Loop 25

Day 2

Town・Special Sisters' summer (lemon)

I promised to go to the pool with Sakura.

Fortunately, I've got the tickets, Sakura said she already bought herself a swimsuit... right, and what about mine...

Yep, I got it, the one I've used before.

“All that's left is to call Sakura, and...”

“Sakura, you there?”

“Yes! Senpai, is that you? Please come in―――”

Great, she's here.

I steady my breath and open the door.

“Hello. You seem extremely tense, Shirou.”


...She should have told me if Rider was there as well.

Her preemptive surprise attack ended up taking the initiative.

“Senpai? Are you nervous?”

“No, Sakura, boys should feel some innocent anxiety whenever they enter a girl's room. I once read that the complacence that comes from being lovers can eat into you like rust into an iron pan―――”

“But don't we already know each other quite well?”

Among the members of this household, Sakura is a particularly long-standing one.

Although she and Rider started living here at pretty much the same time, Sakura has been coming here daily for much longer than that.

“Sakura, Shirou is just going to settle here with an innocent look on his face. Before long, you'll get dragged into this idle cohabitation lifestyle...”

“Hold on, Rider. That's not what I came to talk about, I have more important matters.”

“Do you need me to do something, Senpai?”

“Well, something that needs to be done, or rather something I want to do... Sakura, are you busy today?”

It's irritating, to say the least. If Sakura was alone, I could be getting straight to the point, but now I can't help but be conscious of what I'm saying.

“No... nothing other than the usual house chores.”

“That's good. Now, I even made all sorts of promises, remember?”

“Hm... like buying a saucepan the next time you go shopping?”

“Well, that too, but... in Shinto, remember?”

“Movie...? Ah. Ah, now I remember!”

"Great, then let's go"―――

...is what I would have said, but Sakura suddenly blushed and grew silent.

...That must have been it, judging by her reaction.

“So I thought we could go today... sorry for being so sudden, Sakura.”

“Eh... Oh, I see, I was also just talking with Rider about what should I do today.”

So the timing's just right, basically.

Had I been a little late, their plans might have already been made. With that, I turn to the ever-present Rider.

“―――Sorry about all the confusion, Rider.”

“Ah... no no, I'm not exactly busy either, so if the two of you have plans, I'll just take care of the house or something in the meantime.”

“Say, that pool that we talked a bit about before... Would you come too, Rider?

You have a swimsuit, don't you?”

“Yes, we bought ours together.”

So that's how it was. In that case, we can probably all go together. That would be great, if somewhat unexpected.

“I think Rider should relax sometimes too...”

“I do take breaks, though Sakura does not see... but you are right.”

Rider and the two of us are looking at each other.

“Today, however, I shall pass.

I have been to that pool many times, so please go and enjoy it yourselves.”

“Oh... I see. Too bad...”

Sakura is dejected.

On the other hand, I strengthen my resolve.

“...I'm sorry for getting your hopes up, Rider.”

In a soft voice, I apologize quietly.

If Rider were to come along, I might end up distracted and neglect Sakura... not that I intend to, of course, but it still could happen...


Rider beckons to me.

She whispers to me in a corner of the room, away from Sakura.

“...Sakura is incredible.”

“What do you mean?”

“No, I was simply wondering if I should not let you know beforehand. Should you be caught off-guard at the pool and the unthinkable happens, I will not be there, after all.”

“...Then, you're talking about Sakura's swimsuit?”

I steal a glance at Sakura.

Sakura is staring at us, wondering what we're up to.

Sakura's swimsuit―――

“Uh... that might certainly be the case.

But, if we're talking about that, aren't you just as amazing?”

“No, I am rather plain-”

“You know that's not true, Rider. There's no way you would lose to Sakura in terms of vol-”

“So I would lose to Rider, is it?”

That's odd. How did she manage to only catch that part?

“Senpai and Rider, what have you two been talking about?”

“What were we talking about? You know, I'd sure like crab for dinner tonight!”

“No, Shirou and I were talking about getting ready for your date.”


D-Did you really have to be so blunt, Rider...!?

“D-Date? Senpai and I are just going to the pool, that's all!”

“I think that would make a splendid date, Sakura.

Shirou will give you his full and undivided attention today, so please rest easy.”

“That's what I should say―――No, what I said. That's it.”

Sakura and I are going to the pool together.

And that would be my genuine date with Sakura... I guess.

Conscious of each other, we both feel a little awkward.

“Ah... S-Senpai... Please treat me well.”

“...Yeah. Well then, is that the plan for today?”

“Yes. Ah, I need to prepare a few things, so would you please mind waiting for me?”

Of course, there's no way Sakura could only take five minutes to get ready like me.

“Then, Sakura, I will handle the usual household chores.”

“I'm so sorry Rider. For us to go off and play by ourselves...”

“There is no need to apologize. Please, enjoy yourselves―――I can manage lunch here.”

Rider tells the apologetic Sakura so, like an older sister.

And, just to make sure Sakura doesn't try anything else, we leave her alone in her room...

“Sorry for getting your hopes up, Rider.”

“No, this is my duty.”

“...It makes me feel better to hear you say that, but it sure would be nice if you came along too.”

“...Shirou, are you disappointed because I cannot go?

It doesn't seem like that much fun to me, but... Oh, Saber?”

“Shirou, what is the matter?”

“Saber, I'll be going out with Sakura for now―――”

“Yes. Sakura and Shirou will be spending some private time together, so we failures shall revel in camaraderie as we prepare our excuse for a lunch.”


Once again, Rider murmurs something outrageous.

I just stand there gaping, while Saber is taken aback.

“Wha... Rider, just what is "we failures" supposed to mean!?”

“Exactly what I said; is it not acceptable for us Servants, either one unable to win the attention of our Masters, to come together to nourish our friendship?”

She keeps pulling on Saber's hand.

...It looks like Rider is trying to pull Saber away to keep her from interfering with our date...?

“What do you mean? Explain yourself, Rider!”

“I would rather not speak of something so unrefined, Saber.

Something like that would only exacerbate our bitterness. And then even love could bloom from the salt of the wounds we lick together.”

“―――That is as absurd as something the King of Heroes would say.

This may be rude of me, but a snake is but a pale imitation of a dragon.”

“Such nonsense! Both of them are serpents nonetheless. In the end, the difference is trivial enough for there to be affection between us.

Though, in our case, I suppose it would only come after a pointless confrontation to the death.”

It sounds like Rider is getting carried away.

Is she actually upset about not being able to go out with Sakura, and taking it out on Saber?

“Shirou! Please do something about Rider!”

“...Do your best to be friends, and don't break things whenever you fight. Decide what you want for lunch together, and please go order it from somewhere.”

“Understood. Well then, Saber, as fellow scale-bearers, shall we spend today chilling each others' spines? Fufufufufu.”

“Senpai? Rider? What's going on?”

Just when did she start watching all this? Without me noticing, Sakura had come up behind us.

“Oh, are you all done? That was pretty fast.”

“Yes, I got everything prepared ahead of time, just in case!”

It's so like Sakura to be completely and thoughtfully prepared. I guess I wasn't the only one looking forward to it.

The two of us stare at the corridor where Rider has gone off to.

Both of us are at a loss after watching their exchange.

“...It looks like Rider was quite lonely, after all.”

“I think this and that are completely different.

I wonder if she was just using us as an excuse to tease Saber.”

“...I do hope that's all there is to it.

I wonder if they'll be alright for lunch. What should we make for them?”

“No, just leave them be. I'm looking forward to asking those two just what on Earth they ended up eating.”

I'm quite interested in finding out what kind of lunch would this mismatched pair have.

Either way, neither of them can cook, so going out is the best they can do.

“Alright, should we leave about now?”

“Yes, I'm looking forward to this very much, Senpai!”

“Then we're off... Hey, you two! We'll be back by evening, alright?”

Can Saber and Rider even hear me? I'm a little bothered by the lack of response.

“I-I'm a bit worried. Should we check up on them one more time?”

“Nah, well... whatever they're doing, I'm sure they'll be fine.”

We arrive at Shinto.

After another ten minute walk, we're at Waku Waku Splash.

“If we had known it was this close, it would have been nice to come sooner.”

“Yeah... but, well, I'm not sure how to put it.”

I can't say I'm too happy about this.

I wonder if a business like this will ever turn a profit in this countryside town?

It seems overdone even for the whims of some rich guy's corporation. If they're actually serious about this, then it's something I can only offer my condolences for.

Anyway, its name is certainly amusing.

“Is that so?”

“Eh? Ah, well, I suppose that seeing really is believing.”

...I suppose the same applies to Sakura in her swimsuit.

It was enough to elicit an "incredible" compliment from Rider herself. One can't help but wonder about the destructive force it carries―――

“Huh? Senpai, are you coming?”

“...Oh, right. Sorry, spaced out for a second there.”


Now that was undoubtedly a dangerous line of thought.

...How shameful of me. It's just a date with Sakura with our bathing suits on, what am I getting nervous about?

We've been spending our daily lives together! We've been cooking together in the kitchen for more than two years! So this shouldn't be any different from bathing together, right... wait, bathing!?


Holy crap. I almost self-destructed without even knowing it.

“――――Senpai, shouldn't we be turning back now?”

“...I hear you. It's right here, right here.”

“I suppose you're worried about Saber-san, after all?”

That's not it, Sakura... ah, but then I can't exactly explain my unease to her, can I?

“Wow, I see it. Senpai, do you have the tickets?”

“They're all here. Forgetting them is out of the question.

...All right. The changing rooms are separate, so I'll wait for you outside, okay?”

“Got it. See you in a bit, Senpai―――”

......Well, then.

Changing and then going into the pool. This all feels like a dream.

The reason for that is simple enough. That is, Sakura's figure in a swimsuit.

...For instance, I know that Saber is pretty and slim. Therefore, I can at least guess what I'm going to see.

Yet I'm completely in the dark with Sakura.

It's like fighting a decisive battle against an enemy with an instant-kill weapon while being blindfolded.

“..................A Noble Phantasm, huh?”

A totally improper example comes to mind.

If Rider were to come with her, the imminent force of impact would have undoubtedly pulverized the existence of Emiya Shirou into microbial remnants, left to be obliterated within the sterile, chlorinated environment of the pool.

...Because, look.

She's got that curvy chest and butt...

But even so, Sakura's waist is so slim...

“―――Wait, stop. Pull yourself together, man.”

Just take it easy. Composure is surely the ticket to invincibility.

With that, I sit by the poolside, grasping my knees.

It's terribly shameless of me, but I absolutely have to maintain my current posture.

I take a deep breath to calm myself down before Sakura comes out―――

“Senpai, sorry for making you wait!”

I hear a merry voice.

Steel yourself, man. The more you know about a Noble Phantasm, the less of a threat it becomes. Rather than having weird fantasies, you should actually have a―――

“Isn't this one amazing indoor pool? They really managed to build it!”

...What was that just now?

“Look, Senpai, they even have a water slide! I'd imagined this pool to only be fifty meters!”

“―――Senpai? Is something the matter?”


At last, my mind finally gets used to all this stimulation.

Sakura is in a bikini, exposing a wondrous amount of skin.

Her pearly skin shines through it all. I can't take my eyes off her supple, voluptuous body, just barely covered by the fabric.

To that end―――

“How is it? Does this look good on me?”

“...Uh, yeah, well-”

“At first I thought this was a little too bold. Then I realized Saber-san and Rider both have two-piece suits, so I had to work up some courage!”

I see... so that's how it was.

Well, thanks to this new-found boldness of hers, I'm having trouble staying on my feet.

“I-It suits you. That is, uh, yeah.”

It looks like my vocabulary has degenerated to beneath that of a kid in primary school.

Every time I look at Sakura, this... no, no, that's bad.

“...Senpai? Is there something strange about the way I look?”

“There's absolutely nothing wrong with you. There's something wrong with me.”

Just the sight of her ample cleavage and smooth, pearly neck makes my indecent self dizzy with unspeakable thoughts.

We're at the long-awaited pool, yet the male side of me can't help but think indecent things in this moment.


Firmly, Sakura grabs my hand.

Looking me right in the face, she says―――

“Please look at me properly, Senpai. This... T-This will be very embarrassing for me if you don't take a good look.”

Sakura's cheeks slightly redden.

Certainly, me being embarrassed is just going to make her feel the same.

At times like these, it is up to her companion to get a hold of himself.


As I calm down, sense and reason return to my mind.

First of all, I should clearly state my thoughts.

“Crap, my heart's pounding like crazy.

...You look absolutely cute, Sakura.”

“Really? You're not just flattering me, are you?”

“...Silly. If I was really trying to flatter you, wouldn't I have gushed much more amazing compliments than that?”

“...! I did it, it really was worth it to wear a two-piece, after all! I'm so happy, Senpai!”


Sakura tightly embraces my arm.

Eh, uh, looking at your chest was just fine, but I don't think my heart was prepared to touch it...!

“A-Anyway, let's go swim!”

I can cool off my head in the water.

At this rate, if I keep brushing against her skin like this, my entire body will undoubtedly overheat.

“Right, we've been wanting to come here for so long, after all.”

With Sakura still clinging to me, I turn to face the waterside.

Though I'm a little worried about other people staring at us, the most important thing is that we get in the pool...!

Although it's already October, within this dome it feels just like summertime.

I know that what's beaming down from above isn't the summer sun.

Still, when I'm soaked in the pool, I can't feel anything but summer.

“Whoa whoa whoa... hah, please wait for me, Senpai~”

Sakura awkwardly swims over to me.

She's not a total beginner, but it's clear she isn't entirely confident yet.

Sakura swims in the manner of someone who hasn't learned to float properly.

“Are you okay? We're not racing or anything, so there's no need to rush. Besides, you can just walk here.”

“Ah... Yes, I'll try my best!”

Using... something that looks like the front crawl, she swims over.

Hmm... I suppose at this rate, I'll be giving swimming lessons?


“Hah, I've finally caught up to you~

You must be so fast because you train often, don't you?”

“No, my time is probably about average. It's not like I have swimming practice every day.”

“Really? Swimming 25-meters freestyle is the best I can manage myself~”

Indeed, the way she swims, it would certainly be difficult.

Sakura puts unnecessary stress on her limbs. It looks like it should be easy to correct by focusing on endurance and just floating, though.

“Sakura, I guess swimming isn't really one of your strengths?”

“I'm generally weak when it comes to exercise of any kind, ahaha... Ah, but I think archery fits me rather well.”

That's a mysterious side of hers.

Besides just increasing her popularity and social skills, becoming the archery club captain has also improved Sakura's muscle tone.

Though I should point out that drawing the bowstring takes more than strength alone.

“Senpai, you must be good at sports. I'm rather envious.”

“Thanks, but it's more like I'm a jack of all trades and master of none. Personally, I think it'd be better to just specialize in one area.”

Speaking of specialties, I guess that would be archery for me.

Once my feelings are settled, I suppose it wouldn't be a bad idea to take up the bow once again.

Oh, archery isn't the issue now, it's the pool. Swimming at the pool.

“Sakura, so what can you swim?”

“Ummm, I'm not good at the backstroke.”

“――――――That would be awesome.”

“Pardon me?”

“Ah, no, it's nothing.”

What a failure I am. Thanks to these dirty thoughts, I'm on the verge of getting a nosebleed.

Doing the backstroke with that chest, huh... I bet those breasts sticking out of the water would cause unexpected water resistance.

Probably. Definitely. I dare say.

“I can't do the butterfly, and I can just barely manage the breaststroke. And my front crawl is slow, I-”

“Usually it's the opposite... I see. That's just like you, Sakura.”

“Ah, but there is something I'm good at!”

She happily remembers something.

“Really? Could it be the high dive, or maybe a water polo goalie?”

I suggest things that don't really have anything to do with swimming.

Waving her hands, Sakura giggles,

“―――It's diving!”

She sticks out her sizable chest as she says that.


My eyes widen.

Diving, as in freediving?

“Um, let's see. It's a secret, but I have some confidence in my ability to hold my breath while underwater!”

“Ah, so that's it...”

There's quite a simple, gloating atmosphere in the air.

Just how long can she actually hold her breath? Sakura's a tough girl, so I'm sure she'll last long.

...All right.

Right now, it's Sakura's chance to shine.

“Then, wanna compete? At freediving?”

“Huh? A contest? With you, Senpai!?”

“Yep. After I give the signal to dive, the first person that comes up loses. The loser has to treat the winner to lunch.”

“Eh, ehhhh? Ehhhhhh!?”

She flies into a flustered panic.

Seeing as I'm not that great at freediving, it ought to be a good match with Sakura.

“Okay. Countdown, four~”


“Yes, then Senpai, please go ahead!”

“That's the spirit, Captain Matou!

Well then, three, two, one... GO!”

With all my might, I take a deep breath and dive.

We're underwater.

Trying to keep my body from floating up, I sink below the surface.

Sakura said she's confident when it comes to freediving, but I wonder how long can she hold it... she never did tell me a time, after all.

“......, mm...”

Soon, I can no longer distract myself with such thoughts.

Even though I saved up a lot of air in my lungs, there isn't that much oxygen in it.

Rather, not moving my lungs is suffocating.

Little by little, precious air starts to leak out of my mouth.

...I wonder how Sakura is doing?

Ah, there she is. She's wearing a pretty relaxed face.

...Sound seems so far away.

Detached from the bustle of the pool, this is a different place where the noise doesn't reach.

Though I can't hear the clamor of voices, the sounds of flutter kicks randomly pass by.

The water pressure on my body.

Just how much time has passed?

The air I inhaled is slowly starting to come out.

It seems easy enough when you first hold your breath, but gradually you start to feel that you definitely don't have enough air.

“......, ..., ――――――”

...This has seriously become intense.

...I can still hold it a little longer.

This is Sakura's field of expertise, so I want to do my best to be her opponent. Even with that thought, my lungs are screaming for air―――

Sakura... impressive, her expression hasn't changed at all.

Even though we're underwater, there's no difference from when she's above ground. Looking at her, I can't laugh at her at all.

On the other hand, Sakura seems to be looking at me with an impish smile.

“..., ..., ......, ―――”

...This is becoming more and more difficult.

...I regretfully watch the air spilling out of my mouth, wishing I could take back the oxygen bubbles.

...As my air runs out, water begins to come in through my nose.

......Sakura seems to be watching with delight.

...I can't come up first.

...If Sakura's having so much fun even with a simple game like this, I'll play with her for a few more seconds.

“―――, ――――――”

...Damn it, looks like this is my limit... at this rate I'll suffocate.

...But just for a few more seconds, I'll keep Sakura company for ten more seconds―――


A sound that I shouldn't be able to hear underwater.

The way she moves as she swims over to me.

For someone who's supposed to be bad at swimming, she moves as gracefully as a mermaid.

A warm hand touches my face.

Our lips meet.

In this underwater world, air is passed to me from mouth-to-mouth.


It was a warm, much-needed aid.

As relief floods me while my lungs greedily devour the much-needed oxygen, I feel the vivid richness of her soft lips.

Sakura smiles through the water.

In front of my satisfied self, Sakura swims towards the surface.―――


I'm having trouble making sense of what just happened.

Sakura's mysterious actions.

Saving me despite our contest.

The softness of her lips, and the fire of her breath in my lungs.


I think someone's calling "Emiya-senpai."

That's right, Sakura is up above. There's no need to stay down here anymore.

My mind and vision blurring, I kick towards the surface.

“Ah~... Looks like it's my loss, Senpai.”


Taking a huge breath, I savor the fresh air.

Sakura, who came up first, looks as if she had already caught her breath.

“...gasp... hah, hah...

No, I'm the one who lost.”

“But the rule was that the first person to come up loses.”

“Ha... ah, I didn't beat you fairly, since you gave me air... Speaking of which, why?”


It's a question I shouldn't have asked.

A question that I should have pondered by diving once again and staying at the bottom of the pool until I figured it out.

“...Um, Senpai... are you angry?”

“I'm not mad. Actually, I'm really happy that you saved me.

But, that's what worries me. Why did you do that, Sakura?”

“......Well, Senpai, you looked like you were in a a lot of pain.”


“...I'm sorry, it just came into my head.

I saw you trying your best to struggle, so I just felt that I had to help you―――without thinking, um, I'm sorry.”

Sakura apologizes.

In other words, regardless of victory or defeat, Sakura did that just because she wanted to help me.


I shouldn't be unhappy.

As Sakura recalls it, she blushes.

The kiss underwater was so good that she's still embarrassed about it.

“B-But I still lost, so I'll treat you to lunch!”

“No, I cheated, so it should be my treat!”

“But nobody saw you cheat so you shouldn't have any problems with it!”“That's right, Sakura is the one who came up first so it's her―――”


“Ahh, I looked away for a second―――Excuse me.”

―――What was that just now?

“...Sakura. Just now, could that have been...?”

“Huh? P-Perhaps it was just an accidental resemblance?

Well then, let's have lunch like this.

Senpai, please buy the drinks. I will take care of the food.”

“We'll call it a draw since it didn't count, huh? Roger that.”

If I had to say so, Sakura doesn't get anything out of this.

But if she were to kiss me underwater again during a rematch, I have a feeling I would really become useless.

I feel like some of Sakura's breath is still lingering in my throat.

I place my fingers near my mouth in the hope that it'll warmly melt away―――

“...Senpai, is there anything in particular you'd like for lunch?”

Hearing that, my gaze returns to Sakura.

Though the memory of the kiss still makes me a little dizzy, somehow my mind feels completely clear.

“That's right. Since this is like summer by the beach, yakisoba would be nice.”

“Is that so?”

“Look, yakisoba is meant to be enjoyed at a beach house or festival booth, right? So why not look forward to it at the stands here?”

“It certainly isn't something you'd find at a fancy restaurant... that's odd, though, that assorted yakisoba is fine at Chinese restaurants.”

Somehow, our conversations always turn to cooking.

Well, I'm still a little unsteady on my feet after my earlier experience, but I guess we'll swim again after a lunch break.

“Do you want to try the water slides after lunch, Senpai?”

“That sounds great. All right, shall we play until we're all worn out?”

“Yes, then let's eat a lot to build up our stamina!”

It looks like we'll be playing for a while yet.

The time Sakura and I have together is precious, so we'll enjoy ourselves to our hearts' content―――

“Hahh, your shoulders look stiff, Senpai.”

“It's because the pool makes me move all the muscles I never use... ow ow ow.”

In the end, we played our hearts out into the evening.

While going down the water slide, fighting against the wave pool, and fixing Sakura's curious swimming style, we were soaked in the water all day.

We swam until our fingertips were like prunes.

Eventually, by a silent agreement, both of us figured we should go back before sunset―――

“We should go practice at the pool more regularly, don't you think?”

“In that case it would be better to join a fitness club... ahh, but...”

I played with Sakura at Waku Waku Splash so we could return to those summer days once again.

The confusion I felt during that kiss we shared underwater is now carved into my memory.

...And after that, I got all flustered in front of Sakura's swimsuit-clad figure.

If you compare it to what we did back then, it's no big deal.

...If I think about it like that, that kiss was more like a good luck charm.

“If we go to the pool during the summer, don't you think the more tropical feeling would be fun?”

“Midsummer in October is already weird enough... I wonder what it would be like if we actually went during the summer.”

It would be more like, a tropical Hawaiian mood! But then again, there are more options during the actual summer.

“Next summer, I want to go to the beach.”

“Yeah, I think the ocean would certainly have much more space. And there might even be seawater baths and beach houses.”

“And we could break open a watermelon on the sand, huh?”

“Saber-san and Rider would probably get a little too serious about it, though.”

“Wouldn't it be even more so if Fuji-Nee came along and whipped out her wooden sword?”

I imagine a bizarre scene of watermelon-breaking on the beach.

Even if I prepared a dozen watermelons it would probably still become a contest.

We both break into grins as we imagine the same spectacle.

“It would be so wonderful if we could all go together with Nee-san, Illya-chan and Mitsuzuri-Senpai.”

“―――That would be nice, but I still wish that it could be just the two of us at the beach, like today.”

Then, Sakura and I could once again share the same time we had together today.

Like, on the evening beach, the two of us could watch the sunset together―――


Sakura entwines her fingers with mine.

The two water-soaked hands join up as if stuck together.

I feel her heartbeat throbbing through my palm.

“Ah, look, it's the first evening star!”

Sakura points to the western sky.

It's―――a star shining against the dark red sky.

“The evening star, huh?”

“That's right, I'll look forward to searching for this first star at the beach with you, Senpai. We'll definitely go, right?”

"Yup," I nod.

I have no reason to refuse. I want the same thing, after all.

“Let's go home, Sakura. Saber and Rider are both waiting for us.”

“Ah, we have to prepare dinner... I wonder if they even managed to eat lunch.”

“I have a hunch they only had yakisoba and frankfurters. Well, we'll soon hear it from them.”

We arrive at the road leading home.

I've been holding hands with Sakura the whole time.

“We're back~”

“Yes, we've returned~”

Day 4

Streets・Day 4-31 Big trouble! The ancient legend of the resurrected supreme king inscribed in stone


Nobody's there at the corner of the pier.

I'm pretty sure this was Shinji's spot...

“Huh, the weather...”

What's up with that?

The weather was so nice just now, yet the sky is suddenly getting covered in dark clouds.

“...Looks like there might be a typhoon coming...

I've got to get back before the rain starts―――”


I can't turn back now. If there really is a storm coming, I ought to warn him.

“Heey, Shinji, you there!?

Rain is coming, and wind is getting worse! Let's go back before you get swallowed up by waves and join the seaweed club!”

And so, the wind has gotten beyond just strong.

...No matter how you look at it, this is not natural.

The moment I'm at the harbor, a big storm comes, pretty much a cataclysm―――

“...!? What, the card is glowing...!?”


“――――――, wha-”

Somebody's voice in my head is talking to me.

The language's too ancient, and I can't make out any of it, but...

“W-What is this...! This card is from an officially recognized Mage's Association card game, and somehow, today's the final battle, the winner of which can do what he pleases with the whole world...!!!!?”

Well, I caught the gist of it, anyway.

“Ha, ha, ha! Uhyou-kekakakokokokiikii!

Precisely, chosen Red Player! And I waited, oh how I waited for you, my fated duellist!”

“Who the hell are you―――!?”

I can't even open my eyes in this storm.

Having suddenly appeared out of some far corner of the harbor, the mysterious character lets out a hysterical laughter not unlike that of a crazed drug addict.


Who am I, you ask? Who am I? WHO AM I!?

Can't you tell, no, you can't recognize the gorgeous me! It's great, so great it's disgusting!

Look, look, Emiya, the great evil god of darkness, the embodiment of your worst nightmares, it's overflowing, it's all over!”

A flash of lightning among the fierce winds, and the raging blue waves.

And the high-pitched cry of the seagulls.

You could say this spectacle is the end of the world, in more ways than one, and by no means a minor development.

Kuh... Totally out of the blue, is this the armageddon that will shake the stars themselves!!!!?

“I-It can't be, are you ―――Matou, Shinji...!!!?

No way, you should have been dead!”

“But I'm not!

No, character-wise, I'm pretty much dead, and that's why I've been resurrected from hell, Emiya the Hero!

Kukuku, I've been resurrected by the anger of all the oppressed souls. Hm, I bet you can't wait to see it, the new power boiling within me.”

A swirl of magical energy that reminds me of Saber.

J-Just what kind of a powerup did he...!!!?

“Wait a moment, you haven't changed one bit!”

“Hehehe, I understand how you feel, but don't be so surprised.

That's right, the me until now was not really me!

Um, the me of the past has been like a seedless watermelon, so to speak, and now, you could say I'm a seedless melon!

No, you could say I was a caterpillar waiting to grow wings and fly, and now I'm a pupa that has shed its shell!”


All empty inside, in other words.

And I wish he'd wait for the comeback.

“Oh well.

Anyway, we are the warriors picked by the cards, are we not!? Destined rivals, no!? I'm fighting for the sake of everyone, and you fight to destroy the whole world, do you not!?”

“Nice reaction! You catch on quick, Emiya! I bet you love this kind of stuff!”

“Yeah! It's rather hopeless, but winning, losing, crying, then bluffing - that's the kind of 10-week series I like!

And so here I go, Shinji...!

You're the one I'll never forgiiive!”

“Kuh―――the protagonist sure can howl.

But today, I am the strong one. Today, you shall know the power of your reawakened rival...!

Here I come, Emiya!

Turn this card over and it's the end of my turn...!”

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The storm is over.

That whirlwind of some unknown hot air is gone, too, and the two of us have cooled down to just about freezing.

“Well, I'll be off to my usual spot.”

"Yeah," I nod in response.

There are times when a man must not be talked to.

“Here, you can have it. Feel free to have fun in the Special section whenever you like.”

Wasting no time, he relocates to the other end of the pier.

Ah, there goes the cardboard box.

“........................I guess I should go back, too.”

Purging the last 30 minutes from my memory, I leave the harbor behind.

Destruction of the Earth by Shinji-OH thus narrowly averted, his greatest performance and the tale of the hero that battled against him will be forgotten, having never been told once. The End.

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