Loop 3

Day 1

School・Day 1 The student council chairman is still going strong.

“Morning, Emiya.”

“Ah, morning, Issei.”

I greet Issei, who just came out of the student council room.

As expected from the chairman of the student council, he's been enthusiastically fulfilling his duties since early morning.

“Oh yeah, you're still the student council chairman, aren't you?”

“Stop saying strange things, Emiya.”

Ryuudou Issei, the student council chairman, still solid as a rock.

Homurabara's overseer was this very Issei, the student council chairman.

Anyway, since he was a first-year, he was earmarked as the next student council chairman. He lived up to the expectations, performing excellently.

Even if he stepped down, he'd still be called the chairman. Even at future reunions, he would probably still be remembered as the chairman.

But, on the other hand...

“All the other club officers have already been succeeded by the next generation, though.”

“It can't be helped. I am prepared for it, but even if I want to give up my position, there is no one to take it.”

So that was it.

Issei's student council chairman aura was too great, and as there were no suitable candidates, Issei was reelected. It really was an unprecedented state of affairs.

“Woah, you bear a heavy burden.”

“Hm. If the selection committee could pick someone competent, I would already be the former chairman.

However, the current second-years are lacking in determination and patience.”

Issei murmurs to himself.

This was causing Issei quite a few headaches. Even in conversation he sounded lifeless.

“To be the student council chairman, is it that difficult?”

“No, that isn't really a problem.

Most of the executive tasks are done by the second-year secretary and so on. However, there will be another chairman selection round in three month's time.”

“Out of the second-years, no one catches your eye?

Like the vice-chairman, she almost seemed to be your own student.”

If I don't do that, the possibility of another failure is high.

Still... with half a year remaining, don't tell me Issei intends to be held back a year in order to retain his student council chairman post.

“But it won't work. Even if she becomes a candidate out of her own will I cannot nominate her.”

“? Why?”

“It wouldn't benefit her, and if things were to go poorly it may end up splitting people into factions. It wouldn't go so far as to be a regime, but I'm certain that with my nomination the sports club presidents would not be pleased.”

“To begin with, the student body should be directed based upon a legitimate and democratic election. The one who should decide upon my successor should be the student body, not myself.”

“―――I see.”

This chairman is worthy of admiration.

As long as this iron man is here, I'm sure the next election is going to be a rough one as well.

“However... It is true that aside from Kirishima-kun, there is no one competent enough to take my place.

She joked around, asking me if I'd stay back one more year, but if I were to do that it would be a step backwards.

But even so, there are no other second years to whom I can pass the art to.”

“You seem quite strict.”

“Emiya, if you were one year below me, I may have abdicated so that you could take the position already.”

Abdicate? Is he saying he'd give up the position of student council chairman to me?

He says some scary things.

“But we still have time.

It is not difficult for me to continue my duties until graduation. In fact, being bestowed the honor of doing so is a blessing to me.”

When Issei had won the elections by an overwhelming majority in his second year, what he set out for was a road towards reformation.

But the reason he had won was not because of the need for reformation, but because he was the epitome of a student council chairman, and few students at the time were focused on reformation itself.

“So you still have unfinished business, I take it?”

“Yes. The main cause of hindrance to the reformation of Homurabara has not been removed yet.”

“I see... Well, it has been an implicit rule for the last ten years. It'd be hard to solve that in only one term.”

“If I had at least one more year in office, I could settle the inequality in club fees, improve clubs and organizations, as well as make a movement to amend the school regulations―――It is unfortunate.”

Issei's regret seeps through his speech.

Even though I was only watching from the sidelines, I thought Issei was doing a good job, but if I could say one thing about him―――he does have a weird way of showing passion for things.

But one reason for that, would be that Issei...

“And all of this is because of that Tohsaka.”

“...She's the reason?”

“Tohsaka has a hold on the sports clubs, she interferes with school trips, and on top of that she has some kind of force over the staff, threatening them and bending them to her will. The reason why the reformations have been delayed is because of her.”

Raging all the way down to his core, it was the usual rant from Issei.

At this rate, the only outcome is that the person he's ranting about shows up and they get into a fight, or I listen to him until he finishes.

“That's right, if I hadn't had my efforts wasted by Tohsaka the Homurabara Witch, I could have peacefully retired by now!”

“...Well, I think even if Tohsaka acts like that, she understands your objectives. She didn't react emotionally like the other officers, did she?”

“...I know. That is why I can never afford to lose in a dispute against her...

Are you on her side, Emiya?”

“W-Well, I wouldn't say I'm on her side, but...”

I know quite well how scary she can be, so in a way I'm worried about Issei.

All I can do is pray that they don't end up mutually destroying each other in a cross-counter fashion.

“Hmph, that Tohsaka... Even with me here, she uses her charm to seduce my allies... She may be my enemy, but she really does know how to launch an effective attack, damn her.”

Issei nods his head.

It almost sounds as if he admires her.

“Ah... Issei, could it be that...”

“Is something wrong, Emiya?”

“Are you lonely without Tohsaka around?”

Wow. Issei drew back with amazing speed.

“W-Wha-!? What are you talking about, Emiya!?

E-Explain yourself!”

“I mean, whenever we get together you're always talking about her. I'm starting to think you'd have no reason to do your job if she wasn't there as your rival.”

“How rude, I've never once thought of wanting a monster like her as a rival.”

“I'm sure she feels the same way.

In a way, it's like you're destined to be rivals.”

I try smiling, feeling a little refreshed.

Homeroom is going to start soon.

“Hmph, we're out of time. I'll talk to you regarding this matter later, Emiya.”

“Sure. If you want to complain about Tohsaka, I'll listen as much as you want.”

“...I'm a bit puzzled by your comment. Why are you making such a lukewarm expression?”

Well, really.

The more we talk about it, the more likely it is that Issei will realize that even though he doesn't like Tohsaka, they are inseparable rivals.

“Let's hurry to class. If we keep loitering around here, Fuji-Nee will get there before us.”

“Fujimura-sensei? She is rather unforgiving of infractions of school regulations―――Let's hurry, Emiya.”

School・Day 1 Sakura and deluxe lunchbox

I stop by the archery dojo.

During the lunch break, Sakura does the preparations for club activities here...

“Ah, hello, Senpai.”

Just as I thought, the new archery club captain was already hard at work.

“Yo. On the job, even at lunchtime?”

“Eh? Ah, no, not really. I only came here to eat lunch today.”

“I see. I thought it's about time for the upcoming tournament practice.”

I've heard that at the champion schools, even at lunchtime―――they take their bows and try to fill up the training logs.

The archery club at Homurabara isn't that strict, normally, but that can't be said about this season.

“That's right, it's about time for the fall tournament.”

“Mitsuzuri told me a lot about it last year too, like how we weren't sufficiently represented.”

“We certainly could have done better, but I think we're set to go pretty far this year. The freshmen do have some skill among them.”

From the rumors I've heard, she's probably talking about Mitsuzuri's younger brother.

At any rate, Sakura's smile looks promising.

“Oh, by the way, do you always eat lunch here?”

“Yes, managing the dojo is my job.

Besides, I also keep the key.”

“Good job. So...”

Sakura's lunchbox―――She had a lot of food for just one person.

“Why don't you come in and join me for lunch, Senpai?”

“Is that alright? Did you bring enough for me, too?”

“Yes, I prepared enough for you as well.

You came just as I was thinking about inviting you over here, so I'm glad.”

“That helps... Well then, I'll gladly take up your offer.”

“Okay! Then please come in.”

“It sure is nice and cool here in the fall.”

“Unlike the windswept roof, there are walls on three sides. It's just perfect. Now then...”

I sit on the plank floor at the back of the dojo.

First time having lunch here.

Seems that Mitsuzuri and Tohsaka often drink tea here, though.

“Ah, I'll bring a floor cushion.”

“No, it's fine. A former club member sitting here comfortably on a cushion would certainly get laughed at by Mitsuzuri and others.”

“Oh, alright... But you're a guest, so it should be okay.”

Sakura's the current captain, there's no way I'll sit on one while she's around.

Yet she still keeps on fidgeting and won't settle down.

“How about the referee seat, Senpai?”

“It's kind of odd to be having a meal on that tatami, here's fine.”

“Right. Well then, let's eat.”

Sitting down on the floor beside me, Sakura passes me the lunchbox.

Whoa―――there's a lot of food in here.

“Thanks for the lunch. I'm always getting favors from you.”

“Oh no, it's no big deal, really.”

Picking up my chopsticks, I open the box.

Salmon on top of white rice and chicken stew, distinctly Japanese-style.

“Sorry, there were a lot of leftover ingredients after breakfast.”

“Oh no, that's only to be expected, seeing how busy you are. Wouldn't be the first time I'm eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch, either.”

After getting off part time work, I was exhausted and usually didn't have the energy to fix something different for lunch.

All of that changed when Sakura came.

“Fuji-Nee probably wouldn't realize she's eating the same thing three times a day.”

“Really? I thought Fujimura-sensei was rather picky about those things.”

“Fuji-Nee is mainly concerned about whether she can fill her stomach or not.”

“Oh, right... I should make a lunchbox for her sometime too, shouldn't I?”

“She'd be happy, no doubt, but it's best not to spoil her. If it becomes a habit, the old story might repeat itself.”

“Haa... You have it rough too, don't you, Senpai?”

I nodded as I chewed thoroughly on the sweet salmon, still full of flavor, despite being chilled. With a Japanese-style lunchbox this good, Sakura's cooking is exceeding all expectations.

“Rider should really learn to make lunch too.”

“...I don't know... If I said something, she'd silently do it for me, but it would just be like an obligation and wouldn't seem very fun.”

“It would be great if Rider could cook with me, but... ah, but I do learn the most from you, Senpai!”

Looks like Sakura thought she hurt my feelings and is trying to hide it with a smile.

It's fine―――Even with three people in the kitchen, it'll work out somehow.

Continuing to consume our respective lunches, I suddenly notice something.

―――Could it be?

“Sakura, did you mix up the boxes, by chance?”

“Huh? Really? But the chopsticks are in there?”

“Hm, I guess. I just had a feeling that your box is bigger.”

It may be because it was on top of Sakura's small thighs, but her lunchbox looked really large.

“But even if I were to mix them up they're the same.”

“Both the size and contents?”

Ah, that must be why it looked bigger―――Wait, but then...

“Ah... I thought you would eat a lot less.”

“Ah, ahaha... But, if you had the same amount as I did, wouldn't you get hungry in the afternoon? That's why.”

“I see... But even then, isn't that a lot?”

Her lunch had at least 80% more than the amount I had.

“I-it's normal, normal! I can totally eat this much!”

“Normal... I see, so that's normal.”

I often hear about girls skipping lunch entirely, but...

“Yeah. I guess I'm always exercising, and so I can eat a lot.”

Hmm. So the secret to losing weight isn't cutting back on what you eat, but rather using more energy. Wait, but it doesn't seem like Sakura is really worried about that. In fact...

“A-And also, I'm still a growing girl!”


...Sakura is still growing.

When she tells me something like that, it makes me wonder what part of her she's referring to.

Without realizing it, I stop moving my chopsticks and look down.

―――This is not good. This fantasy is not appropriate for a sacred archery dojo.

“...Senpai, was the salt on the salmon too strong?”

“Oh no, it was delicious, your cooking is great. I was just thinking a little about what you said, you know, about you still growing.

Um, you know. I was just thinking if you can really get taller at this age.”

“...You're a lot taller than you were a long time ago, right, Senpai? So you probably still can, right?”

“I'd like to be taller... But there's no way to train myself for it, so I guess there's nothing I can do.”

“You worry about it too much. Even the way you are right now, you're still reliable. I feel like I can depend on you, Senpai.”

It's blatant flattery, but I'm glad to hear it.

...Right now there's nothing I can do but stay focused. If I became strong enough to lift Sakura up with one hand, maybe I'd be able to accept her compliments sincerely.

“Ah, would you like me to pour you some tea?”

“Oh, yes, please.

We still have time, so let's enjoy it and then go back.”

“Alright, Senpai.”

Day 2

Ryuudou Temple・Day 2 Respecting the countless servants

I went out to the hills behind the temple.

The mountain range spread out beneath brought back memories of the pure strength of nature.

Beyond them lies the forest of the Einzberns. When I thought of that, the landscape I'm so familiar with suddenly became a foreign country's scenery.


I've brought myself here many times. Not even nature should be able to surprise me here.

Bright sunlight makes me squint.

The scenery tugging at my chest makes me squint.

Whatever it was, right now, the serenity of the surroundings puts me at ease. Should I loosen up and relax, I could end up gazing at the mountains until the stars come up.

“―――No, now isn't the time for that. I should save the sunbathing for another time.”

Winter break... everything will be covered in snow. We should have another camp next summer. I bet no one would mind having a picnic here, either.

“Next year, huh. Well, patience is a virtue.”

What remains until then would be a different story.

Getting up and stretching my back, I leisurely stroll past the graveyard.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do

Night・Streets at night (patrol)

Night・Dead Bridge (I)

Crossing the bridge, I head over to Shinto.

There's nobody on the pedestrian walkway at this hour.

Tonight, with no cars on the roadway, even the sound of the breeze from the sea echoed around us.

“This is becoming more and more like a rehash of what happened six months ago.

Back then, too, I...”

Went with Saber and Tohsaka to Shinto, didn't I?

Not a single word exchanged between us, anxious and being led to some unknown place, but at the same time, welcoming the new adventure.

But how do I feel now?

Everyone knows there's something strange going on.

Still clueless, not knowing what's right or wrong,

I have settled into the reopened Heaven's Feel.

“―――Well, I don't mind not having random people trying to pick a fight for no reason.”

There is no reason to fight.

Therefore, there is no risk of dying.

Mutual hatred, spite that causes ruin, however...

“―――, gu...!!!?”

An instant.

No, I probably did not comprehend what happened until the very end.

“, bh...!”

I collapse on the railing.

Streams of blood and life force are gushing out of me.

Nothing can save me now. This is a lethal wound, almost the same as instant death.

“Ha―――, ah.”

Unconsciously, my dying eyes grab onto the image.

No reason to fight, no fear of death, eh.

His eyes glare at me for this foolishness.


Saying nothing, he nocked the fatal arrow.

Unable to dodge or block, instant death assured, the second arrow ca―――