu's house, and we used to fight a lot.

But above all, it was Fuji-Nee who cheered me up the most.

The fact that Sakura was able to become such a fine captain is probably due to Fuji-Nee's influence, after all.

Like a deity of good fortune, it looks like Fuji-Nee is someone our house cannot go on without―――

“Riiiight, hello everyone~!”

“Hello, Fujimura-sensei!”

“So, is it practice to death today~?

Oh my! Even the former members are present. Did you come just for fun, Shirou?”


...She hasn't changed one bit.

A bundle of light and joy that will shine until the destruction of the world, everyone's advisor and idol, Fujimura Taiga makes her appearance.

“...Hello, Fujimura-sensei. I hope you'll excuse my presence.”

“Oh, it's alright, take your time, Emiya-kun. Sorry we don't even have tea around to offer you.”

“No, it's competition time, you shouldn't be...”

“Hey, can someone bring out some tea~?”

“...I bet she just wants to drink it herself...”

"That's right," nods the archery club advisor herself.

...There's not an inkling of leadership that could set an example for Sakura.

She's just like the Fuji-Nee we know at home.

“......I'll have to decline the offer. But before that.”

“Did you perhaps... come to look at all the cute girls we have, even though you got so many at home~?

And perhaps the Big Sis herself is your first target!?”

Er, I mean.

Maybe, deep down underneath this seemingly careless exterior, there is a strict policy that Sakura managed to scoop out... really?

“Mmm, mmm. It must be the side effect of having seen me in my kendo uniform when he was a child. That must be why he's getting excited over girls in hakama now?

Right? You definitely are, right? Kya~! Run away~! All freshmen girls, run away~!”


A thundering voice echoes throughout the range.

“Sa... Sakura-chan...”

“Fujimura-sensei, this is a sacred dojo.

Please refrain from such vulgar comments.”

“Uu... uuuuuuuu......”

“And please don't forget that you're also bound to hold up the sanctity of the place.

Our visitor, Emiya-senpai, may be a former member, but it will look bad in the eyes of other members if you act so casually towards him.”



Sakura's disciplined Fuji-Nee into total submission.

“I apologize for the trouble our supervisor caused you.”

Although Sakura helped me out of that mess, I can't simply―――thank her when she's this angry.

“It always happens, so I don't take it too seriously?”

“No, I must apologize to you as a captain, on behalf of the club...”

“Captain Matou! Please!”

Mitsuzuri's brother comes at the opportune moment to interrupt.

...But... why is he glaring at me?

“I'm really sorry.”

“Thanks, Matou. Please go help out Minori.”

Mitsuzuri finally butts in.

Although she is kneeling properly beside us, she still somehow has a careless air about her.

“Matou sure took Fujimura-sensei down a notch.

That alone makes her a better captain than me.”

“You're unusually complacent against Fuji-Nee.”

“Well, she is a living legend of Homurabara, after all.

Her skill is what I respect. I can never match her.”

Mitsuzuri takes a stance with an imaginary shinai in her hands.

Side effect of having belonged to a vertical society that values physical strength above wit for a long time, I guess.

“Sakura-chan used to be such a good disciple of mine.”

“Whoa, Sensei!?”

“But then she became a captain and revolted against her own mentor overnight! Won't listen to her Onee-chan anymore, how sad...”

“Two years ago Shirou quit, and down went my archery club privatization plan Number One.

And with Sakura-chan this year, everything was lined up perfectly for the plan Number Two. Or so I thought... now she's my arch-rival.”

“S-So is that why you recommended Sakura?”

“Thus I hoped to make Mitsuzuri, another influential figure, my guardian in order to protect me from Sakura-chan, see?”

“B-But even then... I am due to retire soon, and I thought I'd refrain from meddling in club's affairs.”

“Yeah, when Mitsuzuri-san graduates, I'm going to be bullied by Sakura-chan every single day!”

“See, that's when I'll be leaving Minori to you. A shield, a substitute, a sacrifice. Use him however you like.”

“It's no good. Mitsuzuri-kun is already one of Sakura-chan's puppets!

Mitsuzuri-san, you're not the kind of cruel pupil that would just leave her old mentor in times of trouble, right? Right?”

“Uhh... That's, well...”

“D-Don't give in, Mitsuzuri!”


“The archery club's future is in your hands!”

“Right, you just need to switch with me until you graduate...!”

“I-Is that why you've been convincing me to rejoin for two years?”

“N-No, that's not the only reason... Right?”



“With a competition upon us, seeing our advisor using up what precious time we have like this―――And you, Mitsuzuri-senpai, just what are you doing in this sacred dojo!?”

“I didn't do anything!

And Matou, I always told you, as a captain, to keep the reigns tight on our advisor, didn't I?”

“Um, that is true...”

“Wait a moment, does that really fall under captain's responsibilities?”

“When will you come out of your shell? It's about time you stopped being a rookie!”

“Yes, I'm sorry!”

“All right! Go, go, Ayako-chan!”

“Stop with that. This all started because of your inappropriate behavior in the first place, Fujimura-sensei!”

“Eeeek! Sakura-chan's so scary!”

“That's the spirit. You can't always rely on the seniors.”

“Help me, Mitsuzuri-san! What kind of a martial artist are you, ignoring the perilous situation your master is in!? How heartless of you!”

“B-But the traditional spirit of kyudo is selflessness!”

“Sensei, swaying Mitsuzuri-senpai like so is cowardice!”

“Th... this is...”

“Stop causing trouble to us, Fujimura-sensei!”

“Don't leave me all by myself, Mitsuzuri-san!”

“Free me, Captain Matou!”

And so before I knew it, a power relationship not unlike a rock-paper-scissors game has been established.

“...Looks like you guys are really busy right now, so I'll be going.”

“Y-Yes Senpai. I will see you another time...”

“Emiyaaaa, take Fujimura-sensei with you~!!!”

“Shirou, bring me back the kind and caring Sakura-chan~!”



“Ah, Senpai!

Please wait for me by the school gate!”

“Captain Matou! Pleaaasse!”

The eff is wrong with this club...?

School・Day 2 Loitering on the way, main road

“Sorry for the wait, Senpai!”

The ribbon in her hair flutters in the wind like a feather.

Sakura comes trotting up to me like a baby bird that's found her mother.

“One of the younger members got injured and I had to treat her. Sorry I'm late.”

“I see. You must have it tough, being captain.”

I didn't think she'd take her new role as a captain of the archery club this seriously.

It's as if a mask has been removed from her face - that's how I'd describe Sakura today.

“What do you want to do? Shall we drop by Shinto?”

If she wants to talk, we can take the long way there.

“Umm... if it's okay with you, could we go to the shopping district in Miyama?”

“Oh, you'd rather go there?”

Sakura draws the cell phone from her pocket to check the time.

“Yes, and if we go right now, we'll still make it for the evening sale!”

“Well, if that's the reason, I'll be glad to go.”

When you shop during a sale that attracts a lot of people, you somehow feel like you've gotten a better deal.

Sakura nods enthusiastically, and with that, we hurry on our way―――


The hustle and bustle that the limited-time offers attract is already here.

With today being the Saturday before a holiday weekend, it's even busier than usual, and every register is overflowing with customers.

“We did very well this trip, didn't we, Senpai?”

“Yeah, we saved a lot. Looks like we now have two packs worth of eggs and even two milk bottles per every person in the house.”

“Oh, sorry for making you carry all that.”

“Don't apologize; it's all going to get used at my house, after all. And isn't your bag pretty heavy, too? Want me to take it?”

“Oh no, it doesn't bother me at all. I'm glad I came with you, Senpai.”

Our arms laden with heavy grocery bags, we walk through the busy shopping district.

As one might expect of the two pillars of a kitchen-based household that are about to complete their provisioning run, the conversation quickly turns toward the well-worn topic of cooking.

“We have plenty of eggs and milk, so I was thinking it might be a good idea to bake a cake.”

“With the eggs, we could make some savory custard, too.”

“We always go through the milk so quickly, don't we? Everyone drinks it with breakfast, and then with lunch too.”

“You drink quite a bit yourself, don't you, Sakura?”

“Oh, really? I have a strong stomach, so even if I drink it right out of the fridge, it doesn't upset my digestion.”

Hehehe... I can almost hear Tohsaka's voice from somewhere saying, "Ohoho, what are you going to do when all that milk goes to your chest?"



Sakura stops in the middle of the road and turns toward the Edomaeya Bakery.

The shop counter is overflowing with freshly baked obanyaki buns, which a worker is arranging in neat rows in the bakery case.

Their sweet fragrance wafts through the air, making my mouth water.

“What kind do you want, Sakura?”

“O-Oh no, I'm fine, I don't...”

“You've been at the club all afternoon, haven't you? Hasn't all that exercise made you at least a little hungry?”

“It did, but...”

“W-We'll spoil our dinner!”

“Something this small would have already digested nicely by the time we get home and start the cooking.”

“I-I don't know about that...”

“Really? It's much better for a martial artist to have a healthy appetite, though.”

“Ummm... b-besides, I have to watch myself when it comes to sweets, and also, er, ah, there are all kinds of reasons!”

Sakura tries to cobble together a slew of excuses into one firm denial, but her eyes haven't strayed once from the obanyaki this whole time.

I should just end this the easy way.

“To tell the truth, I'm a little hungry myself.”


“But it wouldn't taste as good if I just buy one and eat it all by my lonesome, so I was hoping you'd join me.”


“Senpai... I feel bad making you go this far out of your way for me...”

“Don't worry about it. Besides, we'll buy some to bring back to Saber and Fuji-Nee while we're at it.”

“Oh, that's actually a great idea. In that case, let's go buy some!”

“Perfect. I'll hold onto the bags, so would you go in there and pick out a few kinds?”


“Thanks, Sakura.”

“Ahhh, it's so fresh there's still steam rising up from it.”

“Mm-hmm. I feel kind of bad for Saber and Fuji-Nee, but we should enjoy them while they're hot at least. Since we're the ones in charge of the kitchen, we should enforce a policy of making sure food is eaten while it's still fresh.”

“I agree.”

Her previous hesitation gone without a trace, Sakura eagerly opens the paper bag.

“Which do you like better, Senpai, bean jam or cream?”

“Hmm, I guess I'll take the bean jam one... Sakura, would you mind taking one of the grocery bags?”

Sakura takes a bun from the bag and brings it near her nose, inhaling its fragrance.

“This one must be bean jam.”

“Is that so... Hold on just a second. Let me put the bags down so my hands are free.”

“Here you go. Eat up while it's still hot.”

Sakura brings the bun in her hand close to my mouth.

The warm steam rising from it tickles my nose.

“...Sakura, you aren't... are you?”

“Say "aahhh," Senpai!”


“Senpai, is it good?”

gulp ...Sakura, this doesn't embarrass you at all?”


Sakura is all smiles, but I'm so concerned about the stares we're drawing that I can't really enjoy the taste.

“You know... I've been coming here to shop ever since I was little, so now wherever I turn, I see someone I know...”

“Oh, really?”

“Really. I guess it doesn't bother you because you're not worried about running into any acquaintances.”

“Ah, Matou-senpai! Are you on your way home?”


“Oh my, Satou-san. Running errands for your family?”

“Yes. Excuse me, but is this guy standing next to you your...”

“Guh, guhuhhh!”

“Ehehe, that's a secret.”

“Kyaaaa! Poor Mitsuzuri-kun! Ahaha.”

“? Did something bad happen to Minori-kun?”

“Guh, guhuhu!”

“Ahh, then please forgive me for interrupting the two of you. I'll be on my way then!”

“Oh, wait just a second. Would you mind taking our picture?”

“Your cell phone is so cute, Senpai! Okay you two, stand close together now... and say cheeeeeese!”


Sakura's junior leaves to continue her errand, but not before glancing back at us several times.

“...Uu... I thought the embarrassment was going to kill me...”

“It's not like I wasn't embarrassed, either. But can't you just go along with it and enjoy yourself?”

She smiles radiantly.

...Ooh. There's nothing I can do if you look at me like that when you say it.

“Senpai, say "aahhh."

The cream-filled ones are really good, too. The inside is nice and soft from the heat.”

“Sorry, the cream-filled ones are just too unorthodox for me. But thanks anyway.”

“Hey hey, how can you say you don't like something you won't even try?”

The sweet, lilting tone of Sakura's voice makes me gulp in an entirely different way.

Though she takes the prize for most levelheaded member of our household, she can be unexpectedly frank when we're out on our own together like today.

“What is it?”

“Oh no, nothing...”

“Heehee. You were surprised by what you saw at the archery range, weren't you?”

“Ah... yeah. I guess I looked pretty stupid, didn't I?”

“No, not at all!

Everyone's practicing really seriously for the autumn tournament right now, so I've got to hold it together as captain too. I must have surprised you, Senpai.”

“The autumn tournament, huh―――that's right, it would be about that time...”

I still regret not being able to participate in any tournaments, since I quit archery in the summer of my first year.

“Who're the likely candidates this year?”

“Ah, so you're interested, too, Senpai?”

“Among the third-years, there's the venerable trio of Mitsuzuri-senpai, Kudou-senpai and Kumehara-senpai!”

“Ooh, with all of them participating, it should be a sure thing... The only problem there is how volatile Mitsuzuri can be.”

“And from the juniors, we have Igaki-kun, followed by one Matou Sakura!”

“Oho, so you made it in too, Sakura? Good job!”

“Well, I am the captain, after all.”

“You sure are. No wonder Fuji-Nee said she could practically taste nationals this year.”

“Fujimura-sensei is just an optimist, that's all.”

“You can say that again. So, how confident do you feel?”

“How confident... hmm, let me think―――”

Sakura takes a big bite out of her obanyaki, deep in thought.

“I think the regional finals are a real possibility, at least.”

“You've really set your sights high. I promise I'll be watching over you from the catwalk over the stage when you speak at the assembly announcing your victory.”

“Eh... m-me? In front of the whole school?”

“Well, aren't you the club captain?

Oh, now that I think about it, what happened to Shinji? You didn't mention him as one of the third-year candidates.”


“Oh, he was one last year.”

“He said it was natural to quit now that he's a third-year, and stopped coming to practice.”

“Eh...? Did he really?”

Come to think of it, I haven't seen him at the archery range once since summer ended.

“I try to convince him to drop by once in a while, but, well, you know how he is.”

She talks about Shinji with a faint smile.

It wasn't too long ago that Sakura expressing her opinion of Shinji so openly would have been unthinkable.

“...He doesn't abuse you when he's angry any more, does he?”

“Oh, no...

Mitsuzuri-senpai always says "you need to let him have it!" and stuff like that, but I still can't just smack him around like she does.”

―――No, Sakura, that's not what I was talking about.

“Heehee. Don't worry, Senpai.

Nii-san's not like he used to be any more, and neither am I.”

Sakura smiles as she bites enthusiastically into the bun.

Not a trace remains of the fear that once crippled her―――

Sakura tells me all about the archery club as we walk.

About how surprised everyone was when she offered to do the cooking during training camp.

The time the younger members dragged her to a bowling alley for the first time.

The day she taught her massage skills to the club members, to great reception.

How she caught Mitsuzuri's brother and gave him a full-body massage after his shyness made him try to run away.

How Mitsuzuri just watched from the sidelines, grinning the whole time, and how all he could do the next day as a side effect of the massage was roll around on the floor.

Sakura stops suddenly.

And I follow. Side by side, we take in the uninterrupted view of the sunset town below.

“...This must be the first time, Senpai.”

“The first time?”

“Yes. Walking home with you, talking to you, stopping to eat with you... it's all a first.”

...I see.

Sakura came to get me and we walked to school together every day, but we were always busy with club activities or part-time jobs and never got the chance to go home together.

“My wish has finally come true.”


“Yes. To talk about friends and club activities, and even myself, with you, Senpai―――that was my dream.”


“I have a lot of them. There are so many things I want to do with you, Senpai, and I wished for this for so long... Am I asking for too much?”

“Not at all. I'm glad it was a wish that I could grant.”


Maybe she suddenly felt shy, since she took another obanyaki and crammed it into my mouth.

“Uff, Sakura, this one's cream-filled...”

But Sakura is busy trying to step on the tall shadow the setting sun throws in front of her, and doesn't hear a word I say.

“I'm really happy...”

...Oh well, I think, stopping myself.

It tastes a lot better than I expected.

“Thank you very much for keeping me company today, Senpai.”

“Is a few cheap buns all it takes to make you happy?”

“Heehee. Well then, next time I want to have dinner at a fancy restaurant all dressed up.”

Mmm... a high-level demand for an equally high-level restaurant.

Y-Yeah, I'd say that's realistic.

I don't know if I could make it happen right away, but as soon as I get the chance, I'll be able to grant this wish of hers too... I hope.

“A classy, elegant dining experience, huh? Got it.

If you don't mind waiting, I'll find a way to make it happen.”

“Yes. I'll wait for you as long as it takes, Senpai.”

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Day 3

Streets・Day 3 Persistent cooking Caster

I left the lunch arrangements to Sakura and went shopping.

Now then, what shall we do for dinner tonight. It's already fall, and it would be real nice to have the taste of the season.

“Yeah, like chestnut rice or something.”

Walking around like that, I come upon Caster.

Probably buying groceries, same as me.

Holding a grocery tote bag, she's looking at the store front. No need to call out to her, I guess.

Let's just quickly finish my own shopping here―――.

All done. Mackerel pike was on sale today, so that's what today's main dish is going to be. The mushrooms were looking good, too, and that will go with rice.

Thinking how to put those together, I notice Caster again.

For our timing to be the same, having already bought stuff and about to go back―――something is odd.

There isn't a lot of stuff in her tote bag, and she's still looking at store fronts.


Now that I have realized it, I can't just pass by.

I go greet her, as a fellow housewife.

“Hey, Caster. What are you up to?”

“―――Oh my. The boy from Saber's place.”

She did not notice me until I actually got a lot closer and called out to her.

I guess she was lost in thought?

“What about you, boy? I wonder what are you doing here.”

“Grocery shopping, as you can see. You too, I thought.”


With that, she looks at my shopping bags.

No wonder, some of the ingredients I just bought are still moving.

“―――Could it be that you can actually cook?”

“I can, no need to guess. I'm pretty much in charge of all housework. Aren't you, Caster?”

“Yeah, well―――”

That reply just didn't sound right.

“Also, it looked like you were wandering around, are you actually looking for something?”

“―――I wonder if you haven't been watching me all this time, boy.”

“No way, I don't have that much spare time. I went shopping and you happened to be here, that's all.”


“If you're looking for something, perhaps I could help? You're not familiar with the area yet, right?”

“Yeah, indeed, but―――”

A half-hearted response.

“Looks like I'm bothering you, I'll just go home.”

“...That's not it, boy.

I simply don't know what to make in the first place.”

“Um, I'm not sure how to interpret that.”

She lets out a tiny sigh, as if a tad bit embarrassed.

“Like I said, I don't know what to do with the foodstuffs in this country.”

“Ah, yeah.”

I see, so that's what it was. Come to think of it, Rider said something along those lines, too. Like what food to get and what to do with it.

―――No, wait, the situation's a little different here.

“So just tell me what you want to make, and I'll give you an idea of what to buy.

The kind of food that Kuzuki-sensei likes, for example―――”

“Souichirou-sama eats whatever I cook for him. I tried asking him already, he told me that anything I make is fine.”

That sounds awfully happy, the love-struck switch must be on already.

“Okay. If your beloved one is all you want to talk about, I'll be going now.”

“Stop right there, boy, that's not what it is!”


I'll die of embarrassment if we get mistaken for newlyweds in the middle of the shopping district.

“How about you just make what you can, Caster?”

“But Souichirou-sama seems to like this country's cuisine――― And besides, it's a temple we live in.”

...Are those really the words of the witch that entrenched herself in the temple, sucking up energy from the population of an entire town?

“Well, whatever... Just tell me what you're planning to make already.”

“―――Let's see...”

Caster is happily blabbering away about her Kuzuki-sensei, and I've not abandoned her yet. Eventually, I end up going shopping with her.

...Whatever dangerous consequences this might have, I'm not responsible.

Streets・Day 3 Three girls one day

“Ah, it's Emiya-kun!”

“Oh? If it isn't Emiya.”

“Geh, Emiya―――”

What a wide variety of greetings.

...And progressively less enthusiasm with each one.

“Oh, hey, Saegusa-san, Himuro-san and also Makidera.”

“Eh? Why don't I get the suffix!?”

Well, it wasn't intentional...

It's just that "Makidera-san" somehow sounds wrong.

“Mmm, then how about I call you Maki-chan?”

“Gah, that's just c-creepy! Only Yukicchi is allowed to call me by that name!”

“Really? I think it's cute.”

“Indeed, it does not suit you to say that, unfortunately. Please endure it, Makidera.”

Thus Judge Himuro states her final verdict.

“Dammit, why do I have just enemies around me... Guess it's the fate of an able girl.

Anyway, Emiya, what are you doing here?”

What does she mean "what" am I do―――

“W-Why am I here!?”

“That would be our line.”

“Could it be that you enjoy these too, Emiya-kun?”

Saegusa points to a particularly fluffy stuffed toy.

I never wondered about it myself, actually.

As I look around, Makidera talks as if she holds my very existence in contempt.

“Is he perhaps... selecting a secret present for Tohsaka!?”

“Ah, Tohsaka-san does like these sorts of things! Ohhhh...”

“No, Emiya's face seems to say otherwise.”

Yeah. I'm sure Tohsaka would prefer jewelry instead. Her needs and hobbies are directly connected.

“No, it's not Tohsaka, but there is someone I know who likes these things.”

“Oh, I see. And so you come here together just for fun?”

I nod, thinking back to the one time I did in the past.

"Soooo theeeeen," goes Makidera in an overly exaggerated tone.

“You sure are a lot more childish than you look.”

“How naive of you, Makinoji. That right there is his hidden charm, what makes him attractive. The thing that appeals to the potential mother-in-law.”

“Yeah, Emiya-kun is a nice person.”

...How did we get here, again?

And so the fact that I'm in a stuffed toy shop dawns upon me once again.

“Yukicchi, find anything good today?”

“Yep, there were a few cute ones, but I guess I'll pass...”

“I see. On to the next one then―――?”

And the three ladies start walking.

Great, now I can escape―――With that, I flee from the store.

From now on, let's try not to wander around like that.

“Oh, it's this month's track and field magazine... Aah, international track and balance ball training?”

“You've been keeping up, Makidera.”

“Well obviously, as an athlete I... What the, Emiya...?”

I meet Makidera once again in the bookstore.

...I wonder if she was taking the same path, or if she just decided to stop by the Verde.

Oddly enough, the two of us are now standing side-by-side in the same magazine section.

“Are Himuro and Saegusa still with you?”

“Yukicchi is over there―――”

Indeed, Saegusa is standing there, reading some hefty manga volume.

It looks like she's only skimming through it, though.

“And Himuro's right there. Well, who knows what she's reading.

Some psychology book or somethin'.”

Himuro is rummaging through the new releases section.

“And what are you here for?

Ah, maybe archery books?”

“...No, a DIY or a cooking magazine or something.”

“You sure smell like the practical type.”

Oh, give me a break.

...I used to read some specialized magazines in the past, just like she's doing now, but ended up never subscribing to any of them.

“Uh, Emiya, don't come close. I'm getting distracted.”

“Now that's just mean. It's not like I'm trying to keep you away from your books, either.”

“―――Yet another chance meeting, and Emiya meets Makidera once again.”

Himuro notices me right as I'm about to leave. And now that it would look odd if I just ran out, I wait for Saegusa to come over too.

“Oh, it's Emiya-kun again.”

“Hmmm... It looks like there is someone among the three of us he's interested in.”

“Makinoji, following that logic, you're the foremost candidate.”

Himuro quips pointedly.

Hehehe, a joke of the colossal kind.

“Eeeeh!? Maki-chan likes Emiya-kun!?”

“The other way around! Not that anything of this hilarious sort could happen!”

“In that case, it would mean that Emiya has lost to Makidera's charm.”

This is fun...

However, Saegusa's cheeks are already burning red. Her naive nature must have not caught onto the joke yet.

“No way! Balderdash! Look, see? Even Emiya's eyes are saying that! Watch out for the Emiya-beam!

...And besides, isn't Kane more like his type?”

“...That may be...

Emiya, you have quite a refined taste in women.”

“Eh, so t-that's how it is!?

I-It's not me, then...!?”

I can't tell whether she's relieved or disturbed.

“They say that to bring down the general, shoot his horse first. Emiya's real target is yet unknown to us, and it might even be you, Saegusa.”


“I'm the horse!? Emiya! If you make Yukika cry, I'll make sure you wish you were never born!”

As I remain silent, the three of them get more and more excited.

...I see. These three make for one well-balanced party.

“However, this may also be just a simple coincidence. See, Emiya looks like he's about to cry.”

“Y-You're right... Ahaha...”

“Hmph... Sure had some scary thoughts going for a moment there.”

You stole those words right out of my mouth.

“...Ooooh, these frames are really popular for mid-distance track. Laser-red lenses, I guess?”

“Ah, the sunglasses?”

“Huh, there are quite a few athletes in this class. Not so good for me.”

The three have gathered around the magazine Makidera is holding, each one of them having something to say.

I glance over and see a wide variety of runner eyewear.

“Right, Kane-chan, you do need glasses.”

“Then they should be prescription―――Damn, that's expensive.”

Prescription sunglasses, and sports ones at that... Must be even more expensive.

I would like to say that track and field has seen new technology come in, whereas archery has remained basically the same since the olden times... but then, even bows have improved with the usage of carbon fibers.

As I'm lost in thoughts like these, Saegusa happily...

“This would so suit you, Maki-chan.”

“R-Really? What do you think, Himuro?”

“Hmmm... it's a tough call. What do you think, Emiya?”

“Eh? Me?”

Makidera with sunglasses? I let my imagination run wild for a moment...

“...It'd definitely look like an evil villain straight out of an American comic.”


Either way, perhaps it was a little too accurate.

“R-Really? That means it's cool... right?”

“...I can see what you're trying to say. Yes, a person does look naturally evil with their eyes covered―――”

“Keh! Why can't you just simply say that I'd look cool and elegant like a black panther!”

So she just wanted a compliment.

What's this? I thought she was only violent, but she has a cute side, too―――Or does she?

“...At any rate, it'd fit Makidera better than me.”

“That goes without saying. Emiya, you wear it. If I'm the villain, then you'd be like a mid-boss.”

“What if the two of you have a matching pair?”

“...Then it'd be like a mafia boss with her henchman.”


And... SHE is my boss......?

““Uuuh, UUUUAAAAAAAH!!!””*

“Ah.... they're both crying....”

“I don't want a boss like her!”

“I don't want an underling like him!”

“―――Maybe just companions would be better...”

“That sucks, tooooo!”*

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Day 4

Streets・Day 4 Sakura and Caster, united edition

I finally made it to the shopping district.

It's a little early for lunch preparations, but I walk around, looking for any big sales, and...

Suddenly, I see Sakura.

Oh, this is great. We can talk about today's menu―――


I stop and have a good look at her companion.

There's no mistake.

...A Caster-Sakura duo, huh?

I've seen her around lately, but it's rather unusual for someone to accompany her.

“Ah, Senpai!”

Sakura turns around and calls over happily.

“Oh my. Emiya-kun, isn't it? Good day to you.”

―――None of that "boy" business.

That in and of itself is weird, but she's also standing next to Sakura and smiling happily.

A cataclysm, or a chance granted by the heavens?

“Hello. You know Caster, Sakura?”

“Oh? You've met her before, Senpai?

Ah, it's because she's staying at Ryuudou-senpai's house. That makes sense.”

“I suppose I don't need to introduce myself.

Hello, Emiya-kun. I'm friends with Matou-san.”

“Senpai takes care of me at his home.”

“Yes. We are both in a rather similar situation, and we just had a little chat.”


I gulp down the retort welling up in my throat.

This Caster is not the Caster I know.

No matter how one looks at it, she's a well educated woman and a perfect, beautiful wife.

Well, this is a truly unbelievable situation.

“...Um, excuse me.

I have a small question, if you will... How did you two get to know each other?”

The extreme shock made me go into news reporter mode.

“Right, you see...!”

“Ah, what a cute young lady.

What was it called nowadays? A maid? Anyway, a family-oriented woman nowadays is great.

So, what do you say? If you're done shopping, why don't we hang out? I'll carry your stuff and all.”

“Eh, um, t-that's...”

“Don't be so scared. I ain't gonna run away with your groceries and eat them. I just like to enjoy life when I can, that's all. You'll have a sweet time, won't be bored, and you won't regre―――”

“Hold on a second, you mongrel!*

THIS IS THE MOUNT MIYAMA SHOPPING DISTRICT! I cannot allow selfish and conceited behavior here, not even if the churchheavens permits it!”

“Geh―――It's the witch from the mountain.

Piss off. I was talking to the lady, the YOUNG lady.

Understood? Not some old hag with no children. Take your mackerel and flounder and get your ass outta here!”

“Old... hag?”

“Hohohoho. I didn't quite get what you said, Lancer. Would you like to say that one more time?

Just so I won't need to hold back. I'll make sure you're rolling around on the grill like the worthless hotdog you are!”

“You dumbass, what are you doing!? Learn to recognize where you are and what you're allowed to do there!”

“Come to think of it. I am a customer, and you are, what, a clerk at a fish market? You should learn how to put a smile on your face to greet customers even if it doesn't suit you.”

“Keh! Somehow the damn vixen managed to get used to shopping―――Dammit, today's really not my day! Screw this, I can't afford to get fired here toooo!”

“Hehehe, you are unwise, Lancer.

Shopping district is the housewives' domain, better believe it...!”


I'm sorry for all the ruckus, young lady. Perhaps I should not have intervened?”

“Ah, n-no, thank you!

Um, if you don't mind me asking, what's your name―――”

“...And with that we became friends, see?”

“Caster, do you mind, for a moment...?”

I motion Caster toward a corner of the store.

“Hey, what's going on? I'm thankful you helped Sakura, but... you're not planning something again, are you?”

“Do not worry. I have no other intentions. I just didn't like Lancer's reckless behavior here.

Men like him have always annoyed me.”

She curves her lips in a beautiful smile.

It doesn't look like this elegant newlywed wife is lying.

“And Matou-san is Souichirou-sama's student.

She's been kind enough to tell me a lot about the school.”

“...Oh? So Issei doesn't talk about stuff like that?”

“He... Well, he's kind of a brother-in-law to Souichirou-sama, and I wouldn't mind if we were a little closer...”

“Then if you marry Kuzuki-sensei, you'll be Ryuudou-senpai's sister-in-law!”

Wow... Issei's misfortune with women seems to never cease!

“You'll become less reserved with each other after that.

I'm jealous of Ryuudou-senpai... Right, Senpai?”

“...Yeah, maybe.”

“I'm envious. Newlyweds... it's so lovely!”

“Hehehe, oh no, I feel embarrassed now.”

She may be acting humble, but there's no hiding the joy overflowing from within.

All right, all right, Caster-san. No matter how calm you pretend to be, it's all there, in plain view.

“And what about you, Matou-san? Have you met the man of your dreams already?”

“Eh?! U-Um...!”

“I mean, um.... I n-never had a relationship where I thought as far as m-marrying, and it's still a while before I start considering it, and―――

B-But even though his parents aren't here, I do get along pretty well with his guardian, so, sometime in the future, I...”

Flapping about, Sakura makes weird motions.

“Hehe, isn't that cute?”

And Caster just looks on with a smile.


Maybe she's embarrassed because she comes here often and doesn't want someone to overhear, or something―――?

Eeek! Isn't that Rider looking at us from over there...!!?


...Rider glares this way, not as if to jeer, but more like a snake focusing on its prey.

“...Isn't that so? Senpai!”


“Aren't you my teacher at cooking?”

“Well, if you mean the basics, then I guess.”


It's good to be cooking for Souichirou-sama, but preparing meals as a couple is just lovely.”

“Souichirou-sama, would you please take care of this porgy that came straight from Akashi?”

“Hmm, there's no need for a weapon.”

“Aaah, Souichirou-sama!

What skill you have at making live sashimiikezukiri! And with bare hands, too!”

“Although it differs from taking care of a living person...”

“A skill designed solely for snatching one's life away... To use it for peaceful food processing is a great experience. You have my gratitude, Caster.”

“Ah, such kind words... oh!

Aaah, I want to see you in an apron...”

...I suppose why they would make sashimi from a fish that's still alive in a Zen temple is a question best left unanswered...


Looking at it now, perhaps the Sakura-Caster pairing isn't all that strange.

On one side, we have a housewife. On the other, a staunch domestic helper.

Both seem to be the type to hold back their feelings, so they might actually be pretty similar.

“...Sakura and Caster are both magi, too.”

Being in public, I keep my voice low.

“Ah, I can't do it at all!

Even learning from Rider, I'm making no progress whatsoever. I'm totally different from Caster-san!

I couldn't possibly compare to her!”

“You don't need to put yourself down. You have plenty of potential... your latent powers are unbelievable.”

Mmm... Caster can see even those things.

“Ahaha, "As plentiful as the extra flesh you have," is what a certain someone once told me.”

...I look around.

Perhaps it's not just Rider. Any chance that Tohsaka might be passing by...?

“I think that we, as women, have a lot of roles to fulfill in addition to being magi.

But even with all those responsibilities, you have such a lovely home, Caster-san.

Right, I will follow in your footsteps!”

Sakura clenches her fists with determination.

As if saying, "I have just now opened my eyes to life!"

“And even being such a great magus, you are so kind and elegant. You are really admirable.”

“Why, I'm embarrassed. And I have plenty of imperfections, too.”

She laughs.

She sounds modest, yet, at the same time, somehow realistic.

“...Hmm, the combination of magic and everyday life.

Caster, what do you think about that?”

Since I don't know a lot of magi, I'm a little curious.

“That thought in itself is incorrect, boy.

"Magic" and "everyday life" cannot coexist. You should not even think about combining them.

The fundamentals of magic are "distortion and reversal." No matter what kind of magic it is, when used, it will distort the norm.

Therefore, if you want to live correctly, you have to separate magic from normal life.”

“―――You can't live in both worlds?”

“You must wholly live in both worlds, that is.

A magus is someone who crosses the boundary all the time. He is free to focus on either side, but he must never try to erase the line that separates both.

In order to fully immerse yourself in magic, you must exclude your normal life.

Once you choose that path as a human, you must create an inner and an outer face in order to master it.

Then you can start deciding how to live as a person divided between magic and real life.”

“Then how about you?

You are Kuzuki-sensei's wife now, but what about your side as a magus―――”

“It's no different from what it used to be, naturally.

I have no doubts about the magus side of myself.

I just use my powers as I see fit.

...But it's true that, nowadays, I don't turn into my magus self as often as I have in the past.”

“I see...”

“It is a long story.”

“Right now, both of us are women before we are magi.

But when the time comes, should you have the power to support the man you love... isn't that part of the wife's duty, I wonder?”

“I see... the power to make your loved one happy.

From now on, I must start on a rigorous training just as I did when I learned to cook!”

Sakura seems enamored by Caster, who gives off a feeling of being a senpai in life.

...I can't tell if it's a friendly exchange or a self-improvement rally.

“Right? That's how a caring woman should be! Imitating Miss Perfect is no good!”

“Mi-.... Miss Perfect?

Who the heck is that?”

I feel like I've heard the name many times before.

“Of course, Nee...... To, Toh... Toh-Tohno-san! There's just such a person at this rival women's academy!

The one that they call Miss Perfect.”

Oh? Guess every school has somebody with that nickname... And here I was about to guess Tohsaka.

Well, not that Sakura would speak ill of her elder sister.

“Oh? What sort of a girl is she?”

“It's really unbearable, this Miss Perfect. Everyone is fooled by her.”

"I'm also a victim," her deposition seems to say.

...Hmph. It sounds like Sakura really got treated badly by that girl from the rival school.

“She comes from a well-known family and is also a great beauty... her chest is flat, though.

She's a top student and even secretly excels in magecraft...

But she's basically one clumsy miser, and yet she puts on an air of superiority that has everyone in the dark!”


I'd never have thought there would be another walking paradox of universe in this world.

I can't say whether the world is big, or Japan is small...

“And now she travels all over the world, goes to a foreign school, and has an international career arranged for her! It's like having a 40cm cannon for a toy! Bam, bam, fire wherever you feel like!”

“Hmm... she seems to be wearing a thick mask.

It must be troubling to have such a person as a rival.”

“I-It definitely is!

She looks orderly on the outside, and everyone's getting fooled by that! And she has a flat chest, too!”

“Sakura, chest size aside, please continue...”

“O-Okay, we'll get back to chest sizes later―――”

“She's like a roller coaster, sucking innocent bystanders in for a ride, it's terrible.

But it's so high-class that these amusement park visitors are unable to complain, they are just forced to accept it. Without an attraction like this, the park's popularity would fall... Because everyone's attracted to Nee-.... I mean, to a Miss Perfect like this...”

“...That... is definitely a problem.”

But you've been making an interesting comparison for a while now, Sakura.

“B-But the biggest problem is, she's turned one innocent boy into a mindless servant!

N-Not that I would resist doing that once or twice, if I could!”

“Oh my. She sounds like a pro.”

“Ah, n-no!

Um, maybe the boy got used to it or something, but lately he looks happy when Miss Perfect is ordering him around.

But I still think it's bad to order people around! I am definitely against that!”

She exudes an aura of determination.

I involuntarily take a few steps back.

“I-Is that so... Sakura is... um, err...

V-Very kind. Y-Yes, that's it.”

"Hahaha," I squeeze a smile out of myself.

“Right! And so I would like to become a well-mannered wife like yourself, Caster-san!”

“Yes, I understand your story fully.

Matou-san, you want to rescue that boy and make him happy, right?”

“Ah, um... that's... I just think that something should be done about it.”

“But you have Emiya-kun, Matou-san.”

“Ah... No, that's...”

“I'm happy that you want to be like me, but...

Trying to imitate me would not do you any good.”

“Ah... okay.”

“I have my bad side too, so please learn from it. Nobody else needs to fall into an evil man's grasp―――”

One quick glare thrown my way is enough to send chills down my spine.

“You are not that sort of a man, are you?”

“I know that Senpai is a good person! Definitely!”

“So there you have it. How fortunate. Boy, this lady will definitely make you happy―――”


I don't know how to answer that, so I just keep silent.

“And you have nothing to worry about Miss Perfect.

The only important things are yourself and the one whom you hold dear.”


Really, you are an inspiration for wives everywhere, Caster-san! You're so different from Miss Perfect...!

Kuuh... it makes me tear up inside!”

I guess this is what it feels like to be crying out of happiness.

There's nothing fancy to them, yet her words seem to carry about as much destructive energy as her Rule Breaker.

Anyway, I'm glad that Sakura's problems are being solved.

“Could I call you Onee-sama, please, Caster-san?”

“Oh, my. It looks like I've made a cute little sister.”

“S-Sakura... an older sister... don't you already...”

“Senpai, let's invite Caster-san over to our house and listen to her advice on how to live life the right way!

Especially the part about dealing with Miss Perfect!”

“That is a tempting invitation. I'll think about it.

Right, won't you shop with us as well, Emiya-kun?”

“That sounds great! Senpai, let's go decide today's menu for lunch.”

“Ah, right, that's what I originally came here for, after all.”

...Something isn't quite right, but this isn't a good time to say "no."

Sakura is full of joy and cheer, and Caster seems unusually happy as well.

...Calm, yet painful, time marches on, wrapping around my neck like a silk string...

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