Loop 42

True Beginning Forest

Thus said the druid:

Today, the youth who holds the lance in his hands shall have all the glory and praise he wants.

Until the day comes when this land and this era itself disappear into the ocean, not a single human, not a single bird nor a flower will ever forget him.

His name shall be known in five lands.

There will not be a single woman who does not love him, and there will not be a single man who is not proud of him.

His swift lance shall be the honor of the Red Branch.

Let the cattle thieves shake at the sound of the chariot horses neighing.

Our dearest Son of Light.

His hands will grasp nothing but glory.

When the time comes for his life to end, his knees will not fall to the ground.

...But know this, my hazel-haired child.

Like the flicker of a star, that glory shall soon burn itself out.

Together with your feats of arms that know no rival. Faster than anyone, you will sink into the oblivion beyond the horizon―――

―――Spring, 6 years ago.

I got acquainted with a strange man.

Two years had passed since I had been recruited into the Mage's Association.

I was given a place to be only in form, ignored and never asked to do anything.

Like a useless antique.

Ancient and well-known, handled with great care; yet it will never leave its place. Tucked away deep within the storehouse, I spent my days only to be sooner or later forgotten.

Of course, there was no meaning in my existence.

Afraid of simply rusting away, I left my hometown.

Young and ignorant, I left because I vaguely felt like doing what I could.

But unlike an antique, I had no value.

To gain some value is simple. I just had to show them how useful I was. What I could do.

The things I could do―――I took up the one role that many members hated, the blood-stained cleanup assignment.

Practical magic that works in a real fight.

That was the subject I aced. Now and in the past, I had a talent unsurpassed by those around me.

And so...

After handling countless fights, the Association had finally recognized my value, and granted me a position.

The ruling elite, Lords of the Association, as if to rid themselves of a nuisance, had proclaimed thus:

"The inexperienced newcomer, Bazett Fraga McRemitz, as a special exception, shall be appointed as a Sealing Designation executor."

Sealing Designation.

It is a title given to magi with special talent, sent down by edict of the Association.

The magic that cannot be learned in school. The magic that only exists in the blood of one generation of its owner. Seeking to preserve its "value," the Association makes an all-out order to "shelter" such treasure.

Hospitable as it sounds, the order amounts to imprisonment.

The magi that receive the Sealing Designation are treated as precious samples to be passed on for generations to come. The Association captures them, and then ensures their talent is preserved in its current state.

Simply put, they aren't too different from specimens soaked in formaldehyde.

What looks like a well-intentioned order in the Association's eyes is equivalent to a death sentence for those receiving it.

Most of the magi reject the edict and flee.

The death sentence itself isn't the reason, however.

The people receiving the Sealing Designation are all outstanding "magi" in the most basic sense.

Pursuit of magic is their life's quest. Their own mortality holds no meaning for them.

For one who is devoting day after day to their research, a Sealing Designation is unthinkable. Once pickled in formaldehyde, their study of magic will end there and then.

For that reason, they leave the Association and go on the run.

There's no need to ask "what for?"

To slip back into society, and to bury themselves into their research - deeply, fully, to their hearts' content.

Those that have received the Sealing Designation and went on the run generally belong to one of the two groups.

The first become hermits, cutting off all contact, hiding their magic and only teaching it to blood relatives.

Those are the fallen magi.

While they have to be found and sheltered before their abilities are lost completely, the danger they pose is near zero.

Unless their talents are just too great, the Association will not pursue them, either.

The second category are the shut-ins that retreat to their own land. Wizards wholly devoted to mastering their magic.

These are unsurpassed magi, aiming for ever greater heights.

It would take but a few years to take their abilities to another level, surely bringing the Association great rewards for their efforts.

However, none of the ordinary morals and justice exist for them.

Having shed their restraints, their first and foremost goal is the discovery of the unknown. Sacrifice of unrelated bystanders is but one way towards it.

...It is a problem.

But however much of a problem it may be, as long as they manage it well, even the Association overlooks it. They are left alone until achievements are made. The pursuit of magic is the Mage's Association's own principle, after all.

But should they prove to be unsuccessful―――should they violate the Association's greatest postulate, "secrets must be concealed," the response will be swift.

And preventing occult knowledge from being disseminated isn't the only reason.

When it comes to protecting such valuable assets, they will be content with recovering just the bodies alone.

Should news of the matter spread, a power will appear to bring punishment to the wizard, acting in the name of justice.

At present, the greatest enemies are the Inquisitors of the Holy Church.

They act to incinerate not only the wizards themselves, but also the knowledge they have built up along with them.

While their desire to stop the violence is the same, their final objective is the direct opposite.

Despite a non-aggression pact between the Mage's Association and the Holy Church, scuffles minor enough to be left off-record continue.

No, rather, it is to ensure the conflict remains unknown that killings continue even now.

As a result―――My job became not only to deal with mad wizards, but also to fight the Executors.

About one year after it became my daily life.

While on a mission to enforce a Sealing Designation, I became acquainted with one such man.

An Executor of the Holy Church.

Convicting all kinds of sinners in God's name, a priest.

“How about we join forces, young lady?

Seeing as the two of us are the last ones standing, there's nothing to be gained by killing each other.”

And as naturally as that, the priest requested cooperation.

He has lost all the comrades he brought along, and my team was nearly annihilated, as well.

The two of us were the only survivors left. We were standing in the garden of a magus that was using corpses in an attempt to revive the soul.

Normally, no matter how desperate the predicament may be, short of an edict from the Pope himself, cooperation between the Executors and the Mage's Association is unthinkable.

The Executors are followers of the purest form of faith. To preserve their own beliefs, they would never associate with heretics like us.

This one priest, however, was unique.

Was he sympathetic towards magi in general? Not a hint of disdain on his face, he approached me like one of his own, with a warm smile.

“...I have no objections towards working together.

However, we are not allies. Eventually, this incident will end with a scramble. You are not someone I could trust my back to.”

I had an obligation to recover the magus named in the Sealing Designation order,

and the priest had no choice but to end the magus' life.

Our cooperation would come to an end, and the priest would become my enemy.

“You have no need to worry. My job is to kill that man, that is all. I shall leave everything that happens afterwards to you. The handling of his remains does not concern me in the slightest.”

Those were his words.

"You take care of the flesh.

As long as I am the one to dispose of the soul, there's no problem," is what he's saying.

“...Very well. I shall accept your proposal.”

Just how much weight was placed behind those words?

I had believed the priest, with an ease that surprised even my own self.

This man is dangerous. My own experience was telling me of the less than saintly venom he possessed, yet I still took his hand.

...Thinking back.

Indeed, this priest was no saint.

Among all the people I have met, he was the only one possessing a power I could respect.

“I am Bazett. A magus dispatched by the Mage's Association. You are―――?”

We proceeded to exchange names in order to secure this temporary trust.

Two days had passed.

The magus that amused himself playing with corpses now dealt with, we have returned to our respective employers.

To be honest, I did have a feeling we'd meet again.

I was chasing after magi that received the Sealing Designation.

The priest, as an Executor, was hunting down heretics.

With his magic-related knowledge, he was likely deployed on mage-hunting missions rather than the Dead Apostle and demon possession ones.

The two of us were a great match as competitors.

The first time was just a coincidence.

The second and third, on other hand, were probably both unconsciously desired and inevitable.

The times that we have met, without fail, were also the times that we were both alone.

I had decided to act independently from then on to begin with, and he was the only one to lose his comrades.

We had fought alongside three times, trusting each other.

Neither of us reporting it back, all of those remained secret.

I had judged him worthwhile of my trust, and took his hand.

A trivial secret that had just a little charm to it.

“...And then, the boy went on to welcome himself into adulthood.

The lone druid had foretold the future of the one that became a warrior on that day.

That the future reflected in the shallow waters is an ominous one, and that in exchange for the greatest glory ever known, he who became a warrior on that day would meet a death just as untimely.”

“The boys that gathered around were too scared to move, and yet there was one completely indifferent to the divination. With no hesitation, he rushed straight to the king and demanded to be recognized as a warrior right there and then.”

“The king tried hard to stop him, but the boy would hear nothing, until finally, he is said to be a warrior.

The rest of the story follows the legend right along. I'm sure you have heard the tale of the Hound of Ulster?”

The night of our third joint battle.

Unable to bear the silence of the night, I talked of something entirely unrelated to my job.

Somehow, I ended up reciting an old tale of my hometown.

“No, I am not at all familiar with that tale. The name alone rings a bell, and that's it. Now, I do not mind having it for pillow talk, but I do see that the real issue lies elsewhere.

...Indeed. It is likely you yourself that were vexed by the boy's actions.

As you were growing up and even now, you always dreaded his decision, did you not?”

The priest looks at me with a melancholic smile.


...There is nothing I could hide from this man. Mercilessly, he sees right through my heart.

By all rights, I ought to fear this priest. And yet, having my feelings laid open by him had put me at ease instead.

“...While there was nothing for me to dread, I still could not understand what the boy was thinking.

The ones who were to take arms on that day were promised greatest honor; but they were also fated to lose their lives sooner than anyone.

And yet, this one youth, neither frightened nor perplexed, goes to proclaim to the king, "I want to be a warrior, right now."”

“Hearing and answering nothing of the king's questions, only insisting, "I just want to become a warrior."

While it is certainly a way to hasten one's entry into adulthood, this boy had not a trace of hope or anxiety about the divination.

Completely indifferent to the prediction, he was satisfied with nothing but the joy of being a warrior, the reasons for his wish long since forgotten.

...Honestly, I cannot comprehend what was going through his head.”

Did he think eternal glory was a good enough compensation in face of the dreadful fate?

Or was he so captivated by the promise of glory that he paid no heed to being fated to die young?

Or maybe―――

“Which one weighed the most on him, glory or untimely death - isn't that what you want to know?

...Well then. From what you have told, it would appear that neither one did.”

“Neither one...? Even though he made his decision after hearing the prophecy?”

“I do not believe any decisions were made. He rushed away right after hearing the divination, never having questioned it, did he not?

In that case, the boy knew about the prophecy all along.

He must have decided to live that way from the start. I am sure it is because he had that belief since the day he was born that he followed the druid's prophecy.”


He believed in it since the day he was born.

The boy had accepted it as his own duty, never dreading or doubting the druid's words.

―――That's right.

That was the part that I have feared, that made me grieve.

It was not a noble act of choosing glory while knowing the death it will bring.

It was the hero that would not even attempt to change such an unnatural fate that I feared―――

“...You have me beat. I have reread the legend many times, yet such a thought never occurred to me.

...There must be some similarity between the boy from the tale and yourself.”

“How rude. I am not that thoughtless.”


I can't believe my eyes.

The priest mutters with a frown, as if I have hurt his feelings.

I believe this is the first time I saw him display human-like emotion.

“What? Do you have a different opinion?”

“Uh, no, the choice of words was poor on my part. What I meant was the way of life itself. Just as that boy had a belief he was guided by, you are a person that possess a belief in humanity.”

“―――Oh? And what kind of a belief would that be?”

“The kind that makes you not need anyone.

You are resolved to live until the very end by your own self.

...In truth, you did not need my assistance at all. I'm sure you just considered it to be the more efficient way.”


Once again, a melancholic smile appears on the priest's face.

That affirmation―――brought a tinge of pain to me, however little.

...It's only our third mission. Barely ten days had passed, yet I had already felt painfully aware of the kind of person that he was.

This man will absolutely not associate with a human being.

He needs no one, he hates no one.

As strong as a human could possible be, he is an "alien" that one's common sense would be telling you to stay away from.

But it's also precisely why he has no hidden face. "Evil" describes him perfectly in one word.

...Even now, I still do not know how I got charmed by such a dangerous man.

This is what I thought, however:

Should I, by some chance, make this man, who needs no one, somehow attached to me, it would bring me a peace of mind far superior to anything material―――

“What is it? Lost in thought?

...Honestly, you sure have a lot of worries for one woman. If you have nothing else to say, go to sleep. We'll trade places in an hour and a half.”

Thus said the priest, throwing more wood into the fire.

All of a sudden, I...

“―――Sadly, I am but an average human. I cannot live with a confidence like the one you have. I'm full of pointless doubts.

...Sometimes, just being alive seems painful to me.”

I let slip a much older, much deeper desire within me.


Another piece of wood goes into the fire.

...I made a mistake. I'm sure he's disappointed now. My ability to handle a machine-like role was the only reason he ever called out to me.

I, who whines about my troubles to total strangers, am unnecessary to him.

...Heavy silence falls between us.

I am too afraid to look at him.

And then, as if nothing at all had happened,

“Life itself is not painful.

It's just you who's holding your breath.”

He had told so in an emotionless, yet sincere voice.


“Getting rid of that habit is not easy, for there is no way to learn the world you do not know but to experience it yourself.

Bazett Fraga McRemitz. If you feel you are unnecessary to this world―――to forgive yourself, you must first see a greater world.”

Cross the oceans, fly the skies.

Throw away your tiny self, your tiny country, and go around the globe with a single suitcase... is what he was saying.

The Age of Discovery.

Like a seaman that believes in a yet unknown paradise beyond this sea.

“Have you traveled yourself?”

My reply came naturally.

"Because I believed," to put it his way.

There was a time when, just the same as me, he found it hard to live.

“No, I am still on the way. ―――I was quite desperate in my early years, and then a major incident happened. That was a few years prior. Since then, I lost the need to forgive myself.”

A major incident...?

It does not seem to be... related to hunting magi.

This priest had experienced a great war that was unknown to me.

“...So, what was it that you decided to forgive?”

“The evil nature I was born with. I am very much incapable of loving anything. The ordinary morals are entirely absent within me. I was unable to cope with that apparent mistake.”

The priest isn't speaking about the past.

This man remains unable to love even now.

“...Was it all right to leave that unresolved?”

“Yes. Even lacking the ordinary affection, I can still appreciate beauty. My standards may differ from yours, but there's no denying the fact that affection still exists for me.

Complete absurdity, if I may say so myself. Yet my young self failed to notice even that.”

There is no hesitation in the priest's voice.

He may lament the past, but he considers it done and over with.

“Then, you have no doubts left now?”

“That is right. It is not forgiveness that I search; but rather the reason for existence of a human like myself.

What if I have my own humanity within me? I intend to use all of the time I have left to find the answer.”

“Knowing that there is likely no person on earth who can give it to you?”

“Indeed, a being capable of answering it is yet to be born. I do wish the opportunity would present itself, however.”

His expression is warm and gentle.

Like a father admiring his own child, the priest is gazing at the bright flames.

“...I sure am surprised. To think that even you still had something to worry about. I may have a little more confidence in myself now.”

Touched by the warmth, I can't help but smile myself.

“Splendid. As your senior, I am happy to have been of help.”

He closes his eyes with satisfaction.

...This is it for pointless talk.

Returning to our respective roles, we prepare for tomorrow's battle.

“Well, I shall go ahead and catch some sleep. Please wake me up when the time comes.”

“Understood. Being enemy territory, better not dream too much.”

...I close my eyes.

Perhaps due to fatigue, my sleep was unexpectedly deep.

A dream of my hometown.

I saw a dream of getting aboard a ship in a grayed-out abandoned port and leaving for a foreign land.

That was my last conversation with the priest.

From then on, we stopped running into each other.

...But there will be another chance.

We match each other well as competitors.

For as long as he remains alive, and I continue my Sealing Designations job.

One day, surely, our conversation will continue―――

Day 1

Town・Day 1 Bridge of eternity - right


In the middle of the bridge, something strange catches my eye.

I stop moving and observe for bit, yet I still have absolutely no idea what this person's doing or even planning to do.

“...What the hell is he up to?”

Thankfully, there's no one else around.

Feeling the need to question this suspicious character, I start climbing up the steel frame to get closer.

Everything's quiet on the upper deck.

There are no street closures or anything, yet there isn't a single car to be seen.

There stands the suspicious-looking man.

“...Hey. What are you doing in place like this?”

“That goes for you as well. Mind telling me what you're up to, wandering around aimlessly like you are?”

...Not that this is any different from the usual, but I'm impressed once again. We get along so poorly that it almost ends up being a relief instead.

“I'm acting well within the bounds of common sense. The sidewalk is down there, you know. What are you doing here? There are no mysteries to solve here, and it's not like high places are your―――”

Ah. My bad, he does seem like the type.

“...What, it's not like I'm obsessed with heights or anything?

I'm alright with heights, about as much as an average guy, but not to the point where I'd go looking for them every day.”

...Uh, regular humans would be plain terrified at this height, wouldn't they?

There's something wrong with being a living creature that feels no fear in a spot where one false step would leave you plummeting to your death.

No, not going to mention any names.

“I do wonder about that.

It's not just someone else's problem, let me assure you of that.”

“It's just something born out of necessity. My basic interests won't change, no matter how many months or years pass by. My employer's the one to blame.

...Well, how should I put it? From the standpoint of a magus, you should view someone's preference for heights as a strength, and leave it at that.”


Looking like neither one of us can stand further conversation, we both grow silent.

I can't help but feel a certain kind of sympathy established between us by those last words.

“Well then, let's pretend this conversation never happened. For our mutual benefit, for once.”

“Good idea... Though I shall give you a piece of advice. If you do end up taking a trip abroad, I'd avoid doing any sightseeing involving THAT if I were you. Bridges are places of ill fortune for you, even more so than towers. Especially the kind that pop up in folk songs - you're taking your life in your hands if you go near one of those.”

“I'm grateful for the valuable warning... But can't that fate be changed?”

“Well, depending on your effort you should at least be able to postpone it.

It seems like one cannot change our own fate by our own power alone.”

Bringing about decisive change requires the help of others, is what he seems to be saying.

...There's just one little problem. The gentlemanasshole currently trying to offer his advice regarding the actions of Emiya Shirou surrounding these reportedly misfortune-bringing bridges, also happens to be a villain who obliterated the very same Emiya Shirou on more than one occasion.

“What kind of warning is that? More like a death sentence. Don't go planning my funeral just yet.”

“Oh, what's this? You're capable of preparing yourself at least, aren't you? Thames River's pretty harsh in winter, you know. It'd be to your benefit if you train yourself into a really good swimmer.”

Look at him, with that jolly smile on his face. Don't talk about this like it's someone else's problem, you.

“...Geez, forget about that; I don't want to talk so far in the future. What I want to hear about is the bridge.

I'd like to hear what possessed you to encamp yourself in such a high-up place. Are you planning on continuing the Heaven's Feel after all?”

...It's an event that has already come to pass.

As the result of a confrontation that had nothing to do with either of us, "Emiya Shirou: unable to cross the bridge" changed into "able to cross" instead.

No longer can Emiya Shirou be stopped from crossing the bridge at night. However, Archer remains - does he plan to stay here, doing this over and over again until the Heaven's Feel continues?

“Continuing the Heaven's Feel, huh―――well, I can't deny that I have a certain fondness for those battles with Saber.

But my objectives have changed a little. Actually, rather than having changed my mind, I should say I've seen what I have to do.”

“? Are you talking about fighting with the guys trying to continue Heavens Feel?”

“I've had my sights fixed only on that "enemy" from the start. Observing the town below from the roof of the building was just a part of that plan. I don't even know how many of those familiars invading Shinto I've shot down by now.”

“Familiars... you mean those doglike beasts?”

“The very same. This'll sound pretty strange, but I have the feeling that the same few days have been repeating themselves. I came to realize it was pointless, hmm, when was it again? Yesterday, or else just now.”

...The reason that Archer realized it was "meaningless" is something he himself doesn't seem to be aware of.

Just as there's no connection between myself from last time and the self here now, Archer's previous and current actions are similarly unconnected.

“I see. Either way, it looks like you gave up on the rooftop sniping. Did you shoot down so many of them that you just got tired of it?”

“...Tired of it, eh. It certainly does seem like I've been doing the same thing over and over. However. Even if this day is truly, completely unchanged from yesterday, I never thought it was meaningless enough to make me tired of doing this.

If you put this way, I could well keep on repeating it for decades.”

“...Even if it went on completely unchanged, without a single thing out of the ordinary ever happening?”

“Naturally. Reality isn't like some book you can read so much that you get sick of it. Even if you're repeating the same thing, it's not like it counts for nothing.

If―――someone who got fed up with that repetition were to exist, it'd only be after going through the same "Heaven's Feel" hundreds of millions, or hell, trillions of times; only then he'd start to feel that way.”

Going through it trillions of times, huh?

But Archer, after really going through that repetition hundreds of millions of times, is most likely tired of sniping.

It's the same with me.

I said to Tohsaka that this seemed less like a "loop" than a "restart," but I have no way of knowing just what number I am in the long series of Emiya Shirous who've failed.

“...Well, whatever. If you claim you've quit sniping, then I'd like to know what you're up to still hanging around here. Gonna demolish the bridge this time or something?”

“―――Well. Frankly, I'm still not convinced.”

...He glares in the distance.

Those hawk eyes that can see an enemy a thousand miles away, are looking out at Miyama... towards the mountain behind the Ryuudou temple.

“Call it concern. Even if it were true, I sure have no obligations keeping me here. But for now, I think I'll hold on to the advantageous position up here, just in case something should happen.”

“Holding on to the advantageous position? Sheesh, you're just itching for a fight, aren't you.”

“You're not the one I'm anxious about. It's those familiars swarming over Shinto. Judging from what you've said earlier, you've seen them too, right?”

Seeing them is the least of it. I've been killed by those bastards who knows how many times.

...An unidentifiable swarm of beasts. When the fourth day turns to night, they spread over Fuyuki City like a black stain until they blot it out entirely.

It seems like Archer also treats them as an "enemy."

“I see. So you were sniping from up there with the intention of bringing them down.”

“Yeah. But I gave up on that. I couldn't defeat them. No, there is no need to defeat them to begin with. They're harmless. They disappear on their own if you leave them alone.”

“―――, huh?”

There is no need to defeat them to begin with―――?

“What the hell are you saying? The way they rampage through the city at night, who knows how many people they might kill?”

“What the hell are YOU saying? Had they really caused that kind of an uproar, it'd bring others running from far and wide. You think they'd keep quiet about this? I'm not sure what it is about this that isn't making it through your thick skull, but there shouldnt've been so much as a single victim so far.”


This time for sure I'm utterly surprised.

There were no humans killed by the monsters...?

No, that is correct.

That magus and Servant don't appear to exist in this town.

Thus, the people killed by the monsters did not exist in the first place.

“...Come to think of it, that's true. But at the same time, you can't exactly call them harmless.”

“They don't kill anyone. They just wander, nothing more.

Though they do seem to have a purpose. Those monsters seem to have materialized in this city looking for something.”

That's the conclusion the Servant who has sniped many thousands of monsters came to.

“―――Now then. There seems to be an obstacle in my path, but I've got a pretty good grasp of the situation. As far as getting in position goes, the top of that arch should do...”

Finished with the inspection, Archer leaves the overpass.

“Don't loiter around here too long. You're the one at the core of this Heaven's Feel. The play will never end without the main actor on stage.”

Shifting into spirit form, Archer disappears without bothering to get down to the footbridge.


I stand in the empty road, a stage devoid of the actors.

―――The monsters have a purpose―――

Those words refuse to leave my head.

Lancer・Harbor Lancer

Lancer・Harbor Lancer's Heaven III

A clear sky.

The autumn mood is covered up by the intense sunlight.

The soft ocean breeze gently caresses my face. Only the screeching of seagulls breaks the peaceful silence of the docks.

Without argument, this is a perfect location.

...As if this harbor was a symbol of the peaceful city of Fuyuki. However...

Right now, it is bustling like both New Year and Lantern Festival put together...!

“...Wait, there's more---!!?”

Not to mention who... no, WHAT more.

Waving his high-grade rod like a "big catch" banner, without a trace of doubt, this silhouette is...!

“Woah, amazing! Gil, that a fish!? That's a fish! Woah, fishie---! Gimme one!”

“Gil, Gil, rod #3 is shaking, can I pull it up?”

“Ah, the guy over there, his rod is so cheap. Gil's golden rods look so cool! Bit silly, maybe.”

“Gil, where is this week's Ju■p?”

“Amazing, you caught so many! Gil, can I throw that fish at that guy back there?”

“Hahaha, be quiet, you mongrels. You're bothering the insects around you.

It's fine, Jirou, not just one fish, you may take ten or twenty. Mimi, there is nothing to be afraid of. I won't get angry, so go ahead and pull it. Imahisa, I won't get upset from hearing the obvious. But I like your taste, you may go and buy some Garigaripopsicles-san with this. Kanta, wait until I finish reading my Ju■p first. Kouta, he's like a mad dog, be careful when you hit him.”



I don't dare say it, but... that's... the children's... hero?

“But what a letdown. I hear there are people here who call themselves "strongest," and what do I see instead? Some guard dog and a faker. Nothing to compare to a king like myself!”

Ahaha, the hero laughs happily.

From time to time, the kids keep pulling on his cheek or hair.

“Hmph. Relying on numbers to win, like always? And then you go and shamelessly spend big bucks on the latest equipment.

...What a disappointment. Relying on tools, how lousy of you, King of Heroes...!”

Surrounded by children, red man defiantly pulls in another fish.

YOU* are the one to talk.

“Oh? But you're using a special-order Fu■ce Super Auto-motion reel yourself, are you not?

Interesting. But even though your reel is better, my rod is still the best of the best. Let us compete and see whose equipment is superior, you lowlife...!”

“T-That's the legendary Gama■th Thunder 2006...!!!

The rod whose production was canceled during test phase, how did a bastard like you...!?”

“Oh, that's my dad's. Gil said that if I can steal it, we'll play together.”

"Yaaay," laugh the kids.


And then there's the blue guy who didn't get to say anything.

“Bastard...! I can't believe these innocent children are being used by you! And you call yourself a Heroic Spirit...!

Fine, winner keeps the rod, how about it!?”

“As you wish!

Even though I don't want your bootlegged rod, I'll be keeping that reel if I win!”

“Awesome! Gil vs. a pro fisher guy! You don't see this stuff every day! I'm going to call my dad over!”

“Don't lose, go get him! Good luck, red jacket guy!”

“I'm telling you, no filefish or yellowtail, catch flatfish, flat-fish! But don't catch octopuses like the guy behind you!”

“Hey, hey Gil. That's great, but, hurry, read the Ju■p!”

The harbor's tranquility is now nowhere to be found.

The King of Heroes, popular beyond all expectations, and the red guy, also somehow liked by the kids.


“Onii-chan, are you catching any?”

“......Please. Give me back my paradise.”

..."Lancer Onii-san" hanging his head like it's the end of the world.

“...Let's go back. This is no longer a place for the ordinary folk...”

I leave the harbor behind.

Looking up, the sky's brightness hurts the eyes a little.


Lancer's lost paradise will stay forever in my mind―――

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