Loop 26

Day 4

Emiya's・Day 4-08 Penguin-shaped shaved ice machine

“Wow―――when did I bring THAT in?”

It's been an hour since we started cleaning up the storehouse.

This junkyard-like atmosphere makes me a little dizzy, even more than I expected.

“Shirou, where should I put this iron plate?”

...What the heck?

It's a table-sized iron griddle that, for some reason, has been lying dormant deep in the bowels of the storehouse.

“...I've no clue... Well, just leave it outside for now.”


For now, the two of us are just throwing the scattered stuff outside.

A pile of completely unrelated junk in front of her, Saber accompanies me without a hint of amazement.

“...However, now that I look at it...”

There's probably enough junk to fill a light truck here.

And this is just the stuff from the first floor. How much is packed in there altogether? I'm afraid to even guess.

“Shirou, what would one use this iron plate for?”

“Oh, that one... wait, isn't it a taiyaki griddle? Why on Earth do we have one?”

...Furthermore, this isn't even meant for domestic use. It's a big one with a hinge, not unlike the type you may see at a food cart.

In addition, it has what looks like a plate for making takoyaki, a cotton candy machine, and a Christmas tree-like something with skates.

“...We could stage a whole festival with stuff out of this storehouse...”

“Was it you who brought all of this in, Shirou?”

“Only about half of it. The other half I've never even seen before.

...Well, either one is nothing but junk, anyway.”

...Although the things I put away are the "stuff that you could use once fixed" type. It's never been the "stuff that was brought from god-knows-where" kind.

“So you have nothing to do with it.

Then, where did all these seemingly disordered, yet similar goods have come―――”

There is only one name I can reply with.

Even Saber should have realized it by now.

But, pretending to be stumped myself, I keep silent.

“Wow, this sure brings back memories. What's up, Shirou, why'd you spread stuff out like this? You wouldn't be preparing for a festival, by chance?”

So. The culprit chose a good time to make an appearance.

Like a criminal returning to the crime scene.

“Not preparing, but rather cleaning up.

Thinking of finally doing something about all the junk that a certain someone has brought from somewhere.”

“H-How dare you call it "junk"! It's almost all been collected for your own sake, Shirou!”

“Does that mean that all the objects here are things that Shirou wanted?”

“That's right! He spent hours clinging to the store window, always looking at that iron plate over there.

And then years later, his kind elder sister, having accidentally come across one in her house, was nice enough to remember and give it to him as a present.”

“How wonderful.

Taiga, your sisterly care is an inspiration for siblings everywhere.”

“Yeah, isn't it!?

And yet, not only does he not put it to good use, for some reason he tosses it into the storehouse and forgets about it too!”

“...Hold on a moment, Fuji-Nee. And you, Saber.

Don't you think there's something wrong with that story?”

“What? Isn't it a great story?”

“Now look here. It's true that I wanted it at some point, but how many years passed since then? I may have stuck around food carts as a kid, but all I want now is a new frying pan, at most.

And that, for instance―――”

"Um," I point at the taiyaki griddle.

“How do you propose we use this monstrosity, now that we have it?”

“What are you saying, Shirou?

It's an iron plate for grilling taiyaki. Just start making some and it'll be alright.”

“Amazing. Would this allow one to make taiyaki at their own home?”

...Sorry, Saber.

Terribly sorry to break your dreams and expectations, but being oriented to commercial use, it's not much help in a regular home.

“It's no good, Saber. You won't be making taiyaki with that thing.

And Fuji-Nee, how the heck were you planning to grill stuff on this, anyway?”

“What do you mean, "how"? Don't you know how to make taiyaki yourself, Shirou?”

“That's not the problem! We don't have a heat source that's big enough.

The stupid thing is half the size of a tatami mat. How do you propose we keep it hot enough, you dumb tiger?”

“Bah, you kept saying you wanted it even when I told you.”

“Did not. And why is it that you only remember stuff like this, anyway?

......Well, I do appreciate your feelings.

So where did you get it from?”

“They left it at our place after a festival.”


It must have been used at a food cart during the festival, then left with the family.

Some young guy in the Fujimura Group will probably get scolded by the old man Raiga for not looking after the inventory.


I bet the rest followed a similar sequence of events. I'll get them to take it all back when opportunity arises.


Having found something in the mountain of junk, Saber suddenly stops.

“Saber? Did you find something?”

Maybe some dangerous magic-related item got mixed in there?

I rush over to her side.

“―――What could this possibly be?”

In her hands, she holds a shaved ice machine.

This time, it's not a commercial, meant for festival use type, but a regular penguin-shaped one.

Deeply impressed by something, she keeps looking at it in the eyes, motionless.

“That's a tool for making shaved ice.”

“S-Shaved ice... Could something so charming be really used to make frozen sweets?”

...The fact that this cute little thing could actually be used for something seems to be a shock for her.

The hands holding the penguin start trembling.

“Alright. How about we make some, once we're done cleaning up?”

We've worked up quite a sweat.

After a day of hard work, a reward like that ought to really hit the spot.

Sadly, we don't have any syrup.

Instead, I'll whip something up with matcha powder and sugar and cool it down in the fridge.

Regarding the festival food cart drama, once we're done with the cleaning, I'll give the Fujimura Group a call―――

“Oh, so that's where it was...”

The family members that showed up, after a few words of exasperation, ended up retrieving Fuji-Nee, as well.

“I'll have a word with Grandpa and be back soon, so remember to leave some for me!

...But if I'm starting to run late, do the right thing and come save me, I'll sure appreciate it.”

Like that. Sounds like she's not coming back for a while.

“Shirou, how would you go about using this?”

There is no hiding the fact that the sparkling clean shaved ice machine on top of the table is now the subject of Saber's undivided attention.

“Mm, just a moment.”

I put a plate inside its belly.

As I open its head to load the ice, I notice Saber cringing slightly.

“...The way it opens, um... isn't very pretty.”

“Haha. Yeah, that's where it's just too functional.”

With a bitter smile, I take the handle mounted on top of the head and spin it a few times.

As I do so, little pieces of cut ice start to accumulate on the plate in its belly.

No matter how hard Saber is trying to feign disinterest, she looks about to burst with curiosity.

“Shirou, does this machine happen to exist in any other shapes... Say, a lion or a panther, perhaps?”



Despite having seen Saber like this many times before, the sheer imbalance still makes the corners of my mouth jerk up involuntarily.

“Shirou, why are you turning away?

Besides, if you stop, the ice will melt away. You have to finish shaving it quickly.”

“Uh, sorry. Erm... let's see, I don't really know, but perhaps there is a lion-shaped one, after all.”

“Ah... Does it really exist?”

“Oh, I mean, I haven't seen one myself, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.”

I keep working the handle.

As soon as there is about a cupful, I take out the plate, put some matcha syrup on top, and hand it over to Saber.

Delighted, she takes a spoon, and then suddenly stops, looking at me.

“―――Will you not have some yourself, Shirou?”

“This is plenty enough for me.”

I show her the teacup that I've been filling at the same time.

“...I see. In that case, I will dig in.”

Scooping a bit with the spoon, she brings it to her mouth.

She looks quite calm on the outside, but I bet she was really looking forward to it.

Having eaten a mouthful, she nods approvingly, looks at the penguin, then me, and keeps going.

“Saber, did they have something like this in the olden days?”

“...Let me see. Indeed, I have tasted food articles that were not made as nourishment alone.

However, none were developed in an ice room like this one in front of me now.”

"That was a luxury reserved for select few," she concludes, returning to her shaved ice.

“Ah, Saber. Shaved ice does melt easily, but if you don't slow down―――”

Looks like my warning came a little late. She has already stopped, her face turning a different color.

“―――you might get a headache, or so I was going to say. Guess it's too late now.”

She nods, her eyes starting to tear a bit, and I pass her my teacup.

She takes what I thought was fairly hot tea down in one gulp.

“...What is it, Shirou?

Is seeing me get a headache because of the ice really that amusing?”

“Huh...? Oh no, not that it's amusing, I mean, uh...

Nevermind that, it's just going to melt if you keep talking.”

“―――Is that so?”

Unconvinced, the ice is still on her mind, and she soon goes back to enjoying it.

“―――I wonder if we could find it in Shinto.”

“Shirou? What is the matter, is something on your mind?

Mm, you wanted to eat some shaved ice after all?”

“Yeah. But, some other time.

Anyhow, next time I'll make sure to get some syrup―――”


She tilts her head in confusion.

If there will be a next time, somehow―――I'll get a job at a storehouse in Shinto or something, and find that lion-shaped shaved ice machine, no matter how rare it may be.

...Until then, no more eating shaved ice with Saber.

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