Loop 24

Day 3

Emiya's・Day 3 Pool tickets and a threatening letter

Nothing special is happening, I guess I'll just go back to my room.

It'd be nice to idle about in the living room and watch TV or something, but that wouldn't be nice to Saber and Rider.

Having no interest in neither sports shows nor travel programs, staying around would just be a burden on them.


The door is open.

Is someone taking care of the cleaning for me?

It's not like being discovered would be an issue, but―――


Silencing my footsteps, I approach the doorway.

Since Saber and Rider are both in the living room, the ones that remain―――

“...Ah, bingo.”

She's staring at my desk―――I wonder what she has been up to.

Now would be a good time to return to the living room quietly, but I'm kind of bothered by the expression on her face.


Showing no signs of surprise, she turns to glare at me.

...As if it's her room that I've been peeking in, obviously displeased.

“Ah... um, are you busy? I'll come back later, then.”

"Pardon me for intruding," I step back, despite the fact that the room in question is my own.

Being pressured by Sakura in that state of mind, though...

“Senpai―――Are you being threatened by Nee-san!?”


Aren't you making too big of a deal out of it?

...Come on now, me being threatened by Tohsaka...

“Yep, definitely. I always am, actually.”

“Please don't lie to me! I-I mean, she has actually sent you a threatening letter, didn't she!”


You aren't listening, are you, Sakura-san?

A threatening letter, though...? I do seem to remember the piece of paper she's holding...

“Sakura, that's―――”

“I'm sorry, I was cleaning your room, and... I came across this, by chance. That's a letter from Nee-san, right?”

...Hehehe. Re-reading it now, it does sound perfectly threatening.

As you read it, you can't help but feel deathly omens starting to circle overhead.

“I see. It's no wonder that you'd misunderstand.

...But you sure did well guessing that it was from Tohsaka.”

“But this paper... no, there isn't anyone else in the whole town of Fuyuki that could write a letter like this!”

...Sisterly love that knows no bounds, indeed.

Player Matou Sakura, first yellow card.

“She does say "I'm not really mad," but there is no way she would have written this if she wasn't!”

“I'm glad you noticed.”

“And besides, wh-what's with this "kill" business!?

This is more than just a plain threat, isn't it!”

Well, it is crossed out, though.

But it definitely would be bad if someone took it literally.

“I can't let this pass, no matter if she's my older sister... I will protect you, Senpai... That's right, if it's to legitimately defend yourself, it wouldn't be considered excessive force, would it...?”

―――Sakura mutters, all riled up.

If I don't clear this misunderstanding up, the consequences will be grave.

“Oh no, it's okay, Sakura. I'm not really being threatened, and it's not like Tohsaka was being serious when writing this.”

“That's a lie. Please don't lie to me, Senpai.”

―――instant reply.

That would be the second yellow card.

In other words, pretty much a red card already.

“Well, not really.

Calm down, Sakura. What Tohsaka says and what she actually does are entirely different things. And you know how she always goes overboard.”

Ah. Looks like she remembered something. Her anger is subsiding.

“You... You're right.”

“And besides, it's been quite a long time since I received that.

It doesn't matter anymore, and I've already thrown it into the junk pile.”

“Oh... But still, is it really alright?”

“I did make sure to follow all the instructions... And so let's leave it at that. I don't want to receive another one of these.”

A letter written with a ruler, made from newspaper scraps, or a printout that looks like it's been copied about twenty times. Don't want any of those.

“...I'm sorry, Senpai. I just got a little upset.”

“I understand. Anyone would be surprised by that.”

“But... if this isn't a threat, then wouldn't it be, um... a love letter from Nee-san!?”

―――I'm speechless.

Normally, love letters and threatening letters are 180, or rather 540-degree opposites of each other.

Why would Sakura say that―――

“Sakura. You lost me.”

“B-But Senpai, Nee-san saying that she's not really mad, but wants to meet with you one-on-one―――Couldn't you say that it's a normal love letter with an invitation to a date!?”

“As if! What kind of a love letter is it that says "I'll kill you if you don't come"!?”

Rather, it shouldn't exist in the first place!

“One written by Nee-san, that is!”

A iron bond so strong it's terrifying!

The sisters that truly understand each other...!

“And you've even set it aside―――No matter how you look at it, it's got to be a love letter.

...I'm envious. I knew I should have written you a love letter myself, Senpai.”


That was a sudden turn from hyperexcited to warm and fuzzy just now.

“Ah.... Um, err. If that's what you want, I can take as many as you like.”

...Maybe it's the atmosphere, but I've just said something way out of character.

The conversation coming to an abrupt end, we stare at each other, blushing and embarrassed.

“Do... Do you really mean it?”

“Uh... Well, if you'd like to go somewhere or something, I wouldn't mind... I mean.”

―――Words escape me.

Finding it hard to look at each other straight, we both become aware of the fact that we're alone in the room―――

The subject, I gotta change the subject!

“S-So you said you were cleaning up, Sakura?”

“T-That's right. Well then, back to it!”

“Yeah, I'll help, too.”

Amidst the confusion, the priorities got mixed up in my head. Well, whatever―――

With this and that, the cleaning is about halfway done.

“Did you find something, Senpai?”

“Ah... Nah, just some tickets. Movie, perhaps?”

The fact that they're here means that the screening is long since over, probably.

But wait, these are actually admission tickets.

“...An invitation for free admission to Waku Waku Splash?”

“The pool in Shinto. It's probably Fuji-Nee who got them.”

It's nice of her to bring them, but leaving them in a place like this isn't.

Had it still been summer, we could have actually used them. What a waste.

“But you know, that pool is actually a year-round all-weather water resort.”

“Ah, now that you mention it, I seem to remember...”

"An everlasting summer with neither autumn nor winter," that was their sales pitch, I think.

Which means... we could go there even now?

“...They're still valid, too. Now that I think about it, we couldn't even go to the sea this summer... Sakura, would you be able to take care of the swimsuits?”

“Ah. Yes, we happen to have bought new ones just recently...”

Oh yeah, they did go shopping with Saber or something.

And I have yet to see Sakura in a swimsuit, so here's―――

“Sakura, how about we go there sometime? Now that we have free tickets and everything.”

“Eh? R-Really!?”

“Once you have time on a weekend, that is. Finding these here has to be the work of destiny.”

“Right. I will gladly accompany you!”

“Great. So it's settled.

...though maybe I should have made this offer into a love letter instead.”

“...But receiving an invitation in person is even better!”

“Okay. I see.”

Alright then, now that the date is promised―――Sakura's swimsuit... I'm really looking forward to it.

“Senpai... shall we continue with the cleaning?”

“Y-Yeah, we should.”

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Day 4

Ryuudou Temple・Day 4 A cat, priest, and a stubborn teacher


I stretch my back, a great view of the temple grounds before me.

Now, as I'm thinking about my plans for the morning,

“Oh hey, Emiyan. What's up, a morning prayer or something?”

With lots of clunking noise, here comes Neko-san from the temple gate.

“Good morning, Neko-san.

Um, today is―――”

...There's no need to even ask.

She's carrying two large bags in both hands.

I'd say that's about 20 kilos in beer and sake bottles.

“...Did you carry all of that by yourself?”

“Yeah? Well, not like there's anyone else.

No way I'd get it delivered for me, either.”

"Why'd you ask?" she inclines her head.

Could this actually be an everyday thing?

“...Neko-san. Next time you need something delivered to the temple, please let me know. It's too heavy for one person.”

“Oho, you're as thoughtful as ever, Emiyan.

But it's no big deal. I've gotten used to it long time ago. And now that I can drive right up to the bottom, it's even easier.

Anyway, I'm still glad that you're so concerned. I'd love to give you 10-yen per hour raise, if I could.”

"See ya," she heads towards the main building.

“Then I'll carry those for you. You just need to bring them to the kitchen, right?”

“Yeah, but it's okay, really. Well, that would be easier, I guess.”

Alright, so I pick up the left handle of the beer case.

“Whoa, isn't this way over 20 kilo!?

Neko-san, what on Earth is in there!?”

“What do you mean? We're a liquor shop, no? An order of beer, sake, whiskey, brandy, oh, and some Chinese wine.

I know a few tricks, I could carry up to about my own weight myself. But, indeed, if it's not balanced, it's kind of tough even for me.”

Shuffling sideways, we head for the kitchen.

We'd probably pass for some kind of a crab from afar.

Finally, we put it down at our destination.

“Good work. Thanks, Emiyan.”

“You're welcome... I bet this isn't all of it, though. Do you still have some in the truck?”

“Yeah, I do. Two more of the same.”

“―――I'll help.

So is it always like this? You really should have asked Furumi-san or someone from the temple to come instead.”

“Asking the temple ain't good.

It's no good for the monks to come buy alcohol, see. It's like Eliot Ness trying to drink himself into a stupor. Well, not like getting yourself wasted is alright, either.”

Neko-san cackles.

Now that she mentions it, this place is, indeed, subject to a Prohibition of its own.

“...Oh. One of these days, maybe I should get Issei's approval and build a railtrack or something? From the parking lot to the gate, to carry plain loads, at least.”

“A railcar would sure be cool. Wouldn't temple visitors disapprove of stuff like that, though?”

“Of course, it'd have to be in the woods, coming up to the temple's back gate.”

“Wow, I like the way you think.

A railcar running through the woods would be so nice, wouldn't it. Like the ones they use in mines. Well, whatever, I don't particularly care. But someone like the old lady from the rice shop could definitely use it.”


Sounds like Neko-san isn't very interested in goods transport modernization.

“Well, with your help, one more trip and that's it. Let's go get it done, shall we.”

“Don't you mean two trips?”

“Nope. One for me, one for you makes it one more trip.

30 kilo ought to be a piece of cake, right, Emiyan?”

“...Well, in terms of just mass alone.”

We're talking about a big load that needs to be carried with both hands, though.

And one that needs to go up the Ryuudou Temple Stairway of Hell, too.

...I see. I did think that Neko-san's arm strength was rather unusual for someone like her, but I never thought she's this athletic...


As we're walking back towards the main grounds...

We come upon one heck of a sight behind the temple.

Fists clashing into fists.

Two tall figures are exchanging blows, silent yet fast.

For some reason, an impossible match is taking place in the temple's backyard.


And as for Neko-san... all she can do is stare at the spectacle.

Can't blame her.

One of the participants...

While it was only one battle, the fact that Kuzuki Souichirou had taken on a Servant barehanded remains a fact.

“Muh, that's it!

Well, I give up. Stopping just before hitting it may be, your attack is as frightening as ever, Souichirou-dono.”

“...And you are just as determined, honorable monk.

While I am stopping at the last moment, you are doing nothing of the sort. From now on, let us continue right until the first contact with the neck, shall we?”

The two of them talk while straightening their clothes.

One is Kuzuki, and the other,

“Oh, morning.

Shirou-kun and Neko-kun, what a rare combination.”


...No, compared to you two, it's exceedingly normal, if I may say so myself.

“Good morning, Reikan-san, Kuzuki-sensei.

...So, just now, uh... Was that, um, a sparring match?”

“Oh no, nothing but a mere imitation of one.

While I'm going all out, Souichirou-dono is stopping just on the verge of a hit. This humble servant of Buddha still has, oh, around ten more years of rigorous training left before becoming a worthy opponent.”

"Haahaaha," laughs Reikan-san, apparently enjoying himself.

This very definition of a broad-minded person, Issei's true brother, what else is he hiding within himself?

“I'm amazed. A person that even Rei-kun could not touch, that's a first. Would you happen to be from this temple?”

“No, the person before you is the high priest's guest, Kuzuki Souichirou-dono.

He belongs to the teaching staff at Shirou-kun's school.”

“Oh...? To be honest, I couldn't tell... Emiyan, do you know Kuzuki-san?”

“Of course. Kuzuki-sensei is my modern society and ethics teacher. He's the one they call the heart of Homurabara, even Fuji-Nee relies on him.”

“Ack. I see, even Fujimura knows him.

Well, whatever. My name is Hotaruzuka Neko, nice to meet you.”

“Same here. My name is Kuzuki Souichirou.”

They exchange polite greetings.

“Hm? But Kuzuki-sensei has been at the temple for a quite while now. Yet this is the first time you've met him, Neko-san?”

“...Indeed. I may have seen you around once in a while, but this would be the first time we have talked.

I will make sure to be more proactive with my greetings from now on.”

His dignified voice carries a touch of regret.

...I see. Kuzuki Souichirou is not the type of character to make a new acquaintance himself.

From his point of view, the person who came to deliver the alcohol, Neko-san, was not someone that he ought to be concerned about.

Up until now, of course.

“You are quite amazing, Kuzuki-san.

Rei-kun has gone all the way to a national judo competition, and has now been invited to work as a police instructor. That's how good he is. Ridiculously good, even.”

“Yeah, don't you think?

Souichirou-dono is no ordinary man. Had I attempted to challenge him five years back, when I came to this temple to remedy the gradual deterioration of my skill, what would have become of me, I wonder?”

"Probably killed outright, haahaaha," laughs Reikan-san.

...That's more of something to break out in cold sweat over, not lightly joke about.

“You give me too much credit. I am skilled in but one art. Once the no-holds rule is lifted, Reikan would likely go unchallenged.

Should you have a chance, you ought to have a bout, too, Emiya. I trust it will be a good experience for you.”


Ah, but it really is the first time I see Reikan-san sparring. It's always been meditationzazen or mopping the floor or something.”

“Oh, pardon me for that.

These arts are more or less a heirloom that this humble priest happens to posses. They aren't something I could try out on a human being at a moment's notice, to begin with―――”

“A special skill reserved against the dragon god, right?

Back in our student days, you used to say that a lot when you got drunk, Rei-kun. "Should I end up competing with that Fujimura fool, mine is a capture the tiger, certain-kill technique," stuff like that.”

"Yep, yep," Neko-san keeps nodding, recollecting the nostalgic past.

And now Fuji-Nee. Getting caught and instantly killed is no good.

“...To take on the dragon god, is it?

Is that related to the Mion River Dragon Festival from the local history?”

“Dragon festival?”

“Yeah, I guess you wouldn't know, Emiyan.

See, there's that river that separates the city into two, right? That's the Mion River, where they used to have autumn festivals around the time when I was a kid.

Anyways, they say that a long, long time ago a dragon god laid waste to Fuyuki, and a traveling monk was able to subdue him. From then on, to appease the unruly god, they had festivals in summer and autumn. But now, only the summer one remains. Well, whatever.”

“Oh, wow... Ah, so then the Ryuudou temple, could it be...”

Could it be the very temple that the monk had constructed...?

“I wonder about that.

Indeed, the teachings that have been handed down belong to a high priest of no small virtue.

However, we have concluded that the temple in question had opened its gates well before the said priest had appeared.

And therein lies the problem, the egg may have come before the chicken.”

“Huh... So the traveling monk defeated the dragon god barehanded, then settled at the Ryuudou temple... is that it?”

“Well, even then.

Whichever way it was, the guy still beat a god all by himself. I'm sure he was a virtuous monk, his power of Buddhism unmatched. Right?”

“Oh no, nothing like that. It couldn't possibly have had anything to do with his powers.

To tell you the truth, it seems that cajolery was his trump card. Eloquence and wit is what let the traveling monk triumph over the simple-minded dragon god.”

"Oh, it was a job well done," says Reikan-san while stroking his chin.


I guess he's greatly impressed by this victory without a fight.

“I hadn't heard that before. So does that mean that your judo training is nothing but a hobby, Rei-kun?”

“Yes. It is said that the dragon god, having settled back in the Mion river, decided to teach it to the temple servants out of boredom. As to which part of that story is true and which one is fake, who knows?

Assuming that it is indeed true, it is a deed unworthy of a servant of Buddha. Oh, but I have no doubt of the worldly odour present around one such as myself.”

"Haahaaha," echoes his refreshing voice once again.

“Can't argue with that, for sure.

Mm, the Ryuudou temple has been our best customer since long ago, ain't gonna be long before the young one starts drinking, too.”

“Oh, I wonder about that.

Issei is a bastion of abstinence. Self-restraint is his way of life. Not even I could manage to corrupt him.”

“Oh? So the younger one is dead set about it. He seems popular with the Miyama's shopping district association, too. And you, Rei-kun, you aren't supposed to be this carefree, either. Well, whatever.

Anyway, we'll drop your order off at the kitchen and leave the rest up to you. We'll go down one more time, and if you could unpack the boxes in the meantime, I'd appreciate it.”

“Right, I shall do that. And let us hide them before the other worldly monks catch wind of it.

Also, Neko-kun. Regarding our discussion from before.”

“Yeah, I know. As I said, there's one extra bottle in there.

And plenty of the Devil King.”

“Neko-kun, I always knew I could rely on you. Your sake sure is great.”

"Devil King" is a fairly expensive brand of shochu.


“Um, Reikan-san. Is it really alright to use those kinds of words in the temple? If I recall correctly, wouldn't priests usually refer to it as the "Holy Water" or something like that?”

“That they do. Well, it is but a trifling matter. Either way, it is not something to be excommunicated over, after all.”

“Yep, that's right. The chief priest himself is known to hold drinking parties.

Maybe drinking is actually their tool to distance themselves from the material world. A shortcut to enlightenment, self-inflicted damage through the use of mind-altering drugs.”

Neko-san seems to have the wrong idea of ascetic practice.

“Fie! A novice committing such an act of sacrilege shall not be found at our temple.

Those who wish to attain satori shall do so at their own behest. And divine punishment awaits those that drink and not enjoy it.”

Reikan-san becoming a monk was clearly a mistake.

“...Honorable monk. Shall the contents of this conversation be kept secret from the chief priest?”

“Yes, let us keep it a secret. Shirou-kun, the same goes for Issei.

So, how about it, Souichirou-dono? One from the surplus, tonight?

The other servants may be a bit fussy, perhaps a moon viewing on the back hills.”


Reikan-san just casually invites Kuzuki-sensei for a drink.

However, there is no way that Kuzuki-sensei, who looks even more likely to refuse the three temptations than Issei, would agree to...

“...I would not mind, but... my wife, you see...”

Wait, why is he putting his glasses on...?

“I would like it to be a private one.

I tend to be tense when Caster-san is around, and the sake just wouldn't flow right.”

“..................I understand. We'll discuss the details later.”

Wah, this guy actually agreed!

“Well then, Neko-kun, I will do my part.

Please take care of the rest.”

“Righty, thanks for your patronage~

Um.... And see you again, Kuzuki-san.”

“Yes. Let us part, then.”

We're off to the gate, and the two of them head for the kitchen.

But Neko-san is still standing there absent-minded, watching them leave.

“Neko-san? We were going to go get the rest, weren't we?”

“Right, I'm going. Sorry, that guy kind of gotten on my mind.”

“? You mean Kuzuki-sensei?”

“Yeah, that one. I give up, he's totally my type. He's the kind of guy I like.”

“―――, come again?”

She just keeps walking, as if nothing happened.


To make sure, I should explain the situation just in case.

“Neko-san. Kuzuki-san is married, you know.”

“He did say that. So what?”


Uh, when asked like this, I guess I have nothing to reply with...

“Somebody like him would be great. Quietly drinking sake, listening to what I have to say and taking it seriously. Makes me want to crash their moon-viewing party.”

"Aahaaha," she laughs.

“I see...”

So that's what it is.

...In that case, there is no problem... right?

Kuzuki-sensei might get a good drinking companion out of it, too.

“Here we go, Emiyan.

Gotta make up for all the time we spent chatting.”

We head for the temple gate.

For now, looks like I'll be helping Neko-san for rest of my morning.

Ryuudou Temple・Day 4 National treasure


As I walk through the woods, I sense a flow of magical energy that shouldn't be there.

...Like toxic fumes leaking from a poison jar that ought to have been tightly sealed.

There's no mistaking it. The energy that's rising up from the bottom of the mountain, behind the trees―――

“―――It's underground. The great cave has been activated―――!?”

The Great Grail that ought to have been destroyed, could it be reawakening...!?

“Why on Earth―――no, what am I thinking...!”

Now that someone restarted the Heaven's Feel, it's only natural that they would have an eye on that cave.

And if that "someone" is capable of restoring what we thought was safely destroyed already―――!

Huff, huff, huff―――!”

I run through the underground cavern.

This is an emergency. There is no time to go back to the Emiya residence.

I will call for Saber only after I confirm the presence of this "someone."

If worst comes to worst, I will use the last remaining command spell to summon her.


“...I'm within the Ryuudou temple grounds. Even reinforced by a command spell, I can't be sure that the summons will work...!”

...There is no time for hesitation.

I have to stop the one that broke the infernal seal before the Great Grail comes back to life...!


I can see light coming out of the Great Grail.

However, it's still weak.

No more than a damp fireplace with but one match thrown in.

In that case, I ought to still be able to stop it...!

Huff, ―――!”

I climb up the cliff, not stopping even once.

A bottomless pit created in the depths of the Earth.

The fountain of wishes that give rise to calamity.

And before this abominable wreckage,

“Wahahahaha! I decide to come by just because, and what's this unfinished mess that I see!

So in the end, the El Dorado built by these mediocrities was not meant for my eyes to see, was it!”

"Wahaha, awesome, looking great," the guy just laughs all by himself.

“―――, Ah...”

It's okay.

I don't know what he's up to, but it's not the kind of hazard that could pose a problem if left alone.

“Oh? Why, if it isn't Saber's personal cook himself.

Aren't you a thoughtful mongrel. Just when I could use a guide, the idiot appears right before me with a dumb face!”


And so I'm found out.

Having run all the way here, I've got no strength left to run back.

...By the way, I'd like him to stop putting the weird accent on the "personal" part.

“Well, leaving that aside.

Gilgamesh, that look of yours―――”

The golden perve-, I mean, Servant in front of me is sporting an outfit the likes of which I've never seen before.

“Hm? Yeah, it ain't the kid form.

A slight change in plans, reverting back to my own self just for now.

So, you peasants must be getting lonely in the absence of the leading role. Consider it a free gift from your king.”

"Ha, ha, ha," comes the fresh, yet overbearing laughter of the King of Heroes.

I see, so he got turned back, rather unfortunately so.

...Ugh, only now do I realize what I have lost.

That blond kid was a real good guy. Especially compared to this teenage punk!

“I see..................... Well, but even that aside.

Say. What's up with this outfit?”


He looks himself over, as if looking for a stubborn piece of lint.

“What? Ain't a single atom wrong with it.”

Well, about that.

Certainly, there isn't anything wrong with the clothing.

That's because the entire thing is wrong. As far as Western clothes go, that's no small issue here.

“...Alright, I'm just wondering, is this a new favorite?”

“Aren't you a sharp sighted one, mongrel.

Or is it the royal aura that speaks even when the king himself is silent?”

Ah, speaking of aura, the guy's all sparkling.

“―――Indeed. This form is hereby my official outfit.

An extremely rare article, reserved for the select few.

In the original story, being "truly embarrassing, thus forbidden," it had been shelved, yet it is not something that one absolutely has to be ashamed of.

...Well, being a unique item, it does have the downside of only allowing one pose.”

"Hah," the King of Heroes laughs anxiously yet boldly.

It goes without saying that his definition of "unique" is rather skewed.


In all seriousness, what are you doing here?”

“Recording some observations, that's what.

I am a man that holds the entire world in his hands. Should there be a piece of land I overlooked, the world will go astray.

Therefore, I have come here. A hole in the earth like this one does not interest me, but this is all part of a king's duty.”

Having said that, the king of heroes seems to be in great delight.

High places, gigantic structures and whatnot must be fundamentally appealing to him.

“I see. You had nothing to do with this place, after all.”

Despite being a boss character and all.

“The stars were not right. That was not a fault of mine. What kind of a king is it that acts without pride?

Being frugal and modest is what's left for commoners to enjoy. Saber does not comprehend this fact. Should the likes of us have to descend to the ranks of generals, at least prepare a golden bathtub to soak in.

By the way, mongrel. Your peasant self possesses something rather uncommon.”


Something uncommon...?

“Um, I came here empty handed, as you can see.”

“It's what you forgot. The fact that it is yours does not change, mongrel.

...Hm. Although it is not particularly valuable, very well, I accept your offering. After all, it is not something that can be found in my treasury.”


I j-just got the feeling that something important has been snatched away...!

“Wait a moment, what the hell are you...!?”

“I transferred ownership to myself.

...Hm. It appears to be some kind of a game. Be patient, I shall explain it a bit in a moment.

It's been a while since I saw something I could not determine the source of with authority. I shall enjoy this, too.”

Closing his eyes, Gilgamesh looks to be in deep thought.

...And then, after a few minutes...

"I see," he laughs with satisfaction, reaches behind his back, and pulls a card out of nowhere.

“Like so. It is but a trifle that no longer has much significance.

Here, though, you can have a reward.”

“Uh, a Hanafuda card, is it...? Wait, are you giving it to me?”

“Told you, it's a reward. I am content with possessing just the original.

Because the one derived from it, evolving into the finished version of today, is what ought to be spread around the world.”

A remark worthy of a conceited monarch.

Having expanded his collection, the King of Heroes from the ancient Earth,

“Well then, how about we start with the sightseeing? What happened down there?”

"Nothing that should concern you anymore," I almost let a rash remark slip out.

“Ah. Hey, that way's dangerous!

Don't go in there!”

“Ha, ha, ha. What are you saying, it's nothing but a simple crater.

For some reason, there's mud stuck onto it, well, it's all fine. No, don't stop me, I am sure there's something interesting inside.”

Unconcerned with danger, the proud king presses on.

But little does he know.

For that is the former stronghold of the thing he had carelessly let himself get swallowed by in the past!

“Mm? Mmm? Hmmmmm!?

Wait. What is it with the mud clinging to my feet? How repulsive. At any rate, I have a bad premonition.

Hey, mongrel. The chain, hold the chain.”

That's no premonition, that's more of a reenactment.

Despite starting over as a child, the same thing happens.

Together with his great power as the King of Heroes, it seems he is also given the fate of being raised with the "carelessness" skill maxed out.


Impossible! To be unable to break free even with the Chain of Heaven!?

Fie! Neither a precipitous cliff nor a plane crash, what is this nuisance?! My own self aside, don't you make light of my assets! Come now, partner, let us fight! Hold on and help me out!”

The Chain of Heaven swinging around inside the Great Grail, one way or another, the King of Heroes' feet remain bound.

By the way, the "partner" he's referring to isn't me, it's the chain.

“...Yeah. Well, I'll be off, then.

See you again, if you do live through it.”

“Just what is it you're thinking of, you peasant!?

And what about your duty as a citizen!?”

“Then how about I call for some help? In my case, that would be Saber, is that alright?”

“Ha, ha, ha.

―――No need. There is definitely no need for any help.

This is just like that, the jungle gym.

It is but a child's play for my royal self, there is no need to call for anybody's help. Come now, don't you report it all to Saber, either.”

"Hah," laughs the King of Heroes boldly yet again.

All the while, black mud below him, and the Chain of Heaven entangled around his limbs.

Looking smooth there.

Other than displaying the ultimate in false courage, he's sure looking cool.

“I see. So that's how it is.

My sincere thanks for the hanafuda.”

“No problem. I will tell you one thing that is absolutely true. Somewhere in this world, there is one who holds the other card. The moment the two of you meet, the treasure ought to reveal its true worth.

Take care, mongrel. He is waiting for you at the end of the Earth. The instant you took the card into your peasant hands, the confrontation became an unavoidable destiny―――”

This final cool warning given to my back, I leave the great cave.

...Alright then.

The way it looks, he ought to hold out for a year, let alone a day.

When I get a chance, I'll just let Lancer know that there's a kid in need of a rescue.

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