Loop 22

Day 2

Ryuudou Temple・Day 2 Dowsing housing


One refreshing morning, I find myself walking leisurely along the mountain trail.

Sunlight spilling out through the grove of trees, a slight nip in the mountain air, everything is in magnificent harmony.

Truly a perfect day for a peaceful walk through the woods, and one or two out-of-character songs to be whistled on the way.

And then.

Disrupting the ideal harmony of the scene, I find something strange standing in the middle of this woodland path.

“Huh, Liz...? What is she doing on the mountain?”

The road ahead leads to the back of temple, the high ground looking out over the outskirts of the city.

...She didn't just come straight from the castle, did she...?

“Hey. Good morning, Liz!”

“...Ah. Good morning, Shirou.”

I walk up to her leisurely.

It may sound rather blunt, but her manners somehow remind me of a baby duckling.

Especially this unconditional emotional attachment I sense from her.

“Hey. Sure is an odd place to meet at.”

“...Mm. This is the first time I come to the temple... Do you come often, Shirou?”

“Hmm... Well, sort of. I have friends here, so it's nothing to do with the temple, I just drop in for a visit.

What about you? You said it's your first time here, did you need something?”

“...Nothing in particular. However, I sensed a bad aura around here, kind of.”

“Kind of?”

“......Yes. To punish... the evil.”

"Like this," as if crushing a bird, gestures the maid.


The fact that this maid does not joke around is what's terrifying.

“...Ah, hold on a second. What is that evil thing, anyway?”

“...........................Have a look?”

She just skipped over a few lines in this dialogue...!

Ugh, if possible, I'd like to ask what that dangerous thing is before seeing it...

“Um... Can it actually be seen?”

“..............................Do you want it?”

And again, she skips a line, if not a whole paragraph.

We're now at the top floor, standing at the very edge of a communication cliff.

“Er... Do you have it?”

“I found it there.

I looked for it thinking it may be Illya's enemy, but it has Illya's scent, too. Fascinating.”

"Here you go," she stretches out her hand.

“Ah, thanks.”

Without thinking, I take the object.


Some kind of... a picture card, I guess?

I ended up getting something like a Tarot card made out of a piece of cloth, it seems.

“Did you find it around here?”

“It was buried in the ground. It ought to be something ancient. Over two centuries old.”

“What, even older than the Heaven's Feel!”

Then it's got to be a highly valuable archaeological artifact.

...Well, I'm not too sure about the "over two hundred years old" part, but let's leave it at that.

“Thanks, Liz. I'll gladly keep it... is that really okay?”

“It is. This meeting, it must have been fate.

I am glad you liked it.”


That took me by surprise.

Despite having a limited range of emotions, Liz still has plenty of destructive power.

“Well then, I am set to go back. You too, Shirou, should come for a visit sometime.”

Back the way she came... No, she just goes straight into the woods.

......Don't want to think about it, but it does look like she just walked all the way from the castle.

“Yeah. See you later, Liz.”

“Right... But be careful, Shirou.

That thing will definitely bring misfortune if you keep it.”

“Wait, so it is a cursed item, after all!”


Not a trace of joy in her laugh, she disappears into the woods.

“..................What's up with that?”

I stare at the mysterious drawing.

...Well, it's got to be useful for something... right?

And anyhow, I'm sure an even worse disaster will come if I just throw it out.

For now, trying to forget about it, I just slip it into the back pocket―――

Day 4

School・Day 4 School maid

I headed up to the rooftop on a whim.

Since the weather's nice, I thought I'd go relax in the sun up here, where no one―――

―――No, wait a minute.

“Um... What are you guys doing here?”

“Ah, Shirou.”

“Leysritt. It would have been better to just ignore him.”

The black maid approaches me as carelessly as a baby chick, but the blue maid lets her naked hostility show.

The one in black and speaking broken Japanese is Leysritt... Illya simply calls her Liz... and the crabby one in blue is Sella.

Illya's guardians, the maids of the Einzbern Castle... It goes without saying that they definitely should not be here.

“Great. Shirou must know.”

“Stop where you are, Leysritt. We have no need of any help from him. This mission is ours alone. Stand down now.”

Sella declares flatly.

Liz draws back, looking disappointed.

“Then, fare thee well.

Please do not tell anyone of meeting us here.”

“...Of course, I won't tell it to anyone at school, but...

If you're trying to avoid being noticed, you could have at least worn normal clothes. If anyone else were to come up here, there'd be an uproar like you can't imagine.”

“Do not worry. We are already using magic to ward people off. The only ones who can notice us are those who possess magic themselves. And there is not that many of them in this city.”

“Oh. Indeed, you'd definitely be found out by someone. There are teachers in the staff room, and athletic teams are here, even though it's a holiday.

So you two were on a covert op from the beginning―――”

...Hey, wait a minute.

If that's the case, then what was that all about...?

“Does that... apply to Liz, too?”

“Apply to Liz? Whatever do you mean?”

“Ah, no... How should I put this? Liz...”

“Of what are you speaking? Do come out with it.”

“Ah... I saw her down in the shopping district buying a cake while dressed like that... Is that okay?”

“...Why, that is indeed a most interesting sighting.

Allow me to ask, was that a one-time happening? Or a serial occurrence?”

“Oh no, you definitely couldn't call it serial.

Only about once a week or so.”


“...It's okay. We, all friends. Shirou help translate.”

“That is far too much trouble!

...Honestly. I had wondered where you'd been getting such low-quality cakes from, but to think that they came from a mere bakery, and one in that distasteful shopping district...”

“...Okay. So, should I stop?”

“That would be wise. Order a catalog, we shall have them delivered from now on.

Yes. That would be the smart thing to do.”


I can't tell at all whether they love or hate each other, but either way, they sure are one interesting pair.

But, why is this duo here in the first place?

“...You're not here looking for that bakery, are you?”

You want Beko-chan, and that's over two kilometers away from here.

“Nope. Looking for...”

“It does not concern you. Let me make myself clear. Neither Leysritt nor I have the slightest interest in this school building.

The reason why we came to such a lowly place is to have you―――”

Sella closes her mouth as if she made a mistake.

“Eh? Me?”

...Hmmmm. It seems that I'm part of the reason why these two are here on the roof.

“―――Indeed. This must not continue. In order to avoid trouble, we must clarify the reason why we are here.”

She nods to herself.

...I have a bad feeling about this. My ability to sense approaching man-made disasters has gotten a lot keener recently.

“...I see. In that case, I'll leave you to it. I won't ask what you were doing, so please go ahead and enjoy the nice view from up here.”

“Please wait a moment, Emiya-sama.

Forgive me for changing the subject, but does that sack in your hands contain what people call a boxed lunch?”

Our conversation just did a 180.

Indeed, the object I'm holding now is most definitely a lunchbox. I just felt like packing one and bringing it with me.

“Boxed lunch...? Sella, Shirou... delicious?”

“According to Milady, they are beyond compare.

And if Milady, who is so particular about taste, said so, it must be first rate indeed.”

“..................Shirou, we eat.”

“Uwaah, too close, too close...!”



The two stare intently and silently this way.

Liz... just seems to aim for my lunch.

Sella, on the other hand, has malicious intent in her eyes. Those are the eyes of a dangerous rival, one who'll be all over you the moment she sees a chink in your armor.

“A-Anyway, I'll see you two later! I'll visit the castle soon, so goodbye for now!”


I finally catch my breath after escaping to the classroom.

It's not like I really needed to run away, but that rooftop is tactically unsound.

The only thing that Emiya Shirou has ever met up there is bad luck.

Tohsaka keeps joking about it, saying that an aura of defeat hangs about the place.

“This place, by comparison, is my base camp.”

It's the classroom I've gotten so used to.

Here, neither Tohsaka nor a Super Tohsaka MK II + Sakura double team could pose any threat to me, let alone a possibly ill-intentioned pair of maids.

If I had to describe it, I'd say that just being here raises my battle prowess to be at least equal to that of any intruder.

“―――Now then.”

I relax as I sit down on a chair.

Maybe I'll go to the now-empty archery range to eat my lunch after I've calmed for a―――

――――――Just what the heck is this now?

“Uh, hi... What possible reason would you have to come here?”

I ask her as I kick out at the desk.

“...How strange. Will you not continue your search for a recorder left behind in some unsuspecting girl's desk?”

“Why would I do such a thing?!”

The blue maid tut-tuts in disapproval.

“...What a puzzle. A boy of high school age, here at school during a holiday... I can think of no other reason why you would be here.”

“Guh... how did that twisted sense of logic get into your head?! I demand you get it back out again!”

“Twisted...? But a significant portion of the books Leysritt bought contained such themes... around one in three, I would say.”


She's hopelessly misinformed.

Whatever Liz has bought, there wasn't the slightest bit of common sense in it.

“...I see. So I was mistaken in believing you to be sexually aroused by your female classmates' musical instruments.

...How unfortunate. I would have found it slightly admirable if you felt lust towards an instrument rather than the girl's body itself.”

Sella's shoulders slump in disappointment.

Meanwhile, Liz has been staring at my lunchbox the whole time.

“So... If you guys don't have any business here, would you mind leaving?”

I came to school today because I wanted to take it easy, so it'd be great if they could leave me in peace.

“Oh, please take no notice of us. We simply wish to observe your daily activities at school. Please spend your day off as you normally would, be it sifting through the girls' lockers or pleasuring yourself upon the desk of the girl you harbor secret feelings for.”


In conclusion...

If I cannot escape from these two, it looks like my peaceful morning will never come.


I stand up.

“Emiya-sama? Is it the recorder, after all?”

“Hey look, a super gigantic ultra special strawberry cake from Fleur, down there in the schoolyard!”

“A super giant cake...?! Could it be, perhaps, the legendary creature that attacked Athens?!”

Sella runs to the window, while Liz stands with her unwavering gaze still fixed on my lunch.

“Where?! Where is it, Emiya-sama?!

If it is indeed as big as you say, then it should at least be ten meters across at the very least! Anything less would be simply unforgivable! Completely tasteless, plain, decorated with whipped cream in such perfect symmetry that each white peak seems as if it was copied and pasted into its place, the ultimate, impossible to defend against, the one and only! An instant words cannot describe!

...Ahhh, should such a horrific and lowly cake exist, simply thinking about it is enough to make my magic circuits collapse in upon themselves!”

"Kyaaaaaa!" Sella screams in joy.

...Um. It sounds like the Einzberns' magic circuits have a fatal flaw or two in them somewhere.

“Huh?! Liz! What has become of Emiya-sama?!”

“Hallway. Like a deer. "Taptaptap," like that.”

“It can't be, was that just a feint...!?

Kuh, how cunning...! After him, Leysritt! We must not let him escape!”

“...Did I do something to deserve this?”

Certainly nothing that I can remember, but since they're chasing me, I'd better run for it.

Fortunately, this is not the castle, but the school. I should be able to lose them with no trouble―――

“―――, whew.”

I gather my breath and wipe the sweat off my forehead.

I circle back around the club building and the auditorium before taking shelter in the archery range.

By the time I'd finally shaken my pursuers off, it was almost noon, and...

“Mmm. Shirou, welcome.”

Liz was already waiting for me at the range.

“W-We found you... huff... huff...――― E-Emiya-sama, please do not concern yourself with us and proceed at your leisure.”

Sella arrives, short of breath.

I'd heard she was hardly the athletic type, but to tail me all the way here would have taken a fair bit of energy. She must have quite some tenacity.

...There's definitely something very wrong with those Einzbern magic circuits.

“...All right, all right. I give up. Let's just settle down and eat. I'll split it with you two, so please be satisfied with that.”

...I see.

Sella may be another story, but Liz will be perfectly satisfied if I just share my lunch with her.

“I... see... huff... I must also have nourishment after this. Today we will settle for Emiya-sama's cooking, and call it research. In-depth investigation to... huff... follow... huff... later.”

Sella staggers towards the boxed lunch on wavering steps before finally collapsing in front of it.

“Sella, don't hog.

Shirou said, split it for two.”

And as Liz sees it, there's none for me.

“...Well, if that's what it takes for you to leave me alone, it's fine, I guess.”

But that reminds me.

What were these two doing here, anyway?

School・Day 4 Flip-flop 3

After finishing lunch, I walk through the school building.

Even though it's a holiday, I could see people here and there.

It's probably the students who are working hard for their club activities. Undoubtedly, the building where the music and art rooms are is even more crowded.

For some reason, I turn around.

There was nothing in particular that stood out.


The only odd part was the fact that I had no reason to look behind me.

I suddenly get an urge to drink some tea and head towards the student council room.

I peered into the classrooms from the hall and, just as I thought, I could see several students inside.

The halls aren't quiet.

But behind me it's silent, even though I can hear people's voices from in front of me as I walk ahead.


When I turned around, the hallway behind me was a completely different kind of silence.

“...Why did I turn around...”

There was nothing in particular that stood out.

There was no reason for me to turn.

I felt a chill. If there was some reason for me to look behind, that was okay, but just looking back all of a sudden made me feel uneasy.

Lately scary stories have been popular, and I can see this becoming one.

The story about having an urge to turn around when there's no reason to.

“Well, I guess it's normal for a school this time of the year.”

Entrance exams are closing in, and a lot of students are becoming really oversensitive under the pressure.

These past four days I've had a lot of things to think about, and I may just be worn out without realizing it.

“―――That's right. Maybe I should just go home and rest.”

I'll get to the student council room next time.

I walk down the hall. I try to control the urge to look back and leave the school.

“Wait a second, this isn't my imagination, damn it!!”

Something's there.

I can't see it but something is staying close behind me.

“...You two aren't still following behind me, are you?”

I stare at any place they could be hiding.

..............................................................but there is no sign of them.

“...I guess it was just my imagination. Maybe I am becoming a little oversensitive, after all...”

I shrug my shoulders in relief.

Maybe I'll buy something like grapefruit on my way home and try imitating aromatherapy or something.

“――――――There you are!”

After making a feint, I make a ferocious dash for the stairs.


I felt like I had seen something familiar dash down the stairs.

I'm not completely sure, but it was probably―――

“...But even then, why?”

I don't understand the motive, but there may be something behind all this.

Even if I try to chase recklessly after them I won't be able to catch them, so maybe it would be best to pretend I didn't see anything and head home...

School・Day 4 On the way home

“Yoohoo~! Fancy meeting you here, Shirou!

Is school over yeeeeet?”

Before I knew it, Illya has already gotten to the school gate and was waiting for me there.

Having her follow me around does bother me slightly, but it would be pretty thoughtless of me to complain when she's that happy.

“Yeah. I was just wandering around looking for clues, but I thought I might as well stop here.

Are you coming back from a stroll?”

“Yep. I was observing people just for fun. Usually there's too much of a crowd, so I was aiming for a time when there's just a few.

In the end―――well, I guess it kept me from getting too bored.”

...Reflecting a bit.

It would have been better to show her something more interesting, like the gym or the music room, than to walk in circles through the hallways.

“I'm ashamed to say that I don't have much to report, either.”

“That's okay, too, isn't it? It's not like I was expecting something unforgettable from the start. It was just normal fun for me.”

“Is that so? I... I guess I had fun, too.”

Or wasn't bored, at the very least.

She was following me like a paparazzo all morning and all afternoon―――speaking of which, that reminds me.

“Illya, did you actually sneak out today? Left the castle without letting anyone know, I mean.”

“That's right. I wish they got used to it already, there's always so much noise whenever I'm gone.

I was preparing to cause quite a stir, actually, but with those two around, it was a total waste.”

“Ah... that is, how should I put it...”

I guess I ought to thank them.

The thought of Illya trying out some new trick at school is rather scary.


Speaking of the devil... A maid is approaching from the courtyard. Running while holding the hem of her skirt in her hands. Immodest, yet somehow cute.

“As I thought, you came here.

...In the future, I would humbly request that you call to us if you desire to leave the castle.”

“I told you, I won't do things I don't want to do. If I go out alone, I want to be alone. As a servant, you should consider at least that much.”

“...I am well aware of it, but this much was the order of the head of the household.

For as long as the most minuscule of dangers befall Lady Illyasviel, I shall protect her to the utmost of my poor ability, my body shall become her shield―――”

“Ah geez, that's so annoying, I'm telling you.

You worry way too much, Sella.

There's practically nothing even remotely dangerous left in this city and even then, I'll be able to handle it myself, one way or another.”

“...It is exactly as you say, however... danger has many faces, and not all of them may look frightening.

For instance, a treacherous friend.

A normally worthless existence that is waiting for just the right moment to rebel.”


Why is the blue maid looking right at me?

“...Muh. There's some logic to what Sella's saying. I am well prepared against an outside attack, but I haven't thought about enemies coming from within.

But in that case, it might be even more fun.”

Hold on.

I'm asking, why are you all looking at me, young lady?

“...Enemy? Shirou, enemy?”

“Wrong. More like a sacrifice. I know I'll be the victim, no matter what happens.”

“Hmph, how shameless. How dare you say that after calling Milady to a place like this?

Leysritt, Emiya-sama is not an enemy, but neither is he a friend. From now on, if he does something to make our lady sad, make sure to punish him mercilessly.”

...Ugh, the situation's going from bad to worse.

From now on, if Illya ever cries, Emiya residence ought to expect a visit from Liz the Hitman to follow right after.

“It'll be okay, Liz actually has a lot more restraint than Sella. Yeah, in your case, I'm sure she won't just split you in half.”

"You'll be captured and questioned first," follows her reassuring explanation.

"Good thing they're still listening, isn't it? Now you have a chance to come up with a good excuse." is what she seems to mean by "okay."

“...Milady. Your impression of myself as having less moderation than Leysritt is a misunderstanding. As one that has been placed in charge of your education, I could not possibly be inferior to Leysritt in the intelligence aspect.”

“Yeah. Sella is smart.”

“Look. Liz actually has a charming side to her. Besides, a lack of memory capacity isn't the same as a lack of intelligence. You'd do well to be a bit more amiable yourself, Sella.”

“While I shall duly take note, we have no need for human qualities. They have no bearing on our ability to be Milady's guardians.”

“Really. You are truly hard headed.

Well, it's fine. If you two have come to search for me, your job is already done. I shall come back early tonight, so go on ahead of me.”

“Certainly. Then, do excuse us.”


Sella adheres to Illya's strict order.

On the other hand, Liz looks rather lonely.

“Wait. I'm just wondering, how do you two plan to get back to the castle?”

“There is a car waiting in the shopping district's parking lot. While it is meant primarily as Milady's transport to and from the castle, I am permitted to use it once in a while, as well.”

“"Use"... as in "drive"?”

“Naturally. If you are still in doubt, would you like me to show you my driver's license?”

“Ah... I believe you, I'm just surprised. Yeah, considering how far the castle is, having a car makes total sense.

...Then, when Illya comes to my house...?”

“Oh, you didn't know? When I come by myself, I drive.”


A s-shocking fact has been revealed just now...!

The private forest land is one thing, but to think that there's actually a mysterious silver-haired girl roaring around on public roads...

...We might be the only ones who don't know about it. There may well be a pretty famous ghost story about the Miyama town street racer.

“Then, what kind of car do you drive? A Bersercar?”

“A supercar from another world.

...I mean, what was its name... Whenever Sella hears the engine, she's so fascinated she keeps muttering things like "Valkyrie Geschrei."”

“Lady Illyasviel. That is a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Coupe. Ten years ago during the last Heaven's Feel, that high performance machine saw a lot of activity for the sake of the Einzbern.”

“Ah, right right, that's the one. It's just a tool for running away, but it sure sounds great, doesn't it? They say the top speed is something like 270 kph, too bad you won't see that on public roads in Japan.

It really is amazing. The craftsmen from that country must either love custom orders, have a special vision, or maybe they just hate the very phrase "mass production."”

Ooh, Mr. Benz, is it?

I don't know if the 300SL is a famous car with a rich history, but I'm sure it comes with an eye-popping price tag.

“Hmm. Well, I guess we'll be parting ways at the bottom of the hill. Let's go back together until then.”

“What nonsense are you saying? While I am still hesitant, Milady did say that she wishes to walk back with you alone, did she not? I do believe that is good fortune you may not see in a hundred years.”

“That's right, Shirou. Today, I'm walking home from school with you, so they ought to go back first. If Sella and Liz are here, it's just no different than inside the castle.”

“Well, I suppose we're not at the castle here. The two of us can walk home anytime, but having everyone together is quite rare.”

“Right? So let's go like this today.

I hate having to walk up this long hill every morning to go to school, but it does come in handy on occasions like these.”

“......sigh It can't be helped, can it. If Shirou wants to, then we shall all keep him company, just this time.

Let's go Sella, Liz. As an exception, you are permitted to accompany us to the bottom of the hill.”

“T-Thank you very much, Milady. I am very grateful for your consideration...!

And Emiya-sama, may my rudeness today never be forgotten.”

“I'm happy. Shirou, good person.”

“You really are a dummy, Shirou. They're my servants, there's no need for you to worry about them.”

Her harsh words and smiling face telling opposite stories, Illya heads towards the hill road.

The two maids look like they're attached to her back.

This is an unusual development, but I guess it's nice once in a while―――

“By the way. Why were you following me around?”

“We thought we would find out the reason behind Milady's coming to this school. Learning what catches her interest could become very useful information in the future.”

“Hmm―――Then, what does that have to do with me?”

“Do you not remember anything? Your part in this, as one of the main causes, is quite obvious. If we found out more about your school life, it would help find a method to persuade Milady further.”

“Hm. So basically, you were looking to find out my faults and sell them out to Illya?”

“You are quick to understand. Unfortunately, we were unable to capture the kind of image we were hoping for.”


This person really sees me as an enemy.

“Hmm. Sella, what was Shirou like in the morning?”

“It was quite disappointing. Emiya-sama's conduct was boring in the extreme.”

“Skimmed his lunch a bit.”

“Ah, you two ate from his lunchbox!? The one I was aiming for myself!”

“! I beg your forgiveness, Milady, I obtruded improperly...! But at that level of skill, given time to study, I shall be able to reproduce it...!”

“Sella, no way. Ad-lib not work on that.

Also, stealing food makes you fat. Fat Sella, can't stand.”

“L-Leysritt...! That was pure sampling of food, d-do you really think that I would do something so discourteous!!?”

“Don't know. But midnight snacks, you should cut.”


H-How do you know about that!?”

With Liz and Sella's quarrel livening things up, Illya smiles as she walks down the hill road.

I ended up being just an extra.

This may not be what Illya had in mind, but I think it worked out for the best.

There's a few minutes before we reach the intersection.

The evening's tumult looks like it'll continue for a little while longer.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do