Loop 2

Day 1

School・Day 1 Fuji-Nee's teacher form

“Good morning, Fujimura-sensei.”

“'Morning~. How's everyone doing~?”

A relaxed morning greeting that does not befit a teacher.

...Well, it is Fuji-Nee, after all. Looking sharp really isn't like her.

“It doesn't bother me, but the way it's going...”

“What is it? What bothers you, Shirou?”

Fuji-Nee notices me shaking my head.

Here, we're strictly teacher and student, but it's just before homeroom and class hasn't started yet.

“Oh, nothing. You're just being your own self, as usual.”

“Mmmmmph. Are you trying to say that I don't look like a teacher, Emiya?”

“It's not that bad... No, I don't particularly care right now.”

We see each other all the time, and know each other's problems all too well.

Putting it that way, it's an ideal teacher-student relationship where nothing needs to be hidden―――one could say, but it's just natural for siblings.

“Mmmhm. Shirou, shouldn't you start taking it seriously too?”

“Eh? Did I do something?”

“See, it's not long till you graduate, and you're still playing around, aren't you. That's no good, that's really no good. As your teacher, I'm concerned, very concerned.”

Fuji-Nee keeps lamenting, but she doesn't sound serious.

I suppose that's why students find her easy to approach for all sorts of advice. It's her natural personality.

“Shirou, you should rely on your homeroom teacher too and ask me for advice.”

“Like tonight's dinner menu?”

“Ah, meat would be great――― Yep, lots of protein and fat in those steaks!”

Early morning at school, and this is what we end up discussing?

All of a sudden, a figure walks past, shadow-like―――

“Good morning, Kuzuki-sensei.”

“Ah, good morning.”


That was Kuzuki, the strict ethics teacher.

It is said that students admire him more with every year they spend in school, and I was no exception. As I went into my third year, I began to appreciate his style.

“Fujimura-sensei, about this month's arrangements.”

“The preparations for the cultural festival and exams, right? Oh, what did they decide about the date for the regular teachers' meeting?”

“It is in the evening today. There is also the matter of guidance counseling for the seniors.”

“Right. Career choice is definitely important. But since the students respect you well.”

Fuji-Nee is holding a very professional conversation.

―――I instinctively reach to rub my eyes to make sure I'm not dreaming.

“No, I am not quite as popular as you are, Fujimura-sensei.”

“That's not true. Look, Emiya-kun's expression says it all.”

Don't just dump it on me.

I can't relax in front of Kuzuki.

“I believe you are a teacher I can rely on, Kuzuki-sensei.”

“...I see. I will try to live up to your trust. Well, then.”

Kuzuki heads towards the classroom.

The moment his slim figure disappears down the hallway―――the two of us breathe a collective sigh of relief.

“Really, Shirou, acting like a good kid all of a sudden.”

“And you, stop feigning innocence all of a sudden... I mean, you sure can pull it off.”

“What's with that tone? You aren't lumping me with the delinquents, are you? Hm? Delinquent? Girly?”

The idea of being called a "girl" apparently pleases her, so she repeats it a few times.

“...Don't see a problem. Ah, but if I was raised by a delinquent, wouldn't that make me one, too?―――”

Looks like we wasted all of the pre-homeroom time on this.

“Ah, it's almost time. Mmh, I'm sure you're not a delinquent.

Alright, to the classroom.”

“...Ack, we should just about make it this time.”


She dashes forward with an odd battle cry. No way!

What happened to the serious teacher just now―――?

“Hey, hey, you'll be late if you don't make it, Emiya-kun!!”

“Kuh, delinquent or not, get your own identity sorted out first...!”

School・Day 1 Let's go for lunch!

“Emiya, let's go eat lunch.”

For reasons unknown, Shinji came up to me and invited me to join him for lunch.

Totally out of the blue, but it does happen a few times a year, so it's not that surprising.

“Okay. I brought my own lunch, though.

You? Should we go get something from the cafeteria?”

“Cafeteria? Nah, not in the mood for cheapo stuff. Why don't we just go out?”

Out...? I guess he means the shops in Miyama.

I hear it's reckless, but it's not impossible to get back before fifth period if we hurry up.

“...I guess once in a while is okay. I could just give my lunch to Gotou-kun as thanks for the other day, too.”

“Ooh, then it's settled already! Alright, in return for being earnest, I shall introduce you to my one prized shop today. See, I found this amazing pasta place near work.”

“? Wait, if we go out to Shinto, there's no way we'll make it back in time. Let's just go to somewhere in Miyama.”

“We can just skip. Don't you have enough credits to pass already?”

"Come on, let's go," he keeps bugging me as if it's now or never.

...I have my reservations, but I just can't get the words "amazing pasta" out of my head.

For Shinji, very particular about taste, to praise it so, it may well be worthwhile―――

“Fool! To bring down a fellow classmate to your level, that is unsightly, Matou!”

And so Issei, who was listening (eavesdropping) in the back, interrupts with the flames of justice.

“What is it, Ryuudou? Where we go out to eat is none of your business. You are a third party. Please keep your mouth shut.”

“It is my business. My classmate is being led astray by a delinquent's deceptive words. It is only right that I should step in.

And besides, Emiya made a promise with me first. Right, Emiya?”

“Eh... Sorry, I don't... remember.”

But if Issei says so, it's probably true.

I've been having trouble remembering things recently, for some reason.

I probably said I'd go to the student council room in the morning.

I really don't recall saying that, though.

“You mean you replied without thought...? Really, I was going to stay quiet since I thought you would refuse, anyway, but the force of his attack is too severe.

Well, let's go, Emiya. I will bring out our most prized tea leaves today. The kind that no Shinto Italian place can compare to.”


I'm being dragged to the student council room.

“Huh? Say what?

"Come to the student council room when you're free," isn't that what you always tell him?

That's not a promise or anything. Nah, isn't it more like an order? When did you pass the rule about having lunch in the council room if you've got nothing better to do, Mr. President?”

“Why would someone even write a rule like that?

Lunch in the council room was arranged with our mutual agreement. Emiya, tell him. Tell him that you made the promise with me this morning.”

“Eh―――I did? This morning?”

“Yes. Right before the end of homeroom we looked at each other, remember?

And so I coughed, which signaled that it would be the student council room. If you coughed, then it would have been the classroom.”

He shakes his head.


......I'm really sorry. I didn't notice we had such a rule for three years.

I did think that he coughed unnaturally from time to time. I see, so that's how we've been deciding on the meeting place.

“――――Hey, listen.

I thought before, aren't you starting to lose it, Ryuudou?”

“How rude. I do not want to hear that, and from you even more so.”

Sparks start flying between the two of them.

There's nothing spectacular going on, but it is an exciting battle nevertheless.

I would rather take out my lunch and spectate as I'm eating, but then, I would be the only one full by the end of it.

“Hey, you two.

Lunch isn't that long, you should settle it later.

What about all three of us go to the cafeteria? Shinji gives up going out, Issei gives up the student council room. That should be a good compromise.”

“I refuse. If I say I'm going out, then I am going out. Now come, Emiya. I'll buy you lunch. And then we'll hit the streets after that. See, today there's a party with girls from Western High.”

“Humph, I really cannot understand you, Matou. I'm telling you, stop dragging Emiya down the path of evil. If you like western food so much, then just move to Europe! And do not try to lure Emiya with the prospects of meeting girls!”


Looks like my proposal has failed miserably, too.

It seems that the two of them have no intention of eating with me and the other one.

“Whatever. Do as you wish. I'll be going to the cafeteria myself.”

“Wait, Emiya, that would be too cruel! You must make your decision here. It is your duty as a friend.

Whichever one is left behind will be proven wrong. You must show your will of steel!”

“I agree! It makes me vomit to agree with Ryuudou, but that is true, dammit!

Now, hurry up and say it, Emiya. Which one of us will be eating lunch all alone?!”

“I'll go with Issei, then.”

“WHY!? It's the Shinto pasta shop!

And then a party with the girls! It's three hours with girls that are hot even in my opinion! It's obviously the better deal!

Bah, I really don't get you, Emiya!”

“Mm, I am interested in the pasta shop and even though parties aren't my thing, I'm not opposed to that either. But the main problem is...”

I point toward the schedule.

That's right. Fifth period is Fuji-Nee's class.

“...Indeed. It's a bit regrettable, but it is a very student-like answer. There is no other way. Amen.”

“And so, you should reconsider too, Shinji. Let's eat together in the council room. If you don't like cafeteria food, I'll share my lunch.”

“Heh, I doubt that will be necessary. Having blurted out that much, I highly doubt he'll be staying in school for lunch.

Isn't that right, Matou?”

“Hmm, hmph! It is as you say, Ryuudou. Even if you beg, I shall not go.

Fine! You guys enjoy your simple plebeian lunch, then. But make no mistake, I shall show you who the final and real victor is!”

"Ahaha×ha―☆," Shinji half laughs, half cries and goes away.



I'm not sure, but maybe I was a bit too harsh.

“Issei, did I say it wrong?”

“......I'd say so.

I do not take a liking to Matou, but you should choose your words more carefully. If I were Matou, then I would most definitely be in despair right now.”


I can't really understand Issei, either.

Saying he feels no sympathy toward him, he turns in the direction Shinji ran off to and clasps his hands in silent prayer.

The bell rings to signal the end of lunch.

We conclude our lunch in the council room and prepare for class, about to start in five minutes.

Shinji's missing... it seems he hasn't come back yet.

“....Mmm. Danger past, God forgotten, I guess.

It seems we have wronged Matou today. The tuna cutlet was particularly good. Maybe we should have given him a piece to try――― Hm?”

It wasn't just Issei who noticed something odd.

Everyone in the class is looking out into the hallway to see what's going on.


A crowd resembling a circus is approaching.

The troupe traveling down the hallway appears to include Shinji and many of his first-year female admirers.

They all have their lunchboxes and are feeding Shinji.


Issei stands speechless.

Shinji stops to boast.

“My, my, isn't that the lonely duo of men who eat their lunch in the company of each other?

How could it have been? I do wonder if today's lunch was just as pitiful. There weren't any cheering girls, were there? "Kyaa, Shinji-sama, you're the best☆!" No such thing, eh?”

Issei starts to shake.

Shinji's mood is already MAXXed.

“Me? I'm the best! My joy cannot be put into words! And I wanted to share this feeling with you two, too bad!”

“Damn you, you really are a primitive bastard!”

“Oh no, run away, everyone! That's the smelly student council president over there, he'll catch you and dress you up in tasteless clothes!”

"Waaaah," the whole Shinji Circus Troupe runs away merrily down the hallway.

I'm fairly certain they rehearsed all this beforehand.

“I shall not allow escape, Matou! Emiya, tell Fujimura-sensei that I went to deal with one of the Three Public Enemies of Homurabara!”

And with an incredible speed Issei follows after them.

But even then, being an active member of the student council, he does not run.

His walking has already surpassed running.

“―――Sure. It's a draw.”

The bell announces the start of the fifth period.

Four months until graduation.

Ryuudou Issei, for the first time in his life, has missed a class.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night・Ritual window


Night・Streets at night (patrol)


Night・Peace and quiet (3)

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong here.

It's dimmer than Shinto in the distance, but if you listen carefully, you can hear footsteps.

The sound of a passing car's engine.

The ragged breath of a running silhouette.*

The light from a house with laughter spilling out.

The heavy breathing of the running silhouette with its tongue hanging out.*


Well then.

I guess it's about time to go back and catch some sleep.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night・Good Night


Day 2

Streets・Day 2 This is not Heaven.

“――――I can see the ocean.”

Saber looked back and said so.

...There was nothing else to see.

I came here on a whim, and the first figure I saw was Saber's.

An aquamarine skirt with a white blouse, and that shining blond hair.

Even from far away, I knew it was Saber.

I walked over to her side, and stood in silence for a while.

Her first time on the sea shore? Probably not.

As she's just gazing into the distance, random thoughts come to mind.

Yeah, no way. Saber's hometown must have been on the coast, too.

“The sea in this country is calm, Shirou.”

“Eh...? Yeah, because we're inland. If you go farther out, it does get rougher.”

That is, on a peninsula that's breaking up the Pacific Ocean's Kuroshio current, as if rushing towards the rough waters of the Sea of Japan... That must be one magnificent sight.

Taking her to a place like that is one of my dreams.

“In my hometown, the wind raged, and the sea bristled like the manes of a thousand galloping white horses.

Or, if you were to gaze at the faraway land from atop a white cliff, you would see a long coast shrouded in mist, running as far as the eye can see.”

It is early in the fall, a calm day, yet Saber's words somehow brought that scenery to my mind.

Nothing like the docile ocean in front of us, but something harsh and solemn.

...I steal a glance at Saber's face.

The conflicted memories of her hometown left a bittersweet taste in the air.

“Had peace come to my country, I would have liked to see foreign countries by ship.

Knights from the continent often spoke of the golden plains of Gaul, the green hills of Hibernia where the people of Eire reside.

Or, perhaps, the distant lands from the songs that the bards weave. Our flag flying high above, I would have liked to see the cultures not yet known with my very own eyes.”

...I have no words to answer her with.

I have no right to speak of dreams she could not realize.

“―――Those are the kind of things that come to my mind.

I have been blessed. Having fond memories, not regrets. The chance to gaze in the distance like this―――a miracle must be at work.

I think of that old country, and connect its memory to the land where we are now, Shirou.”

Saber turns around.

The sea breeze envelopes her arms like a blessing.

“This place is warm, as if a gentle embrace. Your home on Earth is where you make it.

I want to show you my hometown some day, Shirou.

Centuries went past, but I want to believe that those green hills still retain the spirit of my era.”


Hope that resembles envy.

Just as before, I cannot find the right words to say.

“Shirou? Something must be wrong, you have a pained look on your face.

...Is it something I have said that troubles you?”

“That's not it―――it's just that this is the first time you are talking about your hometown like this.”

The town that Saber spoke of has a sweet smell of fantasy and green grass.

What if I am abroad, telling the story of the town of Fuyuki? What would it smell like, I start pondering.

“Do you think about your hometown being out there―――far away?”

“I do not know if these words have an author, but I do know the feeling.

You cannot truly understand where you belong until you leave.”


I feel like I have heard this before.

Just like breaking something you haven't really valued before.

You can't turn it back, but instead of regret, you realize how important it was to you.

“...You do not know what you have until you lose it...

Yet, how should I put it... Having grown up in this town, and now living here is just all too natural.

No matter where I go, I would always feel like I want to come back here in the end.”

“Yes. And I feel the truth lies beneath those words, Shirou.

While you think of your hometown in a foreign country, your heart will stay here. And that is the way it should be. For a hometown means the same to everyone.”

I nod at Saber's words.

There is not a single person who does not love the land they were born and raised in.

It may not be the kind of love one can express freely, but rather a subconscious instinct that one simply cannot defy.


Even then...

Beyond the ordinary, souls that hate everything must also exist.


It must be the sun.

I feel a bit dizzy.

For once, I've met Saber at the harbor, and ended up pondering about hometowns and things completely outside of my character.

Time for a change of pace.

“Oh, by the way. You do like fish, don't you, Saber?”

“Yes, once particular parts are removed... Is there a fish market at this harbor, by chance?”

“There isn't, sadly. Ah, but it sure would be nice to taste the season with some saury and yuzu.”

“That is the spirit of this nation... Yes.”

Thus, the menu for tonight has been decided.

I'd love to get some nice fatty ones, but, well, this season's fish is great no matter what.

And in the end, you could say that it is the cook's job to draw out the true flavor.

...But as you'd expect, not a single guy is fishing all day long now.

“I am looking forward to it, Shirou.”

“Yeah, I'll do my best, oh―――were you going somewhere?”

“No, nowhere in particular. It is about time we go back.”

Urged on by Saber, I leave the harbor behind.

The sea breeze pushes at my back.

―――From beyond the horizon.

Even the wind from a faraway foreign country, blowing over this land, must return to its birthplace one day.

Emiya's・Day 2 Potato sorrow

Fall is upon us, and its telltale sign, fallen leaves, are all over the courtyard.

No matter how beautiful the scenery might look, they need to be swept up eventually.

And now that I think about it, today would be as good a time as any to do it.

“Hm, just like this.”

I thought the whole courtyard might be a bit much for one person, but, moving quickly, it wasn't all that tiring.

Saber's training wears me out far quicker.

“Well... I did sweep them all up, but now what...”

I stare at the huge pile that now prominently occupies a corner of the yard.

Tomorrow isn't burnable garbage day yet, and it's difficult to store it all.

Besides, for all the effort that went into sweeping up all the leaves and twigs, it feels like a waste to just throw them out.

“―――Well, it's the season, after all.”

Fortunately, everything I need is here.

We did it a few times when Kiritsugu was still around. Been a while since I last tried.

“―――Good, seems I haven't forgotten it yet.”

Burning the leaves, and baking the sweet potatoes I had in the kitchen.

Now I just need to keep an eye on the bonfire and wait.

As the time comes, I take out the potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil.

Even with gloves, they were searing hot. Baked potatoes, no doubt.


Stuffing my cheeks with sweet potatoes, all alone.

Sure, they were finger-licking good, but sitting in front of the bonfire, eating all by myself feels kind of lonely.

“Of course, it just had to be now, when no one else is in the house.”

Smoke was rising from the remains of the bonfire before me, slowly drifting into the sky.

...Sure would be nice to bring someone along next time...

Emiya Residence・Start of Night・Ritual window

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Night・Streets at night (patrol)


Night・Peace and quiet (1)

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong here.

Even though there wasn't a single person out on the streets, one could hear the sound of family conversations inside.

The streets are calm and quiet, perfect for a late-night stroll under the moonlight.

“Everything's fine. On to the next one, I guess.”

I leave the Japanese residential district.

On the way back, I caught a human shape in the corner of my eye.

It was thin like origami, lingering for only a brief moment before disappearing.

Day 3

Emiya's・Day 3 Sakura's memories

―――Let's go talk to Sakura about lunch.

It's a big household. It's much easier to get it rolling with two people.

Normally, Sakura lives at the Matou residence, but she stays here for weekends and holidays.

Rider and Saber prefer the Japanese-style rooms in the main wing, while Sakura and Tohsaka took a liking to the detached Western rooms.

Add to this Fuji-Nee and Illya, who are coming along for meals, and you could say that the Emiya residence experienced an explosive population growth.

“Are you there, Sakura?”

“Huh? Ah, Senpai!?

Just a moment. Ah no, it's okay, right!”

...So is it okay or not - the reply isn't at all clear.

Does this "okay" mean "yes, come in", or maybe "okay, hold on"...?

If I bothered her at a wrong time, wouldn't it be better to come back later...?

“Hey, if you're busy, it can wait...”

“No, no! Okay, come in!”

“? ...Alright, I'm coming in...”

“S-Sorry to keep you waiting!

Um... so what is it, Senpai?”

“Ah. I came for, uh, some advice regarding lunch.

It's a bit early, but I thought we could get it done stress-free if we started ahead of time.”

“Ah... T-Thank you.”

“Uh... well, it's not something you should be thanking me for, but...”

Her shyness is contagious.

...How embarrassing. Even though I should have gotten used to it by now, it still feels awkward when the two of us are alone.

“...Right. Well then, please be my guest, Senpai.”

“...Sorry, it looked like you were kind of busy...”

“Ahaha. That's not it, I just dozed off again.

But thanks to you, I finally woke up and will stop idling around!

...Um, so that's what the thanks was for... how about that...?”

“Ah, I see. In that case, let's go on.”

If she puts it like that, there's no reason to refuse.

I sit down, smelling the barely noticeable sweet fragrance in the air.

Hey... is this perfume or a herb of some kind?

“Ah... I guess I overdid it a bit?”

“Huh? Not really, both heater and air conditioner are...”

“I mean, you noticed the perfume too, Senpai―――I just used some fragrance.”

So it was perfume, after all.

―――I can't make out the brand, but it certainly does smell nice. I see, so even Sakura...

“Um... I thought maybe I should try a little bit, after all.”

“Well, you know... I think it suits you.”

Actually, the only one who uses perfume in our house would be―――Tohsaka, I guess. Seems like she's quite fussy about it, too.

“Tohsaka uses it to hide the smell of all sorts of weird chemicals, but it's not like you would need that.”

“I just learn by watching.

Nee-san's got a lot going on, she's really busy, actually.”

Really...? Do sisters teach each other about makeup, too?

Good to know they're getting along well.

“I see. I doubt I can help you with that, though. You and Tohsaka are both great at it, if you ask me.”

“Oh? But some men use cologne, too, isn't it lovely?”

“Ugh... If I did, Saber and Mitsuzuri would probably consider it too effeminate, and get mad.”

“Mitsuzuri-senpai sure would be mad, wouldn't she. She idolizes you, you know.

But I still think it would suit you.

...I also wanted to give Rider some of her own, but she doesn't care much for it, either...”

“It's really troublesome... but...”

Sitting in Sakura's room, I started thinking.

Once I started chatting with Sakura, I thought about everyone staying here.

“...We just keep getting new residents.”

“Yes, indeed... Each time I came by for a visit, I thought about how nice it is to have such a lively atmosphere, but I never thought it'd grow this far.”

Sakura lets out a laugh.

...That's right, only Sakura and Fuji-Nee know what the Emiya household looked like before.

So much has changed, and so quickly―――should it be considered admirable or shocking?

“Someone would leave and the house would be empty again, just like that.”

I nod in agreement.

Fuji-Nee comes and goes, but doesn't live here. Sakura, too, was here for the mornings and evenings, yet never had lunch with everyone like this.

For a long time, I was the sole inhabitant here.

I didn't consider myself lonely, but looking back now...

“Right, hearing that you were the only one staying in such a huge residence was quite a big surprise at first.”

...It's been over two years since.

Back then, Sakura was a diligent girl that never smiled. With a brooding face, she came over and told me she wanted to help out―――

“...Is that so? But your house isn't exactly small, either.”

“No, they are both large, but in different ways.

The Matou house was never a friendly place. Yet every room here is warm, pleading to be filled.”

“Same with Rider. She is calm and content over here, and even Saber ought to feel the same way.”

“Is that... so?

I have the feeling it's become a hostel, but with everyone splitting the chores, I guess it saves some effort.”

“Back in the day, cleaning was quite a chore, wasn't it, Senpai?”

Laughing, Sakura recalls the past.

...There are a lot of vacant rooms even now, but nothing like the empty warehouse we used to have.

A building without people in it deteriorates all too quickly.

Cleaning out the entire house used to be one huge task.

“...Yeah. The year-end cleaning doesn't sound so bad this time.”

“Rider's really good at it, don't you think?

The house is in good hands, and it will be done before you know it!”

Sakura puffs up with pride.

Rider likes to keep things neat and orderly, and what's more, has the brute strength for it. That's what she meant, probably―――



“Don't you miss the peace and quiet we used to have, from time to time?”

The question just slipped out, somehow.

For no other reason than just having thought about it on the spot.

“...It's kind of a pity that we can't be alone together, I think.”


That's right.

In the mornings, before Fuji-Nee arrived, it was just the two of us, with Sakura often coming to the shed to wake me up.

Kind of a pity―――does that mean she actually wants just the two of us to get together?

“...I-I see.”

I suddenly become flustered.


She may have been like a younger sister in the past, but now that she has all grown up, the older brother's role has become quite complicated...


I end up staring at the bed, trying to look away.

“B-But you know, Senpai! It's better when it's lively, after all! And we can cook a lot, too.”

“Y-Yeah, you're right!”

“Getting your turn for the bath is a bit difficult, and there's a lot of laundry to do, but it's all fine, really!”

“Yeah, that too, let's take care of it together!”

Mutual agreement is reached with much excitement.

Sakura seems to be putting on airs to hide her quickened pulse, just the same as me... I guess?


Senpai, do you miss the quiet old days?”

“Ah―――No, I don't think so.

What's gone is gone, and now is now. There's plenty of good and bad about both, I think.”

No, that isn't right, either.

There aren't really any bad things about the present.

“Yes, I agree... Really, I wouldn't mind if it was even busier than now.”

“Haha. Just who would the newcomer be, I wonder...?”

Maybe Issei? Although I don't picture him coming down from the mountain and rolling in.

―――But you never know, even Tohsaka started visiting recently.

“Who knows, maybe Illya-chan and Fujimura-sensei will move here?”

“Ugh... Illya would be problematic.”

Those maids will also come if she does, so we'll be up by three. Just about full capacity.

And then, something hits me.

“But, either way, Sakura...”


“Whether we gain or lose more mouths, the kitchen team's duties are still the same, and expectations high. Let's make sure we meet them.”

The population growth failed to bring in reinforcements for the cooking ranks.

No, perhaps there were too many cooks in the first place.

“Right, I guess we do have a reputation to keep.”

“And fall is when appetites grow, too.”

“...That it is.

I still have a lot to learn from you, Senpai.”

As we were talking, my stomach got empty.

Sounds about time.

“Sakura. What should we do for lunch?”

“Let's decide once we get to the kitchen.

Because no dish is a challenge for the two of us.”

“I-Is that right?

Then I'll go find out who'll be joining us for lunch.”

I stand up and leave the room together with Sakura.

There isn't much to add. Just an ordinary morning.

Easygoing and calm, nothing out of the ordinary, one warm day is rolling past.

Lancer・Harbor Lancer

And at the harbor, there was a familiar face.

Lancer can be found anywhere, but in the afternoon, this is where he devotes himself to his hobby.

Well, what should I ask him about?

About the Holy Grail War --> Warrior's Knowledge
Any regrets about the past? --> That past is already
...What is he doing? --> Lancer's Heaven I, II, III

Lancer・Harbor Warrior's knowledge

I should really ask for that guy's take on things, after all.

He's one of the really belligerent servants.

When it comes to fighting, anything's fine. He'll gladly adapt to whatever the current situation is.

“Huh? Well, if it ain't Saber's master.

Guess I've let myself go, I was wondering who it was for a moment there.”

How's that letting yourself go, anyway?

His sense of awareness is enough to notice me at ten meters, even as I'm stealthily approaching from the back.

“Don't bother trying to impersonate Assassin, it doesn't suit you. And besides, I ain't got nothing to steal, haven't caught a single one yet.”

“...No matter what I do, today's catch going to be small. Better look elsewhere for dinner.”

Hmm. His whole body is built for surviving, be it land, sea, or mountains, he'll live as he pleases anywhere. A guy like Lancer is certainly hard to come by.

But that's not the issue here.

“Wait, what's this about dinner?”

“Provisions for your place, that's what. An energetic lass comes by in the evening, asks for some fresh catch, and carries away a bucketful, just like that.”

“Oh. S-Sorry for the trouble.

...Thus the cause of the recent abundance of fish in Fuji-Nee's presents. So this is where it comes from. It truly is a small world.”

“Mystery of the human world, sure is. Well, that lass is like a clump of those mysteries.

So, if food ain't the reason, what did ya come here for, kid?”

He might be a bit rusty, but he's still a Servant.

Seeing that he adapted to the town's life even better than Saber and others, I thought he'd be willing to preserve peace at any price, but maybe not.

“A serious talk, actually, that's what. This will sound a lot like gossip, but bear with me for a moment.

Lancer. What do you think about the situation right now?”

Or, to begin with...

“Why are you still in this world?”

Lancer is Kotomine's servant.

But Kotomine Kirei has been dead for over half a year.

Servants cannot exist after losing their Masters. Therefore, just the fact that Lancer is still here is highly unusual.

“That's probably because, one way or another, a contract with a Master is in force.

Ignoring that bastard Gilgamesh for a moment, I don't have the means to exist in this world without a Master, right?”

“??? A contract, you say? But wait, Kotomine is...”

“Busy being dead. Yep, kick the bucket he did. Yet, for some reason, the contract is in force, still.

That bothers me as well, but―――”

“Well, it's all fine. It puzzles me too, but ain't much to be done about being alive.

Be pragmatic, lad. Never mind the trivial. The "why" shouldn't worry you, but rather "how."”


...When life hands you lemons... I see.

"I already know the situation isn't normal. So what? I'm still free to do as I please." That's the kind of spirit he has.

Just "let it be," the grace that makes me and my anxiety seem insignificant.

“I see. Alright, but don't you think that the fact that the contract is still in force, even though Kotomine isn't around, needs some investigation?”

“Hm? Yeah, I have no intention of pushing it though.

As long as I don't hear back from him, I'll just take free life as it is.”

“Does that also apply to the Heaven's Feel? You feel the war starting again too, don't you?”

“Ah, that. Yeah, got the urge to "beat all Servants" all of a sudden, but that's 'bout it.

I'll be staying neutral, though.

I ain't eager to participate, but hey, if there's a guy that wants a challenge...”

Lancer isn't lying.

As aggressive as he might seem, he's taking an opposite stance this time.

...Come to think of it.

I even said it myself. Lancer, even more so than Saber, has already adapted to life in this town. In other words, he's enjoying himself here.

“I see. You'd even consider Rider and Saber as friends now...

You wouldn't start a fight yourself.”

“Nope, that ain't it. Servants are all enemies.”

Comes the quick reply.

The same cool-headedness as when killing me half a year back.

“...Why is that? You're on good terms with everyone, aren't you? Yet you still say that everyone's an enemy?”

“Bollocks, those ain't the same.

It's alright if the enemy is a guy you like. And it's not like you have to hate the enemy just because of that.”

―――My jaw drops.

Every time, I'm astonished by this man's piercing attitude. I have to say though, this feels like an issue of a different caliber.

“―――I give up. You amaze me.”

“Praise from a youngster ain't gonna cut it.

Is this all you wanted to chat about? Then I'll go back to fishing. I got a feeling I've a big catch coming up.”

With that, Lancer went back to fishing, as if nothing happened.

Satisfied with the information acquired, I leave the harbor.

“―――Yeah, but you know what?”

"There's no need to hate the enemy," that's what Lancer was saying.

That battle and emotion are separate from each other.

But, on the other hand...

It doesn't matter if the enemy is a relative or a loved one. As long as they're an enemy, they will be killed... That's what he was also saying.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Night・Streets at night (patrol)

Night・Peace and quiet (2)

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong here.

No signs of life in this district is business as usual.

No screams nearby, and no howling beasts, either.

Perhaps due to the white moonlight, I can see the town much clearer than usual.

“Everything's fine. On to the next one, I guess.”

I leave the Western residential district.

On the way back, I noticed something red from the corner of my eye.

There were one or two brand new post boxes.

Night・Return of the wise man


Day 4

Ryuudou Temple・Day 4 Are you here to pray

I'm finally at the Ryuudou temple gate.

And at the top of the long flight of stone steps―――

“......G-Good morning.”

Below the gate, somebody is busy sweeping.

It wouldn't be so weird if it were one of the temple monks, but that's actually Caster, of all people.

Her hood down over her face... This is rather suspicious. What's up with someone like her suddenly coming out in broad daylight just to sweep the steps?

“Oh my, if it isn't the boy. What brings you here today?”

“...So, even you get dragged into cleaning.”

It kind of caught me by surprise.

...Well, perhaps it shouldn't have. As one of the residents, she ought to sweep something, after all.

“Yes, I thought I'd tidy up the place a bit. Is there a problem?”

“While in that outfit... um, is that all right?”

Other stuff―――like her plain clothes she wears into town.

I mean, those won't seem out of place, and it would look like some random parishioner busy with sweeping.

“What's your point?”

“Oh, nothing... Right, isn't there a gate keeper? Why not ask him to sweep?”

Isn't Assassin Sasaki Kojiro always standing by the temple gate?


She lets out a theatrical sigh, as if to underscore the point.

“If only that man had a shred of gallantry, I wouldn't have to go through all this trouble.”

“But he's always idling around.”

“Yes, idling around. I told him many times already, at least go sweep the grounds if you have nothing to do.”

“Good-for-nothing sponger, his mouth is his only skill.

"It's too bad I'm only a spirit, no real body of my own. I would not object if you gave me an order, but would that not be contrary to your style? Adopting physical form and sweeping requires magical energy. Compare that to the amount of magical energy spent when the Master herself is holding the broom, which is greater? Need I say more?"

That's the crap he keeps telling me! What do you think of that, boy!?”


Seems like having minions can be tiring, too.

On top of that, Assassin's logic is impenetrable.

Nevermind her looks, underneath those robes is a true old-fashioned magus that would make Tohsaka look like a lowly amateur in comparison.

Ever frugal, she wouldn't use magical energy frivolously. Truly, it's far too inefficient to make Servants materialize and do grunt work.

“...Ha. Perhaps I should have summoned a youngster's spirit, perceptive and obedient.

Just like you, boy―――”

Caster looks me over from head to toe.

...Whoa, my body temperature dropped for a moment just now.

“Wouldn't it be great to have a young guy who can cook, clean, and do laundry as a familiar...?”

“...Umm... thanks.”

Is she praising me, or is she making fun of the fact that I'm useless as a magus? I think it's a bit of both.

Caster suddenly looks up at the gate with an unpleasant expression.

“You listening, Assassin?”


He's nowhere in sight, only his voice is present.

“That's you we're talking about. You, the good-for-nothing idler that sleeps all day long, is far less useful than even this boy right here, get my drift?”

“Splendid. Indeed, a swordsman is not one whose services should be needed. Rather, the true samurai ought to be farming the fields, raising wheat. There is no arguing the fact that this boy is more useful than me.”

Kojiro's tone is as carefree as always, even as Caster's starting to lose it. It's hard to tell if those two are really a Master and Servant.

“Or, perhaps you would like to use a Command Spell?”


“Haha, nice expression. It's been a while since I've seen that face of yours―――You have become too happy and relaxed lately, and I find it rather uninteresting.”

...Kojiro continues to tease her.

I did think that his words always had thorns in them, but he's taking it to a whole new level with Caster.

“Hmph, that's all right, just keep doing your job as a doorman. The original idea was to demote you to a janitor if you don't do your work properly.”

“Hahaha. Right, I will devote my whole self to this duty.”

Kojiro's voice stops.

...It's hard to interject when they're fighting.

“Just like that, boy. Do you understand now?”

“Clear as day... Do you need a hand?”

It kind of bothers me, so I asked.

Did I just say something entirely unexpected?

“...I had a hunch for a while now, boy. You really can't tell what's going on around you, can you? Say you do help me. Now Saber, who's already treating me like a sworn enemy, will be boiling with rage, no?”

“Saber won't get mad if I just help with sweeping. Sweeping the stairs all the way to the bottom would be quite tedious, right? So...”

So do you... need help?

It's not like I have anything else to do, and a bit of help isn't enough to invoke heaven's wrath on me.

Caster sighs again.

“...That lass sure found herself a handy apprentice.”

“That lass... Tohsaka? She sure orders me around.”

“Ah, it'd be best if I refuse.

Should Issei find us going at it together, we're bound to have another quarrel.”

“I see, too bad.”

“It just can't be helped if it's you, boy. Now had it been Souichirou-sama, it'd be a whole different show.”

Kuzuki-sensei with a broom―――sweeping silently without a word. Somehow, it's really easy to imagine.

And with Caster by his side. A wife doing her husband's bidding, a classic scene.


Sarcastic laughter emerges from the top of the gate.

“Just what are you laughing at, Assassin!?”

“That, exactly that. Souichirou-sama this, Souichirou-sama that, the way you're enamored with the man almost makes me sick. Good thing I have a bucket handy.”

“Balderdash―――a-and what's this about being enamored? I will not let you insult Souichirou-sama in this manner!”

“Oh dear, excuse me for being a hooligan who doesn't know how to serve his master properly.

I haven't the slightest clue on how to treat the master of my master.”

“Get down here, Assassin. I have a few things to tell you this time.”

“Oh, that's fine with me, but your sweeping is about to stall there, correct?”

“I will leave the part in front of the gate to you. Time is precious and I'm very busy. I still need to mop the floor in the main temple.”

“―――Today's the cleaning day, is it?”

Mopping the main temple floor has got to be a pretty big task.

I'll make sure to catch Issei and suggest that we tackle it together.


“Don't be hasty...”

Looks like I'm not needed here.

With a light nod, I pass through the gate and step onto the temple grounds.

School・Day 4-11 Flip-flop 2

After finishing lunch, I walk through the school building.

Even though it's a day off, I can still see people here and there.

It's probably the students who are working hard for their clubs. Undoubtedly, the building where the music and art rooms are is even busier.

For some reason, I turn around.

There was nothing in particular that stood out.


The only odd part was the fact that I had no reason to look behind me.

I suddenly get an urge to have some tea and head towards the student council room.

Peering into the classrooms from the hall, just as I thought, I could see students inside.

The hall isn't exactly quiet.

But it's silent behind me, even though I can hear people's voices in front of me as I walk.


Yet when I turned around, the hallway behind me was a completely different kind of silence.

“...Why did I turn around...?”

There was nothing in particular that stood out.

There was no reason for me to turn.

Should I have, say, felt a chill, that'd be fine, but just looking back for no particular reason makes me feel uneasy.

Ghost stories are getting popular lately, and I can see this becoming one.

The story about having an urge to turn around when there's no reason to.

“Well, I guess it's normal for the school at this time of the year.”

Entrance exams are closing in, and a lot of students are becoming overly sensitive under the stress.

These past four days I've had a lot of things to think about, and I may just be worn out without realizing it.

“―――That's right. Maybe I should just go home and rest.”

The student council room can wait for another chance.

I walk down the hall. Trying to control the urge to look back, I leave the school.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Night・Streets at night (patrol)

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Final night