Loop 38

Day 4

School・Day 4 Training camp, approval

Passing time in the student council room.

“...Hmm. Maybe capture the bishop with gold general at 8b.

No, that's still two extra moves...?”

Issei doesn't seem to have much to do, so he's solving shogi puzzles in old magazines.

It would be great if we had a board and pieces, but there is nothing like that in the student council room. Since it would set a bad example for other students, any items used for amusement are not to be brought in... that's Issei's own policy.

Not to be left behind, I'm also enjoying the Fujimura Taiga Blast from the Past crossword puzzle that the newspaper club had published. But while the genre itself is sure entertaining, it's just too tough.

“Hmph, why can't this knight do anything, he's such an eyesore... Emiya, get me some tea! Hot enough to make my brain tingle, please.”

“Alright. Ah, there's still youkan left, want me to slice some?”

“Hm. A tempting offer, but I'll hold off on that until the three o'clock break. Snacking between meals is not proper.”

Seems like it's not a break he's having now.

Half an hour left before it's three o'clock.

I don't know if that's his self-imposed quota, but he seems to be intent on solving three questions from the Compilation of Advanced Shogi Problems by then.

I get up to go fix the tea.

“Huh? Issei, someone's here.”

Issei frowns, but quickly conceals the old magazine beneath the table in a single smooth motion.

“Please excuse me. I'm Matou Sakura from Class 2-B―――Oh, Senpai!”

“What's up? Pardon the intrusion, Mr. President... Hey, what's Emiya doing here?”

Our pair of visitors is one I know well.

Whenever you see them together at school, it must mean something related to the archery club is going on.

“Yo. It's no trouble, I'm just killing time in here. I can leave if you've got something important to discuss.”

“No, you can stay. It's not like you have no relation to the club, Emiya.

But didn't I see you heading for the tea over there? Fix some for me and Matou while you're at it, okay?”

“M-Mitsuzuri-senpai! We'll be leaving as soon as we're finished here, so please don't trouble yourself, Senpai!”

That was my line...

Though hey, it's not like the four of us get to have tea together every day, so I'll put on enough for everyone.

“It would appear you did not come here with your sights set on the teacakes then. What is your business with the student council today, Mitsuzuri Ayako?”

He's just slipped into his persona of the mighty student council president who's on bad terms with the athletic clubs.

“Ah, yeah. First of all, here are all the forms for the archery club. We made it in time, right?”

“Yes, there is still some time until four o'clock.

Let me see... oh, a play, is it? Not a genre known for high rates of acceptance, but neither is it grounds for instant refusal. Details shall be subject to a close inspection at a later date.”

“Okay. Then let me get to the matter at hand.”

“What matter would that be?”

“Well, there's just a few things I wanted to confirm.

I hadn't planned to say anything about it, but I figured I'd better run it by the student council after all.”

“Something to run by us? What weird new scheme have you devised this time, Captain Mitsuzuri?”

“That's former captain. Matou-san here is the captain now.

This is a new order for the archery club, so it'd be nice if you'd revise your opinion of us accordingly. Our new captain is very kind and has a strong sense of duty to her underclassmen in the club.”

Mitsuzuri says, seizing control of the conversation.

“I see. With Matou-san at the helm, it would be quite possible for the archery club to turn over a new leaf.

However, I must confess I am curious as to what brings you here. The period for new captains to come offer their greetings is long since passed, and you couldn't be thinking of asking for an increase in the club's funds or to change out your academic adviser after all this time, now could you.”

“N-No, it's nothing like that.

I believe this year's budget has been thoroughly reviewed and is entirely appropriate.”

“In that case, what other problem could there be? If memory serves, there is, of course, the autumn tournament, but that shouldn't require any special measures be taken, should it?

Ah, now that you say that, I do seem to have difficulty recalling the archery club's achievements this year. Albeit with the number of them being "zero," remembering the number may not be particularly useful, either.”

Issei has transitioned to full-on student council mode.

Once he gets like this, his usual tolerant self goes into hibernation, and he transforms into the merciless Council President From Hell.

“O honored student council president, I beseech you to look kindly upon this poor and meager club. Their dismal ability to stay organized befalling the new structure is a cruel fate which cannot be avoided.”

“Emiya, please don't interrupt.

So what business is it that brings you here, Matou-san? Before you ask, I am unable to increase the allotted time for club activities neither before nor after classes. "Cherish thy studies first and foremost" is the motto of our student council.”

“Well, there are exceptions to that.

If the archery club members' grades show a significant decline at the end of the semester, we may be forced to reduce your practice time instead.”

Issei grins widely as he pronounces this death sentence.

In front of us stands one of the demons of Homurabara. For the first time, I feel I've gotten a glimpse of the reason why he and Tohsaka are always at each other's throats.

“Hang on a second. Sure, schoolwork is a student's foremost duty and all, but what you're talking about is stuff that occurs during school hours.

Don't tell me you're planning to interfere with our free time outside school as well.

That would be a total negation of student independence. There's no way we can mature and grow in an environment where we're bound hand and foot by academic restrictions and have even our private time regulated.”

“Hmph. While this issue is moot, it is indeed a valid point. How you choose to spend your days off is your own business.

However, I fail to see what you're getting at.”

“Y-Yes, what I wanted to say is, we'd like to use our free time to conduct a training camp in order to increase teamwork and unity as a club.

It would be a weekend mini-camp spanning two days and one night, taking place over the weekend.”

“Oh. So you came to ask for permission.

...But it's not mine to give. That area is subject to teacher supervision. You'd be better off taking your request to the staff room.”

“We already know what Fujimura-sensei's answer will be.

Our problem is lack of experience and where to hold it. There's no place with lodgings we could reserve on such short notice.”


Incidentally, there's no coverage for lodging expenses without a prior budget, either.”

“T-That is it!

Um, ah, I mean... we'd heard that the Ryuudou temple often lends the use of its common rooms out to Homurabara students, and―――”

“I'm very sorry.

Matou-san, the practice you speak of was abolished just yesterday night.”

“Issei. I know for a fact that your father said that anyone should be allowed to stay there as long as they want in exchange for some voluntary labor. The hill behind the main building must be a total wreck by now.”

Lying isn't good, I chide Issei.

“And so, Mr. Student Council President, we were hoping you'd ask permission from the Ryuudou temple for us.

Besides, as the student council president, how can you turn away students in need?”

“Nonsense. Personal sentiment has no place in official matters such as these. It doesn't matter whether they're fellow students or comrades in arms; if I have judged it to be inappropriate, then I must refuse.

...Well, I did hear that the archery club wasn't running smoothly. Still, while perfecting your skills in the span of one or two days may be challenging, an improvement in team unity is feasible.”

“That is right! That's what we need right now - mutual understanding! To get the team members to really know each other, to talk late at night and make it clear who likes whom!”

Sakura becomes quite forceful all of a sudden.

As the new captain, she seems to have a lot to worry about, but I have a feeling she may be getting a little off-course.

“However, Matou-san.

This is much too sudden. Moreover, I believe not even Mitsuzuri-san has experienced what you're asking for more than twice.

Placing the responsibility for a training camp in the hands of someone so inexperienced would be―――”

“Yes, that's exactly the problem, Mr. Student Council President.

So how about Sakura, Emiya over there, and I come and conduct our own three-person training camp at the Ryuudou temple beforehand?”

Ahh... I see, she did mention something like that before.

“Think of it as a practice run. If you're still feeling unsure about it, then you can also attend. I think if we use that time to get a feel for it, we can hold the official camp the following week.

So, what do you say? Are you happy with just me, Sakura and Emiya staying at the temple?

Ah, Emiya is a guy, so we'll need separate rooms, of course. There are male students in the archery club too, so let's consider it a simulation.”

“Ah... hang on a moment. Mitsuzuri, um...”

Wasn't there supposed to be one more person in attendance? A person who's a natural enemy of Issei's, at that...?

“Hmm. I suppose it's out of my hands. I shall approve it.”


Issei nods thoughtfully.

His attitude sure changed quickly.

“R-Really!? So, um, does that mean we could go as soon as we're prepared?!”

“It wouldn't trouble me. I will speak with my father.

Just to confirm, the only people coming will be the three of you, Matou-san, Mitsuzuri-san and Emiya, correct?”

“Yes. We might have another person coming along to help out, though. Would it be a problem if one or two others show up?”

“Of course not. I shall reserve a room for twenty in preparation for the actual event.”

The three of them are all smiles over a job well done.

There's only one participant left out.

When suddenly...

“Wait a seconddddddddddd!!!”*

...A savior appears in the form of someone who seems to share my thoughts on this matter.

“STOP, ENJOY LIFE! A training camp just for the archery team may be fine with you, but not with this Black Panther of Homurabara!”

...Or not.




Confronted with this intruder, we show what I'm sure is quite a wide range of startled reactions.

“Wahahaha, that's right!

A respectful "Makidera-senpai," a familiar "Makidera," and, finally, an affectionate "Mai-diot," all referring to none other than the track-and-field clubs's ace, Makidera Kaede!

Hey, hold on, Emiya, wasn't there a really weird one mixed in----?!”

“Gah, owwwww, that hurt, dammit! Hey you, your aim's way off! Go after the guy cackling over there!”

“Meh. You're sturdy enough, it's not like a few little kicks will bother you.”

Clucking in disapproval, the Wild Beast of Homurabara #2 draws back her foot again. What the heck brought this on?

By the way, I was pretty sure the window glass shattered when she made her entrance, and yet it's still in one piece.

“I have several issues with your current conduct, Makidera, but for now, let me simply ask why you've come here. No, actually, that's all I want to hear.”

Well said, Issei.

Allow Makidera to continue on unchecked, and everything we'd just finally agreed on will end up coming to naught.

“The reason I'm here? You shouldn't even need to ask.

I've already heard, President. The archery team will be holding a training camp, isn't that right? But that's completely unfair, when you've refused every other sports club's request to hold camps of their own ever since you assumed office. I can't overlook the archery team being allowed to have one all of a sudden.”

I'm honestly surprised. Makidera can actually produce a serious reply.

“Oh, so you came to rain on our parade, Makidera? Can't forgive the archery team for getting one over on you?”

“No duh. In the time that our team has existed, do you know how badly we've wanted to hold a training camp? So let's join up. We wanted to have that camp, the sooner the better, and since way further back than the archery team did, at any cost!

And that is because... yes, because―――!”

“Ah, I know! Um, because you are the fastest among all women! Is that right?!”

“H-Hey, what do you think you're doing, stealing my catchphrase?!

Curse you, Mitsuzuri! I see your teachings run deep in the archery club's ranks!”

Spiteful and boisterous, Makidera rages about the room. Meanwhile, Sakura looks on warmly.

Come to think of it, Sakura is more than used to being around wild creatures like this by now!

“...For goodness' sake.

In that case, Makidera, why don't you participate in the preliminary camp with Matou-san and the others? If the track team agrees to the same conditions, I have no issue with it.”

“Muh... Does that mean it would turn into a joint training camp for both teams?”

“Sure does. But no way are we letting you come by yourself.

We don't even know if the rest of the track team even wants to have a training camp in the first place. We can't approve your participation without the agreement of the current captain and at least half the members of the team.

Will you be able to persuade them all, Makidera?”

“H-Hmph, no worries there!

I'm sure I can get Himuro or Yukicchi to go along with it!”


Come to think of it, you don't have anyone else on the team to go to, do you, Makidera.

“Alriiight, now that we're agreed, time to strike while the iron is hot.

We'll make our preparations right away, so the rest of you'd better hurry! Yaaaay, the holiday weekend will be training camp tiiiiime!”

With a yodel of triumph, Makidera disappears out the window.

...To sum it all up, joining in the preliminary training camp will be the four of us, the three girls from the track team... and that's it, right?

“By the way, who wants some tea? I put on enough for four.”

After composing myself, I gather up four teacups and set them down on the table, followed by some sliced youkan.

“...I'll have some. But wow, you really are quite a considerate guy. This isn't the first time I've thought so, either.”

Sighing, Mitsuzuri pulls out a chair.

It's just a few minutes to three.

Somehow or other, we've managed to arrive at our break time.

Emiya Residence・Start of Night Things to do