Loop 19

Day 1

Emiya Residence・Day 1 The King's clothes are a swimsuit (waterfront king- prologue)

Emiya Residence・Day 1 Saber lately

“Alright, Saber, I'll step outside for a mo―――

“Right. I will not take long to finish changing, so would you please wait here, Shirou?”

“Eh... Right here!?”

“Yes. I will be done soon enough.

If you were to leave, I have a feeling you will somehow find an excuse to avoid this―――”

“I-It's nothing like that.”

“Thank you.”

...but despite her assurances, here she is, squirming about and clearly having trouble with her clothes. The atmosphere is definitely not Saber-like.



“The ribbon got undone...

Where do you think this could have been tied at?”

“Ribb...!? I don't know!”

“If I could ask you to check instead...”

“No way!”

“Kuh, that's it!

Just put something on already―――ah, th-that's right!”

“Saber, get your armor out.”

“Eh... Why, there are no enemies to be seen here.”

“Throw something on already―――”

“...Would this be acceptable?”

“――――――, yeah... that works.”

The tension gone at once, I plunk down on the floor.



“After all, this battle uniform does fit me, doesn't it?”

“Pardon me?”

“Right, that is what I have been from the start.

Swimsuits and the likes of such splendid ornaments are...”


“No, there is no need for consolation.

Seeing your troubled self and the relief it brought just a moment ago, there can only be one conclusion.”

“It's just a misunderstanding, a naked figure is enough to throw anyone into a panic!”

“Is that so? My own naked body―――”

Just how does she see herself? Frankly, I have no clue.

Damn, how am I supposed to make her understand?

“La la, ooh yeah, the big brother's watching us, the big brother can hear us.”*

...What's up with the creepy humming?

Wait, the only one that could be singing this―――

“Indeed, it is Taiga, heading towards this room.”

“―――, wha...?”

“We're all big brother's sons, that's why we love our brother, but we ran away, betrayed the love, and here comes a car on a pitch-black night.”*

“S-S-Saber! Your armor!”

“Right... Oh no, I cannot let her see this!”

“We all land in prison, gray walls all around, we're all humans, not some Big Brother's children, yet.”*

“Saber, hide in here!”

I push her inside the closet.


“Oooh-no, oooh-no, little mouse, little mouse, stop it, little mouse! Oooh-no! Little mouse!

Saber-chan, you in there!?”

“...Eh? Shirou?”

“Yo. If you're looking for Saber, she's not here.”

The tension almost turns my voice inside out.

“Oh, is that so? I was just going to ask her about today's shopping...

You seemed to think we were starting a restaurant tour journal, though.”

“I see. I guess stuff like that is okay once in a while?”

“Oh. You are suddenly so understanding, great.

I leave you for 30 minutes and you've grown up already, good boy ♪”

“Yeah. I left the male viewpoint behind for a moment, and saw it through the eyes of the other gender.

And that's why you should go back to the living room, Fuji-Nee.”

“Ahaha, now that you've told me, go back I shall.

But why are you in Saber-chan's room, anyway?”

...Ugh, I guess my trick didn't work out.

Knowing Fuji-Nee, I thought it actually could...!

“Oh, well, I just brought tea for Saber.

I wonder where she went, seriously... Oh, that's right, maybe you can try the dojo?”

“Oooh, chocolate teacakes...”

...She ain't listening.

No, wait. This may be a blessing in disguise.

Those prized chocolate truffles, a rare and unique Noble Phantasm, will be more than enough to distract her...!

“―――Yeah. Let's have some tea, Fuji-Nee.

If we go out on the veranda, I'm sure she'll be lured out by the chocolate in no time.”


Fuji-Nee is staring at the back of the room with suspicion.

Following her line of sight―――

A tray on top of the table, an opened paper bag left on the floor, and, finally, Saber's regular clothes, methodically folded away in the corner of the room.



A piece of fatally incriminating evidence has been left behind.

...This would be a good time to get anemia, go pale and faint...

“Onee-chan thinks those clothes look an awful lot like the ones that Saber-chan wears.”


How many sets of her favorite hand-me-downs from Tohsaka could she possibly have―――”

“Hmm, still warm, she must have just taken them off.

Why would Saber-chan be changing, I wonder?”

“F-For a bath, maybe?”

“Did she run naked from here?”

“Um, well...”

“I bet she's still in this room.”



“Y-You're annoying the neighbors, Fuji-Nee!”


Our neighbors are all good people, they won't complain, no matter how much noise we make!

Whether we start a kitchen utensil band, or launch fireworks!”


A level of indifference worthy of an average city dweller.

“Yeah right, with all the strange noise you keep making, they probably just gave up!”

“Diverting the subject is futile!

Let us go and discover the scene of this inappropriate conduct!

Surrender yourself!”

“All I did was bring the tea, it's all a misunderstanding!”

“Miss Under, Miss Over, who cares!!!

You undress Saber-chan, scheming bad things, but then me, a bearer of justice, appears on the stage! "Oh no, this guy's top class," you think, and hide Saber-chan in the closet, but you're seen through in 1 minute 20 seconds flat...!”

You got it all wrong! Totally wrong, except for the closet!

And just say it was 80 seconds already!

“So, how about a little inspection?

Kekeke. I hope you are ready, Shirou.”


Ready for what, I wonder?

Ugh, I wish I could just disappear...

“It's alright, Saber-chan!”

A regular Servant would be able to dematerialize.

But since Saber has no spirit form―――


Yeah, I'm already done fo...

―――So it comes to this.

“Pardon me, it seems I had dozed off.

Did something happen, Taiga?”

“That voice... it's got to be Saber-chan.”

“So why are you in the closet and with a raincoat on?”

“Hm... I simply happen to be in the mood for it, occasionally.”

What kind of mood?

“S-... So that's where you were, Saber.

And I didn't even notice, ahahaha.”

“Eheheh, I see.”

“Righty, being too shy to show herself to Shirou, she hid in the closet instead, the super-maiden!”

“Say what...?”

“But, you know, this is the kind of pure innocence I admire.”

“Wh-What are you saying, Fuji-Nee?”

“And that's where you come in, Shirou!

Now that your Onee-chan approves, it may even get lovey-dovey―――Come, Saber-chan, it's time!”

“I refuse.”

“Oh you, Saber-chan.”

“Onee-chan might have to resort to using force, you know?”

“―――Please stop. You ought to realize that you are still no match for me, Taiga.”

"What do I do now?" her eyes are asking me.


It's a tough choice.

However, we cannot allow Fuji-Nee to see Saber's true form.

For Fuji-Nee's own sake, if anything.

"Do it," I signal to her.


Full of fighting spirit, Fuji-Nee comes charging at Saber!

“Please forgive me, Taiga.”

The two of them circle around the overcrowded room.

The skill advantage is overwhelmingly on Saber's side, but...

“Hehehe, don't take me lightly, Saber-chan!

Take that! Fuji-ryuu Secret Technique!”

“Um, Secret Truffle Throw!”

A black projectile flies through the air.

Is that the chocolate truffles I brought with tea―――!?


Her extremely sharp dynamic vision became her downfall.

Instinctively, Saber follows the path of the flying chocolate.

“A chance! Toooooryaaaaaa!”


...It's over.


“Who do you think you are, wasting food like that, Taiga!”

Hurry up and notice it already, Saber.

So, how do we explain the armor to her now―――well, I have no clue.

“Oh, so that's what you had on, Saber-chan.”

“What would you mean by "that"―――!!......?”

“...Um, Fuji-Nee. That's, uh...”

“Ehe, with an outfit like that, it must have been so embarrassing to show yourself to Shirou, I see, I see.”


“Fuji-Nee... aren't you surprised, at all?”

“Why would I be?”

“Well... you know, the armor she's wearing?

The plate mail stuff?”

“Right, awesome cosplay.”



“They show those on the news sometimes.

So this must a really fashionable one - that's what I thought, anyway.”

Living in a peaceful country, one peaceful inhabitant's peaceful way of thinking.

Peace is a wonderful thing.

“Th... That's exactly right! This is cosplay!

C-C-Came out great, right?”

“Really, and that's actual steel, isn't it?”

“T-That's the main attraction!”

“I didn't know we had such skilled craftsmen in this town.”

“I made it myself! In the storehouse!”

“Yeah, I can see you having the skill and the willpower for it.”

“It was tough, many times I almost gave up.”

“That's great. As your guardian, Onee-chan is happy for you.

By the way, what motivated you?”

“Um, well... I got a request for the cultural festival.”

“Now that's definitely a lie.”


“See, Saber-chan had those from way back when.”


“When did I ever appear in front of Taiga in this form...?”

“Watching a history drama at lunch, playing a game.

So when Saber-chan gets riled up, those are her special go-to clothes, basically.”

...Um, what can I say.

Whenever Saber really gets into it, she unconsciously transforms...

“Well, they do suit you, actually.

But shouldn't a girl look cute, after all?

I bought you a bathing suit, even.”


“You too, Shirou, make sure to escort her.

Saber-chan will be in trouble if you're too shy, you know?”


She scolds the two of us lightheartedly.

For now, the worst is behind us, the misunderstanding has been cleared... plastered over with a misunderstanding that's even more strange than the first.

“Alright then. Winning to Saber-chan, today's an unusually good day.

Oh, and Shirou, I'll have some tea and chocolate.”


Looking to be in high spirits, Fuji-Nee seizes one of the teacups.

I can do nothing but watch silently, even as she takes off with a large portion of the truffles.

“Cosplay, huh...? Guess it's popular even in this house...”


“Sakura-chan wears black pajamas with red stripes, and even Rider-san has a sexy purple suit.

Maybe I should get one of those~. But what would be good~? I guess a mask should work...”


“Yeah... Like a bad habit, I guess. Can't be helped.”

“Right, I will watch out from now on...”

“No need to get so depressed over it.

Oh, right, about that bathing suit.”


“There ought to be a better place to show it off.

How about we go to the pool in Shinto sometime?”


Quite out of character.

Scratching my cheek, I force it out.

“Um, I mean... I heard a new pool opened in Shinto, so...”

A brief pause.

Taking a quick breath,

“Yes, I will gladly accompany you.”

Just like that, a pool date promise has been made.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night・Ritual window

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Day 2

Lancer・Harbor Lancer

Lancer・Harbor Lancer's Heaven II

A clear sky.

The autumn mood is covered up by the intense sunlight.

The soft ocean breeze gently caresses my face. Only the screeching of seagulls breaks the peaceful silence of the docks.

Without argument, this is a perfect location.

Fuyuki's harbor. A refreshing spot for an old man that would like an afternoon stroll, or a sportsman training for a marathon. But...

For the two men, radical opposites of each other, the charged atmosphere may soon turn it into a warzone...!

“Wait a moment, there's another...!?”

Right behind Lancer.

That brown-skinned man enjoying his new-found leisure time, his strong back shining in the sunlight, can only be...!

“Heh, that's the sixteenth amberjack I've caught today.

This sure is a great spot; the fishing's so great it's almost funny. By the way, you back there, what's your catch looking like so far?”

“Can it. Why'd I talk to an ass like ya? Shut up and get lost.”

“Ha, ha, ha. Just those eight mackerel, huh?

Guess that's all that antique style of yours is good for, whooaaa, here comes the seventeenth!”

“How many times have I gotta tell ya to shut up, ya goddamn hipster?! You're scaring off all the fish with your yodeling!”

“Heh. Blaming others for your lack of skill used to be beneath you, Lancer. If the ones near you are getting away, then why don't you just switch to a rod with a reel?

Although I suppose such a modern tool might be too advanced for a Luddite like you... oh, do excuse me, here comes the eighteeeenth!”

"Yahoo!" cries the man in the red jacket.

...Well, this is a sight to see.

I never knew that adults reverting to childishness could be so unpleasant to watch...

“......Is this for real?”

...I get the overwhelming urge to just look away.

Dressed like a fine fisherman head to toe, with stylish pants and jacket, his distasteful implement a spare-no-expense 99% carbon fishing rod.

The reel he's using is the pinnacle of modern technology, a sixteen-ball-bearing, no-vibration model, with high-speed electric reeling to boot...!

“...Must be nice. That's the latest model reel he's using...”

That reel is the one artifact that allows the man in red to match, if not surpass, Lancer's experience and intuition.

All you have to do is input the data, and the reel can practically catch the fish by itself. It's all so overwhelmingly high-tech, one can hardly tell whether he came here to fish or to watch the machine do its job.

Everything else he's got with him screams top-of-the-line.

It must have cost over 203,000 yen altogether, enough to turn the most die-hard fishing freak green with envy.

Needless to say, all of it is bootleg, created through projection.

“Ha, ha, ha. The way things stand, there's no need to wait for sunrise, for it's over already! I started with just a light warm-up, but there's no need to even look now.

Hey, Lancer, you don't mind if I catch all the fish in the harbor, do you?”

“Yeah, yeah, just ya go ahead and try. That'll be the last day I call ya Archer.”

“Well said, Lancer.

Hoho, to think that this would be the battlefield where we sort out who's the top dog...! Let us decide, once and for all, which one of us is the king of this harbor!”

Archer is in high spirits, while Lancer just looks fed up with the whole thing.

...Told you, haven't I?

Speak of the devil and he doth appear.

I leave the harbor as quietly as possible, so as to not get between them.

....Praying, in my heart, that the guy in red won't have cause to change his name from Archer to Angler any time soon.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Day 3

School・Day 3-36 Invisible Servant

Afternoon at the schoolyard.

Maybe it's just the timing, but I see no signs of club activities.

As I look over the deserted grounds... I think I just saw somebody, standing with their back to me.

“No way, could that be...?”

She followed me all the way here.

“Hm? I knew it.”

My eyes weren't playing tricks on me, after all. Yep, that's Rider.

“Heeeey, Rider?”

“...Oh, is it you, Shirou?”

I call out to her as I step on the dry grass.

With the rustling sound of my footsteps, Rider would notice me approaching even if I stayed silent.

“It sure is unusual to see you come all the way to school on a day off.”


“Is it something to do with Sakura?”

Usually, when Rider comes to school, it is somehow related to Sakura.

There's no point in Rider being here otherwise.

“Yes, but I have already finished my errand. Now I am just waiting for her to return.”

“In a desolate spot like this? How about somewhere a little more lively?”

“Loitering at the range or another public place is bound to cause trouble for Sakura.”

I see, so that's why...

And still... Keeping her waiting in here just isn't right.

It would be great if Rider could come to the archery dojo too... Hmm, what's a good excuse to let an outsider stay at a dojo...?

“Ah, that's right. Do you want give the bow a try as well, Rider?”

“Me? I am not very good with ranged weaponry...”

Because of her "Rider" class, I guess.

But since one Heroic Spirit may fall into many different classes, there are ones that possess multiple abilities as well.

I look her over from head to toe.

Given that she already has strength and experience with martial arts, I see no problem with having her start archery training.

“...You've got the muscles, and I'm sure Sakura would be glad to teach you. That way, there'd be no problem being at the archery dojo either.”

Rider has been teaching Sakura magic lately, but I'm sure it'd be nice to have the roles reversed once in a while. It'd be a good incentive for Sakura too.

“―――Then would you teach me, Shirou?”


“You were tutoring Sakura, were you not?

Acquiring skills while training under an accomplished master is key to achievement.”

“U-Uh, I wouldn't really...”

Giving private lessons to Rider does sound attractive. And exactly because it is attractive, it would be problematic.

“Look, Sakura's the captain of the archery club, and she's pretty good at teaching. I may manage the bow and arrow part, but explaining it to someone else isn't―――”

“Is that so?

Indeed, your speech is rather sparse. However, is it not because of your guidance that Sakura now excels in cooking skill?”

“I appreciate that, but... See, Sakura would be glad to see you start archery training, and it wouldn't be nice for me to butt in.”

“I see... Then I will try asking Sakura for advice.

It is true that she was the one who suggested learning to be able to cook, but learning archery does, in fact, suit me.”

“Ah. Uh, there's no reason why you can't be studying both...”

“No. I lack the ability to manage two things at the same time.

I will inform Sakura that you have kindly recommended archery rather than cooking, Shirou.”


...I may have literally stirred up a hornet's nest... Oh well, I'll have to think of a way to follow up on this later.

“Also, being at Homurabara isn't out of the question... as a transfer student, maybe?”

“......No, that is not possible.

It may be possible for Saber, but a school uniform cannot possibly fit me.”

It would sure be interesting to try, though... no, wait a moment.

That's not the only type of uniform we have at Homurabara.

“That's right, Rider, you could be a school nurse.”

“Pardon me?”

“The person at the infirmary. A white robe would look good on you, right?”

So what would happen if Rider did become a nurse?

There'd be a long queue at the infirmary, for one thing. A school nurse as beautiful as that will make all the male students quite excited, no doubt.

Rider in her tight-fitting body suit, with a white robe on top, sitting with her legs crossed.

Yep, that's perfection.

“...Shirou. I am afraid I do not have the qualifications for that.

In addition, I am incapable of instructing people. This role may be fundamentally unsuitable for me.”

Says Rider, throwing a cold sidelong glance.

That's it. The embodiment of perfection itself.

Naturally predisposed to being a doctor, a title of a King, no, a Queen of Joy wouldn't be too farfetched.

“...Oh no, no. That's not it at all.

Rider. Even Fuji-Nee qualified for English teacher's position. And in your case, I think you'd have much greater persuasive power as a nurse.”

But they won't let you pass on just looks alone, sadly.

Rider at the school's infirmary. As good of an idea that was―――

“...I guess that's a no-go, after all.”

“Indeed. While I worry about Sakura, watching her 24 hours a day would be a burden for both of us.

It would be better if she could leave the world of magic behind and be at ease while at school.”

Dry grass rustling beneath her footsteps, Rider starts walking. There is no point in continuing this conversation in these woods.

“Then I will be talking a walk. This "infirmary" you have told me about, Shirou, has piqued my interest.”

“Yeah. Being a day off, I don't think there's anyone there, but should you be interested, I'll be happy to help.”

“......I shall think about it.

Until later, then. I will be waiting at the gate, so let us all go back together with Sakura.”

And with that, Rider leaves me behind.

...As for me, I could either go to the student council room or just stick around and kill some time―――

School・Day 3 Snake princess in the evening sun

I promised Rider that the two of us and Sakura will go home together, didn't I?

“Now then... I wonder if I'm not going to be the last one.”

However, the only one waiting at the gate is Rider.

“Huh? Rider, where's Sakura?”

“...I have a message from her.”

That can mean only one thing.

“The preparations for the archery club's next tournament are not yet complete.

She is very sorry, and requests that you go home ahead of her, Shirou.”

“I see. Sakura's really got it tough with all the work she has to do as club captain.”

“That is not the end of the message. May I continue?”

Hm? There's more?

She probably wanted to tell me to buy milk and eggs on the way home, or that we're running out of tofu.

As I urge Rider to go on, she continues in a halfhearted tone.

“Since she would be late, she asks that you go home together with me.”

“...Is that okay?”

It's Sakura who Rider ought to go home with, not me. It seems she understands that too, as she says her next words through gritted teeth.

“Although I said I could wait, Sakura did not listen. As she does not know how long it will take, she did not want to make you wait too long, and requested that I go back first.”

“...Thus, please give up and let me accompany you on the way home.

I do not wish to be a cause of Sakura's worries.”

“I got it, I'll go with you. I'll come back and pick her up later.”

“Please leave the night escort to me, Shirou.”

...Come to think of it, this has never happened before.

I've walked down this sloping road with Sakura, Tohsaka, and Issei, but never with Rider.

But we're going home together today.

Of course it would feel like a new experience.

...Also, it's great that today is a holiday.

If this were a regular school day, I'd have to face the curiosity and criticism of my classmates after being seen walking home with such a beauty.

“Is being accompanied by me a bother to you, Shirou?”

“No, it's just that this is the first time this has happened, and I'm a bit bewildered.”

“Then, does the fact that we left Sakura behind trouble you, Shirou?”

“...That's right. I was wondering if there was anything I could have helped her out with.

But Sakura's the archery club captain, and it isn't good for me to meddle in her business too much.”

It's been a while since I withdrew from the club.

To the first-years, even though I'm an acquaintance of Sakura's, I'm just an outsider.

I'm a nobody compared to the former captain, Mitsuzuri... which reminds me of something, and I turn to Rider walking next to me.

“Rider, how were you introduced to the archery club members?”

“Ah... yes, as a friend of Sakura's family.”

“A relative from abroad or something?”

“With Illyasviel and Saber already here as a precedent of sorts, nobody has ever made any further inquiries.”

I guess they wouldn't.

If you think about it, it would seem like the archery club at Homurabara has a had a lot of unrelated foreign guests going in and out lately.

Illya made quite an impact when she first showed up there... no wonder, for a silver-haired little girl who looks like a heroine from a picture book or a movie.

“If there were any problems to speak of, it would be the way that Mitsuzuri Ayako behaves whenever I happen to be present. That is, she seems to be rather shy.

...Honestly. She acts almost the way a frog being stared down by a snake would. I would really like a chance to give her some training.”

“No... uh, it's not Mitsuzuri's fault...”

In fact, Rider herself is the main cause there.

The memory of being attacked, then having her blood sucked out remained in her mind, but who did it is still not known.


There's no doubt that Rider was the attacker.

“...Isn't it exactly like a frog being stared down by a snake?”

“Such rudeness from you as well, Shirou? To swallow up one who interests you in one gulp would be extremely bad form.

Also, rather than a frog, Ayako is more like a mouse, or, no, a cute little fox cub.”

“...You're the one who mentioned the frog, you know.”

“A figure of speech.

...Anyway, although there were a number of unfortunate incidents between us, I would like to reconcile with her one day.

I'll be counting on you when that time comes, Shirou.”

“...All right, I'll help out where I can. I can at least serve as a mediator for the two of you.”

We slowly make our way down the hill road, chatting idly all the while.

Going back quietly like this isn't bad at all.

“Even Rider...”

“Is something wrong, Shirou?”

“―――No, it's nothing.”

When she turns back to me with that smile on her face, I go silent.

I'd have no problem getting a conversation going with anyone else, but there's still a definite sense of formality between the two of us.

Still, we did get to talk quite a lot today... her presence used to make me recall some rather frightening past incidents, but I'm starting to trust Rider a lot more lately.

She's like an elder sister―――in a different sense of the word than Fuji-Nee. The contrast between trustworthiness and an aura of danger gives her a certain charm.

She can be quite frightening and difficult to approach at some times, yet also have a sense of familiarity at others.

Without saying a word, I simply gaze at the ribbon swaying in Rider's hair, until―――

―――we arrive home.

“I have escorted you home, Shirou, and my mission is now complete.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it. I'll go on in and get dinner started before Sakura gets home.”

“Rider, what about you? Would you like some tea?”

“No, I must go back to pick up Sakura soon.

I shall be going then, Shirou.”

Rider's gallant loyalty to Sakura remains unchanged.

It gets dark out so quickly in autumn, and it's reassuring to know that Sakura will have Rider to see her home.

“I see. In that case, let her know that I'll take care of dinner tonight.”

“Understood. Then―――”

“Welcome back, Shirou. Rider, will you be going out again?”

“I am returning your Master, and am now off to watch over my own.

Then, excuse me―――”

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Day 4

Demonic Nest Arriving at the Castle

Demonic Nest・Leave it to the quiz tiger

“Hmmm... since it's kind of a pain, so I'll leave the choice up to you.”

“Ah, for real? What a good boy you are, showing such proper respect to your superiors. Onee-chan's so happy.


“Don't leave such an important choice to a foe---!”*

“You rank amateur! Did you think you could get by the Quiz Ogre so easily?!

Fie! A weakling like you is only fit to taste the wrath of my Super High-Level Quiz!”

“Hehehe. Only those who achieve a perfect score shall be granted a lovely wallpaper featuring yours truly!”

Demonic Nest Forest alcohol, more

Demonic Nest Twilight Castle

Demonic Nest Back on the street

While I'm happy to receive Illya's kind invitation, I'd better be getting back to town.

The Heaven's Feel is restarting.

I went out to the castle without telling anyone, and I bet they'll start worrying right about now.

“Thanks, Illya, but I'd better be getting back. I'll stay the night next time I come over.”

“Ehhh? But won't it be difficult to go back now?

I guess you're still worried about Sakura and everyone.”

“Milady, we must not be unreasonable.

Come, Leysritt. Emiya-sama will be leaving now. See him out as far as the forest.”

“...Okay. Too bad though. Shirou, going home.”

That takes care of that.

I really hate to go, but this is it for today.

“See you, Illya! I'll be back again!”

I wave to her as I say goodbye.

“...Hmph. Fine, but you'd better stay over next time like you said. You'd better do it, Shirou!”

“Well done, Emiya-sama. It seems that even you can show moderation at times.”

Liz shows me out of the lobby.

It will probably be dark out by the time I get back to the city.

Well then―――how should I spend the final night...?